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"barack winnie" Discussed on Pod 4 Good

"Well, the thing I love about organizing is the result of the campaign was loss, but organizing is actually all about building power within the communities in which you are, and so while the campaign result was a loss, actually the the benefit to me was, for instance, being in in in Dallas when I was in the Arts district there, which is known as kind of Oak Cliff. I was able to engage with the latter makes community and get them politically involved. They were trying to elect their first lap they next representative in. North. Texas at time if you can believe that for just getting them engaged in teaching them the organizing skills was incredibly power When I started my campaigning, the story I tell Lofton is I was knocking on doors and I was knocking in kind of a single muggers home, a sort of neighborhood. And a young man answered the door and I gave him my spiel and he after I finished he said to me hey, I was brought before Barack got elected man broke. Now you get the hell off my porch. was incredibly heartbreaking to me right because I had on this sue was coming from from the university and I was working for the first black president and I'm a young man and I'm changing the world right and he brought me back down to earth and said, remember where you can't. This community is just like the lesson that I took from daddy as how people really don't believe government works for them. It is our job to teach them that they actually have a voice in they have a responsibility to demand that it does right and so the wind that I got out of that campaign was not just Barack Winnie. But. The that city that I worked in elected their first black female mayor in the also passed an ordinance that pushed the bus kept the bus routes going past six PM. Can you imagine right? Exactly. You imagine not hiring buses that run after six pm but it was this sort of city where there were the haves and the have not in in. Florida. When I worked for the Hilary Clinton, campaign again act traveled from Iowa to Alabama to Missouri and then to Florida working organizing up in communities that have been long forgotten, just giving them the inspiration giving them the hope giving them the tools to say regardless of whether we win or not you all now have the tools to impact their community. That's really what I. took away and and so when I came back to Tulsa. That's the work that we've done. The reason that there were thousands of people protesting in the streets of Brookside in Tulsa Oklahoma right. Going as far as to shut down a interstate or half an hour was not just because we woke up one day and decided that's what we wanted to do. It's because we organized and built power months to people and said, hey, we can do something about the issues that we're facing and to me that's why this campaign of Mine it makes ludicrous to some but to me and to folks who have been. Working in this space it feels like a very natural progression because it is saying that, hey, we've been in City Hall. Now we've created we've research we've we know what solutions are to the issues, and if we don't have a mayor or leadership at his willing to go the extra mile to to help us get those things done, then we'll do it ourselves because we feel empowered to do that and so to me. Even if you don't agree with me, that's Okay I essentially just want to create a Tulsa where there is more civic action more civic responsibility I think we'd get better as a city I don't want to own the city of Tulsa..

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