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"baloch mississippi" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"Brooklyn in jersey. That's what I want that of Brooklyn in New Jersey come on. How great would that be five minutes after seven o'clock on AM nights? Seventy the answer. Frankie five boroughs year. Joe on the Radio Big Alice. Here I am broadcasting from the law enforcement against drugs conference in Atlantic City at Harris, I think we're in the wild would ballroom if you're coming around or you're in the area, or if you're listening, I believe it's a it's way in the back world ballrooms our past the pool the property looks great Lennox city looks great. It was jumping. I love coming down. Because the people that I see that come up and kind of take care of me as a at known thirty years thirty years, we all been in the workforce of Atlantic City, New jersey, and it's had its ups and downs. Just like we all do in our own lives and aren't careers. And now it's doing great in Atlantic City, New jersey at Harrah's in a proud to be here looking at men and women law enforcement. Trying to keep drugs out of the classroom, and it is so tough. Now we were talking about earlier with the legalisation of marijuana. What does it too? It makes it impossible in my opinion for law enforcement deal with it. And this is one of the items on the agenda today at the conference for Lee is what do you do? How do you how do you detect it? And you know, you need to say, well, it's legal. It's the worst possible thing. Not now not what this big opioid crisis. Not with so much happening with the the abuse of drugs throughout neighborhoods in Long Island, one hundred county. I'm from Staten Island devastated by opioid addiction. Is this marijuana legalization is that not a gateway drug? And so we'll get into all of that today. We have some great guests girls. Come right up? Come come. You're so great. Thank you. Is that is that Espresso? You got cappuccino you get the cappuccino. Thank you girls. You know, went here do me favor. This is. What is it? Sandra? Hi, joanne. We girls from. Can you give them a microseconds too? So this is this is way too. Young gals kind enough to bringing girls, thank you and website. What's your name, JoAnne, high Q, and where you from now brigantine local girls, local how long you've been working here at Arizona. Forever. What time did you get into this morning, six AM? God bless you. God bless you and JoAnne. What what's your name Sanjay? Not even close. Hi. How are you? How long you've been working here at the hotels in five years. God bless you guys. What I'm talking about the kid your baby, which is what property just started the Ed Harris Harris for twenty five you see if you're listening is Joe down Lake City. This is what I'm telling you. It's very very local. You forget that that that they've been here and the property looks great, by the way, we did it all the Harris. Did right? Hey, by the way, by the way, the town is doing quite well, he was jumping last night. I wasn't bad. You're getting ready to get up like that. I was at Capriccio for Sunday brunch. Oh, it was excellent. And resorts over the resort. Oh my gosh. I remember the old man used to go there. Looks the same the same. I love and the food is great over there. The town is doing the host cities. You girls are the backbone of the city you girls, you're the community the workforce. And that's why I was I so Keith doorman out front. He's like valet. Joey is Joey. A whole week. So he appreciate now. I have to do a handmade please with respect with respect for your hard work ethic. Here take this resell girls. You know, we appreciate it very much. I'll tell you what I me. I sometimes in my life. I'm meek house. They don't always work. So I appreciate the work ethic that you girls are doing it very much now. Oh, thank you. We're on an Espresso. Look at me. I don't mean to push it and respectfully we're on Espresso mission. This is Matt simbone our operations manager. So. So Starbucks doesn't open to win. It was supposed to be open at six at six o'clock. We'll do recon on that. Did you we find out baba when we open? Look at this guy. He's gone on a golf course. Florida. Not in Florida. So we so we appreciate it. Very thank you. Great. Thank you girls. Keep up the great work telling tell you. It's like who I work with here. It's like when I'm at the plaza in New York, and we'll be there, by the way, we're honoring Russell's Berg for a great event coming up. We'll keep you posted on all of that. But when I'm in my make the entrance on the stage at the beautiful plaza in New York City is through the kitchen, and it's guys like that that I mean that the workforce of America that I'm so proud to be with every time I go on the road. So thank you very much house coming up at eight o'clock tip tipping, everyone every hour. I'd love to see comes waltzing in around eight. Oh five. Yeah. Thanks for you. I am so broke. Give them some money. Expense. It can we? Now, I'm gonna ask 'cause I'm I'm rude. How much? Twenty dollars. Twenty dollars. How much dip them for bringing a coffee just came twenty twenty. Broke. Oh, the next show brings you thimble award water. He's going to get fifty come on. Killing me here. It's hard to get to the ballroom there at Harris, just go in Brigham something. Just put something in front of you as long if it's dark, chocolate, French, toast or Espresso Brennan. At least. So you gotta see. Are you? Fallen over one another now Pacino he wanted Espresso not gonna touch the cappuccino. I don't drink. All right. You just pay twenty dollars for. Seven forty dollars election yet. I have not going to touch it. Because he's so sweet. She was so nice. I asked her spread. So they bought Macapa chino. I don't drink Pacino just wanted. I only want to just some real smashed. If you're listening to go, get him an Espresso. It's one hundred dollars per month. I mean, really can't get better. Get better. Wow. Now. I mean, really come out. I saw in Meyer, the work ethic. You know? I mean, you know. Not twenty dollars five bucks five. I'm sorry. Win a race. Harry five dollars. Carrie, Kahn, ATM and Lake City. And if you say you wanna take one hundred bucks the hundred dollar boat. Yeah. But you can go to the the worst choosing though you feel gamble with that. I I did like eighty dollars. At least break up into the ATM. You can go to the cashier's window and asked him to break in Atlantic City, New jersey, running here's a couple of dollars knows. No, maybe they do because the valet who so nice. I tipped him a heavy, man. He said you cause out here for the next two days. Said. But I'm leaving tomorrow. That's all right. It'll be here for two days. That's all right. No problem. Maybe. Chopper. You complicating things here. You know? First of all, you don't have any money to tip. Anybody top selling you can somebody now to get your tapper though, chopper money money money. Anytime anytime. Set Asab you get to the job. Be dow. Windows. Cashier's window you hand them five twenty. And you say listen, can you break to these into tens and fives? For me. That's all peace cake. Then you got small small bills the tip. Look we'll get on with. No, let me let me just stay on the fact that the backbone of this country, and they keep criticizing us telling us how bad we are racist. Every the everything that's bad. They tell us we are then I can do city then I go to Nevada. Then I go even in Los Angeles. Wherever would Baloch Mississippi normal around this great country. I see how hard people were and the people that are in the kitchens of people that are servers, those are the people that I came up with I feel they deserve the money more. So when New York state goes, you gotta a congestion tax or I gotta go in New Jersey. Now, you gotta I paid the tax and they said, no, you didn't pay the tax and you got to hire a lawyer and go back. I'd rather give it right to the source right to the good hard-working American. You're on the air an hour and fifteen minutes, it's already cost to sixty dollars. To get the. So by ten he's going to be down to one hundred Frank has better odds when he goes to Atlantic City. Got a shot. There was no valet. There was good valets one hundred fifty to one hundred. He has. The bellman. This was the best Alistair advance your honor if you're listening. Yes, he tips heavily can help him. So guy goes like this. I have to tell you because it's seven fifteen with you on the radio. I'm in Atlantic City at law enforcement against drugs, and we're gonna have a great we have a great show. But despite what you've heard so it's giving the events that about against tipping. Listen, I'm walking back a mocking. The I go to the valet. He hands me off to the VIP was great at Harris. Great job you by the way, and then went from VIP to the bell desk, gray and the guy can show I'm a big fan of. So then we'll market with develop guy. Nice young kid, and he's taking me up to the room. And now, you know, I gotta take a look at this look at thank you so much. Thank you. See she bought the that for is that for matinee you've got these. Did we get dispersal Stu and MAC, and especially I got my cappuccino forty dollars me forty dollars. They got these. We're out great. Is that is that a regular coffee? Okay. Guy goes like this. He goes like this. Wow. Joe piscopo? He goes, wow. Cubs man, you huge in the eighties. Or the nineties two year. You're you, and I didn't know if he met physically from working out. Great now back in here. Why why why are you still alive? Yesterday. Humbles will be out of jersey band, which I love that. Then then Matt dinner and said, there's a kind it's a huge fan. And he's coming over. Get pitcher. Absolutely. That's what I'm here for. Let's take some pictures. And he loves you, everything that you do that you stand for that you worked for on the guy walks over to it. He goes, Mr. peci, I would have to have the picture. You make you laugh, I make you laugh. Well, you know, what yesterday was said. Yes, you gonna have a picture yesterday was the three year anniversary of the death of Frank Sinatra junior of which you of one NBC affiliate was mistakenly identified as Frank Sinatra junior. But it was truly Joe Pesci as Frank Sinatra. Joe piscopo? No. That was what? Yeah. And he had was two years ago three years ago..

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