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"bab tyzzer" Discussed on National Prayer Chapel, Pilgrim's Progress

"Of different sites that carry countless numbers of his Bible teaching you will profit by anything you listen to but I'm going to share with you some of his writing on the Holy Spirit. I'm going to begin in chapter one and just read a few pages to you about John. The dipper or John The plunger which is what the Bible calls him. Why was John Baptizing. Well a very simple reason reason to get people cleaned up yet the Jordan besides being the lowest river on earth is also one of the muggiest especially in its lower reaches just before it enters the Dead Sea name. The Leper was not only the one defined find the dirty little stream and objectionable evolution but the object of the exercise was not physical cleanliness. Sir John saw his baptism as a sacrament though he would not have used the word that is a physical action with moral and spiritual results in this case pass since would be washed away forgiven the baptized would emerge from the river with a clean conscience this would not happen because of any special quality in the water but because the God awed told John to baptize would work a miracle when he did it not that this would happen automatically it would only only worked for those who recognize their sins were willing to name them and Public Confession and had acted in such a way as to prove approve. They had truly repented of them. Renounciation to restitution the Miracle Miracle was not magical. It was thoroughly moral. The reason for John's activity was as simple as its object. The Kingdom of God was at hand. The time was very near when God's rule would intervene in human affairs as the people of God it had long to see for very long time but now it was it was coming and they were far from ready eighty a holy. God would not overlook sin particularly in his own nation he would come with fire burning up. All that was ungodly well. John also knew that God would reestablish his kingdom on earth to a king like David indeed a son of David. John Jon knew he himself was not the Messiah nor did he discovered that it was his own cousin until quite a late stage but but he saw himself as one to prepare the way for him the forerunner the Elijah before the Elisha so John was calling the children of Israel back to the very place where they had crossed into the promised land of Canaan to begin all over again to make a clean start he was content with his ministry happy to be a voice in the very wilderness where he had spent many solitary years in preparation he had no ambition for himself ready as the the best man to hand over the bride to the bridegroom to become less as he would become greater. He was however only too aware of the limitations of his ministry. For one thing he performed no miracles of healing or or exer- systems even his mediating forgiveness of sins through baptism was not enough to meet the real need of sending people he could free them from sins in their past but not protect them from since in their future sure he could get them clean but he could not keep them clean he could minister remission of sins but not the removal of sin in other words. The relief from guilt could only be temporary. The needed much more help than he could possibly give them. If there was to be a permanent cure for their stubborn self-centeredness ordnace John simply didn't have the power to affect such a transformation in the lives of his hearers but he knew someone who did the very person for whom he was a forerunner was quote more powerful and quote and therefore worthy of greater honor. John did not feel qualified to untie his sandals sandals the job of second lowest slave and the very lowest of them to wash the feet. There were two things this quote coming. One unquote would do for sinners which no one else could do. After after John realized that his cousin Jesus the was the one expected. He pointed him out with memorable words. Look the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the World John One twenty nine. This is an amazing claim. John's followers were Jews. We may ask what association this might aroused in their minds. They were familiar with the sacrifice of the rams others might think of the scapegoat uncaring the sins of the people away into the wilderness but both rams and good goats had to be offered repeatedly whereas John Statement has a finality analogy about it taken away for good. The surprising note is in its. It's universal application. John's ministry was to his own people and their hopes for the future were often nationalistic but here is an announcement without ethnic limitations. The whole human race could be the beneficiaries. The gentiles are all included Christians reading the claim tend to refer its fulfillment to Jesus once and for all sacrifice on the cross but that application could be too limited. The verb takes away is in the present isn't continuous tents literally who goes on taking away which seems to point to an ongoing task that would stint extend through time and space as indeed it has done and is now doing it will only only stop it will not stop until it has reached the ends of the Earth and the end of the age wonderful though this is the the thrust is essentially negative. What will be put in its place. What will the empty space in the human heart heart what will fill it what will prevent seven unclean spirits from inhabiting the clean but they can property what will prevent them from coming in John had a clear and compelling answer to such a question is negative prediction prediction was matched by a very positive promise the words for which John would best be remembered and are very straightforward mark one eight. I baptize you in water but he will baptize you. In Holy. Spirit Spirit was not a new concept except to the Jewish leaders or the Jewish people their history contained many examples of the spirit of God his his invisible power coming on ordinary men and women enabling them to do extraordinary things to be baptized in spirit would be a new idea but the concept of being plunged was now familiar through John's actions in the River Jordan in some way the two baptisms would be analogous analogous an overwhelming overwhelming experience of being completely submerged in a fresh medium but the main emphasis in John Statement is on the adjective holy English translations mistakenly insert the definite article the turning a description into a name John was promising they would be plunged in holy spirit the real antidote to their sinful condition the same person who took their sin away with soak them in holiness. Holy was perfectly familiar to the Jews. Their God was the Holy Holy One of Israel and they're calling was to be holy as he was wholly to be holy people meant to be separated people separated from sin the positively separated for God not just clean but clean enough for God's exclusive use the plunging in small h holy a spirit was by far the most prominent feature in John's preaching surprisingly he only talked about the lamb of God taking away the sin of the world on occasion to a very limited audience but of baptism in the spirit is recorded needed. This was his message and mark one seven literally it means he kept on preaching regular repeatedly. He warned his disciples that a baptism in water forgiveness of sins was not enough breath but was all he could do for them. They must move onto another baptize her and another baptism or they would regress in Theref- to their former condition the clean beginning he had helped them to make would be wasted. Now this brief summary of the Ministry of the forerunner who prepared the way for Jesus. I want to turn to the following centuries to Jesus followers. The reason for entitling this first chapter is now clear he named it. The surprising silence John's repeated emphasis on Jesus as Baptize Tyzzer in the Holy Spirit has been largely ignored during most periods of church history and to stop a moment. I have to tell you oh I saw it as an add on known as the essential to be sealed in the Holy Spirit looking back through the centuries. It's clear that the rest of John's ministry has been faithfully continued by the Christian church his his practice of water baptism has been almost universal the quakers in the Salvation Army among the few exceptions. It has been added now that there are many changes people have made the baptism and it's not done by immersion usually but his his call for repentance reformation restitution is still proclaimed. His offer of forgiveness for sins committed is still being made even considered sittard the heart of the Good News The Gospel his warning about judgment to come for those who continue in their since has echoed more or less down through the years. Here's his identification of Jesus as the lamb who takes away the sin of the world has been widely incorporated into the liturgy the church especially in the Eucharist and the communion it is repeated around the world every Sunday but where is the ringing affirmation that Jesus Jesus is the Bab Tyzzer in the Holy Spirit it has been largely forgotten overshadowed by other titles and functions Sion's. He's been preached by most as savior and Lord by many as master and friend but almost no one preaches Jesus the baptize her the preaching has focused on the offer of forgiveness rather than on the offer of holiness anus in practice ministry has gone little beyond John the Baptist Ministry he was able able to get centers baptized and forgiven is that all the church today can and should be doing of course Christian pastors stirs can point to the Atonement of the Cross as the ground of forgiveness and baptize in the name of Jesus or the father the son and the Holy Spirit but in practice actes are the recipients of this any better off than John's disciples unless Jesus baptizing them seals them in the Holy Spirit to put it another way is holiness as necessary as forgiveness. If we are one day to see the Lord and look at Hebrews twelve fourteen without holiness no man we'll see the Lord is forgiveness forgiveness alone an adequate call qualification for admission to heaven so preaching being has focused on the past rather than the present work of Jesus would he did for us at the cross rather than what he does for us now from the Throne Room of God it is a pity that his ascension is remembered on a Thursday not a Sunday and is so often overlooked put that event that event is as important to Christian faith as his death burial and resurrection it was the inauguration of his present ministry as our high priest at the right hand of God.

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