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"barbie ruin" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"barbie ruin" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"Only overton from living single. John hitlerian the building as well. You're komo now that's Sunday may twentieth at the mill. We would love to see you guys. We might have to add second show for that as well. mission is free. We have vip tables available. Please call for that. You know you can walk into. It is free to get in but you will want to reserve your table because that's not going to be guaranteed when reserve your table. That's guaranteed inside. Because you could say i don't wanna pay for the table. Go find you don't have to. It's free just said that but it's not going to guarantee your table so i don't want you to come there with a group of five group to group attend and your can't get in because you didn't wanna pay table charge We have we are bringing Some some of our legendary heroes to the lehigh valley aj johnson. That's made the twenty third. John hidden debts. June the twentieth. And we have father's day on a may a mother's day on may the ninth coming up. So you'll come on out. Sundays is the new saturday night. Costa rica is going down. Everyone does the july twenty second to twenty six we in the building but when we come right back got the flyer This weekend to go to atlantic city. Bobby don't don't don't pack your bags. Don't packing taken back still. We'd be down to twenty nine thirty thirty first smaller bag. Take going alantic. City will get off the plane. Everybody we're going to city now if you're already in the new york new jersey if you already in this region just going to y'all don't mean us in atlantic city so that's the end of the month of so those are the announcements now back everyone we'd be. Then i think mated instead okay so made attempt would be full week to we come back on the nineteenth barbie and i thank you for your service. We've been going on since january. I didn't even realize that. So we're we're done. This is a lot we appreciate. You guys thinking we should really be. I like to do every you know a two and a half months and we win extended everybody in the chapel class. Bobby myself in cine. Please for twitter network work. I mean you know show us love and also hit the star and if you don't mind the pages monetize in I'm gonna talk to wrong. Talked to him. After the show we got announcement to make an also will be on all platforms on monday or tuesday next week. So we appreciate now. Shy breaking news. New york city is going to fully open offers. The system went down. Can you repeat that i didn't. I didn't hear you. New york city going to fully reopen july irs new york city. a a one more time barbie. New york city go to fully reopen july offers. Isn't that coincidence. Right on time for fourth of july holiday something yeah Yeah now you've got your as say we were going to stay in the house. Just stay in hell joe. I've been out dennis acid july set. Jalaun get that horn set. Three months ago. This be opened in july. You know that fourth of july money honey holidays ever you got to get them run and get vaccinated tony new york city. Okay semi open or july. First they're gonna open a whole thing up. And i took the johnson and johnson before to book. God bless your the world the world. Yeah we have god. The world's opening up show harvey morning show barbie. Ruining guys could. Morning bobby orr. I'm sending everybody to chat room. Ashani joan campbell sean. Good morning. good morning guys. I'm calling to let you know. I'm i am fine and also i got a call that i didn't ask the from jetblue yesterday. This is up to out to all the people that are going on. Costa rica trip. They totally up might hole light coming back from costa rica back to new york the exit out and try to get me to come back nokia the day before yesterday did i was so upset so you guys got any email to email dig done saint to you. They didn't ask they changed flight. Yeah well we fly in america. And they gave up because there's a lot of flying down there. Yeah and they don't have any more. We originally had direct flights. But they don't have no more directly. You change all that. So they have les hauts. Yeah that's why that's why everybody options you have the right to be upset and of course in about because i had to rent lights going both way we did. Yeah i think we did too. We have layovers both ways. I was going to happen. I was going to happen. Because i was so upset. Well hold on. We don't want you to upset you still recovering but guess what we're fine now. Anthony upset too. Because i don't like i don't like fly anyway. I do it because i like going places. I can't stand anyway i go. I always try to get a direct flight to get off one plane and wait and get another one by a thousand. You'd be that whole weekend going down. There is normally lot not a lot of people going there. And that's what they're doing trying to figure it out making connections of course everybody wanna straight flight. But that's i'm already prepare for the four. Three day layover something. That's all basically laugh. Well i was upset. Because i still. I make my reservation in january. We knew about show. That's that's the bad part about this. You know you look it early last night out rated and i made a another arrangement. They didn't want to even give me back my money and they wanna give me back my money so by what we see from travel banks. Listen it was my other to use my travel because from year. I have three kids. Let's cancel flights. They say well. We can't do that you either. This is what they were. they basically right well. You can't do nothing about it. But then it's am i say well. What was the insurance sport exactly. And that's when the conversation went quiet because and that was hysterical. And i was crying. I'm not gonna laugh. I was right but listen to this guys joked room so what i did. They gave me the number to the insurance people and they are going to give me back my money. I yes we're gonna make me put it back on the travel ban. So last night i stayed up late and i got another flight. Nothern flights was a million dollars. Got an x. Fifty dollars just to come back. I was like no no no no gotta flight. That was up. Four four hundred dollars a one twelve cam. Lots there about.

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