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"barbre bruce" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"The Crow flies from Arlington and I'm pleased I'm so I think that the thing is still kind of in the air. There's a definitely a lifeline. Cats particularly comes that over the next couple of months well. Ah for the time being in for the season you know certainly million day we know bricks and mortar in fact that came up yesterday with your <hes> colleague Dave Brennan talking about bricks headed for the Arlington million and <hes> <hes> horses bubble up to the surface really all during this portion of the calendar and we know what a great day that'll be but in the meantime what you got tomorrow. Certainly you know certainly <music> sit. The bill for a big Saturday yeah on the Diana is a big really deep rep tomorrow to Soga it's true <hes> and Barbre Bruce and his comes two million and that's going to be good and I cannot not enough about this nine race car like that. It's nine races. He didn't spread it out too much. <hes> every single race is an interesting race. I think it was hundred seven entered in the nine races so you have <hes> a bunch of fulfills <unk>. The weather's good <hes>. I think that anyone who dive into this car is going to find <hes> about to think about Nevada consider playing well. Let's <hes> had we should mention actually in addition to the sequence of the four stakes. There's also a couple of very good two year old maiden races and there's a three year old mile turf event that ends the card and is going going to end the pick five in the pick four. That's very bendable and you've got a lot of horses that have got established form. You got a couple of first irs but the ninth is a maiden special weight that you're going to have to figure out if you're gonNA play the multis which includes the stakes. Let's start with the Hataf which seems certainly bendable yeah. This'll be prepped for the Tucker up <hes> I believe they're going to be employed to. They're GONNA put the railway up on the turf lane <hes> to seems to be <hes>. I think those in lane one unless it's also I know the greatest sake should be on the court <hes> but the one that I liked him to do was the German Philly Deluca or trainer out stall who <hes> made a lot of progress from her debut or second starting to beat older horses last time <hes> I think that she's <hes> going to at least one back to that race and and be very competitive. I do not believe she'll be nearly as high as six to one morning. Ride the rail. There's a kind of interesting name waiting envelope apple though who was sold privately <hes> an inner two year old season after a sparkling debut she's had <hes> she had three excuses all for racist. This year probably not fully representatives what she can do <hes> although I doubt you wanna run much farther than a Mile Sixteen and <hes> I thought that Spectra Light was worthy of little number eight <hes> who should be her ten to one on those connections trainer Brian House in <hes> Jockey Martin Walk the Iowa Derp last weekend before being disqualified winning numbers shipping horse from Canterbury like this bill who had trouble trip running against the colts and geldings. I start in the U._S.. She might be okay to at least in Fars this week you know by the way you mention that and <hes> I think it was on Thursday Thursday or must have been on Wednesday was the first chance I really had to talk about. I thought that the queue was frivolous as can be <hes>. I don't know if I go quite that far. I've seen work but I don't. I couldn't really behind it just because <hes> if the question of do you have right to spot and maybe you shouldn't be in exact yeah I mean the horse that was fouled. Maybe like yeah the the the horse that caused the.

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