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"baron chick" Discussed on SI Boxing with Chris Mannix

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"baron chick" Discussed on SI Boxing with Chris Mannix

"He knows his strategies. It's just, you know, when you lose, you got to blame someone. And that's how it is. That's how it is in boxing. Sometimes fighters and trainers, especially new pairings, don't work. I mean, the manual Stewart is one of the great trainers of all time. He was oil and water with Miguel cotto when they trained together. Freddie roach has worked with some great fighters. But him and Vladimir Klitschko wasn't the same as him and Manny Pacquiao. There you go. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. I do wonder if buddy and dillian are the right match. But to spin this forward, we're gonna get dilly and white versus Anthony Joshua. But I don't walk away from white Franklin thinking white Josh was gonna be competitive. I mean, even if it's a diminished version of Joshua, I think he's just gonna walk right through Dylan white. I don't know if you I think you're wrong, no. Really? No, I think but because Dylan white always. He's always in a good fight, even in his losses where he came up short. Maybe you accept for the Tyson Fury one, but again, Joshua, against wasn't really competitive fight against Joshua. But he was slinging the punches. He was yelling in them. It was an entertaining fight. There was interesting moments in that fight. And what was his other loss? It was Tyson Fury. Joshua, but that he came back and starched in. So and he was winning that fight against vivekananda. Exactly. So he's only lost on the championship level. So I think it'd be fights Joshua, you're wrong. And I think he brings that motivation and everything he learned from those championship losses and experience against a vulnerable, mentally, mentally vulnerable fighter in Joshua coming off a loss. We don't know what he's going to have. Yeah, man, I like that fight. I think if this was 5 years ago, I probably agree with you. But I think at 35 years old and having been knocked out in two of his last four fights, I think there's not a lot left, at least at the high level from Dylan white. A better fight this past weekend was Regis pro gray against Jose zapata. Progra for some reason has been just ignored by the major promoters. Like, can't get a deal with matchroom. Can't get a deal with top rank. Can't get a deal with golden boy. Before there's a pay to fight Sergio, he had fought one time in the last three years. Three times in the last three years. And I've always wondered why. This is an entertaining American power puncher. Like, why was this guy not welcomed into the club of top guys at one 35 one 40 and one 47. Then he goes out against the PETA and shows me why I'm right in a way because it was entertaining. He dominated and he had a spectacular finish at the end. I think right now. And one 40s is one of the best divisions in boxing. I think right now you can make the argument that the best guy at one 40 is Regis pro gray. He was nip and tuck with Josh Taylor, lost the close fight over in the UK against Josh Taylor. And then he goes out and just stops zape, a guy that's won some pretty high level fights over the last few years. Is Regis pro gray now, the man at one 40. No, he's number two. The man is Josh Taylor, the man is the man who I can be. The man that beat pro girls, I mean, it was a very close split decision. But look at Josh Taylor, another guy that's inactive and kind of going under the radar as far as coming off a bad win over cataract. We'll see but look at who he's fought his last 6 opponents have been undefeated opponents. What is a Jack cataract defeated Ramirez undefeated? Undefeated, Regis program defeated baron chick undefeated. That Martin character undefeated, Victor postal. Come on. That's a great, great resume. It does. You give me another undisputed champion or another champion that has that kind of a record back to back to back undefeated fighters. You're not getting it. So pro gray is the man at one 40. He's now a two time champion, and I agree with you how he's flown under the radar so long. I don't get it. I think Luther Bella promoted him to Bill Adam. So he did have a major promoter under a little bit one time. Lose a very big promoter, but he doesn't have the power anymore that some of the network TV deals. That's what it comes down to. Okay, the network right. So you know, there's so many networks I just think pro gray is he's a man that I really like I really like program, not only is fighting style but outside the ring the way he carries himself the way he's an excellent champion, I just think he's one he's a southpaw, a lot of promoters kind of like pushing other they try to avoid southpaws. It's hard to match them. And he just a damn good fighter, man. A damn good fighter that enter on a probably market of a move them well, but after this performance was a paid up, you can bet that people are going to allow everyone damn right damn right line up for the opportunity to fight him. And it's my understanding that José Ramírez and his team do not want to face pro gray in their next fight. I think there's going to be something a little softer for José Ramírez, but offer a while at this point. But if he passes, then you could be looking at pro Greg it's KFC mo Lopez in the first half next year. Daffy mo Lopez is next in line as mandatory challenge. I talked to a female this week and he said, if that fight is offered to him, if he beats sando Martine in a week, he will take that fight. And I hope he's right. I hope he top rank and everybody wants because that's another great thing. And it's a fight that can be made because progra wood is a free objectively afraid. It works. Okay. He's a free agent, so show them the money, ESPN, and top rank have the money. And him will be explosive. That would be a great fight. I mean, yes, sign me up for that one. And be a full bull title fight now that pro agrees a champion, so teal female is going to have all the incentive to actually have a chance with a hard punching very good southpaw that's now a champion. So I love that point. Bring it on. It's such a great division right now because you've got the guys that are there, pro gray, Taylor, Ramirez, Lopez. Then you've got the guys that are going to be there in the next 6 months to a year. Ryan García, Devin Haney, maybe some others at one 35. It's a fantastic division that I hope these fights all get made. I think they can be made because the politics are a little cleaner with some of this stuff. Yeah, but the question was, is he number one? And I say, no, he's not. Ruru is number two. Which is fair. I think it's fair. He lost the fight. And I don't think there's any real disputing we lost the fight. It was very close, but he lost that fight. All right, let's talk about some of the fights we have coming up this weekend. Tyson Fury is over in the UK taking on Derek dessert. He's gotten a lot of heat for this fight, Sergio. Like, he's gotten some criticism for taking on chisora. I don't really blame him for it because he did want to and tried to make the fight against Alexander usuk but usuk said, you know what? I'm gonna wait till early next year. Let's some injuries heal. There were discussions for a fight with Anthony Joshua, but come on. Making Joshua against fury in like 6 weeks didn't make any sense. You need Joshua to get a win and then next summer, if fury's undisputed at heavyweight and Joshua was on like a two fight winning streak, that still once again the biggest fight you can make in all of boxing. So I don't know about you, but I didn't have a real problem with chisora as furious. Yes, you did. Yes, you did. We did it in the episode of jabs when you asked me who should Tyson Fury stay busy with. I set your sore and he said, what, for what? I'm going to bring it up again. You can find it. But on an episode of jab in such a sora makes no sense, is that absolutely it makes sense. He always comes to fight. I mean, that's what you saw. People love him in England. He can pack out a crowd. It's a stay busy fight better than being inactive waiting for us. And I think some unknown Germans. And I did not shit, chat, past tense, shat on that matchup, and you said no, chasseur was old, he's already. He's already beaten him twice. No one wants to watch it. Now you're recanting. That's a word recanting what you said on jab. I'm gonna have bob a producer bring that up because on jabs, you shet on that fight. I said, no, man, stay busy, stay working. People love to soar and make sense until wilder Joshua or usyk become available and the gypsy king gets at that another a side a side versus a site. Fits the bill. You can have bob find the clip on your computer, which doesn't work. You're like hansel from zoolander with that computer.

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