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"Facts matter yeah I love you Stephanie Miller It is the sound like Walter there Stephanie Miller show That was Kyle first coming up Okay All right this Stephanie Miller show has several corrections and clarifications from segment one Yes Okay Sound effect which Susan Collins has inadvertently activated by calling the police about the chalk Right Saying in front of her house has now amplified it so more people all around the world have heard about the message Right And that's the streisand effect Yeah It is named after American singer Barbara Ryan who's attempt to suppress the California coastal records project photograph of her residence in Malibu taken to document California coastal erosion Edinburgh drew greater attention to the photograph in 2003 I'm sorry Babs I love Babs I'm just saying It happens All right Why haven't you been to her house I've met her I don't know why But now I know where it is So if I have to go thanks to the California coast records commission I'm looking at it right now I could see Trevor and cecily having dinner with Babs and James Brolin Yes yes Why haven't we been invited Because you call her back Right And now I would like to clarify the colors that are in the Bolden.

Stephanie Miller Barbara Ryan Babs Susan Collins Walter Kyle California Malibu California coast records commi Edinburgh cecily James Brolin Trevor Bolden
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"This episode is presented by. At and t. business high bre. My name is hannah. And i'm from brainerd minnesota. I was just wondering what a polite but assertive way to ask for a raise. It be what kind of key points do i wanna hit. That'd be great. thank you bye had. I could tell. You're extremely polite. Just by the way you phrase your question you don't have to worry about being polite I would think you might worry about being overplayed and not assertive enough. You're the kind of person with your very lovely manner. You could be super aggressive and nobody will even read it as that because you have that nice soft edge to you so go into this whole question with the idea in mind. You wanna be assertive. You'd have to worry about being too assertive. It's not your nature. Okay so with an eye toward assertiveness here. Are i believe the essential steps to asking for any raise from any boss in any circumstance. Okay first of all understand that bosses don't give raises to people for doing the same job they did last year. A lot of people think if you spent twelve months at a job that the boss thinks you should be rewarded. No he hired you. She hired you for a particular job that you've done for twelve months and if you've done that job well in my my at doesn't murder of raise just means you've done the job you got hired for. Hey but what bosses give raises for is when you take on more responsibility you doing different job today than you were hired for twelve months ago. So what you wanna do. Is you want to walk into the boss's office with the list of your new responsibilities where you were hired for which you love doing for the company for him or her and the additional responsible as you love doing for him in her the company now and you wanna point out very nicely. The list of what has changed in the job and how happy are for the responsibilities. But you'd like to be compensated for it. That's reasonable only a crazy boss would look scans at that. So that's one walk in with your list of new responsibilities if you wanna get a raise number to make an appointment with the boss. I'm a boss. I hate when people spring anything on me. I'm sorry to ask you. But right now. I'd like to ask you about a raise. I'm like no right away. Okay no give them a warning shot when you said you boss can beat you next friday. Some time i'd like to discuss my position at the company. They know what you come in after but give them some breathing room so they can prepare themselves. It's a human thing to do to make somebody be more happy to see you. That's what you do so ask for an appointment in advance next. You should go in knowing what you worth. Take your job responsibilities and title and go online and see what other companies are paying. You might find that. You were hired as an assistant bookkeeper in. You're being paid fifty five thousand dollars when you started and now you're able to be the full keeper and maybe market is paying one hundred thousand. You don't know but get out there. A lease look online and seeing what other companies are paying for your position. You should have a numbering your head knowing what the competition is paying. It's good for you to know what you're worth so find that out online. It's so easy to check and next don't expect an instant answer from her boss. You don't want to end the meeting as close as saying. So what do you say would you say. Am i going to get raised. No no boss wants to have a gun to the head say so. Can you give some thought. And can we meet again next week. That's the gracious way. And of course you can do that way. Because i could hearing your voice hannah. You're so lovely that you're not gonna be threatening to anybody and then make sure you say how much of a raise you would like. I'd like you to consider giving me a twenty thousand dollar raise a five thousand dollar raise a ten percent raise but always ask for more than you want and the reason for that is negotiation and a boss. Never gives you what you want. They usually went. Give you a little less as they feel like they got themselves a good deal so make sure you ask for the amount that you want and make it a little higher than you really think you want. Hey and then go back the next week if it happens that you don't get the raise after that kind of preparation then you have the right to say. Can i visit you in three months. And what else do i have to do to merit. Raise get a job order. What else do i have to do to get race. Put the boss on the spot fusing you merited. They're not giving it to you. As some how you could prove that you are deserving of arrays and. Don't leave the office on the second visit without getting an answer to that question. It's only fair play. It's not asking a lot okay. Hannah just makes she go growling at mirror for about a half hour before you go into the to the boss's office because you are so nice i could pick us thinking you're being a killer when you might be looking like a puppy dog so our practice being aggressive put a leash on your that'll help you get in the right frame of frame of mind because you so nice. Hello this is barbara barbara ryan from scottsdale arizona. Big fan love you to death. But my question is What do you think about real estate investing Currently with what's going on in the world today and what strategies would you start with if you were to start over right now. Thanks so much. The best a couple of thoughts come to my mind ryan maybe not in this order but let me just get it out there. A number one in today's environment super competitive. I didn't care unless you're in the office market. That's competitive right now because this suffering because of the change that the pandemic has made to the commercial landscape. But i'm gonna assume you mean residential beset onerous. Somehow i think you mean residential saw answer from that perspective okay. realized that that market is so super competitive Properties flying off the shelf. It's very hard to bid competitively for an investment property right now because everybody else's assay. So are you competitive by nature. I would say that would be number one. If you're not competitive by nature. Maybe should be doing something else because it's going to take a competitive person to make money in this kind of a market. That's number one number to be aware of what side of the equation. You should be on. This is my theory. People who invest in real estate. I invest in real estate. Okay i love real estate's a slow way to get very rich in my book. I like it better than any other kind of investment. I trusted gay. But there's two sides investing in real estate one side. Is your the money guy. You got a lot of money and you want invest in real estate or do the other side. You got a lot of knowledge and you know something.

hannah brainerd minnesota barbara barbara ryan Hannah scottsdale arizona ryan
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"Like I think most people simply do not understand the financial ramifications of Carson wentz's contract and what will happen. If you cut off will happen if you trade him you got to pay him either way you might as well pay him to stay at that point. It doesn't make any sense you rid of the guy and if you can trade him away and save like seven million dollars that then then go ahead right, but I don't know. I sat down at my desk and penciled it out everyone. Like I just it doesn't make any sense to trade him every which way I don't know what team would want him. Let alone. Is it worth the money? There's no quick fix the Eagles just have to own the mistake get it out. Jalen's our quarterback moving forward. And Carson is your backup and is the most expensive a cup ever and then after next year you can cut the guy off. along with your life All right. Let's shift gears to Monday Night Football and drink some water real quick burst. It's a long opening segment. Hey, I stand by what I say on Monday Night Football the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers twenty seven and seventeen. Boy, I'm really my question watching the so I I watched the game after it happened, right? I recorded it. I went back and watched it and I knew what had happened before watching the game, but I just was like, how did this happen wage? How does a an 11:00 and to Eagle 11:00 and to Pittsburgh Steelers team lose to a bad Bengals team with a backup quarterback Barbara Ryan Finley, whoever Ryan Finley to his credit did exactly backup quarterback to do he played well enough to win and took care of the ball and I was like at solid right but how do you lose the Ryan Finley in the Bengals if you're Pittsburgh, here's how and that's the simple answer is three words as forwards 1234. The Steelers were bad. The Steelers were bad. It's a four-letter answer back and we'll talk about the offense first man. And the first half of this game Pittsburgh had the ball eight times. They had five punts. They were technically all three-and-outs, but they were Penalties of the replace it didn't count. They had eight drives. So eight was it it drives five of them were turnovers SR5 them were tons. Three of them are turnovers. They had two fumbles and interceptions all three turnovers that Philip that Pittsburgh had led to a Cincinnati touchdown or field goal. It was seventeen to now with a half-time. This is the starting field position for the three scoring drives the Bengals had in the first half. They started on the 24 yard line going in they started on the thirty-eight yard line going in and they started on the 26-yard line going in it really helps when you start every Drive basic or actually in field-goal French, right?.

Carson wentz Ryan Finley Steelers Jalen Bengals Barbara Ryan Finley Football Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Carson Eagles Philip Cincinnati
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"And New York on bird radio welcome to the third hour of the program it's nine in the morning in Hong Kong the equity market will begin trading at the bottom of the hour if you're joining us from the region good morning I'm the Christian or the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio in New York and I'm Julie as Ali in Singapore where we have a public holiday today so no trade but let's get all the latest stock market news with Brian Curtis in Hong Kong Brian well thanks very much Juliet even though many countries are starting to open up investors are still showing a bit of caution about the long lasting impact on economies that this corona virus pandemic has had we had earnings from tech companies drug makers and online grocers they've all been encouraging but it's only a small group of of companies it can really benefit from people spending so much time at home and other areas like the banks like insurers carmakers and others are adding to the chorus of companies taking a heavy hit that said we do have some markets that are opening just a little bit higher right now the Taiwan and Singapore markets opened up and the straits times index is up three quarters of one percent to tie acts is up four tenths of one percent we have some modest losses in Tokyo and Sydney the case trading down about a tenth of a percent the ASX two hundred about a quarter of a percent and if you're looking for some guidance from China today footage on A. fifty is a flight here at the moment we'll get hang sang index futures trading with an active contract in about twelve to thirteen minutes so we'll report on that I will also get the fix from the PPO see at the moment the dollar is stronger so that that some having a little bit of a constraining effect the offer Chinese currencies at seven twelve seventy nine we got some earnings from Anheuser Busch InBev they posted a drop in profit but much of brewing posting forty one million dollar loss in the March quarter compared with a profit of two hundred and forty million in the same period last year and you can still drink a lot of beer at home still revenue dropping some forty percent so the margins not as great for the beer sold there as in the restaurants and the bars that's a brief look at the markets that back to you okay well here in the U. S. we had a mixed finish for equities many of the big cap tech stocks were higher on this notion that they will continue to pour perform well in this work from home environment some of the corporate earnings news mixed and the eco data was a little worse Barbara Ryan Hart is seen your portfolio manager at voya investment management she told us many states to re opening and investors are being cautious you're starting to re open up certain state and people are holding their breath in terms of seeing if any type of activity starts to rebound or if they felt that the infection rate climb rate the equity market we think it's going to really be Trippin off and and very big single factor which is the rate of infections I mentioned the echo data payroll services firm ADP reported U. S. companies cut a record twenty point two million jobs last month we'll leave to moved closer to profitability last quarter and reported moderate growth down molded is senior portfolio manager at Synovus trust revenue per active riders that came in at forty five dollars and six cents that was up nineteen percent in the estimate I had was at forty dollars and ninety cents and I thought that was a pretty big beat maybe people are using it as much but when they do maybe they are you know having a longer ride and and making more payments for the first quarter list reported a loss excluding interest taxes and other costs of eighty five point two million dollars adjusted sales slowed significantly to twenty three percent the company is a custom to growth rates of more than fifty percent a quarter CFO Brian Robert said lift will cut three hundred million dollars more than anticipated the most active stock in the late US session was peloton interactive the company said quarterly revenue jumped sixty six percent the stock popped up eleven percent now the revenue figures largely the reflection of thousands of people who are now forced to work out at home peloton said that paid digital subscribers jumped sixty four percent now there was strong demand for that trade workout machine however sales of the treadmill will not resume during this fiscal year peloton also raced forecast and as I mentioned the stock rallied as a result Juliet well U. S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo has delayed a report regarding Hong Kong's autonomy at Baxter has all the global news you know plan but not sixty San Francisco news room at yeah this is a interesting with our relations trying to place into it of course so this is a report to Congress assessing whether Hong Kong enjoys fishing autonomy from China to continue receiving special treatment from the U. S. he says that he wants to see what Beijing might do in the run up to the people's Congress and you know he's been that's a may twenty second by though he's been a full court press regarding China he's also done a ninety degree reversal if you will on saying he can with certainty say the Wuhan lob was the source of the virus we don't have certainty and there is significant evidence that this came from the laboratory the statements can both be true China meanwhile says Pompeii has no evidence to back up his claim says the matter should be handled by scientists and not politicians president Donald Trump has reversed its decision on disbanding the corona virus tax force he now says that doctors Anthony Fauci endeavor Burks are very important to keep around will be leaving.

New York Hong
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"In the opening moment the Nikkei is down more than a hundred and thirty five points at the end a little weaker here at one oh six twenty two against the greenback the equity market in the U. S. was mixed there is this continued back to when it comes to large cap tech names like apple and Microsoft these companies are going to perform well in this work from home world but then if you hear the words of Larry Fink the CEO of Black Rock he had the he said today that as bad as things have been for corporate America in recent weeks they're likely to get worse and the head of the St Louis fed bank Jim Bullard was saying to shut down can't go on forever because if it does deep into the second half of the year then he thinks there is a risk of a financial crisis or even a depression now the dollar was strong against the majors the biggest pop that we've seen in about three weeks mainly the result of a lot of weakness in the euro common currency was down given a slew of bleak economic forecast by the European Union the euro right now to box seven ninety eight after the bell T. mobile U. S. reported profit above estimates but the company said it's not gonna be able to provide full year financial guidance because of the crisis another company that it just doesn't have visibility even so T. mobile U. S. shares were up about one point eight percent in late New York trading today the Dow was down nine tenths of one percent S. and P. five hundred comes in about seven tenths of one percent but that text strength sent the nasdaq comp up half of one percent right now in sold the cost be weaker by three tenths of one percent Brian yes a little unusual for a telecoms company not to do guidance is that could you might think that you know some of these these companies that are really dependent on discretionary spending but you know we have wireless a contractor you think that that would be pretty steady so I agree that's a an interesting development let's take a look at some of the other corporate earnings in the commentary that we got Barbara Ryan hard is a senior portfolio manager at voya investment management she says even with many states re opening investors are being cautious according to re open up certain state and people are holding their breath in terms of seeing if any type of activity starts to rebound or if they felt that the infection rates climb right the equity market we think it's going to really be Trippin off of them very big single factor which is the rate of infections payroll services firm ADP reported U. S. companies cut a record twenty point two million jobs in the private sector in April will lift moved closer to profitability last quarter and reported moderate growth down will get a senior portfolio manager at Synovus trust revenue per active riders of Ekiti minute forty five dollars and six cents that was up nineteen percent in the estimate I had was at thirty eight dollars and ninety cents and I thought that was a pretty big beat maybe people are using it as much but when they do maybe they are you know having a longer ride and and making more payments for the first quarter lifter reported a loss excluding interest taxes and other costs of eighty five point two million dollars adjusted sales slowed significantly to twenty three percent the company is a custom to growth rates of more than fifty percent a quarter CFO Brian Roberts said lift will cut three hundred million dollars more than anticipated peloton's said quarterly revenue soared sixty six percent it's largely a reflection thousands of people who are working out at home peloton paid digital subscribers numbers jumped sixty four percent strong demand for the track workout machine however sales of the treadmill won't resume during the fiscal year peloton also raised its forecasts sending shares up more than four percent in extended trading well U. S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo has delayed a report regarding Hong Kong's autonomy effects that has all the global news in the Bloomberg nine sixty San Francisco he's hearing yeah exactly right Julie at this report to Congress assessing whether Hong Kong enjoys sufficient autonomy from China continue receiving special treatment from the U. S. he says he wants to see what Beijing might do in the run up to the people's Congress may twenty second secretary of state Pompeo by the way is done on ninety degree not a one eighty but a ninety degree reversal on saying he can't with certainty say the Wuhan lab was a source of the corona virus you don't have certainty and there is significant evidence that this came from the laboratory the statements can both be true China meanwhile says Pompeii has no evidence to back up its claims says the matter should be handled by scientists not politicians president Donald Trump is reversed his decision on disbanding the corona virus task force he now says the doctor Anthony Fauci and Dr Deborah Burks are important to keep around will be leaving that task force.

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"Bernie Sanders as well. So there are a number of black organizers activists educators who see in the sanders campaign in the people around him like L. Han Omar like Rashida to leave A real hope for a different kind of politics. But again you know for us for me I would say It is really a vote. Plus Strategy I agree with Reverend Barber that this doesn't end at the primary end at the primaries but it also can't end in November. We have to be about a building a movement and I think what Bernie Sanders campaign represented. But also what Elizabeth Warren campaign represented that joining forces. There really represents a hopeful growth of a movement a Multi-racial Anti-racists Movement for Justice Agenda Long term Reverend Barbara. I'd like to ask you tweeted recently that the dams also need to think about how they keep saying the black vote is the heart of the party. Yet when they had a chance to include black's on stage. They did fight for that but change the rules for a billionaire. Your thoughts in terms of the the party's two faced a strategy when it comes to the African American vote and especially how they treated Kamala Harris or cory booker versus how they opened the doors for Michael Bloomberg. I've been a part of two. Campaigns is actually one in the South one in Kentucky in North Carolina and I learned that when you address systemic racism systemic poverty ecological devastation. The war economists and the false more narrative religious nationalism. You can in fact bring black and poor no wealth white and black people and Latinos together and you can make significant change. We have a study coming out. Now that shows if you just organized to ten percent of poor and low well black white Latino people in the country not just in the south was significant in the south. You could fundamentally change elections. We have to talk about that and it's not so much a race or class but it is race and Class I've challenged for instance during the sanders and all of the Cancan By all of them as my sister said to Lee with a race announcer but not about culture but about real issues and to deal with the issue of poverty and low sixty one percent of african-american live in poverty and low wealth. That's twenty six million people. Thirty seven percent of our our white people live in poverty and low wealth. That's sixty six million people. We will never have a political transformation calculus in this country until we deal with the issue of poverty. One hundred and forty million people forty three percent of this nation. Now the issue of how. We're treating African Americans. There's there's all this talk about. The African Americans went on a heart to heart or the heart of the day of the firewall. Different things where where was all the fervor to ensure that african-americans stayed on the stays that that's an interesting issue and if we are the heart and if sixty one percent of African Americans a poor low well why are most kinds only talking about if they talk about poverty they do Democrats they use a pseudonym Republicans. Racial is poverty. Democrats run from poverty. We talk about the working class but not poverty. We looked at the issue of poverty in these states and we said that the number of people who are polo wealth. In the Super Tuesday states in the former confederates state far away any margin of victory in Senate races in presidential. Why are we scared to say to issue? We will never move people into the hit themselves. So here's what I WANNA put out. If this is a serious conversation about african-american people then why not every candidate put in writing way? How will their candidate in the future not would have done it to pay into future? Deal WITH THE WEALTH GAP. How will it close the wealth gap? How would it deal with the healthcare gap how they deal with racist voter suppression and Gerrymandering and expanding access to the ballot? How to deal with the despair ecological issues in our communities. How they deal with militarization in our communities how they deal with mass incarceration re segregation of public schools. How would they increase the number of African Americans in the Federal Court appointees and increased the number of African Americans in the Senate and what is the strategy to go after the Senate that is truly holding up progress for poor low wealth people of every race creed and color put it in writing and then change the next debate to be about nothing but the issue of systemic racism poverty and not just how racism peg black people but how it undermines the democracy for instance every state that is a racist voter suppression stay is also a state where wants to people who use racist suppression get elected? They then blocked policies of living wages block positive healthcare and end up hurting more white people in terms of raw numbers than than black people. So let's have a food thoroughgoing debate on these issues. Every candidate needs to say that my policies. This is how it's going to impact the black community. This is how it's going to impact the rural community. This is how it's going to impact the Latino community. Let's move deep deep deep into policy and put that out there and I believe if that happened you would not just see a percentage of black votes turning out then folks say where they got sixty percent of vote that may have been only forty percent of of the total black population but we will see an increase in the number of participation and a building of alliances. But I also know finally did not GonNa do that. It's GONNA take move. And that's why the poor people's campaign and national call for revival is engaged. Dr William Barr. Thank you for being with us with the poor people's campaign from North Carolina Historian Barbara Ryan speaking to us from Illinois and Ellena stall of the nation when we come back We speak with the author of yesterday's man. The case against Joe Biden. Stay with us..

Bernie Sanders Senate North Carolina Elizabeth Warren Reverend Barber black community Joe Biden Kamala Harris L. Han Omar Michael Bloomberg Dr William Barr cory booker Rashida confederates Kentucky Ellena Lee Barbara Ryan
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"We're looking at an expeditionary basing concepts in Southeast Asia as well as in Europe so that we can continue to demand a clean for ten AM Feb or the force extend the duration of the appointment so they get more repetitions and more time together but the American Faisal I think it's it's it's not it's not an accident that the allies and partners offices is the number to one of our first national defense strategy right after you know restoring readiness and it's clear to echo what was Barbara Ryan said we we do know we can't find one we won't we can't finally Wofford or we won't win and so it's a huge emphasis for us I think the navy particularly the navy plays a very unique role in this because we're out and about all the time with our ships and I emphasize this to our sailors and marines when I see them quickly overseas locations I tell them you know you're you're frontline diplomats for the country in some cases you're the first American that someone's going to me and you have a responsibility to create a strong impression this is how we mitigate unpredictability is having a lot of having partners and alliances that we can count on and that is done through relationship building and it's not that the secretary level but if the sailor marine level on the ground and their families it's very very important role for them and I emphasize that every time I get around has been very long trip last year in the Pacific and went to many many islands people probably haven't even heard of and I will say that our adversaries and reconfigure the Chinese there they are all over these places are trying to establish a presence there but universally the people that I met there would rather have us be the ones there the Chinese so we have to take that seriously and hi I think that there's a huge opportunity for us there we just captured in terms of mitigating that our predictability by developing stronger alliances and partnerships last question is on what I'm going to characterize this high low mix and it really gets to some of the teams that have come out in all of the discussion you've put forward here today around the force being out and about the force being.

Southeast Asia Europe Barbara Ryan Wofford navy Pacific secretary
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"Good stuff there from deal and talked about the importance of the pressure today from a player perspective and also talked about it from a fan and media perspective as well David feels like today's a big day and he feels like today matters and that's basically what I was saying to now is is there anything that Joe judge could do today or say they that he can't come back from absolutely not I mean does he have to go up there and be the most entertaining rex Ryan equivalent you know at most entertaining person we've ever seen a press conference of course not of course not but even David deal and by extension he's saying the rest of the players want to see what made this guy so special in the eyes of John Mayer and so I don't think it's too much to ask that we get to see a little of what of what of who we is you know if you want to say Maggie this is that that's ridiculous steak and a all that matters is wins and losses okay I wins and losses ultimately what he's going to be judged on but this is what we have to go on today it's a guy who we've never met before who nobody knows a lot about he's introducing himself to the entire NFL today really and the New York media the New York fans everybody and there's a there's pressure on that there's no doubt about that I mean we could defer to Barbara Ryan got a clear so nothing I get he got it has to clear something we couldn't you know debate the importance of this step in the process and that's that's really what it is it's the next step in the process he got the job the contract is signed he gets introduced a and and then you move forward as an organization and then ultimately get judged by the wins and losses and I'm not going to tell you that today is not a good day for giant football because their next head coach is being introduced of course it's a good day my day is not a big day or if you're a giants fan should be hopeful excited here what Joe judge has to say two o'clock my only point that I made in in the for first hour and you know to to believe with my only point is that I don't think in the grand scheme of things the significance our is all that great yeah I don't either and we came in and I don't think if he loses the price are all the is that big of a deal if he wins the prize Sir I think it's certainly you get more excited if you're a giants fan but ultimately you have to find out exactly what he can do as an NFL coach so some news coming out of the giants Joe judge as obviously the the big deal today and he'll be introduced at two o'clock but it turns out the giants has filled one all of their coordinator roles whose it's a familiar face Thomas McGee he is going to be staying on as the special teams coordinator there you go or the New York Giants rough act yacht confirm that from S. and why he's been working in that capacity with the giants since twenty eighteen he had served as special teams coordinator for the Panthers for the forty Niners also for the jets assistant special teams coordinator for the giants in oh seven to ten Broncos and chiefs obviously he is gay he stays in the game he stays and it's funny because yesterday we got into it about how much control you know is is Joe judge gonna have over his assistant coaches and of course he's going to have a a degree of control but I think it's crazy to think that there will be some kind of input or influence from those in the front office about you know who's gonna be the staff around it because everything's got to be a collaborative look that you know for the for the most part right you you're the giants are preaching that they're going to be collaborative did government as a radio tore saying that everything's going to be collaborative so I would think the coaching staff's gonna be collaborative as well and I think you just got proof of that with me gay he now so special I mean you know you can go one of two ways I mean you know I think he has control I mean we we talked about that would David deal and he mentioned the fact that that's the only way it would work will find out and and certainly you know good coaching gets around and make a he has a good reputation thanks well you may gaze gonna go sauce really you know and that's not what was it yeah I mean cookers run hot and cold lies your whole grain this year he was it was an absolute disaster I don't know why does the world doesn't put the chinstrap but down underneath his chin but it was a nightmare for us us this year I don't I I totally agree with that but I don't think it's a necessarily you point to and say woman gay he stays so therefore the giants have great influence over the coaching hires I I don't know that's that's really the case I mean it could be one where judge sticks around says those I like what I love what you're doing on special teams again he would be a guy that I would want to keep around to be a part of this coaching staff in areas so we'll find out more more here as we move forward I do agree that if it's not judges vision for his staff and he does have guys around him that he trusts it's not gonna work I do believe that we was a big special teams play with the giants played against the patriots this year why is that rain something in my head I am I would go to the phones you guys might want to one point four touch something happened that was the impression that it made on Joe judge the giants lost like it eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six back to the phones Brian is in Vernon New Jersey right how you doing great are you guys doing good prime what's on your mind body well I really liked what David deal was saying about the new opportunity for the giants for their new coach come in and we got to get a chance and we know anything until he's actually out there coaching but one point you made was about the character references your receipts from both build pallet Jack and Nick save and yeah route of book ball reference you know Hey the guy's good coach he commands a lot of respect from the coaches and the players maybe I'll accept that from those two but a character reference from will one of the most notorious cheater fall in the next day even though I mean come on I take it I don't know listen bill Belichick good judge of character even if they always put football first of all over everything sometimes fall or the rules right I want to do is your guy you'd be a static for bill Belichick what you may a fair point he's saying that you're gonna get care thank you Brian you're gonna get a character reference from from a guy who while leading the patriots is like a cheating to the point where he got a first round draft pick they get away with loose with the rules because that bangles situation is not going away well it's not we'll we'll find out when when that investigation does leave there was a report that there was no connection between the two of us recently there was a there was a report I think that they are going to get in trouble well you know the holidays will find out in terms of a but there was no door right there was there was a report that came out that there was no direct correlation between the football department and what was going on with these videos that were being produced for the patriots website and so we'll find out in terms of everything that goes along with that yeah you couldn't you can say that but in terms of a football mind but that's what he's saying as a football mind he likes the ballot check and then in the but as the character why are you taking Bella check in reaching you a try it was a good day Sally's holds will slowly good morning this item what a guy what's up solely first the mags you're absolutely right you know this first impression it's not anything you can't come back from but what I will say this using second prize you know you only get one chance to make that first impression and asks the the the Russian that you ball gold trying to fool and what have you and you might not have come across the guy you want it it's a some people might think you settle this guy judge everybody's out saying Lou the blood stocks go up and you got this great resume building here would Bella Jack so when he does speak today he's got a dell a little bit of what everybody else is talking about give us a little bait is bad double one yeah and number two I want to hear something about the collaboration coming out of this guide now is expectations about what he might have some input into because they've got a few good pieces what they need a lot of help that out line one through five what's the job at the White their quarterback in mortal danger every damn game so gentlemen I used a hog Molly guy yeah he couldn't get a ride ironically I wrote the terrible office of one and a password I think the two guards are fine okay concert center I'd move sold on the right side and draft a lifetime and those moves but the thing is you know I I really heard that thing that you'd like to buy a book your share of the downside to guide take no no nothing nobody but yet I don't see that yet and the way he's like a quite go on the offensive side of the ball where you know stay out of the way so I haven't seen that like you that make you know this this guy if he blows up the running back or quarterback or or receiver yes they well the dog Molly guide you know that's what he knows he's done nothing yet gentlemen as that dog so I'd like to see this guy come in whether he's could it not I'd rather see him do it I've been in and picking the groceries thank thank general Manuel listen I've been I've been hardest on get on and I think than than most people but you still have to give credit for finding the under Johnson made it depends on your media no we don't know Daniel Jones what exactly is stealing is but you feel like you have the guy right so you got to give him credit for that you know we we can disagree about se Kwan no one can argue with his talent we can argue about whether he should take number two but you got to give credit where it's due but he's absolutely right all that talk about the hot Molly's and that's not the strength of the New York Giants over the last two years no no well it's not I mean but I don't yeah we've been down the road in terms of cattle men in the job.

David rex Ryan Joe
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"This is this is Barbara Ryan I you know that I told you last week that I only listen to rock what's going on here I dropped the ball I'm sorry yes those seems intentional into like a ball drop that seems intentional try to get under my skin and it worked I like it yeah good job then Adam razor here I think with he's Cummings heave let's give Ryan some bad fantasy advice he wanted to know who to Star between marquees proud and Christian Kirk what what would the bad advice be the good advice would be Christian Kerr okay guys I already gave in the bad advice as I told them to go with brown eyes that he would say Kirk but I'm saying Brad. well you're giving them bad advice because you think he's playing bad music and you're wrong on both counts I fair enough listen we got fifteen minutes left in the huge show is coming up after this at midnight eastern talk about hopefully Penn state Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh not going for the for the touch that was ridiculous but at what your goal he how many phone calls the next fifteen minutes thirty five that's ambitious alright let's get to it than eight five five two one two four two two seven Jessica in Alaska so we're gonna do just real quick question answer question answer Jessica your online fantasy football go. Jessica. yeah I've got a a small team the other league I need a black. so I got Jordan Howard about me call hard man. that Chris Thompson yeah I got markets all this yeah. you know Adam you always say that you have no interest in Chris Thompson and non PPR this is a situation where I've absolutely one hundred percent starting Chris Thompson and not be pure okay yeah there's there's there's some tough options but Chris Thompson could get it done Lewis in Chicago Lewis go. hello fellas I currently have choose whose lives going and stuff font digs but how do you guys feel about ten again junior from last week's game. yeah it was a good game for tech again and I think he might be good with they play at home and Brees throws more on the road he doesn't throw as much that her to get it hurts jeered cook I would stick with your starters numbers eight five five two one two four two two seven David in Chicago David go. yeah I have point PPR one flex do John fan to recall under Chris Thompson thanks. that is a really close when I'm going to slow us down here a little bit do I actually do I have to go to the half PP our projects and page. not to do Duke I okay let's go Duke let's go do I've got do projected for three hundreds of a point more than Chris Thompson and half PPRC will go to a lousy easy piece a cake Kristen Cleveland Crisco. thanks for having me on him and now he's I know that you have to Sean Watson rate is your number to keep you this week that since everything is in Mostar but I have a small problem here so I have Christian McCaffrey which means I'm we behind already this week so I'm actually legitimately considering starting job at home against the saints partially because of the memes but also partially because I'm which is concerned Watson might be banged up your thoughts. yeah I I think if you were way behind I think there's more upside on a weekly basis with the Sean Watson so I'm just like I do understand the worry about him being that but that's more of a floor concern that it is a ceiling concern I I'm still aiming high the ceiling of his on Watson I get which is in them eight five five two one two four two two seven Pat no high is on the Mike drop it Pat what's up with it up allies hello hello hello now well it's Saturday night owls here we are now the listeners asking questions deputy contagious entertainers who it smells like teen spirit for many reasons don't there it's a mad and Jesus my team is self chosen Levin Gordon I cannot move down to an I. R. spot down on down there Philip rivers of the seat is arrows pointing down on down this Justin Jackson and I'm single Terry in the league inside of a parallel universe it's getting harder and harder to tell which one's going to break out first so would you choose water over lying in hopes of Joe Mason plays more than opening drive whatever tomorrow brings I know you'll be there with open arms and open with good advice so a sprain in my ankle Joe makes an eleven Devin Singletary or Justin M. Jackson he he no one wants to be defeated it doesn't matter who's wrong from just right yes he did. yeah that was fantastic as always and I would go with Joe mixin over Devon single Terry and Justin Jackson there you go this is simple answer to a great great phone call and I love the song drive by this it is a classic I know right he's never heard it Ryan please listen to drive by incubus is terrific. right really he's I've just thank me our musical tastes could not be for about once a great so Brian in Florida Brian go. this is a very deeply about my nephews first name twenty PP are spelled too yeah I'm nervous Cody Latimer had gained chairman Ryszard or miles we can thank god. so I'm starting Dion Lewis and I think it's a little bit under rated if Cody Latimer is okay. that is the type of upside that he has he had a lot of targets this offense last week with sterling Shepard there he might get nine or ten targets in this game so I it was live let live were plays all go with him if not I guess I'll go with we can all right Brian thank you for the phone call Korean Illinois by the way it's eight five five two one two four two two seven it's go to Corey Corey gulp. hi okay I need one running back into full or if you if you are I have Joe mix and David Montgomery Carlos Hyde or your local injury thank you Lou this is the most like this is really difficult here because like my top two or Lindsay and mixin if mix and I felt confident was a full go it would be him pretty easily but I do currently have wins the right just a little bit higher all right interesting Chuck in Chicago Chuck go. hello hi Chuck go for it I'll be going guy so in a twelve team league I'm having trouble with my flex right now so right now I got a Dublin cooking Terry Colin starting I do have Lindsay on the bench but I don't know if I want to start him against the bears my other question would be who starred my flexible right now between Marvin Jones. make can link your Peterson. yeah if you're in PPR I would actually go with Phil flimsy as the flex I do think like we've not talked about Adrian Peterson at all so and I know you want to do mostly phone call that a but I do think in non PP are I'm pretty interested in Adrian Peterson this week especially in DFS worries price went down so much because he was a healthy scratch last week whenever we've seen him with fresh legs and motivation he's been pretty good yeah I can see in getting seventeen more carries I mean just needed the need them to keep it fairly close for a bit let's go to Chris in Iowa Chris go. Hey guys great show tough choice than the flex as well Sean Jackson Atlanta or John Brown at the giants for both pretty much neck and neck in near very tough very tough call I think that it is a very tough call but I do have brown just ahead of Jackson in all formats so all go John Brown eight five five two one two four two two seven J. in Pittsburgh J. go. five seventeen PP your quarterback Jackson went in at receiver to the screen one Hilton or teleport. so I'm starting Jackson and I'm actually that this will upset Adam but I'm actually sitting T. Y. Hilton out of that group receive no that's fine. I don't know what to yeah that's that's fine I know the make of Hilton I yeah that's right okay the key in Baltimore he came here and I advance the football yeah once again I got this dilemma I got that you won't and mo Jackson. I let this bad to the promised land last week when I set the bar Jackson so what's going to be here I go back a little rejection again all right how bout that I would take the whole of this week but listen here go ahead I'll Honjo in Puerto Rico hello what's up man. Hey I got a my first time going at it RB to question Kenyan Drake Dion Lewis or Carl thank you BR. he. yeah I I I would probably start Dion Lewis the cold has been terrible against pass catching running backs this will bring if this is not a celebration of. yeah I don't like I don't feel confident that answer Adam do you I'm not listening at all I was trying to get this I was Johnny on Lewis Kenyan Drake and Carlos Hyde in PPR Carl side yeah I don't feel good about that at all but yeah I I would go with the Lewis I've actually a straight to my answer honestly Kenyan Drake I go can you drink. it's got some passes this weekend in Drake thank you for calling if you are a first time caller you will we will celebrate you all right we got let's see we have five callers on the line to make sure we get all of them Joe in Massachusetts Joe go ahead of the March Jackson verse Carson Wentz but I Sir G. Howard for zero point. art Laboe start large Jackson he's got the most upset and I would start both of them over OJ our Jeff in Reno Nevada eight five five two one two four two two seven still few minutes left Jeff go. we are recurrent just getting point per right. Montgomery breeder threatens act intervene willing and ready thanks I'm gonna use that point per rush and poor reception I'll. I I that separates breeder from the other guys a little bit for me Damian Williams the clear number one for me breed would be number two Tommy in Minnesota Tommy go. Hey Doris Burke Erin Rogers hasn't been casting. rebuttal yeah I will go with Aaron Rodgers much worse match up but much better player a five five two one two four two two seven Sam in Minnesota Sam go. nine PVR Tyrone Williams Stefan big writers here too I'm gonna call tie real. Joanne was cut by the way digs has unbelievable history against Green Bay the last two seasons so I I like him but man we love tarot Williams I Joe in Wisconsin Joe you're on iron fisted football go you know why I got a twelve team PPR I'm wondering if I should pick dat or Russell and sweet. I deck written by by a pretty good margin I'll take deck now you can't have an he's causes your of dropping about everything a five five two one two four two two seven Laurie in California Laurie go. last full PPR John Ross or John Brown. I will go with John Brown I'd like to see it from John Ross again before I trust him Jason in Pennsylvania Jay's in goal Hey guys I have named and and Darren Waller I was wondering what I should be looking in trade for them..

Jackson John Brown Adam Kenyan Drake Dion Lewis Chris Thompson Pittsburgh Barbara Ryan Dion Lewis Jordan Howard Christian Kirk Sean Jackson Atlanta Christian Kerr mo Jackson Minnesota Alaska Jessica Baltimore John Ross T. Y. Hilton Cummings
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"Just look right here. One day. You will stand on my shoulders. Stand on the shoulders of so many the shoulders of strong black women. Brooks. Lowry. LGBT plus trail break. Sable? Our johnston. Giants like the late great wash that Chicago's mayor elect Lori Lightfoot addressing supporters in her victory speech Tuesday night. She won seventy three percent of the vote. She'll take over his mayor next month for more we go to Chicago where we're joined by Barbara Ryan's professor African American studies gender and women's studies and history at the university of Illinois, Chicago, she wrote about all of this for the nation and piece headlined the rising black left movement behind Chicago's historic elections. Her latest book making all black lives matter reimagining freedom in the twenty first century, welcome back to democracy now. Professor rans. Can you talk about the significance of the mayoral election yesterday? Yes. Thanks for having me. Amy. There's significance onto levels. I mean, I would be as a historian the last to deny the significance of having an openly gay African American woman as the mayor that third largest city because the way the racism has worked in this city and in this country in the past is through through exclusion. Right. So so the fact that we have overcome that hurdle in terms of representation is significant, but what's more significant is the way in which this generation of activists, particularly young black activists have transcended narrow identity politics and have a really insisted that politicians like Lori Lightfoot Toni preckwinkle and others adhere to a set of progressive demands and issues that have defined this campaign. So I think you know, on another level the real victory is that movement. Organizers young black and Latin organizers have put critical issues on the table and that the two contenders. Both had to present themselves and make promises around a progressive agenda. The question now is will they keep that agenda? I should also say in all fairness that they were critiques of both candidates, and I think that reflects a level of political savvy and sophistication that it wasn't enough to say, we we're going to have a black woman mayor that many young black queer activists, for example, were very critical of Lori Lightfoot role on the police board didn't feel that she really hard enough to hold police accountable to punish police for police crimes and so forth. So they weren't timid about doing that simply because she was an African American woman and an out gay black woman. So so the the the two victory is that in some ways the white lead machine. And Chicago politics has been wounded if night defeat it, but it's also a challenge that, you know, a whole ecosystem of black and latte necks. And anti-racist white activists in Chicago have shaped the debate around this campaign, and we'll continue to push after the inauguration in may. Professor recipe. The the the the last African American mayor of the first African American Chicago Washington was elected amidst, the huge racial divide, politically where the white political establishment made his first few years almost impossible to govern. And now we're seeing the situation where you have two African American women and the winner wins all the wards of all the all dramatic wars of Chicago, which seems to indicate that at least now for the first time in the white community. There's no sense of trepidation about voting for an African American candidate. But Toni preckwinkle while is considering establishment candidate also wasn't she the one of the key figures in the progressive caucus of the city council. So why this huge landslide for for her opponent? Well, we're still waiting to see how many people actually. Voted, but yeah, Lori Lightfoot one by landslide. That's that's undeniable in the in the February election. However, we didn't see either preckwinkle or Toni preckwinkle or Lori Lightfoot win a majority of the black wards that that just was not the case. So how we see this playing out? You know, we're still figuring it out. But this I will say I think people have a desire for change. I think sometimes, you know, maybe we're not as critical as we should be about what what kind of changes, you know, is is likely to come. I think both of the candidates dough made some impressive commitments. And again, you know, I think we have to see whether they're going to be whether Lori Lightfoot is in fact going to deliver on the promises made. So I think the the desire to to break with with tradition and Toni preckwinkle was certainly seen as a part of of the old guard. She was she was one of the founders in the city. Council when she served there of the progressive caucus, and certainly was supported by the progressive wing of the labor movement here in Chicago. But I think the idea of someone who hadn't held off the idea of someone who had a strong message of being independent and so forth was appealing to a number of people. Now that said also a lot of people with money supported Lori Lightfoot a lot of, you know, north side wealthy districts wards with Lori Lightfoot in that allowed for TV ads in a reach that that that Toni preckwinkle didn't had. So, you know, I mean people vote for a lot of different reasons. And I guess, you know, part of the way I'm making sense of this this morning is that it's not just about what individual wins. It's about what issues got put on the table, and what commitments were extracted and so face to then is to see whether the movement sustains its pressure sustains, the push and actually holes Lory Lightfoot accountable for the things that she has promised to do. So if you can. Talk more about professor rans be politics issues of police brutality police killings, and how they very much played into this campaign and the OT earlier the dumping of the defeat of Varez with the killing of Liqun McDonald's. Of course, Rahm Emanuel holding back that videotape of the police killing of McDonald right through his reelection. And the fact that Lightfoot yes is the head of the Chicago police board, and how all these different movements like the black lives matter movement all came together around us, and what now mayor elect Lightfoot says about issues of police brutality and police violence since they were so central to this campaign. Yeah. Absolutely. I just want to preface my response to your question by saying they're also a set of very related economic issues because the people who are most vulnerable to police violence. In Chicago and elsewhere elsewhere are poor and working class, primarily black and secondarily latte necks of folks. And so the movement here, I think is also been very clear about gentrification issues of rink control of the fact that black people being pushed out of the city because of the pricing of the city and the abandonment of services, so all that is the backdrop to the issue of police violence, but you're right, Amy. The Liquan McDonald case was really the pivot of this election in a lot of ways. It was the issue that Rahm Emanuel couldn't run away from and he couldn't run away from it. Because of the relentless pressure by a whole network and coalition of organizations from black lives matter Chicago to Assad is daughters to let us breathe collective to black youth project one hundred so so putting the pressure on rom not to not to run on letting him know that this was going to be the fight of his life. If he did run. Was part of what shaped the the election as it unfolded. Secondly, the movement really confronted Lori Lightfoot when she was in her role as the as the the chair of the police board and young people confronted her around the rookie of Boyd murder and confronted her around Liqun McDonnell issue during the campaign, there were actually t shirts that said queers against Lori Lightfoot, which was you know, interesting, and I think, you know, I catching for a number of people to see that kind of formulation of people saying, this is not just about identity and a lot of that centered around grievances around police, accountability course, Lori Lightfoot former prosecutor, and in many fell, you know, much too closely allied with the police, even though the promises she has made our four police accountability police reform, and so again, it's a question of pushing and making sure that. At least some of those promises are kept the movement sustains its momentum unprofessional Rennes v. Chicago's one of these cities that's about one third African American one third Latino third white any sense of how this election played out and the Latino community of Chicago, I understand that you Garcia who last ran against Rahm. Emanuel was backing Lightfoot. But what how did this play out among the voters? Yeah. I mean, I think the Latino community was divided. I mean, certainly high profile latte nex leaders in the city ultimately sided with an endorse. Lori Lightfoot chewy was one of those. Of course, you know, chewy. When should we ran Toni preckwinkle declined to endorse him against Rahm Emanuel? So there may have been some residual from that. But also Susan Mendoza who was the other high profile latte necks candidate in the race, Gary Chico both endorsed Lori Lightfoot, but what I would say on the grass roots level organizers in the immigrant rights movements, young queer Latin. Organizers allied with young black organizers in challenging that scenario in challenging Lori Lightfoot in challenging the idea that you know, that she would be some sort of savior for the city. So there were Latinos on both sides of the debate between the two contenders. And I think, you know, really, it's, you know, they're politically ideological differences. And and we don't see black people voting in a single block. We don't see lat next people voting in a single block. I think there's a real move beyond a certain kind of narrow identity politics and really embracing issues and forming new alliances, and we've really seen more black Brown unity at the grassroots level in Chicago than we have in actual more formal electoral coalitions, Verani thank you for being with us. Professor of African American studies gender and women's studies history university of Illinois, Chicago her latest. Spoke making all black lives matter reimagining freedom in the twenty first century, and we'll linked to your piece in the nation. The rising black left movement behind Chicago's star elections. This is democracy. Now when we come back, we go to Mexico City stay with us. Lucia Ryan side, Chee patio..

Lori Lightfoot Chicago Lori Lightfoot Toni preckwinkl Toni preckwinkle Rahm Emanuel professor African American studies university of Illinois Amy Professor rans Lowry Brooks johnston Mexico City Professor recipe McDonald Lucia Ryan Liqun McDonald Washington white community
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"You are listening to the best of consider this put together over the last few years of this show. I know what I wanna do on what I call my free days. So my the life of an entrepreneur, and if your if your business owner listening to this that you probably qualify, but the the life of an entrepreneur is is is almost always filled with some thought of the baby of the business, especially if you build it. Yes, I was fortunate enough to be a co founder of the financial enhancement group. And so it's it has been my love, and my dream, and I joined a coaching program call strategic coach, which is based in Toronto, by the way, Chicago for three year program. This is my seventeenth year. Some may say inappropriate flunky. Apparently. No, I just I always learn so much from the other entrepreneurs that are there and the coaching and the thought process, and it's it's it's I I'm just so appreciative of what it is taught me and what it has done. But my point of all of this is it it taught me a time system of where I have days that are very very focused as I do the radio and the days that I'm doing strategic planning with the families that we serve or somebody on my team. There are buffer days where I have messes that I have to clean up things that only I can do is the managing partner, and, you know, those kind of things, and then there's free days where I don't have any contact at all with what's going on in the business, and my definition of a good free day is when I do something new meet somebody new we're see something I love to travel, you know, museums things like that. So what's the point Joe? Well, one of those things on a free day. Is to do stuff that is. Maybe repetitive. But with friends and family where you're in urine greening that memory, right? I will never forget growing up at this little lake cottage on grassy creek channel. We were there. Every Memorial Day every Labor Day with twenty five or thirty cousins and a place that had no hot water heater took showers in the lake. I it's where I propose to my wife, and I will I will always a door those memories. So what does this have to do with money? Well, it has to do in in our industry. You'll hear a lot of people talk about estate planning and at the financial enhancement group. What you're going to hear us talk about is legacy planning because legacy to me is a lot more than just money. You know, I I have have families who come to me who have lots of wealth. And I have families who come to me who are trying to figure out how to make retirement work and in pretty much everywhere in between, right, right? And not all of them have a taxable estate. Some do some have more than ten billion that we help. But not everybody has a taxable estate. They still have a legacy to pass on. Whether it is is stories of of uncle, Johnny and World War Two. Whether it is, you know, why we started the company business and how it got sold. Whether it's why half your family all went into teaching whatever the story is that is part of your legacy. Right. So my coaches strategic coach libra our came up with a brower quadrant. And in here's how he teaches people estate planning, the the the concept of a legacy, and and I agree with it so much, but you know, we we all have our core values and beliefs now share a you, and I've talked about it. We're dramatically different in terms of some of our beliefs that we carry and hold that. Our parents did right. Yeah. Yeah. We outgrew it or we adapted then happen in every family. So, you know, that's that's a different thing. Right. And we're allowed to do that. But still doesn't mean that we are not. We don't have those memories that we etched you in Canada me at the lake place. Right. Yeah. That that we need to make sure that we we keep in mind what those core values. Are we have talents that we were all given? You know, I for some reason or another understand the world of finance? No, one of one of my unique abilities is taking very complex financial things and breaking down in a simple way. So that hopefully, you have the ability to understand it. I don't care who you are listening to the show. I don't care. What it is. You think you did as a profession? God gave you a unique ability and talent serve that use thrive at and you know, I I was I was talking to a young man I got into coaching program seventeen years ago. I'm fifty now. Right. So I'm talking to one of these guys. It's only been in for four years. And and he is just having a heck of a time because things keep breaking at his house and his wife expects him to be able to fix it. And he expects himself to be able to fix it because his new bride expect to be able to fix it not in his her dad could fix any. Right. So in in, you know, this is why we get together. It's way you share these stories. Law had Burt mechanical engineer can fix anything. We'll do anything for anyone. Whether it's the church or Barbara Ryan it took Bartman. I probably a year for her to understand I can fix anything with right? Right. God did not equip me with that talent. But right, sharing those stories this part of a of a of a legacy that you really want to share and passer. So the the financial part of it, obviously is gaining assets. And then you have the documenting part and the documenting part in my mind is critical as so many people when they hear the word estate planning think it's a check off item. You check it off. And it's done. It's two thousand seventeen if you knew the number of trust that I see that were written without a two in front of them. It would baffle you people did the earliest one I've seen here this year. I was nineteen Eighty-three. Wow. I can't tell you the number of tax code changes, the number of life changes, right? I've seen them with beneficiaries where the beneficiaries no longer a lot. Yeah. It's it's something that needs to be done. So our process in here we cover what we call the five critical elements in every time we sit down and do a family date and we start off with that fan financial vision. And and if you don't if you're not one of our families, or if you're trying to do this on your own, it's fine, but just pay attention to these categories. I you want a written stated financial vision for us. It's a couple of sentences long. It's not quantitative doesn't have a number. It has with. Here's who I am. And here's what it is that I'm trying to accomplish. And then there's five areas where we feel your retirement in your fu-, your financial side can really go awry. Your life after work, which some people would call retirement. We don't really see that happen. Most people don't watch grass grow. They find something to do either for compensation or for volunteer work. Second is tax planning. Remember, it's got to be done every year. The third is the investment playbook. We do have to pay attention to a changing economy and market fourth of the things that are odd that are good bad and ugly. But are usually one offs in our life that last is that legacy planning and every three years, we leave documents viewed and updated. So we do a a tertiary a courtesy review every every year to make sure all the beneficiaries are live all the people are still there. No, new grandkids. No new assets. No, new inheritance stuff that needs to be jiggled or juggled around that every three years, we try to restate the documents. That's just part of our process and something we think you need to consider. Please don't have a ten year old trust and think it works tax codes of change in many many fashions here, you're listening to consider this..

Toronto business owner managing partner co founder Chicago lake place Joe Burt mechanical Johnny Canada Barbara Ryan Bartman engineer three years seventeen years four years three year ten year
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"Final pushing after Cogan I am hoping that some of you may remember the name if not from his two previous novels, you're gonna remembered after you read shooting lessons, the third from Lenny kleinfeld, Lenny how are you? How's the weather in Los Angeles? Lenny sunny during the day. It's it's springtime in in. In california. Yeah. To make me feel lousy. I it's great to talk to you this. You know, this is your third. I think we've talked about we know ahead you're on the air to talk about some strenuous before. But I wanna talk just for for five minutes about your Chicago years where you were a playwright you were a columnist for Chicago magazine, because I know a lot of people remember your name, you cut you cut up you cut a pretty big swath there. Thank you. Community. I was lucky enough to be around during the early seventies. And the whole also professional theater was dizzy giving birth to itself. Yeah. Would you work with? I I saw it on Facebook. And I never buddy I never go on Facebook. And I saw on Facebook note from Bob falls say, hey, I wish I could listen to you on Rick show. I'll get I do this out there. Well, Bob Barbara's Ryan wisdom bridge, cedar misfortune to produce. What am I really bad scripts? No, I started in Chicago with Stuart.

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"barbara ryan" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Great day it is. You don't know which direction you look football's. They're flying flying. We've got Super Bowl. We got Santa Anita all of the sports and racing fan could desire. It's there today. We'll put it out on the station. All right. But before we get to the football game. Let's take a look at Santa Anita. You had a nice little winner there last week. We had a thirteen dollar winter. Actually, I guess it was we skipped last week two weeks ago. And that was such a good idea. We did it again back to back weekends thirteen dollar winners. And that's the beauty of horse racing five and a half to one Jimmy miss the other two. So that was minus a unit and a unit, but both weekends. We doubled our money thirteen dollars five and a half units. And today I like three horses to forest the fast and the nights races at Santa Anita. But oh, we better light a candle. We better cross our fingers track condition is that we have faith. At Santa Anita is going to say and fast for the third straight day. In the midst of a deluge think Sam, wow. We're getting our rain. So hopefully, they'll get a break at Santa Anita because you turn on the news last night. And it looked like you could swim and Santa Barbara Ryan Malibu canyon get out the rowboats instead of the cards. Yeah. Let's get the fans knew the fourth fifth and ninth racers. I have speed horses who could steal it. I call them props projection plays to proline not the letter. But the race. Let's go to the fourth rates comes up about first quarter of the Super Bowl about twelve thirty today. And in that fourth race, I've got a favorite the number two and UK. The chauffeur Dryden Van Dyke is probably the best young rider in America. Bob baffert. No question. The trainer high-percentage guy, and this horse can scoop the opening quarter faster than twenty two seconds. Get out there and steal the race up a big maiden win. So I've got a couple of second choices and the other races vote goes a favorite fourth racing. Sam's sanity to the number two horse, college and UK to steal the money. All right in the fifth race are going to go mile three year olds and eight to five favorite is Susan number seven bear harass will be aboard at eight to five. These are Phillies Phillies gone for a straight maiden person. Fifty five thousand. And you know, I've been thinking, hey for years and years. So are we call the props projection play? That's a one turn Horace going to turns a mile. That's a sprinter going around trying to find happiness over a longer distance and the number three horse horse called busy where to get get some Mary, oh, Gutierrez who went himself Kentucky Derby, he's scaling on horses just proved on turf that she can go a long distance. She has twenty one and three speed if Patrick casino. Do we can do it again. So with four links to spare on my projection figures, let's go to the fifth race five to two second choice morning line. The number two of our college, biz wax Sam. All right, biz wax. Mario Gutierrez by the two on the morning line listed HERE IS NUMBER three in the daily racing form and your last picket Sandinistas today. The last race another number three now in the ninth and final they're spreading short sprint of five and a half for logs. Once again speed could be if you want to a writer who loves the fried. It would be Edwin Mel DeNardo he'd never met a horse. He thinks he could put on the late in their sources and sprinting it lies now at a tremendous speed edge and the trainer Polly Gerry. He specializes layoff horses. He gets about forty percent of them home first or second one they've been away. So let's feel another race. Let's go to the speed and the ninth and final in the person of the three horse Laennec. Kate Lanta cakes wire-to-wire three to one second choice. And that's a threesome attorney Anita town all right yesterday. In Santa Anita Muccio Gustavo prevailed in the slop and. Metal grey had to come from off the pace. And so it favored Muccio Gustavo. What's the early buzz up in Vegas? Regards the three year olds. Well, often it's about Baffert. Don't trainer has really in history. The Jones is bad and Jimmy Jones had citation well away all of those. But now, it's a Mr. Bob Baffert winning. It seems to be almost every other year that horse she'll show about that sports. But here's one that we could talk about it's really fascinating fourteen to one on the future book last weekend down at Gulfstream. They had a whole bunch of championship races. Little maiden stepped out of the track called kitten. School like the Dead Sea scrolls. Stroll sets out on the track says, well, I think I'll try to turns for the first time by the time the race is over a jockey Joel Rosario, one of the best writers that America was twisted around in this ATL almost working backwards because he was trying to find a competitor. They were team lakes behind the clock. One thirty four and four for a mile that is fast as the mile feature race won by city of lights the nine million dollar Pegasus. Well, it was too turns versus one turn when a young hearts runs. One thirty four four wins fourteen and it is fourteen to one in the William Hill future books that would be a horse. I pass on to everybody listening. The great sports station can be our state for the San Francisco forty Niners. San Francisco Giants what a pleasure to be at a station of this caliber with you there. But I'd say. Fourteen late winter hippie scrolls might be my early choice for the Kentucky Derby all right now. Let's get into what's going on in the sport books. Betting wise in football. You know, they say there's a ton of money that on all the probable prop bets. You know, how long the national anthems gonna take? Who's gonna catch the most passes is element? And a catch him house and ado who's going to score the first touchdown. And of course, just a few years ago. The very first score the game was a safety, and can you imagine? And there was a feel golden. I think the score was five. So it's amazing. And just think today we could be talking about two different teams in regards to if the guy lines up. Out of the neutral zone against New England. And there's the interception counts and in the obvious. Penalty of all time, no call in and the New Orleans game. So that shows you the difference between winning and losing can be such a fine line really care and people are still talking about it. There's a great editorial cartoon in the Ray RJ, the local paper here it shows the asteroid the size of the football stadium. Crashing down just outside the gates the football station, and the announcer comes on. And he said everybody saw that asteroid crash, except of course for the NFL referees. All right. So we got New England. We got the veteran coach in the veteran quarterback. Ballot. Check and Brady both in the case of Brady. He's from San Mateo Sarah high school and was a Joe Montana fan. And then we got the youngsters. We got McVeigh the coach, and we got golf the quarterback, and he's from Marin Catholic, so you know, we got a lot of interest here going on in northern California for this big game. But it's definitely got a lot of excitement in regards to the Rams with the young coach young quarterback against the veteran Bela check and Brady and too bad. It's like those Super Bowl because the two are colorful team should have been there. A breeze the veteran leading passer in the league and Mahone through zero waiters sexist the three for Brady the ca- the wonder kid, they should be there. Now in this game. We're talking about the limits left the one that we sort of get saying because in such a match up the other way around if the ref hadn't and the player hadn't grew. Okay. I am the rushing, and I found that two teams even Iran the passing teams the young coach of the old coach. How do we get an answer that race or that game? And Sam I think all the telephone yesterday. You gave it to me who were those two powerful wineman that'll be suiting up not for New England. But for the last name just ram the strongest wineman in the NFL and the quickest fastest NFL Sam. The name of these two powerful defensive towers for the licentious. Rams. I well, that's they're gonna go shooting up the medal Brady stands in the metal. He's not a running quarterback. But he's he's awfully smart any off. So is very good. Obviously in the clutch three times. He was third and ten in overtime and got the first down. And it is also going to be a great trust chess match to figure out what kind of defense is Mr. ballot. Check gonna come up with and can New England. Foa a couple screen passes to help stymie the pass rush that they hope to get on the quarterback. He hasn't Brady has not been touched yet in two games of the playoffs. And at age forty one he said, let's keep it going. And by the way. In basketball. They could play every day and baseball they play every day in football. This is such a powerful emotional and physical game. They can play if they're lucky every week. So don't get to play seven games for the title. And if they did I think the score would be forty three with these two teams, you're almost flipping coins. But because of the defense because Goth match Brady on the season. I will go with the LA Rams as I fifty five to sixty percent choice. I liked to have eighty percent or seventy this is what we've got. So I'll probably be putting most of my money on three horses instead of two football teams. But it's the Super Bowl. Sam is spectacle, the two teams that shouldn't be there are there in a way we go. Now, I still two and a half as you are in Vegas this morning. Absolutely. The odds makers were geniuses. They opened at two and a half drifted to to some some places opened at two and a half. They stay there. Every once in a while blip. They go to three been back to two and a half fifty six and a half points for the over under two and a half. Seems the perfect thing for billions of dollars change hands with a few billionaires bathing a million on the game. It's America's ego trip Super Bowl. All right. You're going with the Rams I'm going with the patriots. I'll take all ma'am Brady. And Bella check. I believe that the Rams have to play a perfect game to beat the patriots. I think that Brady is determined after losing last year Super Bowl and after people saying things like, well, he's not what he used to be. He had something to prove along with his coach, you might say. Well, what is there for him to approve when he's going to the Super Bowl for the ninth? I'm this is amazing because Mr..

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