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Iranian-backed Hezbollah appears set to gain in Lebanese elections

Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

01:40 min | 6 years ago

Iranian-backed Hezbollah appears set to gain in Lebanese elections

"The business actually greg clark said that the socalled customs partnership remained quote on the table it appears to leave to ease may facing a choice between staying in the customs union or leaving the eu without a deal either could see rebels destroy her government or alto when it comes to to corporate news this morning we've been watching warren buffett over the weekend he has warned about the quote nightmare tied to new accounting rule changes in the us now it's beginning it seems the rules which require bakshi hathaway to report unrealized gains or losses and equity investments in net income helped fuel a one point one four billion dollar loss in the first quarter that marked the company's first net loss since two thousand nine meanwhile the french finance minister has worn this strikes and excessive salary demands by unions at air france klm could sink europe's largest airline bruno lemaire said the pay claims are unjustified and employees must show quote responsibility efforts is ceo resigned on friday after failing to reach a wage agreement with employees says the most in six months after warning that full year results may fall short 2017 levels let's get you some more headlines now from around the world here's bloomberg's leon cowards good morning good morning markus they counting has begun after lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nine years bloomberg's donna crash has this report from beirut lebanon held its first parliamentary elections in nine years under a new law based on proportional representation it's meant to better represent the country's complex demographics analysts expect the iran backed hezbollah group and its allies to win a slim majority lately a third of the seats volunteer ministry.

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