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"babs newt" Discussed on Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone

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"babs newt" Discussed on Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone

"Questions now searching. Thank you emmett manning. New York used in it. Yes you keep saying that. The medical equipment stockpile shelves were bare because of the last administration. But you've been president for three years. Should you have done anything about that? I am in so much going on. You know we've been putting in tennis. Carts here at the white does because Millennia was to play tennis and we hope also to hide rudy. Giuliani's buddy under more. But I don't really play tennis so I've been taking less songs and I spent hours hitting a tennis ball against the White House. Sometimes Stephen Miller comes out into. Could you stop set? I am trying to figure out how to limit people of color from our country and ease hard to sync with with you banging ball or Bimbo hittings. I am trying to thank to keep you out of Zeus Cow. And You keep hitting so. I've been there a busy time for medical supplies. Obama should have done it next question. Next question you Mr President. Thank you thank you best bargain with. Tmz essentially in parts of news outlet. Yes babs good. Go ahead with your young. Why were you even considering winding down? The Corona Virus Task Force when the numbers of infections and deaths have continued to grow and most of the country. Babs newt realize a populaires. Each task force is more popular. Zinzan Pinto's I'm taking them on tour. I'm getting matching jackets. And giving the barracks the Harine should have known. Better take your lack you that you would love every sector. I do and you do and you do next question next question. John Mr President Mr Kim. Thank you a J Jones from Detroit. Free press you visited a mass factor in Arizona. This but you didn't wear a mass why I have breath. I breathe into a mask and owners trapped in a smell. It it is disgusting. I could finish very strongly right there into mask factory. I didn't even think about putrid smell next question next question. Thank you Mr President Tony. Romo from ABC News. We're all extra Tony Romo. Yes yes go ahead. Thank you Mr President. Why did you choose to be interviewed for Fox News at the Lincoln Memorial because they have disclosed the location of Z Robert Statue? So Lincoln was my sloppy sick homes. I didn't want to bring it up in front of his statue but Lincoln was wrong about some much. A house divided cannot stand divided this country and milestones juice find infect Malawian. I don't even sleep in bed and not so much as a creek in Jif Noor. We do have some things in common again. Nah He for example is on and I have left Americans with early. Peres next question next..

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