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"E got diverted from talking about Nancy Pelosi. I she's She's projecting herself as some great defender Democracy Orbiter of Truth Standing for the Republican Elisheva. Nancy Pelosi is a Is a ruthless politician. You know that if you ask her what her principles this very rich. Almost 80 year old woman from San Francisco. What does she really care about? She would say things like, okay, care about it and let it live. It's liberation at it with with where it's right to choose, and and they elevated the people and the Children and you know she was saying stuff like that. And you would say, Yeah, I mean that those of the slogans She doesn't really care. We know what actually think she really cares. Money that right? Don't no one really believes that. And then you get to a step beyond that. Where? What has, she said in the past. Right now, we're in this great moment of moral panic over what Trump said about you know, in the moments before that Capitol Hill riot But do Democrats Always make sure that they're opposed to political balance. Is that something they do here's Pelosi. Talking about uprisings across the country. This is in 2018, so it's not reach a couple years ago, plaque with one Just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all of the country and maybe there will be Why would there be uprisings? Nancy Pelosi because Donald Trump is president, You're not getting what you want. An uprising is is very specific. Thing to say she didn't say. I don't know why there aren't more people you know, organizing. Get out the vote drives or something, she said. Uprisings. It is the same thing you see with with V L. M. And and the way that that the violence and the destruction from that is always excused. Here's a member of Congress Span Burger, who's saying that the rights has had this? Violent extremist ideology take hold. I doubt she's ever said something similar about Bln Play seven. The real issue that I think we need to focus on is an American people is that there is a violent and extreme ideology that has taken hold that has been given safe harbor if you will in the political space. And we saw the results of what happens when that is able to fester and come to the forefront. We saw those results on January 6th. We're certainly preparing for those potential results over this weekend and the inauguration, but it it doesn't end there because it's an ideology and my background As you mentioned I'm a former CIA case officer. My background is a focus on terrorism. And the domestic violent extremists who took siege and I'm a former CIA analyst, and her analysis of this is partisan crash. So there you go. Stay tuned for the Mark Levin Show right after Buck Sexton on talk Radio. 6 80 Wcbm Wcbm Baltimore Corporate cruises in for Friday with some afternoon and evening rains for us about a half inch of rain late Friday here in Baltimore. What tonight even freeze Increasing clouds Friday. Hi 52 late afternoon.

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"They anchor a politics of repudiation, in which the idea of a common good has little purchase and quote, saying all those Elitist white college educated Liberal Democrats out there the lives We're always talking about about racism. They don't do anything to solve racism. They don't spend any time in black majority neighborhoods. They don't really know what's going on within the black community. But they love pointing out the racism all around them all the time, even where there is no actual racism, sometimes They do this because by demeaning traditional America American values by saying that this place is racist and wrong and evil. They're not bound by the generally held conceptions of what makes Good American citizen is these days because they know better there above it. They're elevated beyond it. Doesn't this all sound exactly like The ethos the modern philosophy of a Democrat. Don't you all have friends that are just like this? I've never actually been in a high crime majority Minority neighborhood for more than a couple of hours, or maybe driving through it, But they want to give you lectures about bln. That's right. They want to lecture you about BLM from their million dollar house in an all white suburb. These are the kind of lives we're talking about here. The ones who are frauds, the ones who are fakes. How do they get away with this in their own minds. This is how they don't take pride in being Americans. They think they are better than America. They know better than America. They want to transform this place in this image, and that's what we're facing now going forward. I'm Buck section And thanks for listening to the Buck Sexton Show on talk radio 6 80, WCBS. Not long ago I met Mike Lyndall, the incredible inventor of my pillow, and he fit me for my very own my pillow, among other products. I can't stop raving about them. They're amazing. These pillows won't go flat. You could wash and dry them constantly. And most importantly, they're made in the USA for a limited time. Mike is offering his premium my pillows for his lowest price ever..

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"Doing? You haven't home our family. In the meantime, you have it all kind of other books. No, no, I'm not drunk. As a matter of fact, you think yourself. How's that? You know what? I don't need a man because there ain't nothing wrong with me from your shit. Trump like like he doesn't like you, okay? And, uh, talking about. It's just a quick man. Okay, It's like, OK, Where do I begin? Well, one of the things they're saying, like, Where's your mask? Where's your mask? Like they're sitting down and eating. You know, unless you follow California's guidelines they recommend putting on masks in between bites. But that to me is on par with like the antifa on the radical elements of Bln, storming into a restaurant and telling people to raise their fists in solidarity with our cause. If you don't they start berating you and shouting. He was still a lot of that. During the summer. Abdul I don't like that, and if I'm being consistent, I don't like writers hurt either. Whether what it reminds me of it reminds me of like a really trunk Snooki and Jersey shore. That's what it reminds me up, and there's the shores when those shows that it's a guilty pleasure show that I watch on occasion. I'm so sorry. You know, I really shouldn't. But it's fine. Miss my really bad cab's here. Just here. Just here. The jersey acted like to really think Jersey accents and just totally drunk like, really seriously people, and I thought it was interesting. The governor was letting his family do it. Fighting for him. He didn't speak one word or anything. It was his. It was his kids that were like he drunk lady. I said I liked her Your trump phone for your truck for your felon. You know, Trump said he liked my dad. But other than that, I did not like that. I think people should be better than that on both sides of the aisle and what is not finished with this policy. Is there plenty of way used to say You know what? Governor? I don't like your ex wife. See? And just move on. But no The the curse of cursing at the guy like one of his family, I would even say like maybe if he was in a press conference or something like that, and somebody were shouting things that they didn't like that That might be a different story. The guy was sitting there. With his wife and kids at a restaurant, and I know there's probably some people listening right now and say, Hey, that guy took away a lot of freedoms. That guy had lost a lot of million a lot of jobs for people that guy took away. People's business is their livelihood. And they condone it, But they're I can't be one of those guys I hate. I'm 100% against his policies on what he's done there in Jersey, But I would I am no way Ever condone something like that. Half of the fun never stops. So when you're going to get it, put it in. Put the B button down. And just the whole nine yards like, okay. All right. We're done here. We had a fun sports weekend. Here in India. We have the big Colts win. Last night, We almost had the Hoosiers beating Ohio State. There's a couple other stories you need to be paying attention to in this city. Even if you're just the most casual of sports fans. We got big, just days Niac from one of.

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"Give me covert 19 talking 20. W b A p w b a p dot com It's 6 49 w B, a p and time for us to take a road trip with Hawkeye. Rick Quinn has written a fantastic book for road Trip America called Arizona and New Mexico. 25 scenic side trips. I was blown away. I thought I knew New Mexico. I don't Rick of all these side trips, which one was your favorite? I'd say off the top of my head, The Beastie Badlands, which is about an hour and a half south of Farmington. Out there in the middle. Absolute nowhere. There is this amazing place. It's ah, Bln Managed wilderness area that has some of the most extraordinary rock formations in the whole entire world. I swear to God, these things are so nuts that Anybody would be blown away by this stuff, and it nobody knows about it. Hardly. I mean, did you did you know about it before? Well, I had heard of it, but I have certainly never seen it and I was astonished by it. That's just one example. There's quite a few others to hear our entire interview with Rick and find out more about his book, Road Trip America, Arizona and New Mexico 25 scenic side trips and Find out more about perhaps the catwalk National Recreation Trail or the Lords of America. Go to our website, travel with hawkeye dot com and check out our podcast. I'm Mark Hawkeye Lewis Trouble, Doc. I brought to you by defender outdoors in these uncertain and unprecedented times. The fender outdoors is open as in a central business, and we remain committed to serving the needs and safety of our community. The retail stores well stopped with firearms, ammo, outdoor gear up supplies and.

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"But I I can't tell if the The Democrat apparatus, meaning the media. The DNC. The Biden campaign fully knows how they're going to play this now. You know, yesterday by is not going to Kenosha today. He is going to Kenosha yesterday. Trump causes the riots today. They've got Big name blue checks on social media saying, What riots? This city's look great, right? What do you think we'll clearly the internal polling is in and now it's external. You don't think about it. Justice with school reopening That every single Democrat in the country changed their tune and their media adversaries and allies. Um, this is what's going on with the caring finally about law and order. You know, this has been going on for three months. Portland is all they're 100. Night of rioting, and it has taken this long for Biden. And quite frankly, you know that I've been a pretty sympathetic conservative towards Biden. But that speech that he gave in Pennsylvania that was weak. He his. I mean, that was That was both sides them all lives mattering the issue right now. The issue is not about the white nationalists at Charlottesville. Yes issue was the white nationalist right now. The issue. Are these far left and cheaper rioters and clearly they're trying to have their cake and eat it, too, because it is deeply affecting their poles. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, These air states with Trump's numbers of all slowly risen again, and even if you look at black lives matter, support, pulling Immediately after the killing of George Floyd. American Support for Bln increased more in in those two weeks in a hand of 21 months prior, and that included a massive jump among Republicans. You had him. Scott, who wanted to do a sweeping police of them do in the Senate? What happened? Democrats killed it. This stopped being about any sort of police reform and started being a burn it all down Cultural Marxism Ember it was about it was about Christopher Columbus statue about two weeks after they first tried to sue the police report bills. Exactly So then people just realized very transparently. But this is not. This is no longer about racial justice, in one's of indiscriminate policing is no longer about actual legislative change actual policy effects. And it is now just in the white liberal left. It's about virtue, signaling, and it's about showing that they're a member of a different kind of cultural leave because they can no longer signal in terms of economic elitism. And then among the outright and chief rioters. It's just about destruction. That's all it is, for. Some people actually remember that scene in with a Batman begins movie. Where he says some men just want to see the world burn. It's kind of like that, you know, Of course, that's what it is. Think about it. Think about the cold port of Antifa. Rioters who are doing this. You don't have kids. I don't have a lot of friends. They don't have church. They don't have careers. Why wouldn't they want to bring it all down? Here we go. Hello, Everybody check out her latest Washington Examiner and look for her more on the first day and thanks so much. They safe. Don't go fighting those balloons. Facebook..

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"Really? So you have the DNC? Who had that? That girl Billie, I'll ish the girl mumbles. Her songs were really It's like a good little bitch. That's what she says. And so that's what they had. And we had the RNC had this like 24 year old guy who is now going in November. He's going to become the youngest congressman in the last 200 years. There's a big difference we had. Ah, RNC had a nun talking about pro life and how every life matters and all black lives matter, and you also had right off the bag. Even Donald Trump Jr condemning what happened to George Floyd in condemning the violence and condemning what's happening, But you don't hear about that. They're not talking about that. I can get see You like the people over at CNN, MSNBC. They're probably crying as they were watching a show like just so upset. I don't really know. I don't even know how anybody can can go that route anymore. After what has happened going, I think initially when Bln came out, you know they came out seven years ago. But when they really came out after George Floyd, I mean, I think people were like, yes, Black lives matter. They've been marginalized system graces of blah, blah, blah. But now that people are seeing what's really happening With BLM. There's taking a step back there taking a step back and saying Whoa. Do I really want this organization taken over? Do I really want the Democrats to lead my city? Um, I'm not too sure about that because a lot of the people leaving the Upper West side and leaving New York City. They're going to some red states. Let's go to Andrew from Stanhope. Andrew, you've been on hold for a long time. I'm sorry. Oh, no problem. Yeah, we're in the red area in New Jersey and Stanhope. Model Biden when he condemned the violence. It's mostly on the left one on the right. Yeah, like he said, he challenged Trump. Trump has been condemning it like constantly, you know, since has started an offering. Federal troops so he couldn't even and I want to say I heard you earlier on your show. Condemning gratefully Bette Midler for making front of Ivana Melania Trump's accident at my beautiful like her with an accent. And I'd like to see bad Midler go to China or Slovenia or Thailand and open a business and learned the language and get straight A's. You know, they could never do it, so it At such a low class move and a double standard. Yeah, she should have been canceled and I like bed Midler. I like her song that, you know, wind beneath my wings and that this and it's like, and she's a great Broadway star and everything, but she should be cancelled. I mean, it was It was xenophobic. It was xenophobic. She colder and illegal immigrant. Could you imagine if Melania was Hispanic? Or could you imagine what would have happened? Even if she was Asian, or if she was a woman of complexion? How disgusting it was so discussing literally making. Oh, God, she she can't even speak English. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. But thank you, Andrew for calling in again. I always appreciate your insight. You are sound very intelligent and educated and know what you're talking about. So thank you, Always for calling in And you also speaking of first ladies, you had Michelle Obama and is she saying she experienced racism while she was in the White House. She said she also was experiencing low grade depression. Because of what's going on with Trump Lady. You live in a $15 million compound. What do you express about your book is on The New York Times Best sellers list you started. I think a new podcast all these things, but Trump's got you down Now you got some low grade depression, and then you got Kamala Harris. She says. The reality is that the life of a black person in America has never been treated as fully human. So listen to that again. The reality is that the life of a black person in America has never been treated as fully human. That's from Kamala Harris. This is a woman she's a sitting senator from California and the Democratic vice presidential candidate with a net worth in excess of $6 million. Her father is an Africa. African American man is Jamaican. He was an immigrant. Her mother was Indian. They came here I'm assuming with nothing became extremely successful. Look at her. She's a product of that. Literally the American dream, and she has the goal. The nerve to say something like that. If that's not divisive, if that's not fanning the flame of racism, I don't know what is. We do have to go to break again. I'm Lydia Ceron eye filling in for Frank Murano. Give me a call at 1 808 for a W A B C your car online at home, but try states most trusted voice radio 77 del anyway, what matters when you start a business is you and your idea not When you start it, so.

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"The affiliate podcast shows the stories of multifaceted Africans, one episode at a time, the podcast aims to uncover the untold stories of modern and millennial applicants based in various parts of the world. Each episode gives listeners an opportunity to learn and experience conversations that showcase who they are and global perspectives in our ever changing world fish also listen and subscribe to the athlete podcast on spotify or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. You can also follow at athletes podcast on all social media platforms. Listening to the news at this, our on AFICA business radio data on Friday showed that South Africa Central Bank further costas government bond for chases July buying two point five, billion rand worth only half the amount at Boston June to bring its total holdings to thirty eight point, four billion rand rampant selling governments, dent in March and April as virus trunk forced the bank into emergency equality measures including. including a quantitative easing style purchase of bonds in the secondary market governor at Johnston Gago at the rate of meat into weeks ago, stressed the bond buying whilst to support liquidity, rather than finance government's ballooning bonnets deficit, and that was the knees at this time. When Africa Business. Radio, you can't continue to this in life online at www dot, Africa business radio, DOT COM, or via a mobile APP. I am Rachel, she gender. Thank you for listening..

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"Yes, the old action park director nor fatal action class Action Park all its many nicknames and coming up in the four o'clock hour. We want to hear if you have any fun or not so fond memories of the old action park. Because even though I was born and raised here, I never went. I never set foot in action bark, and I feel I realized I missed out on a lot. So anyway, I'm still alive. I'm still alive, At least Yeah, but you know what? I have to show for it. No scars. You know, my dental records are all OK, Come on, right anyway, that's coming up in the four o'clock hours, So should we or should we not have an official black lives matter Day? On July 13th every year in New Jersey, and why or why not debian Manalapan. You were on New Jersey, one on one point Hi. How are you? Did you think of my call? Sure. What do you think, Debbie? I am absolutely against this. I just feel like world well, United will defame people. I grew up a cap. That girl went to Catholic school. I loved everybody and I feel like I'm getting older. They're putting a divine little political But if I may And you could say this is just the devil's advocate. Question. If you want to. It's not. It's not black lives matter more. It's just black lives matter and Anybody with an ounce of credibility from within that movement will tell you their intent. The overhaul intent is to really just say black lives also matter. Black lives matter, too. Well, then why don't they say that? I don't know. Doesn't fit as well on a bumper sticker. I I don't really know. So you have always taken it as meaning like that The black lives are superior. I don't think it that way, because that's not how I feel, but I just disagree with this whole thing. It's like it's like politicians are involved in this and they're trying to divide us. And it's It's terrible because it shouldn't be this way. We're all united all people. We all wake up. We'll put our pants on the same way in the morning. And again, I guess I'm just trying to say I think a lot of the good people in that movement are trying to say yes. That is what it should be, But some of us don't feel what Debbie feel Some of us feel like we're being unfairly targeted and sometimes slaughtered by bad cops. And Debbie, Thanks for your call. Mike and Brick. You were in New Jersey, one of 1.5 Hey, baby, how you guys doing? All right, Mike. Make it quick. They're not going to be the most popular opinion, but I gotta say no. Just because black lives matter how many times has called for the de funding of police, and in some cases, there's been acting for violence towards them, and I got to be honest after what happened Thursday in Chicago. I was mostly black on black violence, and that's a big problem in the black community. So one remind us of your lives matter which I believe they D'oh. It's got to start at home to sew, not one bln rally marched in Chicago That was their own people killing each other, and that happens all the time. Have a good day, guys. Mike. Thanks for your call. All right. Ah, let's talk to don and Kingsburg. You're in New Jersey, 11.5 Hey, down low down. And load on there. Down there down. Never seen Don. Okay, Moving up rhyme Do Don John one. Forget about Gina. You're on New Jersey, one on 1.5 Hello. Hello. Hi. Thanks for having me on Um, I was just I don't think that we really need tohave an additional day. Um, I think we need to like the prior caller said Focus on Doing some more positive in the communities. There's so much black on black and I also agree that the politicians are just trying to divide us. And I just don't think we need another day. I think if anything, making a unity day making all lives matter day make it a You know what? Do something positive day instead of making it a Black on black or a white on white or Ah, you know, racial thing Just making everybody matters or a racial harmony Day. Yeah. Well, here is what an assemblywoman who voted for this. We would tell you, Assemblywoman, shown ik spate of Essex. Um, she says you may not understand our pain. However, we need you to understand why this is necessary. So she really feels that this is necessary. And you know what if it's gonna happen, Bill real quick. I think we went the wrong way moving into July 14th. If we went back today, July 12th this would be a much better day. Because then on the National Day calendar. It's only competing with paper bag day. Nobody carries bears Eat your Jell o Day. Ah National Pecan Pie Day. And national different colored eyes Day, Although Zahra lame. Yeah, exactly was our national French Friday. Exactly. That's why maybe they have the wrong day. For this Stay tuned for the news on New Jersey One of one point found New Jersey one A one point Let's say you just bought a house..

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"So what we have right now is a movement that is almost it has become largely dedicated to at this point, almost solely dedicated to the idea that we have to tear down the system from the inside. And it isn't any more about finding actual systems of racism. Now it's about just tearing it down. Now, for many people who are sort of the court of the movement, that was always the purpose, there's some people who articulating this years ago. One of the one of the founders of the Black Lives matter Movement. Is woman in Patrice Cullors, she said. This openly back in 2015 should have a Marxist activist. That's what I do. Bln website specifically calls to an end to policing nationally A villain website calls for the end. They pledged to disrupt the Western prescribed it nuclear family structure. Does this Does this sound like a great idea for black people? By the way? Single greatest predictor of inter generational poverty is single motherhood. And here's BLM, claiming that they want to disrupt the Western prescribed a nuclear family structure, which is the single greatest step on the ladder to prosperity. Is the family structure here was one of the leaders of black lives matter. Basically spelling out the goals of black lives matter a few years ago, again, not the night of Lilly's proclaiming the slogan but the actual goals of the of the group itself. I think that the criticism is helpful. I also think that it might, um I think of a lot of things. The first thing I think is that we actually do have ideological frame of myself. At least in particular trained organizer's We, uh, train Marxists. We are, uh Super First on sort of ideological theories. Wow. It's almost as though there's another agenda here for many of the people who are marching, and that agenda doesn't have to do with getting rid of racism so much as it has to do with restructuring the entire system and for a lot of the AA lot of the woke youngsters. It's about feeling good about themselves. I'm gonna bring you a piece from the Washington Post to make this absolutely clear in astonishing.

Lilly Patrice Cullors BLM Washington Post
Bankrupt Hertz gets approval from judge to sell up to $1 bln in shares: report

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Bankrupt Hertz gets approval from judge to sell up to $1 bln in shares: report

"Hertz global holdings can go ahead with its plan to raise cash by selling new shares that the bankrupt car rental company readily concedes could end up being ruthless a judge ruled during a bankruptcy court hearing Friday and that hurts can proceed with the offering which the company has said could bring in as much as one billion dollars hurts shares of bond from fifty six cents to two dollars eighty three at last

Hertz Global Holdings
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"So I considered The homies in the hood a try because they have their own language their own music their own vernacular everything. So I wrote this big thing. I had to write off because it would be translated in all these different languages. I gave my speech at the United Nations on the indigenous tribes in the hood and I was irrelevant reward wage. And I put the mask on and I represented all the ones who couldn't speak because this is my heart. This is the hood is my heart and my heart single blue wage. No means is on T privileged. She actually turns the bulk of her income back to our community or does she carry any mainstream Fame? Although she has rubbed elbows with many of the world's leaders and refreshingly. She asked for no glory in her accomplishments which are more than enough to cover the walls her very modest Watts home yet in her bold and quiet way her voice Rings loud and proclaiming the fact that we as humans have right to enjoy the most basic of privileges to feel safe and honoring our histories and to be fully recognized for where we came from who we are and in doing so to have a chance to progress. Not an easy thing to do when the darker side of History device of media bias fear and the corrupt attitudes of an evil minority have disgracefully proven that even though we all bleed the same blood many terrible atrocities upon the black man have been horribly marginalized or exploited and to be clear. I still owe my culture love the best parts of who I am as well as take responsibility for that, which I must repent and I'm talking about in all things. Yet in the middle of this war of skin culture and origin. I have also been blessed by the love extent of me from a long list of black friends people whom I love and people I know love the best way worse to be true and steadfast healers who have never asked me to repent for past just because of the color of my skin nor have pointed any poison arrows of privilege towards me and for service to have not compelled me to shame myself or to denounce my history in any shape or form. The craziness of it all blows my mind the war is over murky pasts and sins of the few conspiring us. They tear people in our country apart the systemic problems. I cannot even begin to address and the time of the story and the instigators who celebrating their accomplishments Mock and incite us all so in my anger, I yelled to the sky hoping the brain of my pain might fall upon anyone who thinks they don't have a few skeletons in their own closet, but I'll listen to the example of on T who in her bold and peaceful countenance and wisdom has the chops to ground us all. And as we listen to our example, shall we all take the correct pledge to the truthfulness of black lives matter the realization of what the bln acronym really stands for for it is not a call to war against the police Nora demonization of white skin or even a demand for sacrifice. It is simply a direct and clear ask the dignity deserving of a most loving people a worthy cause indeed and as more and more of us raise our hands and respectful and unashamed solidarity the true and Justified purpose of BLM has roots to Blossom the hottie of it reaching out to the world to prove a much grander and universal statement that being all lives matter when all accept the fact that black lives matter. So then it is up to us the majority of the white and the black who's side-by-side have the numbers and capacity to write the story of what's to come. Fourth is that in the sanctuaries of our own hearts and homes and everlasting work can begin that as we reach out to hold hands with our human family that we can drink of Healing Waters Edge compassionately and empathetically pay tribute to the histories of our living brothers and sisters. And as we do two point away from a most Dreadful future that is only ceiling the division of us all. As Auntie has so profoundly testified. It is in the hands of you us and we to look into the core of our better selves as we Face the demons that rages against each other to do all we can to not get distracted by desire to topple Down the segregating Walls blocking us or to shame or marginalize another just because of their given birth, right but instead to re influence the biases the prejudices and the fears that support foundations that are destroying us know. We don't have to live the same cultures or Lifestyles. No way you don't have to agree with each other or carry guilt for where we came from or even who we are the beauty of it all being the acknowledgement of our differences. And as we extend do credit and recognition for our pasts and the journaling of our mistakes and misconceptions were released to the very thing that can bind us all together. That is if we allow ourselves to drop the barriers that are centuries formed. As we do to take full accountability for what we are creating a cause that if we do our individual part and looking toward what's to come perhaps we might groom a grave humble and fourth generation of Young Warriors grounded smart and loving change makers who is they walked toward? A flawed world will help the tools to restitute the sins of past and as per us off those fighting the fight in now may we all do our part to teach as we listen?.

United Nations Nora demonization BLM Healing Waters Edge Watts Young Warriors
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"Few things are worse than a cancer diagnosis which is why few things are better for a drug company than a strong cancer treatments pharma giant Merck today has agreed to acquire biotech firm are kewl with the drug in phase two testing for two point seven billion dollars following that announcement stock in our kewl has roughly doubled in

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"But we are getting some numbers out from Germany as well. Some highly anticipated trade figures, you've got the export numbers. They are down one point three percent month on month. The expert number is down one point six percent month-on-month that is for the month of February. Today's you German economic data trade surplus coming at seventeen point nine billion euros four Germany. Let's get to the other market action in Asia. Remember that we're coming out of the gates from session of United States that saw a closure of yet. The second week of gains a seven straight sessions of upside the markets live team is asking the question is this going to be the moment where yes of five hundred breaks new ground. We're currently called a little bit lower though on the equity side, even though you could. Argue that overall dovish fed supposedly signs on trade, China data all of it really pointing perhaps to some more confidence in where the global economy is going to go into short-term, but we're not seeing that reflected at the moment. He has a mini is down on fifth of one percent. Some of the other key movers in the equity space Asia Pacific index is currently a little bit below the flat line here. We've got a divergent picture emerging on the Nikai at is down a fifth of one percent as we speak and hang sang in stocks and China really telling a story of two different tales to see us. I three hundred down eight tenths of one percent. We were a little bit higher out of the gates the Chinese equity session and then in the commodity space. We've got a broad rally underway in metals ended the energy complex Brent crude we are up four tenths of one percent. We're waiting to hear from Saudi energy minister line by the end of the next few moments in terms of the outlook for the sector. What they're planning to do. We've been hearing from the e- energy minister over the next few minutes. He's underscoring the work that will pick plus has been doing trying to balance the market. You've got euro-dollar cutting one twelve twenty six a little bit of upside there. It's broadly, a flat dollar backdrop Dolly in one hundred eleven forty four a little bit of downside there. A quarter of one percent cable higher by about a fifth of one percent. And he was tenure yields. We are at two point four nine as we speak. So that is a bit of a flavor of what is happening in these markets, which hit some of the top stories. We're following for you starting off with the trade front for President Trump's top economic advisor says that the US China are quote, closer and closer to a trade deal. The top tier officials will be talking again this week by teleconference Bloomberg's China. Correspondent Tom MacKenzie is Beijing with the latest told CBS there was gone and optimism about the prospects for a trade deal with China after the latest negotiations ramps on Friday, his coins came off to China's. Eight run. She want us agency said progress happy made the most recent talks, even if remaining issues will be quite hard enough to crack, she didn't want it negotiates, his disgust range of issues, including technology transfers, I p protections non-tariff barriers the trade, balance and enforcement. Trump has said the two sides on close to an agreement with an ounce possible in the next four to six weeks in Beijing, Tom MacKenzie. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Let's go over to Singapore. They would finish from the markets. Live team is joining us, David. I'm looking at cable one week implied volatility and arguably trying to extrapolate something tangible meaningful that may play out and Brexit this week. Yeah. If you look up slot. It's buzzing the key things you look at it compared to save the into Las month is down quite a lot. A high of eighteen eighteen vol- now, it's just fourteen. So when you read that in we've got this deadline this week oversea. Mulkey sort of say something is going to happen one way or another in terms of being kicked down the vote. I think they Marcus anticipate any resolution this week besides the can make and when you look into that what he's saying this about seventy three percent possibility to buy into this week that it will be cable being about one twenty eight one thirty three and change trading to really still within this training to get pink purely because we don't see the native resolution to how exactly this will play out. What about the indicators out of the United States like US CPI fed minutes? Yeah. Obviously both very important. Everyone's obviously concerned about what the fed things. But I think given the ever knows the fence Darvish release fate neutral because they've been quickly speakers recently. I think the key data if I had to go to CPI data that really is the key number. Keep referring to suppose that she uptick slightly which credibility that. Hey, how he cut writes? Again, if it comes in worse than expected, particularly coordinator that may change, but vice versa became strongly expected sent he'd have to smoke. It's slight re price the right cut that they priced into the markets. David great touching base has always say affinity reminded that for real time market, commentary and analysis. Check out markets live blog that's mlive on your Bloomberg terminal. Now, this flesh out the point that David was making in terms of what is happening in the UK Theresa May's running on time to reach Brexit compromise with labor the cross party discussions broke up on Friday. There was little side of it breaks through video statement, the prime minister appeal to both the public and politicians search of support for compromise departure plan, I think the government things we absolutely must leave the European Union. We must deliver Brexit. That means we need to get a. Deal over the line. And that's why we've been looking for new ways new approach to find an agreement in parliament Brussels is expected to demand a clear strategy from the prime minister of meeting of e you leaders on Wednesday. Turning now to the fed because the stories morning that's been crucial. The markets is the question if inflation is remains subdued President Trump make it his way when it comes to lower rates monetary policy makers have been surprised by how taped price pressures being they've started this as a reason they can afford to wait before deciding their next move. Investors seemed convinced that it's only a matter of time before the fed lowers rates. And in the latest news on oil. We've got fighting an OPEC producer Libya, that's health. Crude oil extended to rally after its best quarter and almost decade boomberg seminar through which has more on the conflict, Libyan warlord, Khalifa half cars soldiers pushed ahead on Sunday towards the capital Tripoli. They knighted Nations-backed government in the capital says it will launch a counteroffensive in fighting that has killed more than thirty people since Wednesday the United States evacuated its troops from the capital. The violence has up ended political negotiations and the north African OPEC state. And if it continues could affect its oil production so far off tar shows. No sign of standing down, this pike condemnation from the United States and other global powers seminal abortion Tunis, Bloomberg daybreak Europe that's sticking with the Middle East. Saudi Aramco's preparing a ten billion dollar plus bond.

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"Has filed confidentially for an initial public offering an IPO and is the case of SS Megan goals, we tells us that's just the beginning of a year. That's likely be full of big IPO announcements. The social media site Pinterest is valuing its company around thirteen billion dollars telling KCBS, they know were reasonable valuation is key to investors angel investor and entrepreneur Ross Blankenship is CEO of angel kings. He says he believes they are right on in their assessment evaluations of startups have become have come down reigned in a bit more more reasonable, objectively incomparably more reasonable, and that could help as more and more companies go public this year is going to be a phenomenally just a a powerhouse, ripe ios. I think I'm very bullish on left. I'm very bullish. I'm actually in bullets on Pinterest as well. What I'd be by. I think not only is it going to go public. But I think over the next five. Fifteen years, they could double triple or value. Airbnb. Uber and slack are all expected to announce their ideas this year as well. Megan gold, speak KCBS, new research suggests that exercise could help people who have trouble sleeping. We get that story from CBS news. Correspondent Stephan Kaufman who says the study found that working out can reset your body clock steady from Arizona State University. Professor Shawn Young's dead found that exercise advances the body clock. Those early to rise in early to bed. Exercising at seven AM is best for night owls exercising. Mid afternoon is most beneficial young stead speculates, and why that's the case probably has something to do with changes in neuro transmitter levels in the brain hormonal levels. Exactly how we don't know. Also, thanking the body clock light and melatonin. Stephan Kaufman, CBS news Prescott Arizona from the KCBS bay calendar. You can enjoy some sweet and savory chocolate at the thirteenth annual chocolate show. There will be chocolate demonstrations, wineries tastings, and of course. Chocolate of all kinds. The event will be held on Saturday March thirtieth at the county..

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"Vince twenty nine was I know you love the song. Okay. Okay. But we gotta move on just going to say so twenty nineteen was eagerly anticipated for some of those unicorn IP as it would finally finally become public. Just this week. We heard from Pinterest, and they're expected to file confidentially for its IPO valuation of about twelve billion. Then you've got lift we're talking about maybe evaluation of. I think I don't have a number. I can't I don't have. But anyway, the other one is Uber and we're talking about one hundred twenty billion. So we're talking about finally, maybe some of these IPO's kidding the market and becoming public entities. Let's talk about it with Jeff Grebo. He's America's venture capital leader at Ernst and young based in San Jose, California in our Bloomberg interactive brokers studio in New York, and yeah, if you went late last year, this was going to be one of the big themes of twenty nineteen and then when the markets fell apart, everybody got a little worried, but nonetheless, we're starting to see league at IPO's. They will be coming. They will say, well that's going to be one thing. Leads nineteen two thousand eight. Eighteen was a phenomenal year. We had one hundred thirty eight billion dollars put to work which crushed whatever we saw in terms of what was put to work in the venture space in the dot com era. And so. And get your head around that everybody just sit with that was really great. Yeah. And and a big trend that drove that which is something that's also you'll get your head around was it was driven by mega rounds. So and we define a mega around is any company that's raised one hundred million dollars or more. There were two hundred and twenty one companies it raised one hundred million dollars or more in two thousand eighteen which is significant say the lease up from one hundred twenty nine year before right? And you do the math. That's there's two hundred sixty one working days in a year. That's almost one hundred million dollar deal a day for a year in the venture space. Where is all the money coming from or rather not where it's coming from per se to do the to do these deals, but what who's the loser on this end? Because if it's going into all this IPO, it's got to be coming out of somewhere. Well, the money. So you were talking about a little bit yields and whatnot. So we've been in an historic low yield environment. And what's happened is to get yield investors? Have had to assume more risk and that has pushed a ton of capital into the venture space. So other asset classes are buying down. That has ballooned the amount of capital that we've seen what's been in comparison. Right. We talk about whether it's family wealth offices. Whether it's instant pick your institutional investor right in that seat seeking yield. They have moved into other areas and big time in terms of providing money for startups and venture. Yeah. Because you go back probably seven or eight years, and we wrote something on this that what you if you look at other asset classes IPO's at that time were crushing other asset yields, and so a lot of these sophisticated investors buy in across multiple asset platforms, and so really even by IPO's. And so they decided to say, hey, why instead of just by why do we buy a little earlier, maybe we'll get more on the IPO? So in general as you say they're chasing risk if you will to to get yield these have you the rest of the stock market how how these performed I mean investors made the right decision. By putting money into into. I if you well, I mean, that's interesting phenomena in an interesting asset class not for everybody. I mean, I I can't tell you. I think year to date last year. IPO's worry pretty good bet. RIP Bloomberg IPO index was up five percent last year. Okay. And I'm trying to see what was going on that. Right. Let me just see my track record. I'll tell you that actually forgive me. That's for twenty seventeen. So let me see if I can get the I don't know. I don't have the two thousand nine hundred. But yeah, I think you're right that it was a better year. And so what happens is when yields are up in those markets more buyers come in. And so and you do have large buyers. It's just not mom and pops that are buying it. There's large institutions that by significant positions of these that actually mom and pops have exposure to you wanted to minimus basis through. Mutual funds and other types of things and other types of instruments. Well, it's interesting too. I do wonder now the renaissance IPO ETF it was actually down seventeen and a half percent last year. And I'm thinking that they probably if you take into account that December month really kind of change the overall indices, maybe some of it was then I'd have to take a look and just see how what the history was. But we are in a volatile environment. Yeah. It was up twenty nine percent of you ticket. I think till a little bit early. Sorry. I'm just playing around with. And so what I am curious about is because there's so much money flowing around. Jeff, I mean, it does allow I do wonder about the IP alternately come to market are they stronger are they healthier? Well, these companies are much older than they were you compare. Everybody loves to compare dot com. Era versus today and the companies today have have significant top line numbers and they've been around for quite some time. And they've got the other got some real beef to them and their and it gets to be more. A question of. How much is there there versus is there? A there there and back in the dot com era. It was a basically a lot of these IPO's were public venture capital. And now it becomes a bad on. Okay. How big will these companies be and can they with girth and the breadth in the meat that they've put on the bone? Can they get to be profitable? You've mentioned essentially will it slowdown. What is twenty nineteen go to look like a week going to keep going at that twenty eight thousand pace or we're starting to hit a wall somewhere? Nothing can continue to go up into the right forever. Find you know looking forward into twenty nineteen. I would find it hard to believe we would be twenty eight. But I think twenty nine thousand nine can be a fairly substantial year for a variety of reasons. One is we talked about the that is gonna shine. You're gonna see some significant companies go public in the next six months. That's that's gonna shine a bright light on the asset class, and there's gonna be some real money return to investors, and so that's gonna keep that piece of the equation going. What's the next round like after we get through the Uber's the lifts the pinta rests and a few others Airbnb. What are the ones that are kind of? What's the next round of now? I'm just curious like, what are you looking at because we've been looking at these I feel like for so long, and if talking about that, well, I mean or even just industries like where you're seeing kind of interesting developments. Well, there's a lot going on in fintech. There's a lot going in healthcare. I'm assuming with technology enabled one of industries, which is also another tale when helping to push all this money into venture capital and also helping to. Areas like New York, which was not a big venture capital place. But now it's got a significant start up, and he started PICO system and environment. Do you get nervous at all about in terms of the the market volatility? We've certainly seen increased volatility in the last year or so how does that impact? What we're seeing in terms of the world or does it just operate separately? These are ten plus your asset classes, they don't correct day-to-day monta month quarter to quarter year year, these are long term asset classes, you know. There was fifty five billion dollars raised into venture funds last year to be deployed over the next ten years. So there is significant dry powder. Now, if a substantial event or nuclear winter were to happen economically. Yeah. People will slow down. But there's also the old adage of hey recession is never a better time to start a company and to put money in the ground in venture capitals may got to put it to work right now. Otherwise, exactly their investors. Get frustrated they are on a timetable to deploy capital. And so, you know, so the IPO's are going to be one thing there is a significant number of companies out there. We're tracking over eighteen thousand venture backed startups in the US that have raised over half a trillion dollars at book value. So yeah, when you look at the pipeline, there's a lot to be fed there. So regardless of what happens a lot of these companies, raise capital Soleil will be coming back to market, you know, and to your point earlier, you know, up into the right forever. You know, people are starting to think about well. You know? It won't go up into the right? So should we start to think about being prepared for something? And so we're starting to hear about investors talking about, hey, we have other investors who want to come in. Why don't we do a preemptive around and just sit on it just to make sure what there's nothing wrong with having nine to twelve months of cash. The I was just gonna ask you that. How do you how to have your hedge that bet? So if you're in an initial investor, do you sort of let other people in and sell some of your shares to to hedge that if you will and just let more people in and spread your risk out. Well, that'd be that would be secondary. At actually have friends in the angel market who have done that who have taken money off the table. But primarily what it's doing. There will be some dilution especially because a lot of these are going to be growth rounds, which you'll be substantial amounts and certain of these investors that we talked about that are buying down or from other asset classes, we'll want to have a certain sluggish capital. And so and that also may give. Founders and employees and opportunity to give a little bit of liquidity out of this. Because you know, by the way, they've been tied up a long time to right, exactly. So I I do some wonder Jeff in one of the things that we had a story in the magazine this was a while ago. But it did talk about how technology whether it's. Machine learning artificial intelligence, how it's made it cheaper and easier for venture capitalists to really look at kind of more companies, and even those that they might normally just even pass on her not even give a glance at that through technology. They're able to kind of look at some of the smaller deals and assess them pretty quickly say, okay. So I throw a little bit of money that because it's not costing that much in terms of my analysis. You know, kind of in the lead up to it to that investment. Are we seeing a lot more of that happening? And I just wonder if that is creating more churn and more money going into various startups. I've met a couple of funds recently actually doing that are using those kinds of technologies to help analyze things..

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"How's it going? Good. We've lots go over. But you're back in the states. You were off in India. I think yeah, I was. Yeah. For two weeks. I just got back yesterday. So you're not lagged in the slightest right now I am battling at. I think. I'm doing a great job. That is an indication to the Bacchus everyone, by the way jet lag, Kate, and I'm on vacation tomorrow. But here we are because inside the last hour everything just happened. So this is going to be an episode with a lot of information out of numbers. So roll with us. We're going to have a good time. But we'll start with Pinterest which has putatively confidently filed to go public. It has. Yeah. So my first day back from vacation, I was planning on taking it very easy. But then every company decided to release news at the same time, including Pinterest which has. Confidentially filed for an initial public offering that we're expecting in in June. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal. So the company was founded in two thousand eight which means they're over a decade old. It's definitely about time for them to hit the public markets. Their most recent private valuation was a twelve point three billion with a hundred and fifty million dollar round in 2017. They have raised total of one point five billion in venture capital funding from festival Andriessen Horowitz. I Mark fidelity SE angel and tons of other investors, and at this point, they have a nearly two thousand employees several countries, and they have two hundred and fifty million monthly active users, and they have hit. Let's see seven hundred million in revenue and twenty eighteen up from four hundred seventy two point nine million revenue in two thousand seventeen we'll on the seven hundred million revenue point, I think that was like the expectation that people had as twenty team is coming to a close. So I'm dying to know what the final full year result was because the company. If it was just seven hundred but only post about what does that forty percent growth from seventeen to eighteen which is not wildly high for a company shooting for a twelve billion or higher valuation? It's great for a company, but if you want that kind of revenue multiple growth has to be part of the equation. Yeah. I mean, this would be another great time for them to release an S one. I think this is really frustrating that all these companies now are confidentially filing because it leaves us a lot less time to really dig into the financials ahead of the IPO's. We can do a lot more just in general in reporting and discussing and kind of understand this up with more data points. So everyone stopping a coward. I feel like I haven't seen an S one months. I mean, I guess I haven't because I mean, the the government shutdown has delayed a lot is all them are confidential. Anyway, actually, I would've had to publish article today it's hard to toot my own horn. But it was like all the twin nineteen IPO's that have come out so far and the post was two lines are non ha ha comeback later because I'm just I'm so annoyed that at this time of the year of there have been effectively. Zero US listed technology IPO's actually, gone out. And it's right, and that's because of the government shutdown, right? Or what are the reasons behind shut down a little market shop? I think people also gonna wait and see who goes first, and we'll get to lift in a second. That's been kind of a bit of a dance between left and Uber. But I mean, the good news for everyone out there who does like to see numbers in does look to see liquidity in the private markets. Petrous is gonna go out probably H one this year early H two at the latest elyssa van goes terribly wrong. But we should get us one probably in a month or two and I'm excited. I'm looking forward to it. Okay. Yeah. You'll you'll sit enough you'll have lifts to look through. Yes. So his a lift was originally our lead story today. And then we were finishing the note doc that we put together for Jeppe Assad and Pinterest filed. So now onto lift lift is going to be going on roadshow in a couple of weeks..

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"Pretty real but you know that the loan from fema that we keep talking about is a good example of the gray area here because what fema actually says is that at puerto rico doesn't need that loan right now because it has enough liquidity to get by and that its negotiating with puerto rico on when that loan will be distributed and it gets too to the question of of whether the numbers that are coming out from puerto rico's own government can really be trusted you know this is a government that has not uh published its it's certified audited financial statements i think since twenty fourteen or fifteen so they're they're they're quite behind um and there's a there's a lot of of lack of trust uh both in the investor community and uh among leaders in washington but that narrative you can only take it so far mean regardless of where the culpability is um the need is is real and you can't let um he can't let those things stop you from getting help to to people and and that's what people are trying to figure out how to do right now you have looking at another listener comments on times throwing billions of dollars at a problem dozen saw that that is a good deal sentiment coming along those lines but in the meantime and people are hurting in there and terrible need i just wonder though i was reading an article about over five hundred million dollars funnelled during the debt crisis to monsanto another biotech multinational companies they were labelled as farmers the government considered and farmers rather than biotech companies and i mentioned this anomaly because of the money which involved the preferential tax rates and tax exemptions and wage subsidies but yet about two hundred thirty million gallons of water from the underground that were essentially given to these companies yeah i i you know i haven't been following the gmo thing uh and monsanto story but hill certainly you hear about those kinds of things allott and it's it's made it very difficult for puerto rico to get any uh any momentum in washington and among uh its creditors because.

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"Founder of the foundation who has race twenty five million for puerto rico relief you've also commented on the fact that the hatred of the president is intense there yeah evans holdings anyone who who cares for president trump and and even people this this is still a a very uh it's the united states territory these are united states citizens um but there is a great amount of anger towards president trump and that didn't necessarily exist before the hurricane on president trump asena somebody he'd be um positions himself as the strong man if you will and puerto rico's a very macho culture um and so there are a lot of people who actually really lights uh president trump there are a lot of army retired army vets and things like that if we were here on both from puerto rico in from the us mainland of who really liked president trump but since i've gotten here i haven't asked anyone about president trump i haven't actually asked about the the response because people are just are coffee ended up you know really are quickly um i do think that it's it's important to note again that the us government gave alone to puerto rico they did not give the grants that we saw uh to the to the other hurricanes on the gulf coast nine is significant on because that means people have to pay back and even those loans have been there have been problems with uh uh distributing those in the other thing too i think that's really important for people to remember besides the fact that part of ricans are us citizens which we often have to remind people i'm sorry ma'am i don't i don't work a you want to go down that way sorry michael we had a a woman come and ask me questions um you these are u s citizens and they give about eight thousand dollars in federal taxes and they get about a thousand five hundred back this is according to the congressional budget office so there is a lack of it's way in california we often hear people say well we're a donor state will puerto rico's a door a donor territory largely it gives more to the federal government than it gives back and right now there's definitely a feeling not just about president trump but about the us in general that the us looks at puerto rico as second class citizens that.

Founder president puerto rico michael california united states eight thousand dollars