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It's All Relative


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It's All Relative

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I'm an executive producer with iheartradio and a love, all things tech, and in our last episode I explained how communications satellites send information via radio waves, which is why we talked about signals from such things in terms like hurts. Hurts unit refers to the number of repeated phenomena over the course of a second, so imagine that you're dribbling a basketball so that the ball goes from your hand to the ground backup to your hand once per second well, you could describe your dribbling as being one hurts in frequency, one full cycle per second up. Up Now. If you dribbled twice as fast so that the ball went up down up to full times per second, then there would be too hertz well. We can describe lots of stuff with the unit hurts. We use it to describe sounds in which case we're talking about. The frequency at which stuff vibrates. Typical human hearing spans a range of frequencies that at the low end is at twenty hurts. That represents the lowest pitches of sounds, those deep bass notes that's around the twenty hertz of area and then it goes all the way up to twenty kilohertz or twenty thousand Hertz, that represents the very highest pitches that people can typically here, and those frequencies correlate to how quickly stuff is vibrating back and forth now when it comes to us hearing things, we usually mean that we're talking about the vibrations and fluctuation in air pressure, and those fluctuations in air pressure interact with our eardrums. But we can use hurts to talk about all sorts of stuff including the processor speed of a CPU. In that case, we're really talking about the number of clock cycles per second, so you get it. This is a description of the frequency of the number of times. A certain thing happens like within a second and I also explained that we measure the rate at which we can send data using the term bits. A bit is a basic unit of digital information, and when we talk about computers were talking about bits in the form of a zero or a one binary information. Just like your basic to way. Physical switch has two positions off or on so if If, you hear a term like kill a bit that means one thousand bits, and megabit is one million bits, and a gigabit would be one billion bits likewise, megabits per second tells us how many million bits can move from one point to another per second over that connection, so if you've got a one hundred megabits per second connection, theoretically, it would mean that up to one hundred million bits can transfer across that communication channel per second, though that's not how it works out most of the time, but that's a matter for a different episode. I didn't mention that this is different from something like megabytes, so a bite is a unit that consists of eight bits. And this gets confusing because we often described stuff like file sizes in terms of bites, but transfer speeds in terms of bits, so let's say that you do have that. One hundred megabits per second download speed, and you want to download a one hundred megabyte file will that means it's not going to take one second. It's GonNa. Take eight seconds to download the file because a megabyte is eight times larger than a mega bit and actually even that is a little bit misleading. Misleading because in computer memory terms, we typically look at units of memory based on powers of two rather than powers of ten, so instead of a kilobytes being one thousand bytes. It's actually one thousand twenty four bites, and there's no standardization in the tech industry so sometimes people will say kilobytes, and they mean one thousand bytes sometimes they'll say kilobytes, and they mean one thousand twenty four bites, and you will want to tear your hair out, and then you'll look like I do. I'm bald if you didn't know, but this episode isn't about the peculiarities of our naming conventions in the computer information age instead I wanted to tackle something else. That affects everything really, but in particular. We really had to Suss it out. In order to make certain types of satellites work properly, and this is the concept of relativity so in this episode. We're really going to learn why and understanding of relativity is important if we want our certain satellite technologies to work. Work and it serves as a great reminder that technology is only really possible through an understanding of science you can think of tech as the physical manifestation of our understanding of scientific principles, and that means if we were wrong in our understanding of science, technology shouldn't really work so in the way you can think of technology that works as evidence that the scientific method is a darn good formula. Since we're talking about, relativity means we're GONNA. Be Talking about R real. Today his name was Einstein which is convenient, but before we get to Einstein, we have. Galileo Galileo Galileo Figaro. Wait No, I'm sorry that's Bohemian. RHAPSODY I meant. Galileo Gallo lay this Galileo made an observation that if you've got to observers moving at a constant speed and direction, so they're moving at the same velocity, they will get the same results for any experiment that involves stuff around a mechanical experiment. This is easier to understand if we use an example and I like one that my colleague Robert Lamb used when he wrote about relativity for how stuff works dot com back in the day he used. Used an example of a train and A. Scientific Ping Pong. Ball Art. So imagine you've got a scientist who standing in the middle of an aisle on a moving train, and the train is moving at a steady speed in a straight line, so there are no active forces of acceleration. Going on here remember acceleration describes a force that involves a change in velocity. The other means a change in direction or a change in speed or both, but in this case constant speed constant direction Robert used nice round numbers in his example, so he suggested that the train is moving at one hundred miles per hour. Well, it's not round if we go to the metric system that would be one hundred sixty one kilometers per hour. If the train stays steady to the scientist, it will feel as if that scientists is actually just standing still just anywhere, and we're conveniently ignoring an emotion that would happen due to irregularities with the train's wheels or the train tracks or anything like that, and if this is hard for. For you to imagine just think about how you feel when you're standing still or sitting still or laying down here on earth, we know the earth is moving through space. It is a body in motion, but when we are still relative to the earth itself. We don't feel that motion. Assuming there's not some other weird event going on like an earthquake, which is something separate, but back to our hypothetical. Hypothetical train, the scientists tosses the Ping Pong ball down the aisle. Now from the scientists perspective this Ping Pong Ball will travel at whatever speed they threw it at Robert, actually suggests a relatively gentle toss of five miles per hour or eight kilometers per hour. The Ping Pong Ball would bounce down the aisle just as it would. If the scientists were to toss the ball on a train that isn't. Isn't moving at all or on just flat ground. However, let's say we have a second observer. WHO's not on the train? They're standing off to the side and they can see through the train to this person. It will appear as if the Ping Pong ball is moving very fast indeed relative to this stationary observer, the Ping Pong. Ball will appear to move at the speed at which it was thrown. In addition to the speed of the train itself, so if we take the two figures, we get one hundred five miles per hour or one hundred sixty nine kilometers per hour. This is called Galileo on transformation alternatively, if the scientists were throwing the ping pong ball in the opposite direction of the trains travel so there facing towards the back of the train, it would appear to the second observer. The Ping Pong ball was moving at a slower speed than the overall train was whereas to the scientists on board. The Ping Pong ball would still be traveling. Traveling at that five mile per hour speed, so this is where the term relativity comes into play. The effects observed are relative to the perspective of the Observer. It's all by based on the reference frame of that observer. If you're on the train, then you're just looking at a ping pong ball bouncing at a relatively slow speed down the aisle. If you're not on the train the ping, Pong, ball is moving quite fast, so it's all relative Isaac. Newton would follow along and say yeah. May, this old tracks, I don't know I, talk like that. In his laws of Motion Newton stated that these laws of motion should hold in an inertial frame as well as reference frame that was moving at a constant velocity, relative to the inertial frame and inertial frame by the way is just a frame of reference, in which there are zero net forces acting upon it so that there are no forces of acceleration in play, so in our example. The train that we talked about that would be our initial frame. All of this is fairly intuitive, but then we get to something really tricky Einstein would establish that these speed of light in vacuum is the fastest speed in our universe. Nothing can go faster than that, but hey, what if you're on a train? That's traveling one hundred miles per hour and facing forward facing the direction of travel, and then you have a flashlight and you turn on the flashlight. Well doesn't mean you should perform a Galilea transformation on this and say the light from that flashlight in your hands is actually travelling at the normal speed of light on board the train, but also get that boost of the trains travel, so it should be the speed of light plus one hundred miles per hour. Doesn't that make sense bowl? According to actual experiments performed before Einstein would come around to explain things the answer was. Not done the like it works that way. Scientists Edward Morley and Albert a Mickelson created an experiment to measure the speed of light back in eighteen, eighty seven, and actually they were looking for for something else. They were looking for evidence of a hypothetical substance called luminous. Ether. Saywhat. All right, we'll stick with me because. In a way, this does make sense okay, so on earth we see waves traveling through a medium right like if you look out in the ocean, you can see actual waves in the water, and the water is a physical medium through which these waves travel sound can't travel in space because space is effectively a vacuum, the particles that are in space are so far apart from one another then there's no way for the vibration of one particle to come into contact an effect. Another particle sound can't travel sound travels through the propagation of vibrational waves, and if your stuff isn't in contact with each other, there's no way for. For them to have that wave propagate, so there has to be some sort of medium like air or solid surfaces or something in order for sound travel. Well, if that's the case, said the folks of the time, then stuff like light must need some sort of medium to travel through right. I mean sound has to have lite must have something to like indefinitely. Travel through space I. Mean That's how we can see anything. Because light from the sun travels through space to hit the earth, so the light has to be moving through some sort of medium, we cannot observe directly. This hypothetical medium was the aforementioned luminous versus either. Either but assuming this ether existed at all, it had to be pretty darned special, because we can't feel it. We can't detect it. It creates no observable effects. So if it were real, it had to be unlike pretty much anything else. We had discovered up to that point now. Let's assume that the universe is filled with this ether stuff. The question arises held the heck. Does the ether interact with all the physical stuff that's in the universe, the actual matter and also energy after all the bodies in space, stars, planets, moons, and all that other stuff. All of that is moving. None of it is standing still and if. If it is moving. It would presumably disturb this ether medium. Right I mean if you move your hand through a pool of water, you are disturbing that water. You're making currents and eddies, so it was thought that the motion of all these elements in space would disturb the ether in some way, and hypothetically there would be some sort of ether wind, but if there were a wind, then presumably, the speed of light would be affected depending upon the wind's direction in relation to the lights direction, so think of a really windy day in the real world. If you're walking against a very very tough wind like gale, force. Wind Power through it to keep moving forward now. If you're walking with the wind, the wind is to your back and pushing you then you get a big boost while the same thing should be happening with light if ether wind were real, and so Mickelson and morally devised a gadget that would split light into two beams, directing those beams down different paths using mirrors in different directions and seeing if those. Those two beams of light would hit an piece at different times. The thought being well one of these directions would theoretically be in the same direction as the ether wind, and one would be at a crossed direction of ether wind, so should be a difference in the amount of time it takes for the lightweight from this one source that's been split into two to arrive at an eye piece. But That's not what they found. They observed no such effect. So if there were such thing as ether, the stuff wasn't giving either a boost or drag online itself no matter what the light was traveling at a constant speed, which turned out to be approximately one hundred, eighty, six thousand miles per second or around three hundred thousand kilometers per second. Now that flew in the face of Classic Newtonian, Physics, clearly with the example, the Ping Pong Ball and the train. The Ping Pong ball has to be traveling faster than the train. It's on. I mean that just makes sense. If you were standing on the top of the very front of the train, and then you through the Ping Pong Ball, and we ignore stuff like wind resistance. The Ping Pong ball would land ahead of the train, so it has to be going faster. So what the heck was so special about light and what was going on well, this was one of. Of the great mysteries that Albert Einstein said his mind to unraveling, and it formed the basis of one of his great theories of relativity, and this would be the theory of special relativity, which poses that the laws of physics are in the same in all nurses frames of references, and that means the speed of light will be the same for all observers regardless of their relative perspectives. It doesn't matter the context. The speed of light is the speed of light now there's an implication to this theory. That really got people scratching their heads. If the speed of light is absolutely constant. Stuff like distance and time are not in those a heck of a brain teaser. 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Businesses manage millions of calls texts and chats with Watson Assistant. It's conversational. A I designed to help your customers find the answers. They need faster. No matter the industry. Let's put smart to work with IBM DOT COM Slash Watson Assistant to learn more. Let's imagine that you live half a mile away from a lovely park and it's a half mile away in the morning. It's a half mile away at night. It's a half mile away on a Tuesday. It's a half mile away on a Saturday half. A mile is half a mile road. It's a reliable constant in our lives. If it weren't, we could never give directions to anywhere because all the. The measurements and landmarks would change all the time, and our world wouldn't make sense the way it does to us now, so in our individual experiences in our day to day lives stuff like distance seems pretty darn reliable and fixed, so how dare Einstein come along with his theory of special relativity in nineteen o five and say well. Yeah, but see the speed of light is really the true. True constant, and for that to work time and distance or space in other words must be somewhat able Einstein posited that there is no absolute frame of reference in our universe, which means there is no place in the universe that is totally stationary. Everything is moving, which means all motion is relative. You can't really talk about moving except in reference to some other moving thing so even as we. We, sit still and try to meditate. We do so on a planet that is hurtling through space. We are in motion. We're all moving through space and time, and we all have a frame of reference and each frame of reference is just as legitimate as every other frame of reference or I guess you could say if everybody's super nobody. Is I guess? I've watched the incredible too many times. One, anyway, this particular nineteen o five theory is called special relativity, because Einstein's explanation only covered special cases that being when two inertial frames are in constant motion with regard to one another, and there can be no acceleration, so the motion had to be in a straight line at a constant speed, a change in direction or speed would be an acceleration and to cover those instances. We would have to wait a decade for Einstein to work out his theory of general. Will get to that, but we've got a lot more to say about special relativity. So Einstein was taking a different approach to the results of the experiments by. michelson-morley, the scientific world at large was essentially saying this can't be right. These results can't be right. There must be something wrong with the experiment or the equipment because we're sure this theory is correct, and that ether is there Einstein was taking a totally different perspective. He was saying if we assume the experiments are producing accurate results, then it stands to reason that the prevailing theory is flawed, and we have to figure out what the real explanation, as and this is one of those important points in science. It's that if your results in your experiment, don't meet your hypothesis. It's very possible that your hypothesis is wrong now. You need to do multiple experiments to find out and to test your equipment. Make sure there's not any errors there. That could be causing the issues, but it does mean that you need to reexamine that hypothesis. And at this time, the scientific community wasn't really doing that. So Einstein did away with the ether. His explanation suggested that are observable universe has. Has Four dimensions not that there can only be four dimensions, but rather there are four dimensions we can detect and observe, and these would be up down left right forward backward, and then the fourth dimension, which is time collectively those three dimensions are space. The fourth dimension has time, and we get the space time continuum, this intrinsic relationship between space and time or space time continuum, which also gives us. Dozens of star trek episodes would use it. A shorthand for things are about to get really weird. Stein posited the speed of light is measured as constant in all frames of reference, unless think for a second what we mean by speed speed is a description of how much distance can be covered per unit of time, so speed of one hundred miles per hour means that in one hour's time we will cover a distance of one hundred miles. That's very obvious, but if the speed of light is constant for all frames of reference, regardless of how those frames are moving relative to each other that must. must mean something about space, and or time is a little Wonky, and let's think about our train experiment again. If you're aboard a train moving at a smooth one hundred miles per hour in a straight line and toss a ping pong ball straight up in the air. Well, it's GONNA. Go straight up and come right back down to your hand in a nice vertical line from an outside observer who is on the train? It would look a little differently. You would throw the ball up at one point. To this observer and the ball would appear to move not just vertically, but horizontally before coming back down now if we repeat this experiment, but we use light. We really see how he gets confusing. Okay, so now you're on a train, but it's going really fast like let's say half the speed of light, but the speed and direction are constant, so you're on this train. You don't feel any acceleration forces because you're moving at a constant speed any constant direction, so you're velocity remains same in fact. If there were no windows on the train, you wouldn't even be able. Able to tell that the train was moving at all. So let's say you've got a laser pointer and you've got a mirror on the ceiling of the train and the Photon detector on the floor of the train new shoot the laser up at the mirror reflects off the mirror, and then it comes back down and hits the detector on the floor, and it registers how long it took the light to travel from your laser pointer to hit the detector and to you. The laser makes a vertical line. All that makes sense right. You can imagine that, but for our. Observer, WHO'S NOT ON THE TRAIN? It would appear as though the laser actually travelling at a diagonal up to that mirror, and then a diagonal back down toward the detector, so for one observer, the one on the train. We have a straight line. It's vertical up down for the second observer off the train. We have an angled path sort of like how billiard ball can at the site of a pool table and bounce off at an angle? But this creates an apparent paradox. The Path viewed by you on the train is a straight line, and by definition that is the shortest distance between two points. The Path observed by the person who has not on the train is an angled line, and by definition that has to be longer. The speed of light is constant in both cases, but the distance is different between the two points of reference, and because speed distance divided by time. If the distance is different, the time must also be different between those two points of reference. Crazy. This brings us to the concept of time dilation it also by the way can affect distance, the faster and object gets the more squished it gets so if you had this train and you were to get up to near the speed of light, the train to an outside observer would appear to be shorter than it normally would be to anyone inside the train. The dimensions would remain exactly the same. You would not suddenly see a shorter train. It wouldn't be like you were in that compressor seen in star wars, the train with appear to be normal. From an outside observer, who is not traveling at that speed with it appeared that the train itself was getting squished shorter. Likewise, the faster something goes with respect to some other point of reference. That's important. The more quickly time appears to pass for those at the other point of reference or alternatively the more slowly time seems to pass for the fast moving thing. Thing from the frame of reference of the person who's not moving fast. This gets really clunky. I know it gets confusing, so let's talk about space travel. Some more examples actually make this way easier to explain all right, so let's say you've built a spaceship and this spaceship can go wicked fast like eighty percent of the speed of light and you're going. Going to go on a year long jaunt out in space, and your best friend is hanging back on earth. Now we now have our two frames of reference. We have the spaceship, and then we have the the person on earth, so let's ignore acceleration forces for the moment because we're going to have to just focus on special relativity, we'll get a general. General relativity in a moment, so your spaceship zooming around at eighty percent, the speed of light, and for you, time is passing. Normally. The seconds feel like seconds. Minutes feel like minutes hours feel like ours etc, and you're on there for a full year back on earth time is passing normally for your best friend. Who's just hanging on earth? They feel their. Their seconds pass like seconds there minutes past minutes, and so on however when we look at the two of you in reference to one, another something unusual happens so to your best friend on earth. It looks like time passing very slowly for you aboard your spaceship to you on your spaceship. It looks like time is passing super fast for your friend back. Back on Earth, so when you do get back to Earth a year later and the two of you enter the same point of reference. Things are weird from your perspective. You've only aged a year because you spent a year aboard your spaceship, but a little more than a year and a half has passed on earth while you were gone, your calendars wouldn't. Wouldn't lineup anymore. The faster you go, relative to your frame of Reference, the more pronounced the time dilation now I do want to be clear about this. It's not really correct to say that as speed increases, time slows down. You have to always relay this in terms of having another frame of reference, because within a single frame of reference. Time just passes. Passes normally. There's no difference by the way this is also why star dates in the Star Trek. Universe don't make a whole lot of sense. They tried to retroactively make it. Make sense, but keeping time when you're on a ship that can travel at the speed of light, or in the case of Star Trek magically going faster than the speed of light. And, we won't even get into warp speed all as crazy, but being able to use that and somehow related to making sense on time, passing on planets or space stations or whatever. That's a huge mess, but it's also outside of our episodes, so leave it at that. Don't notice the effects of special relativity in most of our day to day lives, because we are not traveling fast enough relative to each other for it to be a real factor most of the time. But it does get even more weird word possible to build a spaceship that could travel at the speed of light, and you were to take this sort of trip to an outside observer. Time would appear to stop for you aboard your spaceship now. If assuming this was even possible, you would still experience time in your own frame of reference as per normal, but your friend back on earth would see that. It looked like you were frozen in. In time, however, this is a moot point. Matter cannot travel at the speed of light, so it's more of a thought experiment. Anyway. However, we can actually detect time dilation with extremely accurate time measurement devices like atomic clocks. In fact, we've done it. In experiments, scientists have synchronized to atomic clocks and these atomic clocks keep incredibly accurate time down to a matter of nanoseconds a Nanosecond, one billionth of a second, so one clock was kept stationary. Speaking here on Earth, the other traveled aboard a high speed aircraft, and at the end of the experiment they compared the two clocks against each other and the one that was aboard the aircraft had measured less time than the one that stayed on the ground on earth less time passed on that aircraft relatives, the amount of time passing on the ground. It wasn't just that one clock was moving more slowly than the other. Literally less time was passing. In reference to the other point of from the perspective of the other point of reference that is the difference was right in line with Einstein's calculations. Now as we'll see, this ends up being an important point when we get to satellites, but we can't just jump on that yet. We do need to take into consideration general relativity so as I mentioned special. Relativity only looks at frames of reference that are in constant. Constant and consistent motion with regard to one another that could be no change in direction or speed, because that introduces accelerate divorces, and that changes things so to take acceleration into account. Einstein proposed his theory of general relativity ten years after his theory of special relativity, so this would be nineteen fifteen for those who are keeping track. This theory would incorporate the force of gravity into Einstein's work, which means factoring in. In acceleration, so in this theory, Einstein introduced the equivalence principle, which says that gravity pulling in one direction is equivalent to acceleration in another direction, so we can actually experience this. It's easy to remember an imagine. Imagine getting on an elevator and it's going up and as it goes up, you feel that sense of increased gravity pulling down on you as the elevator accelerates when the elevator is going down, you feel. Feel a sense of decreased gravity as the elevator accelerates downward, so gravity and acceleration are equivalent, which means that it can also affect our measurements of space and time I'm Stein. The size that gravity was warping space time itself. Take something that's really massive like a huge dense star that would warp space time around it through its gravity, and we can even observe this. Scientifically scientists have measured light. The has curved. Massive Stars this is called Gravitational lensing. Now here's another thing that gets a bit confusing. The effects of gravity on time mean that time passes differently for objects in orbit when taken in reference to time passing on earth itself time passes Faster in orbit than it does on Earth now again. This is a frame of reference thing because if you're on a spaceship in orbit. Orbit, your experience of time would feel exactly the way it does. When you are on earth, it's only when we look at this from two frames of reference that we see how it doesn't match up. So, what does this all mean for? Satellites blown means that satellites in orbit have a couple of different relativistic effects going on in our frame of reference here on Earth. Earth satellites are traveling faster than we are to maintain orbit, which means that if we compare the passing of time in each frame of reference, time would pass faster for us than for the satellite, however, due to the gravitational effect on space time, we also know that something in orbit will have time pass faster for that thing then we would experience here on earth so. So it's the opposite of the effect of special relativity in way, and the effects of special relativity and general relativity, don't actually cancel each other out which means ultimately that time on a satellite and time down here on earth are not sinked up with reference to one another, and for some types of satellites. That's a problem I'll explain more after we take this quick break. Hey, podcast I'm Jada. Pinkett, Smith host to the Red Table Talk Podcast, and I want to introduce you to two of the most important women in my life. My Mom Adrienne Banfield Norris. She's really old school. I never wanted to be in that situation like not date will at all. Everything is by the book, and then we have my daughter Willow Camille Reign Smith. Smith I'm going to be like my ancestors in just do what I need to do. We've brought these three generations to the red. Table to talk about family relationships social issues in a whole bunch more. We're all going through something right, so put on your headphones. Join me, Jada, Pinkett Smith Gammy and willow for your favorite episodes on the rare table. Talk podcast. Like glowing. Mark. Thank you I. Appreciate it. Listen to the Red Table podcast presented by Facebook, watch and Westbrook audio on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. To understand why relativity is important with certain satellites, let's talk about the global positioning system or GPS. Now this is the satellite system that provides data back to earth that makes it possible to get precise coordinates using a GPS receiver. Does that work well here on earth you could get a very imprecise idea of your general coordinates through a trilateral commission using signals from cellphone towers. This works on a fairly simple principle, so we know that the radio signals sent to and from cell phones travel at essentially the speed of light, so if a cell phone tower broadcasts out a short command, the just requests your phone to respond back with a quick response, a pain in other words. The amount of time it would take for the pain to reach the cell tower could be used to work backward and figure out how far away the phone is from that cell phone tower. Because you know the speed of travel, right is the speed of light, so you also know how much time it took. That means you can work backward to figure out the distance between those two points. However, that's just a distance. There's no direction there now. If you did this with Multiple Cell Towers, the collective data from those. Those towers could be used to get a rough estimate of where the phone is. So let's imagine we've got a map and on that map. We've got three Cell Towers, a B and c. you can see exactly where each one is, and let's say that you've got a phone. That's located somewhere within the broadcast range of those three cell towers. Each Tower sends a ping to your phone. Your phone respond with Ping back, and you are given the amount of distance between your phone and each of those three towers well. Tower as result says that you are a mile away from tower a so you actually have to draw a full circle around tower, a to represent all the possible points you could be. That are one mile away from tower a so you're drawing a mile radius around tower. A tower be responds that you're within one point five miles of tower being so you have to draw a circle round tower. Be To represent all the points where you could be. That are a mile and a half away from it. Now the circle tower be in the circle from top a should intersect each other at two points, but that means you could be at either of those two points right could be either overlap, so you don't have enough information yet by coordinating with tower. See and let's say that tells you. You're within two miles. You can draw a third circle and the point where all three circles would meet would be general location. It's not incredibly precise, but it does give you an idea of where you are. The GPS constellation of satellites does something similar only we have to think of this. In terms of three dimensional space, rather than a two dimensional map, so a satellite sends out a high frequency, low power, radio, signal and receivers pick that signal up. The receiver, let's say your smartphone doesn't have to send data backup to the satellite which is good, because would be an enormous drain on your smartphones power so really it's just listening for these signals now the receiver and satellite both run the same digital pattern relative to a specific time stamp. It's easy if we think of this as midnights, let's say that midnight hits, and this particular digital pattern starts both on the satellite and the receiver, so they're both running the exact same pattern. The satellite beams out of signal carrying this digital pattern. The satellite is far away so it takes a little time. You know not much, but a little time for that signal to get your receiver and the lag between. Between the pattern that's playing on your receiver and the signal of that same pattern coming in from the satellite tells the receiver how far away it is from that particular satellite because again we know that the city is moving at the speed of the transmission itself, and that's the speed of light, and that's constant so now the receiver knows how far away it is from that one satellite, and because the orbits of these satellites are predictable, the receiver has a record of where that satellite should be relative to the surface. Occasionally, we have to tweak that record because stuff like gravity can pull a satellite slightly out of position over time, so that actually is something that has to be addressed on occasion. This receiver will do this with at least four satellites, the y four and not three I gave the the three cell phone tower examples. Well, it's because the clocks on satellites and the clock that's running on the device that the receiver is built into may not be in, and really aren't truly synchronized and the intersection of force fears of distance like these four spheres represented various ranges that these satellites are finding themselves in with regard to this receiver. Can only intersect at one point. That's the only place they could all intersect. So if a GPS receivers clock is not matching up to the clocks on the satellites, there will be no intersection at all, and the receiver will say well. I can't find an intersection so I know that means. My clock is off from all the other clocks, and it will then adjust its own clock to be in alignment so that the four spheres have a point of intersection, and that is your location on earth now in order for our receivers to be able to do. Do, this the accuracy of the atomic clocks aboard those GPS, satellites has to be accurate within twenty to thirty nanoseconds and remember a nanosecond one billionth of a second that is an astounding level of accuracy, and because these satellites are in motion, and they are also affected by Earth's gravity, they are subject to the effects of special and general relativity, and this means we actually have to make calculations to take that into account now, according to special relativity and the relative speeds of satellites to a fixed point on the surface of the earth. We would expect the. The atomic clock aboard that satellite to register seven fewer macro seconds per day than o'clock on earth, because satellites are moving through space faster than we are relatively speaking, so that means from our frame of Reference Time is passing more slowly on that satellite than it does here on earth but general relativity comes into play, too, and general relativity tells us that the Earth's gravity warps space time around our planet and one of general relativity predictions. Is that a clock closer to a massive object so like a clock here on earth will tick more slowly than. Than a clock that is further out from that same massive object, so the closer the clock is to the mass of object. The less time it will experience, it will measure compared to a clock. That's further away, which is crazy right so taking only general relativity into account we would see that o'clock aboard one of these satellites would register more time having passed on that satellite then o'clock here on earth meaning from our frame of Reference Time is actually passing faster on those satellites than it does here for us. This would come out to about forty five. Five microseconds a day meaning that at the end of day one, the clock aboard that satellite would be ahead of o'clock here on Earth by forty five microseconds, and this would continue day after day with the gap growing wider every single day now when we bring both special and general relativity together into consideration. We see that they don't just cancel each other out right because we've got that. Seven micro-second lag due to special relativity, but we have the forty five micro-second surge due to general relativity, so in the end we're looking at a thirty eight microseconds difference. Difference per day between a clock on the satellite and o'clock here on Earth, the clocks on the satellites will get ahead of similar clocks here on Earth, by thirty eight microseconds every single day, and while micro-second is a very small amount of time I. Mean we're talking at a level that we don't typically experienced. We don't think of time and microseconds for our day to day lives. However, thirty eight microseconds is equal to thirty eight thousand NANOSECONDS, and if you're looking for an accuracy of around twenty to thirty nanoseconds, district comes an enormous problem if we don't. Don't take it into account, and this brings us back round to something. I mentioned at the top of the show. We know that Einstein was right about relativity, because we have to account for it with technology like GPS. If we didn't take into account if we didn't factor in the effects of relativity, our GPS wouldn't work for very long at all. Our technology proves that the science is real or else. The tech would fail at what it needs to do now in general, I think that's a great lesson to take home. There are a lot of voices. Voices out there that call science into question, and some of them are more outlandish than others. A person who's passionately insincerely arguing that the earth is flat seems pretty far out there for me, because so much of our technology we built upon, and we rely upon wouldn't work if that were true, even if you can't experience something directly such as having a meaningful experience of time dilation, a ton of the stuff we do experience on day to day. Basis is affected by this stuff, and it proves the existence and also the benefits of having the scientific method. Now, give a little side note on GPS to kind of wrap this up the original GPS. Configuration came out of a United States Department of Defense Project the original purpose was to provide positioning information for government and military, but specifically the United States and its allies, and for that reason, the government wished to restrict access to this technology. The general thought was that it would be better if the US didn't allow tech. That could you know? Give precise coordinates for stuff like military bases or the position of. Of various military units to people who didn't belong to those divisions, so as a matter of national security. The US guarded this technology civilian receivers, so if you went out and bought a GPS receiver, you could get public GPS signals, but the United States was purposefully instituting a policy called selective availability, which wasn't intentional degradation of public GPS signals. They were introducing errors on purpose, so that GPS receivers couldn't get an accurate, wrote location at limited accuracy to around fifty meters horizontally and one hundred meters vertically. And effectively that meant that you wouldn't really know your precise coordinates. You certainly couldn't use a GPS receiver as a turn by turn directions tool because you wouldn't even necessarily show up on the right St. you wouldn't know if you were approaching your turn, or if you'd already passed it, it was. It was not practical for that. It was only in the year two thousand when US President Bill. Clinton directed the government to end selective availability that civilian gps receivers could actually get accurate data, and that's what made the modern gps receivers stuff like our phones possible. So before two thousand GPS receivers didn't work very well for the average person, but it wasn't because the technology was bad or that the science was wrong. It worked that way or if you prefer it, it didn't work properly on purpose, and that wraps up this episode about relativity, and why it's important with technology, and it's not just satellite tack, but that's a big one. And it also ends up being a big thorn in the side for science fiction authors who want to write about interstellar travel faster than light speeds because you have to start finding alternative explanations for how that's possible, because we we've come up against these limits. That Einstein predicted so far his predictions have held true so in order to travel faster than the speed of light. You do have to create something like warp drive, which theoretically warps space around you so rather than traveling faster than light your decreasing the distance between your point of. Of origin and your destination, it would be kind of like taking a map of the United States and saying I'm going to travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles from one coast to the other, but instead of drawing a line from Atlanta to La. You just fold the map so that the two dots are next to each other, and then you draw a line that way that's how warp speed is supposed to work, because it's the only way you can get around the fact that you can't really go faster than the speed of light. But, that's a topic for another show. If you guys have suggestions for future topics, I should tackle. Please let me know. Send me a message on twitter handle. Is Tech Stuff H. S. W. I'll talk to you again really soon. Tech stuff is an iheartradio production for more podcasts from iheartradio visit. The iheartradio APP apple podcasts wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Brought to you by IBM nice days can come with the hidden cost seasonal allergies, so the weather channel is using IBM Watson to predict local allergy risk up to fifteen days out. Get Allergy insights with Watson on the weather channel APP and whether Dot Com. Deepen in rural New Hampshire on the side of a dark highway. Betty and Barney Hill lights in the sky. One on the passenger side over to the left, which would have been the site that I was driving. They were abducted and tested tried to insert a needle like instrument in my navel, but did it really happen. Bins, the entire season of stranger rivals on the iheartradio. APP, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

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Fighting Fear Staying Calm in Coronavirus Chaos  - 545

The Chalene Show

27:33 min | 1 year ago

Fighting Fear Staying Calm in Coronavirus Chaos - 545

"I just graduated college about nine months ago and while I was there I was diagnosed with adult. Adhd and I learned some strategies on how to allow that to work for me and that against me but since being immersed in real adulthood have fulltime job in manage my own time diet without a class or a meal plan has actually been quite a bit more difficult than I ever imagined. I'm listening to your podcast with Bj. Fog about creating tiny habits and that was exactly what I needed to get my lifestyle back on track. I downloaded his book on audible actually sat down and took notes while I listened and then I got myself pushed journal and I can already feel the difference. It's making so I just wanted to say thank you. I am so glad I stumbled upon your podcast because they have changed my life. I really look up to you as someone who shares similar life values and struggles. I appreciate you. I adore you and I mean it thank you. Hey there welcome to the show. This is car smart Friday. And we're going for a ride so please put your seatbelt on. We want you to be safe. Welcome to the Shu Lien. Show she lean is a New York Times bestselling author celebrity fitness trainer in obsessed with helping. You live your dream life. I'm here today with Brett were on our way to Jimmy. Say Hello Hello everybody on the show today and most days which I recently you just for the first time in how many years we've been together like thirty years. You just recently told me why it is. You always like to drive the one that gets people. They're in control. It makes gives me anxiety to sit in the passenger seat. Okay well that's cool because I like getting things done over here in the presidency like this podcast the we WanNa talk to you about today is how important it is for you to stay calm and to do your best to to spread that com- energy that everything is going to be okay with people around you. Oh you know what I've got. I don't even think I mentioned this to you. That a someone called in after the episodes I did on addiction and they were really upset because at the end of that podcast. I said everything's GonNa be okay and This person Is a mom whose daughter is not okay. And she's her life is in jeopardy and she's struggling with addiction and they've done all the things they've tried all the interventions and she just said. I you need to be careful when you say things like. Everything's going to be okay because sometimes it's not and I want I say I cannot imagine what you're going through. I can't even for a moment. Put myself in your shoes and try to think about that because it'd be so painful to go through what you're going through whether that's you or if that person's listening right now or or anyone like were nice. I just wanted to explain what I mean by when I say everything's GonNa be okay and this relates to this episode and that is that we have to put our fear in God's hands he he is bigger than our fears. And we have to know that sometimes when things don't work out as we want them to or intend for them to it's it's always for our best and in the thick of it when it's horrible it can't possibly feel like that but it. God does have a plan and everything will work out. That's not to say it's GonNa work out as you want it to or as we'd hoped for or in a way that's most. I don't know comfortable or easy. It's not always easy. But maybe you know you'll get through it is you know you'll survive survive like we're meant by that is. I'm okay in my soul. Even if they if when we don't know what's GonNa Happen with our family with the economy with our health with anything. We have to know that we will be okay in our soul. And that's what I meant by that. I didn't want to give people the impression that everything's GonNa work out the way you want it to. That's not often the case but we want to talk about fear today because the only way to combat fear is with knowledge and by spreading love and allowing your calm nature to have an influence in in fact the people around you. We've all have family members who are freaking out and you have neighbors and family members and TV and social media and all these things that influence our own decision. So I was explaining to bread that I had. We're seeing all people post on social media that they couldn't find toilet paper anywhere and I said. Should we try to find toilet paper like and I know we don't need to find toilet paper but so? Why are people hoarding things like this? And the answer is because they're seeing other people hoarding it. And so there's that credit demand and that got in my head and I was thinking all right. So should we stop? I like in Brooklyn. Why would we do that? We've we've got tons of toilet paper here. And we have those flushable wipes is this too much information. Probably but it's it's just like I don't WanNa Watch the news and I WANNA watch the news for information. I don't WanNa Watch the news and like get all sterile and you know yesterday. We're getting bad news. I mean we had we have lots of our Our children are both in college and they both have tons of friends in college and we. We have a huge sports community that we know love. We have nephews that play a nephew that plays in the NBA. And like guess what they cancel although those things. But life's GonNa go on and this is GonNa be you know. Gosh a short period of time. But WE JUST HAVE TO BE SAFE. And not like overreact overreact. What the sports things are doing. They're being vigilant. They're they're actually trying to keep people and slow this down. Slow this down and by slow this down. We're going to speed up the the dip if you will. And it's many of the smartest people the analysts are saying. It's going to be V. In other words like you know when we're talking about the impact is going to have on the economy and the impact is GonNa have on all of our lives. It's going to be a swift and sudden dip and then we're back out of it because you can just look at China as our blueprint for what we will likely experience here in the United States. And we're not experts on this our goal our objective is to take care of you the lifer and You know yes. There are changes and upheaval and people will have to buckle down and and be creative. Think outside the box. Don't get into a victim mentality so yesterday. Heard from a few students and our marketing programs marketing impact program who have businesses that are brick and mortar businesses primarily. And although we try to teach people how to build a an online business and online presence many of them have used the marketing impact academy to primarily build their brick and mortar businesses. Which you can do but were always telling people that's risky. Having one thing is the riskiest place you could be if you just have one job and one source of income. That's risky if your only source of income is social security. That's risky if your only source of income is You'RE AN ENTREPRENEUR. But you'll have one stream or or one avenue that that's risky that's why we are always recommending the people get your ducks in a row before something like this happens. I WanNa Kinda. 'cause every painting has two sides or whatever. Every picture has like two sides every story every story I asked you sides there you go so the oil is another reason why things are crashing. Because they weren't in a while conflict right around the world but if you think about it. What is the company that delivers us? These things in need is Amazon. Will they need fuel to get to to get to US right now? The fuel prices are down so they're able to operate even faster and quicker and more young more efficiently. So like there's you know so. The delivery service their positive sides because what if the gasoline prices were going up to then like Amazon. Might have to shut down or delivery services by after shutdown and then people would have to go out which means it's more chance of the virus the virus spread and that's a look at that benefit like it's a positive right and then to finish up on what. I was just saying why it's so important that you look at an opportunity right like the positive side so if you've been sent home from work because your kids have been sent home from school use this opportunity as a time to explore other means of income other sources of Revenue Online. Perhaps we've heard from an and and I don't want to downplay this because I know it's really scary for a lot of people but you have to put your fears aside because they don't serve you you have to move forward and say I'm GONNA survive this. I might not be living in the same house. I might have to get a smaller car. I might have to buckle down for a few months or even a year but I'm GONNA be alright. I survive everything. That's your survival rate like your everything's GonNa be okay. The people you love are safe and that won't change. You know who you are and you know what you'll do in certain situations and and you will survive this. You have to know that but consider this as an opportunity to look outside of what you normally do. One of the people from yesterday was Really devastated that she had lost over five thousand dollars in client so she sees people in person. These would be you know. personal trainers therapists massage therapists People who they service others. Sometimes that could be a waitress. It could be just about anything where you are an employee or you own a business where people have to come to see you. And because everyone's responding to this with extreme panic and fear that's having a devastating effect on other people's financial situation. So I said to this. Mia member. This is your wake-up call to build exactly what you've been doing online. What you provide aid can be provided for people online. You can reach far more people and never in this by the way a therapist. I said and never has been more important for people to take care of their mental health. Anxiety and worry and depression are at an all-time high right now. Because of a situation like this so there are people otherwise. You wouldn't be able to reach that. In this moment you can serve them and create an additional stream of income to supplement the people that you're normally seeing in person. I agree I think it's a it's a time to reflect in if that's been something on your bucket list to get something another stream of income. What a perfect opportunity You Know People. Officials health officials are saying limit. You're going out and being around too many people you and I are going to support local businesses. But we're not looking to go to a concert weekend you know we're going to but I wouldn't not go to one to be honest I wouldn't yeah I mean but to be honest there's also no concerts to cancel them so I mean I get that I think we we would go to a sporting event or something like that if if that were the case we would still go. I think this is the perfect opportunity for you to sit down and go. What can I do online so that I can prepare myself if this happens again in a year? Yeah doesn't necessarily mean. Starting a business. It might be mean reselling. Some of the things you have in your home. It might be working as a virtual assistant doing some social media for other people signing up to be a consultant a freelancer wherever it is your expertise as a way to guide other people through that thing that you've already figured out most importantly you've you've got to do these things. You actually have to get yourself to do the things you know you need to do. And this is an plug for our our coaching program. But like I have to say we did a alive. Coaching call last night with our members and they gave him. This could not have common a fricken better time because there's so many things I realize. I know I needed to do for a long time and now I'm doing them because being held accountable and I'm learning how to get these things. Done it on your bucket list or your goal is to open up a FC account or Posh Mark Account or one of those on Line. Things that to sell things you have all the stuff you've piled up or or you know or you know of this like trinkets or whatever a widget that you want to sell the people and this is the time to create your online storage shop. Affi- I mean there's there's certain companies right now that are out there that are just waiting for you to come open up an account with them start an online business and those businesses are actually booming right now so you won't hear about that on the news but an example of that is zoom because people are realizing I can do what it is I do remotely with a video conference and other online services like dropbox and anyways you know this isn't just about building a business or creating extra income we wanted. We WANT TO HELP. Calm your nerves. We interrupt this broadcast to answer frequently asked questions about CBD. It's crazy. How many questions I get about this topic. And how many misconceptions there are about CBD first of all CBD. There are many different forms. There's many different types and you can buy it now at your local gas station because it's not regulated by the FDA. You need to be hello careful about using a very reputable company. Some things you need to understand about. Cbd First of all it makes the type of CBD that my soul CBD produces is a pure CD which means you can't get high from it. There is no THC which is the part of the plant that gives you that hallucinogenic or the high characteristics that people refer to my soul. Cbd is a an isolate? There's no other ingredients. It's pure and the reason the other reason why I love my soul. Cbs because they actually care about the manufacturing process how. It's armed how it's packaged quality control and taste. Cbd oils are very much like protein. Powders like there's some stuff on the market because it's not regulated where you don't know what you're getting you don't know what you're paying for you don't know what you're putting in your body and that's why it is so imperative that you go with a company that actually cares about the reputation and the quality of their ingredients and has that brand integrity. And that's why I recommend my soul. Cb deep and as Ashley Listener You get twenty percents off when you go to my soul. Cbd Dot Com and you have to enter. Don't forget enter the code. She'll lean for your twenty percent off all right. So what should you pick up your first time when a big fan of the watermelon flavored dropper oils you just put under your tongue or you can put it in a drink if you're not into oils. There Gumy's are quite tasty. I might add and they're bedtime capsules which are CBD combined with Melatonin. Those are remarkable. Those are my three picks. Don't forget to enter. Shaheen when you check out at my soul. Cbd DOT COM. All right back to the show all right. We went in the gym to work out. But we're back and You know the Jim. How busy would you say it was today? It was probably about twenty percent lighter than usual. Yeah I was excited like I mean. It wasn't empty. That was a good sign was when we went a little earlier this morning We usually do and it was filling up. Yeah definitely filling up more leaving so it's good to see people on the road and I don't WanNa make light of people who have decided to think about their own health and maybe you had a cold or the flu or your immune system is compromised at the moment and it is prudent to take every precaution necessary. What we're trying to recommend is that you don't adopt a spirit of fear and in fact I think more important than avoiding someone who might be sick. I mean that's important too but it's equally important to avoid anyone who has that fearful spirit because a spirit of fear can be more damaging and more infectious than any disease. And that's why people are going just crazy innings. -IETY is high in worry is high and the sky is falling. So it's a delicate balancing. Act where you want to be cautious and smart use good sense but also think about the fact that there are more ramifications to this than just the physical. I mean on a global scale. You've got to think of others and not just of others health. The after think of others financial wellbeing the waitress who is making one tenth of the amount of tips the people who you normally go and visit their establishments then and now. They've they've got food rotting in the refrigerators of restaurants and that has to be thrown away so many of these people work on such small margins. You know if you can continue to patronize. Small businesses in Tucson away. That's that safe. I encourage you to do so. Because there's some other industries that we just really can't do anything for and they're gonNA suffer my saw this on the news today about arena people that clean arenas and work at arenas the end a couple. I saw a couple of basketball players. Nba Basketball players already. Donate over six figures to like just those people are GonNa be out of work. The maintenance people at the staffy and the people that part time workers that because there are layoffs and and many of these people are the ones who are least protected. The people they don't have insurance or they don't their hourly employees and they they don't have Paid time off. And they you know and I think probably government will step in. Let's have our fingers crossed and provide some relief there. But in the meantime the more we can do to just continue as we always have but with probably in the way that we should always have been operating like. I watched today in every single person on the equipment at the gym. We were at wiped it down before they started and then wiped it down after well. That should be happening every day. And I'm going to be the first to say I don't do that. I always wipe it down when I'm done but I hadn't thought about wiping down before I get on it because I'm thinking about the personnel after me but the person who was on before me might not have been thinking about it. These are things we should have always been doing because the flu has always been deadly. The flu has always been a potentially fatal exposure for at risk populations. That's why they created a flu. Shot create a Flu. Shot with the stranded. They think's going to be affected the most. But you know when you get it. I mean it's you're at risk. There are tens of thousands of people who die every year from the flu. If we reported on the news every day. What the flu was doing. It would turn into mass hysteria so I know there are differences. I'm aware of all the things in our intention today is to help you feel calm and to know that it is. Everything's going to work itself out. But we make things worse by overreacting and and having a fear mentality or anything else you wanted to add. I was going to say about social distancing. Social distancing is is a good idea like I was thinking about the other day. I'm like why do we always shake hands with people? That seems dumb thing to do this dumb thing to do that and they talked about that yesterday. That it's such a political thing like you know leaders shaking hands that trump is still shaking like leaders hands but I'm sure he's got like some disaffected right there but the leaders are doing in there really telling people like just don't do it. I'm not like we didn't invent a couple of weeks ago and afterwards I met a ton of people and there was already you know news reports about the criminal virus and it was an international event and I saw like it was like almost slow motion like this person was like reaching their hand out to me and I knew there an international traveler and I was just like oh no went away and I just didn't think quick enough and I shook that person's hand in like literally it felt like Oh slow motion wind shaking their hand. Like up and down down. I'm thinking how do I get antibacterial soap into my hands? And then I thought to myself. Okay just don't forget. You just shook one person's hand don't shake anymore hands because if that person did just read something to you it would be irresponsible to spread it to anyone else. And so from that point forward. I didn't shake anyone else's hand and I would like either elbow bump them or you know give them a hug and and maybe even that's too close approximity right to give some of the hug but the practice shaking hands is pretty dumb. Like we could probably. I wonder how many deaths we could prevent annually if we just stopped shaking hands spreads. So you just don't know what that spread is. Yeah like a fist. Bump is fine. Like why can't you do fist-bump? Fist-bump is cool anyways handshakes formal. I like fist-ball art fist-bump or like hip bump or knuckle bump. Well that's I mean. What's the difference Martha Firstly? No knuckle bump and a fist-bump. Aren't they the same? Yeah the same all right. What about a hip bump? Have you ever noticed when you wait when answer? My question about hit. Bump People's hips are at different levels in some people don't know how to be gentle and some people have bony hips? That's what I was GONNA say about. Have you ever been Fist Knuckle Bob Fist fist pumped or whatever by like a five-year-old boy eight-year-old filth. They Punch you. Oh yeah they don't they don't know how to do it gently why now. I know so. So let's talk message now to the parents you need to teach. Your kids do gentle. Fist-bump simmer down eight year old. She calm down. You'RE GONNA break my hand I do. Let's let's start a Hashtag. No more handshakes like handshakes are dumb. Let's not do them ever again not useful. They're just spreading germs. Okay what's that guy's name The Comedian Howie Mandel. Like he's probably had a right all along because if we were all just from this point forward more conscientious about our cleanliness and spreading of germs. We'd probably be better off It's kind of like after nine eleven. It made us. All Uber. Aware of our surroundings and vulnerabilities and and you know see something say something so there will be some a lot of positives that come out of this and maybe handshakes being eliminated is one of them and maybe people being much more conscientious about cleaning their surfaces in their hands and all of those things might be that that might happen. Okay last thing I wanted to say. Is that on my instagram stories yesterday. I asked if you're a business owner or someone who has been impacted maybe a service worker or some type of employer. You'RE IN AN INDUSTRY. That's been severely impacted by The sphere what do you want the general public to know and it was really interesting because a lot I wasn't I wasn't expecting this at all. Do you know what they said. I would say. Eighty percent of them were like please tell everyone. We are sanitizing everything constantly. We are so conscious about cleanliness. Please come in. Please come in we. We're why wiping down everything. Every door handle every were so conscientious. That saw that comment over and over again and then I saw from a lot of people that if it's something you don't want to do right now. For example massage therapist said by a GIFT CARD. You could use later something because so many of us rely on seeing you and we may not be able to. We might not be available when this is over because we could put us out of business so if it's something you know you're going to resume doing later like maybe go and buy a gift card or purchase a package in advance. I know it's easier said than done. But just just think about the people that you care about when you see on a regular basis and and don't forget them are you guys. I hope that was helpful for you. Love you mean it love you mean it bye bye have a good weekend. Did sound like you meant it. I do love it. Meaning all the above. I love you guys and I mean it Dr Soon well. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. I wanted to mention a tool that I think you're gonNA find incredibly useful especially if you struggle sometimes to know what your purposes. What is your thing like? What are you called to do? Why are you here? What makes you great? What makes you unique? You know what I think. You're too close to yourself actually even see it. I think we asked a lot of your friends and family members. They would know but I want you to know it. I want you to declare it. I want you to see it so I've developed this really simple questionnaire you just download. It's kind of like a quiz but you're going to know all the answers to this quiz because it's a quiz about you and when you complete it right there in your own handwriting. It's going to be perfectly clear to you what your thing is so do me a favor note. Do you a favor and download this questionnaire you can get it for free by going to Sha. Lean dot com forward slash. My thing and then answer the questions and I when here from you semi-in instagram message. And let me know. What is your thing? I'm really excited to hear and I know you will be to. It can be life changing and clarity providing to know what your thing is. The same answers are gonNA come up over and over again when you felt this questionnaire. It's going to be so obvious to you and it's going to give you that boost in confidence that maybe you've been missing all right again. Selene DOT COM forward slash? My thing and I am really excited for you to do this.

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Stacey Abrams on Her Future  And America's

The Women

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Stacey Abrams on Her Future And America's

"Are you a fan of pop culture up on game? Do you know the vibes. If not the ballers show podcast. Is He keeping you in the note with the latest your favorite celebrities kind event and providing free games so listeners in need okay thousand Ethiopian Su Solo? Make sure you check us out on our brand new K. Baller show podcast available now iheartradio on Apple podcasts or wherever you get. Joepat cast our opportunities to hold our leaders accountable to their highest themselves by saying give us the ballot and the worry. Is that unfortunately the courts and our leaders will not protect us from the worst instincts of politics. Welcome to the women are production of iheartradio and myself rosary. Today we are speaking to the first African American woman to run for Governor of Georgia. And she may just be the next president of the United States Stacey Abrams our responsibilities to ensure that the right to vote is both safe and accessible and what covert nineteen has put into sharp. Relief is that safety and accessibility. Sometimes don't look identical. Our responsibility than is to create alignment. Stacy's priority isn't who's on the ballot but to ensure that every American can cast one and both federal courts and politicians at a crossroads how to proceed. The president recently. Said he wouldn't sign a relief. Bill if it included voter protection agreed to it. You'd never have a republican elected in this country again. This is getting a lot of attention after Wisconsin's April seventh primary where it Supreme Court voted remotely. That voters cannot vote remotely refusing. The governor's request to postpone the election. This morning people in Wisconsin have a tough choice to make protector health by following the state. Stay at home order or exercise their right to vote. Since the Wisconsin primary there have been confirmed cases of voters contracting corona virus while at the polls and Stacey. Abrams is very familiar with the nuances and impact of voter suppression. The current governor of Georgia. Brian Kemp personally oversaw. The purging of millions of voters enclose hundreds of precincts. And then Stacey Abrams in two thousand eighteen by fifty five thousand votes however over eighty thousand votes have been mismanaged or discounted during the election. So stacy did not concede. I acknowledge that former secretary of state. Brian Kemp will be certified. As the victor and the twenty eighteen gubernatorial election but to watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in the state baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the. People's Democratic. Right to vote has been truly appalling. So let's be clear. This is not a speech of concession for me. This is personal. Georgia's my home state. And it's where I think about my future and where my entire family lives justice past week. Brian Kemp against the wishes of both the president and the mayor of Atlanta lifted shelter in place order to reopen businesses like tattoo parlors and now salons stacey. Abrams is working with fair. Fight to protect voters rights from home. Where she's quarantining Georgia. We spoke over the phone. What do you think is your biggest concern For voter suppression at this moment. Our responsibilities to ensure that the right to vote is both safe and accessible. What happened in Wisconsin on April? The seventh is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. Which is that priority was given to power? Instead of two people and disasters. We are often called to move quickly and to make decisions that are informed but sometimes do not you know. We're not possessed of all the information we need. What's true about covert nineteen is that we can see the future right now. We know that this is a disease that is going to continue to hit hard. There may be moments of relief but that the best ways to mitigate the harm is to socially distance we also know that elections are coming in November. We know the day we know the time we know where we need to hold them and we know that they cannot be moved and so those two very clear pieces of Information. Our opportunity is to react and to anticipate and the safest way to do. This is to allow people to vote by mail as many people as possible. And the reason is it's the safest way to vote but you also then filter out you sift out. Everyone who can vote that way so that you're left only what those who cannot vote by mail and that means you reduce the likelihood of harm and you're creating the opportunity for accessibility for people who have to vote in person. That's the way we should operate because we have made it safe for everyone as we can and we've also made it accessible to the extent possible the challenges that Republicans unfortunately seem to be hell bent on restricting access. Not because they're worried about safety or accessibility but because they're worried about losing power and this is something that's actually been stated by the Speaker of the house in Georgia by the president of the United States that their fear is not fear of accessibility. Your safety but of partisanship. And what's your experience been like? Are you feeling safe as your family? Safe Yeah so I have family in California Kentucky and then throughout Georgia. We're all sheltering in place. Everyone so far is doing well. But my parents are more susceptible there. Over Seventy and my dad has both emphysema and prostate cancer. So he is among the most medically fragile and luckily they've been able to take advantage of living in the community that has provided ways for them to take care of themselves. My deepest worry though. Is that there. So many people throughout the south and around the country who are both medically fragile but are isolated from opportunity and from the services they need and we know that for people of color for the economically vulnerable that Kovic is wreaking havoc and that these are the least resilient population so while I'm personally safe and healthy my constant worry about those who do not have the same infrastructure around them that my family and I do you've been very open about Describing yourself as an introvert and your Myers Briggs is I n t j Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging Aka the architect my sister who also describes herself as an introvert has was joking with me that introverts have been preparing for this state of living for their entire lives and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on that. I think she is correct. I have been My my siblings laugh at me there about so there are six of us. Three of us are introverts. Three of us are extroverts and the introverts are doing much better with this whole thing than the extroverts are luckily all my extroverted family members are sheltered and places others and to myself and my sister who introverts we are by ourselves and then my brother and he decided to marry and have children so he really sews ally but but I do think it has been less difficult for me than for others because it gives me time to think time to work time to focus on issues that continue even as we live in this moment focusing on making sure there are elections are safe making sure. Our census is accurate and thinking about how we respond to the most vulnerable and least resilient communities and I've had time to continue to work on those things. I know that you are the second of six children. How does that play out in the taxonomy of building yourself as a as a leader? What's that look like? So my older sister refers to me as one point five. So she's captain but sometimes he wasn't being in charge of things sometimes. Not My my taxonomy. Is that Andrea captain. I was always financing logistics. Leslie was the cruise director and the younger crew so And we very easily fall into that rubric when things are necessary when we're together and for me that means I will tend to step in two buildings but I am actually very comfortable and then shifting leadership and responsibility to those who have demonstrated their capacity so for example I created in the wake of the twenty eighteen election I created fight to focus on voter suppression and voter protection. I created search count to focus on the census and I created the southern economic advancement project to focus on progressive policy in the south but in each of those spaces I built the infrastructure. I raised funding. But I also made certain that I put in place very strong leaders because part of what I learned from my sister and from our family is that if you're always the essential person then you're not doing your job right. People should be able to lead on their own and the strongest leaders. And this is something. I've learned as a manager. The strongest leaders are ones who create stronger and part of my obligation has been throughout my career when I create organizations when I set up structures that if I'm doing my job well other people can do the job. You know you've talked about how your family's tight knit you and your book Lead from the outside. You describe some really wonderful and long term friendships and working relationships with those that you've built businesses with it. Sounds to me like you've had a really great support network. I can also imagine that with your bid for governor and making some of those first phone calls the disappointment and shock of some of those people whether it's tertiary second tier friendships saying to you. I'm not sure I want to invest yet because I'm not sure about this viability. How have you decided or navigated to venture out into new relationships to trust New People or to keep your circle small and tight as you pursue really ambitious and worthwhile pursuits? Unfortunately the experience of the primary election helped me understand people who I thought were first order. We're actually second or third order and I did have an Not a lot but I had a handful of people who I would have put in that first order friendship who savagely disappointed me Some by not believing and others are actively working against me and when confronted when we had the conversation about it the explanations were never about a doubt in my capacity. It was doubt about what I look like who I am and it was never. You did this thing that I think is wrong it was. I just don't believe enough in you and that is I think harder than anything else but I. I think the reality is you. You can't excise people from your life but you can learn from their behavior and so those who may have been I order may now be third order and those whose rationale was suspect. I now know what to trust and what to ask for. It can sound cold but I think there's a logic to love where you can't afford to cut yourself off completely but you have to know what you've been told My Angelou's credited with saying you know if someone chose who they are beliefs them and that election process really put into sharp relief for me the legitimacy of that that notion that there are people who showed me who they are and I believe them but I will say the joy was that there are people I would put it as third or fourth order people. I didn't even know I liked. Who stepped up an extraordinary ways? That had nothing to do with benefit to themselves but purely a belief in the possibility of my leadership and what we could do together and they haven't disappeared and so for every lost friendship or weekend bond. I can point to new bonds that have R- forced me to remain open to the opportunity of new people in my life because I didn't know who I had until this crucible of an election really showed me. Stacey describes her ever evolving relationship with fear and the first thing she would do if she president of the United States. That's coming up after the break. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at Harry's our approach simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars. Each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade factory obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with this special offer get a Harry starter. Set with a five Blade Razor waited handle shave gel and a travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter four four four four at checkout. That's Harrys DOT com code. Four four four four enjoy. You know you've chosen to be public about some really private matters. For example you've been really honest about going into debt after attending spelman and Yale sharing that you owe the irs over fifty thousand dollars in deferred tax payments which you're currently on a payment plan for and that you hold more than one hundred seventy thousand dollars in credit card and student loan debt for many of us that is tied up in shame and fear. And you've talked a lot about facing fear. How would you describe your relationship with fear now? Is it something that you feel like you've conquered or is it something that still ebbs and flows for you? One thing I talked about in the book is that fear is real and it is pervasive and it is multifaceted but when you accept that it's real you realize you can't conquer it the most you can do is befriended and manage it because the reality of that fear doesn't disappear simply because you decide you're you're bigger than it. It's still out there because you're presents to you. Is here the things that could go horribly wrong? And here's the ways you could be harmed by this. The fact that you don't want that to be true does not mean that. It's not going to be true but what I do with fear. Is that knowledge it? You take it out to dinner. We have a nice conversation but then prepare myself for what the consequences of moving forward will be. Anyway I've learned that I was wrong when I used to tell people be fearless. That's completely impossible unless you are so wealthy and so the privileged and protected that there's nothing to be afraid of for everyone else. There's a legitimate fear. It's a warning system but it's also an a a map. It tells you hear the things that are likely obstacles here the consequences and thus figure out how you can mitigate the harm as much as possible because that's the most any of us can do. You can't stop these things from being true or not true. But you mitigate the impact they have on who you are and so when it came to money one of the reasons. I'm so open about debt. Is that one of the fears. We have is that it means that we are incapable of being successful. Another fear we have is that it is going to render us an eligible for opportunity and those are legitimate things. There were people in this campaign in my in my twenty eighteen campaign who try to use that as a disqualifier and so it was not an illegitimate fear for me to have but what I learned was that my responsibility was to navigate it as best as possible and part of that navigation was acknowledging it those of us who have navigated this world without have to stand together and there are lots of different reasons for our debt. There are lots of different reasons for our challenges but as an introvert it is deeply discomfiting to talk about these things but as a human it is necessary and if someone who wants to be a leader it is essential because I can't pretend things don't exist and I don't have the luxury of saying trust me. If you don't know that I understand who you are because I've been there myself. You went to Yale Law. School you've worked is a tax attorney you served in the Georgia House of Representatives. Did you set out to become fluent in the languages of the systems of power of money and policy when I was in college I did my spreadsheet and I listed my ambitions and what I decided was I needed to understand how people live what happens to them and how you fix it so I studied sociology political science and Economics and that was very intentional because I understood that for the change I wanted to see in the world I need to understand. Behavior the systems that surrounded and the message of change by the same token. I realized that I needed to also understand how the private sector worked how the Public Sector Work and how the nonprofit sector worked and so one of the things. I'm proudest of is that I actually have been very effective as a leader in all three dimensions that my work has led me to be a leader and a manager in the private sector in ways that I think a lot of folks miss when they read my bio but by the same token I was also able to build nonprofits build companies and build a caucus because part of being able to navigate an to your language to be fluent is that you often have to immerse yourself and what I've always tried to do is even when I'm immersed in one area when I was a tax attorney. I was also spending time in the nonprofit space and public sector. I'd never abandoned one for the others in your book. You share the story about being an eighth grader and winning essay contest. And when you went to collect your fifty dollar prize the school official didn't believe that you are the winner and even asked to see your photo. Id which you know someone who's thirteen years old doesn't have a photo. Id but you demanded your prize again. And that's one of the stories. I think so emblematic of your historic run for governor. So many people can see themselves and your drive and your morals and the way that you could front and rise above challenges. Those attributes make you a more viable candidate. And what made supporters of your so hungry to see you in office. Can you talk a little bit more about that? I think what you said is very kind and I would hope that it is so the most important part of leadership is that you not simply know the answers but you know how to ask the questions and you know how to find the answers. And I've spent my life either intentionally or not trying to find the answers because even when the the woman wouldn't give me my money I knew I didn't have the personal bandwith to compel her but I knew my dad was outside and so I learned that power lever to get what I needed. I confronted racism and sexism. And all of the `ISMs that unfortunately come with my background but the challenge was to not simply survive them but learned how to tell other people how to navigate them as well and fundamentally. That's that's the most important part of leadership people don't want you to six their lives. They want you to help them understand how to fix it themselves. And they want you to remove the unnecessary barriers that are artificial or that are mean and my engagement in almost every facet of my life has been driven by this notion. That these are solvable problems. Poverty Solvable. Racism is if not solvable than at least you can mitigate its effect that sexism has answers that as an ally to communities that are not my own whether it's religious communities or they'll tq community or the disabled community. I may not personally have those challenges or face those say the the obstacles that come along with that immutable part of who I am but I know how to address it and more importantly I know how critical it is to be seen. No one is ever going to be one hundred percent of anyone's experience but the extent to which you can be again. I like your language fluency. You can be fluent in the parts that you understand. You can be conversant in the parts. You have had access to and you can be curious about learning the pieces you don't know that's what makes leadership strong. That's what makes leadership possible as a candidate. I was successful in bringing together. A coalition of black and Latino and Asian Pacific Islander. Lgbtq of young people of White Women of white men of educated of rural and urban suburban. That was unprecedented in Georgia and it was not simply because of who I am. It was because they believed in what I stood for and what they had seen me. Say and do and fundamentally whether it's you know an eighth grader. Trying to get her prize or a candidate trying to win an election. The job isn't necessarily to do it yourself but it's to know how to make it possible for it can be done. This example is is so prescient and I think that you do stand for more than just a quote unquote others. I think that's where we as Georgians and his Americans really have a place to shine. Because when people like Brian Kemp voter suppression and take advantage of his role secretary state to be contestant referee and score keeper in his race. He's also blindly missing out on the fact that his emancipation as caught up in all of ours. When you think about your ultimate goal what would be the first thing that you would do as president or a role where you could really utilize your platform for. So many Americans I would. Six voting processes the point of entry to democracy and thus to power is the ability to participate in the system to select your leaders because the leadership that we select often shapes the policies that we live with the access that we have and the outcomes that we see if you fix our democracy so that we have automatic registration and same day registration that we eliminate voter purges that we make it easier for people to vote and we make voting accessible to all and that we secure our election so that people can trust the outcomes. If you do that you have fundamentally changed the nature of democracy and the you shifted the balance power back to the people. And that's what we need little known fact about Stacey Abrams. She is the author of Eight Romance and Suspense Novels. Which have sold more than one hundred thousand copies? So we're GONNA talk about love that's coming up. After the break stay world the world is yours. The ball art show podcast the new podcast with a fresh perspective on coach. Hannemann in the NFL. You're not just going to NFL. Down in one city in. Let's talk about this. They're all eighty. Every owner is seventy on the way out comet criminal social media. He thought. Okay I used to carry a little corny or whatever it is they think right so now. Zaire she does. Oh she milly rock right. Oh she explained city cowgirl summer right Oh shit down like it's Yalo yellow alive. My medicine and I started the light someone else. I know it's not right but I really can't fake when I'm feeling what should I do? Even cover world new issue lifestyle specialist. Rory Simmons make sure you check out on our brand new podcast bother alert. Show podcast available now on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast for my lightning round. We caught truth or truth. Going light after we go deep You've written many romance novels under the pen. Name Selena. Montgomery. What is your favorite thing about love? The theory I I. I am captivated by the notion that someone can get to know the whole issue and still like you still want to be with you and want to spend a lifetime with you because knowledge sometimes has the opposite effect and so I just love the theory of someone finding you in deciding that they have to be near you and with you for the rest of their lives and if you were to give a tattoo symbol to everyone for fair fight. What would it be That'd be a checkmark tech future and let's check those people who tried to stop US leader. Abrams thank you for your time. I'm really excited to maybe see you as vice president or president in the very near future. You res- I really appreciate this to learn more about Stacey. Abrams and her work visit fair. Fight DOT COM. The woman is a production of iheartradio and myself rosary. Holly FRY is our executive producer. This episode was mixed by Adrian Lily. Special thanks to NORC kipness. Kevin Murphy Sabih Manson Michael Holloman Orok mid sweet and gail read on our next episode. I sit down with the woman who is in charge of the country's oldest federal cultural institution the director of the Library of Congress. Dr Carl Hayden for libraries to be close during a national crisis is very hard for the public libraries in particular because they are usually the places that are sanctuaries that are non-judgmental. They're bipartisan. This is where you can go for help. If you like this episode telephoned about. It really helps our show. Grow podcast from iheartradio. Visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever every listen to your favorite shows. Can you say that again? So are you in join pointing Obama. I I have to. I have no choice. Hello what's the hardest thing about being alone all the time? And what's the easiest thing about it Jesse very casually constable How can you dress even more casually? Oh I'm wearing moccasins. shoes I wear jeans and a t shirt. Well my hair's getting real great. Wow Really Yeah. I can do about that baby. Here's something good is a new show from Seneca Women podcast network and iheartradio each day. We aspire to bring you the good news the silver lining the glass half full because there is good happening the world everywhere every day. We just need to look for and share it. Here's something good is a short daily show that offers positive stories helpful suggestions and shared experiences to inform and inspire you every day. Listen to hear something. Good on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows subscribe now.

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The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

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12/24/2020 Hour 2 Boneheaded Moves

"It's about time we got some really good news. And i may have the best news ever them. Make rib is back at mcdonald's. Yes sure the mcrib holds a special place in all of our lives. But it's such a part of our culture that songs have been written to lament. It's goodbye some people have decided to just find ways to make their own make rib available. People even driven over state lines to go to a mcdonald's that has them so spread the good news. The beloved mcrib is back. It is available for a limited time limited time at participating mcdonald's at american public university. We believe that higher education can unlock higher purpose. So we offer two hundred modern programs for those who want to make a difference and we believe education must adapt to students needs. That's why we've made it accessible through online. Classes and flexible with monthly program starts american public university within reach without limits. Learn more at american public. You dot com. Thanks for listening to the odd couple. Podcasts be sure to check us out. Live every weekday from seven pm to ten pm eastern four to seven pacific or fox sports radio. Find your local station for the odd couple at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching f. As are you're listening to fox. Sports radio welcome in is the couple on christmas eve. Yes indeed here fox sports radio coming to you live from the geico fox sports radio studios fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on your car insurance so visit geico dot com for a free rake quote map. Pull up the radio close man. Where here for three hours. And we have a great show planned for you. Rob parker here e from salaam yesterday former offensive tackle from the nfl. He of course and a fox sports radio talk. Show host is here in chris broussard. Stead d from was happened to my man. What's up chris. What was going on now quiz quizzes big time. All the holidays on this week luik. You know what i'm saying from new show. I'm just working. We just fill it ends. Man is yo- show but we both just philly you don't man on the program from we're going to talk with antonio daniels of course mba champ and well new orleans. Pelicans color analyst will do that. Also greg jennings another former. Nfl champion and fox. Nfl analyst. he'll join us as well. That plus mba nfl. We got a lot of good stuff to dig into but first let's welcome in the odd couple crew. We wouldn't be able to do this. Fine radio program without them. Vince is our producer. Curious is our engineer. And mr steve. Sager is at the anchor desk. He'll keep us updated throughout the program and from let's kick it off with the nba with got kicked off couple nights ago and we saw the lakers and clippers we saw brooklyn and the warriors and then yesterday was another slater games and then sunday. We got a ton of games but there was one game that i was interested in last night and the results were not pretty. Lamelo ball are is going to them about detroit. My go ahead now ripped detroit and we'll talk about that as well but lamelo ball debuted with the horn horn and they lost one. Twenty-one fourteen to the cavaliers andy from here's the problem he was the third overall pick sixteen minutes in his debut. No points a goose egg over five from the field three assists one rebound two steals three turnovers. They said his defense was horrific. And that's why couldn't get back out on the court. But i'm not gonna kill the kid off a one game this kid. Obviously e from has talent. There's no doubt about it but they should. You be worried if you're charlotte hornets fan especially from the standpoint. Are you ready for this. This is the thing that star hearing only three players other than lamelo who were drafted in the top three have ever had a goose egg in their debut. And one of those guys was greg olden and we know how that went. Well we know why he went the way it went well. He had injuries but only three guys in the history of the nba. Who have done that to go. Scoreless in their mba debut so anyway. What was your take on this. And then i'll come back. Got some stuff sold so watching this. Because he's a ball be. We saw this with his his his older brother with lonzo. We saw the expectation for this kid. Be through the roof before they even touched a a a a basketball are basketball court professionally in the nba. Because lamelo played overseas in all of that but for for lonzo all magic. Johnson is sitting up there tone but he's going to be better than me off to all this attention to father. The brand all of these things had been circulating this young man in the mellow since he was thirteen. Fourteen years old since they won a national championship in in in high school Which he did as a fourteen year old freshmen in highschool. Every all building up to this to this moment he's in the nba now. He took up a a a less conventional path. That everybody else did. What is he going. What is he going to bring. All eyes were on him. Read come out tennessee's fifteenpoints. Whatever that that was. That's not the case. And i and i say this because every single person every young athlete every rookie who who steps across that line or that or or the the field basketball football baseball. Whatever it is is is nothing like you've ever experienced. I don't care how much time he's been overseas playing. This is different so my expectations for for lamelo weren't as high as most people because he plays an intricate part. The mornings come off the bench. He only got sixteen minutes. I get right. Don't tell me you thought he's going to get a goose all this of course not i mean. That's that's can you admit that's dubious. It is dubious for to not to score any points in the air. Fiber tips right. Yup one like he was all for world. No he he. He took some shots. Which i like because in sixteen minutes. He took five shots. That's aggressive. I want him to be aggressive. The problem with lonzo his brother was he wasn't aggressive. He didn't wanna shoot. He just wanted to pass the ball. So i think we're going to need more time. You can't compare them. Right is not apples to apples. Their brothers play the same position. But they're not the same player now they can. He can come on next game and half thirty. You just don't know. But for that opening day i was excited. I wanted to see what he was going to bring. I want to see his flow. His defense which was lack lackluster. Of course. he's never played defense in his life. We get that we understand that. That's something he'll have to learn. Is charlotte the place. learn it. that's to be seen. He's still was a plus to plus a mind is when he was on the court which means that he had a positive impact when he was on the. Those are the things you gotta start looking at and for charlotte fans. You shouldn't be upset because when you look at what would Rosier did right. Gordon hayward the people who are at the actual stars of the team this is a a young complementary piece that comes off the bench right. The guys who need to be great tables heir. Gordon hayward those guys need to be great. Rosiere drought forty. Two gordon hayward dropped twenty eight. There's there those are your building blocks. That's your foundation now lonzo Excuse me lamelo is going to come along right. He's going to come out. It was not really any training camp. Preseason with an with whatever whatever we've seen some flashes of greatness with his passing in the preseason but that scoring it's gonna come he. Here's why i have a red flag and i'm not. This kid obviously has talent so so. I don't want you to misconstrue what i'm going to say. But his route and his path last night was a prime example of a kid who's played that. Aau style basketball his whole life and all of a sudden you get thrown into professional basketball. You've just talked about when you go up in the pros and now he has to learn how to play real basketball and not play ground style that his father has been promoting all of his life. I i went a couple of games and see them. Just pull up and shoot terrible shots from all over the court and nobody made a stink. Because he was the star he was that god. And here's the other problem. He from that that bothers me is yeah. He played over australia. Whatever he didn't play against top to your talent. I'm sorry and that's what bothers me as we go along. It's nice to say he's coming off the bed. she's a kid. He was the third overall pick. He's supposed to be able to deliver something not to have goose egg on on day one. He's never been held accountable for playing winning basketball. Just putting up numbers. Michael jordan's history of drafting is god. All i'm just telling you from my load we jordan in playing right. Yeah that's that's been well documented. And does that's why i said is is charlotte the right place for him to learn how to be a pro but but you see my point on how he's come a long right we get it the fancy passes but it was always about getting naysayers. Now you get into a league. it ain't just about getting yours. It's about winning. And i don't know i'm just saying right now if i just just throw it away right at the moment you are going to buy you just said right now. You just broke it down to why you are prisoner of. Ym concern and if charlotte hornets fan. I'm like what happened. He ah is he supposed to be the savior of the franchise. Let me actually honestly when you draft third overall. Pick an mba. You know. it doesn't work like that. No hoping four but this is not the nba the nfl. We know the difference. You take somebody with the third pick in the draft in the nfl. he started. he's contributing right now. The first pick in the draft at was didn't even start for minnesota. Okay these guys are. They didn't draft them to be the savior of the he. He's not gonna save the hornets. What they did was they brought in teddy. They brought in gordon hayward those are the guys who were pulling this train pulling this wagon lamelo in the wagon being pulled does he has an opportunity to share some of the load as the season goes on. That's what they're hoping. Everybody drafted outside of a few players over the years have been potentially potential based nba players off. But here's here's my bugaboo. Okay let me give you michael. Jordan's six draft picks. You'll never forget you ready bro. Adam more skin worse. Frank kaminsky you remember. That got frank. The tank cody zeller. And who was michael kidd gilchrist. His good player. Okay those are five right. They're all i'm saying is now you have lamelo ball art. I want to hear from people. I'm not trying to a sounds like be. i'm not i'm not. I'm not trying to do that. I'm really not and we wanna hear from you. Eight seven seven nine six sixty three sixty nine eight seven seven nine thousand nine on five bucks and should charlotte. Hornets fans be worried about lamelo goose egg in his first career. Start and what do you think is he. Baloney offer lay. We want to hear from you. It's the odd couple on christmas eve. And yes we're getting down and dirty on the christmas eve from salaam if we saw rob parker right here on fox sports radio. Thanks for listening to the odd couple. Podcasts be sure to catch us live every weekday from seven pm to ten pm eastern four to seven. Pm pacific or fox sports radio find your local station for the odd couple at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching f s are. I don't know about you. But i've been glued to the tv recently. I'm watching the game. They checking the news. They're back to the game then over to the weather. 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Let's compare prices from local liquor stores on a huge selection of beer wine and spirits. Then get them delivered right to your door and under sixty minutes and right now. Drizzly is giving all new customers five dollars off their first order. Just enter promo code new you at checkout download the drizzly app or go to drizly dot com. That's dri o. Y. dot com couple fox. Sports radio on christmas eve were coming to you. Live from the geico fox sports radio studios warner stream. What you love all in one place. Introducing discovery plus a new streaming service. Bring you the greatest collection of real life. Entertainment from your favorite brands. Plus exclusive originals. You won't find anywhere else. Discovery plus dodge streaming early. Twenty twenty one. Us only rob parker and ephraim. Salaam for chris bussard. Today i'll telephone number eight seven seven nine nine on fox it's real simple lamelo ball baloney or filet. He went scoreless in his debut in the nba. We want to hear from you. Ifan from i know people want china they do and they heard from you right. You ready to just dump them onto boat already. I'm trying to give the young man in nineteen year old time. Well let's see what the people want. We got nick and syracuse on the couple fox. Sports radio what you got you know you know. It's twenty twenty when the poo poo came. Just going off on an eight year. Old kid on knows damn well. I'll let me tell you something. I rob parker may come on man. Nineteen years old birds game. And i'll tell you what magic johnson is the kiss of death i'm from syracuse new york diehard orange fan. Remember michael carter. Williams remember his first. It'd be game triple double nba rookie year. Magic came out with studies. He's be better than him. That may the kids. The best doubt we to call appreciate that. Hey look what do people understand. These are kids. Think about you when you were nineteen. You're out of your mind i do. I get it. could you imagine. Nineteen years old. You've been in the big leagues. Wh what would that look like for you. It would have been something but when you come with all the talk all of the high fat from say the talk coming from these kids but the expectation is there. And i'm just going to say this. You could have a bad game or struggle your first game but you can't shut out not you just can't shut up. I'm sorry okay. I i i understand that. Let's see what. Paul bakersfield has to say about the issue. You're on sports radio. The couple of what. You got a good good christmas more heavy our today. No concern about you. I'm doing great. I'm good man i did. I did the dan. Patrick show this morning this couple on christmas day. I'm all good man. I feel great. Thank you go ahead. All right I'm not too concerned about him because he he's he's nineteen years old like i said in. He played with some girl men last year. And he's real cocky and i don't think he's gonna get down You know if he has a bad bad game He's he's he's got his dad's dna men that that could be good or bad mason crime. Basically god you're not concerned and that's fine. I understand. Nobody wants to sound the week. We've got plenty. We got more callers. Maybe someone is going to share your your pessimistic views. I know from you know this. You're detroit lion into the achilles. Remind me i leave that off. The list of teams no toured fourteen. You know what it's like. I covered the for twenty years. I'm so glad stuff why you're so jaded all right. Let's go decline in maryland. You couple fox sports radio would you get. What's going on happy holidays to christmas. So i just wanna to say he had a baloney of first game. But i don't think i don't think he's going to be like You're saying you know. They got gordon hayward rosie heavy lows sean with the second thing. I'm just saying you gotta be a little concerned right. Now i take i take lucille ball over all right. You appreciate that Decline appreciate their brother. You have to understand. Like i'm sure a lot of these people call calling and they got kids. I've raised my my nephew's one is nineteen. Now good man man and the other one is twenty three both of them idiots. Okay so if i dumped a million dollars in their lap and told them to go do something who knows what happened. That's look that's all i'm saying. Okay here let. Let's get to to the voice of the people michael d. mdc only are couple fox sports radio which got me personally. I don't think the boy's gonna be that good. I really for all the ball brothers. But i mean this. We're on the third one now. They might saying like what are you. Were saying He did play against home. Grown in sterling. But it wasn't against any like talk to your talent. And i was watching wise man last night Our not like by two nights ago. I was watching anthony edwards. They all show some kind of promising to be honest metal. Only show promise passing the ball. And that's not why they get drafted number three. Just to pass the durham and broke. The shot looks very broke. I don't know if he can read it on a shot in the league. That's my two cents. I don't think the boys going to be good at rooting for form. But i personally just don't see an michael jordan is a go. I love michael jordan. I was raised him. My dad loves them. But i mean michael. Your dr hayden threes man. I'm out thanks. You free tied all up all dog. He did tie it all up and it it it. It's not hard to argue. He has an opinion that the kids not going to be that good right. that's fine. European is dry trade him right to trade him deadline. I'm concerned our other. Had a bad shah and look at his brother now. Your brother is shooting over thirty six percent from the three. He's shooting over. Fifty eight percent fifty three percent excuse me from the field with that broken shoddy came into the league what he also had a terrible finish in the bubble. The bubble the bubble. Let's let's let's see what andrea in massachusetts has to say. You're on the fox news radio which got what's going on happy holidays. Merry christmas andre. What's up i. I feel a little bit of baloney sandwich. I feel in a sense a little bit of bologna points back. The other calls have brought up is that it wasn't only lamelo ball. Spurs game anthony edwards again james wiseman for the warriors. We saw patrick williams show signs coral. These other rookies. Just based off the ice chest are showing you something and lamelo again. With all the hype. It wasn't only zero point. You also had a couple of turnovers only turnovers at three and just just. Ihs got that sequence when he lost the ball back and then we're going up the court head up. No conscious got the ball stolen again. It doesn't look good and you. Have these other rookies for come and anthony edwards and james wiseman in particular grown man said. It's ready to go. He has to step it up. Always gonna fall behind Slowly shirley gets quick. It get late early. Thank god that andrei no doubt. Yeah we'll see antonio daniels is coming up. So let's talk with him but we'll lamelo ball be a bust store star. We'll ask antonio daniels that and more stuff about the opening week of the nba. Be sure to catch live additions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven pm eastern four. Pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app now. It is time to bring in antonio daniels one of our favorites here on the couple. Mba champ and new orleans. Pelicans color analysts. And if you wanna follow him on twitter. It's at a daniels thirty three antonio merry christmas. Merry christmas eve how you doing. Merry christmas to you guys man. Why all over to mellow ball like that. Just only i'm with you. I'm with you man. All i'm saying is is this. This is like those numbers are scary. And here's my problem my concern okay. Antonio it's only one game. I'm not going to be a prisoner of the moment but the competition that he played that aau style. He's never been held accountable for winning playing winning basketball. I'm concerned a little bit. I mean you you. You should be concerned. He's years removed from palm. I mean what. What do we expect like this is. This is what do we expect that. Lamelo ball. I just didn't expect to have a goose egg and we've got the other numbers had goose egg in his opener. Second preseason game. who was one for ten. He's had a ton of turnovers sloppy with the ball. Just dribbled up to court having his pocket. Pick that stuff to stop that. He was allowed to get away with because he was the staw basketball. And you know what that will have to learn like any other any other young. Nba basketball player that steps into the and the difference with lamelo ball as opposed to some of the other different situation. You know you look at edwards and minnesota and wiedeman and golden state. Those guys stepped into situations where stars on the team. You know he not playing with a star. He has that though regarded as to what the stat may look like right now. I'm i'm actually excited to see what this young man. Because you're absolutely right. Antonio now was telling rob trying to make him understand. Everybody comes into this league at their own individual pace right. He played sixteen minutes. So i'm not sure what rob was looking for a look at what your hands scott and scores if score at one point if he's scored two points that would have been sufficient for you that just it going scoreless when that's why they got you because you're supposed to be the guy who can rank you think you've got to go in and tonio go ahead. Here's the thing if they got him because he's supposed to be that guy. He's not playing behind terry rosier and bokeh grand arlene play well out the box and they realized after drafting him that he's more of a project all three weeks right so they didn't game. I'm not saying he'll to. We are judging lamelo ball off of aid short again. I'll all right we got. We got to do better next. Look i don't think there's anything we can do for robbie as a condition. Twenty twenty has been hard for everybody in the world but rob consistently lives in twenty twenty his entire life no matter what the decade no matter what the years let me ask antonio listless which subjects What did you make of brooklyn and their first game. Obviously the warriors were kind of beat up. But from what i saw and kyw we had twenty four points in the first half. He look spectacular k. D. looked fine That team looks like they're going to be a problem. What did you make a brooklyn and their debut. That's exactly what i made as well. Excuse me that's exactly. What made a difference. Well you remember a couple years ago when golden state started to peak and you can feel like they had like a championship by about them where everybody on that team from. The first guy to the last guy felt like they were the best team in the league to the point where they made you upset to watch because when they got to roller and you see their bent they dragging each other up and down the sideline running in the stands and all this other kind of stuff because it was a championship around the golden state where that same championship by is president around brooklyn. They realize they have depth. Maybe the deepest team in the league star power they have they have is oh. They're the only thing that they don't have a season nba coast. But when you had kevin durant and you have kyrie irving you may not even need it. Let me ask you this. Speaking of kyrie irving is it holding your breath waiting for the other shoe to drop because of things throughout his history. Sometimes he can be a little selfish. If things aren't going the way he wants them to go if you know. He's alienated locker rooms before he wanted to break out of cleveland ship. I understand. I understand that we get one shot. We get it. I understand his body of work. But what i'm talking about is chemistry. What i'm talking. When he got to brooklyn last you gotta remember early on. He alienated the team. Guys that know whether come up to him talk to him not talk to him. One day he's happy to next year he said to all i'm asking you antonio is when you're dealing with with a guy like that emotional. We've already seen what he said to the media right puppets and so on and so forth is one of those situations where the franchise and his teammates are waiting for the moon to be over jupiter or something and he just kinda do rails to progress it. They're they're on the wind heavy. I don't think so. I think this is a situation that he chose to be in. And i think more than any other time because of everything that you just referenced. Guys they're cognizant of kyri irving is i think the organization is compensated. Who career begins. D nash. and mike d'antoni shopping mark. Don't the continent of who carry every year. I think this may be the best situation. Obviously cleveland because we weren't behind the scenes. We didn't see what happened. We didn't see what went on in cleveland. But there was a reason. The carving out. i'm not saying right or wrong. I'm saying that there was a reason. And now after everything that turns transpired rather than cleveland or in boston and in brooklyn i think guys are starting to understand a little bit more. Who hiring and with that undertaking. That should make him a little easier to deal with hopefully lasting. We've got about a minute ago. The pelicans was hoping against hope to get them in the playoffs. Last year. the bubble that didn't happen and then there was a poll by general managers about starting a team. And you could pick any player. And i was shocked at zairean williamson's name. Was it more prevalent in the list from general manager. Why is that. Has this stock drop at all or no. I think the reason that his name wouldn't be president but also and that's name Oh that you're talking about rob. The pelicans were voted the best young court by forty one percent. So i i think it's tough to say when you basically have twenty five games of of work right. Now i get it. I would just surprise. His name wasn't there did you. did you notice. It was missing as well. Well well yeah but when you only like at the time that this this poll was taken when you only have twenty four games at work that is such a small sample size and when you look at some of the other guys that you're comparing him to you're comparing the guys that have two years under their belt. Three years under their belt had been into the playoffs. I've been deep into the playoffs. I've been mvp. So i can someone understand it with diane get full healthy year under his belt. I'm sure that poll look a little different right. His name antonio daniels one of the best in the nba breaking down. We appreciate you. Merry christmas to you and your family has always all right. Mary creek but god bless you got no doubt about art. The steelers of lost three straight. Will the nose dived continue. What's going wrong in pittsburgh. We'll talk about that and much more. It's the odd couple eve from salaam in for bussard rob parker on fox sports radio. Thanks for listening to the odd couple. Podcast be sure to check us out. Live every weekday from seven pm to ten pm eastern four to seven pacific or fox sports radio. Find your local station for the odd couple at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching. F are imagine if you could shop the shelves of on your local liquor stores at the same time. Well spoiler alert. You can with drizzly. The number one alcohol delivery app drizzly. Lets you compare prices from local liquor stores on a huge selection of beer wine and spirits. Then get them delivered right to your door and under sixty minutes and right now drizzly giving all new customers five dollars off their first order. Just enter promo code safe five at checkout down the drizzly app or go to drizly dot com. Dad's dri z. Y. dot com now. Snow is falling leaves turning brown and crunchy as we approach a season the wellbeing of those we care for is the most important use clorox regular bleach to infect your home when used as directed on hard nonporous surfaces. It kills ninety nine point nine percent of germs from your laundry whites to highly trafficked areas like kim floors and surfaces like bathroom counters. You can count on clorox to keep your home. Protected when accounts counts trust. Clorox rob parker ephraim salaam. In for chris. Bussard and Wishing everybody know. Everybody settling in as christmas eve tomorrow. Christmas day. Unbelievable how quickly it's calm and from on we'll be happy for twenty twenty to move on. And i think the pittsburgh steelers will be happier for twenty twenty to move on and even from i want to find out from you because when they were eleven to no i said they were the worst eleven in old team i had ever seen and the last three games. They have stunk. You are you're right. And when i'm watching them. This all starts in with ben rothlisberger. This is his team And the fact. That ben can't get out of his own way is why. This team is beginning to struggle. Right we all know that. Big ben is a top five quarterback. I don't care how you slice it. This to pittsburgh steelers are a running team so let me finish the fact that they cannot run the football and they put the onus on ben rothlisberger to try to dig the might of these these holes in by holes. I mean being behind the sticks. Everything is regimented. When you're playing a game right you want to gain at least three yards on first down right you want to gain at least three to four yards on second down which brings third and short. Those are manageable. Run pass downs there behind the sticks from from the jump. They started that game with four. Three and outs they they. They weren't gain any yard. So instead of ben rothlisberger getting the ball out of his hands fast he falls back into that. Been mindset of holding the ball holding the ball and and make something happen and and that's not the team they have. They don't have that team and by him holding the ball right. It's the number one. The office of line is under siege watching the bengals play. The bengals look like they were undefeated. Good kids somebody in the mouth. That was mind boggling. And i'm telling you you're right about big ben at big. Ben is so bad right now. I'd rather have uncle been asking he. That's how bad years right now and it is ugly. And here's the other thing. The last two games against teams. That are pretty good. I don't know if they're going to win another game to see no. I'm serious right. yeah. I finished eleven and five. And then they have no shot in the playoff. They play a good team the way that they are constructed now were they can't run the ball and you need big ben to throw the ball on almost every down i mean i just it is not ugly is fog. -ly yes serious surgery to repair that. That arm right now early on. Weather's warm everything's for. Its later in the year. Wear and tear on the body. Co-stars can remember peyton manny's last year they had to replace him with brock osweiler. Yes and even in the super bowl. What did he have ninety one yards. He was like the tin man right. So it was brutal. And i'm not saying been is is peyton. But what i'm saying is older quarterbacks after big surgeries the wear and tear later in the year they struggle. They don't have the same zip. They don't have the same comfort in the pocket is not looking good for him. I we are the odd couple locked and loaded two more hours to calm. You want to stick and stay america on this. Christmas eve were rob parker and e from salaam fox. Sports radio has the best sports talk lineup. In the nation catch all of our shows at fox sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio search f. s. are to listen live. Holiday season. 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Ep. 281: Start a Social-Issues Book Club, a Deep Dive into the Problem of Flaky Friends, a Hack for Great Quotations, and a Spotlight on Author Jason Reynolds.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

30:55 min | 11 months ago

Ep. 281: Start a Social-Issues Book Club, a Deep Dive into the Problem of Flaky Friends, a Hack for Great Quotations, and a Spotlight on Author Jason Reynolds.

"Fit Bot is a smart fitness APPs that takes all the guesswork out of planning your workouts fit by combines, the knowledge of fitness pros with a powerful machine learning algorithm to give you a workout program that maximizes your results. No equipment, no worries. Has Bodyweight routines for those looking to get fit at home or on the go and one of the things that I really love about the APP is you can really tailor it to your equipment. Your goals I have a shoulder that often causes me trouble, and so I can make sure that I picked the kind of exercises that are going to work for. For me so I'm getting stronger, but I'm also not straining something that I shouldn't get a personalized fitness plan that helps you workout smarter if it body dot me, slash happier, right fit bud for free for one month. When you sign up today at fit body, dot me, slash happier. That's one month free when you sign up fit bod, dot me, slash happier. Hello and welcome to happier podcast where we discussed cutting edge science, the wisdom of the ages lessons from pop culture and our own experiences about how to be happier this week we'll talk about why you might start a social issues, but club and take a deep dive into a happiness stumbling block raised by a listener, the problem of flaky friends who say they'll show up and then don't. I'm Gretchen Rubin writer who. Studies happiness good habits in human nature I in my Home Office in New York City and with my sister Elizabeth Pratt list. You never flake out on me. That's me Elizabeth Craft. TV writer and producer living in La and Brench I may not play out on you, but I have flaked out on others. Admit we've all done it? Yes, before we jump in, we got an interesting update from a listener. Adrian says I'm a little behind, but I just listened to the episode with the try this at home idea about doing something in the midst of the Black Lives Matter Movement and current events I to felt stuck about what to do, or how to help as I thought about it, I realized one. One thing I can do is encourage voting and promote voter registration, so I joined reclaim our vote as a volunteer by sending postcards, encouraging voter registration to people in states where voter suppression and registration is rampant. This has helped me to focus some of my time and energy in a positive way that at least in my mind is not partisan, but truly American. So that's a great way, we. Do something and she dials something analyst with our try. This at home is something that you found to do which is to start or join a social issues book club Yes so I did not start this, but I have joined a social issues book club. A friend of mine was told about this book club and she said it sounded like something that might appeal to you and I immediately said Yes for sure. Sure because we've talked a lot about educating ourselves, especially issues of racial justice, yes, and reading those books, but I thought a way to make sure is an obliged her read. A lot is to join a book club where I have a time and a date to doc about them, and what I really also like about this particular book couple first of all. It's Zoom Book Club. I should say it's A. As the Times dictate its nobody that I know which interest because I always like meeting. New People and it's multi generational, so there will be younger people in the group, which I think will be really helpful to hear the different perspectives, and is this group where each month you choose a book together or just? The group come west sort of a curriculum that you read through their suggestions. How does that work in this group? The people who started it are picking the books. Books, the first one is white fragility. I'm reading that now and then I. Think they'll just tell us what the book is every month and they've hired a moderator believe it's a woman who has a PhD from Ucla to moderate so I think that'll be really helpful. In terms of having focused discussion. What I think it's great to have somebody to help. Pick up the books because there's so many books now that people are talking about. It's nice to have somebody like. This one and this is really good, and this'll be a good conversation because I think. Sometimes it's easy to think. Oh, my gosh, like where should I start? And then that becomes kind of a decision fatigue. This book you have to read yeah no question South yes. Well, you'll have to report back to us when you get started Ri- will, and I think this would be a great thing for people who wanted to this kind of reading and our again. Maybe you're obliged or you want to. Everybody can benefit from accountability. It's funded to any group for any reason. If this is a way to put your values into action, I think a lot of people are talking about like our listener wanting to do something. This is a way to have a conversation. Educate Yourself. Get together with people who also are concerned about equality, racial justice, criminal justice and and. And WanNA become more informed, so it seems like a very efficient way to achieve a lot of really happiness boosting ends. Yes, so let us do try this at home and how starting joining a social. Issues Book Group works for you. Let us know an instagram twitter facebook opposite email at Pike Gretchen. Rubin Dot Com, or as you can go to. The show notes for this episode. This happier cast dot com slash two eighty one for everything related to this episode. Yeah Gretchen I, think right now when we are all trying to figure out what we can do, this is a way to. Educate myself start the conversation and figure out. What can I do to laying the groundwork? Yes, coming up, we've got an aphorism happiness. Hack the first this break. If you're out of clean loungewear. Mix things up by changing into Beta brands dress pants, yoga pants. They're as comfortable as your PJ's. And their professional style will make you feel like you actually got dressed for the day. Women love these pants because they fit so well, I can attest to that Gretchen. Rate. Many, dress pants are uncomfortable. They dig into your skin. You have the urge ton, but them while stuck in traffic I have done that or rip them off the minute you get home, not Beta brand there are tons of different colors and styles to choose from like boot, cut, straight legs, skinny cropped pocket and more I have just the straight leg, black ones, and I love them. They're comfortable. Comfortable and they look great right now. Our listeners can get twenty five percent off their first order. When you go to Beta brand dot com slash happier. That's twenty five percent off your first order for a limited time. At Beta brand dot com slash happier. Find Out why women are buying five to print pairs of pants, a Beta brand dot com slash happier for twenty five percent off. Okay now. It's time for a happiness hack and I love this one because as I say off in I, love aphorisms. Y- Gretchen. This comes from Elizabeth. She says I have recently fallen in love with the idea of resumes and quotes. Thanks to you, too. It is amazing. The way one good saying can refocus your attention and set your day in the right direction. A happiness hack I'm exploring is. is to make posters of my favorite quotes and put them in places that I see often above the kitchen sink in the closet door at eye level in my office space I find I need to remind myself and my values and combining color and beautiful ball art with my favorite quotes will help. Remind me of what is truly important in my life. I also love the idea of having. Having a tablet or flip book that changes the quote based on your goals for the week slash month. Is it a season of sacrifice than you might need? Quotes related to discipline vacation, and maybe a quote about living in the present and feeling. Every moment would be better. I wonder a shudder fly would be a good way to make posters like these to hear what other podcast listeners have. Have done to incorporate quotes into their environments. Where did they put them? How do they decide what quotes to use for what situations and how do they use to enhance the existing environment I'm sure someone has already found a great method to do this. I love this. Because of course I love quotations. I love APHORISMS and I. do think she's exactly right that sometimes just finding this very compelling. pithy articulation of an idea just really helps focus you on something on a value or aspiration, and they're just beautifully said so. It's a pleasure to read them. Yes, Sarah, my writing partner and Co host of Happier Hollywood does this Gretchen? She even had a piece of Art Commission for her bathroom. That says how motivated are you? And when she hung it up, she had painted so that when it's on the wall, it reflects in the year. Correct way. Oh, she's a big believer. In that she also has has as her screen saver, a motivational quote Oh. That's a great idea. For a long time. It was killed the Crock, which is a long story about a dream Sarah had and once she killed a crock and conquered her demons. Oh, that's a great way to do it. We often have the advertiser frame bridge. This is not an ad from frame Ridge, but I will note. They make it super easy to frame. Frame things so you could send a j pag or a photo that has a quotation on it and get it framed very easily that way I think people are GonNa have great ideas about how they've incorporated great quotations and APHORISMS and so send us your solutions. How do you do it? We WanNa hear and we will pass those along. Yeah, Gretch mine isn't pretty, but what I do is I, write it on a sticky note and stick it on my computer monitor. Yeah, it's. It's a class works. Is it works and a spotlight on a black author this week? The spotlight is on Jason Reynolds Jason Reynolds is one of the preeminent writers of Children's and young adult literature today as I've said many times, I love children's literature and Young Adult Literature, so I love his work. He has written many bestselling novels as well as poetry and a graphic novel. His work has won the credit. Scott, King, award, the National Book Award, Finalist Kirca's prize and WC image. Image Aboard Newbery Honor Book. A prince on her book an editor, Ward various best books of the year along the way and in January. He was named as the Library of Congress's national ambassador. Bridge Young People's literature suicide of national position and I have read to have his books. The first is look both ways. A Tale told in ten blocks and long way down Both of these are terrific. He does very interesting things to structure which I love interesting things with structure. And I just finished long way down. It has a twist that I will not reveal I will say I was initially reluctant to read the book because it is in verse which I was like. But. I had heard so many good things about it. I decided to give it a go, and I really loved it and hears about to book. fifteen-year-old will's older brother has been shot and killed will find his brother's gun and gets on the elevator to head down from his eighth floor apartment to get revenge, but it's a long way down to the ground floor and in each floor. A different person gets on to tell a story, so it's mesmerizing a super page Turner and this is interesting. I read about the book. Reynolds was moved to write the book by his visits to juvenile detention centers where he frequently encounters, children caught. Caught, in a cycle of violence, that, under slightly different circumstances might have been his own reynolds has said that after his own friends murder, he and other friends plan to seek revenge, but never did so as the perpetrator wasn't conclusively identified something he looked back on and realized how lucky that was so next up from him. I WanNa read ghost, which is the person to series as brave as you all American boys and I will throw in just this merch. He published a very timely book called stamped racism anti-racism, and you a Remix of the National Book Award winning staff from the beginning by Abram Kennedy. Which of course is like? That nobody can get their hands on now. So this is a reimagining of that book so now trying to get my hands on stamped, so if you like graphic novels fiction if you'd like non. Jason. Reynolds sounds great. I want to read long way down. It's really good. Okay, Gretchen, now it is time for a deep dive in episode two seventy seven, we talked about a question from a listener who was frustrated, because she and a friend started a film group to see films together. Certain friends flaked out over and over. So. We asked listeners what they thought about the situation and we got such a huge response to this question. So many people responded with really long heartfelt discussions about the problem. I think what we've realized is that we have all dealt with this and most of us on both. We have been the flaker and the flaky, and so to some some big responses of categories before we get into particular answers. Is that one big theme is that people think it's more polite to say yes. They WANNA be ren lean enthusiastic. They have no intention of actually going, but they want to say yes, so they say yes, because they don't want hurt your feelings. And what I've noticed is if someone is saying Oh. Let's pick a night like what is a good night for you. It's hard to say no to that because they're open ended. You can't just say well. You know a parent. Clock Never? And so. That can make it hard to say no. If you really don't have an intention of going, the other thing is if someone offers date sometimes, you don't want to even get involved in whether it's time or not, so you just say yes to any night knowing you probably won't go right so you save yourself the hassle of weighing in because you're like an I'm not going to go anyway, so part of it is. People think it's more to say yes, and then there's people who say yes, because of the fantasy self. The plan sounds good in theory, and they feel really enthusiastic about it when it's in the future, but then the press of real life makes it too hard. Hard like life is just too complicated. You, you can't get yourself to go or many people pointed out because of social anxiety a lot of times people wanna go, and but then they they become very anxious, and they just end up feeling like it wouldn't be fun or they don't WanNa go. Yes, so these these are some big themes, and here's an interesting point that I hadn't realized, but it makes perfect sense. Many people pointed out that they wouldn't flake out on a friend like a one on one, but if it's a group, get together. They feel like. Oh, it's okay, because all these other people are doing. It doesn't matter if I don't come and they don't realize okay. Three quarters of the group is doing that, so I thought a whole bunch of friends. We're going to go out and now it's just me and my one same friend. So, there's something about the group that makes people feel. It's kind of the diffusion of responsibility. It seems like it doesn't matter if I come or not, so nobody will care if I if I flake. Yes, however you may not be the only one not showing up thousand, the case of the listeners film club, and so suddenly a lot of people don't show up. It ruins the whole event. Yeah, and here's an idea. This is a concept. Concept that I learned in law school. It's very useful and the idea of acting in reliance, so acting underlines is like. If you and I have been talking, you're saying you're GonNa rent my apartment and we don't have a signed contract, but you're like. I'm only going to rent it. If you you know, replace the refrigerator and I'm like okay. I will and I do I spent. Money acted in reliance on the fact that you're going. Going to rent the suburban, and then if you're like at no, I'm not going to well. I'm out money and so I've acted in reliance and so here like you talk about Sarah as a single mom. It's babysitting for her. She's got it. Ranged I just got a paper that she's acting in reliance on the fact that people have said yes, and so it's not a classless thing like Oh, we'll just say yes to be friendly. Friendly, where somebody might be acting and reliance, and or like. Maybe there's some. They had another opportunity to do something that night and they turned down because they felt committed to you, so you? You want to understand that it's not cost less to just say a friendly sure because that might leave other people in the lurch. Yes, but what we really got to keep in mind. Graduates comes up over, and over again is to have compassion. Speak because often people dealing with really tough situations, and we just don't know about it. Yes, over and over listeners explained situations and other people might not have been aware of them but I. Just couldn't do it, and so to cut people slack show compassion. We've all done it and to really. The fact that we don't know about other people's lives, so let's hear what some listeners said Becca said sadly I am a person who cancels on things I used to cancel much more often than I do now because I noticed this pattern, and now I just say no more frequently so I'm not in a position to have to cancel I. Think there are many reasons people. People do this, but for many of us. We are overwhelmed. I might hear about an event or an evening or a group and think how wonderful that is just what I need. That will be great, etc, inevitably the week or night rolls around and I think what was I. Think I agree to that and I canceled I. Often feel sad that my life is so hectic. At work, but I also feel extremely relieved. Yeah, I mean I think that's position. A lot of people are in is like it sounds great in theory. But the the press of life makes it very hard to do it, and she says she's trying to say no more often so that she isn't flaking out. which I guess Holly, says canceling plans. No longer something I battle, but for a period of time this happened frequently. I would make plants get ready by the gift purchase a ticket. Make the dish to share and send the I'm on my way taxed, but never make it out the door. We'd take all of those steps to hold myself accountable. Accountable, but ultimately it wasn't enough. I had crippling anxiety and depression. The worst part was I knew I would feel so much better if I would have gone to the event movie party, etc, I would have fund. It would be good for me to get out once I canceled I always felt even worse now. Not only do I feel bad, but had let my friends down as well. Holly says now she doesn't. This is no longer a battle for her. which is great, but this is something that. That was going on for her for a time. And I think we don't realize how many people have such anxiety around to events like this. You and I don't experience that naughtily. Yes, but a lot of people do Christine said I have a different spin on last minute cancelling plans. My late husband was an alcoholic, if I had plans, and he was drunk, and our kids were home I would cancel at the last minute. I know lots of people just take making breaking plans lightly and that is. Is Frustrating but I just wanted to give another perspective. And that goes Gretchen to the idea that we really don't know what's going on in people's lives, and that you know always good to cut them slack absolutely, and this is a great. That's a great example and here's someone raising a new angle Sam rights I am someone who flakes out last minute and say the number one reason why is because the end time of the event or meet up is not respected, or there's no in time to. To begin with I don't like staying up late and also have a nightly routine. I like to do. It makes me not want to go to the book club or especially lately joined Azuma hang out because they tend to drag on forever. It is hard to politely leave Zoom. It gets all being the first one at an in person. meet up to say gotta go. My advice to any house would be to set an end time and stick to it. Okay, good advice. Some people don't like having. Having an end time. They think it's rude because it's like I can only deal with you for these three hours or the two hours, so that could go either way right, so it seems like there's a disconnect about what's thoughtful is more thoughtful to say. Yes, and cancel or to say no upfront. Yes, so Jenny said I often agree to social engagements, but I'm an introvert and need a lot of time alone or just at home with my husband and our pets. I am generally uncomfortable large gatherings. Gatherings, more than six people am also not the kind of woman who needs a girls night out i. have a handful of very close friends indefinitely make sure they spend time and energy nurturing. These relationships spit adopt feel the need for many casual friends is some people seem to have? And we'll often initially agreed to a group social event, because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings or maybe even think I might attend, but will almost always cancel the day before because I. Don't really WANNA GO I. I am a rebel, so if I feel any external pressure to attend, I will certainly not attend. Will One thing I would point out is okay, so jenny has her close friends that she really pays close attention to but I think one reason. Many people are in want to do these groups. They're looking to make those clothes. Yes, and so if you're not interested in making a close friend, maybe you should say no, because they're like I'm really looking to forge those friendships with you already have. You don't you're I'm not that important to you but I want to find people who buy important so again. It's like people are coming to with like a different set of desires and expectations. Here's a helpful observation from Kathleen, she says I have a friend who frequently tries to plan variations on the theme of movie night. Now it is my practice to say no taken separately. Monthly commitment doesn't seem like much, but when monthly commitment start to accumulate, they become. Burn some at the cost of spontaneity. Well, that's true, Gretchen like with book. If you have a book club in a poker nights on Amazon night, a parent, thing and yeah. So I. Think it's good sometimes to do things every other month. While my kidney group, we meet every six weeks or maybe every seven to eight weeks depending on where we are in the calendar because we did feel like every month. To frequent and that people would then not come, because it would just be too much, so yeah like there's no, there's no rule that says things have to be weekly or monthly. You can pick different. You can do it quarterly. Once a year, but I think the big thing. Though that emerged from what a lot of people said was that we should just remember compassion and to cut people slack, but here's the thing where I think people don't know also as the inviter. It's some people said. I! WanNa come. You know I'm in a season of sacrifice or someday. When the dust settles, and my life is more manageable, I would love to come, so don't. Don't forget me. Don't write me off, but then I think other people feel resentful, and they keep asking me and put me on the spot. And I feel unfriendly and I can't say no every time so eventually. I have to say yes, even though I don't want to. Maybe. Try to be transparent about. If you want somebody to keep asking say hey, keep asking me one of these days I'm going to or you could just say hey. I'll let you know when I feel like my schedule's opened up. And maybe that's never tell people what you want because they might be trying to be friendly in what they think you would welcome and they don't realize that it's kind of rubbing you the wrong way, yes. Yes and here's a final note for people who do show up Jan, which is something you've observed. Yes, first of all for the people who com-, it is a really big drag when people who are there talk about how people flaked out, it can lead to kind of a sour atmosphere, so I wouldn't talk about a lot. When the group is meeting and I also would say and I say this. I said this in many book group meetings. Is that I really believe that whoever comes whatever the number it is the right number and I have been in book group meetings for two people, three people, and often those were wonderful meetings, and I just feel like whoever is there is meant to be there. Every person changes the dynamic, and so whoever is there? It's going to be a one of a kind of experience and just embrace it. Whoever is there is an entity there? Good Point. It was fascinating to hear. People had such passionate responses. Clearly, people have thought about this a lot. Yes, we all deal with it. You know every day every month every year, so yeah, it's going to keep coming up. It's the calendar coming up. Gretchen gives herself a Barnaby related to merit, but I just break. Let's talk about some of our favorite socks features. Yes, we are all about walking twenty minutes every day in twenty twenty, and when we are walking, there is nothing worse than socks that get in your way if they slip down. If the seem digs into one of your toes, it can be torture I remember a walk that I took years ago because it was so miserable because I had to stop ten steps the Yank up at my sock, and I. The thing I love about features is they stay in place, and they are so cushioning. Cushioning I have Max cushioning, and there is nothing I love more than Cassini socks. See Features has quickly become the number one running sock in America for listeners of happier you can receive ten dollars off your first pair of features by going to features, dot com and using our code happier. That's ten dollars off your first pair. When you go to F., e., T. U., R. E. S. DOT COM and enter Promo Code Happier at checkout again that speech dot com and use code happier to get ten dollars off your first pair of features. Okay Grachev is time for demerits and gold. Stars and you are up this week with a happiness to marriage. Yes, this relates to Barnaby our five year old dog. He just set a birthday. So when before we got a dog, I said to my family. If we get a dog, we're GONNA. Have a well trained dog, and I'm just committing to that right now. Okay? No, I not I loved the. I'm so glad we have him. He is not trained. He's not a bad dog, but he is. He is not well trained dog. and. There's that he does not do which is actually dangerous, which is, he will not come when you call for him becomes if he wants, but often he's like now. I don't really feel like coming and so. When we first got him. We did the thing where you go. Barnaby touched and you would get him to come, and he learned how to do it, but we didn't keep up with it, but I realize this is actually dangerous for him because he would get away in some environment, and we just can't get him to come, and we call, it could be a really bad situation, and so I've given myself to merit an intruder merit fashion I am I am now pledging that I'm going to work with him on this for the rest of the summer and you know. Going because he can clearly learn how to do these things, he's very smart dog. This is our fault, not his fall, so we need to just make sure that we do. It could yeah now. Goldstar will take up Mary Gretchen will we have given a lot of gold stars to all of the frontline workers during this global panelist office workers, yes. Transportation Work Yes grocery store doctors nurses, all of those people that I have a new gold star which is for people who work in restaurants. Restaurants are open. I think in most states to some degree and we the three of US Adam Jack, and I have been going and sitting outside at a few restaurants to three of us, and I give such a gold star of the people who are working there because they are really taking measures for to be safe, wearing masks, and the shield and gloves, really having people dedicated to disinfecting tables in between guests, and it's so great to eat out I. Mean it makes me feel so much more human. That's just a big thing in. In our family is eating out, so not eating out was real something we really missed, and so we just feel so much more normal going to eat out, but obviously if we didn't feel it was safe, it wouldn't be fun and it wouldn't be something we could do so thank those people because I know it's uncomfortable to be all suited up like that and have the stress. Yeah, but it's much. Appreciate it well, and we just did this this weekend I had not been to a restaurant since March eleventh. I looked at my calendar. went to a Greek diner for lunch on March, eleventh or first time back and. It didn't matter so much to me, but Elisa was visibly like she was like. This is so great. This is so great I think for some people. It's this idea of grabbing onto normalcy, and and you're right. We felt very safe and very comfortable, because there were so many measures being taken, and it was a lot of extra work for the people working there. Yes, so cold star it's it's a real. really adds to the quality of life, yes. And that is it for this episode of happier. Remember to try this at home. Join or start a social issues, but club. Let us know if you tried it and what you read. Thanks to our producer Chuck Reed, and everyone a cadence thirteen get in touch. Gretchen is on Instagram at Gretchen. Rubin in I'm at Liz, craft or email addresses podcast Gretchen. Rubin Dot. com, if you like this show, please be sure to tell a friend that is how we get new listeners and subscribe rate. Review s wherever you listen to your podcast the resources for this week. If you need a quick jolt of Energy and Cheer while you're. You're spending time at home. You can download a three Bingo sheet with these sporty too easy challenges that you can do just kind of liquor spirits. You can get that at Gretchen Rubin Dot com slash resources. Cross them off as you go, get yourself some gold stars, and if you're looking for some mood boosting music awhile ago, we made the happier nine one one list on spotify. There is so much great happy music there suggested by listeners just search spotify playlist for happier, nine, one one and again these are all listener favorites until next week I'm Elizabeth Craft and I'm. Gretchen Rubin. Thanks for joining US onward and upward. Wait so graduates, Barnaby trained all or see basically just. potty trained in that. Gears housebroken and he does some tricks for fun, but like he's very badly behaved like. If there's food on a counter and our backs are turned, he will be on it in a flash. You've never seen a dog move so fast, so you remember Patty wet. Food Lightning-quick to be is exactly like that Iraq? From the onward project.

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#26 - Conversing with Mirakuru and Connor

The Entwistle Podcast

50:11 min | 7 months ago

#26 - Conversing with Mirakuru and Connor

"Hello everyone you're listening to the podcast here sports file apple PODCASTS I am did not on the life on well. Numbering, very late episode twenty six as all going back to normal in Friday. So just to worry about that. But I wouldn't Coterie Mira Kuch have up ever chop because I was just feeling a chocolates particularly and we live with. So please enjoy. So Chops decided to assemble today to talk about music. I. Suppose because I am settlements were follow Lincoln the description the how there wasn't going to be any episode this Friday and I was just sitting here. I'm just do Moan. Club of A. Wardrobe which I'm a little bit like. In underwhelming so I just decided. Against episode so I'm joined by. Very interesting guests guess introduce yourself. Me Okay My name is victor I go by the stage name MIRA crew. Second time appearing on the PODCAST. But we have a new. Number one shoe I mean he's never ever ever. Never GonNA. It's just. Yeah I'M GONNA. Go by stage new of course gravel name. Is My third time on the podcast? Yes. Need to find alias. Any ideas for an alias because. Young toast young show. Congress. Young also. For, a second thought, he changed the name to young toast as I. Interesting to say the least. Fire it's. I think fires probably the wrong words. Is Interesting. It's unique. Meek it's so shit that no one else is ever going to have it. I'm toast more on. No. Copyright reasons. Copy posts. We Are you know we're like I WANNA be. I WANNA be ironman. Because I feel like I'm in charge. Okay So you guys GonNa be. In avengers unto. You could be you could be. Commute Yep. Okay. Looking for flowers for his girlfriend so she wouldn't see such a strong nothing else. Very PG does you. I'M GONNA go with halt. Six Five. Big Boy. Victor who? I'm pretty sure comedy shorts. With. Spider. member. Watch vitamins cool. Did you think I should be the new question for the. member. The is that your. I think no be cool Naba. Maybe I don't know but. I just I. Shook I I want to ask you a question. Now I I've asked you this both before and noticed. SPO-. I'M GONNA. Ask you huge musical inspiration. Why are you said last time You Count Zagan so has to be. Great I have. Enough. Let's see poor stacey do all I. It always completely undo. Yeah. Hopes good as well. The the basis going. To I like hollow. Yeah. Was Hollow. Hollow from the was the was it an EP or an album? He's twenty twenty-nine ep the one that helps on. I think. I'm GONNA roll lots. Of White guys listening to right now and I want you to just basically go y'all. Can we do that? I. Think it's all ones I've been. You know the red, but we'll just go with it. The my number one is Kanye. West of said this a multiple occasions what we say yes or no? I like older stuff like fucking gold digger younger. Anthony moving the thing the thing about is he's going to a point proved himself. I was doing a presentation or you need the other day. I found out that he wants something like two hundred and sixty awards into, of course, his career including twenty-one Grandma's. Twenty one grammys. Oh. 'cause. Say I've got the best. Puns. Put as much. You said it was a good move for your career and I said now I. SAW Forgo. Knocked traumatized I'm now trump test. As one, there's one we listen to as well you know Benny. And Yeah. Never, heard of a she did Super Luma. Did Not. Was that supposed to be funny. It wasn't. Thrilled. So I've been listening to about Benny Benny Discipline. You know I know folk I'm just losing never heard of. Yeah come on. That's not on young coast radar. No. Listened to Benny Benny's. And she's from. Featured their. Bennies a she I'm Ben these massive. So. As in sees a big women. She's a big. She was on them. Have you listened you've listened to NOCONA. L.. Listen to George Actor. afterthought. After dot. To. Dude I think my favorite out of those I think it would have to be. A. Nice. Saved somewhere. Muddy. Is I think I don't know whether you guys have listened to my old job. But that's just straight. And like the Haram Bishop? No well. I. I. Guess in a way the one I've been going back and listen to a lot of it recently. and. Like. You can almost. Pinpoints routes on the always made music and use just weird. Genius of. Counter. He well, I guess the cowboys. Genius. He played the con- so well, and it wasn't necessarily a he was a Weirdo I mean he's definitely a for loop. I'M NOT GONNA lie the guy go confidence coming out with his backside I. Mean I imagine having seizures in the middle of a Japanese. Women seeing the how Burger Blazek. Coming tonight though pink stuff is definitely raw and even with I don't know whether you guys have heard rate on me. Charlie someone's like they're just so raw is not probably say about China shop finish. Foxy. Seriously, the just published and I really loved. Like. Nice. I could go on and on and on about duty. you ask you some questions I thought it would be. CIA Music I mean. Basically Assemble. Of War I've assembled ventures is what I was trying to say. and. I just think that we could just talk about. A little bit music. So I. I mean, I've thought about Kanye Joji, but you guys, she'd throw some summit. Six Luke on. I know you're thinking. I can read your mind is if You will so yeah. Yeah. HOUSTON. I saw that. I mean like. Yeah No I. I call it anymore and he's A loss to the game Ozzy like him. As heightened music. You play that day and everyone's going to start jumping around. EWBAL WHO WILL WALK Musically not. Discriminate the MIC. Like, looking bags. Michael it's. Actually has just reminded me. With Your Club follow my lead I do the download stuff from you both but how? How did that come around? Follow? It was the second one. The first one was lonely. Rude. Boy. I recommended. You're the I should just. Do. Bob Music's so music do you guys understand though? Now. Music. I create I felt that might be it wasn't meant to be a short guy so it was just. Not Booths three goes music. I would have you. What's your favorites of question? What's your favorite song that both of us have done individually Years. As. A MR. What's your favorite Song My. What's your favorite podcast? Obviously this one you know I wanna just the reg-. Your podcast starts because I haven't told you how well you episodes of done. So I'll yes there was. No vitkovice even within one. I can't tell you are she will start with Connor. Our first one, hundred, hundred troops. About? What was a one? Just talks about music. Yeah Lessons Talk One, hundred, six, hundred, sixty, six. One hundred thirty six does good numbers is. Lucas I loved I love recording with both because you both have some kind of creative talent dilu- cotton. Thank you to go something going here. Are you just straight up I have a of the ahead let's go get this done enforcement moves or go play on the piano whatever like how how do you guys do? You go I go. For me I never have. Had if I hear a beep another slight start saying I saw free until like beat out here and I'm just thinking in my head and all that sounds to elaborate on the. I, usually. I just play a be on the speaker and I like you said I just style. and. Then whatever comes to mind. Is a Hook always comes first? And Start Building the version. On Sony beats that just don't work, and then when you find one does like, yes, you know it's the one. She's got a record at that moment. In terms of creatively I think I mentioned to you both thought I am actually still too. I am Rosen did my victory. Yeah. You're going to record when your mouth doesn't because. That's. ME Can I can I can tell people couldn't song I told you. So here's a song. Caller Looking into percents. There maybe. Lyrical masterpiece. Alison LURCO must I agree with them I didn't Limerick I should by so obvious. When I when I heard sober. I was like. It was like Holy Shit. Sobers player. Sober was like I think Subarus on my most listened to chunks of last ones I genuinely think is. Yeah genuine. Or at least certainly I won't. Yes Twenty So you're ahead of super lonely at runaway So it on the news. On their one wall. So then I've listened to you. Yeah. I saw the music nature. Yeah no causing this this other guy phone call Tasha I share on this. Guy. Oh crazy as I was. Playing. Goes. Hush you. Shia. Sorry. I think lights out. No I'M GONNA check. Could. It be a plausible Kalab as a long stretch. Sixty, seven, thousand, three, thousand, insurance. For this story met code downloads, almost a million streams. S. Is Crazy. I still good on I think when when I. I mean I have the same reaction with sober. Because I was doing research with the whole. Happy Abby Do Dung Hey. I was doing I, explain the story sleep. I went on and I found the song actually I was GONNA ASK Daniela by amount I did eventually at the end because I remembered. But the song I heard it and I'm like Whoa. WHOA okay. Here's moved. From America for the you how do you find? Like. Well. I I. Don't find I like how does this? How did you find them? Well I recur through I found Daniel. Through instagram. So I think I get one lead and then I go from the. Sky. Shower Quincy I am. Transmitter. Her. We'll have to get him on the I will never this is the one that I've never spoken to him and. Neither have I been them for three years. He's copy since things. Can so good I. So this guy's. Got To visit message. Is Soga Scott Matt. I'm I found him. I was going through Youtube graphics I thought then. You'd graphics on Instagram on Hashtag. You know when instagram cool light they're using I was strolling down iphone with on work and I'm like, okay. This is I'm GonNa come to this guy that guy was the rest was history I like so. Good Day. I see the artwork for salsa. How good is that a mud I've seen this guy like Come from the bomb, but he's always been telling you. Calculate. The you made the follow Molinaro to do not. Actually, really good. Thank you. You May. Go. Crazy. Yeah. What do you use on your phone pixar? I tried to Announce Shit. No. Spaceship currency I cringe spaceships and stuff it was him. Conrad. Wanted Him. I mean it was just like I just I don't know. I. Felt like gave fit it Kinda because it was like a low type song was. Yeah. So I sent. Off say the the. Michael, dice of. On my own my God you did mystery the transistor everything else apart from which. I think one big thing that people in all kind of a area of work shall we really need to? Really, take advantage of unlearn dot your graphics have to be spun. The music like like it's not that big apart like there's so many other things that are so important. You have like a nice guy. Yeah if I were going through and I saw. The cover and I'm like, Wow, this is pretty Eyed at least listen for thirty seconds even music crap which I don't I like salsa. Both sides. Actually. So Faithful. Yeah. Also. I should like this. That's like that's up there. But I mean. Why don't want you to do I. Do and try and branch other artists I mean you you might already. For. I've got a couple of people on the. Wasn't McKell. Like him. I can't. There's All right this is a problem. So there's a McKell the I worked with two hundred listeners. There's a Macau with four, hundred, thousand monthly listeners right and spotify thinks it. Macau. Four hundred thousand one. So if you go on his pages says he appeared on south somebody doesn't. What? It says like this is the only feature as ever done. Is Mental. Vegetable you walk in terms of because, I've been giving you advice. In terms of. What did you? You loves this advice. I look is true. Love my advice take our leader die swear my advice done. I'm going GONNA, force you to do, but my advice is normally always. Shadow heard. We're. GonNa Doing. Giving you. I mean, he signed me a powerpoint. Really. Really, yeah. It's to. Say like. I didn't read it although she. was from. was. From my union. I didn't read. I was like, oh Somebody. Somebody got hold of them. I'm putting them in this big group job we have because it's A Lot. Go. Out To game. With. This. Okay success. Why why? Point. I. Agree. It's a it's a very. Well. You can do this this and this. Time of. The Hour I'm going to. Go. Back. I. Knows. She. Knows you do music I told her like whoa quotas music. Have, you ever had like someone you would expect listen to music. I was in Zoom Class and my teacher asked me what I do. On my free time and I was like. Music, she made me play for the whole class that is is. Our I played. Yeah I play sober and letter to my ex. I knew A. Few. Songs Dome for. Here. I'm trying to put on spotify like songs acting would are like that like that I think they're good and then the ones that are okay on Songkhla. Arbor. I think I ever did do music. I'd go on Unsound Code We'd have. Held. Onto. Was the best thing about music my boss plays. In the workplace for everyone. It's amazing. I'm going to go through list of my Joe suggests I think after episode eight hundred one. Two. Three. Four. Five six seven. Nine ten. Eleven. GAVE TEN PEOPLE Ten still slow the head hormone think about. People's and say you're going to be here at this time. This is a great opportunity for you basically. Okay if I've worked with four people youth onto an iphone to. Walk. Okay I'm the victims of. I I can't I can't explain to you the feeling of when I first heard sober I you know when you hear a good song. Album came out heard the first channel and I was like. Okay, this is is this break goodly. And even with mystery the Heck Mr. Mr Tigers. The, the wall. Talking Elk. Post on I'll probably kill myself so. You could be the reason as episode never sees the. Mostly by were. You call a loss of said. I have. I. I absolutely did I said I've got Motley mccown. You did so. Yeah I. Just I'M GONNA I have model mccown in my basement so I thought. Okay this does go anywhere and episode three I've got to be domestic I should really take the. So I'll actually very did that because I don't mean my influx of Indian listeners tape very one. Where did you guys get the most of your listeners from? My son. Fallback caught on a playlist. Brought in. From fucking everywhere I got one point, three K streams from the playlist like all the streams aren't from across from I've got one thousand listeners from the United? States? One hundred six from United Kingdom. Germany Denmark. Japan Sweden Slovenia Canada. Have you. Must Los Angeles A. Husky although. I want to ask you to something in terms of white forwarding career is actually a confidence based question if you're modest and say to people well I. T music but. You know and you don't probably take yourself up. Are you preparing to fail because you don't really believe in your boats while I mean like diaw to pick yourself up. I flagged so hard on instagram. Whenever. Like. And like songs. Streams on instagram. Obviously wanted to show off. Your masters things but. What did you think? I mean I went from eighty monthly listeners to forty six I. Don't know what I did. Wrong. May Be be eighty, thousand, eight, hundred, eighty. First Month of month who listeners so why the second one that just deb's Yeah. Always good. Risk Profile. I think I. Think we pulled. The differences, people actually hear me for life. Episodes or anything offered hour hour and a half unease when listening to a podcast I mean my ideology as I want listener to feel like they're saying like roamed table with my guest on there actually involved in the conversation but mute. Crush. Could that you know and I know you think is listening right now. We know. Anyone anyone. Is less than I figured out. Now. There's some. There's some people that you listen to my. SASKIA listens hi SASKIA. Oscar. I'm over. Yeah listens. Gross. PURES Lauren and my cousin listen. Doing. Nationalism to the one. Know. Becky, sometimes listen shellback. Wiser allies sometimes. Judgment, of Hamish screen they go up sleeping on the podcast before they both listen. Who Else Listens Alex sometimes since big up. Oh. I think. The number. So have I'm actually quite surprised with it because I talked to you on this episode call about my Ford Cost I think are predicted. Thousand by December and I'm on six thousand. Now, as I told, you have like a monthly figure. Yeah. All Converge On my monthly figures of jewel. So in total have six, thousand on skid phrasing. So. When August at went. So I can only July August, September October. So in July, it was two, hundred, nine, thousand, five, hundred and Agassi it was two, hundred and forty, four in September two, thousand, four, hundred, eighty. Two thousand sky. I don't know I just woke up one morning on our send you guys the graph the bots on the phone number I had ten listeners. Ten plays hold on the next day at one hundred fourteen. Because it's hard works been rewarded. What drop mystery like because we? Do Us district like for using. Music because you can't can you pick a date when you drop songs just like? I have the. Car The first one, the first one to eight one. So I can't pick when music comes out. It just comes out like a few days off. I didn't know what Mr was gonNA come out up and like I literally checked it for the first time it came out and already had like three thousand streams. I was like what the? Jews. Like. A strange. It's almost like Oh. Wow. Okay. Ten CAIN Is. Only licensed to get twenty K.. Streams. Keeps going what do I? W- Appear on the covers under because I paid search for the B. L. as we have. No Way has thousand what the I do. For you call back and say while. Thought mysteries. Now, Mr Mr is though to be fair. I, think in terms of be still I think you should go on learn how to create. I'm really. I've it's all about. Creativity. Suppose. For example, Kanye uses he jumped she's instrumentals. And he will make it. He uses. Yeah does. He was a producer before. Jae Whoa fellow records he? You know, Gypsies, album all what is it called the blueprint She did all the production. Regarded as one of the best. To. Sneeze like. The big. On He doesn't have doesn't matter. I. ASK IS OKAY BUT Not always widely regarded as one of the greatest hipbones all the time. But candidate goes crazy on beats white. There's some my own Michael Mental. Michelle out to Nico Obese if he's assigned. Show needs to be he was supposed to come on Bayden. Mutual friends from Scotland I had no idea. A. Guy. That's cool and path. And you. Actually, albums now. Do you sit and listen to albums lake through or do you like just pick and choose from appenzell? Trusted. For example I'll say, I'm listening to Kennedy albums over. I think I would only listen to him want. The album when I comes out. I'm Ben of light showers and again. With next. Played Cola listened to. At least. Take like I like how there's like a little thing at the end of each one on. On with Raleigh riches one. Called calm. As. It flows into each song I mean. A certain. Doesn't a savage not in that too but yeah. Those. slits, which is in into the over. Morgan Freeman Yeah right is a fucking at. Guy. I. Only. Can almost up singing what do sign heart. I think in terms of, let's say the lakes that they've. I ask you to listen to Dave I don't know whether or not if you have been chiming. Like British musician. I'll let you. All To be honest I don't listen to much. British. And Fun us. So I think with with people here in the U K B. D, listen to like a lot more US music amid the UK. In, terms of like I guess I say mainstream in terms of social here on the radio normally all Americans. Mexican and? The radio in like five years. Neither neither. Well, I think I. Don't listen to choice I used to listen to it by choice when I was younger but he stuck on Capitol FM in the Car Pussy. Agree Radio One extras whereas not ready one really depends what kind of mood. I'm. Thank God there was a podcast what you should do in your car. No. The other ones because the really poor quality but. I was. I. Was like a moment in the. Learn Cross. US A ball art. Sounds. Like a Rhody time you have. Straight into the. I was. They really interrupted. Thank you. Dave Dave albums flew really really well I, it's just row storyteller I think. Nineteen Kit. Thank you. FINISH REALLY DRINK Burnt. With. Sage. So I think with with psychodrama just flows. Unbelievable and it's story time. I had John the UK when I. Go and he was. Speaking. Speaking to him about Dave on he was like. Theft on. He said I love the Leslie Sorry. I'm like. Wall Night Leslie. Song is just as eleven minutes of storytelling home break is really really sad. For to listen to some dave after Dave. Dave Dave. Just I. Silva. Dave. Br, I can't find. All Hoping type and Dave. Off I different in America, all Michael Do spotify premium. Yeah. Yeah The. fucking. Like flooding American sloppy. Premium is like one of these things when you have it, you can't go back. To. Qualify normal you know want the best. All My. Guy That follows me he makes beats she's from like Russia. I always sent him a music is like dill's be gooding, I. Don't have premium, but I play on simple till I get the song. He's GonNa win. Why I said I sound so so this morning I added to play list but can't play because a free version but I'll wait till I can't brew fire mood. Completion. What alleging. A Guy. Orleans from. Serbia. Serbia. Nicest one listener SOBIA. As. Him. Love. Have you. Found messages. Have any other funds anybody or anybody. Stuff. Like. Did other Shelton Remember the posted on my story. Attend. Some, like it was I I don't know but you're just cussing me. Like you're not really Mexican. Oh. Okay. Hang on hang on Oahu though. Let's just stop. Is such a weird thing to say well we. I had I had a message from this. Indian. was his a message. Let me just find you you probably to us because the message was from this guy called MD liqun shake. And he said Hi, can you give me any podcast? I said Hello I'm not sure what you mean. I'm he punched me no one read just left me on route. Can you believe I was few money to sneeze again May just any writ. Of genuinely cruel virus, you don't have. Do. Do Actually. All. My God see what I'm recording his solo the vocal like legendary back in Mexico about the amount of like. Breathing. Are So how many? How many takes what usually? Takes. How many layers to? Your vocals. I can't conduit. Whole version take always like stop and then I go from a different point I can do. Something about about your the Song Monster by Kanye is a beautiful dark fantasy. Make Him. As verse is car versus like eight weeks into one. So it's all edited into one and. At strange grunting noises. which actually pretty cool. I think naked woman. So basically. Stayed in my. Album fuck off. In terms of diversification like what do you guys? I. Think. As just like how can you how can you change your pillow but like I wanted to, for example Like really hard like look at me. I or like. Though because you to have white properly. Yeah. Actually I got some guys I. Know, I know by of listening to the music and they do quite well, it's. Always DM them if you want. Some diversification going. About you. Because I mean you're younger than US son you're starting like mean Cordoba start doing this one eight hundred. Fifteen. Yeah So, like may disguise the sky's the limit for you. I want to do rock. I wanted to lie some Type Rock I. Think I've said this before. I'll. Be. Coming go by Default I was just thinking about. Growing law I didn't also came up and now I'm like, yeah, I can us or or afraid from a poor stacey. Yeah. Very very lead by nightmare by Lil Tracy. Tracy I do I know bad for you buy loose beautiful nightmare it's so it's. So good. Yeah. Low peop-. Here's Claus. I haven't listened to most people I listened to following down but yeah, I all this. But I saw docile saliva I love. All the bachelors dime on action then just want. Here's here's here's who do you. Think's GonNa be the next die. Okay. I'd rather know call spoke. Let every say I. Hope I. Hope that we don't lose like Jesus County or like a drake I hope that never happens sex. Last six, six, hundred show I mean. Reading them. I mean, this guy is going about snitching on vk running three. Free in your. It was at the. Must be fun. I. Thought are fused onslaught. I do say quantum porches you. Live Andrea. I know where you live. From. Windows. Mama Slot here if you did not. She will do. Got My mom she's She. Over from Rachel and never ever. Backed was your mom's name. His name. Jenny. Jenny Jenness here. We have Rachel we. have. Cursing Jenna. Class. War Ducts Code. Victory. Is. Under Did you. Does, go join. John. Out Joys Bald me. Why couldn't he? Because he can be called color could have clinic. which as John? I'm. I'm. So Bald. Is. The worst mistake I've ever made. was called cashier. There's a couple of more things I was Gonna ask you in I, touched on. I touched on conference. Bake Baked Yourself. then. Why would you ever? Would you ever pay yourself in a position and say I'm better than someone else? No I am and you Andrea even if I'm you made them different in closer s from? where I'm from, there's no one. Well. what you do yes but there is there is a group Hustler. Taking, spotify. Let, me check out from there certainly is. Does it. I think with podcasting or merely one as well. Though. no-one no-one doesn't like goes. I think with what we do it's like. I see what was your mindset towards? Are you in it to go to the top you had just in it for the or you're doing it for both I suppose. About Joy. I've made money from this. Actually. Made like. Fifteen dollars from this mental. I'm a free. That's you know. That's Sparrow the. I've I've met penny nominees almost a month of how much it costs to. Vice. I guess. I think. I'd go with. Just. Like. Hard, to get listeners on some kind of like yeah. Thousand plays here you get like eight plays on soundcloud. I got forty two plays on one of my songs in south. Korea has one thousand. UNITA form. Because I haven't got any my songs lockdown rhythm on their. Cost of. You know it's an all time classic while she was your son Code. Is, just. Mir crew. Was the same way. But? I got. A song. Think is there any more? What happened to it? I think I deleted it. No he did too. But it had forty two on soundcloud and then on spotify had a thousand. Dollars volunteers in December yeah. Among on. You could just you could just leave very quickly. Only? America. Learn. No I was looking at my profound the. Is took me to corners page. Listen sure I listened to walk rhythm. Rhythms across. Okay. Club. Thank you. Good. Bye. By by. How I I was leaning back. On here. What. Oh so many questions are now. So you just let them back into the win but I ha- because I'm using micro I'm just wanting in my hand right because I'm late I'm leaning back my terrible Marchetto. I go back in just goes was. dropped. Dial, in the, Post. Before. You Buy. Them Yeah. I light to be respectful because respect is number one. You know about people and there's that's just how I wrote in my head I can say to myself in terms of podcasting and stuff I'm better than you bet. But these guys are like some of the bigger guys benchmarks level by. Level then I'll pick higher ones and higher ones. Exactly. I wouldn't necessarily be a case of. I think being, I, would never ever say many I'm better than someone unless it's an argument that I might do. Like if they come at me I'm going to say. It all depends if they actually better than me or not. Yeah you know if you talked about like I dunno drake than probably. Stay. Quiet someone of its John from down the road then maybe you could. Tell them ice crop. Here but the the reason why that's because there's so many small people with big egos I don't necessarily think big UBE, I. Think. I know what my task is and I think you're probably the same. As you know what you're asking. You know the level you want to be, and if you can't get there, then it's just it's a bit frustrating. Are you. In a position where I. mean you're only fifteen. Are you in a position where your frustration the have everything now young hungry and away. not really to be honest? Because I I am not as an very. I don't know. So, about thought yes. Appeal the working, but I'll get a little bit. For Straight Times because. It's it's a case of A. Well. Yes I, have this amount of numbers. Yes. Of Tone this and this, and this is his great, but it's not enough I more. Yeah Yeah. Actually one time when I first started. My first song did eight hundred fifty. And then let's go. The second song it didn't do that whereas is like. I was doubting myself. And then. and. Then I'll put out another song. And did pretty well to this seven hundred dollars Scott Colorado. Is We'll Subaru logo. I think it's like. Two hundred fifty something. That's I think. Come from beyond the. Lopa. I love a series all of so much and I will say over over a WHO is like. I don't know how doesn't have thousands of streams and I'm not even just. With, with Conan, stop a quantity. Of Industries. I feel about in terms of what we do. You know you could be one click away from stardom. And scary when you think about it because I think of. Corner whichever get famous I would give you have again fame I mean I don't I can't speak for you and I can speak for me because I I've known her for. Probably nine years, eight years. I I. Don't think like Munem I don't deal with it very well, the because where we're in this position where. As I said I think and say I won't not awarded towards the I'm GonNa hit that goal. It's like, yeah, I've had this goal, but then I want this and I think were money shut down to the I'd get complacent. In terms of emotions and stuff like I'm. In a position where I'm older nothing. So. Basically. I hide any emotions I have. Come. Be Bad. And making calls me to be very frugal on times, which is you know for everyone but it's just kinda how Jairo Yeah and with I was GONNA. Disown writing. Do you have any positions where I? Mean I guess you like a young kitten everything but In terms of the emotional stuff because you you said earlier was a big inspiration. Excuse me and said that was a big inspiration of us. Is it are you in a position or do you feel like you're in a position where you can home in on some situations emotionally even though you don't necessarily have the life experience say I would hover. For anyone else. Yeah. I think I, could. that. Everyone. Thanks for listening. This is just a pretty crazy episode actually wasn't gonNA. But the boys were on. So I just thought you know what? stood. So, this has been episode twenty, six of the podcast. I'll see you soon.

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Hamilton Helmer  Power + Business - [Invest Like the Best, EP.174]

Invest Like the Best

58:44 min | 1 year ago

Hamilton Helmer Power + Business - [Invest Like the Best, EP.174]

"Oh the low and welcome everyone on Patrick Shaughnessy. And this is invest like the best. This show is an open ended exploration of markets ideas methods stories and of strategies. That will help you better. Invest both your time and your money. You can learn more and stay. Up-to-date BUT INVESTOR FIELD GUIDES DOT com Patrick o'shaughnessy CEO of Anisi asset management all opinions expressed by Patrick and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of o'shaughnessy asset management this podcast informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions. Clients of Shaughnessy. Asset management may maintain positions and the securities discussed in this podcast. I guess today's Hamilton Helmer. The CO founder and chief investment of strategy capital and the author of one of the best business books in history called seven powers. Which is the topic of our conversation. He has spent his career as a practicing business. Strategist advising companies investing based on strategy insights and teaching strategy in the last decades he has also utilized strategy concepts as a public equity investor. In this conversation we cover all seven business powers from counter positioning to scale economies and how companies earn and keep those powers any investor or person should understand these concepts and seven powers. And it's the best work I've seen. That explains them in-depth. Please enjoy our conversation own. Just begin at a very high level with the concept itself perhaps the necessary preconditions power which you described as benefits and barriers. Maybe we could just take these three concepts benefits and barriers and how they relate to what power means specifically to you at a high level before digging into the specifics. If you start a business you put something in your time and investments and all this stuff and you do it maybe for love but you also get get something and that something back to be more than what you put in the first place. You might question whether it was really worthwhile and so the notion of power is when you figure out something about a business you figure out something. That's better than what is currently offered and so might be a better business model might be interesting grand or might be a new product or something like that but then the the specter of competitor arbitrage comes in. If you do something better the question then is okay but for that to be durable and what you want as Gurgle success in business for that could be durable. There has to be something that prevents others from taking all of that away from and so the something better is a benefit and the something that keeps others from getting it is a barrier. And so you need both those conditions and the example used in my book officer is Intel Presents. A great control is so Intel started out with amazing management. I mean the best brilliant triumph business and they started out as a what they call themselves the memory company then they semiconductor members head. Incredible manufacturing technology. Your ship all these things and so the benefit was the these great memory chips better than other people's but the problem was that other people could emulate it and so they're Martin's started to go down. Oh look that attractive. So despite all the wonderful things that they had and they were very very well run business. It just was not going to be an attractive business but then they got into. Cpu's Mark Process and it turned out that there was something that could keep others from quickly emulating that and there are some early things that were particularly strong. In terms of health. Computers are hardwired to that ship and stuff but later on the key thing was that to design one of these things is a very very expensive proposition. And that's a fixed cost design one of these chips and if you have much higher volume. That cost is pro-rated over that. So that's a scale calm you just type of power and so unless other people have your scale. Europe lower cost position. And that's durable so all the nice things they have which are necessary. Good Management of Greg manufacturing good marketing. All that are needed but would not have secured their position and did not in the memory business which they eventually had exit thought. They needed that something else. In addition to all that operational excellence which was power. Which was something that created value escapes lower cost but could not be easily arbitrage by competitors and so if you have a benefit and a barrier then you have a formerly long-term positive cash flow tractor dashboard but just good returns going on and on. And so. That's the nature of the concept. Would you say it's fair to characterize benefits as more commonplace one for people to think about and also for people to actually put into the world then barriers meaning? Barriers are a rarer breed than benefit. Yeah Patrick that's really insightful. An important point benfits are everywhere. A car bumper. He goes from chrome to plastic. That's benefit but the problem is is that lots of people. Even though having corvette at first right as I recall or maybe it was fiber. Daikin American main factor I think others can easily emulate and every time you turn around and a business. You're trying to increase you know this work processes a little better improve this Jig in a manufacturing process. Your code is a little bit better every place you turn there are millions and millions of them and then there are some that are material so they moved the needle from point of today but even so far more common but barriers are rare competitive You know one thing is I have my background. Says is as a Communist and by the background that makes you very respectful of the power of competition long term and so they're all people trying to emulate that and that's how progress takes place is that everybody does but if there's a barrier you get to keep a portion of that part that you can proved barriers are much rare. How early on you mentioned being in Silicon Valley? We're GONNA talk a lot about more established businesses too but the moment of inspiration and the vibe of Silicon Valley is also inspirational term product market fit. Which I think about as having nailed benefit if you've created something that people really want. How early on when you're advising earlier stage founders or thinking about strategy in early technology businesses? Do you think they need to start thinking about barriers because the product market fits all sort of about a benefit that that can be great in the early days but as you pointed out maybe not sustainable for long term competitive advantage? Are these things? Usually the barrier side with these early stage businesses is it usually accidental or intentional when founders create a barrier in your experience in terms of the question of when you should start thinking about these things. It's very important to realize that often when you start a business you just don't know whether you're GonNa power not you just don't know and yet if maybe a very reasonable bet to proceed knowing that an opportunity may arise so I give you an example of net flicks so they had this red envelope business which had his own lovers power which went to but they knew that ultimately this was going to be something that was over the Internet. That's why it's called Netflix. And warehouse and yet it wasn't evidence you know whether there would be any power there because if they just get content from everybody gets content and you buy it on firm basis than kind of anybody can do that. There's some technology involved but it's not you know. It's not that daunting and Amazon web services per you know serves netflixing. Some deals can use them as well and so on. But what did net flicks new? Did they say well? We're not GONNA do this until we have power no not at all. These formative moments are once with lots of options high uncertainty. And if you have the possibility of what food companies do is they put a toe in the water and and take a crack at it and then keep their eyes peeled for the possibility for power so net flicks started off with the distant. Well we're just GONNA give people streaming away for our red envelope customers so they did bad pretty lousy catalog amount water response. But then they they said well. Let's let's up the ante and gives them some good contact so they cut a deal with with stars which had really been content and then all of a sudden subscriptions just skyrocketed and they said wow? That's so people really liked this. But the problem with the star steel was was kind of a one off deal and starts didn't realize what they're giving away and so wasn't clear that this was a source of long term competitive advantage because the next time they want to stars like company they'd ask for the price than fully capitalized value. That netflix be receiving. Wouldn't be all track of and so then. The next phase was they actually deal with angers ethics and that unlike the THIRTY MILLION DOLLAR DEAL STARS. That was a one billion dollar. Feel sorry Oh and that was out of price. Were efforts knew exactly what they were selling. The these rights were valuable and it was an exclusive net flicks and so now all of a sudden they have paid a fixed price. Corey exclusive content. Which is fifty percent of their cost structure. Roughly so anybody else who wants to offer the same stuff doesn't pay per view basis for what have to pay a fixed price and has more streaming customers in the offer per customer is is of course diminished accordingly or. What a shows is that step by step? They worked their way into it. And that's more common but the key thing and this is what my books focused on. Is that along that process? You want to have in your mind the types of structures that might get you to a point where you have a barrier as well benefit and a barrier so that you have power and so my answer your question about when you start thinking about it is very early on you have this framework and you don't slavishly say I'm GonNa not do anything less as power you just constantly sorta check whether or not oh well you know we got on this path. That was kind of interesting so the conversations. I have with founders which are quite a few in Silicon Valley those kinds of conversations that we have. They're sort of thinking about this thinking about that. And and someone and that's the proper perspective is to be experimental but very thoughtful and if my concepts even help a smidgen in additional acuity in zeroing in on the right thing then my goal is accomplished. I would love to explore the powers taking them kind of turn by turn here and discussing what you think has changed about them over time since you originally conceived of them maybe what sorts of powers or most interesting for certain types of business. All ask a lot of questions around each. You've already mentioned this. This fascinating idea of you said step by step. I think about it as path dependency your path. You have to walk that relates an advantage over time because others have to walk a similar path. Brandon could be an interesting example of that like typically brands are built over time. Sometimes they're air-dropped in like dollar shave club or something but it's more common for them to be built through time and I love how you delineate in the book the concept of origination takeoff and stability as sort of different periods of how time interacts with the power. So I'm GONNA use that order to explore these things just for some sequencing and I thought we begin with origination. So the two that you've sort of shaded there's no absolutes here but the shaded and sort of the origination category are this idea of a cornered resource and this idea of counter positioning which of all the powers the counter positioning is the one that that certainly animates me. The most that I think is really unique and fascinating to consider. So maybe we could start there with counter-position can you describe what that power means and ways that you've seen it? Effectively applied so counter. Positioning is if a company originates a new business model and that there is a powerful incumbent with a different business model but the new business model is in some way superior which is to say that it gives you better cash flow than the other business model but for the incumbent to mimic that business model they would need to blow up or they think they would need to blow up their old business model and the pain of that is so great that they wait a long time so great examples. Hbo versus Netflix so Hbo yes hard. Remember back then but it was a much more successful much more visible company the net flicks very profitable at amazing series. Think of the Sopranos Revolutionize. Some television some ways and just a brilliant stuff and that's comes along But HBO's distributed through cable companies but Netflix. What's called over the top Tuesday go directly to consumers and so the issue for? Hbo was could they go over the top versus net flicks? But they're looking at all these very profitable contracts they have with their cable providers and they say wow we changed distribution. Those might be at risk. So we're looking at this uncertain upside versus absolutely terrible known downside. We can't go there. And so they wait and they wait and they wait and bit by bit net flicks just gained market share and pitcher. And get much sir. So that's the nature in and one of in one of the things that stimulated was as investor Dell on the nineties one of my best investments and they were going direct and compact and everybody else was going through channel like computer land and that kind of stuff and have these contracts and they didn't want to risk their distribution which was going famously for them and so they waited waited waited and adult tremendous advantage. About time you've mentioned some examples where I was trying to break things. Down into product and distribution as sort of key twin pillars of any business and business model counter positioning is quite clear to me in the distribution examples of different way of getting to your customer that by definition would hurt the incumbent if they tried to mimic it or cannibalize their business great examples there other examples that come to mind more on the product side of counter positioning definitely so. I know you're you're interested in software and I think it was arc. Andriessen famously said the software. It's the world. What a great statement Super Cycle. And if you think about what that means is that companies that used to be hardware oriented now are faced with competitors that are software oriented and I would say in many many of those cases there's counter positioning and the counter. Counter-position comes from the fact that changing company that's well established and large that's hardware based is extremely difficult to move over to software base not impossible but difficult so. I've also seen invest significant for me an apple and if you look at the iphone they were counter position versus Nokia for just those reasons and Nokia asus unbelievably successful company but it was a hardware company basically and they really good off supply chains and their engine teams and everything else and for them to. Germany was essentially a software product. Just they would've had different people in different people in charge different sensibilities different measures value and so very very difficult. So I think that's one that's rather commonly stays says that that hardware. He's of very difficult time. I'll always remember my conversation with Daniel accuse the person that introduced you and I this notion he had early on in spotify of the question was what could possibly be better than free you know. The incumbent was Napster and other companies. Like that like how could I possibly be that and realizing that it was a product innovation around speed of delivery and like having every song in the world in your pocket not limited by discs face or anything like that or by latency? I just think these these counter-position ideas are so fascinating. They are and as I said. They're they're very contrarian simpler used to these incredibly powerful and complex. I mean Nokia was thought thought it was being on sale of Monster Monsters. The negative term. I mean successful very attractive company. Yeah what are your thoughts on incumbents using this against on themselves so I've actually read all the Clayton Christianson ideas of disruption which some of this thinking brings to mind and sometimes companies successfully self disrupt. So how do you think that the incumbents who we've we've used as examples of losers in these stories so far could gainfully apply the counter positioning idea to themselves the nature of the barrier positioning? Which is to say why. A competitor hesitates from taking war on hers. Unable to on what in this case unwilling to is because of the damage to the old business model in the comments so they can't be counter position to themselves but what they are is they're threat and so the use of incumbents is to understand that the nature of the counter edition. They're facing and make a decision about whether they need to reinvent themselves whether they need to adopt this new business model and the reasoning be long-term reasoning behind that because it will inevitably involve a lot of pain by its very nature. And so give you a couple sample so again. Using Netflix stringing was reinventing their rob business and so they were forward thinking enough and understood. The I mean I is one of the most strategically astute. Ceo's I've ever with. He understood that they had to do that. And of course it was sort of in their DNA a little bit to begin with because it was called net flicks but even so they had a very successful business and they had disintermediated if you will and I think if you look at Disney. I'm also huge fan of vigers. I don't know but admire from afar. I think the heavy commitment they made to Disney plus shows what a bit strategic curious that he understood that that was something in the future and the theatrical presentation was not eventually the full picture so that so the key things there are strategic insight leadership ability and loneliness to drive it through an organization. Now sometimes it's just bridge too far. I mean for example. Some of these software cases getting there is just so hard that even if you have the intense. It's such a change. I mean if I think back of Sony Right now I think probably most of their profits comes from video games. I'm not sure that but doing video games almost didn't happen and it took an engineering guy who is crazy about it and some amazing leadership. Sony to actually get digital bill through an analog culture and if they had they would be much less attractive company today but it was extremely difficult. So you know one thing you learn when you study strategy long enough people really matter so you think about how strategy starts of starting by drives results creativity? Creativity comes from individuals and boyish leadership important in this kind of stuff. I mean that's real important second of the powers that is in the sort of origination category. Is this idea of a cornered resource. Which probably people intuitively will understand. But I'd love you to explain it in your context. Why accord resources so powerful or could be so powerful and whether or not they still really exist in the world. Today I won't go through all the exact conditions for something like that. Basically you have some desirable asset which you for some reason gotten at a price that doesn't fully reflect its value and it's so determined to the if another company got it they would also get this tremendous return so leaders usually aren't that it has to be a complete thing so so somebody like Steve. Jobs probably cornered resource. You drop him in a variety of types of businesses and this guy was so amazing that he probably would have made some but most leadership is dependent on the particular company. They're in and although there absolutely critical importance. They're not a complete answer to that problem. So one of course historical aspect of things like patents. So I think it's much rarer probably done two hundred led two hundred strategy cases maybe my students at Stanford have done one hundred you know and it's it's very rare to see corner resource as the driver but it does happen. One of my posits about Pixar is that actually if you would at their phenomenal string of successes. Movie successes in their first doesn't films. The BAT was a corner. Resource in the corner of resource was a very specific group of people that had been through the wars in doing toy story one and they both develop the chops for inmates films. But also this mutual respect and white working together and stimulate each other. And then if you look at their output of those films all of the first group of films came from that Group of people in the end. They're cornered because look probably weren't paid enough to capitalize fully the value their achieving so. I'm sure lots of these people got offers from other animated company. Ceo come work. Russell hitter Pixar special umbrella. Stay here but it's kind of rare and I think the patent side is rare. It's pretty rare for me to see a patent is big enough in walking enough. There's just a lot of different ways of doing things and one thing. You're observing right now. Of course there's a lot of machine learning AI. Stuff and I don't think I have ever seen an algorithm the defensible. You may be. There is one somewhere but it's a good starting place for product markets. It mean like a patriotic and Google or something but eventually there lots of math. You can do math a lot of different ways and programming a lot of different ways you know that. And so that's extremely rare and knowledge in general is more distributed now rather than less and so I would say that those things are are are rare. So I'd say today's world that's less common than it used to be. How would you think about Google in that context? Where originally pay rank was so much faster and superior but they've continued to enjoy. That seems like from the outside based on casual is a powerful position built mostly on search algorithm search function. Saudi think about Google in in the context of this. I'm not entirely sure. I'll give you a hypothesis but I'm not sure that's right. So the strength of their business depends on you and me choosing to search through them either directly or through android or chrome or something as opposed to using somebody else and then there's sort of a curiosity about which is that if you looked at sort of normal surveys of light being verses who will it seems about the same. There's not a lot of evidence that it's wildly superior surge so the question is kind of what's going on your argue. Maybe they of course they buy a lot of the search from apple for example that they then they purchase that circuits are the search results so fact that things about the same says that. I don't know if it's page rank what uses but it's seems more or less equivalent so the argument about who will say is that it's a network economy and I as I say I'm not. I'm not sure that's true. But the idea one thing that is surprising about search is the percentage of searches that are unique in other words. They just have not done before. And if you and then you can deduce from that that the percentage that are near your unique only been done two three four times. This is even higher so what that means is in the way Google. I think I'm no expert in this. But the way Google if satisfying results is if somebody has done a search like the one you request before when that search was done previously they track what that person then did once they got will search results. Bud Sings did they. Click on that information about exactly what it was. They were really looking for what results would be the most satisfying and if another person doesn't seem search that's what they feedback to so he does almost magically the. Oh my God knew what I was thinking about. And since there are many are nearly unique. It means the tail events matter. It means that for your sense of the efficacy of your search engine. If you do you know even ten percent of your searches unique for those unique searches. Google just seems a lot better and the network effect is when you do that search. That's near unique. That result is contributed to global and they are able to provide better value to me when I do that. Search and so you just get the sense that they're even though on engrossed terms and average searches. They're just no different that survey just US capture that. So that's that's a hypothesis but only one off thing I love it. I I've never heard Google's advantage articulated as a network effect before but it certainly seems plausible. And it's a unique take on a dominant business and it's a great excuse to talk about network economies. This is you know what am I personal obsessions starting with Brian? Arthur and so many great modern businesses that are built on top of network economies of Renault's facebook and other examples like it so we don't we don't need to hit the obvious examples of what this means but I would love to hear your nuances that Google example is Is a fantastic an interesting even zoom that? We're doing this on our sort of interesting unique examples of our economies what interests you most about this power and what are some unique ways that you've seen it applied will never work. Economies are really interesting for a couple of reasons. One is that if the business model that comes from is sufficiently Mon- Eisele. They are very intense there. If not winner take all businesses. Their dominance and Berry returns is active prospect the other aspect of course from investment perspective is that when they first start they look unattractive from a piano because there are not enough network affects to generate enough value charge enough to make the bottom line. Look good right so you get something. That ultimately is very attractive but looks bad to begin with insights that spells a good investment in very interesting business. But there's a cautionary tale here. Which is that the prevalence of network effects that then are sufficient to get to network power. Which means they're sufficiently monetize. -Able is much less than people. Think I think so. I mean if I had a nickel for every time somebody said to me. Well you know I get more data than that tells me more about customers now allows me to improve my product in that allows me to get work customers which just be more data and Blah Blah Blah and therefore some so. I hear that you know. And in most cases it's not strategic there might be a modest network affect involved it doesn't get to materiality so it's not power so why you know you've talked about benefit and barrier in early on as are the sufficient necessary conditions for power there's another way to Parse that which I use sometimes which is other three SS which is spirit already significance in sustainability and that maps one to one event and various just benefits broken up into superior and significant and the reason that's useful in discussions is it breaks out explicitly materiality significance and so. I'd say you have to be very very careful. For example a so the jury is still out on snapchat whether or not what they do. I think the the defensible part of their business. They're disappearing photos and stuff. Is it sufficiently monetize? -able to be attractive. Overall number power is unattractive overall business position. Which is the the the discounted cash flow going forward far more than offsets. All the money that went into a thing in the first place is not just seeking a businesses that have no power that continue on a long time but their housing brother investment perspective starting out because they don't justify initial investment. But you're going for time and I think their stories snap stories stuff woods lest I think you know instagram. No after that pretty hard. So they're really interesting. The other thing I'd say about them is that they are incredibly complicated. That when we look at strive to Kaplan what network affect the first thing we do try to all the flow chart of exactly. What's going on? Because there are all kinds of symmetry and subtleties that go on in in network effects and network affects often happened for multisided platforms right and so. Just beware of the subtleties. But if you can find one does clear all that stuff than than they're they're really interesting and and and turn out to be amazing businesses like baseball. What are some examples of those subtleties? That might disqualify. What looks like a network effect but may not be one of the big ones. What are some common things that you see that disqualify? I'd say an important one is non linear already of the benefit and this happens a lot and data stuff is that as you get more data you would hope that there some benefit so maybe it's better customer awareness or even lower your costs or something that often that's a non year relationship and what happens. Is that as it scales. The additional incremental benefit becomes less and less and eventually gets that crocus rather flat and if there are enough competitor occurs that are in that flat zone. It means that doesn't make any difference. And so so I would say that he might get mad at me if I said this but I would say. For example Net flicks recommendation. Engine is like that that it's terrific. They rightfully spend a huge amount on getting just right and pleasing us. They should be doing that but it is probably not strategic in other words. I probably wouldn't choose Netflix Amazon crime because of Netflix recommendation. Engine and Netflix is unbelievably sophisticated about I mean as you probably even have this net flicks prize which you know people look at. You know that results from our extremely interesting and inside but it's an operational excellence thing that they have to do but a mimic of is good enough so it is no longer accusing. The next two powers are maybe the most traditionally cited ones that you see in strategy books or are in strategic thinking which are scale economies and switching costs. We've talked a bit about scale economies already. This notion of being the spread. Your fixed costs across a a higher volume of customers. And you can't just airdrop in huge fixed cost investment. That's a hard thing to do any other nuance there that you think listeners. And strategic people running businesses or strategic thinker should consider in scale economies other than the obvious of it would be great to have one ochre all perspective on all. This stuff of is actually correct cleaned. The terminating the opportunity for power is complex and one earners bill. Mitchell's made the comment. That the nice thing about some powers is that it turns a essay question into multiple choice question which is very powerful. But there's tremendous granularity in these types of power. I mean if I'm looking at an existing business with my team and one that's been out there for a while as we over companies it will take us weeks for work to make that determination. That's not an you. Just look at you say and so just on scale economies there lots of different flavors. I mean the one is the fixed cost component and an often things seem fixed. But they're not really to. You have to go through that. But then there are other flavors a upscale economies so for example physical geographical scaled density. So if you looked at Uber for example and wanted to know if they had power the question the there source of economic strength wants to once you get a network populated users drivers is the density in an area of population which which then translates into how quickly and get a ride but the problem of course with that is is that that also is a flattening for like a mention who are and so past a certain point if there is another competitor in the same ball art not as large the large enough than the difference in ride up time is not that significant but that one is driven by a regional physical scale economy so it would apply to the bay area but being good at bury it tells you nothing about how good you are at London. So there's geographically constrained a one that's based on that kind of destined than in heavy duty manufacturing chemicals and stuff there things have to do with volume production equipment volume relationships of you have dairy farms. I'm from Vermont so scenario I know well more thousand people if you look at both milk tanks. What you'll see is that the cost per gallon of tanks dramatically drops as you in in them because there's an area between train costs and that stroke warehouse stop was well. What about this notion of learning economy? So you talked a lot about technology. Businesses physical asset light businesses as great examples of companies in the modern sphere. That have power. Do you think about the return on learning. And whether or not that might accrue larger players versus upstarts. We all hope to be learning all the time and so. That's the benefit if you learn something you can do better and so there's Douglas of the benefits there and so the question is for it to be power is it has to be material. And they're probably thinks that cheered accessibility to the kneel but more important there has to be a barrier. So that's all the question about learning economies is what is the barrier and the barrier for me to think of it you know strategic. It probably has to be at least five years and that's rare because people can change jobs. There's things that are published. I say competitive arbitrage are people always looking to improve and and they're looking at what other people are doing and making it and so learning is essential art of operational excellence. But it's rarely strategic. What do you think about the notion of switching costs and the ways in which someone can be intentional about those things so maybe give us an example of what you think is an incredibly powerful example of switching cost in a in a modern business but also whether or not you think a leader can intentionally insert that into their product or service? The example I give my book is paid knowledge Oracle Their software product is so entrenched in every aspect of your business the ripping it out and replacing his chest so painful I made is what makes you cry. The no matter how good you are no out careful just ankle and so very high switching costs and so I would say it's very very rare to be able to once you have a business and running to then introduce switching costs because what happens. Is that customers. That point are smart and they realized you know what you're up to for them to go into that relationship fell or more to the point competitive arbitrage works like this. Is that every business who then tries to do that? Will then understand the with the switching costs. There is a payoff. The payoff for sidearm. Certain causes you can charge more. Trust the differential that is less than that extra pain of switching and they'll start to try and acquire customers and they'll offer discounts and FREEBIES DISCARD. And all this stuff and that will arbitrage out the cash flow stream that comes from it and so it's very clauses over time so it's hard to establish it after the fact and so that's why usually switching costs businesses. You need to get the customers during the takeoff face. When things are growing so rapidly that customers are just worried about. Can they get the product and they're not worried about all the things associated with switching costs so value Out in the price so perhaps way to think about switching costs would be you can get them eventually by being a part of someone that's going through a paradigm shift so when someone adopted Oracle or sap or an earpiece system long ago that was a whole new thing but then there's not a whole new thing to replay if there's not a whole new thing to replace the AARP that's ten x better. No one's going to do it so it's a fulcrum thing. Yes thank God oracle and sap competing for customer. There are well aware of so Oracle's trying to take a customer away from the realize that that's a hurdle and so so young in early phase people just wanted to get the product and they're not too concerned about. I mean you know it's this will be a but but when I got my first I thought I didn't really worry about apple's proprietary song format but guess what if I tried to take those songs and put them on another device they disappeared fascinating the last two powers that are in the time phase. You call stability of business process power and branding. Everyone's going to know what a brand means my favorite example that somebody sent me in anticipation of this call. Was that to buy a tiffany box and bag and little tissue was two hundred fifty dollars with nothing in it which is like the ultimate branding example. But tell me a little bit how you think about branding. Especially in. How companies intentionally invest in their brand at the mature stage. Yes so the first thing I just want to point out is that brandy as power is a far narrower concept than brand awareness and brand laurence's useful when important but you could buy a super bowl ad. Patrick Shaughnessy in. You would probably out brand awareness. But you would have paid for it. So it's fully arbitrage Dow and guess what somebody else could do the same thing and so you can buy brand awareness but branding is power. Is that over a long period of time. You establish an understanding amongst potential customers that either while understand. He's probably incorrect. Working sounds to rational that you establish a position with customers so either they feel really good about it. So I'd say iphones branding. In the United States that there are many segments of their customers that would prefer to be seen with an iphone as opposed to an ANDROID PHONE. Even though they're functionally equivalent and so it gives them a good feeling some way or impresses people or whatever the reason that and so they're objectively identical but perceived as higher value. The other one is that you get a reputation that assures customers and reduces their uncertainties so Bayer Aspirin fuel look it up in Amazon. Still CHARGES ON AWFUL LOT. More may only be sense but as a percentage of an awful lot more than a generic brand and people willing to pay often because they say all bear you know. I I know that that is. It's an uncertain direction. But to have that embedded in your custom and takes a long on courage and people have to invest in it so of Air Maze Bag. You know they've been around for you know hundred more years and you have to be very thoughtful about how you develop a brand and it's not easy you can make wrong creative choices. It's IT'S A it's creative exercise and it cannot go well for you make choices to hurt your brand. And there's always this tradeoff of course between were branded. Good off most of the time between volume if it's something where there's exclusivity involved you're all tempted to well. You know. Should I go for this higher volume segment but then if you know if you do that you may pollute your brand in terms of people? Think you know it's not all extraordinary and more told destroyed before but I have in my liquor. Chapman home a bottle of Air Mace Cognac. And a friend of mine was one of the air. Mace family there in he was had its commission the US and he and he brought over for dinner one and try to go into Cognac and they failed and so rare that doesn't available anymore and air macy's incredibly carful brand but didn't extend into Cognac. That didn't work and so those issues about what's covered by brand. What do you do to maintain it? Obviously if you're thinking of something remains you know who you pick as your lead designer and how that goes forward which celebrities you in ball curate that Israel difficult to manage important business decisions and and that's what builds it over time and the the key issue here is that for to power. It has to be something that isn't easily emulated. So the reason that is not easily undulated is takes a long time for those kinds of understandings to be embedded in potential customers. If it could happen quickly others can go up power. I love the distinction between awareness and power as it pertains to brand the final power is process power. Which again I think requires a pretty settled description. Sort of counter positioning may be as an obvious. What exactly process power in business. Let me describe it for us and also distinguish how it differs from scale economies process. Power comes from if a company has a process that is highly complex. That over time the incrementally step by step by step by step improve it in a way that the outcome is material and the so complex. That exactly what they did is either unknown. The company itself may not even be able to articulate it or if not unknown at least opaque in one way or another and the only way they got there. This comes back to sort of your bath. And the only way they got there is this process of step by step by step by step doing it and it can't be emulated by hiring a bunch of people from the company or something like that so it has to be something very very complex and so it's very rare so most of the time in process improvements can be emulated in a reasonable amount of time and they're all kinds of consulting firms to help you do that when you think of just best practices stuff that's eliminating process and it's good for the country. Maybe not miserable for the leader. But it's good for or the the world And so it's it's very rare. The example from the book is the Toyota Production System and that took a long long long time to develop and they were sort of open about it. They let other people toward their plants. And so on but emulating. It meant a step by step by step in. The manufacturing process change in automobile manufacturing is really complicated and so and so it was very very hard to do. But it's really rare for things to be that complicated that you can't hire. Some people are insulting firm and within two or three years to get up to speed on. So it's it's extremely off having now explored the powers to ask some more general questions. About how all these things manifest in businesses and become apparent to those looking for the power first of which is the notion of the time lag between our cash flow so I think looking backwards. In hindsight you could probably say companies that have high sustained. Ric's or something with a lot of positive free cash flow. There must be some power there. That's generating that. But what do you think about prospectively thinking about the time lag between establishment of a good strategy in overpower and the realization of cash? Lower Freak actual going back to you alluded earlier to our progression which sort of divided up when each type our would be first available over the life cycle of the business and the Middle Group which does take off with three types of power scale economies switching costs network economies and those are what are additive types power. They they depend on the number of customers that you have in scale economies is relative number now works. It's absolute number so the key strategic thing in those businesses is scaling really rapidly. It's getting those customers. That's the key. Strategic thing so if you look back the metric that will tell you whether you're doing is how scaled either relatively you're absolutely and if you get a customer that customer by being in your portfolio adds value and so so it's awesome makes sense in those businesses to acquire customers in a way that at first is not profitable. You might give away stuff for free or you might subsidize them or just price it lower than you would otherwise and so. It's quite possible that you might run ugly. Pnl and the trick here is that there are lots of businesses that do that. Don't have power and you get to the end game and the emperor has no clothes and you go. Oh my you know and early on in my work. This phenomenon was so obvious or so so frequent that I actually named for recycled products. Power later realized. It wasn't power of student last long which is very fast growing market. The FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCES IN COMPANY. A and company B's economics aren't yet expressed yet in that PNL's because Peop- Lord pricing you know there's all different segments in different prices and it really not meeting your competitor on yet at arbitrage and so it's later on these things get settled down. So you can. You can actually have a very unattractive and end up with nothing or it can go the other way till you find story. I came out to California before my business out here that just a network and I met with the founder of what was then an early. Pc company that was growing at phenomenal clips and they were actually cash positive and I toured the plan with founder and he was rightfully very proud of what was going on. And they just got gotten this big contract with sears distribution and things were looking really rosie. I got into his office and I said Will Roger. Thanks so much as terrific. What's your thoughts on when you hit a Shakeout? And he almost threw me out of my office As office he's easing shakeout. Sort a muttered you know. And it's not gonNA happen ever and that was the case where there's absolutely no power. But actually they're pl with good because arbitrage hadn't really said end people were just if I can get a PC. I'm happy pay whatever and so the difference is if you have a PC and and you know even IBM with amazing IBM PC roll wasn't immune to this. In the end they ended up being an unattractive doesn't because they give away the notes power of CPU in the operating system. Why do you think so? Much of the apparent power has concentrated today in technology business alison the term technology. Businesses is a misnomer because if you went back to nineteen twenty four was technology business consolidated. Edison was technology business. Nano Monsanto Chemical Technology Business Nineteen fifty all at saying is that the technology frontier is constantly moving forward in that is the ECZEMA driver of opportunity. Influx yeah there may be demographic changes in the snap but that stuff slow is technology is really driving it and so when something new happens that presents an opportunity and new usually almost always means as technology. What happens is that then? Somebody figures out how to capitalize on that that looks like the tractor business that displaces the old model they call it a technology business until later on it gets Reclassified so I think Netflix was originally technology. Business Announced Entertainment Business Amazon. Probably Technology business now. It's retail business and so it's saying that technology firms have more powers just simply acknowledgement that the firms that replaced the old ones are replacing them for a reason. Which is they're better business models. Do you think that power is inherently bad for customers because companies are generating outside returns? They're keeping them by definition. You know the customer may be paying more than the value that they're getting. It's an important question and as an economist is important policy question so I think there's a static answer name against a static cancer. Is You sort of look at say? Well Gee if you take this point in time and you took this amount that they put was getting an extra returns returned to customers. You know maybe that would somehow improve the world but the dynamic thing is that it has the potential to have differential returns to have an attractive business. The causes the investment to happen in the first place if there weren't the prospect of potential returns to industry without exists period. And so so you need that the central to drive that and then if you think about the welfare aspect of what's happening over time remember it's a benefit and a barrier so the benefit means that. Actually you are doing something better to late and power just simply means that you get to keep part of that. Not all of it or else won't be attractive to other people but but you get to keep part of it so I think from the long-term vitality economy that being able to hope for that is a good thing and of course the US as any crisslow does it is appropriate for us to prevent a piece of that now. But you wouldn't want to prevent the actual of our. Would you think that it's fair to say that though you've reduced at NASA question to multiple choice question that still the creation of those powers is more of an art form than science and initially do agree? You're the best artists that you've ever seen. The starting for strategy in starting place for powers is creativity period. And so that's how you define an art form. I completely to any attempts to try to convince on the. This is something that you can deduce logically is in my view completely mistaken so it involves invention discovery so people that I think are really great. I mean I I mentioned before releasing says Mason that even corrective me I remember is one is working on my book. I was thinking of very subtitles and at one point I was thinking about using them as a subtitle. Something about agile strategies or no nimble strategy. That was sort of like edge. All that sounded catchy and south the web address for for strategy and he said Hamilton's completely wrong. It's a nimble implies you're constantly sort of moving space to face strategy is something you've developed over a long period of time you know and these sort of refinements and changes in the Sanath but it's sort of a spillover of creative effort over long time and he was right closing question for. Everybody has to ask you for the kindest thing that anyone's ever done you. There's so many people that have been instrumental in sort of my life. Let's say one that stands out. I don't know if it's the the kindest but I remember. When I was in Grad School I went through sort of A. I don't know if you'd call existential crisis but I I went into economics in Grad School. Just because the subject you know which is a good motivation long-term but but I had the idea of what it meant to be. An economist. Never remain really occurred to me. You know it was about a career and then as I got into it you know I sort of had to think about those things and then I also was doing some early stage business stuff with my brother. Eye Wife's quip about that period was today. We would call this a underpricing back. Then you just all the failure and so it was. It was a hard period for me and I sort of had to do eventually sort of had to do kind of full stop and just I just essentially stopped bread. I got through my comprehensive exams. Itchy to sorta stopped and did other things and really couldn't get any any real traction and looking for my thesis and then and then after about two or three years that I finally I finally got the point where I said okay. You know it's it's time you know if I'm going to do this. I should really do it and I had a dear friends on mentor. Yale by them. Built Parker who one of the most prominent economic historians in the world and credibly warm-hearted. Caring Person Aside for being just brilliant and you know when I came back to him. I said Bill. I've got to get back to this. I'm I'm just going to I. I'm going to start over and start from scratch like you to share. My Thesis Committee will start over and he said fine and of supported me all the way actually finishing. Isa's probably the hardest thing I've ever done even hard. Starting a business and his unwavering support in good humor during that process was just instrumental and not done that. You know my life would have been different so it was really important fantastic. Well I love the answer I I. It's my favorite question every time and in your case you know I think I it your worker flex what I am trying to do which is just to get ideas useful ideas out into the world. I really appreciate the book. I appreciate your willingness to share what you've learned with people Please know that it does. It does help us out here trying to build businesses and do it in a smart way. So thank you for the book and thank you for all your time today. Oh Yeah my Patrick. Thank you so much enjoyed this. Everyone Patrick you. Again to find more episodes of invest like the best to investor field guide dot com forward slash podcast. If you're a book lover you can also sign up for my book. Club INVESTOR FIELD GUIDE DOT COM Slash Book Club after you sign up to receive a full investor curriculum right away and then three to four suggestions of new books every off you can also follow me on twitter at Patrick Underscore Osieck S. H. G. If you enjoy the show please leave a quick review for us on itunes which will help more people discover invest like the best. Thanks so much for listening.

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Rashford Stars For Man United


48:14 min | 5 months ago

Rashford Stars For Man United

"Welcome into the espn se studios in today's edition of the show on. Sebastian joined a little bit five. Craig burley for old yelling. Match about liverpool and spurs yesterday but We'll start with thursday's match the day in the premier league manchester united visiting sheffield united where they get a Three two to win win the manchester united. Move up to six in the table couple goals. Marcus fractured one for anthony. Marcial for more we're joined by. Don hutchison shock his law and steve nicol. Donald start with you. Manchester united never better than when they go down a goal early. It's incredible i six times now. They've gone record the league the cutler punches in the face very early on that should have been tootill beyond john. Fleck dry john's way. He should have made it two nil. Well they will will for free points. Tonight i think the scoreline in the end slightly flats at sheffield united. My new boss. The second off they took control of the game. Stop crayton's really good. Chances little bit nervy towards the end but they got the job done stephen. Would you make the manchester united performance. Specifically paul pogba had an assist on the second goal critical in the third goal as well and got to start what we do the ability and when you give them space and type And you have a lane The tries to stay high. When there's no pressure on the ball then somebody with his talent and brands is going to hockey. Cutler grit balls in behind And generally pulp up. Looked like the paul boat. We thought my native. We're getting but he's not going to get time and space got today From from most of the teams in the premier league. But hey we'll say you can only play well regardless of the opposition on Yes magician did agree with tom Definitely deserve the points and paul boobs. Good yes shock. Dean henderson Gets the start today. In place dubbed the hair has a howler on the opening goal for sheffield united. Would you make a his performance goal and then after his response started off shakily as you as you rightly point out sabah. I thought kind of gathered himself an played pretty well from then on in. It's not. I think suffering knew it united. Give him a whole well. That no dean henderson. Maybe figure that that was something. They could find some joy from the set piece box no longer to leave his line and then closing down when seemingly uncomfortable possession to make that big hole that leon in a game that would mean as much to him emotionally. It's tough but i thought from then on krypton southwell nothing he could do about the about. The second goal made a very good save late on for united to keep all three points. So all no happy to stop please. We have talked a lot on this show. Don about the inconsistency in the players at manchester united but today you look at a guy like anthony marcio great game gets the goal and marcus rash Just i mean it's cliche to say at this point but so electric and the open field. Yeah the kids different class of fish. It's woke us first. Goal was just incredible. Long bowl from into law phobia. It's all stevie said. Sheffield united highline so and you analyze from sheffield united point of view. Cristiana won't be happy. Well as he as. He judges the flight of the ball the pace. That's on it. You just watch it ca- luxuries right shoulder. I'm the first coach dot makes you know just cushioned not still fed the like torch sets himself Bryant we strive as low as the break stride than a beautiful strike Second goal of the game was was. I think henderson should have done a little at. Sri beds up. What he's sculpture is a very very good move. The fluid movable the big boys fall scruffy. Finish in the end. Performance was sensational. Steve you look at the table here. Manchester united in six with a game in hand. If they win that game in hand they'd be as high as second right now. They're ahead of chelsea there ahead of manchester city but we spend a lot of time on this. Show criticizing this team for all that. Have we been a little bit too harsh when you look at their actual spot in the table. No i don't think so. You know. I think the one thing we have done here no show as when they played well. We've we said the played. Well when the been ron said the bean ron no unfortunately for them i said of a coin. What they're going to be the really going to be really really good and we can talk nice things about them and talk. Talk about pogba. How good he is and we can talk about her class rash verdes and we can share all these nice things but at the same time when the just rotten. We'll have to do the same show when you look at the table and you look what possibly the position they possibly could be in. Seem seems amazing. As bodies the been at times this year ho ho the world could end up as high as they could. It does seem up home as well. I mean that's that's seven consistent of being when you look at money not as a wife oil in the full table. Let's sit and talk away full metal home. So that tells you how inconsistent. It's united thought is chaka other to the united as we've seen this season i think yes absolutely right. I give him some some of their performances and some of the criticism they received from us. It is surprising to talking about a a united team that could potentially be sitting in second. But you've seen the best of manchester united against likes sheffield united. I guess west. A couple of weeks ago where i thought they were simply outstanding but when you compare united on their record against the other teams who if you wanna look if you compare them to the teams that finished in the top eight last season we always have these little mini tables that he talked about the top of the table. United actually haven't fared well against the traditional teams in the league had good results against everton against southampton the season who are up there but against the blessed wolves Mass spurs the topic from lassie's. Nothing they've played four games and of picked up two points from from that from our four from those four games that speaks a lot to maybe their feelings against tweet. Expect to be the better teams. Say who you expect. Because i realized exactly we city and arsenal ride. No don is worth putting an astros. Giving some context manchester united performance giving it came against sheffield. United team has one point so far this season. No thing i think the full which is good and thing that was good is the guy said opera shaky start and they received the news a goal which is terrible at something that got fixed. Because you can't keep doing can't keep giving away goals and getting away with it. But i thought that the phones in general was good because in the second half if not look at school on in thinking three to a lot must to be closed they still created some really good chances out too big johnson. The second off. We won't have one one master. Had another one besides was good moves into the box and a better bowl from him. Bernardez top in. So i think when only analyzes the performance they'll be bits way you can say they can improve. The performance was much better than what obscene away from home for. Quite a while. I think are gentlemen. We'll leave it. There are plenty more from the voice on today's edition of extra time we take your tweets and answer them one by want. Today's horoscope brought to you by geico. People will take note of your sunny disposition sagittarius. That's because you just switch to geico and discovered you could save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance however your newfound. Inner glow may prompt unfounded rumors. Did you get a promotion or you. Want juice cleanse. Did they give you too much anesthesia at your dentist appointment. You're a secret is safe with us. Sagittarius geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more liverpool two one winners over spurs on wednesday at anfield to go top of the table. So much of the discussion around this match happen afterwards between shows marino. And you're again klopp. Here's what marina says. He said quote. I told you again the best team lost and he disagreed. Steve donner back with us. Craig burley joins the show as well. Steve i'll start with you your reaction to joe's marino's comments did he get it right obsolete nonsense. You have enough. You got ridiculously possessed. You had less than two percent of the ball The opposition had more shots. You position scored more goals in your and every single which way you want us the opposition. The you were playing against. We're bats von yet but the best team lost comey break. I mean nobody believes up not even taught them funds. Believe that nonsense. You know it keeps coming up with us. You know he's last one was We controlled the game without the ball. We'll tell you what they did. A great job of control the game because he never spelt the fall number made had the ball obsolete nonsense. Crag you're pretty complimentary of spurs on yesterday's show it's hard. It's hard to make the case that you were the better team when you had twenty three percent possession and can i just say seb absolute pleasure to make my first ever appearance on liverpool tv. I don't know what he is. What on what. You talking about craig. If you lost the pla is not. The best team won this game so thought of regardless. If you let me these have you stoked two cents streps that were definitely the ones aired on and i somebody who the best team was be anywhere come on. Don't give me that liverpool tv rubbish. Now listen i'm not you haven't let me let me answer the question but the best team. I don't agree with that because clearly liverpool the best team in the country and have been for what now eighteen months before that will neck and neck we set. Tv season before when all the way so clearly. They are the best team in the country at the moment. There's not a doubt about that. The one thing that i would see and you said the of you know of any possession of any limb appeal more shorts in all the but that's not to be subpoenaed surprised by that but let me ask you. Something should taught them in the second half been three one up. I'll tell you what. Then i'm not gonna say to agree john's right. We'll take a reason. Your reason why you reset nine save so if you want. I can stop talking about home. More solid particular right has has shorts that you actually got through shoot a been placed breads up. Want the f. Sans and butch game then not complete out with you. But you're not because burgoyne had the two best chances in the game as simple as our liverpool's called we a deflected goal and they had the chance which was from the crossbar but look not and heads of liverpool. Tv bank deterred by by the way money services. A better chance of three. I tell you. I could argue that money. Shoes school crossbar. He'd get johnston bet fox. One tell me something possession or who the best team. I'm seeing and the second half taught them should have been three one up that bury the two best chances who's how yes all off but it could also be a couple live little china sees causes because it was one one you could i could. I could throw a pocket. You shoulda done with shorts at the actually. Got through on your east china. Fung some detail me tell you. What will liverpool could penalty. Eric dia humble saudi-omani hits across all above t shot now above the above the short of the shoulder and pussies the are. Don't don't try before you get tips. Because you're gonna have to backtrack here because the sleeve is the director of just leave. No it's not a penalty. Hey well if you load sleeves on logs zone. Does that. the hat close at least showed her children embarrassment tonight. Stephen her bailey. Alan postal to the crate. How have you been sucked in here. How lead gen. Tell me you june right. I'm gonna ask you a question on. Give me a on so f f. Somebody with a composure. The just answer the second half should three one yes or no salon on. Who says if you even spell the world. S he goes. Oh that's why says this this great liverpool side that you to clearer clearly around board west should have been lying while he died baird. Nobody's argue. listen nobody's argued. That taught them on the break. That's that's what they're all about. Nobody's out and psalms goes gray. Took it well and hanes fantastic as well and you know what the fucked me i'm talking about. He could go clean your user. I wake that's the while if you'd let me finish craig if you wanna if you wanna go through what the potential school could be. It could have been five four livable remembering liberals chances we don't remember sallai stall for of you. You don't remember. Curtis jones runway each yet to shots way. She could have scored. One of them was an easy finish. Rights i'm calling. It cost all the penalty and the two those lesson lesson go dead taught him the two best chances of second half yes or no fine. Fine won't chance way should have scored wall by wall by the way told the associated defensively the to over eleven shorts all your res. That's how good defensively the will say another thing. I take before the game. And you reason only be about substitutions clear welfare fixtures tv companies squint games are scheduled how many suburbs remain last night. I don't care well. Let's club you're watching and neither wanted each. Why would you make believe discuss the best team in the best team won. I told them we're not the best team. All i'm saying is the open liver pillow up and turkish is at the back and the two best. Chances don't one burgoyne had any final thoughts. Liverpool wouldn't have been chasing details at three one. That's why marina was frustrated. Marino knows are not the best team. He was frustrated. The taught them didn't take those chances and ask the questions of liverpool. I'm not setting here arguing about. Who is the team liverpool. Where an album a team. I'm saying taught them let them off the hook with the chances that they messed. That was my point last night. Show i who craig so did good chances of the chance. He's as good as tottenham hike. Lever plugs were half chances minus the other nurse paint here on funk. Bottom half the dias laura. You and yoga yogi. Track was having tv. I'm not chelsea tv. Tv i do. Tv right and if you cut recognized tottenham should have been three one and liverpool then. I told him what you want You know we can have this argument for one hundred more years clears sh- i mean honestly don't did you have to turkey. God sees us just got it away with us. Dotes zoll f appealing for talk in the talk and chances in the second half which will very good chance. One was better than the other when he hit the post. You talk like no zero chances. No i'm not saying. I'm saying tom had the best chances. Had they taken them. Open chances one on ones not shorts. The edge of the ball art. Not when when. Not talk of f. defenders lever pill. I'm talking about one on ones. Gentlemen one tossing are terrorists. Alison clear cup. That's that's getting away with it. Not hopkin we're chasing. Our tails were tasting are. Let's let's meet all the problem as quickly toys to accept. There's another way it play. Football and josie marine. Your has gotten a great medieval. Did talk patents. thunder registered. Play that way to every lesson. Just be honest. I renew blamed in. Yeah that's it. You're the black. Don't don't buy because i want to ask you about how she's laughing how. I can't believe he's face a read. Only gotta you gotta get them credit. Lyonnais these all from your house. You don't have to travel liverpool. Tv question here. curtis jones. You've talked about how the young guys have to be able to match with. The old guys are doing. I mean you have to be surprised by the level that he's brought into this team here we go. It'll be a five minute eulogy here. My god They use as rubbish. Wake me up when this is over. A glass of wine chee go. I tell you what it's throwing a ask you about jones about curtis hans to know. I'm going to say nothing because anybody who wants to show you. Just watch this game. Just watch. Oh goody as solos share. It doesn't need me as good as it says. We hope good lizard police says watch has police says i thank you gentlemen. We will leave it there if you want any more on liberal spurs and. I can't imagine you would after that makes your check. The latest edition of the gavin gills. Podcast voice talking all about me. Maria presents left brain versus right brain. You know we should switch to geico picking up your down buddy. We could save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance. That kind of scratch. We can get the band back together for reunion. Were a we were never in a band. Be gladys play the tambourine onstage one time. Nc we will however put that savings towards a new interview logo at. I found sad. Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. What are yours. Been robert levin. Danski wraps it up finishing first in pizzas voting for the best male player of two thousand twenty lucy bronze england manchester city winning the award on the women's side. We welcome back shock. I don and steve nicol for some more analysis on this. St robert levin. There was really only one choice. Wasn't there yeah. Absolutely no question claim for the best team playing for the dominant team. And not just you know obviously score goals business sees job what he's there for but when you look at all these other oh room plays well. I mean he's absolutely phenomenal. You talk about complaisant. Old-fashioned sent for when needed can come short play. People need them. You just basically does all and and took buy into every trophy possible so yeah. I was really clear for me anyway. The dollar ski should this ascii then also featuring in the heath pro through real quick. Wow look at that front. Three messy levin ski cristiano midfield of katie jago and across the back davies ramos virgil van. Dyke trent alexander arnold alison getting a choice over manuel neuer. Top goalie in the fief pro. Eleven right from the p throw eleven. We moved to something only slightly less controversial shock his ups power rankings. And we've got a new team at number one shock a walk us through it back team by leverkusen top of the bundesliga games. Thirteen wins in a drop form of even these power rankings number two liverpool this appointing against them back against foods. That's good enough for me. Buying munich back to their winning ways after those stumbled something for them. Three offi life sick because winning all of a sudden they're into fall into milan as five never mind was happily champions league and the league. They've been good the got. Don't there were so good. So good evening. Europa league remember my not not so they could focus on syria where there behind in power ranking chaka. He sat that's what they were trying to do. So they could focus on the lead. Then there's melon at six to two games. He's really show much lubbock show as last issue. Milan it seven. Spurs loss against liverpool extended power rankings. Care it doesn't bother you lose. I yeah as long as you need. Power rankings is okay. Glasgow rangers nine the scottish. But i'm doesn't love. Don't complain and all of a sudden don's gone quite and then leon no that's third and league but they have lost a game in three months conceded a late penalty controversially party against breast to draw. But i'm showing them some love leon in a ten that's it. How did you find for not rangers shock. How can ranges have not lost a game. Right across europe across scotland across anywhere the whole of the season off from scottish cook every day. Only be nice senators the locking rindge not lose it apart from this college cup. Because he knows steve jobs. Meanwhile four or five changes but here. No so you're going to get a little bit of a knock on nealon me. Lana behind enter but meet on. Top of the lake drew the last two games. Don't it's a form troubles. President farm right president fom. So that's why you i'm helping you. Jack thanks steve. I'm a little bit more skeptical when you help me out like this. Some sums coming with for the know how of helping yet. Thanks chance tv. Robert thank you all right beyer leverkusen then claiming the top spot in power rankings as they are for now anyway on top of self guys plenty more on tomorrow's edition of espn app. See as we look forward to quick. Look at the bundesliga table as we head towards the weekend. Dorm actually opens the action on fridays. They visit union berlin. Tough place to play. We know that because munich drops in points there over the weekend. Of course the big game this weekend. Saturday beyer leverkusen buying munich showdown between the top two teams in the table for more or less welcome in case. Calhoun this league veteran. Let's put that by munich. Leverkusen game off the side for just a second start with dortmund. We got our first. Look at dortmund in the eden. Terzic era two one win against bremen on tuesday. Did you notice any difference from what we've seen over the last couple of weeks under lucian fabra. I think the only thing is is maybe a little bit more concentration on defending I it was tough. It was a tough match verbatim and much better this season. They made things very difficult for borussia dortmund even tears. It said in the post game. You know you're not really going to wave a magic wand and everything just gets perfectly better overnight. It's going to take some time. And i still believe that that cutting edge up front that erling haaland gave them is is still missing. And if he's not back 'til january they're going to seriously have to try to find ways to to score the goals in bunches that they did before. Because i just don't think this team is set up to defensively just grind out wins now. They did an excellent job. They found a way to get a win against vertebrae men and and i feel for pavlenko. He had a very good game and goal for vertebrae him. And then you know unfortunately because the penalty which which ultimately gave dortmund the win after. He saved the penalty that he caused. So yeah it frustrated for vertebrae mond but dortmund needed three points and they found it. Casey always wonder what the bump is going to be. Like after a new manager comes in interesting quote from royce after the game on terse it. She said he gave us a belief. We're a good team. My question to you is. Are they really a good team in by that. Are they really good enough to now. Lock in and make it a true title race with buying munich I don't think so right now. I i was worried about before the season even started kind of the athleticism of dortmund defensively That when they came against some of the teams and that they would be exposed in and go back to the stood guard match which eventually got fired stood. Guard is extremely athletic. Going forward and it really expose dorman particularly a team that loves possession loves to push a bunch of numbers forward And if they gave possession away the way they did the athleticism of stood guard really exposed. That dortmund defense. now. I know hummel's isn't the most athletic right now. But he's going probably miss a game or two at least with that with the hamstring issue. Which you'll put more pressure on an already fragile defense. Dorman gets the win on tuesday so by munich to one over wolfsberg casey. It really wasn't easy. Wolfsburg gets an early goal. They out shoot by munich. This one came down like quite a few matches for buying munich. Have light manuel. Neuer really really saving the bacon. Yeah this was really a match of two players and you talk about levin ski scorned goals at one end in noyer keeping them out at the other and it is i mean it is so much of in the past go back three or four years and i really felt that men were noyer at times was bored. In goal byron were so dominant. He put himself in strange positions. Because i thought he was just back there twiddling his thumbs wanting to do something. Well the way byron's been playing this season in particular. He's not bored. they're conceding goals in they're conceding goals. Not because he's in poor form they're conceding goals because the opposition is getting lots of opportunities and so yes i popped up scored two typical great levin doffs key goals. But if it hadn't been for noyer in the final five ten minutes they would have dropped points. And so this is why this matchup against labor kuzin is going to be so fun on on saturday because labor kushner the really inform side. The team that that is is is is solid defensively but still score goals and fun to watch. But they haven't necessarily in in my opinion been tested against the better teams in the bundesliga yet this year. And so i think this is where we're going to find out if labor kuzin are for real or our buyer. Maybe not as strong as we've seen in the recent past due to you know a fixture congestion injuries. You know the list goes on casey one. More thing on manuel neuer. He earns the best award. Is the world's best goalie today. The fief pro eleven also comes out that has alison in it. As the best goal you know different groups that vote on that but if you had your choice between the two today who taken. I'm probably taking noyer just briefly but just minuscule early. But probably if you'd asked me this question at the same time last year then i probably would have picked allison and i know how sometimes this voting goes. It goes by kind of who's in the recent form and who's in the spotlight and what's happening because because it is or sometimes you know that vote goes happened three or four months ago and it's just the matter of time when they finally tally it and make public so i the the part for me that i kind of laugh as you have two great goalkeepers you have two different groups and it's a way that both groups can respect what each player has done. Give them each award because both are thoroughly. Deserving pilots saw leverkusen. Let's talk by munich every time every week we always say we wanna title race in the bundesliga yet. Whenever there's question asked to buying munich the other teams. Just don't have the answers. What are you seeing from this leverkusen side that you say they might have the answer on saturday. I see a team you know. i mean. they're not. They're not a group of of superstar individuals that you would see in a barn munich or kind of the young stars at. You're seeing come out of doorman. You're seeing a group that has just playing very well together and i. I'm excited to see them against the stars. I'm excited to see how poorly byron have been defending over this season and ken labor kuzin exploit that and then at the same time as you mentioned seven rightfully so when byron gets pushed. They always seem to have an extra gear and nobody has been able to compete. And i'm interested to see if that extra gear is just too tired for byron right now to be able to step up and is is labor kuzin the real deal Now don't get me wrong. I think with a much shorter winter break but the squad size. Everything that byron munich has in. Its favour they can get through christmas. Get some bodies fit. Maybe bring in reinforcements to. I still believe they're going to win. And what is it their ninth or tenth title in a row as we don't even count them anymore. Casey thank you very much. It's number one number two this weekend. Of course a match that you can catch on. Espn plus plenty more coverage over on our website. Derek rae with an interesting article on bruce dortmund and their new manager make sure to check it out. I'll be just one point off the lead in the bundesliga and they're gonna get a big boost. For the new year have signed dominic sobils slide the twenty year old hoang gary and midfielder from red bull salzburg. They're going gonna pay twenty million euros and he'll join. The team in january has been linked all over europe arsenal among the many teams. That have been interested in his services of note. He will be champions. League eligible for leipzig and the round of sixteen. All right that'll do it for today's edition of espn nfc. Thanks to those. Who stopped by her to be strom. Casey keller and craig burley now though you've been waiting for extra time stevie shock and on take your questions enjoy pay their body. Welcome into the espn se studios in this thursday edition. Of extra time we have your tweets and we have a trio ready to answer them. Don shock st with us. First question for you steve. Your response to the below stats liverpool. Had one hundred percent accuracy from their eighteen. Throw ins against tottenham ninety four percents for the season of course stevie a longtime admire of liverpool's throwing throwing fantastic job clearly with those scientists. So yes how. The percents wrong i was contest can argue with one hundred percent. It's it's all right. There next question. I know marino is not mr perfect but he has a point about klopp. Sideline antics doesn't he. Marina would be slaughtered. Don what do you think i think. He's sort of got to point. Josie think selecting yard. Guess what really upsets you. What club that upsets people so much. He's animated works. The official joe's as making the point if josie opted light yeoman. I'll think probably joke. Josie thinks he would be sidelined. All vegetables and dog necessarily agree with him. I wouldn't go the whole way there. But i think he's trying to compare himself with yoga. Yoga's feed on the pitch know hug alison in the thing in the dhabi. La sees these quite vocal towards the fourth officials and he's slightly gets away with it. Get where jobs is coming from british jobs. I've been looking for nine goals. You've probably look at. John deflect away from the yup they've They've met twelve times. Marino's only one two of those meetings. I'm sure wasn't sour grapes right. Chaka listen to the right. Their heads had recorded site. What jozias in the makes no sense. And the only way the only aspect of it that that resonates makes kind of sense is that it's distracting from Spurs team who again had twenty five percent possessions and i against liverpool. That's the only thing that makes sense about this but jacuzzi. Everything that you're in club duds on the sidelines. At some point in his career jews marino has done and done an awful lot more of show. Even if it is to be criticized. Josie marino is not the one to be doing that criticism or asking people to criticized for for doing what he's done his entire career doing on our whole lot more. My dad stevie what do you make of it. All i think the bench. She's a far too close together. It's not changing. It's not the worst when you coach and then you've got the guy the other dog you'd only ten. He showed ball screaming and gets rate on your nez. Let me tell you. And then a big kate. So i'm not a big fan of the old style where you had a proper dog. Oh you're on the road then you could. You could lose your temper. Kick the wall and you were. You were road. unfortunately today you can get. You can't do nothing because you are. Ten years from each other you standing over every single fastening could see ten. And there's always a camera on you. So i think it's unfortunate but i can probably agree with don shish marino being marino. But personally i think the too close together though the doug goes. Has there been a trend with the big teams in europe to be more defensive. Real madrid man city spurs liverpool etc. Seemed to be more pragmatic than they were eighteen months ago. Don it's interesting. We've talked about this on the show that somebody big games. That just didn't live up to the hype. What do you think. I hit us. Question i think little little trying to be the ones that i don't think little play defensive. They might not be grateful. Roughing likes of real madrid boss of ed going through some sort of transition mindset. Unit champions league dot was really bizarre. That was a strange guy lately linguist against leon where you know peps tactics of always being. We might concede while the school four or five and not guy me when older defense into petrified in a win against the grain in trying to go for nil nil in a ninety minute game because it wasn't too affair on. I think what pet looks bucket. Dot in munster. He finds look look back at dot guidance. The walnut got away because alright leon scored a goal of. You'd fancy months. Winfrey school three four or five so i think there is a little bit of a trend breath think will probably shift away from the other fans get back in the same. I think we'll go away from the bring livable into it. I think smart. Young good friend of the program. Nick sends in our next question. What is your take on the red card for senior on wednesday or red cards warranted for Cussing out a referee. Of course he was sent off for us as referee got to come out and said hey in england. They curse out the referees. All the time shouldn't be getting sent off for it What do you think stevie. Is that worth getting red card. What else what enroll. So if you plan if you plan and then you can but you know you. Can't ref soleil the wrath. Kind of a stupid thing to say is it. True stevie is born. England land interacts us. Referees are all about one thing and it's how you do if you wanted to run up hundred mellano straight and his face. Swear then you're going to get rid gap or eke out you know if you get on well with over you but we sly walled. We're smile on your face. It's the clever how we've with it. So that's basically what is so a and again if you can't do that if you company clever and smart and do that way tally referees than than the road. Shocker you mr fabra. What do you think is up. Profanity worthy of caution. And eventually at a sending off isn't it. I i think like shoe things in football and particular referee. Don't a a cultural difference. You having this discussion a couple of weeks ago with you. Pay back all over over the line with the mta goal. It's a cultural difference. I listen i lived in england and son how people related to each other off the field and how on the field. It wasn't seen as as being you know sitting in red cardell i. I can't speak to people relate to each other culturally until he. Because i've never spent any time there but it says if you can't do that in italian football then don't you can't call another coach joe as a reference to some kind of a defense don. Has there been a club during your playing days that you were unable to beat despite playing against them many times a A bogey team so to say yeah you always have them You have grounds especially primer league. Where you you go to and cima quite nice and some you know taught them was. It was the ground ice. Look going to could play while they're in school. Goals that suitable stadium that was one or two. You just had nightmares. Coventry used to be i feel road was was was a ground air and never hot good memories southampton the dell was another one You have these show grounds while you go then you just stay off playing there again. I'm never play well. Lagged sentinel never seem to win that more. You have more things that you enjoy you call to get to rather than the two three that you just didn't dispatch when you realize out fixtures coming up shocked you For me the club was always always wind up for. Because they they were so physical. You knew you'd get beaten paul when whenever you played. I just can't seem to think of any good results. We tall actually thinking back to season nine hundred ninety nine. We started the season really. Well i think we'd won like three games and three or four games on the spin. I hadn't conceded a single goal Up to that point we play wimbledon sack. I remember the fourth or fifth gamely season. We three up after half an hour. We lose a game four three snow motto walk. Just not wasn't crazy gang members. I couldn't they were able. Our next question comes from somebody who very clearly follows the show and writes down everything that anyone on it has ever said. Don do you still believe messy. One is power play. And we'll get forty to fifty goals this season. On september four eulogized about it for fifteen plus minutes says nicholas believe he will the power play. I don't think he scored forty to fifty goals check. Check the tape. We're not actually going to check this. But i wouldn't say these forty to fifty but he won the foul play. That was obvious. You know the president. I didn't on with ended up leaving the daylights out. I was always gonna happen. The next pal will will be exactly what i said. So you can check inside the ronald koeman that this next seasonal probably be dial the judge for the brown you president place so yeah never really really thought that messy was ever gonna leave bossa even though i hear from people in the northern and good sources said it came very very close. Messy gunman city apparently was really really close. For in terms of shifting the president on nothing you will not all right so december seventeenth then For nicholas you can mark it down as when don told you that Messy win the power plant. We'll be back next season with a new manager in charge final question. Frank mcmanamon another frequent contributor here. Who is the most injury prone player that you ever played with. What was the strangest way that you recall them. Getting injured stevie tough one journal is a kid comes to maine who unfortunately is not what is anymore And he's he's named wayne harrison and let me full shane. Three hundred thousand pounds The mid eighties from all and he was a striker as a shed. Seventeen anytime you even got close to get near the foster team. Something harm the they would able to do his car. And then that would knock them by. Andy ended up doing these knee and then he would get get fat again at any would get in the squad and then he would do his other knee and hip hop to and actually the strangest one was a almost lost out. He was on preseason training them until thome is in charge of the reserves and almost lost. His mom fell through a glass door. And as i said it's sliced hafi talk hobbies. I move off and they just fought to get an oil spill and the saved these arms so strange way just could never get break wild That one's going to be tough to be done. How's your memory. Call knows actually at liverpool wayne harrison. What player mind would only be logical williamson plated west. I'm on any hutt Plenty fascia in the soles of his feet. Really bizarrely you could. Train his own binding could run around the training ground. An join in Like games head tennis and not stuff for the minute you try to pull pair of football boots on the us in southern which pain on the soles of his feet. We couldn't let you take steps. It was like treading on broken glass. Then come back in for treatment. He put some china's only go out for a run. Everything's fine in the end. You'll think he's making this all took him so long son would surge in somebody's scarves loads of scar tissue on just about came back in the end what he struggled through a good two and a half as thing Chaaka car dot com much. I can't think of i can't think of any player with one. I remember speaking of speeding. Injuries is the best the go keeper. Who i'm sure everybody knows that story. He's at home. One day taking something out of his kitchen on a bottle force he tries to control the ball before it hits the ground smashes a bone in his foot. Or some i is. That is bizarre. I of oh i i i. I don't know we asked me. He's reaching up doll decided to control it. He's six weeks gotcha. Gotcha they'll be well the skills. It didn't work out too. well either. I will leave it there. Gentlemen for today. Thank you very much steed. John and chaka. Thanks for sending us your tweets here on extra time. We will be back tomorrow with plenty more fun.

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Episode 085 - The art of mixology - creative coding

Front End Happy Hour

51:49 min | 1 year ago

Episode 085 - The art of mixology - creative coding

"<music> title welcome to a brand brand new episode of the fronted happy our podcast in this episode we are getting creative with our code and talking with our very very special guest who's been on many episodes surely. Woohoo here again to join us to talk about Creative Code Shirley. Can you give us brief introductions of who you are what you do and what your favorite happy hour beverages <music> Hi. Thank you so much for having me back here again. I pretty much begged police. We can talk about anything. I JUST WANNA hang out with you. My name is Shirley. My official title is the I've given myself is independent creator of data visualizations. I work with EH clients with their data to all kind of like visual stories are but for the last year my goal has been to do more and <hes> specifically to do more physical. Maybe installation based art. We'll see how that goes but yeah so that's why I was like. Please have me coon then maybe we can talk about art. <hes> and my favorite happy hour beverage has not changed is whiskey of the Japanese kind which we are drinking yeah all right well. Let's also go around the table and give introduction of today's panelists. Stacey WANNA start it off sure stacy La Nina Simone Front Engineer Atlassian and Mars Julian. I'm a senior software engineer at net flicks Augusta soon software engineer at twitch and and I'm Ryan Burgess a software engineer manager at net flicks in each of the front unhappy our podcast. We like to choose keyword that if it's mentioned it on the episode we all take a drink doc and what did we decide. Today's keyword is colored dollar. We almost forgot with early this. Is You know it's it's GonNa be a good episode of the Keyword. If we say the word color from now on we will take a drink all right. I thought great way to start what art form Z. Like so many. I mean yeah. That's that's a tough question like so. Much is art like music visual art. There's a painting digital art. There's various kinds of <hes> sub genres within each of those Elilott. I don't think that I could did. I feel like I would be if I lost like certain senses like like if I lost my vision I lost my hearing. It'd be very upset because there's so many art forms that that I really enjoy that come through the census so music through through hearing or visual like painting and seeing that kind of thing so yeah what's actually on that point. I'm so I grew up <hes> like painting and doing art for like fourteen years until I was in college and so for most of my life I only thought of are in the very not unlike narrow sense of visual are especially like traditional fine art and I think it it wasn't until a few years ago when I was in S._F. Moma and they had that in so that they had that kind of top floor with like sounds sound yeah I went to the BR brilliant <hes> and that was when I realized like why people get so because like people get emotional over and like like vigilar but people get it's so emotional about music and sound and didn't understand until I went to that exhibit and I realize it's because they lurlene moves you like alertly goes through you and and like the sound waves moves through and I thought that was really powerful and also <hes> recently <hes> I been really appreciating film and kind of like Film Cinematography and the storytelling as an art yeah. You know what I'm GonNa. Give it plugged. Stacy's pick from last <hes> episode is the Anima <hes> by Thom Tom York that film like fifteen minutes of pure genius. I mean amazing music but also it has those just visual just beauty. I I don't even it's hard to describe hi. How amazing it is so. I think that is just how Shirley was talking to my dot came right to mind yup. The cinematography is pretty amazing. Just everything about the memory audie movement movement as art like moving through space at yeah totally with your body like that in and of itself as art. I think for me I think of just maybe the visual aspects of art. I'm more leaning towards modern art and then I've always been in huge. Fan of Graffiti Street art obviously tattoos photography as well or me like does kind of relate to it surely said about storytelling. I have like a huge blake appreciation for animation not just in like animation of <hes> movies. They're they're animated like Pixar movies but also like you X. For animation like bringing like little subtle things to life I think that is an art form in and of itself like to take something that's very static static and give it a little life and like stuff and also maybe another plug to Shirley's data visualization. I think it takes a lot of creativity to uh no wait you almost said color almost cheers data visualization takes incredible edible now creativity to turn data which if you just look at the value might. I really see anything but there is a story like people who do data visualization like it's like they can tell a story like with that data. which I think is really really fascinating? Yeah I think when it stands on its own if you just look at it like this is really cool art and then as further as you dig in. There's is this layer of like Oh. There's a reason for this look and feel like eliciting an emotional response as as opposed to like looking at a spreadsheet of data here like numbers could be Mars. Would you like to add for art hurt. I don't know I feel like I was kind of struggling when you first asked the question because I was like what really <hes> for me art is very emotional response and I think hearing you guys talk about it's like their expert like forms that are very exponential abou the experience of being there and kind of taking it all in like music for example and then there's stuff. That's kind kind of like more static like fine art. I mean there's an experience there but it's a little bit different for me. I actually really really enjoy architecture and that's not something that I really thought of is art hard for a long time and creative so architecture and interior design and things that are about creating spaces for people to either you you know help them be creative for example like roundings around us. I don't think we realize have an effect on how we feel and what we do and sometimes depending on the building large scale to to that it can be like a very zen full moment <hes> I mean now. There's all spectrums scale going some very cluttered or something very minimal but I think that's so it's really cool and buildings and they're also they're a really great representation of their time. You know you can't tear them down very easily and so it's really some of the architecture of experiences like like one architecturally. I want to do it this way and this is the only way and that's always really interesting to see their vision. Come to life you know as a translated from paper to three D so those were I was not surprised. Prize's pick that either context. Both my parents were architects growing up but I don't think I realized that it's like an apparently in my genetic. Ota Talk about to make like really dumb joke about like Oh. That's what you're doing. Computers Doctor Now that does actually transitioned into to so at this point like we're architect experiences architecture architect in a different form of the verb but we are making experiences and we're we're trying to elicit responses from I users whether they'd be emotional or functional and that's what's really interesting about you. Ex Design I think so talking leading into the code aspect of art which I think there is is an art form in many ways around code. I'm curious. How would you define if art is generated by a computer so that's a super interesting question <hes> and in the sense that I think the most straightforward answer is like computer generated are is when some part of that process of like creating means. Something is like you had to write code for or I feel like that's the simplest answer but I actually am thinking of like I'm. I'm really bad at names so I can't remember the artist artists but the artists like of the fifties that they drew things that were gorgeous because they looked like they were computer generated raided or machine generated but they did it by hand. This is a little bit tangential in off topic. I'm but like I think it's such an interesting look like a because there are now I see friends that do generative art the art inspired by those artists that kind of did those art the pieces that look like computer like you know they're like grids of like like really really straight minds and their grids or or they're like certain patterns that it looked like he might have coded them but they did them before computers. Were like a like a commonplace thing and I now have friends that are inspired by those artworks. I'm nine and trying to generate them digital or byte computer. That's really cool and I'm curious to like anything like that. You said Code that there's some form of code but then as you're talking I'm like well. Some of this could be done through illustrator full row shop and is that computer generated actually would argue the like when I think of computer generated art. I think there's two things one what truly said which is like I think computer assisted art like it's it's a creative idea that you use digital tools to produce and and then I guess the most obvious thing for me that comes to computer generated art. It's sort of like all this A._I. Art That's been that's been happening now like jet like generating art based on previous previous examples as opposed to have an idea. I need to use a computer to do this like freckle. Art For example is not as computer generated but it's more the I- The idea behind what ends up being the art at the end is still comes from human. I don't know that's the separation in my mind whereas the A._I. Generated the the idea of the final idea is kind of comes from computer incense yeah. I actually have made that distinction that mark bars. You mentioned like it's pretty interesting because when I think of computer generated I <unk> I sometimes maybe it's because I work at twitch now. I don't know I think of how some games there's this concept of procedural generated levels so that's like kind of becoming a more popular thing. There is is a game that Kinda failed but it's okay. It's kind of a medium now but like one big thing was a game called no man's sky and a huge selling point of it is he would navigate the gate to these worlds and the world's are totally procedurally generated so as you go through the world it just gets generated like that and it's like it's dynamically generated by the a air computer or whatever like helps because it's like you don't have to save like these pre generated levels like you're just it's a different experience for it'd be like many many permutations. I have. I'm not qualified to like. I don't even know how it works but yeah so so. That's what I think of but it's a very interesting interesting being topic and I wanNA <unk> at Games are to the Games are beautiful her pieces the Waldo ones once the generated stuff is interesting. I think when I thought of that phrase it makes me think of I think what kind of a few even mentioned already where there's the human aspect of. Maybe you write some code or you write a functionary right and even an algorithm to do something but maybe the generation part is is like the unexpected piece of it like I like that you wrote the code intentionally and output of visual design but maybe there's like the unintended consequence of like a bug you wrote but it turned out beautiful sue. I actually make a distinction between generative art and data driven art in the sense that in my mind like I knew of a a lot of people that call themselves generative artists in that they've there are is driven by randomness or by I'm in so that part is kind of like the Suan Deputy of whatever the machine gives you whereas like data driven are is is kind of I do more data are and that's like you you get a data set and you like like you know. Matt certain parameters to certain like aesthetics and I'm GonNa say color right now because we haven't shot. I just realized from this conversation nations. I have a very narrow definition of computer generated art because in my head just the generative art the has the randomness but I actually wanted to ask a question because I think there was a few months ago where there was an auction and it was a and it was the first piece of art the got sold that was generated by Mr deep learning on it. Yeah it was a one hundred percent driven that like somebody had taken the open source code and then they had generated this thing completely and then sold for like a quarter million or some four hundred thirty two thousand and five hundred dollars. You know that neither follow does that mean like do not want and it's back in the chair. That's what I did when I saw it. I don't look it up and my first reaction was that is terrifying and it's like something out of my dream. There's no for that much because yeah because it was the first piece like it's the first ever on human nine men art that got put for Auction and I just wanted to ask about your opinions of like. Does that qualify as art for you because I have a certain opinion. I think it does in the sense especially when we got back to the defining computer generated art is I mean someone had to program it. So the whole point of a is it starts to take mine line of its own. I guess in in a sense but it I would think it's art. It's generated from it and then going back to your point. The randomize ation side of things as I think that to me is always stood out as one where I think balances the input of a artist his there is someone thinking about what's the color cheers shares. They're thinking of these various inputs that go into what the output me look like even if it's a bit randomized whether it be sizes tapes what I just mentioned the key word is like you put in all these factors that and then have some sorta code that spits it out on the canvas or whatever you're building this on. I think of someone like Joshua. Davis's work is very very on key on this for the sense that he code certain things and then inputs a lot of data data like what colors and shapes etc cheers. I'm not trying to avoid it. There's an artist behind it but there's also a computer. January versus the I drew this and illustrator. I guess that's computer-generated essentially but it feels a little less relying on on the computer to generate the final. Oh this is part of it is really interesting because like if we take the computer generated art and we spit out what is the first auction generated good piece of art. What it seems to me is like in other forms of art that we've talked about like music and architecture and games and stuff? There's a kind of a step of refinement after what the Computer Peter Creates and I don't know if here there is a step of refinement after the a part and I wonder like what part should the human be involved in a it. Where do you lose the creativity part of the humans involved only at the beginning and maybe that's like to Shirley's question like is it still art if what ended. There's no human inter her refinement after what the computer gave you care. I'd be curious to know I think it goes back to though is I think if you're heavily have this input into it and then you're relying on the output. I think that's okay but there's some creativity going into the input. That basically helps generate. What's coming out of it. I think that's okay but I'm curious. Whatever and all things I mean this is very this is like a more of a philosophical question of like. What is art just going to say that yeah like? Would you define because if if you were not told that this was a computer that did this you just saw in a gallery you would be like Oh. That's nice. That's a terrifying painting uh-huh we should we should describe this for for people because I if I saw that it'd be like W I don't think I don't know if this is the right description because it doesn't look anything like what I'm picturing but it reminds me of the Slender Man Oh okay. I'm that live from where I am. I am not. I guess it's this doesn't look anything thing like what the slender man care. It's a bit like the aesthetic of the painting reminds me of that terrifying. Was it a game. It was a game yeah yeah. I don't like it but listen a very strong emotional response from all of us. You know it isn't that what are supposed to do. Love it or hate it. You gotta reaction that could be it can't make you comfortable or uncomfortable yeah and the end of the day. It is eliciting conversation. There's yeah that's true is it are. GonNa have to go with. Yes I think so what most of except as the definition of art I think that is these are in the sense that I'm like you. That's based off of like whatever thousands of hundreds of thousands of <hes> you know actual arts and that was kind of like what I learned on and that's why it generated in the sense like I think that's actually quite pointed because because like for thousands of years are an artists are like a lot of artists are actually like mimicking others are being inspired by others or taking in while others have done and in that sense the machine has taken in what others have done just that other humans have done and I'm sure is sometime soon to be at what other machines have done and in some ways. There's like a parallel there personally maybe maybe I'm just like concern and for my own survival as a wannabe artist but personally. I don't like that as art because I think to me. My personal definition of is that I think like what Maher said. I'm that there is a human touch to like what Ryan said like. There is somewhere along the way that a person like this. There's and it's that they decided what the inputs are. They decided on what refinements <hes> should be like that the the machine is just a tool to get to help with the creativity whereas I think with that piece it was that like somebody La- religious like like got the code and ran it and then generate something like there was no not like I might I might not be speaking the truth but like that was my understanding for that piece uh yeah I think it's like missing that little bit of a human factor that goes into it. Okay that's fair or even what we were talking about before like some are has a story worry behind it. There's some storytelling factor yeah. The story is a computer generated it. Oh color uh-huh computers said so. We've also talked about software and computer. I think of some of the software obviously adobe be creative. Suite comes to mind is really helps. Artists create art work on the computer but I'm also curious. There's a lot of amazing libraries out there for Java prescriptive unlike we talk a lot about dropping script on this podcast but there's a lot of great libraries that really can help with data visualization with everything that aren't related and I'm curious. What kind of tools do you guys come across that are helpful or even find interesting. You'd want to be leveraging in something. You're creating for artwork piece. One of the things things that I excited me about the web and the possibilities of doing artwork in it was flash like way back and and that that to me was like it opened up this amazing door to like <hes> drawing all sorts of very complicated things or animating things that that was this is quite difficult without it and that was like a early tool that was that really opened up creativity on the web and like you saw this huge explosion of <hes> beautiful artwork being put out with it. I started out doing a lot of flash in a lot of it was because I wanted to do more design but then when I started applying the code that's what really was blowing here is I can actually get things to move and do animates just by writing code not having to let go in there with tweaking on the time. I'm line and everything so I I I agree with you. Stacey flashes a pretty cool tool. Maybe not as much now no yeah definitely more of a historical marker of or what I see presently i. I think a lot of it's it's interesting because I feel like there are javascript libraries to our for designers and artists and then there's like are libraries that help you make art for software developers of that makes sense <hes>. No I think the plug and play a little bit easier. This is a library I bere- that you still have to do a lot of input and coding behind the scenes to actually get it to work. Yeah Sue I think one of the ones I hear the most often for like when artists or designers want to get into coating is like the one that gets recommended the most processing and then the job script equivalent of that. It's P. Five s which is actually quite exciting because I feel like they're ah that foundation is kind of expanding on that like processing Jay and they now have I think Emma five yeah which is their whole goal is to make machine learning more accessible to artists. I think that's so cool. Yeah and p five is really cool. I have played with it a few times. I don't know if I've done anything groundbreaking groundbreaking with it but it was really impressed with it. You can build things really fast with it makes like it makes generative art and so I've never really I played with it but I have a lot of friends that I'm using a lot in my impression is that it makes I'm John. One Generative Art Easy End Second like animation really easy like basically basically animated generative art so processing and then personally the thing. I use the most before getting to this point. It was like d three but it's not necessarily that d three R d three just helped me like calculate all of like all of that gnarly like things for data things things but I think it's we don't even need to talk about javascript libraries. I think the web itself is so like you don't need all the script Fiji. You don't just know can just make S._V._G. Three D. Shapes and you can like make Smiley faces. You can make art would just S._v._G. Ensue just understanding US V._G._A. Think so powerful to making are on the web and then there's canvas which you do Kajol the script for Vanilla Javascript and then recently I've been getting more and more into the and Web Gio because it just allows allows me so much more power in terms of like hell to caller that one was unavoidable kind of just like I think it's helped me make things that I've always wanted to make in the web possible that I didn't know I could do. I was wanted to make make watercolor sort of folks in the web. I'm and I didn't know that was possible blonde to. I found love G._L. Shares so that's the thing I'm most excited about recently web. Jill shooters are really cool. It's not something I've done a lot with. I've just seen some impressive work done with the she described describes. Schader like what does that even saying like the water colors. It would be literally literally. It looks like it was done in watercolor. It just adds that texture taking a color. I feel like a watercolor cheers to kind of trot onto that. I think that the that I'm really excited about it is. I'm the mental shift that happened when I went from kind of like S._V._G. To what jail is with US Fiji when you create a shape the way that you fill it is you usually can but easiest easiest way to Philly. It's just by color you color the shape and maybe cheers cheers. Song Jenner honor to choose read a pattern now. I'm just going to be like really I can create a pattern in and fill that hole shape with it. I'm and the the mental shift that happened when I started learning Web Gio. Is that the way I can think about it. Is I create an an object or a shape and instead of having to instead of only being able to fill that shape with just one color. I have access access to. I'm just trying to sort of have only having access to that. Whole shape you have access is too. I think of it as like Pixel so like if you have like a ten by ten object or or squares you have access to every single pixel because Jio uses the G._p._U. and so you can calculate pixel by Pixel what the Phil should be and so you can make effects like <unk> gradients and that's how you can make effects like watercolor because it's it's you you calculate pixel by Pixel and you can use things like noise as an. I'm rambling. You know this is fascinating. Purloin noise is another one that always comes to mind when I think this is fascinating because a lot of times our creativity is limited by the the tools. We know exists. I don't even know if you could do something like what you're saying. You have access to all of the Pixel. They wouldn't even occur to you to try. It blew my mind. When a Su- I I I decided I wanted to try three was because I have made it a goal to do. I wanted to do a physical installation and <hes> I I kind of want to touch back on the architecture part a little bit because <hes> I totally agree with you about like spaces having character and and <hes> being able to immerse in a space that makes you feel a certain way but I'm Su- I started doing three G._S. Because I wanted to be able to think in the third dimension and and what I didn't expect and like what blew my mind was realizing that not only do I get to think in Three D. more <hes> I can actually think about an object Pixel by Pixel and filling in Pixel by Pixel and I can make the facts that I've always wanted to 'cause. I grew up doing watercolor painting very very cool constraints in the medium. That's a really good point. If you're limited than it's sort of like with any art form there are constraints within each medium idiom and so by pushing it and then opening doors to like the thing that takes the constraint away and like what what a creativity does that expand and upon. I want to have one more thing to that about constraints which is on. I met an artist who linked me to this article and again. I'm horrible with names but some famous person one said about like like I am and are you know whether our will be taken over by a and whether you know there will be no more artists all of that exists central crab from the Horse's mouth yeah but I I thought that person has such a beautiful an answer to that. which is that we as human beings in our <unk> our fuel emotional ball art or inspired by our or are moved by art because we know that it's human beings on the other side ride pushing constraints that they the most beautiful art we come across? Is that somebody in artists. Human artists pushed past boundary that we previously I thought nobody can push past and went beyond that increases something I'm so be they broke through that constrain and I thought that was a really beautiful. Ah Yeah that's another. I don't want computer is taking over my future so you don't WanNa movie like Terminator but where they make art I mean I'd rather that I mean come on. That's a lot better than the alternative in over my job just not my life. It starts going to museums like that's what artists fear the I guess on that note especially Shirley doing a lot of art. What kind of advice would you give other engineers or artists that are wanting learning to do something with computer to make computer art play right like that's a that's the that was the beginning of the web for me play. I didn't necessarily surly note I was doing. I didn't have any take a class at is just like what does this do. What does this do. What if I apply this property. What does that was a fun one to play with yeah and you can you got all these like unexpected results sometimes expected sometimes unexpected and that was like the beauty and super it was so fun and I loved it and that's what really like inspired me to keep going and I think that's a huge piece of advice is just like just jump in and play yeah especially for like Web G._l. In Three G._S. I I also so played around with it and I will say the learning curve is like pretty high but there are a lot of tools now actually three this pick a few episodes ago three. G._S. has as an editor. That's like kind of a good week three dot org slash editor and it's a it's really a it's incredible. It's basically if you're familiar with blender or those three D. tools he can essentially create it with your mouse very easily and it's a progressive web. APPs crazy so cool that is actually it's mind blowing that they created that so well. This may not be advice from someone who does a little generated art but <hes>. I think that one of the things that for me is always super. Intimidating is just like a lot of the stuff that I love and appreciate it as always the finished product and never realizing that there's a whole process behind that and for me I like to play. They didn't get there overnight right. That's all you're seeing. <hes> constantly have to remind myself. It's like either when creating something that I consider to be art or even just starting on a new product like there's there is a learning learning curve but you have to enjoy that in addition to like what is it the end <hes> and sort of just remembering that there's a lot that goes into what you end up seeing on the on on the physical or digital campus and that's my advice to myself and everybody else to ten thousand hours thing. s people that you see that are amazing. Racing didn't get there with like you're looking at. There are repeating like damn. They're amazing yeah but there's also a lot of work to get to that point. Yeah my friend my friend. Stephen is amazing artist but he draws every single day nonstop at all times like he'll just be hanging out with you and just be like sketching on the side like always practicing always trying to get better so one of my teachers in school actually just like totally reminded me. Stacey so you saying that he used to draw for DC comment he would wake up every morning at four A._M. And draw for a few hours just every single day he and he was amazing e- mastered the skill like he definitely did but he didn't stop it was like he just kept going. This is probably to this day still waking picking up at four A._M. And that's his routine of constantly doing this which is like super super impressive and same thing for the Tattoo artist. It's doing a lot of work on on me right now. He wakes up every morning at five A._M. And draws and plans out what he's working on and things like that and I think to me. Maybe it is just that gripped to continue going in. I and try new things and knowing that yeah it's not always perfect because you will continue to learn and grow from it. I mean that I'm just going to say as a late night person. I'm mm-hmm that the hopefully the four A._M. Five A._M. parts of the advice. It's like yeah no nobody could also on the other end these two examples they. They're going to be crashing early because what works best for them. I think they've obviously found that early. Morning works best for them and to to be honest. I think I used to be the late night person. Now I find I'm actually more productive early in the morning so I think that may change over time but knowing when you're most productive that's a good time to do do it or most creative to it might be over a bottle of whisky that might help. I mean it could really help and that's okay. I'm really glad that Maher swamp I because then I and I now I know what to say. which is which is that like? I think you're absolutely right in the sense that like it's so helpful. I really really enjoy those accounts that post their daily sketches or daily doodles. I've been following <hes> some instagram accounts daily jail cheaters and you can just see that it's just like a tiny bite size pieces of them like practicing their craft and this is just like you said like this is almost advice for myself because I've been like going through a lot of insecurity in the sense that like I think when I grew up doing art I did that almost every day and so I like had a certain amount out of technical skill and then when I went for like eight or nine years not painting and not drawing on the daily I lost they don't and I'm in then when I every time I tried to get back into it. I'm just faster code than it was to draw like it was so much more satisfying fine to his code than it was to draw and for a while I thought it would just that I now suck at drawing or an eye. Now suck up pinning but it's really just that I lost that daily practice and now l. My daily practice is just a coating that I have to continuously remind myself because I'm just so hard on myself to be like whatever like probably because of what we see every day of like the finished product. I'm like if my first attempt doesn't look like a finished product. I'm a failure what I'm trying to remind myself. I self of this last year of trying to our is that the beauty about art is that there shouldn't be an expectation that there's so I think of like data visualization versus data or data visualization is that it's you need to deliver something that like <hes> is accurate that like you know people are going to be able to get insights insights from it and that's actionable and so if you're inaccurate that's misleading and that's not something you can do but with data needs to be pretty. It just needs to make you happy you. You can just do whatever makes you happy like if you want art. That makes you miserable like sure like do that to. Maybe that makes that person happy yeah but it's like there's there's not supposed to be any like what art should be. Do you do whatever makes you happy you. Do you think that's some good advice color outside here at the end of each episode. We like to share picks of things that we've found interesting and would like to share with our listeners stacey. You want to start off. Yes all right so I have. I have three picks. Hopefully this isn't too many. I've never overdone three before I was so inspired by what actually lasts up soda I counted three for you just because you talked about the album of Anima and then also so the film and that's two different and two very good pick and also shockingly not doing a music pick this. I think that might be talk. Coloring outside alright so I pick is an artist called Simon Stalin Hog. Uh hopefully in process right <hes> Swedish artist he does digital paintings focused on stereotypical Swedish countryside environments but then he combines neo a futuristic sort of like Saifi stuff into it very fascinating <hes> and he uses a walker tablet and he tried to emulate kind of real brush strokes <unk> as he as much as he can to give the human element or make it feel like it has a human element out. His stuff is fantastic. I A lot of my wallpapers from my work computer. Are That my second pick. Is You mentioned Joshua Davis earlier so oh. That's my my second pick. In the late nineties early. Two thousands came across the site called once upon a forest. Oh so good and he is by an artist called Maruto Utah which was basically like his pseudo name or whatever that he was going by but it was built in flash is incredibly innovative at the time it blew my mind <hes> and it was generative art so he wrote <hes> a lot of the C- I'll read this actually because if you right click view source says I program the brushes the paints strokes the rules and the boundaries however however it is the machine that creates the compositions the programs draw themselves. I'm in a constant state of surprise and discovery because the program may structure compositions and I may never have thought of to execute acute or might take me our secrete manually which I thought was really fascinating so check that out it's kind of like a historical marker of like like art on the web and then <hes> pick three is John Schiffer <hes> you might know her just from some kind of some of her really funny medium blog posts about tech she <hes> she is <hes> works at <hes> glitch doing a lot of cool stuff there there <hes> but she makes. Pixel art and she's got a whole site that she critic called eight Bit Art Dot Com which is really fun so she does a lot of really cool stuff and I like that. It's just art and code kind of combine can literally color in the individual pixels. That's pretty cool cheers all right for us. Oh Man I have two one is an Oldie but a goodie <hes> a single dave we were talking earlier about sort of different tools that exist on the web that are allow for creativity and I think that's actually really powerful when these days with some of the new language features so that's a really really good for anyone who hasn't heard of it before. It's just you know they take a literally a single. Dave and then they program all of these cool. Little Illustrations Purely Liam C._S._S. My second one is actually at some relevant to the conversation and it's more like raising awareness for other people out there who might have this. It's called Fantasia Tak- and I wanNA bring it up because I just found out I had this. I didn't even know was condition but I always thought it limited creativity and it's basically when your mind is blind and so you are unable to voluntarily visualize imagery and for a lot of times I I always think that art you have an idea in your head. You have a picture in your head and you can put doc to some sort of physical form and without the ability to create that picture. How do you create and I think that's actually really fascinating now that I know that this is a personal limitation mutation as well as like a limitation for other people out there so that's always a really interesting conversation like how do you create when you can't see anything or create in your mind first and then put it to to you know metaphorical paper few research other like a fulltime artists that actually have this but still are able to <hes> output. I haven't really yet this is so new. This is like when I found this. I thought it was mind blowing. I was like this is a thing. No wonder when you meditate people tell you to visualize a beat yeah. Well I mean that was one of the most frustrating context I've encountered in as well as other parts of my life but knowing knowing that it's there is really interesting getting into begin to talk to people who also have it in like how do you compensate for it in different ways in your life and programming and stuff like that anyway so just bringing it up and get the new now. There's like Oh yeah. I don't have a mind invite years starting to pay attention to that type of stuff surely already have for us yeah so I think I always bring three because says I just don't get that much like I take all of my rights so the very first one I have is actually an eye cheap because because I think my second one is like three different people so that's like sex semi. I is a tokyo-based. I don't even know what they call themselves but a creative agency. I don't know what they're called team lab. I think they're pretty internationally. Salihi recognized now but <hes> how do even describe them. They are a lot of their work is kind of like installations immersive interactive interactive installations and so this goes back a little bit to what Mars was talking about about architecture and <hes> and <hes> they're they're the reason why I became so enthralled with physical installations but they have this particular piece they have a lot of different exhibits and installations but they had this particular piece called Krystal universe and if I break it down and the driest technological way is that it's strings and strains trains like vertical strings of l._e._D.'s and they're all programs such that they look like stars in a universe. I'm time and it's this room that you walk into and when you're in the middle of it I'm you can pull up their website and <hes> they have all of these quote unquote different like six or seven quote unquote different universes that you can like click and swipe up and that generates a bunch of different patterns and you feel like you're in the middle of space and there's these lights going off around you it was. I think that was it was a moment I was like. I didn't know that human creativity could be so like that took place yeah and then it was so funny because I went back there with noddy and nobody around us realize that there was like this this lake you I that you can control the the lights and the patterns and so we're like standing the middle just like controlling it and then like every time we put something up new everybody else around those. WHOA Ooh and it was like Oh my God if I ever boobs in the divine individual this loose be what they feel like. Let's my first Reich. I'm I know that they had a temporary exacerbate in the pace gallery and Paul to like a few years ago but they have like a few different permanent exhibits as well as like a few really incredible temporary ones. I'm there's two in Tokyo right now until the Tokyo Olympics I'm and and if you ever are in a you know city that has their exhibit I highly it was mind blowing and life changing and like I I I just WanNa go and do what they do now <hes> because I feel like their work just like not only. Is it something it's so powerful to have an artwork. Immerse Yuba also bring people together in this like shared joy. That was a really long I bake and the Second Paik. I'm is <hes> a bunch of people. I'm that really inspire me. I'm in terms of creative code. I'm in the first person is <hes>. Her name is Misaki Nagano. I'm and she's at M. I. S. A. K. I underscore Guar M. O. F. U. on twitter and she doesn't post the author but whenever she does like always just blows my mind and it's it's a she does primarily gio and she's she. She's part of the reason why I got into because I was like Oh. I didn't know you could do like all of that and now that I understand a little bit about the Jason Webster. Sto like is still blows my mind what she does so she's my first person person pick and <hes> second person is Matt Delory Air. I think her his last name <hes> his handlers. I think at Matt underscored the E._S. L. on twitter <hes> he <hes> is another like incredible generative artists webs yelled like super inspiring being in the final person is a tyler hobbies. I'm and I think his most most of his work is all over on instagram and he's here's another brilliant generated artists that I get a lot of inspiration from okay now third by pick your seventy eighteenth pick I. I don't know when you're gonNA bite me back. I don't know whether I can come back here so I'm just cram it. All and final Paik is is I'm Matt's friend Master's workshop on creative coding basically I learned everything like like I learned everything to start three G._S. and web show from that and then after that it was just I think a lot of googling but I think it's set meow really well <hes> to learn because because like like Augusta said like there's a certain amount of learning curve for three G._S._M. Web jail and it's it's a little bit of a mind shift from our today for encoding <hes> and I think Matt did quite a good job of setting up an introducing us to that. That's my seventeen awesome. Only five every pick colorful man cheers in Augusta for US great question. Yeah I have two picks. One is <hes> somebody named bees and bombs. I believe his name is Dave. He has a twitter account and he also posts like he's cute shifts of like when I think of generative art I think I just immediately thought of him so just check it out. These are oddly satisfying very satisfying. Mesmerizing is how I would describe it perfect loops although there are also oh cool and you can get the perfect loops those make me very happy yeah and then my second pick is this framework library called Z dog which she <hes> and the website is easy dot dog house like wow this is. This is like a really gimmicky framework. What is it and it's actually like like a three D library but they use S._P._g. And Canvas and so I kind of was looking for three D. libraries and I landed on three but I was looking for more and this one one came up and it's a lot simpler so if you just needed to do very simple art I think this is like a pretty good candidate so maybe check a link with the cool name like that to try it. It's love that some of the examples are Z._Z. Dog that's one of their websites great yeah and also just like like looking at this. I'm like boy. Do I do what I do. Why can't I why don't I just go and be Kirby all right I have. I don't even know how many picks I have. I feel like I need to have more. One twenty. Seven was definitely stolen by stacy since I it's okay because I was thinking for this episode. Joshua Davis just always comes to mind when I think of computer generated art but I'll let stacey that one you should definitely go check out his artwork and then I thought of hey while we're also drinking some good whiskey good pick for some creative creative. Juices ideas generate some nice ideas. We're drinking Japanese whiskey the Nika a cafe green whiskey really delicious so I'm GonNa take my picture. That's one of my favorite Japanese whiskies and then there's an APP if you're her giving a conference talk or giving any sort of talk where you want to avoid the the ause the filler words there's an APP called like so and it's a good way to practice you actually record yourself as you're talking and it will count your filler words and let you know of all I it's. It's socks in the sense that you will you get that feedback but it also really can help because it like helps identify these four you which partly getting better at is just being more aware of your filler words so definitely recommend that one if you're wanting to the void those damn and so before we end the episode. I WANNA thank surely for joining us. It is always a pleasure to have you back. I I look forward to the stream of picks that you will save for the next episode so that would be really good all the more reason to have you back. It's positively correlated to how long it takes for you to invite me back. ooh ooh if it's a really long time. It might be seventeen area. Okay you invite me back next month. They will just be like to ah where can people get in touch with you. I thank you so much again for having me back. It's always Super Fun. I've been looking forward to this <hes>. I've been counting down the days I have and that you and whiskey if you WANNA put like some some. I'm like you know like <hes> well. I guess we don't use cash these days so if you WANNA use cash digital bitcoin Bitcoin I pay you in a computer generated artwork that costs four hundred dollars before that Mars <music> but it's always such a good time so a- all of my handles on the web are <hes> at s x y w you on twitter my personal website dot com <hes> instagram. I used to have a twitch and Youtube too. I'm I'm thinking about bringing it back. I keep telling myself oh bringing it back. It's fun to live coat but also so life is just really hectic can't type when it's live. Oh yeah stressful over that in life thirty minutes though not yeah drink some whisky. It'll be okay beer and that was not a good choice from I'm surely not no thank you all for listening. Today's episode make sure to subscribe to Front End Happier podcasts. I'm whatever you like to listen to podcasts on on and you can follow us on twitter at front and h h any last words of wise wisdom from Shirley color cheers cheers.

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Lakers drama, D-Wade's fresh braids, and special guest 2 Chainz: 2/26/19

Jalen and Jacoby

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Lakers drama, D-Wade's fresh braids, and special guest 2 Chainz: 2/26/19

"Jalen Jacoby is presented by Hulu. If you didn't know who has live sports, watch live games and all your favorite teams live on Hulu. No cable required. Jalen and Jacoby on ESPN. If we ever do y'all up the stroke. Get this week. He is Jalen rose. One of dough. I'm David the cool. Check in. Sooner stage on the Mike, and we putting it on wax. It's fitting loose. We're Jalen and Jacoby. What are we doing? You know, when the Houston Rockets were down, Chris, Paul and clean. Cappella James harden? I had to step up. He had gone a street streak is over now. But today, Jalen rose, we have to do something similar was that. Reggie Reggie's out sick. Reggie. Reggie is so daily listeners the podcast. Brad is in for Reggie big at Brad for seven in. Thank you. Brad. Appreciate the love. We appreciate you. You hope you feel much better. Is always better rich. We give you exclusive content here in the podcast for podcast listeners. Our favorite people that take in the Jalen and Jacoby content. People been with us for eight years, and they know that this podcast exclusive. It's time when we go little too hot for TV. TV? Jalen rose is a few things. I know about you. You love basketball you love power. If you love your family, Jalen, rose leadership academy, you love lobster and something else you love Jalen rose. Jalen, you love breast milk. I do. I don't know how this happened because I would say that if I only person this room that's ever drink breast milk. No. No, I don't even that is I do. You win. If you try breast milk in your life. So. There was a time. Well, like fifteen years old. I went to an adult entertainment establishment starting early right off living Nori live annoys, either joy road or tire men. I forget the name for people whose podcast right now. They're so pump that you said that. And I remember being in this stylish man, I can't say the name of the adult that I went with. Oh, that means that they're famous if you can't do there. So you're fifteen let me figure this out, but Sean Leonard. No, he was my age. Okay. The these. Yeah, I'm what no you're not nine. We're the same age. So anyway, I was in the adult entertainment establishment around fifteen years old. Thirteen dollars in my pocket like mice ugly number like a five in like six ones. Oh, yeah. Like, ugly number. I remember those crinkled. Wondering minimum cover water right now. So I'm near to stage performer one of our tricks was to spray breast. Because I'm the youth in the building some people probably were grossed out by this. She was making it rain. I was fascinated by this. And so therefore like a young person does when they go to the faucet. Hours trying to get the angle just drink the breath. Like, my son seeing as I know Paul this tongue out a man, let me tell you something. I didn't choke either out. I will not enough to drink. I didn't have no money. I was excited to be in there. And I was drinking at breast milk. So every since. I've been the dictate tastes great. It's very sweet, it tastes like condensed milk out of the out of the can or whatever remember that. They don't really use that in agreement more kids at that. Well, I didn't realize I became a part of the routine until just now there's actual milk news today tomorrow and t you the sisters I loved them to marry Maori drinks. Her sister tia's breast milk and says it's the best she's ever tried in her life. Little weird little weird. I'm gonna tell you. What makes it not weird to me? It's a little weird. What's that? I'm gonna tell you why I'm gonna tell you. I'm gonna tell you the only thing that doesn't make it weird to me. That they're twins twins. That's the only thing the only if they were just sisters that will be different, but they're twins. And you know because you have twins. They move as one they move as one they all because my twins are three years old. And it just learning how to talk who've is in the day. They they don't use. We sometimes they'll be like me and Chloe I'm going to the store, and you're just like, well, the y'all really look at yourself as one person we need to all right? Got some real effort to in again. I gave this Russell Westbrook. And I know you listen to every show you gotta make a real effort to make sure that their individual people because they get grouped into gather all the time and everything so we take them out separately this shelter. Russell westbrook. Who is average in a triple double for the third straight year was rocking. The Michigan shorts. Recent. Oh, he was and those are the exact same Michigan's shorts. I forgot the company that makes them out to them that Jalen rose, gifted me one time, and I put them in my desk drawer because anyone who works. Anyone who loves to play basketball and works in a corporate environment knows that it's always advantageous have a backup set of basketball workout gear at your job in case, something pops off spontaneity Asli spontaneously and Jalen saw them in my drawer and got mad at me last week. Because I gave you an amazing gift you play basketball two or three times a week you could award shorts. You know, who I got beef with the podfather over this too. I gave the podfather a pair of giambra betas converse weapons black and white the ones like Larry used to wear them. Touch to him out of the commercial. I walked away with the MVP him match. Like, yo I gave him this pair. He happens to where the exact same size that. I do. So I went to the store and I bought these shoes. It was his birthday. I remember I did drive around Los Angeles. You know, because you know, I don't really give presents right? Like, I give you on your birthday this here. That's the way keep that off wax. Okay. And. I gifted him these shoes. Probably two thousand twelve it's Nelson seven years later never seen him wear them. But but but never once but like the twins. I gotta defend them for something. How much does he love Larry Bird in the Celtics very much as much as he loves breathing. He can bring any conversation back to the Celtics. Okay. So you think about it? That's a collector's item for him. Now. I think he just put them in the garage or something and just forgot about them. Because I you know, what one day they're gonna be like it's gonna headlines it'd be like ESPN television personality David Jacoby caught breaking into. His home. He's now facing five to ten. I'm going to be like, listen, I need to get those shoes. Back. I needed to get those shoes back. That's what happened. Broke into Bill. Simmons house. Shots a Bill the podfather and his family. No doubt. Well, Mr. rose. Our Kelly who's been cancelled. I'm not listening to Arnie R Kelly songs ever. To the radio the other day and his song came on the first thing. I thought about was who allowed that to happen. Oh, yeah. What program director who was like, let's do this especially everything's happened recently. So he was in jail hundred thousand dollar bond. Didn't put it up for two days got out, you know, where he went when he got out strip club straight to Mickey D's. I don't know. I don't know in shot town, the rock and roll Mickey D's be cracking rock and roll. Mickey be no doubt about it. What downtown Chicago? Detroit used to have one that was cracking to write off being cool in Wyoming. How far is that from the status with the reigning breast milk? It's on the same side of town. But you gotta drive there. Okay. Rock and roll McDonald's. What's to do between that? And normally Donald's the it has like the jungle gym for the kids to play on the different arches. They're like in the ground that it's right? Yeah. Chicago drove by like what is going on with that McDonnell? There's a bunch of other franchise restaurants right in the same block around there. Yes. It's hard rock fat. So I am happy to report. Growing up in particular. I eat a lot of McDonald's. And it was a great hang spot full, my wife, eight McDonald's every single day after school or grandma pick up and taking McDonald's every single day after school, and she was skinny as a rail my kids. How's it? Let's say our kids McDowell. She's like, yeah, they won't eat it. I mean you for real Jacoby. I eat McDonalds breakfast right now thirty percent of the time. That's not true. That's true. My wife works here. You can ask her all this to run on the set. I take so thirty percent of the time for so long McDonald's. So if there's if there's wait a second if there's thirty days in hot, cakes and sausage with an extra sausage sausage mcmuffin with eggs with an extra sausage. No cheese, sausage biscuit. What an extra sausage, your everything you said tastes good. It doesn't feel good though. It doesn't feel good. Those are my orders. You better be careful. Kangaroo Jalen about to me. I'm going to be what they want. Those you listen to show know that I'm not a big fan of live music too. Loud starts to late just like to stand or sit down. I don't know what to do them. Just not to be a lot of music, you love music, and you complain about concerts sound like an elderly man, an elderly man because I've got kids, but here's thing I love live events. I love being amongst the crowd with the collective roar of a sports event. And I want my son who we just discussed to feel the same way. So I start bringing him the Knicks games. You know, how I get those tickets to the Knicks games seek seek pulls millions of tickets into one place you can easily find the seats you want for price. You're willing to pay. And here's the best thing about seeking Jalen when you open up the app, there's certain seats that are in red is certain ones that are in green. 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Go to four hymns dot com slash J and J that is F O R H I M, S dot com slash J and J four hymns dot com slash J. J? Get your hairline light Jalen for him dot com slash JJ. Coming off that terrible loss to the pelicans their belly. There's no chance that the Lakers would go into Memphis and lose to the grizzlies gonna happen. They have the Ron James. They wouldn't lose to the Memphis grizzlies joke him, Noah's Memphis grizzlies. They wouldn't lose that team. Right. He was out of the league doing medicinal things. Chanels a sudden he's back in the game. Playing quality minutes game play pluck while the minutes. He powered the grizzlies past the Lakers. The Lakers lost to the pelicans. And then the grizzlies the grizzlies are not motivated to win basketball games yet. They're doing it. Anyway, how did this happen? I watched every second of this game waiting Villegas to come back. It's just never happened. When you're an average basketball team that can't defend the paint. They can't defend the room. And there's not a team that shoots will from three or the free throw line teams are going to stay in a game. With just those dynamics because they're NBA players running up and down the floor where shorts entertained top. They're going to be in a game and bought the way. Lost that Philly barely Boston loss at Atlanta came back to actually be Houston when they were down nineteen. So this has been an up and down squat anyway. And now, you get to Memphis, all of a sudden, you don't get a couple of calls and things don't go your way and Mike Conley has a big thirty point game. Because he's there you played. Well, now, all of a sudden you find your way on the you find yourself on the wrong end of the scoreboard. It was they lost the pelicans fine. Lebron James comes out he talks about what's important to the players is the survey. Debating he's as playoff activated. He's really he's really talking big game and expected LeBron James to come out in this one lead his team to a win. It kind of say listen if we're gonna make the playoffs I'm going to take us down the stretch the project had triple double yesterday. Jalen, but I watched almost every second of the game. He didn't play. Well, he really didn't play well turnovers taking deep threes dismissing kind of bunnies. Like, he just kind of seemed and there's a little bit of that bad body language thing going on not playing great defensively. What did you see from LeBron last night? So from LeBron. Initially LeBron James came into the league and basically play a point four. Usually that means they're two guys that are to have more books in more hype than you do on the floor that created a level about when he got to Miami. And he really unlocked this game. Chris Bosh was able to play the five, but in theory, LeBron James play like a power gar position because he's the primary ball him and that functions well because he's surrounded by three shooters. He has somebody on the spot that could catch lofts and be finisher and doesn't need to post up. So not look dynamics of the Lakers team. Javale McGee does give you the height, and we'll give you lob and dunk spot opportunities. However, he can't play a lot of minutes because that's something. He hasn't done in his career you traded zoo botch. You're not really plan Tyson Chandler, so in theory, they're three best players are LeBron who's m- who's been terrific this year, Atlanta Ingram who's also been balling this year anger played well last night. So now. But here's the problem. So that means those your three players up front not stopping anybody from getting laughs and dunks not balk not hype not contesting shots post defenders. So therefore, you see LeBron in the unique spot of front, and he's still distributed and getting people involved. He's still getting his board. He's the only player in the history of the NBA to being a top tier escorting assist. He's playing well. But it's a team dynamics that they've not been able to unlock. And also you ready for this. They miss Lonzo ball. Oh, yeah. Oh, they definitely miss aim is Lonzo also, but Lonzo ball also underrated defender to correct under eight that's kind of had his way again passes, man. Bumping into the big man and one getting passes man bumped in the big men and one getting passes man, no help defense bucket. So when the Lakers are real contender? Lebron is gonna be the second tallest player on the floor. When quality minutes happened. They thought that was going to be Anthony Davis this year. That the also second tallest player on the floor and the everyone else can shoot like right now. He's like sometimes you the second tallest player in the floor. But there's one shooter out there. Reggie Bullock and shoot he just got their moose. Golic can shoot theory. We couldn't last night. And then you've got Kouzmouk who's in threes in Brandon Ingram actually hit some threes last night too. But they need shooters around him is this season a wash for LeBron James and the Lakers is not a wash. I've talked about that system beginning on the season to me success for the Lakers was to be a seventh or eighth see possibly play in the playoffs hope to avoid the warriors in the first round probably get a young team. Maybe like the nuggets, for example, that you can have LeBron's greatness elevates you in a playoff series as I felt like their maximum optimum productivity could be this year. Now as I look at the standings, the best thing that's happening for them is that the Spurs are struggling the clippers don't wanna make the playoffs. But because they haven't really changed. I picks. They want. Chain it first round pick in the Sacramento Kings have not been here and they've lost a couple of their most recent gained. So they're not buried. They have a chance to back themselves in the playoffs, which it would really be that. And we all know what happens if they get that eight spot. How MRs it's going to be if they get to the playoffs. They're going to do it on the last night of the regular season. Like now, it's at the point where like if you guys are going to get any don't talk about the seven seat. It's going to be game eighty two and one of those things like this team needs to lose we need to win like that. But take a look at their upcoming games. It does not get. I know they just play the pelicans and the grizzlies it does not get easy for them to look they've got then they play go back to play the pelicans than books. Sons. That's a win clippers nuggets Celtics of these six games. Like, they'd be lucky to go three three lucky to go three. And so as a player, you look at the schedule, and you try to realistically say, okay? This should be a win. And or if we're not the favorite, maybe we can get it. Because of circumstances like playing at home or they're Dilawar injury or they're not playing well right now because a lot of times not who you plan is when you plan, and so I can't really quantify if they're going to win or lose any of these games. You know, why? Because they're an average team. They're an average team. They'll go win at Boston. And they'll go lose in Atlanta. That's what they are. So they can easily lose our winter. The pelicans same with the buffs. Like, that's what this team has been. But on paper, I would say pelicans win by double digits lose to the bucks beat the Suns by double digits beat the clippers at home. Lose to the nuggets on ESPN on March six lose to the Celtics on March ninth on ABC, the only problem with that is I also thought that would be the pelicans of the grizzlies coming out of the all-star break. I really did. So that's going to happen with this team. Now, there's an interesting report, and the non Mus -secutive, you gotta be careful whenever you start quoting anonymous leagues because is that we're not talking GM's. There's a lot of league executives out there. It's thirty teams the six or seven seconds per team and its executive is getting coffee right now. Yeah. Yeah. All but they were speaking to Bleacher report, and they said the following quote about LeBron James and the Lakers he killed the Lakers chemistry. He shouldn't have been so public about it talking about the Davis trade even during the all star draft. He laughed about one Davis to be his team mate. Jalen how much truth is there to this facts? The dynamics of their roster are veteran players on one year deals. Lance McGee Rondo right, then they're players that are on their rookie deals coups. Mom, Ingram ball, art. And you know what? Those two groups having common. None of them are invested in the Lakers future anymore because they realized that probably all of them will be gone. There's a there's a chance that all those players could not be on the ballot. Like on the Lakers like next October. So if you think about a level of investment, what does it take to be a team sacrifice commodity? You have to buy in. Everybody has a Rolls, Royce, you accept it right word. And so now all of a sudden oh resplendent with vets were splinter Ghazwan rookie contract. The only got it knows. He's going to be there next year is LeBron. So that's what we have. Well. Former liquor legend curves jabbar's doing something very interesting, and I wanna jump in McCall cheat me like a he is auctioning off all of his championship rings and his MVP trophies. And about it. He said the following quote when it comes to choosing between strong champ storing championship ring or trophy in a room or providing kids with an opportunity to change their lives. The choices pretty simple, sell it. All jalen. I love cinnamon behind this. I love what he's doing. I got one thing. I'm gonna keep one of each. I'm gonna keep water beach. I get it Kareem. You're doing the right thing. But like keep one of these. So I got this from t- grizzly this Liz looks he grizzly when people try to clown me about what they feel like I didn't accomplish. I like to say you keep those awards. I want the rewards. And that's what Kareem is doing here. We know what he accomplished. And so for him to have a ring to has so many diamonds on it that he can't wear it. So many trophies did has taken place in his home as he starts to get older. He realizes like these these aren't important to me. And then you ask yourself what is important to me? And if I could give back, and I have the opportunity to do it through things that didn't cost me anything financially that I'm willing to do it, can you think of I dunno one particular place that maybe some of this money from the skyhook foundation. Could end up. Jane wells, leadership academy. Cabinet sounds good to make it in. It's curious Davar. Now, there's a player in the league who's being treated unfairly Jalen rose his name is DeMarcus cousins, but he's known as. Jalen rose. A mean it this time. I mean it this time. It's the don't get fired topic of the day. For real. I got three kids. I love this job. I love coming to work every day be very concerned. With the words that come out of your mouth. A gentleman by the name of Robert Kraft went to a place called orchids of Asia. You know, what happened by now? But there's some new details about this. He was there from eleven AM to eleven fifteen AM Sunday January twentieth. The day the patriots played the chiefs in the AFC championship in Kansas City. Jalen he now has a court date set for eight thirty am on April twenty four. He's been charged with two counts soliciting prostitution. Are you surprised it was there the day of the AFC championship game? If he was going to be there, which he clearly had been there prior. I'm not surprised any day of the year. He would be there including when his team plays. This is a a major issue for the NFL for a lot of reasons. Yes. Number one. He's an owner, and they should be held to a higher standard of discipline. So therefore if you look back at the track record of that football team under his leadership, they did get punished. Even though the tape got destroyed for by gate. Yup. They also got punished for deflate gate. Yup. So really in theory. This is their his third time coming in front of the judge and jury in this case to NFL also for that league terms that now are attributed to. To some of the top players in that game happen to be domestic violence assault. Sex trafficking, prostitution four league. This had to deal with an image. Problem of do. They really care about the will being of women. And so I'm fascinated to see clearly how this plays out for him as an individual. But a lot of people going to be looking at the level of discipline that gets attributed to him based on these circumstances. And also how he then response as an individual of influence of money and of power how he now turns around and shows a level of contrition based on getting his name and his franchise caught up in these allegations. So he has denied these charges. Categorically, even though the police say that there are videotape of certain occurrences. Do you think the league will punish him before? During her. After the legal proceedings take place. This is what always makes it tricky. And we talked about this in circumstances of violence against women. Because even if it's on video, which we've seen in certain cases in particular Kareem hunt hunt comes on what happens is our judicial system. Does it necessarily punish? Fast enough for the court of public opinion to take place if for the league to now establish their level of discipline? So therefore becomes a situation of if you're the league, do you punish more harsh than the court system who in theory, didn't do what the court of public opinion felt like they should have done. So now forces us to argue about what should happen, for example to Kareem hunt win in theory. We thought maybe what he did on videotape which again raw v the criminal system to punish him interesting to the NFL when the criminal system doesn't punish in the NFL says, well, there's you know, we don't have proof that there was a crime there. Even though we saw with our own is proof of crime. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out because when you have money you have access to high powered lawyers when you have high powered lawyers. There's a way that sometimes these charges just as appear. I don't know if that's going to happen in this case. But it'll be interesting to follow. Also, if you're Mr. craft he was out, you know, what I mean, they Oscar parties it's just it's very interesting to see how he plays this publicly because his public stance, and his sort of persona and the public has kind of vacillated in changed over the last couple years, and I just wonder how this will work with him. And for all of those who follow sports, please know of all of the NBA NFL major league baseball teams. There are certain owners that want us to talk about them because they become something for conversation or get in front of the cameras. They do interviews and in their ninety percent of the owners who just fall back, and they're not in the public so four Mr. craft we seen him, whether it's talk about Trump, whether it's dance with Cardi B, whether it's be a part of meat mills movement. And so he's been doing a lot of things in particular, the pre-oscars. Party. We saw Tom Brady on the jet. So there's been a lot of footage of him. I would think now and I'm not here to determine what how he's just been his time. Mondo you read. Oh, you're right about what you're about to say. He should probably just fall back. He's gonna back. He's going to fall back. He's fall back from the cameras going to hear from him to summer and just allow this very serious situation. Played south up. Thank you for not getting his fire. Jalen rose next. James harden, and the rockets beat the hawks. Okay. However, James harden, play great. He was over ten from three. Now, I commend him for shooting. The after going for nine. But still he didn't play great in this game. Certainly had got close to the thirty point marker that we all want him to get to extend history. But here's the final possession with ten seconds left hangs down the backorder little bit. Then dribbles over kind of look at the hawks four hawks around the ball right there with the game is out of hand already. Do you think the hawks loaded up against hard? So he wouldn't score thirty eight clearly did have four players or wait for let me ask you a follow up question. And I know you hate those if they had not done that in European with your shot the ball. Yes. Backward. Back is a little bit. Are they? What passing cut there's just surrendered? I can do. And what you've taught me an NBA players say, this is they all know the stats like there's that big Jumbotron, they all know that he's got twenty eight and all of them are saying themselves. We might not come away with the w but we are going to end the streak right now. Well, Houston one, but our next guest will not be happy that the hawks loss. Very special guest returning to Jalen Jacoby yesterday. G is here. Well, let's see today today. See more. Kobi's good listen to it name reputation. Welcome to the program. We appreciate the love. You have a new project in the works. Yes. Wrap or go to the league. Now, the first thing I thought about when I saw it reminded me of when biggie said these sling crack rock or you got it wicked jump shot. So what's the significance of this album title? Well, I think, you know, just to speak for myself in American community does a term that was if it wasn't said it was some what presented to us a lot. I even my son is three years old. I have them bison. Is this something that we kinda was like, I don't even know if it's called brainwashing. But we you know, sports is it's music is PM. It's you know, good tar everything. And I think this album is actually an oxymoron for me because I'm trying to show people that it's actually another side of this. You can actually do something, you know, tons of things that you can do outside of, you know, having a wicked crossover or having been. Able to hold a note. You know what I mean? So I talked about, you know, black excellence, I talk about just a chief and trying to find a passionate thousand in and on. So this album has more substance than people are custom to coming from me. And I'm some person I'm personality can do on day LASSO and y g and little baby. Whoever you know. I mean, I think one artist they can really get my point across any kind of track any kind of type of general music so excited about this project. Well, one is unique about this project. Parents others certain and our work on this one a gentleman by the name of LeBron James. What that process was like with you to in the studio, you know, like what was it? Did you ever have to tell him? His ideas were bad, you know, with Dave. How long was he in there? What was it like being a partner with studio a couple of times, which also is the last time we hooked up. And this was you know, obviously why he was injured. Everybody seems to think I had something to do with that. Looking colder. Come with next. Stop you there. Stop. View there. But animal Laker fans. Don't do me. Like that. But not you know, he he's not in there like adjusted knobs, you not only that he's just in. Obviously is the volume, you know, for me it was about giving him the title of the album the concept of the album. Ironically, he has the more than athlete campaign, which is very similar to what I'm doing. So it was about the process of narrowing down songs are trying to, you know, get this thing on the sixty minutes on my project to be under our. So it's over record over court. I had over twenty dollars. Choose from so's about going through songs that meant something had some type of substance that fit the concept of the album. That's where LeBron came in. And it was a while idea had because obviously he supports the coaches so much he's in the back of his may back. He's in the back of the sprint ain't plays. Every new artists that comes out. He supports them genuinely you know, what I mean organically, you don't have to rock him. Sometimes he he tax you sometime he doesn't. You know what I'm saying? This is what he does every week. And so I'm like why not put this on your resume one at this on the resume. I think is dope. I think it's a terrific idea in somebody that loves music, and it always seems to come the soundtrack for sports in a lot of ways when you're in the studio with ANR, LeBron James there will be times that he presents an idea that you think is what? So at that point. How do you let him know based on? This is what you do for a living. This how you've made your bones that are appreciated the idea, and please give me an example of an idea that he brought to the table. Now, we ain't doing that fam-. Now, he he had a couple of ideas about features and stuff. And I thought that my was already kind of feature head, you know, what I mean like with the features, and and you know, like some samples that he may not have no where I got him from somebody. You know, I got this such and such and this way really came from the hard times southwest from UT K. And so. Classic class. And so that was some that I kind of kind kinda share with him. You know what I mean? And it was you know, he shared me like we felt on. He brought up a bunch of good names dope names on Assem next. They not own their. It'd be live brother. This. Mess with some of y'all. What I wanted to cite real. Yeah. You've heard his song. K D is one of those piece features that he knew himself him in. Katie went hard on there. Couple of bar. There's an on man, you know, like any. It's like anything else meant it takes practice. Like a lot of people like music is like people don't notice a bundle us a whole thing is personality is hard work. It's the it's the recording process. It's it's it's how you do drives. How you mean this relationship thing, it's you know, basketball is somewhat similar, but it's it's it all involves practice hard work as a fan of your's is appreciate clearly your music, but how you able to articulate yourself and the album title plays out with you know, who you've always been with that being said, can you Lau the fans that want to work in this industry, the music industry, like take him through the day in the life of like the sacrifices that you have to make the studio time that you have to put in because we see the finished product and everybody wants to be like you. But they don't see the work that you put in. Yeah. For me. Me my schedule on the east coast and west coast. They're very different on the west coast. I get up early in the morning. I go out eat my breakfast. I'll do gym then I'll come back maybe taken that. And then I'll start studio a little bit earlier than I will on the east coast east coast because my kids there I actually go to the studio around ten at night, a leave around six I can get home when it's time for them to go to school when they go to school. Sometimes I Sam I walk out rarely do. I drive him to school because I'm tired by being on that recording. I sleep tobao twelve. Maybe hit up through the gym thing way to get home from school it with them when they go to bed around nine go to the gym some very I mean, not Jaylen our studio. So at night, it's very habitual. I don't really do like my schedule's like people that work with me. Or for me? They know that basically do the same thing rinse and repeat. Well, I've got to three year olds in my house. And you mentioned you have your three year old boxing. How does that even work like who's working three coach, and he's a boxer ama- son is because he has older siblings. Obviously as two older sisters. He's Vance for his age on the way communicates in the way talks and on the coast thought that I was blowing hot air too. So I called him not said, hey, man. My son wants to talk to you. My son said I wanna box, and he said you wanna box and he said. I'm looking right. Your eyes because I told my son that he needs to talk to people in his eyes when he talked to him. So the so the do. Okay. What does that mean? I'm like man, I've been trying to teach him look at people. You know what I mean? And and he came over and they had a couple of lessons. So he knows how to you know. That's what earned sweared. I'm big into that teaching young people things why they're so young with the grass it like fighting never protect yourself, swimming, just fine. I think it's just skills. Just let them do whatever they do today. Find a passion, you mean just give him as many options as possible have kids do everything from chess to fencing to you, know, gymnastics. I let them let them do all that. So I know you pay a lot attention to the National Basketball Association seen you at the games. And there's some things that we need we need your take on. Because we've heard all the the sports talking heads talk about it. And we look at here. We don't hear what you really think who is the NBA MVP. Up to this point James hearted. Ooh. Interesting as. Jaanus? Let me say John isn't. I know they're number one another team, but they have coached but left the hawks. And I knew where he can do once. He got a good like, I don't think we give him coach. I mean, I'm definitely giving. He's on the court. But. And this dude James Hardiman this whole step back thing. Like, they didn't have that Wednesday live without at all. This. On me. This back is behind the twenty eight foot, Mark. Have. But he steps back from the free throw line and ends up back his just like some of never seen before. And and Houston looks good too. Because we just saw sea PD without them. Yup. So so so we all know you carry the Atlanta flag as high as anybody. Let's go trait. But you're also a Lakers this LeBron will the Lakers make the play. Yes. Sure. In the words about lavar ball. Let's get Zoback the. Back. Well, not only do you pay close attention to the NBA the same way that we do is. You know, you also ball we've seen the footage. You know, you say you're in the gym. And you know, we've seen you we've seen you all. I got a fan. See I can get I can get get a ten day with that. Did. I have a fifteen legit fifteen foot. Seventeen right there and all the. Iran in the studio, but he might need you to play. Shooters out there. God that looks good. Did you say? Beat method, you know, balanced, elbow. I contact follow through. Teach me the guy. Could you be Jalen whose way shape, I play the hand to be Jalen be one? I can be shooting and and one on one because we both out of shape though, what's the strategy going up against Jay. That's not going to shoot them. So this scout report on him. Let me they don't have the scouting report on me. It's like, they know talk John. And then you've got to figure me out then I'm up five. Any NBA plan is like, okay, oh, he can play for it. And then they start, you know, trying to lock me down, and it becomes a thing. But. He's out of shape just run around. You know, my my my my jump shots, essentially layoffs for me. So first of all I want to tell everybody tell everybody where they can get rapper. Go go to the league is on all platforms Mashhad, everybody support me. I really appreciate you from. You know, God knows how family to def jam the fans, you know, all the platforms. Appreciate will always support you to. You're welcome back anytime to chains here on Jalen and Jacoby rapagao league anywhere. You can get your music. Get stream it Rathore Goto, the lead Jalen rose. Dwayne Wade has made it known. This is last year in the NBA. So as he goes on his fell way to farewell tour, and he gets celebrated by various teams where he visits he changed something to his game. His hair. What do you think of braid, wait all those two types of play? Well, can I put something on wax? That's a phenomenon into days NBA that. I love was I'm calling because this is what we call growing up youngsters that. A lot cooler to meet Phil free to come with a new name. And I can't wait to ask the players about it fresh out braids what a fresh out breads look like fresh out to pin. The okay right not fresh out the barber shop. And so like Brandon Ingram comes to mind Richardson on his team currently always has zero green being rocket him. So they're like ten players. I'm gonna make sure our highlight. And there we probably should rank the top guys that Iraq in the fresh outbreaks. Jalen, you're the best. Here's my thing. If you're debut, a new hairstyle and get all this attention for it. You gotta be the sons. At least divert the narrative, you cannot loosen the sons if you're the he'd come on D Wade, I'd rather you don't probably spend too much time getting his hair braided not prepare for the game. Last night, the warriors beat Charlotte as we all expected them to. But there's one play that we absolutely have to discuss because it involves a gentleman by the name of DeMarcus cousins also known as. Okay. Jimmy, lamb loses. Shoop right there in the free throw line because picks up and toss it to the side. However, it was caught by someone in the front row probably enhance their experience. I'd be pumped someone threw me to shoe, right? The referees called tech technically by the book. If you throw something into the stands, you deserve a technical foul is this unfair treatment for our guy because yes, this will be one of those things that quietly under the radar. The league is going to do away just like coming off the bench and by the way to add insult to injury. Meaning that he got a technical throwing the shoe the player who shoo he threw Jimmy Lyon. Win sat on the front row. We'll someone gave up there seat the Freyberg back on. Yes. So again to see paying that much money for tickets. No, I'm not giving my spot. I'm not gonna rule. Actually, it's a different way to silence the land. I always say I would love to ask you explain. The plot of silence of the lambs right now playing the plot. Silence of the lambs sold. The guy was Norman Bates Norman Bates. Okay. He was a deranged individual. He was really crazy in the movie. Yes. And he found ways to kidnapping e people. Close close. I remember that he wasn't eating them. I'm thinking about Jack Kevorkian now in in the movie, he he would just he was crazy is killing people. He was people. Yeah. I remember that Norman Bates Norrland's you. I saw the light. Welcome on when I said that you like, okay. I gotta give him props on definitely not Norman Bates. It's not what you do. It's how you do it because it's lightly tossed it. You know what I mean with lightly guy? It was like Steph curry with the mouthpiece. You know what? I mean, he wasn't trying to wasn't throwing hundred hour. Fastballs. You just tell you to just use common sense common sense should govern all referees over the laws of the game. I know that does that doesn't sound right. They should follow the letter. No commonsense should be the first thing that referees. Consider what I do in the rule is that player shouldn't throw objects into the stands technical. But I like his explanation, and it was really practical because my something's on the floor and somebody runs trips over, and it hurts themselves you stop pick up games. If that happens every stop. We don't want him to get hurt when the ball rolls in from the other quarter, whatever you stopped games. It's literally a danger he's helping not just his own team. But the other team as well because so much keep doing your thing. No doubt looks step slow to me though. And support of gera- lay. Oh does look. Slowed him anymore. You remember Charleston, right? From the bears cornerback the Panthers got hurt. And then he was hired. And like I haven't heard enough date. Exactly what he's been doing. Until. Now, Charles Tillman has great graduated from the F B I training academy. He's there's this thing where you graduate. And there's a two year period where you get trained a little bit more until you become an actual FBI agent. Charleston is going to be an F B I agent. Jalen rose. There's my surprise takes a couple of years training become an FBI agent. Doesn't like it should be harder than that. It's harder to become a dentist that it is becoming FBI. There's been a lot of things that happened in the news to make you wonder how much training you actually need it to secure a gun in a batch. Oh, well, guess what you in the rose, I can fix all that if they cancer all cancel our show, which they probably will after hearing you describe sounds of the lambs. Are you gonna join me in the FBI training academy? The key word is training with sounds like work. So no now why they gotta put that here on. I love the Cleveland. I love your, you know, what you know, what I don't think the staff likes me. I don't think they like me. We have a working relationship. But I don't think they love me. Like, they love you. Well, I appreciate the fact that he's enduring this new career path seems clearly like something that he's passionate about. And unlike you with this football background or he'd be chasing tackles. It'd be great at that. Someone's that's on you peanut. You'll get them feeling rose. A lot of teams have changed their rosters raise the trade deadline as we head into the playoff push. And they've added some new players players that we've dubbed new additions to see right? In addition. Addition. When you look at this group of players, Bobby Ricky, and Mike, which ones do you think we'll have the biggest impact between Kosovo Harris Kanter, midget? Like all of those guys bring to the table. So Wes Matthews is going to be bring defensive toughness shooting and shooting. They lost Victor Defoe and a cool. Head bent in his cancer to go alongside Nurkic is going to give the blazers the balance of the mama's boys on a perimeter. They call them miratec Tages going to allow the Greek freak to play multiple positions up front loss. I him shooters surveyors bars is a veteran. It's been a champion is going to help the second kings playoff push Marcus sold is going to be a defender. They can run office through that can guard and need in the playoffs. He brings to this question has to be Tobias hairs Tobias Harris going twenty points a game. What does he do for this? Sixers team is in terms of playoffs when they have. Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, they still swept by the Celtics and the playoffs without Cari without Gordon Hayward. Then you add Jimmy Butler. I'm like legit contenders. When you add Tobias Harris Icee there the most talented team, and they had the most talented starting five in the conference. It will be a disappointment. If they don't find a way to have success, and they also add it, Mike, Scott. He's going to get them perimeter shooting up front as well. You know? I still don't know who's gonna win the Eastern Conference. Like, honestly, if you would attract who those win the Eastern Conference through the it began the season until now, it would probably be like five different changes. And one thing that's sort of weighing me away from the bucks is not just to buy Harris. It's Marcus all the rats are great rabbits have a good team. And then you put in markets stale balanced shooters, he adds defensive as you mentioned. But he's such a great passer. And like if you can really run offense through Mark assault, in a way, you really just can't Vallon Tunis. I really love to Saul on the raft. Hey, you if you're Ronal you have to Gart yourself against which collar is gonna show up in the playoffs. So Fred van bleat has emerged as one of the better starting wanted a better backup point guards in a game. Thumb injury assume that he's going to be back. You also now have PASCAL Jakko who can make a play off the dribble in particular transition grabbing goals. Obviously, you have Leonard one of the best performers in the game is has a career high points and rebounds. And then you have Markelle soul. So you have multiple people that all of a sudden have called Laurie struggling offensively. Shots that naked now initiate offense and Danny green being knockdown shooter surge plan minutes, also. The Pacers still they're still number three. We don't discuss about them being contenders. In the east. They are still third in the conference. The facts are the facts this scorpions scoreboards. You are what you are is Bill Parcells says and the Pacers are sitting at number three Jalen rose. Minnesota forward. Minnesota wild forward. Mike gremlin was traded from the wild to the predators. Good news for him. He goes from a team. It's on the fringe of the playoffs team contending. Bad news for him. His wife was in labor while he was traded the wild GM Paul Fenton, discussed it in a press conference. Grandmoms honestly labor rate now. And so to have this happen makes it even more difficult to disrupt people's lives, and that's the unfortunate part of being in this industry. They all know that it's a business. So from the wild we were nothing, but the best. Hopefully, there's a huge debate amongst staff of Jalen Jacoby belt. This is it just business and just quits and bad luck that this happened or should they have considered doing it earlier or not doing it all because of his family? Circumstance rates are consumed with timing. And a lot of them can have etiquette. This one lacked it which could easily allow them to know a day prior let him know after labor. They can still agree to the deal without a now. It's trade deadline. You can agree to the deal without announcing it doesn't change the parameters of what's happening. I'm not saying that they shouldn't have trade them. I just don't like the fact that they traded him wife was in labor. That's laying I wanna thank to chains. And remember subscribe to our podcast. Losses.

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Detroit City of Champions   Episode 8: Play Ball!  The Movie


58:26 min | 9 months ago

Detroit City of Champions Episode 8: Play Ball! The Movie

"Nineteen thirty five alliance win. The NFL championship. The Detroit Tigers take a world series. The Red Wings Bring Home Mold Stanley's. Joe Lewis begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motor city into Detroit city of champion. We are a Detroit city champions podcast. We Are we are here in the palatial. CAST DETROIT NOT Mills Studios. Charles Davidson. I'm Jamie Flanagan pushing our buttons met Fox. There's a cameras all camera not. Got An upgrade. Detroit city champions. Episode Eight. We're. GonNa. Perfect. Neyla. So yeah we're GONNA. Play ball a little bit from what I understand because I've been doing three Charles. You're reading up on me man I just research you I'm telling you once you get hooked on the city of champions story there's no going back. Value, it goes deep in its in its infectious I love movies, Yeah I. Love I love movies. I love watching movies and you told me there are so many. Detroit city of Champions Right, the nineteen, thirty five year, and there's just so many. So many stories to tell their stomach and every time you tell me a story you're like you'll be amazed this was totally lost. Yeah and I saw your eyes light up last time I was sort of at the end of the show was either at the end of the show was the after the Don I mentioned the fact that. You know there's so much to talk about and then got into the. the fact that the first, Baseball Movie First Major League Baseball movie on with sound was filmed in nineteen thirty four in Detroit made in Detroit and premiered at the Book Cadillac, hotel on during the city champion season and you like I saw your eyes up, you're like Oh my God, what are you talking? She said it was. Had totally forgotten. Nobody knows about it. That's I mean loss forgotten how are you want to put it but it doesn't. Mean Very. Really, I've ever heard of this movie are people that I've either talked to or. I mean, really that's that's it. I mean I've done a bunch of speeches done. You know I mean site it comes out when do the speeches and that but Yeah it's it's. It's just like I mean you just don't. There's nobody talks about anywhere ever. I S why I'm glad to be talking about it and I tried finding you know it's like okay. So it's on the Internet. Be Shot in Detroit. And I, couldn't I couldn't find this. Anywhere online you'll see it anywhere. No the closest thing I found the oldest will. I could find through research film Detroit or just yet baseball movies now founded okay yeah. VISIT DETROIT DOT COM has a nineteen, forty, six. MGM Feature this time for keeps. Yeah. There's I. Mean there's not. So this got that beat by twelve years nineteen, thirty four. Verify that it was the first movie ever made in Detroit. I can't say that you know I I don't know that, but I mean but But as far as baseball motion pictures with sound. Yeah. There's this is. Like the this, there was other baseball movies with solemn made. Baseball movies but talked about baseball with sound all that. But as far as Major League Baseball sponsored movie where there were there in like Major League baseball itself has a role in taking this person. It's the first one was solved especially in. That's what's so amazing. Like is biggest major league baseball is today with his especially history occupies a very prominent on component of Major League Baseball. You know I mean they use. They sell the sport with history and that's what soul stunning to you know. So so insane to me is you know I've actually tried to reach out to somebody. was down in the baseball winter meetings two, thousand, fifteen I even tried to take to like there's actually like a historical area there. I even tried to talk to them about it and they're just they like like. Like basically blew me off like. We. Wasn't a museum. It was was the winter meetings for baseball every year in the winter everybody comes together. Yeah. Tennessee or whatever. It's like every every like every person in baseball comes together for the winter meetings and I went there. I was actually trying to look for job in baseball business analytics thing right other project. Yeah. I'm like, yeah, I've got this while I. was there I was trying to talk some about this movie and they're like just the this is the problem I think in sports in history in a lot of different things, which is that like a lot of people just assume that if they don't especially if the experts in the industry if they don't know about it, it's probably not that big of a deal you know like it's almost like like I know everything. Is. Just. It's like it's impossible that something. Could ever slipped past somebody like especially some great. Could get past the experts or whatever in the more even more. Even more difficult. an obstacle or is the is the idea that once your face was something that you don't know. Some obvious import whether it's the movie whether it's the city, a champion story. or or anything else like this the ability like change your mind like to say you know I think it's just one of the great ethnic. We just mentioned this before like the ability to like admit you're wrong they billion made a mistake ability to admit that you're there's something that you don't know in this world that you know what I mean. I think is a very rare thing in this world to say you know what? I was wrong. I was this is something I didn't know something that I need to. Educate myself on in something that if I have the power to do something about it let's do something and also. I think that's one component I've run into. So many people that have that I mean it's really a majority I think. Says to say like city champion the greatest season ever that I? Wanted to a story about somebody's. We're a prayer Cornwall's Today. You know like that's more important than the greatest season ever heard off. The movie you know this is a component that is. It's incredibly important. It's fascinating element to the entire city champion story and courteous. Talking so it's important that we talk be sent in. Movies we had to bring in one of the big dogs and city. Awesome with US joining us today Russell. Hello how are you? Good well. Soon Greg. It's Detroit city champions. We it'll feedback happening with your speaker in your. Airway clear that up. Okay. All right perfect. So Greg Detroit city champions it's a trilogy of books. Charles here wrote this trilogy of books and in his research he came across a movie and from what we understand. It was the first movie filmed in Detroit. I know you're always you're talking to all the movers and shakers in all the celebrities. What's your history? You know what some of the older movies in Detroit are film destroying? Detroit. Wow let me think about and. Oh. Jeez. Your course you're taking like some of the Moderns Batman v Superman, all the Michael Bay movies were done here. Oh let's be there were some you don't we had the great Making things like that like stone movies along that line. There was A. Movie. Oh Man of steel. Thank you. My Wife's hearing upstairs. In my research when I could find was one of the first ones was one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, six This time for keeps from MGM Wow and then from there fifth one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, nine anatomy for murder, and then in nineteen sixty where the boys are at scenes filmed Detroit supposedly. There's been some decent baseball movies. Filmed Great Baseball with some of my favorites man. Tiger Song. I remember watching Tiger town as a kid I was light was a Disney like made for TV movie. With was yesterday his Australian. Actor What's he was? A great movie. I remember watching Tiger town on TV. On and you write up today One of my favorites will get to it on. What did you have a favorite Sports Detroit Sports Movie Greg. I was GONNA say. Please let me get the number correct but you'll tell me if I got her up sixty one or sixty to. Sixty one. There you go. A buddy of mine was the umpire that movies name's Karl the. microns Robert. Young. was like the. Player who always ran the first base often. Do that yeah they use the title. Your stadium is the backdrop for the sixth of the race for sixty one home runs between Roger Mersenne mental. Concept of the movie. So there was Tommy Lee Jones to Cobb. Yup Yup. and. Then there's the Ron Leflore story I forgot the is that name of the wrong? Floor Story. Like. Breaking out the wrong or something like that. But that that's that's another one you mentioned it to me earlier while we were chatting. Is a great thing that this guy on he was. Before he passed away, he was a podcast called animal talk. George Clinton. Against Yup. Did you really have them on? The best voice. So. Cool I just it's a great movie. Yeah And they turn the people in the movie he actually had an art in it. He played one of the Hornets. Background. quarterbacks when eleanor was playing art. Alex chaos in. The. Areas. Journalists, learning Jeez. So. That's. That's just because George. Georgia's was just like the coolest cat and the best place. It was just unbelievable, but greg wanted to bring you one last match. Was Not a movie but if you've ever seen magnum Pi when my favorite shows growing. L. Alan Trammell new whitaker appearance on Magnum Pi but you'll find it on youtube they It's a great scene where because because. Tom selleck was a tigers fan. And saw in he and he was in the bar was a scene where he's in a bar in the two of them were in it and they were dressing like suits or whatever like I think white like suits or whatever in there in any way. He looks at him and he says. He's they're like, yeah. Hey, man you know where they had a little conversation with them in in he's like, yeah, I'm going to Detroit Tiger game whatever not all we'll be there to man and he goes. Yeah. We're. We're going to be on the seats between second and. Second Baseman shortstop between third and first, and then they just laughed and Magnum for some reason goes third I. See. It. The bartender points and a picture behind the bar, and there's a picture of the two of them. All my God has al the whitaker like we all know lots new it is. It's a great moment. We're wealth but movie Harrison Ford did here and I got a great story from him. They were shooting downtown at the old Detroit police station on. Bobi. Street. And he said that some of the cops after got done asked him payment. You might take a picture with it. So he said, no, no problems. We had like three uniformed cops on one side three on the other side and one plane coast person at the end. So he said they all took the pictures at cheese next thing in. Two COPs ready to grab the guy who's not wearing the uniform he a criminal who had rented, who just wanted to get a picture with Harrison Ford. It's a hassle. He's got. He's like. Harrison Ford. It also that the police chief from Beverly Hills Cop was an actual police chief. From the joy off former former former Detroit police chief. So. But that lovell cop looking at lists looking all these robocop. robocop statue yet they're done with it. They need a place to put it. Yeah. It's been done for a while they just north of where to put it. The Greatest Statue. Greg where should we put the ROBOCOP statue? Let's see I was thinking either Belle isle or down during that part, you know that they blocked off of Jefferson Woodward right there. So you know you got daddy right next to the spirit of Detroit so. While this such a cool snatch humana. See it actually looks really good. So. Cool Yeah. Yeah Yeah. That's a cool thing like nobody no other city in the world got robocop statue. But in all of our research, we found that they didn't they didn't have this in the list anywhere. A motion picture created here in the city gone back all the way to to nine thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four is when it was filled. During the Tigers. Breakout season there and can you roll clip number one for us? On the grab that. You. Do. Baseball the national game of America was invented by Abner Doubleday at Cooperstown New York in eighteen, hundred nine. So. To take me out to the ball art else. That voices are very recognizable as Ted, Houston Ted using narrate the entire thing ten. Houston was like the guy in like he was like if anytime, you see those. That are the next time you see like an old like World War Two like a clip from. Like not have done this or this it's that guy. The guy was like the voice of everything back in the thirties and forties. That he was on, he was like the voice. So the fact that got ten using to do this movie, this was a legit movie. This is a legit like motion picture we're GONNA. Get back to him because he does like big announcement at the end. Yeah. And so we'll play that we got a clip of him and the screen to so we'll get to that. Towards the end, but his pretty amazing that trials keeps. Finding things that that raise losses story was lost that the Lions and tigers and wings. I Championships in. And, then you know that this movie, there's this incredible plaque that was was lost to antiquity for yeah. That was remarkable. Fine man like on all these things. Keep, uncovering easily archaeologists for amazing things from Detroit. So how how did you Charles? How did you find this? Yeah. Well. It's kind of like everything start with just the research like. Like you kind of compare to like. Imagine you're reading a book, right? You're reading a book but for me, the book was like just it was newspapers that stretched across three and a half years of Detroit newspapers. So I had to read this book like every day for years through the newspapers. So I'm just basically reading the newspapers you know what I'm trying to. You can't read everything. So on you're trying to like you're trying to skim the papers and catch what's important and photocopy and Take it home and explore it do whatever. But. That was. But that's really how it was like at one point I came across newspaper article and it's sad. It talked about a film premiered the Book Cadillac Hotel. Where they're all going where they're like yeah. Last night we went to this film premiere was credible like Frank Navy was there. On their like Frank Naven was there on everybody. was there all these reporters were there and? They were like this is you know we watched a baseball movie was majorly Bateman American, league, motion picture every you know just described this move in the way described I was like this is amazing i WanNa see this movie like there's almost like a teaser me like an advertisement for me to watch it, and so I was like I gotta find this movie. So like it was just another thing I kinda set it aside and then I just kept seeing little references for there's another article in the WHO in baseball nineteen, thirty five, which we mentioned like a former as. WHO's won't baseball nine hundred, thousand five was published prior to nineteen, thirty five. So it talked about what happened the previous year and that's one of like a full article in there talking about how this this movie had been seen by two million people across the United States major thing two, million people you know they talk about everybody was in it and everything, and then I'm like I got to see this movie. References pop up I got to see this movie and it was like kind of like a happened chance. You know thing I came across the there's a collector or like a guy who specialize in fell film old film and movie that I found out about. Your mom contacted him and he had the movies like the only original copy in existence in wow. Yeah. So I was able to. Basically on negotiate with them for the rights to use the movie for the books and I WANNA. It's one way to put it another way for ten thousand dollars, the rights to take you to sell it with my books because I wanted to cross the team I mean. He had the only original. He's the one that turned into new DVD. and. Saw I spent like say spent ten grand on the rights to use it so. Everybody, WHO BUYS THE TRILOGY OF BOOKS? ALEC, he's Specify, the rights being like it has kind of be associated with the second book because that would on the tires. With the book saw anyways Yeah Who's GonNa win what I found out even the research for the stuff is that there's actually two versions of the film. Right? There's a thirty two minute version in a fifty five minute version in the one thirty, two minute. The fifty five minute is still out there somewhere and if somebody ever find it like. You're going to be like the greatest person in my life. Like you'll wake worship you. Fifty five minute play ball moving. Rate. What What are your memories of baseball as a young man where you into baseball as younger? Definitely when I was growing up. That's what everyone was into a kid when the Tigers won the series and sixty eight thing I remember most is back. Then it was either the Detroit News reported the Detroit Free Press and on the back page like a full poster of tight you know we all. I had the entire thing in my bedroom all over the wall and yeah. It used be fun where your boy scout troop, you know some other community groups they get all the kids together because tickets were probably maybe a buck or so and during the summer they take it on there in the bleachers all the time you know just watching the game and then as I grew up and was fortunate enough by being in this business to get to meet some of these guys like also perfect. You Know Mickey. Lola Jr out k-line. North. Carolina free. Willy Horton Gates Brown. Earl Wilson. I mean all these people in your. Even though you're an adult always said, you just become this Giddy Kit 'cause you're going. Do you remember that time? You hit that home run? Yeah. We love him packing this story I. Am because most people there's there's hardly a soul around that was in the stands. Yeah. anymore for this one I think it's an important story in. Greg you in. Your Brother Got It did some amazing work with like the historical markers state. I know he did a Lotta work on that and I know that. So you and your brothers are really into the history in Michigan in in in Detroit and that's why we feel this is an important project to to remind people about it's you know it's where we came from and it's why things things are important to us Brian. And and I just I just love this can you imagine because there wasn't TV I? Mean they had the radio. We'll even talking picture was were relatively new. Right. So to see, somebody likes schoolboy rowe up on the screen down. This was such a new thing. Matt Roll that Clip Number Two because we we did show a schoolboy rowe. Now watch schoolboy rowe showing two schoolboys how he puts the power behind his famous fastball. His picture the schoolboy demonstrates the brevity of movement which means the perfect body balance remarkable control. The schoolboy follows through a natural passion proving that he has derived maximum power behind his fireball. Also observed that he comes into perfect balance and is in position the feel the ball hit back at him. So. So the the whole movie is. Charles. How would you describe? What the movie is. Just like a summary or like my. Review on. It's basically at his face. It's a purpose was. To educate fans of all you know what his I mean at that time like basically a major league baseball was primarily like. East Coast. In mid West type of a thing that was cal, there's no major league teams in California or or down South and everything it was just it was. So anyways, it was the idea was sort of spread the game across the country. Introduced the stars to people that maybe never even get a chance to go watch a game in person also shows sort of the strategies and tactics like it was. So it was like the teach the history of the game introduced the players, and also like the way that they actually play baseball in the major leagues, it was really those three components so spread. Is a spread major league baseball across the across the country and using the medium of talking pictures yeah. So they did now Mickey Cochran. Greg do you know who Mickey Cochrane Ins-? No the name. Gangster? No. Sounds like can. We kinda was to. Version he was a was about as good as you get because we did we just did a whole episode about him because he was a catcher that came in and. He's the one that really kind of live the fire under the boys get it done it thirty, four, thirty, five. And he was just so well known. Them. Played Clip number three here as Mickey, guarding home flakes making Cochran delves into the art of guarding a plate and tagging arouna here Mickey takes a wide throwing makes a thrilling diving out. Cochran is unequaled IMA specialty of diving to the ground either side of the flavor pitches in the dirt and regardless of the double impact he hangs onto the ball and gets his mom to. In, mechanics throwing the Second Watch, the Mir instant, it takes him to get the ball out of his hands and wing it. So the would steeler wishes he hadn't left first base. while. If people don't. Realize how fast those balls going you guys know Larry Sorenson. Yeah. He played for you Ma'am and then also played for various major league teams worked with. OUGHTA radio station and one time we're out he was a pitcher and so I just said Hey. Let's pretend I've got a bad throw me a ball. I just want to see what it feels like to. Buy The. You're like this and he's going. The bench now. A. Fast. Like. I'm always just amazed just how people can go out there and hit these balls to bury starting out of the stadium I. Mean That's that's a great town. Great. Major League. Baseball's a whole another like that's one of the things that you're not wrong. You're you're absolutely correct like it takes five years to develop a college player or a high school player whatever to to get to the major leagues you have to be the elite of the elite like everything like the arm strength I mean. Everything athletic ability everything I mean that's what it's like It's it's incredibly difficult to get the major leagues saw. All right. I'm there's two more clips I. WanNa play for you guys. One is a lesson on sliding from Gioja White. That's. The number four in the clip number five is some from the world series and that's a little bit of play-by-play. From the world series. Action there in nineteen thirty four. So Matt Roll out a number Jo jo white sprint into a hook slide and stresses the correct position of the legs. Keep it bent under he says never rigid bending it prevents it from being injured. Well here's a pretty good try for the first time. White now informed the youngster that the underlying to stiffen two straight. Don't be afraid to bend it and be sure to it before you hit the ground then sliding becomes easy. All right. Let's see. Let's go to the world. Series Lifeblood. Now, for a glimpse of the world series, the rival managers Frankie Frisch of the Saint Louis. Cardinals. Then Mickey Cochrane over Detroit. Tigers, after the national anthem is played the game begin. Dizzy Dean is the Cardinal Pitcher and just watch him when the first pitches call. All boy is he annoyed. Detroit's I came in when during a singled him to third scoring Joe Joe Biden placing Cochran on third. I'm a home crowd is overjoyed. All right. So so not A. Charles. Has An opinion about this movie and but I I'd like to ask you Greg What are you? What is your opinion best baseball movie ever made? A tough question is we'll go for popcorn. Starts at. Me Like even one of the ones I always like growing up was the Babe Ruth Story. L. New finding out you know how we actually had to reverse the film because he couldn't actually hit left handed I felt. That I was thinking about, you know as a kid also for love of the game. We'll be back. Kevin. Costner Detroit Tiger he's a guy who loves the Detroit Tigers. He played Detroit Tiger twice as you know in that movie and also called the upside of anger. He was retired Detroit Tiger player but that also another historical in Bingo long traveling all stars about the Negro Leagues it was a movie made by Motel. Back, in the day starring Billy don't waste and that one. So you got those and man like you said, there are just so many other good ones Major League, I? We will send you. Have Movie I got to watch it. It's must yeah you can't just skip through the next show. A second ones are good I like the third one. And the bad news bears shares absolutely and. Charles Charles his argument is that this is you're gonNA. Ask Me the same questions raised my favorite baseball. What? What is your favorite play ball? Are Into. Baseball I need you to defend that. Why would you say that this is the greatest baseball never meant. That a few times and I'm not a sports guy I love history I, Love Detroit I. Love I love stories and that's why I'm here to hear these stories. Yeah. And when you say this is the greatest baseball ever played I. Don't I don't have a huge frame of reference still I need you to argue that for me. It's Just in a nutshell is the idea that like all these baseball that are out there they usually like hearken to on. Algae era. Baseball will play ball was that era in the people that these movies hearken back to these were those people. This raise like I mean that is like it's not just like the clips Sean are sort of like the sort of the the technical elements of the movie. But when you watch it in its narrative format, it tells the story of baseball and it in it incorporates it's incredibly well incredibly the format is incredible. camera angles are incredible when they show the different pitchers go through and they rattled through picture after picture after pitcher. They're like, they had the panel wind up. So the guys guys describe in every single like pitching style one guy's got the double pop handle this in the camera angle it looks over their shoulder. You can actually see the curb band, which is an angle that they don't even use in baseball today, which if they did would like enhance everything that they do. And then there's one of the great scenes. Is, there's a there's like these kids are like when they're introducing how baseball's played these kids are. These kids are all playing sandlot ball in one of the kids hits a ball through ladies window and she's like yelling out the window at in that like. This humor in it, and there's one of the most striking moments in the movie is go through. In rapid fire succession show on all like some of the greatest hitters in baseball history. Holiday Swan in it's like it's like rapid fire. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam these are all like. whacking a ball whacking. Damn Bail Hewlett cracking a ball and then they get to Lou Gary in his smash Lou Gehrig Crushes Ball, and then you go down. Like, all these great hitters, Lou Gehrig smokes one and you go. Oh. And and then like you reach for your controller, rewind it and all the sudden Elvis until you singles let's watch that again. Thanks. He Hits in rapid fire succession we're always hitters in lieu mashes wanted to goes hold on a second. Let's watch that one. Again, the timing is so perfect. All you're going and they do it in slow motion for Lou you go man these these they knew what they were doing for this movie you it's just it's. It's amazing. It's like so that's what I mean and another poignant element is that a great friend of mine who's like really the genesis, my other projects being guy named Bartlett. He. He was like he's past now but. At, one point. He like he like he told me that this move saved his life. All right. Like he was like an near-death and he had never seen this movie before in there was this one line in the movie that the two of US had like it was like our signature like like bond with baseball and it's this component that the team that wins them with. that. Scores, the most runs wins the game and it's such a basic. It's just such basic saying I guess you could say like it's an obvious saying but it's something that is completely lost on baseball today. The analytics are the way to analytics have completely taken over baseball. They micromanage they micro analyze every single component of the game except for runs RBI's. Except for the amount of runs that pitcher gives up, they might grant is the philosophy, the technical elements of every up how bad hits a ball they may analyze everything except for the except for A. A An extensive study on runs in RBI's. It's insane to of US used to connect on that. When he was near death, he was like the worst Malaita ever banks he was always. Sick and he I told my said watch this movie like basically I like he was going north basically he looked at me now like he was like it was like one in the last Meyer Sam I said watch this movie and he went to Wash that movie and there's a moment in it Rogers Hornsby there's a reporter asked. Our reporter asked riders hornsby of Rogers. What's Who's is your team win tonight or wherever in be says. Decades of experience in baseball taught me one thing the team that scored that scores the most runs wins the game and see seventy at that moment. A message that like like from the past to me to him in a gave him this like spark to like he's like, I'm not done yet. We got more research to do. We got more collaboration do. So that's what I'm saying like he called me up like remo was like it was like that night he called me up and he said he was he goes watch that movie man because I told them. I said, this is the best base- baseball. You'll ever watch and he looked at me he's like okay. And I said, what do you think about the movie then he said he said it was the best movie ever. said I said I. told him. I said I go come on top five he said top one. In saw. This is not just somebody like that. You know he had no problem. Tell me I was wrong or whatever. Like this. So yes. So for me and for all those reasons than just want a few more number one. Craig I saw I love hanging out at Charles because he's like just how passionate. About, this topic about this movie I just I just love it. So Jamie gives you from Ramlet is. The next time I let it take his work for it. So so we were teasing you. You haven't seen. You haven't had the opportunity to see this. I know you do some movie screenings? Yeah. So we just said Paul Glance from imagine theaters. The Man Cave Talking about the spirits they have in their in their bars. But we gotta we gotta do a screening at an imagine me you and follow Charles two. Hundred watched every I'll watch it as many times. I love the movie along going into the private screening rooms. They have their mean obviously didn't the also she dismissed with no problem. that. Great Yeah let's do it and then come back and. I love to hear the review I. Love to hear your opinion about it. Say it's because I already set the already the I already set my thing pretty high my opinion very high. So I want to see what your see what your opinion is about your like the worst as well. I. Don't think could be the worst but I. I think I. Think I. Think I'm I think I'm I'm optimistic I. THINK THAT'S Might be your might become your new favorite. People can catch you on Wgn Radio Fridays checking inlet and let people know about what might be coming out on League Ed's. With Paul W. Smith on Wjr at about eight fifteen and then on live in the beyond gentle four at ten o'clock. The two movies that are coming out tomorrow one is called Boyce camp. I don't know if you've heard about that but it's a real thing. 'CAUSE even President Clinton with their Soda Dick Cheney I it's this summer camp were exempt. They teach young men how to become politicians. And it's a dot guy. Apple TV plus tomorrow if you're going to. Check it out because you will. You'll be sitting there going. This is real. This is real. Man. Oak. and. Another one what you'd call with Jamie. Foxx coming up tomorrow on Netflix ex. We've a power point Kinda. Like remembered. There was a movie a few years that call limitless with. Burr and Robert. Deniro going to come in this one you take and you get some type of superpower but I might get you know invulnerability where you might get to be like the human torch and you might. Grow Wings and able to fly all the. and. I'll be able to don that's all I. Wanted since I was a child is be able to dunk. It's been like my all time dream, right? That was one thing. We all got our own losing all. We don't dream. Not, just like dunk barely get over the rim. I want to be to let Windmill Don. Under the legs six. It's like my I have. That's a dream of mine. That's literally my biggest dream. The movie Shell Plus Yup that we've got on Channel Twenty on Sundays at twelve thirty in the afternoon and on Channel Thirty, eight at three, thirty in Plano two, thirty in the afternoon it's our half hour show that I do with Tom Santilli and there again, we have interviews and talk about movies and also especially with everything that's been going on we've been interviewing business owners from around Detroit just to see how they're doing and you know just trying to get people to know more about them so they can go out and visit them and you know pass in work with them. You'll get different things. So yeah, we have an. Excellent. We appreciate you hanging out and so there's a website and twitter or anything or. Is Movie Shield Plus Dot. com. You can find me on twitter at Greg Russell Film on Instagram Greg Russell Movies, and you know just actually just Google me. I'm Kinda like all over the place. Would love that. No. This was so much fun and you made me think of can I share another baseball story but with your Birth the man. Yeah absolutely. One I was in New York for another movie and we're at the lounge inside the hotel sitting there with these three ladies and we were having a drink after watching the movie and this will tell was famous for having open eminem peanuts in a bowl. So next thing you know we're sitting there. This hand comes out with a bowl instead ladies can I offer you some peanuts? We look up and I'm going. Oh my God it's Reggie Jackson. In Reggie took that as his invitation to join us. Yeah. He's trying to talk girls and out doing the thing again about remember the time you hit the ball the. Rupa Tiger Stadium. And when you hit three home runs and he's like yeah, yeah yeah, I know we talked. But yeah, it was just a lot of fun especially to sit there you know have a drink with a guy who was your another one your heroes growing it's like this is so cool. He was sweet. Reggie Jackson was stunned and what kind of place you're at us like a VIP. VIP Place has got a bowl with eminem zone I never been places. Like that are always like they're lucky some pretzels. No maybe peanuts real. Open Ball. Off. Their parking. I gotta get together. Hang on you man. Open balls. We again. Appreciate you hanging out. We're GONNA be we we talked about the Tigers a lot We're GONNA be talking about the lions and the Red Wings and the seasons. Back as well. So we got we got years rather than episode. Talk about I mean, there's so much greg do you know how many champions I might have mentioned? It said before you got in here how many championships were won in the city of Detroit in one thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, five to fifty three. By what? What's three times? What's Chips I, know it's not because it's Time eleven because there's thirty three championship. Yes. So I thought I was trying to get to thirty three from three. That's what I'm saying I knew ten when you said you got it wrong. But. Here's the rent paying about thirty three championships in one season. That's the thing about how great this. This is the greatest season history of American sport in its nearly unknown. What he's ever are, would you on the water motorsports? Walter Hagen. There's a horse. What was the? Zoo Car Spanish for sugar. The, horse that won the zoo comes the very the very first Santa Anita Handicap like the move in in the movie seabiscuit racist, he biscuits always trying to win. The very for the very first, the very first Santa Anita Handicap was won by zoo car, which was Detroit encore detroiters me but algorithm. Runners attracted field everything. Lisa. Probably to right was that we're boxing champion Joe Louis. DES Yeah, it will Joe, he didn't ex up his champion that year, but he's not. He's actually not even included in the thirty three championships because he didn't finish the year as as the champion right? What he was like the by what he did do thirty, three nights thirty five was so was so massive I, call it the greatest individual season in. American. Sports history. I should have been in the studio with you tonight. Yeah. Have that bottle of Joe Louis Bertram drank by me I was gonNA drink another portion of it tonight, I love that stuff. Family. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA do a bunch about Joe Louis and we partnered up with her mother. I can the man cave. Happy Hour. Ninety that one. We partnered with Joe Louis Bourbon Yeah. On a Tuesday tasting that we do just because you can't go out and drink any. So we just invite people to drink till. Louis. Bourbon? We've Joe. His son on. Times. he's been they're trying to open a kitchen. Joe. Joe Louis Yes. So Being paid or something like that Detroit but they were they were trying to open in March. So they're Kinda on whole. But when we get when we roll Joe Louis, we're going to have Jo-jo in with talk about talk about Joe Louis bourbons worth the trip man if you come. Into the studio I'm telling you, it's not just the bottles. Knows lucious. It is real good. That's when like I was going to tap into it today for the show, but I was like A. couple. Of weeks ago I walked out of your kind of stumbling. Like WHO. Pays myself on these shows I think it's not not for the we. Over God no, we used to do plenty of podcast. Okay. You're absolutely welcome anytime Greg. We do this every Thursday and then comes out is the podcast. So again, thank you so much. Thank you both very much great night man. Any time and I love beer. Anybody. Spot stuff some few TRAE sports history soft move no. Okay. Sounds good. Jamie Jamie Jamie will join to her that'd be great everybody. On our show to. Not. All Right Gregg, man you to take care of your nine you. Hey. So. He's so much. Yeah he's Cool I. Love. The is great for Smyrna hanging out. Yeah, I. You know. Special Special Gasman School. We're talking about a movie you gotta bring in a WHO own and I can't wait to see his review about I can't wait to see in Washington like professional feedback because because. I've set the bar pretty high on the canisters came to life in this movie it's amazing. It's in even Back is the listening to the viewers listeners haven't seen it like I want to be able to see I, watch. Teams because we'll we will. For sure. Somewhere we'll do what we can only be that'd be awesome and build up our audience a little bit, and then like you know, advertise bring a group of people. It's very, very clinical. It's really the nuts and bolts of ashfall. There's some cool play by plays at the end of the last five minutes, but the resident is really much. Yeah Yeah. That's funny. It's builds the narrative he starts at the very beginning baseball was invented in. All COOPERSTOWN NEW YORK W he goes the IT, gives the formulate version which an. And all this in. then you know he builds up to like the IT's a kids game and they started playing originally planned. Three cat six, a cat like how the game of all using kids, and then he talks about how the college kids are signed and scouted. County Max in it I mean, he evolves it and then he takes you to the major leagues and that's when they really get into the. into. The Hana play the game, but I love the structure of. Ill with the you know the history of the game and then to I love I, love the opening. After after they talk mccoubrey town and they have the voice of the Baseball Commissioner Landis Yeah me Oh. Yeah. Character big time we got clip number you got great offer. Kennesaw Mountain Land Guy Yeah. This is the original tough right here and now presenting the Commissioner of Baseball. Kennesaw Mountain Landis. I am delight. That the American League has made this have Scharping motion picture. That show biblically. I am so thorough. Exemplifies every department of the game of baseball. Guys. Notice of in the background in the background, it was the thirty four tigers background to thirty four tigers hanging our wall or did he really? Yes, the thirty four. So it's like thirty four Tiger team photo. Well, and that's the thing because the film each it's like an all-star real. It's like everybody's in it's like everyone baseball of the literally who's who obeys Babe Ruth has the greatest seen in the whole movie. Did you see one with a little Kid Russia? So that the scene is. The great thing is they show the personality of Babe Ruth Show Hall I mean thirty four this was based last year New York and showed how he gets out of the taxi just mobbed by thousands and he's Using, says it's the same in every city everybody loves the and he gets out of a car and all of a sudden it's like a thousand people in them, and then the Great Bay was a fan of the kids love baby in the next scene is Babe Ruth on there's a little. There's a little kid is like the kid is like to. Kim Barely, stand and he's got a baseball. Like tape his wrist or something and they go in Babes he goes here comes the bay both roll pitch and he goes fame shakes off and. Ted using narrating shakes off. No he doesn't want to throw the curve he wants to throw the heat. In so bays about the euro throw a ball kidding eric comes in the. Fires a ball at the kid it's a cut scene. The Nets seen as they've bought, his barely drops in the net like, but he goes to fire fast fastball and you're like, Oh God he's going to sell in the face. And then Paul just like harmlessly drops barely into giga crops could mid up so he can catch it. That's a great scene I. Love. It says got humor, and until as guy breaks it up with humor breaks up with. The it was I who, but there is a big focus on the Tigers. Oh. Yes. I think the Tigers Kinda well, yeah because it was dominee Troy and They did film there were component scenes filmed in other in other ballparks I think that? I think that the director, the director, the writer film of George Moriarty who was like, you know I want to get. An episode about yours next next time. Yeah George Moriarty is an absolute like one of the again, an unknown figure in like a colossal figure in Detroit sports history and did I mean literally there's nothing he did not deal. Upping an ear the as throwing. Nineteen thirty, five world series not. Directed Play Ball we'll talk about we'll talk about that. But as a real focus on the Tigers and the next clip I wanted to he was tiger he was at. All, this doesn't sound like that's why it was filmed. The Detroit Tigers are a major component of it and there's actually a scene in the movie where this is actually an article I have in the art of all the articles in the book that I found movie in. There's a scene in the movie in the movie where there's a guy they had they needed a scene and there was. A Guy that they filmed and it says the guy threw the ball in New, York and Guy Detroit caught it because of the scene they had like the backdrop was Yankee stadium was a Yankees player throwing it, and they needed like you know the way they edited the movie and Post Production, they needed somebody catching it, and the only thing they add was a clip a guy in Detroit. So. The guy throws it in. New. York. Can the Guy Detroit cats is. GonNa know what to say no. Like nobody notices it because it's everything moves so quick. But they wrote about it in the original. Articles they were laughing about it in the original premiers. A cool clip number. Seven kind of does shows shows I'm really Vicki again. In a double double steal him all. Steel. Mickey Cochrane Breaks up the dangerous double steal with runners on first and Third Cochran Signals for pitch out. The runner digs per second. Cochran sets for the pitch out whipped at the second rogue L. covers second gathering cutting ahead takes the throwing throws out the runner at the plate night's work. Through that in there because that's a great concept because they. You know those those are sort of defensive strategies that like. Say They. Don't exist in again today but. Those are the kind of, but it's like It's something that shouldn't. Yeah. It's something. That's it. became hasn't changed I mean just like the fundamentals of the game. Still. Yes. I know but. The metals are there. I guess what it's like. I don't know it seems like. It seems like back it. It seems like it's a little bit more of a shellman game. Now seems like it's like especially when you watch the play ball concept, the way that they preach. Baseball, is like from incredibly fundamental component like the number. One thing you do is you do not let that ball get past you. Like number one like you see it in the film like when the guys like this is how you feel the ball and you see this the second baseman when he feels it, he saw automatic in the way that he does it. You know that he's not just trying to teach kids like the way that he the way that he swarmed around the ball he's like like you know you. Start you start with your glove on the ground, your body over the ball and you smother it like you use your mid of course but he's like no matter what happens that ball does not get past you like we're today it's like they're great fielders. I'm not taking anything away from today's game as far as their ability but back, then it was like the fundamental elements especially the smaller. MITTS and everything. So but the fundamentals that they show them play ball or like it's it's huge and another thing you saw making that clip you saw how he was almost standing up when he caught that ball that was that was not on characteristic of catches back then was like a lot of times when you see a catcher in modern game, they're like in a squat position. Back then they would be like half Stan and off like I mean they like some guy there'd be a crouch. They wouldn't get in that deep crouch, but they would like literally like there's all hot play. It was I think it was off on a lease box or something like that bill dickey was one of the best catchers in like in baseball history, play the Yankees and thirties and. He's showing how to catch and he's literally standing up and it's like they think about it like if you're worried about a guy gone from I. Steal. Like is it better that you catch the ball while you're standing up or is it better that you start off crawl that you're almost sitting on your on your hindquarters you know I mean like you're in a crouch because you have to stand up throw. It, if you're basically standing up when you catch the ball, it's It's tense like way Harvey you're already in a position where you get the ball I mean like it doesn't seem like it. Now it's like that's unheard of for a catcher to stand up when he catches the ball. But if I team which is actually one of my goals, look his on another project we're doing. is to get mounting like that's one of the things like if it works better to stand up when you receive the ball, why not? Do it all like that. That's but that's what I'm saying is like it's almost like there's a way things are done today not necessarily the most fundamental. Or even the best. So. So I think it has chains us all those pushback against the announcer, the announcer. Who is the announcer Ted Houston. All right. Ted. Matt were set the all you got the end. Yeah, it's the. Hello you fans out there. Well, the game is over when stars of the American League certainly put on a real show to give you the inside of our national. Pastime? This picture is an American league production and presented with the compliments of the. In a sanctuary of baseball, this is the first motion picture ever made to show the fine points of the game. And as we've watched together, I'm sure to every one of us has come the realization of the cleanliness of the sport. If speed is intricacy, it's never ending variety and his health from this building. Now, our subject of building bodies let me remind you that this picture was made possible through the cooperation of another great bodybuilder, the Fisher Body Division General Motors Corporation that produces bodies for Chevrolet Pontiac Oldsmobile Los L. and. Cadillac well so long we sing with the game base hits will be playing spike splashing Amazon and all America will be outing way ball. Spike splashy outside less best is the radio Voice of Y'all. That guy's got the. HOUSTON. and. You didn't see I know you didn't see him the whole movie. You know the whole thing except right that very but but he says it all right there. This is the first Motion Picture Major League Baseball Motion Picture. He says right there it was spa financed by the Fisher. Body company misses a Detroit thing. Just stop on the pause for second. Yeah I'm GONNA take you. Think about how how, how incredible this is in in a in how ridiculous it is that that this is not like the most one of the most well-known things out there. Is Big as Major. League. Baseball is it's a ten billion dollar industry. Okay. In multi media movies, baseball movies are like all the ray I mean baseball are financially viable things that there is out there on. The First Major League Baseball Motion Picture filmed in Detroit and nobody's ever heard about it. Nobody's ever seen it and even more incredible is it was it was filmed in nineteen thirty four and it premiered at the book Alcatel during the city of champion season. I mean, like did happen like a year before year after a couple years later, this is another component. This is just another another episode on the show is another day by the way Jamie episode, we're doing to play ball movie the greatest baseball movie ever made on the Detroit mainly it's just It's astonishing me, and that's why I've been hooked on the story is like every the further you go down the more components is like another episode, the Discovery, the first baseball movie ever made. Film the Detroit like Oh. What are we doing next week Jamie. Governor that. Crazy Georgia. Shot whereas he was. Every ads worth Moriarty's amazing. So we're GONNA talk about George next time his career with the tankers man. sultry. And then making this movie So we'll talk about George the next time is there anything else we didn't talk lance all my notes are all George Moriarty. I gotta I gotTA. Do any notes for? You know for next week or that record I. got on because we need even. Touch any of these. It's right. So it's Arvo tours. Let's look at one time. So thanks for being with us. Thanks for hanging out. There are people commenting brother. Valentine doing card. It's like Curtis he said, hey curtis how you doing bro. So people checking in and hanging out. City city of Detroit Detroit city of champions. I know the name of the show I swear the guy they want me to write it down. No. Let's. there. Everything around the city champions everything you've gotta live. Right. there. There you go. Every rate their. Champions podcast. It's available river finder podcast generally everywhere everything and that's A misnomer because. We're. Are Sold. It's free. Yes. Free. It's Free I. Guess are free. We say go subscribe. In the subscription. down. Heard from my friends at seven Bush said. If you're listening right now and everything we do. If you can comment on it, it's going to help us expand this thing on the razor I, guess a razor algorithm and that saw comments on it like. Yeah South. I don't know what that means. Like. Oh. Okay. So you get it but I don't. But. Yes. Yeah. Comment share all that stuff is it helps us subscribe and everything in Detroit City of abuse that. facebook and comment like it subscribe wherever you. Listen to. Park just a follow US gives us. We appreciate you listening. Being with US Greg Russell our guest today was cool. Love having. Guest cool. That's fine. Bring some more people and then matlock close it out with that very last thing.

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Episode 4 Devinair's Hair and Ashebeauty

Moore Hair Galore Podcast

1:03:37 hr | 3 months ago

Episode 4 Devinair's Hair and Ashebeauty

"The more hair products galore podcast. Thank you for joining Before we can start with our special guests on one kind of do some housekeeping. Please hit like in some scribes to the podcast. Also you can. Join our patriarch page at three dollars. Five dollars eight dollars a month but we be discussing everything and everything that is current issues that involved us as african american women. We can talk about hair. We could talk about current events. Gusta channel wanna talk about things that will affect us personally so we gossip you can go to other platforms. The we plenty of that. So you can Join my patriot. I'm sorry my Youtube channel which is more hair. Galore open mic. I will have an open mic night. Where i invite guests in viewers to process the ask questions about natural hair. Skincare products health. So you just to ask the experts aright so join in Please participate also I have a website. Www dot more hair products. Lor where. I have t shirts that i am a natural woman. I think you alert the design. That done necessarily doesn't have to mean hair as the natural your natural woman because you are not fake or phonies check out www dot more air products. The lord dot com are use. My voice today scratchy but without further ado. I'm want to introduce three amazing women. Who are they should be Sisters by blood but they're actually not. You'll be surprised. I mean but they have such a good connection with each other. So i is. Lauren johnson And ryan johnson and devin dossier monon. They are the raiders of kevin ayers. Hair and i want to welcome to my show. Welcome ladies thank you here right. Appreciate you guys all right. Who wants to go first. Tell me how did you guys get started. What was the. How did you guys birth this baby. Well at one right. It starts at central state university which is located in wilberforce ohio. Of course you know. One of the only one of only two hues in ohio right across the street from wilberforce with the private university. We all came together as freshmen in our love of hair fashion. Taking care as well as just bringing in our roots in our cultural raising you know those things that connected us Like the beauty shop in the tradition of black hair in those things. Were also a bonding moment on central state's campus as well as young girls coming in you know young women experiencing different things in life. It was always a place of comfort for us during those times of transgene and learning and growing. And it's we think it's still very relevant today. It sure is tell me something. I don't want you know i'm not gonna reveal ages but how far back was it was was natural in at that. Time was it You know the preston curls or the relaxed or thirty on rumps wrigley dayton. So what i can say is i came in. We were the city of the reps. You had to have a relaxer and a nice straight rat would a nice clean. It could be a bob or it could be long but we need to liaise sleek girl so relaxed creamy brat. Okay in cleveland. There were a lot of quick weeds in columbus. It was almost variety of a little bit of everybody. They were doing the weeds. The kiki twist the micro grade still but when we came in we were coming out of that transition. Everybody don't take so it was almost like a idea of everything. We were kind of coming away from relaxes as much variety of everything. I think it was because it was so many different people coming from everywhere right bone right okay. So you guys got together. We got a conversation. How did how did everything starts. As far as you. The idea who thought of it guys. This came together and say look. I could do this. I could do this. Why don't we just get together. Well i always. I always dibble dabbled in hair. I was told. But i went to central state so doing here on the side that organization managerial side and more were both business majors. Ryan won a set communications right right in communications august so i had the hair moines had the management ryan at the communication side of it in so we aren't getting off. Yeah i'm hustling hitter in the dorms. This thing ended up going from that to me moving into a house and moving house and we kind of turn that house into our salon slash ash beauty so having different majors in already having that background because right hand was doing i rouse and nails before the a jewelry can inside. We all kind of hand like that reckitt. Would you say line m makeup in makeup and so in the early days I actually handled more natural hair side. Were given the more of the The sculpted looks at the west is becoming like i said i was. I was from a city where we we worked more with. It wasn't completely natural because we'd be relaxers. Moving wanted a more natural. Look we would. We were more into roller rats. We were more into pink girl. You know what. I'm saying. Things like that gave me a nice what we call the baffling iron instead of flat iron here. You know what i'm saying. Things like that so devin. I will work in tandem in college to satisfy those needs to turned our house into a consult a total beauty parlor whereby if a girl didn't want a sculpted look but she might want just wrap this week. I will take care of that. And that way. We keep the clientele in rotation in our household or if we need eyebrows. You need to eyebrows done. You need your nails Design for the weekend. You need a similar set. We've got that for you. In fifteen dollars. That was a way for us to all become You know to keep kind of interest in in the middle of a cornfield you know in those days. Central state didn't have some of the amenities that they have now. They don't understand the blessing of that gas. It was literally grown. Yes they're only nc with a lot of like devon with at that time we had a lot of people from chicago. We had people from detroit we had girls from. Pcp we had girls Cleveland who were used to the next s ability in cleveland salons in their beauty stores so logo for that s ability in coming the coming to rule ohio. Where larger city here. Yeah so we were lucky enough to get a house that was directly across the street from kansas. Oh wow you can beat that you ll be that so with you to the hair lauren. What the the market was getting. The the clientele was bringing brennan lorrimore. The war was that everything or was the voice. long logistically. 'supplies was the equipment. Everything so did you guys become an actual business or was still. I mean you guys are still in school right doing this one school college students. So when did you guys decide to make it a full-fledged business license and everything or if you know around two thousand and four i was gonna say about two thousand for ash. Beauty the looseness business probably about two thousand and what about seven. Shortly after devin came home bevan came home from school. Do hair full-time. That's how that's how much her talent. Her natural talent and her business in here blew up. She went home her professional license In in two thousand fourteen and no seven from ohio state. When i went into the salon it was my first alarm. So we learned was getting our whole social media following together here. She's getting the media in the clientele bringing them to me. And that's kind of how we started and then by doing that. We got lauren. Hooked up with a lady out of the clear blue. Her name was bitty upchurch an she owned a we blew. Remember how it was on on on the the chat and then we met at the hair. the brothers hair show. Yeah no not bronner brothers. But it was down at the convention center cleveland. It was columbus. Okay yes. Lawrence had contact. Had you know talk to her on lie nan. Walk up to her booth. We introduced ourselves as as beauty lady was like collect talk to you. So that's why we ended up going from open salon. The sweet start really kinda took off because we had a space to have our own Mortar you could say because we're able to bring in net breakers jewelry neck regulatory started at how i long we had a hair show. We wanted in two thousand ten. So net breakage jewelry started there but it blew up by the time we had our own place understand. What okay so you did hair and you guys had a jewelry to yes. Wow so how did you worry. I'm sorry handmade jewelry right okay. We can't hear you ryan well. What kind of happened is is early on. We saw a vision for a total beauty supply company where devon could be talent in terms of doing hair and like i said i didn't have i have an ability but i don't have a passion for here i love the do you hear me. I love the look. No make Those fine details the compliment. Her artistry on someone's hair is what we decided to like co-partner on with lauren. As sort of working as our act is meant to give you know to give floor. And like i said early on and around the earth like mid-2000s. I was a around two thousand eight. Two thousand nine is when we came up with the idea like hey we can be as lamb squad is pretty much what we right right and not type of glam squad where we are like i was like i don't want to sell paparazzi jewelry. My mother handmade jewelry. I can hand make our accessories that we put on our models devin. You can hand make their week gigs. We don't have the pro anybody's lie right. We can do our own and we were all like absolutely we even early idea where we were even thinking about doing van. It was kind of you know those kinds of things that have come in. That are just kind of standard zoli thought. Okay so you guys will like the pay your own alright so talking about the actual hair stuff What were most requested type of style was a natural The braids or what time are you talking about in the game after you guys got together and got the business of doing so. There was a whiz on on in started off. We've very relaxed oriented. When i first got into my licensing working behind the chair i mentioned before chris rock came out with this movie. Good good hair. Hair hair yeah around that time. I don't know the i don't remember year. But around that time people were shift into natural so That is kinda where it kinda shifted. Because there was a good even point from the beginning of when i started at central state up until that era it was. It was a lot of quick weeds. we always Ponytails up dudes had that shift in now. I have a total opposite shift. I don't do any relaxes. I do pretty much everything natural if somebody does have a relaxed look in his with a smoothing system that because i know we talked about their off air. So what exactly is the smoothing. Smoothing system is a phone of me no assets that you've been placed on the hair and after you clarify the here. We just want to lift up the first layer of hair to let anything you want to. The positive wants to that layer of their. Which is going to smooth it out now. The smoothing system gets deposited onto the hair. Is you. don't blow dry through that kind of seals it but then you flat on in that completely seals it and it keeps your hair elongated for at least ten to thirteen weeks. You who has a tight curl pattern. It loosens up person's call pattern as somebody who would have kinky or corsair. It was the but when they go shampoo here they will still have curl pattern with somebody who has Crawley to wavy hair than that process. Probably would knock their growth pattern out of heat with do so right now. I'm in a stage. Where just about all. My clientele is natural. A lot of my clientele have snapped issues. So under the airing of pair on due to medication life right so it's done even ship for me. I don't do too many lots of styles but then again. I don't have a younger clientele. Either i do know that the younger girls to me. It seems like they're wearing weeks right. So how do you So talking about You know the different stressors and everything that goes into our heart hair. What do you got. What your ladies opinion of how we can maintain it. I'm not talking about good here. Good here is healthy here. So what are your thoughts in how we can You know reverse. You know you can't get rid of stress too much. But i mean what things can. We do to kind of take care of our hair. I just told my client the day. I said drink water. Drink to me. What i learned over the years in what i've learned in education is not necessarily that is stressed that takes your hair out stress positive to other things makes your blood flow go to other parts of your oregon versus supplying the nutrients for your hair. So i tell my clients if you're gonna stress everybody's gonna stress for drink more water when you right is still eat vegetables when you stress. Because what happens. Is we stress. We don't drink water. we don't eat right. We don't get the proper amount of sleep which makes your heart comp harder so thrown off and so then when it's throwing your organs off you bless applies. Wanna go to those organs to help the organs before he helps your hair so if we could just stress and still eat rice water you know. That's that's the only really loosen that i would have because life is stressful in the world that we live in now it's stressful and you almost have to just always wusa and keep your actually in a certain place. Whatever place that may be. That's gonna keep you calm on inside because outside of hair you don't watch august messed up right you know. You always throw a wig on but you. Everybody can't get a kidney transplant. The most important is your health. So health is is and i think lauren has Has something of that. That can actually. I know that we were talking. That she has some things that's going on with her as far as Helping us to take care of ourselves. internally so that that's something that i definitely wanna talk about. How before the end. Because i wanna make sure that everybody gets the information about what she's doing. So let's talk about. Social issues is regards to our hair Have you had clients that wanted to. I don't want to say altered their hair pattern. Well i'll say yeah alter their hair pattern. In order to look achieve a certain look in order to become marketable in the workplace as anybody experience you know clients coming in to say have that type of issue. Oh yes i have. Yeah oh yeah. I've lacks natural Up top years eight minutes like i. Don't wanna look nappy nappy at work. Because i think things are you know they try to fire. Find it you know trying to encourage in. It's it can be down. Yeah you try to encourage them like you know. Hey we'd have nappy hair. You know you have curly hair. You try to correct that language. But he knows his still exists in. There is still lot as doesn't even alluded you know. There's even a certain a certain age group. That has a certain stigma towards natural natural. Looks still don't they still haven't fully embraced right. You know the the the reclaiming of that part of us and they still struggle with the societal views that are That are still kind of in place in some areas. And what i see with that type of personality is different industries. That personality is usually the core. But i really liked. I'm sorry ryan or more professional. Yeah is is usually to was asking devon like more professional Clients go worry. More professional rose more traditional roles. Yeah you're winds who are Mortgage service can say like people who for government agencies. Well yeah but they're not always government when his corporate it's just a certain sectors of industry but it service industries are more flexible with their hair again on the flip side. You have some people are going into the office every day. Who don't have that issue a work with predominant it culture there like for my My ladies who work at ups like she's in the admin side but she's able to wear her hair in two braids or kinky twist or lots or all of that. But i have a lady who works downtown at the state house won't seek even if she's wearing a weed it needs to be straight arap. I call a plain jane paula. Just straight rap. Just let me be clean cut. So but i will say a lot of people now are in. Columbus are switching over and it is less heat even with the smooth insists. My smoothing system. Doesn't move like that on. When it was issued with kids for their hair their hair but in my older age they're really okay and embracing their natural look. And it's good that i have a different variety of different here that i do hone into what they life. Just swear okay. Now it's sayid that. As far as columbus and cleveland. 'cause i lived in columbus. I think personally me personally. I think they're a little more progressive in a way in some ways than up here north northeastern. What do you think. Warren i mean. Do you think it's or or is it the saying what. What's your opinion. I think when we started out our hope venture. That was a huge topic of conversation. Because yeah here. Books from cleveland. Rhianna was from day devon was in columbus and then we had our people in chicago detroit so it was always. You could find those pockets but we all know that. Cleveland was more progressive when came to the stalin and do nobody as a cleveland native. You felt like it's just. it's more options in columbus. Saw the difference. And i'm sorry. Go ahead being down there like you said you get to find out more about those specialized foulest in cleveland is seen more more nici and more private more rice mall but you had those key players that you knew they were in large magazines Me orion always laugh as we will be collected horizon magazines get inspiration from styles so it was just a whole coacher in cleveland to me. That made it more progressive. They photos symbian in magazine spreads than at the club and in the salon that were going on in colombia at the time columbus was too conservative. I really maybe. What is in their losses. I've lived in columbus. Oh baby you know you guys know at back way back in the day. so so i know lauren. You have mentioned something about you. have you. Guys had a excuse me a unique style of your lawn. I'm talking about that as far as we chat like a salon bar or something. Okay so we were doing pop up shops so an effort to support small business on nurse like ourselves. Were trying to transition from corporate america Too so entrepreneurship. Support those creative minds. because we will meet so many one demonstrator that did not want to change their hair or their attitude or or shape for their job and they weren't and make candles and body oils in scrubs in this and that so we provide a space without having to need a brick and mortar location to these people to show up show out so it was a place to bring extra foot traffic for that business because those individuals with the insurance with their people and we always had a small boutique space set up in private sweet so it always helps us generate more customers for our personal business. Just the ultimate way to build community. That's my mission and vision in life is just to build a successful community exactly and you and you ladies from the you know jump. You know it's all about collaborating in you know and sharing whatever information you have you share it. You allow other small businesses like you said to come in. You know one of things that i. It's my pet peeve as us as african americans we were mike hoarders. We don't want a bearer kreider right that crabs in a bucket mentality. And you know. I'm not about that. I think never ever. We wouldn't surround ourselves around on people right right. So let's talk about what you guys are. One of our favorite saying is going to let you go ahead and be great. You're you go there. You go on the t shirt right there with an expert witness literally. You know because you don't do you doing couch those personalities. When you're trying to be communal who are. Like why would i. And what can you offer me. And what are we going to get in if you can you give me. And he's like. Hey we're giving you a platform we're giving you a space but if you feel like you're you're better on your own. Go ahead be great. We will celebrate still always been a blessing in our in our weekly like that's been a blessing of karma for us too because they are you know we're like hey it's it's you don't argue over bred in the bread aisle dewey so brazen we're said every mouth for everybody right interesting point because all right let me go into. This must've do any of our clients Do they kinda ask for a discount. I mean okay. Can you hook me up. You know you know insist this time of or okay. But i'll key part in saying no. Is we establish those boundaries. In the beginning it was that type of situation even we made it so that it was affordable. We work with people so it was never an issue of. I want this. But i can't achieve it or do you down. No right silent actually. You're coming here for that inaugural even without much more. I i will say that has never been an issue and in my my issue is now. I'll have clients who might not be able to afford it and they'll just would have been come into me for years instead of san having. Can i played some lau. In some later they just wanted do it at all. I find myself calling them like. Hey we been like well. I'm like girl we can make something work for me. Like i had a lady. She's been support me for thirteen years. And she ended up losing her job with the pandemic and then had surgery. So i called her and i was like no work. Something out to me. For ten years. I can get back together so you have your view that because and here is the bottom line palm we know the clients are gonna be there. But it's about healthy. Hair and commented evans cheer her environment. It's the whole lifestyle is the culture is the by just the here -pointment pay for that value as well. Yeah exactly well you as i you know. Nsa you guys will like Head of your time when you and you know like like now everybody is catching up to where you guys were back in the day. You know an odd. I i just like you know. Why can't everybody dog could just like collaborate. You don't like back. But i believe you know re platforms like this on is slowly coming. You know we can't. We were off the plantation. We don't have to have that mentality is all about collect. We know we're doing it for the good of all of us you know. We're not hoarders. I'm certainly not and I think you know we all get blessed in one way or the other. So you guys Tell us about What are you would you. Would you like the audience to know about how they can reach you Lauren tell us about what you're doing right now with your current events so we just added a additional line of health and wellness products to debonair share space. So you can go online order from us in the salon pickup Throwing hand line of detox supplements Health and wellness agent. So we have brew t. We have instant say we have a detox coffee. We have a liquid multivitamins natural energy. kick those rebels. Those master drinks to the car It's just helps with so much. I had a baby about a year and a half and it was hard to get back on track to lose weight for her wedding out. Yes our immune. Cr alto more so wick going on. It's just important to get those toxins body after immune system. We have saved moss. Ready to go Prepackaged individual won't put it over your fruit. You can add it so your water. You can try a packed lots super fruits and while yet. How did you get started with that so about six years ago Definitely has been down out that has with the business and she introduced us to it and frees up always back right so she introduced us t was selling so fast that because we heard it was back bowmen and everything was on track so we got back involved image. It has just been life changing. They have added so many new products to the line It has it has really changed my life. I know her how were her. Kids is like across the board. We have all experienced so much clarity and growth and just help to get back on track to a healthy mentality a healthy lifestyle so we definitely want you guys to stop the in check it out. You can get samples. You can get the four pack. We have support groups where we work out together. We get on prayer line together. Mean even if you're not taking our products we want you to do something right in. Does her warm in the morning. She's been working her meal plan. So it's not all about if you come into our circle. You have to do what we're doing because we're not like that. We want to do what works for you and we want to support you through whatever that looks like worth so what i'm gonna do. I'm getting all that information. I'm of lincoln to my website and so people can go straight to us though. I'll put it also putting it the show. No sir can access it because we definitely want is not about until these latest or not about making money. But they also care about you and your health so will definitely get that information for you. So i'm talking about the The hair line You said you have hair products. I remember devon. You've mentioned on devon hair devenir hair a website talk out so i have a i call it a healthy hair conditioning product line. So there isn't going to be any hair. Spritz or more air sprays or control is strictly shampoo the conditioner oil and moose and i always wanted to do it but it really hit me to do it when it's launched down and like all right. This is the time timeless. Get it so. I sat and i thought about it again because we already had a name ash. Beauty dig wanna put On the beauty product line. It wanted it to be connected to my mom's family so ash the name at the twelfth of thirteen kids and so the tie that into the product line. I named the products after her sisters. So i have evelyn's clarifying shampoo with the shampoo that i recommend for locks embrace. I have billy tea tree shampoo which is recommended for all here times. But it is a teach re and peppermint infused shampoo does how some clarify agents to it is not a stripping but because strong cleansing properties to it. Then i have your lease hydrating. Shampoo with is really just kinda of if you have somebody who has drbble here you or were. They have medication here. Like they're a high dosage pressure medicine or lynn or medicine you know. Those are very strong medicines that affect you here. That's the shampoo that you would use for them. I because they're harrison drying brutally. Wanna put some kind of moisture hydration to the first. Yeah then you can go back and clean it because they're already naturally driving. Go straight through with a clarifying. It will match up because the hydrating shampoo is a very good shampoo for audits extra and then was forks. I should know this side okay. So while devon is looking Rheinland would you off sorry right hand. I'm sorry excuse me do you want to What audience to blood. Where can they connect with you Actually currently right now in the process of developing some more Go with the breakers Jewelry lie as well as the -veloping on we're also branching into the literary world I'm in the process of writing. Our first book is going to be a children's book I have a young daughter who was born with bilateral f lip and palate so as part of our our our continuing community advocacy that we also you know cornerstone with our business model With a book for young african american children who are born with certain disabilities are under representatives wail. My daughter in going through in going through this walk daughter having been born with a bilateral cleft lip We are in a very unique percentage even within the african american community because cleft lip on that particular facial This order is a genetic predisposition at is not necessarily key or characteristic to our culture. I found out through this journey with daughter and sell With the sort of my sisters. That's what i know. I'm endeavoring to do is to write a story for representation for not only my baby but the other babies that we've met along this journey exactly. You know what that could be a great conversation on my patriot page. Because like i said. I want to discuss issues that affect you know us as african americans in the what's going on with our lives right now not necessarily you know. We don't care about reality shows like that. watch him. But still i mean s effective via my household while. I want to talk about issues that affect us in our community. So yeah emergency will discuss more of that. On my adrian page at some point absolutely january another thing today. I just wanted to say real. Quick is that i am. I don't know you know In the podcast. I'm also wearing a one of our other affiliates. It's euphrates inc dot com. I am wearing one of our shirts. That says beware of the educated black woman. We one of our one of our dear. Mr friends We actually had a fourth. We had of insignificant four who recently passed from Pancreatic cancer This would have been her birthday on february the thirteenth of this year. Oh sorry yes well. She passed in november. She was a fighter. She was a fighter. bob lesser. you know But her her her we call them her god. Babies hurts less with with having win by daughters and meaning of her legacy because she was a beautiful spoken word artists. Her name was christina christina von with a word artists she was the she was the really our community heart she was the one who really advocated for the community and she came in when we all met at central state. she was our original black panther. All right rate for humanity and all of that also we gotta get her legacy going on so definitely. Give me the paccar checkout. He's eighty eight dot com. They've got some wonderful Billion they've got some Beware of the educated black woman shirts in her original design. I believe they are coming out within. They have also uniquely draw their own tation to represent her in. It's absolutely beautiful is is there. It's a wonderful legacy to go ahead and support and they're also donating. They started a scholarship because she went to cleveland. School of arts and part of the proceeds from the shirts go to a scholarship for a graduating senior from underprivileged households. All a great organization. Yes got the. I'm gonna get all of that information writing it down now but We'll get email me everything so i can have it. You know on my website in whatever you want me to put on their out definitely put on there so it can link to the right To the right. Page two thousand and one when i asked detriment like what's gonna be our mission and our vision and it was here comes and goes but it's the miss forever. Oh wow love it. Love it so paper now okay my fortune. Who should forgotten. I feel bad for forgetting it. But it was everybody's grandpa on this old screen. His name was clinched and he was long so That shampoo is called quench my curls and what is or is specifically for people with dense hair and is one of have kinky and corsair on income is a moisturizing cleansing shampoo. That's gonna help get both one So those are my shampoos. I have a conditioner call. Lily as conditioner is a A good basic moisturizing conditioner than i have juniors tea tree conditioner which is a conditioner. That has tea. Tree peppermint menthol A lemongrass in apple cider vinegar. Okay can you just feel the sensation through. I know some run outside. My hair will pay good money for scout massage. Debbie believe i will be on the website and and being in by I have one bestseller conditioner but this is a conditioner that it does a multitude of things it is called queen elizabeth's and queen elizabeth's conditioner is a hot oil treatment. A condition deep conditioner in one All the other day. I discovered that was already good for the timely and everything of anybody's texture originated with most of my shampoos but the other day my stepdaughter auto is a good idea to go swimming with her afro in just out and she has kinky curly hair hunting grades out and she went. Undrafted applauded slammed the litter this so when i saw her again she added here in a pony tail. But hair's locked. So i gave a speech like you know getting ready to start over saw prepare. Your mind is oh cases hairs on grow back but this is a fall out. I'm going to have to calmness as tear it up. So then i went to the back upright and i said lord helping we help me help me so some state use the queen elizabeth conditioner yard and i was able to come to her hair as she didn't even hardly lose any here. She didn't even lose as much here as she should have. Lost for having those crochet for five and a half weeks issue. And i think that's an important to highlight because it's something i wanted to mention earlier. We were going through a whole cultural shift where black women were working now or feared workout. As they're here was bright. Yes especially those relaxes you have. She's always been a huge of out before water hits it and i don't know that so more right instead a wedding some hair that has not been de tango The whole different issue so conditioner. 'cause i'm i'm horrible. Tell you right now. I do not do anything with hair. But i put the conditioner on after not coming out. My natural kiki curly tight curl pattern hair. Right grew it. Yeah okay so that that. That's a temp in so in order to detangle use conditioner i before in us or you don't want your here okay. So let me say this. You can't now would wants to do depending on how tight in brittle you're here is you do wanna comb your hair out. I but her. With matting or or rabat tangles gives you have a spray bottle water and you lightly smith's the hair and then you can get on there. You just don't want to saturate the here and let the person go because here gonna draw up to his natural natural state in if it's always going to be more mad so can't water you just wanna use a spray bottle you don't wanna dow The sink or anything like that as you can use water in the conditioner. Also use the conditioner for curly hair week because when you deal with commercial hair whether it's the hair off of somebody's in a temple or whether it's not a usair hair store curly hair always tangles mask and this keeps it from doing that. And it doesn't matter what grade. It is so i would say this is my best seller of the whole line Outside of that only have two more products which is a moose government on the other day. I tried it on my edges to keep me from using control would it on my edges. Put a scarf down and let it sit while took it off. And i was good to go came back later. After i've been you know moving around as such it was still smooth. But it had wrinkled back up. So i like that. Because it keeps all that petroleum of everybody's edges with being the most sensitive part of your head in as part of everybody's hair mind at the last Product i have is caught earnestness as oil and it is a is a good oil for signed in moisture in I definitely wouldn't use it on anybody who's wearing a hair straight. This is gonna be for natural here. You're wearing a twist out For braids those type deals if you want to spruce up if you have a we need some oil anyone who's it up for things like that outcry but that's it for the whole line now. You also have a wig line to correct on here you go. I'll point can you. Can you show which shop. Okay you give us a lotta things do this do you. Screen around is Sheer screen okay. i don't know how to turn it over now. Okay so here. I'll do it like this. Okay we'll do it like this alka okay. Can you see still yes fad turn. Now would you say ryan. Just turn your phone around. This is what i was saying. This just turned around. Okay okay okay. Cool okay snow newly. Yes okay so this is one of my hair ban weeks so she has kinky twist twist to it so i have a head bandic series. Let's see if i can see that. Kahlani is up active. I'm a arkham that's mice. You devin okay. Yeah lady look at their dennis currently inside of her hair sleep so okay if she has set a so. We've always wanted to be that one. Stop shop create just that culture again growing up in cleveland. You would always have somebody walking in the salon selling clothes or boonmee ds or your a designer handbag you with something So this while we were at central a here store opened up the had a salon attached to it. S really where it originally bar from. That's how that is everything you need under one roof absolutely so long. I have I guess you can say maybe one to three four different types of wicks. I have anything from synthetic all the way to your ten a hair. I have full head. Which would be something like her. A lace closure. She's twenty two okay. She's wavy but then again. I have chica right here. S a handbag with the okay. That's cute opinion. i have the turban wig. And she's all one piece so the determine turbine comes with it is connected to the hair overly yet. It's a one piece. So i have the turban. The headband the full head Okay maybe that's the category. Sorry and if you know anything about. Pisces devon is pisces and a flopping fish so she is always putting her dreadlocks up under a wig also an option for your natural and variety of options to be versatile. Right what may big enough to go over That's great. I mean i i the turban the turban wig. 'cause that's i mean that that's interesting. I never knew that there was actually a turban. That's connected to the hair that you can just wear you know. Put it on really. Yeah oh yes oh you remember. I don't know if you remember back in the nineties they used. There was a time where in summer they had these hats. That had a lot of bling when it come out of the ball art. Yeah yeah kind of vision. I went with but right now with everybody being home during the meetings. I was like more than i need a bang. Choose i will call on so me and so if we thought about something that you just gotta let me just show you just pick it up and take it off and put it on your zone making but i kind of sticking with determine Out a lot of stuff as you picked up on white ryan wash trying to like even as a play on words It was you know. It's like the hair you i care you go. We wanted that to be like you know play like here. You go as inherited sensible and even with the don't and like the zoom like a zone not only the play on the zone meeting culture that we're now in but also it's a quick wig you got the zone meeting in five minutes stowed on real quick like you're zooming the put it right on. The phone with names are lines. I love it be how quick that transient already. Throwing your into little life as she discussing her young. Wow and it looked like she just is like where are you going after this that you have are you. Are you going somewhere after this. Wow what were you gonna say. He was going to say something lowering. Oh i want to go back to her dreadlocks but when we met that how is your here i used to wear to but it was just as likely no. It wasn't no kinky twist back then when we met hours wrong. No you're here i have. I have sorry saying style straight on caucasian hair. Okay you'll be putting wrack my way limp hair you curl it in the salon. You walk outside. Wind blows down. That's thousand into thousand. We would still applying that creamy cracked. Right okay no. 'cause i'm here okay. So show was that here. And see if i can lift this up your lynch and length and would always glad iron after she reflects the hell out of it. We go and that's her hair. Wow that is beautiful beautiful and all did it take you Grow your hair. Well i've been growing it. I liked it up in two thousand seven. But i cut my hair year. Do you okay. Yeah i cut it every year because at this point right now see right now. I'm back almost to my but you know even when he gets to there. I just bring it back up to here in our cut. Were she get way up higher. Once i why am i really yeah. I would our lives and she wrapped yarn. That was really fun. Yeah girl she's gonna cut him off in their added. Extensions is but you can do in. This world is so mad once saying ler eager are here is so versatile. Just do so much with it. Your dough much at is best interest did and grounded and in this industry because it it's never a dull moment is always something new to learn right a new style you could be created. You could do whatever it just. It's an amazing place to be. so how. how is it going to Affect you ladies as far as the pandemic as far as going to hair shows and stuff are still having here shows or anything have you. Do you guys virtually. Or i haven't even seen that option that we have been kind of thinking about and exploring is that's you know that's the new wave in for us. That is something that we had kind of been kind of thinking about is wing a virtual show like especially with the you know with evan. Having these newer weeks in you know Introducing some these styles that are really hot on trend right now. We were We actually just kinda started talking about that A few weeks ago that we needed to do something virtually and that that might be a different platform that we can even put up our artistry a whole nother way into roy. Kinda bring in that younger clientele bay Four debt Book you know the salah your bright yellow the young the younger Women yeah don't get me you know he kind of gives us some play into some different things to some some media you know some brooklyn media platforms. Which is why. I was gonna say. That's they'll be great for my Open mic night on youtube. Have a live you guys do your show you know you know. Have the viewers you know just chime in as they can actually see your product. Yes singer so she might be able to hop wanna be a model and drop a few dare you know we. We gotta do that. Definitely gotta do that. That will be fine. Okay all right ladies I really appreciate you guys coming on this show on tonight. Open those reduced. Anonymous i off your body to support these sisters. They have they are doing the most. Were doing things that people were just thinking of. They were doing back then. So you know we need to catch up. Nba on their level so again. recruit shape. You're gonna give them all the information of how to connect with them in our mixture. I posted on my website in also on youtube channel. Please date stay tuned. Subscribe on notification. Because i am going to be doing open mic. Would these lands to come back on and do a live show where we can Top with the viewers viewers could actually come in and ask questions. They can actually see what they're doing. So i'm i'm really appreciative. That you guys are allowed me to do this year. You know a lot more from us thanking considering us now right. Are you guys ladies. You guys enjoy the rest of your day Love you guys. We will definitely be talking soon. Thank you thank you healthy you absolutely.

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All Ball - 'Last Dance' Rodman/Phil Takeaways; College Hoops Insiders Andy Katz and Jeff Goodman on G-League Jump, NCAA Name, Image, Likeness Unknowns

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

47:32 min | 1 year ago

All Ball - 'Last Dance' Rodman/Phil Takeaways; College Hoops Insiders Andy Katz and Jeff Goodman on G-League Jump, NCAA Name, Image, Likeness Unknowns

"Though we're apart. These days was sharing more so at Geico. We'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing you savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy haircut fails. Thanks for sharing your inner lips star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEICO give back fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers, because we're committed for the long haul, the fifteen percent credit Lastra, full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash. Give back for more INFO and eligibility. It's time for our politicians to answer to the people, and that means you so political on your questions for our panel join US weekly for politicains hit podcast. How the heck are we going to get along I'm klay can and each week. I'll put your questions to a new batch of your favorite comics. Politicians pundits do they have what it takes to get us to twenty twenty one find out Thursday's with new episodes listened to politicains. How the heck are we going to get along on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts? Welcome in God. Leave this all the basketball podcast of all the time and. You can listen to the dugout late show weekdays three to six eastern time twelve, three Pacific on Fox sports, radio or Fox sports radio DOT COM and extremist must or the iheartradio APP. Let's. We'll get to name and likeness stuff in a second. We'll get to the G. League deal in a second I. I to give a quick kind of Synopsis Review. Episodes three and four of the last the last dance. The Dennis Rodman thing is interesting, I mean it appears at this time as though they're not GonNa Talk About Jordan's gambling which? You know and whether or not that caused him to. have to. If he's suspended from the League. That was the like the old rumor which I. Don't believe to be true but I think that by not talking about it, I think it's hard deal right. If you talk about it, you validated as well. This is a legitimate rumor out there. But if you don't talk about it now, it's all hold on. Are you not talking about it because? Because you, you you shying away from it? Because you're GonNa say, say something that's lie. That's a provable I. whereas if you just don't bring it up, you hope that it goes away. I'd very difficult. But the third and fourth episodes they give you a lot more Dennis Rodman and a lot more Phil Jackson. Let me start with Rodman and I don't know. Obviously like the Rodman personality stuff is interesting and the chip to Vegas I. Actually think speaks more to fill. It is something that Pat. Riley would do but kinda differently than the way Phil did it. There's some similarities there. But The Rodman thinks amazing because I. Don't know if we'll have a guy like that. I mean the idea that you have a to players on this team. You know that when they won seventy two games. You're talking about the you know at the time, the greatest team in the history of the sport. One in Scotty Pippin who was Amana quit manager. An MA NA school. And Dennis, Rodman, who's a from nowhere Southeast Oklahoma? State like it's incredible. Rodman of all the guys who I think, all three of Jordan Pippen Rodman. Their Games would absolutely translated today. Would as well by the way. Coach would as well We can talk about Jordan three point shooting, or whatever, but if you take people out of the lane the way they do now. I just and especially early in George crew where you could not keep him in front of you, you couldn't. And was his. Like his last year shot twenty eight percent from three. But it's just such a hard comparison, because just the volume of practice takes, and makes are so different. Jordan did shoot a low line drive, but I mean look. He wasn't a great shooter when he entered the League, and he made himself into the best perimeter shooter then he made himself into the best post score. And, he was always a walking bucket so I don't. You want to say was never a great three point shooter, and so he wouldn't be a great three point shooter. Today Brooke Lopez made himself into three point shooter. Why couldn't Michael Jordan? Scottie Pippen be a great hybrid player. He imagined Scottie Pippin at the one through four right now, which is kind of what he did. And but then the Dennis Rodman thing. Look what makes draymond green special is, he could guard positions one through five that was Dennis Rodman. Now would he have gotten overpowered by shack shore, absolutely everybody be overpowered by shack, but now there are no, there aren't shacks, and the way in which the game is played now i. mean that guy would be as or even. Honestly, Maybe even more successful granted couldn't score and not really a role to the rim. Throw it up to him. Finish Guy, but if you watch tape of Dennis Rodman when he played with the Detroit Pistons, and you know when he played with the Bulls the ability to guard five positions. He was, he was way ahead of the draymond green of this world in being a small ball five so I'm obviously a huge Rodman fan like I think he is a profoundly important full player and to anyone who? S- like. Look I I know dream on. Somehow, has become this version, of Rodman, Draymond, far better off the court, and in terms of does not have nearly the issues of Robin, but he's also far less effective on the basketball floor. There's a reason that everywhere Rodman went in the NBA they want. And not maybe not the mavericks late in his career, but for the most part everywhere they went and one. because. He competed. He could really rebound. He knew his role. He was an eagles player on offense, and just to nationsbank rebounder, defender and gardening position on defense may be kind of really amazing, a good fit, maybe not the perfect fit, but it a good fit for how the Bulls played, and their ability to manage an which brings you to Phil Jackson. And I do think that fill the triangle gets. Maybe it's because people don't understand it. They haven't seen implemented I I'm a believer that. A lot of guys that broadcast the NBA They have some sort of. obviously you know Van Gundy and mark. Jackson may be not as much so but a lot of them don't have. The desire to give credit to coaching and coaching spacing because that's what the offense is really about. If, you're listening to all your basketball guy. You know that you might know a little bit about the triangle the triangle. Though the way the texts winwood implemented is a mindset. In that. You never come between fifty closer than fifteen to eighteen feet. To a teammate unless you're going to screen for them unless you're cutting. Right, and so you learn that. When you warm up. And you spread out in lines. Every line is fifteen to eighteen feet from each other, and when you walk out, the next guy doesn't go until you're fifteen to eighteen, so you're just constantly. Getting pounded in your head. This is how far I stay away from teammates and the idea is if help comes if a double team comes, you have a perfectly spaced teammate to make the easy pass to him and a clear read so that he can catch and shoot the basketball, and that's what worked for the Bulls. That's what worked for Jordan. Jordan was not as skilled passer obviously has magical bird or Lebron. They made the reads so very easy for them. And then the the other players you know figured out where they were supposed to be and what shots they were supposed to work on. And that's how Paxton in their first NBA finals and B J, Armstrong and Steve Kerr and you name it. How all of those shooters end up finding the right spot, the right space where they could step in and fire and make so many shots to help create those one on one opportunities for Michael Jordan. Look out I'm Jordan is the greatest of all time guy. I knew this documentary would kinda cement in most people's minds, especially, so many people would never seen him play. There will be team Jordan. Guys team, Lebron, guys I. DO think we appreciate. Both. Jordan was even more of an assassin, even more of a killer, much more explosive by my estimation early in his career than Kobe, Bryant was, and then his work is skill. Honestly is coach ability. All of these things combined with ending what I believe was his drew basketball career on a game winner on the road in Utah. That's the greatest basketball player I've ever seen, and I think they're doing a good job of telling that story and telling some of the backstory's. And, telling some fills backdoors, but I don't know if they're explaining well enough. What Made Rodman so good? What made feel so good or that? Scottie Pippen when he first the first couple of years, he was seen as soft. Right like the migraine thing was a big thing to overcome, but I think the the overall. The dock has been outstanding in. Re remind you of how great this team was. It does tell you things about how dysfunctional it was that we didn't know about. And there are some missing parts to it where I think they do so to control the narrative for what you remember about Jordan and what you remember about the Bulls. Eye Let me get to the near the. An I l right name image and likeness discussion as well as the G. League discussion. Look I played minor league basketball did there's no podcast I don't believe that exists with a guy who has more experience in Minor League basketball true myrlie basketball. Sucks. and. It doesn't suck because the players suck like I've never played against better competition then I played against when I was in the Aba for example right Derek Martin was a point guard. The Vegas team says abolish was on. They just had dude after dude and you're like these guys are all NBA players, but they play in the two thousand because they didn't WanNa have hefty buyouts. They just WANNA play. Stay fresh. Stay ready for a call this before. The G. League really took to. Was the den D. League and before it kind of took hold of everything because he had to sign a three year contract. You didn't make any money and there's a huge buyout. But no one wants to be there. Just want to be in the NBA which you could sit there and you could tell me hey. Most College basketball players. WanNa make it to the NBA. But lack of buy into anything team. Like what are we teaching? Guys I just I find it ironic the juxtaposition of why Jordan became Jordan. And the story that's always been told us. Hey, the only guy to hold Jordan below twenty points is Dean Smith. When the truth is a dean, Smith, just let him go. He might not, he wouldn't have developed has good. Footwork. He went to develop the by in defensively. The mental and emotional toughness with competitiveness have been there. The Yeah you've had that. You don't but Michael Jordan was always about winning, but then he went to a program where they won, and it was. It was kind of a winning mindset. I, think that's valuable and we are. We, do stupid shit, because we think well. Somehow the man gets over on the kid like that ain't true. Just not. Now look if you're going to get five hundred thousand dollars for your son, and he's GonNa go right to the NBA and he's GonNa make life changing money and. Maybe make some already made, but I I think we're skin steps here. Skip insteps it's it's like you know if you ever made a recipe, and can you. Can you put all this stuff in the bowl? And sometimes it comes out the same shore, but there's a reason that they say you know. Whip the beat the eggs first, and then you make because that is time tested and it works. Does Roy, Williams run NBA sets know. What you want, you go and play for Roy Williams and get to be around college campus Buron. Girls Your Age. You buy into a team. You're into A. Family, a lot of these kids now some of these kids have great families that come from, and they're not making bad decisions, but it gives you a basketball family like if you get into the North Carolina, the Duke or UCLA. Kansas basketball, family. You're made for life. And we just blow that shit off. We're like. Oh, that's wasted time like no, it's not. It's not. Not. I mean if you don't think the Duke family like the do family takes care of the family. That's why they're all on TV to other all coaching. They take care of each other sort of family does right. And we just pretend like that. It doesn't matter. We were telling these coaches who understand how to coach. Fundamentals odd doesn't matter they coach. They're not coaching. NBA Sets and okay. You can learn that stuff you can clearly learn. But you can't go back and teach is the little things. And we do this this this dumb deal where we speeded up the process and We publicize the sped up and we don't look. If you want the baseball model? I don't think that's good for college basketball. I don't think that's good for for basketball players. Obviously. There's a difference in contract. Baseball players that you don't get paid until your fourth or fifth year as a major, League Baseball, player. You want a minor league system. Lots of guys wash out of my league system, which is fine, guys wash out of college, but wash out of college. They end up with a college degree. That's the difference. And when they washed out of college, they still have made some great memories for themselves and a name for themselves, because they played in NCA chairman or played for a major institution as opposed to washing out in the minor leagues. You don't make anything for yourself. the name image likeness thing I actually think the programs that can help the most are the. New mid new high majors that are really mid majors. Xavier's Wichita State. Gonzaga's a high major now, but the those smaller schools in bigger cities who owned the town? That's where kids are. GonNa do well though we're apart these days sharing more so at Geiko, we'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy haircut fails. Thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEIKO. Give back the fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers because we're committed for the long. The fifteen percent credit last full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash. Give back for more INFO and eligibility. Be Sure to catch the live edition of the. Doug Gottlieb show weekdays at three PM Eastern noon Pacific on Fox sports radio in the iheartradio APP. Any cats check him out on the march madness website on his twitter handle. He's got great great stuff his own podcast as well and let's start. The G. League, thing because I do think that's a more of an immediate sort of issue with with college basketball specifically. I? What's your thoughts on tree of door? Hime in this plan on having a G. League selecting which so far I believe by my count. There's at least three players three of the top twenty players in high school basketball which intend to play for him. For first of all I WANNA see. Are they just working out with this team? They part of the G. League. Are they really competing as a as an independent team within the G. League? If they're just doing their own thing? And they're getting paid and working out. That's great. That's great for them I. Don't see any reason to think that college basketball in any kind of serious trouble because I firmly believe. That and I'm not saying because who I work for in different entities, the reality is whenever the one and done rule changes by the NBA and I think at some point will. These players weren't coming to college anyway and look at this year's top group players. You wouldn't have been in this kind of situation. you know he was a three year guy sat out a year. developed into a lottery pick the seniors that led their teams that are great years or upperclassmen. You'll Luca Garza Junior. markets Howard Miles. Towel Caches Winston all these players that a great college careers I. Don't I didn't lack Kamar Baldwin. I didn't think there was any you know lack of drama excitement. Entertainment. We saw this past season. so I think it's a little bit. sky is falling and also want to wait and see. How much money is the NBA G. League shreve whoever going to shell out Is it worth five ten guys? Is it for twenty five to thirty to forty I kind of question that. You and I think are on the same page. I still say once we're up and running at a you know sort of A. you know situation, get in this country and you've got all the exposure of the tournament and the season of being on television all the time I think that ultimately benefits you in dollars more than playing in a long term of your career. in you know in sort of obscurity in the G. League. My issue I think though is that it's not with the five guys or however many guys go and play in this team. It's with the hundred kids who think they're gonNA play on that team. Right like that's that becomes the issue. It's the same problem they had really before they had the one and done rule was it wasn't just the kids that would leave from high school to go the pros. It was the kids that weren't selected. That didn't do the work academically right? And then there's the the second part to it and like I guess we're not supposed to feel bad for college basketball coaches, but you know Mick Cronin gets the job a year ago at UCLA. And his staff told me like Dacian Nixes the first guy that they wanted the most important recruit they could get is going get the best point guard in the country's in Las Vegas. They move mountains to to get in that and they got him, and they recruit based everything else based upon getting him as a point guard. To April almost may, and he's like yeah I know. I signed my letter of intent, but I'm not coming like. It totally changes how you recruit. Obviously Michigan went through that with todd as well Gust through a lot of time and effort, and they don't get them, but I also think and this. Global crisis that we're in. isn't GonNa go away. I mean hopefully goes away soon later, medically but economically. It's not gonNa go away anytime soon so I. I just questioned this. You know alleged slush fund. That were not you know all these players and. I. Don't Know How many I'm being a little bit of a skeptic. Here I'll just waiting to see if all this money is out there for the you know all these guys. You're right a lot of think they can do that. And ultimately I question whether or not beyond on the top ten at a willy be there. Yeah. and. You know we'll be just one team. Will they have multiple teams? I'm with you like look Major. League baseball is cutting. Forty or forty one. Minor League teams like the just in the business of sports, the G. League teams are money losers before Gatorade came in at some point, you know. It's like Yeah I. Just I don't know how much red ink you want, and then you factor in we are going to be in some sort of recession whether short-lived or long-term, and when you're trying to dig yourself out of a financial hole, and you have people in the front office who've been taken pay cuts or been furloughed. Who who have jobs that helped make money for NBA teams. They are essential personnel little along with the players. There's players aren't taking a pay cut. I are you going to? Is the NBA going to fund a money loser? Like, look the the NBA, one of the reasons that they've gotten out of most of the WNBA business was the owners alike. It's a money loser. No, thanks. You know like I'm already losing money on day to day. NBA Team I don't need to lose money in WNBA teams I don't even want to go to the Games too now. You to lose money on G. League team. One G. League select team, and Oh yeah by the way then then there's the one of the players actually getting out of it. Playing inconsequential games where winning isn't really valued, simply development is. That that becomes interesting. Okay and now we've shifted the. Put The ball in we should point out that Greg. Player from Austin. Texas so it's not everybody and there will be players like that that hey, WanNa play for their school and and make an impact even if it's on on. Well that that's really my thing is is the. It's not even just one season. Look. If Greg Brown goes to Texas and one, he doesn't play well. He can come back to Texas with her four five years right if Greg Brown goes to Texas and everything goes well, and he's a one and done, and then he goes the NBA draft when his career is over and he wants. Wants to work he. He has something outside of just basketball to do so. This idea that guys are going to go like we'll pay for your education. What makes you think any of those guys would value education that they would go like just because Sharieff look troops? A brilliant guy went back to school got his got. His bachelor's got his masters after being a one and done. He's he's a bright guy, but he's the exception. not the norm, this idea that well you can always go back and get your education. Get the fuck Outta here. You can't get into any of these schools on your own. None of the none of us can get in these colleges on our own right like you think those guys can. What's saying? The Kid can get in a Michigan Without Michigan basketball, helping him. No, it's an almost impossible school to get into, so we we do have people living a little bit of a fantasy world in terms of what happens when you're done playing, or if you're not as good a player as you. You think you are. I don't blame kid if he's like you know I. Don't want to go to college and I get half a million dollars and I I understand if you're in the sport four, because you just want to be professional, I think you're missing out on a lot of really cool stuff, but okay, that's your only goal. Just understand there isn't the safety net that college provides. It's a great safety net for for almost everybody I don't think it hurts players I! Let me I I know. Your time is little short, so let me ask you about the name and likeness. Look there are to be people that take shots at the fact that there's going to be caveats to it. What can people? What do you? Who Do you think will can and will endorse these kids? So I think there's benefits. Town. Or maybe not using words small, but. College college that dominate their town like a Lexington Kentucky like Louisville Kentucky You know. You're not supposed to use it as recruiting inducement. But But if you. If you go to. You Go Lexington on recruiting weekend and the guy. WHO's your host goes and does an appearance and gets couple of grand cash in his. I think that's a pretty good recruiting inducement. but if you want to if you want to, you, know, advertise for Lexington Ford under the way this is described. If it all goes through, then you can I just still get back to this and I. We were moving this direction. I think it's the right thing to do, but I also really question the dollars. I just wonder how much money is out. There will be some and some players will. Will Get some live. I just don't think it's going to be what people envision. there may be more dollars to be made in social media something that I'm trying to understand even more and more through Instagram, and you know the way people can be influencers and stuff like that that might be where more of the money is made in your world in this new generation than it is in just straight advertising. Places but I will tell you. There are certain places. Go to Chicago right where you're in Chicago. There are very few bears, bulls, blackhawks, you know, cubs and white sox do add let alone a one from the Paul northwestern, even regionally Illinois, so you know. BOSTON, seem thing. New York seem thing so a lot of these pockets around the country. La You know it'd be very. Tell me if you're you're in La. How many people really know all the players from USC AND UCLA? Yet they obviously know the Lakers, clippers, and the dodgers, but you know it's GonNa, be really hard. Were those schools in pro dominated markets to get that those kind of endorsement? Yeah I I also think that you know like. If you're a Nike School, you can't do adidas thing. So I. DO wonder if you can. Actually you can do the competing car ads. If there's an official car dealer of the school or of the of the program right there, there's a there's. Right so you're like, and then there's then there's the the elephant in the room is the taxes? You know like right now. You have you operating a tax-free shelter, but endorsements is not does tax-free shelter. Many a guy has. Seen on the call on Wendy made that very clear when he answered a question on this committee, and he said student athletes will be accountable to the IRS. Your I. It's just it. It is a bag of worms. It's a whole new world. I'm not you know I? Don't I don't fall a player you know like. When I was at Oklahoma state, we went down to Christie's university spirit. We had to do security, but it was a legal deal, and you get a little bit of money I like the idea that you can. That you can work with coach basketball and get paid. There were kids out which frankly I did when I was in college. Fifty an hour, or whatever and you work it out like those type of things are legitimate i. just it's the. It's the stuff that we all know is illegitimate, but maybe this takes away from the coaches feel. Kids like hey, we're not buying kids anymore. If you really any good are, boosters will take care of you. It's a it's a fascinating fast any whole new world. Last thing. How important is it? For the college football season to be played during their normal window as to not usurp college basketball season next year. It's important, but I will say that I think worst case. Scenario is the college basketball season gets pushed by a few weeks. March madness. Ken Move All parties agree to it because this year is going to be different, but it's not ideal, but it can move and will say I'll go on record I'm convinced we will have a season. We will have a tournament in twenty twenty one. How many games I don't know yet, but I'm very convinced that we will have. Awesome stop cats. Thank you again, very. Hey I'm andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous, but I did start. A men's grooming company called Harry's. The idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at Harry's our approach simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade factory obsessing. Obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them, and if you're not, we hope you give us a try with this special offer, get a Harry starter set with a five Blade Razor waited handle, Shave Gel and a travel cover offer just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter four four, four four at checkout. That's Harrys Dot com code, four, four, four four. Enjoy. Be Sure to catch the live edition of the Doug Gottlieb show weekdays at three PM Eastern noon Pacific. Let's get with Jeff Goodman from Stadium Jeff. How many guys are they actually going to have on this league select team? Five I think the the ideal number is five, but you know again. They got to convince. The Reich asked to to make the jump. Knicks was obviously big onto them because not the get him, but you took him from Ucla and to me. He's one of the more. entertaining players to watch because he just makes people better, and that's kind of what you want out of that program. You're going to want to sell the fact that hey, here's a guy when he gets drafted which I I don't know where he'll get drafted. You know a year and a half from now but I think you could sell the fact that look at look at his I q. look at what we did for him. Even if they didn't do much, they could sell the fact that This kid is is ready from an Ice Husam standpoint to play at the next level. Yeah I I guess my. You know so. It's not the five guys they select. It's the and then maybe not this year, but in coming years it becomes how many kids think they're one of those five guys. They're going to select and does that then because that's really the issue with all of this stuff. It's never the top five guys that went straight from high school to the pros. It was everybody else. Who's never the top five one in Duns. It was all these other kids. That's one thing that's crazy. Transfer culture like if you're not leading your team in scoring or shots as a freshman, you gotta transfer because as a one you should be a one in done like that's really kind of what's at issue here. So are they going to officially cabinet? Cabinet a number like what is, do you? Do you know what the actual plan is? We don't know we don't know. Listen to go back to your point. I thought it is interesting because you know years ago. Before they went with a one and done rule, and yet kids going straight out of high school to college I look back, and you know seven or eight guys there weren't that many that declared towards the end of that thing, but now. Our culture is so different than it was in two thousand and three four with social media and everything else that you're right, you could be looking at thirty or forty kids that try to make the jump in, and you've got to have something in place to me. tell them to at least go back. Know go to college even if they make if they make a mistake or what they think is a mistake and. and Go this route, but I just read my big question to you and the thing I've been racking my brain four is why is Adam Sober? Doing this is doing this to make the G. League relevant or the G. League program relevant. is He doing it, 'cause? He honestly was upset. That are Hampton Lamelo ball went overseas is doing because he thinks this is a better avenue to prepare kids then college. What is it? I? I do think that it was the we travel would Australia to see a couple of kids play when we should have our. We have our it's. We have our own developmental program here, right? And I don't like what what's interesting to me. Is that kind of buried in this whole thing is the fact that the players and the owners could not agree on getting rid of the one and done. The owners liked the one in done rule. They guys to go to college. Because otherwise you make you make a mistake and. Anybody, you draft. You'RE GONNA at some point you're going to have to play, and and owners expect you to play that guy early on, and some of these guys are just not ready, and you know maybe this. I just this is trying to please everybody. Don't players. You're older player. You more guys taking your jobs in the League picking your job. Yes, and they also realize those guys are just not ready. It's it's the both now. They taking jobs, but they're also taking jobs before. They're even close to being ready. Even. Might take. You could be remembered like that was not going during. This is doing this because he realizes he's screwed up a couple of years ago by saying. We're going to push this back to to high school the NBA and then he thought it through, and he got some feedback and everybody's kind of like. Hey, you know what maybe nobody really wants this, so let's try something different, and this is kind of an alternative to it to make sure that our after a year in the this league program. They're more ready to play in the NBA yes which which I guess, you're okay with like look. All of this stuff is great, but what's really. There's so many things that college basketball provides that you cannot artificially create. You just can't and you know one I. Want to see a guy dominate people at his age I don't WanNa. See Him playing I like the idea of playing against men, but I don't have you know you play against college men as well. Are The college systems Is it the same game like no and I do think the NCAA's hurt itself by putting restrictions on how much time a kid can spend with his basketball coach, which is crazy, because like on one hand, the same people who want this to happen are the same people who go if you didn't have a twenty hour rule or the eight hour will in the off season like well, these kids are just abused like their kids are in the gym all day. Regardless, the only question is going to coach with it. Best part of it is, is that the republic team who runs the G. League in his out there trying to pluck kids from college? His son is going to Virginia next year as a freshman and really good player. But but why are you not bringing your son to this program? It's better than college. Well I. Don't think he thinks it's better I. Don't think he thinks it's better than college and Shreeves interesting one right? He was a one and done, but he went back. His degree got his master's degree like he benefited greatly from it. I don't think he obviously loves to college there. There's a ton of hypocrisy to it. They're just is. what do you do you think that the new name and likeness rule change changes the does it. How does it? It's GonNa Change. Something wants to change. What we, we don't know all they've done right now. It said I you know they can. They can get endorsements third party endorsements. They can set up their own businesses They can do things of that nature, but they haven't put any details and anything to it yet. I think that's GonNa be the kid. You know my thought Going forward was like okay. What happens your head coach? Doug and your head coach at you know down the road there, Lmu, or something like that and I run an auto dealership, and and I, got a ton of money, and I'm a boost army. Boy, right? Why can't you just tell me? Can you do me a favor? The number one part of the country can can we offer a million dollars and we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA run this. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA DOMINATE LMU again we'll be back like the old days and we're gonNA pay per kids. Well. How how is he? GonNa stop that there would. Where are they going to decide is too much. Are they going to cap? It is data loud. If you're a coach, can you I mean I just and for people who are people who say people who say like well, you can cap it and one of the statements. was you know like it's got to be a reasonable amount? Remember the last time they tried to cap something in say was when they had the restricted earnings coach, and of course all those guys at a class action lawsuit was disaster lost a bunch of money. Yeah I don't know what you do I do. Know that then you know you can't have conflicting brands, so does that mean if if a car dealership is the official car dealership of the program? Well, then you can't do a car dealership ad with any other car dealership, right? You can only do with that. That's what I mean so. Be Certain stipulations and a lot of them, and the Internet could not answer any of that. This morning are tall because they haven't figured that out I think what they were trying to do. Today was hey, listen everybody. We're moving for with US World King, some level of getting paid up your name image likeness. We're not sure the details. We still gotta figure that out well. That's the hard part to be honest. does it. Does it decrease cheating in college basketball? I don't think so I mean again I I. Don't think it changes at all I think you know you're going to have again. Coaches trying to circumvent the rules aren't giving good example if I'm a a head coach in in college, who may be played in the NBA and I'm GonNa mid major level I'm not going to say the name. There was a few of them out there while we continue Terry Porter, Damon Star Donyell Marshall Their Portland third is fighting for his job right now Portland. He's got I. Don't know how many million dollars in the bank. Why can't he decided? Hey, you know I. Want To keep coaching. I'M GONNA slip a half a million. To my buddy, who's running that car dealership and he in turn is going to basically. It and I'm going to say to this recruit. Hey, once you get our campus. You got a half a million dollar deal waiting for you. What does he have to SA- understand why his main Dar's. But you can't all I'm saying is he? Can if he's the coach and he wants to get this thing done, and he's got a bank account of fifty, million or a hundred million. Why can't he just take some of his own money? Which is illegal? The schools can't pay the kids directly. He's giving it to somebody that that runs our company and basically telling them to legally be able to induce it to the kid. Yes, coaches have never been guys that come out of their own pockets. That's one thing so. But if you're looking at the end game and the end game is nine only my job, but I might be able to get. A bigger job might be able to get a job for two or three million a year. You're just betting on yourself at that point and saying I'm GONNA. Make my program relevant. I'M GONNA fight I'm at least going to beat all the other schools in my league. I may be Kentucky Duke or the Big Boys, but if I'M GONNA MID Major League. Outbid everybody else. So why would you would be if they're GONNA? Make you know a couple hundred thousand dollars as opposed to ten thousand. I think this can really help. The mid majors who are the elite mid majors and like I don't know if you WANNA. Call Creighton a high major fine like I, if I'm a crate venue it all union panties, and why don't give shit, but the fact is a Creighton has an unbelievable fan base right there, the Lakers of Omaha. You're much more likely to benefit name, image and likeness. Wichita State. Xavier data compared to Bob College or my. Yes, you see like Boston, College. Nobody gives us now now there are there. Are there alums that could figure something out? Yeah, yeah, alums! Pig yourself not even a long scare about BBC bicycle. No, there's there's some alums. Kabul! I mean dude mean if Harvard wants to kill it, Harvard can kill it now. Right all news like Hey Microsoft is my one guy is Microsoft one is facebook, or whatever and they they can literally pay whatever you want. Whatever you want, other percent hundred percent I think you just got the that healthy. The healthy schools with kind of endowment a ton of people that boosters and then you've got the places like Omaha like we're runs that school. Right in the. Guns Gonzaga's example right? Gonzaga's a for example that you know. It it's going to be an amazing amazing new world. Okay last thing. We've all been talking about football and when that gets off, how important you believe is! Is it for football to start as scheduled so that doesn't overlap even more with college basketball next year. I. Don't care. Matter just playing? College Papa Goes Up Against College football I don't honestly it doesn't matter to me I just think we gotTa Baseball I. Got To see what happens from there, and that's going to determine whether we get you know kids on campus I. Think Listen I've heard it from several several people lately like sources, good sources saying that that some of these schools are planning on bringing their kids. Their scholarship athletes to campus for summer school July force. I believe it I'm the west coast is so much different than the and the south is so much different in the east because we have not been. had the daily numbers for covid nineteen goody great check him out on Social Media OR STADIUM DOT com. Thanks so much to join us. You got them at. The world is yours. The ball art show podcast the new podcast with a fresh perspective on pop culture hadn't been in the NFL. You're not just GONNA. Tear the NFL down in one city in. Let's talk about this. They're all eighty. Every owner is seventy on the way out comic creeping on social media. Okay, I to carry a little corny or whatever it is, they think right so now. Say any does Oh. She knew the Rock Right Oh. She to explained city and how girl summer right? Like down like? y'All y'all are alive. Medicine jail and I started the light. Someone else I know it's not right but I really can't fake. When I'm feeling. What should I do? Cover world knew. Jimmy Burn Baby. Solo? Check out on our brand new podcast. Father Alert Show podcasts available now on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast, be sure to catch the live edition of the Doug Gottlieb show weekdays at three. PM Eastern noon. Pacific on Fox sports radio and the I heart radio APP. All right so that's it for this edition of all ball. hope you enjoyed it more to come, and you do yourself a favor. Do me a favor. Tweet me at Gottlieb. Show you have any thoughts. Comments on any of the stuff we talked about today at Gottlieb. Show follows on I G. You've always on twitter, bird or Check me out to the DUGOUT. Live show on facebook and listen three, six, eastern, twelve, three Pacific the world's not coming to an end college. Basketball is not over I. DO think that you know if you continue to lose every year your top five to ten incoming freshmen, and then you lose your top five to ten. Freshman that are playing I now you start to get more like more and more like college baseball. Is College basketball more part of our fabric it is, but there are additional challenges and I don't know if the NBA season adjusting their schedule really really hurts college basketball in the future. We don't know what the NFL schedule looks like college football schedule looks like and to not have had conference tournaments a tournament for year to continue to lose in public perception I do think I. do think we'll hurt the sport. The good news is and this is an important part. It will provide more opportunities. I believe for players right 'cause all right. However, many players go to the miners. The G. League that will open up more scholarships, individual and basketball and soccer teams are going down to one to two division to still going to be three hundred and fifty two plus teams playing Division One basketball and you're still going to be thirteen scholarships on a team. That that's more opportunities from where kids. I think it's more opportunity for more coaches because the challenge to the G. League is. Are you really GonNa? Keep Giving guys their first head coaching job. If they're going to be in charge of somebody's player development that doesn't seem. You want to have but the more coaches and really maybe league coaches. Should come from. The college ranks assistant coaches who have long been development. Guys who want that opportunity. And it, it will provide more coaching opportunities for more people and maybe better recruitment. Because instead of Instead of having. Assistant coaches who recruit kind of the old fashioned way some programs have moved to the. Hey. You GotTa Son I'll hire you. Or Hey. You got two guys I'll hire you now. This is always occurred higher one to get one. But it's important to point out that I actually think that the. I think that the name and likeness stuff should should come out cut out. Some of the cheating will there be like Organized Cheating Chore. Absolutely. A bunch of people to pull in some money, and we'll have you do an ad here and having avenue in appearance here, and we'll pay you for it there, and maybe you get half of what you're promised, but at least there won't be the true cheating, but also will eliminate the need to hire somebody's dad brother, a guy as a as a coach in order to get a player. We don't need to do that anymore now. Just get him some money from their name image and likeness, and maybe that opens up those assistant coaching positions and recruiting positions to the old fashioned assistant coach recruiter. Just a thought anyway. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm Doug Alley Been. This is all. Hey guys. It's Jay and I'm so excited to announce that for the season finale of my podcast list. We rule him Jay. We have NBA All star and mental health advocate Kevin. Love nothing robs us of more human potential than mental illness. It's so it's like the pandemic that nobody's talking about. We talk about Kevin's journey with his anxiety depression, and of course his amazing NBA career listen to let's be real with Sammy J on the iheartradio. APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Here's something. Good is a new show from the Seneca Women Podcast, network and iheartradio. Each day we aspire to bring you the good news. The silver lining the glass half full because there is good happening the world everywhere every day. We just need to look for and share it. Here's something. Good is a short daily show. That offers positive stores, helpful suggestions and shared experiences to inform and inspire you every day. Listen to hear something good on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows subscribe now.

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Piotr Sierzputowski - Coach of Iga Swiatek

The Functional Tennis Podcast

48:30 min | 7 months ago

Piotr Sierzputowski - Coach of Iga Swiatek

"Hi I'm deals just with those Chianti are listen to functional Danny's podcast. And Welcome depth seventy of the functional tennis PODCAST WE'VE A super up. So this week with Piotr Sheer petoskey coach of this year's winner of Roland Garros Either get soon teck he tells us all about the Roland Garros Journey how he got into coach Hey became eagles coach, and some great insights into IGA on what he feels important in players move from to junior to senior game. Piatra also purchased a tennis pointer. AK. Two wooden spoon from us just before Roland, Garros on tells us what part of Eagles game he will use on it at the end of the episode if you're interested tennis pointer head over to tennis dot. com to check it out and use the code IGA for ten percent off. That's I G for ten percent off. Before. We get started a shed at two are awesome podcast sponsors slinger maker of degrade. Portable Ball. Machine. Okay let's go. Hi Pyotr Harry you Algorithm finding you I'm really good We are back in lockdown Arlen now. So no tennis for the next six weeks, which is crazy but let's talk about you has life after past few weeks. Things was crazy. Yeah it is. That's why we decided to go for holidays all of our theme separately in the field different parts of Poland. So we are not followed by the people and as the situation we've got it is right now we are. We are used to wearing masks. So we can you know feel feel comfortable but the I like you said it's going crazy people are crazy right now about guy because she is the first Polish player ever won the Grand Slam. And it was like I would call it unexpectable. What we're taught I know. To turn around in US Open, and then you played with Rome was first round. So what what are your thoughts going into Roland? Garros you know it was like got made the great preseason this year for this unusual year. Let's say and it was I would go at first preseason which she did from start the end like fully Kofi. As most of our preparation time was after injury. So this time she was feeling really, really good, really well prepared and everything. So she had a lot of expectation at the beginning of the season for herself by herself. So it wasn't easy for for her to understand that everybody did their job and nothing is for free on the court you have to fight for everything. So beginning was really tough for her. She was really tight and we went to US and result wasn't as she as expected after such a great preparation so. Then we came came here to rum two to Europe and sheep much better at this time. But the let's say rancho rose opponents her was like one hundred percent of the day when you have thanked this match like really really serious and if you make mistakes, you're GonNa, you're GonNa let her win. So it wasn't as they she she played my way better than the US but again, there was a lot of expectation because he loves to play on clay and for her is cursive surface, she loves to be her she she likes. Rome. So so she felt like okay I have to do a great result here, and then we had a big conversation in our team. We work with psychologists and it's more like you know the time when you have to talk about it like talk about expectation about results and that there is nothing for free everybody understand. But when you go to the court is not not always there like the firing there is and the I would call it killer instinct are tiger thing that you have to fight for every single ball and stay in. The Rally and IGA. Let's say she said that she sees it that it's like she has to change some way of thinking. We came back home to rest a little bit and what she changed before Garros was for sure expectations. I said to you four sport around from the last year, which is great results. So let's go. Let's fun. Let's let's play. Let's compete. Let's see how it goes but with no expectation at all and I think it was like the most important part of of the change between Rome and throw on Garages. Load expectations. A to you empire called on this is you actually bought a this is totally out of context here I'm it in here and you bought a tennis pointer from US I know Santa I'm not sure if it's delivered when you were there, but I'm going to joke and say to me, that's what made the difference. It wasn't deliver at this time. It came when when we've been in row girls so that that's what I taught him only joking. But yet I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the pointer and in the future. So make sure if you get any video, you send it onto. So, our expectations went down. But what we're GonNa do now is, let's talk a bit more about Roland Garros in a short while before we get onto that I want to know a bit more about you. How Did you get into coaching? What's your tennis background in I was like average national player may be not but top twenty is the most I did in my life and let's say I have six years younger sister, which is like you know understandable that. Older. Brother you have to play with your younger sister so I used to start. Teaching Let's say coaching my sister when I was fourteen, thirteen fourteen and a lot of different players like friends of my sister asked barons as to to play with them. So let's say when I was fourteen I was already coaching maybe it wasn't like full time coach, but I was coaching every weekend for few hours just to of mankind found with with the kids on the court. So so yeah, I did a lot and at this time I didn't expect I going to be a coach because there was so much. Thanks. In my life like every day. No days off even if I head they off for myself I, I went through the court to practice with somebody else. So at this bond, I will sing like, no. I'm not going to be a coach in my life. So you know it's totally weird that I'm here where I am but when I was sixteen, I was hired that the clap as the assistant coach that was helping older coaches with the kids on everything. So so it stayed that way until I was nineteen I decided going through. The university and I stopped a little bit but it was like for two three months than I moved from Gdynia toward south to the capital of fallen and I started working fulltime as a coach. It was like you know young dream to parents, cows and be independent. So that was a perfect situation for me to go there I had the skills to the make lessons at the clap and started working at the big clapping war. So at this time, it was the clap were eager was practicing let's say since two thousand fifteen I'm not sure because I I can't remember when she started about I was working. Two thousand eleven. So at the time when her coach. Let her after two thousand sixteen. Gatos Juniors when she went to quarterfinal win gave. Safia Kenyan third-round I think and losing to anesthesia at the vine quarter-final. She she parted her way with her coach and they asked me to help. So I was there I was young I was twenty four, the diamond I said to my boss like, okay I can help them but I don't think I have enough experience the to lead for to the to the great results. So he said to me okay we're GONNA put you on the team like the guy who can go for the tournament in the main coach cannot go and let's look for the coach. So you're GONNA be there you're going to help their U. Penn. Laird, you can. You can you opportunity to to Lawrence? So it was great I had like no. Expectation about it, but I was trying to help them with with finding a coach and after three months they asked me if I can stay with her as I'm what I was doing at this time it was okay for them. She was in the middle of the season so I said, okay, it's good for US elected for father. Liked it. So so they said they asked me if I can work before her naturally happened you're looking for a coach to coach and it just falls together. So that was to task than sixty and you get to test and seventeen you make new plans. What would a goals there you just playing junior tournaments who you're playing Futures as well. I, can tell you right now because I can't remember to that first year like really really sharp. So I can tell the overall what was my goal first of I didn't want to change. Any at this time because she's let's say her technique is not. Like you know basic good technique looking like there is a lot of players sklar playing much better than techniques that than than But I said to myself like, okay. If she got to the point where she stopped in during her players playing like that, why to change it we have to improve it not to change it. So sizing that was like, I. Guess I D I loved working for just. Two evolution not revolution because if you changed everything, you have to make the confidence. So we started to work in slowly but at the beginning for sure we started with junior tournaments, but she was already top ten. So we've been already looking for a idea tournaments I. Remember two, thousand, sixteen even I think we went for IDs but I'm not sure right now and we started you know like to play idea. future tournaments together with biggest idea of juniors tournaments. So so it was the goal to to compete in juniors at the highest level to keep the level because as the history shows that if you are competing on the highest level in juniors, it's much easier to transition to the to the deputy da and the ADP. So so that was the goal to play five seats. Grand Slams as a junior to beat. Their understand the places to to to knows the players who gonNa be during a few years. So it was really important for us to play your Olympics for it was a big dream to go there. So it was really important for me and it was important for and you know at the same time we've been she's been playing ideas futures, which she played great We went for the first one through to. Schwann next week she she made I think quarterfinal like playing from the quality both of them. So it was great result than to win for some another in Italy she made to on. So next to we can to Egypt shoe on one of them might semifinal second hand. So we've been doing step after step going up and that's how it happened. I, did read that she won she seven final. She was undefeated in futures, which is pretty impressive. She definitely has a killer instinct, but how important is it? That junior players are playing. Of Asleep? It. To rank high enough they can play in the Grand Slams and the top junior put. They also play in the senior futures. Important. Is that for you for me, it's really important I I checked upton fires in in women's I don't know two thousand eighteen. Too, many of them play Grand Slams Juniors and it was nine out of that. So for me, it's like you know a deep or a hint that it's a good way to do this. So if the transition is much easier, that way why to try overtaken why to try going different way if you see that it's worked so that was really important for me for IGA. because. Right, now, when we go to ron girls where she played already five times, it's totally different story than going even for the WTI tournament. When short she plays first time she feels difference ship ship stretch where she going like it's different place if you're going to replace Your Reggie no, it's totally different. You feel safe you feel comfortable. Then you can, of course, there are people who. When they Don. Don't feel. Comfortable they play much better, but you guys not the kind of person you guys a person who likes to know the place have rubens. She knows where to walk what to do. So I think it was really important for her and I think really important for many many good good like top level players. That makes a Lotta sense I never actually taught about that. especially, her who dome well, she'd wounded doubles there before and had some good runs in the single. So that really makes a lot of sense and tell me junior Wimbledon were you winter when she won junior Wimbledon? there. was even more unexpectable than than Roland Garros Right. Now, I know it's It's a different level about being serious IGA hits playing on grass. So she was so mad after after losing with Katie McNally in Semifinal Orleans Girls have on we've cleared dabbles together but she lost with car in semi finals semi final. Singles and she had too much points craigie played amazingly the matchpoints I cannot tell you we'll played but. She she she I think she plays volley like crazy like you couldn't expect this kind of shot and he got collapsed. So it it was it was really difficult for her on the way home. She said to me coach I'm coming Coleman I go not do a practice without mistake and she did she did like wound on our own the grass lift WANNA mistake. So she was so pumped. So mad like you know in the way of course, she was so. Mad so accurate shots, but she put it a lot a lot of work before a window down that I. think she was at this time she was way better than players on the other side even she doesn't like to play on the grass. Her technique is not perfect for us she because a lot of work to do to be a good player on the grass, but she was way better than other players and she said, she want I rent with weakness. which wasn't a is a match like no match swear easy at this at Wimbledon because it's not easy to win on the grass with a good players she won for the first one and she went to the final like buying. So's though I was really happy about that was like I am expectable result from IGA. So you're used to Grand Slam success I would've called the way but we know how does it feel right now? Yeah. You know how it feels to go deep in a tournament at big events and so that that helps the pressure. So what really separates her from other top juniors? Let's say you talk about Whitney us. Wayne Gay who is regarded who was regarded as a great year best into world at one stage what allows eager to transition to the pro tour so much better that Whitney hasn't transitioned to the pro tour anyway as near as good. Expectations, it's not like the level is different Whitney play a great Dennis. She knows how to hit the ball art. She knows how to Ron. So there's a lot of players that. But as you know are maybe you don't Eggacados only one wild card in her lifetime. So you know if you're American player and you have a you getting a lot of wildcards, there is for sure a lot of expectation I wouldn't call it bed, but it's hard to handle it, and if you are not prepared, it's difficult. It had to earn everything by herself. Of course, we are thankful to the to the director from. Australia right now because he's the director of the maybe not director about his organizer of the of those travel tournaments at the moment and to key even offered us wildcard right now as we drove from the tournament, that's the only guy who gave ego I've got the bus to eighty K. in pry. So she had to earn all her way up to the place where where issue right now. So I think there was no like. From somebody from around. Like society didn't expect her to be such as good player because her way was staff like you. You know that it was tough for her she had to fight for. So I maybe there there are there are some shortcut, but for her it works perfectly and that's why she transition so well. The Hard Work Dad mental attitude really pays off in the senior game and what else is important. SOFA. When she said Okay Junior career is over it's all senior. Now what transitions have to make to her game to make her a force into senior game? What's important for? Let's say what's important for under juniors out there. Who wants to transition into the pro into pro game? Really because the senior game it's so different. What's important? For me like if you are really top juniors, your level is already like four, hundred, three hundred. In women's things I'm not talking about HP because probably it's different I wasn't like speculating about if you are. Top. Play around this level. So it's really important to head heaven. Good start like. Big The right tournaments talking like the easiest tournament but you have to the right tournaments not putting too much pressure like bump playing the don't overplaying them like Blake six zero because it's still your your body GonNa collapse because you are not used to playing at this level for so long but you have to find it wisely began to understand that you had to go from to get to the point. Where you play at the highest level. So for me, it was important when IGA got to top convert, let's say and I could put her on the practices on Wti events or even the biggest idea events to play with the best players because of course was playing way slower she was smoking Weiss lower at this time but not because she wasn't ready, she just wasn't prepared because you don't need to play. At the space you don't need ran that fast. So when you come to the court, for example, he got played first strand opened coming from the quality's playing second round with Pamela. Georgie she was like, okay she is playing fast right now at this time I think she can go on the court and five with with card with speed like it's nothing unexpected for her she knows that speed she knows. How to move right now, of course, Camilla's playing really really fast but you know you have to change your expectation who you're GonNa meet on the court. This is really important because I think it's not like you're not prepared for that. You preparing players for playing as fast as possible. You pay prepaying players for the as of course, not everybody's GonNa play that fast not everybody's GonNa run that fast but. It's important to try yourself with with this kind of players. On the tour, not not like on the on the matches practicing you know like trying to get good good player one day another play another day it's really important for me. I think that made the biggest change in league like we've started practicing with with this layer school she has had get used to it. It's nothing special did nothing differently of course, we started practicing faster we starting start started getting better kitten. Partner's different hitting partners, but it wasn't anything special. It was just playing with better players maybe not way better because if they are too fast for your your time of course, their time. Yeah and there's time exactly. But looking to improve by playing matches are the best practices and tell me back home in Poland when she was trained in there with you what sort of level of practice partners were available to her? We have like variety of really good partners. We have one who is working with me for four years and working with the guy. He's my friends really good friend and let's see if he's mind wasn't against him, I would call side he could get back a Conrad seven, hundred eighty. So. Guys pretty playing pretty fast. He's laying flat the most but of course, I have getting partner score lefty code the rankings like a convert one thousand. Who who got some eighty people on the kind of guys they're are really happy to practice. We've asked to earn money to have a good time on the court than ran for WIG. So the variety of the hitting partner in Poland it's free. Okay and everybody's hard working. Okay. Yeah. So it is important to have a bit of variety at a decent level or else you're you're wasting your time a little bit if you're with the same person all the time who's not that good which can happen in some countries or even some academies yet this. I think he you can improve something. It's not like you know even if you get weaker hitting partner for two weeks, it doesn't really matter as long as you focus on your on your cost. On your technique technical staff on everything you can. You can adjust because it's really important to just what you get not not. You know like because you're hitting partner is out of shape, for example. Though. It's really important to adjust. It's not easy for me for. Because she preferred to have a hitting partner who is playing like crazy. But of course, everybody loves to playing with people like that but you have to sometimes getting partner can have bad weekday. Playing shift from the morning today today evening and there is nothing you can do about it. So we have to focus on the things you can actually change. So it's really important but of course I think the of your heating partners is important that not hitting Parsons even partner. So like other players who play with you know. So it's important to play with them on the same level or a little bit higher. That's good advice what you said there are, but you can always matter who you're playing you. Should always be up to get something out of the session. It's just having a good attitude and obviously working on something I can tell you one story from Dubai last year on the preseason we went there, and at this time we we've the place that tournament is. So in Dubai, at the style you and we've been doing preseason there for ten days and there wasn't like a lot of good players at this time. So I asked the if we can get to thirteen fourteen year old girls in all. Of course for IGA they were too weak to play alone. But if I put them together on the single car against eager along on a single card, they can compete with her so you can you can. You can change it. You can put this took players of course, if I had one and against it, it would be a waste of time. But for any was a great practice and a great practice for guys because she was alone and they were two of them on the single courts. I think you can. You can always find find find the solution even if you don't have enough good hitting parts. A quick interruption for two things. One if you want to know more about tennis pointer head over to functional tennis dot Com and you can use the code. IGA. For ten percent off onto if you liked this episode, please leave review shared on twitter or instagram or your favor social platform on tigers. So we can say tanks this would mean a lot to us. Okay. Back to PR. Gannets assigned good attitude by you the team by everybody under let's say gone into. The pro-career to see your career, what sort of team the she have. Talked about the psychologist, our names diarrhea is it? Yes. We have fitness coach with a peo. So what people in one person which is pretty amazing because you don't have to communicate as much with another person. Stokes he was working. He's still working with about also he worked in the past week software So he's on the tour for years, but he's from also from our home city as low as the quarantine was there. We ask him if he stays calm could he walk with us and he said, yes, and that that how it happened. It was more like we have his partner, who is our managing partner like I said, and then we have few more physios who are working viga or still bats and I think that's it. That's like for the regular training wake. But you know there is much more people around who are working. You got doctors like you know different different things which you have to get to your safe you are getting to this level. That's interesting that you did mention before the call a whole to red bull test, which will talk about at the end of this we talk about after. French Open that's going to be really interested. So yeah, having a team of see is really important and the quicker you get that seems to set your body open your mind up a lot better like with the psychologist I know you've got to gathering, you talked about expectations but what else that goes on with psychologist is really important. How do they help the player so much in your eyes you know it's like I think this psychologist is not necessary but if you want to be sure that the players working the right way and it's quicker way you'd have to hire. Hire her him. It's like shortcuts for me shortcut for men out process which can. Do. So like growing up in your head, if you have somebody who can guide you, of course, the coach, but it's never easy to be a coach for example, talking about the family staff, it's never easy because as a coach, we shouldn't be. Family in a situation what what is she doing with her father will our relations it's not my job. My job is on the court and with like everything around. But psychologists is somebody Kuchen help not only on court just really important I. think that made the biggest difference I think he could get to this point where she is right now in two three next year. But to go to right now because of that so I think it makes everything faster if you find the right person. Who has a good relation with you with the team because it cannot be like you know outside I it's really important because it's not easy to understand your routines and communication and everything from outside. So it has to be somebody WHO's getting into the theme is a part of the cooking travel. We've you from time to time. and see how it works because not everybody understands held deputy to works is not easy to understand. I, see a lot of course thinking like it's something you know like Holy Grail, I cannot spine it but something you know really really special like really i. Deputy is professional, but players are not not always. So coaches are not always professional. So from time to time to be really flexible and it's good, it's good because the you're working with people everybody is different. So lower your expectations do the hard work and see the results will how many weeks are you traveling a year over the past few years I this year is different. No I travel almost everywhere. We've got so last year regular year I had two weeks. Of course, you guys had a holiday still. So when we sign up every think I was on the road with Clare on are working in war. So a forty, nine weeks for eight. That's what it takes listeners. You just go to go to be on it all the time and tell me I wanna just briefly talk about locked and how hard I know eagles coming from an injury before lockdown why she let's say so we've been we've been she head injury last year at the US Open. So at the beginning of the season already after she was already after. Okay. So we've been we've been practicing regularly how hard Did she worked during lockdown not really hard. Okay. Interesting. It's because you have to understand that she was still at school and she was like regular students. She wasn't like online learning. She had to go to the school to bus exempts and was really strict about the schools. And I wasn't very happy about it because. I was calling semi amateur semi pro. I wouldn't call her full player because she was putting much more effort into the skull than into practice. Of course, I understand that school is only one time in your life. If you finish, you can start working as a pro player but imagine that she was coming for example, had scheduled the practice at seven in the morning because she had the boat at nine to the school bus. Some exam and she was coming to the practice at seven in the morning and she said she wasn't looking good. I asked her like what's going on why you're not practicing well, because I didn't sleep I was studying also I cannot blame her because she wanted to pass goods with the exams that what she did quarantine. She was studying like three hours a day we played like three times a week until she had like her. Finals School in July, and after that, when we already knew that season GonNa Start, we start with really good preparation but six weeks nothing more. It's suppose they'd probably if you train hard for that period of time for months on end with no matches, he probably would have been burnt out injured but interested in to studying I didn't know that a bit like as you find yet. Exactly we had her into show. While ago and she was telling us how she was studying for exams and it's just it's. It's good look I think education's really important. You guys really good friends with guy and they are really similar in some ways. The school was really important for both of them. Look I I think that's great. Good that it's done now and you don't have to get angry anymore. Exactly. Four tennis now no excuses. So let's jump right back into where we at the start into Roland. Garros. You Win. You have this team and expectations have been lowered round one you play vandross wonderful and great win easy work. What's the attitude? Dan? Does expectations change all of a sudden? There's just no. Keep everything down tear it. Yeah. Yes. She played a great match. Egal-, ready played with her in quarantine time. Let's say some exo. In practice. So ego on at this time. So she felt like she can do with, of course, Medicaid is only one year older I than he got. So we know each other like she knows market for many years from the junior. That's what I said like you know the players it's not like somebody you don't know. So it's much easier to compete when you know somebody than when you have no info about about it. So yeah, you got played a great match like she was prepared. She felt good. You don't like in pirates. She doesn't she I'm not about the city about the wrong guy. courts, she loves it she she loves the clay. She loves that kind of she of the balls. Of course, they changed the balls this year but still she said it's fine for me, I. Even even this weather this year was good for her because we are used to practicing in this kind of weather in Poland. So everything seimas up together and you blow a Louis like you play easy you are not tied. So so you got played a great match great first round and it was something. Special for me because it was the message I could say after the match even if she loves second round I know that I can show her look. You can play that way. It's not a problem for you. There is something you can cook like I can always say look at this match, you know how to do. This is not something you have to overplay your ten. It's your endings you you know how to play and you can compete like that for. Many matches. So it's great that she she did it. I think the restaurant was the most important part of the journey of the. Well and tell me and of the Fortran you play. Harlem and of if you look back at last year, we all know it happened where it was what a forty five minute match you was A. Zero `love worn. What's the attitude good into that sort of match where it's you come from such beaten last year said it can't get any worse this year What was the tank? You know I think it was like both ways like one way a Ghandour stowed that last year was different like that was first on the Big Stadium I. I'm with that kind of fair in she came out of the match after on Betar is and she said to me I played well, I said, didn't you? Match route one more time all I met new and she was mad at me for two days until she watched the match by herself and she came back and said, Oh, I will so died I didn't realize I will still die like I didn't catch the balls which were like meters wide from me. So it's crazy. I was so bad that I didn't even expect myself to play better. So this year we set to her, it can be worse. You cannot lose in forty one minutes like just play out there just play your game and you not gonNA listen in forty one minutes. It's GonNa be forty seven. So it's GonNa. Be Better than last year. So we've been a little bit laughing by between came up with a really good plan for Simona. Eagles. Really prepared while baby Simona didn't went into the match like straightaway from the first ball. So it was before we got but you have to keep digging if you don't seem on, I will come back. So he got red did a great job after three four games when I was trying to get back. So the in the second set when it was two one I think and the Games were lasting for ten minutes. Or so, of course, she did a great job, but it's the kind of matches you have like twice a year. So you cannot expect to play that good all the time and you have to keep in mind that's GonNa be a few matches like this in your lifetime. Of course, I know that she can play better, but it's not like comforting on this stage you know on this Level with this kind of players and I hope she can win the match playing not even that good. Like she played. You know because it will six, one, six, two, she played unbelievable. So let's lower the expectation and play even seventy eighty percent I'm maybe not seventy but ninety five percent of it, and let's win six, three, six for everything. It's like the goal of the real goods. You're not going to go out and win six, one, six, one all the time. So yeah, it was complete role variously was amazed and I watched I watched the match and I thought it was absolutely amazing on travel son. Is there. I know. We keep talking about expectations and pressure but of a sudden is there more pressure on. You know there was a little bit more fresher and the match before them was really long. So it was difficult for map. The weather was bad at this day like you know not everything working. Well, I'd heard she'd warmed up three times in the day. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Because there was Schwartzman the Dominican I think for so so you couldn't expect them to play short but you know there was a time before said I think I thought everything GonNa, be finished. So we started she started to warm up but the. I. Of course, it's kind of you cannot change it. You cannot prepare for that. So we tried to what we we could. She should go to the match all bit light but she got an she handle it, and I think it's it's like there is a little bit more pressure because you are the favorites. So it's different pressure but I wouldn't call it like more difficult. It's like just different. You have to be prepared for that and and handle it all the matches. I. Saw a partial I think a little blip in the final. Do there was no sign of nerves at all from the outside from the outset maybe not But for me a lot like for the match and I think it was like three zero first set and it came to trio and this three against were like thermal I don't know why about Fi and all stars at the making easy easy mistakes I think with for mindset and which caused curves, flags and being died. So so it wasn't easy, but it's a final. It's different story everybody says, final is different than the s it is even for me as a coach. If you blame final of the Grand Slam, it's belly different tournament. So it's good that she handle. It's good that she played that way as she played and. She kept our tactical staff which which we talked before the match and chew on. So is the most important of course there is a lot of things to improve. But still if you win nobody going to judge you tell me what are your nerves like the fine line you buy all your nails. Yeah. I was pretty nervous. I'm never visited rematch. If somebody is saying that he is not nervous at the Madjeski is lying or he has some travel excuse systems says who for me if you put a lot of work into the player until you know like you giving a lot from yourself than you always gonNa have some nervous. People one one minute we will have less one another. We'll have more about the doesn't really matter but on the final I head like these one, hundred, fifty beats per minute at some point you know so. I of course, I'm not showing emotions because it's my job not show it but. Of course I, I was pretty nervous and I was pretty excited. But after the match finished trust me I all my energy, the I will sold dyers I couldn't even be happy. Well, we all tired that neither all our theme imagined that our celebrating of the waiting I'm got us was just eating good ignorant going to sleep. So two weeks of hard work in we have to remember Yup played singles and doubles so almost every. They work. So emotional everyday. So we've been so I'm out. That's GONNA believe it. I wasn't even able to like I said to show happiness it came after today's when I, it well slept well well, and you were you at all the doubles matches. Yes. Of course, always well that I just say, but what's the feeling for you? So now as a grand slam champion coach, it's like huge the I would say result for me and. Like I said I'm expectable. So so of course, it's something special but right now is the biggest job for me I feel there will be a lot of pressure from around, of course, not from myself but even from myself I feel we have do good job right now for IGA. So has keep practicing as she is. My job is to to make another plan with GONNA work. You know putting some goals for the next year. And tried to keep her level as it was on. Garo. So it's not gonNA, be an easy way easier. I feel right now really really happy but I feel there will be a lot of four to the bars just GonNa Pyre. That's aw yeah and so just quickly running back to Roland Garros we demands fine on the. Sunday. He was there for one and a half sets says I think and I was there for one set because I've been so tired I wasn't able to watch a did you celebrate it all on the Sunday night or was it I saw red bull had taken carry is do they seem to fly off a few days? was just. On our way back dinner. Let's say hey. Yeah, it wasn't. But it was their place close to HQ Nice but it was still it was good for for us to do not coming back so fast the bond but still there was some work to do with media for EGO so. It was like fifty fifty. Like we've been already related really tired but it was some, it was good experience. So you're back saving back in Poland. He had some media work to do. Now you're taking a few days off and what's the plan you talked about the next few weeks you're going to go physical test and is it? Yeah Yeah. We're going to Australia to to have physical exams older tests. We can do to check if her bodies ready to compete next year if her body what what we need to focus on for the next year for our fitness coach for our physio. So three important for us to not to check if she's healthy and. Just to be prepared if she if she has Samuel Risk of injuries. and not over train her and will alternates probably to some reports. I can't remember now prince she's the prince which is unusual which so she goes to a she's sticking with prince known you contracts coming in you know she played with no contract for last two years. Okay interesting. But it's so so she wasn't like sponsored by time but she played as she was used to it and right now she has some contracts on the table even from Prince, which is pretty pretty good because we can pick whatever she likes. That's why we want not that's. Like I'm I'm not sure if she going to change I'm not sure if you're gonNA stay I. Just want her to take this decision for herself because I don't want here in the middle of the season that I changed or I didn't, and I should you know you can't win either way? Yeah, exactly. So I just want her to take the responsibility for change I gonNA help her we're GonNa you know provide everything we can to get as best feeling as she can but it's hard. Decision on Sheikh has to be sure about it. So. So that's what we're GonNa do if she will want to stay with the racket she's playing she will save not that will switch hopefully that outcomes the planet you can start working on twenty twenty one is going to be really exciting and I can't wait just a couple more questions. What advice do you have for young juniors who want to who are break and truth to the senior game? What's your number one bit of advice? For him I know he took on it already but you know for me like really important is to stay healthy like no, not overtraining yourself not overplay in the tournaments because of course you will get, you can get results in the short term, but on the long-term, it's really difficult to stay that way forever take off like plan everything wisely I think planning is the most important part intense career. It's the the something which you know divide good players with the average players planning and programming. As the like shorter. Very interested in overplaying, getting, burnt out, you're injured and no run at all on question to what were you going to do tennis pointer because we speak different coaches better taste and just interested in though you probably even bite for he not sure who you bought it for but what's y? Did you buy it? For myself because I like to play from time to time but. I GONNA use it with guy because I would love to move. Contact Point? Elbit more fords. So I'm working on that for a few years with her it's already it's already been moved a little bit but I want to for her for plank on faster surfaces than slow heart hardcourts play cards and want to prepare her for grass season. So that's I think that's a good stole to to improve your contact point being more marine front and I think it's like one of the tools you can use. So I'M GONNA use. It thank you. That's great and last question who is you? Do you have a mentor? Who Do you look to for coaching advice or is it just a few pick up on the road you do to read and you know I'm trying to get from everybody around of course, a lot of Polish people like Magdalena coaches and partner in life. She has a great team they are helping. But like let's say Michael Sell Right now is in the Cambridge his name is. Nick Brown I. Don't know if you know him but he was in third round in Wimbledon in the past. He was a really good player and he was coach of our Polish Davies Scott and he was the captain I think of Fed Cup for England but Great Britain. So please like really knowledgeable coach and he's a good person. It's. It's like my really I, like one more advice for everybody around the world to strength to be a better player for juniors always. Surround yourself with good people I think it's much more important than steals and you know like experience it's important to have people who are good and willing to help you. So Nick is the person who is really good person and he's amd believable is an unbelievable knowledge about technique stuff and he's not the person who are going to him against who says, Oh, I like sport let's change over now he's the person whose improving the player. So I. Love going with Invited him to us and his like somebody who is helping us in the process. Great. Well, thank you for that. That's great to hear and thank you very much for your time. I know you're on vacation I've taken up enough. Thank you very much for coming on board on looking forward to on the maze journey ahead. Thank you very much what a great episode full of great information. Behind. A gray coach player on team. Really interesting. If you know anybody who may find it interested, please share it with them. Really appreciate that on again last reminder of ten percent off the wooden spoon over at functions tennis dot Com. When you use the code e get any questions, your shoot me a male or unfunctional Tennessee, and ceramic can't and be happy to help. But until next week goodbye.

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#252 - Cem Karsan, Aegea Capital - 30 Day Vol Tends To Be Overbid And You Have Extended Supply In The Back Of The Curve Historically

The Meb Faber Show

56:06 min | 8 months ago

#252 - Cem Karsan, Aegea Capital - 30 Day Vol Tends To Be Overbid And You Have Extended Supply In The Back Of The Curve Historically

"Welcome to my favorite show where the focus is on helping you grow and preserve your wealth join us as we discussed the craft of investing and uncovered new and profitable ideas all to help you grow wealthier and wiser better investing starts here. Met favors the CO founder and Chief Investment Cambridge Investment. Management. Did IT industry regulations? He will not discuss any of Kim response on this podcast. All opinions expressed by podcasts participants are slowly their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of Kimberly investment management or its affiliates for more information visit. Kim reinvestments, Dot Com. Sponsors the icon pass but I, passing your pocket sweet days away across a family of unique ski destinations across more than forty icon pass destinations. The mountain community can explore a wide open spaces, cut endless lines through fresh mountain air and discover new adventures with old friends so whether you are whole mountain bound or ready for a road trip rambles this winter. The best adventure is always the next adventure on sale. Now, every twenty twenty, one icon pass comes with adventure assurance giving you the confidence to ride discovered pass options and plan for adventure at icon pass. Dot. com. what's up friends? Super Interesting show for you today, our guest is founder and senior managing partner of Jia capital management. In. Today's chat. We're getting into the weeds of market volatility. We hear from our guests about cutting his teeth marketmaking and S and p five hundred equity options and eventually launching a long haul strategy. We, get into structural inefficiencies around mark of all the tend to increase during times of market stress. We talk about what the years look like so far from his perspective and the feedback loop and risks associated with liquidity compress risk premia, and a low yield environment. We chat about what he sees. Markets were pricing in and risk perceptions around the election and some trade ideas to potentially take advantage of what he believes is miss price volatility in December to January period. please. Enjoy this episode with Jia Capitals Jim Person. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me it's like to be here. I am as a static as most of our listeners know I love having newbies on we got a podcast version today folks introduced by a common friend Jim give us a quick background I. Know you're in Chicago give us a quick one to two minute overview of origin story, and then we're going to get super weird and deep all things vall. Sounds good. Yeah. Born London lived in Turkey as a child moved to Texas after that and kind of grew up in stateside educated here parents of the Norway went to Prep School in the East Coast and got a real interesting look the world early on and got travel lot always interested in math econ public policy and kind of took me down a derivative trail went to Rice University for College Matthew Gun policy there and then natural landing place after college which Chicago knowing I was interested in derivatives started in March making land in the deep five hundred equity options and nineteen ninety eight trial by fire during the tech bubble. Up The chain pretty quickly given my background and was fortune nothing two, thousand three to leave and start a big market making operation for prior special firm. They're wagner specialists at. New. York. Overlooking diversify. The mark making world and we built a twenty five person operation for them, and eventually in two thousand, six, I left and started my own mark making operation good timing during the beginning of the financial crisis in two thousand seven with Kim up thirteen percent of US volume during that time played across equity indexes as well as ups but really equity ball and really cut my teeth during that time really built out some new trend falling stuff in some structured trades eventually sold my stake in that business two, thousand, ten on ninety. Five percent of my net worth and started a G. capital after a year and a half and enjoying the fruits of my labor and late two thousand eleven. So g capitals been around like I said eight and a half years we trade volatility products mostly outer and that quantitative approach our flagship product is long ball and has been which has been a slug as you'd imagine starting late two thousand eleven till recently but we have kicked off north of ten percent off a year with positive returns long ball throughout that whole period. Over two minutes but that's kind of the origin story and kind of brings us into that. You and I would have overlapped at one point at rice there for about a week a super nerd and I went to a tissue engineering conference wants there's an Undergrad you guys were known for big biotech program there but I it's too damn hot. I couldn't take it I. It's been all the time indoors. It was too I think in the summertime. So all right. So interesting because you cut your teeth in a few different market environments, you mentioned starting your firm but sometime we started ours prior firm and Six right before the financial crisis, and then you've had this pretty mellow period sense talk to me a little bit about Jia though we'll. We'll kind of focus on some of the ideas when you say long vall I means a lot different things to a lot of different people. So give us sort of overview of the strategy, the process what that means to you guys. Absolutely, so we really take focus on a long ball in. The vicks and Equity Index Land We do look a couple of other products, but we're focused on equity mall. We really believe based on extensive research that the peak has for forty years been in thirty all even though long-term balls theoretically higher end skew extended is radically higher the actual structural demand kinks thirty days. So we actually try focus on capitalizing on the inefficiency and relative peaks in the Thirty Day ball and look at hedging till products or the vix calling as well as some other dispersion trades depending on the vol environment we really have a machine learning quantity background. So we're kind of out they're really studying different environments. What's happened long-term what's happening now? But where it's informed by twenty plus years of experience in his products and how things have moved. To later. Yeah. So maybe tell me a little bit about and you don't have to give away the secret sauce, but maybe just general examples of what a trade may look like or what a strategy may look like just. So people can have a broad understanding of what you guys might be doing when you're talking about some of these ideas. Yes. So without going too deep or essentially looking at the peak of skew in domestic indexes is generally in the month lease about thirty days out, we are looking to monetize that skew based on a we basically take a distribution of a market events based on different. Market Environments we look at the potential moves, underline the in that ball environment scale, the strategy, and look at the lots of the surface across the house single list names, as well as the next and find not just what's hi curve. But what relative to outcomes sticks out we then structure a trade based on our tools proprietary technology that allows us to put a position on his long tails. Long Vega within a band has a very structured position in shape and has a positive expectancy over that period relative to risk return the idea being that there's always opportunities Kerr based on supply-and-demand by namic but. Intrinsically structuring it with tail. and. So what's the actual products you guys are trading? Is it options on ATF's options on indexes are mixing in Future E. T. N.'s what's the toolkit? All, the above flagship is obviously the spx options of the CBO as well as the many options over at the Merck. But we also trained to fix futures Knicks calls and puts the options on mixed as well as all ATF's and larger equity options as well trained some structured products over the counter. But keep that to a minimum. We really think liquidity is key when you're being long role till you. WanNa make sure that you have the ability to monetize appropriately I don't want marcus. And you're not trading need other markets assume you're not trading international equities or fixed income or commodities or anything else is mainly focused on us sorta concepts. Were focused domestically, we do obviously watch and look at not your stocks as laws Nikkei and coffee, and those factors feed into our models. One thing I didn't mention we also run a CPA traveling strategy proprietary early this is not for public consumption currently, but that front falling strategy is producers feed into our ball strategies as well. So it's not just velarde it's also looking at rectal components. What makes that one? Unique is really while indicators were looking at Boeing kids across the board of what where supply demand dynamics are imbalanced at what points, how that helps indicate price direction generally on a daily weekly monthly level were not very high frequency but those indicators have always been great really out by edge to take and falling, and what we've discovered is over really the last eight years, their efficacy has exponentially grown as well so. and. So on the vault Arb- side like how active is this? Is this something that like you're updating on a minute by minute hour by hour you do daily. How long did the trades last? Is this something in the short term long term how's IT Kinda the position sizing risk management all work into the book. Are. Distributions at our five days or weekly. So we are forced rebounds at a minimum weekly but for the most part, our average hold times a day and a half. So the trains rebalance quite quickly based Mark Environments obviously the low vol environment they're gonNA redoubts more slowly in a high of environment, a more quickly are rebounding driven by. Implied volatility as well as market underlying movements they're really focused on Delta skew points or making sure the trades are balanced on a risk to profitability kind metric. So making sure that everything is constantly optimal routes into slippage and making sure that we're in the best part of the carpet times. So before we get into some of the regime's over the past number of years and decades perhaps any other ideas like when it comes to actual portfolio strategy that I'm glossing over that when you're talking institutions or investors one, maybe like where does this fit in how people think about strategy like this but also any other mechanics or things that I just I missed out on before we sort of skip over to some other ideas. This is meant to be a five to ten percent of a portfolio. It's non correlated to pretty much every single other product out there. It is a by definition, a tale complexity hedge that you can put in your portfolio for structured out if you look at a long put. Out. There that generally historically has yielded south of expected value of over long periods ten to twenty percent negative for Year of scale to capitol or kicking off about ten percent Alpha on average over when it's been a very low ball created. So being able to add that into your portfolio is not only important on a cut a Beta just a basis but more importantly having that tail exposure allows you. To, buy in times of stress, not liquidate parts portfolio at the most opportune time, and I, think that's really the big argument ear that people miss a lot of the time is why have that tail hedge in the portfolio special you can sit on court performance for relatively long periods of time an answer is to obviously be in a position of strength when things are at their most desirable to buy. Wins SORTA strategy work best. Wins. It face headwinds. The best performance strategy in the last eight years has been August two thousand, fifteen you on the evaluation we obviously about thirty percent that you're eighteen, thousand, eighteen, a similar number, and obviously march of this year when a about fifty percent up fifty percents for. It does well, not only in big kind of moves. But if when you get, we haven't really get a secular move Mike in two thousand and eight to the downside it has actually it's best performance. So it does have a tail component, but it also does quite well, this month last month would be a good example and trending market as well twenty down market. So it was informed by a lot of my greatest successes which were in two, thousand, eight, two, thousand, nine, as well as dot com bubble. So it will do very well month after month by taking advantage of special inefficiency that increases during those times of stress mentally will pay dividends month after month. A little bit more about that comment structural inefficiencies in markets often don't exist that hard to find or you're taking advantage of something whether it's behavioral Macro Technical Tax Related People Being Idiots whatever the category is why does this sort of approach continue to exist? What is the structural inefficiency anything more? You can say on that point? There is a juristic in vol markets. I would say money managers don't want to buy long dated ball for the most part it see it as a drain on month after month of costs they also see theoretically as long dated ball as being flagler better term kind of the highest implied volatilities. Highest askew is a natural inclination to not by longer data all the by one month fall that allows them to dynamically when they see fit, they also don't. Want. To manage instructor position longer bombers or shorter ball and rebalancing on a constant basis up unimaginable jump in and five cliques. When they feel it is best. They're also because the tendency which has been there for like forty years products have developed around these tendencies like the Knicks to help support that kind of dynamic thirty day all and so all of these factors for demand, which ultimately can foreign inefficiency structural inefficiency. It's GonNa be a supply and demand. Bounce and there is a massive supply and demand imbalance in thirty day ball thirty day ball tends to be overbid and you have extended supply and back of the curb historically, not just because of lack of demand but you have sellers on our delta basis don't sticky skew involve longer dated whether it's an institutional manager leg Buffett or Carl icahn sellers out there or is that just like to sell that? So you get this kind of Kink in the. Curve I guess I would say it's not just the visual king but a relative to expected outcomes I could get import partners go down a little bit of the rabbit hole to is people like to look at the stuff. Theoretically, you may get some arguments back on his own longer stuff is still theoretically more expensive I think the important takeaway here is a longer out you get through the liquidity premium that should exist Mike you saw during long term capital. Management other crises the longer dated you go, it's not just a matter of realize verse implied all that matters. It's really a function of supply and demand and a longer dated ball ultimately has a tail on it the longest especially during a secular down to like we saw. And owning that stuff can be limited downside with been structural upside on the tail at how can before one month going to decline in two experts expiration that is immutable and you're able to head scam effects of that thirty day ball into that decline with shorter dated options next and ball. So there's a way to structure these ads. You can get long big lump skew collects kind of decay, a have complexity and do it in a way where you're taking advantage of some the structural miss price in that exists at something like I said that's worked for period time. The inefficiency of anything has increased with the increase in demand for ball products and the introduction products like. So you've existed survived, which is a compliment. We often tell people in our world through long ball but also through a few different, totally different types of crisis I was smiling as you're talking about secular bear markets and trends and I was GonNa? Say What's that? We haven't seen one of those in a while but talk to me a little bit about have there been any different I mean obviously, there's different environments in two, thousand, seventeen, the market. Went up every single month, and then you have things like this year, which is totally different and then the financial crisis and you highlighted a few different months. What is sort of like fall in the quality over the last ten and for you feel free to extend twenty years because you've been doing this sort of for awhile what's changed? What's been the same had survived certain periods of fallow and famine and everything else in between any general thoughts. Yeah it's changed a lot having anybody who's been this market for twenty years has seen a dramatic change in the way these markets work. There's structural dramatic changes primarily driven by the Federal Reserve and increase liquidity ball compression really starting after the tech bubble with lower interest rates and response to that liquidity crisis have. Risk Premia, risk premium all terms, not just multi products but credit spreads tough to tell most of your people listening to this podcast. But you have the massive increase in carry trades lack of liquidity premium products in that crush I guess that Dutch compression of risk premia has led to a very different market. There is a move I would say the feedback loop into kind of markets without risk premium compressed. You essentially created markets like in two thousand seventeen, which I think is really a kind of the best example. Where implied volatilities are historically lower and realize until these as a result or lower than they've ever been in history, and that's not a coincidence feedback loop of low risk premia leads to everybody being long gamma and hedging much shorter periods. We didn't move greater than three percent in two thousand seventeen to the downside and as kind of proof positive that Mary's feedback rebounding two thousand seventeen. Briggs apple two, thousand seventeen. We saw also historically the lowest correlation inequities by twenty percent and again, not a coincidence. So why is that apply volatility is compressed index is in particular, which is where all be a compression happens from volatility selling. There's still syncretic risk at the end of the day markets. Single stocks will move based on coming up with the cure were a better earnings or. Some using credit issue and one stock goes up another stock has gone down the implied volatility industry minutes compressed and so a lot of people think it's the other way around correlations were the lowest they've ever lowest they've ever been so implied volatility he was compressed a strong belief based on history that the opposite is true that risk premia being compressed as really lead to structural changes in the way these things and so you have a much much lower realized volatility locally than you've ever had. A, relative to history but bigger faster more painful moves that happened on the tail essentially all acquitted he has been moved to local and the moral hazard and the Fed being in the game as essentially lead to bigger and more painful tales. So that's the biggest change in the markets. I think that is probably the biggest change have been big changes based on that in howdy implied volatility surfaces of equity options have moved. They don't move the way. They did twenty years ago particularly skew in these. Products, you have longer dated skew, really getting compressed into down moves and really going to hire highs than it's ever been. The range has dramatically increased relative to history the idea again, being that secular moves are not in the data set for the last twenty years and what works based on automated models and pass investing is to sell the longer dated Volun- skew into a drop in the market in by Gamma Protection that allows you to leverage of all selling essentially leverage buying the dip these trades. Work and had very high sharpe ratios, and as long as you're reading a strategy that cuts that tail when it needs to, and that's based on a lot of assumptions that you can do that selling that volun- skew into a depth and buying back when the markets rallying is the way to keep short ball to keep collecting that premium that has completely changed the structure of holidays volatility circuses work and move changed a lot of strategies that work that used to work and so the other day. And this is a big kind of issue that we can talk about as well as. If that liquidity were to ever change with interest rates toward to no longer be Penn near zero or were to actually come off that level the implications for this market in the way it moves and the ability for a secular declined to happen I think dramatically increase I think the Federal Reserve, nose up. But there are very few points in these data sets that people are running when trading products that. So I think if anything that makes it even more dangerous than the more likely that a change in monetary fiscal policy, which we may be facing here going forward can change of the movement and the way that ball and risk premium products are training could make a have a dramatic effect on what happens the next STA for. Got A lot at how much input in the struggle I always have is markets of course, is this time different being able to try to figure out how much is a structural change and how much is just business as usual irreverence long term capital in such a great example on a lot of levels of this how do you sort of manage that process over the years I mean? Because there's so many different levers. You mentioned some of the put selling and just fall selling strategies and how much impact that may have how much of its fiscal, how much monetary how much was something just getting pushed one way I guess part of my question is also just how much what you're doing is just purely algorithm and how much have you had it change adapt over the years. We've had to adopt a lot obviously, the first ten years I'd traded are very different than this world. I think it's important to have that experience. A lot of people managing money. Now don't know what it was like one, eight thirty years ago and what another market looks like. I think the increased `financialisation automation. Passing. Ultimately most that based on data from the last twenty years, which is very in my mind historically unique environment. You have to respect the Riyadh in the last twenty years and position yourself according to, but also be prepared that she given where we are. In terms of policy and politics and is important as well that things interest rates could very well move higher and go back to what would be completely different regime that had very little to do in the last twenty years, and again I think the leverage in the system, not just leverage and traditional senses, but leveraging all of these risk premium products. which really increase into extended meals like we saw in March, really create a dynamic especially if it were to ever be a secular move because again, if something like March happens in, it's quick and you're able to save and not mark to market certain products and having losses comeback things are okay. But if you have a system where people in longer dated. A great examples away you know we saw ten mall which makes no sense on a rational sense go on to north of sixty that doesn't make sense nobody thought ten year ball would be sixty but they leverage in the system create situation where people had to buy back at those levels and just like in two thousand six prior to the financial crisis tenure of all was I believe running at around thirteen again ridiculous doesn't make any sense but the back markets can do crazy things and so adds that the amount of leverage that's in the system and the amount on how big positions are now across the money mansion space embedded into a sculpture products you can. Really get a situation where the effects are almost ton of four an entire Connie not to be doctor doom or I think there are real aspects of this market that are built on a lot of sunshines and the recent assumptions there based on again, data sets that are not particularly relevant for longer term timeframes in different regimes and I think we're entering a time now in particular where reese the perception of the minimum of potential change given potential fiscal policy and potential inflation could really change kind of liquidity dynamic that has really supported a lot of the trading and helped to form Fangio's I was gonNA use the more technical phrase Shit's going to get weird but I. Figured we'll keep it. Pretty Basic Vernacular Jim talked to me about twenty twenty. You mentioned tenure blew out. Was this year too quick? Did it happen in March? Maybe walk us through of what this year is look like so far. Yeah so this year again, very little been talked about how March happened in how it ended. So quickly, I mean the bottom really happened right at March expiration to quarterly expiration derivatives played a significant role in the liquidation that happened at the bottom. It has really in every since two thousand fifteen at least every major downturn, all of them have been resolved though. With Federal Reserve with quantity and greater and greater amounts that have been necessary. Obviously, there's a lot of talk about how the feds pushing on a string needs greater and greater medication to solve the metaphorical illness and the idea there is by increasing liquidity is to allow these risk premia treads really, and that's what he plucks up that much to not get out. Of Hand to not allow the art market losses in these credit spread losses in these ball product losses structured products on and on to snowball tripoint a lack of confidence in the system. The problem is again great. You can continue to support this market and not allow it to you declined, but at some point which has happened in the last twenty years, it's. Longtime creates a moral hazard A. so people are systems and programs are set up to take advantage of this and assume that tale has a lower probability than it actually has and they're also forced because of the compression of the yields and these risk premia to really because of a scarcity potential yields obviously, that fact where leads to even more selling more compressions. LEVERED system with more selling because of a fear of missing out a lack of potential other option scarcity herald moral hazard creates a massive system south self reinforcing, and if you ever have a system where liquidity disappears, the effects are exponentially worse than they ever were Federal Reserve knows this but there's very few ways out and I think the reality is if they really want inflation. That's what they're talking about. Now, I think not enough incas then spilled on the effects of inflation and how it can pin the risk premia trade have been supporting all of us leverage in the system I. think that's an unintended consequence that's not being explored at thought about by the survey by many market participants at this point again, higher interest rates a delivering of the system. Is Ultimately, at these given away, the system works given the positions that are out. There is incredibly bearish long-term, and again would mean a complete regime change. It would lead to a growth value re rotation out of growth, and into that, you would lead to a reduction of law selling undone the markets allow ways. But I think your study assumptions built into current models and understanding that the tales are now with the potential risks of a move towards a more inflationary environment really opens the door for completely different regime with different strategies. Twenty twenty it's been weird already. We've had negative you'll. Sovereigns around the world oil futures traded negative at one point all the other crazy things going on the whole broncos lineup is hurt. So we're calling this time dating September twenty third. What do you think the chances as far as regimes and this is more of a happy hour coffee gossip question do you think there's a very real possibility? No possibility something in between for sovereign. Bonds in the US to go negative do you discount that is something that's no chance on the ten year or probable what's your thoughts i? Think it's highly likely and the reason I say that is I think the third reserve is going to be forced in the next downturn to do exponentially greater things I think they're going to have to control they're going to have to. The amount of leverage in the risks in the system at this point are such that on the next decline in order to prevent a secular decline again, they're going to have to rule out anything that they can. I wouldn't put it past lying stocks. I wouldn't put it past selling volatility products directly I don't think anybody really talks about that, but I think those are things. That ultimately can may the don't fight. The Fed thing is all matters is what limits are placed upon their ability to do things right now, they can't legally buy stocks but will congress eventually give them an ability. If things are bad enough maybe I think things will get a lot weirder a lot more upside down than you could ever possibly imagine as is almost always the case. I mean, that is definitely a non consensus view. The twenty twenties going to get weirder than it already is this has been I think for many people an entire decade fit in nine months, and by the way we still have three months left. So the rest of the year, what does the world look like right now as far as vall strategies I mean normally this time of year when things start to get pretty Jiechi October through December, everyone seems to be back from summertime in whatever sort of weird pandemic normalcy they find themselves in as we look to this year any general thoughts on what the world looks like today and a few months into the future Yeah look there are some really crazy things going on and on the volatility surface historically, you have a situation where long term when I say long term December January ball during the election given the fears of contested election our pricing at dramatically higher than something we've ever seen the election straddle the one day straddled for the election itself is only running at about eighty dogs, which is not that high. which given eighty dollars for the S&P five hundred so we're talking to an that percent if anything asked me, that's cheap. But behind that the pricing in one, hundred, ten to one, hundred, fifteen dollars, daily moves, which we're talking, you know three and a half percent daily moves in the sap throughout December in January those are dramatic moves. We're talking about risk perceptions especially given that there's a real possibility despite. Compensation, that one side wins outright. Selection everybody it will. He's all levels out. There are really I, and you think about the fact that volatility being compressed particularly in the index is right now what's been holding this market together you're seeing a lot of stress and pockets across the market, but it's really moves are being compressed by index volatility being relatives to realize if you actually look at realize versus implies right now. They're almost right on top of it. So there's almost no risk premia in these small children markets, not just because they're very oversupplied currently and in the front of the curb. So yet my point here is that the other day right now risk premia compression is holding this market from anything dramatic happening. But if you look forward post-election, that's not the case that ball. In play ball priced incredibly high and so imagine a situation where you have these pockets of restarting to really blow out, and now you no longer have risk premium that feedback loop calming the market allowing it to function without a stressing instead being a tale with that can promote a tale. What's the takeaway there? Because there's a couple different moving parts and speak. To Your Lehman, which I am say is it people were expecting a contested election one through their views in the derivative markets, which by the way, it doesn't seem I. Don't really do politics twitter, but it doesn't seem like a consensus view maybe it is, and then second, is there anything to take advantage of or avoid when it comes to the next three months? Greg Question. So time getting this is important but really the last several days into this decline you've seen interesting dynamic role. The recent history with the calendar spreads really expanding dramatically that should continue based on where election ball is given the compression feedback you talking about that's happening in the markets due to low imply ball again, implied vol is very low. It's allowing people to hedge at relatively cheap costs, but in the short term but. Long, term that's not the case eventually ensure going to move away from the short term ball, and if you expand these counter spreads of you expand long-term Vega and make that really high the coverage of Benxi. Over time, you're going to keep trying to hire hire volatilities and eventually that pinning the market like I was saying can cause a disruption allowing them. These other factors credit spreads beginning to increase, which is happening the last couple heads to really start taking over risks to kind. Of Snowball. So things take advantage of I would be positioning and we are positioned to take advantage of all to move potentially host election. There are great opportunities to do this for very low cost because there's a lot of inefficiency in curve structural inefficiency, not a thirty day per se. But because of these fears that are happening for contested election, you have situations where February of all is very low relative to diesel jam as well as of November monthly election ball being really cheap. Based on probabilities contested election, etc. You can really put on structure and fly trades in the indexes versus kind of than be long volatility while still being collecting of harvesting some of the extra. What we believe is misplaced volatility that December January period. Again, the key is to be long ball position yourself or a tell because I think it's likely to happen in December January period. Feet to the fire gun to the head Jim what's the percent odds you're putting on a contested election i? Think it's over you look at what the market price in the market pricing and north of sixty five percent chance. which is crazy I agree with you Is it a real risk? Absolutely I. Don't to be dismissive of it. I'm not saying go sell that goal in a vacuum I'm actually saying the opposite be long volatility or position yourself to be able to take advantage of the increased likelihood of something happening just because implied volatilities are hydrogen up your the construction risks that exists out there going forward with fiscal policy, etc. But in terms of specifically contested election writs. I. Believe it's high. If also defy what is a contested election what does that look like is that something that gets resolved relatively quickly within a week? Are we taking this December fourteenth which is when the Electoral College meets are you taking it to? Is it a tie? You're taking to January in Bush versus Gore Supreme Court settled on December twelve because the electoral college the next day on December thirteenth you have to understand these dynamics Understand what's possible? What's not what the odds are with the magnitude of the mood might be in those environments and structure yourself according that's a big part of positioning and making your preparing for these situations is understanding event not just hey, what's what's low on the curve? It's really understanding where's this thing being priced whereas the skewness about getting pricing wise. Is that efficient? There's a lot of mispricing of skew that happens during an event ball and On that there's some big opportunities and skew for events when you can take advantage of as well and so I think the gun to my head I would say the odds are twenty, five percent somewhere between five and and sixty five. I was tweeting about this the other day. 'cause I was curious again. I. Try to mute just about every political variation of phrases on twitter and elsewhere they still send to seep in. No matter what. But inevitable well, it's inevitable but it's funny because I look back four years ago I had a tweet where there's academic paper. It's a little bit tongue in cheek, but it demonstrated like stock market has like eighty five percent accuracy in predicting the election just based on if it's up, I think three months going into the election I think the twelve months is similar but I had tweeted. November I last election I said team Hillary better start buying futures because the stock market's down and if it continues to be down, the simple indicator is stock markets up incumbent party's stays in vice versa but it's funny because this year as of I think this podcast getting recorded, it's right at fifty fifty, which is right where the betting markets are. But so I was trying to assess. What the probabilities are, and at least try to place an actual bet on it. But most of the prediction markets only let you bet like a hundred or I think predict only caps out like eight hundred bucks or something but the rules they had, which is a little different was I think December fourth was priced at about ten to one but their criteria for the determination was it. Win Like Fox and CNBC both called the election in favor of one person and I was like I'm not sure if that's as trustworthy are accurate as I would hope, the bet would be anyway listeners. If you've got a good ways places bet I'm curious because I think it's a pretty decent chance given all the variables going in but anyway, it'll be interesting to watch. That's for sure. I think an interesting way to plan is really getting too deep Biz I think the value versus growth trade, which obviously has been widowmaker for years and so stretched I. Think there's a secular reasons like structural secular reasons why that trade looking forward many years talking one month to month will mean revert and just because of the need greater fiscal stimulus without getting into too much detail there. But clearly in abide victory that will happen quicker. The push for fiscal stimulus infrastructure spending social programs will be much quicker based on the current site guys from what people. Feel, necessary in the democratic. Party. So I think one of the best ways to play this is really kind of look for ways to structure of all trades around that kind of value growth factor. You might put yourself in a position where if trump wins, you may take a small loss on it, but I think the potential upside to trade that expresses that and especially in a convex way and Abidin victory could really pay dividends that happen. So that's one place kind of we're looking right now on their interesting trades given were growth wall tread versus valuable. That's interesting. I never even thought about that from a derivative standpoint being a value guy at heart as well as far and along Vol Guy all mixed in the value community has just been facing that pain trade as you mentioned, and it seems just keep getting worse by the day. But that's an interesting thought I had not considered. I mean again, it's a good kind of cheap way. I'd say they're very inexpensive way to get a lover on election Jim big picture question backup a second to the extent you guys do most of all our just on sap is accurate or It's across all inexpert but I'd say the flagship possessively I mean, that's kind of the center of all world you kind of to normalize everything to that because that's where the greatest volume happens. Clearly we've been having a lot more retail volume. You'll get into as well on the big growth ends, which has changed a little bit, but it's still the ten thousand pound gorilla. You know it's still what ultimately pins moons, markets and relative died about it's canal you start we have betrayed a lot of products but do it through the lens of Spx. Yeah because I mean I was thinking theoretically least diversification across other markets whether it's fixed income commodities are just other financial markets in equities would seem that there should be some broadly similar brushstrokes across them although we were talking Turkish stocks and investing. Before we got started, there's clearly differences in different markets is that something you would say is more accurate than not vall sort of concepts apply across markets or do you have to be pretty deep in the weeds aware of the structural differences or both? Yeah absolutely. So different markets both foreign equity markets as well as just Kinda, debt markets. Foreign Exchange Commodities. All experienced the risk premium compression dynamics that we've talked about two billion interest rates but there's something that makes that are very unique to Obviously, one-sided skew the equities, and the way that's skew is always highest pretty much in the world in a year in domestically in SMP because the people come hedge, really allow for some unique opportunities inequity land that don't translate over to some of the other law complexes legates. Dancer is in some ways universal kind of equating compression issues are across products. They all are related obviously working on X. market maker I think everything is the massive four dimensional matrix everything is related. To everything, risk is filtered from one product to the other end has factor exposure across each factor relative to one another. But there are certain things that can only be properly hedged equity land for equities and I. think that's why I think this complex in terms of opportunities for relative value connected trades as we saw and March actually march the best performing ball was as people equity all you're allowed opportunities here that you wouldn't get elsewhere outperformance I also think that at the End of the day, if you take on too much correlation, NASA's rents on a long ball trade in, you're trying to get out today opportunities but captured tale and the tale basis can each you up especially given this liquidity environment and the potential liquidity issues that arise entities, moons more and more with kind of unmatched tell liquidity out there. So I think it's critical that you're really focused on forming on the tail to not put too much basis risk on the bucks so. Clearly, trying not get too cute with some strategies really take advantage of strategies don't have generals. What's the impact if any we've certainly seen similarities to other times, but the media loves to cover all the Shenanigans going on and Robin Hood and Portnoy. Not Ours the other one shout out Portnoy and Masan or all these other things that may be going on these having an impact. Is it something that's Kinda? You know you brush aside as minor players, reminder effects they creating opportunity. Anybody who's been kinda following me on twitter. The last three months would kind of see kind of the ability to call market direction based on these voluntary factors and important they are to understanding kind of structure realities to how this market works. One of the things we have talked about is kind of gamma facts from these indexes from these ballparks. Let's talk about it. What does it? What does that? What does that mean? Yes. So a lot of talk about it in the last month or so but essentially, all this retail buying 'cause it was actually much more the retail bind calls than it was Amazon and bank. They also played a role, all that buying calls for some dealers to take short gamma positions in those stocks, which is only increasing leverage in the direction of the trade. So with all those caused being bought dealers were forced shorter and shorter Delta into that rally that ended in at the end of August and ultimately led to a situation where great and greater stock buyback raising balls into a rally, which was very unique, the extensive which involves rising and. kind of an unpaid again. As. We were talking about before the vall complex and allowing for some of these other risk factors to kind of ultimately push the market out in late August, I was very public about kind of when you see volatility rising into a rally, just a matter of time because at especially in this market, which is the quickey driven. Again unpicking lack of better term of the forces that have largely been at play that have allowed this market growth in particular Tau perform and so when all rises in a situation like that it really loosen the marketing allowed it to decline that said, these sophisticated players know this now at this point as dealers were forced to take on short short gamma and these products they were edging it net long. Ball by buying calls and puts both in the S&P Five, hundred across the rest of all conflict. So the positioning really got to a point at the top where people were long ball in sap across the non roof names and short it in his growth names and there extra long ball. So not surprisingly the pain trade is always where the market tends to go and the pain trade was for growth. To rotate out I publicly called for rotation growth at that point at a massive rotation out of growth into value beginning when that started happening and you had a compression of till the end to drop because people were extra long index volatility. So we had a massive decline in the market, which was again, not a surprise. We've got a ball compression Rodley in the market, which is not a surprise that. You move away from the short calls. The people had dealers had made ask as and you had a massive decline in growth names and that rotation habit. So this is the beauty of understanding ball markets as a multidimensional. You not only get to color on which way will the market go based on dynamics? What do likely? Where's the Patriot ball where the patron, the market? Where's the pen trade in? The spurs traded whereas the rotation likely to happen. All these things were, does it in terms of time nothing's likely to happen and our they likely to play out? Game in Varna. Flows that occurred during this time, the more you understand these vol markets and where the supply demand imbalances are and how the street is positioned the more you understand not just where the market will go but where and how the dynamics will play out in the months weeks months to. Well it's GonNa be fun to watch. That's for sure not going to be boring. No matter what as we look past the horizon started wind this down. Any general thoughts on talked a lot about instability but any other just general thoughts on markets your firm what's Y'alls plans over the next decade or I say the rest of the decade twenty twenty should have its own separate year the rest of the decade what are you excited about anything on your mind researching studying thinking about? Your I mean in terms of the business like I mentioned this before but I really started to focus a lot more on kind of the ball effects on the market itself. We've done a lot more kind of analysis to that effect and get by strategy that has been very successful in the last year since we launched it using these affects to predict kind of market movements. That's an area I think that is. Not as Much capital not as many people understand those effects as well as we do based on our experience and measuring the supply and demand factors is really the kind of secret sauce and being able to predict markets at time, it's hard to measure supply demand you have to be on the inside you have to have good information you have to track flows, and you have to have a good framework to take an engineer. That's nearly I'm trying to focus more on directional on ball. We really good at the ball art piece and kind of. Distributions understanding we're laws cheap inexpensive and how took take advantage of it for a long time but adding directional expertise related last year has been the revelation and I think obviously much more scalable strategy than some of the ball arm strategies are as well, which is a big benefits Russell's. So we'RE GONNA probably launch a product that CJ product based on performance and that end under volatility advisors in the next six months. With the sort of capacity for the Vol, are I mean you're trading in a pretty big pond? Is it really high or is it actually not that high? It's less than you think you'd think sap hundred ball is a incredibly deep pool and but the key is dealing with the tail like I said before to get the liquidity during times of stress that mismatch liquidity based on the amount of imagined or across the street or short five, Delta Ten puts not when you get down there become one hundred. Is already leveraged positions and everybody's trying to get out the same time. So real liquidity situation extended time and time. Again, the last five years not bear in those situations. So that really limits some of these fighting on alongside there's still only so much you can do the capacity of long ball strategy is around five, hundred million dollars, and we're managing about half of that now. So not as much as you'd expect, that's also a great career trying benefit from some of the Alpha in edge that we get from understandings markets All right listeners you gotta get your wires in before. Zonja before the election. What's been the most memorable you say investment or trade during your career could be good bad long short in between anything come to mind. I made the majority of my net than two thousand eight during the financial crisis. That's Kinda run I made my name when I really have developed a lot of studies that I now use a lot of things we still do in the long ball strategy. Our lessons learned from that experience but I believe in oncoming separate different but similar experience in the next year will be better. If that materializes to hang my hat on that that was the best tournament. We took a couple of million dollars and turned north of thirty five in a matter of a couple years Olympic numbers from your guests and again, not schedule strategies. But the risk reward on these types of positions that you can put out. There are incredible if you get a secular decline and that's really the key again, I mentioned the top programme those. Haven't happened really since away and the window is definitely opening for them if we do get higher inflation. So yeah, I think I will get into the details but trade, but again, it's very related to some things. I talked about in terms of how we position and take advantage of kind of structure in the fishing season, the indexes in emphasis ourselves long-haul. Takeaways, you only have to show up once every ten years. To take vacation once a decade have a month or to work monetize it and go back to bed God, the amount of like brain cells I've killed in the last eleven years trying to wait for that coming is you know? I wish I stayed on break longer than a year and a half I'd say that but. Good, Jim, we're going to have to hit you up next time. We want some deep due diligence on Turkey as well as what's going on after to revisit and see kind of how this year ended I. Imagine it's GonNa be a totally peaceful next three months viruses going to disappear into the ether peaceful political transition and then back to business as normal in twenty twenty, one, I'm a comeback I will say the one thing i. Didn't mention that just be off your monitoring i. do think when people are expecting something in terms of an actual expiration time like we are seeing in December January unlike the theory that like you mentioned the of the intelligence crowds existing there that because there's a feedback loop and ball markets, a lot of times in structural reasons why you events actually don't fully play out at that time because as ball compresses after I, bet you'll get. What you got in the trump election in sixteen, you could get a really kind of short term period of stabilization. So I wouldn't be surprised that we some initial volatility and then it amounts to some type of compression towards the end of the year only to come back after the new year something into spring of next year. So that's my general framework I would say who knows we'll see again. Position, Long Ball for the event but I do think there's a better chance to get some movement on the election November. Maybe some stabilisation in December January once era we all know who the next president is and then when the the whole idea you know growing fiscal policy as well as potential inflation depending on WHO's elected president I think we can see a real beginning of a secular move into next year. I think we didn't really touch on this and it's getting too late to go deep. You know. I think a undercurrent of lot of discussions I'm having with advisors who are more and more consistently getting concerned about where bonds are in the portfolio with bonds yielding sixty basis points and the potential if they do go to zero or negative, what other strategies Can they sell in that? Have some sort of protection to the rest of the portfolio going from sixty, forty, two, maybe eighty, twenty or seventy, twenty, ten and that ten being something like a strategy. You're talking about that hedges some of the equity, but it doesn't give you the negative carry bonds I don't know that's for next time. We'll talk about that. We'll talk about that in. It's time always leave the audience wanting more jim otherwise is going to start to be a Rogan. Ask Link Long podcast I definitely think this should be part of anybody's portfolio degree complexity mismatched given. The leverage is represents a real opportunity obviously, but I'm talking my book. So leave for next time. All right perfect. Where do people go? They WanNa find you handle website all that good stuff. Yeah twitter handles jam underscore croissant. I just wanted to hear you say we always put it in the show knows i. just wanted to hear you mentioned the twitter handle. Yeah, see my name Gem Carson. We'll see we'll see it celebrate on understand for Daria. It's kind of been a nickname for a little while a jam underscore croissant website is GE capital. Dot. COM, we're in the process of like I said, Raunchy a CPA product under the moniker advisors and that website it will be live here shortly as well and and something that you can hope to hear a lot more about. Jim Thanks so much for joining us today. Thanks for Apple. PODCAST listeners will post show notes. Today's conversation at Med favored dot com slash podcast. If you love the show, if you hate shoot US feedback at the MED favor show dot com we love to read the reviews please use on I tunes surprised show anywhere good podcasts are found. Current favorite is breaker. Thanks for listening friends in good investing.

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Santa, The Blue Jays Need Presents

Jay Bird Watching

1:18:01 hr | 5 months ago

Santa, The Blue Jays Need Presents

"Pretty following for this. We got some twitter replies to craig and put you in charge of brain that up for you got me on the spot. I get all always all right. So i did find out last week. There is a good delay after. I hit the record button here for everything pop online so at two one alkali at it. Okay that worked for me just account my head. Okay do the ways role thing count and i go all right three to one going on. Jj jaybird watching on. This festive festive episode. The i gotta shout at stadium. Seen part of the stadium seen network of podcasts. Yeah i wanna to make sure. I got that out. There were still taught mind. Gotta fill our contractual obligations. Isn't that right out of shower. You guys doing right. I've gotta keep the podcast atty happy. They did if they are bringing us. Mad money so All right because all decide all jokes aside gentlemen. It is almost christmas. Time is crazy to say i know hannukah's been underway for few days now And there's a lot more festive today. That's true shadow. Seinfeld s visits today. Chris received tomorrow Lot of people look before we get into blue jay stuff. It's a tough time for a lot of people we realize that here ontario. I'm not sure what the situation is for. You guys is actually guys this yesterday. They antero. We're going into lockdown second one full lockdown even though. It's not really full lockdown because kids are going to be going back to school on january eleventh in person by regardless they're calling it a full province-wide lockdown And sarah and i have made the decision to not spend christmas with their families. We're gonna do a few drive bys and see families and whatnot so we thought that this episode can bring you guys cheer during the holiday season It's gonna be christmas of myself. Sarah but guys whether your christmas plans I know we talked about it in our little text message pre-game stuff before the show but Out of what do you got going on. Holidays say man just staying home My wife my daughter. And i hear rhode island. It's pretty much the same. Your designated to your own household. The governor's asking people to stay within their own household and celebrate. The only exception is if you live alone you are allowed to go to another household but the total amount of people in the house can exceed five so luckily for me. My mom lives alone. Show joining us for christmas dinner. As that will only equal for people. We all quarantine. She watches the child anyway. We don't go anywhere we get everything delivered anyway so. It's nothing like a normal monday wednesday friday anyway. So yeah that's won't be doing so at least we do have some extended quote unquote family. My mom coming into to celebrate with us so she's not alone and neither. Are we good awesome. That's gonna do craig. What about you in the family going to hang out here with the kids and dogs and just have everything out. That's how my are gonna come over tomorrow on christmas day and just hanging out. Small crazy watching. Tv make jokes bring the kids their presence and stuff like that so i it works. You know gotta do what we gotta do right now so we can get back to actually having baseball as for true. Maybe that is enjoy one of these calls. All it's true okay. What are we drinking tonight. Because this is the first time. I've cracked open to drink during the for quite a while. This is number one For the show. It's a black adam. I noticed who got a little a little glass which got mixed on. I got the toronto skyline right there in a happy skipper. We do I i do the diet soda. I noticed technically not good for you. But whatever i just do it anyway. Diet ginger ale and captain on some ice. That's simple on is bringing up the fact that you know. He's drinking diet soda when we were just talking about contents and the first thing. Volunteers volunteer thing out of flour for the most part. It's a once a week. Treat for me. That's it just wants to use jawf. Josh checks of course become like a weekly tradition of showing that awful especially with the fan. We you're saying out of sixty seven hundred fans could be allowed into into. The stadium is good news for the bills billion. When i hear man. And look i. I wouldn't have the balls to participate in that personally but i would like to see people have in that personally so i look when it comes to football and i know this is a blue jays podcast but when it comes to the bills. I'm sure there's a lot of cross pollination terms of fan interest. I am looking forward to seeing fans in buffalo at bill stadium for a playoff game. It's been far too long even the past two princes the they've been on the road. It's been jacksonville in in houston. So it'd be really nice. I think the first game would be baltimore or miami. One was to miami. Yeah yeah elliot of occasions going on this week. Yeah so we know about that. It's very true anyway. And i'm sticking by canadian buffalo rude blue and ninety. I'm sorry to thirty. Pack was only fifteen dollars. A leg was on sale. Tyco untrustworthy have stat is because i know version is like twenty bucks to fifteen but like thirty here you're getting upwards of like forty fifty bucks guys got such as like that you miss the taxes eventually fifteen dollars a blue jays podcast but the what we tease last week. Our christmas wish list For what we want to see both blue jays in non blue jay stuff There was one kind of significant rumor that pop. I wouldn't say the blue jays are necessarily connected to it but they could make themselves connected to it The cincinnati reds are apparently interested Or at least dangling Louis custodio in trade talks young control. Stud starting pitcher Eight it's still kinda mind. Boggling at the reds are even willing to trade him considering where they are. They made the playoffs last year. I know they're gonna lose. Trevor bauer that. Maybe they're thinking sell castio now and try to get some more assets anyway castillejos. Apparently on an apparently uranium suarez is as well. There's a few different massive contracts the reds surely will be looking to sell and it wouldn't surprise me at the blue jays are dabbling in yesterday in on us with mexico. Medicines out macarthur was saying he wouldn't be surprised if the blue jays have called cincinnati to discuss this possibility. Craig i want to start with you on this one D think the blue jays could be interested in this maybe as a fallback option number one because it seems like there's a starting pitcher that fits the same kind of mold that we were talking earlier. This offseason about her mom marquez. Young controllable under contract and maybe the ability to lower the prospect capital said backed by taking on contract of suarez ormes. Dhaka's what are your thoughts me is. I'm throwing everything in this basket just because of the uncontrollable thing and the sad thing is. I don't think it will be tuning up the idea what's going on. I think with the the reds. I think they're in that same limbo rockies were a few years ago and do you push the money in everything right now or do you Because you're close and you don't have to really going to get there. You take a step back for a long and over an extended time if they're on that tipping point if they don't think our coming back starting to maybe explore these options on in the see what they could get for at least steel juarez and company. I don't see joey votto being gone anywhere. He's nobody's gonna take on that godly amount of money regardless of how good he thought they could get a steal and probably going to be a good you know a major leaguer in at least three prospect tier prospects just because the amount of control is the guy that was all star twenty nine and all in all real opinions he was lights out here and all star. It didn't look like he was screwing around actually so in the see him do what he did this past season with Even i know was only three and seven. Better than that. Record shows toned. What's up this would be a game rotation and really for prospect cattle and probably a major leaguer. I don't know it ends up being somebody like lord.'. More prospects they that's where the reds would be pushing. They're all of a sudden going for the idea here of trading a in the first place. It's going to be hurt. That quick rebuild a decide push that yeah. I wouldn't mind. I say this. You know obviously ingest. But i wouldn't mind getting hum. It obviously feel a massive hole that the blue jays need to address but I guess it depends on what this front office is prioritized. Now for me when you compare castillo to lynn door. I know the law of having francisco. Endure sexier castio just because the name clough is a little bit on the minds a little bit more permeates more the fan base than louis custody and that's no disrespect the him as just i just think lindores a bigger name. So i feel like you'll sell more jerseys and it's a better business decision even if he's just a rental but at the same time. I don't know that you need to succeed more than you think. Adding a player like luis castillo. You can see the success last a little bit longer in the blue jays organization. And you're not sort of manipulating the infield to make it would with lynda right. You just slotting. 'cause do and so for me that makes it makes a lot of sense if if the cost is laura's sure i mean again that creates a hole in the outfield but i just i'm not so much worry about filling those holes. I would be starting pitching starting pitching something. That's a little bit more difficult to address and as you said he still has three two three years arbitration lesson as a free a free agent in twenty four. So you haven't for a while and this is probably the prime of his career. I take advantage. I if if the cost is laura's and i don't know a couple of times i would assume woods. Richardson would probably have to be involved. I'm doing it screw it. let's go yeah no me to adjust to rattle off some numbers quickly guys. You guys probably looked at this. With last year in seventy innings. He struck at eighty nine and before one hundred ninety two thirds he a to twenty six. The guys strike up machine at. He's only getting better. Twenty eight and you're right. Adam is a free agent in two thousand. Twenty four are eligible in twenty twenty two. So you still have a super cheap like. He's making the league minimum. I'm assuming at this point unless you want to buy some other years out. Pam is so. Here's my next question to you. Guys obviously steel. I think we're all all one hundred percent on getting the prospect. Capitalism mentioned earlier to thi this whole conversation probably would be a lot for castillo on his own by people are starting to be like. Well maybe if cincinnati wants to get rid of the bigger contracts they have. I wouldn't call. Cincinnati a big market team. They're probably mid to small market so they probably will one of the teams that were heard a little bit more with the pandemic not having fans so adam suarez. Mike moustakas both could play third base. swore in twenty nine hundred. Almost fifty home runs at forty nam at ease. Among the league leaders home runs for the last like two or three years of the tubes dacas. We know about him from his kansas city days. Blue jays fans may not be as familiar with suarez even playing in the national league but other to who would you rather see the jays pickup. I'd stick with suarez just because the youth on although moussaka s- you know he's tailored when he has to be he's not great but he's not a bad player to have. He's to me just sort of screams. Travis shaw all over again dare i say but it's maybe there's a little bit more upside with mike moustakas So suarez to me. I feel like the ceiling is a little bit higher The you side. If that's the case then. I i'd like to take on if its mandate again. I really wanna mess with the infield. I kinda would just like this one for casteel own and we'll we'll pay the bankers capital for them. But if i have to choose one of the two. I'm going to swallow it. I wonder how much i agree with. Adam on this forest thing. Mike stock is two screens role player guide to me regardless of what he can do as a peak it is getting just because the re johnson man if they're dangling those guys in there talking to name cloud that we are here they signed. Nick kessle llanos to a giant contract. Are they all ready looking to flow. It's it's not honest question and that would still more holes in a lot of things than we were talking about at least brings out. We have a true everyday outfielder. I don't like that moves possibly a oscar out right because honestly guys saw iraqi looked like he solidified himself as a comfort spot in right field. I wanna mess with that. And i don't know castellanos translate over left field for that. But if he's traded Deal so are they small rises. Definitely somebody if you were going to be able to toss somebody in on this. It's very intriguing. But like animals. Saying i feel like we got enough moving pieces around our infield already. Do you really want to throw another rich talented player into that. You know more. Or less. A russian roulette of header straighten. So what i like. I said i think a minimum care what it takes. If you've got a chance to get louise conceal you after poultry on percent percent it. All we had the whole trade shows talking about her marquez in nolan auto trade packages. This one intrigues me. Far further Just because suarez if it's warez instead of an auto avio contract when they signed him. Cincinnati is only shades a shade below ten million dollars whereas nolan auto you're paying upwards of twenty five thirty until twenty thirty or whatever it is swore the free agent twenty twenty five until they have a club option there so maybe twenty twenty four At the time now because of that the the the asking price would probably the soon be a little higher because they're contractor so much bigger much dacas. I agree with you guys. Especially adam i think it was brought it. I in cregg echoed it Yeah i the stock is at this point in his career as a who am display up. Burley's thirty two Stern thirty two. He does scream out a little bit. Better travis shaw. I noticed newstalk as didn't have the best season in the in the forty four games that he played he did a pretty fantastic twenty nineteen but the same time the stock is has been very up and down for a guy who hasn't posted a war above three any of the last like three. Actually you have to go back to the year. They won the world series for him. The post don't Three Worser season so. I feel the almost offices contract doing cincinnati a favor. Nfl something that we regret but based on let's assume that we move forward with it being custodio with it being swore us out. I know we talked lord and you mentioned. Swr as guys. What else are you throw in cincinnati. Because he knows going to have to take a boatload to get these two guys yeah i'm afraid especially with cassini. I talked to see. I'm worried that it's going to. They're going to ask for someone like pearson. And if that's i can't see if the reg really want to jump start a rebuild and get the best that they can for castillo. I can't see them wanting to start then pearson and if that's the case of on the blue jays i'm walking away so realistically i feel like it's gonna take one of their top tier pitching prospects on. Maybe you can sell them on swr. I don't think that's going to be a novel to fit. Is you're going to have to include a lot of work. Irks going to have to be in that. I think so. It's tough yeah i i. Don't i think it would be a high asking price so too. I think that's where it would start. If you just think about the top three right there you think lord.'. Maybe a pierce in swr. We'll just stick with the swr assuming the future saying no way. I do it. I think i would do it i would do. I wonder if it's going to be one of the blue jays. Top catchers sam. Either johnson or kirk basically already the equivalent of danny janssen's Major league bernhardt right Current catcher i was like i know he's got talent materialized in the major league level but he's definitely a defensive first catcher in the national league getting somebody that possibly could have some band field. You know catching position. I i would think they're gonna scream. And get all your hotter kirk and this trait is much. I don did happen and it will be woods. I really don't see anything other than that. I feel like adam is right there. They're gonna be pearson but the blue jays hopefully are doing that and then they're probably going to have to give up somebody else in that top ten prospects to be able to get turn around. I'll give you you know the same. Equal shot who that other third person is. And it's not like they're gonna take the contract randall. Critic stop like that. It's going to be this symbolizes that they want quick turnaround. So it's going to be the collective group of our probably our time to your as far as major league closeness to our minor league system and honestly wouldn't shock me if some of the guys like tj's wake or some of those guys that really could help round out. A pitching staff would be even a throw in two or a sweeter really shock me. I i'm kind of thinking along the same lines you there where you give them some guys can plug and play into their rotation at the back end of it like zoya maybe nathan he as an option Whoever it is. I don't wanna trade you bobby. Trust me. we but i really do. I would not be surprised at this asking. Price would be at minimum five players from the blue jays organization going back to cincinnati and even depending on who that is. I think i'd still be. Is you got them under control until at least twenty twenty four. Both of them And that's when you're assuming the blue jays are going to start pushing the chips in four of being world series contender. The final thing will ask about this. One is because when this rumor i came up. Actually things we'll see how this one goes. When this rumor. I came up people. Were trying to start. Putting together. hypothetical trade packages like blue jays. Twitter always does or any fan twitter in our shows done quite a few times. This offseason people suggesting that they be okay in this deal craig. Where do you fall on that. We always have our little piece beyond era while we all bring up letter out last minute thing. Is i on hawk off smart because there was actually a really good article yesterday or this morning about how he's just as competitive juices are disliked. I have to play. He's gonna run with everything right. There's something about this kid that i just. I really think he could be one of the next big things in toronto and i am tolling building on it at all day. I read it. I can do that. There's something about the guy. He always doing the competitive. The talent a little bit from the videos we've seen in the blue jays Inter squad games and stuff like that from the The and what this kid at vanderbilt and if he's stat truly competitive and he's itching to get on the field and he can't wait. There is something there. Fuzzy doesn't play like brat. Laureate has hair on fire. I'm not. I'm not moving them. You don't get someone that talented falling to you. Was it fifth. Pick in the draft. Don't get someone with that talent. Yeah i look. And i understand the knee jerk. I understand the why fans are eager or not eager but would consider including them. It's because there is no tape right. You look at all the prospects that we have and that have developed in the system you could find some sort of footage of lord s when he was playing in new latte or off shawn full even when he played in new hampshire. Whatever you could find footage of them and say this is going to be lights out. He's just these blossoming right now. There's really not a lot of footage in the blue jays. Minor league system. So it's easy to say. Well you know he still which is true and you know. We don't know what he's going to be so you might as well sell high. I get you know that sort of reactionary response to it but for me. It's just. I don't know this is perhaps it could be and maybe this is out of my reach here but to me. There's something eerily similar to him and how he performs and how he carries himself compared to bow they're very similar in. It's not just the hair. Ray i it's way they carry themselves The yeah the fierce the ferocity in which they play in in there i really liked they're just ballplayers and for having that sort of potential in your system. Yeah you know. Conceal is or anybody really is really intriguing. But i just love that upside. And i'm not sure i'm willing to get rid of that this early. Yeah i think martin's gonna literally shut trajectory through the minor league system soon as miley baseball back. And i literally think he's gonna just blitz right through it and came down to me having a trade one of our top five guys. He's just as untouchable to me. Nate pierces even with a little bit of footage and everything. There is something special about this kid and the fact that we could actually has a another stellar homegrown outfielder. I think that's where he's gonna end at the end of the day. But i i would trade groceries right now without even thinking about over and i love during groshans just for the record now so so would you take our as if it meant Jordan grocery because you know if you're trading groshans away to cincinnati. Their third base position is pretty clogged up as it is and again we we talked about. What would it mean to acquire someone. Like for instance galindo. You'd have to do some infield manipulation conceivably you'd have to do the same thing suarez but if you're including groceries in there you might be able to get a deal done quicker including those two so if that's the case. Yeah i'd be willing to do that. Just to give cincinnati incentive to get rid of the contract into not be able to eat that no that would be that would be the trade off. I think people hundred al final questions about this before we move onto. The show is When john is on the sports net show yesterday morning. he referenced. the mantra pyro quote Power was on. I think it was high heat or some show in l. b. network. I think it was monday And he said when talking about the off season is that there are players that are available on the market. That you wouldn't necessarily think would be or people are hearing. Do we think he's kind of tipping. His cat there that casteel. Just the other day as rumored to be available in trade talks and shapiro goes on this show and it'll be network and says that like are we crazy for thinking that is kind of hand in hand that maybe that is the guy that shapiro was talking about and this could be reason why other moves haven't been made yet maybe not but it just as another avenue that could be exploring so brings out out of like i to me when i heard that quote morosi brought it up. I bet they've done their due diligence and at least engage them on one. It would take it start. Oh yeah no. There's no doubt that they've made a phone call. But that's look they probably of phone calls about almost everybody right and even people that are publicly available quote unquote. It would not shock me right it. Just it wouldn't shock me if they called l. a. And said hey what was it. What would it take to get my trout. They would not surprise me if that as least been floated out there. Even if it's just you know for shits and giggles but to to me shapiro in someone. That really necessarily tips his cap right. I think they are being aggressive. And you have enough. People know that are offering the same consensus about that but when it comes to individual players i just can't be she war which is again calling back to last week's discussion when we talk about these available free agents or these available trade ships not sure that the blue jays our as all in as being reported. I'd like to think they are but something tells me you know. Maybe it's just the blue jays me that when you hear all this chatter about the blue jays really interested. It just doesn't really come into very rare. so would it surprise me. If they've made phone calls to cincinnati not at all. I bet you they have. I bet you they've done months ago. As soon as the season ended the world series and they probably get on. The phone started making business calls. No it wouldn't surprise me at all. And i think depths in which they're finding out who's available are way beyond our comprehension so any final thoughts on that is intrigued on. Who else could be i really. Sas words at it it's if it's lethal steel is indeed in available. What is what is it unavailable brew at this point in front of off season. I i really think a lot of this is the financial nonsense that we're going through. But with the blue jays being team that literally had like zero payroll at all as ida real and loris correal junior grischuk. Why not just throw money at it right now. That's really where it comes down. I think that's why we're hearing as much noise actually makes logical sets the other catch on this whole thing is i do not still see a blue jays just throwing tons of money. They're going to be these. Smart moves like balloons. Castillo thing actually hasn't been attracted to it because it makes sense all around giving up prospects capital guy that is literally slotting right into your window without even flashing on it so that logically and trades. That's where they're more shooting for. Is another thing to go out and brad george springer and disrupt burke mada yet. It's another gala. Make these smart moves like this and use the prospect capital by the hidden literally. Forty to the point where it's going to be an suffers in a near future. They have to do of that. And it just makes sense as far as who could be unavailable remember. Tried to lewinsky wasn't available in twenty fifteen either and got just so. Who's what's going to happen. But i really think that soon as one domino falls major leagues here period whether it is the first big trade of the offseason or like sour. Somebody gets doubt or george springer finally gets a home is going to be a free agent armageddon all of a sudden this is gonna be brick nuts. I really think it's gonna all of a sudden come in really really quick once. It finally starts trending here so it's just a couple little pieces away from getting that all. Yeah yeah no one hundred percent if really feel at this point that bauer is the the dam blocking the water from just totally gushing out in starting pitching market and same a springer in the offense of market for position players. But what we might be touching on some of these guys on our next topic is the final topic of showing its two main ones. But this one we could spend a lot of time on For listeners of the show who listening since day one You've known that this is the third year in a row. Now i believe twenty eighteen twenty nineteen and now the dreaded twenty twenty that we'll be doing our christmas wishlist For the blue what we want to see on christmas morning when things are unwrapped and look. I say this being like what you could wish for under tree could be something to happen june. That can be something that happens. It's a timber. October because christmas presents are tickets to events that you can go to a or whatever like whatever it is you can use it at all times so we know the drill anywhere from three to five things that you've thought of that you want as a christmas gift from the blue jays. I through our chat that you can throw in non sports related stuff than i think the to preface this. Everybody wants the same thing this year. Everybody wants the vaccine. Roll out to be quicker because that's gonna get us back to being able to see family kind of events being able to go see. The blue jays live in being able to cross the border so the three of us can go hang out again. That's at the top of everybody's christmas wish list. So that's something we try to In this discussion but added let's kick off with you. What is the first thing. And maybe this isn't your top gift that you want to see you. Can you can choose what you want to lead off with whether your top your middle. You're you're you're least wanted gift. What are you wanting under the christmas tree from the blue jays or gifts something in the world. Say we'll start with the blue jays desperately. I say that obviously tongue in cheek but i. I really really loved what i saw. From this team. In two thousand and twenty and sort of that revitalization of two thousand fifteen and sixteen to a lesser degree because there were no fans and crowds But this team needs to go on another playoff run and again even if it's just another first round knockout i don't care. Obviously i want them to excel further than that. But you know the standard has been set right and yes they were an a seed coming in and they were facing a world series contender and There's no easy feat but right now. This front office has set a precedent. Even though it's a sixty game season fans are now expecting the team to make the playoffs. And if you know seeing as how young they are would be the start of a consistent playoff contender so at the very least i need to see in the playoffs Come october has to happen craig. Any thoughts on. How can we not tober. They have other thing just literally teased us to the point of blue balls at this point but the biggest thing. I think that point is where we're going to get into some of these other gifts. What's the next piece. That's going to tip them over the edge series because they are definitely some holes in unproper places to be considered allow team right now on paper. 'cause there has been no inclination that there's going to be anything. Extended playoff lies saw rule. What are we doing competing right now. You have to be a five hundred team minimum if you take any any kind of a step back on your the blue jays fans crucified management. And it's going to be a horrible end. Who is what has been a great build up to this point revealing firearm system and now starting to see the fruits of that labor really panning out the major league level. They can't afford to take a step back. Keep onto percent i. I'm with you autumn. I like your gift. I like what you wanna have unwrapped rookie. You don't start pushing in chepstow adding guy. Is that a sixty game. Trade deadline adding taiwan walker adding. Vr adding rush tripling. All these names that they acquired at the trade deadline robbie ray To not to not continue that moving forward you set that president. You did make the playoffs. You did get swept at the same time. All of september every show you can go back and listen to it on this podcast. How excited we were just the finally able to talk about a team that they were gonna make the playoffs. This is fun. it's fun talking about the blue jay for a change so they set the president. They said it for me as far back as last year. This is the one year anniversary. I guess technically yesterday was but i was asleep. What and accounting today as one year anniversary of reassigning Last year and that's when they started to push their chips in review there's a like the clearest need for an ace at the top of the rotation and they filled back christmas present Back then i'm pretty sure it was on craig's christmas wish list together or something similar so maybe something will happen but yeah. They started to push their chips in. It's time to keep on going and i agree. The playoffs needs to happen again. In twenty twenty one special because there's labor uncertainty after the season it could be a while. Baseball is fully back from the pandemic and labor uncertainty. So i like your gift adam. I think it's one that shared by all of us. Blue jays fans Craig you gotta you gotta big one to to beat. They're not that we're comparing gifts or anything under the tree but the gift that you ought to ending level here like usual cheaper beer couple of i'm coming back. I want to make sure that. I'm able to release i paying one so i think the last time when you and i were the last actual baseball game anybody was allowed to attend to you and i were hanging out on the flight deck. I remember coming back home and seeing my credit card statement go back and forth on who was buying and everything it ended up being a great time especially with all the fans of the show that's shown up on the flight deck and it was a great time. I don't remember. I just like i said i was honored box thinking about it and then having nowhere to actually fear was really help with anything on. Sorry my dear. i'm not i'm not quite into. I'm only thirty six. Think about the whole beer shell shiite or anything those little things. I think we can improve on. Yeah and craft beer something that people have wanted in the rogers centre for a long time. Not just budweiser bud. Light all that typical stuff that you could get all the domestic set but it can get in the united states or canada Soak it a beer. Budweiser at the says. You have steve missile right across the street. Why have you not done something whistle. They could walk eggs over time. I came up actually fires. Were there right the fires throw them all over at fucking steve glue j. Bobble with them. Did they do that. Indeed the blue jays the fricken touch sounds is forget weird adam last time the rogers centre. What was the beer selection. Like if you wanna see that expanded or What restore amenities. He'd like to see in the ballpark man. Last time i was there was in two thousand fifteen. And i gotta tell you. I think i mentioned on the show before it was my bachelor party. So i wasn't buying the beers they were just being up to me to at a time Yeah i don't remember what. I was drinking so those as true as i do understand the need for better beer solutions and more craft beer selections. I appreciate that. But if you're going to game to get slash trust me after the third or fourth one. It doesn't matter lasers downtown anyway. Four in yeah in terms of the stadium or ourselves or amenities on. I personally have never been on the flight deck. That's something that. I want to experience so that that'd be cool. I i don't know. I think it's fine. I know we're gonna head rumors of a new stadium being built or reconstruction of of the dome but for me in seeing as so. I don't go there that often. It's once in a blue moon. When i do it special for me so i like to absorb. What's there so i can understand why no holders would be annoying and definitely i mean. Minor league parks have cup holders. But rodney silver stadium which is the literal featured bleacher creature highlight in pawtucket. They had them in. That stadium was For me it's. It's not for me to say i think torontonians and even new gray have a better understanding of what needs to be upgraded through. I just i love being there. So i accept all the bed. That's a good answer. That's how i feel going. Nfl games this is not something. I do Or or every weekend. If i wanted to but blue jay game is something that can go every night of the week. If i wanted to. 'cause they're right down the street from me so i totally get that. That's very fair point. I think a lot of people do think that way to people. Come out from vancouver calgary upon make long trips out eight. It's special to that. This is the only time maybe in five years. Three years whatever to see the blue jays. I'm new enjoy it but your point is also very well taken That as soon as you have to your three beers down the cost of is all fuck. It doesn't just say. I won't the next question our next topic of christmas gifts. Greg good good wish. I agree i expand on that by saying craftier lord at the rogers centre. I know they have goose island but that's not craft anymore so yeah i wouldn't be surprised But yeah no both good. Christmas gifts guys My next i will stick on blue jays related stuff to salary earlier. Craig would put the priebus show out. I want to be able to go by george springer jersey his name on the back and everything and that obviously means george springer would be a blue punch to say i was gonna write botchy one. It's coming on your question. Marks for the number i saw just rip it off and soon as i have may be like some other person's name in week rights. I've seen the bills games quite a few times. With especially the quarterbacks with somebody could duct tape on the back and then they liked the last name and like put duct tape over the numbers and whatnot. But yeah spreaker aboriginal time. That's probably one of my top gifts if not my top. One is george springer. I have a waiver in my stance on springer since the beginning of the off season. I personally feel. The outfield cupboard is super bear. On what we have on the major league roster right now So sick it makes sense sees is a perfect bat to bat in the top. Three this order Or cleanup wherever him. You can get on base. I was getting up there in up. There is thirty thirty. one isn't bad up there but same time bagels standards. It's starting to get up. You can assume you got to three. Maybe even four very productive seasons from spring la to pay for that. I will be able to see him in centerfield or right field left field every single day of the week. And that to me true certifies. I know where you did. I said that few minutes ago review was the one who started it springer just fully solidifies. It like you beat the mets to sign a guy when you don't even have a for sure home in twenty twenty one. This is what this probably. The dilemma was springer right. Now he's like go to new york. The blue jays are offering me some more money. But i'm not going to toronto. Might be about to go to buffalo. Might be going dunedin. So anyhow i want them to tony up. I want them to get him. It's been tunnel vision for the last few weeks even probably months springer just because strong through your twitter account right now says springer's for our previous horror movie man. I guess these. That's what i want out of any any any. Follow up on that on that gift you do you know. I would love to have springer on this team. I think that when you have that at outfield position filled. And you have that sort of depth in your system that having to give up any player personnel. You're just giving up at that point just money. I think it's a must for the blue jays at this point right. We're we're talking about trade ships and what we're going to have to give up and how we're going to have to fill the void in comparison to just signing. Someone a sounds easy enough but again you're right yet to convince that player to want to come into fifty fifty marriage at that point I'm for it man. Sign me up. And if it i think last week we settled on seventy eight years. He thirty one. You were talking about an eight year contract. It's a lot for me. It assuming the blues have the goal a little high on the on the term. It's a lot for me having a player until thirty nine. Forty but if you're playing for if you're paying rather for three or four years of a leap production as the costume businessman and that's a future adam. Problems future bluejays problem. I don't care that someone else's problem sounds like tried to lewinsky trade s future guy. Guys man. I don't care polit up all up. What are your thoughts. The want that as christmas gift i will have no issues with that as christmas gift. Unfortunately as much as like i said i have one gripe on the content of what happened in the past with george springer in the team that blew slapped mentioning name the he tracks too. Many boxes for the blue jays makes too much sets there assist. He plays smeller defensively satterfield. We the center fielder we need. Somebody hit the middle of the or it. There's as many things and like when you can literally to solve this solving it with money and we have money. It shouldn't be a problem. is literally just. They had to convince him to like you. Set play buffalo nick. Although the bills went ring maybe play and later a little bit. What in all reality. I do think the bluejays are actually going to get a chance to play. Some games drought this year regardless of what starts the season would-be where i live bovis. Yeah i wouldn't be the first. Half of the season. For the all star break is on the road then reevaluate where the vaccine is at and how many people have been vaccinated. And maybe you play in toronto. The second half after the all star break another toddlers was realistic. That that can be banned stands by that point too but adam second gift Want back in just. The sheriff people interrupted that that george springer was gift along with. What you're saying is our good buddy x twenty four rocks Same thing in about five other people that was their christmas wishlist from our twitter quite back. Gimme springer once spraying. That's airing likely based fan base. Speaking right there for your. I'll get your jersey with a thoracic friend up adam. What is your second gift. You get to open another one. What is it well. You know since we're on the topic of tweets bluejays. I know you listen. I know i know. I know you listen. Shapiro adkins rogers. I know you're listening. Really the brain trust we get. I live in the united states okay. The the common theme amongst canadians and this is no disrespect at all. Common theme among canadians has been for a very long time. We are die hard fans. We have a strong fan base. We are taught market in sports. You are cleese acknowledged that we exist because enlarge part. The united states is swept has swept candidate on or toronto particular as a sports franchise. You see what the raptors issue with the blue jays. I don't really watch hockey. So maybe you see at least but that being said i appreciate the fact that me as blue jays fan diehard one at that hell. I'm doing a podcast. Was you guys on the blue jays. But i can't participate in contests doesn't make any sense. Why can't i. Why can't your contest rules. Spread throughout the entire north america. The hainan should be part of your conscious. I shouldn't be excluded. Because i live in the united states. An ass backwards reasoning we excluding you from conversations by. We're going to exclude you from contests no be the bigger man. Be the big. Let me participate in your car and your contests because look. I would like to have an autographed. Hey oscar hernandez something like that. But i can't because i live in rhode island. That doesn't make any sense. My christmas gift is allow me to participate in the. And he's gonna win anything. Just throw that out there. We actually do full on legit actually. Have the metrics of show right now. We have more american listeners. On this show than we do kadian lists we have forty seven percent fan. Base is actually here in the states and forty two percent of it is actually canadians and then the rest is literally how podge of our best friends in the european. What like for some reason like three afghan people or whatever i don't know but adam there is one sheet that i want to share with you for me this little guy. This is casey janssen. I wanted spring training spring training. You can win. Whatever the hell you want. I don't know i i can't believe honestly when i won this fall but i couldn't i couldn't even recognize. They said my name over the pa at the ballpark. because my belligerent. We were walking back and forth to the hotel. He's like all of a sudden. I filled out something. When i walked in the ballpark or some random dental thing or whatever i never heard from them that i to ball and of course my dad is drunk. Mind goes hey. Why don't you give that to the nice kid behind you. I've never won anything in my god. Damn life. I based on hindsight though after that and i can't let me let me let me add to this though. Not just the north america. Allow the uk to participate. Because you've got the blue from the uk. You've got steve in front of the show. Let him participate. Because i'm sure he would love to okay so canada united states and wherever steve lives in the uk. That's he's like they're singing. Ended promoter over there runs the uk fan club over there for the blue jays up. Shout out over their shave until two. Am to watch games all do level right there man. Just the baseball there a ton of football fans nationally our national football league fans in the uk. I'm sure they want to participate in contests with their own respective teams. They've landed on in the uk so this is Out of it's a very good gift. I agree. I don't know why that's the thing i'm pretty sure. The first tidy The street first few years of that you could not win see were outside the united states and so i figure you know what i'm gonna play anyways and if i win all sort that problem out at the time i i know i clicked agreed to all terms and conditions on the little box that nobody reads it but somebody i was never. I can't even participate. Because i can't even put my ad because they wanna province. I'm like i don't mine shipping all to his now contests that you wanna do this. We're going to have branded. A finders fee cuts vladimir guerrero. Junior bobble at all year have to cut the corner. I with brendan only they sought. We've solved the gift. Canada opened up. Opened it up jays contests you non-canadians. That will be nice Craig chris- christmas gift number d under the tree. What are you unwrapping. I'm going to echo one of our funniest jail. Tyson at mlb for The jay's journal tweeden me earlier today during our wonderful funding and i totally abuse. We got lock up the core. We got the money. We got the flexibility. Give me bogus shot on an extended contract. So i don't have to worry about vlad. Junior is obviously shown he is one hundred billion times ready to put the work in. We've seen it you know The stuff online and kennedy shield. They all three of those guys have done exactly everything. The blue jays organization is done. Ask them to do and this at this point. They are only getting better i think and why not have them as a sure thing for Uncomfortable sure thing. I think i think right now. We're seeing what the happy blass does in a the winter baseball league for so keep them happy. Let them just run through the american league. Destroy all out. And if you keep them happy i think it will happen and i think that's a very very good fact right now from our buddy at tyson edge as zero now very very good tweet tyson. And i'm glad you there too. I saw that come through Early doing a little christmas shopping in getting everything done before. Province goes into lockdown. When i agree. I think it's I wouldn't say overdue what it's getting close to do For at least one of them on whether it's both first-serve lied seconds Adam sorry i think it will be third. He's along his contract locked up But yeah as long as you're okay with that One of those two. I think it's overdue item. Do you have any thoughts on that christmas gift if you do. Who's the first one that you walk up Three i'm walking up bo. I again glad needs to prove it a little bit more to me to justify a long term extension. I think bo would get a pretty fair deal at probably a five or six year deal but if i think their daring vladi to say you know give us a reason to give you a ten year contract. Give a reason and if he can show that reason this year he'll get that so although i think both would be the first to sign. I think if all things work out there the post who've lodhi would get more lucrative long-term deal than both which is fine. I mean that's to be expected. He was chosen one And i could see cavin getting a nice for five year deal with a fairly good amount of money involved. I think he deserves it for me. I'd give him whatever but in terms of money. Let's calm down but when it comes to the reason why they're not i think it's because they they're trying to sort out the free agencies trying to sort out trade capital and what they can get in trouble but what they're going to have to commit to contracts and i think that's the reason why they're holding off on that probably after or maybe during spring training or maybe even midseason you will maybe start to see. These types of extensions happening once the financial stuff sorted out totally in agreement that i wouldn't be surprised if he does end up with a more lucrative deal especially if his get stop later you might still be able to get bowe at a reasonable number In reasonable term if we do lock them up now and you can get him a nice. Pay day for sure Yeah no i think. Both of those Your last two gifts are very good. Mine my next one to be to all for each of us as kind of sports related content. Not the same time. I'm at the border to open. So that was you know. I've said this a lot. There's many reasons why would like to cross the border To see you guys as top of the list Doodo bills game in twenty twenty. One is top list and to bring back all the alcohol that you can't get in canada but you can get is all door circling back to my little bit So yeah i. I would love that. It means that the situation is better with the pandemic for candidates I think it's more so candidate. This point decided to open the border But that could also mean maybe for blue jays fans if they do start the season in dunedin or in buffalo that maybe if you're vaccinated by march or april assuming the season starts on time. Maybe you'll be able to go to a game in the early part of the season case. Fantastic if they're playing in buffalo. I'm not anticipating getting a vaccine by april. Just how it all shakes out. But if i get one in may or june. And they're still playing there. And i can go and come back with having courtney and i'm going to a game inc. So that's i want the border to open because it kind of trickles into every everything personal for people wanted to reunite with loved ones see frenzy family So that's that's one of my gifts. I would like to unwrap the me. Let me elaborate on that. Let's let's assume that they're playing in buffalo year and come september things have sort of normalized and they're allowing large crowds. Let's do a blue jays game on a saturday in buffalo and let's hit a bills game on on that note. We also been goofing around with that idea. Baby doing that cooperstown trip to hop. Somebody's cherry on that whole front. So iten i just the fact that we they always get so hard for us to be able to do and have the fun that we had been having and whatnot it. It needs to happen. Not the mentioned some guy on the show eventually getting married. We got a big party But yeah can't wait now me too. It's overdue at this point. I think a lot of people are feeling that way. Do but as safely so. That's that's how it's going to be We're all in it together on no matter where we are in the world so that will be nice when that day comes when it can happen again adam whether this is your final gift trying to look at the time it's the along with four but whether the third and final gift whether we keep on going on she give us Watch third we can keep it rolling. give me more six times. I don't like the seven. Oh seven crab. I never did and having a game start at six. Thirty seven gives me a nice. All games are three hours. I'm not complaining about the length. Lengthened the longevity of the game. I'm saying it would finish before ten o'clock that's amazing and sometimes games going into extra innings your up until midnight. One a m not. Just give me more six thirty seven star ties. Make that normal. I cannot stand the seven oh seven times anymore. six thirty. You set the standard last year with with the sixty game season and worked out was great to me. More of those. They're down greg legat then again. I do think it's shows the ataman the oldest two people in this man for that too just in all reality now. I get a especially the if if it changes on the east coast here. This is where i think. The big trade off is if you move that half hour earlier at the west coast games are really starring at nine. Thirty at is that one right. There is at least the difference between be able to watch a little bit of the game. Before i get to the point where i'm kinda like in rash owed so it's amazing how much that little bit of half hour changes things for like how your evening schedule could go at least that. If it's a six thirty game. I'm just now our dinner and then i'm like okay. The games on great. And now. I can eat dinner with my family and watch the game and there's something to watch instead of having a fight over what the hell we actually watched dear dear and i'm sorry to my ten year old daughter. I don't wanna watch fucking you to walk. You can really screaming and yelling at each other right now. It's crazy what the half hour does. And after that became a thing and you got Routine where washington games that started in buffalo at six thirty seven. It was awesome. Actually because some of the games that way quicker that wet nine innings redone by nine fifteen nine thirty. Go to bed at nine. Forty five after you brush your teeth and whatnot or stay up a little bit and just decompress from the game. Especially if it was stressful. There was nothing that i hated more. This past season than the red sox. Starting there i believe. Is there thursday games. Friday games and maybe even their saturday games. Seven thirty five hundred. Why there's no money there panel traffic wise. It starting at seven thirty five isn't it doesn't make any sense. Ask if you're in favor of this whole thing. The rumor is that the mlb ta once the doubleheaders turn to the like the minor leagues to do the two seven inning games instead of the full nine inning games. Are you enjoy that too. That's reality to on down that to actually nice thing is if i was actually able to attend a doubleheader. Those are rocks. Have you guys ever been to an actual nine inning doubleheader. it's We went on a trip a few years ago to go to canada yards and they weren't even playing the blue jays who's just my dad my brother and my mom and we just wanted to go to different ballpark for a different. You know went down there in the day. We got there in august. Ungodly oughta rained buckets out so they had the following day and it literally started at two o'clock in the afternoon and i don't think we left the ballpark until like eleven o'clock at night. Who says have to have the our between you know those two seven engaged. At least it's kind of like getting out. Okay we can go wander around downtown and grab a bite to eat. Yeah you don't have any two meals in the ball art so just of no now. Very good point i. I'm in agreement. I think a lot of people are craig your third gift. What are you going to be unwrapping for us third gift. I want a fat flip statute brain beginning of the of the outside. Where you walk into the ballpark. I didn't notice it until we went up the last time and saw that last tampa bay game on the last day of the season. I didn't even realize that they had just the the only real memorial thing they have had the ballpark is those the numbers for david price donaldson and whatnot. When you're walking up blue jay way only thick and that was a those fans to that now. That doesn't shock me one bit live. There's just i know. They have the stuff on the outside the ballpark. that's more like kind of like the cool phantoms statue. Stuff on the outside of the roger everything even if they are planning on doing a new ballpark or anything. How do you not just pick something like that often and put it wherever you want to do. All mark they lose yankee stadium when they do the monument party picked it up and just moved into the new ballpark which is coincidentally across the damn street. It is what it is so it's not like you're it's it's silly little things like that but honestly it's it i you guys are just like me in blue jay culture and just the fact that there isn't those little teases that remind you of the wire fan in the first place around. The ballpark is a little kind of weird. And i just want to see what they do with that. You have in libraries like outlets. Throw the bat or like some kind of weird like frigging levitating bat. Somehow you do something like that. Have a white. there's a few key home runs. A blue jays. History night should be in boston. Brass like that. You know ron's had dzhokhar running around this tie pumping around the bases and whatnot and then having roberto alvar all those three things seem like they should be in some kind of centralized location around. Just people in toronto can reduce remember the past and has all these great memories attached to and not the mentioned. It has something like that when a kid apart didn't see our has something to show. It'd be like this is why i love this team and this is why you should probably add an idea what was going on before just a suck somebody in on that fan and when i made a hundred percent the only one that they currently have anywhere on the property tax payers. And that's as i get five and six and that's still somewhat knew i think went up maybe in twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen best anything to have. I'm an agreement. I be down with that i. It'd be cool to have a little museum or just bought. There's no better ballpark statues that i've been to at least then comerica in detroit. Where they have in the outfield right by the fountain there. They have like ten statues of famous detroit tigers. I'm pretty cool. You could go up to see alkaline all the famous tiger so they made them good sell. I'm in agreement adam. What are your thoughts on that one. Because i think that's that's a home run no pun intended right. I very interested to see how they would do it. craig with the bat. Howard be levitating that probably some sort of conjoined aspect to it with the the body of jose in you know to the bat. But i think something needs to be done. If it's not going to be the backflip. I think you're right either. The alamar to arm the air or even Joe carter when he's like mid thrust going into first base. I think or even on the on the shoulders of the players when he pumps his arm that would ask the team in the statue. Instead of the joke that would be doesn't ethic photo to delta will be in boston my brain forever. anyway so why not statute is something. I think that you know to especially if you're building a new ballpark. You want that to be a centralized ballpark feel l. The roger center even though they did put dirt in the ground and whatnot. I get it but it still feel like a ballpark to me. It doesn't feel like that's the centralised thing for what's there Just because of what the so much going on there in berkeley there have been too. So yeah i would love to see a more baseball central kind of thing and what better way to do that. Then statue totally one hundred percent in agreement maybe they could incorporate statues my in my wish list gift number three kind of starts build off of what craig said there at some point in twenty twenty. One doesn't have to be immediately on christmas morning when it opened up this gift. But we already have had the rumblings. I'm a new stadium Islanders plans to be official at some point. Twenty twenty one that they're like we're going for it. We have the approval from all necessary levels of government. We have the funding which obviously rogers does a ton of money. And i want them to announce where it's going to be Or maybe kind of like how they announced the skydome name when it was originally built fan submission for these are the available places in the city. Right now where we can put a stadium Whether it's on -tario place which is right down by the water right got the millfield or it's by there's a spot just east of downtown where there's a whole bunch of clubs and other stuff like that Be cool to have out there Wherever it is. I would like stadium plan to be announced at some point in twenty twenty one. Because i think that especially when you look at the canadian. Football league general there's been teams that have had old and decrepit stadiums for years and they finally have built new ones. I'm talking to schedule vancouver. Recently done a new stadium for the bbc lions. Which could maybe be a baseball place. One day from this diamondback edmonson is done renovations so therefore ball stadium winnipeg ottawa. All these places but toronto is only one that hasn't had a major stadium facelift or new one. Probably bima field was built. And that's starting to get old like it's getting close to twenty years since be field's been around so yeah it's been another for awhile when. Tfc air air canada center. Acc was nineteen ninety nine when the leafs in the raptors. A guy really no totally i. It's the most annapolis. Peter as recent as two three years ago. So bad no. I want a new venue. again anatomy. I know you touched on this. Going roger center is special for you especially for a lot of people and even people who can go all the time. It's still special for them as well. I'm not trying to be like it. It's crap like we need to get new immi but if they announced one soon i think it's something to look forward to whether that's in twenty three twenty twenty four twenty twenty five. I just think they could get so creative with it. Especially with the money and all of these new stadiums have been built in texas in in all these other Signed me up for a new ballpark agreed. Agreed it's it needs to happen. Some some sort of announcement at the very least rakers. This has already been sort of congress. Enough through rumors and whatnot and at some sort of official announcement of plans are where they plan to do it. Officially as well as hey. You wanna help name this. I think that would be fun. So long as i can participate in spokane contests that tied together. I agree that's true to a guys. That's three each guess onto do one more. What are you guys thoughts. I can do all more or more. All right adam yeah this. We'll do non baseball related for this one Twenty twenty nine degrees of years. And i'm not going to get started soliloquy here but i will say that twenty twenty one it has to be better right and maybe i'm jinxing it right now but with the new administration coming in. I'm not trying to get political administration coming in. I just really really want politics to be boring again. And i don't wanna look at people based on what their political leanings are. I want to be able to look at someone. That's a super conservative republican or a super liberal democrat and say it doesn't matter about that let's just shoot the shit about stuff that we can find common ground on like music or baseball or whatever. Yeah let's have conversations and not jump down each other's throat. That's what i would really like to see and hopefully we can get there. I don't really have that much faith that we can in terms of the immediate term. But i would like to start working on that. And i'm guilty of it too. I need to start. You know adjusting my sensibilities as well I think that's something that is desperately needed in that bleeds into other areas like sports. Like how we're talking about. Trevor bauer or whatnot. I don't want to talk about that. I don't. I don't care really. I just wanted to talk about my team. And i wanted. Obviously there's a place for it. I'm not saying there's not but when it comes to just individuals we need to move past that and we need to just accept that people are different. And we're all in this together so hopefully twenty twenty one we can. We can do that. And that'd be a fantastic christmas gift. That's really back together. Hashtag flexible applicable craig creative and he fought on that one. That's something i think. Everybody should be agreeing on one hundred percent. It's well overdue for that. Well overdue and i think you know known me well enough especially with how this whole thing started. I'm like i just wanna fuck. Hang out goof around august and things like that. I can't wait the week. Everybody can collectively get back to that at least to a more extensive outright houses getting ridiculous play a what is literally can piss people off and i just wanted to have a conversation. I'm not trying to have any kind of political agenda. I literally find everything that funny. If you couldn't tell listen to this show. I laugh about five seconds. It's just my personality. I point out the jokes to it. And it'd be fun to see. Like actual comedians be able to do their jobs again and make fun of things getting their throat dive down and all this kind of southend. It'd be really. I just want to go back to the point where we can actually have a conversation about. I know there's plenty of things that were still wrong in the past. But i think we are moving toward some of those other things that would possibly shift those kinds of things with certain change at lewd. Who and all that kind of stuff. I think we're heading in the right direction. Hopefully the conversation back to. Hey everybody's here let's have fun. Have a few beers faulk craig. I remember when you're in buffalo last year. I don't care what skin color you are. I don't care what religion you are. What you like women men whatever be a good person And that's all that's what it should judge people by they are if you're an asshole you're an asshole like very good very good gift adam. I think everybody should want that. I agree it's time for that. And i really hope especially for you to Being in the us where the last four years the administration hasn't been the greatest that dump ruth It is. I think we are. I think you guys are on the right step and it does affect candidate too. So that's why we pay close attention to the american election because the majority of us a job. I got one over as well. But yeah one hundred percents Craig your final christmas wishlist. Gift that you want. Open up on christmas morning. I'm not going to be this guy. When after all the lovey dovey stuff that we just did. I'm going to be selfish kind of addict more. A i want a bills extended playoff run. I don't hear. I just want one frigging postseason game this year. As all i fucking ask for. And then this even more selfishly. I want one toronto. Blue jays. Postseason game this year. I don't even care when i get there. You go. I want to ring dammit. Or you wanna be able to celebrate your sports teams and that is a very fair fair ask it. Yeah i guess. The final gift i'll ask for is kind of build off of one atom. You started there. I want some more inclusivity in sports. I know women have started to break through in the industry Washington has a female coach. I forget what other. Nfl team has won But i think especially baseba- could use more women in the game. It could use more people from the lgbtq plus community especially if you're a sports fan again like skin color religion. That stuff shouldn't matter if your sports and you're a good person and you have knowledge about what your job is going to be a sports organization. Whatever it is you should be hired are. You should be a part of it and you should be valued as an employee sell baseball especially at Basketball's pretty damn good with this hawking on the same lines with Baseball in the nfl. Kind of excuse. a few steps backwards and forwards again But i think baseball might be the worst for that. And i would really like to see it improve Too many old white game there needs to be some more diversity in the game of baseball. And i think that will as well Make the world a better place For sports for non-sports for everything it'll make women grow up to want to be working for a baseball team Or be involved there. Somebody who's gay is like. I don't feel embarrassed about saying on gay. I can work in a in a sports team or an organization predominantly with men and not be judged. If i like men. Just do what you do what you do what you love. I think i think the the actually has a chance to move forward quickly on that topic running. Actually because i don't know how much attention you pay to the minor league level. But being the guy that's visited a million minor league ballparks visited more miley ballparks i major league wants the minor leagues and this is the thing that's really kind of pissing me off about the whole Reformation sense that we have going on in my league baseball minor league. Baseball is there is no rhyme or reason or anything about what. Who if you can do the job. you're it. it's it's literally that simple. Their armament announcers and minor league baseball than there are in most professional sports period. And some point. It's going to start you know translating. I think to the major league level. And i really think that they really need to start looking at how the entertain more fans and this kind of fool that they really should be jumping into as far as hey. It'd be really good to get more females or have you heard this person and not just have the as much as i love hazel. May i really think she needs a bigger role. I really think she's that good. It's just silly that she off the third base side and hangs out there on very knowledgeable people in baseball and it doesn't matter if you can do the job and you can talk to it at fun. It really should be absolutely absolutely all. I mean unless there's any other final comments guys. I think we all underwent a reopened up some pretty good guess were christmas Good discussions about the luis custodio in yohannan suarez and mike moustakas stuff but Any final thoughts guys before we wrap it up for the new year's eve show with the with adam next week. Any fun calls. Yeah everyone have a good holiday. We deserve deserves. You all worked really hard. I'm gonna stay say especial thanks to the blue jays committee in the blue jays fans period. Because we've literally blew away every frigging market like idea that we could on this show over the past year. I'll extend that special thanks to our new team member for this whole season. And adam corsair brendan an addict shenanigans. It's been very very fun year and we'll talk more about that on our new year's episode. I'm sure next week but it's been very fun and i cannot express the Love in my heart for everything that has been going on for the blue jays community. And i really hope in the next season we can get more of you on the show or at least talk to more of your tweets and right thing we've been trying to do more and more every week if you submit yourself here. This is blue jays chat. We are literal barroom chats while we drink on the show. Join the conversation. We love avenue all can set a better myself agree. Wrap it up with a To collapse ric. Flair guys blue jays. Our own on.

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Will the Real LeBron please stand up -episode 003

The Vibe Juice Podcast

1:14:40 hr | 2 years ago

Will the Real LeBron please stand up -episode 003

"The. Maybe the end so. Just James how how how's your weekend? So former weekend a week we won one a whole week was weekend. Well, I know you can you want to start with you weekend. 'cause I notice daddy daycare will weekends. That's daddy. Daycare time our trip to Belay ho to meet her mom outta hell yet valley Joe valley up to our have back. And yeah, you do that Friday traffic to it was my priority. So. Trust me. I'm not looking forward to that trip on Fridays. But come a little me. We went to went to the park yesterday. Had a great time a new park in San Leandro, by the way, we'd never been there. And had a good time. How was it a diverse of the kids it very diverse? Lot of lot of parents there. A lot of stuff to climb on big slide. Little slides swings. The whole notch. Msci loved it. So we have the time. How long did you spend the part? I don't know what. Daddy. Daycare mama day care about someone being ain't bout that by freight. We were there for like, maybe maybe our our you bought ourselves maybe a little longer than that. They had at the time. She joined herself. Okay, cool. That's cool. So she's like what three now she's three and she is full of personality. Okay. She is full of personality. Okay. So anyway, so and this and that this part Helen sly, and you got to kind of climb up. And she. So we know what she had to climb to the undersupplied and she climbed up, and she was she must've went down to sly like ten times. She loved it. Does he interact with the other kids? Yes, she does. And so anyway, so they have the some help sleep. We have a seesaw and the see-saw has like it's a two seat on the end. So we're gonna see you saw my big ass on the see-saw playing. Of course, my big six five s whatever any who. Right. Really do. The kids. So was having a good time civility, they decide to come over to the seesaw and one little gross that behind my daughter, and then another another young lady, she brought her son and another little girl came over. So in over like there were four kids on the see-saw pitch. It was really cute, but then we can kind of late to. So when her friends got up to leave like it was like all of a sudden all the kids to go. Right. They all got it and laugh, and so all of a sudden my daughter, she's going to she's gonna see the see-saw bar self. And she holiday and cried it. Mommy. Gotta gotta go home. And she just is active in a mess. Anyway, is that when you got on seesaw that was after off the seesaw go anyway. Okay. That was that. Well, okay. So that's that's the life of daddy. Daycare. Well, you know, we gotta hear about that day care when you come on. It's all love day. Glad to be a dad. Happy for you. Happy for you. I'm sure everybody knows you is happy to you. And you've many me. So this all good. We like to hear that. So. Yeah. So how's the week house week? It's been a heck of a week. This is been a week of lot of morning, you know, at least national. From you know, McCain Aretha eight even got some bad news this morning that I I didn't know, but I'm just going to give a quick shout out to LA this lot shootings going on. All we really hear about is in Chicago. I heard about a friend of mine of families, my aunt and uncle friends at that. He went they went to school with with the doors, see high shutout doors, e dons and his son was shot and killed adult adult. Yeah. Like, you know, early forties, but shot and killed downtown. And no details right now, even I was able to pull it up on the internet, and it's like they're asking people to call in. If you have any information or tips, man, it's like, and then when I it was depressing. I mean, it's been kind of like a cloud over the day. Because when I looked online almost every day, there's murders going on in L A. Like, I said all we hear about is Chicago on a national level, but LA isn't like getting off the chain. So when I went through some of those just for the month of August. I think is about thirty and thirty homicides yet. I think so that's a lot. It's a lot. And you know, a lot of them are, you know, when I read them the blue sounds like a lot more like random drive bys, you know, some they know when it's drug related, they say, oh, they think the person might have been associated with gang or drug related or whatever. But it's a lot lot of mass lot of shit going on. And you said your friends you said your friend's son was shot downtown LA downtown air. Well, actually, it wasn't even that deep but on a big street, and I'm not sure what time of day. I can't remember our night believe it was evening, but he was a almost boulevard. You know, that's a few street. So yeah. And I just got win the bed. It's like, wow. You know, pretty devastating. And as you know, I don't know if you're wear about a few months ago in may a friend of mine's family, so mom, his dad NS brother murdered this. Right. And that was by a woman that had befriended the his brother. So it's just a lot of craziness going on. You know, I'm not the hate to open up on doom and gloom. But you know, just keep it keep it positive, just segue. Because you know, like, I say McCain in Aretha now, I have to say when you look at that. You just saw really greatness, you know, how they came out to celebrate people came out to celebrate homecoming thank God. Now, these people didn't die due to violets. Unfortunately, it's illness in illness is usually what takes people out, you know, when you get to a certain. Age. So, you know, we're lucky that we share the they shared the time with us on earth, especially re which she contribute to and left in the archives as legend. So, you know, did you watch in any of those on? Fortunately, I was not able to wasn't able to catch any of retailers funeral. I was work gonna make the money off. Yep. Clocked dollars, but it was nine hour ceremony. Well, there's one YouTube says ten hours, but I think the actual ceremony itself was probably about at when they finally got the button in the church. I think it was about eight hours from the time. They finally started walking out. So it was it was serious. And it was all star cast Stevie Wonder Chaka cod. Bill clinton. Jesse Jackson faith hill. Just an all star air con, very Farrakhan, Jennifer Hudson there in just a home news who of of of greatness and talent at her at her home going. What's what you? The Bishop what's up with him? Charles, charles. What do you mean? You know Bishop. Tells Ellis the third he he he presided over the funeral and he had apologize because. He he had his hands a little little loose you high on. Ariana GRANDE Guerande on the singer. So she so anyway for for those who don't know Iran Agron, she was there to to perform a wreath 'as, you make me feel like a natural woman and before this. She had she had on this. Really sure dress. Some people felt like it was an appropriate or through. That's the big issue is make real the big issue was that this Sony so this little girl. Okay. This little little gear. This little girl comes up there on stage. Like, this is some some concert somewhere would in a big field or big form and everybody out. There is going to be staying with a candlelit, you know, looking up her dress. You got all these elder men on the I mean, she somebody should have pulled her aside before in preparing her girl, you're going to a black church you go to any ho- candle, and it's a funeral day. She got right. Was the color black, right? Okay. Look good, though. Everything else. We'll see you just another one of the demo horny toads. Good. I'll give credit drooled and lean. So now, you ask them what's up with the Bishop jet. Just you okay. In fact, speaking Bishop, okay? These knuckleheads. Just James calling all y'all out 'cause yes, she good looks. She was I can't see good all I see is in appropriate. Besides that was funny to me is that I thought the Bishop look like reminds me of J B smooth because the move look he did the anyway, the popish he he passed note apology left, and right because you know, he'd been grabbed a TD even said he saw groped her not now, you know, what? His. It's an exaggeration. Well, I saw the pictures do 'cause I'm sure he he might bump the little girl little what her little cute tip. Hand hand up there, though, his hands up there. Hand is up there. Now, I think they incriminate incriminating the main hold on. But the Bishop he did he did apologize. You say sorry if he felt he got a little he got a little too comfortable. And so we had his hand up there and doing the performance of name his name is Bishop Charles H Ellis third third too. By the way, I'm looking about you. See no hand on Nobu. Okay. Karnal video Bishop groping Arianna Grandes at Aretha Franklin student of our studio. Oh, oh, that's an accident. You know what? Oh, oh, oh, well, actually, the accident. He said, I'm sorry. Okay. We'll look look see this is a hand. I seen it. Okay. He just got his hand allude wrap too far around the now on what he should have did was he shouldn't have been holding around. What how you hold somebody? Right. They should have been grabbing a Lowe's only shoulders, even the girls a little, but a stream being Paul would some boobs at affair gonna try to reach from under her arm and grab you're gonna grab a. Uncomfortable. He coulda grab the way. He he held her. She's a little his arms to wrap all the way over to the other ditty 'cause skinny so what he should deal with this grabbing child by hug her shoulder. But I'm sorry that gives the rest of y'all Bishop and y'all in the pulpit, y'all don't have good reputations. When it comes to. You wear dress like that to get your grab. That's what happened the case. So that's the lesson. All right moving along. I'm able that's not that's not now again, Paul Bishop. He just apologizing left and right now, the he also issued apologies because you say when he saw her name on the program Iran ground that he thought that was a new dish taco Bill now how now how out niggardly is that. Hey. Give me one memo. I've on the 'Grande box. Put them boo bone side. Why I mean, but, you know, but but still that's that's I think he crossed the lot on that one. No. That was that was that was. Few right here. Now, baby. He got uncomfortable after the boob thing, I'm assuming that's when he thought she was the taco. Bill box in. Maybe this was just a nervous reaction. What what he went? He he laid him with say the heat just trying to he said we'd been a long it's been a long program. Right. The Queen of soul. Make a little you just trying to make light of you know, make little lot of the moment. I guess you feel it was just I think just in bad taste, though. I mean for real the tackle. I mean, come on. All right. Don't it was you know, it's almost kind of a little ethnic joke there in that was bad taste. So you got a little sexism. And a little, you know, ethnic punch their about her name sounded like a Taco Bell. Right. He'll rocks. So the Bishop is out of line. And you know what? But I'm just gonna say Josh shit. I'm sorry. I didn't I didn't mean to do, you know, whatever. Okay. So they, of course, we policy is. What else you going to do? You. Don't look like a full. Yeah. I grabbed a kid. Yeah. I called her a taco. Saying even if subliminally she was up there in that little outfit looking also -ducted. Everybody was looking up her dress even the women in the front. I want. You know, what I wonder what the woman on blackish? I forget her name the plays the mother. Anyway, she is she saying would end stone behind Stevie Wonder, Jennifer, I can't think of her last name. She got the big now. She plays. Everybody's mothering every black movie. Okay. Hit. I wonder what she has to say. I bet you we don't have it on on YouTube. But I guarantee you I guarantee you that she did not shut her whatever she said about. I bet you she has. Grandes hurt hurt. Her dress. Not at a Twitter storm to say, the least. Okay. And evidently, she didn't know for Lewis. That's what I'm getting for Lewis. Okay. Jennifer. Does that does not ring a bell Maynes? Everybody's mother Nokia. Okay. But I sure wonder what it her what she has to say about our our on 'Grande would our little hot tackle dress in in. What we in what we own Aretha. Let's talk about Al Sharpton for moment because doing a rant against Donald Trump. He, you know, he was he miss Bill respect. How did you? Because we talk about a week the frame. That's why we talk about the Franklin our shop. He was he was in the Bill, but I'm just saying. He missed Bill respect or. Yes. PI CT and. Yes. He did. I saw when he when he was on a on the television, and he did it and he didn't. So what thing is was embarrassing. But I wonder what how did the Twitter reacted that? Boy, I'm sure everybody was all over that poor out. What will you? I wanna give Alison I'm just going to add that to his age. That's how it was as thing. That's what I'm going to say it could have been as thing. I don't know if al-shar Alvis it was he was was doing this. This ran against Trump or was reading teleprompter, but any of it. Anyway, let's see. Let's see what we got what we can what we can find out. But anyway, if our listeners out there, he was he was going on Al Sharpton was going on about Donald Trump, and how Trump's your social respect, and he says an awards the Franklin, and then he missed bills respect our. Yes, P, I C T. So save out. Show dog show. We've seen. Employing people ill in bodily too. Teach trenchant give them treats for job. Well, done like all since figures were the hush by the sinus on the list of fan, for example. But the moment the from the good bait and then to venture you proper. You. Them on Twitter with Adam Malysz slurs. Steve Bannon was cold don't like dog. You tweeted after he was fired Saudi AT said she choked to Dogar Senate testimony on the Russian. Gatien? And now apple Russa that doesn't include all those outside. You're all been you hit with a canine cut down like when you referred to black NFL players as sons of well see Bill does. But I think you might have learned the lesson this week sometimes dog fights fat with a book deal. And while we're talking about female canines. You know, what they say about paperback? It's a real will you? I'm sure, you know, the word on thank you though. So the words of my late friend Aretha Franklin show, some are ESPN C T. And the next. Now, look not Alice credit. He just kept on going like, hey, I misspelled it. But I'm gonna go ahead finish this piece and see what I've gotta say so props to to Al Sharpton from get through that segment with a straight face. Do you think he was aware that he's build a wrong right after he did you couldn't kill you? I don't know. No. But what's the camera star roly-poly probably had handled his here? Like, you know, what I'm gonna just messed up. He just didn't take his Alzheimer's day over you know, what speaking of ours wanna mention he may run for president twenty Sharpton. It's been ruined. He might run for president. You know went out there. All that's all right buses are just want those out there in in raised the money. But Honey in a the no people enough black love Reverend love out there to support Al Sharpton. You think so you never know. I'm sorry. I'm telling you. I let me let me put my psyche. Don't even need my psychic gap on on that one is a no will, you know, before before cast mobile for our sharp if you were running for president. And hope he does. What he's talking about all hammers be straight up with you before he runs. I would rather see much respect to Oprah Winfrey in. I know she doesn't have any interest. But I you know, I do a Little Rock. I have a little I have a little little little joke that I do about Oprah running only because when she took accepted the cease will be the mill award at the Golden Globes earlier this year, I think it was February. And she gave what I call was damn near campaign speech. She got up and gave a long hashtag me too. Did you see everybody jump up? You probably didn't watch it. Everyone stood up. Listen, I was on my counts among out was never Oper fan. But after that she made me Oprah fan. Going go ruin a ba- run. I was having orgasmic feelings and reaction. I'm like girl. Good. That she's the only person that could use a campaign slogan hashtag I kill him day before. I let them beat me. Now. It comes straight from the only one. Did beat me. Okay. Do you? Remember that from Sofia you saw. Okay. You Toha beat me. She said I kill him. And that would be the perfect campaign slogan. Hashtag metoo net highlight that type of that. Let me just give you let me further my argument here. Oprah is a BB bad bitch. She's a BMW blackmail age woman with an opinion and on top of that. She's rich bitch. Oprah got two point nine billion dollars and forty one million Twitter followers. Alright she could kick ass. I can say that about Al Sharpton. She got more Twitter followers. Just got half as many as police. Okay. As Trump and he compared to his three point two billion acid. She's a bad bitch. Plus, she got the length rubric philanthropy reach that has touched the entire globe. Oprah's a bad bitch. Okay. Should I drop? The Kodak beat yellow beat on it. Okay. Boom. I can tell. Voting people's run it. All right. Her speech was like, you know, I said, I'm joking. But like a bipolar Cardi beat is like, you know, 'cause later she said everybody has like Oprah knees. One run. I'm like, look Oprah could do two things she could she could be the first fifty plus rap Queen or she could be bipolar carded. Wait a minute, I president female, president of the United States. The worst thing that could happen is that she turned the hip hop world upside down or America right side up. Okay. But when she gave a speech, then turn around and said that she wasn't interested in running excuse me. That's not what that speech said. She prepared his bees like somebody that was speaking or a campaign. So here's my thing. It's like it's like she sounded like a a rapper by Cottam by police card B. So if you put a wrap on her speech, go something like this. In a culture where men women who don't get. Men of power who will fuck with two women's voice heard even if they wanted to it's my career NADA job. So I do what I gotta do. But it's time to kick them girls, which are red bottom shoes. Hey. All right. But anyway, who Al Sharpton now? I'm just saying he might twenty twenty twenty four listeners out the he might run at twenty twenty. And I'm pretty sure he will get some votes somebody will vote for. Okay. But what's the point? I mean, here's the thing. Anybody that a real true qualified bona fide candidate, you don't need people to a main is fine for him to say that to kind of ruffle feathers on the side 'cause that's all this gonna do. But when it comes down to it, you'll need to be wasting your vote you need somebody. That's bona fide is not going to spell R E S P. That's a good point. All right, Bill respect your said. All right moving on moving on. What are you drinking song be? It is a tequila the Quila akilah for some reason it has put somebody's like it's got. But mellow flavor to it not know why. But is is tequila would a little squeeze alarm in a little beaver. What is it a fever clear or something ginger drink to? Let's it. Right. All right, tastes, tequila ish. Not trying to get us some sponsorship here. So I'm drinking L. I'm drinking a full local. So you're gonna give them free. Okay. I'm gonna full local your local, and like I said, I'm trying to get some sponsorship here and. Demographics. I go to the store and it'll have a one of the apple flavorful local. They even have apple negroes like apple. So they got the Warna Millan full loco. Millon low cut. So shallow to local if you've gotta listening. We need some sponsorship here at the vibe you so listen, no offense to the audience. Not not saying, that's my demographics. What'd you say? About my local. Hey love it suck it up. You never had one. No, honey. I'm not interested in the fourteen percent photo. Fide twelve percent alcohol by y'all percent. One can is enough to nj. Some you smoke drink. What crack after you? Math because you need something to kind of bring you down real quick, really. You were talking about drink like that. You know, what I'm not knocking you'll drink comportment? Cisco. It is. Cisco that was that was liquid crack back in the day one bottle of that Cisco. And I know you know, what I'm talking about. I don't think it's too far from Cisco. I man Cisco. It might be it might be a tier beneath by. Might be a tier beneath. Go. Okay, respect what the job done. So once again shot up to four Loko. Alright well shit. All right between we didn't get sponsorships Wayne giving them KOMO how you know any any. He'll any who. What do me a favor if you look with sponsorship note negro like apple makes you brings them. Apple crown and you give. Okay. You go with the dollar. Okay. Good. Okay. 'cause I think demographics that we hope that would be listening will spend a dollar. Apple crown then watermelon poll logo, proud is good. Okay. Moving on moving on moving own anyway. So what else what are one of the Jews is going on juice of the week? Now, saying locally on you. I think I asked you last time you think you you've been going to the lake. Oh, yeah. Of what shout out to barbecue? Becky and just recently heard nine one one call to release my thing just released them. Well, you know, I was reading that on KGB which the local the local news station out here in Oakland. They were trying to get these against these tapes months ago, and for those that don't know barbecue Becky, aka Jennifer, Scholtz, she's a she's the white woman. She may be gentrify to issue the women that filled it was her civil days. She ain't from Oakland. Okay. Well, anyway, so barbecue Becky she was the white woman who filled was her civil duty to call the police because she called she saw some brothers at lake Merritt. Using charcoal. Honey that was global air. In a no charcoal zone. So she called the police and anyway, the whole story went viral when when nationwide and now they have just released the the nine one one call from when she called the police about the brothers that were barbecuing nothing about. No, what's what's interesting to take away from the calls, though is one of the dispatch. It actually makes John George reference. I know that women because he was being fifty right, right? If y'all don't know what fifty one is fifty one fifty is police code for somebody who is mentally unstable. Then John, George, please. Just James explain what John. That's a mental facility in extent agile right with the crazy, folks. So you don't wanna go. You don't wanna be mad at you. Don't wanna be admitted to John Georgia's everybody know your business eft up in the brain membrane. If you have to be admitted to John Jewish debt me, you've lost your damn mind, basically. Okay. So anyway, so. She come to find out. She made not once she made two phone calls, right and. Yeah. Two hours later on like one phone call the first phone call. She says and I'm quoting here. I like it with the media talked about the Turco. So that Kohl's don't burn more children, and we have to pay more taxes is that was her. Colbourne more to dron okay case. So I could see if you're illegally dumping cold. Now this thing about daddy. Daycare if someone was illegally dumping, Kohl's. And you've got kids playing in part dog going over their kids pick up stuff three year old Bernie little fingers, and okay? So maybe that she wasn't clear because clearly she was upset hyperventilating out of her mind, and she's not making sense. So I guess that's what she was trying to imply now what was the other part of that. Okay. So that was that was the whole burnt a acute burns kids, and we pay. More taxes deal with the beat Lee. So that an appraiser so that Kohl's don't burn more children, and we have to pay more taxes. That's what she said to the first dispatch of when she called, and she that was the first phone call. Now, she called back a second time and the dispatch action her for her name and under the description of herself. And she doesn't want to provide the information for the reason. And so the dispatcher say have you ever been she actually have you ever been to John George? I did hear that. She's like, what's John George, and so that's so anyway, sell out barbecue Becky because since he made that phone call back in. I think that was April lake Merritt has been on fire fire. Okay. We haven't a lovely summer because actually I think about ten years ago. Remember the festival at the lake or either fifteen years ago, whatever and folks down, you know, there was some runabout and kind of, you know, tearing down in having little mini riots. They cut it off. But they changed the whole policy. So that nobody could barbecue at the league. I'm like, I just moved here is to be so cool. You know, you kinda summertime and you bounce to your music rolling around leg. You know? See all hanging out. So thanks to her. You're right. Yes. Now that some now that barbecue Becky essentially made that phone call weakens at lake mirror. Now, it's down there right now was I was actually down there. Last sunday. A pastor today we got folks out there barbecue, we got vendors out there selling food. We got people out there some bay that we got black folks gentrify white folks, everyone out there chill and having a good time. It's family friendly. He can bring your kids out there. And there's love all throughout the air. Know what I'm talking about? Okay. So it's a love fest down to the Oakland collective abortion Nogi, they're selling the goods. And so yes, so barbecue Becca, thank you. Because because it's because of you Lake Mary his hand all on pop again. Yes. We ought there barbecue with charcoal. Skeet would whatever you whatever, you whatever if burned we ought to Hyun, the right now, a lot of fluid bird tweet, whatever. Okay. We ought to doing damn thing. Right. And they don't so barbecue. Becky, I wanna thank you for that. Because right now like man is back is Lord. Okay. Moving on moving on moving on got that nine one one out. All right. So all right. More Jews of the week. Have you been watching? Oh, so, you know, everybody talking about undisputed heavy watched LeBron of have a have not. Okay. So really, I said undisputed I'm talking about Shannon in the bay. Okay. Thank you. But the everybody's talking about in I admittedly. I don't have HBO, but I didn't hear about it. Boy, I'd love to see the shop. Okay. The shot. Lebron's James everybody is giving him a lot of positive feedback. I think that for some folks for white folks, let me just say their little shocked because they don't get to see the side of any athlete coming out raw talking about his, you know, real feelings about social issue in racial issues in in the the US in. And we know you rather you go get your you'll you'll shave you bald then little stubs shaved off to the barber shop, so. You know what? But I'm just saying so, you know, what brothers talk about because you don't they talk about everything. Yes. It is. That is a traditional sacred temple historically, a black folks because it was beside the church. It was the one place for for men without the women. They could talk about everything, you know. So, you know, so and I mean, this is not something new. This is our tradition. So for him to have a camera spotlight on a place that is normally typically been, you know, a kind of a all the all boys club for you know, for African American male visits. A big thing. I think I think safe to say to Shannon shoppers product LeBron's biggest fan because I don't think there's episode undisputed that he does not mention the bras name in some capacity. Oh, yeah. He is. I mean this that he's the goat. He's the unicol the everything you're right. Skip. Right. Right. Right. Right. Skew just won't tell you with that live. Right. You know, Cafa bra he ever everything thing he go to goal. He starts signifying off the court skip. Schools, right, right? Signify. Right. Good a non-state. Anyway. Skip you know, what? Is like sometimes thinking about by. He is going to be real PC about. But I just seeing what the wrinkles showing up at his like whole hair. I go on Cam with this nigger sheets. Got a you know, I really I really I wrote. Not saying that this mind before, but we're getting back to the shop before facet who our listeners out there who may not be aware. It's it's it's it's if the show is called the shop at feature LeBron James in the in Barbara in a barbershop setting. It's Elliot believes LA. We'll make sense. Yeah. To L A. And as you know, he plays the Lakers now. Right. Right. And it sorta in and it's like it's LeBron James. It's raw it's it's it's it's Banik. It's the broad. You've never seen him before. Now. I don't have HBO. I can't afford it. Right. Right. But anyway, anyway, it's called the shop. He premiered on a believer premiere last weekend on HBO. Anyway, is that setting the first episode patriots new, right? Odell Beckham junior premodern green home, I forgetting somebody else on. But anyway, they have a candid conversation. They haven't can't into talking Jon Stewart. John Stewart I heard I heard he looked very uncomfortable, by the way. Okay. So what we go into because I did dig up some stuff that. Okay. Okay. Can imagine. Why John I'm sure you could you know, just from the the YouTube snippets Jon Stewart look on his face. And I wish this is why I've gotta get access to this. Because Jon Stewart looked like, you know, at times he was very uncomfortable in here. You know, amongst these black males in this conversation speaking, very openly can't limit gives you something. Yes. So snoop on there's one snip. The snoop says basically he's talking about the raptors. Game in he gets real deep into it about you know, what it is day in how you know. He's not out there constantly doing things because you know, coming from you know, the. In WNBA, right? Yeah. He was probably NWEA. Oh. No sorry. So I'll be was not part of in w but he was he was Dr dre protege, right? But it was featured in on some some some some of the songs way back then, you know, a couple of them, you know, and the even post when death jam not different. But death row came in snoop was right apart of that. He was he was artist one of the things he said he didn't like being second place. We know he says, hey, I'm not out there making new records in. I'm not cool with that. You know, when we did what we did. And we will up there like you said the east coast had a Dale. They had everything they was doing everything we decided to take over said, we don't do things are he said, so they started touring everywhere outside of the US and so forth in how he talked about any brings up Qaddafi. And he says how he was like them of paying Cole cash. It was like he gave us so much cash. In somebody's asking about giving some bags life mother for taking this year. I don't give a shit is like, you know. And so I'm thinking Jon Stewart talk about Qaddafi, and you know, the the country Libya in Islamic state. And I'm thinking all the conversation that how you know, spitting back and forth. And by that time, I don't know when snoop type Dan on his turn. But I could imagine at that time. And I'm looking at over just a little view of John Stewart who is Jewish. I'm sure the shit from the beginning to the end escalated to place that I can imagine that he was very uncomfortable around showing. I guess the question would be did Dila broad hand pick these athletes. They were all athletes. What what I'm saying? The panel of the people that were there snoop dream on Oldham onum. It wasn't Oldham Beckham Yoda Odio, excuse me. I might when compete with the more. I know wait a minute what? But we will have to bring him up to own Beckham obeying, right? Ninety five million dollar five-year. You know, he got New York Giants Josh down a lot of fucking money yet. Giants. But. And also, some people some people say that the show was not offended because when I say some people I'm talking I'm referring to like people cover sports nedia saying they're saying like they were saying 'cause during during the during the taping the Vic and wine. Okay. Bras, got his wine glass and old dream aunts. His wine glass and be honest is out here in barbershop that I go to used to go don't we don't drink more. Wait a minute in the barbershop. I let me just say this now. Now, I got so I just my rebuttal. Let me, but you gotta say this is my, but okay now, this is LA, and the reason why say that because I song Lii in from LA with hide in also. Wwl. Hey, west side, west Adams west side, you know, went to you know, almost West Hollywood Fairfax, you know, the FM house. So thing is is that L A no matter what I don't care. What side there's parts of LA that there's a real Hollywood player. So you hear a lot of in fact in we'll segue to Kevin Hart. But one of the things that'll be that'll come up that he'll ask questions is like how has lived in LA impact, you with your athlete or you come there to act or perform, whatever. So there's our environment that you're going to see in certain salons. Okay for women in barbershops. It just is what it is. So I'm sure that wherever they are whatever barbershop they I'm just saying. So having whatever you say, it's it's it's probably it's commonplace for no, I'm saying that there's there's a l a culture. Okay. Okay. There's a Hollywood culture LA culture that you ankle everywhere. That's no, that's that's the real most people ain't experiencing what people might experience in L A because LA do that's just how L A doing. New York there's certain areas in cultures in New York. 'cause people got a whole lot of money is. So there might be a black Barbara shot in several Salang. They go salons here. The do martinis Dakhari pedicures manicures. Didn't know that. But I'm just saying, well, I mean, I'm not, you know, the the whole the whole wine thing, I'm not saying this any less authentic because they were drinking wine that alone can't make it. You know, not just that's that's that's one thing that was that was mentioned. And then, of course, use the inward and during tell me that ain't authentic come on in. That is updating. All right. Thank the thing. But like you said though, but the fact that it's coming from the Brian James, you know, people like. Oh my God. Okay. They using the bronze never see the he used the N word, and because as an expectation, you know, this when it comes to athletes that usable to be heroes. You're not supposed to be who you are. You know? I'd like get a column capita on their, you know, talk about some real shit from the athletes. Hell, yeah. Damn right. And you know, so the thing is is that whom the Brian is in in one eight his intentions of doing this, obviously is that he's tired of shit. This might be now because if Trump is the rebuttal to having a black African American President Obama than everything else like such as the shop in a lot of things to come out is the rebuttal to have in a Trump in office. You might see more shit like this. That's just keeping it real. Well, you know, I really I really, you know, I don't have a problem with it. You know? Lebron showing your shoe just who years, and I think he's at that point is career now and in his life now where you know, either family man, you can say what he wants. He has nothing to prove to the semi year old black man is dated men near got them in Amman say what I want to say, well, you can membrane because it's like it's like this is who I am. You know, he has nothing to prove, you know, he's the greatest player on the planet as he says the greatest player in the planet, and I think he's comfortable with this program in just showing. Hey, this is why he's not apologizing for shit. That this is this is the point. It's within a tent is a tent to to stay in a comfort zone. Like don't come at me with your cameras when I went my family don't come at me with your phones because you might get shoved up your ass now. Now, I'm instead of mean, one on one in TMZ having run behind me or some other reporters taking pictures of meat snapping at somebody business like Aaron to the world. This is who I am. I'm a human being I I have opinions have emotions I have feelings. So now that I air my ask my thirty draws out there now when you see me walking through the airport or you see me having dinner with my family are cafe or you see me going down the street, you shoot you. You know, you got a shot at me what you're gonna get back is the real meat because now, you know, you don't have to be caught off guard. He's putting it out there that way he used out the. And I think on some level song be I really believe that dead. Lebron? He may have he may have even one hundred one. He could have lost. It's possibly could have lost some fans and from the show right from what just from just from again, just from the setting and just from they have the station and just being right and Warren just just being himself. People uncomfortable. I understand in in particularly, you know, some black folks are going to be uncomfortable in some white, folks. A lot of white folks by being particularly ones that have kids that maybe have a big life size. Poster. Right. And in the bedroom is like old, you know. And then the kid thinks in doubt if the kid is watching the show because I think, you know, certain topics and language. I I don't know what it's rated. I'm sure it has a rating, but they warning contents may be offensive. You know, there's you know in and they need to give that fair warning to people. So everybody's not letting everybody lists. Sample in full abroad to to even you know to to do show like this to put himself out there. Like, hey, this is who I am. This is this is this is me, basically, I think that really says about a lot about him or he is in his life and his career. And he like, you know, what I don't. I don't give a dam. I have nothing to prove to anybody. This is me. This is what I do and like it or not eight this is it, right? Right. So I mean, so he's an athlete and a lot of times again athletes are considered role models. You know, children love athletes and LeBron has a huge following their their their guys who love like love the Brian wherever he goes over team. He plays. They become fans of that team. Where no matter where LeBron goes. Well, now a case when he first left Cleveland. Yeah. But just but just his brand alone. So again, kudos to the broad just being for being Ralph could be for being real authentic, whatever I think, it's great. I think it's a great. So here's what Shannon Shannon's sharp from undisputed in one of the things that he said now, he he says, yes, he's outspoken these keeping it real he's coming out of his bub bubble. But he says, you know, he's calling this a new version of LeBron his this platform he has to show. So I'm just gonna say, so for example, this is LeBron five point. Oh. Five point. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. And if you visit the new LeBron five point, oh, you won't like him. Everybody not gonna like him. But the point is LeBron five point. Oh don't care now. I don't know you cared that much before. But he really don't care now because he's saying whatever he wants any us. Oh, Shannon, also compares LeBron to John Carlos in Tommy Smith from the a late sixties Olympics when they raise the black power fits that was powerful. This is a athlete using his platform to for the social issues that need to be talked about because of his star power in in, you know, in the media in so forth. There may be a good positive influence, or if people continue to tune in that would normally see this person might see some humanism in him instead of making him icon. On in image in something that that's not real that. You have to stay in this platform. This aware pig in this way. He this is making him real in bringing these social issues using his platform in that way may impacted Fettes affect certain people in open up the doors. I think it's wonderful. You also compares them to like, for example, Muhammed Ali when he refused to serve the country in Vietnam, or in that was a powerful thing. He was willing to go to jail for what he believed in. That's why at the same time strongly span in behind a brother capper, Nick, you know in. I I hope that he makes real game in his in his lawsuit, you know, against the legit. Derive it. That's that's that's that huge. Because the judge decide that they were going. He's actually going to the actually has a bona fide case in cabinet, and you know, depending on how that how that all pans out that could have huge ramifications for the NFL Ford, depending on how that whole that whole trial will not initially. It's not gonna try to -sarily. But it'll be interesting to see how that all plays out quickly. Although, you know, if you weigh in on, you know, get some of the the so called legal experts to weigh in they make it sound like his chances are like forty to sixty of really, you know, winning his case is good to put it in the legal courtroom in Rena, the bring it because he's definitely has a case. But they're saying like him his chances of winning impact are very anyway, we're not saying that we're not saying that the bronze, you know, paying from the league with him for for for his show. His comments were you know, his stance on your social issue ever. Well, basketball's a different different different football is more blitz than anybody. Clearly cabinet was blackballed. That's without without saying. Absolutely. We know we now saying it's like we we will sit here and listen to Trump give us a count over four thousand lives since he's been in the White House. And then, but we will buy that. And not believe that cabinets been back blackballed. Give me a break. You. So I mean, so obvious. I'm not even sure I'm and his his team at the time. Eric Reed believe the brothers name. He also Neil capper Nick during his protests and not even sure if he has a job right now. And he's a believe Eric release on he plays. He the cornerback or or safety. I'm not I'm not a hundred percent. Sure. But anyway, I don't know if he has a job right now. So we'll see how that all plays out. But getting back to the Braun is always kind of like when Dinsdale, you know, always with was known a plea these meal, a guy stand up kind of guy. But then traded they comes out, and it's like, whoa. We're never seen disease. Will that way this way? No, he reels real a real nigga, right? Real characters. Yeah. I wanna ask one of the kademi war. As a problem with that? Because there's a lot of rules to me he should have gotten from outcome x. But but see see character that plays. It looks more. Like, what people expect a black man to be? That's what he gets the award for in. I you know, I got a little bit issues about that. That none as just me. Look he played a corrupt cop. Right. He was a cop. Yeah. Dirty cop, but a converted black cop. Okay. Run junk a nigga in the jungle. And when I say that chunk home said referring to the neighborhood that he lived in because in LA is referred to as jungle. So he was King Kong in the jungle. Can't shoot on here. You know that guys shit on Dale. What he had to win Oscar for. Hey, look, I think he played was it NICKY Barnes in. The drug when he played the the the dealt dealer. Don't play was not NICKY Barnes. But what was the movie the Denzel pay? He was a dope deal. That was a great hall. I I think I know what you're talking about. I don't know the name. I can't think of the movie right now at the off the top of my head. Yeah. That role which was I thought pretty awesome. He could one American gangster. Oh, okay. Okay making. Yeah. Okay. American gangster soldier story. Great movie will. Yeah. Yeah. But, you know, American case it was pretty good. That was a true story. And then, you know, and like I said, the there's a few movies that he's he's done a Malcolm X true story. It was epic. It was biopic. You know, and he definitely was the Oscar worthy of that. And I know that really wore out. Of our producer, Spike Lee. Fight was big on Spike Lee. I'm not going to do a deep dive on it because I wanted to see it. But I do see black klansman. Okay. And it was definitely a Spike Lee movie. You know, when I say that there's there's certain perspective from the producers in the director's view in camera shots that are typical Spike Lee. Even some of the writing in the way that that was son that played the main character, did you know that I did not know what I didn't realize that to afterwards and someone brought it up to my Tinton. You know, when I think about now that the way that he talks, you know, and his just as tonality in accidents like yet, that's this is fun. He did a good job on that was really good to hear. But I would say for the most part before we talk about that. And we'll have to talk about next time. I want the movie I have to see the movie. We'll do a dive in black plans men. Sorry, bobby. Okay. And also in a did what is it the other movie out of Oakland, a blindspot spotty blindspot? Okay blind spotting. But I would say definitely it was it was a good movie. It was worth seeing. Okay. And I I won't go into any interpretation about in the details about it. But Delaware were saying I would rather see in on the big screen first. And then to see it on cable. Okay. So I have to my home. I have to do my homework. So I will go see the black clansmen maybe sometime next week. I'm busy. So anyway, we'll go see. Okay. The last movie the last movie, I dig oh, see though, I did see crazy ridge Asians, which of course, Jane's go crazy rich. I'm not as in. I'm not about he's other Asian persuasion. These take a deep dive into all day. The number bad. It's you right. But. I was expecting a comedy when I went to see, and it wasn't crazy rich, Asians and movies doing very well at the box office, by the way. Yeah. Very well. Oh, they're having. They're hosting like big parties in events. I was in Alameda. And when I was watching clansman, they have the main theater, and they had a speaker. They had music little DJ. They had a home big thing. I heard Asians. Yeah. They've been doing. I'm not on that, man. Nick got dressed up for Black Panther when curls course. Hey, all Asian cast love it. I I was expecting to comedy is actually love story and no spoiler alert here. But anyway, at the end of the movie wasn't a dry eye in the place. Okay. I mean, I ended like I even I've been I've been tier of a little bit just a little bit just. Just. Bit. Okay. I'll see that one. I had to hold it in. I guess I got something in my I right? But it was a good movie, though, as crazy which agents crazy rich agent if you have an opportunity to go see it. It's worth is worth. Right. It out moving on moving on. Speaking of moves. I was a little I was a little heartburn ball of little sad that each salable. There have been a rumor that he might become the new JAMES BOND. Right. He recently released a statement saying that he would not be the new JAMES BOND like all mixed something. Apparently, the initial director that was supposed to direct the movie he Athey Horowitz right after he dropped out. And because Idris was the selected person actually play the role in for some. Rumer? No was okay. So I think it may have some relationship to do with the director dropping out, and because of creative differences, you know, with the studio whatever in that's the reason why the director dropped out. And therefore, it may have reason why it's L Elba is not gonna be playing the first African blonde. Our bonds bonds. I have have Anthony Horowitz. I in evidently, he's the author of the continuation of the bond series. He was quoted as saying that eaters elba's two is to street to be JAMES BOND guide like hitting are you serious within his stereotyping? Okay. So that's what I mean. When you're talking about Denzel Washington plan at thirty black cop, you know. And this is what he gets the role for. I mean, he gets the academy Oscar for that. It's almost say note, let me finish is almost as Seigne that a black man can't be finessed with class and a high of world travel. Intelligent agents secret agent, the damn straight. He can. And if anybody was gonna play that role that dibs Ohka pie is. So could Idris Elba. So that that's why you know when you start zero typing people. For roles in this is what the kademi, you know, academy. So white they give the the the Oscar Denzil for that role because that was more digestible. But for Idris Elba almost saying this is not digestible for by may be double o seven, you know, will now super slick smart, this bet and the other trodden glad that attract glad that Spike Lee did the black clients man, because it's almost reminiscent of a movie, I think seventies called spooky slip set by the door, which basically just from my brief recollections 'cause I was a film student. It was one of those films black films. But anyway, and it was a a secret agent. The only black one who was allowed to be part of let's say either the CIO whatever, and he had ear to what was going on socially in internationally and everything on on on the ground. Right. So yeah, it just I mean that that's asinine statement to make. Of course. I mean, of course, because the suggested black man couldn't be JAMES BOND. That's that's ridiculous. Right. Because I would think the James bomb would have to be street to on some level. You have to be, you know, of course, JAMES BOND has personas cool. And you know what? His accent too can act. Because us is his natural accent British exactly and it's almost as if they don't wanna put on a big screen. A man looking sexy because that's the key character about all bonds bought had women he has and not not all bonds have been sexy. Let me say, yeah, you're right about that. And not to take a deep dive into that. But. Lissi Sean Connery. He was the first day, of course, Pierce Brosnan. I'm sorry, Pierce Brosnan Roger Moore. And the guy referring to Timothy Dalton and he was probably the least popular bond. Right. He doesn't have even have the. No, he didn't have is like how they know. Get right. You know, he didn't he didn't quite have it. So I agree with you on that. But getting back to east Elba. He doesn't really strike me someone that would be to St. him. He's an English actor, right? His nothing. Nothing street about him. Listen, we don't feel that that one. We don't go too much time on that. Right. He's just the asshole. That's all that is we'll leave that there. And I'm pretty sure, and I'm pretty sure there may be some bond fans who say, oh, no, you know, they're bond can't be black. No, he can't. He can't be a nigger. No. And I don't care about them. So we don't feel. Kill it. So they they just move on. That's all right. They'll be a day for a interest Elba to play bond or something even greater, but but that's ridiculous retarding ball. Bon song be do. You think if list? Okay. Let's say he did listen each overdo the roller JAMES BOND. Would there be anything that they would have to change? He's a black man. And let's be real. No, man and white, man. We're not we're not the same. Oh, wait. Wait. Wait. What? The brakes we go get right into the corner here in grants. Listen, there's nothing that they have to change about him being a playing the role of Bonn, not a mo- Foale thing. Okay. Not even the MARTINI day. Just what oh we don't change to Kennedy. No for local I know right net for local watermelon flavor. Now spoken Newport's of Idris Elba is of African Nigerian. Okay, now now, wait a minute. He's well trained in a theatrics. Studies this van has dial ES class, but the less classy thing he ever did was daycare Michelle, but hot men all he did was hit it from behind allegedly. I don't know. But anyway, and that that really is just a pun a little joke there. But no, no, they wouldn't have to change anything. And you're absolutely. And I did I know what you think about it bond from the hood does what you think. You know what? Yeah. I I am thinking about I am one of those from. I think what you're gonna have to change much would have to change much because like you said has the he already has the accent. And I did a dive into east Elba. Just is you know, he and his his career. He's he's been in a lot of a lot of movies. And and shows like the wire Mandela, he has a has the TV show Luther Americans on that flick. Yeah, he's been. He's been the Thor the vendor. So man, he is a very distinct actor in apps, and I totally agree with you. I think it would be great as JAMES BOND. But I think there were probably you think there'd be some backlash though from the bond fans who say, you know, what? Seriously, the bond, I don't. I'm gonna be honest lat, this is where I am on this volume. Fox we make we make Egypt a new bar. Fuck it. This is a new bottle. Nobody got to say death are nigga. He is a new bomb period. That's that. Okay. Okay. So listen, I'm move on. I wanna talk about. So you've been watching a coldest balls little Kevin Hart. Here we go. First of all before I get into cold of small. Let me tell you. What really cracks me up? I know you've seen Kevin Hart's commercial with a mountain dew commercial. Yes. Oh my God. To kill me. First of all a little that tricycle have to beat and make him. Look like really we're on on some big as Harley that kills me. Tell you that he's like. I'm ready to go. Then ain't nothing but a pig wheel. While we accused me sorry, but anyway, moving on coldest balls here. So I've been following. So it's a web series that he's doing okay. And he started I think in February. Then now he just came out in August with his season to cold his balls in a so he's had a lavar ball. But it was supposed to be Lonzo ball on the shell dream on rain has been on the show lamotta. He's on the show. Oh, yeah. That's it wasn't isn't that kind of a recent show, which one on the wanna Lamar Odom. No, that's that's I think that's from season one really no thinking on the bomb. Sorry lay. Lamar a best from August. That was that was only about. And like, I'm actually happy that I was able to watch that episode because as we mentioned Lamar Odom on our last podcast, and we'd all shit. He was wondering where he was. And he's writing a book, right, right? He wrote he wrote a book. Well, the books not out yet. I don't believe the books out. I look for it. You look for it. It's not out and it's not out yet. So anyway, so they feature so he featured Lamar Odom on this. This one episode of code is balls, and it was really cool to just here. You know? I didn't I didn't really know. You know, the show was kind of it's kind of serious kind of kind of funny. You know, you know, what I think is is funny. The only thing that that particular show had got a little serious because you know, when he brought up his issues about you know, what Lamar was going through. But here's something this is a scientist. They're both Tim United. You know that? You know, Jim Nuys, we are very creative people. So I thought okay big up on the Jim nights. But anyway, go ahead. Just just you didn't know that JJ will say quarriers and gymnasts get along in another j. Yeah. Well, you know, what I should twenty years of friendship. I did not know that JJ. Yeah. I'm Jim twin? But you know, but it was good just to hear Lamar Odom talk about his why didn't know he suffered from. Diety? And he said while he was he was going through his situation. He had he said he had a twelve strokes heart attacks like, oh, that's a man. That's a my did not now he shouldn't be alive. Right, right. He might not be alive. So, you know, that's really crazy. But while you know, I'm glad that it sounds like he basically was saying that he's he's come out of it. He's come to a place where he could write a book. He's friends what his ex wife, even when she was showing up at the hospital after he had his tour at the muster in rant, right? And yet his bench tour in the wonder that the doctor said he was living miracle yet it which is good to see Lamar Odom just looking healthy looking like, he's he's no he's gone through his situation. He's you know, he's back to normal combat. Well, we don't know how normal is new said you'll go to a near fatal drug overdose. I mean how much? Back. Are you going to be? We don't know the details of that. I'm sure that some long term impact twelve heart attacks, what are six heart attacks, twelve strokes strokes heart attacks, I mean near death. There's gotta be some some fallback of that. That's just the damage is done. But at least he's up. He's move around. He ain't gonna be playing for not seen. What guarantee of course now? And I and I use the word normal of. But he would just good to see Lamar Oldham again looking healthy. And just being able to speak about coming out. You know, his enemy being the conversation. 'cause I wasn't sure if he was with even if Kevin Hart even asked him about, you know, about the air about the credentials ins dating Kim khloe clearly one they say OJ's, doctor allegedly. Okay. Well, but I I didn't know I didn't even know if if Kevin hold even take a short dive into his personal situation any did. And again, it's. Light-hearted? It was like. That deep because I him when that book comes out, he'll get his chance on for Lada interviews won't be Kevin Hart. But on some, you know, some really good interviews to talk about you know, that book. I'm sure right in there for the mall to say, he would he was watching teams everyday to see if he's name would come up on teams E, I thought that was big and so kudos to the more Odem promptly. Brought hope you're doing well. But again just to see him in that in that in that on on cold is ball's, right? As featured guest, I thought that was cool. Right. And I just want to say, you know, that's a good point to actually wind down on a on a positive note by sending out, you know, some 'cause I agree with you just James that is is good to see the brother coming back. You know, and being able to be on the show, even though who's achieved it didn't matter. But to come out. He's he must be feeling well enough healed enough to go through his coaching counseling. You know to do this book to you know? Kick it with cabinet in tub ice was Kevin Little asked never never keeps us. He never, you know, he cheats. But then it didn't go all the way in. He did not he goes in. I'll go all the way in. He's following Kevin Hart. You full of it. A big shot to the guy was a guy on the side would be straight face. Right. Wherever you just have. He's a straight hair. Puts more ice into the into the tail freeze them tiny ball ever whenever we care system on the line you more ice. In fact, start calling Kevin Kevin Kevin tiny ball, art. Kevin Dina ball kimberlite kimberlite Durham thorough with straight face this poor wise. Anyway, it's a good show. We appreciate it. So anyway, this is a that's a good note Winedown on I think, okay? I think why. Anyway, I will just want to say that is is been good. He has been good. It's been good. I can show and the talking about, you know, I think all the things that we touched on this so much more. But we'll we'll be there for the upcoming shows. And I definitely got tune into LeBron's show the shop the shop got us. Go fund me fund for like. H B O. Okay. Because my I'm already I'm already paying like I'm already I'm already taught my listeners out there already paying like one hundred and I think my cable was like a hundred and forty dollars a month off serious. Here's what she must have everything premium. That's would no premium channels. Okay. That's readily this directly is that wrapped into it. No. I know Negus is ridiculous. For how many boxes you got our guy. I got one downstairs in the living room to steer has what you paid for two years and the two bedrooms, but the thing is though, I don't know be so me, I don't know. I just don't notice two hundred forty one hundred forty dollars and HBO, oh, I had HBO for a minute. But then Manila, Toby know abo too much are right HBO was like fifteen dollars extra on top of that long. Maybe you need to downgrade. But and then I tried to go down to like a cheaper package of one hundred bucks lists. And then I can watch the warrior game. The first of all you don't have no kids over there. I've got many me. Okay. Well, that's what I'm saying. That's she ain't watching warrior games. This is my vice to you go directly to you dream, you'll you'll cable direct TV. You ain't gonna pay motives TV. I have TV no stream direct TV. Now. Don't do the cable stuff. Get rid of all that stuff because you pay off all the boxes in honestly dog at three hundred three hundred channels lane was three hundred channels. I only watch maybe ten. Telling you direct TV. And then when you wanna. At a premium. It'll be benign ninety nine a month. Instead of what you paying forget all that a lot of people that live might play. In the meantime, just James on the vibe us needs a go fund me account. Anyway. Do that on your own Twitter? Okay. All right, please. That's it. What I today is been good and good y'all keep the Jews five and keep going keep it flowing y'all keep him flowing and keeping five we'll catch our next time out keeping your head above what? Dizzy drama point. You. -ality pop. Good corporation rip off. Digital occasion. Good. A lucky we got. Good. It s it. Yeah.

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Shaq and Stephen Jackson talk about Draymond Green, the NBA's status and Jordan's dominance on The Big Podcast with Shaq

The Big Podcast With Shaq

1:08:23 hr | 1 year ago

Shaq and Stephen Jackson talk about Draymond Green, the NBA's status and Jordan's dominance on The Big Podcast with Shaq

"Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production now available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You get your podcasts. This is an exclusive presentation of podcast. One sports if you're missing sports as much as we are our exclusive partner at Ben Online is here to help. Because they've still got hundreds of events games and props way drawn from their online casino to poker and Blackjack they're bring in Vegas right to you now if you're missing the NFL. That's not a problem because bet online has live daily. Madden. Nfl Twenty simulations which are really really good and a lot of fun. So if you're into entertainment bedding you can even still bent on stuff like survivor and big brother in American idol. Youth even bet on stock prices of the. Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. It's all open twenty four hours a day it's all online if you're a UFC fan UFC. Two forty nine is coming up on. May Ninth Stay tuned to the end of the podcast to hear former ANIME STAR. Shale sonnen bed. Online's Dave Mason talk all things. Ufc Two forty-nine. I want you to visit the website or use mobile device. Join today to receive your new welcome bonus and start taking advantage of the best bonuses in the business sign up for a free account and make sure to use that Promo Code. Podcast one for your sign up bonus. That's Promo code spell it out podcast. One for your sign up. Bonus Bet online they are your online sportsbook experts. Shaquille O'Neal's PODCASTS. Physician cast welcome back the J. Drop that today on. The big podcast with shack joined by one of the hosts of all the smoke. Stephen Jackson is on the show. We'll talk some last dance. We'll talk some dream. Team are corentin stories of the week. Of course we give borderline and desperate for the return of sports will play around of real sport or she live from quarantine. It's John McCain in the big off of the hall of Famer. Dj Diesel Show Kilo. Daryl you got it in less time. Checks for bull took payrolls design mobile blood man. I didn't read the contract too. Big podcast was shack episode to fifty seven. By the way how about that? It's incredible they said we wouldn't lash shack looking to address. Oh fifty seven. They said you'd get bored. One One guy in Atlanta told ROB. Jenner's why are you going to do a podcast shack? He's going to get bored and episode? Check out of it. Well we can't tell you his name but you know we can't we're not gonNA throw him under the much like when you want to mention their name about the Buzzer. Just don't see what people would choose to you. Get bored but that's my point. Criticize my work Ethic Fordham. Things I should have had sixteen. Yeah Dange Jonky Cade Rob Jenner's Brennan Harper be dog and of course the King Himself Shaquille O. Now Budak manager while you met all because we've put for a year and a half we've been doing a day would be though next week on his own. We're GONNA do a virtual date if I don't see your virtual data on his own. I'm not doing a show. Virtually date next guest will try so so I think for Homework. Assignment be dog brings date to the to the zoom. And you and I and rob are all responsible to bring a date to zoom for. Vida will first of all you guys a marriage. I don't WanNa do that for now. How about this? How about we all about we all get a get the zoom link. Send it to one person who we think. Okay took your idea. He made it better by saying you said bring a day. The I'm saying to the zoo. This is all virtual so actually know again. A great idea. This was that you should just create zoom league right now and they say if you want to call in and we should let the fans call and yes we get some of this. I like it bring in one person to the table thing about it is with John. I don't trust bringing nobody don't trust. I don't trust you trust John. Further McIntyre plants note. I'm already trolling. Big Girls. Woah Batson. I'm looking at. Hey is forty-six triple eight. Wow this hanging over your belt. Lay Charles Barkley for you brandon. Be Talk I'm bringing my partner to tell us about BDO. John Tell us about beat. I'll talk to all the girls there. Big Girls or US ladies you tax. If you've been trying to squeeze in three and the quarantines got you down we got the men that will lift you. He'll try hardest these brand harper when I say hardest mean he's willing to have you come on over for a great time and wants to bigger. That'd be working on instagram little. Liz Liz We don't want you. We only want you bigger than out. Listen saw Liz. Airey used to date a girl like her and she started working out too much. Like so if you WANNA compete in this competition we've just type in brandon date with Brandon. Did be the tag bigger than Lizard. Here's why is this tag? Doritos Hashtag Hashtag chicken fingers. No plus to just talking look look be Dogs Look Progressive Guy No. I'm not sure rules. You have to not only be a woman you have to have been born a woman woman. That's the big one. Because you look at it it's been it's been the quarantine shack be honest in the quarantine. He's willing to shop in many different items. No no no no no love lake. No tell us a window show swinging their way. Let's Rosie Palms follow him on twitter? Let's see we get Stephen Jackson. Sub Steve McDonald was knicks. Man I appreciate you coming out. First of all was Listen I'm so jealous. I wish I could do a show and do the things job I appreciate you. No no no. No we are we are. Pg Thirteen those dues. They're rated R. Back but I've known both of them for a long time and they definitely keep monroe stuff they say it's always one hundred percents. Also I appreciate you for doing what you do. And I'll tell my man was up big. You already know Stephen. What's with the necessary on zoom you a longtime pirates vantage? Just dig deliver. What's up way? Ted Liked the pirates. Who just go for the ensemble. Because I notice you're wearing that type of colored shirt two it matches but I got I got all has piece Apple Power Rupel neighborhood from. I wear hats. She gave phillies. Did it could have been good safe. Well so Stephen we was out the fight and I had to come down because one thing about Steve. The auto knows. Steve is ready to go at all times. So something happened where it was a little altercation with the president of showtime. Who's a friend of Stephen and some other got somebody to seats and guy talking greasy and they was about to go in the middle of a. Steve. I'm witchy but not not right now and you'd better picked up with your hand on my shoulder. The crowds is. I'm he was ready to go. Steve I'm GONNA feel fighting. Got On his last to question. I I love your debate on on. Who'S THE BEST? But let me hear run cut who you think the best players. I know you ain't GonNa hurt anybody's feelings. Just just give me a cut. Your your take is kind of like mine. Where we're different eras. I could say he's the best he's the best but I don't WanNa hear no different areas. I want to hear. Who's the best player ever? You know. I never cared about nobody. Feelings of Ball One I'm Al- I'm always GONNA. Mj I think you know he was. He didn't choose to be the go. You know what I'm saying. You I mean he will he will. He didn't ask me to go was chosen to be to go. You know what I mean. He's just was born to be in that row. I think the closest thing to 'em day to me was called me he was he was it was it was A. It was a junior abroad and I say Kobe beat at from from a youngster and abroad. I think he's definitely after so. I go Jordan. Kobe Bryant reason why the bronze third is because of the mentality and it killer killer instinct joining Cobra. Had I think that set them apart from me Steven do you believe athletes today especially not only NBA? Sport are sort of getting distracted by their personal brands and less about the brand of the team that they're playing for making it about the basketball. I of the football I and less about their brand. I I mean that. Don't make sense I mean you gotta worry about yourself. First these I mean. These teams are trade. You insane you to Kansas. I don't care how you gloss from there. I mean it it. It happens a lot of big name players. They put situation where they knew. It was going to say I e Melo and And look what happened so no you gotta worry about yourself. You got to build your brand and I think it Shaquille O'Neal got traded with time. You start worrying about yourself. Saw fact yes. Well you know. I said that when patchy you dominic looking trails I may. You could pray pat you. Dominique Wilkins how? Outta here so Bigger basketball this year. We don't know what's going to happen. You think we should try to salvage season so we can crown a champion or you think we should let it go. Make sure everybody's healthy and then come back and make sure I as much as I love the game. I honestly don't know because I don't know what to believe at this point saying so much on. Tv instagram Ramen hurt so much from so many different people scholars kind of stuff. My take is that I got a great relationship with God. I put my faith in God and I'm just protecting myself and being smart as I can't put myself in my family but it's so much gone out. I think life is way more bit is bigger than the game. You know I know guys got a personal goals and things. They wanted to change the organization founded by money but life life is so precious man and worrying about a plan. A game got somebody. Somebody else gets sick China. Finish play out and somebody passed from it. That'd be devastating. So I honestly don't know I have no answer to that Steven. Tell us about how all the smoke came about the backstory as to how it came about because it is grown in an industry with a seem podcasts and shows like that come and go you guys have created a very unique niche as the big man was saying well it started to imagine you know map play together to state statement thinking map for the deeper relationship to some other teammates were met mom died. I was with through the whole process. You know she die real fast. Bonnici ad counseling diarrhea fast. We became cool at our relation states to stay like they're beyond basketball shoes hanging out at his house when they smoking and we both was doing. Espn and Fox a lot. Like maybe we ought to do island show one day Matt had had contacts with a woman named Ellen will create a red tape talk and and we brought it to her. She wanted to showtime and showtime was off for man and We knew what we knew that we had a great relationship with a lot of players and a lot of people but the support we get from those same people. The reason why show is having success so We we credit showtime for forgiveness. The Avenue do it but I think there's support about peers and and people like you guys that's happening because people know being being fake. Anything on our show is going to be honest net. The Strip we don't even prep you know so. We turn the camera on just read questions that the other side so you know we just trying to get raw content. Now the people expect from us. I have the graduate show like this need needed because What was that scraping. Your impact black people black people you like people to know. It doesn't seem to its natural fisker. Scratch student we play a game on the show called Black Chrome Web crowned. It's the funniest game show damaged named the crime. And then you have to identify the criminal as a criminal or back on next week. We'll play around man. We should bring it. We should smoke. They'd love the Board Game Games making money away. That's the game of life. Do you go to high school. Drop out right with the with the incredible NBA CAREER. You had when championships and all that stuff was a hard for you to get involved with the big three. Because sometimes I actually think about it but then I know I'm not shack anymore. I don't want to go there and embarrassments was it. Was it a hard decision for you. I I wasn't Hawk me at all because I feel I still felt like I had some the prove. You know with me. Not me not having making one. All-star gang shut me still to this day. Because I also I never made one because of the Bra just because of the Bra after I had to bro off. Seizes Abbas twenty plus four five seasons straight and never made it but I knew that I knew that that was the reason because the broad but with the big three I wanted to play because I still I still had basketball emmy and I played dairy killed. I enjoy the game. You know a Lotta Guys. Starting to come in and a lot of people did it. 'cause cube you know we all got lubbock coops or whatever had had gone on. We want to support him. Well let's let's go to the one story. We had this week that we were GonNA talk about on this show. Steven actually came from your show when you guys had dream on and we got this. Shaquille I want you to listen to this from all the smoke. My favorite player growing up as a kid. You know what I'm saying so like I had Orlando Magic Night. Lights and can was pajamas and shot in Watson. I've always watch the game as a student again. Like steph curry in destroy in a pick and roll. Destroy the murder me on the block. You know what I'm saying like these are two completely different games we talking about. You know what I'm saying is so we started to compare teams and like are we better now and our basketball. We would have destroyed last time but a second call here where they're in Nevada on the shot. We probably got crushed. So that's big talk man. Listen I I like I like guys. At divorce had opinion. I try not to get personal with guys. I'd like them like the way he plays and he and and so you have listen to his points. He made good good. He points in their era. He didn't say am I era because if you the play my era 'cause I was actually thinking about should I respond all this. Just leave it alone. But then I was thinking in my Era Stephen. The play not any minute now. Not only that. And then and then Stephen and era they would have been six or seven seat. Because you had us you had you gotTa San Antonio Got Them Utah. Jazz have Portland. You have white chocolate and see web so like you said. They wouldn't even been in a game. This era a lot of people. Don't think I could play in this air but what people forget. I was the first big black guy. Take it off the glass and taking coast to coast. The honest wasn't the first I was the I got to do that. So you know when I was doing and coaches like. I don't know they'll do it now. It's accepted lesson. I like Golden State. They earn their respect for me a lot of times. When when certain guys that have that g fourteen classification to talk you? Let them talk like when Stephen Jackson talked about as well keynote. He's talking about because he'd been there and the transit things he won championships be what he got three rings. I let that go but again. It's his opinion. I try to get personal opinion but however Mr Dream like you said Toyo Ass up on that block. I I don't I don't like getting into that either because I can. You know what I mean is obligated to like. I have some numbers better than some people in the the claim all of time. You know what I'm saying so I that stuff doesn't that it'd be what it is because we'll never know at the end of the day. Everything branches let people be great and start really comparison West especially with with. What are you talking about overstated and the Lakers like you can't really do that? You can't really do that because you talk about a team that repeated you don't know what the three p. like that's a whole different level the game. The job probably never get to players of this era. Do Gifts when you're watching like Right now we're watching the the entire Jordan documentary the last dance and we just brings me back to is. The physicality of the game has changed. It's not I mean you guys played in a bloody nose. Era Played in a pick pick. Someone might be picking a tooth up off the ground era and nowadays these guys would be wanted to the officials if someone's giving them a little check on the shoulder man and that's the day you go right there you're talking about. You WanNa put some of these guys back then would say they been I remember I remember and people have people say Lebron play back down. I don't think he could have had fully what I remember. My heart is in the league. I League I find. I slammed them because each other dunk on. I slammed into the ground and I did it. I didn't WANNA get dumped on a but I wanted to see what he was going to do and he got up like he was going to do something. So that shocked me totally shot me. You know what I mean like. Okay okay okay. He's not he's not so that's what some players go the opposite direction they get up to the rest of my career not one gang the rest of my career. Not Only God's will make me I wanNA say coming in again but they touch me a really nice was Mahorn. And they've states. Every every time I came in okay to go in Atlanta. And he's like that always wanted us to this. Who's the best player coming out your city coming out of the Texas? Yes meet by far my idol. Bj Tyler I is about to say that what about a Nebraska Smith Nebraska. Smith is from Baytown. Okay okay. So that's where I got it. Okay so Bama so so between you and Bj Dot. It's no it's not. It's been Jackson between the two of them me finish I surpass. Bj Huddle a bit of a me. Mr You would be boys. I didn't cease deeply in high school. That's all you're talking about high school I'm talking about Highschool because championship. That's how each okay was he and gravy running up and down. The court show was He was he was running like a deal. He was laying out so has been anybody. You interviewed that you didn't like on show off. The record got say less names. It's a yes or no question not on our show. I I'll be honest with you. I I remember one time. I really wasn't a fan of Wolski. Oh Yeah Whoa appleby g wars and ask you got. I went to High School Lebron. No that's what's Windhorst Okay Bryan Bryan School. Okay Iraq with him. I was I was I was spend one day with a with the world. He was about to say something. I heard him saying seven to Rachel by Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler talk. The guy's guy them the big home until a lot of guys so I hit him on the phone and Accident about to be said he'd like nine inch you'd showed him. I saw Rachel woes. You know and and already been likened because a lot of stuff he's report. I didn't believe and that was my. That was my verification right. This work I worked at one time. I did not like it because I knew what I thought about it before it was really true. Good okay so sir. I'm we'll let you run Stephen. We catch all the smoke on showtime baby for me so I took you back Home Stephen. Anytime ANYTIME. I appreciate. Awesome all right. So what are listening to with all this downtime? 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I'll not go fifteen percent of your first pair way. You can get the latest in grave from condensate fifteen percent of your order at via com dot com slash shack by RECON DOT com slash shack. For fifteen percent of RECON wireless by RECON DOT com slash art so. We talked a little bit about it with with Stephen. But last dance did you. Did you get to watch any of the last episode? Because there's a lot of. There's a lot of Kobe at Man. Oh Lord of what you really haven't washed more. It's fantastic it's green. It's very hard to watch them do an interview with Kobe still to this day. It's very hard 'cause it's obviously. This was all filmed before right and Kobe as a kid. I know you see Kobe's a young Mike. And then you get these interviews with him kind of modern day and it's hard to watch. I mean it's a love them but it's hard. It's hard to as a as a Lakers fan. I'm sure you've probably mean I thought it was. GonNa be tough to Washington where it really was. But once I saw you know his interaction with Mike and the competitiveness on the floor. I was kind of like you know what this is. This is this is more dope than it is. I think it gave context to some of the stories. That shack is told us about young. Koby seeing it. The where you know. Kobe was willing to stand up to shack and then question into afterwards. He told us on the show he was like. What am I doing that that was just is DNA? You've got to see this guy as a youngster was awesome but you can tell that michaels got editorial control of. Yes. We're not getting. We're not getting the real story on the walking away from basketball. We're not we're getting for. We did last week. We'll get into the problems with tambling. Yes yeah another problem yes it was. It was a problem enough that they were doing abe investigation. Today's Commissioner was investigating. That's because people don't mind their business. They think the problem no hollow like even say because I actually saw that episode so sixty so my kids have something to eat. I'm not in debt. Just what shack? If today she star player today in the NBA star player. Okay I'm I'm going to say one thing. He has a betting problem now. The gambling okay. But if you're G- you're supposed problem with that if an NBA star today. Insert any one of the biggest names in the game. If they had a situation where three checks with notorious drug dealers ended up being exposed. You mean to tell me the American public would say oh. Yeah it was a golf debts. You mean to tell me that everybody would just nod their head and go. Oh yeah sure. It's it's golf debts the gum all. It doesn't look good but I was born at night but not last night. There's stuff going on in life Listen I don't like for example with the Tiger King. Same days you meet people. You're nice appeal. You'll know what they do until Gotcha I hypothetically. Would anybody believe the story as it's being presented as not about what people believe? It's about what you know what you're doing like for example fifty seven thousand. There's nothing to me and Jordan and the bet severely nothing. Okay SO BETTING PROBLEM. Yes gambling probably people that have gambling problems watched Adam Sandler movie one with Kevin Garnett. He was so so I think is a different. Will your money who you're exchanging money with does matter. It does the company. You keep does matter John. You don't know who these people should note. John I don't believe I don't believe Nobel on Mojo when you're on these exclusive golf course right. Let's say I'm on a golf course. And you bring somebody from your Philadelphia neighborhood. Because John brought him to me next time out there and I see I'm going to think he's cool but I don't know he's one of the boys. They've all crooked crooked. Nba Referees so my point is and I'm not saying I'm sticking up for me but but I've been in this situation a lot just by being nice to people taking pictures with people a Lotta Times. You don't know who won't one time true story a guy I wanted. My Guy comes to me and says on a championship where this it was hard on. Our they had it was a company so the guy was was using me and saying I was part of the company to get money and and and you know they came down there talking. It's like you notice never knows what you must know me. You're part of companies that I'm not. I'm not part of the company. Oh so you know how the cops are you. Not Part of the company they. Why are you wearing this hat right? Listen I don't I don't know who that guy is so personal checks in his possession. You might know the guy a little bit more for look on his circle of circle. So I'm never believe it because he's not going to change his mind. And here's what it what you can edit for six hours. Only this stuff documentary if we're doing the documentary of the life of Shaquille O'Neal or documentary year in the life of Shaquille O'Neal Shaq has editorial control. We're not going to see the real life of Shaquille O'Neal we're going to see the real life that Shaquille O'Neal agrees to show us thought document or a documentary. Where the subject of? The documentary has editorial control. Isn't a documentary isn't documentary now because you're going to only allow stuff that you want to be saying which on some stuff don't need to be seen and heard well then. That's that's where you're editing. That's editing real life. Which is everything is edited by for example. People don't need to know what the wait files are. We know what the way POWs yes we know but guess what if I ever do a show people? That was the way. I don't know what you're talking about some stuff. Don't donate to be heard it 'cause it just don't bring up you know what I'm saying. Don't call it a documentary on but at the same time there a lot of things that we've been able to be privy to throughout this whole thing that we would have never seen if it wasn't documentary so it still is Judah say yep yeah but look by definition. It's not a documentary if you've if they're trying to do a documentary. It's not if if somebody who is the subject gets to edit out what you see and the message you get. It's not a documentary take entertainment there. Isn't it. This isn't an agreement or disagree. That's documentary would-be unedited? It would be everything is on the table and the truth is on the table. And nobody's getting to say yeah. I don't want anybody know that I don't want anybody to know that they get So I know one thing. We can agree on. Mike said that I have a gallon of problem. I had a competitive problem by the way he is free and Michael Michael. In retrospect to me is actually better than I remember which I didn't expect which is crazy because now I'm I'm comparing him to the stars of today and though they are great in their own right and entertaining in their own right. He just has that. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'm GonNa take you down. Oh Yeah we can appreciate about this. Doc is the Scottie Pippen. Yes year but I think a lot more people can appreciate Scotties than what they were. GonNa Scotty made more with until Scotty was making more with the Bulls till Jordan's last two years then Jordan was. That's that's yes. They were both getting screw thing was though again is. Johnny was making more money. I love the nikes crazy. The Nike Stories where that stores mom had to force him to take the meeting and shack. You could probably relate to that story as he showed up late for the meeting. You know he should have a little late seems disrespectful but okay you. WanNa go that road. Speaking of docs that are probably edited. We've been watching shack life It's awesome about ratio man fun. It's fun to see like all the guys we know like Uncle Alex and rock and all that get some time on screen but the thing out to me. That's the reason I brought it up the hell your kids doing getting haircuts at the dinner table. What is that about what the hell is going on to? Your House announced a why do first of all that wasn't a D- no those at the Beverly Hills Hotel Shock Room. You know they give them my own. That's unsanitary dinner was over. Thank dessert. Excellent yeah the next the next people. That room are going. Today's episode of the things. You guys look for over. I got to dinner. Threw me there? Were things that I saw the documented in the middle of the desert for haircut right. Well it's desert. Here's your cheesecake and off the side. Sir No because we had the red off late at night and let me get America because when we we going straight to Walmart get some stuff. I notice a Walmart shop. I noticed the To something that we've joked about on the show before the grape soda on on the counters took three two three to notice. Cigarette on the grapes owed we We have a couple of great pizza audio or great great case of. Oughta go before we get four lines. Let's start with Jonky Gate Yeah. I made this one. So we've been doing on the radio station here in Atlanta. On six eight of the fan we've been doing senior shoutouts for all the seniors who compete in sports and didn't get to compete in their senior citizens like baseball so every every day day. David reading names well. We ran low on names. So our producers floated names guys like Kincaid to see if they would catch it. And here you go John. We'll do John. I hear you go and today's senior. Shoutouts buck the southall. High School's golf team got some really good Senior golfers out there at Southall feely Cox and that's not it. I can't believe I just read that. The next the next the minute I said I said that's a fake name. I look at the Max name on the list and it was Hugh Janus J. Genitalia. Well we have. We haven't done another flight. Home team is Haram Team Brandon. Leak is a is a legendary talk show host in our town. We love home team. Well they got. They got home team with the same but different names and he fell for it. From the boys and girls soccer team the Seniors Anita Mailer Craven Moorehead Pat. Hiscock play soccer at Furman brother-in-law played. He was a Paladin Watson. Her Bush Amanda Mount. Those are shout outs. Seniors impacted the Jimmy. Talk about what's in her Bush. Pat Pat was boys and girls soccer team the Naylor pet his cognitive soccer at Furman set. High Craven Taylor. Naylor the difference between the home team macan Cayenne Kincaid. He'll slow down to reading to catch home breezed through for like home team. Who is like one of the most wonderful individuals who's ever walked the face of the earth? I've got the more of the criminal angle to me so so I'm always thinking somebody's out to get me yeah. Of course Oh that's great liaison failure Craven Moorehead. I love in Watson for Bush. The best one One more piece of audio for you chuck. We had Charles Barkley joining the view. And you're going to hear a guy laugh in the middle of this but I had to bring it to you. It was great. It was Charles. Barkley this is Talking about Michael as the leader of the ninety two Dream Team. And he's doing well until he catches the word charismatic Michael's team because he was the best player in the world are he was the most the video images laugh. My Gosh cracks up one more more time much cooling. Michael's team of he of the best player in the world. I don't know what's it. The most charismatic occurs saw. If you're watching it when he was saying it you could clean no. He just gave up on bail. He gave up completely. Do this week's edition of borderline. We got some great ones. This big lots of people think this one Ryan Kashi Tiger at our g. Mail a few others on twitter. This is Stephen a Smith and he was talking about Chris. Paul and my goodness. Oh God have mercy. Oh my God if this brother had a few more inches oh Lotta. Don't give me salivating fantasizing about things. Oh my God if. Cpi Three Taller. That was was against him. A couple of new favorite Lord have mercy. I love it. I don't know time one more time on on Stephen. A Lord have no Mago if this brother had a few more inches. Oh don't give me salivating fantasizing about things. Oh my God EP. Three with tall tall shorts. What does it go so I don't know on excellent comes from West. Virginia Governor Jim Justice. This was a press briefing whose personal mama is him at the Greenbriar right so Jim Justice Doing Dan. Update ON CORONA virus. He misspoke but maybe we got again. I encourage all businesses that are allowed to open to do so only if they can follow guidelines to keep West. Virginia say I love and guess what his people know what the people of his State love it to say follows vickings malls in my life. Really Nice really. Nice man his The people of his State seem to really find that funny. And it's great because usually you get these people with the photo outrage instead. He's been celebrated. Oh that's awesome. Awesome real more in borderline. This is Tristan. Who caught this one? All the corona virus coverage we got a news. Guess trying to shed some light on things that actually have to do. This anchor has to step in and save him in the middle of this because listen to the analogy rogue shortages testing okay and Freedom D. T. F. that's going to bring a lot of certainty to the process but please don't look up data on the Internet. You're not going to find that no no nine Is either you guys. Don't know exactly what I like the I always. Dt F down to down too far. Tomago new our GPO you to all the girls. Etf Shack Lord. Oh okay spelled out for you I. It's absolutely right. Oh by the way can you? Can we hit that quarantine story? Oh yeah sure great. We're getting a little. Did you see this? One Governor Governor Andy Bashir yes. Speaking of governors. I'm Kentucky was talking about his people sort of stealing from the state by filing for unemployment benefits under fake names Dino who filed for unemployment and Kentucky to puncture core Sir. Yeah so he sends up there and he says hey. Can you believe this to puncture cores? Even follow filing for unemployment employment. Yeah well the problem is there's a Ford. There's forty six year old. Kentucky man named Pasha core over walk to apologize to him to call him and apologize. He did he called me and apology was faked by bad. They thought it was face my bad so that was the. But that's nice. Though the governor the governor did causes to Park Mahmad Lincoln took you know how to be. What are the odds that a forty six year old man could have been named to policy changed his name? 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Espn now launched Korean baseball on TV. Oh my gosh. So we're going to play a game here called real sport or she. You gotTa tell me if this is an actual real sport or images that we made. She's like for instance by the wife carrying is an actual real sports. I know that is the hunger. Games is Disowned me in future. Where teenagers on each other real sport or or she so the first one Can will go to both of guys. The first sport would be worm charming Charlie real sport or she weren't charming is where people try to extract as many worms from the ground is possible in thirty minutes. You WanNa go first jacker me. That's a real sport. That's a real. That's a real. You both say real sport all right. That's going to be a point for both that. Israel's their world belongs to a ten year old girl named Soapy Smith Djerma retreat. No mind set of confidence okay. Well I'll go first in the next one. All right all right so Truth or she. Extreme ironing competitors go too dangerous or remote places with board to do their ironing she. Okay John say she as much as blood. We will have to earn. Almost say real okay. Shacks couldn't plug in an iron and extreme place okay. It's a real sport. Activities include ironing underwater on top of a mountain in moving vehicles while skiing skydiving. Others do think doing it all without l. Now sport number. Three SKYSURFING IS TRUE. Sport or she skysurfing skydivers strap themselves to surf boards and ride the clouds on their way down. Shacks I smell okay. He's going to say it's fake Johnson's fake everybody's saying she on this one. Yes from judge dredd. That's fake. I'd say that's that's not. That's not the board would probably snap in half. I would imagine so. Yeah exactly. Nah toward number four truth there she rollerball played by two teams on a circular PLA- circular track. I should say with twelve players on each team. All false it's not real is she? John says she joins too much confidence known as Roller Derby McGaw of John. And go she. Okay you're GonNa she and rollerball is in one thousand nine hundred seventy five movie real sports haddish. She's alright sport number five ultimate teaser. Ball it involves players carrying a real tasers gun and using it on opponents to gain possession of the ball. Is that a true sport or is as she kilo. Neil new hot peas and butter cheese and butter hoppy and you walk around with a stick and whoever got the ball you say hat peas and butter and you get the hit them with the stick. So I'm Oh Okay John. I'M GONNA say people are stupid like Jackass and everything so I will say yes View it's a real game created by three California natives. They tasers each other. Exactly take the ball so you never never and by the way I would imagine. Those are three white guys that create. I imagine all these sports people. In extreme ironing a white person sport sport number six reeler. She finger jousting finger. Jousting checked it a lot of Nice school finger jousting. Oh that's nice. It's similar to thumb war. Were to people. Hold their hands out with fingers and then just try to push back until one pokes the other finger jousting true or she johnson. She killing him. If people can do they can do. Finger the point for shack jousting is a real smart. That's incredible it's unbelievable. It's incredible Sport number seven true or she toe wrestling toe wrestling. It involves to competitors trying to pit each other's foot to the ground for at least three seconds. We know who not plan not playing. Shanto wrestling with those talents. I'm good all right. What do you think scheckter she? She is saying she she. You're both saying you're both wrong. It's a real my God else. Boy That is the girl I'm bringing for dog next week. Oh my God rights Number eight hundred feet. My Feet Dot com sport number. Eight is called Dom Jot Dom Jot. It's a combination of pool and pinball you have to hit a ball across the table and avoid pinball table true or she jockey gate. True Johnson's true chat true. You're both saying true and once again. You're both wrong. That is that's from Star Trek. That's made up. Your lights shot this now. This border line number nine. I'm not going to get this eight fighting fighting sport which involves two atypically guerrillas engaged in pugilist combat. Is that a real sport or a cakes. I know adduced when she keillor. Neil gotta be pick say she John. He's so scared to make safe. I'M GONNA say true true That's going to be another point or Shaquille O'Neal of course this from the TV show Futurama number ten underwater boxing underwater. Boxing boxers have to hold their breath underwater for one minute for three rounds each and surfaced against the mayor between rounds underwater boxing. True or she were you job. We'll do John I I. The last that is truth. That's true of John. Thinks is real sports shack under boxing. Twas believable aren't well. It's going to be a point for both true absolutely true. It's a real sport underwater boxing. I if you can't hold your breath right now for ten seconds without coughing take take a deep breath. Hold it yeah. That's Kobe thing right now. That's one of the things I swear to you. That is one check. That's one of the things that are actually or go grow all right all right now. We're going to hold their breath. The rest of the podcast is mixed great podcasts. By the way me making fun of Everybody Holding Their Breath Sport Number. Eleven is yeah. I think we all pass sport number. Eleven is called learns ball is a variation of baseball where the ball's tethered to the field uncommon on this show. This is what we do on this show. Whoever can hold their breath the longest? That's good though to be song is third grade playground of old life. Long life being able to do that. Learns Ball version of baseball. Where the ball's tethered to the field. True Sport or she Shaquille O'Neal Scorpio. Eight five mcgann. This loose was real. It's fake it's she. She and John's bag of the game. It's from Futurama's well. Toronto is going to make an Athena what it was to Specific Learns Ball Art. Route three to three to go here. We go elephants soccer where riders ride on the back of elephants in direct elephants. To play. Soccer is that true or is that she's true. John says it's true true. I've already saying true. And that is a real actual work elephants soccer. I had never heard that before. We did this game down by to play so I place here. We go number number. Thirteen is naked rugby. No naked rugby and annual naked rugby game that's played in New Zealand every year. Not that there's anything wrong with that true or she ain't nothing Kilo O.`Neil naked rugby. He's saying it's fake. I'm saying truth because I through and that point is going to go to John. Kincaid real actual thing that has happened next to Wigan Berries and other guys space nasty bro. You'RE GONNA BE YOU'RE GONNA. It's such a physical sport. You can have your nuts crushed. You're nuts crushed am dude. That is nasty here. We go last chance to tie last sport by the way. Don't be a bitch in this. All by knowing how you can win real sport for fake sport bitch slap checkers checkers but players are allowed in open-handed slap to their opponent. Every time they claim a checker bitch slap checkers truth. John Thinks it's a real sport. Shaquille O'Neal bigger. This otherness fake. He thinks it's fake That's going to be a point for Jonky Kate for Shaquille O'Neal no I may feel your bitch. Slap gesture does do white good so nice booty all face on ground some almost one and I beat your ass last week because then we go a curls we bring next week Oh God it's going to be day I'm not taking. None of the series need a big pre season check that DNA very good open the because we got these busy social also twitter chat cast at big podcast email us at podcast at dot. Com PODCAST WITH SHACK DOT COM Surrey. So much for being a part of the show we love you. Thanks for being a part of our family baby. All Right Shaquille states say strong. Anybody will see you next week. Okay so that's great ball of the guys on twitter at Shack at John Kincaid and at Rob Jenner's or get more clips and nonsense on instagram and facebook at the big podcast with shack. This has been an exclusive presentation of podcast. One sports with new episodes every week at podcast. One Dot Com right now. We are joined by Dave Mason from better online dot. Ag Dave we can finally talk about some fights UFC. Two forty nine is going to happen. Let's just start with that. Man is if there's a feel good to get back to some normalcy now absolutely and you know as I told you before you have seeds on my favorite sport so Makes it even better than waiting a long time here for some? Real Sports Act and and it's a great card two and three cards within a week. It's looking like so We're excited Dana was just talking about adding a fourth. I mean if he adds a fourth not only. Is that four cards to look forward to but on an average of ten fights per card. I mean if you're a fight fan you got a busy month ahead. Oh absolutely I can't wait. Finally put my net netflix machine on the back burner and watch some sports again. I can't wait all right. Well let's start. Let's start with the main event. I mean it's going to be for an from world title fight. You're talking about Justin. Gay Chievo Versus Tony Ferguson. Before we get in the odds of it this fight is different. Now that it's May ninth as opposed to April Eighteenth. In this way just engage. You accepted that fight on very short notice even though he was training and kind of keeping his weight down. It's totally different to have a signed contract and really be pushing motivated. The mere fact that they've given him three extra weeks to train. That does change how this fight looks. Do you agree. No one hundred percent short notice fights are always a tough one for you fighters obviously and we recognize the odds results when the Habib fight got cancelled and he had a pull out and they replace him with Justin Gage. I wasn't too disappointed. So are short. I want to see him be versus. Elko e no doubt but I mean from a fan standpoint. Just just the good ole slugfest. It's not GonNa get any better than this one man. I. I can't wait. You know. We had Tony Ferguson. Minus one seventy two favorite. He's one twelve fights in a roy and engage over. Three fight win streak. He's a plus when forty-seven underdog. So I I can't wait for this just as a fan of this sport and a fan of competition that it doesn't get any better than this. There's no way this could be boring. It's impossible Dana. White just did an interview. Here's promoting this fight. And he he said I guarantee you. This will be the most violent fight you've ever seen and that was a very interesting word. I've never heard him use that word. So I was sitting back and pondering. What exactly does that mean? Do I agree and I think he used the right word. This is going to be chaos and violence in a controlled area for up to twenty-five minutes. No absolutely I mean. Look at Ferguson. With those elbows pointy elbows and his nonstop pace moving forward and just engage in that how he hit so hard and he goes in their balls to the wall. I mean it's not gonna be any kind of strategy feeling each other out stuff. These guys are going to be going at it swinging for the fences. Both guys are going to be bleeding. The Matt's going to be spoke to blood. I can't wait right. So give me a line on how what's bet online thinking about this fight. I imagine they're favoring Tony. Yep Tony's minus one seventy to take back on Jayjay is plus one forty seven. That's all year that's close. That's clearly it's not. Yeah I mean it's going down and up a little bit. It was down about minus one fifty the other day. So it's going up and down each gay. He hits so darn hard. And he's on three fight win streak he's hot. It's going to be one of those fights I think it comes down to cardio and Tony. Tony gets hit two awesome. He's one of my favorite fighters he is been known to get. Take take a couple of hits to the face of gave. He can catch him. You don't know you know he's been knocked down plenty Ferguson. So I think Ferguson Takes Deborrah with that relentless cardio and that that's what I'm counting on for know fourth fifth round stoppage. All right so we got. We got another title fight. The current champion triple C. Henry Pseudo is gonNA take on former champion dominant cruise. You go first on this one but then you gotTa let me give you my opinion because I think I have an interesting take. Take it awhile. Good Dominick Cruz. Maybe the best fighter at that way class ever arguably made Henry judo man the way. He's poured it on the last couple years. Eases become you know. He's always had that potential being the former Olympic gold medalist in die. He's really put it together last year and a half two years since he beat the meteors Johnson. Oh boy I have judo's a minus two twenty five favorite and I'm going to be on him. I mean cruise. It's he's been off. His last win was almost four years ago. I had such a long time. And he you know he came back. He fought three fights. He looked okay but he didn't look at the dominant. Dhammika crews of old so that that four years off. Is this too much for me? I'm going to be on judo. And who's peaking and he looks better than ever all right. Dave I am not ready to part with my money. I'm not even ready to publicly predict and upset here. However this has all the makings of an upset this is a stylistic problems to the highest of levels for Henry. Look you can tell me pay for. The Henry is a better wrestler. And you would be right. He was the Olympic champion. He was the greatest wrestler life. But you can't show me a whole bunch of his fights where he's ever effectively used his rest. I only bring that up. Because with Dominic Work Dominic ability to control range to peck away at you in many ways. I think you could agree with me. That wrestling is not going to be the solidify or in this context. So if wrestling's not that only leaves the striking and dominant cruises only been out struck one time in his life and it was a huge shock so we're to US history us the body of work of these two athletes and agree that there's largely standup. That's dominic world. In my opinion. This is all the makings for potential upset. That's all I'm saying. I love it opposite. Sides is doing so. I don't know if you guys are taking action on this one. But I'm gonNA assume you are. Because it's gone overseas Rosen. Strike that was scheduled to be a main event. So I'm guessing bet online is looking at it and my right. We have all odds on all the fights absolutely gone news currently minus two eighty five favorite. Take back on Rosen. Strike is plus forty and holy. God is is this GonNa. What a match up this is I mean talk about heavy hitters to just giant men. Too Big heavyweights. I can't wait for this one You Know Rosen strike. He's got a great chin. The I don't think anybody hits Oregon you but roses sorry Gazza heavy jen and so Y- There's some live dog action. There are plus two forty. Sometimes it this comes down to who lands at big shop. I thought I sometimes question is cardio. So if if he swings themselves punches himself out early in going into second or third round the favorite roses strike. They're thinking he can keep moving forward like he did last night. See That's interesting. You bring that up because this is another fight because of the change of date. It changes the complexity of the fight. This was originally going to be a main event which means it was originally going to be a potential of twenty five minutes. Now that it's down the car it's got a maximum of fifteen minutes and to your point about Engano who does have a little bit of cardio issues them and that's just a reality. When you're packing that much muscle around in many ways the lower placement favors and Gano absolutely. I mean the five round fight absolutely. I mean you'd think those guys can make it in the fourth fifth round but the three round right absolutely Favors Nagai vibe around fight. Either way he's the he's the he's a legitimate favorite. But I like that live dog money on plus two forty on. Rosen's right all right. Let's talk about the rematch. Anthony Pettus showtime take on the cowboy. Donald CERRONE IS. Is this too much too soon for? Cowboy. I think it is. I mean especially with his comments. That came out the other day where he wasn't mentally into the the. Mcgregor fight a few months ago. He didn't look good and he didn't fight well and he confirmed it that was just him talk and whatever but he he's got so much man. I mean there's no tougher guy on the sport what he's just coming to an end. I think with these guys. Sometimes and the he's just been on the as much lately. Pettus I've never been a big fan it but he. He's impressed me. The last the last fight is one of those guys who I think has always had all the talent but I kind of questioned you know his mindset in heart sometimes in again Hartford fighter. Because I don't have the heart this guy does but he's he's he's looked lab black pepper and and he's been rewards lately so I just think. Pedestals deserve favors minus one thirty six right now. Eight back on Surani's plus one sixteen but I don't know ceremonies just does not look good less. You fights tough as hell sure but Easy going down. I think I went back and ivory watched that first day. It wasn't competitive in the least came out. He hit him with what they call the kick to the body but it it almost looked like a more of the knee. Hit it just a really hard shot. That would stop. A fighting ceremony was too tough to he. Tried to push through it. But it was all downhill from there. Pedestal peppered him with a couple of kicks punches. Rather came back to that exact same shot that exact same kick the exact same body I had a weird takeaway even though I can tell you was the guy that just that was not close. That was not competitive. It was still one of those nights where you look at Pederson. You go good job. Congratulations but I need to see that again. You made that look so easy that I'm not sure that my eyes are telling me that I need to see that fight again. Is that too big of a stretch for me? No I mean let. Let's run it back right. You know it both are definitely passer prime and that was right before. I think pettus won the belt I believe. So that's right when he was at his peak but yeah. Let's let's run a back. Two guys are legends. And and Let let's run it back. I just think pettus has a little bit more in them right now and it's Aronie is just get beat up to you. Know he's he's being taken a beating too and I don't like to see that and these fighters once they start losing that Shin and start going down a lot. No I hear you look as a fighter. You're never done with this sport but you will wake up one day and this sport is done with you and I don't know that either one of these guys is in that spot. I don't wish that for but that is a reality. That might might unfold in front of us on May nine absolutely. We'll find out as a great card. I can't wait Dave. I appreciate talking to you. I'm glad we finally have something to catch up on. Thank you pal. Thank you sir take care.

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"Right Shoe Down"

The Tony Kornheiser Show

1:06:27 hr | 7 months ago

"Right Shoe Down"

"Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show. and. Detroit wins the game and the chump of chumps is Arthur blank. He's on the sideline waiting to celebrate again like he did at home not at home in the super. Bowl. But at the Super Bowl with New England and they take. A shot of him because he's a pathetic forlorn figure, he's like if you're old enough to remember this is like a Jackie gleason character he's completely forlorn and bullish. He's a foolish person at this point. This is General George Washington and you're listening to the Tony Kornheiser. Wow. I talking about Arthur blank. Yes I guess I was on the sideline every time he was doing a dance at the Super Bowl. If you remember this, he was dancing around because they were up by twenty five and the two magic words Tom Brady happened and then they lost and it wasn't dancing anymore. You gotTa keep that guy off the sideline. He's a disaster he's he's like the bad talisman. Get Him off the silence understand the owns the team does he own is at home depot that he owns he owns one of those kinds of stores. He's like the founder of one of those giant storage in this again, you know. So just get off the sidelines you're killing your team and you make yourself in your whole family cringe when that happens. Michael is here six feet. One inches away. Properly, social distance until Benny's table, there's let me just start with my deep gratitude to Alex Hughes of Columbus Ohio who sent us this lovely lovely Pencil drawing of me and wilpon terrifying in a good way. Yeah. It's. It's what we look like. We're hideous but it's so well done and I'm so happy to have it. Thank you. Alex. thank you very much. Now does this mean that my childhood artwork is finally going to get the boot from the PTI set? No doesn't mean that at all because I'm proud of yours and Elizabeth I. Love that people wonder if that's Liz's or Mike Yeah, well, some of them are signed, but you can't get close enough to to know that. So I, there are a lot of things we can talk about to begin with the world series will be covered with Richard Justice don't worry I just say this. This is a just and fair result the Los Angeles dodgers got cheated by the Houston Astros and I believe got cheated by the Boston Red Sox they work their way back. They got all the way to the world series. They were down three one right to the braves down through one. They won that series they won this series. This is a just and fair result. We can argue forever about what Kevin Cash did Kevin Cash looked at the numbers for Blake's now who he has managed for years and he knows in his heart that Blake Snell the third time around the order is a disaster. And he sees that single by the ninth place hitter and he's got bets coming up next and he says, you know what? I've seen this movie too many times. I'm taking them out and it's very easy to say it was the wrong decision in hindsight it's very easy to say right on the spot was the wrong decision but Kevin Cares didn't think it was the wrong decision and he'd gotten to this point by managing that way we will. Certainly, talk to Richard Justice about that. We can talk about Trevor Lawrence and his reconsideration allegedly of going back to Clemson next year, which I believe has almost everything to do with two factors. One, he doesn't want to play for the jets and to it's not like basketball there for three months and you know you're leaving and the only reason you're there is because they won't let you go straight from high school anymore these spent three years at Clemson. He's made relationships at Clemson. He's a regular kid at Clemson no matter how isolated he is in football he he has friends there I understand the pool of wanting to stay. We can talk about the fact that. Danny. Green side of his teammate Lebron. James. He's not showing up for the first month. He start this thing on December twenty second he's not gonNA show and we can get to all of that. But I'm going to do something now totally unexpected for Michael Kornheiser. I'm going to take off my right shoe and I'm going to do this for reason. What have I talked about Michael, about how I'm so stupid and I now have four pair of these earl boaters and I. I. Don't know what to do with it. What do you mean? You add the fact that you have Backup supplies for your. Size ten and a half medium with shoe and I've said time and time ago Gosh it was stupid. Do we have a different size now? The other day. Just look at the. To take your shoes get the toe shoes now on the table what am I saying? Over and get the shoe and look at the toll which I saw two days ago. There's a whole giant hole in it. You've four pair backup. There's a giant hole in what was a relatively new shoe not more than two months old a hole in. Yeah. There's a hole in the right side of the front a big hole, a hole big enough that a worm can crawl through it. It's big home. I. Didn't see it until just a couple days ago. And it brings up these questions. One can take your shoes off the table just give me the shoe throwing the show. told me she doesn't smell great. Okay. So one question one is, should I just take a new shoe from one of my four pairs of new right shoe and continue to wear the functional left shoe that I'm wearing now thus building up. Equity in my left shoe in other words, giving me half a pair of shoes somewhere down the road, the left hand side or should I switch completely? Should I bail out on a very good left shoe switched completely to a brand new pair knowing I have four not will still give me three in reserve or should third option should I continue to wear this pair? No matter what till both shoes are headed for the thinking of a hybrid model coming your way, and this is actually what you're considering. You have four pair of backups shoes, I do Eddie you're considering. Only one jeff yes or not a what due to your gate. This might mess up your feet. So what I'm thinking very comfortable, this is like A. Sub In new socks, you have to get rid of the entire drawer at the same time because you don't know what could happen. You matchup an old sock with the new stock. So what I'm what I'm, what would you do your now relegating on your child of privilege so This is hidden oppression like I did. I'm sorry. To your kids through this new this new reality. No, this is now an official dog walking pair of shoes. What's but that's all I do with him. Anyway this is you now have to create this. Keep wearing this year with a hole in it I. think it can keep wearing it but only under certain circumstances, which is throwing the Frisbee for the. Dog. Ryan. You have a higher level of pair of shoes that comes out of the closet comes in like curious and gives you two and a half strong inning gets quick out that Dave Roberts went for it. Oh Yeah. He went for it because if he's looking if they don't win that game last night, he's looking at bueller going eight bueller. Yeah he's looking after chance. So back to this, you know. So this is this is going to be your official. Dog Walking dog playing shoe. Do my shoes. I don't go anywhere where that shoot to the Safeway not even the refugees safe. Why? They will let you win no shoes. No shirt service. That's. I have a mask, put a mask on my toe. I can do something like that. I was stunned to see this whole. It was like Karma don't you think it was the answer to all of the backup shoes that I have. Now I will press into service a new pair maybe, but I'm more interested. What do you think is the difference in your walking style that this is happening only to the right? Are you planning as you throw the Frisbee I've no idea I I mean I maybe it's just a deficient single show. Let's not blame the CAN should I? Should I call up the essence a? Better semi on. Upset a follow up email turbine last e mail which they didn't answer. They didn't answer. You have to you have to lose both of the shoes they have betrayed failed you at an incredibly early in their tenure very much. I'm telling you these are new shoes. Yeah. I would say these shoes are the equivalent of Dwayne Haskins for you. Met Yes. So You get ready to them because if you bring a new shoe, the other shoe might taint that one and say, look, this is what we do. We're going to develop cross-contamination. Exactly. So just get rid of both of them and bring up the. Next man up next earl boater up as I say band don't break I have four pairs of shoes. Now, one I was going to take out to Delaware. Issue now we're low level then I'd get down to two pair to pair and I might have to replant. Soup Fair. So now now because one pair is going out to Delaware, brand new pair will go out to Delaware to replace the shoes that are pretty old but these shoes are they're not old at all. They're not old at all. These are good everyday work shoe for you these these are not like your Stylish Coal Hans out at the beach no no, they're not not only they usually dancing shoes six months I, look I wear them every minute of every day I. Don't they're the only she was aware if I don't wear sneakers to go on that walk, then I just wear the shoes. That's it. That's all I do especially during the pandemic I just wear the same clothes constantly it's if we do get a vaccine and I can burn this clothing that I've been wearing to do the show for seven months I'm going to be the happiest guy in the world not getting rid jacket upstairs that only lives in the attic the. Box It's just yeah. They live in the attic. I'm I'M GONNA hermetically seal that up and throw it into the sea. Well. A lot of the a lot of the things that we're using every day over the last half year. So I'm actually thinking how am I going to save this? Memory boxes you can get from yeah frame bridge. Silly bad data that I worry every day like it's Ascott. Yeah now saved that's good. All right. I guess. That's that's. At least I don't talk about this with justice. Can we talk about Justin Turner? No go ahead knock yourself out how do they find test result in the eighth inning local time it's what ten fifteen how do they not get this before the game so you think that they just they just deliberately squashed it and Stay out of those things would we deliver this down to the dugout? Sure. I'll just take six weeks to get there. Yeah. How `Bout Justin, turner them posing with everybody mask off and hugging everybody periods infecting the Commissioner's trophy every you. Okay. With that do you think that it's he's a super spreader I think I I. I give power to the team to decide how. To handle that because they've already been exposed to. Start thinking okay. At least he was in three for three with a single double looking for the cycle as he's touched now he's straight he struck out every time against place or pop pop on pretty us look at the impact he singlehandedly had on mirror games of the series home runs in the first innings. Now he's tremendous. He's a great player. They could have given that MVP to a lot of different people. They could give it to Turner they could have given it to McKee bets they could have given it to cody bellinger they could have given it to Clayton Kershaw. You know they gave it to cory seager and that's fine. But there's a lot of people who got them this fall. It seems like if you don't give it to seger becomes very hard to try and separate kershaw versus the new kid who is. Signed Monster, but man, if you look at the that doubly hidden mookie Betts, he he went home went home on an infield out. There's five guys that can do that. He's one of the five. explained to us was at Kirk Chin who said that about mookie interesting plays at home the series Yes yes. Let's take a break and we will come back with Richard Justice of MLB. Dot Com who is on I. assume unless he just went home I assume he's on sites Dylan in Arlington? So, I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser Show Newport I. This is the Harry's Harry's just came out with their sharpest blades ever, and unlike some other razor companies, they're not charging more for their product improvements. Harry's new sharper blades are still as low as two dollars each. I, what I like best about Harry's is sometimes they're like attack dogs on other companies and sometimes they name the other companies but not all the not all the time they make you guess not like in this one they in this copy, they don't they don't This is a special offer for listeners. It says new US customers I guess only US customers what about people around the world. Just, say you're in America in the United States just give an address of a relative new customers can redeem trial offer harrys new sharper blades by going to Harrys dot com slash Tony Kaye other razor companies have increased their prices when they introduced something new Harry's is delivering their sharp shave ever and they're not raising prices. These new blades are so sharp that in the study with guys shaving four times a week the guys that love and people say guys the. Guys reported that with Harry's new blades, their eighth shave was as smooth as their first. They own a German factory that's been honing razor blades for one hundred years. It's important to know the difference between honing and homing. These are honing blazer honed not home that's important for English majors they source their steal from Sweden doesn't everybody and on the entire manufacturing process from Arin d to The factory floor this allows them to keep practice prices low Sweden home of great. Steel Steel doesn't exist in the ground. You have to make the steel. It's like you know I'd like to buy a steel plant please no, it doesn't work that way. You don't plant steel and get it up. The doesn't grow it's not a potato. It's not. Blades delivered directly to your door on your schedule with or without a subscription. Give Harry's sharp splayed ever a try Harry's has an amazing offer for listeners on my show. It is new customers we've dealt with this issue before can redeem a Harry's trial set at Harrys dot com slash Tony Kaye. You'll get a five blade razor featuring the new sharper blades awaited handle foaming, shave gel with aloe very sweet I. Add parenthetically travel cover to protect your blade. When you're on the go just go to Harrys H. A. R. Y. S. dot com slash Tony Kaye and Andina trial offer today, and what do we tell you people use the code? You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is a ban called the come on commands. This is sent to us by. Roman warm warmke. This is a song called breeze that he wrote any rights longtime listener big Fan career on the PGA show I remember particularly tension-filled segment where you and Wilbon were green contentiously for some teams ability to make the playoffs when my brother Matt introduce of your shows turned to me and said, I hate it when Mommy and daddy fight like that. Not sure what you've used mommy but I thought I'd. Get in on the Jingle offer attached an MP three of my song. Grease which I wrote here in Southeast Ohio Athens Homa Joe Borough with my band the come on cons, which may be appropriate for the election season as a fresh breeze. Maybe something we all desire after November third we've been voted in the top ten bands of our town for five years, which is understandable considering there's only seven rock bands here. That's funny. Possible I could become the official five string basis to the Tony. Kornheiser show. Sure. Absolutely enjoy the song with my full publishing permission and eat something. He's seen me I'm too thin. Richard Justice of MLB DOT COM joins us. Now he went to the world series. He's in Texas. Let's start. Let's start with the obvious thing and. I think it's very easy to attack. Kevin Cash. But Kevin Cash has managed Blake Snell for years. He has seen what happens the third time around it is not an accident that blake snail never pitched through six in since the beginning of two, thousand and nineteen. So I'm asking with somebody I know likes Kevin cash and understand the battle between analytics and feel. You know, what are your thoughts about this? Exactly that it's the difference between analytics and feel, Hey, by the way I did not end up going to the Games I've covered it all. By. But. Don't. But here's the larger point. This has happened again and again in game five of the twenty seventeen world series Dave Roberts left against the process. Let's Clayton Kershaw interface George. Springer third time springer get one, eight, hundred feet did happens you knew what he was going to do. Now this happens all the time I know teams, data driven teams like the brewers did raise the astros the dodgers. And the one thing they worry about is that we're turning players into robots that there's one guy know that one's has to warm up with an ipad he has to see his spin rate is dot where the dot is located every time and they talking like don't you have a feel for things but Tony don't you think that can happen with managers to sometimes you have to have your part? Before these things are scripted out before the game and they are scripted out in collaboration with the Front Office often by the front office and what the data said was you should not let likes now faith the lineup at third time to here's what it misses is that. Feel for the game one and two. You have just played a long. You played eighteen postseason games or something like that. You went the distance with the Yankees you went the distance with after your bullpen is very tired and your best reliever who you call upon in that situation nickname. Given up a run in six straight appearances down fast ball. He got people out on previously he can't get it up in the strike zone the way he had before and you were flirting with disaster. But I understand what he did and I guarantee you nobody feels worse about it today I would assume. The boys indecision scientists science at the raise will be going back today and going Maybe that wasn't the best call. So. So explain to people the dodgers ended up using six relievers. they went for it. If they lost that game beulah would have had to pitch twelve innings because they didn't have anybody left except Blake trying and and Kenley Jansen who you do not WanNa put out there. What is the difference then in the dodgers going to so many relievers and Yanking people. So quickly, what in your mind is the difference between what Dave Roberts did and what Kevin cashed in. The raise looked at their team we have three. Traditional starting pitchers and Blake style or glass now and Charlie Morton. But I drink of our team is are both and we have we have thirteen guys get saves this year we have like three or four guys will be closer on other teams we can't wait to get the game into the hands of our both Dodgers just won the world series two starting pitchers, Walker and Clayton Kershaw and Walker only pitch. Once every other pitcher on their staff was used in relieving kun-kui including the kid. Reas who finished the game last night. So they went into the game went into game six and Tony. Goslin is our starter. He's one of these high end throws the ball art he's are. Rethinking. We're GONNA let him go as deep into the game as he can't. Guard. In in the postseason in particularly in game six of the world three hundred pitches in an inning. Terribly. You have to manage the game like your hair's on fire. You guys not treated in any way shape or form like it's a regular season game and Dave just said I gotta get this guy out of there and how am I going to get twenty seven outs I gary when he went out to the mound, he didn't have it mapped out because you've gotta have someone stepped up step up. To get you through twenty seven outs and in because also you don't you think you're looking at Blake's now he's got five pitches in the third inning. He's GonNa. Pitch. He can. He equipped to pitch fifteen innings your in a bad spot. I totally get that what? I, said at the beginning of the show. Is that this is a very, just result and I don't mean this negative to Tampa on any level. I feel the dodger we know the dodgers would cheated by Houston. I feel the dodgers which heated by the Red Sox as well. I think the dodgers did this year especially being down three one to the braves coming back and winning this thing the way they want it with only two starting pitchers and cobbling together everything else thrown starters in there as relievers I think is just result the U.. One of the best teams I have ever seen you go back to their winning percentage I understand there was only sixty games you have to go back to that thirty nine Yankees to find a winning percentage that high there run differential I could get back to the people were Indians or something like that have those to reverse. This is one of the best teams you will see of our lifetime. Again, it was in sixty game season they were built on depth and flexibility they won in a West for an eighth straight time after they won last year after they lost the world series a got beat. By, the nationals and the files Andrew Friedman looked at his team and said, we gotta I gotTa change the mix here they were frustrated by Cory seager being hurt production being now all kinds of things but they were only going to get a guy with explosive potential and that was movie bats and mookie dining the look of their team. I mean, you look at that lineup that lineup is deep is any lineup you will ever see, and of course, they have pretty good. They look at their pitching this kid got Greta wrong and may all these young guys throws so hard and get people out there. Yes it's a it's. It's a just result. Their lineup is so good that. Job. Peterson. K. Hernandez can't play. That's how good your lineup has i. mean they're they're really good. Yeah, but the reason you have flexibility all over the place that Chris Taylor play here there everywhere that cody bellinger until vets arrived your best defensive player at three positions is 'cause you can find. You can take Jock Peterson say okay. What does he do? Well well, we want him facing right handed pitching not left handed pitching and he becomes i. mean that backwards to he, he becomes an absolute dominant player in this time of year because you've found a role for him. Now it's really good. So let me get to the other large question, which is just internal testing positive, and somehow the dodgers finding out in the seventh or eighth inning when they were already up how does that happen in a bubble? Is it the most people think too many people think that some people think it's a false positive and how do you think the dodgers handled it because he was out on the field afterwards mask off doing all those things and he could end up being a super spreader of this disease. What do you think? Exactly I. Think the way it broke down is they got What do you call an An uncertain test results inconclusive. Yeah inconclusive tests result that came in second or third inning they expedited the second result and came back in whenever it was at six or seven, thirty eighth inning and said, he's gotTa get out of the game Yeah. After that all bets are all remember we said like. I I know we're gonNA start the season. I just don't feel so good that we're going to finish the season in the and in what the health experts told baseball was you gotta be done before November because we there's going to be a second wave or whatever you call it one a or one B and it's going to be bad and you're GONNA be Lucky. You're going to be lucky to get out of this thing they got out of it by one day because what would have happened in game seven I can't imagine there would have been game seven. It would have been a three time world series something like that It was In an unlucky season, it was a lucky break. I just wonder I mean. You know you look at everything that happened in hockey and everything that happened in the NBA in bubbles, and this was a bubble for baseball. You just say, well, how did that? How did that happen? I'm sure they'll investigate it. So it's just very weird but. Yeah it is God It. Wasn't. It wasn't total isolation. You do have to go get on a bus you go get on an elevator. One of the cubs told me earlier in the season he gets. On the elevator and I'm paranoid as hell with like I'm not going to touch that button and Yeah I mean I just it shows that the virus can slip in any place it you know in the NBA. Well, they got the season in and who knows what they're gonNA. Find out when they do contact tracing. Sub Remarkable thing. Let me get back to the baseball. If you asked me what I will remember most about the world series, I will remember plays at the plate. Plays at the plate we we had many more than we usually have You know the the the game winner at one point, the attempted steal of home at one point. The fact that Mookie Betts. Just manufacturers runs on his own What are your thoughts about that? That W- TO ME? That was tremendously exciting baseball. I'm going to remember that it was great that it was absolutely great that these are two really good teams that just punched each other the face and punch back fact the way game. Five in did you have to go back to eighty six or whenever to find a game? That ended that way and then the dodgers come right back Mookie Betts leads off game six this game where you've you've taken a Gut Punch best leads off with a double seger singles a man and it's like. Okay Clayton. Can you can you Bale Bale out on? Yeah. There were there was a lot of that and I think. The Way Japan and you broke down this attended steal homeless was just brilliant I mean you know like what? What is the card say what are the number say you had? You had a guy an athletic guy at third base who a million things threes head and he thought I can make it and that's there was a aggressive base running throughout the thing sort of both teams sort of brought the stolen base back. There was a play where Seger went to third Infield grounder you go. WHOA. What does that guy doing there? Were there were plays made in the outfield and obviously some booming home runs. And also, just for those of us who've covered the sport of such a long time, the dodgers mean so much. I mean I think you heard cory seager said I think it was Corey said you know one of the people I'm thinking about right now it's been scully 'cause I know wins homeland every. Every every every. Every, every pitch, the dodgers means something in the fabric of culture in this country and it's cool team celebrate. Do, you think having watched it for so long do you think that Clayton Kershaw rewrote his history through winning those two games even though God knows in the first inning of each game you thought Oh my God he's going to give up four. So what do you think? Yeah I was always a complicated history to make 'cause they're always gyms mixed in there and in this. Was Two or something you haven't. Made any shutout open the playoffs in in in in all of that he needed that I'll tell you this about his game five performance. that. Guy Has. the slider guiding through game when he was dominant and game too. When he pitch came to game one and the slider guy in through that, he didn't have the slider. Can he was just out there on guts trying to figure something out and he got through it and you know When they roberts, went to the man to take him out. You can see on the video. Justin. Turner go basically saying, don't take him out please don't take him out yeah that he can get this Guy and they've stuck to his going to your total. You'RE GONNA face guys and then that's it. Yeah. I hope he has rewritten the of the postseason narrative He the on his face said so last night. Certainly seem that way I think I've got to go back to Kevin Cash on in this regard where does this leave Kevin Cash I mean and to set this up for people to understand why I'm saying this this is not Joe Madden. This is not a telegenic sort of I'm sure is egotistical but not in the same way that a lot of managers are he's got no payroll their whatsoever he's Built a team based on concepts and these concepts include acquiring all this relief talent and he made what looks like a mistake a very big mistake on the biggest stage. You can possibly make that mistake does that and yet I think on a lot of ways I can make the case that he was totally compelled to do it by his own history with that team and with that player does this. Does stay with him. Is this something there'd be very hard in a small market to ever get rid of. Yeah, because you're you're on stage I, mean they still talk about grady little even Pedro. Young lives with you forever dodger fans were furious at Dave Roberts for some of the calls he made through the years but I in the thing is the unfairness of it is people are Never GonNa understand this was scripted by the front office and by in collaboration with everyone in baseball operations before the game what what Kevin did was carry out the the process now. Where you second guessing is. Did. You. See the way the guy was throwing. Did you I think the verse three guys in the lineup or? We're all strikeouts right? It won't they were the first three guys were six, six, six k this guy pitched a Jack Morris tweeted this. This guy pitched was as dominant in world series game. As anyone you will ever see and the call would have been not to follow the script. The call would have been look. I believe in this guy, he's still my best option and the guy I'm going to bring in has really Pitched poorly lately, all those things it's it's a decision you make on the fly and he stuck with the script he stuck with the organizational script and fair or not. It's GonNa live with him for a long time and he been around long enough to know he knows this better than anybody mean I'm certainly was a miserable night for Kevin. The next few days are going to be miserable and probably right into spring training. I just think something like this allows people to jump on him with both. The same people who marveled at the way he handled the pitching staff all throughout the year you know what I mean. I look I made a living being nasty, but I have sympathy for this one I really do I have sympathy for this one because the last game blake snell no hit the dodgers for four innings and then began to unravel and you could see it. You could see it. So right I just. I don't want bets and Seeger to face bikes now a third time and everyone knows qui-. Now, blake of standard, he's competitor he's not supposed to understand it It didn't work out and I remember a manager one time made a move the book in his face and he looks at me and he says, I, understand the results oriented business but I knew what I was doing and it didn't work out and that happens sometimes. I can't tell you how many coaches managers of set that thing in my Did I. Know why I did it. It just didn't work out but I know why I did it and they don't. The Great. The greatest thing for me when I was first starting was gone on a road trip with the Yankees when Ralph how was managing and you know if you had a seven o'clock start at three o'clock how was already in the dugout and he would go over the previous day or night's game you know backed by bad. He WanNa know why I did this don't you and go yeah and it was like you know it's that thing that they sell masterclass on my God I learned I learned more about baseball in two weeks. Then some people will learn in their whole lives just by having you've had that opportunity right where you sit with a goal and he explains it. Yeah like John Miller and I said jean-marc mock for an hour and a half one entered in when he was managing angels we walked away in John goes that's like going to Grad School. Some of the best times I had in baseball was with Jim Henman the Baltimore Baseball writer. We would sit with her a weaver the day after a game and pick through every movie made an, but is so confident he you say the Gel now look if you're going to rip my but on this here's what you need to put in because this is what I screwed up. You don't know I screwed up this I could have done this and he would give you the DOT com. He would give you the AMMO to rick. Him. Not many you're like that. There's no sport like baseball. There isn't Richie thank you so very much. We'll talk to you soon. Thank. Richard Justice Boys and girls we will take a break chuck todd will pick games when we return I am Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is the Lincoln financial ad. I am not looking at the Lincoln financial add I did not have it in front of me when we put the show together today, it's sort of a late add in and I said okay. I'll just do this myself because I'm pretty familiar with the Lincoln financial dot COM ed. Michael has a copy of this because Nigel emailed him a copy and I'm not going to get it word for word. But what it's it's going to say basically something like this in the pandemic world in which we live in. Families are talking together much more than ever. They sit around and they say, Hey, the guy who was so great in nineteen seventy five do you think he's great as the guy who's great now you know these are the kinds of conversations they have because you just can't watch your dog run circles in the backyard or front yard. Bread that I brought the bread and Michael brought over like can you make sour dough bread Michael literally brought over Sour Dough bread today that he has made him says discard and then what they say thank you so much and then what they say is, but there is still one conversation that families haven't had and it is the financial conversation. It is the one to make sure that you have security. The one to make sure that you understand what's going on and what they do at Lincoln Financial Dot Com as they say, we can give you the tools to have that conversation because it's important so that you can plan and protect and retire. This is a conversation you have to have do have that conversation and look for help and look for guidance from Lincoln Financial Dot Com a good is that scary Okay good. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. People use the code. Use The code the. Use a cold. Cold. When you? Use a code. And station. Jimmy cramming the blood. US. Code. Dan Bern. Brilliant. Use Code. Brilliant. Code all right. We have to tell us to Chuck Todd who joins us now this is sent to us by Paul Armstrong says I just read a disturbing item and all I could think of is how it affects your wonderful guest. Chuck. Todd's holiday plans please pass on this information so he will stay safe and healthy and continued for the shows and he quotes USA Today Dr Peter Chin Hong Infectious Disease specialist at the university. Of California. San. Francisco. Advised limiting the size of holiday get togethers and offered a list of things. Participants shouldn't do such as quote huddling closely together at the end of the night as one large group to sing Christmas carols or debut in your French Horn for the guests because wind instruments can create aerosols. So alas no choctaw French worn holiday solos interpretations for the Mail Bag Song in the todd household right now. I have to I have to protect my family. Three and four last week. Not Great. But not as bad as if ma. Others look around. There's a worse than we well, we weren't the worst. Cowboys. So there yeah. Twenty three and twenty five overall. Here's seven games with no Washington football team game because I. Guess It's there by week you ready. Oh, what does that do wait a minute what does that do the election prediction remember there's always been this if Washington wins. So they're in a buy week before the election. But they just. They just beat the Dallas cowboys they at home. Yeah. But she's growing good for the incumbent. Incumbent I, think. There was some Washington football, but that may be with the old nickname maybe doesn't. Work with the new nickname. Indianapolis is out to troy to Detroit one in fantastic. Only Atlanta can lose in this way fashion. Matthew Stafford is still a great passer. Indianapolis is favored by two and a half on the road at Detroit who you got. This. is by the way the game you just described Detroit. Atlanta isn't this going to be the same game? Won't. You'll be some missed extra point that leads to a failed two point conversion that may or may not lead over time I hate betting on either one of these teams GimMe Gimme the home dog just I will take stafford over. 'cause I hate betting with Philip rivers even more. Okay New England which got throttled at home by San Francisco throttled New England is on the road at Buffalo. This is a division game they're only path to winning the division is to win the seven division games they have left they already beat Miami wants so. Is it five games left five games left rather not seven they have to win them. All new. England is getting three and a half at buffalo a team that has not looked good in the last three weeks. They haven't, and this scares me 'cause feels like New England has to win I. This is this is a kitchen sink game, but that also, but this line is much smaller than it should be. which feels like it's already priced in that. This is a kitchen sink. And I'm you know, do you think it's cove it with cam? No. No. Because Freddy Freeman had covert. And as had was great. No I don't i. don't what did he hit the World Series Freeman? What was the average chairs wing get to the world series but come on me now before that? Cam. Is Missing guys by by five six, eight feet Bryant. Look like the CAM. Newton at the Panthers got rid of Yes. Guy We saw in and and it and it may be that. It may be that at Seattle was the lack. that. We just saw one game Gimme Buffalo. but I'll admit it makes me nervous because it does feel like a new England gets them thinking but. I'll kind of has to win this too. I can't be messing around they win this and they probably put this division away. Las Vegas is getting to and Las Vegas got ripped by Tom Brady Las Vegas is on the road at Cleveland getting two and a half Baker. Mayfield. After the first five passes was absolutely brilliant. He does not have Odell Beckham Junior. There are some people who think that will be a relief for Baker Mayfield because Odell Beckham Jr won't get in his ear every five seconds saying throw the ball you dope. If you like Vegas, you get two and a half. So. I do think Kobe was the reason why Vegas got throttled for what it's worth. They had those issues. On the line. And I'm I'm I'm taking Vegas here because I think Cleveland You know we go through this they'll beat a bad team. For Mayfield really good. And then Cleveland Plays A. What happened to chuck did. We lose chuck. We did is. We lost. Stay in one spot because you what I was about to say was the two teams they've crushed. Them are Pittsburgh and Baltimore in their own division but very good teams and they crush them crush click right and I guess the question is, do you think the raiders are a good team and I do? I mean Cleveland Cleveland wins or against bad teams, right they beat. Yes. Team they beat in Cincinnati twice Yup. Right. That's two of their wins. Yeah. Give me give me give me the raiders. Okay. Here's a here's a game that has this has nothing to do with anything but the number it's simply. A pathetic. Jets. Under under offensive genius, Adam Gaze where they don't even score score twelve points a game offensive genius Adam Gates they are at Kansas City Kansas. City is if not the best team in football certainly, the second or third best football are the reigning super bowl champions. They have no motivation to win this game by big number none whatsoever they wanNA protect themselves and the jets are getting an astonishing number in the NFL nineteen and a half. What are you GONNA do? I you know I the twenty one I mean I would put real on the twenty one. Twenty one you get a little nervous that the three score but how do you bet on the jets can't You just you know and I know math says. WE LOSE AGAIN We've lost to begin. With we. Yes we lost you. Where are you sitting I literally didn't move. Sitting here, do you want me to send us? We just we just lost you again. Had you taking Kansas City right? I'm taking care of the city. But what I was GonNa tell you is that over the last five years dumping visit favorites in the NFL have a really good record against the spread before that like it used to be a given, you automatically took any double digit underdog, which is why your Boy Jeff Ma always doesn't Ryan statistics. It's proven over thirty years, but over the last five years or something like this. These double digit favorites have been covering because the bad teams in the NFL or van bad. Now, they're really like they're real their another level of be taking teams in. Yeah. So, we have now probably the best game on the and Baltimore had a week to prepare for it Pittsburgh to Tennessee eked out a win they didn't as much. Win It as just sort of escape at that point they're getting three and a half at Baltimore of this is a big deal game who got yeah, I, mean this is. I'm GonNa just take the home team this because I feel like you have to team in the series but other than that I mean I can't wait to watch this game. Night I, you know and the other thing that makes me. He go he's out he's out. We lost you again for ten seconds. I'm just telling you what's happening is, is somebody important trying to get onto your phone talk to you? Non Smoking this is. Moved Bizarre. I'm just telling you I'm telling you. It's. ME. What. Not Lost you want. So you can hear you complaining about me. Jeff Ma. It's our phone lines. Yeah. He's attacking my phone doesn't he doesn't. He doesn't like to draft off. New Orleans getting four giving four at Chicago. CHICAGO. Can't be as bad as they were against the Rams Chicago was so dreadfully bad and New Orleans I duNNo. If they have Michael Thomas we nobody seems to know this New Orleans giving four on the road could be real cold by the way outdoors cooking. I don't like your breeze outdoors in the cold. In. Fact I think there's a pretty bad stat that about drew brees outdoors in the cold I don't like the bears short week but I'm with you I think they I think they've they've got A. They've got a a show up in this game and I just don't trust brazen the colts give me the bears pinpoint. And another really really good game in the greatest division in American sports. The NFC West San Francisco getting three at Seattle San Francisco coming off a big win Seattle finally losing a game again in Division that division by the way sixteen and five against teams out of their division sixteen and five. Juicy the injury report again for San Francisco. Is it tremendous again, they just they everybody everybody that does well as out they both Sanyal. I eat out Yeah. They they They always find some random running back that scored three touchdowns in a game and he's out most most it's always all. Guy Another one okay s, he scored a bunch. He's out. And the guy that I have on their running back corps and their fantasy team is that McKinnon, and he does nothing for me anyway that you didn't hear GimMe Seattle only because I just at some point, San Francisco's injuries have to cost them again. took. Six home teams good for you. You took six teams. Well I don't know what those home dogs and and I think I went about five hundred with right the home. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I. Mean had was not a bad with three and four is not a bad week. It's not a great week not battery before we let you go because we're not gonNA talk to you before the. Election next Tuesday. To like in the election let me just tell you the the bed I made which now on. It is. It is a bet reflective of where I live. It's stupid. It's a stupid bad. I told Wilpon. I. Didn't think that trump would get one hundred electoral votes. I thought it'd be just gigantic. Away Rally. The math on that for that to happen I mean what you're saying is you think you'd think Biden's carrying. Idaho. No. They don't even know who he is. Now he is why does four votes to get? So what you're saying is you think Four. Hundred thirty nine electoral vote. Is What Job Biden. As so now an hearing it with that kind of number I sort of realize how stupid I am. SORT. Texas. You're bringing in like Utah Ed. Chat a Dakota not both. But. At least Coda. It's pretty dumb look I I would say this I'd rather be betting money line. I know Biden's the point spread favourite. I'd be I'd rather bet the money line then and see if he would cover his spread. look I do think I I'm one of those ups going to say this way if you hold the election ten times, I think there's only One. Maybe two occasions at trump wins I mean. There's four occasions that by in a blow and I think there's four occasions where you know it's a nail biter win. I think I think the most where we're really headed is I think it's possible that all of the battleground states when you're watching us on Tuesday night, everything feels competitive and close. Whether it's Florida whether it's Iowa whether it's Wisconsin and everything feel within that three to five point range and you're like I don't know but it looks like and then it all tips in one direction. And then Biden could get to that. You know three fifty to four hundred electoral vote mark. You know there there is an outside chance he could touch four hundred and that would mean carrying. Texas I still think there's a lid on Texas. of about you know a forty seven or forty eight for Democrats that at the end of the day is, who's GonNa come a point or two short. But I'll say this. I. Think the adjustment that many of many pollsters have made. I know what we've the adjustments we've made to make sure that that we've got about our numbers but a lot of these other I I think we're wrong this time we might be wrong. In the other direction we made under the there is a underestimating. I, it's more of a chance where. It and then what we did for years ago. but the biggest difference is that he's an incumbent and he's just not giving the benefit of the doubt. The way he was when he was the Challenger and that you know voters think forget be simplistic about this incumbents. In an in a year, things aren't going well incumbent loses nine times out attack. That's what I would have thought. I, mean anyway, we'll see I'll talk next week. Thank you chuck. Fundamentals matter yeah thanks chuck. Todd boys and girls, and if we just gave you chuck todd that would be more than enough and we're not gonNA sing along because we're apparently a second and a half late but we give monkey as well. Sprayed spice. Had Spoken Hanging with bud, grant tap TAP TAP IN HIS PURPLE To. Sometimes. Too. Much John. I where did you find him this week? Is he back at the zoo or is he somewhere else? Well, MS actually did go down to the zoo any was there he was busy at work and you'll be surprised at what he was working on. Repairing shoes, I had no idea. He's Kotla so we should probably take that failed votto over I'm sure he would do it gratis for you I'm sure you will. So we gave them three games. The first game we gave him was New England at Buffalo. The Patriots. Getting three and a half and he showed me a little photograph of him on his iphone. At Dunkin donuts with Casey. Affleck who we know her Dunkin. Mostly to and Rico Petrocelli. Clearly he's got ties to the New England area and he will take the Patriots on the road in. Smoking inside look at me I'm not smoking. So back to starbucks. Okay. The second game we gave him was a Cleveland giving two and a half at home against Vegas. And, this was just a lovely little small video of him trick or treating with Marty. Schottenheimer Bernie. and. Hanford Dixon and case you wondering Reginald always dresses. Every year is Abe Lincoln because he loves wearing tomato so is. Yes. Exactly and last game we could not resist the jets and the Kansas City game and I don't know if you've ever seen this photo sort of a famous photograph at PJ clocks, there's reginald sitting next to Frank Sinatra Joe Willie name, and we bank I'm not sure what you that was but clearly he's got ties to the New York area and the New York jets. So he will take the jets with the nineteen and a half. There is not a personal life who has ever been to PJ Clark's in Manhattan who has had a cheeseburger there and hasn't said that's the greatest cheeseburger I've ever had in my life. It's an asynchronous probably they've never clean the grill in one hundred years. That's probably the secret everybody says that I remember when PJ Clark's opened in Washington and I went there just for the cheeseburger and. One much not not what I hoped. It would be do you hear the dog in the background and the dog and screaming dogs swimming? All right that's good. We're good. We'll take a break. We will come back with email and jingle I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. Let's Donald, mcphee, all the way from Scotland. I'm sure wearing a kilt as he played that Bagpipe that's wonderful. It just I feel like there's going to be a policeman's funeral or something like that. He's just. So, wonderful. So wonderful. Yeah, it's Brigadier One. Nine. Hundred you the Bethesda. Sandwiches. Bagel Sandwich. That is Of, course, we'll be missing out on those but we love them you love them as well. The BAGELS DOT com for the occasion nearest you in the d. m. v. area stop on. They got wonderful things there and once you once you go all the time because it's just fantastic fest the bagels I guess that's it for us today. But before we get to the mail bag I just WanNa say in ancient times hundreds of years before the dawn of history lived a strange race of people the druids no one knows who they were, what they were doing, but their legacy remains union to the living rock of Stonehenge. That's not stone. Sat stonehenge. So Great. It's like. Six inches. A great movie. have to see the movies just a great movie a rock entry. Thanks to our guest today Richard Justice of MLB, dot com, and the host of meet the Press Chuck Todd things as well to our sponsors Harry's razor and Lincoln financial. Dot Com. Remember you can listen to us on apple podcast spotify Google play radio DOT com. If you get show to I tunes, please leave us a review. I'm telling mom you put your shoes on the table now tell her. Hey Mr Tony listen to your Monday showing your discussion about Clayton Kershaw had me thinking that if the podcast money ever dried up you and Michael could hit the Vaudeville circuit where the two men Abbott and Costello fact I took the liberty of writing you the following stick Michael Hey dad who's on first Tony you on I everyone kershaw put someone on first every single ending what's wrong with this guy? And you know what else plotter me all this pumpkin spice stuff who is putting Pumpkin and everything these days I hate pumpkin dead give me off the stage. Thank God. It's probably cooking the crust I have in my pocket into toast to waitresses everyone can I it? I'm Tony Kornheiser. That's actually pretty good the from Carlisle, Corrado offending in Columbus Ohio in speaking of as many as in quarantine adjacent baseball coverage Jeff Passan's said that quote at. This point. My children don't know who I am anymore, and I'm certain. My wife has finally taken up court with a neighbor thereby answering the age old question. Do you know what your neighbor does wonderful as Carla integrates the show from Mike Shuster in South Bend Indiana dear Dr Tony. The. Following is a page from my diary as less than brilliant little one monitor my cellphone for the Tony Kornheiser podcast to drop to listen to entertaining conversation. That includes in-depth sports analysis and tips for more technological lifestyle, three experienced excitement and anticipation emails and jingle portion. The show for endure the insecurity and brutal reality that again, my email was not show where the keep listening and keep trying to contribute. You've done it Mike. Thank you from Chico Donaldson and Chevrolet Marilyn the biggest thing I saw this weekend wasn't the WF T. down of the horribly overrated cowboys or Penn state virtually assuring themselves not. To be a factor in the college playoffs, not only was the rising, very own Blake, China when training trying and came to the mound in the bottom of the ninth, and this was game five. I said out loud. This game is over like death taxes and Kirk cousins interceptions I was sure trying would cough up to save imagine my shock when he closed out the raise impressive faction in fashion but you never forget game one of the. Yeah Dave Roberts didn't go to them last night. Did he didn't go to him tremendous going? Bruce Meyers in New York yes. Tony it's that time of the year that I have waited for. It is the hallmark channel countdown to Christmas every Saturday night as a new Christmas movie. Did you set your Dvr this weekend go to the website and take the peppermint pop quiz pay the countdown to Christmas fantasy game only found on the hallmark channel website here. Russell. Wilson is not the first traffic and don't forget to enter the daily very merry giveaway and they have perfect holiday gifts for your wife Hallmark wines jingle joy by extra for Wilpon and you're shopping is done from Bob Bob Swell in lust be Maryland he might be a weather. Analyst Whether Watch. Kevin. Singing it's the high point of my Monday morning see the monkey it makes me smile and makes me smile I'm glad you liked that. PJ in Springfield Virginia according to the highly regarded wikipedia Charlie Morton nickname is ground chuck due to his grilling and smoking meat enthusiasm. That's pretty good. But I was trying to think of other nicknames which would also fit do you have any others I thought of the meteorologist but that's all. I. Got Meat Ground Chuck was also when Chuck Knox coached the Rams ride. dickerson. Rented all the time and the it was called ground shop from Mike. Lloyd's in Evergreen Colorado. I had to write and exclaimed my to David Aldridge moments of sorts for the show last week I while doing football picks for Reginald Nigel mentioned Jack Sigma my ears immediately popped up since I grew up in. Grand Park Illinois, a small farm town near the small town where Jack Sigma Played Saint Anne. We played San often when. While he was before my playing days, my high school basketball coach was none other than Dave Sigma Dave Signal was Jack's cousin who grew up playing basketball with them. Unfortunately, this meant coach Sigma had access to high level coaches drills. So high school basketball was a bit brutal at times. The second David Aldridge moment of sorts was when I realized I moved to Colorado and started working with I organization one thousand nine years ago when you started describing the beginning of PTI and the timing of it, I started to immediately memories of the transition in my life around the same timeframe nine, thousand nine years ago, which is Nice James Edwards in Redfield or read field main. Redfield Redfield the indomitable fortress of dope nece or is it doe penis? That is the Tony Kornheiser show continues to deliver on all fronts including being my primary path to discovering new music. Grace Paddison Ian Warrington Wonderful I. Hope he and song the North Woods is in reference to the north main woods because seriously are there any other north woods that matter and one last one from Steve? The sycophant as the hallmark channel. Continue to assault us with Christmas movies over this past weekend, I must salute one title. Sure. Welcome to Christmas and Christmas Tree Lane make their intentions plane. But I submit nothing can top the new epic Jingle Bell Bride, who who can resist the story of a wedding planner finding romance in a remote Alaskan town not even Dr Satchmo that's who your new bike everyone is always do wear white, but we don't have the guts. To do it. The bree. A. Only the. I can tell you where are you going? This time Joe Foun-. Duke Feed. Off. Only on your will. Tell you what? This town and Beulah. A. VISI and asking on this. Being. On TV. Tear. You just where you all. This time. Use a code able use a code. Use a code, the bull use code. Use a cold. When you? Use. When you Use Code. And the station. Jimmy. Blood. A. Blood. Use. Use The code. Used a code. A code. People. Use. Take the long to. Jake you deal Tambo use code. Used a code. The Ohio and. Rivers. Pose us. USA. Code. Use a cold.

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The Dan Patrick Show

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11/09/20 DPS-BEST OF

"I'm shonda rhimes if you watch grey's anatomy or any of my tv shows. you know. i love to tell a good story. Well now they're sean blend audio. We've partnered iheartradio to launch a slate of great podcasts. You listen to the first four right now. Katie's crib permanente leah. Go ask allie and you down and we have so much more coming your way. We can't wait to hear it. All welcome to shawn land. Audio was no all the new. Sean dillon audio shows on apple podcasts. Jisi urban philosopher philanthropist in the host of the recession podcast a production of the black affect podcast network. And i heart radio. I'll bring you wrong conversations about systemic racism mental health life on the streets and much more so join me on the recession podcast by jisi r. e. s. e. s. I o n podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you prefer your podcast. You are listening to the dan. Patrick show on fox sports radio. The future the quarterbacking position was on display. Yesterday in arizona. I love this matchup. Cuyler murray against tonga vilo and there are two of the more exciting players in the nfl. And this is the second season for murray. And i think we were pushing for that. Mvp candidacy along with josh allen in buffalo. And he's in his second season. He's in that conversation to is in his second. Start in the nfl and murray look great. Threw for three hundred rush for over one hundred. Miami came out on top. And you can't help but notice that these aren't your traditional quarterbacks. They're short for their position. And they're riding a wave of similar style and size. Quarterbacks this goes back to drew brees actually goes back to fran tarkenton fran. Tarkenton was probably five nine. Five ten played for the vikings played for the giants. He threw for three hundred and ten touchdowns. I think and over three hundred touchdowns and if you watched him you would have thought. There's no way that he's going to be able to survive in the nfl but he was a scrambler. He didn't run for yards. He kept plays alive. And i always thought about that. When breeze came in he came. Out of a joe tiller offense at purdue that was a spread offense and he was lighting up the big ten but he was not tall and went in the second round and then because breezes success russell wilson got a shot and now baker mayfield gotta shot went number one overall. Now you have murray now. You have to in their young players. Who probably thought. I'm not going to be able to play that position. And now they get a chance and when you watch you know murray in two or not the same guy. Murray is mobile. He's the fastest quarterback in league. I'm gonna guess him. Lamar keiler is probably the quickest. That's for sure and two ahead some runs yesterday. Maybe you should learn to slide to a but they're fun to watch. That was great. As we redefine the quarterback position it was on display. Yesterday there are losses. There are good losses sometimes there are bad losses and then there are devastating losses tampa bay buccaneers fall into that last category national. Tv at home. You're already lost to the saints to start the season. You were on a roll brady and tonio brown. The defense was getting credit. The offensive line's getting credit. Everybody's talking tampa they'll be hosting the super bowl and then all of a sudden the saints just rolled them. It's rare when you watch tom. Brady game and you go. This isn't competitive. We might say it when it's the other way around. There was no comeback. There is no. Hey twenty two three. We're coming back twenty eight to nothing. You're not coming back but that was a devastating loss yesterday. That's one of those that kind of stays with your psyche a little bit longer. Like how when you get pressure on brady. You beat brady. If you don't get pressure on him you're not going to beat him. The saints put pressure on him got to him a couple of times. I don't know who's folded is with some of the interceptions want it looked like receiver stopped and but still he did not look comfortable at all. Here's brady after the loss last night turning the ball over against good team never helps you know. Just didn't play the way we're capable of plan. Everyone's gotta do a lot better and it starts with me and get back to work tomorrow morning. Try to try to make it a better week. Any got swept first time. He had been swept by a divisional. Rival the saints with win last night waves in the afc east. And chances are you wouldn't get swept by divisional rival in the afc east but that was impressive. The steelers are eight. No but i don't know how good that eight no is eight for the first time in history their last three wins by three four and five and in each of those games. The losing team had a chance to win the game in the final minute dallas fan and i watched that game yesterday. You have to go. Why aren't we like this all the time just competitive. That's it just competitive but steelers pick up the win bills. Beat the seahawks and that to me was the eye-opener russ going east coast and josh allen played. Great bills defense did a pretty good job containing russell wilson. The chiefs are quietly. Eight in one. They lost the game. I don't know how good they are. But patrick mahomes to me is still the mvp. I mean i think he would be the leading candidate now. you know. i'm not big on this halfway point or after the first month talking about the mvp. The only reason why i bring it up is i think we forget how great patrick mahomes is. It's weird. That was quickly like after two years. We sort of moved on and went. Okay we got. The the new story was an old story. That's russell wilson now. We tried to get column. Marie in their josh allen in their brady in their aaron rodgers in there. And then you start to look at home and you go. He's still pretty good. you know. Mclovin system quarterback. Yeah his own system. But the guys who don't have like you said earlier like there's nowhere to on the screen terry kill. He's opened by twenty six yards other. I could have thrown two touchdowns yesterday and the chiefs. Get i don i. Could've they were that wide open. I could have thrown a twenty yard pass. If you say to the defense all right you can get to me. But you can't well. They wouldn't have gotten to me because the offensive line was blocking and he just threw two touchdowns where i went. Where's the defender. They very simple but his numbers are spectacular. I still think that they're better than last year. They haven't shown yet this year which is scary for the nfl. A normal time to route routes tyler. Tyreek hill is not not a special wide receiver. Once play breaks and he decides. I'm just going to break a direction. He's uncomfortable. it doesn't matter. If the best defensive back is with them you can't cover him and when he zigzags these guy weapons. They're all else fails. i mean. Nobody has more weapons than patrick. Mahomes does but it feels like we exhausted that story. Now we gotta move onto another story. Notre dame takes down number one clemson. Double-overtime indiana beats michigan and As i mentioned. We'll talk to brian kelly. The notre dame head coach. It will join us coming up a little bit later. I was also looking at the ages of the quarterbacks right now now they're nine. Nfl teams with at least six wins of the nine teams. Four starting quarterback over the age of thirty five brady brees. Rogers rothlisburger of the nine three have quarterbacks age. Twenty five younger mahomes josh allen. Lamar jackson only two of them. Have middle aged starting quarterback so between twenty six and thirty five. That's russell wilson ryan tannehill in the next five years. You're not gonna have. Rogers rothlisberger breeze brady next three years. You're probably not going to have rothlisberger briesen brady and we're ushering in a whole new. Nfl because of the rules the the changes in the rules. And it's all offensive driven. It's it's for fantasy. It's for gambling. And you're just seeing these quarterbacks coming in who are able to keep a play alive dual threats not afraid you know to. It wasn't afraid of the big moment there. That's his second start. Yes mclovin can can this. Last these i saw the mark. Jackson take tube hits that were gigantic yesterday. How do these guys gonna have tenure careers if they run this month. Well you run but you slide. You run but you get out of bounds. Eventually they're going to take a cheap shot and hurt you though. Well it feels like it'll be next man up when it comes to these quarterbacks because you've got another wave coming in you got four quarterbacks maybe five quarterbacks it'd be taken in the first round and you got one that's a sure thing. Trevor lawrence justin fields appears to be zach wilson to byu. Come on down kyle. Trask at florida. Trae lancet north dakota state. These guys are ready. They're ready to go. I don't know jordan. Love can play but green bay thinks he can. It's come on in and getting the lineup. Justin herbert look great again. Joe burrow's played extremely well. That's why baker mayfield right now playing for his job. Jameis winston lost his job. Marcus mariota luggage. They want to know right now. The next two years usually bakers in his third. They want to know because these quarterbacks are ready to come in and ready to play. It's no more of this or you're not tall enough. You're not this. You're not that. I will say this when i want to put is it. Looked like he tries really really hard to throw the ball art. It's like every ounce of energy is in those throws and i started to wonder about this. Steve young to navigate arm Jim zoran was not a big arm. Guy these left handed quarterbacks. Maybe it's something about them. I dunno chris simms. I'm going to guess he had a pretty good arm. But some of the great left handed quarterback. Michael vick had a pretty good arm at times. He had to strong arm. You lack touch. But i'm watching that yesterday. I'm thinking men is to put in every bit when you watched al lighter pitch and when he was with The marlins or you would hear him grunt because he was trying to give everything every time he was thrown. I'm gonna guess to a sounds like that. Yes he looks like. He takes his whole body and puts it into the throw. And it looks like it's gotta go seventy yards and it goes ten like dang. Let's a huge wind up. Yeah he puts a whole lot into it but that was. That's that's a big win. That's an impressive win to go there and beat that team because that arizona's a good team and cuyler played extremely well. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast be sure to catch us. Live every weekday morning nine to noon eastern or six to nine pacific on fox sports radio. Find your local station for the dan. Patrick show at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching. F s are or stream. It live on the peacock. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy. Bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you're already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you can save. It's geico easy. Visit geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com once again. It's gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. Geico dot com yoda's jisi urban philosopher philanthropist in the host of the recession podcast a production of the black effect podcast network and i heart radio. I'll bring you raw conversations about systemic racism mental health life on the streets and much more. My guess would include influential figures like charlemagne god. Dr gist and tony robbins. Martin luther king said you know a man or you could say today. A person who hasn't found something they're willing to die for isn't fit to live. It's pretty strong words fed. I really believe on my soul that what changes people is when you find something to serve more than yourself. So join me on the recession podcast by jisi as r. e. s. b. s. s. i. n. Podcast that's right on the iheartradio. App apple podcast. A whether you prefer your podcast mclovin. Do you have a good poll question to start with that. I can maybe post chris simms. Okay we have a poll. Question is actually more from paulie. Okay what was the biggest lashley which team took the biggest hit this weekend. Clemson michigan losing indiana the box or the seahawks losing to the bills so the biggest hit the biggest loss this weekend clemson michigan the buccaneers or the seahawks. That man. that's a four we have now. You could add to the list view. But those are the four. The jumped out to us Let me bring in. Chris simms profootballtalk live co host on peacock. Nbc sunday night football analysts. Who took the biggest over the weekend out of that group. Well okay. Can i mean michigan. Oh we know michigan was michigan. I mean. I don't know that's not that big of against indiana. Well i don't know. I don't know if they're that special michigan this year. So you're right. That was a bad because maybe indiana. I'm not going to throw them in the class clemson. Hey that hurt. But i mean if anybody puts them outside of the top four or national championship contention crazy without the best player in college. Football play seahawks. I dunno same old seahawks. They have no defense. And they rely on. Russell wilson every play. I think the most concerning the bucks and how they played and how that looked overall last night. Dan why did you get out of hand so quickly. I think that the thing just for to keep it simple. I mean look like the new orleans saints went out there pissed off for lack of a phrase. We're a team battle-tested we've been in these positions before you guys are the new kids on the block. And you're reading all your press clippings and it's like new orleans got in their face from the get go on the and defensive side of the ball and just controlled the line of scrimmage now sensibly. They just picked it apart with threes and short passing game. That's kind of how they do it at times but defensively. I think that was the shock. I mean people. The line of scrimmage in your face coverage and not being able to get any separation from the tampa bay receivers and then never even really tried to establish a run game. I mean go back and look at the play. It was like they thought. Oh it's grunk it's brown it's evans is good when you can't match up with us we're too good and kind of just backfired in their face. Obviously i wondered about the game. Plan there and yeah the addition to tonio brown. What did you make of that well. He looked good. I mean i can't get over. How damned good. The guy is without playing football for so long. I mean he's he. He will work his way into having a spot in that offense now him and brady were off sync on that one interception. You know where that's about reading the coverage the guys too far off you hook it up. The guy's close to you go deep. They'll figure that out. I'm not concerned necessarily about that. The one thing. I just look at it. The bucks is and where. I've always been so excited about. Them is their versatility on offense. And it's like last night. They fell into the trap of like. Oh got weapons. So let's get in the shotgun throw it every play but if you really go back and look at their year. They've been at their best when they add a little balance and they run the ball and then brady has the play action. Pass the gronk over the middle of those things and last night. It looks like they got away with it and just got a little too obsessed with the wide receiver position if you had to pick right now and i said the saints buccaneers packers seahawks. Who's going to the super bowl or other in the nfc. No i think. I think that's teams that really. Come to mind right off the bat. I think those are the four main football teams really until the last two weeks. I would have been saying. The buccaneers you know. It's two weeks in a row where i know. They beat the giants. But you know i know. That wasn't a good look last week. And they got physically pushed around by new york too. So right now and i can't believe i'm really saying this but the way they won last night miss hard not to pick the saints with you know that team that coach the defense. I've been saying this a lot. Dan the defense has been good all year. It's like they let three or four plays every game they dominated dominated the dominate. And then they let up a big task player. Too big pays. It's been issues like that. And you know they can execute like that offense a those big plays on defense. Then i am going to pick the saints. Steelers are undefeated but yeah. They've won their last three by three four and five points and the losing team had a chance to win the game in the final minute here. Yeah like last lackluster is a gets disappointing by the steelers defense that they let the cowboys run the ball on them like that kind of control them. It's two weeks in a row. The steelers defense has been pushed around a little bit too. But i think the other thing that you know offensively the steelers. Just not a machine yet. Either you know i expect. Their defense is still play at a high level again. It's human nature. I think they fell in the trap yesterday. Hey we beat the ravens. Were the best team in football the cowboys. who's this playing quarterback. I've never even heard of them. We're going to run them over. They fell into that trap. Dallas is desperate and fighting for their lives over there but the offensive. Thing is the thing that i look at pittsburgh. I do just because dan. there's no run game. it's always like we gotta figure out how to finagle a pass game on a weekly basis and a lot of the times they figure out the correct formula. Eventually but it's not pretty and it's gonna come back to bite them in the but at some point what about the chiefs they yeah. They can look incredible one series and all of a sudden. You're going carolina's got a chance to win this game in kansas city like You know. I think another case of a team. That's maybe a little sleep taken for granted not used to being the bull's eyes on your back every week kansas city. You're the greatest show in town. Everybody wants to see a kids tune into watch. Patrick mahomes achieve super bowl champs. All those things. I think that there's no the can't let down when you're the team in that position let alone sloppiness. At times. i mean. Hey i know. They went to the fake punt. The carolina panthers. Chris jones had a few bad penalties on third downs. Things like that to where. There's so many times during the game dan. I know you watch where you just go. There are about to put them away what they did that. They're about to put them away. Why would they do that. There's just too much of that at times I don't lose face in them. No i i do think there are one of those teams kinda just rises to the challenge has great believes and there's just too many good playmakers team for me to think much less of them pro. Football talk live co host on peacock. Chris simms. nbc sunday night football analyst. I was watching the cowboys. And i don. I don't know how a cowboy fan will feel about this. I came away going. They cared like they played like they cared. Is it that simple that it's hard to explain. Given every all the odds and the obstacles and you're you're putting in a quarterback who hadn't played and you're going against the steelers. Yeah no. I think there's something to say about that. We saw the two weeks before that we weren't sure if they care the two weeks. I'll say this the last two weeks they showed they cared the eagle game. Hey they did. They did some good things. I think you would agree. They had a quarterback that was really really raw and they just didn't take advantage of the opportunities they have but at least they showed fight and yes yesterday they did. There's no doubt about that. I mean that was something. I think we were all a little concerned about the cowboys. Even when dak prescott was healthy there was moments where you just go. Where's the edge the attitude the physicality to this football team and the last two of some of the cool things they've done in the run game and things like that to give them a little edge. I think has made them a little bit tougher. And they are answering the bell and mike mccarthy credit. They're they're not a real good football team but at least they're they're fighting to against tyler was great. What's what it really was a lot of fun. it was. I mean i off. Kyle is unbelievable. He just a game changer with what he does with his big arm and his ability to run and when they dial up. A few design quarterback runs from or special. He's got who who wins in a race between him. And lamar jackson. Who do you think wins in a race between those stuff. I think keiler is quicker right. I don't know it depends on how long the race is. I think you're right right. That lamar would probably catch him if they went past sixty yards but but schuyler is quick man. All my gosh. I mean he's got you know. I always say the floor. He's got three rockets up as it's unreal. Not really is not literally. It might be uncomfortable but yeah that was a fun game. Kind slide. a couple of moments. Where him of all quarterbacks cuyler slides that baseball mentality. I don't understand it with you quarterbacks that you know you're going to take on We had josh allen on two weeks ago. I said you gotta slide. He goes i know. But i want to run. I go no. You have to preserve your. I don't care who you are. There's somebody bigger than you and faster than you. Yes i it's part of life and football. I mean if you wanna be. Tom brady drew brees right and have a long career. Look at what they have done. They don't let people kill them. They never let the defense get off that way. Like all look it. I got a flush that way and their greatest importance of their team has their availability. They know that some of these young quarterbacks because they it's this new age where they can run and make plays with their legs. They're wired a little differently but they are still football players to you're right. There was one of the biggest concerns for him. Coming out of alabama was sometimes his awkwardness with people around him. I would like them to be careful but man good for him yesterday. Like you left handed. Quarterbacks are putting everything you possibly can into your throws to. It looks like he's the energy he's throwing it eighty yards and he's actually throwing it sixteen. Well he doesn't have a very strong arm. This is something that. I argued with a lot of people through the draft. And this is where you know again. He's doing well but they're calling plays that fit just him right now. And how long will they be able to do it. We'll see but you saw the game enough yesterday right. It was bootlegs. Oh here's a dumper or a ten yard crosser. Oh here's a screen and then oh it's one on one of the outside. We'll just throw a little fate. Go ball right up there. I mean that's basically what their game plan was and my big thing about taking part in the college draft. A little bit was just that what you're talking about. Nfl type throws people around you. You can't get your whole body and give it the whole like hundred percent effort. Are you still going to be able to make a throw with people around you. A twenty yard in cut or anything like that. When that does happen. I don't know we'll see but either way he's gritty. I love is and the dolphins you see why they had to make the switch. They made the switch not only because they want to want him to get the experience but they knew they were good and had a chance to go on a run here and they were in danger of putting themselves in. Why would we give up on ryan. Fitzpatrick were nine three. Were doing great. And i think they realized that might have been an issue and that's why they pulled. The trigger is getting to in there. Dan any chance the jets. Screw things up and win tonight. I don't think so I do think it'll be ugly. But the jets offense is not good enough to take advantage of the weakness of the patriots decision. Their run defense. So i don't think that's a great like advantage jets. I don't think they'll be able to throw the ball jets. Defense does a pain in the butt as we know. But it's not real talented. And i think eventually that patriots offense can run the ball just about anybody and they're just a little bit more talented to where i think they win. Like a twenty four sixteen need out twenty. Three fourteen type of game dan. What are you thinking when you throw an interception or as a quarterback and then you may have to tackle somebody philip. Philip rivers didn't didn't have a good day yesterday. Peyton would famously just sort of fall down. I get that right. Andrew luck wanted to one of the hardest hits i've ever seen in college. Football was delivered by andrew luck in a game where he threw an interception and he closed on this guy and just annihilated him yeah. He's built like a linebacker back in his college days so he had a different mindset than me. I know that for sure. All right i mean my d- to answer the first part of the question when you when you throw an interception you throw it you see it you just. I can't believe. I can't believe intercepted. I can't believe i throw it. Then he starts to run around. And you start as a quarterback. At least i did. I was like come on somebody. Make the tackle somebody make the town and you're really hoping somebody will make the tackle and you're just staying alive just the hope you don't have to do it and of course that time is gonna come where you're gonna have to at one point. I made a few. I think in my. Nfl career belong labor check and see. Chris has tackles chris. there are some interceptions. you know that eight picks no tackles. that's being smart protected. The brand low. You know what i did too. I think i got two tackles actually on fumbles by the by the running back where he fumbled. And now i'm there. And i believe it was frosty rucker back. In the day the carolina panthers he picked up a fumble from cadillac williams and he was running right at me. And i was like i don't know what to do. I just know. I'm not gonna win this so i just got low and let them run over me and i stuck out my hand. He'll he'll fall down and he did good to check in with you chris. Oh is great to talk to you thank you thank yes bigger guys see everybody. That's chris. simms. Pro football talk live co host on peacock. Nbc sunday night football analyst. Be sure to catch the live edition of the dan. Patrick show weekdays at nine. Am eastern six am pacific on fox. Sports radio in the iheartradio app. Ross tucker former. Nfl offensive lineman of course host of the ross tucker football podcast westwood. One nfl analyst. Tony dungy just tweeted out about replay. Well i feel like dan. They've done a better job. The last couple of years in terms of what a catches or is not. I feel like i have a better grasp of it but there are always going to be cases that are very difficult and when those cases come on. And you're not quite sure it's tough to tell you. Keep the call in the field. You know i'll tell you what i don't like and i feel like i'm the old guy saying this. That notre dame clemson game and i know we're talking. Nfl right now. But we've gotten to the point where we're replaying seven. Plays in like a ten minute. I was so annoyed i was. It kills the game. It kills the flow. The i know we want to get it right but when we're replaying seemingly every other play that game was like five hours and overtime was brutal with the replace. Just just brutal. Let me start there. We have brian kelly coming up top of the hour. More likely to play in the national title game notre dame or clemson clemson because even if they if they win the rest of their games. They're going to go you know they're going to get sort of the trevor lawrence didn't play mulligan. I still think they'll be one of the top four teams. I still think they'll go. And while i was impressed with some of the things that dame did. I just don't envision them being able to win back to back games against an alabama type of team you know notre dame has more talented. They've had dan. But you can still see like when the clemson wide receivers are in. Open space or covered. Notre dame still doesn't quite have the perimeter speed that the truly elite teams at they typically have a better. oh line maybe a d. line that's comparable but they still don't quite have the same level of overall depth and speed with the skill kids. We talk about some you. Let me get to jim harbaugh. And then we'll go to the nfl. Because if i always thought jim harbaugh was a college coach. I just thought that he had fun. He was a raw raw corny. he could blend in. It could be one of the guys. And and maybe not relatable in the nfl. Now you get that sense or least sense of maybe. The next job is going to be in the nfl. Not college football. What do you make of that. I think it's likely and i think it's because he's never really been able to solve the quarterback dilemma at michigan and the irony is right is that's why he got so much credit in the first place. You go back to josh johnson. University of san diego andrew luck at stanford and of course the forty niners. He resurrects alex. Smith's career colin kaepernick. All of that stuff but yet michigan. I mean they've tried transfers. They've tried all kinds of guys he has not been able and i actually think this kid joe. Milton has a chance but he has not been able to get consistent performance from that position. And here's the thing. Dan eights nut talent. I follow the recruiting stuff. They recruit top ten recruiting class. Every year you look at the amount of guys. They've had drafted the amount of guys that go to combine from michigan. It's fifteen twenty year. Mean they're pumping out a lot of talent. They just haven't quite able to get a quarterback that can play at a trevor lawrence just in fields type of level pac. Twelve plan at nine. Am local time. How how desperate is the pac twelve. I don't understand this at all dan. I'm so glad you brought this up. I think paulie will be with me on this one. I've said for years dan. That one of the group of five conferences or an fcs conference like you know something. Like with delaware william and mary. You know richmond. They should play at nine. Am or at least ten. Am or eleven. Look the ivy league game of the week. let's bring it back to my dudes the ivy league game of the week. Saturday at nine. Am you can't tell me that there are people that would rather watch that than watch. The game shows. I think playing at nine am fine. I don't understand how benefits the pac twelve. I mean and they're playing at nine. Am in the west coast. Well okay. that's nude on the east coast where there's already a bunch of good. Acc games big ten games. I don't really see how that benefits and pac twelve. I try to own. Maybe friday night at nine o'clock saturday night. Nine o'clock i tried to get the late window. They're not going to do any damage in the early window. There should be east coast conference though either group of five. The sun belt or fs play or at least ten. Am even if you do ten am. That's two hours where you would be. The only game on tv and people still would prefer live sports over pre-game show no matter how good college game days he's ross tucker former. Nfl offensive linemen and host to ross tucker football podcast and westwood one. nfl analyst. The saints last night blew out the buccaneers. Because while it's not even a question it's ascendance you want me to finish because they kicked there but all over the field you know that is. That's one of those games than where i am very curious to see whether it's just a one week flush it doesn't really matter you know. Sometimes that happens. Or is it a game where the saints are able to really benefit from that and carry that forward and go on a run here and conversely does it affect you know the bucks confidence do they go in the hole after this. I know this there are years. I think it was one thousand nine hundred ninety four. You know. I grew up outside affiliates. Eagles fan i wanna say ninety four and you guys can look this up. The eagles went to san francisco on like a monday night. Game and beat the niners by twenty. They smashed the niners still won. The super bowl by thirty points. Didn't matter but that happens every once in a while. And i think what's really important. Moving forward is how both those teams respond from last night. I've been waiting for that saints defense all year. I mean they have talent everywhere. I don't know why they haven't been able to play to that level that they did last night. That was awfully awfully impressive. Forty eight was the final score. That was that. Monday of the eagles. Oh my wasn't that bad. Yeah yeah. I remember that. And think about that and their early garner on. Charlie's them charlie garner running back. Yeah yeah so. That's a good. I'm glad you have some quick stats. Guys was that mclovin or was that i don't know anyway. That's bali well. Here's what i would say about though dan. It's a good lesson for everybody this morning to not take any one result and try to. I know look. I know we're in the media. You gotta talk about the next day. But they're not take any one game especially middle of the year and try to extrapolate that for what's going to happen the rest of the season but ross. When did we start this with. We gotta start talking about the mvp like. It's the heisman after you know after the month is september. Who's the mvp. I don't remember doing that until recently been felt like. Hey brett farve wins it or peyton wins it and we'll just wait till the end of the season. It feels like this is almost week by week. Who's gone up and who's going down in the mvp race. Why is that yeah. It's a good question. I it does seem like it started the last couple years. I don't remember that when i was playing. I don't know. I guess dan because it's easy. It's an easy thing to talk about. Who the mvp who's going to win at something that you can take the temperature of every week and now russell wilson turnovers mahomes denson. I'm a home is in the lead. I dunno. I gotta be honest with you. I've never cared that much about the mvp. I feel like for whatever reason. The heisman is a much bigger deal. That nfl mvp. I don't know why that is but i. I've always been more interested in the heisman conversation than the nfl. Mvp one but it feels like in the nfl you're gonna earn the mvp whereas in college football. It's you know criteria. Who am i voting for. Best player on the best team. I love voting for the heisman. But it doesn't feel like it's as scientific as maybe the nfl is. I think that's fair. And i think once them that's a fun. Exercise is to go back to the heisman winners over the last twenty years and you look at some of them and you're like wait a minute. How did how did mark ingram win over whoever how did he. Which because when you go back into. Even if i'm not just talking about their nfl careers you just kinda remember the players knowledge and then you look at their stats and you think how did that happen. And usually how it happened is in november and december the games that are nationally televised. It's going to be the best two or three or four teams and it's going to go to the best player on one of the best two or three teams. Even if andrew luck was more deserving than i think i think it was andrew luck and mark ingram. Maybe you look back. And you're like oh my gosh. Andrew luck carried stanford to a a big win in the bowl. He was a football player. The mark ingram was that year but ingram was alabama's running back and they were the best. Yeah it just feels like gotti stats now for quarterbacks that you there are players who might be the best player in college. Football may not be trevor lawrence. I mean shocker. There that there might be somebody who turns out to be a better football player in the pros. But if you put up these gaudy numbers you're in you're on a good team and you you go in the final four. You're you're gonna have a great chance to win the heisman trophy. That's not always the case in the nfl. Well i think at this point that i really do based on the rule changes at both levels. And based on what coordinators figured out in terms of the arpaio's and zone read some of the things you can do to really put defenses in a bind. I'd be surprised if there's an nfl mvp or a heisman winner over the next ten twenty years. That isn't going to happen. is i mean. Look at the top five for both awards this year. It's russell wilson mahomes blah blah blah. Maybe josh allen. Aaron rodgers in college football. It's field i. i'm not sure. And when the next time we'll have a non quarterback with either one of those awards to your point. yeah i'm lithium because let's say berry. Sanders was playing now in rushing for twenty three hundred yards. Which is what he did. Is that enough. And he wasn't on a national title contender. He was on a good team like dalvin cook at florida. State was awesome but an awesome in the nfl. But he's not. You're not playing for a national championship. It's rare when we single out a running back or wide receiver anymore or defending michael. Thomas set the record for catches in a season last year on an awesome team and nobody really in the nfl. We've gotten to this point. Where if you're christian. Mccaffrey michael thomas. And you have a great statistical season. Somehow that puts you in the category for offensive player of the year. But not in but then the mvp is an offensive player. But he's not the offensive player of the. I mean we've totally screwed this up. I'll give you another one dan. Nobody's talking about big ben from bp because he coming back from injury so we've already put him in the comeback player of here comeback player of the year bucket. Oh yeah. Give that to big band or alex. Smith don't even talk about him for. Mvp it's a joke. Good to talk to you buddy. Thanks for joining us. We'll talk to you soon. All right sounds. Ross tucker former. Nfl offensive lineman tucker football podcast. Westwood one nfl. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast sure to catch us live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine pacific on fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio app at fsr or stream. It live on the peacock out and knew they were going to kill him. This fight night. A new podcast from i heart radio. This is the story about two guys from opposite sides of the street. A hustler blamed for robbing the most dangerous gangsters in the country issue of deaf. One for me so about and the cop who tried to save his life they thought. Robin did liz man. In this country. Gaza would not hesitate. Blow your hair. In nineteen seventy mohammed ali triumphantly returned to the ring. The hustler's party that followed gangsters from around the country were robbed of a million dollars. This story from atlanta georgia has been reported for fifty years but now for the first time. You're going to hear what really happened. The from the people who lived it. listen and follow. Fight night on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. On september seventeenth two thousand nine twenty four year old my trees. Richardson disappeared without a trace. In the woods. Near malibu california. She had been arrested beachside restaurant for failing to pay tab and take into the lost hills sheriff's station. I mean she's not from that area. And i would hate to wake up to a morning. Report lost somewhere with her head chopped off. The police released just after midnight with no car. No cell phone no money. She doesn't know the area she's never been in your area. Well i think she's the press backed would have the more than just okay. My trees disappeared into the darkness and was never seen alive. Again i'm katherine townsend host of the podcast helen gone. We're going to try to find out what really happened in my trace. Richardson school humans and iheartradio present. Helen gone season three. Listen to helen. Gone on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts head. Coach of the fighting irish notre dame with the double overtime win against clemson next up. We'll be boston college on saturday at boston. College coach congratulations. Have you looked at the game. Film broke down yesterday. Dan we were already on to Be seeing said well still a bill belichick on. how long did it take you to pronounce. Dj who young delays name still haven't got to the heart just called him dj or that number five. That really really good quarterback. I said i'd like to have your problems out those quarterbacks. I don't know how they get any better with either one of them. I mean they're just to outstanding. Quarterbacks how do you prepare or did you prepare differently. You know the system of offense kind of you know is what it is. I mean they've been running the same weather. The shawn watson was the quarterback for You know trevor or or dj of you know you really defending the system and then the player makes it. You know obviously go. And and both of them are just outstanding butters. I didn't know if you pick your poison with travis at tna to either. I'm gonna let him be runner. Or i'm gonna let him be a pass receiver. What was the The defensive philosophy well. it's a little bit of both. i mean you. Can't you know you really position. Where matching him up. One on one with your linebacker is not a good match up so we had to keep a safety in a position where he could get some help over the top as well so you know obviously you could tell by our game plan. You know travis et. Tsn was was a guy that we were focused on They have other weapons. That certainly hurt us In that that's really the nature playing the number one team in the country. They have more ways to you than just Just one guy. But we felt like travis at dan was the guy that we really have to focus on the late fumble by ian book. And i don't know as a coach. Do you need to say something. Is that sometimes better to not say something to the player who just coughed up the football you know. His his resume does not get the kind of scrutiny that it should he leads us to so many late. Comebacks in wins. You know as somebody. That's twenty seven three as the starter. You have to win a lot of games late. And so i thought it was appropriate that time to go up and say. Hey you're gonna win a game force here. We're going to need you to do that again. And so i just thought the timing was appropriate to give him some positive reinforcement at that time and again. He did what he's done. So many times foresee a ninety one yard drive with under two minutes in the game To get the tie replays. Killing the game coach. Tell me about it you. You're preaching to the choir walk. How did we get here. This would be a long interview if we really wanted to get into it I think we have really over analyzed the game the extent that you know everybody wants to be perfect and there's nothing perfect about any sport i it still has that that element of Going to miss a couple here and there you just hope you don't miss them big and i think we're trying to be perfect and you can't be perfect in the game and perfectionist slowing this game down to a point where it is absolutely brutal. If i said to the coaches you vote you can have replay or no replay. I would say can we just have replay on scoring place. You know where where they can be absolutely Game changers but to to be nitpicking. Every single play is just look. There were so many stoppages in that game. I felt bad for the poor kids kicking the extra points in overtime. I mean i could hear myself breathing and overtime you. There's nobody in the stands and those kids are kicking extra points in their stopping the game for four minutes to two replay again and again again. It was it's got change it it was. It was unfortunate. Okay the fans come on the field now where we're all those fans during the game. Are those all those on campus. No no no no. We're not that good Now they were the fans in the stands and look our job. Obviously in that situation is to do the best we can to keep them from going on the field you know. We protected cleansing. I had alluded to my team. That when we win this game that they're gonna like most fans throughout the country. They're going to they're going. Come onto the field. Was their last home game. Because we closed down school next week it was really their last home. Game because they will be here for the december fifth game against stanford syracuse. Excuse me so. They took the opportunity to come on the field. And you know we did the best we could under. Those circumstances reminded me of justin turner in the world series. That emotion overtakes sense. Yeah i look again a would. We have liked it to have been different. Yes all those students were tested earlier in the week for covid You know again. It's hard to stop students coming over the fence. We don't have all the personnel to to make that a situation where nobody can come over the fence and onto the field but again we got through it without any ill effects. Is brian kelly. Notre dame head coach fresh off the win over clemson at bc. Coming up next saturday when you face clemson and in your mind. I guess you have to be prepared to face them again in the acc title game. Do you put everything out there like you want to win. You needed to win this game. How much do reveal of your game plan playbook in a game like that and try to hold something back if you meet them in the acc title game. Well then i think now becomes a game of adjustments right. It's it's what you did in the game and what they did defensively and and each team now is looking at how they gonna make adjustments for example You know what wrinkles will we have in our protection you know. What are they going to do differently. that they did in the red zone against us so i think this is if we do in fact play each other. It'll be much more. About what adjustments will you make to your game plan more so than anything else in the second matchup if in fact. We're lucky enough to get who'd to trevor lawrence remind you of man. I mean you know. He has the athletic ability to to run. Like any of the great running quarterbacks That that we've seen out there He's just a hybrid player. He's got great size arm talent. He could look. I mean i think he's that unique of a player that that he is the number one pick in the draft because he's hard to compare like it's easy like when you asked me about other players i can immediately give you a name of a bland. Say he's like this. It's hard to compare him to somebody because he's got great athletic ability but nobody has the length and nobody has the similar traits that he has. I think he's a guy that doesn't come around. Very long reminds me of andrew luck. Well he's got the makeup of an andrew luck andrew as you know was bigger and thicker and stronger from that standpoint. much more of a pocket guy You know i. I think love is is going to be seen in the. Nfl is a guy with with great escape ability. And they're gonna move around a little bit. You'll see him run as well. You always hear this. There's a big win and then you got next week and everybody says oh. There's going to be a letdown. So how do you tell your kids. Don't let down against bc. Yes so you know what's a letdown. A letdown is not living up to the standards that we have set here for the last four years right. I mean so. It's been the consistent application of our process so all of a sudden we're going to go away from what has been consistent for us. I just you know our our guys are too smart for that. They know how to prepare will go back on the practice fields and will prepare the right way in. Play a very gritty tough. Well coached boston college team. And look we know the history time notre dame number one team they play bc and loss. So we get all that we. We read the newspapers. We know the the history clips so our guys are cognisant The practice nope prepare the right way. Coolest thing in your office is what. I have a surfboard on my ceiling because well. Who would ever have a surfboard in southbound. I mean when parents come into an office. You gotta have something different to talk about. So if you come in the office out and you look up in surfboard. You got to say wow. This is a little bit. Different in south bend. Well lake michigan can get a little turbulent there. But i but i'm trying to compare i know harbaugh doesn't have a surfboard. He's got other things to worry about in his office there. i'm not smart well-done. Hey congrats on the win. Good luck against bbc. Thank you coach. Take down that's brian. Killing notre dame head coach fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s. are to listen live extremely active brothers. Insisted you already know what it is to gangsta point. The lane from oregon all the way down to mexico to all my essay brothers and sisters be awesome the kings the chronicles is a whitby podcast hosted by former gang banger and made james mcdonald ref. Mca myself norm steel. We'll be we get together and have conversations with everyone. From former gangsters drug dealers bank robbers to police rappers and politicians games. The finals podcasts. Glimpse into a world where society is rarely allow access nothing ever scripted in this one hundred percent real. We don't work for the game. We simply educating the form of the world was goes on the streets of urban america gangster. Chronicles podcasts available. I heart radio app apple podcasts. Wherever you get your podcast is brushing podcast. Network kinda yesterday. Alex turbomeca passed away at the age of eighty. I had been in touch with one of his good friends for the last couple of weeks. He gave me a heads up. That alex came in this was less than two weeks ago and did his final episode of jeopardy. Everybody who was there during the filming of it knew that it was his final episode but they said alex was alex. That's just who he is who he was and great admiration for the man and also the game show host as well and we thought this would be a great time to bring back the interview. We conducted with him back on august eighth of twenty fourteen and i started the interview asking alex back that if you could host another game show which would it be and that would be hollywood. Squares hosted the show very similar to squares once it was called battle stars and instead of squares triangles. We couldn't Come up with the same budget that hollywood squares had so we had only six celebrities instead of nine but it was an ideal show because you ask the question and the celebrity gave you a funny answer and you reacted and laughed so you got credit for having a fun show even though the absolutely i mean what a great way to make a living. Hey you tell. A joke. And i laughed. Give me the check plays. Thank you very much when you first started jeopardy and you had been part of a lot of game shows and i don't know what it does to your ego if those game shows don't succeed and then you get jeopardy had well. I was lucky with some of the other game shows the first game show. I did in. The united states was wizard of oz in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy three. It was cancelled on a friday. And i was disappointed of course and it was replaced. The following monday by show called high rollers which i also hosted and later on high rollers after two and a half years it was canceled and it was replaced by another show which i hosted so i have the either great honored or dubious honor of having replaced myself on three different occasions. I also had the honor of having hosted three different game shows at one time classic concentration jeopardy and a show that i tell audiences was one of my favorites because the first time in fifty years as a broadcaster i got to sit down as the host and that was to tell the truth but that was fun. You don't you don't sit down on jeopardy. Well now. I do okay. Since i blew out my achilles tendon a couple of years ago and injured my left foot by dropping jackhammer on it and not being able to walk too well and stand for long periods of time. I was we had a water leak at the house and i finally figured out where it was and it was under a concrete Part of the patio. So i drilled it out and found it. Don't want people to do this for you. Well yes but. I like to do things myself. And unfortunately some mechanical things ladders in particular have it in for me. They will abandon me at the weirdest moments and one ladder. When i was working on the roof decided it was going to slip out from under me and i hit the brick patio. I lay there for a few moments. And you guys were talking about it or at least at least alluding to earlier as to how bright am well. I'll show you how bright i am. A when i hit that deck. I lay there for a moment and i said don't move. Your say are very very short. Yeah but are you play trivial pursuit. No i don't haven't in years okay. For game breaks out. You would walk like you're supposed to know everything supposed to yes. But i'm at that wonderful age now where i can say. I knew that i forgotten it. You see yeah. I it but i have forgotten. How would you do on jeopardy against my peers. Probably very well. But as i tell our audiences a good thirty year old would clean my clock any day of the week. Let's say faster. They can recall the stuff. More there faster on ringing in with the signaling device. So they're going to beat me in that area. I mean there are days. When i have trouble remembering what i had for last night so trying to recall all this. Arcane information is not easy. what role does sports play. Has it played on jeopardy probably less than it plays in society in general We tend to we feature it from time to time but not as much as you would encounter in everyday life where people enjoy talking about sports because they have a vested interest. They have a favorite team. So if i said dream category sports related. What would it be. Gosh for my myself. I don't know. Nba basketball. Maybe but i. I'm not as big a sports fan as i used to be. however having said that this year i've suddenly become a baseball fan because of the success of the dodgers and the angels two teams. That have come alive. I mean there at the very top of the league's and they provide exciting entertainment. It's fun to watch. And that's really what sports is all about your into i. I have been a lakers fan. And i will not abandon them. Even though they have fallen on hard times and will probably remain In hard times for a while. Where do you sit at laker games. I attend one laker game year. And it is in the sony seat under the backboard. You're not over by jack. Nicholson no he's to my right. He would be where the policy is here. And i envy you so much. You have your posse and you arrive in a helicopter. Yes i've got an. I don't mean this with any disrespect. I've got johnny gilbert. You know i don't even have vanna you've got four guys and a helicopter i drive in there's one similarity between your setup in mind. I drive to work in a dodge ram pickup truck. People go out. And i said where's your car. They're looking for a rolls royce. Bentley or pat sage pets. Hr has a four door porsche when he pulls out of the driveway. It's like a jet taking off. He's got four mufflers and here. I go with my fifteen hundred dodge ramp. But i've got a hemi that yeah i brought you a present you did. Yes this is a crayola and people who attend our tapings when we do jeopardy say alex are you. Keep writing down. I say i'm not writing anything. I'm crossing off the clues. As i read them so that i do not in error. Read that same clue again because you'll discover when you do sports jeopardy. Some of your contestants are going to want to jump around the board. They're not going to take the category in order. And if you haven't crossed off the clues you might very easily read the same blue again. So i wanna protect you from that mistake. Well that's that's a very expensive. That's twenty nine cents in california. I don't know what it is here. I think it's fourteen fifty in new york. I think you're passing. The torch is what you just did. Sports wants no. I have one more or less. Do they look after me. They give me to a year now. They you can't hear it either. No so that was the problem Initially i used to use a sharpie and people say we're picking it up on the micro sh sh so they came up with crayola and some brilliant people there. Yes yeah just been an incident in the studio sports jeopardy like contestant angry or any any friction in. They're not really in the early stages. When i was producing the show and looking at all of the incoming mail we had a contestant who lost and wasn't happy with the decision made by the judges and sent a. I think it was a one hundred page letter contesting it a manifesto. Yeah and i wrote him back. And i explained the reasons for our judgment call and he wrote back seventeen more pay and so i never heard from him after that. But i talked to merv griffin about that once and he said alex Let me tell you how. I handle the mail. And he picked up a letter and he crumbled it. Put it in the wastebasket well. I never did that. Because i want to show respect for the viewers and if they take the time to write in. I'm going to take the time to respond. But i don't do the responding now. We have our our staff that deal with problems. You guys were wrong or what. We weren't so they'll handle do have kind of a bedside manner when you tell somebody that they're wrong. Well i want to appear to our viewing audience as a good guy and i think when you're the host. It behooves you to do that. My guys made a mistake on a on an answer. So so so. What if you were here such a there. See if you're going to be the mean. Alex trebek's like if if if you were going to be a different alex trebek's and these guys had the wrong answer. How would you respond linking. Who is george washington. You're not serious really. Did you not get passed fourth grade. Did you not make it. Remember your grades six graduation. You got your driver's license that year. Remember wow did you kind of Didn't you finally got it. Didn't you kind of got not prickly but you had a hockey question and they answered magic johnson and you being a hockey fan and a basketball fan but sometimes the responses as you indicated in your last segment. The responses are so far out of line that it. It's almost begging you to put down the only. let's see. i'm just trying to recall. The only time that i can recall that i deliberately did put down was for lynn redgrave in a celebrity jeopardy thing and she was not doing well and said oh my signaling device is not working very well and i looked at her and i said it's not your and i and to tell you the truth. I regretted saying that afterwards. Because i come on you're the host of the show. You're here every day. Your job is to run. The game helped. The contestants do their very best. It's like The military commercials be all you can be. That's my job as the host. So if i'm nasty the audience will not like that. They will think. Oh he's being smart ass. he's being that we don't want him anymore and i want them to want me. Well we want you to stay for one more segment. If you can't watch can you. i'll have to say more words. Yes you will. Okay all right well i wanna ask you about the cheers episode. Feel things Rian white men can't jump. Yes yeah you've been in a few you've had some camps yourself to which sometimes it's very difficult to do well not for me because it requires very little effort on my and also just a modicum of drugs. That's that's in your writer there that you have to. Of course we'll continue with. Alex trebek's continuing with alex trebek's for another twenty seconds. I'm no because you're on a delay. Well leave and come back in twenty. Well i'm worried about your language. That's why you're on delay. Okay have you ever slipped on jeopardy with language but there have been occasions when in the early days after having taped five shows on one day and five shows the next day we were recording. Promos and i was not having a good time and so the somebody got hold of the video and they put it up there and they say travek drunk cursing well. I wasn't drunk. I was saying many bad words. We've all done that. The cheers epa sued. Yeah that was a lot of fun. I'm still ask about that. And that was years and years ago but the categories. The paulie gives the categories or cliff cliven cliff cleveland. Yeah mailman civil servants stamps from around the world. Mothers and sons beer bar trivia and our favorite celibacy and still he blew it in final jeopardy. Yeah of course he did but that was. That was a lot of fun. And it's just an indication of how jeopardy has come to be accepted as part of americana. What about saturday night. Live same thing. They they do bother by. I was not bothered at all. That's not the best. Take off of me. That i've ever seen the the best one was done by. Sctv and eugene levy. Yeah was alex rebel in the early days and then and then i guess they said oh screw this i i mean we all know who it is so they've introduced him as alex travek and he had the dark hair and the dark moustache which i had at that time so he looked a lot more like me and he could portray an exasperated host much better than will ferrell will. Ferrell is kinda cool. You know he's seething inside whereas gene levy was exploding outside all eugene levy's character is not the one that would say ooh sorry. None of that. Did you talk to wolf feral about the role when he portrayed you well only on his appearance on saturday night live as a regular because they had me come in and do a walk on and he's a just a charming easy going soft person very nice and What was strange is that i had shaved my mustache. The year before and Lorne michaels the executive producer still had will with a mustache. And i said lauren. You realize. I don't have the mustache anymore. So they took it off the dress rehearsal and then he had them put it back on for the show. Even though i was coming on at the end of that segment and people would see that i didn't have the mustache put that was like an international incident. When you shaved your mustache yeah. I don't understand that there was a lot going on in women who have looked like crushes on you like if like your boy van tiep jeopardy groupies. Yeah but they're in their sixties seventies. I didn't say that's not the point. You got women who have crushes on you. I guess a lot of them want you want me to have the mustache back. And we have a surprise in store for them as the new season begins full loan. I'm going to let my eyebrows grow back. It'll be it'll be a new look. I any advice for me for sports jeopardy have fun. Don't take yourself too seriously because you're not the main focus of attention. It's the game. Have you seen that my photo. Well i saw your photo and in response to what you guys were wondering about of photo shopping and all that stuff. They did that with his picture. That's my that's my body. That's his head and my body. They used to have heidi klum on top of my body but they didn't go so just have fun. Don't take myself too serious. So sort of what i do here. Yeah i don't think this is gonna work. Well you want to appear to be a little brighter on if jeopardize that'll help me a little brighter. Wouldn't glasses that might do it. But getting rid of these guys might help because they put you on the spot and in the early days of jeopardy viewers would come up to me and they figured. Oh you're so smart. What about this. And this and that and they kept throwing things at me. And fortunately i was able to come up with the correct response. And after a few years that stop he's alixter back The great alex. Trebek's thank you for stopping. Alex means the world to me. And this is the Criolla torch here. Her sports jeopardy. That was august of twenty fourteen. And i still have the creole. Because he told me said. Don't use a sharp noise it'll be picked up by your microphone in if you do this dark. Crayola type of pencil there. Then you'll be able to x. Out your clues just so. It's easier to find it on your big. You have this age piece of paper with all the clues all the categories there and once they go to a certain categories certain clue you exit out and then you read it exit out. Go to their answer. And then come back and then repeat but was very generous and i mentioned in the first hour when i first got to los angeles i was doing sports jeopardy and harry freedman the a great executive producer of jeopardy suggested that Alex and i go out to dinner. And i getting up. We had to be in the studio. We're up at like four in the morning. Four thirty got to the studio. And i said can alex go to dinner at five o'clock and he did and we were in the restaurant by ourselves. Nobody goes to dinner at five. O'clock certainly not in la and we went all the way in the back and we had the room to ourselves and he just was. We just talked because he said you can do this by my advice is just you know. Have fun with it as he said. Don't take yourself too seriously and appreciate it in that. That was really it. And i think that that's what his mindset was. Every time he did it is he didn't take himself too seriously. Had fun nudity was doing and he made it look a whole lot easier than it was so rest in peace alexander back. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast be sure to catch us live every weekday morning nine noon eastern or six to nine pacific on fox sports radio station for the dan. Patrick show at fox sports radio dot com or extremist live every day on the iheartradio app by searching f s are or stream it live on the peacock when law and orders the headline. What does it mean us. Williams and attorney and former public defender and host of a brand new podcast. We're going to cross examine news-making cases famous faces to understand the context. And i'm dustin ross. I'm a tv writer cultural observer. And i am thrilled to be co hosting holding court with williams. This is not a podcast about the law. this is a show for the people to help us navigate. A rig system teachable moments from the so-called law and order headlines. Listen to holding court with ebony. K williams on the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. This jisi. urban philosopher philanthropist in the host of the recession podcast a production of the black effect podcast network. And i heart radio bring you wrong conversations about systemic racism mental health life on the streets and much more. So join me on the recession podcast by jisi. That's r. e. s. e. s. r. o. n. Podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or whether you prefer your podcast.

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