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"bangun andrew" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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"bangun andrew" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

"On the new this is the heard line news last night's game with something that's he and the Rams met in a game for the ages one thousand yards of total offense hundred five points scored sorry about it. If it's at the under on that. And despite for throwing for four hundred seventy yards and five touchdowns pets homes was also responsible for five turnovers. Yeah. Lasts which obviously sealed the win for the Rams. And here he is on that. After the game. Turnovers. Just changed the game. I think I gave them twenty one points pretty much through turnovers and things kind of like I said to New England and can't get good teams points. Turn the ball over kids sucks right now. Just plain simple. I mean you wanted to win that game going into the bye week. He gets a good team like that a playoff team. But at the same time, we still control our own destiny fleet. If we can go out there and win football games. After the bye week bad. Reset get your body riding with that mentality that we're gonna win and you can still get home field advantage. Hopefully, he he reminds me so much Brett farve. God that you're just in all of his talent. He's gonna throw some intercepts and he's gonna he's gonna make some mistakes. But I mean, listen, he's great. There's no denying he's an all time talent. But yeah, I mean, he if you go look at the Mahomes Goff boxes, you take the Goff box, and he's far less dynamic, but he's going to make this. He is Brett farve. And by the way, we all love Brett Farr, but he was a fantasy football dream. But there is some far of here. There is some five. And there was there was some comparisons before. Yeah. Sorry. That's right. So you know, he's gunslinger with that you're gonna take Santa's? And sometimes as chances are not going to pay off. Now the interception here at the end of the game. I did not like he clearly just threw it up there. There was no receiver insight. Yeah. I mean, it just it just as a bad decision. Just run out of bounds. And maybe give yourself one one last fall. They needed was a field goal. Right. Like this. Just calm. Down. But this this is technically his rookie season. Now when you comparing Goff to him, and this is what I what I thought last night comparing off to him, but Gough had the opportunity to go out there and fail. And sometimes you need to go out there and feel now obviously we all look at Goths freshman rookie year as a disaster. And everyone thought he was fuss. And you know, we all blamed Jeff Fisher for that. Because obviously, Sean is turn this around. But you need some vehicle to make those mistakes in that spot. Fortunately, the way that they're rolling. It can't really have that ends. The patriots game is good example of that too. Because the interception that he threw at the end of the half with unnecessary as well. At least he's aware of it which you don't want him to do then start playing cautious. Right. So this is just you know out I'll take intercepts in here. And they're not alternative is created equal. I'ma say, by the way, people Bangun Andrew luck for years. And I always said I can live with an occasional pick six what I can't live with is guys that won't throw the ball down. Everybody bangs on Andrew luck for interceptions and everybody excuses them. I'm in the middle. Like, I'm okay, I don't want five turnovers. Right. But if you told me Patrick mccombs had a pick six for the rest of his life and every game. And that was it. I'll be like to me cut down on the fumbles don't give me two three turnovers. But when you're taking the chances that kid is you're gonna throw picks you're gonna make mistakes. He's a gunslinger I agree with most of it. I just think that in that situation last night. There was he was clearly rattled you could see it in the situation. And I think if he with experienced that type of interception won't happen. Hopefully, but we'll say floor presently value. The Cowboys at five billion dollars, which is one billion more than any other franchise in the NFL and Jerry Jones recently sat down with Bloomberg. And was asked how much he would accept to sell the Cowboys. He said if I had to sell the team tomorrow, I wouldn't accept anything less than ten billion dollars..

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