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"balbo gabriel union" Discussed on Jalen and Jacoby

"All right jaylen not everything in the world of sports of cultures worth discussing so what we do is we separate what is worth the time vare listeners and what is not by playing keep him look if it is worth discussing you will say the brakes and we will do so and discuss it if not me you meth skewed move abel balbo gabriel union has more information about the banana boat trip hit the brakes okay i think she's like on a book tour sumptious knew a lot of press she's been popping up she said that they mounted the banana boat in its her her spouse cp three and then lebrun and then what happened was is the boat took off pulling the banana boat and they all fell off facefirst all of their weight and it was painful but the paparazzi only got them all they're on the thing i'm going to get her book oh yeah have you read your book no other redefined book either when they said you will they said he the copy and they were like read through this measure this is good did you read the tired the no because any nice book initially i'm like i'm just to hire writer and i've gotta do nothing shut the air koa hungry and then i realise wait a minute he can't write a book about me what out my help any be a bestselling great product you bali curtain out over air call was like he doesn't really text me back now there are supposed to write this book how do i get him in texas and i was like here's machel's it for me and so.

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