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PART1: Rich Migliore, Rich Glazer, Mike Beer, Marcus Hersh

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PART1: Rich Migliore, Rich Glazer, Mike Beer, Marcus Hersh

"Sirius X._M.. Ports presents with Steve Becoming interviews. This look stupid very good Friday race fans serious to nineteen X._M.. To a one sports zone nine sixty four listening to Sirius X._M.. Online and I guess something I guess there was what a format style change. Something went on. I guess yesterday or Wednesday on the on the APP SIRIUSXM APP. I'm always the last to know and that kind of stuff. Thanks thanks to those who listened. Listen that way and let me know and of course at our website to Steve Big Dot Com. I got a justice headset because I think I broke it yesterday to or from the racetrack good morning back back home and today there's just too much it's too much generic and assorted things to do. When it comes to the rest of the the racing action we don't live Vibes Air Togo alone and and has has been pointed out any number of times? You can win just as much money just as much money at Arlington this weekend or in Indiana or everywhere else so that's what we're going to be looking at because there's a little bit of everything and you know the one aspect of the early opening that that really hadn't come up the effect that it's going to have on the other venues that traditionally have this weekend weekend is second weekend of July you know historically to themselves and that includes the Arlington Million Preview Day. We'll talk to Marcus Hirsch in about thirty five minutes the del Cap the Delaware Handicap right now down a notch degree too but the kind of field actually we'll talk to rich glazer in about fifteen twenty minutes. One of our favorite visits of any summer is with the great rich glazer the long time host and just an affable <hes> face and voice of of Delaware Park but the Dell cap and Indiana now of course the Indiana card goes into the late afternoon starts late late and goes into the evening so they're not as affected necessarily but it is notable. I mean Saratoga is going to you got what eleven race card tomorrow and you know that that is going to draw handle away from the other Saturday afternoon facilities there just the fact so that topic <hes> hasn't really been broached. The FBI honest occurred to me this morning as I was doing some prep but anyway we're GONNA. We're GONNA certainly go through and James scully in our to scully not just interested in betting Indiana he's interested in being there for the brilliant racing team and the Horse that is going to be a big price S. can for it but you know is not certainly out of range so we'll talk to James About having a piece of a runner in the Indiana Derby as well as you know what he thinks that the rest of the field and the rest of that card the Philly race we've said Philly race is really good and not easily not easily figured out and frankly with Mr Money drawing outside it you know the two horses that that drew outside math wizard and Mr money kind of opens the door for somebody potentially somebody else in the two to one players gray magician and for Peter Miller and always mining for Kelly rudely. They're you know they're the two obvious candidates if it's not going to be one of the two favorites and Mr Money at sixty five that that's a that's a vulnerable number I I respect believe me we respect bread Kowloon and like Mr Money and all but from the eleven whole six five and <hes> you know math wizard close to him you know from a figure standpoint. I don't know it's GonNa be fun. It's Nice Card so Scalia look at Indiana Marcus for Chicago rich for Delaware later Jape ribbon back from a vacation very excited to hear about his trip kind of a unique vacation choice I won't I won't reveal and Nick Tomorrow I was I didn't think nick was going to be able to join us but <hes> early this morning nick back to me and he is freed up late in the show so we'll talk to nick maybe about eleven eleven thirty seven forty all right but jape ribbon back to and we'll get Jay's follow up on Jerry Holland Offer J. With the story earlier this this week basically accurately detailing del Mar not allowing Jerry to train or enter and then yesterday Steve Anderson with the details of Dan Ward <hes> being able to run and so jerry shifting a lot of del Mar intended runners to longtime assistant Dan Ward if you missed our conversation with Dan and back in the in the early spring longtime with Jerry and before that with body Frankel and Dan will have the opportunity to run horses and yeah very similar to what has gone on here in New York without jet lows being able to go go on with the Larry Best sources. It doesn't resolve obviously the long term situation for Holland door for drew quo. I've been in contact with withdrew probably next week. We'll have more and from a legal standpoint certainly Jerry Holland or for I didn't he certainly didn't want to get pugilist in terms of legalities but he's GonNa have to because this is just it's just as Dave Brennan said yesterday it's it's just an insult and it's <music> outrage then just arbitrary capricious in any other you know want and description of inappropriate administration just lead J. J. Bring you up on from everything that Jay's gleaned in conversation since he got back so that everybody Nick Nick j Marcus Rich Oh ed the Rosa will get Ed in here and waiting to hear if Richmond Lori we tried to get to rich yesterday and he had production meetings with the show with the the naira show and the Big Saratoga live and everything so anyway don't know yet if I can get rich Mickley Orien- that'd be great if not we'll get rich next week and one of the fun things rich handling the book of Chris Landeros and we glommed on to Chris for tomorrow for the second race with minute mouse and it turned out. We did the right thing and I can just as I say this made says the how can you get me in right now and the answer is yes so let's <hes> Deja. Let me send you rich's number so that you can pull him in and we'll start and we won't take any breaks and we'll get rich me to start the weekend preview. That'd be great all right yeah. Let's do that all right here. We go give me two seconds and I will vamp with you and there's make give him a call. Yeah Chris is GONNA ride minute mouse tomorrow and and that leads me into the off the turf news today and we'll also review yesterday's Action Fun Opening Day and lots of lots the cover and of course the rain the rain that came was not as much and was not as difficult as had been feared because I it looked like it was going to hit early that missed US then the storm that they said would come at the sixth race absolutely could not have been more accurate literally. The sixth race was finishing and the rain was just a quick passing shower but it was enough to soak the turf ended up taking the tenth race off and that <hes> you know that that's always frustrating ends up with an all situation in the multi races <hes> there was actually still a decent pay in the particularly in the in the pick five but <hes> the the the track only was really wet for one race on the main and that was the steak and comical and really the steak was exciting <hes> if you haven't seen the replay of the Sanford the Schuylerville Sanford's tomorrow the the performance of the Doug O'Neill philly comical really good and <hes> shippy the other O.`Neil the recent purchase ran well Oh and wasn't was kind of vying and one point looks like a winner and then settled for third because Johnny and kiss the girl was making steady progress and looked like a winner but <hes> comical really good so okay so richie needs a couple of minutes all right after all right so we'll get them so let's do the <hes>. Let's do the rest of the review from yesterday and I can tell you that two races remain on the turf today you've got the stake of course the Forbidden Apple. I don't think there was ever a question that the stake would stay on the grade three three field to ten and a really fun betting race and frankly if you go through that field and you're wondering about yielding turf and right now Glencoe Zach told me earlier this morning right now they're calling it yielding but he thinks with with son does not much wind can tell you that right now anyway but the hope is that the turf upgrades as the day goes on same thing with the main track may track right now is money for training but Glen Glen thanks it'll be good or even fast by one o'clock the other races that <hes> the other race that stayed on one race on both turf courses on the inner the Forbidden Snapple the ninth and the third heard that that very tricky small field but a tricky allowance group going a mile and a sixteenth on the melon turf course that stays on everything else came off the second race that state bread maiden group where we're now. Linda Rice is going to be four to five with that. He knows the thirteen the two companies second race comes off the sixth seventh and the tenth and the sixth is that claimer on the was going to be on the inner. That'll be now nine furlongs on the main and then the other two races were both five and a half furlong state bread affairs. The seventh is an allowance. There's lots of May track onlys so that field will stay you know somewhat sizable. There have been twelve for the grass plus four M._T._O.'s so I imagine you'll end up with probably seven or eight in the seventh to start the lead big four and then the nightcap three M._T._o.'s and there was a full field there including US originally but we were going to scratch anyway minute mouse with the twelve hole and the race kind of came back for Saturday and we took a chance in there and we went to seasoned jock agent rich mcgrory who who's Jock agent career was at least six days old at that point maybe four days old and we'd landed Christly Darrow's for Saturday Good Morning Good Morning Steve. Yes Season Jackie agent. I'm I didn't think there was a lot I can learn about this game. I'm learning again well. The the best part is GonNa come when you fire yourself. You know you're GONNA look at say up. Sick a you all your nonsense. I was very hard on eight th there's no doubt about that but I was hard on myself as well so I pretty knowing that I wasn't I was unreasonable now I should I was unreasonable but I was unreasonable myself. I love it and I the one person I haven't heard from yet as Mollica to see when he saw that news. What have you heard from drew I have not but I think that's going to be a funny conversation when I do see him? No doubt no doubt what one thing I could say but my job is even funny. You say that my dot Chris Landeros. He's a lot nicer than I was. When I was riding? He's got a great personality personality. He's pleasant. He's excited to be here. <hes> and you know I think I'm lucky that he's my first foray into this. That's a that's a nice way to to to frame met and what what. How did this even come about? Well you know I wrote with Chris <hes> in California right after he lost the bug and I was very impressed. I was always impressed with his writing. I sit in this kid can really right and he wasn't writing a lot of life forces <hes> and then my son Joey and he became friends <hes> and they were kind of running around together at del Mar.. They're just a few years apart and <hes> so I got to know him a little bit more because of his friendship with my son and and I've Kinda kept an eye on him over the years you know watching him develop and he's really developed <hes> any and he's got a great finish really can finish on a horse and the qualities that I like in a writer and when he got a Derby Mount this year <hes> I wanted to call and wish him luck and congratulate him on having a Kentucky Derby Mount and and it Kinda just throughout the idea. I said you know at some point you're going to have to you know try. Saratoga Try New York I. Many had great Gulfstream this past winter so competing with the guys he he compete with here and <hes> I said if you ever want to do that I would be interested in working with the and and helping you if I can and and he called me a few weeks ago and said. Did you know I wanna do this and if I do this I want you because you know everybody there and I'm so we decided to give it a try. How about that and certainly for for Chris and from a family standpoint endpoint and Tracy Wilkes here and of course <hes> married to their daughter and the with the kids and it's a it's a great scenario for for them all to be together and you say how impressed you've been with Chris all through the winter I kept you know I would look up and I'd watch a race from from south Florida and there he was and I agree I mean there there was lots of like and <hes> so when you Benji Hernandez was GonNa ride for us today and when Veggie couldn't get out of his call for Saturday for minute mouse and I'm sure glad we did this rich because we the race came off the turf anyway so mouse was GONNA would've scratched off the turf and it occurred to me Gary said what do you want to do and I said <hes>? Let's reach for Landeros. Well listen. We appreciate it. I'm have gotten a lot of good response. Eve <hes> obviously we kinda jump into this a little bit late like <hes> you know. Ideally we would have made decision a few weeks earlier and I would add an opportunity to kind of build for the the <hes> you know first week and the first book I should say but no we wound up on five tomorrow obviously three for his father in law and and some very live voices and it's <hes> <hes> you know I'm hopeful that we get off the mark there and <hes> four on Sunday and this morning I got a bunch of calls and <hes> like John Kimmel and I obviously a friend John in Rhode Chris I'm in Florida and he likes him so it worked in a couple of two year olds for John American Pharaoh Philly and <hes> a few others that he kind of picked out for us so it's GonNa be I think a little bit slow at the beginning again because we're jumped into this hour later then and with what's ideal but I already see a lot of movement <hes> people giving me a good response and and responding well to Chris the last thing I wanna do it less for me more for him. It is be a hindrance to him. I want him to be able to show people who he is that maybe are not familiar with them and I know what a good writer looks like an and he's a good writer. I wouldn't've done this if I didn't feel very strongly about that. Well of course coming off last weekend to down at Delaware Park. Mark wins the Robert Dick four in which gentle ruler and frankly she she looks she looks serious and probably shifts her attention up to Saratoga with plenty of opportunities looming on our <hes> slate and of course <hes> you know the next day went back to Kentucky wins a pair at Ellis Farina and for Eric Foster and as you mentioned when you talk about the the calls marquette league and eighteen and rusty rusty are arnold on Derby Champagne and Contessa Bruce Brown and Stanley off. It's a very nice <hes> and who I know you're GonNa you're you're going to you're going to you're GonNa be absolutely <hes> get the get some call so best wishes real quick real quick though <hes> if people are Unfamiliar With Way Rights Watch catch the the race at Delaware addicted the two hundred thousand dollars stakes stayed on the fence every save every instagram patient got through he rides that race consistently and and that's the way you in turf races so it's really good. Actually I took my brother off <hes> to voices and we're living together happy at dinner last well. I you're going to have to deal with that. I can't help happy there. I can help you with a couple of horses but the battling bigly Oris maybe reprised. Let's get a couple of early ideas rich from day one and you know this early start the five day week some early impressions and expectations for the meat well. I'm excited about it and I think the five days is going to be a good thing for years racing six days up here you you you'd have so much to catch up on him the one day off and rest being one of them and laundry and running errands and going grocery shopping whatever you needed to do <hes> people didn't really have an opportunity to enjoy the area and this is such a beautiful part of the world <hes> I it you know this parts of New York state that people don't realize exist <hes> and within an hour or two if you're there's so many beautiful things to do and opportunities to really enjoy upstate New York and the adirondacks I think that's going to give people an opportunity. <hes> should explore and and open there there is in mind sell out like like look at this. <hes> you know rookie. We what we have at our disposal so I think that's great <hes> the racing's great I mean everybody puts her best foot forward here. I thought opening day you know it's so interesting Joel Rosario just writing in another dimension. I I mean you look at his right on listening yesterday just the way he does things <hes> his hands are amazing. Shrink his strengthen the finish but then the last race is a three horsfield right and he gets caught behind glacial pace and he's running off behind horses I am I don't blame him this. This happens in racing. I don't think that anybody can say all year. He wrote terrible before bobbled but you it's a phenomenon you get a small field and courses get more trouble in small field in a big deal because his riders they're more aware but he is and they don't have as much to contend with in a big field. A guy can get lost and sit his way through so when Scotto is left on him outside you know he's never letting him out of that tickle and I I. I just think it's amazing when you see short field how much trouble can actually be found. No doubt I mean we've heard that so many times and Yeah Rosario <hes> yesterday not just <hes> him either. How about the ride the junior Alvarado auto turned in on the Charlie Baker like the posse which ended up lighting up the board was really a good spot <hes> yesterday for us to from a place they had point <hes> and I mean he was relentless top of the stretch I I didn't think there's any way that he would get there and that that's kind of a textbook Alvarado performance and you WanNa talk about strong? Yeah I mean he's got such a strong finish. <hes> you know in you know people that have a hard time relating to jockeys athletes you see this guy with a t shirt on or with no shirt on and you've got guns I mean he he works out and any and he's really honed his craft and I think he's been writing fantastic on hold listen. You've got a very very deep strong riding county here but there have been a couple of guys that have just been writing at another level in junior being one of them. I've been so impressed rest with him. Obviously Joel The you know I read and Jose Ortiz Heavier Kesse. Johnny Velazquez has done everything there is to do as a writer all time winningest rider money one and he's still rides with an enthusiasm awesome net frankly is hard to keep up when you have very few mountains to climb sale right and and so to see him plying his trade watching Dylan developed my brothers writer Dylan Davis Villain has is really really put himself in the upper echelon riders and they've done it through hard work and so as a former writer you know doing this as a jockey's agent and with a guy that I feel fits in very well with this comedy. It's fun for me to watch a guy I I have such an appreciation for what I'm seeing and adding ridden with a incredible hall of fame colony through the eighties into the nineties. I really getting a kick out of watching these guys ride right now. There's just a lot of talent here. Oh no doubt and we're off to a to a nice start and that included the two year olds comical. That was a terrific running of the Schuylerville you had. I thought it was notable. Global you know with all these routes that are being run. <hes> certainly notable rich that if you get out on the lead your in you seem to be in very good stead armament yesterday and Gary Gullo how about Gullo with a pair of wins and the two year old that held off the Bruce Levine late charger and there there was a lot to digest yesterday and there were certainly some chances <hes> the you know to score big cue for Duchess View you the State Bread Group of Phillies a big brown bread by golden goose actually and big q with Rosario at but <hes> Sayas was charging that impassable Donna who took a ton of money late and you know she pulled up at the it looked like she was a little bit a heat distress <hes> after the race I gotTa check with Bruce Levine <hes> about <hes> the barn this morning and <hes>. They said she's okay so that's good news and you know Bruce doesn't get the credit he deserves bruce to win with first-time starters all the time and he was so good at preparing nowhere to run and I. I want a lottery system with I there's <hes> so we're not taking the money I went oh she she's good and and you know some people may be don't remember that and don't have as much confidence bruce for that but preuss does an amazing job Gary Gallo getting off the mark like that and you know it brought that to mind for me because Gary and Dominic Lucia were so close in one year dominic. Can I won the first two races of the meat we the early double and I was thinking about that yesterday. Dominic probably would be getting a kick out of Gary went into on opening day and I was happy for him. I thought the the car alright itself. I mean the weather didn't fully cooperate but a terrific day racing comical. He's about as pretty affiliates. You're ever GONNA say I was watching the poster went. Wow this silly. He's got an elegance to her in bouncing her step even at the Walk Fox got great walk and you know and people go to like horse sales and they love the walk that that's what they're talking about this a certain swing to the gate lettuces even at the walk that you'll see if you go to the phasing Tipton two year old sales. I mean a yelling sales appear that you you can pick it out there. There's a certain stride is a certain swing to a gate and she had just said a walk. I was like I I like this Philly and I was very happy to get three to one on her good job and of course not only the Doug O'Neill get a win but have I been sessile and I I didn't get a chance overnight to look up if and when the last time Ben Cecil Bra horse to to Saratoga but <hes> the west coast <hes> invaders. They're not a bad not a bad opener <hes> o.`Neil apparently not GONNA have any regular runners here but certainly when he's add these two year old windows. He hasn't been afraid to to ship in so nice Richard weekend anything catch your eye going into you know we got the Diana tomorrow with Chad and Peter brant heavily vested <hes> but frankly it's a it's a competitive additive all sixer competitive and for people who don't seem to understand this steaks with purses over fifty thousand horses run as individual entities they people who think that some rules are being skirted when it comes to entries. There's there's no entries in stake races like this. That's why they're six individual betting interests. Yeah I actually heard some of that and people thinking that like something untoward going on and it's just not the case. The rules are the way they are in the way they've been. They have not changed so <hes> you know obviously listen Chad is done an amazing job in a very short time and that's why he's built up the stable he has and he's done it through hard work and being very good at what he does and you know you pe- people like I think <hes> I don't know if it's jealousy or they want to begrudge somebody. There's success. It didn't happen by accident. It happened because he worked at it and I always admire and appreciate that <hes>. I'm just looking at the whole meet you know it's always great to be here. The quality is here. Everybody's pumped up. They WANNA win here. It's great and <hes> you know and I'm also doing the Fox shows for offer an I._R._A.. M._S._G. and Fox I'm so it's keeping me busy. We had a great show. Yesterday I was on with <hes> lucky think I and Paula Duke in the first ship and we have so many hours it's basically a couple of teams of <hes> people in front of the camera and behind the camera camera and I I gotTa say behind the camera talent the people that make this go the production side of it and the editing and the videos and audio the engineers this might be the greatest slows talented group of people that are going to not get the credit. They deserve their unsung incredible crew of people great team that they put together there well. We'll get a chance maybe here and there to watch a little bit <hes> some encaged afternoon. Maybe when we're we're not at the track but mostly I should tape it. I I should put the D._V._R.. Thing on and that way I'll have it and I can go back and review because a lot of times and deal say you know this happened to that and hi and I you know I am at the track so you don't see it so I'll I'll I'll be right. You just prompted me well. I you know what I'd appreciate it because I I would actually bouncing questions off. You like anything you've gotTA continuing improve who've otherwise you're going the other direction and you've got a great opinion. You know obviously you've done with your radio show. I would value your opinion like yeah. You Might WanNa pray something this way instead of that way or maybe you deliver it in a different for light. I would appreciate some criticism well. I maybe we'll all right. I'll add that to my responsibilities. The reviewing the show unbelievable rich I appreciate created. I'll see you later this afternoon and let's get lucky tomorrow. I'll see you later Richard bigly Ori Everybody and you can follow rich on twitter Richard and we already and we're gonNA follow one rich. We got we we got the rich rich glazer standing by from Delaware Park one of our favorite visits of the summer. It's del Cap weekend coming off the heels of the Delaware Oaks and the Dick and everything else that Lopin and <hes> terrific card last Saturday and rich glazer welcome back or thanks Steve. It's always an honor to be on your show and I don't mind taking a back seat to the famous rich Richie vaguely or well. You've got got <hes> another nice card. Put together and I know it's been a little bit of a struggle <hes> down there for the summer. There's been a couple of days where you know you've had to really hustle injuries and so forth but you know this discard and this day it's always a highlight of the summer at Dell Park and looking forward to it and you certainly got the feature. You know nothing nothing to be ashamed of with that feature. You know you're absolutely right. Steve some years we have no big names and we get ten twelve fillies and Mares one year we had songbird and we only had four of them so you get the big name. You don't get the big field you get to know big name you get the big field this year we have late and we still have nine horse field so so we've got the best of both worlds here well. Let's let's dive in and if you want to actually set the stage you know it's also in addition to the del Cap. You do have the addition of the match series. It's the third stop of the. Match series this year third of five big days and you know that's a wrinkle that <hes> Alan Foreman after last year's return to the match series and that really augment the action some overview of what's going on there tomorrow Morrow before we talk races yeah of course the diller handicaps the headliner but like you said we do have the match series of four match races <hes> so that should up now. I'm a little disappointed in this other size of two of the fields <hes> the ones on the main track and <hes> you know that's the way it is these days. It's just there's so many opportunities but I thought the match series would you know everybody would cooperate and they support more <hes> the tracks but it didn't happen tomorrow Mara but it doesn't mean you can't find good winner. In those races well. Let's start our conversation than with the feature and <hes> grade two. I know it was disappointing for management to lose the grade one however when you've got the kind in a field that was assembled here with a late and Blue Prize and escape clause frankly the scoring. You would think there's a real chance you get the grade one back right away. Steve You make me laugh because you're so right but you know we were grade. One and then songbird divest filling the country comes in and wins and that's the year they downgraded as after songbird so you tell me what's going on but you're right we have we have a grade one field killed in here and they could go on and win a lot of great ones this year and that should help reboosted any late of course won the race last year. She's coming off that Nice win in the floor to Lee at Churchill so you know Bill Maher kind of points for this race if he he wins if he laid the can win. Bill will win four Delaware handicaps in his career and that will tie todd pletcher who has four and the late hall of Famer Henry Clark. You'll has four so I'm sure billy's S- Arnez guns with <hes> on Saturday well and she righted the ship a little bit after some you know some harrowing beats got back in the win column and the previous win before the floor to Lee came in last year's. Here's Dell so they're here. She is trying to defend but you do have Nacho courageous with Blue Prize. She'll be in close attendance and I've come to really appreciate the five year old mayor of Don Snell's escape clause. She's a wonderful story. She climbed the ladder from North Western Canada obscurity right to graded stakes and you know this is this is a serious mayor. This is not you know some some cute story three and she absolutely ran midnight be Su to the narrowest of losses <hes> when it came to that Apple Blossom I was there that day yeah I you name the three major contenders in the three that I like to you've got elite who beat the Blue Prize last time in the floor Deli but you know you don't hear you don't hear people talk about waits too much. There's not a lot of importance with this is a rare handicap race and blue price gets to pound shift offer that race and they say amount of quarter one pound equals the length though the two pounds off she lost by the length of the quarter that puts them right together and then you got your obscure horse escape clause I hate the caller that because she is certainly not running obscure but she's she's not the million dollar breeding that you read about and she's from Manitoba and all she does is win. It should be really good race and we should mention you know this is a mile and a quarter and that's also also a bit of an anomaly on the schedule to have phillies in mayor's going ten panels. There is the presence I do want to point out another broad because if she was to run back to that top-flight for Todd pletcher and Sal Sal Cumin and partners another broad is not far off and one thing that that sort of caught my eye was shocked rich how about how about the Oh for twenty going on for Jose Vargas. It's gotta be an anomaly for him to be over twenty. I'm sure 'cause he's a very very talented jockey and the fact that ties using him tells tells you he's got faith in them and you're right another broad could sneak in there and as I told you todd pletcher one four dollar handicaps and I'm sure he's looking for that fifth win two and getting the rail save a little ground in that run to the first turn so it makes it's going to be a good reason. You got the Gotham gala. The two-horse are not delacour trainer. He's what about every stakes. We've had it. They'll report. He went to last weekend on oaks weekend. He's won the light hearted. He won a few of the other miners overnight stakes. He's just been red hot so and could be the one that tries to go a wire-to-wire so go right I agree and tend to one <hes> your number on another broad if you're looking for something other than the the obvious late seventy five blue price seventy two five to one on escape laws and and I tell you the morning line looks pretty <hes> <hes> looks pretty accurate actually <hes> glancing at that. Let's work our way backwards then get a couple of opinions rich rich Glazer Zor with us from Delaware Park and the Glasgow seven and a half furlongs on the grass these are these are the three year old males and you got some interesting participants in here most of the other races. I'm I can't it's. I'm having a hard time beating the favourite and the glass goes the race. I'M GONNA take a couple of shots with because I couldn't find anything solid. There's little question marks on some so. I'm GONNA give you a real long shot in here. The three three Balfour Balfour is by my favorite sire heart spun of a little prejudice aren't spun. I was in the paddock when he walked in for the very first time to make his debut and I look at this horse and he's just going on to be such a terrific exciter in the states and England and Australia and Hong Kong. I've been betting him all over the World Steve Believable and <hes> you know what I'm just looking with the move to the TURF Carlos Bid Seila and why not from a vic standpoint anyway rich certainly a fit if he can turf and hard spun will get it and let's see who's who's he out of. He's out of a distant view mayor figure. They'll say that I can find okay anyway but you know like looking at the two factor for WHO's by the factor he's thrown out some good surface but this is a three year old in there so there's a little question mark there but my other shot and that raises the five and I'm I'm not sure if you call it a parrot or Paret but you know the Euro Bounce Steve where they say a horse comes from Europe and et three runs one race the second time he's no good well. This source is from Australia and he ran one race in the Dixie at Temuco didn't run that great for maybe because Australia's down under it's the opposite when they run in the second race. Maybe they run a good race so I just think that because upset to got some good Breeding Harbor Watch that goes the traces back to the northern dancer line so there's some good breeding there too. There's any number of interesting horses in here and some of our favorite people including that Allard with the abiding star you know who's approaching half a million in earnings eleven time winner. How about the late Mr Benders <hes> just Howard <hes> skedaddle and Graham motion also trae Abbott has been sending horses in selectively <hes> rich three four five at night so far and of course <hes> forest voice and how about how about celebration in here who has had the racist that fit yep celebration also read nicely for the turf and the first voice writes the turf very well? You know everything you say is right. You've been following a little bit Stephen Proud of you and and I'm going to say something that you always you always give me the thumbs up because the Ho- Casson is the the only one track announcer doesn't really say what do you like here. Well you mentioned your buddy that aller- I think that's GonNa win it. He won this race last year and I think always sunshine the number. Four <hes> is sitting in a good spot coming off that last race I started a year. She blew the <hes> he blew the field away. So I'm looking for in that Allard to win it again with always sunshine well no <hes> no dosing course for the delicate wars and Arthur's hope <hes> that was some performance in that allowance for Salazar. It certainly was a big win last time with good figure and <hes> that's GonNa it's GonNa be on to the wire but and like you said no dozing Delacour and everything so I worry about that Mike Mike Dinnie has been very effective placing dinatale and let's look at the adjusting his <hes> is she is she. She's ninety two I. I'm a little surprised capital capital temptress on the outside. I had not really seen this race top to bottom but capita temptress absolutely <hes> the team valor player Yeah Yeah. It's another wide open race and that's my second pick in there. <hes> you know lots of and were tease the connections but you know what I'm A. I'm a I'm a Michael Dickinson Guy. He just get a kick out of and he always has. I'm I'm ready to go and he's got lift up. Who's just throw a clunker up at Woodbine but certainly needed that raisin she <hes> she's two for two on the Delaware turf so I'm GonNa go with lift up as another mile upset there the five all right and I said team valor it's <hes> Judd Mont the capital temptress whereas the the familiar colors and the last of the stakes action the dashing beauty longtime sprint race for the phillies in mayors and Miss Locust Point shows up in here for cash is king and partners and John Service but you're poop princess another kind of personal favorite <hes> Eddie Barker and cheese racked up just under a half a million in earnings as well small field but a good field how about the Anthony Regatta as well with Bronx beauty? That's who I like Bronx beauty she <hes> she really likes Penn national but she's beat three of these horses Vilis last time out so I'm going to give it another shot with Jose. Were tees up. Well you wretch always a pleasure and I I so enjoy watching and we haven't run a horse down there in a long time since our ramp affiliated broker maiden but it's the most beautiful paddock in all of racing and not just North America I it's for those that haven't been to the little track that could as they say what is it the cute place where the big names race beautiful beautiful place where the big names race there it is and ravitch. How many years have you been? Have you been there thirty two years and broadcaster but this'll be my fiftieth Delaware handicap as a fan and an employee so I've been around for a while aw and for years to come. I guess we're waiting for Marcus Hirsch so okay I will ask you to tell the story that is that is just great while you're serving in Vietnam you manage to get a bed in on the Dell Cap. Yeah that's absolutely true story. I was in Vietnam and I did see action but <hes> you could call home by way of the Ham radio system and I called my mother said that me five dollars on politely so I the funny brought a whole story Steve Visualizing my old mother walking into a bookie joint bitten five dollars on a horse but one and I still have the money that's parlay parlay rich laser always a pleasure and <hes> enjoy tomorrow whether whether I think supposed to be okay right there's ever rains on Saturday at Delaware Park Steve. It's Never Delaware Park and she you do a great job for horse racing informative and entertaining keep up the good work to kind rich glazier everybody and <hes> a half century of Del gaps and if you can go oh tomorrow if you can go anytime this summer go to Delaware Park and it's a it's a treasure I mean the mid Atlantic the Mid Atlantic tracks between Mama thin and Delaware and you know that how much we love the Maryland in general I can't urge enough. It's so easy to because it's literally two seconds off ninety five to get to the Delaware Park along ninety eighty five free admission free parking come on out. I love it the rich pleasure everybody rich enjoy. Thank you so much for this. Thank you do. We'll stay right here because Marcus Hirsch is standing by and Arlington million preview day tomorrow a terrific card at Arlington and Marcus Good Morning. Hi Steve pulled it called ride to the Million Day ride to the million is that that's the the branding I'd never. I've never called it that but that's what I'm told oldest actually called. I not exactly sure what it means. I think it means like the first three finishers get their entry fees wave for the great on so. Maybe you like a free ride unless you WANNA ride like you ride or you know raise I mean if you have to explain a tagline and you say well. I can say one thing and you can shoot me down. I if I'm if I'm off here but I don't know if it has anything to do with the announcements and the improved prospect for Racing Illinois in general but it feels like there is a real improved energy at at least just looking at the cards Marcus said I could shoot down not if you want to be polite but no you can't of course you can. I have not really seeing this car is really good. A Big Day seems about quo okay and if you just to briefly touch on that I mean the state government approved for people might not be aware of that now you the tracks in a Slob in Illinois and <hes> Fairmont and Hawk on have already expressed their desire to create said brought machine pros. There's also sports worth spending enabling. That's easier to get off the ground. <hes> Hawthorn people told me that they hope to get ready for the N._F._l.. And <hes> at least for the like walking and and make bed or get an accounting in diverse and mortar victoria however poor note that the sport spending part generate eurodollars purchase that's not a great mediator of the situation and the big elephant in the room is what but <hes> glassy-eyed is GonNa do because they have so far <hes> publicly expressed no plans for creating a casino or having a desire to have a casino. Everyone's still kind of waiting to see be where they're gonNA. Come down you know dead C._D._I.. Is the majority owner of rivers which is the largest current existence you know Illinois and it's about thirteen miles. The Crow flies from Arlington and I'm pleased I'm so I think that the thing is still kind of in the air. There's a definitely a lifeline. Cats particularly comes that over the next couple of months well. Ah for the time being in for the season you know certainly million day we know bricks and mortar in fact that came up yesterday with your <hes> colleague Dave Brennan talking about bricks headed for the Arlington million and <hes> <hes> horses bubble up to the surface really all during this portion of the calendar and we know what a great day that'll be but in the meantime what you got tomorrow. Certainly you know certainly <music> sit. The bill for a big Saturday yeah on the Diana is a big really deep rep tomorrow to Soga it's true <hes> and Barbre Bruce and his comes two million and that's going to be good and I cannot not enough about this nine race car like that. It's nine races. He didn't spread it out too much. <hes> every single race is an interesting race. I think it was hundred seven entered in the nine races so you have <hes> a bunch of fulfills <unk>. The weather's good <hes>. I think that anyone who dive into this car is going to find <hes> about to think about Nevada consider playing well. Let's <hes> had we should mention actually in addition to the sequence of the four stakes. There's also a couple of very good two year old maiden races and there's a three year old mile turf event that ends the card and is going going to end the pick five in the pick four. That's very bendable and you've got a lot of horses that have got established form. You got a couple of first irs but the ninth is a maiden special weight that you're going to have to figure out if you're gonNA play the multis which includes the stakes. Let's start with the Hataf which seems certainly bendable yeah. This'll be prepped for the Tucker up <hes> I believe they're going to be employed to. They're GONNA put the railway up on the turf lane <hes> to seems to be <hes>. I think those in lane one unless it's also I know the greatest sake should be on the court <hes> but the one that I liked him to do was the German Philly Deluca or trainer out stall who <hes> made a lot of progress from her debut or second starting to beat older horses last time <hes> I think that she's <hes> going to at least one back to that race and and be very competitive. I do not believe she'll be nearly as high as six to one morning. Ride the rail. There's a kind of interesting name waiting envelope apple though who was sold privately <hes> an inner two year old season after a sparkling debut she's had <hes> she had three excuses all for racist. This year probably not fully representatives what she can do <hes> although I doubt you wanna run much farther than a Mile Sixteen and <hes> I thought that Spectra Light was worthy of little number eight <hes> who should be her ten to one on those connections trainer Brian House in <hes> Jockey Martin Walk the Iowa Derp last weekend before being disqualified winning numbers shipping horse from Canterbury like this bill who had trouble trip running against the colts and geldings. I start in the U._S.. She might be okay to at least in Fars this week you know by the way you mention that and <hes> I think it was on Thursday Thursday or must have been on Wednesday was the first chance I really had to talk about. I thought that the queue was frivolous as can be <hes>. I don't know if I go quite that far. I've seen work but I don't. I couldn't really behind it just because <hes> if the question of do you have right to spot and maybe you shouldn't be in exact yeah I mean the horse that was fouled. Maybe like yeah the the the horse that caused the wire came off the it's has just slightly enabling you to get up in there but that really where you put your mouth and I don't think that he did I mean I don't think he did anything. Read this. It's just and it's another case or anyone who's been following stuff and social media with the survey and everything gets the horse that was interfered with who probably was the spot is in no doubt had passed away and head of course you can't say what will happen had gone through but he didn't even finish back in so like when he did it be all due respect country house. <hes> you had a horse that was for two is ever going to win and so it's just another one of those situations where the rule needs to be rewritten for that. You're not a position to have to do that. You know penalize. The Jockey makes heard make sure they understand that you have to be exercise caution caution but doing to wrong to fix one only theoretical right the two wrongs are taken down won't be winning Alevis in Acworth. That's worthy winter while maybe <hes> keeping getting a horse put up to a place that it could have achieved that always made that the wrong way to go but anyway backside might be okay. Let's talk about the modesty the first of the three graded stakes mile and three sixteenths certainly Juliet Foxtrot the Jug Mont Brad Cox is the Philly beat integrated steak debut. I got a price in here that I absolutely adore. He might be to beat them. I just simply reckless has achieved a little bit more having you want. The Wilshire lab compared to a second level dominance for Juliette Foxtrot although I do definitely custody metal race win Brad Cox but I thought simply breath ran well to you and <hes> and half a has a chance to getting better. She's my four year old as well trying to get to your vom shot is <hes> cats. Couldn't we sees no no tell I'm GonNa go with the man Gary Scherer and the Oh wellings remember daisy is a really good fit in ear at eight to one okay <hes> I have to say it was a little disappointed with Hurley Canterbury less. I'm but this won't be awfully she can stay. I don't see why not and she that she absolutely runs for Mitch Merrill as well who gets reunited whether or not to say that <hes> there's anything wrong with Eddie Martin he won whether at Canterbury to start the season however third off the layoff it feels like this is what shearer who was pointing toward the whole time and I at eight to one I'm in she could be even higher than that. I mean I can't for taking shots because I do not think that the <hes> short places here are unavailable unassailable by any stretch of the imagination and the third choice would be <hes> vexatious. I believe for Jackson who comes out of the New York so she and and the two we already mentioned so that the shorter prices but <hes> wow you know especially the top two. I think are decent. I mean I I don't I I would read it if you wanted to. If you had sort of angle not I wouldn't fear trying to beat them. Exactly let's push onto the Arlington Handicap and this of course the boys violent three sixteenths the grade three and another another ECLECTIC field. I don't really have something firm in here. Yeah I didn't interesting race <hes>. I actually think it's okay for I've seen you know that this race has gotten in the past and it's one of the better ones recently <hes> a couple of housekeeping your by for really crossed the quarterback friends at Indiana grant will run in this race and captivating cross entered in the first race of the day at all the level of violence yesterday afternoon decision not being made which raised he would run in this that when I have a chance the horse like in here I go back to El Picacho who I also tried to get home in the wise Dan last that I don't think that's Representative Center for him. At all <hes> if you go back and watch his race from grade one winner and was impressive in winning Vinnie of those races he'd style to before where he's obviously running expect out in order to keep on doing a little bit flat but it was held off the pace is a wise Dan he resented that he fought the bedroom the entire trip and then when it came time to try to finish he understandably not only making his North Korea and then I start back a long way off but he had already and they didn't himself you know battling with Otaki. This is perfect for him. I am the sense that it's the distance very much. Leave and there's not a ton of pizza. He can either be on lead or fit right up. Pace provided breaks and get the good really position. I think I think we're GONNA your performance. I saw on the video for which I think plenty good enough to win this race. I like it and <hes> Alpa Carro you're looking at but <hes> ninety two to I don't think so shows looking at nine and without via looking at the composition of the rest of the field. I don't think it would be that high but <hes> he vandeweghe. I'm doing it tonight source to <hes> on the rail. I don't think you can really fall I mean his form with regard to this level race right now and he had to he ran okay in the New Orleans. Handing I thought it was a worthwhile dirt experiment then run at all flop at Belmont in another race <unk> form that year at contested pace in Manhattan beaten four lengths vibe bricks and mortar. That's pretty good race and then <hes> made lead in <hes> midstretch before getting maybe a little tired straight back from their handicap and they what he would buy last time was I thought really impressive. That's an excellent horse so those two races <hes> make him a solid fit <hes> handicap in my opinion on a and also note that I'll give you one horse that that just sort of caught my eye because of a running line Marcus and that's the great day the second North North America's starter right for Arnaud Delacour and lay out this one debuted in North America in the Prince George's county and had had issues had traffic issues and there's not one but two horses this is that will have run out of that race before this race goes off. Dr Mountie runs today in our stake in the quick call and just Hauer runs in the Glasgow tomorrow at Delaware Yeah I'll keep for the great days didn't stretch out I didn't I came last time and granted trouble that I caught on sixteenth was GONNA end up. Being short for my question about is whether you prefers surfer dirt. If you look at his from from South America you might wonder <hes> he does have pretty good running through village King <hes> who's done well in northern America but <hes> yeah. I think he's GONNA run a better rate but I don't I think I picked him third fair enough. Let's get to maybe the day's best race and that is the three year olds that will make their way toward the secretary at the American Derby a long outstanding standard in the game feel that once called the demand what's so long in America turf triple American Yup are classics serving the secretary the secretary if anyone is forgot was cut back from quarter to bio this year to avoid the <hes> speak to her face at their. We're told he'll get which was the cannibalize it so they want shorter to this racist shorter my sixteenth secretaries vile <hes> very <hes> interesting field. I said the distance decision is attain dividends with the field that was here that would surprise a couple of scratches. <hes> despite the long layoff hasn't run November twenty creature that flies got favorite this is <hes> is three or making his first or start the year and he was very impressive <hes> in a row keep them off each in a mate race. They tried to get into the Breeders Cup juvenile turf that he didn't have the credentials to make that oversubscribed field but as that consolation prize team but they're very sharp learner of cease to be the mill in his last start the break. Is You know what it is. The trainer jackets had about a he worked in the kingman what you said what they you know they let him go out after the pilot gave him and his team to get tired at all he does not think that fitness is going to be an issue <hes> and he's <hes> I think he's the most talented horse in the race that I've seen or with an outside across the Vale and he might be even towards this morning Vine Berry will be <hes>. I ended up picking Boondi non another career or <hes> you have to watch for three seconds to appreciate his current form by not at Cubans over good course he ran a very good allowance races when the bus and award winner. I don't think he's going there and he had relatively undocumented trouble the short comment for me not to see you had a terrible trip in that race and the only time because <hes> worth came out gun this way <hes> before that he's call between the three sixteenths obeyed whole embossed little plant causes a victory <music>. I do feel like he's coming back with death. It is not an issue for him with all the rates and <hes> yeah. I don't know that he'll be six to one. I think he'll be fair place to fly in the red well my <hes> my price idea and here Marcus is war film Sabe all the ground and I am a mammoth sucker for the damn I loved her as a resource filmmaker and absolutely Louis and <hes> I also not that there's anything wrong with Ricardo Santana or floral Giroux who have both ridden her to two victories but one of my favorite one of my favorite people takes the reins Miguel main and <hes> you want somebody that'll rows horse and finish Miguel made is gonNA fit this <hes> this three year old Colt and twelve to one neighbor here to ride al or the League in the two. We've been better. I'm sure that <hes> workum connections casting about for jockey. You're perfectly happy land and I don't know what happens in the Murphy distant pick up there right but if he can get back to his American turf <hes> he's a perfectly viable contender. I believe you will get a place. I think you know depending on graduates. There's GonNa be a strong case. Even though it's a ball okay hopefully they'll be spread out enough that you'll get a truly run race here and and the horse comes off the pace. We'll have a chance to get through well. I do need your opinion in the nightcap as well that made the Special Wade Marcus because people are are gonNA WANNA play the pick four pick five and they need a little marcus to help them well. My top pit is number seven tapper NAM whose sister <hes>. What is she runs the modesty and has she's quite Torri base? It's not quite that caliber but she's been some good rates in the past and apper for now <hes> the trainer Bradley raw doesn't have many horses but he's done some good work with that other Philly and this has been working forever is working three quarters and good solid fash in fact in May I. I feel like she's ready to sell whatever she has candy right of the leading jockey takes it mounts <hes>. I do think that people tend to shy from first time rates is actually from bar. They don't know about who even with something via. The price is going to be fair. I think that is probably live in this race. <hes> mood roussell had a couple of horses. <hes> the next thing Iran decent sprints in Orleans <hes> probably can get this longer trip but his first time starter as well as out of town it vacation ever six. I wasn't ruling her out. has anyone else that needs to cover McDonald's for Chavez. I suppose that horse could end up being favor <hes> and she man all right. He's fine six to win. <hes> amateur Jockey allergists here but <hes> you know about does ride the horses for nuncio in the state rights or break here. If it's up on this other horse who might be able to price came on with Pearl on have a I mean something I think that the other horses worth impressively enough that <hes> the Valdivia team Hickson she could run wealth as well Marcus. I appreciate that I and I appreciate <hes> the look and the summer <hes> well underway <hes> anything else that <hes> you've been following that we need to report on too much card is pretty good on Saturday anything <hes> tunes and handling event that that I did the I did a really good long. Look at that got a couple of plays coming out that CARB actually here game plan <hes> later today a day Hong Kong seasons winding down at European falsely and covering Canterbury prayed usable inside everywhere on outstanding and I will watch for those opinions for those that don't know about the game plan <hes> diaw game plan gives you looks at a lot of the big stakes action <hes> on on weekends obviously <hes> <hes> but also the kind of combs all the racing for ideas. There's a clipboard of races the and featured throughout the throughout the day and <hes> multi-race plays <hes> from Mike Mike Beer and Kenny pack and whoever whoever has got something good and game plan that doesn't get enough doesn't get enough attention. Actually it's <hes> it's one of those little hidden nuggets on a D. R. F. dot com you can find the handicapping p._C._p.. Section there's a link to their pre worthwhile. I always worthwhile when we get a chance to talk to Marcus Hirsch about whatever it is Louisiana International the Chicago Land and more Marcus enjoy good luck tomorrow. Thanks for the visit always great market search everybody dear f Hirsch on your twitter. Let's take a break little pass. The top of the hour ten minutes past the top of the hour and Mike Beers the the aforementioned mike beer standing by he'll join us. We'll do some Saratoga work with beer. Then <hes> James Scully Ed Derosa J. Primin Nick Tamra lots to do little less than two hours weekend preview at the races Siriusxm aberrations with Steve Big on Sirius X._M.. Radio D. R. F. Sports for Digital Edition. Your alternate weekly Benning Guide published by daily racing sports delivers all of the analysis and insight you need for every N._F._l.. 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Prodigy here is a superstar horses Namus afternoon delights and kept us on afternoon delights absolutely calvin and the Hollywood fraternities. These are the champions that help out the horses that might not have won a great one race but always try just as hard come visit them all at all friends when you're in Kentucky or at our Bobby Frankel Division old friends and Saratoga I know I know they'll be glad to see gold fringe equine dot org or call us at five. Oh two eight six three seventeen seventy five get started in Kentucky over eight million dollars in additional money is available at the five Kentucky tracks for horses eligible for the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund Kentucky is a good place to raise your Kentucky bred come home to Kentucky and make a start more skills. Dot Com is a cost-effective tiny saving painful is revolution vendor's Rabi degenerate electronic invoice own vendors who can pay through horse bills for just fifty cents. Turn out on work in minutes with are easy to use have our team take over your bookkeeping or continue to do it yourself only subscription check our video tutorial on the way to get started today for free or spills toll free number eight nine three four six four three <music> to with Steep Dick on Sirius X._M.. Tau Diamonds Skier <music>. I got trumped to get off. Save the kind stranger time refine his plan trump. They were backup and Races v e through our two day two of Saratoga Mike Beer lead analyst for the daily racing form following mark search and and ahead of Jay so it's the Trifecta if you bet if you bet hirsch beer primin in the Athol Races D. R. F. Pundit Pool Your Winter Mike Beer good morning. Marcus J. is Jay is typically. You know eight to five you. You actually have been moving up the roster. We're getting into that into that threatened rotation in with beer on a regular basis I wasn't I wasn't precocious two year olds starting to come around me a lot and I'm starting to come around. I love it <hes>. How'd you do yesterday? Not <hes> nothing. Actually <hes> could've done well I needed. I liked Linda source and the call needed electronic to get. They're trying to get there. I have a good day <hes> he didn't get there so I did not have a good day well and that's one of the things about about this venue and a lot of Cain lind and del Mar to an extent Gulfstream in the winter or at least the way it used to be when there was good racing the the the the opportunities you need one or two a week or three or four. Maybe four figure POPs depending on your style of play. If you're multi-race race player you absolutely need a few forefinger hits. The horse yesterday for for me wasn't a top pick going into the day but the Charlie Baker light the posse who if he took to the grass was absolutely competitive love and needed a brilliant ride by Alvarado but thirty dollar horse will do wonders for you you can go you can get right trip made a lot of difference in there but you know you're right in that. All you had to do was transfer his former turf and he had a at least some pedigree to do it by the you know the posses maybe aren't great on turf but had a lot of turf on the bottom and <hes> you know the horses were the known quantities on grass. Just hadn't you know quite good. I mean the Horthy ran down who at at one point seemed like he was going to be okay. His you know his race prior to this. One yesterday was not good and <hes> you know he had no real excuse yesterday you know and <hes> that mutual it's funny because Tina we were we were at a table and <hes> our friends Steve Steve Carlin and and <hes> Doctor Allen Miller and they bet they vet them different ways. I bet a pick three with him and the three that then from there followed up with horses we got the money's who was a universal good thing and comical four hundred dollars for a buck yeah well. I thought you only need one of those right. You need that one price in there and <hes> you know you're going to do all right and those multi right sequences. That's for sure what's your approach and do you wade into your your action. What did you find yourself typically at Saratoga betting? What's your bankroll application yeah? I'm not I'm. I like the the play you know. It's interesting because I I find that especially over. Maybe the last year or so <hes> things have. I'm trying to change things a little bit just because you know whether it's just you know me not having a good year whatever it is I struggled a little bit <hes> trying to ah mostly a multi-race player. I do like to make win bats <hes>. I've always you know sort of tried to stand by that as much as I can. I mean that's because mostly I I'm not you know sticking with I. I'm always trying to be favorites if at all possible so I will make win bets on horses at prices <hes> but you know I just I feel like I don't know for whatever reason I struggled over the last year after a couple of really good year before that so I'm starting to maybe try and change things up a little bit. I still love the pick for war. <hes> and you know obviously the pick five is I think tremendous wager with the lower denomination so I always focusing on those if I can <hes> but now I'm starting to maybe wait into some other. Some other wages have gone back to playing a lot of doubles which which I love and for some reason I just haven't been doing that the last couple of years but <HES> I'm starting to look at that wage or a little bit more some exact as well never been a trier Super Guy. I don't know why that is but I just never have done. It just isn't something that I feel like. We're got to get around to so I like to play. I'm starting to play more exact as now just trying to mix things up a little bit Steven Se- and see what happens but as far as waiting into meets go I don't you know I don't necessarily do that. I I understand the idea behind it. You know you want to get to a new track like Saratoga and just see how things started developing and how the races lay out but you know I'm pretty much the point now where you know if it's opening day and their horses that I like you know I'm betting I'm I'm not <hes> I'm not trying to you know take it slow in the beginning and then build momentum. If there's horses I like I I want to be involved. No you gotta fire and <hes> is there. Is there a certain. Is there a certain format that you either gravitate toward or that you have a tendency to avoid whether it's the maidens wins the steam scenarios around here are when it comes to the two year old maid specials it's ridiculous and <hes> then all you need to do is see you know a horse like Gullo <hes> in Gao can win and with a young horse but horse like that yesterday of big Q. and speaking of which I didn't get a chance to mention this earlier when Richmond Lori was on how about the way the money came in on the Bruce Levine on impassable donahue was twelve to one morning wine and then gets back down to favouritism yeah yeah that's that's a real danger with play those raises right. It feels like there are always people just way more in the know than you are. I want to be <hes> conscious of that and you wanna be on the lookout for it but you know it's interesting to bring that up because I had this conversation with somebody over at the track yesterday <hes> i. I love betting two year old races so I understand that you know there are people who are going to have an edge over me <hes> in certain situations situations. They're gonNA know things that I don't know <hes> and so you wanna be on the lookout for it <hes> but you know I still love that he knows races. I particularly loved about them. <hes> after a race you know when it's all first-time starters you know maybe I'll get involved maybe along <hes> but after they've had a raise you know the two year old races are some of my favorites is the wage around because it doesn't take a lot if you're especially if you're paying attention and watching replace it doesn't take a lot to get latched onto a horse. It may not look great on paper. I mean there are plenty of two year old <HES> <hes> second time starters who may not look like they did much first time out but if you're paying attention and watching you know you can just catch a little something <hes> that is that is there that a lot of people are may miss and and that's how you can make money because you know it's horses like that that will slip through the tracks when people are concentrating on trainers pedigrees and workouts and all that stuff and maybe not paying as much attention to how horses ran <hes> and you can just you know catch one of those sources at a price that will you know those sources will just get sort of ignored for whatever reason if people don't catch on to it and you do bring up the certainly the clocking report and Don Harris and Dave Greg and Mike Welch right away yesterday a couple of you know very good insights that helped with either exotic horses underneath that <hes> you know got elevated and so forth or horses that <hes> actually you might have even ended up fading a little bit <hes> because they they weren't necessarily coming in with a with a work tab that gave you much confidence so there's there's any number of ways to to hit you know the the area that I love are the state bread allowances and particularly on the turf. It's unbelievable unbelievable how competitive they are and there's a couple of things that go on with them to that are that it's very unique. You've got horses that might come in from parts unknown New York breads that have been competing eating elsewhere and they'll come in and they've been facing starter allowance company or various conditional claiming and they look a little muddied up plus. They're coming from places where there figures may be a little murky and may they come in looking a little slower than the ones that have been spending the winter and spring at acqueduct Belmont and all of a sudden. You know you got some Moore's with slightly oddball. Oh connections from Maryland or Pennsylvania and they're competitive when they come back to face their friends yeah that's true good point you bring up that I always I love finding horses like that. Who maybe they will ship been for? You know not for one of the big names Reiner's but just for you know some person who can win races but maybe isn't a horse trainer that gets a lot of attention and people you know because there is that segment of the population still the biggest his problem as it used to be but that will just you know they gravitate towards the names that they now trainers and riders and those horses. You know oftentimes take way too much money just because if it's a confusing race you know people just sort of gravitate to what they say well. I guess I'll just go with the you know Chad Brown. I guess I'll just go with the you know the the the best train or win this race perhaps but I don't know I love finding those guys formulas great for that too and you can win the look. They're you know five year record and you'll find a lot of trainers who you know you may I don't know much about them but when you start going through their overall record especially over the last five years you could find them very interesting stuff. Mike beer with US everybody and <hes> what is <hes>. I think we're GonNa see you a little occasionally occasionally on the paddles or <hes> talking horses yes <hes> I don't know about that. I haven't heard anything at this point. We'll see every once in a while. I'll get a call to fill in but as of now I don't have any plans to be doing any of that up here. So you're kind of just out there. You're just drifting going from picnic table to picnic table introducing yourself people clubhouse a lot every walk around the track <music>. I love it and you'll be on this. Show obviously and we're going to get you we're going to you know what we're also going to showcase you Seth Nile showcase you on on Luzon elite you can be you want to be the house you could be the house tier Andy capper loose on the league. I'm down for that. Keep me keep me in mind. If you need me. I'll be here all meet out. Stay at the tip your waitresses try the veal my before we look at Saturday are your picks in for Sunday at Bennington them right now all right well then. Let's talk about Saturday but anything today you got <hes> you got one or two that <hes> maybe even of course we've got four races off the turf that involve. What are you doing in the feature actually because <hes> I thought it was very competitive? I thought that race was very tough. <hes> you actually feel like you know a lot of different. Horses can win there Steve. I've you know I don't really get too much into it. Just because I feel like maybe hey guys I wound up taking the easy way out and <hes> you know I picked on top. I Dunno I obviously he can win and in many ways he's might just be the to be I just I struggled with the race a little bit. I felt like he could probably land in the right trip here. If <hes> If d do and and Voodoo song sort of go out there and use their speed you know he's doesn't have a great post but he's supposed to be able to get forward and and maybe over to save some ground and I felt like his best race would do it. You know I guess it more than anything else. I might have put him on top because the other horse I that I like in the races made you look <hes> for Chad and he's a layoff year. You're not that he can't run off the last but it's a pretty long one and I just you know it's not like being for Chad Brown. I read that he could be a great price and I didn't WanNa put him on top op at you know sort of a relatively short price off that lay off so I took her on top and as you said a lot of different horses can win here. I am going to take a swing with the with Shuki Bear and Dr Mountie when I brought this race up to show on Tuesday he he you could hear in his voice. I mean he immediately sounded excited and he to the point where I believe he said <hes> <hes> we should go. Get the sound bite. I believe he said I'll be real disappointed. RUN WELL YEAH I. He's an underrated horse so I- fifteen to one and because of the presence of offering planned and made you look at you. You're I think you're going to get at least at least ten twelve to one at the very least right. He's gotTa be theirs. They're way too many options in here. <hes> for him not to be a very very fair price in this race and I think he's very underrated horse and again. If you know you get the Voodoo Song you know if they're using their speed in this race. This race has got a great source ten horses in here and I'm assuming that everybody's running right now. The TURF is yielding but Glenn Kozak Tony he had an inkling that with some breeze and some sun that we could be at least good by post time time which is five fifty one today I could not bring myself to I'll only use voodoo song as a B. I know you're a sucker for Kurban and there's horses that haven't even been brought up here. We're like Henry and Mr Camp and and how about even what about March to the arch coming off of a win and I used for Mrs Weber and I used the other Cassie I use first premio who's GonNa get a aground saving trip inside yeah I mean he's supposed to get a great trip. In this race. I took a long look at him and wondered if I really thought he was good enough to win this race because I do think this very very strong race but listen obviously his best race is GonNa put him. There and trips can go a a long way in a race like this. I was supposed to get a good one. You know you know part of what also went into my my thinking of this race and you know sometimes there's matters and sometimes it doesn't but <hes> you know I- Hambley last time and I thought I thought he ran fine. I and he's been very very good for him for mayor right now but I bet him last time and so. I didn't really want to go back to him again. And I have the same sort of problem with martial arts. I've got him last time and I just thought he got a great trip in that race and won and so I just didn't didn't really want to go back to them and this raised. I actually think he won a great to last time I think he's in a tougher race today. In a great three then he was last time but that doesn't mean he can't win. He's an improving four year old. <hes> you know he takes another step forward. He's going to be right there. That's the forbidden apple the grade three today and a mile on the inner. It's a good one. Let's turn our attention to Saturday Mike Beer with us and Mike. You're going to be ahead of me because as usual when this meat especially this year is the kind of caught up on us and I was on vacation last week so I will have to handicap the Saturday card myself <hes> tomorrow and give us a couple of highlights of tomorrow and what do you know who you know. You're betting <hes> who I know. I'm betting I'm GonNa you know let's say the Horse <hes> I'll start with the divorce that I made my best bet and and the form if I can find the race I've looked at so many races in the last four days that I can't remember who's running on which day I like in the fifth race speaking Marquette dialyzers worse and it's a it's a one x allowance turf sprint <hes> <hes> <hes> and it's it's one of those races you know you'll love it. Saratoga springs a lot of different horses together from all over the place in Wesley Ward has who just one very easily churchill at five furlongs with an eighty four <hes> you know I expect torch expect speed out of that horse but I feel like this is a pretty tough race. What I liked about this raise more than anything else is that <hes> Chad has the import turf war coming in from France <hes> horse who burned a ton of cash over there and we'll probably get bad again in this race and I just don't know that this is actually landed in the easiest one x allowance race? I'm so I just sort of wanted to be against that horse. I thought I'll have the cash is interesting but he's entered <hes> in the four hundred in the coronation hop on Sunday so I I think she's probably going on there and catch a thrill for Cassie to me. Just makes a lot of sex. This was ran really really well breaking her maiden first time out you know just you don't often see the Kinda ride. She got not for a long-term spent time out but Julian wrote her very confidently in that race. He just took her back off the pace. He stayed on the outside the entire way and she really ran through the stretch to close that race down. I thought she ran just as well our second start. They ran on a stakes race <hes>. She got wired that day but she was running at the end. I really liked her first to start Steve and they stretched her out. I get they started out in the Appalachian off turf and he put her on leave that day. It didn't work out. I don't care about that race off a little way off your sprint into gun on turf. That should be closer to from <hes> by tomorrow. You would hope and I think she's in a really good spot in this race. I liked her and originator. Were the two best in that race. I was a fan of originator last year and I feel like she's better than you know. She may look on paper. You see a bunch the second five second place finishes but she's had excuses for some of those rates. I think he's GonNa run better off to lay off. Well and I also imagine that considering that Jose Ortiz <hes> rotor last year Chris Landeros did Ryder at the beginning career her first four starts including the maiden win and in the Santa Bell Island etc over the over the course of the late winter and spring but gotta feel liking Wilkes doing what he can to help help his son-in-law hit the ground running divider by the way rider Chris Landeros. I'm glad he's here for me. I don't he's the guy that I don't get to see that much but if I I'm telling you if I saw you you know Henry goes over the winner where I was like wow who wrote that that was a great ride. It was always had I mean he's a really good writer that good well. We're we're riding him in the second <hes> with minute mouse so certainly we had on earlier talk about how it all came about with rich handling his book so you you may have to you may have to slap indie around a little bit <hes> about <hes> about Chris when you when you get a chance all right Oh yeah the uh-huh what about what are you gonNa do in the Diana where <hes> we've been taking every occasion to remind people that <hes> stake races that are valued at fifty thousand or more where people pay entry fees. They're all individual entries and <hes> that's a rule. That's been on the books a long time. There isn't some there weren't some cutic- especial accommodation made from Chad Brown <hes> th the stupidest comments on the Internet I've ever seen <hes> that <hes> you know something was done to accommodate Peter Brand and Chad Brown. It's amazing to me yet. They need a lot of help those guys so I'm sure they're pulling out all the bath for these guys. I don't know you know listen. I mean what can you say about this race. I I understand you know. Perhaps you know some of the frustration to <hes> pull up every graded stakes race on turf that we run around here and to see you know Chad with the four favorites and every race. It's it can be frustrating. I think at least in the case of Diana <hes> if you're looking for the silver lining this is an unbelievable match up between perhaps you know Chad is you know has no shortage of top top Philly American forces especially these might be the three best forces in his barn and they're all the same race and you know you get to decide between the three of them. I didn't think it was that easy. I ultimately decided that I will try to beat sister Charlie. I know that she can win. <hes> off the layoff <hes> against to really sharp I will try to beat her. <hes> and just you know see what she does and here and so I you know sort of narrowed it down to between rushing for who I will admit that you know I've just been I've been wrong about her not that. I didn't like her but I I always felt like maybe she was vulnerable and some of her races and the more I watch runs the I mean I mean how does she she she she should be undefeated right now. The only loss that Edgewood last year was her with the trip that you can't believe he always won that race considering how he ran. I visited the trips you got. I mean you look at her last three races yeah she's loose on the lead. You know these really soft trips and winning but she doesn't need that trip to win. She winds from off the pace went from stalking. The taste went from on the lead from any distance. She's just a really good wars. I'm not against it but I have I will say I picked homeric on top. I have been really impressed with her to win. She got here. You know I don't know she can be rushing for. I don't know if you can be sister Mr Charlie for that matter but he was good horse in France last year and I really really like Richie races on things she got here and I just thought maybe maybe she'll be the third choice of the three ads and that's why I put it on top <hes> and I'm very interested to see how how she runs because these are two good horses running against but I really like her racing well two things for starters as you as you gave that dissertation rushing fall. I absolutely got the deja Vu. If we go into our archive from last summer you're and I think ahead of the lake placid we add the identical conversation and I'm positive right. I remember betting Catholic huntress in that race. Thinking rushing doesn't have to win why she's so good Raven going there. She's never going to be able to beat the source. What was I thinking pretty funny? Well I will say one thing I saw I saw I saw that there was a tweet of somebody did a poll head-to-head Mitchell toll road the jerry shields runner and secret message who you know who who of the Non Chad's finishes ahead of each other. There's a chance that secret message finishes ahead of everybody that performance in the Nassau was excellent and do not be shy if you are handicap and you say why can't secret message when this race she can so I mean I'm gonNA use her in amongst the obvious players for those that were complaining. If you took the trainers names off of this race you basically have six horses that are within two lengths of each other on their on their existing recent form so it's on the turf burp. That's great. I I have no argument with that whatsoever good. I just I just re tweeted Andy. Andy gets the scratches scratches out ahead of everybody goes to the mutual department and gets them and send them out for everybody so if you are looking for the scratches before they go up on eighty ws and and on Equa base it's it's on twitter Andy Sterling and you should be following anti anyway and you should be following Mike Beer and stop him by a Baima drink during he'll be here all Saratoga defilement you Kinda you don't you're not you're not exactly you're not exactly prolific on the twitter machine not really not really my thing. It's the R F were beer. How about videos you gotta videos videos man? I already did we did <hes> you know obviously all the Saratoga ones already we did a house actually yesterday did a bunch with illman about the couple Arlington races that look very good on Saturday <hes> <hes> later on and Saturday so I did a couple extra videos outside. They're doing videos every day. Probably all the state races for sure you know well there you go. There's your access to Mike Beer when we don't provide him here for you. Mike I appreciate it. I will see you later and over the weekend anytime. Steve I appreciate it. I'll talk to you so you got. It might be everybody. Let's take a break. We'll come back. James scully is GonNa join US got scully. We got Jay ribbon top of the hour. We got some Nick Tammaro and and <hes> gotta gotTa Get ed feathered in here too. I imagine <hes> before we break camp at the races back after this and I do want to add a birthday greeting I saw through the magic of the Internet. It's the great billy Reid's birthday the longtime not just turf writer but <hes> scribe of renown wish billy Rita a happy birthday and those that are wondering about the.

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