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"Audience of One"    Bruce Baum   Bonus Show # 24   - burst 1

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01:20 min | 7 months ago

"Audience of One" Bruce Baum Bonus Show # 24 - burst 1

"Bruce bruce. Thanks for joining us today. I hear you have a little funny to share with the crowd. Yes i do it by the way you've got the best saudi important world. This happened on hollywood squares match our and at the end of the show they let you pick one of the celebrities and you come out and whatever the the jackpot is up. You try to win. At this point it was thirty thousand dollars. Wow that was a few ten consecutive letters. Like you might start me and then go from c. tearing you'll get one clue and they have to say the word you're trying to get them to say that they get all ten they win thirty thousand well on this particular day. The guys who ended up winning. He's got a beard and he's got a cat. And he's telling steve al and a couple of other stars backstage that he works for the cia and that he monitors foreign stuff out of turkey. And we're like whoo. That's kind of cool but in the back of your mind you're not supposed to carry you there in the

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