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"Vivian Bell got what he wanted. We'll see who picks him up, but number two No one in the league wanted to trade for him, and they knew that this was going to have to be And maybe it's because of the contract on the specifics of the contract, but the levee in Belle situation The rest of league saw this so toxic that Yeah, We're just gonna wait for the ultimate divorce. What's going to be here? Because the Jets are gonna move on. And this is the craziest part about Levy on Belle. Levay on Bell gets released. You look at other moves, Jamal Adams gets traded. Robbie Anderson. For whatever the reasons are. They didn't bring him back with the Jets. All these guys changing teams. All these guys have talent. Even the love Ian Bell is not the same running back as he wants Wass and the guy that's still standing. Is Adam Gays who doesn't have a victory this season is that incompetent Coach is a failure as a head coach, and he's a disaster. Why're the Jets still employing Adam Gaze? The only reason you're still keeping him employed is because you don't want to win a game and you want the number one overall pick and keeping Adam Gaze even though annoy your entire locker room. We're a few weeks ago, Players are going on a radio show here in New York and W fan Joe and Evan and lambasting the practice styles of one Adam Gaze. Everyone's telling you this guy stinks. This guy's a disaster. And there's still keeping him. Now he's gonna get fired at the end of the year. But we've seen Dan Quinn loses job. We've seen Bill O'Brien lose his job. Time to get rid of those guys. But those guys at least had some success in this league. What is that Engage stun. And the Jets hired Adam Gates when they could have had Matt Rhule. Theyjust let Matt Rhule picket staff. Matt ruled by the way five games into his career, has three wins. And Adam Gays can't do anything. But the owner, which is the best part the owner of the Jets, and this shows you how clueless the owner is. Christopher Johnson. He called Adam gaze after the weak one loss. And offensive genius. No, it is Christopher Johnson trying to be a comedian on offensive genius. No. Adam Gays got jobs in this league because paid a man and called him a quarterback Whisperer. And we've heard everywhere he goes. There are contentious relationships that developed with this players. We saw it in Miami, and now we've seen it in New York. And it just tells you everything. The Jets air about that they can't ever make the right decision because Adam Gates should have never been hired. Never And now it is so obvious that he should be fired and the Jets are just sitting on their thumbs. As you see talent continue to walk out the door when this bozo still has a job. And that's what Adam cases as a head coach. He is a bozo. I'm not telling you Levy on. Belle is right love. Ian Bell didn't handle the situation the right way in Pittsburgh, and let's be real. He wanted out with the Jets, but the Jets keep on pushing away talent. And they keep on Having this coach who is incompetent. Stay around. It is amazing how he still has a job. And all you have to look right here. With that, in case he's ruined the quarterback on the quarterback's probably go on somewhere else and have success. And you see a guy like Robbie Anderson, who was a good wide receiver. Now, this guy with that Adam gaze is on pace to put up over 1500 yards this year. Oh, yeah, Let's keep Adam Gates around with the Jets. And this is coming from a Patriots fan who should want Adam gays to remain the coach, but that's how insignificant the Jets all right now That's how irrelevant the Jets are. The only time we talk about the Jets now is because they are a clown show. Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus Man Shut down, but the Jets are open 24 7. And that's what the Jets are there. A circus? And that circus is being led by Christopher Johnson. And the head clown in the circus is Adam Jase. Another talented player who is past his prime to be fair. Is gone. And Adam Jace is still standing. Trace. You can't even write this script. You can't even make this stuff up. You could be the best screenwriter ever. You can't write this script with the Jets. It is pathetic. My bad teams stay bad. The Jets are the perfect example. Incompetence just breeds incompetence starts at the top. Whoever you hired can't do their job and it makes sense. They are brutal. Oh, and confidence breeds in confidence. That's easy. Incompetence breeds incompetent and confidence breeds and confidence. That should be the slogan of the Jets. You know what you should leave CBS sports radio and become a part of the jet Social media team just tweet out in a job in Ingo voice in confidence breeds and confidence. What is love, Ian Bell Wind up Is there a suitor? Someone will bring a menu would think because there is upside there. And you would imagine him just getting away from the watch. He'll get away from the Jets will go somewhere one Super Bowl. Maybe he goes to Seattle, and you could form the Adam Gays Hate Club. With Jamal Adams and and one levee on Belle. I'm trying to think. Where.

Jets Adam Gays Adam Gates Adam Gaze Adam Ian Bell Adam Gays Hate Club Robbie Anderson Adam Jace Adam Jase Jamal Adams Vivian Bell Christopher Johnson Matt Rhule Levy Barnum Bailey Circus New York CBS Bill O'Brien Dan Quinn
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"I'm Jackie Lynn on Arizona's news station. Our news. Thiss is continuing coverage of President Trump testing positive for covert 19 on the Gato and chat show. Man. You said it. I think something's gonna happen. Lo and behold, trumps get ready to head off here Any moment to Walter Reed Hospital. Think about this for a second. Just put yourself in my lifetime. One time. I could think of any incident where the people are paying attention like this. Even when George Bush had a couple of his surgeries W it was not like This. It was no big deal. No, no. Reagan obviously was And the difference was Reagan is it started out a regular day, and by the end of the evening he was fighting for his life, right where this is a situation Where Cove it's everywhere. And now He's heading to the hospital. It's an incredible scene at the White House. Let's try and explain it to you a few minutes ago, when you see the White House and you see the big pillars right on the front and you and it's A helicopter landed in the front yard of the White House. Doesn't happen every day Marine one. When we normally see Marine one, it's when they're getting off correctly. We don't see it in action coming down. When you do see it. It's usually like a movie or some like that, honestly parked right there. No, it's on the grass. But, yeah, I mean, usually weigh only see it when he's getting out or getting on. So think about this. The world is going to watch this. The world is watching the White House right now, with Marine one parked in front of it, waiting to take the president to Walter Reed. And we're going to see the president walk out and don't think that this wasn't planned. Hey, May he may not be feeling a cz. Good as he did earlier today, they said, Let's take him to the hospital. Got it. Here's the thing, though, When he walks out, he ain't going to be in a wheelchair. When he walks out. He's not gonna be somebody's not to be helping them. When Donald Trump walks out of the White House, it is going to be a sign. He's going to try as bad as he might feel right now. With Cove. It He's going to gut it out, and he's gonna He's gonna at least Give us some sort of absolute strength, some sort of sense of strength that he has. And you know what? That's you know, for all the stuff we talked about how he's not a leader. You want to see that? Because him going, you know, wrapped up in something, and I don't want a gurney. Yeah, that is, Yeah. You what We all think at that point in time there is in big trouble, so he's going to want to show the look. You know what it's this is what it is. I'm doing this out of abundance of I don't want to go there making me go. But you know what it is what it is that Dr Carmona said, really seen. It sounds like they Basically, it's a band aid and some pack. Dean is what they have at the White House. The White House. Yeah, Here's the other thing that people are going to be watching for. He has to wear a mask out. Yeah. There is just no way around that. I mean, if he doesn't wear a mask Out of the White House and onto the chopper. I don't even know what to do. I don't even know what to say. So it goes without saying that has to happen if we get a glimpse. I mean at this every cameras at the same angle, so I think, Chad, they want everyone to get a glimpse. I think it helps. I think the White House wants people Trump has it is Trump is the king of optics, Man. You've got to make it. You know the optics of and we talked about yesterday Maxine Waters in the room. Who was that? The president, The governor of Maryland Yesterday. She got caught on a hot Mike saying Hold on. I gotta put my mask on before talking to the microphone in front of the cameras because I want to make sure I do some good political theater. It's But he's the king of this. This is Barnum Bailey modern style, but this in a way, this is political theater. But also I mean, he has to have the mask on to protect other people. That's why we wear the mask. But he mocks masks. He marked Joe Biden just the the the mass market with Joe Biden as as bad as this is a lot of that was more about Joe. Then then, then, the mass situation, he but the reality is he's gotta have a mask and it's got to be a man. If he comes out with oxygen or something like that. It looks bad that the optics of that is bad. All right. So if you're just joining us The president is on his way to the hospital, and what's gonna happen is he's going to get on Marine one. It is parked right in front of the White House. There's a very good chance that we will. We will see the president walk out the front door. At the White House and had to Walter Reed Medical Center. They're saying it's out of the abundance of caution, but he has had a fever. Today he is fatigued, and he did get an antibody cocktail. Eyes. The one we talked about last week. Regeneron Regeneron, So we'll see. We'll see. But It's I mean, I get it. That's a no, It's they're doing this out of an abundance of caution, but you're still going to hospital. There's a reason you're goingto absolutely and he's probably not feeling very well. Listen. He's 74. He's he's obese. He's certainly overweight. He's he's had high cholesterol in the past, taking base got stamina. That's what he's got, like compared to anybody who's got the most stamina on the planet. His mom lived to be very old, but he doesn't have his Is good, necessarily great health. No, no, no. He eats the wrong things..

White House president Walter Reed Medical Center Trump Donald Trump Joe Biden Thiss Jackie Lynn Arizona George Bush Regeneron Regeneron Reagan Lo Walter Reed Maxine Waters Dr Carmona Barnum Bailey Chad
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"And he is the seventh generation member of the legendary while into family known worldwide for his incredible feats on a high wire, and he is the holder of eleven world records including the highest four level eight person pyramid on the wire, the highest and longest bicycle ride on a wire and hanging from a helicopter by his teeth and Knicks career began at the age of two as he learned to walk the wire while holding his mother's hand leading from there to record breaking performances around the world in two thousand, twelve nick fulfilled his. Lifelong dream to become the only person to walk directly over Niagara Falls in two thousand, thirteen, he became the first person to walk a wire across the Grand Canyon and in two thousand fourteen, he walked blindfolded two skyscrapers in Chicago and finally in Twenty Twenty Nick became the first person to walk over an active volcano in Nicaragua. There's no better person to talk to about facing fear the nick while Linda and he does that in his book facing fear next book is a practical guide to overcoming fears. Nick. First of all, everybody has their own definition of fear. What is yours? That's a good question. You know I would say something that can control your thoughts to the point of debilitating you. How hard is it's do that especially in the field that you're in Yeah look I would tell you that because I was raised in this industry walking wire since I was two years old that I didn't know fear was in my DNA until we had a bad accident about two and a half years ago where we were training to set a world record for the highest level level eight percent. In fact, we did break that record with the following gay During training we had an accident where five and my family member spell I wire of leading following up from that accident. I began to experience here as I would walk the wire I would literally see as if it was happening in real time that pyramid collapsing in front of me time and time again. Yeah. I'M GONNA, get into that accident in just a moment. But let everybody know about the wonderful history of the wall into family. Yeah. So my family started performing back in the seventeen eighty s over in Bohemia eventually making their way to Europe and Germany. And making the right to the United States a performing high-wire troop for John ringling and ringling brothers, Barnum Bailey Circus in nineteen, twenty, eight where they performed for about eighteen years before my grandfather car will I knew it was patriarch began his own tour, his own show where he performed that for many many years including creating his famous three layer seven person on the wire where. They stacked seven people total three layers high on the wire. In nineteen sixty they're performing that pyramid collapsed. Many people know the history Detroit Michigan apparent collapse. Two of my uncles were killed. One of them was paralyzed from the waist down the next day. My great grandfather was injured pretty bad with a broken collarbone and several broken ribs snuck out of the hospital perform the next day. And continue to perform against all those odds of that horrible accident until he was seventy three years old when he was performing a walk that was miniscule in comparison to the others that he done much smaller, much lower much shorter and he was walking Puerto Rico at seventy three between skyscrapers about one hundred feet up when he ultimately fell to the ground and lost his life. Nick? One. Was the driving force to let any of you in the will end of family say not say at least enough is enough I mean you kept going with this. Why was that? How were you able to do that? You, know it's interesting. People often ask me that why I do what I do why do we keep going against all of these challenges and look I get stuff from within it's been in our family I mentioned for well over two hundred years now and You know often people say it must be in your blood and I, tell you that it is in my DNA it is my passion. It's what I love to do I think coral will. End In my great grandfather actually said it best when he said life is on the wire and everything else is just waiting for our family. This isn't an occupation it's not a job it's not a thrill. It is truly who we are and what we do. So no matter what when we face the challenges, you know Tiger Woods sprains an ankle he doesn't Stop Arrest Stop Golfing. It's passionate what he loved to do and he continues to do it. You know there's a mindedness about what you do and I respect that so much but I'm just wondering if you're doing something in conjunction especially with other members of the family, how does one get to a point where they don't worry about what somebody else is doing in the effort? Yes. Yes. That is the key. You're absolutely right. In fact, you know as you mentioned I've walked I in the world walk over the Grand Canyon Niagara Falls, an active volcano The reality is those are all solo walks. It's me and I mean control and I've changed and I prepared when we attach ourselves to so many other people the reality is we Are accepting our lives in the hands of others It is certainly a huge mental challenge and it's something that I talk about a bit in my book basic fear of of how we can trust others in. Sometimes we can over trust others and risks are certainly much much grander when we do involve others in these payments and and histories proven itself. Nick I would also assume incorrectly, if you think, I'm wrong about that that you have to eliminate to much thought you can over think something and that can be a detriment of my correct and then observation. Absolutely I can talk myself out of any one of the events that I do any pyramid that I hold any show you know again in my book I talk a lot about it. The power of the mind of people realize that we're in control of our thoughts thoughts are not in control of US and when my mind wants to go somewhere negative like the fact that I might be facing fifty mile an hour winds. In fact, I did have three gusts to forty eight miles an hour while I was walking across the Grand Canyon fifteen hundred feet up untethered but I also can say, okay but you've trained can tell her That fond of freaking out of fear and counter it with something positive in the fact that I trained with men's then actually exceeded seventy five miles per hour knowing that I wouldn't have an issue facing forty to fifty mile an hour winds and I'm going to share something with you. I've been rated in high-performance aircraft and I'll never forget what my instructor said to me Nick. He said Ron. If you're flying three hundred miles an hour you better be thinking three hundred and one miles an hour I think you get the point is at the same way for you and what you're doing not speed, but just.

Nick I Twenty Twenty Nick Grand Canyon United States Niagara Falls Knicks Grand Canyon Niagara Falls Nicaragua John ringling Chicago Detroit Tiger Woods Michigan Europe Puerto Rico Barnum Bailey Circus instructor Bohemia
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"Chicken sandwich classic Chris Pete's in Peace nuggets or the legendary spicy in peace next, But let's be real. You're going to get 20 spicy nuts for five bucks. I mean, that's what I would do enjoy a really deal with the Windies two for five. We got a limited time only price of participation Mayberry of us Wendy's McArdle excludes made to crave. No, wait. 26 after Welcome back to America in the morning, Jim Bohannon brings us another oddity on the off beat. Let's face it. Many people have to suck it up to go to work some and I admit to being among the lucky ones really get to have fun at work. Such as Florida businessman Todd Zimmerman, who runs the company. Odd O T use entertainment. I have energy in the company in Orlando, Florida called Aditi's entertainment, and we have employees from all different aspects of AH family, entertainment and live entertainment. Not bad. Not bad at all, especially when you add in Todd's background. I traveled with Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus for seven years. On the road as a clown and a ringmaster myself. And then I left the road and came down and worked for the theme park in Orlando, but continue to work for the circus for another about 12 years as advance clown and the living embodiment of PT Barnum for awhile and those kinds of things like I said, some of us get to have fun at work, or maybe more so before the past few months. With most live entertainment on hold. For now, I think the hard part right now is that people want entertainment, but more than that entertainers want to perform. It's not just about collecting a paycheck. It really is what feeds our soul. But we're not in the 21st century for nothing. We still have ways to entertain. Virtually the virtual connection is the best we can do right now. And so we're trying to bring a little bit of fun and levity. Into a lot of those virtual meet up. And so Todd Zimmerman has now founded another company, Noon ballyhoo, dotcom say, What now? Zoom. I think everyone knows Howto sell that valley Who's an old circus term? That means sharing some fantastical stories. And that is.

Todd Zimmerman Barnum Bailey Circus Orlando Florida Jim Bohannon Chris Pete Howto Mayberry America McArdle Wendy
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"In her kindergarten class from memory right She can sketch anything she saved and We sit around Rene and I and study each other like she will say to me. Does your prop person that you see every day. Does he wear glasses And the truth of the matter is if we haven't talked about glasses I don't know Then I'll say to her you. I know you've you know you've heard I am the Walrus a thousand times in your life. What's the third verse? And she'll say I know no lyrics. I am the Walrus except I of the Walrus. It's my tire dollars of the lyrics of that and we'll talk about You know she's she's she's very Very good at math and she'll talk about how she ABC's numbers as colors spaces that can manipulate them. And I have no idea what she's talking about so this is all coming around to the dreams. UH-HUH I experienced my dreams the way experienced my life. I actually dreamed that very surreal way that I was I was talking to you. You and It was weird interview situation and I can tell you what that felt like and I could and tell you that I knew where people were standing and so on but I cannot even if I could draw well. I could not sketch a picture picture of that. It's it's all As though it were elaborately described to me You know when you talk talk about I do meditation. And when in the Sam Harris Meditation he talks about bringing someone's face to mind The struggle that is is amazing when people talk about a horrific images they've seen and they flash back on them. I don't really know what what that means that what I said. I don't know what that means. You know it's just that I am trapped like you are inside of myself so You know I know that my memories involve me in the third person like most people's do Our manager Glenn All his memories are don't have him in it. He sees his hands he sees it was in front of him which I know is very unusual but I when I'm able to conjure up a visual memory. See it from a point of view that I never saw that I see it I see myself I self picture my still so And I know that's most people see themselves in it. I just don't see it. I don't see a clearly. There's also the thing is I've been partners with teller forty four years so Things that I might have developed anything tellers really good at. I am not good at. It's just atrophied and challenged are good actors. It's also interesting so as we as we become. Oh more symbiotic you know. We've we've So the thing is we don't know I would have chosen to be a magician if not for teller. So it's that's that's a that's a silly thing but I don't know if I would have developed any sort of visually skills a better if I did. They have a partner to be so good at it. You know I don't i. Don't pay any attention to lighting. I pay no attention to set. I pay no attention to anything. Now if I were doing solo show some of that would be required. You know I would probably guess what I'd have someone else that I trusted that will do some of that but It once again. We don't have a control group. I have to scratch the itch on the homelessness wire. Were you homeless and for how well it was for choice homeless. There's really isn't a word for it. Now because homeless has become synonymous miss with With mentally ill or poverty stricken but when I was eighteen I was obsessed as I. I am now with Bob Dylan and Bob Dylan had left home eject jump hop trains. worked at a carnival and had traveled all over the country Turns out none of that was true but I believed it. So all the stuff that Bob Dylan says is he did. I actually did including hopping drains. Now what I said was homeless. I called my my mother and father every day to tell them I was. Okay that is not what you picture for homeless person. I at all times had one hundred dollars sowed into my backpack also not true beetle for homeless people I've never had a sip of alcohol or any recreational drug in my life Very unusual I especially homeless youth. I had a passport with me. And a notarized note from my parents But I did not have a place to live and I did not have a job and I- hitchhiked and hop trains all all the time. How did my parents allow this? I have no idea the capacity they had for love and support and freedom is beyond on by understanding By mom drop me off at the rotary as you can tell him from Massachusetts the rotary Near our whole hole and I got on route ninety one and I hit shocked and during that time I would stop and stay with friends I would stop at colleges and Find a sex partner that I could stay with and take classes audit classes walk into maybe difference I was I was nineteen. I had hair down the middle of my back. I was indistinguishable from a college student. So I could go and you know. Go to whatever college I wanted to sit in on classes I juggle. I would tell jokes. I would pass the hat I would make money I was. I was thin You know I didn't need to eat that often There was nothing to spend money on. hitchhiking was. I still don't understand why it's not more common nowadays since the world is safer but I think that because of Information we we think the world is more dangerous. But it's you know it's it's certainly an order of magnitude safer by any measure than it was when I was hitchhiking and it was very very we say for them checking countries are really safe. Place I don't have any fear of it and I hitchhiked probably I dunno oh five times across the country With wise you know four or five times lengthwise up through Canada uh-huh and then during that time I also are pregnant. Brothers Barnum Bailey. Greatest Show on Earth Cloud College I was street performing occasionally work at a fair or carnival and then finally when I When I teamed up with teller You know I started uh living in an apartment but it was. It was a gradual thing and I was very happy that way. The other thing is that very shortly i. I became a successful street performer. So by the time I was the end of my homeless period I was making several grand a week street performing. That was all in cash so it was. I was a very wealthy homeless. uh-huh what constituted your street performance. At the time I would do a crowd gathered teller still claims that the greatest thing I've ever written it was my street act Thanks I haven't I haven't hit that I. In my life I would gather crowd using techniques. That are still used that I created how would gather a crowd of I mean three or four hundred. Maybe five hundred people and I would The crowd gathering during itself would take about five minutes the Collection of money. We'd take about five minutes and I would do five minutes between between about fifteen minutes only five minutes of which were the show the rest was. I guess you would call Meta and I Juggle and I would juggle Duggal balls and our juggle knives and I was a At that time. Very Good Juggler by absolute peak of where I was juggling when I was practicing eight hours a day. Six days a week with Mike Motion Macarthur Arthur grant genius juggler. We were practising all the time at our absolute best and we were among the best in the world we would not even considered Bush league nowadays It's just amazing. A one of the things that as far as I know nobody predicted is that the Internet would make juggling better. You know it's amazing I being really a A thirteen year old. WHO's been juggling? Three years.

partner Bob Dylan ABC Rene I Mike Motion Macarthur Arthur Massachusetts Glenn All Earth Cloud College Barnum Bailey Canada
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"Hey welcome back to the Wu. I'm Karen Hutton. So today I want to talk about black and white black and white photography Fi. But I'M GONNA get a little woo about it big surprise there right first of all. There's this about me. Photography is in my blood as has is black and white. I discovered after my mother died. My a the Norwegian side of my family came to this country on a steamer. Apparently I believe it was in the maybe the early nineteen hundreds maybe the night nineteen ten's maybe the twenties. They came over on a steamer. They were dressed in period. Read costume only. It wasn't costume. Because it was them. And they took pictures of each other on the steamer cavorting on the deck and posing on the Shays. As lounges and this whole thing they were having a good old time and I looked at these photos that were at the bottom of a stack of stuff in a trunk. They look like they'd been printed yesterday. It was amazing. I said man ag no chance I was going to be photographer. And that's all there was to it because my mother took pictures of US growing up every every stage of the way we have. We put them all together. It would be like a time lapse film practically and at least a good half of them you know from the time. I was quite young until color while this is dating myself. Breath time I ever had. Yeah a lot of my early. Life is black and white. Because that's all we had at the time so black and white is just a part of how I see the world and the structure in the form and the beauty of the world through shades and tones and textures. So so when I got to the age where it was like. Decide what you're GonNa do and let's go to college. I was like wow don't know if I want to go to a big college so I went to our local junior college. That had a tremendous photography department and I signed up because I wanted to be a professional photographer. So let's go so excited and I dug in. Can I mean black and white was the basics. That's where they started us. It was raw and unapologetic. It was all boil down to structure form warm light and shadows tones texture shape and design heck extra points for good use of shadows that trigger imaginations to wonder what exactly is lurking in them. Am got it was like the land of unbridled dreams and the PIN number is off delicious in between space that was not quite like eight not quite shadow but the space where both reside in varying measure. I got curious about the word number so I looked it up. It's from the Latin N- meaning almost or nearly then you go back to the number and what it looks like in a photo and you wonder well which is it almost dark or nearly light. That's the cool. The thing about the numbers they play with your mind that way and they push for a decision on the matter before you press the shutter and what will you and won't you include in the frame that will tell the tale just the way you see it and feel it no colored help you out. It's all just you and what you see see black and white it glares at you until you make strong choices. It embraces the dichotomy of contrast like an insatiable lover and nearly forces you to focus too story. Tell but not just tell any story. Tell your story without distractions. No Black and white tolerates noticed actions it demands truth and authenticity. And it's painful sometimes. What do you feel really what makes makes your skin tingle? Not just up here down there down where your life isn't so Barnum Bailey. It's just life raw. Aw unapologetic where the shapes and forms that make up your life can be seen and the lines drawn. Decisions are made nothing thing is left to chance. It is a huge limitation. It's the one that gets you out of yourself to see things differently. That's one of the gifts of black and white monochrome light and shadow in cities it's about humans and how light bounces off the souls of the many who live there. It's about the patterns. They make in the marks they leave the structures they create and how light dances amongst them. It's about the roads. They cross the exaltation they the experience and the miseries they endure and the movements that indicate there is still life in this jungle in nature. Oh yeah black and white in nature there. It's all about the creations that are mother of earth. Thought would be beautiful to make and the shapes and designs Zein's that she made them with that. Our father breathed life into and it was good the patterns they make together and the marks they leave the lessons they have for us about how life is meant to be the shadows cast upon the land but upon time and those pin numbers. Oh always those PA- numbers asking us to decide if the glasses half full or half empty to choose life or death but choose in monochrome relationships play out relationships with space with the environment with each other reflections winds revealing worlds within worlds and how they relate to each other how they play with each other how they depend upon each other inter-plays and inner workings workings made visible in ways that are lost when they're drenched with color beyond the bounds of a color wheel. Reality we breathe and relax into something being more peaceful revealing and basic. Oh that's what you mean. I see it's about time and and timelessness where why finds its answers. Because the question is clearer black and white Wu's and seduces is it beckons and dares with more shades and textures and tones than you dreamed possible. It boils everything down it asks you. It demands that you choose news and a new epic tale is born it simpler it stripped down. It's unplugged. It's raw aw it's unapologetic and it is more beautiful than you can imagine. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Hit subscribe. Strive on your podcast APP. It would mean a lot for us to have you as our regular listeners. Head over to photography radio DOT COM to drop your suggestion for future additions of photography radio or simply to say hello. We would absolutely love to hear from you. In the meantime have a wonderful light and we will be back with more photographic Rafu in your ears..

Wu Karen Hutton US Shays Barnum Bailey PA Zein
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"Whatever guilty or state, whatever stage, but the part where he has it around next not like, who would ever whatever and John around the house. But that makes sense you, you would be. Disturbing a crime scene. If you start taking your clothes off that were I still when you went to remove the stuff that was on me. Yeah. But saying it doesn't mean also if you're close of bleach all over them that doesn't definitively mean this, or that, right? All right. Well. Do it. What are you implying? Sounds like an owner. Governor. Governor governor on your ownership. We haven't heard from the flying will lend does, in a couple of decades, maybe a century or two, but they were back big time in New York recently, Nick, and Lasana will lend live up to that family name when they walked a quarter of a mile across time square, twenty five stories up balancing the entire way on a tightrope earlier this rain across. Tight rope. Walk. It was broadcast live on ABC thousands watched, and he actually they meet in the middle and Nick climbs over la- Jonah. And that's eighteen minutes in. It was preplanned or the worst timing ever. You're going to go the other direction on the same night the night, I'm going. He's just posted up on the fridge. One thing thing. This is a specially daunting for her. She broke almost every bone in her face after suffering near fatal fall a few years back the whole thing took about thirty six minutes. They had posed for balance the polls way thirty eight pounds. I should. This might making this up, our was he traveling with a kind of harness. They did. They did have acurity. I don't think time. Score would have allowed it without it the club. Well, okay. I mean far be it for me master. Yeah. By the way. Large crowd and Times Square. You know, you don't want up on that wire, Louis. C K. You know, you could do it, but just apologize. That's clear you. There is some way up there. I have very good balance. And if you gave me a six months training and told me you can wear harness where if you fall off. You gotta you gotta cave on the hardest on it. I would give it a shot. Okay. So that's bullshit. They actually talk about the hardest. I got it. I got it on clip step over me. So this is the moment where he actually steps over her on the on the hardest to what. Allowed to do this time square. Do tires you. They have they do. It's a cable above. Somewhere else. Where is a loud? And there was a documentary about the man who walked in between the towers. Yeah. Stud, sorry. No. That's right. Yeah. Over her is so underwhelming cares. Safety harness, like walk go wrong. Nothing you have a harness the same thing. It's the difference between free climbing and, and doing it with about them. I was reading up on, on the will end does. And their thing back in the day, one hundred years ago was whatever was that there was no net. There was no there was no Dr and a few lend us died. And apparently, when they, they joined Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus, the whole thing was, oh, my God. They're doing this without harnesses because those got lost in transit, so that just became their thing after the grandfather, the famous footage like Rio de Janeiro or something. It was some somewhere and he was just walking in a wind kicked up. And he just fell off. But the thing that always struck me think it was one emission, by the way, it served point you go from flying will end up falling change. Hit the pavement enough. You gotta change name flights still be here. Why is it circus? Oh, lay like signed him up, like they just not good enough circus. I don't know. But. The, the thing that I found very interesting about the footage of the grandpa when he died wherever he was like nineteen seventy four when he was walking across the building. I found it. Where was that? I found it very interesting from a human standpoint, which is the wind.

Nick Times Square John Lasana Barnum Bailey Circus la- Jonah Rio de Janeiro Louis New York Ringling Brothers thirty eight pounds thirty six minutes one hundred years eighteen minutes six months
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"And, and they was huge glass windows, and he said that he thought it was like a hailstorm. He said it lasted three minutes of just glass coming down into the streets, three minutes. Imagine being on the street. Says incredible visit. This is the story why they got helicopters. Yeah. Yeah. That's why you cannot fly over New York City you need special permission to do it. We've done it a couple of times. But that's because I know Bill O'Reilly. On our way, we were on our way to give a speech someplace and I had never flown over New York and always wanted to, but you can't do it and bills like oh, yeah. We can. Maga call ahead. Tell him we wanna fly over New York, and so we flew over the city, which was crazy. And then on the way back, he said you wanna see the statue of liberty, like nobody else. And I'm like, sure, so we got really close to the head of the statue. I thought we we're going to be shot out of the sky, people would have known who was in the helicopter. I think we would have been, especially in New York. Yeah. We flew around the head of the statue of liberty. I mean it's knowing Bill O'Reilly does have his bandages. Surprised your that, like I guess because after nine eleven they did do a lot of the banning you couldn't fly? I remember being there after nine eleven and seeing planes and occasional helicopters flying over the city, it was weird because the only time you've ever seen that unless you live in New York. And are there all the time is when you've seen the footage of right before nine eleven? When you see a plane fly over the city, it's like you don't see that view very often. So it's shocking to remember. Do you remember we just had started war in high don't know, Iraq, I think, and we were in New York and President Bush was coming d-. Remember when they reflecting the jets low over the rivers? Do you remember that day? I don't. Yeah. They use. They use to fly every once in a while they would do training missions. And if the president would come in, they would just lock the city down, and they flew these jets over the water over the bridges, and then down towards the water really close and everybody who had been there for, for September eleventh was freaking out because the last time they saw that was on nine eleven and it was freaky, even if you didn't see it because you're not used to any kind of plane being that close to the city. They just don't do it anymore. Yeah. Well, you know, it's interesting. I was listening to some aviation expert talking about this particular crash. And they said now they have in place for helicopters what they call visual flight rules, which essentially is you have to stay under the cloud, and you have to be I think it's five hundred feet was the limit. And then you just basically have to not hit the buildings the policy. Really? That's the that's the policy they that's what they said visual over. Now, essentially, I guess they must have loosened it after after the, you know, the immediate aftermath of nine eleven guy should not the guy should not be of inflaming over the city. I think for multiple reasons. But one of which is he was in the clouds and you don't know you're flying in the clouds in New York City. All of a sudden building is right in front of you. All right. New from Goldline. I want to talk about our sponsor. It is Goldline. Goldline has a new four coin collection of eighteen eighty one five dollar liberty coins from, from the US. These were the ones. That, you know, the people in the eighteen eighties out west when they were playing poker, and they threw gold down that was their money. That's what they were carrying around. Goldline has acquired an old time horde of these coins. Not a large quantity, but enough to make a special offer for Goldline customers. It's the five dollar gold coins. The half eagle. It was used heavily during the eighteen hundreds our country was strong. It was expanding into the mid west initiating new projects with the money from the east. These are historic coins. In fact, so historic the electric iron was invented using this money. The warden school of finance was established using these coins. The Barnum Bailey Circus became an American institution, the wild west saw the gunfight at the OK corral in tombstone, Arizona, when this was in people's pockets..

New York City Goldline Bill O'Reilly warden school of finance President Bush president Barnum Bailey Circus Arizona Iraq US tombstone three minutes eighteen eighty one five dolla five hundred feet five dollar
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"Knocks. That would be required to do the show would be d'etre pans out the lions the giants the raiders forty Niners. And the Redskins on sides, all sides of those five teams the most entertaining team to do hard knocks would be the giants offsides Ivan liked to see the giants on hard knocks 'cause we get here. Dave Gettleman talk about who knows. I think it hit by Kat Amaro or he could talk about the hot molly's. That would be entertaining. And the giants probably wouldn't want to be hard knocks. That's right. Also be entertaining as well. But it's clearly the raiders may up Gruden miss the big chest Antonio Brown. The one thing about putting the raiders on now neck. They go to Vegas. They don't make the playoffs this year, then they'd be eligible, so maybe you want to save them. I would go with the raiders this year get them while they're hot, the full be how probably next year in a bad way here in this situation. So probably should still be called if you're getting on hard knocks, but yes, I would say that the rate is to be more entertaining situation. But the giants could be more fascinating because of the fact that you had the Eli manning dynamic it's New York. And you also have Dave Gettleman the New York Giants stag. I know we don't have much time left. But Harvard's is actually happy that the jets made this firing because the giants were the one that ever was pointing the finger at and laughing at now it puts the giants back on the back burner. And now the jets are front and center with the Ringling Brothers. And Barnum Bailey Circus, that is in town Harvard's great job as always, like, thank David comb, like to thank Alber Breyer. The great per Lundberg.

giants raiders New York Giants Dave Gettleman jets Harvard Barnum Bailey Circus Redskins Kat Amaro lions Alber Breyer Eli manning Ringling Brothers Antonio Brown Lundberg Ivan Gruden New York David comb molly
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"Someone dedicated to building stands for each of these skulls to protect them and hold them where they are. And they're how as MU. Yeah. Oh, that's cool. Isn't that is really cool any we'd probably get to see like all aspects of the skulls to if they're all mounted different. I mean, cool. Tiffany goes from like. Impasse. Thirty years of my life. And now we move onto the plaster cast of conjoined twins Chang'an Inc. What would you point to me? I just like this way. No, I'm not a museum director Kimmy. I was just curious if I was supposed to do a song and dance. If there's a Diddy I was supposed to know Chang and connected at the liver liver, and we can't drink because we only have liver. Well, they actually detest on that to see if one of them drink if the other one will get drunk. I can find out if they were. Fernan Bailey Circus because I know he ain't my husband because during the early portion of their lives, they did a bunch of exhibition tours. Okay. Because I know that Barnum Bailey had a set of conjoined twins who are connected deliver. Maybe they didn't specifically say that when I was researching them, but will anyway Chang and anger born and Siam which is currently Thailand in eighteen eleven and obviously they're Siamese twins after they spent a portion of their lies on exhibition tours. They settled in mount airy, North Carolina fun. Fact, they married the eight sisters who the eight sisters, our wives that was disturbed conjoined twins, married. Sisters thought you were going to say conjoined twins, married. Conjoined twins. No, I mean sisters is still kind of weird and between the two of them. They had twenty one children. So not only are they conjoined twins who married sisters. They had twenty one children. So imagine the logistics of that. I just like I'm picturing do you wear like headphones and blindfold when your brother is doing the juke him? Him at the liver. Will it's like at your chests. Yeah. They're connected like their chests somewhere in the chest area. But they have a I'm picturing separate genitalia. Yeah. Yeah. They do. You're like you're wearing a blindfold in earmuffs while you brothers just like just talking it on at the same time. No reload. They weren't because even though the married siblings kept separate households spending alternating weeks at different farms. Okay. You know, what to each their own? Isn't it nuts? Actually space. You'll good just think about it. Like, your husband has to travel for work, and he's not home for me. I get the thought process behind it. But like if I had ten eleven kids that some bit your ass is going to be here. I don't care if your brother needs to get something taking care of. No, I'm married left. Twin you're going to be at this house right twin sorry. I couldn't remember their names. Anyway, the twins died on January seventeenth eighteenth. Seventy four Chang died, I presumably of us or rebuilt Claude after's even permission from the families the twins or transported to the college of physicians. Philadelphia where an autopsy was performed at the museum the goal. Autopsy was determine if the twins and separated during their lifetime..

Chang Tiffany Fernan Bailey Circus Barnum Bailey mount airy director North Carolina Kimmy Philadelphia Thailand Siam Claude Thirty years
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"Legends and the Memphis express on the twenty four hour home of CBS sports. James Dolan is a petulant jerk. Okay. I'm sick and tired of this guy. We know he owns master Square Garden. He owns the Knicks. He owns the Rangers. All that this guy, even though he has more money than anyone could ever imagine. He's associated with losing. And the teams that he operates are an absolute clown show. Think about this. You have a franchise that should be so easy to win with with the New York Knicks. You should be able to attract any player you want. You come play at Madison Square Garden the team stinks. You have a sell out every night. You're planning New York endorsement deals out of the zoo. Everything hover. This guy is so disliked and any has no people skill that. So many players do not want to come to the next to play for him. However, it's not flyers. It's not always the poor coaching decisions and the poor executive decisions that he makes that will make you so fired up to the highest of degrees. It's the way that he constantly interacts with fans and tries to control the narrative to make it seem as if he's the greatest owner ever. And he's the greatest person in the world, and he could do no wrong, and it makes me absolutely sick. A few years ago. A fan said to him outside of Madison Square Garden sell the team. He got so fed up. He called the fan and a whole. Let me let me let general's secret when your that successful when you're that famous when you're an owner and a fan comes up to you, not you're not a player. You're not a coach you're an owner you run the franchise won some fan comes up to you. That is paying their harder money to see the crap you put on the court, and they tell you to sell the team you say, thank you for the advice, and you walk away. Except James Dolan is a petulant jerk. And he can't do that. So yesterday. James Dolan was going into one of the tunnels of Madison Square Garden and a fan said sell the team, and it's a fair thing to say to James Dolan because there would be next fans that would get down on one knee right now, I would implore and I've been imploring for years for this guy to get rid of the team. Some of these fans that they add ever genie came down and said, you have one wish what would it be? It'd be James Dolan. Get him out having sell the team. Goodbye. That's how dysfunctional he is. And how awful and how much of a laughing stock. The New York. Knicks have become you know. What was it? Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus closed down. It's okay. The circus. Business is fine. Because the Knicks are still open. They are the absolute circus. The clown show. Of not just the NBA. But sports, I love that franchises. I get the Nixon worked the fortune. However there clam shell with the weather. They're operated that team hasn't had a parade in a long time. And a fan telling James dole to sell the team is fair because there's been articles about it recently. There's been talks about it. And he said it has to be the right offer. So he didn't totally rule it out. I'm not expecting the team to be sold. However, it's a fair conversation. So James Dolan won a fan who didn't use any from what we heard any profanity. He's simply said sell the team James Dolan had the fan kicked out of the building. Now, James Dolan has every right to do that. He's the owner of the team. However, he's a damn fool for doing that. And the reason why he's a damn fool is because he finds a way to create a story when things shouldn't be a story. He's addicted to creating stories based off his own stupidity. And he got this van booted out of the garden. For having an opinion, and a very clean, polite and professional way, he said sell the team, and you know, what Knicks fans at their next home game. If you want to send a message, which I'm sorry, Nick, you shouldn't talk to the games anymore. To send a message. But if you're going to show up because you always do great fans, I want the entire mecca. I want the entire Madison Square Garden to chant Selva t. Salva too. So. I guess what James Dolan will have only ten thousand of you escorted out of the building because that's how petty. That's how trivial and that's how clueless this moron is. He pretends to be this bullying Frank does a great job covering this team. He's one of the few media members that aren't afraid of their credentials being revoked because Mr. Dolan is Mr. big brother, and he's always watching you. And I saw the said there was an article few months ago where he said he's more of a streetfighter Dolan. That's a big time streetfight. This guy said sell the team. Let me go have my security guards.

James Dolan New York Knicks Madison Square Garden master Square Garden James dole New York Rangers CBS Barnum Bailey Circus Memphis executive NBA Salva Frank Nixon Nick Selva t twenty four hour
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"So we couldn't say any hotels, especially major hotels, you had to go to rooming houses and saying the black section of town state Aaron live like that. However, we will at last able to go into the restaurants. So we're going to restaurants, and we sit there you sit there some time for an hour. Maybe more finally somebody will come to us and say we wish you would leave. Okay. Well, we're not gonna be those say OT service. What what you on you, tell them what you want him. When he brought it to you. And kind of do it on the table. You look at it. And it looked like some you don't wanna eat. Anyway. So many times we just left. Food there because we like some union won't eat or take that chance. So we leave their walkout. However, it was well worth it. Because it starts to bring people together. I mean, hasn't totally ceased. They're always gonna be bigots of all races. But a so much better is so much better. And is so much more unity happening. I try retiring at one point in my life. I said, okay. I'm retiring vice-president Motown. I don't need to go on the road and do all this stuff anymore. I'm tired of this. I've been on road since I was sixteen years old. And wanna I told the guys in the miracles that obstacle stop. They laughed at me. They this. This. Okay. Good. Okay. I see laid off. That's what they did. And then my oldest son was born two years later. My daughter. Wow. Man. I got real to really great reasons to stay home now. So I'm retiring, that's it for me. I'm really really really gone and Stevie Wonder had brought me some music in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. Yeah. This tape would say smoke. He say I got his tape, man. And I want you to listen because I got a great track record it. But I can't think of a song to go this. I want you to listen to see what you can come up with. So I said, okay. So I took it, and I listened to it and the beginning riff on the track that he gave me was bomb bomb bomb, but don't don't don't don't don't don't. So I heard it. And I said God, that's a circus. This Barnum Bailey, Ringling Brothers. You know, but the track was powerful. So I said I'm gonna write something about that about the circus. But I wanna write about animals or trap ease artists or tightrope walkers or anything like that I want to write something sentimental or something this heart wrenching when I was a child. I heard. About a story of Jacci party. Was this great Italian clown? All the kids love him. All the grownups loved him. Everybody loved him. And then he would go back to address room, and he was very sad because he didn't have that kind of love from a woman. So I said I'm gonna write this about that. So I wrote the song tears of a clown. And it's it's a personalized version Apaches life and tears clown. Right to this day is the biggest single recording. I've ever been associated with in my entire career. I mean, just so millions of copies all over the world. So the guys came to me and say man, you are not retire. Not retiring now, you forget that. Seventy two I retired from miracles retired. And I said, okay, I'm vice versa. Motown. That's where I'm going to be. I'm going to go to office every day. I might write some songs for some other people or produce some records or some other people, but I'm done. So I went to the office every day. And when I was in Detroit, my office was designed to induct new talent. And that's what I did. I bought new talent in sign them up and Gordon schedules and stuff like that at the same time berry was moving Motown from Detroit to Los Angeles. When we moved out of Los Angeles, don't command he said, you're my best friend so much change your position here make your office to finance office. And I'm gonna have you sign all the payroll chicks song. Oh, man. What man started Jackson?.

Stevie Wonder Motown Detroit Los Angeles vice-president Jacci party Barnum Bailey Ringling Brothers Jackson Gordon berry sixteen years two years
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"Our ads out to all of our advertisers. They're all good every in fact every company. Good. Yeah, we like all company make something that's fucking cool. Nice. We're seeing side buddies, and we want you to get out there and buy stuff I'm into McDonalds, they Donald, fuck and oil dude. I love it and Barnum Bailey. Fuck. Man, you know what? That doesn't give a fuck dude. And we've been seeing since before anyone else was saying about us for now. Everyone's saying it about us, so we're not saying it anymore, but you know what day time for some real as good dude times. Let's let's give a fuck. Okay. Back and give a fuck it is time for some good dude times. You gotta you wanted to bring up an Email. Yeah, yeah, totally. I follow us at buddies pod on Twitter, please? Yeah, please follow contact with this. We're buddies, but he's but he's a g mail. Based group is good Facebook group. That's Facebook dot com. Slash groups slash suicide buddies, and yes. So someone emailed us a correction, and I've been meaning to say this. The, it's a correction from the David Rymer episode. If you remember that episode or if you'd like to dig back, hey. Hey, that he'd say whether or not we could say their name, so I'm gonna leave it out. They say, hey, just a quick note that the word hermaphrodite is outdated. The term generally accepted by the community as accurate is intersects we didn't know. I mean, that's thank you pointing. It's funny is that I actually definitely knew that hermaphrodite was wrong, but I didn't know what the other word was. God damn coward. So I'm a bad person. I didn't know you know, but interesting. I actually don't even remember saying that word. I probably will. I will. I must have not even been thinking about it, we so yeah. Sorry. Seriously, we apologize. Yeah, intersex and thank you for the correction. Truly, we want crashes like this. The end of the is don't wanna be that guy who bust into your DM's to nitpick. But here I am. Love you by this person is funny. No bussed in the DM's don't slide in correct? Correct. Me. We get a lot of corrections doing. I remember it wasn't a correction, but it was a really interesting note that always meant to get back to, which is my brother who studied like a ton of like Japanese history in college and everything that was his major. I, your brother. No, he corrected me on the first episode because we did Yukio Mashima. Oh, share. And we read that poem at the end. We were just kind of like guessing what it meant, what the fuck does that mean? He was like, well, he thinks he's a Sam comparing himself to samurai Samra compared themselves. So they cherry blossoms because they have very short, but beautiful life. And I was like, oh. Man, you're just like, dude, loves flowers. Did no research into that. I think the poem is about how your brother is a nerd. All my brothers would agree. Wow, that's cool. That's cool. That's good to know. Yeah, I like stuff like that. I mean, that's why we do it. And I liked, I also get new information. All right. The subject of this episode is Hampton's brother. Yeah. I'm sorry. This is. I talked to your family. No, no, don't tell. I'll tell him. I'll tell him on the show so great bad in the sense about Hamptons, mind, blowers, my brother is not dead. He's they're all alive. Oh, yeah. Yeah, but you feel bad in the sense of. Kind of, okay, but then I started to go rhino some people who listen to the POC lost was just so you know, we are joking around my brother's still divine. Oh no, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You kidding me like immediately when I made the joke, I was like, this is wrong. But then you laugh. So I kept going as well. Who I am on the inside. I don't have blood pumping crude oil crew hill occurred oil there my body now, let's eat it. Yeah. Also like, yeah, I mean, even if you're joking around about it after like ten seconds, like, hey, maybe it's not joke around about my brother. I understand. Okay. We're talking about Phil oaks he. He was honestly huge in folk music in the sixties and seventies. It's funny though when people talk about him..

Sam Yukio Mashima Facebook McDonalds Barnum Bailey Twitter Phil oaks Donald David Rymer Hampton ten seconds
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"That was mentioned. So the fifteen dollar wage boost fifteen dollar wage number. It's not as generous as it walks so wage. Inflation isn't much of a problem here. Why on earth are we so worried about it? Because we're frayed of the Federal Reserve. Remember fed chief. Jerome Powell just told us to that. We had to start worrying just this week, said worry. If you actually looked under the hood though, I think he'd be less concerned about rising labor costs and more concerned about businesses. They can no longer afford to expand. Practically, let's look at these numbers. The only conclusions that the fed needs to coupe the rhetoric and the rate hikes. It needs to let the banks make money off the difference between what they pay you for your deposits and what they make loans. Look at the fed could just create new truckers out of thin air the same way. It can create new money. We'd have very little inflation. Of course, that's something or central Bank has any control over if drone Pailin system continuing to raise interest rates in lockstep these numbers make me think he could send us into a severe slowdown. Maybe that's what he wants. But if that's the case, people are right to be worried that said, if rates really have peaked because of the damage the fed has already done, then we could be in for decent fourth quarter. If not the fed mandated slowdown will soon be upon us. How about Stephen Washington, Steve. Hey, Jim, I I just wanna say, thank you for all you do, but my questions on new residential and ours e. Okay. Some upside since April. I was wondering if that continued but also worried 'cause the dividend yield is pretty high. Kinda in that red zone you worry about. I don't know. I was wondering if that safe. Well, I gotta tell you when I see that level and I see that eleven percent, that tends to be that you're gonna make as much in the you'll make the dividend would lose in the capital preciado stream. So I'm going to say, no, I don't wanna be in that one. I just I don't like the ones where I don't understand what they're really doing the money. How about Lou in Florida? Please. Lou. Hey, Mr. Tim cook today buddy. Oh, man. Thank you for calling new. Listen, this is the greatest show on earth. It's like Barnum Bailey Circus well, okay. Baby boomers like me, remember that. Right, right. You know, I think there's a little more troops to get you. I get you what's up. Listen, much stock pick is pet meds express. It's been cut in half. Yeah, I don't. I don't see any fundamental changing on this. I don't know if it's a small captain up purchasing interest rate hikes or just out of favor. I don't know what's going on at new. It is out of favor, but you know what I mean? Member we favors oh, Edis I the labs and then Alonzo that's those are all much higher quality member at this stage. It is really key. When the fed is tightening, you've got to have quality going for you. If you don't have quality going for you, you're going to end up losing immortal ways. Okay. If rates have Peter, then we could fair. Okay. In the fourth quarter, if not, I worry that that will be the one sentence closer to section what we're made money at bulls back. But instead of spending all your time, scrolling power rankings. Why not draft up some dollars on putting together gene, Tina stocks that could need you to victory for.

Federal Reserve Lou Barnum Bailey Circus Jerome Powell bulls Tina Jim Mr. Tim Alonzo Stephen Washington Florida Peter Steve fifteen dollar eleven percent
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"What is kind of the state of the the modern circus? It feels to me like people have predicted the circus would go out with the movies with television. It still kicking but like like, what? What kind of health is it in in two thousand eighteen? I mean everywhere it's a change of times. So he tie the circus as it has always done has to adapt. Yeah, it's an abolition, airy type of thing. It's sort of what you're seeing with the toy industry. It's funny because they're big, Connex stores are closing in. So you're seeing maybe smaller shops, even pharmacies and hardware stores taking toy inventory, you know, in. So at least here in the states, you're seeing smaller shows, prosper to the degree in. They're not the the big. You know, gargantuan shows of all the not Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey, but they're, they still give people that that fix this former ringmaster of Ringling Brothers by the name of Kevin Bernardo's who has a show he established some years ago. It's a small show, but he seeing some wonderful success in due in large part because people still want that they want. They want that feeling I and again, it's hard to describe. I don't think it could have been die. It will always evolve in some way, obviously with Ringling Brothers exiting the scene that was a major loss, but it didn't doom the circus itself. I measure room, you know, you're right. That's a. That's a great point. I think it made room and I think it also opened the possibilities of doing more. More innovative things, you know, and that's how the circuses heart's been, though, you know, even in its heyday. I mean, it's always going to find a way I, I was described a circus as living. It's living art and living things. They just grow the Volve, they, they morph, they die out, but they, they resurrect assault sorts of it's a cycle, you know, and wearing this interesting cycle, Elise in America where you're seeing smaller, I hear about it all the time. The smaller shows are seen success. You're seeing people do some things that are more innovative. Their pop up shows, former performers who have small businesses that doing more corporate events, things of that nature people they want that, nostalgia, they want that spirit. So it's interesting, I guess, is going away of technology, you know? Yeah. They also it's a question of trencher the American circus. What very, very specific bay it to the circus in South America in Europe in Russia, which went the rip wondering tradition, very respectable and artistic. But if you go to Russia funds, that's Moscow Astill to permanent circuses building circus Nicole lane and the Bolshoi circus and the show is just mind blowing and it's every night and the Bolshoi circus has three thousand five hundred seats and focusing Cooley in which is herb it more intimate at two thousand seats. It's full every night. Those shows. Some potatoes book, the just redone the order surface in Russia have mean it's very old building which was built in eighteen eighty something and it just restored it in. It's all imperial glory. And you have wonderful shows in Europe too. You know, the situation is also changing in this country in Europe in Russia elsewhere. But according to how able to adapt quickly to the new situation, the survive pretty well circus need Switzerland. It's still a nation institution. And it's one of the best circuses in the world. So you know, you mustn't just look people in in America at nuttiest when Ringling close. It's okay. The circuses. And that there are other things other circuses more companion suddenly coming out. Well, speaking about about Ringling Brothers and then about Barnum and Bailey like the the documentary, the circus which we're here for really kind of focuses on those personalities. Of course, p.t Barnum is very famous, but James Bailey mounted this world tour of his acts of by ship, which sounds I don't. I never want to do that be on a ship with a bunch of elephants and the Ringling Brothers, of course, but they sort of created this more family, friendly atmosphere and a lot of ways and these personalities loom over the American circus in a big way. So I'm wondering if either of you have thoughts on like how those personalities affect the way Americans view the circus still to this day. In know it's not only the Ringling Brothers and p.t Barnum Bailey had a dumb fault bowed that people have for..

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"What's it gonna take for the US to win this Ryder Cup in Europe. You know, just do your job. I hope to leave your jobs. You know, I just, you know, guys, you know what? I what I don't know. Jim pure is is as good a captain in as good. A guy is you'll ever meet and he will handle it his way. And he will say the things that he thinks are important to the team. I didn't say a whole lot, but I sort of few words every night. Basically, I just said guys, it's not going to be easy, but if you do your job and you play the way, we all know you can play. It'll be a good week, but you can't get distracted. You can't get pissed off at the people. We played over in Europe as well or England. You got to put your, you know your, your, your focus, look at the grass, just look at the grass. Don't look at anything else in get your job done. And you know, we were in good shape. We were even going into the, we were all level going into the single. So we lost a single. So you know, that was a victory for me. And then we didn't play well on Sunday. But you know, it's just. They're gonna route like health for their team is going to bat. I saw the grand stands behind the first tee. Are you kidding me? Looks like a Barnum Bailey Circus or something. I'll think you just gotta. You can't get distracted by the by the fans by the momentum up and to and fro of matches. And it's got to do your job and you gotta be focused, and you know you gotta do your job and only for yourself for your teammates. Curtis, you've been so gracious with us. Thank you for the story time. Thank you for helping us understand better. What it's like to compete in the Ryder Cup. Always appreciate talking to your friend. Hey, thank you guys, and I gotta tell you if everybody's gonna listen to this watch, it's if you haven't watched the Ryder Cup, it'd be amazed at the enthusiasm and the spirit of everyone, and it's it's why we love it so much. The one thing they don't take my tension off, put ball, the Ryder Cup, and I can't wait to do it. You got it. Thank you. Thank you. All right. I can have story time with Curtis Strange forever because I made he had legendary battles with legendary people in this game, and just to hear him tell those stories. Gatty is is tremendous. It cracks me up here guys talk about seventy in such a loving way and still say, but on the golf course the guy was an ass like he goes. And even when you try to go, hey, the guy was a jerk on, no, no, no, he's not a jerk. He's a great. I understand. I know. I know. And it's so funny to hear people kind of try and describe. The word gamesmanship. Yup. And how much is that during competition you could. You can literally almost feel like you hate someone and yet as soon as you shake hands go, you wanna go get a drink. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's like kids go in with fighting on the playground, and there you go. He wants to is cream. Yeah, let's go get ice cream. I like sprinkles. He likes sprinkles, come on. You know what I find so interesting about Ryder Cup week, especially if in the United States side. 'cause I always thought the Europeans for whatever reason as Curtis alluded to, they have comradery that's different than it is in the United States throughout the course of the season on the European PG on the European tour. But I've always found it interesting when you bring a group of people together that at their height of their powers and they compete week in and week out and you want them now to compete with each other. I just think it's a fast. Dating study of athletes, competitiveness and personality..

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"It was you get a guy who works wchs it's is a fedex driver gets you going to friday night and play for twelve fifteen thousand people in play a game that he loves and uses skills and certainly need to spill time and with ice afterwards because he didn't work out every day he had kids he worked he did these were great guys oh i i'm gonna tell you what the the the quality of the lacrosse player is just i love these guys they looked party they're great athletes and they love their fans they are involved when i first started an nfl in in in nineteen seventy four players would smoke in the locker room dude they would have time they needed a cigarette you do that today it involves everything evolves in and and and in so sports is of all the fun of sports a lot of has gone it has become very professional in his in well should be missed a big business and big business can take the entertainment out of at that time that was rain ring ringling barnum bailey lacrosse fun and your team may of lost that you had fun you listen to music they're crazy things going on you did crazy things in the half time they had fun and what people want today still is if you can find a way they can have fun alleviate some of their paying cause so much pain in the world.

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