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"balcony workers" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Time we've ever been without the Warriors in our lives. Somebody cue the Billy Joel. I haven't been there for the longest time, by the way her John Lennon. I mean, I heard Billy Joel tell a really cool story about John Lennon. You might be glad to hear that. I got a positive thing to say about Billy Joe. He said that the night that he heard the news tonight that John Lennon was shot. Tragically. He said he was so destroyed it to know what do you know the story, Murph. You know this one? No. Yeah, he said he just jumped on his motorcycle, and he said he was so overwhelmed with grief. He realized once he was on the road because I forgot my helmet. I forgot my glasses. He was just like peeling down the road, and they said he went into a bar. And whenever he saw that there was a piano in the corner, so he went to the panel and just started singing and playing John Lennon songs and then as people realize, Oh, that's Billy Joel over there, they all kind of gathered around. And then he said, the next thing you know, like the whole place was singing Beetle tunes together, So there's a Billy Joel were the only one I probably ever offer that on Stern. What's that? Was that on Stern? No, I found it online. I was just like looking at different footage and different links last night. I really did like a little John Lennon kind of moment of reading the Breslin column. Of course I did. Four sided. Very good. That's incredible. Yeah, Yeah, It's pretty powerful stuff anyway. Yeah, I didn't think I'd get lyrics or lyrics and an anecdote. Well, you said it's been the longest time and I figured Well, no better time to introduce Hop song. That's his tribute to the fifties. Right? Can I tell you a little secret? Between you and me? Nobody else gets to know. Actually kind of like that to him. How about that? Don't tell him that bad things are happening. Things are happening. Okay? Don't tell him just like things were happening with the Golden State warriors as they get ready to kind of easing back in that Discouraging news about James Wiseman and Draymond Green. I want to clarify some from yesterday. Go ahead when I said they tested positive. They tested positive on December 1st Not not yesterday's okay. So in other words, there well into their quarantine, and in fact James Wiseman was in the building yesterday. I guess which means I don't know what that means. Covert wise it But he was not allowed on the court, obviously, but ready for this. He was standing on a balcony. So if you've been to the new chasing their practice facility they have Sort of that balcony Workers, offices and all those guys and all. Totally Yeah, yes, And he was on the balcony watching practice with Zaza. Nice and they said Zaza was taken him through, like some of the sets and kind of pointing to, you know, places on the court where he should be and all that. So I don't know if you just wanna Let your mind real Andre Zaza raising a young James Wiseman very there, but I liked it to Connor Letourneau has a big story about Jordan pool in today's Chronicle. We're gonna have Connor on today at 9 30. Cool part of the news. Is that pool cut his hair. All right, so okay, Well, that's okay with me. Yeah, dreadlocks. It says Here. Congo sources. Those close to Jordan pool believe the new hairdo represents a personal transformation of sorts. Polly, I think it does, because a lot of people that I've not this is what I've heard, anyway, A lot of people like you heard Kravitz talked about this saying that like when you cut dreadlocks It is. It's some kind of I can't speak the obvious. I've never had dreads, but people who have dreads say that when you cut them it is It's like a transformative kind of experience. Where, like your all of your past is that God? I don't know. It wasn't about me that I've had the same haircut for 45 years. Yeah, well, that you're I don't know You got a steady hand. I guess I don't know, you know, And you do actually murdered does have a pretty steady him. So little guy in history, the world. Hey, Um, current did say Jordan Pool has been the most consistent worker on the team. Who said that curry, Steve Steve Kerr Soaker. OK, good. That's good to hear me out. He's been a Chase center, and he says he's also cut back on his social media, which is a good idea for any of us. I agree. I think these are all very positive things. So he shaved the dreads. He's hard working, and he is off the social media or America it back. That sounds pretty positive to me. It's the year of Jordan Pool or the year of Steph Curry there, so yeah, he kicked around. Recently the idea of signing an extension with the Warriors. I get to the point where I lose track of how much money Joe Lake up can truly spend like It's he have. A wellspring of unlimited resource is Don't worry about the hip wellspring Polly. He e. Don't know how long he could do this where you just keep the he's He don't think he's paying luxury taxes like it's a bridge toll. You know what I mean? He's like for what we're hoping is a four seed like this isn't like Heard Marcus on with copes today on the leadoff spot. And Marcus. You made a joke about something about title title teams. Um, on the way out cops, he said something about like it, Z. What was the joke about somebody? He said something about a title team. And Marcus said, Well, then we won't be talking this year or so. Just like that. When I talked to mark I was joking. I said, Yeah, we'll catch up with you down the road, one when the Warriors make their title run, and he said that it will be for the rest. It won't be this season, he said. That was pretty interesting. Jellicles paying over $300 million for a team that almost that nobody in the NBA believes can win a championship. No, probably not this year, you know, but again, like if you're a fan, I don't know what more you could want or ask for you guys like a dream.

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