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"bali reuss" Discussed on SF Ballet Blog

"Or something and there was one day that was in the parking lot teaching some steps. I've made up into some from some friends of mine other students And my teacher was watching me from the class that I was supposed to be in the window and so she came outside. Asked me what I was doing and what I told her you know. Instead of being in trouble she said well. Why don't you come inside and teach this to the rest of the class? I that sounded pretty good in that little that little bit of of creative and really helpful teaching kind of set me on a path from their like Edward trae eventually turned his sights toward artistic leadership in and founding. The Trey McIntyre project in Boise Idaho which he ran for ten years after a decade though trae decided to expand his horizons folding the company in order to work on photography and film and Choreography on a freelance basis. He's become renowned for works that use pop music and I kind of loose movement vocabulary. Ills almost like what you'd get if blended ballet and contemporary dance ballets like your flesh will be a great poem which we saw here. The big hunger is not that kind of Bali. This time around trays working with classical music. and not just any classical music but Sergei PROKOFIEV's concerto number two one of the most difficult pieces of the piano repertoire. This musical is both a departure. A return for try trae himself has a background in classical piano and he knows how talented the San Francisco ballet orchestras does. This seem like a good opportunity to try something new but trays allies are rarely solely about the music although they are very musical and in in this case he's also playing with some philosophical concepts specifically he's thinking if a concept inspired by the philosophies of the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert which differentiate she ate between the little hunger problems of the human world and the big hunger problems of existence or the meaning of life. More generally the designed by I Thomas. Mika plays with the idea of exit sign as a waiter references symbol. That is universally understood. As I said in an interview quote we all count on the sign. An emergency lead but then you know a bomb goes off in the stairs. Aren't there anymore or in two hundred years stairs will crumble and that signs late is going to go out. And it'll be at the worst possible time. All of those things will fail us and quote quite graphically. The ballet is arranged around three potter to each principal. Couple these three sections and and three couples each representing different stage toward enlightenment to notice how these relationships are distinct of the sets change between sections and how each couple moves and partners differently. Finally we end the night with pure classical virtuosity in the oldest valley of the evening. Air Landers nineteen forty eight. Oh Majd to classical ballet by Hera Lander had a very different life than either Edward or trey born in February of Nineteen O. Five in Copenhagen Denmark Lander was an almost most exact contemporary of George Balanchine born in Nineteen. Oh four his father was a jeweler. You didn't come from a family of dancers. But his parents love to dance and so they sent him to dancing answering lessons with Preston Christianson. A dancer with the Royal Theater Ballet Person Thought that lander had talent and lander auditioned for the Royal Danish leader. bally's wall and was accepted at sixteen. Lander joined the company as an apprentice. School and Company in that period were devoted almost exclusively to the preservation of the born envelope technique and style performing almost exclusively August born Ville ballets from the nineteenth century but in nineteen twenty five. That began to change changed when Mikhail Fokin of the Bali reuss was invited to present a few of his works on the Royal Day. Stage Lander this was a really seminal moment and he ended ended up following folk into the United States in nineteen twenty seven continue his ballet training in eighteen twenty nine land return to Denmark bringing with him his new knowledge from these Russian and teachers and rears after his return he was appointed artistic director of the Ballet Company. As artistic director. Lander had quite it a lot on his plate he had to maintain the born and bill repertoire which he did by modernizing it cutting down its length and updating costumes and sets he had to update the dancers training regimen regimen to allow them to take part in new ballets and the Russian style which were coming out of the Valley Reuss and he needed to create a new Danish repertoire for the company. He did all of the above But his most famous ballet by far most famous original ballet by far was etudes which he choreographed in nineteen forty eight toward the end of his time in Denmark. The idea for this ballet actually originally came not lander but from composer and and guys. I'm not GonNa say this right so you're going to have to listen to a bit of an interview later. I think Adam are Danish guests will pronounce this better but Nudie new judge. It was a close friend and longtime collaborator with lander. And it was he who had the idea to orchestrate. Several of Carl Churn his piano etudes for orchestra and to make ballet. Lander wasn't sold on the idea at first but then it came to him it would be a ballet about training transformed into art would follow a girl path from I stepped to center stage and also encapsulate three hundred years of valley stream following the evolution of style from the basic positions to modern day. Virtually no tall order and all but as is often the case this ballet went through various before it became the version that we we know and love today it really into new to kind of shift and morph over the next two decades of landers life. The original ballet was made largely on a student. Tony Peel later. Tony Lander who when she was sixteen began to work closely with lander on their concept for the ballet but while the central role of the Ballerina arena would become Tony signature part starting with her debut. Nine months after the ballet's premiere on the night etudes debuted on the Royal Danish stage in January nineteen forty eight eight. It was the former. Mrs Lander Margot Lander who stood center stage. The original sets featured in giant alley studio full of mirrors with busts of Ballet Masters Astor's and choreographers scattered throughout. And the costumes were different as well. What are now wait to choose? Where black what are black? Tutus were short skirts for the girls but the bones of the ballet were there and it was an immediate success. Lander continued to fiddle with the ballet over the next three years during his tenure. In Denmark the updated the Bali for Tony Elander and for a young up and comer named Erik Bruhn and eighteen fifty one rearranging some of the sections of the valley but the biggest change came when he moved Paris later that year lander staged etudes in Paris in the fall of nineteen fifty two and it was a bit of an uphill battle to get it on stage. I often almost wasn't and approved at all as ballet staged the opera needed to have the music approved approved by the music staff. And this resear- Carl Cherney you know thing was maybe not quite up to French standards second once it was approved and right before the premiere everything went wrong in the dress rehearsal. The bars bars collapsed. Sets didn't work and the lighting was all wrong and the lading in this ballet is really crucial to making it work and as a result they ended it actually postponing the premier for a week. But it wasn't all bad and after that fateful dress rehearsal and Maurice Lehman a French producer. Suggested actually changed the ending the ballot. Originally the Bali had ended with. What's all the long diagonal? A kind of day crescendo. Before the but layman suggested that French audiences would would want more spectacular ending and so the final sequence of big jumps was added at the end and there was one more big change. Lander added in the romantic potted. Go on Paris AS Roma's Leoni and the romantic ballet since then H has become the most frequently performed Danish ballet and a key part of the the Paris Opera Ballet's repertoire as of two thousand and four which I realize now is sixteen years out of date but I don't have more recent numbers as of two thousand and four. It had been performed armed. Two hundred and sixty eight times by the Paris opera. Ballet other companies also quickly began to absorb etudes into their repertoires including the London Festival ballet which we now know as English National Ballet and American Ballet Theatre for which it also became a major showpiece. But it's history was a bit more troubled in Denmark mark and it wasn't performed at all between nineteen fifty one and nineteen sixty two when lander returned to the Royal Danish ballet restage it it took until nineteen sixty eight eight though when the Ballet Division of Danish television which who knew they had. Bali division approached lander about filming the Bali for broadcast And it was only then really that the ballet began to really enter back into the repertory of the Royal.

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