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The Dental Hacks Have the Answers (DHP298)

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Welcome to episode two, hundred, Ninety, eight of the dental hats podcast. My Name is Alan Meade. Hey. My name is Jay Covid Lips. Your Lips I had no idea that it was. A wake up covert, just a smidge. It's been weeks and weeks. Actually it's been more than a month I think since we've recorded anything together. And that's okay. That's okay. Because silence has been defecating is. Something like that something like that. So. Our listeners have been begging frustrating. Let's total wine and sent him thing. It didn't they didn't actually notice. Okay. Pretend like pretend like you cared people would you what? What do people we talked about? Well. My Dad is one for one. He definitely was noticed for sure I've got a question that. So okay We're going to have a really good time tonight, but couple couple of housekeeping Today's my birthday. I turned forty nine years old. And forty nine. How the hell did I become for? Get to be forty nine years old. I want your forty eight. Yeah I wanted to hear I want you to picture your mental age. How do you? How do you picture yourself and like what age when you picture? Jason. How Old Jason in the Jason that that lives in your head, you know what I'm saying. I picture my myself as ninety, eight year old Romanian woman just. Walking down a dirt path. I carry some sticks the stick former stick former Jeff Goulash recipe. That's all I wanNA know. I dry maize. I I'm stuck at about twenty seven years old. I'm stunted I. Don't know why but I I always like I this weekend we were up of my parents cottage and we were at like a state park. It's called occupy falls I. Don't know if it's a state Parker County Park bought shave largest largest waterfall in lower peninsula in Michigan in frankly. It's not a very big waterfall. It's a small enough waterfall. You can swim in it and it was jammed. It was water trip yet it was. It was it was it was a great trip I stayed out of the water my family was in there, but it was jammed there were there were probably just a ton of people who are in the. Mass to be seen anywhere. We're outside Tokyo's okay. But what I noticed was like in my mind, I'm picturing all these people that I'm I'm sure they're older than me. I'm sure there and then, and then I focused again I said there's no way that dude's forty years old and I definitely in my brain was thinking he was older than I was. So I. I totally like I somehow or another in my brain I picture myself a lot younger than I actually. Am I'm I'm older than than virtually everyone listening to this podcast right now I'm certain that I'm older than everyone said that will explain the George. Michael. Earring exhuming up he gotTa have faith. Bunk Bunk. So. Yeah. It's my birthday. Forty nine is is weird I think fifty will probably be weirder forty-nine was it feels very much like forty eight actually fifty one. Yeah. That's cast going to be something else that's my year. My. So in since I spoke to the lovely people out there. I was hit by a truck. That is why we didn't produce any podcast last month I was convalescing. Was Broken in. Not. One. But two places I I found that out at my last archers appointment. Clearly, it makes no difference I. My back could be broken in lots of places and it didn't make any difference. Now, you're limbo games. Amazing. So I didn't have to do surgery I wear a brace. I'm not wearing it now actually six plus weeks in I. Absolutely hate the brace I can't stand it I. Can I wear it most of the time at work? It's incredibly uncomfortable in one of the things that I noticed as a dentist is It's tough on your back. There's a lot of bending in. There's a lot of like craning and even with a microscope and there's a lot of in a back brace makes that even worse just you know. So do yourself a favor people don't break your back. 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA bend your body to see what you got to see your bed your body see what you got to see, and it doesn't allow me about that. Well. The the other thing is the Great Helm Aid Moi. They take they take all these x-rays of you. I wouldn't in the er where the x every square inch my body, which sounds a lot harder than it actually was. In Shroud of Turin. Did like everyone like they couldn't say bad things about how I got my neck was which was not part of the accident at all. They're like man look at your knack you I'm like, Dude I'm a dentist Levy load like it was. So he's like well, the neurosurgeon had the gall this answer. I'll see you in fifteen years for this and. Pointed to the X. Ray of my neck. Joe My god I this position. He was actually really good but he had a sense of humor I. Think he meant that is funny. I hope that's what he meant. Sound like a threat to me. Right well. We'll see about that. They use we're GONNA see in about five years broken Lick Oh, I see you budget neck in five years talk about it then that. Yeah. So yeah. Here's the thing. Don't ride your bike on the highway. Avoid trucks. Clearly, it could have been a lot worse for me. I could have died I could've been smooshed in I just instead I. I spent the night in the hospital. They. prepped for surgery even everyone everyone after they saw fractured back on my God we got to see the neurosurgeon. You're probably not gonNA. Need Surgery, but we're going to prep you for surgery. So I, didn't I didn't get to drink or eat anything you know for a lot of hours but they did pump me full. IV fluids and they wouldn't let me get out of the bed. So that was awesome. And I couldn't I couldn't go pee in bed sh. So I got one word for you J. Lips. Catheter. Good Times. That is that is like. Give me all the back pain in the world you want. But let me get up and go pee I. I wanted to I could like I was able in the ER. In the Er like while I had a broken back before they knew I had a broken back I would just get up and go to the bathroom because they were pumping me full of IV fluids as soon as I walked in there. But then as soon as the X. Ray had a broken back, they wouldn't let me out of bed and It was awful. It was horrible the worst the. Worst part of the entire experience was having to be Cath Multiple Times so don't. Yeah I'm not. GonNa go into too much gray. Yeah I just I. I am not down with that at all it was humiliating and painful and awful and the other thing is is like I just had to pee all the time. It was like it was like twenty four hours of having to pay. It was terrible. It's terrible. There's some kind of a weird fetish video of having to p really bad that was me. I've never had anybody go on record and say that they hate being catheters always. It's what we call times. Always thought it was more a positive experience. Yeah. Well, you know here's the other thing. Okay. With the cats you thinking, okay. Your bladder is literally it's stretched so thin, you can probably see through it. And then you're like, okay. Okay. Just do the calf and you're thinking you're going to get all this great relief. nope. Like yeah. I five hundred CC's either your bladder must be empty now feels like it's totally about to explode again it was horrible. Whole thing is horrible. I was like I was literally like I was like broken for three days I, could it hurt to p awful here People might say while you broke your back, that's terrible. Your back over the calf is terrible. The worst thing ever. So yeah, you don't break your back because you might have to be capitalized. Like, like just just humiliating painful and awful all the way round and they could not pump enough IV fluids. Enemy is where to go if I was GONNA. Come out my eyeballs terrible. So. Yeah. Good Times. Good Times with a broken back so I will say this. I did not need. Yeah. I didn't I didn't need any opiates, denise narcotics and nothing like that. I told them every everyone that walked in the room I said, don't give me any narcotics I don't want it. In, the hospital, that's what they do. Give people good drugs. It makes them complain last when you have to categorize them apparently. But yeah, I I didn't have any so. That was good. EVERYBODY LOVES TO GET SALTY KATHY PATIENT. I was that I clearly win win for everybody. Because the only person hated it more than me was the poor nurse that had to do it because I wasn't wasn't particularly willing in the whole deal is. Not. Not they had an alarm on my bed in case I tried to stand up and go pee on my own they really did I. In, my mind I I see like somebody turned. Giving catch. I feel like I feel like I remember the wonder woman TV show from the seventy s and she would like throw the around the feet and yet i. think that's what they're gonNa do to me if I actually got out of the bed to go pee and I thought about it I really did. I got to the bed started to stand up in the in the alarm and. I'm like because they really are I'm busted. My. Things like I wonder what they would have done if I just ran into the bathroom with my little IV. Come to get me I don't know. It's it would have been against medical orders or whatever I would have been deep trouble. So I stayed on the bed and was capped multiple times. Good Times they don't. They don't just keep it in there either no no, no no no. No, it's a one time deal. Then they get to do it again and again it good times really. So I think we probably talked enough about that now. If anyone is still with us. This is episode two, hundred, Ninety, eight of the don't x podcast. Case you were thinking it was the the bladder with that. The Catheter Fetish podcast I feel is a later gets. Late night ten hacks Catherine Dog Hot Catheter talk do you guys love plastic? Self Lubricating. We. We have like the game show network got at the office light during the day while working on patients, and that's the kind of commercial the. Game Show network in the middle of the day. A very happy catheter. I couldn't do those commercials at all. I just don't. I don't have the mindset for it. So it's not you hate catheters. Exactly. I'm telling you. So what we were because it's been six weeks since we've recorded I thought we'd knocked the rust off by just allowing dental hacks nation to order US around like the little bitches that we are. Honestly. Pull my hair all three. So, we have an ask US anything episode come at you Kacha, and so we have a bunch of great questions. Some of them are serious. Some of them are not all of them are thrilling. And required Jason to think hard in answer. Well so he has very thoughtful looking face right now that's I only podcast with people who looked thoughtful like that and also that. It wasn't it was which. Okay question number one, Russell Shaffer asks ooh what it pays pasty all us what toothpaste do you use Jason? Trying to think of the worst t t pay story, somebody's told me I use I use crest always been crest boy from. Day One. Plain old crafts like like the. No. Stripe he's in. L.. Interest only know puff. I didn't know puffy. Maatouk. I I will do. Okay. So I the opposite I use I use crest also, but it just. Let me count the words one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven words in the title is when crest complete whitening plus scope outlast toothpaste. That's what I use. Lord. I'M A fan and I've talked about this on the show before scope outlast is the stuff man it is. There's. There's some evil chemical that makes it last for a super long time if ever used go out last. You five hours later you're still minty fresh. I don't know. It's like they've made a deal with the devil or something like that. I don't know how that works. But so yeah, that's like Saron gas. Well. You know if you're gonNA make an Omelet, you got to crack some eggs right? I'm saying, that's hey, you wanna cult starting were these smile. Crafts I wanted you to say something like like the like the super old school like gleam you remember gleam to you ever heard of game to build. G. L. E.. M.. My grandparents from West Virginia had gleam. Exclaiming. Base you'll love Hey Alan you want some gleam I. Don't think they had many between them. So I'm not sure the gleam was was maybe the best choice. If that was the case I, don't know. With claim your special smile you won't even need. I'm going to see if there I'm googling Kgalema maybe that's a figment of my imagination, but it's not it was even spelled. Yeah. Gleam toothpaste. It is the real thing G.. L.. E. M. Toothpaste Gleam. Lima you can still get it. It looks like. Wow Hey. It's time to turn that stuff back around we need A. I've been told to start pushing the products allen fine dust sub toothpaste lomb telling you. What I think maybe gleams is be may maybe we'll hitch our wagon to the gleam train baby. Take us to the stars sparkling don't really believe in it. We will say we will. I know one percent we have to believe in anything does. Even anything are you kidding? You know what I believe in I believe in does green rectangles with dollar signs on. That's what I believe in Telenovela. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Here. Okay. Anonymous facebook user asks what's the best concert you've ever gone to. This is a dental marquess yet we're not talking about anything dental gleam was kind of dental dental ish. Dental ask if you will best concert you've ever gone to. Jason. Best Concert you've ever I've got thr- I can't I can't pick one I have to go through. I was thinking back in this. Kobe shutdown. I. Was Thinking Probably One of my best summers which was nineteen. Ninety five and that summer we saw who you and the blowfish live. Longer. We all those bands from that time. That was not my best concert you just brag either. Yeah. Efficient people know that not. That pretty I did see rage against the machine. Nice. which was pretty good. But if I was GONNA. Die. But my best show probably. Because it was really loud or just the marijuana smoke was overwhelming. No, it's as soon as the first note hit that entire room just went into one big mosh pit of the whole empathetic. Okay. I was like, Golf. It was. Crazy. As probably they were concerts Chris. Cornell. Got To see him with a audience leave like right before they broke up. Oh Wow. Okay was. and. Now he is more. Yeah. Yeah. That was probably the best. Okay. So probably, the best concert experience I've ever had. saw. There's two bands that I've seen a lot of times. A lot kind of just thought of another one damn I've I've been to some. I've seen Bela fleck in the flex tones like. I've seen them. There are jazz bill flex that Banjo players amazingly talented. But he's got the Super Weird jazz if they're very good but they're concert like they're all really excellent musicians there's some bands that have really excellent albums and you realize that musically not not when they play live there like, okay. You know a Bela fleck deflect tons are all amazing musicians and I saw them in they. The guys who were regulars in the band that changed a lot I saw them over the years I saw I, saw him in like. A cheesy little bar in Cincinnati when I was in college once I was great, they headed their opening act was like the most bluegrass of Bluegrass. Kentucky ago it was Super Bluegrass bear and that opened up for him. In like their lead singer and Banjo players like four hundred pounds and he looked his Kentucky, as could be. But then the. was really cool. Is that like the Bass player from the flesh tones news vic wooten was during the pre show. Sat next to us on a in this bar was like it was like the like the bar from the blues brothers you know the country bar with all the long picnic tables. That's exactly how it was. It didn't have the fence in front of the chicken chicken wire chickenwire but ED and Yeah. Victim was out sitting with the guests like watching watching this four hundred pound Banjo player play he was like totally league. Is Literally. One of the most musicians you've ever seen he was so down to earth it was crazy. That was really cool. So I and I saw the Bela fleck tones actually in my little hometown in our center for the arts and we got. Just, two rows back and just got to see him up close and they played with Nickel Creek. That was amazing. That was really good but I've also seen rush a I've seen rush over over a twenty year period I probably four or five times, and sometimes they were a may they're always great musicians but depended on who was mixing it depends like you can go to a concert is just like so loud you can't hear anything is multiple times that happened with rush but then the last time I saw them in in Detroit Metro area in and they had their sound was just right and it was great. So those are two I mean that's really and truly those were probably Hey. Down up there. My is you killing me that's kind of how I felt sometimes I know I. Remember at one of the concerts i. just literally selected you couldn't hear anything I didn't bring your plugs and was a dude who had a hollowed out stogie full of marijuana just just going to town in the second half the concert he ended me some ear plugs and it made the concert a lot better and you didn't hand me anything else he just handed me so. There, you have they made. I didn't ask hemp earplugs. This were CBD earplugs. That's why would sounded so good. All right. Same anonymous facebook user asks what is your favorite Disney or pixar movie both of us being parents we probably have strong feelings about this, but your favorite Disney or pixar movie. That's a good question I'm weighing in right now mines the incredible. You knew about this I have done. Minds, incredible and one of the one of the things I love the most about the incredible I'm an old old school comic book I grew up with comic books and whoever wrote the wrote and directed the incredible was definitely a comic book nerd because there are so many like little Easter eggs in there for comic book fans and I just felt like respecting respecting the old school nerds. So I, really I mean there's a lot of really good pixar movies a lot of really good Disney but I think incredible is my favorite. Then Pixar movies, they get you ever tens right. Sometimes. They hit right in the fields. I guess I'd to say Moana. That's my. Place, because we saw this weekend, we're up up north and we watch Mwana as a good movie. We were we were out in the pull this weekend with family and that the soundtrack came on everybody knows every song The crab the. My absolute favorite the the shiny. That's so good. Such a good that movies. Excellent. Really. So there's two really good ones. If you haven't seen either of those, you need to go and get them right now just get Disney plus right now 'cause they're both on Disney plus they're going to be like what's this big rise in our sales of Ms Right? It's going to be the dental act one. Guy's been kicked us back a little bit. If you want to just say just saying I'm sure Disney'll beyond that. All right. So now we have some, we have some questions, I sort of group these together. These next three questions are sort of Cova based if you will. August. WE'VE BEEN JASON HAS I've been practicing for two months in the Dental Cova Era Jason's been at it longer than that we've been managing. We've been we've been managing with Cova. We've been listening to the news we've before that we had two and a half months of shutdown so. We're really in the thick of it, and so we have some questions about covert. Let me give you some questions. Cool. It Richard Vernon asks how do you see the next five years postcode impacting US dentists and Dentistry So. He wants a five year. Five Year outlook for US dentists and. Dentistry. Do you feel like, do you feel like It's. There are certain patients that probably don't WanNA come back I haven't noticed it though we're. So we're still trying to catch up so bad I. Haven't noticed we've been busy. But I don't know if that's ever. I I'm not noticing in, I'll tell you what hygiene is. We're so far behind in hygiene no one will miss hygiene because if they do, they won't ever get back. We don't have any room for them so. I don't know I. Does that mean that people will do hygiene last maybe because they're just the spots I don't know I don't know. What do you think five years post Cova impact impacting US dentists dentistry. I don't know I'm I'm worried about what the overall economy is going to do with the next five years. That's a packed everybody. Even more and. Less worried about. Dentistry specifically. Because you can see that. There's There's pent up need you know patients there. There's people that want Donald Treatment on some level in they're coming in. There's people if there's people that are scared and don't. They're not gonNA, come in but I don't. When you're off for two and a half months. It gives you Kinda Kinda come back and you're you're you're already you're already behind you know. So you've got a lot of pent-up need in my office maybe some people don't, but I definitely do so I'm staying busy I don't know that we're doing. I thought about the overall economy is is seriously question. Who Even knows we're? Literally How it's affecting the economy or it's going to affect the economy is we're very early in that right now don't you think don't you think like there's a lot. There's a lot more to come with how the economy is actually affected coming up. So yeah. Yeah. A little blip came through the news today that California Pizza Kitchen was I saw that owing going bankrupt. Then you know you'll start to see this one and this one and this one. You know it's it's up on the I mean I think it's going to be. It's GonNa be a big hit to the economy and might be another year out before actually culminates but I agree it's coming I. Yeah. We are not. We don't. We haven't seen anything yet on that level like okay in Michigan. and I know a lot of states are gym's open there. Can you go to the gym and in Virginia? Think. So yeah, I think they dialed back a little bit but. I don't really know about those places so. I'm. Like okay. So I'm not worried about going to the gym for a long time, but actually over Cova and I started losing weight and so I actually go to the gym I got a broken back though I don't know if you remember that from earlier in the show, I don't think my doctor wants. That's crazy. That's crazy. So In Michigan like. It's the gyms have been closed and no one has said anything about it for months at this point like and I'm thinking to myself. Okay. We can't go to the gym gym owners are business owners. They actually have to deal what what the hell are they supposed to do. You know I. I don't know if I don't know if the the you know the PCP in that kind of program that can't last forever right if they don't if they don't open up eventually they can't they can't keep going. I eat I would imagine that there I would imagine they're renting and all that is just your. Yeah. Yeah I mean it's one thing if like your your gym that focuses more on classes, you know there's a whole other thing you got a bunch equipment. One of the reasons people come to the gym because you have machines and stuff you know and all that I think to myself. That all you know that that ain't free you know and I, don't know man I don't know it's just one example restaurants or the other thing it's like. you know if you're if you're single if you don't have a, you know a corporate backing you how do you stay open? I mean if you're not really I, some restaurants have really been able to make the pivot to to take out I know some restaurants are doing okay with that. But you know they're employing a lot less people because of that I mean. I don't know they're. Holding a relief things going on around us but. I. There's whole industries that we don't even know how it's going. and. That's I. Agree I agree. Right now dentistry seems okay but part of that is all the pent up. Demand that we have for being like flat closed for two and a half months. On some level, there's always going to be people that want their teeth work done. I think sees going to be interesting because. Another question coming up later about that but but like Kaushik are. That industry has got to be really affected. You can only do so much by by online I it's I don't know I feel like I feel like dentistry will be affected a lot but I'm not sure I've got great guesses. I. Think People Are GonNA travel less for C E for a while because they're gonNA travel less. For everything. Right. I didn't I didn't ask me. At some point, the dam, the DAMS GONNA break everybody's just going to be tired of it just. So I I was talking with a my aunt this weekend and she was talking about why? For sure wouldn't get on a plane? I. Would I would be real really nervous for you kidding I'd be there in a second give me any plane chewed I'll get I I'm ready to travel I'm ready to go to the gym. I'll start licking stuff randomly. That's I'm just I'm just. I. I'm so when you say people will be always ready I'm there I'm there I'm kind of overall stuff. I I don't I don't like and I'm not I know that if you say that that means you want granted died and stuff maybe I do I don't know but I don't really want I don't really want granted I but I I'm I I just I'm not. I'm not. I'm not feeling it anymore. Yes. I'll wear the mask, but I'm just not feeling anymore I wanna I wanna be able to go to the restaurant I want intro. For, grandma. I'm sorry grandma. I I. I don't know what's going to happen the next five years. Richard Vernon. Stay stay tuned. We'll let you know here on the dental hacks podcast. Broadcast in real time, we will we want to our own Richard Burgess. Are Your kids going to physically be at school or do it remotely or a hybrid version. Now I know you have an easy answer for this one, right? Yep All virtual that was that was mandated. That's earth. Filled Schools Some of the counties around here have. A hybrid but. Just a few counties buck the trend and all virtual and they if I remember correctly they they announced that pretty that's been a while since they've announced that they they went all in a couple of weeks. Yeah. So. I'm in Midland, county Michigan and the Midland public schools have. they have in person classes they have hybrid classes and they have all online you can. You can choose, but you have to commit like in three days or something like that. I think August seventh is the deadline and you have to. If you commit to one of them. You stay that way till the end of the semester. So that's till mid-january. So it'd be a cluster. You know it is. You know it's not it's GonNa be a problem in and my wife. And I were quite certain. I'm positive. They should go back to school they I'm positive partly because homeschooling was such a nightmare for us. that I just I want no part of that. But but you know I really feel like I feel strongly that they need to go back. But my wife is now feeling she seeing a lot of people. On on facebook and social media and she's getting nervous because a lot of people are saying, no, we're doing all online. We're not letting them go back until I. Wonder You know when you've got the choices like that when you can do one of three things how I feel like there'd be a lot less kids in school I mean if if half the school district isn't going back, so maybe that'll be better like maybe get more I don't know I. Don't know they I. Don't know how they'll do. It sounds like they have less teachers teaching the online stuff. So you might actually get more face time with your teacher. If you go I, don't know I don't know. I feel like. The one kid in class for an entire. Year. Awesome. As a as a kid, you'd be like, this is the worst thing that ever happened to me principle unbridled attention of the teacher. Albania there will be no whoopie cushions in school there will be no messing around it's A. So I think my kids are going back in person I, say that my oldest is twelve special needs kid and The thing that he excels at in likes the most is banned he plays the Tuba and he actually for seventh grader replace it very well i. don't know how you do band with Zoom class. You really don't what it is. They're actually GONNA have banned, but it's going to be outside so I don't outside and social distance I. Guess I don't know my thing is like Michigan you know in October Starts to get pretty cold. You know or I'm not sure exactly how they do that for the whole season but. I'm looking forward to him being able to do band. Camp Fire. I'm serious. I don't know what they're GONNA do. And I think that's the thing I. think no one really knows how this is gonNA shake out. As you said, it's going to be an absolute mess and it's going to be while before they figured out. Jake's Gronkowski asks. Would you take hydro chlorate What is it hydroxy chlorinate clerk win? That's what hydroxy clerk right now if you started feeling crummy and tested positive this morning for covid nineteen. So clearly, he wants to drag us into political waters. I would if if my doctor prescribed it as a treatment, I would take it how about that? I don't really know. I think medicine probably shouldn't be judged by whether our president thinks it's great or not I think probably be judged by the clinicians that are prescribing it. Just put that out there. So Political Allen. I just WanNa get pissed everyone. That's what I really interests I hope that. I. Hope Whatever questions we ever I can just get angry people. Yell. So I really WanNa do I WANNA type in all caps man I'm all in. I'll take the medicine. Taking it right now, Bill Firing I'm taking. Handfuls of the stuff handfuls. chewed does. Get stuck in the grooves of my teeth just like Dios I'm telling you. I'm so healthy. I. Feel like an ox. Would I take it if I thought if they thought it would save me. Yeah. But I'd want a doctor to say that they think that's the right move. That's what I believe I. I. Think Jalen Open a clinic out the back door of his office prescribing this stuff with anyone actually sick or not whatever you care you know. I I write scripts it's what I do. We'll see how longest last this could be really good. All right. So Liar. Far wouldn't go very far. Brad, keener asks who I think between. You know who would win in an Indian leg wrestling match. I gotta say Jason's quite a bit taller than I. Am I believe he has some leverage on me. Also. Back, right. Now I don't know if you I don't know if you knew that if all right Allan, we're going to do this. Alison. Kick him when he's down man I, think Jason Probably probably at anytime Jason because he's got, he's like several inches taller than I. Am he's it's like Crowbar. Crowbar long enough and I can move the world. For. About that one of those things. So I. I think I think Brad. I think Jay Lips probably has me on that one. So Craig harder asks. Which Arizona and I'm assuming he means of the dental hacks podcast is your favorite which episode was your favorite in this is a tough one to spring because there's a lot of episodes but I'm thinking he means like which either which brain trust or which guest or which topic or whatever was your favorite. It was one with rich Rosenblatt that we did. Several years ago I think it was. Composite Technique wasn't it and it just went off the rails so bad immediately. Idiots him probably nobody else in the world both Jason and enrich were were messed up to like. And got more messed up as the episode I'm going to try and find an post it i. do remember that being relatively epic and you know the answer he was looking forward to talking with spear about the future of Dentistry. Don't. Rosenblatt and I were wasting. Awesome it was It was actually really. It. Was Pretty Good. I'M GONNA put out a couple. We'll throw I think the relic Christianson episode which was early on in She was really good. She was really good that episode holds up I listened to it not that long ago I was really good. It helps when you have a guest who's really smart and you can just ask her questions and she'll talk. She's just really smart. So that helps. I don't think. So yeah, I I really enjoyed the episode I. Did it a bio clear summit some years back with with bio. Bio Bio clear body clear boxer John Kadhamy in by chance Eric, Harley who these two like epic gigantic ended honest. Sat Down and talked with me for a long time and they're just like way too smart for way too smart for me. But that was that was an excellent episode. There's one of my favorites. What else anything with anything where we actually got to talk with? Frank Beer is pre epic considering. And let's think of something that would surprise them. Something new their minds. I have no idea at high I don't have anything. About forty five year old man. Got No surprises. All the surprises were epic like decades. Decades. I'm bananas surprises for for quite some time. So that simply surprise surprise for you. So. Sarah. Ericsson. Asks boxers or briefs. Munching on a goldfish cracker into the microphone and he has a very serious look on his face like that question really through them for a loop. I have to wreck your question by saying. I don't want you picturing me in these by the way. Sarah. You just keep that to yourself. I'm a boxer briefs, Guy I'm like. I don't the you know the boxer briefs for the for the guy who can't decide. To go to the knickknack stores and you see the The dream catchers in the. Window. Sure I do all Dan. That's what that's what I wear. Picture a dream Catcher Kinda guy anyhow. Own. Oh you are a dream catcher Jason. Move. Catch it. All right. This is a this is an epic intellectual question that we have for you. I DON OMON asks, would you rather fight a one? Hundred one, hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized. Duck. Duck horse I don't care. The one hundred I have to say I'd rather me having having experiences with horses and with ducks. I would rather have a horse size duck cheating. I know I like it's like I've waited my whole life for this question. Whore sized duck because. Here's the thing. animal lovers out there knocking to this answer. The only animal dumber than a horse. Is it duck about that? So. A hundred? Duck sized horses would be I feel like. You couldn't get away from them a hundred years Um as roller. Skates. Some instead of all I can think of is all the tripping. That would happen would just trip over all of them. A horse is duck but remember birds have very lightweight bones. They don't weigh that much. So even though it's horse sized I still. Probably have some weight on. In He's got reach on me, I'm thinking. I don't know I'm going with the horse is doc. What do you think Jason? Sounds my favorites is the duck. Ducks are delicious too by the way I don't have experienced eating horse meat but ducks you know if I win do I Just don't know ask. Thanks for that and you have you been at Taco Bell. I have. I believe they call that slow horse meat there. Is it slander or is it? What's the other one? Is when it's written, it's slander and when it's when it's I forget. You just did something liable liable. Redness liable. Okay. So that was slander. TACO bell. Send. Hate mail to that. Have you been there and I said? Needed any of that? Explicit. You just let everyone kind of go there but you weren't like explicit about I. Get it I. Get I see. Okay, Matt Jordana asks what is your favorite Nacho topping favourite nacho topping. If you're having Nachos I'm going to say You can't have nachos whether it's chicken whether it's beef you gotTa have Jalapeno peppers. That's my favorite nacho topping. What's your favorite Nacho topping? Cheese. Is Cheese topping or is that like? We'll give him NACHOS. She's Address I. I would say cheese too much. Yeah I don't thinking have nachos without cheese. So that's not really that's relates not helping. Topping optional. Cheeses an optional. Off Right all right. Yes Kim which a spirit of it Jalen my God. I don't know. Like some Jalapenos, some fried Jalapenos and. have. You ever had those sour cream. Get to you ever had those those. Those goals pepper's ghost peppers hop in you know. Never had them before here that that that you could die. That's what I hear. That's that's one of my determining factors when. Choose, a food product worth whether you. May Kill you over long run. For instance Taco Bell. But but it might actually kill you. Leading. Never. Talk about loves all of you actually kills the people around you eventually that's how now it doesn't even do that. It's amazing. That does nothing wrong. He's backing away from his slander earlier in the show seeing what he's doing there was there was no slander. Guys can donate to the dental hacks legal fund to we to support us in our our legal challenges. For. Done for now. Okay. So this is really good Theresa Duncan. T dunks gave us a really good question that we can kind of like we can kind of tee off on your. Most favorite on top of it. I see what you did there. Most. Favorite and most patients not like types of patients they want a specific patient she's looking for stories here. Now Hippo does not allow us to use their knee or just you know So think about that for a second. I have. Okay I have a most favorite patient. This is actually a very sad story. Because I had a patient actually he was supposed to come in for hygiene today and he called and he said he couldn't anymore a patient came in last year. In He had he had a bunch of. kind of beat up old composites in the interior in in in he had some decay had some. He. was early stages of. What's what's Lou GEHRIG's disease? What's the the? L.. He was early stages of that and he'd started to have like he couldn't move one of his arms very well, but he's getting around okay and He's like man I'd just like to get my teeth kind of fixed up. You know I know it's going to be really tough to take care of over time and it but I'd like to be able to choose best I can and so. What we did forms, we kinda took some x rays we kind of in I just. I went to town and I did a bunch of I did a bunch of interior veneers. They were kind of composite veneer sort of sort of bio clear if you will, and then I, actually we did a bridge in the back to give them some two teeth and stuff like that but we kind of did. Kinda. Did like all the the interior stuff kind of all at once who was long appointments and and sometimes, I, don't know if you've done like big composite cases. Sometimes, you just put into place and it's like. The the angels are flying in seeing everything goes in. Polish. Like boom. This is good sometimes. You can't touch anything without it being a complete nightmare like your your hands just like you end up with two left feet and you're all in in this particular case, just went to place really nicely and it turned out really good and he was really touched because he didn't expect to have. We kind of did like a little mini smile makeover for him in. I just you know he was. He was so. how I say this he was so matter of fact about what he knew was going to happen and he just was like, I just Kinda WanNa, get this iron out. So we don't have to deal with it when I'm not able to deal with it. You know. In mind you of course, you got to keep everything really cleansing because you know they obviously, he's not gonNA have garrity dexterity to deal with it but just the nicest guy ever the nicest guy ever he was. So he literally got a seventy five year eighty year old man crying at the end of the appointment and it turned out and it just so happened I mean turned out really well is very proud of it but I also was like this poor guy, you know he. His health was failing and he couldn't get a break, and so I I don't know if it was the right thing to do what we did but but we did it and I was really happy with it. But now the sad part is literally he was put, he'd been coming in for hygiene for last year year and a half, and so we've been monitoring and he'd been holding up really well, but he just physically can't. Can't come in and he told he didn't tell me he told my office manager that he wouldn't. He wouldn't be come back in again. He didn't to do it so that I'm like dude were wheelchair accessible commodity and we'll make it work but I didn't. So that's he clearly he's I have to say like my favorite patient ever and now we don't seem anymore. So that's pretty sad a little tear jerker. So knowing that your favorite patient Jay. Phillips. Let's hear it. Favorite patient is still kind of just the people that have an impact on you know I think when I sold my office I really only had one person kind of get me to the verge of tears and just at one patient that she always came in and she always wanted to know how everybody was doing and she She remembered everything anything that you tell her show remember. So was. Sound that one office was pretty hard just when she was like Oh my Gosh Kim believe you're leaving and I had only a few different things in there that impacted me like that. Yeah. Yeah. Some people's out there. So A patient that the most annoying patient. There's there's several of them cycle through my brain. There's one that I know I've pride told stories about him in the past two in. On, some level. I kind of like him. But. I have a guy who I have a guy who's who is. It's so funny. This happened. So often like I, think a lot of people think that. Life would be great if if all of your patients were wealthy and they just had had the money to be able to pay for dental treatment and they would value it and they would just pay for it in that'd be the thing is. Well he will stay wealthy by spending money on stuff and so I have this patient who is who clearly clearly wealthy enough to buy buy and sell me. There's no doubt about it in and you know what? Honestly I inherited him from a I got referred he referred to me from an oral surgeon. in that should have been the red flag because he came in with implants already placed and I didn't know anything know anything about implants I know. Oh Man. I got my ass handed me on that case and as much as I thought at the time that he paid up front for the restoration I thought I was in fat city I thought it was great. But Oh man, I know what? I was doing night for sure lost in that case in the other thing is, is he you know he? He boss me around he was he wasn't very nice about stuff I've known the guy now for thousand years I feel like I feel like I've seen him forever but. I still feel I feel intimidated by the guy whenever he comes in even though. You, gotTa, look at your own failures in. I don't even know what the right move would be like. If I were if I got to start over from scratch, I, know what I would do is I would I take some impressions and? Eye Doctor Mood. Here I talked to Danny Domain I talked to someone new Dell. They were doing to just get an idea of like what's the what should I do here you know? I didn't have those resources. You know fifteen years ago, ended this case, and so I've just been I've literally been looking at this case in this grumpy old dude forever, and but I mean his health is messed up so. He comes in he's a snowbird so he's gone for a good part of the year. So what will happen is come in, you'll have two months for me to do whatever needs doing and it's never enough time in dictates appointments in. Any he and I have a decent relationship but I look at. I go. I just I failed from the very beginning with this because I didn't know enough and I took the case on in in literally I get to see that failure. Every time he comes in I get to see up by didn't know what I was doing then in. Nothing, I can really do to fix it now. So I just have to look at it and and full of regret. So that's that's that's tough. That's a tough be. Still Works. Yeah. Well, he's he didn't die from it. So that's good but and he doesn't complain about the case as much as Mu Heaven to see it like if if if he showed up in your office in was bragging about his old Dennis from Saginaw Dr Meade I would and you told me about it I would literally die of shame. Because it wasn't it was not I didn't do the job I didn't know what was doing, and so that's a really hard thing to look at when you just I mean. and. That's the kind of thing where experiences like the only thing you know you only get experienced by doing stuff right? So that's that's a tough beat. That's tough beat. That's probably the most annoying patient and he he can be plenty knowing himself but like actually the case was really annoying because known I was doing. So what's the most annoying patient or case or whatever for you Jason? I have no. I've got lots of different people just like my my mind goes so many places. Here here recently, it's been the Guy Calls Up. He's he's got to get in his his. He just needs skin. He's got a broken filling or something like that and you get them in an I'm moving next week so you do filling on him and. then. He calls you from California or wherever it is I can't. I can't believe this is sensitive to. Say Well you can come in and I'll be happening adjusted no I need my money back right now I'm going to see you. been getting a lot of that here recently, a lot of threatening people on on social media and. Threaten us on social media and then. we do have our calls recorded from mango. So we can go back and say, no, you didn't say that no, we did not call you on this and here's the real facts. So that's pretty great I I. Remember Reading that story. That's fantastic that. Not that it not that it changes the way that person acts one bit I'm sure. But the fact that if it actually came to a legal dispute, you've got that anyhow asks people saw people sometimes suck you know. Patient. Today we had We've had signs out on our on our door that says, stop please call before you come in a way whatever. So. Evidently, the cleaning lady had taken are signs down and we didn't didn't realize it. and the patient. Came in today she just kind of push kids in kids out of four minutes and she went up to go do something, and then we had another the patient come down right after them. And By the front desolate, he's taking the temperatures of the kids. And she comes down and she's I don't feel comfortable with this anymore. I've seen enough that you guys aren't doing anything about covert and just serious point Yup and does runs out the door. And I go to find out that my signs are going and but it was in and there's there's two people in the waiting room and she just flips out and and leave. So that's. What we're dealing with these days. I. Tell You. I'm GonNa say this right now this is where everyone should be jealous. They don't practice in in central Michigan right now because. we still have a lot of that I will say this I'll say this we haven't experienced I'm going to go to the Midland County I've been I've been throwing these numbers around because it's it just blows my mind. And County Lake County Michigan. Now we Millan County has eighty three, thousand people. So it's it's it's. It's not small as a county. Emmy are the my town has like forty something. but we've had very little experience of Corona virus like the whole I'm GonNa just like last time I checked I think there. Oh, shoot I gotta find the. Like last week, we had one hundred ninety positive cases, right? Like. I don't know it was crazy. It was crazy low number right in not a lot of deaths I don't know this. This is funny because it says different things here now but. We've had not very much experience of it. So I think on some level regionally, we haven't seen the worst I metro. Detroit had really bad. So but I think I think. In like I said, we had that flood in May and I think people had like it was sort of the. Camels pack I think people really struggling with with trying to do all these different things. So I think a lot of people are ready for it to be quote unquote normal again, round us, and so we get maybe a little less of that. I am more likely to run into the dude who is. Wants to defy you on wearing a mask. Then the person who freaks out because they're not comfortable I literally more likely to run into someone who's who will refuse to wear a mask and that's pretty uncomfortable to happen like twice. that's an odds if you run into that at all. well, I pasted the other day that. Kind of refused to do much anything and. admin too bad I. Don't I don't push the issue I'm not trying to be anybody's dad now. Is that like we we have been scheduling people so that there's no one in the waiting room or or we try really hard to make sure there's no one in the waiting room so My hope is that even if someone's going to be a jerk about not wearing a mask. No one else witness we're all wearing masks. So it's not it's not. It doesn't affect maybe as much but you want it's almost more about the theater and for us. It's like I don't want someone in my waiting room to be upset because because we didn't. You know in Michigan they say that a business can lose their license if they don't enforce this and stuff and I'm thinking to myself, how do you I mean I know that I guess they had to say something about it, but it's it's very frustrating because I don't have control over I. There's one particular patient was a jackass about it and I feel like you know, what am I supposed to do in this guy's Gonna I don't know I mean I throw them out. I don't know that that's a particularly civil thing either we just got him back really quick into the story because we're gonNA eventually working on his. There's a lot of this has brought a lot of weird ethical things that make kind of no sense to me. So I'm not I'm not thrilled about that part of it but I don't know. So there's there's no way you can no way. We can police it I. Mean I agree I agree there's a man alive. There's people who think that there really should be. And I'm like I. Know You know if you go to Walmart or something like that they have someone at the door to make sure you're wearing a mask here. Apparently I haven't seen this but apparently, there's people that will go through that with a mask on and then take it off just so they can be defined like you know what? Why are you such a Douche bag? A. Break we a life to live here I don't know. I just. It's It is interesting to me how many what there are some people that have a really high level of fear about this. In. There's people who have like no fear about it, and then there's kind of everyone in the middle. But what's interesting is what what seems to control our policy in our In in what gets done is whoever has the highest level of fear seems to be in charge like we sort of cater to the person who's most afraid Maybe that's the right thing to do I. Don't know It seems a little. I don't know I don't know that it makes a ton of sense to make policy on the most fearful person I don't know. I can probably get in trouble for saying that but it's it's it's. Sorry. So, you guys are hearing the truth from me. That's all. All, right. So Allen's truth I know it's my I'm living my truth people emily being my best life. Zachary minors of the. Who that? He's of the clinical hacks asks I just said that because actually do the show notes for tomorrow for tomorrow I just like something in my brain went off I'm glad I remember that crystal ball will the Chicago Midwinter Meeting 2021 happen. Do we think Chicago Midwinter will happen. So the real question is is February twenty twenty one is that enough time for people to be comfortable getting together in a crowd like that. The question also is, let's just let's just put this right out there. We don't really know what's happening now. We're hoping like crazy voice dentistry is going to go. We are literally kind of still not exactly sure how to do it with the planning and stuff I, know we typically are talking about a lot by now this time of the year hopefully, we're going to in the next couple of weeks we'll have some idea of what's going to happen because the problem is that it's asking a lot of people to travel adding. So we're not sure and I know that every meeting right now is wondering when the first meetings going to be. I, will say this dense Fleiss Rona world was supposed to happen in early October and they they postponed it. But they also didn't really postpone it because what they're going to be doing is going to be doing some online. It sounds again, local area stuff some smaller meetings, local areas. So it's not there won't be a big DS world in Vegas at least this year from what I understand if there's People listening to this that. Are saying that I got it completely wrong email Jason. And tell them what an idiot I am I'm okay with that. Dr. Alan I. I. But I mean like Dan Spicer, who's going to be I think was going to be the big the first big meeting back after after the shutdown and like that and they pushed it back I think spear is still pushing back in person courses till the end of August at least you know. So I don't know I don't know like it's I I would have thought honestly that it was like bigger meetings would've would've weighed in strongly one way or the other and they really haven't so mid-winter, which will be you know tends to be mid to late February I. Hope. So I hope so. If, Midwinter happens I think you should try and find a place to podcast there. It's always green meeting for that stuff. Do like the mid Winton it is I've not. I've not I, bet you hinman would be next you think okay if not by the. Higgins definitely next summer that's that's march Atlanta yeah. I don't know man I. This is a Crystal Ball thing when Zach was laughing crystal ball it is. I don't know and again, I, don't know that I don't know if you can go off statistics or more on people's emotional state I don't honestly I is it like is it does it happen because people aren't fearful or does it does it happen or not happen because we have a certain number of cases having I don't know I don't know how they make that judgment and I think that again it's. obviously, dentistry is the only place where they're worried about big gatherings they're not. Just going to it's going to be the birth of smaller meetings I think you're right and. I think you're right. I think you're right voice it and she's a smaller meeting that style throw that out there. But if Is it safe is it safe? Yes. Yes it is. Yes. All right. We'll facetime you all. You cannot exceed apart. WE'LL BE WE'RE GONNA do a gigantic zoom meeting is GonNa be the best thing that ever happened. The same along the same lines, Melissa Zeitler. Asks what's the first place you will go when this damn covid and and she said Damn wasn't me? Tam. First place you go. I would like to go to Arizona. 'cause because the hot like. I mean, it's been really hot and nice here but I. WanNa. I go I, sleep I. go anywhere like I said, I was already vegas for for dense flies around the world. I really was. I. Was Ready to go and that was after saying in two thousand seventeen that I think I didn't need to go to Vegas anymore I'd had enough of Vegas but I was I was already go just because it was something you know. They're years washed off off right like all I wanNA do is get on a plane and go somewhere because I haven't like you know you get used to having every once in a while getting to do something wild and crazy like that, and we haven't done anything like that was the last last time I was on a plane was for voice it. Dentistry. I drove I drove to Chicago for the mid winner for single day and that was the last time I've been anywhere. Anywhere. By voices dentistry yeah. Yeah. Have you been inside a restaurant yet? no, I haven't either. And again I'm not. Like a sandwich, place. I'm not afraid of it. It doesn't worry me actually at I just haven't. You know it's weird right like I On some level, I should probably be supporting local. We get takeout constantly I. Mean that's it's not like we haven't been inside a restaurant to pick up arteta always haven't done to sit down through in Michigan it hasn't been we have been able to for all that long So it's just weird like I'm ready I'm ready I should probably go eat in the restaurant just to prove to myself that that again. I can. Watch this guy here at out in this one table in the centre as a restaurant spotlights and I would like ten waiters I that's what I want. I want I want attention. He scored for. Bor. Add like one of everything and put it in a bucket. Get me a bucket amount of fro off. That's a call. Here it is. Done that for while. Better get a blush. It's been a long time since I've done that one. Just walk around and talk to your kids like Moose Ya it's Wofford thin. That was if anyone's wondering, what I'm talking about is, which was a monty python was the meaning of life and a life a very fat guy. Exploded in the after eating one wafer-thin Mentors Oregon but monsieur over thin. Reserve is. Feeling better. Fuck it. Up Pretty. Sure. That's how it went. I I guess. I. It's been a while since I've seen that I might want to on that. Yeah. Okay. who asked this question? This was. Who who, who, who? I'm blanking. It'd be. Believe it or not. It's just. I, know right somebody money. I guess I don't know what? Is Flash Flash. Was I'm sorry new. FLASH DAVIES ASKS SORRY FLASH I didn't write down your name with the question. Last. Night, which is more painful. Having to home school your children or being hit by a truck. I feel like that's sort of pointing towards a little bit. I know. He's talking right to me I can feel it. I'm going to say right now home schooling children for sure like hands down no question I've been through some pain, chur. I will say this if my kids do all online, the difference between now and spring is that my office won't be closed so I won't be home to witness it. So it'll be better for me and my wife's dateline layer. That's GonNa say you probably will I'm telling you that's a bad deal bad deal to see. All Right Roger Meade who The Guy I know that's mayor. He asks are you serving birthday cake for Allen? The answer is no we didn't have birthday cake. Peach Pie is what we had peach pie. That's that is a that is my thing and Jason has a Goldfish in your Webcam. It's very large kind of frightened actually. So yes I'd Peach Pie for all that perspective Allen is it's like it's Goldfish see. We're super well for an audio podcast, but he is attacking me the year. Austin me. With a goal far. So tiny. All right. So now is the time on the show when my voice goes funny and I say. Go Hack Yourself. Say Well I Never Ellen's. Terrible you never you never. All right Jason as tradition dictates, it's time for you to go hack yourself. Well. At lots of time to think about lots of thing result. We could have an tire, go hack yourself I have so many things that I've done this. I've done nothing absolutely nothing many valley any value in the President repercussions. Netflix's, and there was a lot of like like different snack foods and stuff like that. We could throw out there for for go ahead. Well I net flake picks is something I started watching last night. Have you seen this allen the UNBRELLA. Academy. I started watching lullabies started watching. I started watching it last year when the when the or two years ago when in the first, the first season came I didn't get into it and it's a superhero thing coming soon. So right on top of that I know I didn't I didn't really why is it good? You love it is it the did they release all of it or the release? had. They just released their second season. I started watching the first season. Okay. Okay. I want to look like that guy into the gigantic lumberjack looking dude that's what I want to look like. Is. Upper Body. I. In the gigantic upper torso it's like they based basic character on Jason Lipscomb. It's crazy. It's pretty much any fraternity. Much skip leg day I see. Young. People. So my go hack yourself. So I don't know if you heard but I was hit by a truck and I broke my back. No I I don't talk about it very much but. It happened. and. So I've had to work with this crazy brace on and it's very comfortable in I have I have a million different like organic stools, a lot of the more We'll talk about. High literally, as it was coming out from I, shouldn't have said it that way because lipscomb just waiting to jump on? Nothing better than stool jokes, right So. Now's the time on this show Allen talks about his stools. The first half of the show focused on catheters, and now we're talking about stools. So I I have a saddle stools a bunch of them in and I have I have a bunch of other. Jason's lost it completely. So there's a when we were at spear the Spear Summit last year guy brought one of the. Stools. It's amazing. Just I. Didn't know they. Let you bring those on a point you know what I'm saying. So the I got it's called the Ergo. It's Bq. Ergonomics. guy's name is Steven Hawks. He was really good about all this stuff I had. One of his chairs while I'm not saying. Cares was the Called the island not the push back. It was called the tight. It was called the backup, the backup chair which I like. But the cheer that I got from him to tribes called the Ergo dynamic and it's it's really good for it's it's great because it's got a back backrest that Kinda you sit as you sit down the background kind comes up to you really it's it's it's like a cross between like an early chair in Saddle Chair it's kind of a perfect mix between the two I really like it I got it with armrest and stuff and I have to. Tell you that it is definitely my preferred opera now that whatever arbitrary has that chair in and so I I'm a big fan of that and Steven really took care of me. He he I mean he sent it to me to try immediately. Let me try it for like a month before I bought it and it was just he just was really really good about it and what was cool as I saw it originally at spirit last year and I thought it was pretty cool then but then after I was injured and was like just trying to find a good place to sit. I'm like I got to try that thinks we sent it over to me. So I'll put all the links in the show notes because if you're looking for a comfortable operator chair man, this is the thing I really Oser I've got a bunch of them and I like a lot of them but this one is like my new favorite for sure. So the ERGO dynamic. I picture you coming into the office day as like robocop that'd be awesome Philly in access skeleton task I, think I think the dental? Just took to our I, think that's going to be my when when people look back on my career, they're gonna find that that's what that's what I brought to dentistry the dental exoskeleton like you walk in you jumping it's like it's like robocop industry essentially essentially, it's sort of a it's I. Like to be I. Hope Someday they draw a Manga about me in my dental exoskeleton. Pretty cool. Don't you think I don't know what among it's like it's like the Japanese comic books and stuff like that and the very much into like Godzilla in Mecca and all that stuff I would like to be the dental version of that. I'm so hip, this is like this is what what millennials. Rail your head. But See I am I'm forty nine years old but I'm young at heart. Understand that. I am I am hip with the kids Jason I am. They know there's young listeners that no listen. Okay. So if You're listening to this right now in you know what a Manga is and you know that I described it correctly, you need to go on the dental hacks nation or even better lever of you on I tunes saying L. Knows Manga in then I will put it in I'll walk up to Suck it man. That's what I'll say I'll be so proud. Push down on the floor like the rest of the MANGAM. I can't believe you said that. For All. We know we may have a lot of listeners that are super into Manga what an insult that was Jason said that I would never disrespect. Manga fans. You like an OEM. Welcome to the floor kid. All, right. My friends. So that's what we call a rap here at the dental hacks podcast. We did a thank you for your questions, dental hacks nation. Questions or comments you can email us at Info at Dell Dot com join us at. We have multiple places where you can join us. We have lines of facebook groups are the main one is the dental. We have the dental x listeners group for people who actually just listen to the show, and we actually talk about the show instead of Fart jokes and arguing about cove it all the time. You could actually like talk about things that we talked about on the show. That's the dental hacks listeners joke that is managed by. Jason Lipscomb himself. So you're gonNA have to sweet talk him to get into that group. It's a selective group dental nation a little less elective. We require that you let us know that your dental person, but there's more and more people there. It's a, it's a good group. Good, group. It's OK group. It's a, it's a dumpster fire. We haven't had any really good dumpster fire lately. Maybe we need to start one maybe I need to do the thing where it yeah. I'm just going to throw a grenade in there at some point in walkaway he would happened that's that's my favorite move. Really truly done that for a while feel like I'm really I gotta get I'm. GonNa say everybody gets mad at me. Here. We, sort of do that teach. It's sort of like we do that each other I don't know I can't imagine we would do that. But Yeah We. All Right Jason. Well. So we as I said before we knocked the rest we still know how to do this podcasting thing if you guys made it this long into the podcast congratulations I'm impressed hell. this was a a nightmare I understand, but you made it you made it. You made it to the end. I mean going through hell. Keep going just keep going. So Barbara Walters she's always say hello I'm. going. Going Going L. Keep, going. Oh my gosh that was good. I, just totally snorted. Joke when you get out of the that's All right. Well, thank you offer listening. Go leave us a review. I didn't care go to dental nation say horrible things about we don't care. We don't care. All we care about is that you keep downloading. That's all you do. Right and seeing. You guys did not get paid per down. Did you. Get. paid nothing per download. All right. Well, thanks for listening. We will have another episode coming up real soon. Victory Listen and.

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S13E27  Find a penny, pick it up

Ubuntu Podcast

40:11 min | 8 months ago

S13E27 Find a penny, pick it up

"Thursday hello and welcome to season 13 episode 27 open to focus today. It's the 22nd of September and this week we're going to have some Community news and events other big boy news. And that's about it. I think with me this week. We may have milk a demarcated. Hello Alan I am well good and Martin. Hello. Hello. How are you? I'm good. Thank you. You're right. I am on staycation. So I am tippity top right now. What have you been doing on your staycation? Well so far 2 days into the staycation we have been walking my daughter to school and then walking to a pub and sitting in a birth. A garden in a pub getting a suntan and drinking beer and ordering food until it's time to walk back to the school and collect my daughter very lethargic wage term. It turns out interesting. That's not what it says here on my document. Well, that's that's also doing so something else I've been doing is I've been playing games on Twitch. I've been playing Hotshot racing Her Majesty's spiffing and broforce. This is because you're a streamer now. Yeah, I'm setting up a sideline in being the next big thing in game streaming obviously so I know broforce and I I can guess what horse racing is. I've never heard of Her Majesty's spiffing. What on Earth and why is it in uppercase? That's how it's presented. So the full name is Her Majesty's spiffing the Empire staggers back and it was a crowd. Did game that was released in December of 2016 and it's a quintessentially British humor based point-and-click Adventures. So a couple of nights ago. I went on Twitch had a bit of Linux chat with people that joined me on Twitch. I was asking, you know what game I said choose a game for me to play here are some options and people suggested loads of things and one of the suggestions was broforce. So I got into playing that cuz I picked that up in Humble at some point off. And then I later on said well, let's give Her Majesty's spiffing ago and we did we completed the whole game. We at the end of the stream it took about two hours and some of the podcast listeners joined and they were pitching in how to solve some of the puzzles but we got there and we we finished the game and it was really good fun. But quite funny. Yeah. Nice. Excellent heart. I take a look at that job. Mark wiebe don't see I have been buying a camera for our Nursery what kind of camera eats I suppose you'd call it an IP security cameras Oh. From tp-link is a diner them. But what what I didn't want was basically a camera which would connect to the internet and broadcast my child's bedroom thousand. So I did a bit of research into such devices and found that yeah tp-link do this one under their Tappo home automation brand which does connect to it keeps saying app, but also supports streaming over rtsp and a standard called on v o n v i f which is thought I saw a standard for security cameras in general if you have like a security camera Management program it like cameras supporting this standard can talk to it off. And yeah, so it's basically a night vision camera, which I've got set up. I firewall it off from the internet just in case it does then try to go out something else, but then my partner and I both have VLC our our phones off the next to the LTS pays stream, which we just have bookmarked. So if we need to see whether our child is in fact asleep, or just pretending we can just bring up the stream and see what's going on in that. I'm glad no one's got a camera pointing at me a bedtime cuz I'm always pretending to be asleep. So I've got a couple of observations on that first. Yes small children pretend to be asleep when he when you tell them it's time for bed time. You actually have to explain the steps involved in getting to sleep every night for about the first eight years is my experience and second of all narc. Congratulations on creating the world's nerdiest baby camera. Well done. Yes you can you can of course. Bye baby monitors with with night vision cameras built-in, but we've already got quite good baby monitor and the wage We cameras built-in are unbelievably expensive. We're talking a hundred pounds plus for a lot of them whereas this was like twenty-five pounds for a camera, which does all of the same things just isn't Brown is a baby monitor. Yeah. Oh right. He's even got two-way audio as well things a shout-out go to bed. I've tried singing through it and it comes out quite creepy. So them under the atomic. We just use it to decide, you know, how she actually woken up yet or do we need to go and do something to comfort her or how she settled herself whereas before it was like we had to open the door and it was like Schrodinger's baby. She was awake and asleep. And did you open the door? And then once you open the door, she's definitely awake. Yeah, right. Let's get on with the game. Let's start with the community news and first up in the communal table. Use the community council is going to be revived from its deathbed. It's going to have a shock therapy and it's going to get woken up. Again. This is after a lengthy thread on the Ubuntu discourse between some members of the community and economical people and Mark shuttleworth himself. There was a conversation about the moribund Ness of the Ubuntu community and specifically the community council itself and Mark stepped in and accepted. Yes. There were some failings that have happened over the years that have led to the point now where basically the community council consists of him and nobody else which is not a good state to be in and so I'm Walter Wetzel as we call him in the community said offered to step up and you know reset the clock and start the process of nominating people off. Beyond the community council. And the reason why this is important is because the community council does a whole bunch of stuff. Unfortunately. A lot of it is dealing with rubbish that goes on in the community just stuff that gets escalated up like conflict between people but usually that kind of conflict gets there with lower down. I say lower, you know, somewhere down in the in the depths of moderation here and there and had pins and stuff like that. So often the community council doesn't have a lot to do but I think it needed a reboot and having a reboot perhaps or get some new blood on there who can drive things forward a little bit better. So how can a person get on the community cancel if this is something they're interested in it's like Have You Ever Seen The cgp Grey about a video about how to become the pope. It has it's a it's it's not quite as hard as that but so you have to be an emergency member and becoming an emergency member is not dead. Be pretty tricky. But if you if you make some kind of significant and sustained is the key phrase contribution to a bun to over the years, then you can become an adult humor in there are various ways of being a member through other other means you don't have to necessarily develop code. For example, how how big does the check need to be younger? You know, that's a common question. I've I've never found out myself. So the nominations will be except accepted for a period of two weeks until the 29th of September. So not long if you're listening to this soon after it went off. And as I said, you got to be an emergency member to be nominated so you can approach someone who you think might be a good person to be on the community council who you know is an event remembrance say Hey, you know, you should be on the community council and if they agree, then you could nominate them Mark reviews the list and then vote happens among the ability members who vote for who's going to be on the CC and that initiates off? Ground of who stays on the CC for two years. I've been on it about ten years ago. I've been right there let anyone in. Yeah, that's your that's your bar. Took me an image then. Yeah, so it was a lot busier when I was on it ten years ago cuz there are a lot more people around a lot more people contributing to AB unto itself. Whereas now. All contributing around it or building stuff on top of it until building stuff with a bun to rather than building event itself. So the community has changed and so it'll be good to see what the new age he does with Community next Martin. So I read with interest that genome is introducing a new versioning scheme. So the next version of genome due to be released in March 2021 will be genome forty. So what is it at the moment 3.38? Yes 3.30 wage. One that is just emerging into final release status at the moment which will be in a bunch of 2010. And then after that it would be like, yeah call me old-fashioned 3.39 well to be the development. Yeah, that's right would have yes the development release. Yes, but they're changing that and it's going to be just 40 instead of three or four T's just going to be forty thousand and there's a few reasons for that. So although you've cited that 3.39 would have been the next development release those would have been the development snapshots which were then have emerged as three. For how long the staple release and it just so happens that by the miracle of coincidence the 3.40 release coincides with the 40th release of them. So they're choosing this point to drop the sort of now insignificant major version number because it's getting a bit untidy, you know, 3.38 3.39 and so odd So the next release will be forty and they will have development Cycles with the 40 40 40. And then there will be a 48-0 which will be the first stable release for that series and then maintenance releases will be 4142 etcetera. And then the following release which will come out October ish September issue. Twenty Twenty-One. That will begin. I'm forty-one. So I quite like this. Yeah because it's it's it solves the problem of having the stable release being. 0 while still having something that makes sense for the pre-releases. Right and I like this because it's kind of consistent with the way that browser releases happen. Now, you know, they're just, you know a number that goes up with each, you know, each significant release. Hm. I'm torn on this partly because I really like the oven to number again. System and I I saw in a manual bass. He's conversation about this on the gnome discourse that he mentioned. I think he called us the gold standard of of faith-based release numbers. That's right and said people still manage to get that confused and don't know where when 2004 came out or when 1804 came out. Okay, but really only need to explaining once but okay fair enough, but I mean, I've also seen comments elsewhere like on lwn suggesting that this numbering scheme people just don't remember like right now I could not tell you what version of Chrome Chrome or Firefox. I had installed. I've no idea what that number is because they're all just numbers in the middle of the range somewhere between 1 and 100. I couldn't tell you what any of them are. I don't know any of them. Yeah, and I feel that that muddies things because they're you've got all of these mid-range teens and then up into the twenties thirties 50s and it just becomes a mass. As of numbers and okay, if I was in The Gnome Community then I might be interested in this number and it might stick in my head but for normals, I don't think it will. So I think I think your accent there is fair although for browsers, right? They move really quickly there on week week and some weeks apart their release Cadence. I think it varies between like four and six weeks depending on which browser you're looking at and whether the cycle is whereas ghanaians going to continue with its six monthly release cycle. I like this because it drops the now-dead Superfluous odd numbers as development releases and development snapshots, which statistically is. We nobody ever used not mate has adopted the same page traditional Chrome release numbering system. So you're going to change your going to switch mate to be like you got you'd have to be like 20 or something. We're currently 24 month. While next one would have to be twenty-six or something like that, right? So we're 1.24 currently. We've got our 1.25 snapshot releases out in the next release will be 1.26. You should totally do a cool kids are doing it. Well, that's why I'm told I'm not in a position to sort of exercise this, you know, a single handedly we'd have to agree to do it but I it makes some sense. I mean apart interesting the way this new numbering scheme aligns with things like Ci CD pipelines is way more convenient. Okay, what's next? Well, I read without too much interest but nothing less that Gary is adding transparent encryption and signing with gpg. So Gary is the default email application for genome. Is that correct? Was that song Ocean alone doesn't have a default mail. Sorry no mistake, but it's part of a family. I think it's it's a no map. Yeah, it's dead. On the same technology k-technologies. Yeah, it's written dollar isn't it's the suite of applications that oh gosh. I can't remember the name of my Foundation your birth Gilbert created that and Shotwell and a couple of others. So something that is fairly interesting about this is that I also read this week about Thunderbird adding support for Jeep TJ encryption, which has been sort of requested since forever but never actually built into Thunderbird. So it seems like something has catalyzed open-source mail apps to juice press on this all of a sudden it's good if they can make it easy to use and not that's that's an excellent vehicle for normally then yeah. Sure. I mean if you want to send encrypted documents to a journal or something or an investigator or something, then you want a nice easy way to do it and normals aren't usually well equipped with the knowledge to do that. Yeah, it's I think that's the key point right off. Is how do you make this stuff accessible to people that can use it in a meaningful way that are not Parts our audience and some time ago. I can't remember what the event wage was the happened on the internet, but weren't Google and everyone looking at introducing gpg encryption in a user accessible way and that died on the vine and pull it out and I I don't remember ever hearing why it never got implemented Snowden wasn't around the Snowden releases that did it. Yes. It was Snowden. You're right. That was what it was. Yeah and everyone made a big play for we're going to be the next encrypted mail service and then they all realized either that was hard or it ruined their business bottles and they shied away from it. Cool. Wow. Look forward to trying that out cuz Gary looks quite pretty and it's always nice to have multiple options for email clients and not having just one monoculture of Thunderbird and not having everything in the web log. Next up plasma V. 20 beta is out and it's billed as an absolutely massive release. There's some updates to the look and feel they've got an icon only task manager. So you don't have the text description. It's just icons which is familiar to anyone who's used Windows recently or rent a or backhoe the new way of doing things together as often as smooth transitions for brightness changes and they always smooth but in the gradient of no, can you get any more granular than like the ten stages of brightness that you're I think they're referring to like the animation off that way. It's actually presented on screen as opposed to. Oh, yeah, there's some workspace Behavior changes new shortcuts lot, of course lots of configuration options here wouldn't be plasma wage and you can see a battery charge limit to less than 100% which I found interesting so you can condition the battery a little yeah. It's actually a thing. I've always been skeptical about stuff like that, especially these days off. Think it depends on the chemical technology and the battery if you've got like a nickel metal hydride battery may be right. So this is also limited to the devices stroke batteries that support it so is life. I mean intelligence behind it, right? Okay, smart monitoring for your hard drives granular touchpad speed control that's very helpful, especially especially if it works like a mistake of the chipset of the the touchpad cuz I find many touch pads under Linux a really skittish and very difficult to use which is partly what I turn them off and use Mouse and some additional improvements under Wayland. So middle take pasting screencasting supported another impressive. Yeah, that's really great. Good to see some improvements over in plasma land. So I see your own plasma 520 beta improvements and I raised you with xfce4 16 new features and improvements and boy howdy this month. I'm I can't believe I'm about to say this but there is a ton of updates in this upcoming release of xfce. So they've clearly been very hard at work. So they've now got a single status tray in the panel and this one catches me by in just cuz this is a work we've been doing in a bun to Marty in the eye itana indicators. So like what we had we had two different implementation supporting old and new protocols and we've condensed those into one and they've done exactly the same thing. I think this and Cadia already there for some time. So that's great to see and off option scaling support has been implemented via X Randa and this is more a developer feature. And I know this is going to be you know a time saver for them, but they've dropped off our Legacy GT K2 code, which I know was like a moment for much popping of champagne corks in the Mart a community when we did the same not so long ago. Did you suck? Champagne emojis under xfc. Yes, of course, you can. Yeah, they three now so they've got access to the Emoji pop up juuzou just the same as everybody else anything else a big dog. Well, there's just a ton of what I'd call quality of life improvements. So, you know new icons to you know, solidify their visual identity client-side applications for the settings dialog so you can now search in the header bar when you're in the settings to move between the different control panel applets and what-have-you. I hate client-side decorations hated with a passion. But okay that they can make the head of our look, you know fat and oversized but looking at the screen shot shots of how this has been implemented in x f c a it's quite sympathetic. So it's it's Tastefully done. I think it's the the right way to to point out and you know, it's it there's lots of attention to detail. So it's a pre-release right now. It's dead. For release in November 2020. So if you're as a bun to user you'll probably have to wait until the button to 2104 before you see all of this good stuff. But I have a link in the show Notes too long the exhaustive list of improvements. Excellent. Next up Mark. What else is new in software? Well, Microsoft Edge is coming to the Linux in October. What? Yep? So this is Microsoft's blink braced Chase going to leave that he doesn't yeah blink based browser. Okay. Which yes until now has only been officially announced for Windows, but it sounds like we're going to have it on Linux as well as another option alongside chromium and Firefox and chrome and such-like and it's going to be available from Microsoft on their preview Channel or from your native Linux package manager dead. So it sounds like they're going to be packaging it for the distros. Yeah, they'll possibly is a snap and then that'll be supported everywhere, right or do they mean Native Linux package managers that mean there'll be a table all on a website that downloaded on that and then run the executable. I don't know. It means Microsoft are making a native Linux package manager. Yes. Anything is if you're in school, so I've got a question for you mark because you obviously work off on big scale web applications for Learning and your development environment that you use at work is based on windows. So yes, I mean you use the edge browser you might imagine that we so so each developer as a requirement has to test Ever Raised they do on at least two browsers. Okay. Usually I develop on Firefox and then I test on quote okay, which is mainly out of habit. I think most of our users use Chrome, but yep. Default browser in the institution is Edge interesting that doesn't mean most people use Edge, but that's what they get to begin with. So there is testing done on edge. There's also testing down 11 because that's still sticking around for a while. Okay for some of our users but no, I've not done much with Edge myself. Okay, cool. I'm finally in the community. Use the event retouch o t a 13 release is out and contains a number of poor request to address enhancements and issues took over the winter Touch system and many have long-term benefits. I don't know what I means. There's updates to software like, you know cute is updated loads of other bits and Bobs under the stack. The browser interestingly is about 25% faster across all devices, which is welcome because the the browser was a little laggy so that's good. Yeah, and that all those so the song You know goes down into the apps because most of the apps on a bun to touch our web-based. So, you know, this touches all parts of your experience. Yeah, and they've brought back to the previous icon-based system system settings main menu says previously removed by canonical during the final months of the project as some redesign happened or I think as it was focused on coming towards the desktop convergence, I see and it's interesting cuz I dug out BQE 4.5 just today and I turned it on and it was still running the original image them from years ago from like five years ago and it has the big fat icons. And so I thought I know what that looks like, which is good because nice big fat icons easier to press on a touch base do I so I think the fat icons I think canonical remove them because they were struggling to make the U. I work on like the 4.5 and the e v and that's why it got slim down. But the way it's being implemented in this new version of Ubuntu touch is it's one of a better expression for responsive. So it knows if it can do it or not and it will present them or not present them and that's how I've interpreted what they've written in in their release notes interesting. There's some updates to the core applications message contacts and dialer. They've got a whole bunch of updates off like middle quality-of-life improvements like the way text appears in message Bubbles and stuff like that and audio recording when sending messages has been improved and stuff and there's a whole bunch of divorces that we can get Support over the following week. Maybe by the time you hear this there might be done. There's a bunch of Sony devices the Xperia series the whole bunch of those wage and the OnePlus 3 and the 3 T nice which is interesting and plus all the other devices that they have like the Nexus 4 in the BQE phones and the meizu mx4 and Pro 5 a.m. The M20 tablet. Yeah, so I have to say I was super impressed by the length and breadth of this update. The thing that I that that you mention wage like long-term benefits what the long-term benefits well there there's been an effort to get them to touch building on post-market OS and by doing that and the post-market Palm OS team working on that. It's actually paved the way to a bun to touch being built and delivered on a bun to 2004. So that's your a long-term benefit for them to jump from 1604 to 2004 ice in the future which will be amazing. But I'm definitely going to stick this on my intent when you think that the version that I had that I was playing with on a concrete you today was based on 1504. So that's April 2015 a good five years ago and they've had to massage this thing all the way through and now finally get it like you say building on the latest LTM. Great. So, yeah, if you've got a supported device have a play with that and file bugs if you find them or get involved and that's the end of the community news. And now it's time for some more big boy news first up. Not him. What have you got home? I I found a story where the Wayback machine and cloudflare are teaming up to Archive more of the web. What does that mean? So hey Cloud flare which is a CDN that a lot of websites use has a feature called Always online and the way this works is they make a static copy of your website and cash it in RAM on their massive CDN clusters at the edge and if your origin server goes down so your web server goes offline off people visiting your website will be delivered the static version of the site that cloudflare have archived and what they're doing is working with the Wayback machine wage. In order to feed the Wayback machine with those statically archived versions of sites. So what that means is that the Wayback machine is going to have access to way more websites than it currently indexes, right and having the static data pushed into their archive platform. So that more of the Wayback machine is relevant. But the flip side of this is that cloudflare are going to be using the statically cached versions on the way back machine to present the when your site is down and you're getting the offline copy. You'll get the Wayback machine the most recent Wayback machine version. So it's like both organizations benefit from this so at the moment basically the way back machine relies on crawling the web and you know, periodically refreshing its version of each site, right, but this is basically wage. They sort or it yes. It's a new data source, and I thought that the Wayback machine was a Cruller but actually it turns out it isn't it's like an index of 460 G 8 billion URLs and they're adding 1 billion URLs a day at the moment or something crazy, but it's like a list of URLs that they index. Oh, okay, and it just goes off and pins them as much as it can write and but this is now another data source into that list of URLs that it would be archiving. Well the way that machine also have a nice as contributors who can spin out as GM's they get given work to do like a distributed computing you can download here. There's a there was a crash site recently Wayback machine at home. Yeah kind of but they I think they called like the Wayback machine Strike Team or something like that and they they're spending to action when dead Company or a service says they're going to shut down and we have a lot of public data and the these people are given the seed URLs and they spend on the VMS and these machines chug them and they are like spiders but you're doing it from different Geographic locations and that's information gets fed back to the way that machine and I did it. I can't remember what website went down recently. It was some popular thing that I had a strong and everyone was like we're going to lose all this data and services party HQ website or something. And so they shun the Batman signal into the sky and nerds all around the world spun VMS with this stuff in and and collected all the the content and sent it off the Wayback machine. Yeah, it's good that they're getting more feeds cool. Next up melchior's mention is coming soon. What's that thing and new game it's a game which is under development. So it's not quite out yet. There's a link in the show notes to the itch. IO page so you can follow the developer wage. Now the developer has created a lot of games in the past some of which I have downloaded and played on the Sinclair ZX eighty-one. Wow. Okay. Hang on you suck new game. Yeah. Yeah, they are new games. You liked brand new games for the ZX eighty-one and some of them are amazing. It's amazing what he can get out of that technology Dead crossy Road. For example, the popular mobile now paid game you go to arcades and play crossy Road on a 42-inch plasma screen. He's off into that on Aesthetics. Eighty one that's called a crock zeroed with a red X in the name crossy road. But anyway, melchior's mention is a retro isometric Affair is described on the website as a fast-paced action-packed throwback to the classic games of the eighty's in 15 glorious colors handful from the infamous select spectrum color palette. This looks like a a game I use dead. Play on the on the immediate called cadaver, but you just described this as fast paced. So I'm guessing it's not quite like that. It's going to be available for the Windows PC Spectrum next month and Spectrum 128k, which is fantastic. Hang on so you obviously have Windows PCS of your in your ThinkPad collection, but you've got the Spectrum next and you've got a spectrum 128, right? Yes. I have all of the supported platforms. Yes. I'm okay. Yeah. Okay cool. And you talked about like the games that have been recreated on the z51. That's what three decades of experience developing on the platform does for you, right? Yes. Yeah. I mean it's very dedicated to be able to some of the stuff. I mean, I remember like waiting for the screen to draw in some of the games and how he manages to get full screen animations of something like crossy Road as you know, a little bird bounce. I mean, it's obviously Super Pig Because let's say you wanted to super low resolution. But this particular game that we're talking about here is is much you know it more familiar if you've ever played night law or any of those isometric 50 games or Batman or Head Over Heels or something like that looks very familiar room based isometric think it looks great choice will be fantastic cuz this guy's just a genius people can do with the software next up Mark. So I think a couple of years ago in the new segment we mentioned that Microsoft was sinking and underwater data center off the coast of the orkney islands off, right and this was an experiment to see basically it was a proof of concept concept to see if it worked using the the environment. So it uses off when you're able energy generated from the the wind and the Sea power and it uses the water that it's submerged in for cooling using heat exchangers that wage The kind of designed for submarines and they have resurfaced this data center to determine you know, how it's been getting on that. It won't seem like it's been fairly successful, huh? I have questions. You probably can't answer does this mean that nobody's been inside the submerged data center. Exactly. No way really so so they they have said that the the failure rate of the hardware over the two years has been about 1/8 of what it is for one of their normal data size and off one of the theories for why this is is that you don't have people going around replacing things and causing vibrations in the data center, which is a contributing factor. Another month. Another contributing factor is possibly the fact that there's no oxygen in the data center. It's filled with nitrogen Which is less reactive and therefore doesn't cause parts to corrode. Holy cow business fascinating. I love guess so they yeah, they this is this is a a long white tube with a a Microsoft logo spray painted on one end and it went under nice and pristine and then there's there's some excellent pictures on Microsoft's website. It being jet washed to remove all the sludge that's built up over the two years and Barnacles and the like but it seems like it's you know, it's done the job. I'm going to have to look at this because I am I scuba dive. Yes, and I dived on a site called the Siller which was a deliberately scuttled ship. Oh, yeah, that was sunk off the Bristol Coast home and whole marine life developed around it. So I'm wondering if these data centers like, you know, created an ecosystem around them. So I will be going off and reading more about this. Yeah fascinating. Well, it was only a couple of years. And yes, the the it all it took is someone with a power washer to jet wash off all of the Barnacles collected on the surface wage. Smooth surface of this thing, which was interesting. So it sounds like the the idea of this is that they might use it to do sort of edge services on remote sort of coast along locations or four cities with Coastal locations. Yeah, we're real estate might be at a premium. You could just sink something in the harbor instead perhaps if you need a data center nearby and 5 J and old TV set has interfered with a village has DSL internet every day for eighteen months who added this in here. I think that was me. So it says Hey the residence Village in a bush hosen have a hose in Celtic. We're losing their broadband connection every morning at 7 a.m. And after investigating the electromagnetic interference and finding nothing else openreach tried looking for Signal single high-level impulse noise whenever that is I think eventually trace the calls to a second-hand cathode ray tube television set owned by one resident wage. Turned on every morning. So this this guy was getting up every morning at 7 p.m. Sticking on his tele and taking out the entire Villages internet. Was it just like a shielded or yeah, it was old old technology and you're not up to Modern standards in terms of the level of interference, which output and it I guess it just caused some power surge in the local infrastructure. And yeah took everyone's internet and they kept on having this happen every day like clockwork and couldn't understand why they feel they did this very specific last-ditch detection for a particular time of noise and found it was this guy's television. I love these stories where something is going wrong and took it takes a lot of investigation and you know, you have to think outside the box in order to determine what caused it and reminds me I think I've told this story before when I used to work at Delights in London, and there was someone's machine It kicked off the network. It was a token ring Network as someone's machine would get kicked off the network reliably on like a Wednesday afternoon at a certain time on certain days of the week. And it took us ages to figure out why this person's machine was getting kicked off in the network and it was because there was another person who sat nearby who only worked part-time and the first person to get kicked off the network when the second person was doing their shift and it turned out that the two machines had identical Mac addresses burned into their token ring card. So as soon as the second person arrived at work for their shift in the afternoon turn the computer on it kicked the first off the network and that took so long for us to figure out because what we didn't have the tools back in those days to to figure it out. But yeah, it was I love this kind of stuff. It's fantastic more stories like oh, please and that's the end of the news and that's all four episodes. How long 27. Thank you very much for listening. If you like to send us an email. You can do that by emailing show Adam-12 podcast. Org. We like to read that out in the next episode. So listen out for your email in a future episode. We can't read it all out, but we do read it all to ourselves and the super long ones. We might cut down and if you change your name to be removed from the email then say so and we'll anonymize your lunacy or whatever. It might be or embarrassment. If you want to chat to us. In the meantime, you can jump on a telegram a bunch of young adults slash Telegram, and we'll see you next time. Thanks very much. Bye. off

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