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"barbara nicolas" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Radio, so Tiger Woods made his return. For the first time. So the PJ got their restart, although now is John Rob's world and everybody's just living in it. He wanted to know Tournament over the weekend, and now he is the number one player in the world but lost in Tiger and his comeback. He did make the cut. Was Jack Nicklaus over the weekend at his tournament, saying in that earlier this year he had tested positive along his wife for covert 19. At 80 years of age. Yeah, Barbara I guess she had a little bit worse than he did, but but for the moment, no excuse to me She was asymptomatic, and he had it worse, and she did. But he said, I mean, telling CBS yesterday I was watching it during the rain delay. When he dropped that hammer like 80. My mom lives here with us. She's 79 Now we're quarantining from her. Cause we just went out Red Lodge, Montana, my girls and I did. My wife stayed here, but What? We're giving it two weeks of complete separation from from my mom. She's in that scene. You right there with Jack when he said that yesterday. Up being a damn, you're popped off the couch, man. When he said, we were lucky. It wasn't that that bad for us, it's been much worse for others. But what do you hear guys like Jack 80 years of age, right? And it is his bribe. Barbara, who's you know, same age. And she was a symptom. That's the crazy thing about this damn bug man. She's 80 and a symptomatic. And you know, and then you have Freddie Freeman with the Atlanta Braves Gonna die 104.5 fever. Putting ice bags on the man. Right mean get his temperature down. His words I thought I was going to die. That's it. It's an elite athlete. Who's in prime Physical condition. Me hit him that way yet. You know Barbara Nicolas? No Jack Nicklaus. You know, I got a couple of rough days and but, you know, That was good machine. Asymptomatic. Dude it that's a crazy thing about thiss. This bug we're dealing with Manus fires is that you just don't know You have no earthly idea. None. But the way he handled it, it was It was typical Jack, right? I mean, the champ. Unassuming, night out, Get better call it a day. Typical Jack, write me knock this in for for, you know, for par here and Here's my message to everybody, you know, wash yur hands where you mask You know, and we move on. They calm, cool collected on a very firm message from the golden bear you and did you notice all the yellow ribbons yesterday? The memorial? I did notice that you offer Children's hospitals. You know, That's his big thing. Everything goes to you know, the yellow ribbon club, you know the Children's hospitals. Memorialize a special place in my heart, having lived there in Columbus and cover that tournament. My wife used to work for you. No hives. Nicholson Sullivan, Dan Sullivan's Jack Nichols is a golf event planning team. And and it's Ah None but first class, but the way he delivered that message to your point, Freddy, it was just Typical golden bear night. Just do your job. Good. You do your job. I'm good. You could be like me, and we will be able to beat this thing speaking the Tiger Woods. He even talked about that He knew about the condition of the golden bear before anybody else did. And then I don't know if you've heard the news about Jack Barber, Nicholas.

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