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"barbara bethany derain" Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

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"barbara bethany derain" Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

"Here to confirm if he did as Bethany requested keep his balls away from her soon the bare naked chef Adrian Jetta. Give your balls away from his her soup. I did my best. Okay. Very good. I promise you. There was no hair. Cheeks Brandon you once tweeted, this is how much how devoted you are to Bethany. You once tweeted, you're sigo that Bethany ever after made you cry three times in a single episode. That is it might have made drew might have made you cry for different. Exactly. But that's true. You are devoted to this woman. Yes, I love like a female entrepreneur like doing the damn thing. You know what Mean I mean? tonight on the show? I mean, there's so much. I mean, I don't know what it is about the berkshires, but remote and Dorando were literally talking behind Barbara's back literally. And it inspired tonight's shady boots. We says no wrap dress, okay? No wrap dresses far. But those gotta go, and what's was she showing with our Billy Butler. Even my daughter doesn't do that. So we need to make over. I didn't know sewn. You got hit. Swipe swipe to okay, go to WWAFL dot TV because their clothing critiques inspired our first ball, which is which New York lady has the best fashion. Barbara Bethany Derain do an Ramona Sonia or Tinsley Brandon. I'm assuming you're gonna go with Bethany. Right. You do you think of Barbara's fashion, by the way since they're being so hard on it? I loved it. I feel that it's very a place that I've been before. All right. That's one this one by a landslide. This was number two. I can't tell Tinsley that's it may have been the booze talking. But tonight, Sonia was very into you and not letting any other bees get away. Take a look. Girlfriend stop because they'll happy tied to that. With. Call. Guppy said, don't worry, you're sleeping. I'm not sleeping with Barbara tie. Okay. Good. Just sleeping just. Yeah. No sack. Mike. Good Bethany or you come near her room tonight on going to punch your face out. Love it. What a list we your journey in the berkshires happed going heap scali camp. But there's a loyalty that Sonya I have to that's really grown. And I mean Sony would jump in front of traffic for me. It's like your turf. She I you Barbara's issues like what are you going to try to get with that for? Kaid gonna swollen here, you know, with a camel tote an air belt and pull this thing on. You before we get to your questions for me. And Brandon years what three things before hose Cavill toes? Possible house line for next year. Here's what three things I though Bethany yet to arrive in the berkshires to render ahead Ardy reserved a room. But here's what when it came to dissing that decision. Lou Annan Ramona had absolutely no reservations Bethany. Let's watch. Methodist she comes tomorrow, and she takes the nicest room in the house get she says, she's going to stay in a hotel hotel probably have an empty room tonight that in Bethany is coming tomorrow. And you're saving that room for tomorrow. Never putting me in the Fisher Bethany says I had to have his Russia wasn't gonna cop a horrible time on. Boston's another guy right now, how horrible can it be? I don't know if gave Beth either room because she says he's in a bad place besties of room because she's afraid of Bethany. Okay. I want to get to this poll. And then I want your comments since this all stemmed from the fact that no one wanted to sleep aside to renders twelve thousand dollars short, go to WWAFL dot.

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