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"bam adam" Discussed on Winning Plays

"Out of play when it comes to voting, the name recognition or whatever, then yeah, bridges bring out a better chance of it, but this year or at least 50 50. And guess what? 50 50 is 50 50. And mark out the coin Flint. Exactly. Probably based on what you talked about, the pedigree. The pedigree, the storylines, the subjects did have the best defense. The second half of the year, and so yeah, that's the storm right there. So I don't understand how anyone can be out. It's like, it's pretty simple how this broke down. And yeah, oh yeah, hold on, bam Adam bio should have been doing something like, well, BMI, biomass, like 28 games. Yeah, seriously. So you look at it from that standpoint. Again, I'm not a few. I don't like, I don't get worked up about this stuff at all. Awards. We get more works about the worked up about the people getting worked up about it. Yeah, exactly. This is outrageous. No, it's not. There's going to be probably different award this year that's going to be far more, this is just like, yeah, like smart took advantage of the perfect storm and that's fine. Anyone who anyone who wouldn't want to would have said the same exact thing about. Yeah, I think I remember back in the day when Derek rose won MVP over LeBron. And there was a lot of, you know, like quibbling in a lot of hullabaloo around the NBA, the true network, those email chains. And I'll admit, I voted, you know, I didn't have a vote, but like in our informal stuff, I voted for Derrick Rose, mostly because I was just completely odd in that season. He had. But I had a conversation with Henry Abbott, and he sort of easily convinced me that LeBron should have won. And it's like, that to me was a lot easier to get upset by, right? Then this to all the points you said. It's sort of a down year for defensive player of the year, you know, Kawhi is not in it. You know, like, all these, you know, a lot of draymond mature too. Exactly. And so like, so I don't know. I don't know why they just can't be happy. I think it's smart as one of those polarizing players where if he was on your team, you'd love them. And if he's not on your team, you don't. You respect him, but maybe you don't love him. So maybe they're just thinking, oh, I can't believe I have to have this sort of role player as the defensive player of the year. But the bottom line is he's super well respected around the league among his peers. And to me, that obviously means way more than any of the analysts..

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