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"baffert benthic" Discussed on Blinkers Off

"And you've got a couple BAFFERT's And they're so To the point of the of the of the game will call it. Were so past winners of this race. We just takes US winter. Mutual won this race last year. Lamberto Royal Mo more spirit. Dorman obviously a great horse Disproportionate year for him to go in with Pharaoh. Yeah candy. Boy Flashback off another. He probably would have won the triple crown. Anthony's cross You know pioneer now on this race So again it's it's we know how The West Coast has developed more great. Hor- I mean it. May they may not have the depth of it. They have the quality up there every year so in this race. We've seen a little bit of both. We've seen horses that have been good. That didn't quite get in neutral Gustavo. We've seen horses like all of another. And Pioneer Nile. Dorfman and we've seen Mambo you know and Royal Mo and stuff like that. So what do you think I mean? Obviously thousand words is a horse that could could win the Derby. I have very little doubt that the winner is GonNa be in the top three or four of the Kentucky Derby rankings. So I think this is going to be productive race. Yeah because if thousand word wins that's going to be big and then if he loses but he runs really well on somebody beats him. That's going to be big so I think this is going to be the most productive of the three on Saturday and frankly anytime anytime you have a Baffert Benthic wins all of a sudden. It's he's legitimacy continuing also you have Horse that wins the big race out here. Then he's going to be a top contender. Yeah and you know again. I think high-velocity is another one. That's got a shot because of the new jock and I just think he'll be. They're going to try to do a little bit something different with him as far as the ride goes so yeah. I mean. We've got a lot to look forward to in this. This is going to be fine Not just for magic. My but you know I think there's this is the toughest of the three to win next week. Spot should be fun. Hopefully I am discussing a super bowl victory And also talking about the the outcomes in the aftermath of all these. Derby preps absolutely amazing. If if we're talking about if we're talking about his win and achieve swin aside this I will will literally. It's unbelievable. I hope I hope we are. I really do. I guess I can't think okay. We're both on thousand words for this race type presented by neither beds action packed weaken the Derby.

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