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"bacher charlie chaplin" Discussed on 600 WREC

"We got birthdays coming up here in just a moment on Memphis morning news. We'll also tell you about what's going on and show be county schools. Search and also also couple schools on high alert we've got that along with Simon Owen on the latest on Notre Dom cathedral as yeah. In by the way, twenty minutes ago. We got breaking news alert that the fire has been one hundred percent extinguish. We'll have more coming up in just a few moments here at six forty five on Memphis morning news on this date born on this date, April sixteenth day after taxes Wilbur Wright, American aviator of the Wright brothers. Hang on these alert. Here comes big seas big big finish born on this date in eighteen sixty seventy died in nineteen twelve. But while what a life he led while Wilbur the brother of Orville Wright, not oval and Bacher Charlie Chaplin was born on this date in eighteen eighty nine. When asked about his time on earth is he got older he had nothing to say. Tacky. Thank you. All right. That was kind of funny, but okay, also born on the born on this date. Spike Milligan are British actor and comedian from the goon show in the three musketeers born on this date in nineteen eighty Spike Lee. No, no, spike Milligan. Not Spike Lee, Henry Mancini the American composer and conductor. Do you remember what his most famous work was? Doodoo was recognizable. I mean themes is it not. Yes. That that that great saw. And then in in believe it or not born on this date in nineteen twenty seven how appropriate we talk about the Catholic church Pope Benedict. The sixteenth Joseph Ratzinger was born on the state in nineteen twenty seven. He was pope from two thousand five to two thousand thirteen he was born in Germany night train lane. American defensive back was born in nineteen twenty eight and moving just a bit Ford. Nineteen forty seven seventy two years old today. Kareem Abdul Jabbar born luau center in baristas seventy-two could great the nightmare from UC L A part of show Tom with the Lakers in the Bill Belichick turned sixty seven. Today's got five Super Bowl rings. And he was born in Nashville Tennessee Bill belt yet in Nashville, you know, still to this day dress to claim like let's like one of their favorite sons or something and then Martin Lawrence turns fifty four today. Join a- Jana from the show. Oh, of course, Martin and from his stand up comedy. I've never cared for Martin Lawrence, except when he's with Will Smith in the bad boys movies Federale and those two play. So well off of each other. They're making a third one I hear but the second one when when when Martin Lawrence's daughter her boyfriend comes to the door to take her out, and they harass him. It is words that we cannot repeat on the year. Norwood we but the harassment they give that young man, probably deservedly. So that it's it's it's a great movie, but they're good together. It's one of those things like, you know, either or but together great, you know, sometimes you just put let's you put a tag team together. It's like, you know, it's like cookies and cream. Yeah. You put cookies and milk. They play well off each other works out. Great those your birthdays, we got the state in history coming up at seven thirty two for birthdays today. That's it. For birthdays today. Yeah. Yeah. We would call it down. We got. A lot to get to. I mean, I, you know, there there are some in there, but you have to if you have to explain who they are then it's really not a famous birthday. Right. Maybe they did something maybe they invented or improved upon a patent of something in seventeen ninety two. But we've got more coming up next hour on this date. Okay. Some local news for you to schools the Kate bond schools, Kate bond elementary Kate bond. Middle on alert this morning after a social media threats regarding some possible violence against those two schools show became a sheriff's deputies will be on the scene this morning for students safety for those that don't know where k bond is those schools are off Cape Bon road off of highway sixty four and they were of course, chase area there. Right. At one time. They were part of Shelby county schools when it was separate from Memphis city schools, but they got into the the if you're sixty four and you can turn sixty four heading towards wolf chase. You can turn left and go to the Bartlett side or you can turn right and go to the Memphis side. Carmax is at and then if you turn right and go up to treat Kate Bonn which runs right beside carmax, you'll run into those schools. The social media posts forest said the corden FOX thirteen news that both schools would be shot up. The post also claim that the school would be can't that school would be cancelled for those two schools. But officials said that is one hundred percent faults school is in session today at capon lamentably and Kate bond. Middle. According to responsive chip county schools, no evidence to substantiate the threat that's easy to say. But please understand we're following all proper procedures to make sure it is fully investigated show became school officials had police were also notified of the threat, but they didn't specify on which social media outlet. It was posted if they did receive a a threats which again goes to show we were in twenty nineteen how things are different. You know, is it is it some kid who's on a computer thinking he's having or she is having a little fun. Maybe they're trying to get out of tasks. They're mad at their parents. They're mad at their teachers or they did it on the doesn't matter. You take it seriously. Because you know, it's it's we we don't we don't want to be in the national headlines as being one of those places where something, you know, sad and tragic happens in and then you go back to well. You know, had police not ignored that social media threat thou there because this guy actually posted that he was going to do what he was going to do. So all of those things have to be taken seriously. But you know, you really have to hand it Tim to law enforcement for really knowing how to handle this because you know, you can't create a panic attack. You can't just stop what you're doing. Well, every time there's a threat we got close school that that gets us nowhere either. By the way, that's a great point. You mentioned about maybe getting out of test because we are. Are in a couple of Tennessee ready assessment windows, where there is a lot of standardized testing going on saying that may be true. I was just saying out loud that, you know, back in the back in the days when I was a kid. You know, we tried to get out of tips like us to believe when I was a kid. I was like man, you know, what if my mom can run over a nail in the driveway. Maybe I wouldn't be able to get Scott. She'd have a flat wouldn't be able to get school, and it never it. Never worked. It never happened. You know, it'd be like come home that afternoon. The nailed still be there the driveway like, well, why Well, why didn't didn't occur? you dump things like that? As a kid thinking, that's well or Oregon. Valen that good. Oh, well, let's see if you take a temperature in that she hand you and this is before the days kids, see back like when timid I were growing, we didn't have these fancy schmancy electronic thermometers. We had the old ones with mercury in. All right and the safe Marquis that right media. And you stuck it in your mouth. Well, the key to. The the key to it was when you when you when you put it up to the lamp to get your temperature to go up show. It is like don't hold it to the light too long because then it gets up in the thing breaks. Yeah. And then mom knows you're really trying to pull a fast one on her. So the key was to have it just on their long enough to where you could get it to go about one zero one. Oh my goodness. You're running a fever. You better. Stay home from school. I used to look I I've just been planning some bad ideas. I don't can you get away with that with electronic thermometers. I don't know we now use the one where us the temporal the. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. At a nurse. Do that to me at the doctor here in the last couple of weeks? I thought she was getting ready to hit me in the head. I like jerked back like what the heck are you doing Mr. Goodman? I'm just trying to take your temperature. Oh, I felt kinda dumb. Yeah. You can't really use the Homer. Yeah. You can't abuse. The fact that that there's a mercury thermometer anymore since that that is maybe the electric ones do the same. I don't I don't know hack it now that I'm grown. I have no need to you know, fake out. My mom just so I don't have to go to school. Exactly, exactly. Speaking of skipping school, and and school in general Shelby county school still looking for a permanent superintendent, and there is debate. Some numbers on the show becomes school board want to go with Joyce Ray. Who is the who is currently the the interim superintendent. However, there's been some gatherings around town of of concerned citizens concerned parents who want a national search a thorough search as they would say to have have a superintendent. Just cast that wide net to find it for the next leader of Shelby county schools. There's gonna be a little bit of tension there force because I know as mentioned some of the the county school board members say, hey, I think we've got the person right here in house. Let's save that money. But the folks on the outside there are some there. Some factions say, you know, what? Why don't we just cast that wide net to make sure.

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