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"ballard shop adventures" Discussed on The Dirtbag Diaries

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"ballard shop adventures" Discussed on The Dirtbag Diaries

"That sound on that door has been the same for as long as I've been working with them and so when I hear that it's almost like immediate effect of like oh the doors opening and you know when I hear it's instantaneous. But I have all the years that I've been there of hearing that door or opening an opening and opening closing opening closing and every time you hear it actually it's always followed by. Hey how's it going. This is true Allen. He's worked with the scent outdoors often on for almost a decade on the floor. Talking gear with customers organizing events handing out cupcakes building partnerships between the shop in the low climbing gyms and marketing through that door he first timers and local legends in that Ballard Shop Adventures were born each starting with that creaky wooden door coming to these stores. Everything's just jam packed in there. There's so much gear and I love just walking in there and I always related into a candy store because it really is something that I walk in there. And he's like Oh my God what I want you know and it's like there's so much stuff in here I need this. I need that I want that. I want this to the ski wall and I'll see something I I don't know anything about and just ask any of the staff and they know all about it like I'm always learning something new every time I go there. Even though I worked there it was just basically earliest special shop. There was no other shot. Like Seattle has a big outdoor community unity and a number of really awesome shops in town. A cent outdoors was one of them. It was a staple it had been in business for over twenty years and created longtime customers the events in clinics a reliable selection of new and used gear for the backcountry user a prime location and an awesome staff. Maybe you've got a local ski shop or bike shop. It's like this so when the shop suddenly closed in April of Twenty nineteen the community was shocked. No going out of business sale. No Farewell Party. No it's not you. It's me taxed just a note taped to the door reading dear Ballard community. We will miss you. A cent outdoors is no longer open for business. Thank you for your support over the years. I was on a ski trip up at Rogers Pass with a bunch of friends and somebody almost casually mentioned. Did you hear that outdoors closing their doors. It was like the record scratching off the record player. Like what. Excuse me this is Jason Zabriskie a self described gearhead who lives walking distance from the shop. He and his dog. Pablo were regulars the same shock. Jason felt echoed through the community as the news spread. No one saw it coming not even true a ton of people. Send me text messages. Asking me what happened to US outdoors and it was news to me literally happened overnight And kind of an unfortunate situation and so I was pretty bummed kind of felt like somebody somebody had died in the family.

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