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It's Mother Fudging BD Wong!


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It's Mother Fudging BD Wong!

"Gums so Tobin Kathy. We are still in the closet. Yes more specifically. We're still in my closet recording together in Los Angeles. Yeah a week week has definitely passed but we are here in your Nice cozy closet in Los Angeles where I like to visit. You and I am jealous. Every every time I come to New York okay. Don't you I like it okay. It's going to be your first winter there. How are you feeling about that? It's GonNa be magical with you know snow and ice and coats some serity. This sincerity dripping and your voice is. It's GONNA be great and new way. We're back here with another little gift for you. Nancy listeners and this one is a doozy and what does it look like this time. If I were to describe this gift I would say. It's a giant box wrapped in our dream. What does I dream the click doc glitter and stardust? Okay sure but I think more importantly when you open this box inside you find a star someone who has appeared in Jurassic Park someone who was in law and order. Svu Oh my God. Some who's in the upcoming comedy central show called Aquafina. AQUAFINA is nor from Queens. Our guest today is mother. Fudging B D Wong. We got the chance to interview. Vdi Live on stage at Asia Society New York and there was so much talk about. He's had such an amazing career. Yeah like when he won the Tony in nineteen eighty eight for his role in the Broadway. Play M. Butterfly Now would consider this deranged idiots but because it's an already again two four with You find he started a Chinese opera star who disguises himself in drag to hide his true identity as a spy for the Chinese government and we also can't forget he was a Margaret chose groundbreaking Sitcom all American girl. And this is my mute. Mute sister Margaret Zoo. Tammy she's a French mute. Well we're off. It was the first Primetime Sitcom to feature all Asian American. Cast be played Margaret's older brother on the show so long story short. We have a lot. We were curious about when we talked about his career. Why we wanted to start all the way back at the beginning of by talking about his childhood growing up in San Francisco? We want to start by going back to the beginning on. Okay we all have in common that we are California. Asians Oh grew up in San Francisco in San Francisco. Yeah growing up. Did you feel connected and part of an Asian community. I did in some ways. I was kind of forced to by my parents. It's because we moved out to the sunset district which is kind of at the time was not Asian at all like we were among the families to to move out there and it removed from a proximity to Chinatown. That was I could feel on. I look back on it too. I could feel that my parents were very very torn about this. Yes they were kids. That grew up in Chinatown San Francisco. They were born and raised in San Francisco. They spoke Chinese. They were more attached to the root culture than my brothers and I ended up being and so it was a big step for them to move out to the avenues and I could feel them struggling with it immediately. The first thing that happened with younger brother and I did not have to go to Chinese school which we were thrilled about. We were off the hook actually and and then as a way of kind of making up for that. My parents sent us to the YMCA in Chinatown every week for good part of our childhood food and early teen years to be a part of a boys youth group which was super kind of very geared towards teaching young Chinese American boys boys about being being in Chinatown and all of that stuff but was also kind of like the Non Gayus thing ever so it was very word words driven. I was super not into that art of it. Didn't respond to any of the activities that ever were brought up playing sports displayed going playing basketball. Or I actually was in some some of the things like community service and going to hospitals and stuff like that. There's stuff that the other boys and like at all. As far as being in San Francisco I grew up in the seventies. It was like kind of a gay fantasy world in some ways for a kid who was like a adolescent kid in San Francisco when people were exploring all these things and and you could have interaction with gay people who were actually kind of out and and so that formed my understanding of the power of being out and the importance of it and yet fear fear of it all intertwined completely intertwined. How did you find your way to acting and then eventually becoming an actor yes I this is good I I mean I was a young violin playing kid and I was allowed my parents to play the violin up all the things things that I chose? You do. Not like academic and and the one performance related thing that they were kind of into. Whether it's the stereotypical reason or not they were in. They were okay okay with me. Playing the violin and I played the violent for many years from fourth grade to tenth grade and I had private lessons I was I took it very seriously. I was apparently really good at it. You Know I. I was tenth grade. That teacher came into my class. Like I'm out or something and said we're you're recruiting kids to play for the school. Play that school musical. We wanted to work. We're putting together or shepherd the school musical and I turned into my friend Sherry Samuel. who was a little bit of an actress and I said that's what I'm GonNa do? I want to play for the school musical. That sounds like punish his own. No action action is not in the orchestra pit. The action is on the stage and I said I was secretly hoping someone would make me go to the trial instead and she was going through the trial she dragged me there and it began this relationship with my drama teacher which opened the doors for me completely. She really saw something in me. She begged me and implored me and demanded that is not squander of the potential of my gifts and she he played a big role in this kind of grand negotiation with my parents about my future. About what I choose to do even extracurricular and then later on you know going into the professional world and that was crucial for me. I had a lot of Moxie see but I was. I had a lot of trepidation about kind of whether being an actor was even viable for lots of reasons that we all know and and I was unsure about it and she made me consider it and she made my parents consider and my parents then considered it really they. They came around my older brother. WHOA who was nine years? Who is nine years older than me? became a doctor and that was kind of like a mixed blessing for me. He was straight a student who created a lot of pressure for me because he he was the Marcia Brady of the family and and and and yet at the same. I'm he became a doctor and they tick that box off bed. And I think ain't GONNA have to ask my mom who will probably hilarious recounting abyss. And and what her perception of this was but but they came around is how how I recall. Yeah and I realized this. This is part of our kind of Jews you. Together our our our interaction and even intergenerational that this is the thing I go to colleges and universities and the biggest question is I'm Asian American on studying studying this. I don't WanNa do that. What do I do and I'm put in a position where I have to kind of say I want you to do what you WANNA do? Yeah but your parents paid for you to come here and the University of paper me to come and speak to you but I do encourage them to you. Follow their bliss. Of course I mean I'm the example for them in some ways of how that can be alright. Well so you had this Arguably your big break or one of many breaks is your Tony Winning Rolling Butterfly which was incredible. Yeah go ahead. You weren't even for Youtube. The the Youtube clips are amazing. I WANNA WE WANNA ask though that you know there's so many themes themes in that play around gender and sexuality what it had changed for you and your understanding of gender and sexual. Oh well it didn't change anything anything in the moment when it was happening certainly activated things in in some ways. It's created tension in myself that I needed to kind of have happened. Ause of all all of us of about watching television and being very desperate and and kind of not sure about becoming an actor I had really weird Asian self esteem. I didn't want to be Asian. I didn't want to be Asian. I didn't want to be gay. And those those two things actually were kind of intertwined. I now this kind of the theme. Some of my college speech is that I feel real parallel between being an ethnic minority and being a person because of the way the negotiations that I had to do in my mind to get over over both of those things neither of the things I wanted to be and I think the reason why I didn't want to be those things is because I wanted to be an actor because being an actor meant those things were not. They didn't go together and when I was a kid watching television I thought well if you want to be an actor actor I wanna be Matthew Broderick who wanted to be and I would have had an operation into turn me into Matthew Broderick in a heartbeat. I wish there was go fund me at the time I would've Matthew Broderick knows and I would have been really happy doing that and the feelings were that. When I went into and butterfly I was very cynical and very kind of kind of really not in a great place about it and M.? Butterfly kind of overnight will first of all at the time when I was debating flying being myself to New York to audition for the play I finally read this play and it was the first play I've ever read an Asian guys in the Asian Persons Asian writers name on the front of of the cover and and I had been struggling over the years to understand what my place was what my voice would be what I could the technique that I was learning learning and for my acting teacher was this philosophy of being a messenger and I thought well. That's great I'll be a messenger. Well what does it. What does that really mean? I wasn't one hundred percent sure and kind of magically Gigli. I read this play and the play had in it all of these things that I've felt about being an Asian man being an Asian man in the media about how we're treated that way and the things that we do in order to compensate for that and and the trickery of racism and all of that stuff and I entered into this play that luckily became became a big success and it changed my self esteem about being Asian because we were treated very well. It was a huge success. We you know were given prizes and stuff like that and I thought Oh this is great. I'm supervision now like I became coober. We're like we're like Asian and and I was thrilled about this. It was really great and if you know. The play is about the twenty year relationship between the French diplomat and a Chinese actress WHO turns out to be a man and the kind of World falling apart of this French diplomat when he realized that his paramour is is not a the. The ultimate Chinese stereotypical flower that he thought she was and the irony was that I was making Speeches about Uber Asian. And I couldn't go to the gay place I was. I was in a play with this other actor. We're extensively in a kind of same same sex relationship. Actually technically and I couldn't I would steer all conversations away with an took me a long time to kind of figure. It wasn't until the birth of my is on and the subsequent book published about him that I got on board with being gay and came out like actually came out for real beyond my own personal personal life at the same time you've also talked about growing up and watching TV and film and only saying white faces right. I have have to say I really don't want to toot my own horn or like this is not a self congratulatory thing. But I I became so desperate about it and I remember I moved to La. I was living there when I finally met for the first time after moving to I came to New York from San Francisco in that same year and then I spent a few years here and then by circumstances I ended up in L. A. and it was the first time when I was in La that I met Matt a community of Asian American actors. And I met a community. There was a very well established. Asian American theatre there. That's still there and I met these people and I thought oh my gosh this is what it means to be an Asian actor. There's a thing it's called an Asian actor and that's what it looks like and that's what it is and that's how it interacts with its other members of its own species. Its natural habitat and I thought. Oh I see what this is but I realized I remember I went to an event of kind of advocacy of an awards. It was at the time when they WANNA give awards words to producers for Hiring Asians various things you know kind of a media awards thing and I was standing in the back. I was volunteering new in town and I was kind of volunteering there and I remember thinking oh I see this is what it is if you want that. If you want that career you want success you have to commit to being an agent in some kind of change of it. It's not working systems. Broken it hasn't it didn't work for you as a consumer when you watch. TV as a young kid. And so if that's you do the Matt it's not GonNa change unless somebody like kind of bangs the door down and so I didn't know what that meant at all. I just knew that it meant. I couldn't be passive about it so I tried to think begin to adopted a very young age away of discussing it even in the way that we're discussing it now that a lot of people of my generation we're doing at the time and continue to still do and that's also a byproduct of this desperation right right. There are times when you go. Why do I have to do this? Why do I have to be so good talking about this or why can't just act really is what you WanNa do but but at the same token it's extremely good for you? It feels good. It feels like I feel like this is part of who I am now and I don't mind it at all. I think it's kind of great. I like I like it. I'm like that I've been forced to become his first more with PD after the break where back. Let's jump right back into our conversation with mother fudging beatty Wong. You have this thing about your career. You're in a in a lot of things that were I right or like forefront kind of things so like all American girl you are right Eh. which was the Margaret Show all Asian cast TV show And also this moment you had an butterfly and you've talked before about the pressure of like this think thank cannot fail. Have you experienced a lot in your career. I those ch two times are when I really felt it the most for all American girl I mean I would sit around with Margaret and the other actors in the play and we would feel a sense of kind of importance or a importance. Isn't the right word because we didn't feel full of ourselves but we felt. Oh this is kind of like they're saying this is the first the first one thousand nine hundred five and it was. It had never been in Asian American family on television before which let's talk for an hour about that and so therefore as a result you would think okay so then here you are. You're the first Asian American family. Now what a do you guys you know. And the actually kind of a self fulfilling prophecy ops in some ways. The criticism of about that show was over scrutinized and it was it didn't last and it's a shame because of all of you know perfectly fine show. It could have been way better but it was perfectly fine show. It happens though. You know it's like you're talking about being the only Asian in the room or something like that you you you you. You have the sense of pressure when you're the only anything in the room right. You feel a sense of some kind of pressure to represent in order to make not everyone feels this arguably. It's possible that a lot of Asian people feel this because there are trained to want to do good and want to not let people down and that's a huge blanket statement but you we all know what that means the truth to there's exceptions to every rule. We have to say that but we all feel that some of the bond that I have with some of my Asian friends is that we feel this and that we rules are alive. I mean I feel. There are times when I go into century. Twenty one or something like like that and I'm thinking about what my mother will think about my underwear choices almost like that. Don't don't get does. Gee If you get those. Don't wear them in her house. You know what I'm saying is yes that that happens. You can't help. I mean us being the show half the time. I just don't want to be disappointed. Yeah we have between ourselves. We are each other's disappointed parents. Well somebody has to be there but if by proxy you know right so you mentioned earlier that you didn't come out publicly and and tell your son was born why that moment first of all to make a public statement about an come out at the time this is two thousand and three was it of press releases and things that happen you know what. What are you trying to draw A? Hello I'm gay is not real. You Know Ellen needed a whole television television show episode in order to do it and that made sense right. It was centered around this thing. That was focused on it. And actually what happened was I was doing a book tour to go out on the road and talk about this book on the Today Show and I was going to go on on. CNN with Anderson. Cooper and. I was packing my bags to go on this book. DOC Tour around the country and I was packing as me as I usually do at the last minute and kind of harried and I thought Oh. Oh Wow you know what you're coming out you know because I didn't realize that I was going out there. And at this point my son who had been born through surrogacy they were going to be like like. Oh I wasn't going to be able to kind of say. Oh well he came from you know my ex wife or something when he had no intention of doing but what. I realized that this meant. Oh that's coming out and and it was really it was positive heartache joyful and it made me feel good and I was excited about it but it was it was kind of. It was the thing that I had to actually hit me because I was running around doing all this other stuff but I thought Oh yes. Okay yes coming out all right. Let's do it how do you how do you look back on that moment. Now sort of having become I would say like an icon of like being out and proud. Yeah what the way that I the thing that always I'm always reminded of is that after right. After and butterfly I started becoming a professional speaker. I started getting hired to include a lot of colleges and universities and I loved doing it interfacing with the students and talking to them about all this stuff and eventually after the book came out I started talking about gay stuff too but in before I started talking about gay stuff I was very controlled. I had this E. Toya presentation binder the clear plastic sleeves in it. That you put your speech you know the one I mean ah and I would stand behind the lectern. We don't have on here and I would stand behind the lectern and I would read that speech from the beginning to the end and then I would take questions and questions questions that came up that were uncomfortable for me. I would steer the questions away from my personal life or things like that and it wasn't until the book came now that I started infusing big part of my story into the into the speech presentation and I literally he came out from behind the lectern I started using love. I came out and I realized that the first couple of times. Oh Wow. This is what appeals to be me. I'm just talking to people and I'm just kind of saying and that's how you do it. Just whatever on saying I wasn't went in that kind of controlled space anymore and it felt incredibly liberating and extremely satisfying and I was very happy with with that happening. So organically to me. Yeah I'll get it. It's one of those Chinese robocalls oboe calls. It's true on. She tries to talk to them all the time and they always hang up on me far as being like. Why are you doing this? You actually talk recorded. Yeah they say press one or two for something thanks. I don't understand I don't have a choice I have to call like. Wow this is sad. Yeah young up on me. Your son is here. We wouldn't want you do not have the opportunity to embarrass them in any way that you feel like so if there's anything you WANNA get out their share a story to. He would not respond well to that and trust me. When I tell you that I would be the one that would pay and so I will take this opportunity to say that he is a recent high school graduate? And I'm very proud of okay. I think we have reached the point in our show where we would love to open it up to some audience. QNA If anyone has questions for us or more likely be fine. We're cool with it. The young man in the Blue Shirt is actually related to me so Komo I think we have to go there. Hi How you know. The China entered knowing my name's Jackson Wan. I don't I don't know I just came to this panel to to actually eh this individual before sitting to the right but upon some research your twitter her bio says he has no periods however that your book cover Ha- clearly has periods that were intentionally attention only place there. So can you confirm tonight sound region my name. Wow you're just getting Bradford health minutes. Did I not warn you Thank you so much for your question and thank you for coming tonight. well as I told old some random person who asked me this a few days ago there was a time when I hope you don't even know this I after I became for in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine I then I got on Svu and it wasn't until two thousand. It was when you were born that I took the contract on on law and order. Svu because I didn't want to leave New York. And so I I stayed on that show for eleven years and during the course of that show. I had to my driver's license expired and so I had to put my real name name on the driver's license and I wanted to be on my driver's license on because it had been well established as my name so I said I'm changing my name to be additionally I'm going to go to the DMV. And I'm going to get got my name and at the DMV they would not allow me to have periods in my name DMV weird way about everything and and as a matter of fact the wave that my name came out was be Karma. And I said I'm not going to be be calm so I'm going to be D.. And I'm going to take the periods out and in order to be kind of consistent I started added to tell everyone in the credits of new projects that I was on and we we told US view and there's a period of time when which I'm mostly wouldn't periods and then after that it is no periods and when the book came out it was two thousand three and I was still in period mode I was still having my periods and I guess what happened. It became a change all the credit cards. I had go and I gotta get mail and bring them to the all these credit card companies to Redo everything and now my passport and my driver's license and everything say the same thing and it is without periods and it's it's a nightmare it. TSA because they're like what is this. What is this? And they're plenty of times when I go somewhere or something like Alexa will say boob. No regrets no regret. Thank you so much it I love. How hard is central him? I loved it too. I hope that if I'm ever a dad my child will come for me like my child will never do that. Oh that's true. You will not will not tolerate all right folks That is it for this time around but next week we have one last gift. And here's a hint. It's about talking laughing loving breathing fighting fudging crying drinking James. I've been saying Jane this whole time. Some of you know exactly what we're talking about and some of you are confused but either way we'll see you next week um all right credits. Our staff includes the key. Gibbons and Jeremy Bloom special thanks to knee alternate and Rachel Rosado at Asia inside. I'm Cathy to Tomo and Nancy's of production of WNYC studios sir.

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Richie Jackson on why being gay is a gift

Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart

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Richie Jackson on why being gay is a gift

"The I am Jonathan Kaye. Part and welcome to Broadway and television producer. Richie Jackson is an out loud and proud gay married man and when his teenage son came out to him he was thrilled but when his son said daddy being gay is no big deal. Ritchie knew he had to act his new book. Gay like me. Father Rights to his son is Richie's response. Being gay is a gift he says it also demands knowledge of your history. And how you fit in in America. Our conversation runs the gamut including the historic candidacy of Peop- litigate. Some are actually asking if Mayor Pete is gay enough here what Richie has to say about that right now. Richardson thank you very much. For being on the PODCAST. Thank you so much for having me your book. Gay like me. A father rights to his son. I've read it full disclosure. I wrote a blurb for it because I thought it was beautiful and powerful but for those who haven't read it yet talk about what inspired you to write this book. Well thank you for your beautiful blurb and For having me I wrote the book because my husband and I have two children and when our older son was fifteen he told us he was gay and I was elated. I had wanted him to be gay. Hope to be gay. Why it was being gay is a gift. It is the best part about me. It's the most important part about me. It's been the blessing of my life. I wanted that blessing for him. And also you cam parent. If every day you pray your child is nothing like you. I have no self esteem as a parent if I did that. But when our son told us he was gay he said Daddy being gays not a big deal. My generation doesn't think being gay is a big deal and I said Oh no being gays a really big deal and I started to think of all the things I'd share with him about what it means to be a gay man. I didn't want him to grow up to be one of these people who diminishes it. Demeans it by saying gays? Just a part of me just happen to be gay. If he did that he would break on heart and diminish the gift that it is and then in two thousand sixteen donald trump was elected and brought with him the Washington Mike Pence and they've declared war on the LGBTQ community they are more of an imminent threat to our sun than Isis and North Korea. Now I had to warn him what it takes to be a gay man in America. And that was the impetus for the book you write in the book to your son. You're an American. You do all the things Americans do. You even have the dream but America doesn't want you doesn't accept you a systematically attempting to erase you schools. Don't teach about you laws. Don't fully protect you. The America you think you are part of is a mirage. You must every day. Keep a certain clarity about yourself yet. Remain keenly aware of America's vision of you when you started answering my first question. Being gay is a gift but this gift given what what? I've just read what you've written to your son. It's a gifted heavy baggage. It's harrowing to be gay and it's really hard to be gay but think about it our adversaries are not trying to diminish us because we are worthless because where a defect they know that are being gay makes us powerful think about what. Marvel's lgbtq people are. We disappointed our parents. We are at battle with our government. We are stigmatized by religions. We are bullied in our childhoods. Where raced in our classrooms. We've survived the plague and still we rise. Come out and say this is me. That is the spirit of an extraordinary species of people. You right Also my coming out wasn't only a combination of an exploration in an evolution of identity. It was a political act right that is opposite of what of what your son Jackson was thinking. It's just a part of me. It's not a big deal but for you when you came out it was a political act. And why right so I came out in nineteen ninety-three right at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and are coming out was political. We had to stand up and show in numbers. How many gay people there they were. So that we would force the government to fight AIDS being game being political has always been intrinsically linked from me because my first political act as a gay person. I act as a gay person was going to rally to demand The government fight AIDS and I. You didn't go where I thought you were going to go because I thought you're already doing my answer. I thought your first political act other than coming out was going to a pride parade and you have very strong opinions about what pride has become exactly. Well you know if you if my first political act was going to pride it would not have been a parade because back in nineteen eighty three. We were marching. We were not having a parade. They were angry marches. They were there. Were more fist than flags. We were activists who were Demanding attention demanding rights that we didn't have demanding representation. There were no out politicians. There were no out movie stars. There were very few laws protecting us so back then. Pride was A A rally a March now all the rainbows and the Hashtag love is love and the parades have all lulled us into this complacency into this false idea that things are better and corporate sponsorship. You Right Pride was a rebellion. Not a logo or handed together not branded. Yes so we didn't have any corporations and I recognized that back then we would have craved the corporate attention. Oh Yeah and Just somebody to say we see you and we support you but right now what these corporations are doing is they're slapping rainbows on their Store windows they're putting floats are parade but they also when we're not watching supporting local politicians with who are anti lgbt because it is in the best interest of their business so they're pink washing us so corporations are a complicated thing for us in our in our pride rallies in our pride rallies. But given what you just said there are corporations that step up and and go to bat for us when more powerful than our government when when state legislatures do so called Bathroom Bills Tim. Cook probably the most powerful. Ceo of a gigantic corporation put his personal cloud on the an he. He is gay right. I'm put his clout on the line. Does that no extraordinarily or you could look recently at Tennessee bills. Where all the company said. This is bad for business. They still got signed into law. The only company that did not sign that letter denouncing these laws is Fedex on. That says a lot yes You what I find fascinating is in. We're of the same the same generation and this son who has didn't really have to be in the closet. You right you were never in a closet. You didn't start. Start your gay life with that prison of secrecy. Aninat weird way was the closet or is the closet A benevolent incubator. Yeah it's interesting To sit there sitting in the closet and be able to discover yourself and and have a sense of what you're facing outside. You know one of the things I think a lot about. Is these young kids. I celebrate them coming out so young but are they ready for. What's going to come at them? Once they are out and You know the the I wouldn't know how to be our son to live in a world where he didn't I didn't start my life Hiding Eileen start my life with secrets and I think so many of us Do that that becomes a modus operandi for the rest of our lives. You can't compartmentalize secrets. So if you start your life in prison and a full of secrets hiding that's GonNa seep out to other parts of your life and my son doesn't have that and I'm grateful for your grateful for it but on the other hand you it makes you super fearful rally him. He has no idea what it takes to be an on alert. Gay Man in America. I one of the things that made me nervous and why I wrote the book is he has no gay guard and Lgbtq people our age. You know that you never let down your guard. You always know who's around you what you're saying. Who can hear you when it's safe to hold your husband's hand when it's not safe to kiss the person you love goodbye. You know What Street to walk down to get to work because it safe. You know what states to live in That are hospitable to starting a family or where you could be fired for being gay there. Were all these things. That take daily vigilance. And if you don't have a gay guard you're at risk and our son didn't didn't have that when he was leaving college looking for college and yet as you write in the book I want you to talk about about this. I'm going to read this one. This one sentence. And then you run with it us. Very Gotcha. Gotcha which you're ready. Fresh said this right now but you right just a few months old and you were already confronted with gay prejudice right so Our Son was three months premature. He was an identical twin and they were They had twin twin transfusion syndrome. They were born three months early in our first born son died and Jackson was In intensive care for three months and when he was eight days old and two pounds he had surgery and over the course of the time that he was in the hospital he needed a blood transfusion. But because we are gay men Both me and my partner at the time B. D. Wong who Who Who I had Jackson with. We were not allowed to donate blood. We were his parents. We had pledged take care of him and to you know protect him and we were being told eight days into parenting that we could not do that. And that law still That regulation from the FDA still stands. Gay Men cannot donate blood unless they're celebrate for twelve months the discriminatory Regulations still in place so when we go to our. Pta says we're doing a blood drive my husband and I have to say we're not allowed to participate in fact you say in in the book that In order to do in order to have Jackson and his identical twin you had to have HIV. Test your I know the doctors and nurses all knew we were HIV NEGATIVE. Because in order to do surrogacy you have to have been tested for HIV. There was no other reason that we could not donate blood. Other than discrimination. And the Glenn you in the end so discrimination in terms of giving your own son blood for transfusion that he needed and you right you see you see when you watch the the. The blood goes sitting by his incubator. He was two pounds and now it could not breathe on his own and blood from some other human being that we did not know was being put into his veins and I was seething and I was so angry. That here are baby was and we were not allowed to take care of him the way he needed to be taken care of. And so you couldn't give blood because of discriminatory laws. This was a New York state while it was not in New York. Oh that's the other discriminated. He paid surrogacy in. Two thousand was not Legal in New York State. It remains not legal in New York state. It's abomination and we had to leave New York so that our baby could be born in California. So here we were. We left the best medical care in the world and left our family to go to a different state to go to Modesto in California to have our baby where we knew nobody where the the hospital didn't have the level four or the Niko level. That could take care of him. We had to airlift tomato there to save him but New York wouldn't let us Give birth there and still don't and you write that there's one judge at the time was right. One judge there was one judge in California back in two thousand who would put the names of same sex couples on the birth certificate. And what you do is you get a pre birth judgment. You'd go to this one judge and he would Basically make a decree that you were the parents and the two names that were on the birth certificate were Me and be and that was hard to believe twenty years ago. Yeah seems like yesterday I know and yet as you said in your answer those laws are still on the books right so you all of them right so we just went to Virginia a few years ago my husband Jordan them rothen I to have a baby and same thing we went to Virginia. 'cause they're hospitable to. Sir Paid surrogacy and because they have the administrative rules that allow us to be on the birth certificate. I will tell you though We had our baby in two thousand sixteen and after the election our lawyer called US and said you have to have a second parent adoption. I don't trust This administration and Yesterday names on the birth certificate but just to ensure your parenthood you should. I get a second parent adoption. I mean you were already like. Ah The rest of us in the gay community freaked out that the man had been elected that now here you have your own lawyer calling you in saying just in case in case so you should have a social worker from the state come into your home and give the judgement that you are suitable parent for your own baby. And I said I'm not doing that. I didn't do it and it's not Recommended and I certainly would recommend everybody get as compared adoption. But I will not let this government told me a suitable parent for my baby. So you mentioned your husband Jordan Roth and and you right so sweetly about how the relationship came together. How did you meet? So it's the gas story so happened over Brunton even Gayer than that even not we met at the Tony Awards. Okay and I was Harvey Fires Teens Guests. The year that he was up for Best Actress. Musical for hairspray. And just up the week before Somebody I knew had met with Jordan so during a commercial break I went up to Jordan and introduce myself. I mentioned this colleague. We have in common and we started to talk and I am just like every show business conversation ends with. We should have lunch. And then I went back to my seat and stared at him the entire night and I called him the next day and asked him to have lunch. One didn't answer the phone. So how many days did you wait? These advair next say how not wait. I don't play games and so so how long I called him the next day. We made a plan for lunch and I think the next week we had lunch but it was pouring rain. The day we were supposed to have lunch he's was uptown in New York City and I was downtown and I called him and said where should we meet for lunch and he said? I don't go out in the rain so if you want to still do this you have to come to me and I actually now that I look at. He really likes. Set the tone for the way this relationship has got to be. I jumped right on that subway. Well I mean and If you have not seen Ritchie's has been Jordan you will understand why that is so funny that he would not come out into the ram and so you have this date or you had several. We had several Not Dates and you know I had been in the previous relationship for fifteen years. Jordan was the very first person I started to date when I was single and I kept saying these feel like dates me. We're going to dinner and the movie that was dates when I was younger and I could tell he didn't think they were dates and I just thought Oh. Does he think we're becoming friends? Who needs more friends one night? I just said to him. We should date and he should. He said it's complicated. And all I said was it's worth it and he said it's complicated and I knew what he meant. I'm ten years older. I had at that time three year old baby and I was fresh out of very long term relationship and all I said back to him is it's worth it. And he said complicated and back and forth back and forth and finally he said. We'll just tell me how this works. We go out. I fall in love with your son. He falls in love with you. I mean with me then. We break up them. What and I said. Why are you thinking of getting out before you get in? And he didn't have an answer to that so we very slowly Dated AFTER THAT. I was seventeen years ago. Seventeen years ago and you got married got married in two thousand twelve so eight years ago. I know you have had your eighth anniversary. I think it will know. We'll be this year will be in June. I mean September is Sorry I paused one. Because you know. I know both of you adore both and the people can't see is with every answer that you've given the motions are right there on the surface whether you're talking about Jackson whether you're talking about Richie you're sorry I was thinking is whether you're talking about Jordan whether you're talking about Little Levi who's the cutest thing in the world when you and I talked about you had already written the book? You are petrified. Ask about how this book would be received in how open you are about a lot of hang in this book and again you're writing to your son and you're writing to your son about how how to be a gay man including tips sex tips. Yeah well sex. How NOT TO HAVE SEX You know I was petrified when we talk before it was out and I was Because my my entire heart is in on these pages and I felt very vulnerable and very exposed but I thought I had to write it this way. Because if it was an academic book it would be meaningless to Jackson and bike taking that narrow lane of writing him a letter. I couldn't smooth out the edges. I couldn't soften anything. I had to be honest and truthful so that it would actually be worth something and I would say that every parent. You should write your child to leather before they set off. You don't have to show it to people like I did but I I've said everything I need to say him. I am at peace that he's going out into the world and I know that I've left nothing onset You told him about or all of us really is about about painful things when you were around his age and trying to get out there and find yourself and know yourself in situations that you you got yourself into with is Say Older Gentleman but people in like professors in Wash. They were were high school teachers. Oh that's right. I know we're not taught about ourselves in school so here I less than seven percent of lgbtq people get inclusive sex. Ed Back when we were growing up. Nothing Now it's only next nothing so when I got to nyu. I had no idea how to have sex with another person. I didn't know what a tight rope it was. I didn't understand that you had to try to be vulnerable with somebody while also protecting yourself from their own taking on their baggage so the first per the first man I had sex with broke up with me right. After we had sex we hadn't sat up in the bed and he said to me. This is wrong. We should not be doing this and he broke up with me. The second person I had sex with in college said to me. I'm straight and then leaned in and kissed me and we had this feverish Fair and then he broke up with me because he said he was straight and I was so young. I had no idea that his self loathing wasn't personal. I took it on and then I realized I couldn't soothe all that terror he had for the feelings. He was having the third person after we had intercourse. Punched me and screamed at me. How could you do that? He was so angry and having enjoyed sex with a man. So those were my bruising I three experiences and I have not recovered from that I have always had difficulty letting myself be intimate because I was so hurt and what I wrote in the book and what I said to her son was. You're not gonNA know when you come in contact with a young man in college that you're GonNa Hook up with. You're not gonNA wear the journey. They are they could be in the closet. They could have been bullied. They could have been abused. They could be self loathing so you have do. Take care with them. You have to be good to them. Because I didn't know that when I was younger and so you you put all of these feelings on the page so now I have to walk through and learn from you the reactions so I the reaction of Jackson this is written to him and you've shown it to him to them but he started college when I gave it to him and he was. I gave him my book and his professor gave him. Socrates Act escalates. Guess what he chose to read verse. Socrates yes Having gotten his reaction yet we we'd has not read the whole book yet. We've spoken a lot about the ideas in the book and you know one of the things we always did while he was growing up was have dinner as a family has out every night. So these Some of it I spoke as I was writing it. But there are things in He hasn't read yet. I was much more worried about my parents reading it than I was him. And so I was go at you right. I if I remember correctly because I've read this back in September I feel so ahead of the curve but if I remember correctly your father initially did not react. Well he was not My coming my mother Was Amazing and she told my father. I was gay after I told her and he said all the stereotypical wrong things. Gay Men Lonely and sad. Why did you choose this? It's just a phase and I was so off kilter because I had never had any Problems with my parents growing up I was very good Kid and I love them and we were very close and this just put me off kilter and win your father. Read the book. He had no idea I remember. He had no idea. You felt this way There's a lot of things about my relationship with Or My feelings about my dad as a father. That would be new to him when he read the book I've said it to therapists. Nobody else and But this is a book from father to son and I think it was important to put my my relationship with my father to me so I could inform my relationship to our Sun I was so worried and I forgot that my parents are of this World War Two generation where they're not going to share their feelings so he didn't say very much to me My mother read the part about him out loud to him and he said I guess he's right and that was his reaction. And I you know to me that was extraordinary And then now he is so proud. The book he constantly is texting me about the design of it. He loves it so he hasn't quizzed me about anything or asked any questions about the contents. He's concentrating on how beautiful it looks. How proud he is and he made. I went to a book event last night and he texted me to make sure I had a Burell. Because you know he wants to make sure. I'm not going to get sick so that you're not gonna get much more detailed in there now. Your mother Basically she was in on it from the get-go and you write that. She took you to talk soccer luxury Sheets Torch Song Trilogy and seventy in you ride that you thought that was this. My Mom's way of telling me it's okay. It's okay. She took she had seen it. I was torturing children very first Broadway comedy about a gay man and it was a huge success in nineteen eighty two and three in Iran. For several years my mother saw it came home and said. I just saw this unbelievable play with this incredible actor. Who's also the playwright? And on my way out. I bought tickets to take you and I said what's it about and she said homosexuality I had not told her I was gay and she took me to see Harvey Fierstein In Torch Song the character Arnold was the first gay man I ever came in contact with and at the end of the play. He has a fight with his mother and the mother says. If I had known you were going to be gay I wouldn't have had you and after the show. Mother took me to dinner and said you know if you ever came home and said you were gay. I would not react like the mother in that play. She used theater as a crystal ball to show me life. That could be possible. She knew no gay people. Nobody was talking to my long island mother about gay people then she had no. Geico workers know gay friends. It was her own humanity. That had her take me to show me what my life could be. And I didn't come out that night but I knew I was safe because of that Gesture you also say because of your upbringing because your parents didn't teach you To to hate to belittle to look down on people on any one that you when you did leave home. It was a shock. I know well so I had. I had always thought. Being Gay was lucky from when the third grade I felt lucky to gay partly. It's because my parents never said a negative word about any group of people so I had no negativity attached to it and they always valued my feelings and my thoughts and I've always felt worthy because they made me feel that way so when I was different than everybody else I was so happy because I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. We went to public school. Everybody was Jewish. We went to Hebrew school after then. Little League everybody was the same and I had a secret that made me special. I couldn't read. I had trouble reading. I was terrible at math. But I like boys. And that made me feel so much better than everybody and then It wasn't to the fourth grade that the My Gym teacher had heard I joined chorus and I was the only boy who joined chorus and he said to all the other kids in the gym class jump on the Faggot and all the boys piled on and that was my first sense that Oh other people think there's something wrong with this. Let's fast forward because you mentioned Harvey firestone you. You were the producer yes recently within of the revival of Torch Song Yes Harvey is whatever your closest friends. Did you think when you were sitting in that theater with your mother watching Harvey Fierstein that a few decades later you would be working with him that you would be doing the revival that you would have the life that you have now? Well I did in that theater. I did think I could have the life I wanted. Which is to be parent and to be in a relationship? Because that's what torch song is about in this play was set in nineteen seventy nine and Harvey's character. Arnold was demanding the life. He wanted an mirrored. What I wanted but You know it's extraordinary that I Became friends with Harvey. I've worked with Harvey for thirty six years and we are the best of friends but I will say what is important lesson from that. Is that gay actors half to play parts in movies and TV and theatre because what seeing Harvey on stage was miraculous to me but following what he said off stage and this is before instagram but I will read about him in the newspaper. I watched his now famous interview with Barbara. Walters on twenty twenty. It's on Youtube. Everybody should watch in nineteen eighty three. He said to Barbara Walters. I think everyone's gay unless I'm told otherwise. My Gay self-esteem just its infancy. That was a staggering paradigm. Shift for me. So watching him. Offstage was even more impactful to my life than it was on and I think that's why we need to have Lgbtq people play themselves so that young people could follow them off camera and see the life that could be possible for them. can ask a favor sure. Can we talk politics? I'd love it. Oh good I mean. It's a little daunting with you. Talk here on this bill please please. So you're a big supporter. You and Jordan are big supporters of mayor. Pete yes talk about the important given what you just said about. You Know Harvey in the importance of gay actors. Playing gave hearts as other people can see their life outside of of the theater and just living their full selves. Talk about the importance of mayor. Pete in this regard in this time that we're in right so think about all the conversations that are going on about him now in classrooms in homes and all these young people who may not understand all their feelings who may not have told anybody about their feelings but here is this gay man who is a top tier contender for the presidency. Who is traveling around the country campaigning with his husband? That is life saving for young people to see that there is possibility for them in this world and There is no way to be cavalier about his candidacy. It is give so much hope to our community and so much It's a flare of direction for parents who have young. Lgbtq parents of kids who can say look look what is possible and I just find that extraordinary one of the things I find extraordinary and this happened during two in two thousand eight. When Barack Obama was running for President The F- The first African American to one run for president. Who had a serious shot not to take anything away from Shirley Chisholm or Jesse Jesse Jackson or voted for? Oh well that's not that is not surprising But in that time there were people who are black. People are having active conversations about whether Barack Obama was black enough. I knew where this was going. And Right now the gay community seems to be in this swirl of craziness talking about whether Mayor Pete is gay enough or even if he's gay right so I mean whether he's Gay I think is absurd The weather he's gay enough. I find deeply disturbing. First of all definitional. He's Gay. He's married to a man he served under. Don't ask don't tell that's gay but what I think people are forgetting. Our community does not have a litmus test for entry. You could be my son fifteen and say you're gay and you are Part of our community. You could be the children who are standing up there. Auditoriums and Disclosing their gender identity. You can be that young man. Who was the Valedictorian Speaker at Brigham? Young who came out during his speech. That's extraordinary a thirty one year old man who lives in the closet for fear that the life he wants for himself is not possible. Who has shame about what he feels about himself? That is as legitimate and lgbtq experience as any other and we cannot start to have think there's primacy of one gay experience. We we have no test to be. You could beat self hating you. Convene you're in our community? You could be in the closet. You're in our community. You can be pride prideful and be in our community all are welcome and we have no tests. And that's what disturbs me so deeply about this conversation and so then if you were confronted by people who are insisting upon this test what would you. What would you say to them? Well you know. I think if if they want that test they're going to they are they are basically losing the soul of what makes our community souls special because we do not have judgment about the kind of gay person. That is the right kind that there is no ideal of the right kind of gay person and all of these winding definitions all these new words. That young people are using our extraordinary but we need to make sure. Our community remains cohesive and we cannot start to parse out who doesn't seem like the right part of our community I think a lot about parenting is a covenant right. You send your child out into the world and when you're not with them somebody else has to take care of them for you. Whether it's in the playground at school at Houses of worship and with our lgbtq youth that Covenant Is Broken. It can be broken by parents themselves. It's broken by the government. It's broken by are organized religions and it's broken by our education system and what our community has to do as elders is we have to take our LGBTQ youth and we have to form community around them. We have to lift them up. Help them find their gifts and unleash their potential we use We put that covenant back on we are the ones who reinstore the covenant so that is deeply important responsibility as a gay person so we cannot start saying you don't belong you're not gay enough you're not the right kind of gay we have to be restoring the covenant for every lgbtq person in this country. I mean I I find that. Entire CONVERSATION TO BE You you say drubbing Isaiah. It's offensive if You know I've had many times people saying to to me. I'm not black enough or do you know your black and say yeah. I know I'm black and I'm reminded every time right and so for me I. Maybe I've just become an old bitter this aid but I have no patience but patients were join of you would would Lgbtq HATE GROUPS. Consider PK enough to Discriminate against yes would our adversaries consider him getting enough? Yes could he be fired and all those dates? Yes can he give blood? No does he have to be careful where he's holding Charleston's hand yes so he is deaf initially gay because everything that stacked up against us is stacked up against him to in the book. You give Jackson your son. Lots of tips and pieces of advice and as we close out the conversation. What are some of the the the tips that you give him that we haven't we haven't touched on one user to be be active politically and you'd have to be active You have to get. Lgbtq people's should get their LGBTQ news from lgbtq journalists because Not all our news is always out there and it also our point of view coming from our point of view is very important. The other tips. I give him his way to be a feel good about yourself as a gay person. This world is to learn our history not as a homework not as eat-your-spinach but as a way of if you learned about who the extraordinary gay people who were in history you will feel less alone learn about our culture our writers artists because they will help you understand. That otherness is a superpower. They will show you how to use your otherness as a positive force in your life and Embraced your gayness. Make it central to your life. Invest in it rely on. Have faith in it and If you do that you will have a incredible journey. Richy Jackson author of gave me a father rights to his son. Also Broadway producer torch song the revival and did mention this television executive producer nurse. Jackie and short bus. Thank you so much for being helping me. It was so fun. Thanks for listening to Cape Up Tune. In every Tuesday you can find us on Apple podcasts. And stitcher and how `bout doing me a huge favor subscribe rate and review us. I'm trying to think partners. The Washington Post. You can find me on twitter at Cape Heart Jay.

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Mexican Officials Attempt to Stop Migrant Caravan, Indicative of U.S. Pressure on Mexico 2020-01-22

The Takeaway

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Mexican Officials Attempt to Stop Migrant Caravan, Indicative of U.S. Pressure on Mexico 2020-01-22

"Caravan of more than four thousand Central Americans made their way to the Guatemala Mexico. Oh border and was met by force from the Mexican government. National Guardsmen are physically guarding the border. But they're also positioned throughout southern Mexico in part for security but with that primary mission of immigration enforcement. I'm Maroon Vanderbilt Paul and today on the takeaway for January twenty second checking on the ground and assess the situation also on the show. How a series of proposed laws across the country could negatively affect LGBTQ youth the reality is we do exist and making our lives and our medical care? Crime is going to do nothing but caused serious harm and in many cases life threatening we also have a checking with my WNYC colleague. Matt Katz about Japan's Asylum System and actor B. D. Wong explains how his new Sitcom connects by telling a very specific story story. There is a sense of reflection that you can't explain if you haven't had it. which is that? There's something missing in my life because there's nobody that looks like me on TV at all whole bunch of news to get to. Let's start at the Mexico. Guatemala Board On Monday security forces is became deploying tear gas on migrants along the Mexico. Guatemala border as more than four thousand Central American migrants and asylum-seekers attempted to cross into Mexico on their northbound journey to United States. They were met by force from Mexican security forces in the Mexican. National Guard deployed tear gas to prevent the group from entering Mexico migrants threw rocks in response amidst the chaos to Honduran. Children went missing too far. Only one has been reunited with her mother. The Caravan of migrants began the journey last week from Honduras heading north to Mexico and the US border and as the group traveled through El Salvador and Guatemala. Their number swelled. Well in the past year we've seen Mexico heighten its immigration enforcement efforts including a rise in the number of deportations and immigration detention but the Mexican government's response bonds is not just representative of Mexico's migration enforcement rather it also represents the US's attempt to pressure the Mexican and Central American can governments to stem migration flows facing threats of economic terrorists from President Trump Mexico and several Central American countries are now carrying out the task of migration enforcement horseman here to help us understand. All this is Maureen Myers the director for Mexico and migrant writes for The Washington Office on Latin America. Welcome to the takeaway. Maureen thank you and we're also joined by jeff earn stuff freelance journalists based in Honduras. Good to have you with us. Jeff thank you Maureen. This is the First Caravan of Central American migrants. This year lie. Do people travel in caravans in the first place. I mean this is the first caravan in almost a year. Actually I think we saw several caravans from two thousand eighteen to twenty nineteen primarily. People travelled together one for safety in numbers. Mexico has a history of migrants being victims of horrific abuse in the country Kidnappings robbery sexual assault into traveling. Together together is a way to protect migrants from these risk. It's also I think has been in past caravans away to ensure traveling farther north with the the belief that Mexican authorities are less likely to stop massive numbers of people travelling together in small groups. Is there a governance to a caravan in every caravan is different. I think we've seen With this caravan and other's announcements made particularly through social media in Honduras and El Salvador. You're calling for people to get together and then travel north. They sometimes do seem to have more structure or migrants themselves. Organize committees are on the way to to put order and and make decisions on where they're going. What the route is how long they will be in each place? What do we know about the actions by Mexican security forces along the border aside from this confrontation? Tation were any migrants detained and deported. Yeah I mean I think this caravan is the first caravan after you know the pressure from the trump administration on Mexico to crack down on immigration Grecian Enforcement and the agreement signed last June. Were Mexico really committed to increasing enforcement and deploying the National Guard to the southern border. Beyond you what happened in that incident. We've seen it's very difficult to cross the river to get into Mexico. It's very difficult to get through major highways in southern Mexico. What's become sort of a virtual wall for migrants and there's a lot of concern not just about these incidents of USA force but conditions in detention centers where migrants Eggert being held often with poor sanitation? Not Enough Food Not enough water to lack of clarity by Mexican officials. What will happen with the people that have gone with Mexican officials whether they be detained and deported whether they'll be able to request asylum in Mexico? Jeff you're in San Pedro Suda Honduras. Can you tell us more origins of some of these caravans this just with a simple call on facebook page three this term. Those causes your game with invitations to join his. What's up groups that swelled to usually hundreds of people each And that's that's pretty much. How people organized this time around? Tell us about the conditions nations in Honduras and why people are fleeing mass. You know there's really two major major things there's the economic factors that you'd they just isn't opportunity here prescriptive everything everything right and and they still won't be able to get a job even if you get a job. Eighty percent of employment pays less than minimum wage. The age in the minimum wage is insufficient to purchase the basic basket of goods for for family of four so economically. Most people they just have nothing to lose CBS than we have the security situation where the homicide rate has nearly have since it peaked in two thousand twelve but this year preliminary data data shows that has started to rise again just just slightly but particularly in cities like San Pedro Soula. The total homicide count went up by roughly twenty eighty percent and the neighboring sonoma third largest city in the country. It went up thirty percent and that would make put both cities in the top twenty most violent cities in the world. And it's not just homicide. It's extortion. Extortion is rampant so people who have small businesses or or try to be entrepreneurs. Eventually the gangs Arrive at the door to charity. Tax Opportunities puts them out of business and then overarching. The economic nick and security factors is the clinical situation where we have a president who was re elected under dubious conditions conditions under massive Allegations of fraud. Who has been named a co-conspirator in a drug trafficking conspiracy and whose brother was recently convicted? A New York court case for drug trafficking. And so there's the political situation stuffers suffocates any hope for change in the near term a marine marine last Friday. The Mexican government promised this group of migrants jobs. How did that play out? I think that is one of the main concerns of this. This caravan in the way. The Mexican government responded because for the most part. It looks like they promised them jobs but primarily back in Central America. There is a growing cooperation Russian between the Mexican and Central American governments to address some of the push factors strictly the economic factors that Jefford two. And what we have seen in terms of papers provided through social media to journalists and others was offering people to go back to their home countries be subsidized by the Mexican execute government but basically work back home. There are limited job opportunities in Mexico southern states so what the government is offered is temporary work visas to work only in southern Mexico. So I think making clear again that there is not any visa any way for these individuals to get to the United States to the US Mexico border but if they want to work in southern Mexico or back in their home countries the Mexican government is offering to support them in this. So are these offers seen as some sort of middle ground Or they seen as be made in bad faith you know. I think everybody's GonNa make their own decision. We have heard interviews with migrants migrants that. Say if they're offered a job in the ability to stay in southern Mexico they might take the Mexican government up on that option. I think the the more concerning part is what would it look like for someone to go back home particularly if the reason they left was not just the economic situation but because they were fleeing persecution by gangs or other types of violence and really didn't feel safe in their home communities in which case you know going back even to work is probably not an option and I think that's also important to highlight that more and more people are requesting thing asylum in Mexico Honduras as actually the top country for asylum seekers Mexico had seventy thousand asylum requests last year. It's more than double the amount they received saved the year before so certainly more and more people looking at Mexico as an option to stay into. Tell us about the Mexican National Guard Maureen. And if you could remind is how it it was formed in why it was put in charge of immigration enforcement. The National Guard was a new security force created during president upstairs. Notice First Hugh months in office it was meant to be there. Federal Security Force replacing the federal police. It is primarily a military force. It's led by military general about eighty percent of its members about eighty thousand. People are members of the Mexican Army or navy and I think one of its first missions. Actually its first. Mission was to be deployed to Mexico southern and northern border for immigration enforcement. And so we see now are images like in the weekend wear earlier. National Guardsman are physically guarding the border. But they're also positioned throughout southern Mexico in Par-four security but with that primary mission of immigration. Gratien enforcement something which they are not trained to do and which raises a lot of concerns of how a primarily military force is interacting with vulnerable populations and how much is this at the behest of the US. I think it's clear. This was a response of the pressure from the trump administration on Mexico the agreement in June. Soon that both governments reached the key element of it was we are going to deploy our national guardsmen to Mexico. Southern border insure as many people as possible are detained and likely likely deported back to their home countries with the aim of really dropping the number of migrants that are able to reach the US border and request asylum in the United States or some other type of status. So from the perspective of American of nationalist people who are trying to prevent immigrants from entering the country has been a policy. Oh Success I think the mistake administration has been effective at bullying and threatening Mexico into taking on a higher role in Immigration Enforcement Awesome and certainly reducing dramatically the number of people that are able to reach the US border the other part of that agreement was also what is known as the remain in Mexico program which enabled the US to return back to Mexican northern border towns. US bound asylum-seekers. So you have fifty thousand people that are also waiting on the Mexican side of the border which is also dropped the number of people that are actually reaching an entering the United States. Jeff what about the US in Honduras. What does that relationship look like now? The Honduran government is dependent upon. US approval especially now with all these allegations nations of drug trafficking and corruption during Dr Hundred President so hundreds of signed a safe third country agreement. where it it will start receiving migrants? Who Been deported from the US Mexico border and supposedly often asylum in in hunters or giving them supposedly safe place to stay while they wait for their asylum claim in the US? Marine Mexico's new President Lopez opened. The door has only been in office for a year. What does all this meant for his stature in Mexico Lopez at other continues to enjoy really high high levels of support? He is still very popular in in Mexico and I think his government has framed this in two ways one we are being successful and maintaining containing a good relationship with the trump administration which has as a priority and second that they are not distancing themselves from the administration's original approach. which was we want to treat migrants? Humanely offer them opportunities in Mexico. Sitting the Mexican population usually doesn't view this as a top issue. They're more concerned about the economy and security in Mexico and are willing to take loops our Lord at his word that this is important for his government and for the relationship ship with United States. Marine Meyer is the director from Mexico and migrant rights for the Washington Office on Latin America and Jeff Ernst a freelance journalist based in Honduras US Marine. Jeff thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having me all over the world today. Almost seventy million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes in every year. Thousands of these people try to seek refuge in Japan. I've never been refugee before now so I really don't know how it was. Rose a refugee from Cameroon is one of these. Women just won't be the world's world for rose trying to make a home in Japan meant leaving her whole life behind just so she could be safe but of the ten thousand people who apply for refugee status in Japan every year. Only forty get approved for like a week. I did not sleep. I was like I got myself into. Maybe it was better need to be there and wait for death when it comes or whatever I want to team. Rosa's story is one one of many where asylum-seekers flee prosecution only to end up in a country where they're not welcome just to note that we're not using roses real name here to protect her identity. Matt Katz is a reporter at WNYC and went to Japan to report on this story. Thank you for joining us matt before we begin. Let me just mention to our listeners that I did listen to some of the early drafts of reporting as part of a listening session here. WNYC and made some suggestions on other parts of this series to me Matt Japan is really fascinating example of a country that has severely restricted immigration and based on. How some people responded to your series? It has a lot of symbolic the value. Not just two people in Japan but to people here in the West correct. Yes I realize that. There is a fascination even a fetish for the perception that Japan is has mono-ethnic so white supremacists really love this idea of Japan as this society that has successfully been able to restrict immigration to stay a quote unquote Japanese and still be part of the global community. So when I reported on the fact that there's such restrictions to immigration into the white supremacists supremacists responded and said leave Japan alone. Don't bring these globalist ideas into what is an otherwise perfect society. So let's talk a one of the people who is displaced and saw refuge here in Japan. Rose she's interesting case because very. Few people are aware of the conflict in Cameroon. It's one of these many any flash points throughout the world that are creating refugees. Cameroon is going through. What's basically a civil war right now? Between French speakers and English speakers is it is literally a conflict over language The government is controlled by the francophones and rose comes from the Anglophone region and the English speakers of Long said that the French speaking government have not given them fair rights so roses family was involved in a separatist movement in Cameroon to break away from in this french-speaking control the government and she lost touch with movement because she actually was sexually assaulted by soldiers who were looking for her father father when she was a teenager so she didn't want anything to do with politics. She moved away from her home village and she became a teacher. She came back home on a visit in two thousand sixteen eighteen and she joined a teacher protests. She says she just thought it was a protest to push for more resources for English speaking schools but teachers teachers and lawyers have been at the tip of the spear of this separatist movement in Cameroon. And they're seen as an anti the Cameroonian government so this protest. The government came down quite hard on it. She starts to explain a little bit about that in a interview. I did with her. The military will come with the van. And they're like you get in you get in when you get in a let me have your phone. You give your phone so there were times. They'll take offs are not everybody would come back like a half to WHO colleagues to today. We've not heard from more than a year. An income ruin. You could be awaiting trial for three or four years and nobody's talking about you. Nobody's getting back to you so that was when I noticed that maybe one day will be my not to come and she needed to leave. That's what she decided so she used all for money honey. She borrowed a bunch of money and she hired a broker. This is what people throughout the world do. When they need to leave their country they hire somebody in the black market to figure out a way out of where they're at and The broker came back to her with an unusual offer so he just called me and asked me what. If I told you I go to visa for you Japan. I said I'll be happy. He said Yeah. I got a visa. That was on a Wednesday morning and he told me to leave on Thursday morning so so she has literally hours to pick up and move to another continent right and she really embodies the story of refugees today they leave in a hurry and there are conflicts all throughout the globe. People are just flying into Tokyo and declaring asylum. They're asking to stay and they're doing it by by the thousands so Japan cannot stay. This isolated island that it had been for centuries. She finds guide the airport who speaks English and he takes around her budget. Vote tells until she finds one that you could afford you at one hundred dollars in her pocket and then she calls this woman who's an acquaintance of an acquaintance who is from Cameroon and she. It goes to her place in Japan and She spends a couple of nights there. This woman tells her about a nonprofit called Japan Association for Refugees. She goes to this office. She says where she's from and what she needs and she'd like to figure out how to declare asylum and get a job and stay in Japan and They they tell her. There's there's no way she's GonNa Win Asylum and Japan. How is this possible? Why once they believe that people are truly in danger? I believe that people are owning for the end lines but the people from the Japan Association for Refugee Sam. Sorry but Japan doesn't take hardly any refugees. They took just forty two people last year and many of them when they declare asylum at the airport. Just like what happens in the US if you landed landed JFK or lax and you declare silom. You often get detained. And you're held in detention hearings and what's interesting is People who follow the asylum process in America will hear parallels. It's a similar sort of thing that's going on in this country now. It is increasingly difficult to find safety the in the US if you're claiming that you face persecution at home and that same phenomenon is happening all over the world in Japan in the US and in Europe all of these countries signed agreements after World War. Two with the UN saying that anybody who is facing persecution can find safety in these countries but in reality. That's just not the way it's working anymore and so rose is in this predicament. She enters into his landscape. And she's trying to navigate it. What happens to her so she was able to get subsidized housing through this nonprofit and she takes Japanese lessons and she submits her application for asylum? mm-hmm she lives a very meager lifestyle. There she has rice and nothing else most days of the week and she tries to adjust to life in Japan because the think about asylum seekers is it takes months and even years in the US or in Japan or elsewhere for your case to be reviewed. Even if you. I know that you'RE GONNA end up getting deported at the end of it and so basically this might be seen by some people who are critics of Japanese system as a way simply of of keeping you out diversity when you interact with people from Japan. How do they see people like rose? There's very little in the way of you've overt discrimination. You don't hear people saying disparaging things about immigrants. There's also very little civic conversation about Immigration Shen compared to what we're here in this country in terms of dominating Television and news and public conversation. I it's it. Quieter restriction restrictive approach There's a understanding that Japan needs to attract foreigners but there is concern that too many foreigners can echo the scenes people have seen on TV Of Syrians entering Europe up of people in the Mediterranean Sea in boats amassed on boats trying to get into Greece Or the caravans coming from the southern border of the US. US and Japanese are aware of those images and there are concerned that Japan could be overrun with these immigrants and asylum seekers and and then the most pragmatic of the Japanese. Tell me that they need the farmers and that their country can't survive without bringing in these immigrants but in the meantime The stance of the Japanese government is more of a outsourcing approach. So they are. H Man is quite generous donor to the UN when refugee agency but that money is really to house and feed refugees in camps abroad rather than spending money to resettle them in Japan. So what is life Japan. Hold for. Rose she's looking for work. She's allowed to work while she's applying for asylum And then she's looking for community she has made a friend Japanese friend who takes around and introduces her to new food But she spoke movingly to me about how loneliness is one of the many obstacles that refugees face. It's not just money. It's not just trying to learn the language and navigating the streets. It's this almost unbearable sense of loneliness. It's something that I think. Immigrants and asylum seekers and refugees the world over experience. And she tries to deal with that by you know talking to her son every day and and calling family back home But she doesn't know what will come of her situation if she's there for two years and then is deported. If she's allowed to stay in Japan will she be able to get a job and we'll should should be able to have the money to one day reunite with their son as in many of my conversations with the refugees there and in the US it comes down to family family separation being apart from family and the way the conflicts all over the world and restrictive borders all over. The world have led to this the family separation. Almost an epidemic of family separation is the prevailing emotional difficulty that these immigrants experience Matt Katz is is a reporter at WNYC. Thanks for joining US Matt. Thank you Across the country entry a series of newly proposed state laws have the potential to limit the rights of young Lgbtq people a dozen states are proposing bills that were banned transgender youth from participating in school sports and banned doctors from providing gender related hormones and surgeries to minors even if they have parental consent if passed these these bands could have lasting psychological and medical implications for transgender. Minors living in those states joining me now is chase Strand Gio a transgender rights lawyer with the American civil liberties these union chase. Thanks for joining us. Thanks so much for having me who is leading this legislative push in. How would you characterize their motivations? I think for the past. You know five years I would say we've seen a real systematic effort across the country to target transgender people in state legislatures and it's a combination of local family policy institutes and then national groups like the alliance defending freedom And family research search counsel that are sort of have an ideological mission to push in my view at least Lgbtq people out of public life life and not only that you know encourage societal norms and policy practices that would force us to live live inauthentic ways And so that has really been the impetus for these bills. And we've seen an uptick over the past several years. So so what's the kind of language using to rally support around this 'cause yet when it comes to to transgender youth who have been the primary target of so much Anti LGBTQ legislative action in the past five years the supporters of these measures. Really Talk About Trans People and Trans Young people especially as somehow a threat to others as if allowing someone to go about out there lies consistent with who they are finally living there. Truth is going to somehow harm the rights of others. Let's start with the bills banning hormones and surgeries for minors. What states have these bills on the docket and what types of hormones and surgeries would be banned so these bells actually are broader than that and they would not only ban gender affirming care for minors which would include at times even mental health care any any affirmation of a young person's gender identity but also hormone blockers and hormone therapy and and surgery to the extent surgeries even available to minors? So we're seeing those bills in South Carolina in Missouri in South Dakota and and in some of those cases and South Dakota for example. The bill would actually make it a felony for a doctor to tree a transgender young person who is both consenting to having their parents support for and having a medical need for treatment so so what we're seeing is every single person in this young person's life is saying this is absolutely one hundred percent medically necessary supported by the American Eric and Academy of Pediatrics supported by every Major Medical Association and lawmakers suggesting that a doctor should go to prison for ten years for for keeping up that care for the young person. Would any of these bills prevent trans miners who were already taking hormones from continuing to take them. Yeah and that's one of the most alarming things as I mean if you can imagine you're on this medical treatment that is saving your life and so you take a young person in South Dakota who is seventeen years old. Let's say who has been on hormones for three years. If this bill passes all of a sudden in that treatment is going to be cut off immediately which is going to have such severe physical and mental health consequences that could lead to suicidality and possibly death. So we're we're really talking about lawmakers playing you know with fire here and the fire is the the lives of young trans people and their state. Republican South South Dakota state representative Fred Deutsche Who authored a bill in his state banning puberty blockers and surgery on minors recently told the Christian Post that that quote we know from the literature that approximately eighty five percent of children that are confused about whether or not they are a boy or girl that the confusion goes away naturally actually is there any substance to what he's saying what he's doing is he's distorting information about young? LGBTQ QUEUE AND GENDER NON conforming children in the service of a narrative about Trans Youth so the statistics that he's referring to are about young kids who or gender non conforming who often don't turn out to be trans later in life. Those children are not the ones who are diagnosed with gender DIS FAURIA and receiving treatment. They're just just you know young people who show you know. Gender Atypical behaviors which a lot of people do and and some of those people you know. End Up having consistent an and persistent cross gender identification for those young people. They may receive a diagnosis genders Fauria and received treatment consistent with with very well established medical protocols so representative Deutch who I will add has led the fight over the past several years. INTRODUCING BILL BILL AFTER BILL Targeting Trans Young people. Some having nothing to do with medical care is essentially taking a statistic wholly unrelated to Trans People to try to suggest that trans young people who have a very well documented medical. Need for care should have that care cut off and criminalized one one lawmaker in Utah Brad. Daw told NBC News that his bill would allow puberty blockers but that prevents surgeries and hormone therapy and and he's quoted as saying we want to do what we think is reasonable practice which is put off that kind of one way ticket decision until the youth is an adult. Is there an argument to to be made along the lines of Deutsche saying with respect to surgery very few miners are receiving surgical treatment And if they are it's chest surgery for older adolescents and only when it's being supported by the established medical protocols and the young person now when it comes to this idea yeah that we can't provide hormones or surgery because it's permanent. It's important to remember that there is nothing more permanent than childhood trauma leading to suicidality aside out. We have an epidemic with young trans kids over fifty percent having suicidal and over forty one percent Santa Trans people having attempted suicide in their lifetime related to not being affirmed in their gender. So having hormone therapy which you know does has not have permanent traumatic impact. Denying that therapy could lead to permanent dramatic impact or even death so we need to think about unquestioned. What we mean by what's permanent? And how and how it so important based on the data and the literature to actually affirm young people in their gender including medical interventions tensions chase gio is transgender rights lawyer with the ACLU chase. Thank you for joining. Thanks so much for having me. We were just talking about a slew of recent bills at target Trans Hands Youth but while some conservative states are moving to curtail rights others are expanding protections for members of the LGBTQ community. Last night. I UTA became the latest State to provide protections against conversion therapy. When the state's governor put a rule banning the practice into effect joining me now is Troy Williams executive active director of equality? Utah an organization that worked closely with the Mormon Church and the state legislature on this initiative troy welcome to the takeaway is great to be here are so this rule banning conversion therapy is now in place. Walk US through exactly. What's in the rule and how it's intended to work? Yeah well the the rule has the efficacy COSC- of law and it and it provides state licensed mental health therapist who subject minor to conversion therapy will have engaged and professional conduct conduct and then can be subjected to disciplinary proceedings by one of the State's Mental Health Licensing Boards. What effect does this therapy have on young people well? The date is pretty clear when young people are subjected to conversion therapy their rates of depression double and their attempts at suicide triple and for us here in Utah. This is a critical issue. Suicide rates for young people have a spiked one hundred and forty one percent over the past decade is leading cause of death for Young People in Utah. And I imagine that that maybe even worse for Lgbtq kids absolutely absolutely yes now. Utah is is a conservative rid of state How did this initiative get the support of Republicans like Governor Gary Herbert and the Mormon Church? Yeah you know I think suicide is not a partisan. There's an issue right and so when we looked at the data and we brought the data and we brought the stories of conversion therapy survivors To the governor Dr to The leaders of the Church and when we shared they shared their stories hearts were moved to minds were opened and when we know better we do better better. And when we when we heard the stories. the governor acted swiftly. was there pushback. Oh yeah advanced. Measure like that without out You know people challenging But that provided us an opportunity to share our stories and when we brought We had a few public hearings rings on these issues and Oh boy. Conversion therapist crawled out of the nineteen eighties and nineties To testify against our proposed rule. And now who were these groups who are opposed to ending conversion therapy well the familiar cast of characters it's The Utah Eagle Forum. Is Family Watch. Watch international It's folks who As as your previous guest alluded to Our folks are focused on excluding LGBT. T- people from public life now troy in states where conversion therapy is still allowed activists and lawmakers are looking at Utah for ways to pass rules. Like this what advice do you have. Well Governor Herber was really. Why's he said that that science should prevail over politics he saw that? This was a polarizing issue and so we send it to the board of psychologists who drafted the rules and regulations so we applaud that we wanNA keep young people healthy and live WanNa make sure that they have an opportunity to driving every sphere in every facet of our society because that's what's going to keep them healthy and happy. My guess has been Troy Williams Executive Director of Equality Utah Talk. Thanks so much for joining us you it's the takeaway. I'm Maroon. Bangle Paul in for Tanzania Vega for the past two years Aquafina has had an impressive run in Hollywood from starring in crazy rich Asians and the farewell to hosting Saturday night live would be understandable if she wanted to take a quick break from at all but clearly. That's not her style this week. AQUAFINA is adding yet another credit to her name starring in a Sitcom loosely based on her own life called Aquafina. Is Nora from Queens. Here she is alongside Wong. Who Plays Her dad wally? Sometimes you you make make a big move because you think you're supposed to and sometimes you make a big move because you're really ready to make a big move but you know I'm always because if you know if you did have that five hundred to get my car out on the show. Uncle Venus character is a relatable slacker. Living with her father and grandmother late into her twenties struggling to keep a job and while the circumstances are no longer true to her life. The vibrant Queens Leans community depicted on the show still feels very real. That sense of community is something that resonated with Beatty Wong and his memories of growing up in San Francisco looking back on my childhood there there was a real sense of Asian American and Chinese American is around me that I think was very valuable and at the time I thought I was being forced to go to China town once a week for my family to kind of give me a a reminder of what it meant to be Chinese-american and now I'm really grateful for that. That was a really useful thing to happen. Happened to me because we had moved out to the avenues where there were not as many Chinese families to raise a shower. One of the executive producers of Aquafina comedy central show at a slightly different experience experience growing up in a small town in Massachusetts. We were pretty much the only Asian family and a town growing up so anytime we ever saw other Asian people. We would do the kind kinda like. Hey you're Asian to head nod to them. I sat down with beatty. Wong Theresa Shout Talk About Bringing Aquafina Story to the screen and I started off by asking them if they thought at their family stories were worthy of being told on television when they were growing up I grew up much longer ago than Theresa did in in a way where I think there was no concept of of that there was no sense of even what inclusion and diversity even were. They won't words We used and so therefore we were. I considered myself culturally the opposite of what people wanted to see your one to produce or content wise. What about you baton? And I think we I I mean at least we grew up watching so many other people on screen so watching every other. You know family family on screen but you never ever saw your family so it wasn't even something that crossed my mind like getting into entertainment. It was an. Oh whatta you know. Show showcase my community unity on screen. It was more just. Oh I love television and I want to be part of it. But it didn't even when fresh off the boat came out and obviously all American girl back in the day but when fresh auto came out it was it was sort of the first time I went. Oh Wow people are interested in this and people are watching people wanNA watch a family like mine. It was mind blowing. I I I really. I really hadn't ever thought about it before. I think it's really interesting that we think People say things like I I saw myself. I didn't see myself and I don't think people really understand what that really means. You know. It's not just like an employment opportunity there Asian people and I made and so we're we're there's a kind of silent on solidarity there's a sense of reflection that you can't explain if you haven't had it which is that? There's something missing in my life because there's nobody that looks like on TV at all because the TV is such a influential kind of media tool and it's it's being exploited and used by all these other people and you're not a part of that conversation at all so there's an actual feeling of exclusion. That I don't think people really fully understand. And they think you just want to see yourself or whatever to how cute or where there's a real strong attachment you have that one field and I think that's super important. Because I I think people devalue that whole equation and it's becoming more and more clear how how valuable it is. I mean that's the thing is like when we talk representation and how important it is to the people the WHO have not so far historically been represented. Now that we're seeing this whole wave of exciting shows Like like yours in you know fresh off the boat and come on when we realized that it is important for those people you get to find themselves but we also realized like gosh why were say the white creatives not curious. Why were they driving? What about the lives of others if you will you know and and you raise the barriers to getting people people to see outside of their very narrow World views or whatever and like I mean I guess Theresa you must be dealing with this as a writer and producer. We're having having a encounter different writing rooms. I'm guessing yeah. I pretty much the start of my career every show I worked on. I was writing for people who looked looked different from me or writing for cartoon characters who look different from me but families that weren't honest so reflective of my own life But I think it's it's one of those listings where when we grew up we just watch we watch all these other people and we were able to relate to all these other people and we had crushes on all these other people and you know we looked up to them when we saw ourselves and Rachel from friends or whatever it was and so we were able to connect with a different culture and be able to kind of ingratiate ourselves to that culture whereas whereas a lot of perhaps white People who always saw their own kinds of families onscreen they just. They never got to see other cultures visas. I exercise that muscle exactly muscle. That is is is a very usable muscle and very useful in your life. Think outside of yourself and to get yourself to be able to see yourself in a different kind of world that you didn't grow up and and I think you know I do think it did. Make me a better writer. Because you're able to sort of empathize with other cultures and understand them a a little better and now obviously now there's actual interest in showing these other communities it's really it's really valuable important. I think It's exciting because now there are other writers out there who are coming from communities that have been traditionally under represented and they can tell these stories and I think the non unspecific news the the. It's an Asian American family in this specifically Chinese American family in Queens in our show and yet it's not a typically Asian American and family or one that that is drawing on references that anybody has of the of past Asian American families that they have seen its own family which is ULTA million American family of a certain kind of configuration. A young woman still living at home with her father and her grandmother and that's a configuration. That anybody we can recognize it completely has nothing to do with them. Being Asian American actually. And that's that's the that's one of the great values of this show is that it's not serving serving up something that's particularly expected. And so it's that allows people I think to relax and find universality in it because It's not it's it's it's even less alienating because it's less different it's not only their Asian. I could never be like that. It's like oh I see that kind of weird up dynamic where this young woman is kind of at odds with living at home. That's a very entirely university spoken before. About how a lot the roles you were offered early on in your career were Dr Roles. Yeah did that start changing at some point for you. Has It changed. Well this is. This is indicative the fact that it's changed in some of the work that I've done in the last few years since I left law and order have have really proven to be me being allowed to be more of myself of which I consider myself more of a character and while I was on that procedural for eleven years I kind of lost that identity and had to kind of get it back as far as not just just as far as I as how I felt about myself but how I felt other people perceived me. The industry proceed and so once I got back into character land. I felt more like I was myself as an artists and this show is is a part of that that trend and I do feel Less of pigeonholing feeling that I did before for you know there was. There was a point where my managers and myself and my agent sat down and said you know what no more doctors. We actually have to say if it's a doctor. We probably how do it because I had worn so many lab coats and so many ships. That was a joke that I would go to the fitting and see a lab coat on the On the rack and go you no and throw my hands up here. We laugh code and try to kind of get them to tailor the lab coat so it looked flattering or sexy sexy lab coat so yeah and and and and so that I can't say that that's completely passed but I think I have allowed at least for myself to forge another kind of Tributary in this kind of river of content. That is me to feel like. I'm more myself as a creative person. Now takeaway spoke with Margaret show last month and one of the things she talked about was the you know fairly widely publicized negative experience. She had on on her. ABC Sitcom all American girl which came out in the early nineties. Yeah I had a brief Ron. You played a brother. Yeah What was doing the show like for you? I was very close to Margaret Margaret especially at that time and it was really painful. It was very Sinking kind of we. We all such high expectations and in high hopes for her as a young star very similar to the feelings that we have about Aquafina now and this was at a time when they groomed comics for their own on sitcoms and she didn't get a fair shake from Really an estimate as a person with a unique perspective and a point of view. Eh vibe. She didn't get the show that expressed who she was which is why. I'm so impressed and so excited for Aquafina to be able to have that opportunity three to be herself to have the show reflect who she actually is her sensibility as a comic her sets ability as an actor her sensibility period as an as an Asian person and and for there to be a kind of follow through on all departments that allow her to put this show forth in a way. That is authentic to her Margaret. It was not so lucky and with a much earlier. Time in the in the the development of the diversity discussion in a way that she was kind of shoehorned horned into this disinfected kind of equation and it and it and it was actually counterproductive to who she actually was. She was an equally kind of potty. Mouthed kind of Edgy. Really and there wasn't as much cable content or there was no cable content at that time so imagine Margaret written. Now as the you know it's very similar kind of Thing and it's a really great comparison to make culturally between what they both went through so it was very sad had and it was. It was like watching something that you have such high hopes for kind of slipping away a kind of feeling sleeping way and there was great joy in it too. We were very proud of it. We were very happy to be working on it. There was lots of wonderful good times we made. I mean some of the best friends that I made during that that that run on that show now and and so it was. It was interesting and I felt for her tremendously because she was. I would say go so far as to say a victim of a system system that was co was not worth going to work for her. I think maybe the difference to now is that obviously aquafina has so much more creative control and we were able to tell the story from you know Asian American creators. We didn't you know the network afforded us a lot of leeway in terms of hiring and they trusted us to hire people who we thought were right for the show and not necessarily just. Hey here bunch of season. He's in comedy veterans. Who have never written for this kind of family before so that was really important? And just you know this. This show really does rough rough represent her and uh she. She was really able to put our stamp on it in a way. I don't think that Margaret was able to with all American girl through no fault at all of Mark. Now it should have been. She should have been an. It's it's kind of kind of mind blowing that that the mechanism at that time was not in place to understand the. AH The power of saying okay. Who are you and let's make you you know? Let's make sure that it's you that core of truth of who you are is the core of the show because excess success that makes you a successful performer should be the same course essence and so. That seems like a no brainer to to us now when we look back but instead there was a very corporate kind of homogenization and a kind of like. Oh let's put it through this kind of mechanism that was tried and true for Allen and for Roseanne but it it certainly did not speak to anything with a with a strong sense of individuality or or humanity or humanity. Really Truth to her who who she has. Her story is equally interesting that the story they made up for her was really not particularly interesting at all. I think they thought at the time. It was culturally interesting. Because it was juxtaposing juxtaposing the east and the West all in a very di Di tactics sort of like binary kind of airy. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah that's right. She's the girl who's pushing back against the the strictures in the confines of her traditional eastern Yup bringing and I was kind of the model minority. He kind of older sibling. Who created pressure for her? You know so that's all you know. Even now when I say that out loud it just seems so kind of tired and and uninspired really on but we made the most of it and we did what we did and we were proud of what we did and it. And and I'm very proud of Margaret for having kind kind of done what she did with it and then subsequently she took that experience and made beautiful shows of her own out of it. You know her own kind of commentary on what Ah past experience was like yeah. That was that was very valuable to so Theresa last question here. I mean you This show Aquafina coffeen is Norfolk. Queens is about to launch A. It's almost thirty years after Margaret Show You know tried her own show. I mean I guess How are you feeling now on the on the eve of this show launching on comedy central? Our so grateful were so excited. And we're just you know Margaret show basically walks oxalate nor could run like without her and without people like her. We wouldn't be here today. I mean she was such an integral part of our freedoms live and of my life Of Thinking Hey here's a really funny woman in comedy and she's Asian. Oh my God she really. She really did influence both of us. I think in terms of you've wow we can be that person to and so it is exciting because obviously there are not many shows that feature our community and there are are not that many shows that allow also allow asian-americans to create this content. And so we're we're definitely excited. We hope people like it but we're also really proud not only obviously representation in front of the camera but also like beatty mentioned representation behind the camera of having female or Asian directors Having two thirds of our department heads on the crew or women were. We're really proud of the show is one of the stars of Aquafina. Is Nora from Queens. And Theresa Theresa Show is one of the show's executive producers. Be Theresa. Thank you so much thank you thanks for having us. Yeah that's true for today. Remember you can always call us about anything at eight seven seven eight or send us a tweet at the takeaway. If you missed any any of today's show check out the takeaway in your podcast feeds. Thanks so much for listening. I'm ruin Venugopal in for Tanzania Vega and this is the takeaway

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"This episode is brought to you by Yoga. Sleep and better help. We're happy to have them on board making this show a possibility. Welcome to if these could talk. I'm gene I'm Robin. Where your host the SPA pot stow? I am a lesbian. So we need to tell our stories not your nuclear family annual such as your Mama. Badmin- were not burning. I everybody high here. We are once again. We're struggling now. That we got our new little intro figure trying to take my name and I said anyway. We're here we got a news item. Jamie off citing news as much as an listener news. Ding do make that okay. We've got a little story. We've got its own listener email. Somebody wrote in. In response to our February third episode called Stacey and Chen is back in it she talks about. Ccn Chin talked about her daughter. Zuri being an up stander and not a bystander. Your when we got a cool email from a listener about it and she said about your episode Stacey Anchin you talked about raising white men. Wanted to encourage you my brother. He's a blonde ski guy recently. Told me how they had a girl in their in their friend group. Who's telling about this guy? She was dating. Who is being an inappropriate or pressing? He knew this guy so he went and talked to him about. It told them it's unacceptable. Not Cool not fun. He told them that being respectful is the way to be in their friend group. We'll city say Jamie. He said the guy really hurt him out and visibly improved his behavior. The Guy said hearing it from a man friend changed his view. It's interesting and that he can see who's being on respectful disrespectful. My brother is not the big talking up. Standard guy never been but he has a calmly of speaking seriously to people to the point without fear on eye level. It gives people a real opportunity to change. I'm so proud of him. I am allowed feminist. But I've never done something like this. So boys can be so awesome and they can improve each other. It's really great. Thanks so much. That's from Eleanor on instagram. And just to give a little reference. We were talking about how we're nervous about raising white ball. Who want them to be good? We want them to really good people who slalom from happening right and not you know not the turds. Exactly you don't want him to be the guy that make up standards up not standards so thanks for that good feedback and I thought that was really cool because it's definitely something that we think about a lot. We do being game MOMS raising young men. I feel like I'm probably most people probably you would hope so. I mean we love men men. We're not we're not man bashers like people like to believe men did. I did get that feedback on on On we got a troll. Who told us like all lessons bashers? Yeah so we can raise Chelsea why we can't raise children doesn't even go to trolls though are so uneducated. I'm just like I don't even understand what you're saying. He somebody wrote comment on. It was about like this past episode with Rene Something About. I believe whoever has the DNA is the is. What are you talking about so adopted? Parents aren't parents so dumb. No I'm one person said. I believe the only people who can really be parents are the one who the ones who conceived and I was like. I said everybody conceived when you talk about everybody's conceived everybody's concede every single person in this world was conceived. So what are you talking about? Jv and I have like back and forth for like. Do we say something three. Say some kind of wait. Wait wait and then all of a sudden I'll be like Nah. I'm saying something. Yeah after that Third Margarita. And you're seeing something now it's I think Robin responded or vice versa. So look at me like Shit. Jamie got into you. Just can't it's funny yeah. I don't take it personally funny though like you never know. What's what's not funny dry house. I mean I don't know like there's way more high profile. Lgbtq people they're going after the US they're definitely not finding on these people most of like eighty and I'm like the One lady who was like I'm not gay I'm eighty and I'm single and I and I wrote back to her as po post and I wrote back to her I was like maybe she give it a whirl. Ravin I am. It's fun I don't care now it's just people just who've never met a gay person. I suppose and so this is what we're doing. We're introducing the guy to everyone families curl to introduce our next guest Michael by the way he's like a prominent guy and we're going to introduce from talking to right now. He's I forgot who this episode is. He's like headed girl. Jared these dumb women okay. Who's like it. Seemed like such a powerful conversation was actually conversation and so we need to get to. The episode has farm. You guys need to hear what this guy has to say. It's anyway. His name is Richie Jackson. He's the producer behind Harvey firestone's Torch Song on Broadway Los Emmy and Golden Globe nominated. Tv shows such as Nurse Jackie no big deal. Just nurse Jackie. I was just talking with an about how good they love that. Show nurse Jianghua Latte show. He wrote a new book called Gay. Like me a father rates to his son. Really Amazing Book. It was chosen by town and country as one of the most anticipated books of the year it was named an LGBTQ book that'll change the literary landscape and twenty twenty by our friend Oprah Oprah magazine. Yes she's going to be a bff because our books about to be that too and we actually got to talk to him. Can you believe he'd came on our show and He winked. It's he's huge. He's big this book is amazing. And just just we do have to give you a little bit of a trigger warning because it does cover one little sensitive topic. The first beginning fifteen minutes of the interview were talking about Losing a child at birth. So if that's an issue for you you can skip forward to after fifteen minute SAM. Bennett's this embassy. It's a beautiful story. He and he's coming from healing too so I wanted to be my dad. Know my other dad brother or forever and all those things. He's a good guy he's a good hugger to everybody. Should get a hug from Richie back. Let's listen to the show I hiring thank you for having me more importantly thank you for coming. I'm thrilled to be here. We are so excited to have you. We have both been just talking back and forth about your book like since since your publisher sent it so he said this. Did you read that and I was like yes? I have seen part where he said this. Yeah so we're very excited to have you here. Thank you very much. Your book is called. Gay like me. A father writes his son. Talk a lot about that but before we get into that we put on the spot need to hear your thirty second elevator pitch. I'm GONNA time you. I'm getting my timer upright now trying to remember my tower from my Mitzvah. All right on your mark gets it go. My Name is Ritchie Jackson. And I'm married to my husband Jordan Roth. We've been together for seventeen years married since two thousand twelve. We have two children are older son is a teen and our younger son is three and a half and both of our sons. Were born through. Surrogacy that you still wanted anything else you WANNA say. I'd like to do a tap dance number. He can you. Because you're in the Broadway World I was GONNA ask but I'm not on the stage. Yeah behind comfortably off state. Well so let's let's get into the makeup of your family eighteen and three yes. I mean that's a well you know my husband and I joked that we do one at a time. Show we it. Right We we think everybody who does two at a time in three time is crazy. You're not wrong when our oldest son was graduating high school and still talking to us and enjoyed being with us. We thought you know what we're going to do this again. So dived right back in. That's amazing amazing. So talk to us about the making of your son so our older son Jackson. I had it from a previous relationship of the actor B. D. Wong and I which by the way again at we're gonNA check your the whole night. I I thought I was like. Oh we're not going to really know who be like. Sub secret initially is not going to tell you and then all of a sudden like leaders like Ram came shoes. It's Beatty Wong. He won't be funny. Is I changed? Almost all the names in the book. He's okay with that. We'll find that has been entertainment. You'll be thrilled so this was in. Probably Nineteen Ninety eight ninety nine. We were talking about starting families while ago. It was a long time ago and we had. I had always wanted to be a father. That was the single drive of my life. The ambition of my life has been to be a parent and I remember very clearly one day sitting on the deck of a house on fire island and we had just had a big family reunion with these family. Nbd said you know. Our parents are getting older and our nieces nephews are getting older. And if we'RE GONNA do this. And if they're going to be part of our child's life we have to do it now and then we read this article in The New York Times about A surrogacy agency for gay people called growing generations and so we spoke to them and they said to us. You know the really great way to do surrogacy is one of you. Had A sibling. A sister who would donate her eggs than the baby would be genetically. Both of your is it is and you know. They said a lot of sibling. Say No yeah well because you know some people have things wrapped around that. We just had our first guest to two kids. Here's the two sisters who their parents did that. Those two moms and it was like the brother of the one mom and then the other mom kids are not gave the young and with that. That's the first time in all of our interviews sixty some interviews that we had somebody come forward with that and then I saw your book and was like Oh I know it's interesting because if you look at our son from cheek up. He looks like an from his nose down. He looks like a me interested at the drum. It was really. We didn't know anybody who had gone through surrogacy. We didn't know anything about it. We asked my sister and she said yes immediately and you know the one thing we were recommended is to have a carrier not to have person. Who's you're using? Carry the baby so we set out with growing generations to find carrier back then in two thousand surrogacy in New York state was not paid. Surrogacy was not legal shamefully. It's still not legal We had our second child. We had to leave the state again but back in two thousand. There was one judge in all of America that would put same sex couples on the birth certificate. There was this procedure. You would go through where you would get a pre birth judgment and he would deem the parents the intended parents the gay parents and he would make a decree in those two people would have their names on the birth certificate and back then it was very important. Yeah because we had no laws protecting so so right so we had to have our baby in California and we found a carrier. The judge that would do that was in California. Yes how did you even find that information because back then it wasn't like wh as the surrogacy agency knew all of that. We actually know growing generations. We interviewed Kim Bergman right so the back then the people who ran for the founders and they knew all laws and even you know one of the things about using agency as they're gonNa know what states you can do within hopscotch when you have when you are a same sex couple having a baby because you can't have the baby everywhere in America right so you know what states. You could do that Phil Scary. It is and in in eighteen years. How much has changed? But yet how much still has to change your you know. It has changed that there are more states but your estate hasn't changed at all. Know which is crazy and back in two thousand. Bdni were expecting identical twins and our carrier was in Modesto. We were in New York. We were so far away from her because again. Not Allowed to do this where we live. So there's a lot of phone calls. We did not have the money to go to the doctor's appointments with her. We had to hear about the doctor's appointments from her. We check in with the doctor and he didn't know what to make of the fact that he was talking to two men who's having this baby was all very. Yeah and the baby's came three months. Premature and Jackson's brother Boas Our first born son died after an hour. Being born and Jackson was in tentative care for three months I bring it up to mention we left the best medical care in the world in New York because we were prevented from having our family here and still are so. We fly out to Modesto. Doctor says your second son will probably die. And we can't take care of him. We don't have the level Unit you need to take care of him so we airlifted him to San Francisco. The very first moments of my being a parent or in trauma and Jackson had surgery when he was eight days old and two pounds. What was the surgery for something? Called neck NEC which was a perforated bowel and so we had to have surgery. And you're and I imagine you're grieving the loss of your first son the other so you know this was a big lesson for me and my didn't learn it quite at the right time. We were so busy taking care of Jackson and we were so worried. There was so much to do and he was so fragile. We couldn't touch him or hold him for probably a month or month in half. I didn't realize you could feel lucky. One survived and also more at the same time. I think we didn't mourn properly and the time because we were And because our were well intentioned family friends were like. You're lucky you're lucky. I didn't know I could be lucky and sad. That was Years of therapy. Yeah I feel like that's in a lot of death like there's so many people around and there's so many activities and so much happening that you can't grieve and tell people leave and you know grief as I talk about in. My book is a manageable disease. It doesn't really go away to this day every once in a while. Bdni we'll text each other. I'm having a Boaz moment and it was like we'll pass twins and a playground. Something will happen then. Bring that back to us. Wow Do you think that if you had been here for the delivery that maybe boas would have made it. You know I don't know medically that's true. I do know that we would have had doctors who probably would have understood that. There was twin to twin transfusion happening. Which is the the lining between identical twins tore and I think that would have been identified earlier whether that would have changed anything. I don't know right but it's something that might run through your head for the rest of. I can't think that way. Because then you'd be in a what if tailspin that. I can't even imagine you know three months. Did you have to move out there? You know and also use up all your paternity leave so get home right. So what happened was we were there together for several weeks and beady was in the middle of making a movie so he kept having the rundown. La To do a day here day there and then I would go back to New York when I ran out of my leave and then we would take turns and there was a moment where Jackson needed a blood transfusion and they would not let. Bdni donate blood because the FDA regulation is gay man cannot donate blood that was in two thousand and still today. Gay Men are not allowed to give blood if they weren't celebrate for year. There's no medical reason for that to be today. They know there's no good. Medical reason especially from the Tories surrogates are able to carry for HIV positive people. So right. And how's that different exam back? Then we needed to be tested to do the surrogacy so they knew we were not a positive. Now you know because of prep and all the drugs that are getting people's viral load so low it wouldn't be able to be transferred to baby so it is still discriminatory and so I was sitting in this hospital. See THAN THAT. My baby just a few weeks. Old was confronting Homophobia and bigotry. Right at the beginning of his life I just imagined must've felt so helpless will. I was helpless in already helpless situation. I had one baby who just died one. Who's near death and I was made to feel even more helpless. I pledged to take care of this baby. That was what you do as a parent and I was told I couldn't Jamie. Did you know that sleep deprivation is something that all parents well? Yes have you heard of this? I know that restorative sleep is crucial overall health yet. It's so elusive It's still hard to get. Tell me about it. I rarely get an uninterrupted night's sleep rarely but that's why I love Yoga Sleep. Yoga sleep has been making it products for sleep for over fifty years. Did you know that he did? And they invented the Dome which I love was the very first white noise machine. Listen they know how to make trusted products that actually work and you know white. Noise is a natural approach to better sleep and relaxation yoga sleep. 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Even the dog loves it but we have a deal for our listeners. You go to yoga. Sleep DOT com slash. Oc Tea and you're GonNa save an exclusive twenty percent off a sound machine for natural sleep for the whole family. Okay you heard it here folks. That's YOGA SLEEP DOT com slash obt to get twenty percents off Yoga Sleep Dot Com Slash O. C. T. and then hide it from your children because they they will say it because they will love it so much after the babies were born prematurely. What happened with the surrogate? Did she stick around a little bit? She was in the hospital in Modesto days and she asked me to go pie a pump because she wanted to pump her breasts and Modesto has several hours from seven because she would drive the breast milk to the hospital. That's incredible and it would be frozen for him Wow that's ahead stockpile by the we had So his first few weeks of went I mean. He didn't use breast milk for a long time. And then I I I remember the very first tiny little test tube of Breast milk that he aid once he his bowel problems and it was the breast milk from the freezer. How did they even feed him with before? That was so one moment on. Never Forget we came into the hospital to see him one morning and the doctor ran out into the hall and say a not in his brain not in his brain because it had been in the hospital so long they couldn't use the veins in his arms and legs anymore so they put it in his head and she wanted us to know before we saw him that it wasn't in his brain. Yeah so this is the trauma of starting parenting into this day. I have not recovered from that. I know that I hug him too. Long every Hunkin you just have the feeling he could slip away and the moment and I talked about in the book there are moments now. He's in college. Where every once in a while we'll be sitting at dinner and he'll take my hand and I don't move because I don't want him to realize he's now holding hands and it is as Grounded in as whole I ever feel. Was there ever a point where you felt like he was less fragile? Because I imagine you took a tiny baby home right. We took a four pound. Four ounce baby home on an oxygen machine. He was on oxygen for months after we got him home. And you know I felt like we limped home that we didn't really have a triumphant getting home. I don't know if you've had this experience parenting. But I'm always a little behind his development like he's always been ready for things more than I think he's ready and that has nothing to do with necessarily his prematurity. It's just he'll do something and I'll be like oh we're there now realized yourself your shoes. I was like. Why are we still shows right so so I think there were definitely a moment whereas like oh wow he's way more resilient than I thought but the remnants of the prematurity some of his motor skills and his he wears glasses? That are totally up. A remnant of the premature yeah. Yeah so how how? How did the two of you handle it? Because it's such a big stress on Harav. Cg and I you know. I have heard that ninety percent of couples that lose a child break up and it was described to me as your each in a lifeboat Separate lifeboats and you want to help each other. You just have no idea how to what I think happened to us. Is it just Unearth a lot of things that were wrong anyway and they might have come to the surface later. It wasn't necessarily this. That broke us up but it did. Unearth some issues that we had that just we had to deal with certainly didn't help you know. I was very sad for very low for a very very long time from the from the death. Yeah Yeah I imagine Ashtec's practicians from from what Jackson lost. Yes I did. I want to ask you that. Does he notice the loss does? Is there anything? When he was younger. He talked about it more somebody the other day ask identical right. There were dental twins. The last time he talked about it was on his the day before his Bar Mitzvah he asked had boas lived. Would they have been Bar Mitzvah together? He doesn't talk about it as much as he used to. Yeah because I just wonder if there's you know there's that just twin sensibility thing. I noticed that later. Have this but it doesn't come up as much as it used. Yeah he's got strong Guardian Angel Up. There does wow so that's a lot. Yeah so cats. Are you happy yes so you? Yes but you know. Our Son is in college. He's happy and he's engaged in the world and he's a really special person and he's a miracle. Nbd's married and happy. And I am you know obviously Married and happy so I think it all Jordan's GonNa be listening. You could've said that faster life goes on. There's no alternative really in the part of how we raise. Our children is to have resilience. I mean I don't want them to ignore the sad part like I did. And part of what Jordan taught me when I met him was. Life can be great but it also complicated and don't smooth over the complications. Don't edit them out. That's a hard thing to do is how was it defining like so? I mean how. How is the defining like two separate households? Yeah so this you know accent. We were very specific on how we handled our break up and also the addition of Jordan to our family you want I one to remarry. I was the first one to get into a Long term serious relationship. I wold was Jackson when you officially Was Too and I met Jordan when he was three. Okay Oh way too early but when we know if you meet Jordan Roth. Don't you do not say you know? This is the wrong time on a year. That never works so be denied. Didn't ever use the word. Custody is not seen. I mean one of the benefits of the discriminatory law back then of us. Not being allowed to be married is we didn't have a lawyer or judge. Tell us what our separation agreement had to be made up by ourselves. It wasn't more of the Rose we had no war. We didn't have the roses. We didn't have anybody telling us what to do with the two of us. We didn't use the word custody because that felt like you don't own a child then we didn't want one of us to feel like we never used the word primary Erin. We got a credit card that we called Jackson Card. I'm we just always used it for anything. We spent money on him for. We've never we've never had a financial conversation and this was back wages but the bill but the bill. No questions asked and we had no money. I mean it wasn't we just avoided money conversations by doing that so smart. I've never heard of that before we did this. Well when Jordan enjoying the family we did not use the word stepparent. We didn't make any delineation that he was anything but a full parent. So all these words. These loaded words that caused bad feelings. We dispensed with and the biggest problem was scheduled. Switching from Jackson hated. Yeah and EMBIID is in new. York also was in New York especially from home to home. You know always hated it. Because he wanted to be in one place. No I had. We had the wherewithal back then we might have. Although I don't couldn't imagine how this would work. Is that whole bird? Nesting have heard about that. Now where you you leave the kids in the original anew switch out so the kids always are staying in their home. Yeah the issue is you need three homes. Yeah so that you have to have a certain money money. Also you're still stuck. Yeah in some ways living with your ex because in the old shared space. That's the part that was weirds me out. It's like you're going to still be annoyed. But they're left the the cupboard open. That's what I'm saying. You're still stuck in all those things that bothered to. Yeah so it went to necessarily worked for us but the burden of the separation. The schedule was not only that I miss him every weekend because the way we did it as he lived with. Us Monday through Friday and he was would be on the weekends because the split weeks in the one day here when it was just too much for him. I know someone else who did that so that they had like school and the consistency and then the other pad weekend. That's what we did. We we want him to go to school from the same desk every day and come back to do homework and but we really started was on hand off days. Be The would come to our house for dinner. Oh then they'd leave and then it wasn't until Jackson was thirteen or fourteen and says are you doing that for me because I don't to see you all together and so then we stopped but I wonder if it was if it did have an impact for when he was little I would imagine it did. He would never admit now. Of course he will later when he has kids will also be interesting to see and is he close with Beatty's new partner. I think because he came so much later. I think he's a good friend and not a parental figure it Jordan Lake. You call in the book. He Calls Him Daddy Jordan. Yeah so years ago on his own he just started calling Jordan Jordan. Daddy which I thought was really. It sounds very southern unless daddy switched switched to Daddy Jordan. And then that's what it's been and are you ready. You know. We've kind of changed things when our baby was born. But with Jackson These Dad Daddy and Jordan this Daddy Jordan Levi. Is HE GONNA call you? Two different things. He Causey different well. That's not confusing. Well you know. Finally Jackson just calls us by our first names What the heck. He Calls Me Dad. That and Jordan. Daddy I feel like we talked about. We talked about this regularly. It's something that comes up but I was really like my kids are going to call me. Mom My kids call me. Mama and like whether I like it or not I. I was like stop. It sounded like big Mama but then I kind of like all right. I like it. I know our sun all on his own. I was debt. Dad in Jordan was daddy and Levi. Calling Me Dad. That and I think it's door but do you have to do what we do. And send a little note to every new teacher with the key you know we we send so while we send a little note every year it is okay when Levi says data. He means Richie when he says daddy he means Jordan. And it's very specific. That's nice of you. I don't take that time for the kids correct. Everyone there was like no mom. Yeah Your Kid. Ask My kids this weekend. what do you call them? Something different and I was just like standing behind them watching the whole conversation and he was like yeah. He's like she's mommy she's mom and it was like it was so fascinating. My daughter just did that to shoot with a win or a little playmate she said. Which one is this? Which is this mom. What do you call this one? Because that's Mama Oh it's so hard to explain have two moms as all six year olds can get exasperated. But no. I don't send a key. We should do that because idea because the teacher is always asking me like the day we are son is in daycare and she's always asking me which one are you. What does he call you stories? Right they tell stories they talk about. Us and they're very specific as so we want the teacher to know and should they ever say call you know they they want someone called that it would be good that the teacher knew who the that's true if it's just like I don't even care. They just call over picks up the phone and I'm like it's usually married isn't pickup. She never never picks up her phone. Why do we have a phone free? Because it's never. The ring is not ever on several ear. Super Thoughtful. Really is really nice of you. People ask me I tell them Mama she's mommy they never remember though and I remember. Jamie's I just me is it. Just you don't remember anybody's. I'm shorter mom shorter word all right. We'll device just tell you why Jackson never wanted a mom. Yes it was because when he started having play dates with other children and he's he'd come home and say those mothers are so strict. And it's like I'm so glad I have that. That's Hilarious Jamie. Oh my God. We have got to talk about better help. Oh you've finally signed him. No but I did. Sign up my lacrosse mom friend heavily with you people okay. And how is she liking it? Well number one. She loves the convenience of it she signed up on her phone right there on the field and then she was matched with her own licensed professional therapist by the time she got home. It's the cake I know I know I love it. I'm telling you it's great. I schedule my weekly video sessions but you can also do phone if you don't have video. 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Adly wants you start living a happier life today in all seriousness just visit better. Help DOT com slash. Oc that's better h. e. l. p. and joined the over seven hundred thousand people seven hundred thousand one. Now that Natalie joined the people that are taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. We also have a special offer for if these over his could talk listeners. You'll get ten percent off your first month at better help DOT COM slash O. C. H. E. L. P. I should be getting commissioned from us. You know he's lying drunk Europe so good problems. I want to talk about your book. Yes because it's so good I just wanted to give our listeners Some insight into the book. It's you wrote this to your son right. So our Our oldest son Jackson when he was fifteen told Jordan he was gay and I was elated. I wanted him to be gay. I had hoped he was gay. In fact when we were pregnant I kept saying you know. I really want to raise a child. And he said daddy being gays Kinda big deal. My generation doesn't think it's a big deal. I thought oh no being gays a really big deal and I started to think about all the things I need to share with him about what it means to be a gay man and then Donald Trump was elected and brought with him to Washington. Mike Pence they are more of a threat to our sun the nicest in North Korea they have declared war on the LGBTQ community. So now I had to warn him what it takes to be a gay man in America. Just as he's about to leave our home to go to college and that's why. I sat down to write. The book literally hit five of the things that we want to talk about. Okay good night. Everybody huge covering you come at this with such a different experience than your we. Robin Robin was bringing this up to me earlier. And I'll let Robin say the the whole divide. That happens between these young kids coming out today. Verse Somebody who came out. It's the reimburse the rainbows have ruined us. I was gay. Bars are almost gone until you mentioned uncle. Charles Charles some Charlie's but I think there's like one lesbian bar in the Henrietta Zillow. Henrietta is still there one in Brooklyn still. They're having holes there meow. Mix is gone. You know there are more gay friendly places than gay places rely Bars Robin. You say this a lot too. It's like the all the kids. Just go hang out now like it doesn't matter what you are as it uses it or is because they don't need to How sad is that? They don't need to fight like you mentioned this. We're just going to basically be your parents to this in the book. But they like we. I remember like and I make this joke but I really mean it like trying to bring up like softball or Melissa Ethridge or some kind of something to just be like a nod and a wink. Couldn't just open an like they. H- they because of that. They don't need those experiences. I think they do. I mean look. I'm using the wrong word. They are not having them and they're not cognizant of free. You know what the parallel I think is is I. Think of the millennials who are I had no money came out of college. I think I had one hundred dollars in my bank account. I had no safety net. No parents could help me and me and my best friend from college lived in deep in Brooklyn when no one was living in Brooklyn Eating Rama noodles drinking beer in the apartment. Because we couldn't afford to drink once we got to the Bar. And the millennials are missing that. They're missing like that like they need like. That's where I grew. That's where I became an adult. I think it also communities really important and I think it's great all these kids who say I'm I'm not straight or gay I'm ear or You know open. All those words to describe feelings are great. But where's the word us? I'm part of this community. That is really important. And they're not getting. These experiences of being in the majority in anywhere in the gay bars is where I found that. And I think it's important to have a sense of community because Not only to understand the power of being gay. The power of otherness and how being gay is all about creativity in exuberant said has an extra has extraordinary people in our community but also there is a war being waged on us and we have to fight back. This young community has to do we do did act up in fight back and so I wanNA make sure that all of their openness is still making them part of our community to fight back right you talk about your identity as a gay man in a in a unique way. I have not really heard spoken much at all and I'm just I just want to read what you wrote. So you say being gay is the most important thing about me. I have heard all the damaging delusions. Gay doesn't define me as just a part of me just happen to be gay. These are dismissals rendering gays incidental merely matter of Fox merely mad better fox merely a matter of fact. I'm definitely met him. It's just and then you go on and you go on and explain how being gay is just the most important part of your identity and I have never heard anybody say that and I just find it really interesting so pleased think partly because we're taught to diminish ourselves all the time so we've got into this place where our liberation to our cells feels like saying we'll be engaged. Not a big deal. That seems to be the best possible place we can be and I don't want to celebrate being gay just one day at the end of June being gay is the most important thing about me and informs everything about me in every part of my day all day long and I'm not going to diminish myself for anybody think about what we all go through as lgbtq people where Marvel's we disappoint. Our parents were at battle with our government where stigmatized by religions. We are bullied in our childhoods. Where raced in our classrooms. We've survived a plague and still we rise. Come out and say this is me. That is the spirit of an extraordinary species of people. That's how we should be talking about ourselves. That's how we should be treating ourselves and that's what I'm hoping to do with this book right when you put it that way. It feels like it feels like what you're saying is we can't forget our history because we are considered by some many. I guess that's debatable. As it's more acceptable now so we don't say citizens you know one of the things. I'm finding as I go around and talk about my book is. I think it's going to be harder for my son to come out in twenty twenty minute was for me. Nineteen eighty-three your son doesn't think that though he thinks it's no big deal. There are over a hundred anti lgbt bills in state legislatures over thirty states. All have them. There is an epidemic of transgender women. Mostly women of color being murdered. The trump administration has argued in the Supreme Court. That it's okay to be fired for being that gay people should be able to not have families They're letting states that get federal funding for their foster care deny lgbtq families to foster and adopt. There is a war going on. And as I said I think the rainbows love. His love has lulled us. All the visibility is a veneer. It hasn't made us safer or whole you talk about that a lot in your book about how be a big part of being gay is protesting and fighting in and I agree. I do believe a lot of that is lost. Don't you think it's not just lost on Gay Youth? But it's like youth like in general. Well they're no not necessarily fighting the way that everyone was fighting. Well I think look I think. Social media is an extraordinary way to get out and idea into to quickly get a group of people together but then putting a rainbow on tweet or A. Instagram is not protesting night when my first act as a gay person was marching to try to get the government to combat AIDS back when I was younger. The Pride Day was marches. They were not parades now. There it's a parade and the colors are a blindingly positive. Yeah that's just corporations advertisement this and you do say. It is wonderful to see that last June fiftieth anniversary of stonewall there were two To events there was queer march in the morning. That was more fist than flags and there was angry. Chance and there was a dying and in the afternoon was the parade and corporations and lots of rainbows and I think both together Tell a more a better story than just that one. Yeah so what would be. I'm trying to figure out how to assess but like what would be what you would want from your son. Like for him to say or to embody that it would feel like he was coming up from from. What your your letters does that. Yeah I think partly I want his liberation not to be to diminish it not to say when we finally got our rights. When we're finally safe to say well being gays not a big deal. I would like him to understand how important it is to be gay. It's how you love. It's how your loved Italian governed. Italian politic it dictates which states you can have a family at dictates which laws pertain to which laws. Don't it dictates when you can hold the person who loves hand and when you don't feel safe enough to kiss them goodbye. It's really important and I want him to understand that. How daily important is I? Don't know about you guys. But we didn't politicize him when he was little. We didn't. We wanted him to feel safe right so we never let him know how and how careful we had to be right because we wanted him not to be scared. That was something I wanted to ask you about. You say that in the book about how you kind of sheltered him from the fact that you made sure you chose vacations that were would definitely be gay friendly and welcoming to the family and everything notice citing his Jordan. Goodbye on the subway. Dropped him off at work or that. I was always looking around when we were in the supermarket. And he would call out daddy or Daddy Jordan just because you have to be aware as a gay person in America you have to be alert and he was not aware that we traveled everywhere with his birth certificate. And you know I will tell you in two thousand sixteen when our baby was born and then after trump was elected our lawyer called us and said I know that your names are on the birth certificate. Now get comparison. Yes yeah we're getting ready to go to the Dominican in a week and I I every time I go to another country. I think you know okay. I was just GonNa be the moment where they're like. Why do you have a king size bed or all that like like and I have that hesitation but I mean this is this is the only part I struggle with? What you're saying is like don't you think it's good that he doesn't have that baggage will now that he's gay? I know but I'm saying like He. He doesn't have that KNEE JERK. Reaction like like the like. I will have on the subway still to this day like it like. I'll think if Mary goes to hold my hand or something I'll be like I look around and see us on the train all those things not having that knee jerk reaction doesn't mean he's more safe right. I mean he's he's he's the same unsafe but at least he doesn't have the the bad feelings hurt at the time. What I think of it a little differently. I think he doesn't have the Gay Guard in protection. Wear of when he has to be careful right like you say in your book. He's going to go out into the world now as a gay man. He's going to go away to college. He's going to be a different towns and with different people who don't who didn't come grow up with the same sensibilities that he did around the LGBTQ world who have judgments on the Q. World. He's going to be having sex with men who have a lot of shame over the fact that they're gay he doesn't have that guard up. He hasn't thought that through isn't really interesting. Take that I would have never thought about. The sex part is really where I've talked a lot about With him and talk about in the book when I came to New York and I was seventeen and we were all experimenting with each other. I didn't know anything and the first guy that I had sex with before I sat up in the bet broke up with me. Because he said we shouldn't be doing this Shameful the second guy. had sex with told me he was straight then leaned in and me we had this feverish a few weeks affair and then he said to me. I'm straight. I didn't know it seventeen that I couldn't save him from his the Har- he had learned a third guy after intercourse. One night punched me said. How could you have done that? He was so angry at having enjoyed sex with a man. So what I talk about in the book and I've said to my son is you won't know where in the young person's journey they are when you have sex with them. They could be closeted. They could have been bullied. They could have been abused. They could be self loathing. You have to take care with them and be good to them because of the world we're in we are still in a Hetero normative world and I have to say when I was reading that Chapter I had my initial thought was like Oh my God. He's he's talking he's talking about with his kidneys sex with his kid. There's unless you know and then I had to check myself. I had to check myself and then I realized that about gay. I don't I'm not like I don't want my parents will dead but I don't want them to talk about sex with me periods. How much more important is it? That the fact that you're a gay man and you're talking about your sex life with your son like it's like it's like oh it's a beautiful thing but it is an absolute blessing right. I get that opportunity to give him. What most of our LGBTQ youth don't get less than seven percent of them get inclusive sex. Ed Big big nothing. You're appealing back the curtain right now into a man's sex life which I know nothing about how video I mean. I seem like a man when you said that about sex education. A light bulb went off in my head. Like Oh my God no we have no gay sex. I thought it was interesting when you said that you told him like both ways when you told them about sex because you weren't sure his orientation. I was like that I was like what we wanted to. We told them about all types of sex because we want to give primacy of one over the other. It's amazing never occurred. Either one of us like yeah. I like I literally was thinking about how I got. A book knows about straight sex. I mean I think there was some mention when I think I would. You know some. Sometimes you're with a woman sometimes. Your man daughter's sick so I haven't really gone. You know everybody says to me. How could you talk to your son? So openly about sex is like my parents are going to read this. That's why I was much more worried about them at my son. And you reveal some stuff about the good stuff that you did back in the day you had some fun so you know the thing about writing and I think every parent should write a letter to their child before they set off. You don't have to have other people read it like I think. He gave me permission before but since it was a letter. I couldn't smooth things out. I couldn't edit things out It would have been worthless to him if he did that and I wanted him to know how extraordinary it is to be a gay man. But also how harrowing it can be and you can have both existed at the same time and I wanted to help him. Understand had a managed to Howard part and take full advantage of the extraordinary part while he's He's got an unlike most of us who come out as gay. He's got two three four guides who have done it and who have created beautiful lives with those identities so like he's he's pretty lucky he needs to take advantage of it. What's his reaction to the books? So I gave it to him just as he started college so he resents. Sanded assigned escalates and Plato. And I gave him my book and I've been put aside until he has he gets His reading for college done so. I'm hoping this summer he'll take but you know we. We have dinner when he was in high school. We had dinner. Every night is family and so these ideas won't be necessarily all nude in a lot of what I did as a young person and all the sex stuff will be news to him and a lot of my experience during the AIDS. Epidemic will be new to him. Because I didn't know when the right time to talk about a plague with your child is an so that will all I left it for the book and You you lived through the AIDS epidemic. Was off really really powerful. When I was twenty two I was at a funeral every weekend and You know I talk in the book about how my parents are elderly now and they go to. Doctors Appointments Funerals. My friends did that in Our twenties yeah. I grew up in San Francisco and so they were really Our sex education in middle school was like AIDS AIDS AIDS condoms on AIDS the signs that you have HIV you know that was even before we said HIV before you know it was still. They didn't even know that much but I was so scared that I had aids. You know but that was my sex. Education was just all about AIDS so I have this fear you about the the fear you have that is wrapped up in sacks. I have it too just because it was ingrained in me as a child. Sex leads to AIDS. Yeah no I never have sex without thinking about death even now even married. That's deep was Rosie O'Donnell more fun than there was no she. She got very very places like deep she got very deep talking about you know her her ex who who died and like all the all that she went through and we both said to her that. I you know her life because you know her from TV but when you hear it when you hear someone's journey beginning to and it's very powerful. I mean one of the things I wanted to do with the book and I had to be so honest and vulnerable is I never want to Jackson to think I was fully formed at any point. I didn't want him to think I knew everything his whole life. He's known things. I was good at things. I was not good at things. I was challenged by obstacles that I've had so I think that's the way to help. A child. Not Hide any challenges or obstacles. They have if you don't hide yours and if you don't make them feel like your perfect so they have to be perfect. They're gonNA be much more accepting of their own challenges and of their own vulnerabilities. Yeah that's great lesson. I have one more thing I want to bring up. You talk about and I love this the power that words have the ones you choose to use the ones you choose to think and you have an interesting take on. The power of being openly. Gay People saying like a person in the media is openly. Gay that's an openly gay person. I dislike it immensely deal. Yes so my feeling about when we read or hear journalists talk about maybe somebody running for President United States or actors or journalists. Who WERE GAY? They always call them openly gay and that to me. Sounds like they're saying that person is not ashamed enough. They have the audacity to be openly gay and not to be hiding it and I think it is a wink that they think being gay is still shameful and they put openly in front of it to say. We're not using that slur I they've said it for. They're not in the norm they are. The norm is to be hidden right that they are being way too. Daesh by not hiding really interesting. It got me thinking why not just say. I mean I think they should just say gay Openly as bears. They've put it on us and I think it's a noxious term interesting There's there's just so much in the book that just makes you stop. Think about what whether you believe it to be true or not true but to really think about it and give it another another thought through. Yeah Eddie Your Book Made. Yeah definitely made me think. Yeah Gay is an identity. And how much of my identity do I feel as gay? Yeah you got me thinking it's real. It's a brave buck really. Well thank you so much for coming in. I hadn't best time so great. Tell everyone to get Gaelic me. A father rights to his son by Richie Jackson Jackson. And where can they get? The book is available wherever books are sold like that answer supposed to ask. Thank you so much so nice. Aspirin time great. Everybody go out and ride this book because it's a good read thank you. That was I mean. He's that was thought provoking Very very I'm really really thinking about things. He he challenged me on a few things in but personally to think things through differently than what I thought I was just his takes on things for just even reading. His book made me really link? Wait how do I feel about this? I never thought about it that way so intimate. I just love that chat. It was just so great. I feel like he's a good guy. I can't believe he has a baby. Anna Oh my God and an eighteen year old. How his life? I I don't know. Do you feel like Richie and his husband. Jordan might be the ones to invite us over for dinner. I think I think we might be. I think you're just hold out. Hope for some somebody son bodies somebody. Maybe it'd be. Maybe his publicist will invite us over. It doesn't have to be rich in Jordan although I prefer Ritchie Jordan of me to Move Oh God He is well jaime singing. Can we keep this conversation going? Join US on. Social Jamie Sinclair. Sometimes ovaries talk on twitter over his underscore talk if these over his could talk on facebook. Join our community there and you can talk to other listeners. Also you can join our community and Patriot. Patriot dot com slash overstock for bonus content. Like maybe this week. We'll put up something of you sing with want to join acting sing for every action. Everyone's like no. I like this one was fun. Don't do it again. Off To our sponsors. You'll go sleep and better help. I mean seriously. You're helping Jimmy get better and she needs it so thank you for helping us. Make the show possible wing. Thank you could say I set greg. Say OVER HIS JAY. Tote pivot stay.

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Episode 291  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom LIVE

The Flop House Podcast

1:21:51 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 291 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom LIVE

"On this episode of the podcast we discuss jurassic world fallen kingdom live from irwin kalo. Hey uh-huh hey everyone welcome to the flop house. I'm dan emiko roy. I'm stuart wellington and i'm elliot kaylynn and we are yup. We don't normally do it that way but that's fine now. We're doing this from a special location. That might be a little bit of surprise to anyone who didn't listen to the opening go on on we're at college in richmond indiana where dan and stewart i met as we leads to tiny. Little guys was two two years less tiny now. I believe the story. Is that dan you were the president of the nerd frat and stewart. You're the president of the party frat and i wasn't the president so much as like the guy that kept chained in the basement and pulled out only for special events. There are no greek houses on this campus but <hes> uh there's no there were definitely some freak houses. That was cool yeah so we'll we'll stop doing early specific civic chatter and we'll get into a we actually on this podcast which is all business when he's alone he wants to look professional in front of his former college student student colleagues and i have to the audience assumed crusty dean that was always mad at you feel like i feel like dan's wardrobe has been auditioning reasoning for like a college professor job long yet judging by your wardrobe dan. I think you work here yeah. Every every time you look in the mirror like a wonderboy or the listener at home i have a cardigan and a high of cardigan and a tie so dan what we do on this podcast other than make fun of you know that's it we watch a bad movie and then we talk about it. In in this case we watched as we said in the intro jurassic world fallen kingdom sequel to jurassic world the kingdom's doing okay and of course there was the prequel jurassic wrestling world building a kingdom we just dive into this and we might not even seen the first one though right well neither either view. Neither of us are the original draft which i know as a dinosaur boy. That's an issue and i wish i had seen it. Is that how you identify dinosaur wisit dinosaur boy tarzan boy. I mean i don't i don't like labels on the spectrum. I guess that's where i fall. I have dinosaur boy tendencies. Okay now dress world dressing park of course as regular listeners know was a very important movie to me. It's how i date. All human history is that nineteen ninety three for me is the year one j._p. And every year before that is dated as b._j._p. Regressive part and every year after that is a._j. After drastic arc so you'd think i would have gone to c. jurassic world but for some reason it just didn't seem to have the same magic. Let's roll fallen. Kingdom recaptures that that magic being a questionable grasp of how dna works we begin at the site of the doomed jurassic park and then also doomed. I'm dressing world theme parks. That's why we're all the first one is was so dumb to me that they were like. Hey remember that theme park that never opened because everyone got eaten leads open avenue and we'll put it in the same place so run is lavar guys. Regular joes were inside a submersible bathysphere. The arizona what you're thinking as stewart's that were watching it. James cameron is involved that loves undersea exploration and they are looking at an underwater site where they find the skeleton of dominance ominous wrecks the super dinosaur from the last movie and they take its tooth in a scene that involves a c._g._i. Saw cutting into a c._g._i. To it really bothered thirties yeah i think i think it was all c._g._i. And it's like saws and teeth both exists later on in the movie we learned that the tooth collection part of the film is not for d._n._a. Purposes but the guy who's in charge of the mission wants to make a tooth necklace. I mean i don't understand how this giant tooth. There's gonna figure into that is the centerpiece you're talking about the you're talking about the star of monk ted living of course plays and evil guy who likes to collect body parts which he has done in the past other movies like silence of the lambs so you're saying it fits that fits the contract movie but i have to collect some kind of body part. I have to throw to tell a dinosaur to put lotion on at some point okay. We're we're not there yet. They take this and then instantly the idiot who is monitoring them almost gets eaten by a t rex and then when he escapes gets eaten by a super moses sore that leaps out of the ocean and just bites off dangling helicopter ladder guys it should be thrilling but for some reason that it wasn't quite this is also the first of many scenes where the transfer strikes does something and then roars immediately afterwards and it seems to have done the thing just so it could earn a roar moments like grandstanding very dramatic dinosaur like yeah. This is yeah. This is the t. rex version of dabbing which is a callback to something that happened before the show started. What is this letterman. Why are we call him back for the show started. Let him do that a lot anyway. Okay forget it boy to b._b._c. World news. I was like hold on a second. Did i change the channel no because they're reporting underestimate bark. There's an an active volcano on islam. New blurb expected to kill all the leftover dinosaurs from jurassic world theme park. This has so angered animal rights activists that the senate actually calls a special session in to see if they're going to deal with it which is crazy like the senate will not calling a special session. If americans are killed a volcano is gonna kill some dinosaurs and already extinct form of life and they're going to like the thing that they missed out as we don't get to see like a really rowdy written tuten texas senator be like i'm. I'm not gonna spend american tax dollars. Bringing the jonah lizards back to america like which is what i wanted to see i imagine actually the texan being like there originally going to turn into oil so we gotta say these dinosaurs and this is the first this the sets up the major conflict in the movie which is we'll talk about it more as the movie goes. The description goes on. I'm sure but the movie doesn't seem to know what we're supposed post to make up dinosaurs whether they're good or bad movies like we gotta save these creatures before they get distinct but then also wants to have the thrill is having dinosaurs relentlessly killing hume yes but they mainly kill bad guys because m- dinosaurs have an inherent moral sense it is true. There's a part of me. That's like you know what dinosaurs had a great run. They were the leading speech. Ducks not speeches leading life form for like a hundred and fifty million years then they got knocked out by that meteor now. They're going to get knocked. Ah volcano. Maybe dinosaurs are just not sustainable. I hate to break it. They had their shot but who else says that but testifying before the senate for reasons reasons. I'm not quite sure of dr ian malcolm jeff goldblum. It's because it's jeff. Goldblum wanted some money. They're like we need to who's an expert on dinosaurs. Get me a chaos theory mathematician. Nobody holds the respect of the deliberative body of the senate better than chaos theory mathematician. Tell us how do we balance the budget without cutting entitlements well all life is destined to end all right so in malcolm has a kind of word soup gobbledygook about how we've messed with the natural order and change is like death and i don't know he goes changes like death. You don't know it until you're right there. It's like well. We know it is that happens but i guess he means what happens. Afterwards okay then we get into the real meat jeff goldblum it really functions as a book end the movie more than anything else where where we introduced to bryce dallas howard claire from the first movie in the first movie she was. I don't know what i didn't see. It was like the operations manager. Take the park. I don't know i don't have the tree of the organizational free in front of me. Chart she entered to sidekicks fix the sassy lady doctor zia and the very nerdy and irritating computer scientist franklin the two of whom. I'm not sure why they're working for her. They are lobbying to save the dinosaurs dinosaurs but the senate says we're not gonna do anything. Luckily they get called into a last ditch effort by lockwood whose name i don't i name i don't remember laid by james elena wheelchair the elderly former partner of john hammond the man who founded jurassic park and lockwood is like john and i were always planning to create a nature refuge for these animals. I'm also humans could leave him alone and it's like did you see the first movie dude like he wanted to monetize the shit out of those dinosaurs partner. Why did he never mention this ret conning adding to the level of like i kind of thought that they would put in scenes with original jet traffic park and then spent like james cromwell over rich. Hey i'm here to welcome to jurassic park in john crowds goes. I welcome you to this scene. We had to make james cromwell. Oh extra tall so he could step over the dinosaurs to this is the one where james cromwell's shoots. I yeah so anyway his assistant mills who you can intel's a bad guy because right off the bat. That's what he is. He says hey we need you and chris pine chris pratt. I keep getting a mixed. I keep getting a mix up because they're both handsome men one of them. I am getting a little tired of and the other one. I can never get enough of. I'll let you decide which is which maybe the one i like has piercing piercing frozen blue eyes so they have to they say they say claire go with chris pratt back to the islands to catch blew the velociraptor that he trained from the first movie and they're like okay. I need a little bit about this. Rapture and here's the most important thing to remember is blue dabo di da di. I don't know lives in a blue house. Drives blue card cetera clear seems to take this as like oh. I have a plus you for this trip and brings zero and franklin with her and chris pratt owen is. I is not going to go but then he goes. We also learned that. Lockwood has a granddaughter maisy. Who's a real rascal bill so at the islands are heroes get there and they meet can wheatley levin the hunter of dinosaurs. Who's the head of the hunting poaching recapture operation. He instantly rubs him the wrong way and the rubs you the wrong way. The most trustworthy actor go collects teeth for uh and they in a shockingly a diminishing returns retread of the great moment from the first movie. They see a big pot walk by and one of the people who's never seen on. It's like oh has a moment of all and everyone else's like seeing dinosaur. Letsmove okay guys. Did you feel like it for moment. I'm it recaptured the magic of the original aggressive when we really felt like we were seeing dinosaurs in front of us for the first time no not a hard question okay. I'm asking you to tell tell me your personal feeling about something you saw today i mean it's a little different also between watching it on the big screen and i was just a little boy then you know and now i'm a big boy and i was watching the computer. I also didn't have like i mean you elliot. I was not like a dinosaur. I was not a dinosaur nut growing up and so i saw your more more of a chock cross. No i saw it and i was just like okay. That's cool special effects. I wasn't like oh my lifelong desire to see dinosaurs fully realized has come to. I remember when the local zoo in fort wayne indiana i can't children's who had had this exhibit that was just just a bunch of animatronic dinosaurs and i could never have been more excited about anything else in my life is ari honey. I know our wedding was really important but those animatronic dinosaurs there's we i spent so much time tracking down any place in the tri-state area that i could see animatronic dinosaurs all they did was move to different ways and roar like mom dad you gotta take me to see this like well. Can you just get into the grateful dead or something. Nope nope dinosaurs. It is the only only you wanna see are those dead dinosaurs and i'm not grateful there that i wish there was still alive so they get to the island and they split up into teams. Disclaimer and franklin are going to reese are going to bring the systems back online for some reason. I don't remember and this part dan. I think you mentioned that you heard it. Better me that that the batteries still work because they work off of body heat somehow yes. They've got tracking batteries that work off the energy of the dinosaur. This is not the strangest made up science in the movie and meanwhile owen and zia go and they find blue she's still blue w die and but she's wearing a first and she's about to reconnect with him. When the hunters shooter with a trank dart she flips out and attacks hunters and they shoot it with a pistol and owens like what and they trank owen and then for some reason zia picks up a pistol and says you need me to keep this dinosaur live and then they hold right gunpoint okay then you're coming with us to keep the dinosaur live and i'm like why did you pick that got up. I don't understand what were you hoping to accomplish. I don't know why are we going to be. I'm nazeer. I've never been in our chia dan. I've never been on dinosaur island in my life. Story checks out so nope seems like these these bad guys are not on the up and up is what i'm saying. The volcano starts ab- ruined a balloon and clear and franklin get locked into the headquarters and franklin yells out the immortal borderline. Why am i here which is a good question. He adds nothing to the film. Meanwhile chris pratt is knocked out but he just woken up when i think it's a central source type of ceratops asean licks his face as if to say hey buddy lavas coming better get up and there's a stream of hot lava inches from his body and he reacts much in the way you you would if a hot bowl of popcorn was near you like doesn't seem to be that concerned about the movie star wars revenge the sin when antigen with his legs and arms shorn from his body lies just mere inches from the lava only to immediately burst into plane because it super fucking hot to be that close to love crip crypt chris brad spotty on. Why is that cool yeah. He's trained. I mean there is a reason why he's not really the tranquilizer is is keeping his clothes from bursting into flame close or so sleazy hammer blows your blood down. It makes sense. It makes sense and let me tell you. There's nothing more flammable than pajamas dan when we sleep. I'm not saying that the trump is somehow alaba dispelling force. I was like back you were saying he didn't react that much drags himself behind a log which which for some reason that is the one thing definitely stops the lava most most employees to burn yeah and he pulled himself on that log that i always seem to find what i'm looking for good firewood. I mean yeah if you're if you're asking me the top two things about. Would i be like one number one. Is you burn things with it. What's the number two makes a nice house. Air point wolves from blowing it down yeah. Oh no. It doesn't blow that one day that builds were technically sticks. I don't think that's would though you just stack sticks. Come on who lives like that unless they built a house out of the band sticks and the wolf is just blowing dennis deyoung out of the way i was angry that joke until you were able to pull one of the members of sticks out of your brand one of my dad's favorite bands whose instincts okay anyway. I don't know who's in my dad's favorite bands it. Does anyone know who's in the manhattan. Transfer your dad or something to talk about thanksgiving this year. Well daniel. Let me tell you the legends of the manhattan transfer her so lava is pouring into the command from a. I think it's a berry onyx. Were may be the atro- don but it's pretty big dinosaur. Jason's it runs in and chasing them around around in circles. Franklin who is a person of color is like i'm so scared and i was like should i be offended that the person of color is the cowardly person much like an old movies where the color was always afraid of ghosts and didn't want to go into rooms and stuff or my being too sensitive jeff. Dan still your people who've lived that life. I can't answer that i would go. Check the check the internet okay. I'll see what the internet things. The important thing is they escape but the mountain is collapsing causing causing dinosaur stampede owen has managed to run exactly to where they are one of many coincidences in the film and it's a shot. That's like a clear callback to raiders law star star yeah when he's running over that hill so much that i'm sure i can't wait to show steven this and he liked looks up from his ipad briefly and then left back down. He's like that's fine and that stevens like what yeah sure like in your movie. What movie the indiana jones movie crystal skull. Thank you know steven the other one young idiom jones chronicles that was george. George thing wasn't involved in that stephen. Do you remember any of the movies you made yeah. I did that one. We're tom hanks. Freeze the guy from russia or whatever so your version convent's. Steven spielberg is an idiot. No he is an older man with a rich body of work and i cannot expect him to remember every shot from every one of his movements. Maybe maybe his ball camps on a little too tight and yeah like steve. Steven movie made about the alien crystal skull yeah whatever so they find one of those big plexiglas legalize balls from the first movie that people ride around in and i assume ram into dinosaurs had but then a coronado source which is a little t. rex with horns on his head. He's just started yelling elon atom like get off my lawn and then that one of those central sources the serotypes comes over and they fight and then a t. rex comes over and beat up the chorus and kills it and then just walk off and it's like why did you do that serena source and kills it just to do that does again and then he used to like push the ball down like we've. We've got a great time so you guys later. Renaissance is like when when it's like if when like someone like vin diesel shows up for a cameo role in the sequel to fast and furious sequel more four. He's a big star in it again and it's like hey remember me and then walks off again at this point. The toronto sources job is just to show up and eat another dinosaur dinosaur killer because it happened in the park also happened in jurassic world and it's like what what what what don't you like eating humans like i don't understand unwired stepping in and every he's a friend of all children. I don't know i mean in a way. Humans are the ones who are making the dinosaurs so why would he kill the human. You're saying he knows what side is. Bread is buttered ranchers rex's us the secret. Love buttered bread now like a bunch of mercy parents in the audience the mercy watson awesome books. I don't need the car all right. I'll be bad. I do need more lipids so anyway. They're rolling in that so owen. Win can't get into the ball in time but claire and frankly they roll off a cliff into water now. The ball is filling with water now. It looks like he's got the good deal because he just went around. He manages to pry it open with a knife before they drown in this whole thing. The ball filling up is done as if it's one shot in one take. It's not because it's lots of computer stuff but it's done as if you're seeing it happen in real time mm-hmm which is kind of a neat idea but it doesn't quite work. It's all right. It's all right anyway. The bad guys meanwhile just caging the dinosaurs and putting them onto boats because here's the thing addressing park wants us to remember dinosaurs dinosaurs are unstoppable killing machines until the plot needs them to be at the mercy of humans in which case they become so docile that they can't do anything. There's a dinosaur to ropes around. His neck and two guys are pulling. It and it's like can't get loose and it's like come on. This is crazy easy. Your neck is stronger than forty human beings or something like that anyway wheatley meanwhile the bad guy hunter he's just walking around pulling teeth at dinosaurs mouths terrible and as dan said y'all assumed it was for d._n._a. Purposes but later on he just goes this will look at that my necklace you can't which says to a dinosaur and you can't fault a man knowing how to accessorize but it's like my mom always said before you go out look in the mirror. Take one dinosaur tooth off your necklace in the beginning of the movie the dominance rex owen clear and franklin they steal a truck and managed to out race the lava and jump off of doc into the cargo ship. Nobody notices that they do this. Even though everyone is watching out of the back of the ship as clouds and gulf sad soro pot is it bellows its last before it disappears into sofer. Dust guys is pretty sad right well. I mean you know that guy's life story yeah uh maybe or maybe he can be evil like that. Old couple and titanic hold each other as the room fills up with water so that's people you didn't know that oh yeah did you miss in the credits. They're listed as hitler's parents and icebergs icebergs not so fast for a better world in smashes into the titanic. Uh we cut back to the mainland northern california where in lockwood house toby jones who's apparently an agent who he works as a buyer for dinosaurs. He is a great performer. I mean he's the most fun person in the movie before you say works as a buyer dinosaurs as if like that was his job like the whole like it's obvious around this whole life he's like he was waiting around for dna data technology to get to a certain point and he's like oh. I gotta study being a buyer predominant because some day the job he was sitting in his office and it's just like looking at his budget. He's been in the red. He's bankrupt so much money and he's about to he's about to pick up the phone and call the plant and say guys shudder down when suddenly he sees on the tv. Dinosaurs are escaping from jurassic world and he went those hold the phone yeah and he calls home and he goes honey. We're having steak tonight. He's he's another side character in this movie where they clearly ask them what their actual. Whoa accent is. They're like oh. You're english. Will you're doing an american accent. You're american not a bad toby. Jones like how can i sound like. I have five times as many eighteen months that he's like <hes> so toby jones is he arranges for people he he <hes> he's really an auctioneers with turns out and they brought him there to auction off dinosaurs to rich people and he's like my clients won't wait mills. The assistant is like it's gonna take another day and he's like my clients won't wait another day. It's like how entitled are these rich people. They can't one more one more day to own a dinosaur like what are you gonna. Take your business somewhere else yeah. It's taking too long. I guess i'm just going to own a komodo dragon. You don't think nick cage liotta caviar just sitting waiting for the moment to bid on a dinosaur saw mills goes away. Don't go we're we're selling the dinosaurs to raise money for a bigger project and he takes him down to the evil laboratory in lockwood. 's home in basements where it says we have combined the power of the dominance rex with the training of the raptor that owen proved to make the indo raptor a super soldier dinosaur and maisy over. Here's them saying all this now. We'll get into later the issues with a so super soldier dinosaur because our heroes are too busy creeping around this cargo ship never been noticed by anybody. She's wearing a baseball cap man and there's a point where this is putting his i did where franklin is caught by another guy and he's like hey. Do you work here. Come help me with this thing like <hes> yeah. I guess anyone you never saw before is just part part of the crewmen was i guess you didn't notice them any more likely assumption than like stowaway from burning island well. He doesn't look like tiny souris. He's probably cool fair point. I mean they do know that. They left a bunch of other people to die on the island they did. It's like all wheatly is here's pictures of four people. We left on the island to die. I if you see any of them on the ship. Kill them on sight. I guess you figured out how long this trip was supposed to be. I'll get to that because i uh-huh uh-huh blue is losing blood fast. They've got they've got to get a blood transfusion but are they going to get dinosaur blood. If you guessed from a sleeping renaissance rex you must have seen the movie already already. They've gotta get some blood from sleeping transfers rex then trent then put it in the veins this raptor a sentence which sounds so much cooler than the scene as it appears in the movie now guys. I'm not gonna lie to you if you said to me. There's a little bit of dino surgery. In this movie. I would have said sign me up a thousand percent and yet doc. It's really more about the emotions between chris pratt and blue because while they're doing that maisy has snuck into the laboratory and is watching chris pratt's old journal videos of of training blue for which he also did to the camera confessionals narrating. The music is like tom your life by green bay. I mean like reporting the reporting. The results is not so weird. What's weird is like someone went back and cut them in two scenes him like hanging out with the dinosaur. It's an episode. The officers family like this is the modern family where they train dinosaurs being pretty charitable at the office. I mean i guess modern family's a big headache. It's a huge hit because people love shows where we're a family is mean to each other for twenty minutes and then at the end. They're like what we love each other because we're a family that's modern family guys hey to bring it to you. That family is very mean into each life. I watched it and that was a big fan of it and i started being like these people really arguing yellow each other a lot like my family doesn't do that. Are we appre modern family or even a post modern family family because then what does family mean. I like to think of us as kind of a family and there's a lot of meanness. That goes on yeah but we're like brothers. You're not like my children. I wouldn't yell at you. Make fun of you and the words of vincent diesel. We're not friends. He said an olive garden commercial advertising takeout is called too fast breadsticks. Okay guys is also. There's a big reveal here where we're maisy over. Here's mills arguing with somebody and it's b. D. wong the scientists from the other movies and this is presented kind of if we're supposed to be shocked that involved it's like i don't know he brought back the rest of the cast. Why not go ahead sure claire wakes up cuddled up next to chris pratt but he doesn't notice noticed and she moves real quick because they used to have relationship and there's a moment where wheatley call a nasty woman which i felt i don't need politics jared my dinosaur movie. Thank you very much and the dinosaurs are being taken to lockwood house in northern california and now dan. This is where i said hold on a second is lavar. It's off the coast of costa rica the western coast yes for the coastal costa rica. How long would it take a cargo trawler. Trawler shift not a fishing boat how long will take cargo ship to get from costa rica to northern california -fornia so i plugged it into my computer box phone box that i carry with me and it would take to the matrix eject into the mainframe dietrich's johnny pneumonic this and i asked lawnmower on marmon. Hey how long would it take a cargo ship to get from costa rica to say san francisco and it said it will add a good clip. It would take six days. So are we to believe. They have been sleeping for six six days. Where did they spend six days. Starving perhaps eating dead dinosaur and then what playing like mother may i your life in some scenes in the mess hall where they pretend that they were like goons or dinosaurs dinosaurs hungry. You mean food please. They're eating. That's not that crazy. Bryce dallas howard unhinges changes her jaw as ago now that movie okay. The dinosaurs are taken to the basement lockwood house lockwood. I don't think he's really aware that this this entire sub basement basement laboratory then he we're supposed to believe that he's unaware of the evil scheme that is unfolding beneath it eh telling him it was like faultlines or something underneath the castle while they're building. They're building a better call saul style. They're making a secret right not not for me. I don't watch that show anyway. I don't have the time it's a good show. It's not like i'm saying it's a bad show. <hes> lockwood is like mills. I don't like what you're doing and mills smothers others him with a pillow to death. That's one way of quitting your job. Wake what you're doing. Call the police. Turn yourself yeah yeah. He says it'll go better for you. If you tell the police story it's like we'll it partly because one of his kidnapping shore of the other crime is like i guess illegal transport of dinosaurs overboard without a license or something and you know agenda lawyer. The judge is going to look the law book. Go all allow it and that dog can play basketball aw give me a very coy look. Dan was gonna say something now our our heroes jump into a truck and rejoined the convoy. They finally get caught in a scene where wheatly is for some reason strangely out of breath when he arrests them like he just ran a mile to get to them. Yeah i like to believe that chris pratt and bryce taylor our the truck driving is the one that he was supposed to be driving so he was just like we're up behind them for like five five miles is here's here's my question that started this and all these rich buyers start showing up in limousines. Oh and i'm sorry i forgot to mention that mills knows that mazembe sneaking around locks her into a room she escapes out a window after wasting a lot of time using a wire hanger pick her doors lock and then seeing their armed guards in the hallway and then going out the window and it's like you could have just shown going out the window. We didn't that whole scene. The rich buyers start showing up. We've got pharmaceuticals guys because who knows what wonder drugs are lying inside of a dinosaur's body. I'm guessing none but who knows what. What special properties do they have. There's arms dealers dictators and here's my question a lot of it. I assume is you wanna buy dinosaurs. We'll get to that. I guess because the important thing is maisy. She gets out of her room. She finds a grandpa and grandpa. There's trouble but he's dead and she takes his mystery book that he's been holding the whole time and meanwhile in the dungeon owen uses a paki settlers to smash through the wall of their cell like the kool-aid mana soroush several sources the one that has a bone dome on its head so i can head but everybody is the one everyone assumed was an herb of war but as of this taping they recently found a jaw that had sharp teeth on it so maybe it was a carnival or omnivore very exciting in pakistan. Are you trying to get like diploma paleontology. I just wanna show trauma. The reason science and discovery deemed comes in here elliott. You're an honorary graduate valley of irwin for. I don't know dinosaurs stomach. It says dinosaurs stuff. I'll take it. I don't know so they get out and that pakistan resources like the he was whistling to get. It's come in the dancers like what. What did you want me for. What you've done with me now that i helped you. What do i get these things that song. What do i get the buzzcocks a great so contemporary reference so so meanwhile the auction's going on selling dinosaurs left and right the room looks like the kind of place as we're blade would show up and just start shopping and it's like a runway catwalk that they slide cages of dinosaurs out to blade room in toby. Jones is really as you mentioned. He's really struggling with that accent to pronounce those dinosaur names. I feel like you have to make the decision between pronouncing the names properly or going with the accent and he's boy. I worked five days. I wish this thing i kind of like a crazy idea but i wish that there was like a little kid who is tugging on his coat correcting liam all the time like little kids okay. Finally he says let's take a break from the main auction. They've sold an an kyle source. They've sold some other thing. I don't know an allosaurus allosaurus and he goes okay. Let's bring out something special. It's not for sale. It's a prototype the indo raptor and bring it out. It's the perfect predator and here's how how you use it. All you have to do is point to sniper rifle so the laser sight. It's your target then you pull the trigger to create a loud noise which triggers the indo raptor to attack that target and i was. It seems like it would be easier. Just use a gun in that situation if you have someone in your scopes used you've taken you've taken a it's like a gun. Uh guns bang would go off an alert everybody that there was an assassin sending a dinosaurs healthier. You don't you don't understand this. Warlord is impervious to bullets lived his greatest weakness dinosaur. It's a little bit does have a moment to talk about oh. We're just got out of his chair. He's here now that we've created super dinosaurs thank you for raising our stand is why it just ends up looking exactly like all the other dinosaurs in the movie except a little oh hairier and low more like it's got a cool racing stripe. I think this is the time when if you're gonna make a dinosaur and make it super cool you gotta give it wings. Dude make it look contracting. Thrones is so hot right tap into that shit or give it like eight legs or something like make it crazy exact like mary heads but they make it seem like this is the biggest military innovation possible where it's like. The army does not go out and train train a bunch of wolves to go out and kill. Now people do very good at killing. Yes it reminds me. A little bit is that scene in star wars where they're playing with light savers for the first time and much much better than blaster really doesn't seem so far like you can kill someone the blaster from across a room lightsaber. You've got a real get real close to ponder onto babe for you can cut his arm off so it's a dumb weapon but the people in the crowd love it because of the novelty value the bidding up to twenty eight million dollars in there like please please this is just the prototype but people want to buy it so they do things. Don't go so so smoothly with his own. Let's pack source loosen the room it just headbutting everybody everybody and their own comes in and he's like single handedly kung fu all the security guards. Everybody runs out as i would well. That's true if a dinosaur was loose. It'd be such a hard instinct to run out because i wanna see starting to soar. Maybe we'll be friends. I mean here's the thing maybe i'm just mad at chris pratt because is he has achieved in this movie my goal my entire life which was to be friends with the dinosaur what i'd use a velociraptor dan it. Would i know you're correct correct. I would not choose a velociraptor and she's dynamic is the cooler version of lahser after now what what upgrade is the dynamic has have well to be honest. The raptors in the movies are much larger than real life more the size of a dynamic. It's dynamic us was the original sickle cell raptor which john ostrom discovered in which revolutionized the way we look at dinosaurs and it's super cool. It's got a sickle cell toll and it can stow and it can just slash open cell to cell sorry about anemia. It doesn't give the malaria no sorry sickle blade sickle blades and that's my other complaint is the raptors never used their toes to do anything other than just tap on the ground and alert people that there's talking them like being mad that leonardo does he use his town often because if he did there'd be like blood everywhere. Yeah basically got them use them. That's what i say so everyone runs out and well everyone's gone wheatley walks in and tracks into raptor and then opens its cage get into steal one of its teeth for his necklace and and at that point he's got a problem guys. He should should be seeing a doctor mentioned. Hold an event dino vientiane wheatley. You have a problem and it's getting the of your work. Do you think it's like a rhino horn situation. Do you think this is an erectile dysfunction. Drying up you you raise an interesting point with a little little soda water. I have no idea mix the rhino horn minnesota that you don't want to just put in regular water. Do you wanna you want something. That's going to cover up so it's like so you're saying that in say ancient traditional chinese medicine yeah you take that rhino horn you grinded rounded up thrown into sodastream right and then just visit on down and next thing you know leading your pencil yeah curing erectile dysfunction and sour stomach at the same time the real problem. There's this hour stomach. I would think you cure that the erectile dysfunction might go away on its own lead very very different lives elliot. I don't even know how to take that. Dan can fill on entire book with stories of sexual adventures injures where his stomach hurts the whole time. I don't know if the barbecue bash. I don't know if that means that you're erectile tale. Dysfunction hurts your tummy or that. You're so turned on by having a sour stomach that you can't help between pleasure and pain elliott okay the raptors now on end the interrupt or has just been laying possum and it actually smiles and then eats him like it just it's just grows up a little bit and i'm like well if you look if you if you genetically modified a dinosaur to be able to smile you've just given yourself billion dollars like don't sell it as military like that makeup pet dinosaur that can smile you will be king of the world and not fake aac leonardo di caprio to standing on a boat king of the world. Let me tell you when he declared himself king of the world that movie i was like where's your standing army. We're your leashes where the people who alert who are pledging to you. You're not a king of nothing you do. You think of that point rose nervous because now he needs an air exactly you you gotta serve producing rose. I don't even know yet at this point in the movie. Okay the interrupters now on the loose. Take a moment to eat toby jones in the elevator as we all would we learned that maisy is actually the clone of lockwood daughter not his real granddaughter in a plot thread that makes no not really related to anything else in the movie. I mean it it figures into her final decision the film but otherwise it's just like let's just throw in cologne as a little spice. The dinosaurs aren't enough meal. Oh little girl clone. They're like they're like <hes>. I don't think people's imaginations will be sparked by dinosaurs. Let's throw in a little girl. Let's make a little girl who is identical nickel to a different girl and it's like dude. It was called full house. We all saw our full house needed dinosaurs also on a._b._c. I mean the beach beach. Boys are kind of dinosaurs. You're right good good dinosaurs full house the beach boys okay singing of of course my least favorite song kokomo hate it okay. The rafter starts tasting around chase. Chase chase is packing up his labs. They can start over afresh somewhere. Morales and franklin knocks him out that z can escape she. Lets blue loose and the lab explodes because someone shot a gun and hit gas tank and there is an amazing moment where blue looks at the gas coming out of the tank makes an expression and then runs out of there just as it starts exploding and it's like all i know raptors are smart but they understand combustible lacasse believe i would see that sign and be like amicable or inflammable the bad one. I can't tell blue already knows now. You're just the mere smell of gas is somehow it stinks. There's an instinct like this is going to go south for me. It's such a funny moment and it's like that you're you're like well. Why can't blue talk. Why can't he just show blue reading the magazine. Come on our heroes again. The interrupters stalking them. They evaded pretty easily easily for a while but oh we're told there's hydrogen cyanide leaking into the dinosaur basement and it's gonna kill the dinosaurs. I don't know what hydrogen cyanide is. I don't know why they have it. It's leaking in all of a sudden the indoor after start chasing after maisy india rapper seems much more focused on maisy. Do you think it's because it senses that she's a clone. They have a psychic link like that. Little girl and michael myers and the later lamar myers films halloween films are called and they interrupters use those techniques rather than like running through the house smashing every single wall with a painting on it it climbs outside in through the window which is nuts man yeah. I don't know how it got there but also learns how it opens a door. I remember watching this l. a. to do a long song based on raptor on the roof. Would you like me to things out a raptor on. They try to remember it. When i don't remember i'll just make up raptor on the roof sounds crazy no but here in our little park of jurassic you might say each of us is a raptor on the roof simply trying to eat a little girl without breaking our neck out. We we keep a balance that i can answer with one word genetic. X genetics deleted their genetics. There's another part to do that. Impression it really it really drives home. How close heavier is to dracula. Oh oh okay antisemitic yes all right. That's why i was gonna say bane. He sounds a lot like tom hardy doing baby. Oh batman on the roof. Will i me dracula is he's. They sound days. There was a i was on halloween night. I'll just tell you. I was doing a lot of dracula voices. My son made me dresses a pirate but i wanted to be a vampire so i created created the vampire pirate character of captain blood beard and he would keep telling me to stop talking like a vampire but at a certain point it just became an old yiddish man but there's also there's also that's the part about who must know the way to make a proper clone a quiet clone a kosher clone. I gotta stop the music think of my people. Thank you okay anyway so this interrupters chason magazine. It's running all around everyone else. Things are exploding like crazy. Oh no no clear is trapped. She sends off with a kiss to save maisy and then owen tries to crank the raptor but it's too tough but blue saves them but the rafter keeps going but claire shows up and shoots the gun doesn't work blue shows up and saves them it all ends with blue in the fighting on a greenhouse roof as they always are interrupt or falls and that one weakness then into rafters have being impaled on a triceratops skull when blue gets to do a little success pose the t rex energy success pose yeah. I'll roar yeah. It's a weird how much each of the dinosaurs is waiting for their trophy. Moment claire they go to the basement when she lets all the diners free of their cages which just means. They're mingling together in a tighter room so it's not a great plan end jack because they're all about to get gassed. If you recall the cyanide gas is all over the place the end stewarton you as you and i think maybe denied that had the same feeling which was headed. They get those answers in the cages. In the first place they're huge expanded so much yes like somebody dropped water on them. I had so many of those as a kid and now they're saying to save. We'll have to open the gates of the estate and just let them out into the world old and clear can't do it because honestly there dinosaurs but then maisy opens the gates and she says i had to they're alive. Live like me makes you think doesn't it makes you think these decisions to close. I've seen boy honor. We're pro-life message to the middle of this dino movie. I guess i mean they weren't unborn. Dinosaurs blade runner the robot and there were there robots bladerunner right yeah yeah yeah one of the dancers goes. I've seen things you can imagine other dinosaurs imagine that okay <hes> <hes> what about like really big ferns no again very imaginable. There's i love that. There's so many movies where they're like this. It's unimaginable devastation. You have a station. Somebody had to imagine it. It's a movie somebody imagined it. Okay nice. You're in every single one of those series seen so you could undercut it with semantics. I wish there are so many cable but will actually go yeah like the famous romantic comedy. Well actually talk about. Oh well that falls in love with an actually. It's not a great movie. The well falls in love with actual factual the professor beer from the bernstein bears books and he falls in love with it. It's stirring love story. They okay so the dinosaurs stampeding out of the house if you know if you learn one thing about dinosaurs from this movie it is like the dinosaurs much less like princeton. Were born to run love running mills. The bad guy almost escapes by hiding under a car. He's got the dominance ominous tooth. The dinosaurs run by few he safe guys. There's one dinosaur. We didn't see it in that scene a dinosaur that loves to come in at the last minute and kill the villain dinosaurs name lou no. I don't know oh the tea right his look this. This movie is slid out of my brain already. You watched it literally this afternoon. More shows up fucking chance that dude down does the pose and then and then stomps on that fucking too. It's like the only one wrecks around here. 'em effor because the t. rex doesn't swear family away dinosaurs. He's like it's over that kind of cheap shock to make people think in my comedy but now so everyone saved dinosaurs are just roaming free all over the world the dinosaurs that were already auctioned off and sold are on their way because even like they just slapped those things into trucks so fast before the auction was even over i guess and so there's just dinosaurs everywhere walking around and jeff goldblum who of course is the nations premier dinosaur expert still testifying testifying several weeks long test densification is again. It's so crazy how as soon as the as soon as the country decided not to evacuate the dinosaurs basically all news coverage of it stopped or else they would've noticed the like armed guys taking this versa yeah but they noticed it when the dinosaurs start showing up. I guess like in suburban backyards or what i mean. It's basically the end of lost world the second jurassic park movie which was there a dinosaur in our backyard before they lost the chance to do all the bits where like a little kid sees one or dogan's like own and then we're someone catches a glimpse of one out of the corner of the rise at walks by or someone it just keeps turning away as the dinosaur walks through their by their windows almost funniest routines. There's dinosaurs all over the place claire and chris pratt whatever his name is alan will maisy are driving off as if they're at the end of the shining and also i guess their child now there's no clone law finders keepers and there's this big apocalyptic indivisibly movie vibe about the whole thing and it's just like movie. What do you want us to think about dinosaurs cause right before this year like let's let the dinosaurs roamed the world and our just like oh. It's bad the dinosaurs roamed. It's a complex film film as jeff goldblum says the world has changed forever and maybe humanity won't survive welcome to jurassic world's end of movie except for the post credit scene where some pterodactyls are flying around and for minute. I thought they were landing in the eiffel tower but it's just the eiffel tower in vegas and i'm like why don't give up there in vegas like i thought they were like all over the world or something vegas like it's not impressive. They went all the way from northern california to vegas amazing reach. That's getting tickets to see britney in vegas. Vegas is fucking impressive dinosaurs who cares. I mean if the if the dinosaurs then opened up a tourist guide and we're like what we see. Is that ventriloquist still doing. His show taylor have residency yeah. They're pretty good but i don't like knowing how the trickster done circa soul as playing but i don't like the whimsey the what happened to the old-fashioned chorus girl shows they don't do those anymore so they go and they go and see <hes> jennifer lopez okay anyway the show yeah she puts on a great show and so here's the question the movie asked us with the question it leaves us the question ken humanity survive dinosaurs and it's like dude. Have you seen what we do to every other species that comes up against us like if there's the same reason stupid to have dino soldiers humans best at it killing things like this like how can human stand up to dinosaurs. I don't know we have bombs and tanks like it's not godzilla where it's a radioactive monster a thousand feet tall hall like and if you knew nothing happens. It's a big animal. Just shoot it a bunch of times. I mean there was a dinosaur who got shot with a pistol and it became like a crazy life or death the situation we got a million of those and it's like the smallest gun we i mean i. I kinda. I kinda wanna see. There's that scene. The night of the living dead writs the militia and it's those guys just walk around with their own gun. Just picking off zombies and dawn of the dead they do and i kind of want to see the movie where it's just a bunch of guys with guns just like yep diagnosing town get up. Is it again to see a bunch of times gets sean. I thought you were a dino guy. Boy was the boy. Maybe it's time to grow up elliott. You're right you're right or maybe the dinosaurs go back in time capsule cowboys park where the guy has made all these statues news of dinosaurs in the civil war and i want to see that happening for real and he has this one statue this this one guy made all these. There's this one statue or someone is milking a stegosaurus and it's like like i don't know how that works all right. We've been going on for a long time. This is a live show. We only have a limited amount of time with the space. We should get to final oh judgments whether this was a bad movie a bad bad movie or movie kinda like ellie. When do you have to say look guys. I like dinosaur movies in theory. There were so many times during this movie where i was like if you you told me when i was twelve or eleven you're going to see a scene where inside a house to raptors one of whom giant are fighting each other and you're going to be like okay sure i would have slapped you in the face and i would've said never maybe that says more about me than i am so jaded now but it seemed like this movie was less about route dinosaurs and more about we made a billion dollars last movie. We've got to figure out what this movie is about and they slam together like fifteen different dinosaur movie plots into like the trailers are like they got to save the dancers manson volcano. That's like the first third of the movie and then the rest is like it's basically clue talking to source uh-huh typically came in at the last minute. Let me solve this mystery dinosaurs. I would've loved this film so sadly. I'm gonna gonna say it was prehistoric snorre fine. I i was on the very verge kind of liking this movie just because i have a soft off spot for big stupid blockbusters it moved faster than the usual bad movie that we watched two and a half hours or something it was to ten up to ten to humor. Some people take the three ten to ten because it gets into betraying ali train. I'll give it a bad movie. Though y'all agree with you guys it moved to the decent clip and i don't know whatever dinosaur i i mean. We've seen movies if you want. Whatever you're if you're if you're require movies is dinosaurs chug this one down. It's gonna tana on a dinosaurs in it but those stories they don't have any meaning. The first arrested park. It was the majesty of these creatures. We can never hope to see with our own eyes and real life. The the second dress at park is about seeing a transverse rex walked by video store the third jurassic park okay. They gotta spinosaurus now. That's something drastic. World world didn't see it dressing wolf on kingdom. It's like ching dinosaurs going into a bullseye interview interview. I know it's somebody who does amazing work but if it's an actual conversation. I don't know where it's headed to absolutely. You're absolutely right. You said it actually better than i did so i have to think about what that means these are this is the straight talk that that you're going to get on the show bullseye creators creators creators you need to find it at maximum fund dot org or wherever you get podcasts dead pilot society brings you exclusive readings of comedy pilots that were never made featuring actors like patent oswald so from the future sleep the dude studio during the day and they aren't mantras at night. It's blade meets the odd couple adam scott and jane levy. She's too serious to business see. She doesn't know the hokey pokey. She'll learn what it's all about. Busy phillips dave kettner the baby. This is family. My uncle tail who showed his weiner to cinderella at disneyland is family. Do you want him staying with us too with us for three months a new pilot every month only on dead pilots society for maximum fun. Hello hope you're enjoying this live episode. Which one is it. I haven't chosen yet so i don't know hey guys <hes> <hes>. It's me your old buddy. Dan remember me. He just heard me. A moment ago on stage aren't aren't funny. Guy probably not probably probably of your stewart fans. It's fine no worries as long as we get. Those sweet clicks. I don't care why am i talking. I don't know it's because it's time for ads this and the flap has has brought to you in part by casper casper's new hybrid mattresses combine the pressure relief of their award winning foam with gerbil yet gentle joel springs dental springs now. We're not talking about <hes> gentle. Mineral springs or or or or water springs brings. We're talking about those metal ones that the coils the old fashioned mattresses but now they're hybridize with their award winning foam. 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You can increase the difficulty with more city cards and add crisis codes for new challenge. If you're like a this pandemic rapid responses to easy for me. There's nothing i can do. I'll just throw it out the window. Indochino sir closed the window. You can add difficulty with city cards and crisis cards. Whatever those do hey find out more about pandemic rapid response at zemun games dot com and grab your copy of the game from a target near you. Hey guys yeah. There's no <hes> jumbotrons this week but if you want to get a jumbotron go to maximum fund dot org forward slash josh jumbotron and <hes> you can purchase a personal or a business <hes> message. The pricing is different. The business one is more expensive. You've all the details are there. <hes> i just want to quickly say that there are still tickets available for a couple of our live shows coming up on september timber the twenty eighth we will be in boston. There's an early show that is sold out the late. Show at nine forty five still has tickets available and and also <hes> further ahead and october the twelfth. The flop house will be in l._a. We've been there before but stewart can be their tickets. Are dan a little slow and i gotta say surprising because this is the first time all three of us will be in the city of angels. If if you want more details on these go to flash podcasts dot com slash events there's links to buy tickets and all that you would need aid but now back to the show who <hes> we should move on. We don't have a ton of time but we should do our we. We do some questions and answers that these live shows. We'll try and keep it relatively short but if people have questions then we've got got microphones microphones out in the audience wireless mics. I don't know how this works. We bring the house light dan. I don't know how this works mccoy well. Normally we've got a mike and the isles of people just lineup but in this case for naming a little differently so well. I'll take a minute then to give my little pre question and answer talk which is one. Thank you so much guys for being here. We really appreciate it and we know very much. We know that you're here because you like us and sometimes people go. They want it. They have a question and i they tell us how much they like us. We know you like us. Thank you don't have to worry about telling us that. Let's leave leaving unsaid. It's it's the sweeter things run said sometimes if you've got an here's what i like to think before i ever ask a question if i was not me and someone else ask this question. Would i care in if the answer is no. I do not ask that question so if i want to. Just try and make you the best question asker as you can be eh because questions how we learn things answers. It's what we learned. Okay and learning is the name of the game because does it whereas jin time because it's quest in time and will answer questions for you to maybe about donna china source. Maybe is count stores. Maybe about lots of things that ron. I don't remember how the rest the drastic party song goes redeem go. I don't have any idea dan. I guess he didn't wanna hear me singing or he had used the bathroom. Everyone what's going everybody. That was the cheapest way to get applause this leaving coming back. Hey remember me amazing magic trick. Nick raise your hand. If you want to. Oh you got the mic nice rocket crocodile shirt awesome aw oh this donor thank you. I love lauren. Elliott respective egos ghost yeah. It's it's one of the best female rap duos in fictional non-real history wondering ed forms and what was the highlight <unk> behind the viewer can hit a big fan of three part harmonies. You know i think well it's weird because elliott and stewart share a lot of tastes in music and elliott and i share a lot of tastes in music but i don't think that stewart. I share a lot of tastes in music. It's true yeah. I mean can see. I'm just really into the sands of swedish pop princess robin and can't handle her. Wait hold on if you love robin than maybe that's what today we're going to be a robin. Yeah we'll be robin. I guess we're just going to get over robinson. Just be robin yeah. We'll all get in a trenchcoat. I'll get on top of dan shoulders daily against original owners others won't be robin just too weird dances that are kind of kind of great but you're like. She good dancer a really bad dancer. You don't know so thin line and dance dance between good and bad thing. That's a robin robin unless they're a diva already. There was a depot okay never mind. We can't vivo then okay so that means. There's a void oh yeah okay and void spelled. Backwards is not devote but it's close enough great question what else who'll okay so now we just need to narrow it down to all the bryans and four lane so so you're a big fan of somewhat jaded from there any other movies or anything like that you really into the kid tail. Probably i mean there's a certain there's a certain things times when i've noticed more like there are things that my respond to in movies movies because they're done well on a technical level and i don't think our earned like when up song that i have an emotional connection is used as background music for a scene and edited really well but the movie in the scene or not that good. I'm like the song like this. This is not fair. You're borrowing from that. This is not a movie it's t._v. Show i guess but there's an episode of stranger things that and then hazy shade of winter the bengals version starts playing and i love that song and it's like stranger things. You're not as cool as song like that's not fair <hes> yeah i mean i remember i remember growing up at least when i was a teenager in any time like like a male character who lived at normal button-down lifelike lost lost everything and he had to go on a cool ass rampage. I thought that was pretty cool and now i'm like fuck that fantasy like hey. Why don't you live up to your responsibilities responsibilities. Sometimes life isn't great deal with it. You got a lot going on and i'll have to go with the nudity when i when i was thirteen for some reason it really affected me a lot more than seed. It wake me up when there's a new body part. I guess there is a there's something about movies i i used. I used to be really into movies where there's like a super cool tough guy who's real quiet silent but he's really good at killing people. You're boba fett and whatnot and now i'm like. I don't like that anymore like it's not cool to kill people yeah. That's not okay. Also i realized that boba fett is the worst garin star wars pretty much since he's like. He's like i'm really cool. I'm really cool and then a blinds. Blind guy knocks him into a pit with a with a stick. Yeah i mean it's all posturing and it's his strength based on perceived strength. Yes soon as he stands this. Somebody stands up against him. He crumples like a bully bully fat next question. That was a good question though couple <hes> couple of episodes of the truth or episode elliott kind of offhandedly mentioned the prospect of having saved his father from some sort of your truth or dare ring you know what would be your pinches or you have to save your father from your and kind of weird since my father's in the audience <music> father play the father i mean for me my dad we played by richard dreyfuss because they look almost identical and when i was a kid he looked at what about bob era richard dreyfuss and my dad are almost identical and they both aged since then but if i had to save my dad from something i mean i'd like like to save him from buying expensive bicycles. That's kind of what he does and spending all of my inheritance on his new kitchen my dad of course would be being attacked by a the members of his favorite band manhattan transfer and dan who are the members of the advantage. There's gary and larry and perry and harry and who would play you're dead. That's a good question. You dad strikes me as a frank oz this type waterson. I don't know he's he's aged very well. He's dapper man. I'll say that in my my dad so that's the only thing picky. I sound like i'm the one thing i'll say nice about my dad as well. He's a wonderful wonderful person my dad. It looks like me a little older so i guess kurt russell scanning the ground russell's the year. I don't know i feel like it would be some kind of like fishing trip fiasco like good title if i guess if it's like a mickey mantle hardie party boys and the fishing trip itself james bond and too many idris elba is james bond in too many donkeys uh-huh. What's the problem look around you. There's so many tony's back to an earlier episodes such an explicit title too because normally way they don't titles don't list the problem in the title. Usually it is some crazy made up phrase that they have to shoehorn into a film when they're when they're like i guess the bad thing is called golden. I for some reason okay another question. Is there another one where's that microphone runs in the back the back oh okay <hes> hello i'm monica last name hell in the spirit of the movie if you could have raised a horror movie monster or creature from birth to trust you. What monster monster would that be kind of hard not to have a godzilla. We can't man the world's. You're always driving. I don't understand why you're what i said. The world's royster you can have like a giant oyster yeah yeah i mean the problem with villas. You gotta feed it at a certain point so maybe like <hes>. I don't know maybe it could be like the end of ginger snaps to essentially has aware wolf keeps as a pet areso. We're well. No because it's early a person now. We're always humanly just means having a little kid bitten by a werewolf. I don't like that i was thinking the other day man liam with two kids so i got another one of these no more i was thinking the other day. I was telling my wife out. How horrible would be if you had a baby vampire because it's a baby forever her and it keeps you up all night because that's the only time it's a wake and such so so i don't let babies. Give me mamas. Don't let your babies bitten by vampires. What about you guys. What would you grow probably like. One of those blobs is like a blob. Okay you know get real big and if i ever have junked van blah blah the blob. I don't wanna finish this. Does it in the blob not a good impression of me. Dan i dunno may a like a zeno more but seeing them grow up so fast these days they deal yeah yeah kisses can be deadly and it's like causing trouble in your i right carried you in my belly for good actually now all right anyone else anyone else ben last name withheld senior. Last name is ten. Ben ten is the hit cartoon show so great to be back on the show up to be mentioned in somebody else's letter not by name for years ago but weren't character in his got into really hard view excess films <hes> <hes> and i had this show one time a keen gus van zandt gary <hes> where people walking don't i'm had to show group of teams jerry curse curse important to me at the time as somebody who had put the time into watching the movie so i needed them to do it to have you have you. I've had experiences though where you fat her home ubi just knowing the whole room was hating it and it was because of you showing them the movie i mean i used to host a screening series in manhattan so i had that experience many times. I one showed the movie. The landlord which is a great movie hal ashby's landlords bo bridges to a to a room full of people the tension in the room after it was over with so thick. I was like wow this movie did not go over well. It really made these people feel bad about kicking people out of the neighborhoods. They live at now. Yeah i do a horror movie night in my apartment. I saw every october. I've done it for more than a decade. What it's it's called shock tober. Dan and one time i made the mistake of showing brain damage which movie that i like but is very much a up to be a very hardcore fan for that because there is a scene it has a evil worm creature and there's a scene where the worm tom comes out of a man's fly at a prostitute is giving the worm head and things don't turn out so well and they were going doing so well up until that point and i was like maybe i shouldn't have shown this to a crowd. Maybe like a very personal smells associated with your like earlier your holiness orphans. I'm sorry this is the movie. I chose. I know how rare it is that i get to host. One of these people movie screenings screenings for orphans. I thought you guys were cool. I <hes> i remember showing at a bar not not my bar but at eber i showed to the screening of big trouble mole china and the audience was a lot of younger people no offense to any young people in the audience but that's it's a movie where like i think it's really fun but if like taken out of context it seemed very racist and offensive even in context yeah yeah you're right. It didn't go over well. I was like i like these movie. What you've got by during for me please. There's the mike somewhere. Other hush fell over the crowd. A new question answered were entered and was answered. I've lived in indiana my entire life which means the savings. We only adopted at twelve years ago. So is there anything i can do tonight. You stop time. I'm gonna very question yes. It is daylight savings time tonight. Everyone's got a question that we insist it. Somebody asked because we needed. Everybody know that daylight savings on having the public service announcement. I think the most important thing to remember is trying to get through it. You know this. This is trying to keep living your life. You're gonna you're gonna want it to be nine o'clock and it's going to be ten o'clock and sometimes you just got to put up with things like that. You know i'm just life isn't fair. Sometimes dan dan. It's not your fault. It's not your fault. It's not your fault dan. It's not your fault. It's not your fault and i think we just made a breakthrough. I think we can do two more questions than we gotta. Get outta here. So is there a mic there all right okay fuck. Mary kill whoa okay hold on gone gone from nothing but trouble we who from nothing but trouble dan ackroyd okay okay all right so kill yes a with who was the middle one the middle one with the weekend all man. Can you know these these three okay so nothing but trouble is the worst film ever made it's it's dan ackroyd joint wherein a group of yuppies from the city go to a small town down in pennsylvania and an evil judge wants to feed them to a roller coaster that choose your skin often spits your bones out and also the digital underground or in one scene. It's very bad so i would kill dan. Ackroyd judge character dex dog -tective is of course the hero of who he is a dog who is also humphrey bogart who is voiced by charlie sheen and he is solving elving the mystery of the missing food mascots him i would of course have sex with and the weekends are lovable little imps that are hideous to look at but really really helpful to have around so i would marry that we also have access to a lot of gold right. Yes they let me get financial security at that point. Yeah and also doughnuts are like vegetables to them so that would help me in some way. This was the purest gibberish to most of the people i mean we i saw those movies diversity yeah. No i agree with your assessment. I put it better than i could in a million years. Thank you kill kill the movie nothing but trouble like never existed. I'd be okay. I think we did advocate taking it out from netflix and breaking the d._v._d. Media not returning it there a fair point yeah <hes> one last question if it exists if not a math unit was help <hes> down. My wife was the one directing much ado about nothing. Oh no she says up yours too so no i assume that you've gone on a different night all right gotcha good <hes> because of jurassic world and the castle of ted levine what what actor you pick that hollywood stop casting the play characters will betraying shortly after being introduced. It'll yeah there's so many that have the stink of evil on them and you know instantly that they're going to be the one who doesn't harasses not as a criminal cast of them. We're like max von inside out. Max von side shows up in the credits. You're like a villain in the movie. I think that james woods is pretty unemployable now because political beliefs but james woods you know if he shows up in the movie as a like the vice president. You're like all right well. You're you're you've murdered someone yeah. I think peter stars guard fits into that category to like okay. This guy is this guy's thinking bad thoughts all the time. Maybe he's he's not the hero of this movie. Less sweat shattered glasses either here or that. I think you're thinking of different stars gardell. Maybe no no no not stellan skarsgard. He's great. I dunno everyone's dad in every movie skarsgard. There's a sars guard scotchgard and there's right mike guard. I think here's the thing if a character is played a villain in a movie. We're all gonna assume they're playing a villain again. It's unfair but it's what's going to happen when i i don't control it unless who someone who's played a villain and then played a hero and it's like yeah you're here now i mean other than william powell who of course in the silent era often played villains but his the best known today as either my man godfrey or charles the two greatest heroes in the history of cinema appeal like you pulitzer extra credit for answering your own question i would be the worst professor is one of those ones end. What is the chemical makeup of riboflavin. Yes of course are two seven nine six six or whatever i mean i would be the worst professor of chemistry because i don't know anything about it. I mean that is kind of professors. Do they do give at the answers while they're lecturing i mean they don't they're not like and i'm keeping a secret. That's for me to know when you to find out and disappear as if someone said your name backwards all right well. We've brought it back around to college that that means we should wrap things up. Thank you thank you for having us. Thank you to the audience for coming coming. Thank you thank you for everybody here for megan this great visit it's been super exciting for me and i think damn yeah probably elliott alone into issue. It's good to see where it all started. We're dan met stewart and i noticed there was no plaque on the building where it happens all right guys. I thank you so much. I've been damaged or wellington kale and you don't know me. I'm not from here thank you. The <music> riff was approximately a successful as early as quality. Take all right. We're not recording this part like they can see us stewart. Okay okay later. You guys got a totally crack up. Yeah maximum fund dot o._r._g. Comedy and culture artist owned audience supported.

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Ep. 599: Solo Rider with Dave Ross

Jesse, Jordan, GO!

1:21:22 hr | 1 year ago

Ep. 599: Solo Rider with Dave Ross

"Give little time for the child within you. Don't be afraid to be young and free under the locks and throw away the keys and take off issues and sex and run you <music> jordan jesse go. I'm jesse thorn america's radio sweetheart morris so low rider. Oh sorry excuse me so low rider. Did you know that i did not donald era solo ryder nor do i know what solo writer is well. You'll find out okay. Maybe if we get to it okay yeah. I mean strawberry the ice cream today. That's pretty good so i'm pretty solid to yeah you. Gotta make a puree jordan. Okay well how do you how do you start. What's the first step to making strawberry ice cream well. The i wanna cut the greens off. He's putting yeah or do you want me to take it all the way back to going to the farmer's market. No i think i know how to go to the farmers. Pasadena in high school sure yeah i you you make the ice cream based your and you gotta get. This is a custard ice cream. Just making unflavored ice cream. Yeah you make an unflavored flavored ice cream waltz. It's flavored sweet green and then you add a puree <hes> you can leave the milk out of the debase so that it's a little richer. How do you get it to sit next to the chocolate and vanilla ice cream but not bleed over. Oh you gotta get one of those aqua fresh machines. What's i suppose machines that they use to make aqua fresh toothpaste right yeah yeah so how do you i mean i would think that'd be proprietary technology from the aqua fresh company. They just hand those out to civilians. Civilians toothpaste makers to be members of the military to get away. I call to get a license but you don't you don't need the nuclear codes buddy and just have your lawyer. Call their lawyer in come to an agreement but you do have an iron the key at the same time as a general jordan i. I don't believe that all agreements are zero sum. I think there's such a thing is mutually beneficial agreements. Which is my agreement with aqua. Fresh company allows me to use their ice cream which i should say there toothpaste machines to make ice cream right the opposite of toothpaste neopolitan is the opposite of toothpaste learned anything from my children's board books is that the opposite of toothpaste is ice cream. What's what's a board book aboard book. That's like that's like a book for toddlers. Oh okay right out of a thick kind of cardboard. Yeah sure there's one on opposite and it shows you that the opposites of toothpastes ice cream <hes> right anyway anyway how you doing brady pretty good. You only talk about my solo writer experience. After we introduce our guest i yeah our guest stand up. Comedian <hes> passed on this program. He's got a brand. New record albums called the only man ever to have sex. Let's close okay good i should've i should've rid it down. <hes> dave ross hi. Hi thank you for having me how are you. I'm good man. Thank you for wearing the <hes> how sneakers yes yeah and that brand new to fresh out of the box black and white vans flats yeah. I want to ask you <hes> dave. Yes <hes> these pair of jeans. I'm wearing okay semi recent okay. Hey did you go with the comfy cushion. I did you can tell by my red tag on the side. Oh interesting. I didn't have the red tax and you have the comfy cushion. There had the come. Oh i was a little embarrassed jesse. I don't i don't know if you do you have any. Do you have a pair of vans at a pair of them. You know i'm going to tell you the truth guys. There's a set of <hes> peanuts vans. Oh oh yes scott like snoopy and stuff on them and i've been thinking real hard about buying a mafia bay man do it you know they're only like fifty or sixty bucks but the truth is i got a lot of shoes these i've. I've never owned vans myself. L interesting also as a sorry. I had a conference all star many converse all star in my day and there's quite a few kids. Let's move vans jack pursell yeah sure i've got a pair of jack per cells. Are these kids that you have on right now. What got on right now is a yes they actually are their kids leads collaboration <hes> no congress collaboration. Oh okay british brand nigel cable okay yeah well. They look. They look very similar to the vans that we're both wearing very much much so we're all wearing a. We're all wearing a plimsoll yes. That's the style of shoe. This one is like a british military shoe. It does have the the rubber toll on the front for when i'm kicking ass thinking about your washer of the peanuts so you got your eyes on yeah. I just found this. Advance has a thing on their website now where i don't know what the cost is. I would imagine a hundred or so dollars but you can upload your own design. They will print onto evan's pair of shoes and you can just buy those that seems pretty. Rock solid sounds like a great value prop absolutely so maybe you don't need to get peanuts. One whatever even closer to your personality left shoe that says poo poo knuckle tattoo <music> honestly jordan. I feel like i might do that now that you say it yeah shoe pooh-pooh on the left and on the right 'have that's a that's a free at and if you're listening if you're out there from the vans corporation if you're my lord yes it's steve. Doernen is the guy who invented vans. I think i think his name is is. How did john van right. Yes john van. Yes if you're out there and you wanna make an official pooped van. I'm okay with it. That could be a collaboration that can be vans ex jordan jesse go. I think that's a good idea. I i'll say i'll say this. My my first thought when you describe that dave is just gonna make my own peanuts vans. Wow that's funny so that's my for more than i realize i realize i realize the problem is i don't have the license however i got that aqua fresh license okay. I'm gonna make toothpaste. Van say you could trade the estate of charles. Show your machine or the peanuts license and then make the what is offering offering. How much of a joke a riff is this aqua fresh thing on percent. Although i guess the silver extreme aqua fresh t shirt the toothpaste you like it okay. I know that's a nice space yeah. I don't know what it says about you and what i know about you. Jordan sorry jesse. I i believed you when you said you own the licensed but i got to pace money in my mind the proprietary technology i've only got dollar store brands like a fresh enough or something wow well. That's pretty good zoo so the new the new coach in the world of so vans. I love i love wearing vans and i love wearing evan's without socks. You've been a van man. As long as i've known you sure yeah yeah and you know i think the thing with vans dave maybe back are you. Are you a lifelong. Vans guy struck me as you. You may be what i am. The only not lifelong because i was once a baby oh sure yeah and my parents were not fans. Put vans on the baby. People of you are total cathro roll levin style skater boys damn right. We are the bone yeah. They skater boy hoo yeah once on a skateboard when i was eleven never got back on sense. I am a skater. I have been ice skated on a skateboard twice. The first time i fell off and i hurt my butt and the second time i fell off and i hurt my but yeah so report should come with but pads. Go ahead should only kneepads. I think he's got to toughen up that but now in fairness you say that to everyone. I say i used to give them a little pat on the fanny but you know nope different time yeah different times different time no longer include the fanny pat unless i am explicitly asked for it yeah so i i saw the thing about vans is that they are. They're tough on the feet when they're new yeah additionally. They're tough on the feet. <hes> you gotta break them in there and it's a it's a process you know oh you gotta you. Gotta you gotta. You gotta rough them up a little bit. Gotta wear them in the bathtub sure and it's been exactly totally and and if you are a guy like me who loves wearing them without socks. <hes> you know you're going to blister. You're going to blister. It's just gonna be part of the part of the process. Where are you going to put you where to put some body glide on their. You put some body glide on <hes> but then there's the new shit they have something called comfy. Kush were inside the van is is a pad that says comfy kush on it and fits and feels like a fucking dream that it's incredible. It's amazing it. No and i feel like you know i feel like a poser that i'm wearing the comfy cush. You shouldn't man do you shouldn't part of the thing you break them in. You lead a a tough life. You get out there. Kick some shit show some people who's boss and then you're vance break in because you've been fucking absolutely not pursued you. We should be aiming to feel good and feel safe. You know what i mean. I <music> logan jordan jesse. Go feel good feel absolutely. Please do and i'm serious man. I i look if people look at me wearing these vans and what they're what they think is that i got blisters on my feet in my life has been hard you know good for them but <hes> when i was i it was so happy for the ultra kush thing because i was already wearing doctor sholls gielen in there now and i also like cushion and gelin now now i know because when you're gel inside of a van it's hard to fit your foot in there. It's a small shoe but i and then i started by a no show socks knox so it looks like i am not wearing socks and it looks like i'm wearing regular vans when in reality i am comfortable as hell oh and my feet don't stink blisters for show. Can i tell you what can i tell you what i've gotten my plimsolls yeah yeah i hit that fucking line at the kaiser or pharmacy grab me a pair of fucking thirty nine. I don't care money is no object sure when it comes to insult you got that appeared to drop up thirty nine dollars on super feet brandon's the cadillac of insoles. These things are tremendous. You're in your shoe right now. As as we speak yeah wow feeling fantastic thing. Just put the insourcing your shoot don't feel bad. Support is extraordinary. I could go anywhere dave. I don't know if you've let me know if this has been your experience but i mean you know obviously when you're wearing the vans without the socks. <hes> <music> owner is an issue absolutely and i usually try and i have some gold bonds a favourite product of mine but i recently be going to the army surplus store and getting army brand grand army army foot powder army foot foot pi atas very inexpensive and i imagine it is stronger than gold bond because it's you know it's for it's for army. The only thing you only stronger than an army man of course is a seaman sure yeah semen brand powder. Yeah you need to get some seamen. Powder sure actually comes out as the powder does not okay. We're okay good or three men with normalcy. It was very worried that you're about to tell me that semen was not audio poof shout absolutely sometimes a flag comes out of my dick that says bang have some problems with clumping uh-huh absolutely i don't i should be consuming an anti-caking agent but you also need to get that comfy comfy comfy soul in your pants or get ultra kush sweaty. I'd like to you know. I like to powder my feet with army. Pow damn dude just wear socks. You know what i mean. No i don't i will not solution easy solution hong so cheap and they now by the way they make the socks that look clegg. You're not wearing socks. I should get some of this. I wish it's so funny i even had as i was leaving. I was wearing these ankle socks and i i was like i should change my socks because i like back to look as if i'm not wearing socks and it would have been so great to make my argument but i can't. I cannot win this argument now well. You didn't want to come in here looking like an asshole. Paul ankle socks. I know and i did like some teeny bopper off like a little skater boy. Yeah sure you know what she later boy yeah so you put army army pattering my feet. Does it have a cooling effect. Yes okay cool pingo. Have you thought that maybe the fact that your feet smell is why you're a solo writer could be honestly could be looking into it but i do feel like the comfy. Kush is fighting the army powder. <hes> does mike my worry is that the company kush is absorbing odor in a way that the standard non kush van is not interested as i don't know if it's gonna come through during the record but the shoes and therefore my feet have been a little stink a traditional van is this is one of these shoes where just someone poured some more molten rubber in a waffle iron. Yes they needed something for their skateboards or whatever yeah they keep the rubber in a cement mixer until they make the shoe yeah yeah it is <hes>. It is an impermeable material. They make the original van out of and so yes. That's probably why the odor isn't trapped there and it it is with this perforated comfy material. Have you thought about bleaching them down with bleach and down the cush. Yeah sounds cool. It's fun to get your pretty high me baby yeah so you're saying that what would the bleaching him down on. What is that. Can you walk us through. It would destroy the stink okay. If the goal is to destroy this i say just just so convinced giving that also destroyed the shoe when talking about destroying the stake here dave but it will also destroy the shoe is what i'm i'm positing first things first attitude that i learned from a children's board book yeah that which destroys the stank will also destroy the shoe. I learned that from confucius yeah. He was very wide <music>. Thank a lot more realized. He wrote to many board books. Yeah ism sure thank a lot although it could be an issue with the translation yeah that's true yeah. Do you guys wanna hear about my solo writer lifestyle. There's a mentions by the way of stank in mouse little red book april tigers. Thanks a lot of a lot of important writers in history used the word stank sure to to our great surprise balzac love to you so you're so low right so low rider. Did you guys know. I know that desert writer or rider rider. This is a you know that if you go to a theme park alone or you don't care about the people you're with right and get on a ride kind of quick if you go in the solo writer line. Is that real. That's real never heard of it. There's a separate line just for solo writers. Yes if you're lonely yeah. That's crazy or low man. They hand you a t._v. Dinner while you're one of those exactly they had you can't have stag chilly every night. A box of kleenex in one bullet right resign yourself. Get one ride before you blow your brains out alone. Disneyland cat right at the top of the matterhorn you hear one gunshot and that's what it is sure yeah right exactly wait. That's actually the the abominable snowman indicating the end his own life. He finally finally realized his abominable right yeah so abominable all these years he thought he was a yeti rates sure he'll never piece as beloved as his brothers sauce. Blotch updated wait so you. I'm just i'll walk you through this. I i the a lifestyle change. I have undergone recently yeah. It's been <unk> i i. I can't talk too much about the specifics but i went from man with a lot going on to man with jack. Jack shit going on over the course of a week and a half yeah. I had some very very weird and very very weird. Ajab shit happened that i can't talk about for fear of being sued by a giant company but it was very stressful and personally challenging yeah is led it to you. Having a lot of free time it was rough and so the company is offering companies aquifer as those bastards in fresh you know when you're under contract aqua fresh and the paparazzi snaps using crest after yeah. They're gonna come after you and yeah ah for years. You've been the guy who writes the jokes on the tube schuch well in this scenario. They fantasy scenario marya. I'm just having fun comedy dr bronner lake <hes> taco bell sauce packets of a joke on the packet do in this they we do fire sauce taco bell joke. It'll say like <hes> you're hot or something. Just a really corny solid honestly honestly no no. They must have gotten bruce. Bruce bruce fully insured the what the media says your medium yeah totally hey baby. You're looking real medium. Hey listener looking pretty. Uh-huh issue is it's a whole extra day of training for the staff there that they have to give out the hot one i to set up the media john right. Did you have to work there to get the joke absolutely right. That'd be great work with taco bell but it helps so yeah i so so i just i i you know and i'm just an e and i'm an i'm trying to get going. I'm trying to get it together but you know i had just this friday. A day where i had i had something and it got moved so i'm just sitting there going well. Shit got nothing. Yeah got nothing. What do i what do i do with this. Nothing weekday and i'm like oh. There's a new jurassic park ride at universal studios. I can which i had been into. University is not too long ago when the thing opened because i wanted to ride but then it's like it's like two and a half hours. Wait longtime people are excited about this thing and and i think jesse like you. I can't do a long line. I just don't want to you know. I don't care how many animatronic dinosaur involved just just don't wanna. I just don't wanna and so you know i kind of. I'm like i will. I do want to ride this thing. I will come back in and do it so it's not a totally new ride ride. I think they just added some new shit from the new movies to the old ride. My system is either show up at eight a._m. And it's breakfast or i show up at one pm in its lunch. I'm not standing in line for brunch. Okay wow l. right. Now we're for for for the analogy. Here is a hip restaurant yeah. No that's good. That's a good policy that man i i. I haven't been branching in a minute because i forgot about brunch lines yeah. It's fucking worst thing in the world. You're hungry and you have to stand in line. Yeah ah fuck van. There's usually one b yeah just a b- they're making. You scared some talks. They want the most bumbling buddy so yeah so i went to. I went to universal studios at. Can we just acknowledge the anguish sound. That brian just made like a fucking luck in speaking. I've made that joke and then be half a joke. I think i think when brian was brian. Stunt stops enjoying the show. If it's time to wrap it up. I do like we have a metric for whether or not we are doing well yeah. This distant muffled laugh. That comes a little delayed troubled. Maybe just thinking back to a time. He'd been stung mm by a p. That's true yes. I hate peas as a lot. You just don't like the mention of fees yes but you didn't think jesse's joke was great job. Great job great joke just the subject matter got. Let me get see here's the thing i can tell bullshitting because he would've said it was a perfectly fine joke if he was being frank <hes> i'm not buying. This was a great joke. Even i know it wasn't the perfect joke wow complimentary. It'd been on thirty rock. Okay so you decide you decide to go to universal studios. I did so i i'm going to go you know and i have. I have the universal studios app so i was driving there at sorry. I just laughed in your face going. I had going on now. I got jack shit so i'm just trying. But how long have have you had the app. Did you have the app while you had log on the app two years. Okay all right. I got the app on my first visit when the line was too long. He ordered the app when he was waiting for it to april honestly thought i i'll it's mozzarella's honestly i this is i did download the universe i laugh because i thought it was a dating app and i thought it was the fastest way to meet shrek man. How is that not the end of the show. That's gonna be the last thing you say and i pulled my abominable snowman. Totally you just say that's the best way to meet shrek and then we say other other stuff right so that's a lasting got the because you were at universal studios kind hannah kahn because i wanted to ride this drastic park and i was just constantly checking back to see if this line was going to go down. It did not what's supposed to happen in this writer. Dinosaurs gore's attack dinosaurs much. I've been on this ride yeah. They like. There's a part where the track tilts and a t rex leg grabs the side of your car right eight or is that the king kong that's the you're thinking of the old king kong tram also involves one dinosaur right. It's like the general universal. I know it desribed okay. It's like you're you're a little red cable car trolley sting and it it goes around and through a hole in the wall and then when it comes out. It's in the land of make believe roger rogers. Okay okay well either way. We can make shrek. They're everywhere baby. Hold on okay right okay. We'll give gobert guests dave you. You get one more cat. This is the one where you get in a submersible right and you go deep into the ocean but you have these high tech three d. i. Mex- cameras and your james cameron weekends okay. I all right i am i was sorry. Cameron's sunday fund sorry underwater. Dave you remember what it is that no isn't the one where you get into a tiny boat with eight other people in very slowly meander through oddly cartoonish world of tiny people who sing zinger very annoying song gilligan's island so is that what it is not an much like the experience of watching a drastic park films you show up at a park prepared for an original red is chris pratt. It was not there before bryce dallas howard. Is there beatty wong. Also there okay great <hes> all of them looking great. Let's say look and right and so yeah they were not there before <hes> but you know because they're incorporating stuff from the new movies insurance kind of older ride. There is chris pratt. Actually there <hes> he's on various screen. I was really hoping for a chris pratt animatronic at the end you and telling you did a great job. I really am you great job on the ride. I'm sorry on a ferris a weird church now see you later every movie so so yes so this the ride they're adding stuff from the drastic world movies yes so you're on a boat ride. Everything's going great but then you learn via screen screen with chris pratt and bristol howard on them that the dominance rex has escaped and the park has been thrown into chaos rather isn't now. This is an incredible credible dinosaur. Yes it's tarantulas rex with d._n._a. Mix with another dinosaur the raptor right shrek actually ran the worst with these really crazy incredible and there's percent dr soto in there for cleverness coming up with clever tricks allow. The system is very scary as a character from a children's book we discussed. I believe on last week's program. I'm i'm very fucked up for these. He's uh he's a. He's a mouse dentist. Who tricks oh okay. That sounds very all yeah. You're gonna you're going to want that d._n._a. Inside your dominance sure and since there's shrek d._n._a. In this listen dominance can if does the dinosaur become a person if you kiss a well no but he does fart along smashmouth fart in in rhythm with various smashmouth songs though one of them not all star o on the sun only walk it on the sun interesting. Not why can't we be friends is no sorry none of the songs from the movie know enough. I don't understand how genetic sporkes dave b d wong. What do you think solo writer mend the whole. I don't know who that is. The guy who invented genetics god of actually it's actually beatty walk. I don't know if you've seen the traffic park. <hes> pity want so yeah. So i wrote the ride. We escaped the dominance. Wow thanks to a blue the raptor it was the friendliest raptor when it likes crisper one that likes chris pratt and i just tell you that my daughter saved her money to buy a blue the raptor like do you know the hockey goalies helmet or like the new style of baseball catcher's helmet where it's like two pieces one on the back and won the front with with elastic straps and like in like a full face mask. That's kind of aerodynamic looking a little bit yeah. It's to that but it's a raptor. It makes noises when you move your jaw. It has an opposing. It has on this helmet yes so when my daughter got her. It makes noises. Wow i'd my head inside of a wolf version that you open your mouth and it opens its mouth with wealth with you and it roars yeah incredible yeah. It's truly remarkable. It's cooler technology than an iphone. Yeah how how how into your day could you incorporate this well. If you're my daughter extensively oh wow i mean are you speaking to me. Specifically i mean i mean a child but i went to see when i went to see the new quentin tarantino movie the other day the vista <hes> but uh uh maher and you know she'll wear it in any context and just walk up behind. You and you just see a little eight year old girl with a crazy ass mask on right. I think the idea is if there's a child with a raptor mask in front of you. There's one you don't have worse. You know we talked recently only about the band the locust on this show and a lot of folks emailed us that apparently the locust or reforming okay just going to be wearing those blue masks okay so it's a it's a it's kind of a sponsored thing exactly. I guess you got the third movie coming out soon. Anything is like the folks over at universal reversal. They love you know they. They love their happy meal tie in south but they were like what can we do with some really. There's something we can do some really brutal noise right. I sure just some really intense growling never actually reached the grind core community the universal pictures they see a lot of they go to see movies. They got their disposable income. So i what i did went so i got there not only was the lightweight sure because i was at nine am <hes> but there's this whole whole other thing the solo writer line so not only was the weight not it was like ten minutes. Holy shit already short line was made all the shorter because because of the so low rider line will we're there and so there were other people in the solo rider line there were that you met and ended up sitting next to write <hes> kind of what they do is. There's like a space on the boat. If there's a you know because i think most of the people go on this thing or happy families people in relationships people with friends ends people there with friends so people that were not recently fired by aqua fresh. Yes yeah people who have stuff going on jackson on on affairs and her new husband every day. They're they're gonna throw rocks. Chris pratt robot so you know i think you are are not necessarily going to be next to another solo writer. You're going to be there next to you know a family of four a line of five sure. If there's a you you know i guess when i was driving at is you're in the line with people are you by the end of waiting in line is a solo writer. You might not be a solo writer. Any french sure yeah yeah. No no no. We're all looking at our phone. Okay <hes> actually i you know i like. I like the journey of the i like. The world of the drastic park movies the journey of the theme park ride. I was a little disappointed. The solo writer light is shorter but you don't get as much ride back story <hes> some of the instructional videos the threat providing backstory right. Did you watch some videos to catch. I should watch some some drastic world ride lor video. Yeah it's to make makes some sense of it <hes> but yeah so i i wrote it got on real. Quick got off got a duff beer from simpson's land. I got a <hes> sureau a strawberry shortcake chiro from strawberry shortcake strawberry shortcake yourself chiro. I did not know that there were non zero assures me neither there's different kinds of euros. Now there's kinds of travelers that have stuff in the middle during euro or chocolate in in the middle chiro yes. This was a cheer so i ordered said there was three rows. There's well. There's fortress one being a chocolate coconut chiro which sounded really good but it sounds pretty good. Have you ever had banana. No where do you get a banana chiro fucking find out sorry. I'm just trying to appropriate wrenches a monkey wrench anyway but yeah monkey stuff f- yeah so you get you get the strawberry shortcake chills and what they do so they took so i ordered the strawberry shortcake chiro. He's the term made of short because here's the pardon all these things that were describing are either a charro with a special sauce or charro with a filling that could be the special sauce dip a chiro and chocolate anyway yeah. Maybe you're dipping it into your trump arado but you're dipping it in chocolate thing anyway away or you're dipping it in a caramel or whatever and then you put them in the middle like it was a cream doughnut that makes sense but to this strawberries sugar solemin. I'll walk down this that stall those categories and all those categories are still a classic truro just slightly modified. It's still got your cinnamon sugar on the outside still still a deep fried dough yes so i asked for the strawberry shortcake chiro right nine thirty a._m. Right and you've already and i'm already appear a to i love this is all before ted yeah so the chiro lady takes out a chiro a standard looking kiro and rolls it in red granite tip point. I was a little disappointed. I thought what i was getting was. Maybe a little bit a little bit okay. I see what they're doing. These are just different dusts. You can see the i mean. You're getting a different dust. I liked that. There's dust options but you wanted something more like a cronut chiro half strawberry shortcake. I don't know if they four flay and blend her or i do feel like that's that's a tall order for universal studios. No no of course we'll see well. Here's what happened and i'm feeling maybe a little okay. This has been sure this has been you know nine out of ten day ten out of ten but this is still going to be pretty good you know buying into the thing the strawberry filling inside industry dust sing so fucking good so good. I can't believe how good it was nine a._m. You're getting the first batch. Did you think back probably still would would have been good at five but the nine a._m. Chiro was so good. Did you think back to the conversation with that. <hes> i perpetrated last week about how bad the food was it. Theme parks works and just munch on that and just fuck. You buddy never been sure. Oh no god no no go and i will say that is good is a chiro is that you buy at the ballpark or the a a out of the friar arro- arro- like the baked zero that you buy from a person who's got a bucket full of charlie rose on the subway train or that you buy from a like i said at the ballpark ballpark of the basketball game or whatever that euros is very good. That's a taste tasty item but when it when it's hot out of that giant vat ah of boiling oil. Have you ever had that kind of journal no. I can't even picture this. They oh so you just picture like a like a giant copper cauldron. You know like you would filled with oil and their resting in there to go so no okay. There's a there's a like a pastry bag and he goes and it splits charro in there and then they chop it with a knife though and it plops in like a turtle hurt in a toilet bowl fries up gorgeous they flip it out. Drop it in the dust. Hand it to you and a piece of paper best foods there is it's amazing mazing. It's dinner in a show. The other thing about it is the smallest order you can do is like three dollars and it's like seventy four turn the only thing they sell. What am i gonna do with all these fucking chris pratt robot yeah given to your friends in the solo rider line like i have literally gone to the chiro guy and bought the smallest amount of heroes. I was allowed to buy an ad too many heroes for my family of five wow. I don't know twelve. I don't know anyway anyway. Strawberry shortcake chiro wow prize goo inside ghassem got on drastic park wrote. It again went on a good day in the solo writer line and this. It's all happened before eleven a._m. And you were drunk the whole time yeah nice buds on blackout drunk certainly yeah you drove drunk. It was is a nightmare yeah. I bought the photo of me on the ri- they take your picture on the flu. When you're coming down and yeah i'm asleep uncovered involvement. Vomit corrupt isn't impressive morning not just in terms of achievement but in terms of i had to sit the the when i went to see that quentin tarantino movie it was the one thirty showing at my favorite movie theater the vista in hollywood california and i had to spend the time time from eight a._m. When my kids went off to school to one thirty pm talking myself into being able to go to that movie by myself chair. This is like all i did between that time was like you can do this. You can go to a movie by yourself. You're going to enjoy this movie. It's a it's a matinee. It's gonna that'd be reasonably priced is comfortable theater. There's sour patch kids. There's a lot of leg room. There's no need for any sort of social panic. Yes in the people that go to the vista tend to be nice people that just want to watch a movie in a nice theater now the people that are like hey buddy get out of my fucking way or you look fucking loan assholes at the edward sadie creek or you alone. You fucked. Oh man you know what did avenue. He wants to one day i i was i was at the santa monica promenade and i was like taking the day off of work to get my oh yeah i was the car was in the shop and they were like come back in three hours and i was like what do i do and the simpsons movie was in theaters and i looked up and it just so happened they right on the promenade. The simpsons movie was showing the the perfect amount of time for me to kill and then go back to the alone and i saw the simpsons movie middle of the day so there's barely anyone else in the theater was a perfect situation. I got got a huge popcorn huge soda. I sat right in the middle like five or six rows back from the front. Oh my god it was heaven and then and then like five five minutes or so before the movie was starting a woman probably about my age now in her mid thirties or forties or something came in with two children. A boy that was very young who is is like four or five and then a girl who was eleven or twelve and they they walked in and looked at me and just sorta stood still then i like looked at them and then i just continued looking forward and then for some reason they went down the aisle right behind me and i'm the only person in this theater they they walked all the way over in the little girl set right behind me and the mother goes oh honey you don't wanna sit behind that man and this is literally what she she said she goes. No i don't wanna sit behind that man and then ran yeah and then he ran to the end of the the island and stood there with her mother and they looked around and they pick some other seats and they watch movie sure yeah but there's something about the back of my head the terrified little girl your men navarre source. You are alone. Yes you are reasonably. I mean the day holding a huge. I don't even think they sell popcorn size. You know what i mean. I was like give me that and it was like plus sure oh man they totally there is by my house a block before my block is a forty degree angle hill like an incredibly steep hill and at the top of it is a big apartment building and there's no sidewalks on this block. It's a real narrow kind of little little street and always always going up. This hill are like pregnant ladies old women with their gross carrying carrying their groceries by hand and i'll turn onto the street in my car and every time my instinct is like i'll just give you a right to l._a. L. like i'm going there anyway. Get in you know and i had to i had to like i had to bring my wife. I said teresa. Is there any scituate because every time i have that instinct to just be like getting the car. I'll drive you up the hill with your groceries. I'll drop you in front of your door. I'm going that way yeah and because i know these oh ladies they're not they're not the grocery bags aren't full of knives or whatever right and i said to my wife. Is there any context where i can do this any context at all where i can offer this service because it would make me feel better about the fact that i'm driving up in a station wagon and they're are an old lady with four heavy bags of groceries. My wife said absolutely not under no circumstances are you to offer to anyone <hes> that you you can give them a ride up the hill because you definitely appear to be <hes> <hes> ready to kidnap anyone that gets even even though it's just a station wagon. You know it's just a station but it's not a van panel van yeah the the car has but she's probably right yeah. It probably seems he's like. I was offered a ride one time <hes> walking on adams boulevard near u._s._c. and it was a woman probably fifteen twenty years my i senior and that was terrifying. Yeah granted. She was pushy scary. She was like hey getting the car. I'll give you a ride and it was like nah. I'm good and she was like come on get in the car. Are you gonna hanging out with me getting a car and i was like no. Thank you hang out with me yeah well. Why didn't you yeah. I do play in sixty four. I think i think i shared this on jessica many years ago but when i was maybe in like fourth or fifth grade <hes> i would take the bus to school like the regular city boston and there were two buses one of which went made a turn and drove an extra three blocks or so to drop off right in front of my school and one of which <hes> didn't make that turn and dropped off at the intersection and a couple of blocks from my school okay and one day i was at that corner now. You know i had a bus pass. I just got off the fourteen mission and i see turning the corner. The forty nine van ness mission. That's the one that would drive me the final three blocks. I i see so. I'm running. I'm book it for the bus. Guess what cuts me off. Fucking firetruck fire truck pulls into the bus stop for some reason reason and the bus the forty nine doesn't stop and i'm like oh man now. I have to walk there now. The firemen they see this and they say oh jeez nine year old boy. We're sorry we just make you miss. Your bus and i'm like yeah. It's okay though and they're like well. Hey get get on. We'll drive you down the block. There's no problem and i said no. Thank you what the fuck thank. You would've fucking fire truck. Not only only would you have written on a fire truck in that would have been fun. You rolled up to school in a fire truck and all your friends would have been the hero the school you'd be a different person today. Ah fire truck go to see once upon a time in hollywood. I was at i now as an adult fault as an adult man. I was at the gas station. Maybe a year or so ago and i was putting gas putting gas in my car and a bus pulls into into the bus stop and the door opens and the driver yells. Hey jesse thorn. Whoa and i'm like yeah jesse thorn. He's like keep up the a good worker something thanks bus driver. This is like the most esteemed of the community in my world by far is a nice bus driver. It's incredibly bus driver and i think when you're a kid there are the like when you're learning about the world of grownups yeah like bus driver is definitely someone they introduce you to early like in the richard scary scary book. Oh yeah there's bus drivers such a classic grownup. Yes it is like firemen bus driver policeman dan yeah and giant or janitors big one. We used to take i had a i was in a children's chorus and in this was recently stanley yeah. This is just recently my voice chain four weeks ago. Wow i was what's called a man soprano yeah totally and i was in. I was in a children's chorus and we would take that forty nine van ness missing to the to the children's chorus from school after school and if we were lucky you know the fare was a quarter and if we were lucky the driver would be this one driver who had a beautiful mustache and always were the muny buses in san francisco are the the uniforms are brown right so they're drivers. Uniforms are brown and he would wear his brown brown uniform looking like a million dollars and he had a little mustache and he wore a beret and the beret was like there was a few different headgear options and you didn't have to wear headgear with this uniform was unusual to see someone in the beret but it was a real. You know some uni beret. Can i tell you for some reason right now. I'm picturing jean claude van damme a._m. It'll be more like billy dee williams. I would say if i was gonna compare him. Celebrity say billy dee williams. If you imagine what i'm doing the splits though oh yeah oh yeah right in a brown suit if you imagine a and heart in a brown suit annaborough that's that's who it was would van damme paul interesting lionheart yeah no. I'm not judging i just i think it's interesting minus j._c. Because i like self aware it's okay. I'm cop till i die sorry they did a lot of i think a lot of buses. Don't have these anymore because you just have to play with a card but you know their fare box where you drop the coins in and the driver can see and they hit a bar and it drops in yes he would put his hand over the top of that fair box. When we were getting on no way wouldn't wouldn't let us pay. You know what that is baby. That's five now and laters right there. Fucking five now and laters is by those on your way into chorus. Men would a dream to as a bus driver to be able to do that for kids know. They're going to get some candy later. You know yeah he fucking walk into. He just did it because he's that kind of guy yeah. You know it's like a good priests set a bad precedent because now you trust men in berets. That's true children listening okay. It's hot in here. Let's take a quick break. We'll be back in just a second on jordan jesse. Go in one thousand uh jordan jesse go. I'm jesse thorn america's radios. We don't join more spoi- detective. I'm dave ross the only person here just five minutes. It's true that's true. Maybe that's our hook on it podcast. Oh yeah there aren't a lot of podcast hosted by ghosts. No there's not or maybe they're our podcast that ghost listened to but we just don't know about another spectral planes interest- interesting interesting jordan yes. Can i pitch you an alternate hook sure to heterosexual sis gender <hes> mhm white guys love it already are somewhat nerdy <hes> but don't have any particular specific interests that other people share share. There's no topic really sometime veggies their love of it and they've all been dead for years. They've all been dead for onto congratulations to steve a._g. For becoming dark man of the movies her from the movie suicide aside squad yeah what public public information now. It's on all the movie blogs that steve a._g. Is going to be king shark and the new suicide squad. I know that's so cool what i love him. That's good for him yeah. He's he's going to be great. I mean i thought he was already great as prince regent shark right that's my man's gone. King shark ark was shot right well. There's a coup led by son steve a._g. Kim jong hoon situation. Yeah fucking killing uncles left and right by having to malaysian women blow neuro-toxins on the mid airport in taiwan or whatever unto think it all started. He tried stand up comedy. I now shark week is changed forever. Yes right now. It's steve steve week yeah tag it steve every week. We celebrate steve all the steve's in the world from a._g. To seagal yeah steve that has started with z but i know you know if someone named steve smells blood. They relentlessly try to kill you. That's the thing they don't tell you about zoo. Yes fictional character from a._g. Jordan yes we mentioned on the way into this on the way out of the last segment committing how insufferably hot it is recording studio right now. That's because it's still summer baby and you can celebrate this beautiful time of year by going to max funds store dot com and picking up some merch from the summer boys of summer tour. I feel like the fact that i made strawberry ice cream for my family's kind of summer boy activity absolutely i'm really bad at summer boy. I mean i'm not a natural summer. Boy like you are jordan. No it's true. I'm a real shilpa. When it comes to summer. Oh yeah i really struggle with it. Writes writes <hes> you know not. Everybody can have this nine a._m. Chiro lifestyle it. You can aspire to it. That's why i'm here. I basically an aspirational original figure for you. The listener i basically fucking tony robbins myself in a mirror just to get over to the vista for one thirty. Show you wanna just realized to your perfect. That was truly perfect by the way don't let what i'm about to say detract from that. It was also very branded. You had you went to the universal studios. The drastic drastic park ride. You had a duff beer and strawberry shortcake chiro. Yeah you drove very near aqua fresh van man corporate. They were wearing vans. Man should have been stapling zine not when you had them. I who have i become uh-huh blowing up banks man. I should've been blowing up banks. Remember when you had that roommate who drove energy drink vehicle. Oh yes sure like the one that has the one is shaped like it has a giant energy drink on the back like it was a rocky first l._a. Not say the name of this and i. I don't remember a red bull. Isn't it yeah it was it was a red bull and it was like a kuehne die mini truck that they would a giant red bull in the back yeah. It looked looked like a rob. Ford got shot with shrink gun like one of those promo people. I l a roommate craigslist person okay. She was like energy energy drink promo promo worker so they just loan. You couldn't die yeah. She seemed to just drive the hundai to like the grocery store. How how filling it up with ma do you know this about a warped tour. I was on warped tour one summer as a comedian rich yeah. I'm sure you could imagine in less than jake yeah. That's that's what it was yeah. I didn't play an instrument. I just ganked <hes> you know. Everyone loved it but they can't afford to pay that guy with the ban. You need just guide dance yeah to let them know how to dance. People didn't know who <music> get yeah like. We're outside new jersey people to know what to do. That's what big daddy kane's <hes> sidekick big scoop during the early to mid after cain sort of you know after the whole thing with madonna and canes career kind of fell apart. He actually was with the mighty boston's for a while. Oh no i know this okay so jerome from the time a long line of guys. Oh i love this guy. Ah yeah jerome was actually missing lunatics l. Okay yeah but data skopje it. Everyone yeah yeah so you were not a dancer. You were doing exactly what all of the snotty teens who attend warped tour want which is a stand standup comedy set. I was doing stand up. All of them. Had their parents pay fifty five dollars ticket to come see me do seven minutes in the dust brian. Yeah it was difficult while my chemical romance is playing just on the horizon man. It really was brutal. It truly was so difficult but matt. I don't know if you know this but monster energy drink sponsors the water the well the sponsor warped tour and one one of the things that he was they provide had the water for the entire festival by their stipulation for providing water for the entire festival is the it's all in monster onstar energy drink cans cans that look dangling slag blur just in the pundit degree heat pounding energy and i'm pretty sure that several kids kids each year get exposure or whatever whatever sunstroke diet maureen poisoning drinking too much energy general category category things people die from in football practice yes exactly their with their parents to enjoy some pierce the veil shore or whatever other music. I don't like we're one. I think in one guy scream totally you know what i just heard. There's a term for that. In the community amongst musician yeah those bands were one of them's like and the other one's like that is called good cop bad cop ah member like so when i worked for fuel tv the action sports network we had to do like pieces from the warped tour for the tour as a kid when you know the draw was rancid sure yes same for me. I remember this area. It was great dropkick. Murphys fees wise sure yeah both dated donna from the donna join us for a while uh-huh right. That's why david i will always be done as the two daughters over here <hes> and then i remember like oh. I have to go back to the work tour do pieces from it now. I wonder what it's like. Oh it's not the same what it is. It's one guy singing one guy screaming. It's that combined with mars that go chug chug sure also i found out that now torch dead now but the year i did. It was one of the last three or four years so you're the one who killed it. I was such a nice time. What's great about it. Though i mean you're like like i know i understand that skepticism is the screaming guy is just screaming at you but this seeing guy will go get your coconut sandwich in a hug lawyer. <hes> yeah the i found out year i was on it. Most of the main stage vans warped tour. Almost all of them. Were not playing. They were straight up not playing their music. It was a track laying prerecorded thing and they were going through the motion. I would've been furious where i sixteen and found that absolutely and so i i made they didn't want to rely on the sound system at the dog track. Can you believe that every cities verizon amphitheater doesn't doesn't have good yeah yeah so i made very good friends and am still very good. Friends with this band was on tour that year pup and they oh yeah pups great. They're they're great. They're great and they're also great people and at that point that's their slogan right great band creative people and that's what punks like them because of how sweet they are yeah. I haven't heard their music what i've seen their like their advertisements in national geographic. Yes don't worry about what the music sounds like. They'll bake bread. They make a nice warm coat show. Their initial slogan was food folks and the yellowstone national park of music so they just just like. I did at a difficult time difficult tour because they weren't one of those big main stage bands. Everyone cared about their first regular. It's funny because their first record had come out. They were at a point where they were selling win out. You know five hundred cap rooms and stuff but then they go on warped. Tour and ten people are watching them. No one cares. It's bad so one day i was sitting in in their merchant with them and i remember so clearly it was in charlotte north carolina and there was a band called new year's day <hes> that i don't remember what they sounded like but i know they. They looked like cradle of filth if you know but they sound. Can you give me a little context on this cradle of filth. How big daddy came looked in nineteen. Ninety-two it helps at all like if alice cooper were shorter okay but they were that but a little but like a lot more trim looking like the lead singer is a very beautiful woman they were younger <hes> there was a lot of neon that they wore over their black boots and black t. shirts and stuff so it was like a poppy version of black metal ish stuff. That's the ballpark. I don't really know but yeah so <hes> their fans. That black metal isn't already pretty poppy is is very hooky hook based music nick dealers with gutter starting black metal. No she's a little in that. You were a little country and now it's full on pop music. Yeah like there are still still murder ritual that taylor swift concert azure. Did you hear this by the way that a at the fish show. That's about to happen in denver. You're not allowed to camp because the prairie dogs around the venue kerry plea. Thank you very dogs. We've already got plague. We're gonna die soon yeah so the new year's day was doing something with giant leather cones over there. Yeah sorry guys unlike most of our shows. We can't scratch so new year's day is doing some sort of signing and a ton of people are lined up to get whatever was signed and for whatever reason reason their fans decided to line up in front of the entire line of merchants for other bands blocking everyone's view. I thought it was crazy. I was like like i was like. I thought there was at least a modicum of punk rock feel here some sort of we're in this together community d._i._y. Thing but these kids were like nope. Fuck every every band i haven't heard of i'm standing in front of him and blocking their view share and so we're sitting in pup tent and these kids are just blocking the tent and so we're just yelling at them on the the pup tent yeah. It was pretty big. Actually that's the irony <hes> and we were just yelling at him to buy up albums and stuff and at one point this kid turns to us any goes so ev every day every band on the tour got two cases of monster tour water and it really did look just just like a monster energy drink can but in small letters at the bottom it said to her water and so these kids are like hey we'll buy a pop album if you give us some of those monsters and and we're like oh those are just water and the kid was like what the fuck their lot. That's bullshit man. That's fucked up and then stephan the lead singer of pup goes also monsters fucking grossman. Why do you want that stuff and the kid goes whoa dude you will get your ass kicked seen gene shit like that around here and then the kids friend his head pops around the quartering woody fucking says and the guy goes goes through talking shit about monster and the kid goes. Wow you will get your s._p._c._a. And shit like that around here. Did he think it was a company. Run by actual monsters were were. They concerned about frankenstein. We're the care the cast of monsters inc there. We go lawn stars space jam yeah is that were they called the monster monster. I don't remember the aliens from space jam. Yes so those kids we were saying. Is we have a lot of summer summer. Boy merchandise in the max funds store dot com she you can get challenged coins. You can get posters and you can get beachballs. Beach balls plus monster energy drinks. They're full of water which are also great for disaster relief. All monster energy drink them in guy. I fieri or saving everyone. Oh yeah god bless we owe. We owe it all to them. I wish i was a celebrity chef. I could just go and say oh. I'm making jambalaya for all. The disaster disaster is then you could say that that go make jambalaya turned down your jumbled strawberry ice cream handout ice cream. I need one of those gigantic copper cauldrons. Oh yeah tee off with the church sure that's what people in a disaster run up there and give them some much and dewey do think i have jordan. I don't know what your situation is well. I hear we rival issue. Your is cowboys zaddar sausages your issue not gonna pry okay fair enough. Hey we have some phone calls. <hes> that are appel brian has collected force people. Give us a call at two six nine eight four four fun colleague brian hall. Excuse me i'm sorry i didn't mean to go bryan. Ah probably do expect an invitation to my next birthday party. When something happens to you we ask you to call us at two zero six nine eight four four fun for our segment momentous occasions. Here's the first call hide jordan jesse and the guy who does the voice for strong bad. This is debbie calling closer with and celebration of eight august. I wanted to let you guys know that. After a great experience with penguin penguin shaped vibrator i had bought my wife yesterday went on a website and spent two hundred dollars on various sex toys to go in my but <hes> <hes> or our butts and actually that goes in to both of us at once <laughter> somehow called a sharing vibrator so yes i have you you guys to thank for all the years of making me feel comfortable enough with these ideas that she got the idea to go. Get some stuff to peg me with which will be a new experience experience for both of us. Keep us. Li like sunday morning. Dave you look confused. I am man. I'm so sex positive. I'm i'm. I'm all up for whatever makes people feel good. It makes them feel like themselves and also i think you should let me know oh about anal august. You know what that is very fair to be clear. We had one of those viability released signs at the door like when they're shooting a movie at the mall you might say on the door by entering his premises. You're agreeing. Did you hear about anal. That's nice and you know what i'm glad. This is not strictly speaking an anal device but i'm glad that to quit sucking vibrator gets a shot out of the penguins shaped. You know our our friend. Jenny shar dan from boyne boyne passing multiple times past guest on jordan jesse. Go wrote a post about these vibrators on boing boing. I read it. I i bought one. This thing works like a dream. Sucks sucks the clinton. This is the i it's funny i just now in that phone. Call learned about both anal august and and the quit sucking vibrator and i guess are expensive. They're not cheap. I would imagine it's sunny day. Bye-bye hits three by digit worth uh-huh how many how deep into the three digits are we not that deep. I'll okay so this is the end of the insole that you buy this. This is what is the name of that insole that the smashmouth acquiring well sucks liquid and vibrates. I would imagine it's is a little costly. It's cool that it's in the lower three digits yeah day for your for your benefit. We celebrate <hes> <hes> a month. We call eight a law. Guests and people can use that month month to either explore some new sexual a possibility facilities or just any new possibility they like like that he took it on the nose. Yeah caller go up the ass on the nose up his ass. Most people we find are taking it very literally but we don't want to restrict it to the anus because again. We like you whatever you're into. If you're not into budget that's just fine sure now i do have to say when he said that his wife purchased for his family a his and hers machine yes i immediately pictured them standing but to but but like bent over like like luke a sh- in a t shape the two of them with their butts connected machine and that's a funny image that's great. I mean very sexy actually for me but god let to be an a. t. Wow that's funny because i was as you were describing it. I was thinking of it not non-sexually non-sexually for some reason joe's cheerleading yeah. They're they're not using the device. They're just bent over at a. T. no because because <hes> like a high tea definitely right you get a little cucumber sandwich. He'll nicer gray okay okay. Let's play another. Let's play another call. Hello jordan jesse and and a third person who is neither jordan nor jesse. I'm gonna play a straight numbers game on this new guests that it's steve eiji the statistics l. I'm calling today with a momentous occasion. <hes> i don't know if you can hear them in the background but today i adopted three runner ducks <hes> and <hes> i have not had runner ducks in a long time. I'm really the excited to have these three <hes> and many of my poultry and animals. I have a small <hes> farm of rescue animals. Many of our animals are named after different max fun entertainers and max fun affiliated affiliated people so for example i have three ducks <hes> that are ruins and they're all brothers and they're called the quack roy brothers his three peqin ducts and they are <hes> sydney theresa and rachel roy got got a couple of lizards that are named rawson kerry and a turtle named tidy disk and so you get the idea but anyways these three runner ducks that i got today i'm naming them jordan jesse and sunny and so so that's what i want you guys to know that <hes> now you have a three runner ducks named after you and they're kind of like the tall skinny ducks. They're really really really adorable. I'll send you guys a picture anyway so you have ducks named after you and that's why momentus occasion thank you for your wonderful world. Keep doing it love you guys. We got x. We got our own. Duck is my sunny d. You you are now brian. Go fuck yourself with the news sunny baby <hes> yep. That's great i did. I just kind of what we had been talking thing about. When she was talking before she kind of explained the animal angle of this. I did hear the around the background and i'm like is she a warped tour. What what those bad guy sings and a guy screen a new wave you ever heard this the new wave and heavy rock brides guy who sings like an angel like in a falsetto lake smokey okay robinson right and then a distressed right to actually have you heard of the band and i'm not getting it all. They're called hate beak. You know this oh yes so k nine s where we sing and these are the same people who do really it's the guys from pig destroyer and they are are vegan and animal rights activists and they bring animals in as evidence by their pan pig destroyer. Yes i also it's been a mixed message. They hate beak peak is their project of their animal bans got i also i guess i could be wrong that it was their canine is but i think i'm right anyway. He'd because the one that got biggest of those and <hes> people you should listen to it because it is just straight up death metal and then a cockatiel goes. It's crazy so they don't tour it though because because they think that the stress of touring would hurt the bird yeah that's true you could just like a recording recording project exactly yes i would tour but but just catch your burden each town yeah this show and then go local free right. It couldn't be someone who owns the bird in the town bringing you wanna catch. It has to be a call and say let it free. Let it for you in the venue as the show is leading out and everybody waves that totally sitcom come in right credits roll eight beak brian if you i don't know if we can see these duck picks anywhere but duck picks. That's funny. We'll use in his jock. Pick don't he solicited duck pinot. Give these duck pictures to stacy and she'll pro some on the max fun <hes> instagram that will be great. Okay i see these behind your shoulder really lovely. I think it makes sense for us to be runner. Duck uh-huh who certainly not fighter ducks out of their yes nice very nice animals check out the <hes> check out the social media for those post. Thank you very much college. Yeah y- beautiful plumage just like we're back in just a minute jordan jessica. We attract mates. It's not known among <music> hi. I'm dave hill from show business and while i'm not from canada my grandfather clarence vinson blake exterior was and he wouldn't shut up about it. My grandfather moved onto that great penalty box in the sky way back in the eighties. So all these years later later i can't help but wonder what are we really know about canada and its people which is why my friend chris beck and i decided to make so you're canadian brand new podcast from the maximum fun network on which i attempt to get to know our neighbors to the north one canadian at edit time coming to maximum august twenty seven and dark. Sorry <music> listen. I'm a hotshot hollywood movie producer you have until i finished my glass of kombucha to pitch me your idea go. It's called who shot ya a movie podcast. That isn't just a bunch of straight white dates. I'm wide awake the new host of the show and a certified b._b._n. P. began buff black nerd. I'm emma lonzo duality. An elderly gay legit film critic who wrote a book on christmas movies ivdr clark allowed white lady for minnesota each week. We talk about a new movie in theaters theaters and all the important issues going on in the film industry. It's like guess who's coming to dinner mitch cruising and if it helps seal the deal i can flex my muscles while record each episode. I'm sorry this is a podcast. I'm a movie producer. How did you get in here if he quick start flexing lattes chess who shot you dropping every friday the maximum fund dot org or wherever you listen to podcasts nine eleven <music> stored jesse go i'm jesse thorn america's radio sweethearts detective dave ross. Hello hi dave panicked. I didn't let it they didn't let it flow. I didn't know panic attack pretty good nickname. Hello dave you've got a brand new comedy record album i absolutely do is this something that people can listen listen to their interested like let's say they listen to you on georgia's this dave rossi was like a funny guy. I should check out his work. I'm excited that you brought this up because they can. Oh absolutely can <hes> reading on the services spotify and apple music. You can also buy it on a band camp and itunes and amazon and also i didn't. I want to do something a little more special than putting out a c._d. Tape so i made <hes> i made a one hundred fifty page age two-way flip book that you can buy out of art that my friends made and i i sort of make flip books using my instagram stories. It's hard to explain unless you've seen it but so if you want a physical copy of the album you buy that and it comes with the digital download and all of those versions of the album are collected together on a website website. I made which is sex dot guns dot beer sex a member yeah so dave if you're telling us. You're selling your record album. <hes> in the form of a flip book yes made with your friends may yes <hes> also wrote a story. You're also telling us that you're some kind of punk rock guy. You're pieces just aren't adding up well. I'm well. I think it was time. I'm the punk rock had a flip book right sure the world's first punk flip book yeah. It's just photos of dead people the way puncture you just get a copy of the basketball diaries alan autopsy photos yeah yeah yeah yeah <hes> <hes> the flip book is an ever increasingly large pile of shit. <hes> max one store dot com is where you can get the the <hes> summer boys of summer merchandise as well as some other jordan jesse gohmert yeah got a few happy's t-shirts left up there a lot of fun stuff. Max funds store dot com. That's a nice store very nice door faves. I would say number one for me. Gotta be neiman. Marcus sure this jazz piano never to do they play jazz piano. Neiman marcus uh i think they play classical piano. Nordstrom right. Marcus is a little more a little more for for to pass jordan e._s._e. Go guest brent wind. Bach was a pianist and nordstrom in san francisco. Is it true that's absolutely true. Did not make that up. Well let a colorful life yeah. Absolutely i've only ever been to nordstrom rack where they just oh yeah elevator music. I i don't know i was in nordstrom rack. Recently i heard <hes> the song brand new jones by thick by robin thicke. I really like that song. I was happy to hear here. It was lying about the elevator music nordstrom rack phil flat well. That was a true anecdote about uh-huh so we're we're having a great time good old time and round brian sunny d. Fernandez is our producer. You can find it on reddit. Maximum fun dot red dot com. You can find us on facebook just search for jordan jesse go you can find us on twitter at jesse thorn and jordan underscore morris <hes> debut on that <hes> twitter. Oh yeah at dave ross d._a._v. t. o. g. h. e. r. o. s. It's finding <hes> scott like an urban twist absolutely yeah you got that from <hes> your social media intern big scoop yeah. He was like you gotta. Add some flavor to your name isn't working. I hope i'm right at the name of that guy that dance for big daddy kane was big. Excuse because otherwise. I'm going to get a series of messages from i guess probably from big scuba and something tells me you'll get messages. No matter what either big scoop will be excited. Oh you got it right or he'll be mad that you've got. We've talked big based on the conversation in this episode. We're all getting nats. No matter ah we're all getting at so i just say this though jerome come on jordan jessica. You're invited getting bring the mirror baby here. Okay we will talk to you next time on jordan. Jessica fund dot org comedy and culture artists owned audience supported.

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We're Too Old for Billie Eilish

"Sa Parker's no arms and I thought I stood a chance like every word dog. I know a lot of them. That's all I thought I stood a chance Jesse. That's super presses. Ah Hello there welcome to the latest episode of Co op the PODCAST. I'm your host Raven. It's up to the twenty two episodes these how are you. I'm Jesse Jesse Ghost but yeah anybody WHO's keeping track. This is episode twenty two to which what does that mean we at the halfway mark yet for the year because we skip a couple right <hes> I mean yes. I don't know if it is halfway. It's we started in January L. Fifty Twenty nine hundred by twenty six yeah but he's six weeks this year. It's been six six months of the year almost right so not quite at I don't. I don't think I think we gotta get into this month. How many weeks there what's the middle point of the here in the middle of the year okay so we twenty six is from June twenty fourth to June thirty okay so we're coming up coming up to? We've been doing this half year. Yeah we're on twenty four right now so we're not that behind. I guess we haven't missed that only one or two vacation and there's one other time but we didn't miss right before and then yeah anyway welcome to your podcast a weekly podcast or talk about what we want and we do it with charm and grace and charisma stats suing yeah we just put it all in charisma. Were not so good on our constitution because we're down here coughing and sneezing 'cause yeah like that because I think I don't know but yeah I don't know what it is. Something is making me cough down here. We've got mold. I don't think we have festus as best as I'm begging this kid. Sorry does like a thousand kids out out there. The Guy who did like Oh my God shows he has a a muffin bakery and he just list off a bunch of muffins who wanted t shirt this week because let's get some announcements out of the way Aso are winner this week for the contest was Kenna Hickey off of facebook. I she hangs out with us a lot on facebook so we've had like all three of our social media produced headwaters the from all of them yeah so that's pretty cool so she went random number generators rolling better than Dyson role twenty yeah well in real. I have a theory that role twenty is created by Satan. Yeah Yeah we don't do well. We don't rowing enroll twenty so yeah but so she won. You could win next week. If you interact with all of our original content on twitter facebook affect instagram that's liking commenting chairing anything like that and then you'd win a shirt one of our super cool cough the podcast t shirts that has our logo design has our logo designed Vai Africa Yup yeah you could win a cool t-shirt with our logo designed by ash money Ash Sandwich Anti Sandwich. The logo is Super Dope. Its logo we use. You're looking at here on the thing <hes> it's US podcast icon and the t shirts are pretty cool to come in a variety of colors so you get to pick just interact. We have all these posts throughout the week on facebook facebook twitter only not re tweets or anything like that as long as they come from us directly. That's how you can enter trek back because we can't really track what happens on re tweets so yeah so yeah what what I learned announcements. Do we have again yeah so for those of us that listen and follow <hes> Ravens activity on twitch <hes> she was on a live live play d._N._D.. Yep <hes> yeah and it went really well so they're asking her to come back permanently yeah permanently for the season and then like on July twentieth but yeah I'm fading footsteps. I'm I'm going to be bringing Iraqi and Cooma back if you watched it and you like them. Guess let you get to like see us play every week so I'm going to be on that every Thursday at the <unk> seven thirty Pacific Standard Time seven thirty P._M.. So come join me and then I'm also going to be doing another. <hes> another stream on scotus kissed academies twitch and that's on June twenty second. That's a Saturday at seven P._M.. Pacific Standard Time so again come join me and we'll post the links whenever we're going live and stuff like that so if you're following us on twitter you'll get the notifications and be able to click through and followed so yeah definitely check it out. What else do we have any other announcements that aside from podcast dot com Patriot dot com slash podcast at cost and podcast clogs yeah instagram facebook all this follows everywhere subscribe review smashed that like button or whatever they say on the Youtube? 's Smash Yeah all right mash. Let's get on with it because we gotTA. I like our hotcakes this week and I like our theme this week. So we'll just a heads up our theme. This is part one of our theme per to is going to be next week so yup cover e three. We wanted talk about all the stuff that's kind of. You know I think <hes> Saturday the weekend is like the Big Day so I'm I'm a little confused because there are announcements going on yeah also this weekend but supposedly it's only the lake eighty three is June eleventh thirteenth which is like Tuesday right but like everybody tries to get like you know okay so you want somebody to be at your booth right as somebody else's so they always come out with a lot of big news news breaks so there's a lot so recording on Sunday so there's a lot of like like xboxes <hes> extremists today or announcements are today besides us today tomorrow to our annex and although so and and those are like right in between when our Tuesday podcasts comes out so we're going to save a couple of those for next week but we have some cool announcements from what happened this past week yeah we'll have a few announcements and stuff like that. We'll talk Alabel. What sort of speculation have on what other things are gonNA come up and then in the next uh happens yeah but our hotcakes cool the first one that this past week we binge watched good omens like in one of those good and it was really good at good omens came out on Amazon Prime Yep well well done like all these streaming platforms do you when they invest money into making something you know and he's got a good cast too because I mean you have David tennant? You have Michael Sheen. They're amazing in this. They're really funny. <hes> their characters are really interesting and fun to follow so for them alone I would just recommend it and then just kind of all the rest of it. I think it was really fun to watch this show and kind of 'cause I really loved Neil. Gaiman and Jesse Really Love Terry Prajit and it was really fun onto kind of see the like hints of Terry Approximate and then the bits of Neil Gaiman yeah to me. This is a story Terry Patchett wrote and then Neil Gaiman fucked up or else. It would have been funny where they will yeah. It wasn't as funny which I thought the parts that were like specifically like really funny and out there I was like are. Let's tear your project like wagons dig around yeah. It's the best when it comes to funny or was the best Terry Patchett but I like Neil Gamons like story building and world creation and things like that and I was reading this article that said so Terry Project. This is mostly Terry practice story but Neil <music> game brought in like bits. I'd like he did the four horsemen and kind of create. A death was ruined well and so we've read a bunch of discworld which is Teri project should have been the death from that yeah. I'm sure that there's like no boundaries. Death exists outside of the universe the existence of whatever and I love how in the discworld series in like I'm thinking specifically like Morton Hog fathers of icy death is being like this really comfy kind of guy who just wants to like hang out and relax and owens he's kind of a bad ass though which is cool it's Kinda cool and really differentiated. He doesn't talk all cats. It's Lame mm-hmm. You can't see the all caps they you could tell you could tell somebody's talking in all caps yeah. They talk big big all caps yeah yeah I get the I don't know just like in your mind talk. But how do you even portray that in film with a character. That doesn't have a mouth so I don't know but yeah I was a little disappointed in that was I arena that was me too. I thought he was too cool and it's like right like the four horsemen is like the other ones we're kind of like comically yelling war and famine yeah yeah and then they change. I mean Zeus Pollution Yeah Lucien which is a good thing which I will say I have maybe read good omens like once a really long time ago I don't remember everything from the book and it might have been even then I believe I read all the way through but it could have also been I started reading and I started reading and I had to stop so but the show is really good and it kind of makes us really want to get back into reading that book and I think if you have the ability to do that like renting or checking it out at your local library or buying it yeah wherever I recommend subscribing <hes> to audible and then getting like a book a month because we don't always have a book that we WANNA get a month but we have this huge backlog of books for like Okay Yeah and so every month we kinda eat away at our backlog or get a new book that we want. I don't know we'll have this huge library of audiobooks convenient way to digest especially while I'm like working I like I don't like working in silence. Sometimes you're all caught up on your podcasts or sometimes you know podcast or too distracting you need something kind of mundane to run on and one of my favorite things about young gay men books on audible. He's usually the one that's rating them and his voice is very like soothing very calming and and so I've listened to a bunch of his books on audible and it was great yes so yeah definitely check out audible subscriptions. Are I mean eventually they get pricey and audible books are super expensive for this subscription totally worth it and if you as opposed to buying a book each month right you can just download it. It's much cheaper and it can stream on your kindle because as I mentioned the names on company ooh yeah and it's really cool and I think we've actually talked about this before exactly like when you're listening to an audible book if like pause with your kindle and it'll take you to that page guy loves kindle everybody get audible subscription posit. Oh anytime yeah all right so that's good Omens Jesse. What are you worried at how many stars four and a half six very good out of five was my thing? uh-huh see I didn't know the scale also GONNA throw it out there six of what I don't know but yeah no I four point five year you get half of a star knocked adopt because death was Kinda lame yeah. That's my opinion yeah definitely I. I don't know that I would watch it. There's not a lot of things we watch especially after so recently after seeing them maybe years from now rewatch it really quick to there's only like six except <unk> did finish it in an evening. We watched like we watched it with dinner and we were like okay. We'll just keep going yeah so I would say that I have several buckets of how I categorize. Shows and movies want to be on never watch it again or one would be. I would never watch in the first place to would be on their watch it again. Three is Al Watch it again at some point. Four is like okay. I'll watch it again. Pretty soon and five is like I could repeat it right after the office. It's not even like it's a category office falls into a five. I'd say this falls into four yeah like I could watch it again in a month. 'cause I wait years but I'll I'd like to read the book and that I'd like to re-watch it like almost immediately yeah exactly so there's some funny but's it's worth rewatching so I'm trying to figure out if I actually said Martin Sheen or Michael Sheen Michael Sheen is the one I met Martin. Sheen is the other one yeah that guy who is in Greece and Frankie as one of the old men who is now gay but Grayson Frankie Super Gotcha but anyways magic the gathering is doing a cartoon yeah netflix afflicts is doing it and they actually have a super. I mean heading up the project is Joe and Anthony Russo who just got off during vendors and game so I owe feeling this is going to be like an epic fucking T._v.. Show well yeah. I think it'll be really good. I mean I'm super glad they decided to go with a comic obviously right cartoon cartoon sorry yeah I have my little funke POPs magic attic gathering. Yes <hes> but yeah so I I really think it'll be really good. I think the story of magic the gathering that like you know none of us really I mean I'm sure somebody out. There really follows it but like their books. We we all kind of know the story. Yes we play the game because we're magic magic. The gathering people can tell we recently <hes> but mostly because we fell behind a couple sets and now I don't WanNa go out and spend it right so but yeah yeah you know it's like there's a story. There's an overall story. <hes> that needs to be told I think it'll be rainy cool to see that and then all the specific like characters and their stories are always super interesting. The guilds are really interesting stories to tell. There are all these different races and locations so I think it does it really transfers well into a cartoon our T._v.. Show in every time a new set comes out. It's like any season right and there's a lot of sense I could go back and forth and keep going and stuff like that and I'm hoping it's kind of like I don't know who they're getting to animate it <hes> what team but I hope it's kind of like in the style of Voltron. I think it'd be really cool in that style by I think that Bar del Entertainment I okay so there are a couple of names on here. That was the coast enough lakes are like working with like Henry Henry. Go Roy did star wars rebels and Star Wars Clone Wars Jose Molina did the tech and Jordan peels city Yuriki Mochizuki did spiderman into spiders and Bar del entertainment entertainment rick and Morty Teen Titans go and that that dragon prince so like there's a lot going on there so I wonder I'm wondering is definitely like that's kind of sounds like it's going to lean towards that sort of shaded a you know Oh. I don't know how to describe styles but it's not going to be super realistic looking yeah which I mean it should be more cartoony looking yeah yeah you know a little bit softer edges. It's not GonNa be a sharp you know lighter color Palette Pallet I think as opposed to darker color Palette and this sounds like me so it looks like they haven't said what the story line is going to be about an exactly what characters they're going to be bringing in but it says says it is going to be I mean magic is very character. centric obviously 'cause like it's you bringing these characters to life with magic. That's how that's what magic the gathering is and and all these plane walkers. That's those are huge aspect of the game so it's GonNa be interesting to see what story they really bring to life and I am also wondering so the art style for magic. The gathering is very specific. It's very beautiful variable dying art that are on the cards right and they've said that they aren't expecting like their animators to bring that to life because that would be super unrealistic so right and that's where I'm thinking yeah. It'll be a little bit softer which makes sense which is cool but yeah no. I'm excited for the release date. What's the deal with that? I'm not it sure I did just read something. That does say that if you liked the Dragon Prince on netflix which we haven't watched but I think we should watch then you should like this animates area so I'm thinking it's going to be in a similar style as the dragon prints which is like almost a more three d rendering of voltron almost is kind of how reminds me of but let me it's like the same style Kinda as Voltron out say yeah but just kind of like Moore's three like more four dimensional almost. I don't know it just says it's in the works and okay yeah. I mean you know it takes a long time to draw stuff <hes> and then get the actors recording right you know you do we have any idea who's going to be recording. Voice asked me what characters are when at the moment so so okay the guy we got some time yeah. I got my johnny rate here like to see him. I got my jas rate here that my Liliana those three I think all five like main planes walkers thank rate right because I mean there's each for each color right and so I- missing red which is <hes> cheer now and then the else which is Green Yeah Chandra Chandra Chandra is our read primary of course they have have like a ton of people they don't always have the same ones but they're like a lot that are the same -cause like gook wowed speaker right and then there's also other people writing and you know I feel like those are some big ones <hes> yeah that's the green one right yeah so group and Nissar both kind of on there's Nicol Bolas which is the dragon which is <hes> this one is flu black and red this car that yeah they're multicolored ones too yeah Gideon here a white one. I think it'd be cool to see like a lot of the the usual characters that I I mean like Jason is like one of the main characters I think pretty sure he's like the main character the books you know. It'll probably be a lot through his perspective but everybody else comes in and out Johnny Chandra. I love Johnny acute any mcadam kilo bully it go boy screeches anyways any who all they do and I'm excited to see so you characters they bring him with stories bringing to life and if it's going to bring in because like the I will say that the D._N._d.. Ibran expansion expansion or I know Rab Avoca Rodney to what it is. I thought that that was kind of disappointing like the story I mean I haven't actually gotten to play it. So maybe I shouldn't say anything but like just like I looks out. I was kind of like okay well. That's Kinda. Lane wasn't enough enough for you. I just thought like if it's going to be in the gathering setting like rob neca than maybe I mean I expected more out of it. It just kind of seemed like wasn't enough was enough magic agic south right yes no. I don't see what this all Dale what they'll bring to life in this yeah exactly it makes it like I think magic. The gathering is something more people get into. I mean got more popular recently. It'd be cool if magic gathering gathering got more popular recently angry. You know it's cool. It's been around for a long time. We've done a couple of like tournaments fun. Yeah Yeah played at like we've played at dragon con or I have. I played at Dragon Con a couple of times nine that with so much Ryan you just meet so many cool people and it like I remember in college like we would sit around and drink beers and play almost every Saturday night. It's fun. It was fun all right. Let's move on to our next hotcakes and this one is for Jessie for sure. 'cause it's the New Apple I._O._S.. Thirteen update and here's how he's been talking to me about it a lot. I saw Jesse love cellphones. It's like his thing he collects old cellphone old cell phones and he's always trying to stay up today on the newest technology and the news updates on I._O._S.. On android on literally any of them so yeah well W W._D._C. Worldwide developer conference by apple was like last week. That's going to be like a what would dean Edano but yeah it's <hes> their conference was. It's mostly when they announced like a software things so it's always usually new I._O._S.. Watcher wes new now officially. The IPAD IS IS GETTING ITS OWN O._S.. That is it's still technically islas thirteen at its core but it's GonNa be called IPAD O._S.. And you know I think probably a couple of generations from now. It'll be completely different right as we have ipods and I and it's not it's not as user friendly big IPHONE. Yeah and you're like okay well yeah. We hardly use them to be honest yeah but there'll be a lot more desktop top likes so with IPAD. They're supposed to get like some widgets that can kind of move around on the desktop break and then they're gonNA use like the full blown safari instead of the mobile safari. You know it's all getting optimized for touchscreen input that stuff which actually to probably one benefit of this IPAD O._S.. One thing people don't like about Max. They don't have the touch screen screens right right. <hes> and it's because like you know apple hasn't really made their software touchscreens. We're friendly for the full-blown mack experience but now that they're kinda gearing everything towards touchscreen with the IPAD O._S. and you know they're improving that Cata side of things I bet you and a couple years we'll start seeing some touchscreens and Max as well. We'll go from there but the also announced New Watch O._S.. which usually every time they announced the new Wacho assets improvements to the health tracking benefits and stuff which they are doing <hes>? It's is not a new watch so there's no new sensors or anything like that so profound yeah like the look and feel of it and like data. That's already being collected. They're just making it now. More upfront more available to reach yeah they'll be new you watch faces which they promised when they first came out to watch that they'd have like a watch face store which they haven't done that yet really lacking yes so now you're watch faces are limited but they still come out with a few every year right whenever they do a new one sale it is slowly getting more choices but whatever that that apple the actual iphone yeah so the iphone itself update is going to have you know some new camera features <hes> which is something that like I don't really care about camera features but you know lots of people do <hes> and the rumor for the next iphone we'll have the latest thing is triple cameras right said at two cameras. Three yeah so it's like okay well you know so it just seemed like they are probably going to get like start planning ahead for that. Some of the features that are offering are a lot of like editing features you know some of those little macro changes as you can do filtering and so yeah improvements <hes> some portrait stuff and stuff like that but you know all that's GonNa come and <hes> I owe thirteen thirteen and if you're really into the photos great. I'm sure you're super excited about it. I've taken on one photo like all year. Hey it take pictures of me. Sometimes you should go back off like my one foot. Oh no I take a lot of pictures of the dog can take better pictures of the dog yeah. I guess that's true appreciate it. Yeah I usually send raven like a picture of the dog every morning every morning. Well they're snuggling. I'm at fucking work strip but yeah some other improvements. They're gonNA end now do finally so they're improving some security features which has been a big issue for a lot of people you know encryption Blah Blah Blah. Everybody's Shit's getting hacked. Also the government can just sort of get your iphone opened apple push back on that a little bit right and so there's some good wins there <hes> as far as security goes but they're also improving their security <hes> Buncha techno jargon in the back of how they're going to do it and stuff like that but one of the features they're bringing to the new Security O._B.. The ability to sign in with apple right so if you're using the password vault now you got it like you know use your face and enter the password for every web site you go to your whatever they're basically simplifying that whole thing which I think will be nice because I've had some issues with random like lots of passwords and stuff so in Summary Pass. I'm ready for the world where it's just like okay. It's scan my face and log me in my face charge my credit card. I'm ready for that yeah but you know how so you can make a super super secure password through apple daily to have that my only problem with that is if you do it on sale like facebook. How do you get on facebook on your fucking desktop? You have to go and write down all those random words and dashes a numbers out so the the benefit of using a MAC would be that it would store it all together right yeah it would have been great if windows phone had still maintained a presence and then we could just have that same feature. Ah that never happens though you know I wouldn't be surprised if eventually they make some sort of APP that can sync actually they. They make third party like last pass does that right but I found last pass a little difficulty us from like my phone like I like the built in I wanna be built in everything built in you know it just works a little better that way usually another fun. One is the apple maps stuff is up too excited about when we heard that updates to maps yes so part of what they're adding is like <hes> some three d. maps and it's becoming a lot more like Google maps right which is what everybody everybody likes right so they probably have like apple branded little guys running around cities and getting stuff but another thing there are letting you do start building collections and favorites and stuff and so the way they kind of sell the feature is like and of of course they do a great job and I don't know that people will actually use it this way or you can use it however you want but it sort of like you could go online and say hey I'm visiting and example that use was Barcelo yeah but my family's come to visit us in Seattle Yeah <hes> we're going to get on the Beta and we'll try this out but you know you'll you'll be able to say okay. Hey there's a couple of restaurants. I like right and you add them to like a planned collection the week Jesse's parents are here. Here's a little collection of restaurants that we could go to and then you could layer that on top of your map right when you open up your map and they'll say oh hey you're closest to this restaurant okay. Let's go there. We're all starting to get hungry. We're pretty close to one of the restaurants that we liked them. They were go so it's kind like a nice little planning feature for your trip right. You're going to a new city. You heard about a great ne- restaurant you want to try it out. While you're there boom Oh hey it's not that far away. Let's walk right so that's pretty we'll definitely like that when we start planning out our trip to Japan because there are a lot of places that we kind of want to go and like in this world of Instagram when there's always like these kind and buzzfeed like articles that's like have to try out this place that does this one thing and it's the only place in the world that doesn't and you're like Holy Shit that looks good as hell put it like aside in these collections and you can remember it later instead of exactly said you layered on top of the map right you open up your map and you might have to turn it on and off but you can turn on your collection and says okay. Hey Shit that that's right around the corner. Let's go right yeah. So you kind of like plan your trip that way or you you can even pull it up and actually plan your trip that way and say I'm GonNa go here and then we can have lunch here we go here. I'm camp dinner here right you know and create your little path but a few other things just to kind of wrap it up was the audio video-sharing with airports. I think school cool yeah you're gonNA have to air pods paired at same time so like when we were all kids and we usually use headphones splitters and you're sitting next to a girl on the bus and you can listen to the same music now you can do that. Were there pods you just connect both your pods and music and then you can make out in the back of the bus and do other things we were kids once and now of course in messaging they're adding <hes> so one thing android people. It's always like swipe keyboard weakness wife. You guys can't fuck off well. Hey Man we can. It's called quick path typing apple. I'm excited about that. I hate it. I never use visit but I see that all the time on my android yeah. They're improving reminders which is helpful because I actually use the reminders up. You know it's just it's just helpful. Let's see I'm trying to quickly look and see if there's anything else missile launch faster which is nice and then dark vote. It's going to have dark back yeah. That was the big one much which I like. All these seems so silly that that's like one of the big ones but it's like a big whoa people like dark mode because sometimes it's easier to read on your is it softer yeah right. Was it colors. <hes> get adapts better to <hes> you know auto adjusting brightness works better with a dark mood kind of setting than it does with a bright load setting I I I mean I was just like I couldn't sleep last night. You know I came downstairs and I open up my laptop and it's suppose to Auto Joseph Brightness and it did supposedly but it was fucking like the sun so it's super bright and I had to go in and manually zip things down and yeah I'm using like the light mode on my browsers and stuff so because you're already doing this. You're already adjusting the red at APP and the twitter APP and stuff like that you could do dark mode on those and so if you're going from doc motor on there and then you get a text message open up the tax message and it's like fucking blinding would be wouldn't be surprised if they have like a setting that says like you know between this time and this time dark mode right that's that's probably I think you can do that within read it right so yeah. It also looks like there's some cool like carplay updates not that we have carplay right now but those look really cool but I would recommend if you're interested you have an iphone or you're interested in getting an iphone. You wanted to see see what's coming up on I._O._S.. Thirteen go check it out their website great resource yeah. It's always fun to keep up with the apple stuff and go I mean I think they're on a decline anybody who wants to talk about the decline of Apple. You can message me on twitter but I see it for months but he'll eventually get back to you yeah but yeah I'm not. I don't think I'M GONNA buy the new iphone this year. Now we bought it every year and I feel like that super extra and we can spend that money elsewhere yeah yeah well. You know there's always that but also just like why like every year there's always a reason I want to get the new one. You Know Oh face I._D.. Cool thing right. Oh now a bigger version of that phone because my hands are giant so bigger one is nice but I cannot imagine what they're gonNA. Add this year where I'd be like Oh yeah but in screen fingerprint. I don't really care face eighty three cameras and I'm really use the to you know what could it be unless it can project its own messages into your brain thoughts ooh anyway. Let's move on to so we've gotten some cool spoilers for upcoming not spoilers but rumors is coming for upcoming a little. What am I trying to say right now for upcoming superhero movies that are coming out through marvel and DC? We've got some really cool actors updates one of them being that Sir Keanu reeves is in talks to play an undisclosed character in marvel's the eternal really cool really interesting. We all love Kiana Reeves. We all love him so much and it's GonNa be exciting to see see him. In a marvel movie besides is was the original Constantine based on the comic book constantly. Oh Yeah it was and that was great like I loved. I loved that movie so it'll be nice to see Kiana reeves and something something new. I don't follow the eternal so it's GonNa be interesting to see that world come to life especially when I know very little about it. Angelina Jolie might be in the movie as well. That's kind of cool so so another kind of rumor that we've been hearing is that Idris Elba is going to play bronze tiger and James Gant's suicide squad sequel and I'm excited that James Gunn is bringing his own cool twist to suicide squad. I'm a huge I've read the comics and I've always really been a fan of suicide squad. I thought that the original movie was kind of men well. It was okay I mean everybody kind of thought it was math by it was cool to see those characters and I do like those characters so it was cool to see those another rumor not necessarily just about <hes> who's playing in the movie but Forbes alleged that there's a supergirl movie eh every kind of car production and the first quarter of twenty twenty. My question is are they going to do what they did with the flash and not have the C._W.. T._V.. Show actress play super split it because she's pretty good. She's pretty good. I mean the guy that they have playing barry. Allen in the flash is really going to they did it on purpose. They didn't go with him so and I forgot who that yeah. I like the guy that they had playing the flash in the DC movies. He's he's a cool actor but I mean it's just it would be cool to see those kind of two different. Urge that like two different items. Two different shows just kind of coming together and being cohesive yeah and then yeah of course we have new lake <hes> store four is being rumored. Guardians of the galaxy volume three Kris Humphries worth has said that he is eager to return to the role of thor her where we all know that Chris Evans and Robert Downey junior and not coming back as Captain America and I don't think they should do with or four but yes something like a role that noise. It's that dude with the fucking car full fought that guy we're going to keep going sorry I hoped anyways and then capsule cat'll captain marvel to is supposedly rumored to have at uh Carol Denver's and Valkyrie teaming up which I think is all speculation because that's really what people want you know stupid. How would they even know each other? They know each other from vendors and game they hung out chill out but josh those are kind of the biggest things coming up in superhero like rumored and Superhero Films <hes> coming up soon yeah. What about this other rumor here of <hes> Ghostbusters Yeah No? I don't think it is ah rumor because sigourney weaver actually verified that she is going to be coming back for her role as Dana Barrett in the upcoming ghostbusters movie and so that movie abby is supposed to also start Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd but so it is not a reboot in any way it is just another movie in the original cialis which is what people. Full wanted. I mean yes because people don't like anything to ever change ever did like everybody knows people are like really hate the idea of come up with an originally come up with an original idea. Don't just redo something. Everybody hates when people just like. I'm I'm just GonNa copy something. That's old and Redo it right. I am going to say I am not a fan of rebates right. I don't love I mean not say that there. Are there probably a couple that are good. Yeah probably had mel within my hi lifetime I mean I don't think especially came out. It wasn't quite a little bit before me but if it's come out within say my brother's like lifetime this too soon for a reboot but this one is going to be the next chapter in the original franchise and they say that loud and proud no reboot. It's an auto reboot and this is set in the present day flake. These dudes might have been busting ghosts since then I mean because these are all old right so like we know now like you're not going to be the ones busted no go. They may be busing some goes getting it could be that story of like you know yeah they pick up some new people and they pass the torch and this is how you reboot franchise. If you wanted to reboot booted with New People you should have done this. This is what they should have done for right now and it's just the three of them. I believe coming back. I don't well obviously paled yeah. He's the Guy who played egon his dad. who was there's a ghost in real life? It's going to be just the three of them yeah so they're the three original people that are still with us are going to come back waivers back yeah yeah and then like in this movie we <hes> Carrie coon who was in the leftover and vendors infinity war is going to be the stories basically she's a single mom and then thin Wolfhard who we know from stranger things in it and McKenna grace who's in captain marvel as the girl are going to be like her children and they're going to be in a and they're going to be like main characters with Sigourney Weaver's character Bill Murray and Dan ackroyd and this is coming out July. I tenth twenty twenty so in a little over a year so that's GonNa be you know what I wouldn't be surprised. Okay so these old dudes fight this ghost and the kid from stranger things right like basically they're probably like super old. There's going to be this whole thing of like going to be Gabon. ghosting you know that sort of inspirational like passing of the torch where it's like. I'm getting too old for this but they're still going to be out there and they still very walks off screen and the kids like they're not as I go way Trevi pretty cool because I mean they're both kind of like teenage aged so the next one could be a couple years from now when they're like in their teens and exactly. I think these kids are good age like yeah. You'd have to wait a little bit but you get all the kids from stranger things though I mean that's pretty fucking obvious you get all of them right. They're playing ghostbusters strange. I couldn't do that though caresses ghostbusters that one year right like that's a little they actually just became ghostbusters that could happen though that could be real real life how it plays out and they can do ghostbusters character territory so daynuss Vista have a child to who at this point would have been older thirties yeah so maybe she's been working and they just haven't cast that person yeah and so that could be a character that they're bringing on like younger blood. There should be a transitional person right old people retire the transitional person will be the new leader and then kids will come in. I think it's a she it was a girl she had. I think it was the boy those a baby boy. I don't know there's there's that dude who is gonNA possess it and it was like you know I think it was just like they did not jovem child. Maybe they didn't do they apply that it was immaculate conception between a demon and her two or something maybe now now. I don't think so I haven't we all saying he can't be watching a lot of supernatural so so but let's move on to our topic. I think that's yes that is the last one so we're super cool for all of those little things that are coming out and all of our hotcakes definitely go watch good omens definitely go play magic the gathering definitely go get an iphone definitely android person you know stay stay on Android or whatever but and then go back and watch all the GHOSTBUSTERS K. hotcakes yeah. You should definitely watch all the ghostbusters before the new one comes out <hes> yeah refresher and so now let's get into the E. Three and other video game announcements excitements because at this point we haven't gotten a lot of new information a lot of the new like E.. Three information we got some other stuff some other so the first one being <hes> we got pulled on direct this week it which gave us so much more pokemon than we got in the last pokemon drag announcement yeah exactly and that being we got to see some suit short and shield or the game coming out that we're talking about yeah which is like number like seven or eight eight in the franchise yeah and we're talking like there are thousands of Bokan on now. I think like we are last time. I think we checked. It was like nine hundred something so there's gotta be like over a thousand now <hes> but it's like in this new when we got to see a couple of new poke mind aside from the three starter pokemon that we talked about last yeah exactly exactly one of them being. The one that everybody on twitter is about is woo which is like adorable fluffy sheep pokemon right and it's like we already had a she pokemon but this is like this cheap. I know look like anything else. Yeah I saw someone say like they're only going to collect like Dune entire Party of just fluffy type POKEMON and so did this end in the last lake. She went which was like the elect. It was like an electric but I can't remember what they're called like. We said we are a casual podcast. Well Yeah. I'M NOT GONNA remember all one thousand pokemon point either so but so we got Hulu which is really cool. We got <hes> gossip slur. I believe which is like a pollen tight pokemon. which is that was in the movie? I think actually Oh was it really like one of the ones I think that was ended type of peachy the name sounds familiar already so and then it also does that evolution for them which is L. D. Gos- I believe but it's a cotton bloom pokemon which that's kind of cool titled Pokemon. I don't think we have any of those. We have had little tiny flower pokey mom cotton Gimme con specifically cotton specifically K yeah flowery things we have a snapping turtle like pokemon called dreadnought and then we have literally the best fucking Pokemon of all time. It's a raven pokey mine named curve night. I have my own pokemon. y'All and it is me. Let's see if if carbonate and Lulu had a baby it would be me soft and fluffy but then also clad in black and a night. I HAVE THE BEST POK Mon right here while it's not coordinate tonight so no. I don't have a way to send it to you either. He's just have to go to post paste in the thing we should put it as a twitter. We'll put this on twitter so everybody can see the Best Pok Mon there. It's on the corner okay. It's a Boston terrier. Poker care bag moves back point if heads the opponent fates faints but fails Boston terrier loses is fifty H._p.. L. Now now. I will read white that rewrite that of flip a coin if it's heads than the Boston terrier wins and you have to give the Boston terrier the food if it's tails than you lose the boss interrogates your food yes exactly yes. That's exactly right so going back to actual pokemon. We I mean those are really cool. We also got to see the legendary pokemon. which are they say wolf flag but I'M GONNA say that it looks like dogs? They're doggone pokemon dog legendary Pokemon Zomba's the net Zente Zomba's enter and Zakian these words car. Don't make it easier on me people but they're really cool so one looks like obviously has a shield kind of around its neck sword a sword in his mouth like it was just playing fetch which I thought was really funny. So those are your main new pokemon so that's pretty cool one really cool thing in sword and shield that they're doing now is you can see the pokemon like in real time just like out there like like you don't have to search through the weeds and just be surprised though it pokemon you're GonNa going against which I believe is in <hes>. Let's go and let's go peaked. You like you could do this but they haven't had an actual pokemon game <hes> by you so you can spit it. You could strategize a little bit more into what in the wild pokemon battles. You're going to go for another one too so yeah. They added a couple new things we have to hold dine Amax and react at all. It's Dynamex what it is is you can transform one of your pokemon into like a Kaija like sized pokemon so it makes them more powerful. I think it's only for like a couple rounds three or four though like three or four rounds when you're in battle the other feature the raid thing was around like fighting DYNAMEX POK Mon while they're dynamex whole time so like you know you you you go with a group and you do like a raid battle against these dynamex poke mine and I think it's like upto four people which is super cool. I think that that is something that I would have loved to see and like in the past and Pokemon and then now that we're going to see I think he's kind of really cool. Just go around and do raids so all very very. I'll note though that like so what the Dine Amax thing too. It's not like you're pokemon becomes like a super evolution evolution. It's like literally just a big version of yeah. That's what I'm saying. It's just like the exile version of up your kitchen. They look the same. They're just bigger right. There are attacks are just stronger stronger attacks but they're completely completely a lot stronger and so that was ahead of Nintendo's e three press conference which that is going to be on June eleventh so how to stay I believe and on Tuesday they're going to be talking about. Luigi is mentioned three the legend of Zelda link's Awakening Zelda stuff which is a remake great. Yes it is yes so we're GONNA see that a lot probably hear the starting with link's awakening but we'll see apparently a lot more with Switzerland makes right so yeah and then marvel ultimate alliance three the black order. One thing that people are complaining about and speculating about is that there isn't on the on your program. There isn't an animal crossing for switch game announcement but people are like pretty sure that there might be one pretty sure that there's a fifty percent chance that they might still make an announcement for animal crossing on switch I mean where else would it be. I don't think they might not just they might not do they announcement. Oh Oh yeah I think that's what it is like. It has been like rumored right. He's not officially on the lists of rumor. Got You know yeah I mean I think like we will the whole thing is like they're not making any game for anything else. If they're gonNA talk about it. It's coming to switch. You're talking about right <hes> so yeah I wouldn't be surprised my whole thing with the switch is like I think they need to Kinda. Buckle up and say like we're not only did we replace our consul line but we also replaced our mobile line. <hes> everybody somebody should own a switch because like right now we just have the one because it's kind of replacing a console but I think we need to so that we can each have pokemon sword and a shield and we played each other because there are a lot of other games that you can put that right like I thought starting. Valley like you can do it like Oh yeah yeah play a lot of games. It would like be like having like our own little like game boys and playing again but the thing is I think they only sell it as like they sell that little docking station and stuff like I wish they sold it. standalone knock fifty bucks out the price to docking stations which we could have dockings as good yeah you know different T._v.'s or whatever but like still just sell it stand alone they would go yeah but anyways that's that's neither here nor there yeah so going back to <hes> <unk> shield it is set to come out November fifteenth of this year and you can go ahead and start pre ordering now so and they're obviously like in the past you can either get pokemon soared. He took him on shield gamespot. I believe has the like a walk through. Which one should you get right can help you pick between the tail? I believe so also if you're interested go check out gamespot they have that I believe because that's always the which one do I get. What's the difference between the two? Should I just by both the now but that seems like a waste of money. Yeah that's why it's always have somebody to game with like you and we can have switches and we could get both copies and then if there's Pok Mon you know we can treat with the what are the last ones right I mean because I think you had gotten one and I had gotten the other one or maybe I did that with my right brother. You did it with your brother. Well I mean when I was a kid. I used to all the time with my brother. Having a twin brother he'd get Rad. I got blue right and we would trade pokemon gold and silver. I don't remember all the colors yeah both and then when like yeah they'll come out you know he'd grab yellow to or whatever and just do whatever but anyways pokemon is super. Nintendo stuff will be dealt. But what else do we have coming up at e three already had <hes> sorry. I'm drinking water guys. I'm trying to stay hydrated. I gotTA workout after this so June eighth there <hes> they came out with the E._A.. Announcement it's E._A.. Play press conference and and in that we got a couple of different games E._A.. Not everybody loves E._A.. For different reasons that we're just I mean we're not gonNA go into right now but I live was pretty excited about the stuff that they talked about in this particular press conference the first one being star Wars Jedi fallen order. We actually got game play of that game and I think it looks absolutely amazing. We talked about the trailer. When it was I announced and this one we got to see the different abilities we got to see light sabers in action of force pulling pushing ranged attacks <hes> it's locked on focused for the combat which I like so it's pretty similar to like dark souls for one on one combat but it seems a lot more forgiving than dark souls does well yeah I mean dark? Souls is known to be different. Yeah and we don't expect this game. I mean that's not what they're going for. They're trying to tell story not the league dark souls wasn't really trying to tell story. They're trying to be hard. I think they really love to being that really hard. I don't think this is exactly what they're shooting for and a star wars game so yeah. It looks good yeah. It looks really good. We got to see your little <hes> -joyed buddy which is Beedi one and it reminds me of the famous actor B. D. Wong so I'm GonNA obviously call him that who is now but I just like one long like yeah. That'd be super cool though I think that that's what they should do so yeah I mean the game just looks really interesting. The story looks really good. It looks like E._A.. Has talked about how much of a mistake they made with battlefront two so they're really trying to make up for it with this game where it's very story driven less in game purchases and all that jazz so what we all kind kinda wanted yeah. I think a lot of I think we might start seeing the world kind of coming down off of the high. That was <hes> you know in game purchase loose loot crates yeah because I think at every minute that passes those games are getting less popular and especially as like a big people like announces new Games because I see here that they are going to announce some some staff. Yeah let's get three. I like it really quick and then we'll get onto what is rumored for the rest of this week so e._a.. Had also talked about Apex Legend Season Two battlecry which apex legends was Super Popular Popular when it came out we we haven't played apex legends and I know is very similar to I'm guessing for itself. It's very much not our type of game but you got you got to some announcements on that Apex Legends Friends <hes> Battlefield Five Live trucker four. They talked about for a little bit <hes> Fica Twenty and madden N._F._l.. Twenty which are always gonNA come out like every year. Then announcement is just kinda cheap. It's like okay yes. We know that that was well yeah but we wanna see we wanna see like what the graphics look like and stuff like that. It's like they don't spend a Lotta time on it. It just helps you know yeah but yeah that was e as kind of announcement assumed assumes little silent. I love the SIMS Games. Yeah I have not played since like I played a little bit of the same story but he just played yeah yeah it was through. I'd like to see what the Sims four is actually like gap. Let's move onto the next one on this list. What's coming up next on my list? It's not necessarily an order of when these announcements came up but <hes> square inex- at their Keno is Monday June tenth at six P._M.. Brian we'll be after the or before this comes out but after Howard Gordon recording right now so we will get this one in in the next batch yes and so in this one and we are so fucking excited because we're supposed to be getting a final fantasy seven remake information and then I believe we're gonNA get some marvel's avengers information yeah and on top of that deal see for kingdom hearts three has garnered as well that Tasso which I'm super excited about super exciting yeah I mean we love square annex. I think they're probably probably our favourite game studio. Yeah I mean we have followed final fantasy like since we were kids keenum heart since we were kids so all of those <hes> they're huge factor in are what we like as Gamers so we're always interested in seeing what they have. <hes> final fantasy seven remake. We hadn't been getting a lot of information on it because they were working on kingdom hearts three and we were getting a lot of information on kingdom hearts through before it came out because they were gonNA final fantasy seven remake so I'd be interested in trying to see what game play looks like an it like lot like actual gameplay just kind of Y. When is it GonNa be released because that's also kind of up in the air at the moment so said for all those marvel's avengers the little teaser that we got a long time ago looks really great so I'd like to see more of that yeah and so and we know that's going to be there the one hundred percent I think that's already confirmed and then are we expecting a final fantasy sixteen announcement now we're not? We're not expecting that. You're not this year. I think they've done a lot so I think I'll be happy for that. I wonder if I mean final fantasy sixteen in the work so we heard anything about that. I was trying to make a joke well. It brings up a serious question here that I have about like if it's if it is in the works that are they going to kind of backtrack off this whole you know lunch dudes hanging out together. You're playing. It's just one of the guys it's like. I I WANNA have my classic J. R._P._G.. Not A re imagined a thing so so whenever they start talking about sixteen I will be listening very intently and what they plan to do. Yeah Yeah same absolutely same so interesting. There's some other other stuff. That's like potentially coming out being announced but those are what we care about more so the next one on this list is Microsoft's e three keynote which is today right now actually started three minutes ago so one P._M.. On Sunday and they are planning on talking about their next GEN project scarlet yeah next generation console stuff <hes> you know really see what we can expect their. We've all talked about it by writers like they're going to improve the horsepower and stuff of the system but we are getting farther and farther away from like you know if you imagine how the xbox compared to the three sixty compared to xbox one. It's it's not GonNa Change my whole thing that iphone where it's like okay well. There was always a reason to get it before now. What are they doing and now that we're talking P._S.? Five and then the next Gen X. box. I mean we'll see what everybody says. You know coming into xbox in yeah. That's what it's all about. Now is going to be like you know. xbox has the <hes> the Games pass right and then yeah they do cross platform right so it's sort of like a subscription service to play games you can download any of the Games and play him right on top xbox live subscription. It's kind of like we're getting to the point where everything that's makes an xbox. What it is is just something you pay monthly for right so once you buy a some bare metal hardware extreme either the playstation platform or xbox platform or both and you're just paying these subscription services you can just tack into both right well? That'd be cool. People are saying that one of the reasons why Kosovo he's not going to be there at all this year right <unk> I'm and so people are saying one of the main reasons why is probably because of project scarlet and just letting Microsoft top their announcement because they've been kind of snarky about the whole like playstation five rumors so Sony Sony just as full snark snark yellow there but so supposedly you could have sent them as the new Hollow Lens Hololens to supposedly there's going to be playing halo. Five Guardians Wins <hes> demoing it on that <hes> I don't really yeah <hes> and then in terms of gaming were supposed to get new footage of gears five so pretty cool there in halo infinite <music> so that'll be cool yeah yeah I've been waiting for the next halo thing to kind of come out. I we need to get into gear before I think tell I've actually played like the first one and then nothing right and I don't even her. I like the game play. I remember being like pretty good yeah. <hes> the graphics were better than everything else at the time and if I look back now it's like man well yeah so yeah we should go back and play this. That'd be super interested in that before five comes out but yeah I've been waiting for a good halo game to come out for a decade now almost yeah yeah they are going to be doing the five next week once they get some actual game play and watch that understand a little bit more about what it's about the master chief collection when they redid everything super good enough but halo five was just yeah I think they got the story. Inhaler was so original and then now she goes like it's weird. It just keeps going and you're like it seems like it's going for just the sake of it going where they might have just been pumping money out of it like my whole thing right like just aw yeah. It's like your favorite thing to say. It's like let it die so another announcement. That's coming up today at five thirty Pacific Standard Time so Sunday guys five thirty Pacific Standerton is the FESTA announcement and I believe we're GonNa get some elder scrolls six no so they actually said packs supposedly the that's too early for that buck. Tuck them star field which is another one of their like. They're launching platform <hes> games or whatever they also will not talk for that and this is all it packs I guess some attendees asked about it <hes> and what's his name Todd Howard who's like the executive producer right Howard name and all the Games yeah. He said it's too early. Please be patient. That was during tax impacts. Wasn't that long ago so you know I guess like yeah they will announce it here gap but like they would have had come pretty far back. Announcements are going to be super lame because I mean you have elder scrolls online in any have fallout seventy six seventy six was kind of a bust like elder scrolls online stuff yeah <hes> and I wouldn't be surprised if there's some new fallout seventy-six like add ons and stuff <hes> and then like free to play mobile stuff jeff and then like free to play card game like hearth stone elder scroll things yeah I have the we have failed or schools played by the way I've ordered it. When it was announced it finally came out of barely played it but if you want to download it and play what it's like of that so does denouncement yeah? I mean who knows what else they have going on right they. They probably have some other. Maybe little games and things you were there. I mean they're big. Ones are definitely over school. Six we for sure are waiting on that. I would love to see them do something else. The fallout series other than seventy six but hey I'll buy seventy six when it goes on sale and see how that is like a couple of years from now yeah exactly so it doesn't have to be anything and then star field is supposedly an ambitious ambitious sci fi project as far as I know about it sounds really cool right so you and you can imagine from the name okay like imagine imagine from fall out and Skyro- and all those games and you can say okay cool like like space version of those kind of fun so definitely interested see what they come up with here yeah all right well. We'll see what they announced and it yeah if they announced the elder scrolls six we talk about it a lot but now they said it was too soon yeah a few weeks so like I said no Sony this <hes> this year however people do speculate that they're going to do a state of play event like they held back in March like probably within a couple of months that I'll have more lastest part to which they just finished working on that production of that death stranding and ghost of <hes> to Shema. I'd I'd like to see they. They have a picture of crash bandicoot here. That's why brings to mind you know we got the crash bandicoot like legacy series or whatever I would love to see them. Go deeper into their like history of games like do they have crash bandicoot racing redone redone yet right party dealing and his redone yeah. They redid spy row. You know let's let's see some more of those kind of popping out and those games are always super fun and you know Shit. I got a lot of vacation time this year. That's the way I might take a week and just play on those games. I wanted to go she from vacation. So ubisoft is going to be their their announcement. Is June tenth Yeah Yeah. I mean you thought his okay yeah. No the I mean what strikes me the most is beyond good and evil to the this looks really good yeah. I haven't played that game. I don't do not know beyond beyond good and evil but maybe we should check it out but the graphics Air Look Pretty Cool Yeah. There's no assassin's creed this year <hes> they're skipping two dozen nineteen for release yeah. I don't know they actually say here that they are. They're going to announce three to four new AAA titles <hes> so you know that's maybe that's what we're kind of hoping for the soft is that was like some we never heard of cool and interesting <hes> yeah and so maybe maybe we'll get some of that ad out of that because you know what's so far and all the other ones we're talking about elder scrolls six a remake of final fantasy seven. Where's some of original ideas now again out of it right yeah? Maybe that's what us off is going to get us. Some kind of original stuff yeah P._C.. Gaming is doing their keynote. <hes> I always kind of separated out from you. Know Counsels is the big thing here and it's supposed to be focused like with P._c.. Gaming it focuses a lot on indie games because I feel like those are slightly more yeah. I think the way mainstream games James kind of goes like Oh. Hey we're out to console and then we're going to go over to P._C.. Right and they always get ported over to P._C.. Or whatever and like done so that's a given that we all need to talk about that. What about the Games that are like unique to a lot of those are into games because it's easier is your P._C.? So we'll see kind of what what comes out <hes> but you know I think like I wouldn't be surprised to if like wins last time a big easy game came out that was like an memo. You know I wouldn't be surprised if we hear something something cool surprise. We don't know about keep my fingers crossed. I think it'd be cool 'cause like yeah like I don't like him and most especially don't like IMOs is that are very old. Okay specifically was that are very old that have a billion expansions and yeah but I think like a new memo and like a modern world <music>. Never we don't play those like yeah. I probably still wouldn't get it. I was thinking like yeah. Maybe I could probably do it yeah. I talked to a couple of people after I think last episode the episode before I talked about how is kind of interested in getting back back in a world of warcraft. Which is the game that you hate and yeah and people are all like I'll play with you? I'll play with you so I have a I have a guilt I guess already I got fans. Who will play with me so let's listen P._C.? Gaming 'cause I feel like we won't know what to talk about until they announced stuff so yeah. We're also not huge gamers either like goods. I used to have that I built back in the day but yeah I slowly just started buying more and more laptops. Now we own every flavor of surface laptop. There is because they're sleek. They're cool. They're powerful enough and yeah. That's pretty much it. That's all yeah all right. Look and play games. They got graphics cards and things they can. Let's move on so likely said Nintendo is going to be at e three and they're going to be announcing things. They're Keno is is <hes> Tuesday June eleventh so that's Today. I'm as probably already happened while you're listening to this podcast so you could probably go watch it if you're listening to it early enough but yeah we'll probably the usual things out of them. We already said that Mike it'd be cool. Van Will Crossing poke hang some something about Mario something about link something about who else smash rose will have something. I'm sure exactly anyways we'll. We'll talk about what they say next week and then I think the last thing on here that was kind of interesting came out already on June six is the there was like a presentation that Google put owl for the status. Is that how you even say it but study at connect which is there yes stadia sounds rate which is they're potentially kind of cool streaming services which also goes with the con- or the console that they're going to be coming out with. Are we really that interested in it now gnarly because it's one that there's the the deal so doesn't come out yeah well so the deal is like okay <hes> they are trying to get into the gaming platform and this is where I get. I think xbox is going to become like a streaming platform right. It's not a game console anymore. I think you now Celani. It's not a game console anymore. At the streaming platform like this version of confidence will be our last one right and you just buy the hardware and you can stream anything basically like this like they're showing you can stream off a p._c.. Right so it's like Google kind leapfrogging into it maybe biting off a little bit more than they can chew and kind of jumping and so yeah. I'm not super excited about it because I don't think they have enough of a presence to really like they have money sure but this what Google does yes ago when they do something and then they abandoned that's exactly right and that's what I was thinking. Too is like I'm not excited until it comes out and it proves to me that it's going to be a long lasting service that they're going to offer <hes> really all it's GonNa do is maybe it'll clear the path for like Microsoft and Sony Right 'cause like there's some sort of hurdle right. I don't know maybe there's trying to just make sure they make as much money as possible off of consoles before they can't right but you know there's some sort of hurdle and I think Google go out there. They're going to hit all the potholes so that way Microsoft and Sony just come right behind fill in those potholes and have smooth surface to kind of drive their platforms up to success dollars bull no dominant all the dominoes money and Google just out there busted and broken down on the side of the road well Sony and Microsoft blastoff in their race cars yep all right well so that's the last of eight three <hes> for this particular episode next week we will be talking about Microsoft Square Annex you've soft all of them are going to talk about all of them so get ready for that. Hopefully this kind of keeps is your mouth watering slightly for more of those announcements yeah for sure yeah and what our take on those are mostly yeah we're we're going to we're going to talk a lot in the next one I think about talk about video game hotcakes episode yeah exactly so but yeah in the meantime go check on twitter instagram facebook or or co op the PODCAST DOT com cut the PODCAST PODCAST DOT com wait at co up the podcast. Thank you or the Polka Stucco yes exactly yeah. Check out our blog still don't have a lot going on there but check it out anyways waist and follow us on all of those social media sites so that you can potentially win a t shirt and we've been doing the t shirt if way now for weeks and it's going really well so I thank our next stage is GONNA be start getting many other things yeah yeah. We'll start doing some giveaways. Maybe like a monthly giveaway on top of the t shirt giveaway so sounds like that so keep your ear out hoped <hes> wait till next month to do that yeah. Let's get another few weeks date data. Get past the half year mark. Also what else are you can follow me on twitter at Jessie Jessie J S. S. E. C. O. Underscore O. P. A. Follow me on twitter and Instagram at Raven underscore coop or coop. I'm also be sure to check me out on twitch every Thursday at seven seven thirty Pacific Standard Time Watch we play Iraqi and COOMA invading Stepson's Gratis Academy you can follow scratched as academy on twitter at scratch tickets underscore <hes> you can find it on our twitter pages while but go check them now in support them and then come hang out with me on Thursdays and then also on June twenty second and if somebody out there <hes> this is a shoutout call for <hes> content here call for arms somebody out there knows how to do the twitch knows how to do the twist Jesse. I WanNa do the twin. We're trying to do the twitch but to be honest with you. I just don't really want to learn how to twitch. ooh We're old. Somebody wants to just give us some tips to reach up. I saw a funny tweet the other day that was like an I retreated that was like you either die young millennial yourself or see yourself live long long enough to not understand billy Bush and I think that's where we are. She's the one that's like you could see me in a crown. She's like I don't know she's like five years old and she has blue hair and she freaks me out and I don't know what she's what she's up to young <hes> issue. She's singer singer. Okay God see this is really geared the one you're the one yeah it's rough like young things anyways that's it. It's not enough if you do twitch.

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Top 5 Movies That Don't Need a Theater: The Platform//Portrait of a Lady on Fire

The Film Vault

1:52:18 hr | 4 months ago

Top 5 Movies That Don't Need a Theater: The Platform//Portrait of a Lady on Fire

"Up to the film ball batted engine. I'm Brenda for your hosts today. And there's always calling his top movies. You don't need to see a theater a little worry. I'm just saying top five movies. That don't need a debt. Tell don't do theater. These are movies apropos. To our current situation we are. There are no other any theater still showing movies. There must be some in certain out. Imagine like Alabama and Arkansas might still There's still a few holdouts states. But I imagined I from all reports is like by the end of the week. They're very hopeful that everyone will be a have the mandatory. You know stay at home shelter place whatever you WANNA call it so suffice to say. We can estimate that three quarters of the of the nation's movie theaters are not operative right now operational and maybe by the end of the week zero percent. We'll be offering heartless so imagine. Most people don't feel comfortable going to the theater even if they're local cedar is open so the theaters are dead as of right now and It's pretty rare and we thought actually Bryant thought that this would be a good time to do an episode like this. My initial thought I said on our little bonus episode was Hey let's do five movies That you wish you saw in the theater or best seen in the theater and you're like hey why don't we go the other way so For I was actually in agreement with you. It was weird. That's a better idea and I also like to see this. Brian say this First of all we had a really great response from the listeners. Fantastic response Many many many movies where voted on and and part of the The whole voting. And sorry my brain's not working real real welcome. I don't know it's weird. I got an anxiety and panic attack but I'm not nervous about anything in particular but I just got the sense of dread which I guess is normal and everyone should have that but this is. The first actually felt so bear with interesting episode. Because you're dealing with that on the other end of the spectrum. I just woke up from ninety minute nap. Tessa wore me out today. And we're on the sunshine a lot running around and next thing you know. I'm like I got wiped out for a minute and a Song Tao for an hour and a half so I am groggy. And we'll show you know I'll finish that thought. Once we get to our top five no need to get to just yet. It's not that important. I would like to bring this. O'brien item number one Last week we had a top five movie hugs and one of my favorites of all time occurred to me after we recorded very disappointed. That happens and it is Bengals are hugging Christina. Ricci in Buffalo Sixty six is actually a drop that I used to play quite a bit where he's asking to give her a hug. And it's a very appropriate lascivious hug coming from The boyfriend's father in buffalo the spirit of the in the spirit of the episode. Glad you did not include. No no no it. Would've it would've been on there. I refrained from putting face huggers on there as you remember right from alien and there's a couple of others that I said you know what not the nicest because the spirit of this episode but give me a hug that would've made it lecherous. Very you know uncomfortable. It used to be when our play that when some poor soul would call up line in like pouring their heart out usually a girl sometimes a guy talking about a family member being inappropriate with them and our place then Kozara saying that it was. It was very inappropriate most inappropriate times. You had to play that trout. I was thinking of the listener. How they'd probably Appreciate that because they were probably uncomfortable. I it was like a breaking the ice. You know. That's how thought of it breaking the ice for everybody so thoughtful attention kind attention also item number two in the semi final item. This episode Brian. And that is I like to think that I would like to thank Mitch. Bias IN SEAN ALMANAC homework homework. We'll figure it out one way or the other. Both of those guys stuck around. I believe this is the sixth month of them being the fifty dollars or more level so they are going to be picking a couple of topics coming up and I've already heard one of the topics and it is very good so Gets FROM SEAN. And it'll be Oscar related and then Stephen Schreiber's also a part of that fifty dollars a month club so and also just like to think to all all of our patriots subscribers in general I was expecting a lot of beautifully most of you hung around and I guess it makes sense because people are looking for more content today than they were last month so I really appreciate everybody's sticking around because I know a lot of a lot of you are very uncertain times ahead so we just like you like you alluded to the shopping around people are starting to feel the pinch. Especially if you're a waiter bartender or or or job just not happening right now. So thanks for yeah. Thank you very much. And we will continue to deliver. At least I will and hopefully make this. This whole ordeal. A little bit more entertaining. Not just what the show but with what we suggest in recommend You Watch with your streaming services so speaking of which Brian you want to get right to movie. That was assigned. No I'd like to do one piece of business by self by the way if you were reached out to by good friend of the show and all the rounds alive for person died of Andy Canton. She reached out to you. D K. I mean she's constantly sending me texts and emails. I don't what what you're talking about in particular but why what's up. Okay well she. She was out to me and asked me to give a plug a to her family restaurants which have been very very good to us. She knows better than that and she knows better better than to try and come up with something like that so she. She made his move by going to you. Yeah you sit back and let me take care of this Diana of course Come from a long line of restaurant tours first successful restaurant tours and if you're in the Los Angeles Area Las Vegas Chicago or Dallas. Please consider supporting a family. Business Literacy family run business run by a lover a lover. A soldier begrudge a loved one of the show dying of anti camping her fair. Elliot's Lover Brian. Brian's I've not had the pleasure lawry's the prime rib restaurants are located in Beverly Hills Las Vegas Chicago and Dallas. They also have a restaurant called the five crowns in Orange County the Tampa Shandra of course in sort of Hollywood area. But if you're in any of those areas considered an easy way if you're gonNA order out you're looking for a fine prime rib dinner vacuuming spend their menu so you can Any any dinner you please if you are looking to support the show in a small way. Let's consider LAWRY's the prime. What about out or delivery? What if he does by like a loaf of Van de Kamp Brad? Is that cool that work? I I almost positive that does not count van. Isn't it Van Camp? No No. That's definitely that's definitely her bread. That's absolutely yeah that's just. I don't know if they still are running that or have any proceeds David off. But I know that's part of the interest to properties. I wonder wonder perhaps listen. I love the Devi K and I and I don't like the idea of her family hurting and you know support. Her and Oliver Endeavor she is a vegetarian which is kind of ironic However Lemme Lemme Ride the coattails there and come in with this one. It's all well and Danny to to go out to a nice big Expensive steakhouse and treat yourself with. Take out there and help sport. Id Bouquet. But when I've been doing Brian is I've been trying to support the The Asian restaurant. You're baking a cake. What are you doing? Are there is There's cooking going on Vets not acceptable. It's less than except no one would. No one would have noticed. Had you'd have is impossible not to notice. I mean it's clanging and bay. It's got a fully studio trying to make the sounds of a kitchen right now in your kitchen well it would work out well. What is happening here? Well what I've been doing Brian Is. I've been Heavily supporting the The Asian restaurants in my neighborhood because a day are hurting as you might imagine. And they've been hurting since Probably February's when they started to notice. Drop off because people are a little bit Ah I don't WANNA see racist. I mean they make simple judgments like Oh. We don't know who's in the kitchen or it could be anybody in the kitchen maybe. Their brother-in-law flew over here from on direct. Now he's no making my soup so these now his bat soup. These Asian restaurants are really hurting. So I've been going to the Vietnamese and Filipino places and average. I get up in Last night I had some Pad Thai which I normally don't do but I I went over and I ordered some Pad Thai takeout from my local type late. So that's what I've been doing and I hope that some people think the same way that that I was thinking. They're so here we got the most. That's the most Anderson move that's ever been done on our show He follows up a plug for friends. Family support this tape. You have no connection to. It's like an empire it'd be like it'd be like saying. Hey you know. Mcdonald's is hurting right now. Guys let's go out and support McDonald's I you know what I mean. Same I think same thing. It's IT'S SIMILAR. I mean it's it's a it's a it's a well-established establishment. That's been you know doing new in robust business in California for decades. I don't know if it's in danger of going out of business whereas the little Filipino. Police DOWN THE STREET. Four can spoon. That place probably is not gonNA make it through. Okay so just to recap put in the show notes. Brian promotes a friend of the shows restaurant interceptor most local Vietnamese place. Yes yes that's exactly right and I love you. But that's the case okay. Let's go brand. Would you stop on brand? I don't like the brand. It's so brand for you to stay on brand or apropos where I e e walking down the street I yesterday I was brand are go. Let's talk movies. We're talking about too much. For God's sake go. You're talking about movies all time for passions time to confess the flex who've seen in the past week enters and you alluded to a film that was assigned and we both saw the platinum The platform yes the platform streaming now on the old Netflix. So enjoy that if you had the Netflix which many of you do. Actually I shouldn't say enjoy that because hold on. Let's let's talk about it. I because it's not for everybody wants you said enjoyable fell. It's not enjoyable film. I'll get to my notes here. The platform is owes it a strategy. Technically yes yes. Spanish go direct. To`real debut yes you of Mr Ghayur got. I'm doing Anderson. Here goes to goes to get guys Lou aretha. Ooh I'm pretty sure let's call them. This stars Ivonne Misawa as Goering as you can imagine. This is not an easily accessible film. This is actually Anderson whereas your was your version dubbed. No No. You're dealing with your text. Your your version of his dubbed Quarter faulted to dub on netflix on Fox default to DUB it. Just you know what maybe it just Taylor's itself to the user and it knows that you like dubbed films because you are a Philistine and that is very disappointing. Because I I can only imagine that. It would detract from the movie so when you say. It's not accents. Dubbing is dubbing is superior to subtitles. Because you're not spending time looking at the bottom of the screen and missing what is literally on screen you can y. Actress faces Brian kind of got to get a sense. The performance if the movie's good and if it's not too wordy forget that you're reading and you can see the the the performance faces just fine. Please don't even try and make this argument. You've already made a ridiculous argument friend or not About how I'm Foolish Pau. Poor a bad person for trying to talk about that a little. Asian Amman pop places around town As opposed to Just zeroing in on multibillion dollar Empire and trying to help them out. You're already wrong. They're already wrong there. And now you're absolutely wrong with the DUB I'd be on let's just let's let's not get crazy right now. You said it's not accessible. I disagree there because this is a high concept movie and it is an accessible story that anyone can pretty much hop on board in star watching right off the bat without any kind of confusion. I would think unless you're GONNA get all like how. How does the platform move? I don't see any wires I I'll meet you halfway there. There may be inaccessible. Wasn't the right word but it is very challenging. I mean it's not a fun watch is talking to feel good movie. No so it's a bit of silence. You set the table for why what it's about. It's and quite simple. Yeah it's a simple story about a modern day. Prison is in what might be considered a stooping future. Brian Futuristic prison and the set with level so each each prison room each prison cell would just make your animal and quite each prison. Cell has two prisoners in it right and there is Kristie. There's there's a unknown number of levels in this prison and goring are are faithful narrator We see though the this prison through his eyes so he wakes up and he's got this old man for Sally Right. His cellmate is As an old man and It's it's a square room square cement room with a large square or rectangular hole right in the middle of the cell. And there's a number in the cell and they wake up. I believe the first one was like cell number forty eight. So they're in the forty eighth sunlight forty forty something. Yeah and the old guys been there for a while. So he's explaining to us like what the deal is and he's like Oh. This is a pretty good floor. There's going to be food left and the people below us that go way down. Those people are fought and what it is is. Oh it opens up with gourmet chefs in this whole team in this kitchen. Making like just gourmet top of the line kind of stuff. You probably find that Van Cancellation Right. That was my favorite part of the movie. Was the allowance by far the IT opens essentially with Food Porn. And like you know the sort of like a Michelin starred restaurant. They're digging exceptional care to make this beautiful beautiful spread giant's bread and they put the spread on the platform. The platform goes down. We're led to believe it goes down from one cell and then it stops and it stays on that cell for maybe five minutes or so and they gorge themselves with as much as possible and then it starts to move down again and you can't keep any food that guy rules and regulations. The platform is using some sort of like futuristic. Tesla like Force field where it goes up and down the levers or anything not important. What's important is the the over. The top is parody of the have and the have nots that we have going on in the world today since the beginning of time. And that's what this movie is getting that and that's kind of the beginning and it's hard talk any more about this movie without spoiling stuff because I think the less you know the better with this movie more so than even others. Yeah as you can imagine limited storytelling. It takes place Elvis entirely within this. This futuristic prison unlimited number of characters. You don't actually have to know that many people because you're limited to the number of people that you love your right below you in any given time so it's an interesting exercise sure. What interesting premise. So there is a little bit of a delay. I think more so than last week for whatever reason so bear with been. We've all been accustomed to delay lately with the all the broadcasts being all over the place with Whether it's TV or radio or podcast. I mean everyone's broadcasting from different places. So it sounds like we about half half a second delay which does not bode wealth. My interrupting the view and You react too quickly. I can hear you just fine. That's not the point of hearing just fine. It's a matter of the delay in there. Might so if you like Black Mirror if you like if you like or have seen cube the movie Q. If you're a big fan of Snow Piercer is. I know a lot of our listeners are or even wild tales or that movie the divide which were mixed on but we appreciate some elements of the divide. I think the if you like any or all of those movies is GonNa be a lot for you to like here with the platform I. It does GET PRETTY. Grisly at times does they. It's got horror and genre on the I am DB and it's not in there by mistake. I mean there's horror elements to this for sure. Some people will seek it out for those elements. I'm not one of those guys necessarily. I don't need the horror. Elements all Bryant. Got A fun story about this too by the way communities. Say before you say that all the movies you mentioned with the exception of the divide those are all superior movies to the platform like platforms good. It's not great but if all those movies adjusts your expectations. Because this won't be as good as those no I. I like this one more than snow. Peers. But I'm people love Snow Piercer and I. I liked pierce getting that. But there's something missing there for me. I definitely like this one more than snow. Peers to say Black Mirror. I like it more than a lot of the Black Mirror episodes that I've seen and you know it's probably a better movie than Cuba Cuba so hard to tell because it came out so many years ago but I mean that one is cube. Imagine imagine like a modern updated cube. That's definitely something tastes. Has This US far? Better acting than cube you. She was a really good movie. I like it a lot but the weakness was. It was a little amateurish. This one no. The cubes are the key molecule. Yeah the cube is definitely Low budget so I like I already mentioned Because I'm a hero Brian. I I decided to go to a one of my favorite Vietnamese sandwich places to get a bond me Last week and cross down. I've been there I. It's it's over by where I used to live. I haven't been in a long time but I had craving like you want to go to support another Asian restaurant in the neighborhood so I drove over. There got myself a bond me the number ten no Cilantro right. That's at least it used to be shredded chicken. All right get home with the Sandwich. Very excited turn on the divide. I mean not divide turn on the platform and Oh boy oh boy. I'm going to watch this movie that I've been hearing things about. Andong down really good bond me- sandwich. I love that Bond Sandwich. Take my first bite. Brian and it is not chicken and down. And I'm not sure Brian but it is a Vietnamese restaurant and they have many different types of meats. Many of which that I would never eat. Also I tried to pick it up about ten fifteen minutes later and took another bite of this on identifiable meat and as I was watching the platform in in the chicken sandwich. This is not a good movie too easy to at all. You don't want to be eating not even popcorn like this is not a movie that you have bites to. This is not a joy. You're trying if you're trying to maintain a diet watch the platform you're not going to want to eat for hours so I didn't finish that bombing sandwich Huge disappointment I gave. I gave the meat to my my dog. She didn't seem to care but Yeah that was. I don't know if I can go back to their restaurant anytime soon. I still are. You still not sure what the was. The only way to find out is to go back and see what they switch the number ten to and I'm afraid to do it because it might have been like head Cabeza meets or or tripe. I'm not sure there seemed to be tendons involved though there. There's something crunchy okay. Not a good movie to eat that too at all stomach's turning hey your stomach turn even more when you still talking about the platform moving on number one last thing about the platform. I think you would have liked it more. I know I would have liked it more if it had a really satisfying ending than when I talk about anyone when I when I'm saying ending I mean like the end and the very end of the movie. I liked where it was going. I liked what it was getting at and I liked a lot of the reveals and I. It's really hard to talk about. Maybe we should talk about this. One little spoiler. We haven't done that for for Patriot for Awhile. But very anti was was Left something to be desired and I felt like it was kind of like a cop out most movies though. They don't have very satisfying endings. And that's definitely the case here with the platform for me. Anyways I was not satisfied with the end kind of left feeling sick but not because of the imagery I gotcha. In my research. I found a lot about the ending. The ambiguous ending and make an air quotes. Because right to me feel like a bit of a cop out it was like just GonNa Kinda no. That's how it's going to go all right. unsatisfied unsatisfied as a message teddy. Kgb would say I FEEL SO UNSERIOUS FADE. Okay all right. The panic cod is the message though. That's that's what we have to leave the listener. Panic panic is the message. The pentecostal is the message. Okay now you know. I think I might be missing some things about that too. 'cause why was he called snail before the cargo is even revealed all right? Let's we'll talk about that later orbital only I know that the major field little nauseous. This may make feel nauseous as well because my next movie to flick is actually a documentary. That is stripped down. It's actually airing on. Hbo Right now is a new documentary. And I was intrigued by the title and I started to watch it. I had no intention of of flick pressing it but it turns out to be really really good It's called women of Troy and it is a as you might guess is to history of modern women's basketball with UC and Cheryl Miller as proxy. Now show me. What do you know about Cheryl Miller Sienna Miller yes? She's smart. She's a skier. Yes she gigolo my God. Can you control your animals please again not light? What ABOUT SHARE? Shero Miller anything. She plays basketball. He played basketball for USC. Treasurer Muller was the Michael Jordan of women's basketball phenomenon. She was three time all American or three years. Usc She went three. National Championships has the greatest of all time and I started watching it but some stuff cool and it turns out to be a very heartfelt like history of modern women's basketball all the way from the Sheriff Miller. Show Miller is Reggie Miller Reggie Miller yes. Reggie Miller played for the Pacers. Here's pretty sure he's a hall of Famer and his older sister. Cheryl Miller is Piero Miller and she played for USC UCLA. Of course you know rivalry and such and such director by this. He does actually direct famous famous back and forth as as as documented and a thirty for thirty speaking of which directed this movie women of Troy US directed by Alison. Ellwood recognized that name. She directed a documentary. That was really good history of the Eagles two part documentary on the Band Eagles. She also edited thirty for thirty catching hell which we both enjoyed about Bartman for the cubs cubs so only so. He's not of the cubs he. He's a fan of the cubs. He was inside the stadium new medication that game for you make it sound like. He played for the cubs cubs. I mean let's not. Let's not be crazy. I mean Steve. The apartment. He did make a play for the cubs in the confines of the field. So maybe he was the tenth cub on the field interesting. So women of Troy obviously is going to is going to appeal to certain people. I'm here to tell you that it's really good. I think it's only an hour long and it's really well done. It's made by a director who has a pedigree for for good documentaries. Socially sports documentaries don't sleep on women at Troy. You'RE GONNA learn a lot. I learned a lot I went to USC. And I knew little. The Rush Hour Cheryl Miller. I didn't realize that she was the dominant force that she was and talks about the the head of the history of the wnba packs a lot into that our a lot of great. Great archival footage. It's now it's an hour long. Don't sleep Brian Troy and stop telling people not to sleep with women of Troy. That's not the women of Troy Why is that? Are they tall for you? Very tall wanted this movie. I saw a film quote Unquote Film and I would love to give you a whole lot of shit for watching. What sounds like a thirty for thirty that's on? Hbo Our Long About Girls Basketball Right now. That does not sound like a film at all and then not even worthy flick fessing however I can't launch into this next flick version on the heels of me yelling at you for that so I won't. I saw a two part documentary. Each one's about forty five minutes long as you put those together Brian. Let me do the math there. Carry the one about an hour and a half for if it was a full length documentary which could have easily Matt math checks out. Okay go ahead and check out checks out and this is about wrestling and it's from vice on TV now what is on TV. You might ask what is vice familiar with right. We all know vice indeed indeed vice by the way that logo for vice like it or not. It is the best logo as far as like leading. You know like that. It's like hip cool guy what it looks like. You know what I mean like that logo said so much. I really appreciate the branding of that logo anyways vice on TV something. I was thrilled. Not thrilled might be a bit Over the top. But I was. I was happy to see that I can easily add it to my roku channel or as a roku channel through my Roku TV. And I could get all the vice programming that they have they have available on vice on TV One of which is this show called dark side of the ring. Dark side of the Ring Brian. It's in season two now owned wrestling. I've actually oh it's all about what it is all right so the one that I saw and I saw it's a two parter which comes out to let me do the math again. An hour and a half or thereabouts is called Ben Wa part one Ben Wa part to and I heard Some some chatter about this on a sports program that I was listening to and it sounds very interesting. I don't know anything about Chris. Ben Wall do you know anything about Chris? Benoit Bright? No but this is A. This is a TV series. And like yeah. I saw the episode on the van. The Van Eric's on Caravan. Eric I've seen this okay. I it seems like it'd be up your alley because you fancy yourself a wrestling fan but I don't see how you could possibly be a wrestling fan. If you don't know who Chris Chris Ben Wise I knew unwise yes I. I'm not a huge Chris Benoit Fan but I'm familiar. When's the last time you saw Chris? Benoit's what was he doing? Oh God I'd have no a highlight clip. Maybe I'd doing now. I have no idea because I believe after my time. So he was a huge wrestler. Wwe wrestler they consider him from all accounts from this documentary. I I didn't know anything about Chris. Benoit might have heard about them at the time in two thousand seven when all this shit went down but it was all new to me. So that's why it worked on one of the many reasons why. This documentary work He was considered in all the talking. Heads you see in the documentary To be one of the greatest of all time. Wdbo wwe wrestlers just fantastic Character in just one of the one of the all time greats as far as his work ethic and his performance in the ring and everything went into he was up there as one of the key beyond the The Mount Rushmore of WWe characters. They'll have you know While watching this unfortunate fortunate I've just gotten to the page on on Pedia- pages of the section that describes. His death does not like fun so Chris Benoi as many wrestling fans. No I guess. Even some that aren't wrestling fans might have heard about on the news. I did not remember this happening. But giant wrestler named Chris Benoit's who was still wrestling killed. His wife killed his seven year old son and then killed himself kind of at the height of his wrestling career and it came as a massive shock to everybody knew him who was involved and it's story at the very top of the documentary. They they have news archival footage of of the news breaking and so. It's not like you find out that he saw right off the top. You know that whether you're completely ignorant like I am and had no idea about it and so you learn that and then the next forty five minutes of part one sets up. Everything is to like who he was and how we got to worry wise and how much he loved his family and a lot of like footage of him with his wife and his kid and he's got another Son who was a half brother to his younger son and and all these people who knew him who are saying. He's like one of the nicest gray disguise you could ever meet. And you know you'd give your life form and you'd you'd entrust your your kids to him and I can just all the glowing praise and it was just out of fucking nowhere that he did this. It seems the second was the horizon like a Cte thing or brain damaged thing. Yeah so the second part really drops the hammer and I. It's really well done. The first part could've been like a Another forty eight hours or one of these Datelines it was good. It was it was well done and keeps you interested and you're learning stuff but I was a lot heavy and the wrestling stuff. The second half the second part to the use of the music just an ominous dread mutant dreadful music and they had this one guy who was a pro wrestler and he's gone on to get his PhD and he specializes in. Cte and hearing his take on this was fascinating and very very how depressing and hard to watch at times. But what? I found fascinating as a dad. Myself as a family man with a wife and a kid. A son much like this. Chris Benoit character like you could see like he loved them. It's the human mind is so terrifying because if it's damaged or the verdict still out. No one's really absolutely sure. Cte seems to be the The the general consensus however. A lot of people are saying that you suggesting then. It's steroids Chris. Jericho's on there saying he's got his side of it. I I guess because he was very very close with this crispin while I found it fascinating if not you know very heavy at times because of the subject matter but to to watch this human being who. I had so much in common with far as being a family guy and to know that like because of something that changed in his brain he could do what I what I think happened. Which no one really came out and said was that he had rage issues and I think that he killed his wife by mistake out of rage like he just a big giant strong guy and And I think he killed his wife and then realized Oh my God I'm fucked and he was heavily religious too and I think that he thought maybe if he kills his son and he could be with his mom again and then ended up killing himself. I think it was dominoes type thing but either either way it doesn't happen if there's not something massively wrong with the with the brain and the is the The ex pro wrestler turned PhD. Put it he's essentially like your brain rots. Your brain gets damaged and stops functioning properly and just starts to rot like parts of your brain to start to rot which is scary as fuck especially coming You know I'm a I'm a guy who's out a lot of head trauma in my and I'm always I'm always worried. No not only my my own health and my back but my my head a little bit too because I've had concussions. You got a wife. So kid yeah. I just hope that when I ask and you've got a short fuse I snap on on this show and we're doing it together again and I kill you and then they stopped me before I can do any more damage. I hope that you're like I hope the buck stops with you. That would be the best case scenario for everyone right especially Christie. Who I was thinking too. I what's funny is so you so you flick. I two TV episodes congratulations. Brian is easily could have been a documentary. They just decided I now in a way I understand. If you let me finish I actually had so I stumbled across this show one day on while flipping channels and they were just finishing an episode on. Bret Hart and the Montreal screw job and I was like this really well done and then I watched the episode on the Von. Eric's like I said which I don't have a strong interest in the von Erich kind of before my time but I washed it now like. Wow this is really fascinating so I will. I will back you up and say that Not Beyond the Mat. That was the actual dark side of the ring as you call it. Dark shattering is a really well-produced really well made Docu series on vice. Most of ice is stuff. I find to be pretty well made and pretty good and so i. I've not seen this one but I do endorse it as a series I have. This is one of the few series I've seen a couple of episodes of Durga. What else you got. What else do I got? Well as as I mentioned before it's getting harder and harder to see movies with Tessa I don't understand I really don't connect. Can I just stop you there and say I don't get it you? Have you have the ability that I don't have the ability to stay up late like we've put to bed usually it's like she wore? Dun Dun Dun putting her to bed about eight thirty between eight thirty nine o'clock and then we're good for another hour or so but usually just kind of decompressing time. We're not what is she going to watch a movie? She doesn't nap no not anymore. Oxy advocates like he make him take a nap and if he's not going to Napa said all right then you just GonNa hang out here and have quiet time. Because that's what happens at their school at from twelve thirty two to thirty. It's everyone's on a mat on the ground and trying to mimic that Here at home so I don't feel guilty because he'd be doing that if he was in school and I think he's really good their little brains and bodies need to like Joe and you know. Maybe if they're not gonNA sleep be be reflective or kind of quiet time you know so maybe you had that maybe one day out of like every six or seven shalt have done so much in the morning that she'll crash for an hour. They don't have time at school. They do and she has. This shows are really nap anymore. Like she kinda just. The teacher tells us the ashes kind of lies there and then after twenty minutes and read the book but Tessa the irony is that if she if she crashes her an APP that's the day that she's worn out do. I'm an old man and she's worn me out so I'm not. I can't take advantage of that time. That said speaking of taking advantage of the time. Tessa LOVES MOVIES AND LIKES TO WATCH NEW MOVIES and a movie that escaped me and is a time. She was confused by the platform but she joined the dubbing because I imagine he would be a movie that escaped me back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight but Tesla's is all about. She lost her four or five times. And I've never seen Mulan Mulan. The original nine hundred ninety eight animated film directed by Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft. Of course there is a new Moulana. Live Action Malang supposedly coming out this year old. I was doing doing some research and it has been postponed indefinitely. Plans are knows. Maybe it's coming to Disney. Plus I imagine it would go to theaters at some point when we're allowed back into theaters but This one is stars. The voices of Ming now win as Mulan. Eddie Murphy is in this B. D. Wong who you might know from drastic park series. Miguel Ferrer Harvey firestone Getty Watanabe. Who was for long? Duk Dong and Pat Morita are in this film and of course Milan. Yes yeah and I like to point out to you and the listeners that I made a promise to you and listeners. Last year at the beginning of last year In in our New Year's resolutions which I did not do a very good job when I said that I was going to let you flick fest movies that I find ridiculous and so I. I recommend it to that this year and I am. I am exercising my New Year's resolution right now and as hard as it is for me to let you just talk about fucking move on for the next however long. I'm going to do all I can. In fact myself ooh might even get first of all how dare you secondly. What percentage of audience do you seen Milan? And is this something. We should gamble on this week. Kinda hoping it'd be one of our top five but this is this is not a bad one. This is I come up all right. Tell why we're this came from Anderson. Was it a listener? Who had this idea which I find very very interesting and a good substitute in lieu of not being talked about new movies in theaters Let me let me see if I can't figure out who sent me the reddit thread and we'll get back to you okay. Well I'm not going to say a whole lot. About Moulana Allan Allan site now in sight. let me know via via email and he said hey what percentage of listeners have seen city of God see this new idea for gambling here and then he click. Then it gives me a link to a reddit. Reddit thread. Read Edit as we call it and People were coming up with their own idea. So thank you Allan for for for for forty minutes our way. Yeah but often often say I usually say at the top of my head and my what percentage of audience has seen Fight Club Milan or any movie really? And we kind of guess. I hope it's seventy five percent but we know so. Well we're going to do is in lieu of gambling where we guests the tomatoes score. We're going to guess how many people have seen our percentage of audience has seen Mulan the original ninety eight we'll put we'll put a poll up So we'll run it before the episode air so that we don't impact voting or impact with the The People's choice and whoever's closest win gambling this is a great way to To keep the game going no movies talk about okay. Please put us all to Tibet with your own flesh. It's fine what do you have next? Malania streaming Disney plus as you can imagine It's eighty six percent number. One tomatoes feels about right like Milan. I would not put it amongst Disney's classic movies good. It's certainly an above average movie. One of my main problems. I guess is like Milan is becomes this the story if I can block them describing story Milan the story I also. The huns invaded China and as a result of the Chinese emperor calls on every family to To donate to volunteer a family to fight in the Chinese army. Milan as an only daughter is an only child. She's the daughter of course and her father has been injured at a previous war. And the father of you know volunteers. You know you go dad and she sneaks out in mental does night in the middle of the night and takes his place disguises herself as a boy the thing is she comes Great Warrior. But we never see your developing her skills like she. She goes from kind of incompetent to this miss mythical warrior. But she's never we don't get a training montage her Harrison Middle Act where she actually went through the full surgery and guide the did the full transition but they need Disney felt that it was to To cutting edge to it a bit too controversial. I guess it wasn't it was ahead of its time. I mean the. Maybe that's why they're doing the remake. Now that can include those scenes this kind of funny that Harvey Fires Team plays the toughest guy in Chinese army. That was bizarre but otherwise we'll on a very fine movie. It's leaders I think was a strong female lead which was unusual for Disney at least historically so Snow White. Samat asked him why. What's that Snow White's about us? I should have given her. And rapunzel sleeping beauty all their do. Sorry I'm signing up for you know what I did something quite productive while you're talking about Milan. You were listening closely and taking notes. I signed up for read it. I'm now officially on. Read it or read. Edit was Some people might say. I think I'M GONNA finally do lose. I ask me anything I. I've been meaning to do that for quite some time. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa do that. Hopefully I'll read it and I'm also going to get on some message boards. I don't even know how read it works but I'm GonNa Learn Shit. We find interact series just a series of message boards. So go crazy. You know what you know. What's funny is you sure. Subscribe to like the Penguins Brad at the NHL SOMBRERO. Like th th. This is made for you man. When I'm looking for an answer on something a lot of time I'm just cutting to the chase and I'll be like you know Whatever the subject is message boards and I'll I'll read it and I want to see what right it has to say about like you know whether it's where to park if you're going to Disneyland where you don't get a ticket and you don't want to give give the mouse twenty five bucks. You know anything I can think of red. It's usually the place that I that I go to anyways. I'm just a lurker. I'm not a part of it now. Apart yeah your camera editor. You're ready to read editor art. I saw film writing. I see film so there's film one of the movies one of the top movies that I wanted to see from last year. That deluded me because it wasn't in the theater and then when it did come out of the theater after we had already done are all tees and I was showing up in all sorts of top ten lists and boy. Oh boy was I excited to finally find out that portrait of a lady on fire is streaming on Hulu in this Furthers my saw that. No you didn't see it because you were watching. I saw the minor seasons on Hulu. That's good this further my my theory that Who is really zeroing in on the The female audience and they're finding female centric shows and content which I think that they're trying to target their niche audience. Which is the female demographic likes to watch things which makes makes sense and It's it's and I'm glad that I have Hulu. Because the wife can watch it and they have movies such as portrait of a lady on fire which I've been waiting to see if they do reach us off calling Hulu and call it. It's very disrespectful. Bribe Selene Skeoch. It was pretty. Decent is a pretty decent little Comment Brian. But I'm not gonNA laugh because I find it sexist and massage so. Selene scammer directed. This one She also wrote this and I have not seen any other work but she comes in with a lot of critically. Acclaimed stuff Tomboys another movie that she made girlhood be a theme here Brian. You See a theme. She's a strong female writer director. Who tells stories? This one takes place in the late eighteenth century in something called Brittany. I don't know where Brittany is and I was going to look it up and I'm like no. I don't want Google to think that I'm that level nerd looking up Brittany. So I'm assuming someplace in the British isles earth something. Everyone speaking French in this movie. And when I say every everyone it's mainly to characters it's Marianne and hello we Lewis and the story is that so it opens up with Marianne teaching a bunch of young ladies. How to like? It's a it's a painting class And she's the model and she's telling them what to what details to look at. And what a what? How how to use the brush and then she notices that. Somebody has brought a painting out from. I don't know storage or something and we don't see the painting very well directed movie so certain like little things like this. That are very effective. We see her react to the painting then she kind of angrily asks who brought the painting out. One of the students says I did and she goes. Should I not have? And because no you shouldn't have and she goes beautiful. And we're all like as an audience member your electrical. Show me the fucking painting I WanNa see the painting right. And it's I'm I'm getting a full Mo- over here I wanna see this painting. Can't see the painting finally. Finally we as an audience to see this painting and it's a beautiful landscape in a very small image of a woman wearing a long dress and the dress ham is on fire so we see the painting straight away and then she goes. What do the students beautiful painting I did you painted? She goes yes I did and then now the rest of the movies flashback to how it came about turns out. It's a bit of a red herring because that's not even the painting that Is is is what she said. Actually actually the the students. That's what I call. And she goes portrait of a lady on fire. And you're like Oh right away. They're gonNA say the title of movie that I saw Late eighteenth century. So it's like the seventeen eighty something or other. And she's in. The we see that she's been commissioned by this well to do Woman who wants her to paint another Her daughter's portrait and she says it's not going to be easy though. So so she's on a we see Marianne on a boat and she's being She's been she's she's taking a job essentially to go to this small little spit of land surrounded by water and in this house Big House and she goes in and she meets with the older lady who hired her and she says I need you to draw paint paint portrait of my daughter but if all the long run yes sir so far and she said I forgot what. Pd Open following along there. And she's she says here's the here's the catch though. We already hired someone to do it and he he's gone. He got very frustrated because why and she says well. My daughter won't pose for her portrait. So here's the deal rub. We don't we don't want her to know that you're an artist and a painter so we said that we brought in a woman to take her out on walks because my other daughter killed herself or she's dead and I didn't take enough care with her so there always has to be somebody with my existing daughter on walks anyway so it makes perfect sense. She thinks you're just like her walker. Essentially so she's like well. That's GonNa be a fucking challenge because see. I live in the late eighteenth century. So we don't have cell phones and I I with pictures or cameras at all so it's GonNa be very hard to to paint this woman if it has to be like on the you know the down. Low a long story short They build a bond and a relationship. envelopes The two of them and it becomes very romantic in dramatic. And this is not my kind of movie. It's I. I appreciate movies like this for what they are. I think it's a very well made version of this type of movie. I just don't understand love stories or movies about about passion. I just don't get it. Does nothing for me and you know the same. You're the same relationship to love stories as you do to fight scenes like you don't like fucking or fighting knows. I don't I mean it's very rare that I can respond to a love story and there was really no difference here. I appreciate it. A lot of the direction. The performances were fantastic. In fact the the end shot the last thing you see. It comes from Add Adele Hainault Halo I. I'm not familiar with either one of these actresses. I've never seen either one of these actress. Sorry actress I've not seen either one of the movies there But sh they were both phenomenal and it the last okay. Imagine a two hour to running imagining its horror flick. Fashion a brian around the hour mark. I took this this note. You know. That scene titanic were He Paints Rose Yup. Imagine a two hour version of that boy. So the final shot is uncut. And it's of a Adele Haindl who? I'm sure I'm butchering her. Name but You know she's really showing her her chops as as a performer. I it's it's something I it reminded me of Timothy Fan at the end of Not Timothy Timothy. Shallow may at the end of call me by name. But it's just it'd be like being a food critic and absolutely Italian food and I wanted to know how to be a critic of my local pizzeria because I know what I mean. So that's why I'm not one. One of the many reasons on an actual film greatest. It's not made for you now made for me but I appreciate what it is and I can see a lot of people who do like these types of movies Appreciate it and liking it there. There's things to to to like for sure was a quality quality movie not made for me. I looked at my watch a lot done same. I hate it I I wish I could say. Oh fucking love this movie and and go on and on about it. I would feel smarter but I I just don't like it and I can't lie. I'd rather sound dumb and be honest line. Smell sound smart and you know you know what I mean know exactly the opposite you are the opposite. I think we all know that. Hey back music back to the platform for a second. It gave me an idea for next week's top five ready for this top five candles. Kettles maybe we'll we'll talk about that later topic next week. I don't know if cannibals is really the greatest topic going on right now when people are all stuck inside right you know what I mean. People work it's -tingency related to what we're all going through this Hannibal's cannibalism all right. It's good out here and play music come next week. We'll discuss the top five films that don't need a theater after this. You mentioned something in the first segment that you've never mentioned before the show and it actually coincides with something. Somebody purchased on the Amazon. Click through banner atop Anderson and Brian. Dot Com. You mentioned tripe which you'd never do somebody got and I did not know this existed but everything exists in some form or another. Somebody got incestuous supplements the supplement they got intestines with stomach in parentheses tripe try. 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Anyways they're they're sending you to the boat like you have to go on the boat yard this there's covert hospitals and there's Noncovic hospitals and if you're going to the boat or work boots Mizuno men's wave rider running shoe and a came at comic men's Hunter Snow Boot. Were all purchased a persona five eight percent of Persona Five Royal Phantom thieves edition for playstation for an animal new horizons for Nintendo Switch Jarboe remanufactured in cartridge replacement cast or and politics grain. Free Organic Chicken Sweet Potato Dry dog food and Merrick medic grain free real Turkey sweet potato recipe. Dry Adult dog food was also picked up Yes for all sandbag weights. I mentioned the supplements Philips Hue Play White and light extension and finally seventh generation. Laundry oxide booster stain remover. Packs hit the post they go. You're welcome now your fault. Brian can't hear it. I can not a perfect world just yet. I'll try and figure something out but I don't think you'll ever hear the music until we're in the same room again. Delay at one one point two speed and iota means or like zero zero zero eight speed. I mean I do a lot of things but I will click throughs Celeste. On mytalk Dacha. Three people got hunt nine hundred ninety nine that rentals so big investment but. I hope you liked it as much as as much as I did. That's a that's a top five top five movies with the same name. That are both good because I mean this is my second favorite movie called the hunt. Now take some research. But that that's interesting Demaj. Mickelson is stars in my favorite the hunt birds of prey birds of prey. And the fantabulous emancipation of Harley. Quinn blood Was was click through Two people got that. And that's the one thousand nine rental as well as Somebody got bloodshot bloodshot. I WANNA go ahead. What was the rotten tomatoes? I'll look that up. Yeah go ahead look away. Knock yourself out because I don't get H. Anymore because we're not doing rotten tomatoes score gambling anyway. Here we go. Also the nutty professor was click through back to the future. Contagion was clicked there. I WANNA watch that contagion. I might buy because I still WANNA say Frito was clicked her as well as dance with wolves. Shallow Grave Indiana Jones. The Kingdom of the crystal fucking call. Why why do that? Why would you do the fault in our stars? How would you do that? What's it good media sick to me? At all she didn't seem sick at all Paddington clicker as well as darkest hour relaxer missing link us the death of Dick Long for the parasite doctor sleep midway. Charlie's angels nineteen seventeen the Muse Jennifer's body buffy the vampire slayer the replacements. Snow Piercer and Dan of thieves. I hope people like Dennis. These liked dental thieves. I get nervous when I see a movie like that where I I shouldn't have like teves. I guess if you WANNA call the guilty pleasure all at that also shame too because I think that was all my also rans at least For MOVIES TAKE PLACE IN LA. It takes place in La but it was shot primarily in Atlanta. Which is a pretty good job because they they fool this Angelino. How do you feel about that term Angelino Brian? I'm GonNa fan it could. It could be better. Hey It's funny you mentioned you're holding. You're hoping people like certain movies as much as you like them. I've been thinking about the listener question that we took on our bonus episode bye-bye Bonus episode available to everyone Right now recorded last week. About which movies you wish your host lights as much as you. Minimum reminds been flooding. The mines been flooding with nominations. Just thought man I wish Anderson like Fargo as much as I did. I told you I even watched it a second time. After I watched the show all the way through and I'm like I'm going to go back and watch Fargo the movie again and it's it's a nice little like you know ninety minute crime thriller. It's there's not a whole lot of specialness going on there for me. It's it's light. It's like a light little like Coen brothers like fun. Movie that they made in their spare time gross. It doesn't have gravitas. Of course it does. Death does not all right back. Welcome back time to Countdown movies that don't need these bubbles will get into the movies that you're not losing a much by Not Getting them in the actual dark Theater you gotTA travel to. You can wash your home and enjoy them. Just the same yes. So I didn't really follow strict criteria. Harry say but I realized that Putting comedies on there is kind of cheating because most comedies. They can live on their own right. Is the flights the funny that you don't really need the big at most dolby? Not Sound and a giant picture for a joke to land. So I didn't put comedies on my list even though couple of comedies in their sub-genre and I really paid attention to my. All of my my. My first list made sure that I didn't have anything on there. Where the music or the sound really did play a bit part and I did. Initially I did have some movies on there that I think we're wrong because they would definitely be enhanced if you saw it in a theater because the sound alone interesting yeah I also I also subliminally tended away from comedies. I have no come news here. Some movies with comedic elements of course. But you would not describe any of these as the straight comedy so any crossover. What do you think well I have no? I'm an unlikely they're so so so many movies you could put on here. I find it unlikely. Yeah we got a bunch of listener Submissions this week. And there's very few. I think most of them had one one vote. So there's a lot of Outliers with us when as you'd imagine I wouldn't be surprised though because you and I have been doing the show together for so long and we. We do talk about movies together and sometimes that can get them to stick. So I won't be surprised I would if I guess I'd put money. We do. Have one movie crossover. Also you know. Chances are better than normal. Charlie place. Chances are better than normal because I have. I'll just start off. I have a three way tie at number five. Oh prying three eight eight three films and they all have something in common. They're all written and or directed by one. Mr David Minute. A man who is known for his Verbose witty oftentimes crass dialogue. But maybe not so much for his directing flare Let's just start off with this go Earliest to force trauma. What what is his directing style kind of like especially early on it was just like get the words and I have written on the page into the microphone. Make sure that you say them. Well that's funny because of the three probably the most most Directorial visually stylish and Garin. Gary Glenn Ross Seattle Ninety nine to direct. He wrote of course director. James Foley imagine this is another one. We could probably game on what presenter Augustine Glengarry Glen Ross. I'm hoping it's you know I like this with a lot. More than than Yulon. You'd like to you like having this more than Milan nerd. That's fine. I'm by the one. Let's do this one. I'm hoping it's two-thirds but well we'll see we'll see we'll guess and of course after that. He went on to direct films that he wrote in. One thousand nine hundred. Eighty one of my favorite David moment films a small film. That hardly ever comes up on this show the Spanish prisoner. Have you seen the Spanish prisoner Anderson? It's number four my list. No it is not it is a really it is what. How chances are we'll say this guy said that he also followed that up with a movie that I liked. It also comes up on the show. Have you seen the love? I Love State and me staying. Mazer good mood comedy I and four is that is that is a straight comedy so the car crash happens Alec Baldwin POPs up so that happened happened. Baldwin is great and the theater I saw saying I was. I was a bit of a mammoth fan. For a while there Philip Seymour. Hoffman's the de facto star the movie to the great great cast. He's the he's the lead a young obscene Rothman Works out because of his age when he was born and when the movie was actually produced in surprising actually yawning ninety seven. No no no a young fields off and it was it was the the the Philip Seymour Hoffman. That came before the one that we all know it fell in love with this is Maybe maybe a smaller role that came before he He really broke out. So is your three Glengarry state. Main Spanish Pris- Gotcha. Yes all right. I got to wait. I'll give you shit about having to three wage. I am I going. Oh Hi forgotten at worst. Well Hey be I be. The worst is to find a three way tie which I don't so number five. These are both these these kind of have to be tied together because both of them are starring. A man named Spalding Gray Brian. Both of them. star only spalding gray because they were both monologue movies. They're both movies that are told in monologue form. One I think was shot in his his basement apartment. Even perhaps it's just nothing but a desk. 'cause that was a whole gimmick with swimming to Cambodia swimming to Cambodia Nineteen eighty-seven directed by Jonathan Demme and It's just spalding gray. Telling Amazing stories. The man was a storyteller. He's no longer with us but he was one of a kind to say the least and swimming to Cambodia is my tied with Grey's anatomy grey's anatomy spelled G. R. A. Y. Because that is spalding. Gray's last name that was directed by Steven Soderbergh. That one's nineteen ninety-six. The grey's anatomy both are monologues. Grey's anatomy not as highly rated. But that's the one that I actually liked a little bit more. How little more flair a little more Steven Soderbergh did a pretty good job. There of Using the lights when I should probably watch them back to back before actually considered one better than the other because I saw them very far apart from one. Another but They're they're shot nine years apart. Both of them are monologues from spalding. Gray swimming is is is falling gray in front of an audience. He dug a one man show. Or is this just a one just having the camera and Swimming commodious had a lot of fanfare at the time it was. You know so singular in what it was and Jonathan Demme was It was before You know he was a big time director because it was before Sons lambs but I would think this is probably the movie that was as big as movie I I should. I should look that maybe we'll but anyways That's only available on rental. I was I was saddened to see swimming. Cambodia's only available on rental However grey's anatomy is on the criterion Channel And you don't need to see this in the theater however let me also say this Brian. I think that every single one of the movies that are on my list with the exception of one maybe two. Would you would benefit if you saw in the theater. But you don't need to see it in the theater. You know what I mean right yes I agree but my number one the ideal wettest movie but yes you know. My number was crucial. What I haven't number one I think you probably benefit from seeing it in your own living room It'd probably be better than seen in the theater. That's the only one why it's my number one. Oh and by the way I have no. I feel like it'd be cheating in a way. I have no documentaries on my list. Yeah that would be cheating. This is the closest thing I have to a documentary and or a comedy and that's swimming to Cambodia and it's tie Partnered with grey's anatomy both are Are the they're they're they`re? They're both somewhat like documentaries but I guess I don't know their own things. Got Fair enough number four for me. You mentioned movies. That don't rely a lot on music or sound Monday. Money were four definitely Has some rich music throughout however I feel like people I feel like most of what what percent of audience has a really good sound system. I figured most people have a good sound system and enjoy the buzek slash songs slash sound effects. Whatever the properly or at least maybe not in full you know twenty five speaker surrounding you into theater. At least an approximation of that at home or four for me is a film from nineteen eighty nine and one of my favorite films. We've actually talked about Anderson. We don't you don't care too much about the love story. We actually did a top five movies where you actually cared about the love story. That was years ago and on my last. I'm sure have to imagine it's on. My List was saying anything from nineteen eighty nine written by Cameron. Crowe a film that you can enjoy very much at home the same way. Imagine you enjoy the theater. It doesn't add much to the theatrical experience. But say anything is a sweet sweet movie starring a Young. Junk USAK GIVEN THE TIME. He was young he was young. Yeah so as I only sky. No I'm not gonNA argue with you on every single picky but I tend to disagree with this one because of the larger. The love story is in front of you. I think I probably would have responded to portrait of a lady on fire much more. If I saw it in the theater to that would have Given into it or have been developed or maybe deep more more deeply Invested with the large sound surrounded me and their faces performances larger than life. And I think that I need I need to be pushed or lulled into Carrying about a love story so for me. Yeah I'm glad I saw that in the theater and I don't know if I like it nearly as much as out years later but I'm not gonNA argue with you. On every that's your. Yeah I if you if you don't think you You need to be pushed into like caring about a love story by by the largest of a theater more power to your brain. Well this was that I was gonna say this is the only we happen to know. This is the only love story on my on my left. So you can dispense with the knock hearing about love stories after this good Jonathan Demme I guess something wild might've might have been known for. He actually worked jumping. Demi worked on Saturday night live for a little while. Who knew who. I don't think I don't think eighteen nineteen eighty. What does that mean you can throw it all the S. and L. Trivia? You want to me and I'll get most of her right. I don't think I knew about the Jonathan Demme stuff I can throw Jonathan Demme Trivia. Snl SNL Trivia Dumbo. Oh okay of course. Okay that makes sense I. I was so upset. Annoyed with your Your arrogance smug on even hiding know that but I forgot about your self prof professional of of SNL. Okay all right. All is forgiven. Get back on track your Cowan come and number four for me for you know for before for me aforementioned Spanish prisoner the Spanish. Prisoner shockingly strangely. Brian had it on his list to what so many to choose from. It is a very odd that you would have this on your list and and I would have on my list And I guess that belongs on the list. There is some direction here for sure by David. Mamat but for the most part. It's this story. It's the bobbing in the weaving. And I think this was on another list of mine. Brian add up to go back and check but it was on my top five conman. I think if I had on a list. It's like Top we did something like Top five movies saved by the ending or something like that. This is a movie that only one that I can point to and say I hated as movie until the last ten minutes and then I made a turned into. It was my in my top. Ten list of nineteen ninety-seven Movies that came out in ninety seven. I absolutely loved this movie by the time I left the theater but I hated the first ninety percent of it. I just could not care less about it and I think i. I wasn't responding to the DRY age. David mainly playwright. We started with plays. And he's a playwright and he he's directed a number of plays. I think that he might continue to do so. And you could tell. He didn't have a whole lot of appreciation for camera. Movements or directing the film styles much like Bobcat Goldthwait started his career and he openly admitted that he didn't care or want to Do Technique with Directing films and remember. I think he was talking to Elvis Mitchell. And he was talking about how he felt like it was disingenuous. I'm talking about Bob Cat Goldway. Now where Somebody would be given a monologue in a movie. Camera would slowly be pushing in. And he's like right. Now I'm talking to you Elvis and it's not like the camera like you're slowly getting closer to me. It's not fair to do that to the audience which is a pretty liberal way of looking at things as as a filmmaker you gotta use every technique and and tool you have your disposal to get the audience to feel the way you want them to feel for that because anyways all that being said this is one hell of a script. One halloway twisting turning story and kept kept guessing kept me board until the very end then. Wow that I appreciate everything the way. It all fit together starring Campbell. Scott Rick Rebecca Pidgeon who? I do not respond well to I think she was married to. Ma'am or may be there. Were Bengals Ara. Who's getting a lot of airtime on this episode and Steve Martin Amongst many others. Perhaps that was. Perhaps that was the list. He appeared on top by comedic actors. Dramatic roles because Steve Martin is not funny in this role nor is he required to be. He's just straight Dramatic role as whereas normally. He's not funny. Any is required to be interesting. I don't have the same experience as we take the rare break here because we talked about so many movies. Tie Scher Five. Sure I'm fine with that mccue. We will conclude our list. Crossover perhaps of movies in the theater. Next OFT LISTEN UP IF YOU'RE A fan of DC DC comics the DC universe well DC. Universe is here to save the day. You can wash DC series and movies. Read over twenty two. This is right. Twenty thousand digital comics and connect with other Pepsi's about right. They've been they've been writing comics for a long long time. Well it's really good. Poor all stuck in our. We're all stuck on our houses. I talked earlier in this episode about how I was delighted to find out that vice on TV was I can easily add. That now. Is the time that you set your alarm. And and for seven days now you sign up using our. Promo Code Film Ball you sign up at DC universe and you figure you see what they have. They just released the second season. I guess of Harlequins new Tv show which. I as you know. Brian was embarrassed to say how much I absolutely loved that character in love that movie. Birds OF PREY so Apparently the TV show is fantastic as well. Dc Universe has an amazing lineup of original series. Watch the hilarious adult animated series Harley Quinn Season. Two premiered April third. The day that this comes out enjoy fan favorites like doom patrol Titan swamp thing young justice outsiders and the newest series star girl Which is coming soon so what you do is you go over. You get your free seven-day trial plus fifteen percent off your first three months with Promo Code T at T.F. Film Vault Film it's different. It's different Promo Code this week guy so film vaults all one word is your Promo Film. Vault. I guess T.F. 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May Thirty first include our list of movies but don't need a movie theater in one of my movies already. Came up on this show. So I'm wondering how much crossover maybe we have or don't have I would. Oh No oh no I was just saying upsetting. I like to say hey. Also same I said upsetting You can't you can't. You're not aware this Brian but the listeners are all wear but not just want to let them know that I know. Well that I I'm you can't hear the Music Song counting you in and this is a new set for so foolishly. The last two times I counted you. And you can hear my dumb ass voice or you're on a little behind. The wires exposed Hopefully a little smoother next week. But I'm looking at my list and no. I don't think we have any more crossover but we'll see because none of my top three. I've been mentioned yet number three for me. The aforementioned cube cube seven you can stream EST on Voodoo or two but cube is very limited storytelling. I guess futuristic you want to describe it maybe Topi and without knowing exactly direct by Vincenzo on. The Thai. Thai director of splice does good splice. And this is Sort of a Kafka esque wikipedia scribes as coffee that makes sense to me low budget movie where some people I think are there. Are they ever revealed to be prisoners? I got the impression they were. Prisoners was never revealed. Yeah I believe so I know that all of the characters were named after famous prisoners. So I think that there are prisons. Were one was name like rikers like Gola. Yeah something like that anyway. They are found. They find themselves in. Almost a saw esque contraption made up of interconnected cubes and they must navigate their way out or tried to or die. Trying many many. Do as you can imagine good movie quite quiet movie but small movie. I should say low budget. But that's part of his charm and it is quite a feat for what I imagine was not a very expensive movie. One of the most stressful watches ever had and I don't. I don't know if I'm kind of alone. That's bit unique to me but I was very concerned every time they would enter new cube and turns out rightfully so. I should have been very stressed at each time. Because you never know what's coming and I got to imagine and I don't WanNa argue the air again but I've got to imagine that. Seeing that in a dark theater on the big screen would have made it that much more a dreadful and just stressful and sense of dread. And I'm. I'm glad I didn't see this on the big screen because I don't do well with that kind of one of the many reasons why I don't like horror films but I have to imagine that it would probably be more more upsetting on the big if you're completely in a dark room on a big screen with those twelve characters in those that that Cube Setting Brian. You'd feel like you're part of it almost right interesting. I'm wondering I'm wondering if seeking the theater. How many of our percents abroad. He's thinking of owner of seeing a theatre. Maybe lessened the impact. Only because maybe it revealed some limitations and the set design the WIKIPEDIA estimates at its budget at three hundred and fifty thousand. That sounds about right. Yeah Yeah you have to wonder if you did see it on the big screen. If if some of those wrinkles would be more readily sorry. I'm distracted the wife came out and told me that atticus is already down. That's depressing. I wanted to say goodnight. Poor hope hopefully. He wakes up shortly after we finish this. So what's funny though too is at least. Cgi I noticed the CGI looks worse on the small screen and it doesn't the big screen and I still can't quite wrap my mind around why that is but it's like I'll see a movie heavily. You know I heavy. Cgi movie and the big screen looks good and then like a year later. I see it on. Hbo Or something. And I'm like wow that looks like cartoon. Yeah I've had same experience and commented on a few times on this show discussing movies. Do we just look worse. Cgi looks worse cheaper. Whatever when it comes to the small screen all right here we go number three four more Bri nineteen forty eight film. Nineteen forty eight film from a lot of movies. You can even look back in time with a lot of movies like who needs to see that old black and white movie. Here's what I say that A lot of time. You need the assistance of a of a dark cedar and a big screen and the loud sounds much like I already mentioned with love stories to I. Can I get you to buy in or be less distracted because you might be bored some of these movies? There's not enough. I can't either however rope is a movie that I think you can watch the comfort of your own home and really appreciate the small story and what he was trying to do with the camera making it look like it was all one continuous shot. Alfred Hitchcock's rope Written by Hume Cronyn was written down by Heroes Hume Cronyn. He adapted it. It was written by Patrick. Hamilton Originally a play and stars James Stewart John Farley. Granger if you have not seen rope I highly recommend that rope all takes place inside the one apartment apartment right. Yes the entire things in that one apartment and so it's about like how do we I'd we hide a body? Essentially this can be seen on stars. Stars isn't kind of killing it lately. movies that are making my list. I'll see where it streaming on just watch stars has been popping up a whole lot. You mentioned Hoopla for Cube. I've been writing down in the notes. maybe HOOPLA maybe canopy because they go by region. They go by district a lot of movies that show up on. Just watch to show that they're showing on on can't be anyways. I go and type it in and I live here in La. And then I go up not not for user. You're not allowed to see that. So I right maybe HOOPLA. Maybe canopy But Stars for sure if you're a subscriber that old stars over there you can watch rope right now. And they all had the Spanish the Spanish prisoner earlier and on our list. That's on showtime. I don't know if I mentioned that I was going to say we should. Yeah if you have stars you can also watch state in Maine and you can watch sandy thing right now so yes stars. This kind of killed advertising for a reduced rate for stars. I'm thinking about it. Yeah I kind of liked their. Their campaign was something like just pulled the trigger. Just doing already something like that. I liked it smart. At what are you got number two for me the only movie mind this not streaming as part of a service but the good news is a dollar ninety nine rental across several platforms including. I think Amazon. So if you for some reason have not seen the movie diner from nineteen eighty two. You can spend a dollar ninety nine enjoy. Barry Levinson's is debut film. One of his finest films. I don't know if I can reckon above rainman but is a very good movie. I Love Diner. It's stars Timothy. Dale a young Timothy Daly Steven goode Berg Steve Convert Daniel Stern Mickey Rourke in his all of his glory beautiful. Mickey Rourke Beautiful Manny Kevin Bacon Ellen Barkin Young Paul Reiser. Oscar-nominated nominated for best screenplay. Lost a Ghandi Anderson. And this is like I said dollar nine rental Sir Divan for two bucks. This is a really fun movie. Set In nineteen sixty on Baltimore. Nineteen fifty-nine actually had a written down Baltimore. Nineteen Lotta Atmosphere. Lot atmosphere but again. It's a small enough story that I don't think you're missing much when it's not on the big screen this is. This is a good rental. This is a very good movie to rent. Have you seen seen diner? Yeah yeah I I I think of that infant. Go in the same kind of space in my mind for whatever reason I I know that. That's probably blast me too. Many people who love their diner diner not it's not a giant fan is less funny swingers. Because like Steve. Guys who's hanging out in diners all the entire time and just talk shared in a couple of young dudes. What's up buddy? Smoke CIGARETTES DID DO SOME WORK. A lot of cigarettes inside. Yeah in the diner number two for me Brian. I'm surprised I don't think this was on any of the listener's list and I don't know if you've seen my dinner with Andre. Have you seen my dinner have seen? I quite like this movie while Sean Wallace Shawn. And he's asked sitting across the table from an an Andre Gregory and two old friends they meet for dinner and One just tells antidotes detailing his experiences in the world and the other Notices their differing worldviews. Louis Mall that famed Beloved French director. Louis malle directed this one and It was a a new type of movie at the time and it continues to be new type movie unless you counting those Steve. Coogan trip movies or Kind of after. Imagine inspired by by this This movie My dinner with Andre. I didn't see my dinner with Andre until I was actually in film school and I didn't see at four films girl school. A friend of mine was incensed. Did I not seen it and I was Lover Films so she bought me a VHS copy. And I remember begrudgingly watching it going. I know where it's going to be. It's going to be too fucking dude sitting on a table talking and it was and I was enthralled the entire time I was never really bored I remember really enjoying the conversation and being a fly on the wall and this movie that I don't think you need to sit there and now watching the theater there. It's funny when you start describing the spalding gray movies. I have not seen. I thought immediately of my dinner with Andre like sounds like sorta storytelling was going on in that dinner with Andre. Really good movie works can just can be streamed this one is criterion channel and maybe on. Canopy Maze Worth tracking. Down guys is it. Sounds incredibly dry and dull. But what did you say you're enraptured? Or something like that. I was yeah I was. I was never bored and yeah it definitely got a Tokyo early and I thought fifteen twenty years ago and I couldn't really tell you about any of the conversations that they had but that's not important. What's important is that? It's good enough to hold up without any action. Nothing but dialogue is a pretty great performance by Andre Gregory too because if he's not a magnetic storyteller this movie is fucking Dullsville. I turn off after thirty minutes. Yeah my dinner number two for me. What's your number one number? One is a film that I was assigned. Many years ago. Probably wasn't many probably for or five years ago and movie. I avoided for a number of reasons IOS block and white in an era of color. It seemed a bit of a Downer may be a bit of homework but turns out the elephant. Man From nineteen eighty is a very sweet movie and Very I was very much enraptured by the elephant man directed by David Lynch. Now this is not. I mean I. I don't know what the experience would have been like seeing this in a theater because of course I was far too young and never never was a possibility for me. I saw it at home and I didn't feel like I lost anything. It's a black and white mid and very old style set in late eighteen hundreds. So it's not. It's not a visual masterpiece. It's darkness kind of quiet and it takes place in some pretty. There's only I guess. Eight or ten cents. You know what I mean like. It doesn't make place in a whole bunch of different locations and this is a movie. You can get wrapped up in very quickly and very easily Starring a young a young Anthony Hopkins Young John. Her anger younger and a younger John. Gielgud and Bancroft is also in this but good news for everyone the Alpha tripping Pluto. Tv Pluto TV. You can wash this rate most of our listeners. What percentage of our listeners have pluto out imagine? It's gotTa be around getting the low low double Jews perhaps single digits that That elephant and this is why I. I think that we can all allowed David Lynch to do whatever he wants. Because he wallet is shot in Black and white and he kinda mandated. It'd be shot and black and white. I think there's a back and forth with him and Mel Brooks Mel Brooks was on the producer of this one which is an odd combo I know but I I if I recall David Lynch was really really wanted to shoot this black other than that. This is a pretty aid to be story in the way that it was told. There's no a- some random dreams that were kind of shoved in there about his mom being trampled by elephants but other than that there was no surreal moments in. He told a straight line story which I really appreciate and a Lotta these like experimental filmmakers. I I would be able to buy their shit a little easier if they were to make something At least one movie. That's eight A. B. That's effective. You know what I mean like when you hear people say about Modern Art. Oh my kid could draw that. Well the difference between your kid being able to draw that modern art which. I understand I get it. It's pretty simple. It's not doesn't take a lot of talent. However chances are whoever painted. That painting is capable of reproducing Mona Lisa and they know their our master and David Lynch's proved that he could be a master in traditional storytelling. He just chooses to droughts on the lines. That's why I can buy his stuff a lot easier than I. I accept his stuff a lot easier than I came with some of these Quote unquote experimental filmmakers. I don't know if they could tell a straightforward story saw. You mentioned that. Perhaps David Lynch who was making his first studio picture was at odds with Mel Brooks. In Fact Mel Brooks champion David Lynch and he was sort of buffering him against the studio which had extensive notes. They wanted him. Take out the fantasy sequences like you mentioned and a whole bunch of probably the black and white and at one point. I love this little anecdotes. I'm going to read it to you. Mel Brooks actually wrote a letter to the producer to the studio and said Mel Brooks is very very powerful. At this point. He had a number of successful films so he said quote. We are involved in a business venture. We screen this film for you to bring you up to date as to the status of that venture did not misconstrue this as are soliciting. The input of raising primitives is great. Yeah fantastic all that said. I still think the Mel Brooks somewhere along. I could be wrong. I still think that he was all all that. Being said. Didn't really buy into the black and white he he took some coaxing macabre. I I read a whole chapter on this way back when but and then David Lynch moves onto to do the straight story as well which is just that a very straight story. I think there was a triple entendre. That title if I RECALL. Anyway Guy's name was straight and he drove straight from wherever to wherever and it was a straight story told in a straight way and and he was heterosexual newsletter said. Well quadruple Sandra the quadruple endre. That number. One for me is a movie that I think I might have assigned. You better not be lock. Richard Link ladders tape. No I never saw. I never saw Two thousand one tape directed by Richard Link Ladder. Also based on a play. Stephen Colbert play. He did the screenplay for this as well. He adapted his own his own. Screen work This stars Ethan. Hawke Robert Sean Leonard. Who you know Brian. I think the towers was part of that What did they have a name? The then the swinger pack swinger bunch. Who's part of that group Right They called they called that newer group. That the Frat pack you know there was the brat pack and the rat bag and the frat pack and what was the Frat Pack. It makes sense Vince. Vaughn Thurman Ethan Hawke Robert Sean Leonard. I almost hesitate even saying with Thurman but it's pretty pretty hard to avoid 'cause you you see her on the on the poster on the box cover but I watched the first ten minutes of this. I almost turned it off. I had heard some good things from like friends like you. Guys this taped by Richard Linklater. He shot it actually on videotape. And that has very little to it. But it's actually a very good ten minutes. I'm going this Horse Shit. I hate this movie and then it was like the eleventh movie. I'm like I'm in. I'm in it's a real simple story. I think this was on a list of top. Five movies takes place in one location. Because it's all in one motel room the entire thing shot and one motel room cost very much money at all. Apparently little money this probably one of the cheapest movies that I've ever seen that I absolutely love and I it's a lot of it's about two performances but it gets really heavy It's it's marked as the drama rightfully so Comes in eighty six minutes so it scant and It's shot like I said on like it's not even high def video so I if you see this business in on the big screen I would imagine that the sound wasn't fantastic and you'd probably see all of the The what's the word? I'm looking for All all the wrinkles all of the wires. Yeah already used that. What's what's a guy anyway so you you're GonNa you're GonNa notice all the mistakes with the audio which I imagine those sprays Mario Issues and for sure the the image is not going to look into blown up because it wasn't created for that he couldn't keep up the the resolution so this is a movie that should be watched in your house because of its quality and it is fantastic. I love love love tape. I've been talking to my tapes and see the beginning of this show and on and on about my love of tape. I think it might have been banned at one point. I could be wrong. I don't give a shit because at some number one today. Hey tape doesn't need no theater. Just enjoy that tape right there in your own house. You can watch that if you like one on Amazon Prime Amazon prime. It's the most readily accessible of all my movies. So that I have my list Amazon Prime. Two Thousand One David Richard Linklater's tape enjoy. Wikipedia has an entry for the FRAT pack. Believe it or not and very detailed but Robert Sean Leonard. Not listed amongst the entire article whatever reason dipoto society indeed swing kids back before the Tischler Frat pack? Yeah he's still acting these things in the good doctor a played a character and the doctor. He's in law and order. You still out there battling. He's not the battle and Brian. I'd like to hear the listener. Who's the Guy I'm thinking of? Who who's The guy? I'm thinking of swingers. Who was. Who's Ron Ron Livingston? No the fourth guy then fourth guy. It wasn't Ron lemmings. Whom I this is this. We should have talked about this. A Patrick van Horn. Oh my God. He never acted again. Patrick Van Horn. Yeah. Didn't they badgering me at work with swingers? I worked with them. WanNa move because ivory tower and really did work again. I want to work with him. I hung around the set because my girlfriend was the costume designer and I liked him as a nice guy But yeah I I get him. Confused really kind of similar on on his filmography consists of three films. The deadpool swingers four Christmases not nice to laugh but I was coughing. Here's a listener list Coming in at number five is a ghost story ago story number five which I wholeheartedly disagree with listeners. Wholeheartedly really wish. I didn't see it in the theater. So I guess since my favorite movie of the last decade. I guess that's a pretty good argument for you don't need is even the theater but my God. The sent a score for that movie. I can only imagine if I saw that and dark theater with the score turned up. How much founded. I missed the title. What was it again? A ghost story Glengarry Glen Ross comes into number four with Nineteen point four percent of the top. Five number. Three is a movie called lock which Absolutely could be on my list or years probably right. What's Walk Lock Right? It's a big poor Tom Hardy and a car. She's distressed. She's distressed yes. Number two is clerk's absolutely I'd find it. I find that cheating though because clerks is a comedy so like many other comedies. They can work on the big screen or small screen but clerks definitely. It could work. I saw clerks in the theater twice. That's how much I love that clerks. Oh I love clerks. Twenty two percent of the top five otas clerks from the listeners. The number one As voted on by our listeners is twelve angry men with ten percent almost nine percent of the overall vote and close to thirty percent of the top five. That was the last one Jordan. That was the last movie I took off. My list was on their list. Thanks Jordan for up on that list together for us Weekend we appreciate that and let's move on move on. So what do you want? What do you WANNA post as a poll for our listeners? O- on the also ran for you by the way I've of lunch but talk about him. Now I'm good O'Brien we almost forgot Actually I wish we did forget We gambled last week. Oh yes rocky. Three that was a Doobie. I would dubious of my own score but here we are dooby is yes so I I lost. It's all I know I've got to write off. It was like sixty two or sixty four. Whatever it was A. Yeah I think I guess you hire low. I think higher Let me let me look it up. let me look it up but you think sixty four was the actual and that's what you you you guessed. Cheat Shady Shady Shit A top-five movie hugs. Let me check the Scores here this. Yes I sit seventy six. You said Sixty Four. The actual school of rocky three and shocking. I know but it hasn't moved since last week. It's still sixty. Four percent does interesting. The score hasn't changed since I tell you three. Yes Oh look at this. This is interesting Scott. Hardwick him on the Patriot now Anderson. I think Brian might have cheated. Last Saturday on Corolla Classic podcast. They played an old game rotten tomatoes themed around eighties movies rocky. Three was one of them. Are T score of sixty one at the TIME SNIFF INTERESTING BRIAN? This is very interesting interesting. Interesting actually I'm sorry I I must admit I didn't mind because I'm reading. Giovanni email what what. What did you say okay? This is from Scott Hardwick on our patron message. Board on the on the Comments about the episode from top five movie hugs. He writes Anderson. I can't believe I'm repeating this for you and everyone else heard me but you're reading. Guy. Dan Email from. What are you doing? Brian Scott Hardwick writes Anderson. I think Brian might have cheated. Last Saturday on Corolla Classic podcast. They played old game of rotten tomatoes themed around eighties movies rocky. Three was one of them. Ron Tomatoes score of sixty one of the time when the brain is cheating. I don't care. I will admit that I have no recollection of of that whatsoever. But we have done Sony fucking movies on the Rhonda Wree Hell. How many years ago was the rotten tomatoes game? They say was that particular episode accent. Must've been who fucking no there is I don't know what Matt Hatchet is. But okay all right fine. If if you want to openly cheat and just stick to your gun sights sounds about right okay okay. So what am I gonNA be watching well first of all? I'm not cheating but I was really an email because I watched a movie that came up on film vault and I liked it so much. Been SAVING IT in my pocket to assign you. I've had it now for a number of weeks possibly a month or more and Giovanni says it came up in. The revolts episode. Was that the Florence episode. Was that the white episode the episode with Florence Special Guest. Our auction winner. I think she was the revolt as no no no she four. Yak Hair she she Gave up with her. That would be wrong. Hey Jealousy your five least favorite movies from last year Florence. No why would I how? I don't know how this came up. Maybe it was actually know what it might have been the listener top-five and I heard and they said they'd watched this movie like. Oh that's right. I wanted to see that and I immediately went outside and it was much better than I expected. Exceeded my expectations. I think it's ninety nine percent on rotten tomatoes. It isn't music documentary. You'll be watching mystify. Michael Hutchence of in excess. So good. It was honestly Anderson like this is maybe the Best Music Doc. I've seen since. Amy And it's very similar. I figure what do I see this? I think you're GonNa like you may have to rent this all right. Fuck yourself so hard I know all right so much. Listen all right. I'll suffer through that. We are terrible a plugging and talking about things but we have some exciting things in the works And I think the timing of this is kind of kind of good timing. Perhaps because we were GONNA do this anyways but I think the now it really makes sense to do some bond movie viewing which I'm not a fan of bond. I'm making no secret that I'm not a fan of the bond franchise however watching bond with you and talking along during movies. I don't give a fuck. I'm throwing out all my rules. I look at these things like I need to watch them for. The first time uninhibited Or or on encumbered or sober. So we're going to be playing drinking games while watching classic bond movies and I think Brian you want to do this once a month Right and they're all streaming on the old prime video over there so we're going to be doing some double o seven drinking game viewing recording So what I would like. Go ahead play now please. What I would like to do because so many of us are are all stuck in home and Missing out on going out and doing fun things that we normally be doing on the weekend even me being the stay at Home Dad Guy. I would still find things to do on the weekends and go out and have a few so. I would like to do this on a Saturday and Saturday and Saturday. Night I'm not drinking yet but I will be and something reasonable like eight o'clock at night and we can all get together on the computer and And Brian and I will Watch the movie. We can all push play the same time or I'll come up with a one of those platforms where we can push play. And we're all going to be watching a movie together and and having drinks when like we're frat boys almost like were Frat boys. But I'm I'm into this because I like the idea of being somewhat familiar with somebody says octopus. Yeah it can be like. Oh yeah that dumb one that I hated that this happens it right so the irony is that octopussy and actually the better movies at the Roger Boy in Darwin remember. I saw most of them. When I was a kid my mom would say oh yeah people like them and I remember even being a child going. I just waited for JAWS TO COME ON MEMBER JAWS. I have so. That's that's all I liked about about James Bond as a Kid. That's thaw all I remember anyways. So yeah we'll be bastardising James Bond movies classic movies and we're going to be doing it and hopefully with a number of you and we're going to put a poll up on the Patriot on page so anyone who is patron member whether you're full on Patriot member at the very top of the tier over there fifty bucks a month like Three of you are or if you're the bottom tier of voting rights. Everyone will get to weigh in on which one we start with and we're GONNA have three Classic Bond Movies to choose from and I think we're going to be doing on April eighteenth. I'm leaning towards April twenty fifth. Hopefully Saturday night April twenty fifth. Many of us are locked in their houses and many of us are looking for some kind of outlet to have a good time. And I'm hoping that You'll you'll come over and this will be obviously available to all patriotic members Live as well as the file which I'll make available to you and then I think for some nominal fee for the NAM the Non Patriot members. If you'd like to watch a long live with us or or or purchaser for a small fee afterwards but Yeah this is an opportunity to have some fun with the listeners. And do some kind of An engagement I guess reaching out and I'm going to try and say I'm not sure exactly which platform Yep I'm GonNa try and do one where there could be message messages. Like instant messages going back and forth and comments and I'm sure that that will get ugly fast especially for all drinking. That was amazing you just rambled for like six minutes straight about James Bond. This is the happiest day of my life very little bit of it was about James Bond was mostly about you. If you're listening that's true. I wasn't listening but I can only imagine so. Yeah actually yeah so Anderson you remember. It came up on a patron bonus episode. We had a back in November of twenty one thousand nine hundred top five movies to watch while hammered drunk and my number one was any classic seven movie and I re- I revealed the rules of this double drinking game. You drink whenever the theme song plays whenever he says Bond James Bond or whenever the villa reveals evil plan. There's there's a whole thing. We'll publish those rules. So you can drink along with us or by yourself because yes we will do this live and we will make it available. Sniff Shrek style. But this is something I've wanted to do for a few months ever since I announced it. November my inner so we should do this and then as soon as The lockdown became a thing for almost everyone It became obvious. We'll see we should. We should do this. We'll see how it goes. We'll see the first one goes in We'll go from there so It the way I see this either way. I kind of lose because I'm going to be forced to watch James Bond with you but at least I'll be able to Be With you and I'll be able to have drinks to further my my my buffer zone my buffer zone. We'll be thick with Hoppy beer possibly some some Jameson Jamieson edition. I'm not sure exactly which I can bear. We'll be swirling. That'd be so much rolling. All right we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA guess Spanish prisoner or we're going to do. I forget what what it came down to. I would glengarry Glen Ross or Mu Lan icee glengarry Glen Ross Yeah Okay what do you want to write down number? Yeah This can be interesting. Because it's it's really gonNA be up to you listeners to vote on this whether you've seen it or not let People know let let let people let our social media's no we're GONNA have it on twitter facebook and possibly are maybe for sure on Instagram But I don't know I think Mitch is going to take the lead on. I'll figure this out but anyways the point is is up to you guys so we need a lot of votes from you listeners to get a decent sample size going here Gary Glen. Wrong your advertising for future weeks because planned to run it from Wednesday to Friday morning. Perhaps just people can't vote just to make one person win but yeah you're right because you can't be able to afford US until after. Yeah yeah all right. I'm I'm I got my number. What your number we say at the same on three we say it all right on three one to number. Yes place one to six. Oh okay ongoing. Sixty two percent. We will find out thank you. Go for Helping us with In the past I'm sure we'll get back there. Gio ronin emails saying it was fun working on the show will ever get back to this Saturday. I Imagine Geo hang out. We're we're definitely get back to some new movies. That's the only movies on the show. I just maybe maybe. We don't do rotten tomatoes. Maybe come up with our. Maybe we do the audience. I don't know I just. I hate the critics. I hate the rotten tomatoes critics. I just don't I don't like how they steer you away from movies. That are good. I understand we'll talk about that Guibert. Thank you guys very much for listening. Thanks for continuing with download. Hopefully we're getting you guys through this quarantine and you're surviving list. Art Is is excellent. Jonathan Oxfam is the the artist US warlocks on oxygen and the R. N. Looks like an am overhear. Yes so much swirling Anderson so much swirling and I'll just leave it at that Go to Instagram Goto. Interested IN BRIAN DOT COM. If you wanna see that listener art from John Ox Horn Good Talk. Russ and before. Dawn our feature artists this week the Amazon banner. If you're going to buy things Devon delivered to your home soon after go the grocery store. Good for you please. Click through cost you. Nothing helps us all of that very easy to do facebook twitter. The film vaults a this is a very the Recording after this it'll be available soon or now as you hear this top. Five dystopia in films updated. We lost it in two thousand eleven. And there've been a lot of Topi and films since then so we will update our list. Update that's true. All that's true. Thanks everybody for good thanks to go. Go hang up buddy. We're going to get back to To gambling for reals Jordan and Mitch of course and Mike Cole for keeping tabulation on the gambling. We appreciate all your help. You guys thank you so much. The show run so much more smoothly with you guys on board DART. Then they'll we do and nine.

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Mr. Robot Series Finale Feedback | Goodbye, Friends

Post Show Recaps

1:35:49 hr | 7 months ago

Mr. Robot Series Finale Feedback | Goodbye, Friends

"Mister robot is over and we're just getting started closing the book on the Mister Robot. PODCAST here on post. SHOW RECAP ABSOL- everybody. Josh Burglar here joined by Antonio Navarro no jokes because this is it all friends. Goodbye friends you say that I have in preparation for this podcast and listening to some of our season one material just thinking about previous seasons of the show. I wouldn't be shocked Josh. If we decided at some point that we have to go back. Yeah probably last one for at least a month or so. I would say speaking sure logistically speaking as as we are recording warning this I am fourteen hours away from flying on a plane across the world again. I hope I have better luck than than some of the people who were very afraid of what could happen with planes on this show though hopefully actually do have to luck of GDP considering things to work out pretty well for her but as it stands mister robot podcast on the docket here a in the books for us on our show recaps so if this does end up being the final final mister robot podcast if it is true Antonio that we are saying goodbye friends today the net means we're at the end of of a very long journey for us. This has been. This has been the longest you and I have gone on one show. I think ever well there were. There were long delays as between Seasons especially between season three and four right so we are what two years removed from the end of season. Three at this point I think it was in December of twenty seven. Th Yeah and so just that alone I think has added to this robot road as well. But we're GONNA ride till we can't no more on this robot road so here we DR and like I said it may be the end. It may not be the end. We don't have any firm plans Certainly there may be opportunities to revisit the show down the road but this this is a long road. The Robot Road Josh we've revisited and visited and we've been on different sides of it. We've come up in different ways. We watched the first season in podcast about it spoiler spoiler free and then added a section each podcast for people who had already seen the first season to talk about the twists that were in the show and now we are clear is full hearts having seen every bit of Mister robot knowing where everything goes and definitely with a major series redefining twist in the final episode Finding ourselves in a position where there maybe some gris to that hopefully people who have begun rewatching the show already are finding these connections Someday we may do the same but certainly no promises on that front. Yeah the I think. The full mister robot. re-watch road seems like an ambitious project. I am not currently prepared to sink my teeth into Roy. Talk to that notion at the moment but not to say that that some revisiting down the line is an in isn't in the cards isn't in in our future. We've been podcast. We're going to be dealing mostly with with with lingering feedback from from people. Not just about the finale but I think Mister Robot Oh bought as a series and the legacy of the series and. I don't think that will do too much self congratulatory stuff here on the pocket. So maybe I'm wrong. I don't know but we got a lot of really nice notes from people who've been with podcast either for a very long time from the very beginning when you and I started this thing Antonio in the run-up to season to doing doing those season one podcast as you mentioned to some people who've found us very recently like who have found us as recently as the penultimate episode or maybe the even the season finale. We may even be talking to people in the future. We don't know people who are going to discover mister robot down the line and find out that there's a podcast about it here on push a recaps and they're gonNA listen into it to to supplement their engagement with the material but a lot of these people not the future people yet but everybody other than the future people we. We've just gotten some really amazing raising nice feedback just about what. What not just what the show meant to you? But having the podcast meant to you and it's really put it in Sharp Relief Antonio that we've we've been talking about the journey of Elliott Alderson for so long and again not to say that we may not talk about again and I'm sure that Mister robot and Elliot Elliot and the various altars and even the characters in his orbit or just you know pieces of dialogue or we're going to find their way into the vernacular of our podcasting moving forward forward. Because certainly you and I are not done podcasting together Fidelio Fidelio this. This will be it for Damore gotTa Mister Robot to you and I and I very much feel the spirit of the song as for here as do I actually though I did get a few feedback emails from the future listeners. I Yeah I don't know why you didn't get those What did they say? Well first of all the rockets president. Oh Wow dwayne Johnson President Johnson. Better better better than some outcomes do you. Do you WanNa know who's running. Can you guess who is running mate was I'm gonNA assume it was Kevin Hart. Yes the recalled painting game is that the was the slogan pain came twenty twenty four. That was what the slogan was their campaign. Was the presidency the next level campaign and game no different now. I did not get any other so that was the only one I got. And there was really no feedback on the podcast. That just said the rock is as president and Kevin Hart is the vice president so there you go veep veep all right. Well we've got all this feedback to get to. None of it is about Dwayne Johnson. And I guess I guess we have I know I know that as we get into the feedback. We're going to start a lot with with overall impressions from from our listeners. Antonio let's let's start with you and me where are you at with Mister Robot. A few days removed. I mean we're recording this the day after Christmas. Merry Christmas Antonio Thank you. America's just wish this was. This was a Christmas themed. Mister robot season so I feel like it's appropriate that we are recording right around Christmas time. So we're talking four full days after the robot finale four full days to process this thing where are you at with it. I'm I'm still very much feeling good about it. What it's done more than anything for me is opened up questions in my mind about when we saw mister robot throughout what what his prime directive was now knowing him as the protector? I as I said listening to a couple of our old season one podcast even including season one episode eight we. We had some feedback that we should check that out. I believe that was Jay from the UK. I if that was somebody else I apologize. The the word was basically like we had talked talked about a lot of what happened in the finale. On that podcast. And I didn't hear a ton of it but if you remember season one episode eight of course is the episode where Elliott starts to realize that he realizes this is mister robot is his father Darlene assist. He doesn't come to the full realization yet. That mister robot is is a figment of his imagination or a creation. Even he just knows that Mister Robot is his Dad Christian slater shows up at the end of the episode. We need to talk. And we had been tracking Mister robot throughout knowing what we knew about season one as is this sort of agent of chaos maybe in some ways this this unbridled. Id just rampaging around the kind of guy who wants you to destructive things. The kind of guy that wants to blow up a building the kind kinda got maybe pushes you off a rail now that we know about mister robot as the pure protector and we know that Mister robot knew that Elliott was the mastermind throughout that it was not actually Elliott prime that wasn't the core of the host Elliott that it was another alter that he was dealing with. It's fascinating to think about all these scenes from season. He's in one the conversations between the two of them the decisions that Mister robot takes or doesn't take he tells Elliot to lose Darlene number for example knowing what we know about how vital Darlene is to the game of this story. And knowing what we know about why that's so significant for the the host Elliott. It's interesting to think about about what Mr Robots goals were throughout. Certainly have questions about some of that. But I'm I'm not in any way suggesting that the twist doesn't work. I think it really very much does as work. I just think it presents and I think you and I talked about this a little bit Josh. It's just a monumental feat of writing direction. I think it was. I think you told me it makes all the sense in the world that Sam would want to direct all the episodes from season to going forward Yup because that the director has to be in a head space with the actors like your this now. You're we're doing that now. And that is such a Herculean task but I think it is reflected in what we see on scream that this was the plan. All along there are so many moments throughout Out that when you read them in this context look if it wasn't their plan they came up with the plan at some point along the way and certainly before season four They came up with the plan. That really really worked with all of this and I certainly want to believe that it was the plan all along. I think so I mean I definitely do in his his appearance on the watch and we talked about this unarmed finale podcast S. mail says fuck plot right like that doesn't matter to him that much. What matters to him because what matters to him what matters him his character but even if it's characters that are most welcome in his heart as opposed to plot the central twist of the finale and thereby the series is is deeply rooted in character S? Mail has said many times at the ending of this series has been firmly. Set all the way through so with those two things in each hand. I definitely believe that this twist was baked into the premise. And I think that the more we've contemplated it the more you you go back. Can you look at some of this stuff. From throughout the series there are instances. I think that maybe are a little bit cloudy still and it's like how does that quite connect given the fact act that are Elliott is actually mastermind Elliott and not the full Elliott Alderson. But I think that those instances are much fewer in for the between. They're the ones that are kind of like Eureka moments that are like. Oh my gosh I should say where like it. Really it really re-clarify Sri contextualized says some moments that we've seen before and like one of the reasons why it would make sense to go back and re podcast mister robot material you like some of these moments where you know you can think back to times like you and I are like and then you get to actually watch Rami. Malik played the Mister Robot role. That moment where he's putting the mask on Christmas and he's got the jacket on and there he is the birth of Mister robot and really with that is is probably the birth of mastermind. So like there's there's just stuff all throughout and it's also going to be fun to go back and see if you can find the moments where wake full Elliott is there real Elliott as it works. I'm sure that those moments exist as scenes gonNA lead a lot of feedback about this and yeah so Justin Sharkey wrote in and said when did our Elliott takeover was it. After he destroyed. The server room was real Elliott in charge until that incident Stephanie. Berman wrote in and said in speculating on when the mastermind took full control of the real Elliott. I'd love to believe that it was when he first uttered the phrase hello friend as the first line in the series premiere but this is is likely not the case. It likely occurred before he destroyed the server room. At his previous place of employment this was the masterminds rage taking over completely the flashback scenes during masterminds interaction with fake krista provides support to this by using the memories to enlighten the mastermind and us in the with the way The clues that we may not have missed along the way Angela. For example saying he hasn't been the same the past couple of months. He didn't recognized arlene he now wonders how can take off the mask when he stops wearing a mask. So this is there right And it definitely makes you wonder This is a Bob Bob. Morozov wrote in and it's talking about the senior talking about in in it. One try believe is on Halloween following night. Bob says the flashback scene comes back into his life and Elliott puts on the Mister robot jacket and talks about his plan. was that the first time the mastermind took over. Do you think at any point during the series we were watching the real Elliott and not the mastermind. Jack May wants to know the same thing ever parts of the show where we were not viewing the mastermind your mind and were instead seeing the real Elliott. Belinda Pessoa asking the same question Josh. A lot of people are wondering about this. Are there scenes that jumped out to you. Belinda for example points to The moment when Elliot gets out of jail and Darlene whispers in his ear. And Belinda says. Is it possible we could not hear that whisper because for that brief moment the real Elliott was president in our Elliott was not well. I thought you said that Elliott was president and my head just act. The Rock is president. Everyone knows that sorry. Yeah but that's the thing that that is why I'm haunted by this conversation. I had with Sam 's mail asked him about the other one and he is like I have to be very careful how I respond to you and in like my tin foil hat of Tinfoil hat moments I think like Oh God. Was that conversation like the conversation was like I got a show out on the interviews. We might reveal something here but where he said in that conversation. I have to be very very close lipped about the other one. When you find out the answer to it you will see that it was baked into the show from the very beginning and it will completely change the way you you watch the show and so it's not just that it's going to change the way you watch the show in that you know that? The Elliott that we're spending most of our time with isn't a full picture Elliott there are probably moments where that fuller Elliott comes out where you see him when you get to spend time with him. I think that you've already spent so much time. I am as a viewer of Mister Robot. Having this grandeur attention to detail. Rani Malik Mesmerizing performance. Just think about the ways in which you'll analyze is it even further now. No doubt I mean it is. I personally was thinking about the mastermind in the server room and thinking about the circumstances which may be led to that server room incident if I recall Elliott was working at a job by the way already Elliott working at a job different than most of the Elliott. Elliot we have seen in the show. Save the Elliott al-Sahf But Elliott was working at a job where his job was to find flaws in bugs in software code. He was so good at it that I believe if it was Memorial Day weekend and the people that work there couldn't go home because he kept finding new work that they had to fix because there were so many problems there were so many problems in the code and he was so oh good at his job. We now knowing what we now know about Elliott not just re contextualising with the reveal of the mastermind but re contextualising with the reveal of episode four seven and when we find out what happened with Edward Alderson and Elliott Elliott was younger. We think about the Elliott that is at that job is good at his job and instead of getting praise raise for it he gets locked in to a server room he gets bullied and then we will. We know that the mastermind is this manifestation of anger. It makes all the sense in the world and that in that moment. He doesn't need a protector. who was he's already created? He doesn't need to feel all these other things. It is anger and rage and wanting to change the world at Outta micro level and at a macro level that I think probably result in the mastermind emerging in some way at that point now he goes into therapy. After that that incident it gets on meds. He stops taking the meds and the our show begins with him not knowing that Darlene is his sister with F. Society already existing Darlene says in this Sunali episode that it was right around the time that they first getting going with F. Society that she noticed that the Elliott that we saw wasn't the Elliott That she grew up with that. It was the mastermind in some way. Now that is not exactly on Halloween. Night What I think ultimately because we saw a little bit of it or heard a little bit about it in the the season I think what we probably had throughout the show our these moments of bleed where the host Elliott was bleeding into the master and Elliott where they were these horrible rable incidents maybe Elliott back? We have to think about why the host Eliot emerged at some point. It was right after probably found out that Angela was killed so of of course. That's at the mastermind back there all these complications with the mission that probably set the mastermind. Back the mister robot stops the mastermind back keeping in mind that all of these people people are part of Elliott. They're all parts of a whole and we know that they each contain little bits of the other because they're all part of the real. Elliot it makes sense that he would be going going. In and out and then as the mission got superintendents the masterminds a reason for existence. That's why both of his hands on the wheel fully and it's only when stuff from his very personal life gets completely thrown in front of him like a dead Angela that he gets derailed at all. Maybe the three days after the hack as well but I think when you re watching the series. I don't think it's ever purely purely mastermind from jump. I think he takes control at some point and I think probably we see throughout manifestations of versions of that. You're when you're talking about like the parts working in concert with each other or other parts being involved any other and it just gets me thinking more about like the way that we're not just going to be watching thing l. e. himself differently. We're not just going to be watching Rami Malik differently. But we'll be watching. Mister robot differently to Christian slater as mister robot differently. Not just because of The baggage that comes with him bearing the likeness of Elliott's bother and whatever Alderson did to Elliott but also because now you know so so much of our conversation about the show certainly early on had been about like the question of like Miss Robot is like the evil Elliot. He's the rage. Elliot he's the ID- Elliot. He's the the one that just wants to burn it all down. It's exactly what you sounded like you know. And we're left with by the end of it is Mr robots the protector. He's there to protect Elliott until it re contextualized as a lot with the way that mister robot dealt with Elliot knowing that he was dealing with the mastermind hemlock pushing the mastermind off the ledge which is basically throwing himself Alf off the ledge at Coney Island with the hope that maybe if he wakes up in the hospital he's going to wake up as the real deal and that is what happens. Nice try trying to reset that but it also makes me think about some of the some of the other like clever moments where Elliott Mister robot were used in concert with one another. Like I'm thinking about the season Vermeer and when we're in grand central station and al the Freddie Lomax stuff and we're spending so much of here we're spending so much of the flow Amax time beginning with Mister robot before we get to Rami. Malik and it's like Christian slater is in Grand Central. He's in the big hall. And he's like following Freddie. Whoa Max from a distance and what that comes to be like him you know that's the show? Visually manifesting like security cameras and the fact that Elliott has has owned the station. But that also is what that also means and the function of Mister robot as he pertains to Elliott is like that would be defense right like. That's that's playing defense. You're you're on the monitors your on the security system. You're watching out for army. You're protecting yourself so even in that function mister robot is absolutely functioning more as protector than he is as muscle so we often think about. Mister robot asked the muscle right as the degreaser as the as the bullet man. As the gunman and here. We're getting a moment. Where he's he's not that he's he's playing that I in the sky type of role and it makes you even think about those moments when he he was the muscle? Why is he doing that? It's as a protective measure more often than not. I do think that those moments are going to hold up. Hold up all the way across the board. Like I'm thinking about the Romero stuff from season. One when Mister robot shows up and holds the gun at Romero why would mister robot have to protect Elliot from that if Elliott's already in mastermind signed mode so a lot of those are mister robot trying to make sure the mission goes through though to get the mass true what. Let's let's let's do the thing with get the thing done. Let's get it done right fast. Yeah let's get it done clattering building. I don't care if I have to pull a gun or Romero and get back to the damn keyboard. I don't the mastermind around anymore. Let's get Outta here. Here's how we're GONNA do it. Let's get this mission done yet. Yeah there's some of that in Magda even it says right to Mister robot like you have indulged him too much or you know you're you're you're really just letting this go on. This is dragging on this mission stuff. And you have really indulgent adjourned. Mister robot admits it like. Yeah I have you know like I've played along with this mastermind. Guy Is ultimately what he's saying there. I thought we had a good piece of feedback from Dana Newman. I think when we're talking about the bits as being part of a whole Dana said I often thought about how Elliot had the superhero aspect to him. That seemed at times a bit extreme and clearly motivated by something deeper the fact that he did all of this as the mastermind because of how much he loved the host Elliott is just so emotional. Think of all the pain. The masterminded Elliott endured in his mission to keep the host Elliott safe as he worked to try and improve the world around him. I think that's so incredibly beautiful. Oh and I and I agree with Dana in that way that that sounds a lot like a protector. It sounds a lot like the thing that mister robot was doing. Mister robot was doing it a one kind of why and he was willing to resort to these things. You're talking about like with Romero and the gun. The mastermind was also Willing to stick his neck out and doing things that he was willing to do. Throughout all all in pursuance of this mission whose sole goal was ultimately to make the world a better place for the host Elliot to live in and it was ultimately in this finale his realization that he had done that yet through his mission but mainly through building the relationship with Darlene that made the mastermind realized mission accomplished. I could leave now. My world my goal of making this world a better and safer place for this host where he can be less angry and he can be less threatened by what's happening around him. It's clean I did it. My mission is accomplished and I can leave now So so I like that. There are these because they are all part of the same being and because there are parts of each of them in all of them their missions are at times. They seem that odds odds but they're also Working together really. Because they're all part of the host and there are. There's there's really beautiful. Things like Dana is articulating in the analysis of that. I'm wondering Josh Josh. How do you feel just generally speaking about Darlene role in this because we got a lot of feedback about darlene relationship? It seemed to me at least like they. Really Centered Darlene at the at the at the middle of this relationship with Elliot I think really starting at the end of season. Three where their emotional bond with the Kevin mcallister stuff was important by the indices for it is the single most important thing in the entire series from character relationship standpoint more important even than Elliott and Mister Robot. Do you think that that that was the plan. All along or do you think they've found something with carly chicken and the performance they're really wanted to extrapolate on build toward. I expected that played a big role roll. Like I wouldn't be surprised if Angela was going to play a bigger role in this stuff eventually down the line. Although Elliott doesn't have the same issue she where he doesn't know who Angela is so the fact that that bit about Darlene is included in the first season suggests to me that she was always going to be important whether or not she she was going to be kind of. The key is another question especially given Angela's role in that dream sequence that ends up being either planned out this this way or ret conned however you want to say. I don't think either way is bad to be retrofitted into into the finale version of revisiting. The dream sequence I can imagine the scenario where Angela was going to be. That person that was going to that was going to be able to wake Elliott up but I think the story brought us in the direction where it's Elliott's arlene it would seem. Potentially some other factors may have made it harder for for Elliot and Angela to be in the same space. Certainly the story I think that they sold it this way at the very least and when I meet what I mean by they sold it. I mean that they did a very effective job of earning this and presenting doing it in a very compelling way and using it as great dramatic fuel that Angeles story ended in a horrible but earned place that Darlene. Lean being the person who played this role of waking Elliott up. Whether or not it was the plan I don't know. Does it make a lot of sense. Given everything else that we got this series absolutely at Darlene is is certainly present in at least we think so in child form with Fares Jaka in that dream name sequence. Although I believe that the same person we saw in the alternate world on the scooter. WHO's a little older is the same actress who played the younger Darlene in that first sequence? Percents I think that We interpret that she played Darlene. Barrel had observed Josh a little bit of what you're observing barrel wrote in and said we were presented early on Angela was was the one who could always distinguish between protagonist Elliott. and Mister Robot. In you I'm sure you're recalling that Josh from the beginning of season two when she can tell from his is who So beyond you're sensing that he was behaving differently in. The flashback did Angelino on the same level. That darlene knew that the real Elliott was not in fact who she was interacting with. Angela says S.. She can tell it's mister robot because he makes eye contact. Does this mean. Real Elliott doesn't either either or that she's aware of the change as it occurred within Elliott in short how much that'd Angelino Josh. You alluded to some other factors. I don't know how much you WanNa get into those But we had Angela in this final season. We didn't have a ton of content tent between Angela. And Elliott. As I said I think the Darlene stuff is really evolving over the course of season two and three We talked already about the wordless moment when Darlene gets him out of jail. She's she and Angela are the ones who visit him in jail. Besides get in in season three. Of course the Kevin mcallister. Do you WanNa talk talk about it. They make the pack to avenge each other if something were to happen to the other one They have been so close throughout the series. So I don't know that it was foisted with Darlene at the end but it is so great that it's Darlene. Is there another version of this show or that has angela in it or do you think everything that happened with. Angela happened because of story. Or or do you want talk anymore about what I think. I think like a split the difference a little bit. I mean the talk of the town and I'm saying this as somebody who cannot weigh in on this with any level of authority whatsoever other than it seems that Romney now and Porsche Doubleday were potentially romantic item and then no longer were And there has been a lot of speculation of how much does that play a role in Angela. Not being on the show anymore. No way to say no way to say truly no way to make an official ruling on the field there other than speculation which. I'm not really comfortable doing I think if that was a factor what I'm trying to say is I yeah. I think that the show steered into that in a way that really worked for me. I think that this show steered into if they were losing a major piece from the board. Ah that made a lot of sense to me but I also do think that even aside from that and the reason why believe it's earns it is is what's the version of this season season where Angela is still alive is an active force in the universe of Mister robot and is not telling Elliot more for specifically what she saw and what white rose showed her and having to to say that means having to give true reality to to some degree to what it is white roses doing instead of what we're left with by the end of the show which is questions we don't know what would have happened if white roses machine machine of actually worked. She talked about parallel dimensions. She talked about parallel realities merging into one. That was certainly her plan to show doesn't have to worry about whether or not that would've worked because it just blows up the thing and the thing doesn't matter what matters is it works as a plot device. Confuse us as viewers into briefly thinking that maybe maybe we're in another universe so that we're blindsided when we realized we're actually inside of Elliott's head and actually the Elliott that we've been with isn't fully Elliott. That's what works about it. I don't know how you get that as effectively with Angela in the direction to show had taken Angela and more than anything I I think the direction and Angela ended up going in as the story of. Mister robot elaborated from feature film script into sprawling television epic Odyssey I I think Angeles arc was probably one. That was a little bit more fast. And loose and probably evolved in a more natural organic way than a carefully plotted arc like Elliot and I think that there was probably the organic natural growth to Elliott's arc as well but much like the mastermind himself self there had to be a very big level of control over the Elliott Arc. In order to make that story turned makes so much sense. So you can do a lot of work with the Elliott character if your Sam s meal in the writer's room knowing what the goalposts are there wouldn't be surprised if those goalposts are blurry or where it comes to Angela that they have a sense that they can have. Apropos filled this basic story purpose by the end of the season that Darlene ends up filling and then finding that the direction that they angela in is to get her to that level GonNa be hard. It's going to be hard that tipping some hands that they can't like it makes a lot more sense now. Why we'd never learned about what white roses full thing was us or why we'd never found out what Angela saw because the show never wanted us to really know for sure and I've said all along the way if you listen to these podcasts am I am I like how am I gonNa feel about all this? It's really dependent on the answer. And what they give us and so what they gave us is. It doesn't matter unless it impacts Elliott Elliot directly. I'm very satisfied with what we got. This is the level of ambiguity. I like I know that this is the kind of thing that can rub some viewers to the fully wrong way. A and I know that there are some people out there that are really unsatisfied with Mister Robot. Maybe taking less of a stance on the sci-fi qualities of I'm very happy with how they delivered it because because they didn't deliver it necessarily in a way that says at one way or the other they delivered it in a way that allows me to say. Yeah the machine was bullshit. What mattered more was that white rose believed in in white rose was a sad and damaged individual and this was her way of coping with her life and she believed in this thing but it also opens the possibility of what if it had worked? What if Elliot didn't figure out how to nuke the game and nuke the machine all which is to say like they couldn't have gone in that direction with Angela without really going going there I think so whether or not there were mitigating circumstances beyond behind? Porsche Doubleday leaving the show or hearn Elliot. Not being in as many scenes together as maybe people would reflect. I think that it was handled well and I think that it probably had to go down fairly similarly to this. The other option is she's just hanging out in that mansion attention all season long. And it's actually Philip prices and it's not some dark armies sting trap well in this stuff with Darlene did not come out of nowhere right. It feels so natural people were so so thrilled with that ending in the fact that is darling So this is not a character. They foisted in at the end. It's not like it's Livia sitting there Darlene We got we got a lot of feedback about andbranch. Our men for example says while carly chicken is so good. I love how central Arlene ended up being to the entire story. I'm sure there are a lot that we will see on rewatch that we didn't notice. Before the finale Brent wanted to know if there was anything that came to mind specifically might we might see different light now that we know the full extent of Elliott Darlene relationship and how central she was as I said. I do think there's a lot in season four but if you go back and you think about season three there's a lot there. There's a lot in season into when she's the one who comes to visit an jail along with Angela when she's the connection. She's the one waiting for him when he gets out. She's the one who has to come to grips with her. Our own role in this not running Even there at Boston Logan at the end of that episode of episodes ago in season four It is her own choice to stay keeping thing in mind. Of course Darlene also had her own stories with Cisco and everything that was going on with her and She has still been so connected to Elliot. What we've seen reinforced route is that I am and she says in this season like all of the stuff that you put off all the good stuff that you pulled off you did it with me And even when Elliot doesn't realize it's in season one it's such an emotional moment when he does realize it but even before he's realized that when he's at the bottom of his barrel with Vera and everything that's happening with Shay starling he calls calls for a bailout and to try to help it is it is darlene throughout that is connected to Elliott in the way and I think it will be very interesting to track their relationship Kendall Roy Roy Fan Club also tweeted. Why do you think Darlene had so much animosity toward their mom if she wasn't actually how angry Elliott portrayed her I think she probably was yes I think Darlene had a lot of those same experiences with With Elliot and with their parents we don't think ultimately. I think that the show is suggesting that she experienced everything that Edward Alderson did but she certainly had the same mom and I think that that mom is is not a fake version. I think the Maga- that we're seeing that's your impression. That the Magda we we the Magda we are seeing the angry. Abusive Magda is not made up version of Magda that that is who she was in the that impression in part because of how much Darlene can't stand her. I am a little confused on it. Still I think that the fact. That darlene doesn't stand can't stand Magda definitely feeds into that idea But I I can't rule out the possibility it's hard to reconcile what. What Elliott Krista? I don't know we want to come up with a better word for her. Says inside of Elliott's brain at the end about how he created created the mother as a coping mechanism to to make himself feel like he deserved. All of this. How do you? How do you reconcile that with the the The the woman who is described at the start of the season in Episode Two after Magda Dies says your mom was such a nice woman. And then how do you resolve that against Darlene. Experience of her Magda walks away from Mister robot is one of the most complicated characters emotionally for me still thinking back. I believe in that same. Episode Darlene gets Elliott when he's been released from jail I I don't know if it's that one. But darlene talking. Maybe it's maybe it's in at one. Maybe it's the Halloween following episode. Where there is there is a scene where darlene talks about? How when she went to visit their mom all she did was talk Shit about their dad and that may Darlene? I angry and that I think is in part because Magda knows and Darlene doesn't and that alone could be proof that maybe Magda wasn't as bad as as we thought if Dr Leans problems with her rest a lot in in terms of Her being bad about Edward Alderson who we now know was a monster I think that there is some there is some back story of Darlene. Of course how she was kidnapped and she was so happy to be kidnapped so happy to be away from her family So it was complicated at best as you said. That's the that's the facebook relationship status with Magda Alderson is. It's complicated right. Because we we don't ultimately know What the true is Regarding Magda but I think there's reason to believe that she was not great Whether it was the version that we have what is that like this Gorny Weaver ghostbusters Possess Krista with the up do a little bit and the flowing shirt there there is there. There's no Krista only saw the zoo Krista so if Zule Krista is is on point about that and she used she used as a manifestation or if there's some more or reality to that I do think that there is some complication there with Magda Josh our earlier. You said something which triggered piece of feedback that I wanted to get to Just in general There are a lot of people you were talking about it in the context of white roses machine. But I wanted to talk about it just overall because we had people people We had a lot of feedback about. Where do you think people are? What do you think this show was? Two people at the end of the day with all the theories We got a lot the feedback about eleven sixteen. We got a lot of feedback about the three days after the hack. I think some people were frustrated. That some of these things weren't answered I know that you you gave a very eloquent explanation for why I'm I'm on the same page with you. Why the the white rose answer doesn't ultimately matter but I'm wondering if you felt like the show is still point about everything else? I mean people spend a lot of time with the theorized so I'm wondering tipsy goats said you just wondering what your thoughts are about fans who spent so so many hours making theories going through each episode and scene looking for clues and answers. I think many of them would be the ones disappointed in their finale. No alternate universe. No Time Travel Angeles surly. Dead Tyrel is really dead. White roses just delusional tipsy goes as. I'm not knocking their pastime but maybe by investing so much time supporting theories that don't pan out. The finale doesn't Atlanta's well we obviously engaged. So much in the theorizing here. Josh and certainly wouldn't be the same without it. I know we frequent read it Threads and things like that. I guess I'm just wondering for you. The show deliver on all fronts at the end of the day. So I think what's really important about. This isn't like don't do do this. Stay away read it. Stay away from the theories. Get Out of here. These dangerous waters the theory read. The theories stream is a superfund site. If you touch it you'll die like it's like it's not toxic. It's not toxic unless you make it so and I think I think for the healthiest way to engage this stuff. If you want to engage this stuff at the mega level that causes you to seek out multiple podcasts about his show podcasts at our longer than the episodes of the thing more often than not read boards. And everything like that. You're freeze framing and you're doing the. John Locke thing we're going to have to watch that again. You're studying the blast or map above it all and you want to know what eleven sixteen is and you want to know what tyrel deal is and why he's behaving this way and you're looking into alternate universes is that's all well and good but you need to stay. You can't like feel like there's a conclusive answer. I think like look no further than our conversations over the course of the series this season rather about the other one and how many different times that shifted we came out of episode to being like. Here's a FA- like we've got a good feeling. The other one is us. You can imagine the scenario where we're going to be sitting in that board room at the end of the season. That chair is not. He's not ready ready for that chair for us. We batted around back and forth for a while. We could still feel like they were loose threads. They're like well fatigued and that's not all inclusive of the audience audience. That's a little limiting. But it still feels. Like we're GONNA have more of a role and there'd been breadcrumbs for something like that. All along the way you get the reveal a four zero seven and a A heavy reveal it's it's a series redefining moment where you understand Elliott's pain in such a more specific way and it's so hurtful and it's so upsetting and put so so many different moments from across the series into New Light and even then it was another moment like all right to the other one is probably his father. He's gotTa deal with his father's. There's magnus talking to little Elliott about the other one because she dare not speak his name because he's so he's so fearsome so we're going to go to that board room and it's going to be them sitting across from the father and so we were now hip to that idea. That seems like something worth following instead. What we get is the other one is Elliott? The other one is the. We've been watching the entire time. I am the real. Elliott is a sleep all of these different personalities are factors within Elliott these pieces of Elliott. These are parts of him that make up the whole and they are not working in tandem. They are not working in their fully integrated way and that is the message of the of the series. Is You have after you gotta try and overcome this stuff and put your different pieces working together. All of that stuff but like you can still see how some of what we've been tracking make sense. We do basically end in the board room and it is like the moment where you've got four people there and it's the other one is there. It's not Elliott. It's our Elliott. It's the other. Elliott is our guy and so there were still things that we could be tracking that. We're going to work but you have to keep your heart art open to the possibility that the thing that you think you're tracking it's not gonna it's not going to land exactly the way that you want it as long as the way that it lands is satisfying an interesting and if you can go back and you can puzzle out what works. I think. All of that stuff is still very worthwhile. I think tipsy says this idea about high expectations shins and investing so much time. Those are two ideas that I think could be dangerous together. I don't think it's necessarily dangerous to invest vest so much time or have lofty expectations of a story. Especially one that you're investing heavily in but you also have to have this openness to the story being what the story is and you could make your value judgments from there but I think you can you can still go online and dig deep into this stuff and find meaning in in everything with white rose and the alternate universes and what that was proposing into thematically content that it was making me think about none of that goes away just because a story orients the way that it does. At least it doesn't for me it doesn't for me either. I mean I understand that it would for others I get it. I've been there and and I know you Josh as a person who is podcasting currently about lost A show which invented in for me the the concept of Lindell offing and going down these rabbit holes goals and Theorizing to no end and being disappointed by things that You theorize about that. Don't come true I kn- Having to readjust your calculus and look at things from a character Lens. Instead of a plot lens I I understand people's frustration about this. I don't sense that it is greatly widespread with Mister robot. I think that Any conversations about that are kind of being When it's not it's I think it's being blown out of proportion? A little bit by people being considered considering that people were really upset with finale. I gotta say I read through several dozen. I don't know how many it was over fifty pieces of email feedback. We got In this episode. And they're just there. Were too many people who were flat out. Angry about The finale there were a couple of people for parts of it didn't work as well or who had questions about making some of it work but I just don't sense that there's a great backlash what I do sense though is you talk about theorizing and Y theorizing union. You're not saying don't do that I'm wondering if there are times to draw that line and I'm not trying to trigger you here because we got several people emailing about this and it is the show makes it very clear choice to end on first person. Point of view shot. I we see alley at the eye with a tear in it. We go out of that I first person point of view shot looking up at Darlene. Clearly from the hospital bed Arlene Looking Right into the Camera Aka right at us and saying Hello Elliott so we had several people reporting including the Great Jeremiah Pan Horst wanting to know That were we in fact the full Elliott Jeremiahs. In my opinion we did represent the full Elliott. At Sam's final shot sold me on this the fact that he had us in the full Elliott shoes in the line. Saying Hello Elliot I believe that Darlene was now saying hello to us. You could also make the argument that the the difference in the ID showed us. Is this crazier on point. My cruelly wrote the same thing Fits says you know. It wasn't us but it was us but also it wasn't the US It was the normal well-adjusted Elliott Elliott who is ready to face the world. I WanNa brench shower wrote in and said what are you guys make of our role in the whole story. We officially know were not the other one but we still played a huge part in. We were explicitly mentioned by Krista in the finale. I think a lot of what you guys posited in the four to podcast odd cast about the audience still tracks. We like the other one weren't ready to see the whole picture yet. We had to go through our own journey to be ready to come up with an come to terms with the ending. I I love how we were always playing a part in the story and the hat tip the audience got at the end. I thought this was a great piece of feedback into me by Linda. A by the way up the reds Linda Linda said totally obvious comment. But the thing I love the most is that all of us are parts of Elliott and are just as individual as the mastermind is our interpretation nation of art and what we take from it is our connection with the host. Whatever we make? The art exemplifies our individual truths. We can all see our differently but the viewing of life through the artist is brings together by touching the deepest parts of our humanity. So I hated leaving as much as the masterminded and cried for myself as much as for him thought. That was a really great piece of feedback. I WANNA know I wanNA know because we're so wrapped up in this story in the ways that Linda encapsulates there In the ways that others have written in as I was pointing out. This is your want to observe that we might have been the other one Sam mixed very clear. Choice to end with that shot Do you think there's something to the theory about us being the real Elliott or where. Where are we on that because of that shot so I wouldn't colder theory so much as I would call it an interpretation and I think it's a valid interpretation because it doesn't impact the story that much to me it doesn't impact one way or the other like the whatever happened? Happened of it all and that. That's what's critical to me. Is that that that that's where I get tired. Is this idea of like so wait. None of this was real. None of this happened. The cyber bombings were real an equal society. was all that stuff happened. All of that's real all. Oh that's real darlene says it it's in the text of the show. I guess if you really want to believe that like it's all just like super in your ad like gopher that fine if you want to I will never read it that way. There's just no universe where I'm reading this show where it was all inside of Elliot said the whole time. There's just too much on the show that tells you otherwise the Moreau's wrote in and said I'm trying to convince my boyfriend. That only half watched the whole series that he wasn't in a coma the whole time. So you can shout out right there. Oh yeah yeah like no way no way not for me no thank you and if you want to die on that hill go there I shall not I shall not visit you on this at the end of the ending. You're saying doesn't change that contacts know. These things can happen in the story. Sure sure if what that final shot meant to you is we. Are Elliott Alderson. Not only do I endorse that for you. I I love that interpretation. I think it's beautiful. It's not necessarily how I see it but I do think it's beautiful and I do think that there's definitely an idea in play that that at the very end when when the mastermind and I don't like calling a bet he could still hard for me to call them that run run. Rudolph Rudolf out of all the reindeer. I don't know just to to separate to separate them out. I think you have to call him. The mastermind and the mastermind says like we're still. Oh here we're the best parts of Elliott. Because we stayed you know it it is. It does feel like it's a line that speaking to us and it is a line about out if there's a message at the end of the day this idea of like be the change that you want to see in the world and incorporate your anger anger and incorporate your yourself protection and all of these different things like integrate yourself become the real you in that way by the he ended the show. When we're waking up to hope I think is that we are whatever the real Elliott is for us? We are that so believing that it's our is that's opening up up that that works. I only read it. S The matic if you WANNA view it as literal go for it that's fine. It's not the way that I see. Yeah but I can see it stylistically. I believe in it thematically. We'll say I do believe that's Rami. Malik I just doing a lot of I look and just peep in that those peepers I do believe that. That's that's Robbi Alex. The other thing I will say just quickly because you brought it up. Is that moment and we got this wrong and and you know there's so much going on that it's it's not hard to get stuff wrong here. It's complicated for now. Eight a process and especially on the time that we had to do it. That went dumb. Looks at Elliott's. ID inside of his mind. It's not that she says this doesn't look like you at all. I think she says something like you're nothing like him. which true you you know that that holds? It's not like you look like a different person than the person in this idea. WHO's the Real Elliot? I believe the line is is actually. You're nothing like him right right the emily. NYC wrote in with a good piece of feedback about that and said okay so bear with me. Are we to assume the real Elliott doesn't look like our Elliott. This is what I gathered for two reasons one when dom stopped are Elliott and asks for his. Id she said this looks nothing like you. We now know What you're saying the line interpretation is not that a lot the people misheard that It is what you said. This person is nothing like you not looks nothing like you but emily second point I think is a little more interesting. When alternate universe Elliott found owned are Elliott in his apartment? He didn't seem startled that they looked alike. He had no recognition. He only seems to think he looks like the sketches but not like himself. What do you think of that Josh? Yeah I mean I think that that's funny but I also like that. That version of Elliott is in this monotonous loop where I think his ability ability to process harm his limit. I think is is ability to process. Bad News is severely impaired haired as I think for him so they have that moment of like. Oh my God you're like I don't know that that rates for for this Elliott speaking king of that loop and everything in it all the cars. There were white eye injury you wrote in and said all the cars were wide except the Black Cadillac Elliott got from. I'm the same parking lot where he missed a few days. Are we to think that. The Elliott mastermind spent those days creating the fake world for Real Elliott. Is that the connection and I know that there were a couple visible cars that were nonwhite but it was a very clear choice to make almost all of the visible cars in the alternate world wight. But what do you make Josh of the connection the Black Cadillac Tiro Escalade And the fact that we made it back to that parking lot and the fact that we never did did find out about what happened in the days after the five nine hack. It does seem in hindsight that the show didn't really continue to keep that front and center Those three days it it went into it in season three a little bit when we saw irving show up in the arcade and give some instructions. But we didn't really revisit. That is that time when because of the Maybe feeling like the mission was executed because the mastermind is there to execute a mission. Is that at a time period. Where maybe the real Elliott took over for a few days? You may not like the answer. I don't really care I mean I really I really don't. I don't think that I've ever really cared that much about the missing time. I guess my feeling on those three days was always going to be like if there was something really important for us to know from those three days. We're going to find it out. But otherwise to passage of three three days what that really serves is Elliott wakes up in the middle of dystopia and so he's very disoriented doesn't tyrel is and the world has changed and it's changed just because of him that he fired a bullet and everything's different now And what the three days serves that establishes enough time in the world old for everything to spiral out. That's what matters that that's what mattered to me. Then I think that's what matters to me most about it now like for there to be some scenes that we missed of what Elliott could have been doing think in light of like everything we know about Elliott. Now I don't I don't know what the really compelling interesting thing that we could have seen from those three days even looks like to me necessarily. I think that that might be the area that you're talking about the dangers of theorizing like you get really hung up on. That is a thing that you need to see. That way can can lie some danger and I don't WanNA stand here and say like I'm not guilty of getting frustrated by reveal never coming or a reveal coming not landing well. It's just not one for me that I really cared that much about and there were the people who wrote in and specifically call that out to me because I did invest more time in that than you and for me. I think it's totally. It's not that I don't care I care but I think that the the fact that I care is easily surmised or easily Conclude there's a conclusion that's easily made there which is that like I said the masterminds job is just to complete this mission at that moment in time the mission was completed Hack was executed. Things were done. Mister robot took over for a brief period And and then I think the real Elliott woke up When Elliot went to sleep after the hack and the real Elliott did mundane shit because the real Elliott in lived in a mundane in world And ultimately the the actual Elliott took over you could write some kind of like Deleted scene or alternate reality or virtual reality shot of VR experience with Mister robot or you could do an Amazon APP Where you cover those three days with real Elliott but I think because the masterminds mission? When was this hack? The hack was executed. He confronted a lot of his. We'll always be inside you stuff at the end of that season But I think that that's clearly he's still dealing with it's a lot of that stuff And so I think it's possible that the real Elliott woke up at that point and again if something important happened at that point like if he went and form some great plan plan with Tyrel to do all these things or there was some key moment we would have revisited. I think it's enough for me to say mastermind existed to execute a mission. The mission was executed. He took took a nap. The Real Elliott woke up. That's it or Elliott just slept for three days is also an acceptable version for me but we never did find that out. We never did find out eleven. Sixteen ecksteen either Josh. I know you know it's it's not going to matter to you. But do you have any theories about the connections there or do you think like many people wrote in to observe that a lot of the stuff that's in this series are connections or call outs to other pieces of popular culture namely your beloved twin peaks the return or twin peaks or David Lynch in general. Do you think the eleven sixteen is a call out to something else or just that kind of in the in the background bait for people to notice that it doesn't have to be connected to some greater explanation. Well one of the reasons again in favor of read it in support of read it in favor of theorising Is Now that we've got everything that the show has to offer in the text of the show. Now we will you will. You will be checking. You'll be talking to people who are watching Mister robot for years to come on message boards or online on twitter. Your friends in real life. Whatever it it is that will unearth something new with this new context as part of their armament and eleven sixteen is one of them like I have been tons of different? Eleven sixteen posts hosts online in the wake of the finale. If like oh it means this now this is this is how I read it. That's that's where there's a lot of value in this stuff still. I think it's it matters the most in so far as it is D- medically rich to the creators of the show and so it obviously meant a lot to them how it connects back to u Whether it's it's Lynch Ian or it's Biblical. I know that there are. There are Awesome Bible verses that this can relate to in correspond to that are very Rich in the context of what Mister robot had to say. I think that there's going to be a lot of different things that you can. Divine from the sixteenth. At all definitely and there are these connections and those those kind of questions that are out there that I think when you go back and now that you've got the full text you can get into. We joked earlier about. Oh don't waste the podcast material for The Robot Road Amanda Harmon had written in and wanted to know if the mastermind has no memory of who he was when he was created. How did he remember running away and hiding with Angela? How did he remember their wishing game was that Elliott prime leaking through? And I think now that we know that those things are possible. The answer is yes there that could easily be what it is. As I said earlier earlier I think what we ended up within this show isn't ending that Whether it was fully in the plans from the beginning or not and I think it was I tend to believe that it was. They came up with a with an ending. That would be explainable. Even if it wasn't fully in the plans I'm one of the things I was struck by. Josh is when you're interviewing SAM smell. After after the end of season three he said in response to you talking about Fernando. VEIRA that for an interview it was going to play a very important role in the story for season. Four And this was for season four not the end of the show that was before they knew that the show was going to end in season. Four he came brought Veira back into the story knowing Exactly what he was going to do market as a very important role. We spent a lot of time. Theorizing what would be we of course never theorize what it what it actually was Because why would we absolutely insane But this was a very important role so I think there are these ways we can go back and look at what was happening and we can say maybe they didn't didn't have a plan all along. There's every reason to believe that they did have most of this planned As they went through out which makes questions like Angela's Armando amandus sorry not Angeles Angeles. Different It makes questions like Amanda Really Fun to think about the eleven sixteen of it. All is very fun to think about that. Maybe Elliott the mastermind Astra Mind Elliott. saw that clock time. His mom's his mom's room at some point in its stuck with them because it was connected to this real world version of a person that was is also also an alter like maybe that bled in that way. There's no real way to say it was certainly bait for us as fans. Maybe the last day of the show when Elliot Wakes Up is one one sixteen after we have no idea exactly how long he was out. Or how much time passed in general from the ultimate The the Christmas Day Heist to the end of the show. We don't really specifically know how much time has passed so I think it is entirely possible. We end on one one sixteen ecksteen that is the beginning of the new Elliott. It is the end of the loop and Elliott has emerged on that day. And that's what eleven sixteen is about. So I'm not only that all about that. Yeah that's fine with me and I I don't need. It explained any more closely than to think that could be the case. I'm fine hanging my hat on the theory. That isn't totally are there. I want to shift gears a little bit here. Josh as we start to head into the end stages of this podcast just general stuff. The Great Mike Bloom. I'm had written in and Mike had a question. Just generally speaking about all four seasons of Mister robot and where we are as we talk about this Mike wrote in and said Mister robot featured a murderer's murderer's row sometimes quite literal of people. Who stood in Elliott Darlene in Mr Robots way throughout the series? I know that as Josh quoted frequently Sam Smell wanted to characterize to rise those people in a way to show that every person no matter how flawed has a core philosophy or mindset. Driving them that being said. Now that the series is said and done how would you rank the antagonise of Mister robot based on characterization and overall effectiveness to the story for rankings. Too much even picking a top or bottom. Three three would be fine. This is the list came up with choose from White Rose Veira Phillip Price Janice Irving Ray and the challenge B.'s. Terry Colby. Not The challenge is teric. So we're removing MR robot from this. Then right Mike did not put that on the list I guess. Yeah Yeah you know. But he missed Roberts the protector actor but is he and antagonise to the masterminded. Master is the protagonist is the mastermind and antagonists. Does he standing in the way of Elliott in the grand scheme of things It's a very complicated one to chew on. I think Edward Alderson as an antagonised is one that emerges late in the series. Recovers everything that we come to know about Edward Alderson. I think that that's somebody that you've got to put in the rogues gallery as well since I think ranking them would be too hard I think irving above Janice as much as I do enjoy Janice Irving just as a force in season three was was more are powerful than Janice role here in season. Four although I loved that Ashley Atkinson with character and I love seeing her in anything so. I'm thrilled that. She got the chance to to dig into this Robert especially because he was a big fan of the show is she has said I think for me Antonio my this is Yeah Philip. Ah Ma Ma. WHO's my favorite bad guy? It's Phillip Price it's price. Yeah if if you go back and and I I I put myself in my mindset in my everyday life other Philip prices of the world of the people I would love to see. Take off the board entirely I'm definitely one of those rage at the upper one percent of the one percent types and I would love to see the Philip prices of the world gone so it is a great achievement for the show for me to get on Philip prices side. Not just to show Michael Christopher's performance So engaging obviously white rose is also on that level in different ways other some great gifts from the show B. D. Wong coming down the staircase air case as Minister Zhang and breaking out into a big grin Very very one of my favorites Some some delicious moments with white rose in that final. Oh monologue in the room with Elliot on the discussions of hating humanity or not hating humanity. Just such phenomenal work But I love the way we were talking about it with Corrina Fidelio at the end of season. Three on the PODCAST. We did with core about what their thoughts were in the writer's room and if they could get us to a point right where we sort of understood villains perspective where we maybe we're finding it a little more sympathetic or understanding the degrees of The characterization Then they were doing their job really well and they certainly turned that screw with Phillip Price throughout the series It was one type away at the end of season one. He's presented almost like a Nazi. He dictator speaking down to the core people after one of his chief says killed himself on live. TV and Phil prices basically. It's just like his family's better off anyway anyway. This is a bad dude at that moment. And he's not a likable guy and what he's doing with Angeles questionable but by the end of the series he is king and we are cheering him And he goes out like a king and his great final episode. So I love that. I've got to say I'm very intrigued by Ray. I am very very intrigued by all of the race. Stuff now knowing what we now know about Mister Robot as a protector. And knowing what we now know about Elliott and about how raise raise realization discussions with Elliot about realizing who you are and coming to terms with that and taking control in all the discussions they have centered around chess and the discussions that ray has with Elliot specifically When Ray is arrested I'm fascinated to revisit that fascinated really to revisit all I love season two but especially the first half of season two in light of the protector? Mastermind reveal in the discussions there in Raya such a key part of that that I'm I'm really interested to view everything that happens with. Ray Now certainly a good performance from Craig Robinson but I think a really interesting character in light of what we now know about the rest the series and what I just feel like. I'm not sure where my compass will fall in terms of his ability to put all these things together certainly a really really interested to revisit that for sure for Yeah I think that a lot of to even in the rewatch running up the final season was a lot more compelling that I remembered even and I think that's another one of those those things where the volume of the reputation of something. It's so loud and then you go back and you look at it as like. Oh this is a dark. It felt weird like energetically. It just felt very different from the first season. And I do think that like when you would you go back in the I. I watch of it when you only have as far as season two to go and you don't have reinforced yet. I think that you're probably getting to the end. That season bill man. We spent a lot of time really early internally with Elliot and we didn't really deal with anything that was going on outside. Guess what yeah turns out. That's what the show's about the place. That's that's the place where the show exists. So yeah so yeah some of Coney Island Coney Kodiak sausages is. So I I I'd be I'd be pretty excited to go back and check that stuff out too because there's a lot of really great internal civil war are going on in Elliott's life during the season to prison days that Craig Robinson is a big part of how does that all connect together and I already even liked amount on first blush on the most recent Rewatch I've done and now back would be would be really really fun. That definitely an an and I. I'm I'm really looking forward to doing that For for that reason there are a lot of things that I'm looking forward to going back and viewing. We got an email now in from aniline blue. Who pointed out that that song touched by Daft punk That so memorably plays at the end of episode. One of season three as Angeles Angel is on the bus talking to Mister robot about Mister robot and about the world in about what white rose may have showed her in the blackouts are starting in. The song is playing some of the lyrics six are so on point To the show tourist in a dream of visitor it seems a half forgotten song. Where do I belong a room within a room? A door behind the door and these are all lyrics directly from the song And there are a lot of those moments I think interpretation throughout that. Now that we know what What's going on? I I think it It it certainly will play differently Zach Brooks of course wrote in Talk about how the Mister robot music video itself in the lyrics the song like it it would almost be Colin Stones said to me it would almost be surprising if the song itself was not the inspiration for the show in some way because the lyrics yes absolutely one hundred percent one hundred percent. That's yeah that's the thing we talked about as you can imagine that like the naming of like I would. I would expect it. The the ideas are already in place. The general shape of what the story is going to be. But then you get into that bit. I think in like cracking story can can often be challenging. It's like what do you call the characters. What are the character's names? What is this thing called? What am I going to name this thing? And as you're going through for it and obviously has a lot of different pop culture and music touchstones going through a mister robot comes on and he's like Oh shit this robot we're GONNA jam him out to show called this robot now. The Song Eamon has all the stuff in it doesn't make sense. Yeah it's great and there are a lot of pop cultural touchstones suns throughout. We talked about the two thousand and one ending and there certainly have been references to fight club and other things that have been made throughout the show. The show certainly aware of what it is. I and its connection. I don't think it's a coincidence. They save that song for the finale. I think it works really well So it is one of those things that has these universal universal touchdowns that we can point to music. We know things that are familiar. It is also an intensely personal show on. I think that's the real strength. Mister robot the harmony of those things Some in that realm. We've got a lot of feedback about the personal nature of the show. Joe Rodin and Joe said the show seems to me to be journey in two into recovery. It really really reminded me of my own progress through twelve step program. I'm a very analytic person. And I had my own version of the mastermind to deal with control or wet or rather the illusion of control. Really AFS UP. I absolutely love the mastermind choosing to go through the door joining the other personality shards in the theater and sitting down to watch finding the watcher behind. Our is is how we figure out who we are how we live in the present moment. I thought that was a really great piece of feedback from Joe. You know And I think I love that we do see that through Elliott right there. It is this journey into a self discovery and recovery. We see a lot of stages of this We see how self will run riot and we see that through Elliott and specifically the mastermind part of his personality So it's not surprising that it's resonating with people who have been on a similar journey. Orient are their own personal joan journey. I think the resonance interesting and how it can sound differently as you're watching the show. AJ Mass agree friend J mass Who has been on this podcast with us? Aj says I'm shook. The thing is for three seasons. I felt like I was identifying dentist with Elliot. I've lost my parents about depression. It's always been hard for me to fight my introverted nature etc.. It's only towards the tail end of the season this season however that I realized I've been Darlie along I'm not going to get all. DSM Five here but my mother had multiple personality disorder was never called the ID back then. Actually it was never called anything anything at all. There's nobody in my family ever discussed it or felt the need to explain this to me as a child. But what's that got old enough to figure out what it was. I knew after I moved away from Home Post College. Whenever she'd call me on the phone I never knew who would be on the line? Sometimes I'd have a conversation with her. Sometimes I'd hang up because I didn't like interacting with a particular personality who called called like with Elliot most people interacting with her couldn't tell the difference but I could so when Darlene hospital room with the mastermind and basically saying I knew it was you and not him and I kind of like you better it resonated with me in a way that I didn't expect and I that really resonates with me as well now as someone said people in their life who You have to learn to relate to or you have to accept your relations with on some level level Just the idea of supporting someone who is going through their own struggles And having to find your acceptance of that is something that I part part of the reason that I really like the Darlene character. And why for me fits so great that it is her at the end Is because she has her had her own struggles and and she's had her own way to deal with this. Jennifer road and said Darlene has her own mental issues anxiety and panic attacks and also has a brother with mental illness. DVD Elliott hit by his own. Admission is not the best best brother tour. He was his angry alter personality for a long time. Can you discuss the multifaceted aspect of Darlene character with layers of mentally. Ill Person Having to support more unstable mentally ill family member and I just I just think we're all in this man like this is. This is all of us like this. This is alive. Live life doesn't life doesn't stop right now. Life doesn't stop. You Know Your your cotton whatever snare it is that you're in whatever that that is for you whatever that is whether it's addiction or it's a mental illness or a catastrophe that's occurred or or something mundane you got a flat tire. They'll say that you're excited. You're in you're in snare urine snared by something and you still have to deal with whatever is out of reach of the trap like you still have to somehow like drag the ball and chain with you and keep moving forward and and it's really really freaking hard and Darlene really doesn't body that in a beautiful way here in this final episode and I do even now aspera. It's great like just a couple of episodes later. I think that it makes the episode even more powerful the final big Darlene episode that we got a little while ago that that final moment the bathroom is just like so much more powerful. Now where she's like no I have to stay. I have to go back to Elliot. And she goes and she stays and she gives us and gives him what we we get and it's beautiful and it's powerful and that's so hard for her and she's having to do that and deal with that when she is also fighting something that is so oh hard for her. It's very powerful and it is intensely human very very human. You don't have to be somebody who who either has mental illness or relates to mental illness. I think to feel what that struggle feels like to be struggling and still have to contend with yet more struggle that is life and it's hard and it's tough and when Mister robot was at its best it really made you feel all that but also when it was at its very best which here it is at the end it made you realize that that fight is worth worth it that that fight can be fruitful that maybe some fights are worth ditching but other fights are worth that struggle and are worth sliding Slugging and out and getting in the mud and getting those knuckles bloody and getting deepen and in gritty with your monster. Whatever for that may be the answer to that is in a fistfight? Sometimes the answer to that is grabbing by the hand. And letting you know it's there that you're you're there that your real this is real. I thought that how this show landed everything in that. Regard was staggeringly beautiful. Yeah and I don't want to be a full on GOI here and I can't necessarily pronounce the word but had it just been an incredible depiction of mental illness. It would have been enough and and it wasn't just that it was also depiction of how people have to live with that sort of thing in their life in the presence of their loved ones And the message of Darlene Darlene. Unconditional love Is something as far as teaching. About unconditional love that they talk about in in lots of support groups Talk about living with people with these kinds of illnesses whether whether they're addiction related or whether they are People that are struggling with Alzheimer's or decisions are or conditions that affect their their mental state. you love unconditionally. And the message of that is right there in the show when Elliot is giving the monologue sometimes the way you change the world is just by showing up by being there by being present and then by being president by concern consistent and by being there You help change someone for the better And by doing that. Isn't that changing the world and that monologue catalogue really resonates Not just with Elliot and all the altars and how they changed the host Elliott and how they made him finally got him to a position where he could finally wake up and be ready. Ready to face the world It is certainly present Darlene. And how she stayed present for Elliot how she made the affirmative choice not to run away a how she supported him in all the way she did throughout the show From It's okay. You don't have to talk to Asking him to talk to you. WanNa talk about it all those things that she did Even at exact opposites sits like that We're certainly why I think ultimately the masterminds mission was accomplished and he woke up knowing he woke up knowing that he had done the thing That the plant was stopped. His code work didn't really know it but he woke up because he wanted to see exactly that that mission had worked in. That mission was accomplished. But it was because of Darlene was able to go back to sleep that he was actually able to let Elliott come back. It wasn't because the plot was destroyed. The plant was destroyed or the machine was destroyed. It was because ause he realized that the world without Darlene in it for the host Elliott was not the right world it was not the best world that Darlene had to be present in his world for it to be his version of the best world. That's even including the version where he's almost ready to get married to Anjali. Has a great job is going to the big clients. His Dad is not a monster. All of that had he needs the support of his sister because he saw and learned through his action to the mastermind. How important and valuable that was key really felt that As a person yes and I think for the people who have struggled with feeling a little bit are alienated from the show. Because the Eliot that we were watching was not ultimately are Elliott because we were watching a version of Elliott. We weren't watching our Elliot. I think what we what we have to consider is the fact that we were watching Chink. Version of the Elliott Who was part of our Elliott who was part of the are Elliott was part of the host Elliott at just as Mister robot was And this is from Matt Campbell matches. I'm still processing everything so I'm not sure where I land in the finale right now however. I've been struggling to shake the feeling that there's a whole bunch of people out there myself included that have related a lot to the Elliott. We've been shown the past four seasons social anxiety loneliness the awkwardness the feelings of social injustice. The struggle to make connections so for all all of that to just be another persona persona that the real Elliott although thinking of him as a superhero admits he would never want to be. It's potentially quite upsetting an angering for some people josh. I don't know if you have any bomb For people like Matt who are out there struggling with that for me the bomb comes in the form of the fact that that that mastermind Elliott that person who struggled that we associated with so much. Hey He's definitely part of our Elliott and be. It is only because of all those things that he experienced then all of the growth that he has even the mastermind experienced that the full elliot can emerge. He's essentially putting one of his demons to bed. And Yeah we associated a lot with the demon but I think that means we will associate a lot with the prime elliott because we also met Mister robot we also came to see the value of Darlene. All these things are relatable right hundred percent and the other piece of two when he wakes up at the end. It's not like where am I what happened. No He's crying. He's waking up with tears in his eyes. Kasese woke to everything that's happened to him. I believe you know. I think so that everything is integrated and like mister robot says to the mastermind Before they go into the to the movie theater says to him will always be a part of them so when he wakes up. They're all they're all of. That's their there. This poor guy is going to have to explain himself to a lot of people. He's going to have to explain himself to himself. He's going to have to look in the mirror and remember member a lot of the things that he's participated in a lot of the things that have been done to him. And all of that just because this is the real elliot what that means. It's a whole Elliott doesn't mean that he's like miracuously happy go lucky guy. That's not as at all it. Just means that he's more than his rage now and and even his rage was becoming more than his rage. That is intensely powerful to me. No doubt no doubt. And I'm wondering Josh when you say he's going to have to explain himself to a lot of people. Andrew York had written and said you've talked a lot of this season about how Elliot will atone for what he did to Olivia while we're at the end of the season and it seems like the the answer were given on that account is that it wasn't really Elliott just a portion of his personality. It was the mastermind who was in his words playing God without permission his realization. One of his need to let go of that control of Elliot can also be read as a realization that he needs to stop controlling others in general. which would include Olivia? Is this a satisfactory atonement for you. Josh Yeah because you can then just extrapolate that to whatever you want to imagine comes next for Eliot and the Livia but I think that like that internal reckoning needed to happen at least and I do feel like that that occurred so on that level. I am satisfied me too and I think again. That's that's the that's the real. Nothing's absolved we're not absolving anything but like it's still. I think that it's helping. It's at least deeply addressed in the text of the show. So I'm good with that and your your take just just clear about this. Your take is definitely Lee that when when we see the eye with a tear in it that Elliot is Waking Up with full knowledge of everything that happened before hundred percent hundred percent absolutely Louis. That's how I'm reading. That answers a lot of questions that people had written about so that that is something I agree with. I think that is the that's the he said this on the previous podcast. But I think that's the the real key behind the stylistic Jupiter and beyond the infinite two thousand and one Like tunnel with all the flashes of the moments of basically the last year of the show Lead into that Elliott's I think he's downloaded all that information when he wakes up I think there are some people that were concerned that he's going to wake up and he's going to wake up having been the Elliott in the loop and say. I'm not marrying Angela. Wait Angela's dead Ed. Like he knows this he knows it wasn't real. He knows everything is he wakes up and he wakes up ready to confront all of that. I think we're on the same page about that. One hundred percent sent a couple of quick final questions where does Mister Robot Lane and the golden age of TVs Zuev that there's nobody shows like more and more that's becoming like an impossible thing to say but I do think it isn't. It isn't interesting conversation about where Mister Mister robot go in. Albany decided dot com to crack at that in an article that he wrote a good friend of mine. Alex and you know alive that being kind of concurrent with the evolution of television is a platform and the options that we have and just the hundreds and hundreds of shows that you have have to watch. How does this show? That had such a bang that arrived at such a bang. Mister robot go off relatively quietly obviously very loudly round. These parts did did not let that go into the night without a good fight but maybe in terms of like the public discourse slipping away a little bit more quietly so I recommend reading that article if you have not for me. Mister robot is a stone cold satisfying experience. There there are. There's so much about it that just makes makes me makes me think about a lot of different subjects. Makes me appreciate the art. Form makes me reassess the power our of cinema as it can be applied beyond film. Minute can be applied to television and you know a lot of a lot of the things worked on in my own life I can directly draw lines to to Mister robot whether those are personal pursuits creative pursuits. And I think just how it made me feel was just made me feel a lot along the way mister robot will always be remembered by me as one the great shows of my viewing experience how that applies in the Grand Pantheon. It's just not something that I feel. You can state easily with a few minutes left on a podcast cast. Yeah and we'll have to. I mean this is fertile ground. If we ever decide we WANNA revisit even on a one off show of kind of answering some questions like that. ranking the four seasons. Where does it fall with? Some of the shows that we've podcasts at about together And so forth and so on these are all these are all to be answered. Perhaps at a later date or best left maybe undiscussed up because It's still so fresh so new one of the things I will say is. I'm not sure that I ever saw a a better directed television series and that may be because of the consistency of SAMA smells vision. And that's something you don't often see a TV series. You're getting a show runner WHO's WHO's working with different directors and giving directors latitude to do their own thing such that maybe the episodes aren't as consistent and there are standout episodes from a direction standpoint? But this whole hole I mean think about it and thinking about the title cards of this show With mister robot a font and whatever with varied ways we see it and going on in the background background in the music. That's playing at that time that that's something that stands out to me is just a thing that a TV show hasn't done. And I'm not I it will when I see a TV show that does similarly. If it's not made by Sam 's Mail I'll be surprised like this is a mark for this show. The direction of this show was so superb throughout I can confidently say I've just not what's better more consistently well-directed TV show The performances also really jump off the page. I mean they're Golden Globe their award level their award winning level. But even the people that weren't recognized with awards carly shaken really jumps off the page for me others throughout Were so good It's it's really just a a phenomenal. TV show as it exists in its own plane in many respects I think it's it's this discussion can be ended with a comment from Jill who said we talked about how it will fair in the grand scheme. Best ever finales. Jill says this show is more than that. I won't participate in condos about finales anymore. This was beyond that the show is a hole was always headed to this direction. It's so clear. Other shows figured it out as they went they had they had a vision stuck to it and made a perfect show with a message. It will resonate with anyone familiar with mental illness. It will not age badly it will always be relevant timeless. It really is. I mean it's very it's it's very specific to a certain time whether it's fifteen or five nine or eleven sixteen one gigabit speed Internet and I have a few in years would be like. That's but I think it's it's deems are timeless for sure it's it's timeless and I loved that comment at this is where it was always going. I just saw the great film knives out and I'm not going to spoil it. But there's a great line in there about following the truth truth to the to the at the the Ark of the rainbow going to the edge of it and where it lands. That's where you are on the other side and truths bills in your hands and bungling quote but that's essentially what what Mister robot here has has done. I do firmly believe that we that we wound up where we needed to be in the end of this thing and I think got. We've we've wound up at the end of this podcast as well. Which means this is the end of the Robot Rainbow Road Getting Your Mario McCartan? Let's drive away. I know it's good. Josue final question. One final question Joseph Zits said asking again before we run off W. T. F. is struggle gosh. Dare we define concertgoer. Do we leave that a mystery to what the Bible I will say this to Josephine. Anyone wondering it is not spelled S. T. R. A. G. O. Y. AS JOSEPH SPELLED IT boy. It spelled S. T. R. I G. O.. If you WANNA look it up yes S. T. R.. I G. O.. And if you WANNA look up how that pertains to certain TV shows and how that TV show may pertain to certain push a recast podcast and if you want to go back into time capsule and understand understand how Antonio and I feel about a certain show in which the words should Roy was heavily prominently featured. Perhaps you understand why we use the word Strigoi. Whenever there is something something happening that we no longer want to discuss? We cannot say cer- GOI as it pertains to Mister Robot. Because this is a show that I would love to discuss forever but alas this doesn't work unless we leave too so we have to. We have to do that. We have to do that. I've got a plane to catch myself so I have have to go. Certainly if there are if there are reasons to to revisit the podcast to revisit Mister Robot we shall do so it it is not impossible that these things will but we promise nothing but for those reasons we recommend you do. Not unsubscribe to Mister robot feed or that at the very least subscribe to the main post show. recaps feed where you will be able to get all the PODCASTS. We do here on pusher recap whether that's the aforementioned lost podcast asked whether it's whatever Antonio and I have next in the future speaking of which you can subscribe to the series regular podcast at the Hollywood reporter Wary Antonio Liane. I are doing a lot of stuff. They're currently on a little bit of a hiatus but come February Antonio and I are going to be podcasting about a thing. TB announcement go. Go subscribe to the series regular podcast the Hollywood reporter to follow along with what we're planning on doing their starting at the beginning of February and I don't know what else you got Antonia Nia. Well you mentioned earlier our joking about We're straining to make a joke but For people who like what we do here so many people emailed in and said thank you for this podcast. I would say if you have not listened to our podcasting about the leftovers if you liked especially where mister robot ended up. I think he would really like that. Show give it about six episodes and see if you do like Josh podcast about every episode of that show and that podcast is available here post show recaps would love to see people check out the leftovers because they liked mister robot especially like I said if you liked where Mister robot ended up and you liked all of the focus on the character's characters and the intense emotions experienced the leftovers will certainly scratch that h Give it like I said about midway through that first season six episodes if you're not in by then and maybe it won't land for you. It's not like mister robot instantly grabs you by the throat. But it is a very very good show. And I think our podcasts are of the same caliber as this. So if you have. I checked it out. Do that Josh. What else have we podcast it about here that people might like or am I forgetting something? I don't know the we've got justified out there. There are other Jesse rides out there. Yep definitely check them out plenty to tune into and if you do check out that leftovers podcast believe we forgot to podcast about the episode called Gladys. Don't don't be. Don't shake your fist at the podcast. Feed we were like where's the gladys recap. We missed it. Sorry just like we missed three zero three zero five live in Mister Robot GonNa go back and re record those episodes though they never were not there. That'll be our reason to go back back for now. We go forward through our own tunnel of light and we burst out our eye and died or no losing the plot here here folks. But we've had this wonderful time talking about this show getting to talk about anything with Antonio on a weekly basis is always going to be a huge highlight of my life so we we will find another show for you for sure that Antonio Nikon nerd out about because we have too much fun doing it and Mister robot especially one of the greats that we really they had a great time sinking artiste into thank you all so much friends for everything along the way. You've been phenomenal companions. Along this bride. We cannot thank you enough to many people out there to to name to shout out again. Shout at the Dow will say who I would've loved this ending. I think he would absolutely love to the way that Mister robot came in for a landing and so many of you who either if you have written in or you never have half where you're thinking about it and you just didn't for whatever reasons totally fine we see you. We are so thrilled that you were here for us. And we're so thrilled that it's surreal to say that we were here for you to and we will be here for you with another show at some point in the not too distant future but as it pertains to Mister Robot. Goodbye friends. I uh.

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Episode 1090 - Brian Cox

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

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Episode 1090 - Brian Cox

"Hey folks from comedy central. Don't Miss Aquafina is Nora from Queens. The new comedy from Golden Globe winner Aquafina based on her life growing up in well. Oh Queens New York unemployed perpetually stoned and living with her dad and grandma. Nora finds herself doing everything from gambling in Atlantic city to selling a haunted a house all while taking her first steps toward independence and out of the shadow of her richest. HELL TECH MOGUL cousin. And if that's not enough. B D Wong Bowen when Yang and Lori Tan Chin are along for the ride as her family. Don't miss the premiere of AQUAFINA. Is Nora from Queens. January twenty second at ten thirty nine thirty central on comedy central all right. Let's do the show all right. Let's do this how are you. What the fuckers? What the fuck buddies these? What the fuck stirs? What's happening? Mark Man this is my podcast. Welcome to it. My guest today is The the amazing actor and veteran actor guys been added for like many sixty years. Maybe he'll tell you I can't remember what exactly he said. But Brian Cox's here. His most recent. Incarnation incarnation is the incredible character. Logan Roy on the HBO series succession which is spectacular. And obviously you know him from everything else. He's done on free for me. It's really I remember him for men Hunter and adaptation and it's just kind of fills itself in he's like. Oh yeah these in that too but but I was really excited excited to talk to him and he and he was into talking. So that's happening. I hope you're well are you. Well are you okay. We're ready. Were were braced were strapped in here to wait to see if This country actually. I think really this impeachment trial or whatever. This circus is going to be or however it unfolds though not being political just observational here. This is not a political show. I am in observational comic. Make an observational person and base my observations on logic and personal experience but If they somehow manage to stifle any witnesses or introduction of documents documents into this trial and also stifle the press from having access to the trial itself. It seems that this is the not the test but this will be a transition into authoritarian government So that we should know within a few weeks how America's GonNa go really that aside. How's everyone doing? I just wanted to put that out there because A.. I whatever you may think of whatever I have to say. Or however you react to the very few instances of me engaging in political discussion I do it. So I'm on record out loud of saying what I've said Whether you agree with it or you find tedious or boring or or you. You think I'm wrong or it's not necessary. I need to know that I spoke my heart on this particular thing so when many of us have to leave I was like I knew that I knew that was happening or look. I am perfectly willing to be be proven wrong. God I I want nothing more than to be called a fucking idiot at the end of this because I was so off base ace. 'cause I'm willing to step out there and I'm willing to make mistakes and I'm willing to say things that I feel. That may turn out not to be true. Speaking of things I found out about myself from back in the day. How about all the way back five or six generations? I'm my episode. Many of you know that I was on finding finding your roots. the PBS. Show with Henry Gates I recorded that a while back and it's going to be on. It's going to be on tomorrow night. Tuesday Okay Night January twenty first. I know it's on. PBS Out here at eight PM. I don't know where it airs near. You probably the same time but the the episode vissel features me. Jeff Goldblum and Terry gross so initially. When I heard Terry was going to be on I thought that the show the theme was interviewers interviewers? But now it's just I think that the subtitle of the show is Three Jews or look at the Jews and we you go back with the Jews but it's similar. The title is similar to that. It's actually beyond the Pale. Pale of settlement was a part tired of Russia. Were almost every Ashkenazi Jew has roots. So I'm very excited about this. I've no idea how I mean. I spent almost three to four hours whereas with gates with this large book that they put together with through mixing research almost investigative research I would say yes. Investigative Instigative Research and they were able to trace my Jewish roots further back than they had ever before told with my dad's fought paternal no line into Russia. They had they found documentation. Like I think six generations back not necessarily information but they they got names they got the named going all the way back. There's some great names to after it airs I will share. Some of the spectacular names can beautiful anyways admitting mistakes in terms of wanting to be proven wrong subject line. Say It ain't so dear mark I've been a fan for a long time. I'm on one of my first trips to New York. My Dad handed me a copy of the arts section from the time and asked me what play our family should see recognizing your name from your Conan appearances as I said that we should see the Jerusalem Syndrome. My Dad responded with something like I'm not taking you guys to see some Ju talking about his Messiah Complex in an off Broadway a one man show. WE'RE SEEING THEY MS. When I moved to New York one of the first things I did was go to a taping of one of your comedy specials? It was great and getting to see you for free. We made me feel like moving to New York was the right decision some years ago. I took some friends to see you at a basement in park slope. You read divorce papers for half the show and I tried to explain. Explain to my friends that you were going through a rough time you know I. Did I do that too. I read from them. I can't remember. He might feel like he's conflicting when he bruce reading. Court documents about his obscenity. Trials me reading my divorce papers but I'll take it in dark moments. Not sold-out used to give me some solace in a way that your podcast does now and the album still comes on when I put itunes on shuffle. There is a joke on the album where you say something like quote. Now that I'm thirty five. There's not going to be any new growth from here on out. It's all decay management unquote when I was in my twenties. I thought this was hilarious. Now that I'm in my forties. It's a little less areas over the past decade or so. I've listened to you finally find the audience. You deserve become completely self accepting and personally I saw on my own self-improvement really pick up steam around H thirty eight. So the evidence is there that middle aged growth is possible in that is occurring for both of us. It would just help me out to hear you say that it was just a joke. You were wrong and despite the two steps forward one step back. Nature of personal progress Middle Age growth is not a Mirage Raj thanks for all the laughter and entertainment. Okay it says. Please exclude his name so I will well nameless man okay I'll L. admit it I was wrong I was there is definitely many possibilities. Almost constant possibilities for growth at any age and at least one or two areas of of your being in and I think that the cynicism involved in that joke was what I felt at the time and it did take me another took me a while to acknowledge growth feel growth or to manifest growth. I think that at that time it was I was at a crossroads. I roads there. There might not have been any growth but it turned out there was okay see now. I'm just justifying. Yeah I was wrong and also there was a fucking can joke. Sometimes jokes there to create relief for me in relief for you. What you did and we're happy? I turned out to be wrong right. Nameless gentlemen were happy. Yes we are. So let's Let's do this because I actually need to do this. I WanNa take a minute to tell you that simply safe home. Security is like getting commercial grade enterprise level security for your own home think about the security fortune five hundred companies use. This is exactly the kind of security you get with simply safe. If there's a break in simplisafe uses real video evidence to give police in eyewitness account of the crime and that means police dispatch up to three hundred and fifty percent faster than for a normal normal burglar alarm with simply safe. You get comprehensive protection for your home outdoor cameras and doorbells alert you to anyone approaching with entry motion and glass break sensors there's guarding the inside. Simplisafe protects your home from fires water damage and carbon monoxide poisoning. And it's all monitored twenty four seven by live security professionals nationals. You can set it up yourself with no tools needed or they can do it for you. And it's only fifty cents a day with no contracts go to simplisafe dot com slash W. t.f today and get a free simplisafe security camera normally. It's one hundred dollars but go today and it's free we'll help you capture crucial evidence for the police and get a three hundred and fifty percent faster astor dispatch at simplisafe dot Com Slash W. t.f also folks. I got a couple of shout outs Can I do that. Can I do shouts. Just you know that aren't ads. But they are you know I want to thank the people at Chewy DOT COM chewy dot com sells pet stuff. If they sell the pet food pet toys everything pat but they say it's like the Amazon pet stuff chewy and I've been buying my kafue who they're my litter and the folks over. There sent me a nice little gift package over Christmas and neglected to any. I didn't want I don't know I I don't know what to do. I know that some people want me do A. Hey Man post show this like this do this but like I think it was. I think it was just a nice gesture and I didn't acknowledge it. So thank you people what you eat. Now let me ask you a question of business. Question can exchange some Kafue that my cats no longer eat for food that they do eat. You know I'll just look on the website you don't have to you don't have to to answer that also park men woodworks just made me a beautiful table. Apartment woodworks at woodworks. Instagram made me a fucking stunning table out back now. I gotta get a grill. Do you guys know what girls to get. I'm not a big grill guy but I'd like and I'm not I don't I don't plan on devolving into a big grow guy but I'm a pretty good cook and I've never really had an easy grill to just go out and grill with you know I used to have like The Webber Labra little one the little semi circle one whether they call it. You know the little one Basically is about the size of sweetly large walk and he just cook on the ground. But I think I'm stepping up. I'd like to get a grill. That's more accessible. That's a better. That's maybe propane or would pal it and I'd like to Just have it so I can cook on it without even thinking twice about it so it's not an ordeal and I like it to be big enough to where I can entertain people for a couple of reasons not just because I want a grill grill outside but I you know gets really hot in the kitchen. If it's hot outside so be nice to have that option. Whatever the fuck I'm talking about all I'm saying is not I'm not going to become some sort of grill? Broke WPRO or pit master. Just want nice propane grow for the back and if anyone's got any anything they want to tell me about grills tell me all right. Just Tell L. me you can you can tweet at me or you can email me at What is WTO pottage email dot com? Now look this was actually a a good note and I and I think that I'm GonNa do. I'm GonNa try this time because I talk about me tour dates but I've been putting the date I which is logically dumb because if you're listening in your car or wherever and I say the date a lot of times who's going to register a date and then I say the name of the city after and you go that's me. What do you say about the date? So this guy suggests that I switch them and it's fucking genius. Why would I do it? Otherwise anyways Cleveland Ohio at the Agora Theater January thirtieth. That's a Thursday I'll be in Grand Rapids Michigan at the Fountain Street Church on Friday January. Thirty first I'll be Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Turner Hall Ballroom Ballroom. Saturday February I. I'm just going to say the date fuck. The day I'm going to be in Orlando Florida. Hard Rock live on February fourteenth. I'm going to be in Tampa Florida at the stress. A bit destraz center February fifteenth. I'll be in Portland Maine at the State Theatre on February twentieth. I'll we in Providence Rhode Island at Columbus Theatre February twenty first. I'll be new Haven Connecticut College Street Music Hall. On February twenty-second I'll be in Huntington New Orca the paramount theatre February twenty third. Go to W. T. F. pod dot com slash tour for links to all the venues. Can you dig it. So I'm back from Atlanta. Obviously I was there for a week. Being Sedentary being onset had a nice scene to sort of finish out most of the work. I'm going to do on on the respect film Nice scene with with with Jennifer in the last day her mansion in a mansion that is being presented presented as her mansion. And I got one more day to shoot the big concert. I'M GONNA be part of that. The Amazing Grace Concert from I think it was seventy two. You and that's I just have one more day shooting and it's It was great although I didn't do much and I've been trying to take care of my back. I'm going I'm going to go. I'm going to a chiropractor here for the first time in my life tomorrow I'll let you know how that goes. I was trained not to believe them. Almost as if they're witchdoctors or or snake oil salesmen. or or just hustlers of sort guys with Iraq Iraq it. There's a lot of rackets racket racket but I'm going and I'm going to go the regular doctor two days later and I'm just going to average it out and I'm going to read a thank you note. Hi Mark Mayor and just a quick note to say that you're talking about the loss of La Fonda was really a huge moment vulnerable and generous of you for all of our talk in podcasting casting in public radio about driveway moments and storytelling as a listener. This just felt like the simple powerful moment of one person living life one when microphone in a little room not live on stage and the truth. It was that lightning in a bottle moment in radio broadcasting that. I've heard so many people describe throughout the years. It's hard to know when that moment occurs in podcasting because they're currently just under eleven billion people making podcasts thrice daily which which is great in so many ways but it does mean that the collective conversation among listeners is fragmented to put it mildly. So I just WanNa say that personally. Here was one moment that found on me in my car at night. Parking under a giant sky full of stars in the mountains up and Bears Ville that made me feel less alone in the world about one of the most painful things I've had to do in life. I'm stumbling around here with words but I just wanted to tell you that the reason people make things really exploded in my brain that night while I was listening to you. It felt like the kind of explosion Ginsburg described when he wrote about how certain words with enough distance between them causes a synoptic synoptic spark he was defining how poetry works or resonates at its best. Thanks for the work you do. Thanks for making things. I'm sorry for your loss. Here's to all all of us. Humans on Earth trudging the road of happy. Destiny occasionally keying the mic on the walkie to let each other know what we are seeing along the way. Best Dan New York. Thank you Dan. That was a lovely Email and I appreciate that. You had that experience with what I do. I've Yeah I've had that experience with what other people do and I I. I'm grateful for it when it happens to me. Thank you for listening buddy. I hope you're okay. Okay Bryan Cox is a great actor and he just won the Golden Globe award for his performance in Hbo Succession The show has has been renewed for a third season. I believe that I recorded this interview. Maybe like the day before the Golden Globes. I believe we've that I I. I want to check that but I believe we recorded this interview when he was out here for the Globes the day before the Globes I flew to Atlanta Georgia the next day and I was sitting at a whole foods. I told you about that in Atlanta in mid town at at the beer bar in the whole foods eating salad out of a box next to a guy wearing a camera hat a camel shirt and camel pants. It's all different shades of Cammo with sunglasses on drinking a six pack of Mexican beer in cans. I sat there and watched. Brian Cox win and I said I just talked to that guy. I just talked yesterday to To to to nothing. So this is me talking to Brian Cox to you for you from the day before he won a golden globe. Yeah I was just in Ireland for two weeks in northern Northern Ireland. Yeah fucking beautiful. It's stunning absolutely stunning. Scotland is more stunning. I thought I hear you. I mean my family. Originally my you know in the mid nineteenth century. Yeah we're cold mic Max Irish Scots okay. So we're actually I rish. Descent brought them Scotland and now is that like are they the mic. Max worked at in a positive light. Well Irish were never looked like an a positive. The Irish yeah. I did a program a few years ago in the television. which is it was called from the workhouse? Yeah and which was the English ray of saying which was on the plate but actually the Scottish way was. It wasn't called a workout so it's called the poor house Yeah and you you could only get You went into the poor house because it was the only way you can get any medical help registering the yeah. So I discovered that my great great the grandfather who was born in Derry on my mother's side he was called in Ireland. Yeah Yeah he was called Patrick McCann and he at the age of thirty nine In entered the poor house with his six year old son Sam having lost five of his eight kids including his wife. Oh my God to what everything. Okay and they you know he was he was Kinda worker and he injured himself and he did eventually become a drunk But he you know they moved. It's like in the last year of his wife's life they move something like ten times and they used to do these what they call the midnight flight so paying the rent and they would just move when I was And I kept saying well. What about the what about the structure of the families you know wasn't wasn't there a support and then this woman? This young women said all our show you the structure of the families. Your Grant Great Grandmother was called Sarah Maguire and I said Oh okay okay. Yeah she said on our show you where she lived in fact. I'll show you the entrance in the Mitchell library so I went to the Mitchell live in. They showed this entrance. And it said ceremony Guar our lives on a stair in calcuttans. Wow and they took me to this place and they said this is where she living showed me a step and that would be no kidding. Yeah and this is some sort of like it was a it was a show based on your family's roots. They did a few people right right. Yeah it's it's it's that and the fact that my my beleaguered great grandfather he he he. He's eldest son. He's younger son. And these middle son survived all the other kids have five of them died All the goes died and he was desperate to get any he was in Glasgow. Has in Glasgow. Yes he was working there and the Irish should really got a rough time. You know they didn't. They would not treat it well but when you find out that stuff about your family how how did it affect you. I mean knowing that well you know you you you realize you've got all this information nation in your DNA. You kinda go when you try to when you try to sort of become conscience about conscious of it you realize your where little anxieties come from. Because they're right it's it's it's poss- through the generation racist generation. So kind of a way I think I mean I I think it sort of responsible. Pin The man who I am I think I. I'm in a way. I have a kind of gratitude towards it whereas also but I also aside a pretty difficult time as a child because my dad died when I was eight and my mother was institution I really so when now the the the people you found out about that were four or five generations. They were my. They were my mother's grandfather. Yeah she was He was my mother's grandfather. My great my grandfather was a mysterious figure. Got He hath. We could never find his war records. He was he was in the He was in the first World War. My mother always said he was at twenty one years but I couldn't find him. He's a drunk as well. Of course which went with the territory he was the he was the eldest son of this Patrick. Yeah I'm Patrick. Eventually ended up in an asylum and I got the last in one thousand nine hundred ten wondering the the the wards of the asylum still thinking he was a fourteen year old boy from dairy. This is your mother your yeah my mother's grandfather. Oh yeah so the so the mental illness. Yeah you could track. Let's right pretty far back. Let's right what was it specifically I You know stress try springs on. Okay I mean my mother. She couldn't deal with the death of my father. She felt harbored. Guilty for Because she my father was rather gentle he was a hit a shop he did he. He was the youngest son of family. His sisters took care of him. My sisters took care of me. They they made sure he was going to be alright so much. His eldest sister I mean via thirteen of the Macula is eldest. System makes a after the war he had a pension and she bought a little shop. Yeah and she and my father worked in the mills in our hometown. Jute Mills Malaysia. What are they make? That is fabulous. Yeah I mean I know L.. Jute well you know a covered wagon. Yeah sure that would be made in Dundee. Okay all right. Thank you Western burlap. That's right. Yeah that's what we that's what that's that's what they did there. Well they discovered through. What did how they discovered it? was that You know these coast of Scotland a great weaving community but they discovered this thing called jute and they also discovered it. 'cause Dundy was a wailing city so they discovered if they dip at this yawn in Wail at extended. That you put the jute extend here. So that's how they set up the jute industry on that swell and we also supplied the tents for the confederate army as well sodomy store in in in the states and the states. Oh Yeah we were done near my hometown. Tom Had the the highest child. Poverty and the richest people in the world at one point now did was. Is this something that you grown up fascinated with or is this all like not something new for you know being aware of because you know. I'm aware of my roots. I think of the people who get the top end of the Baath in my life you know no. I've been sort of constantly aware of that and I did a couple of programs. I did a couple of documentaries on I did one I I did one on jute route. Did one on the on my family because my what happened in eighteen fifty people this is. My father's family came. I'm from island here and there was no work from them for the men. The men were noticed kettle boilers which is just. That's a phrase the ACECOMM based on what making tea boiling the kettle positive. There were like house has again with any of the care responsibility and and and of course. That's when you know Illegal illegal alcohol but Blended alcohol came in. And that's were the in the early. Eighteen forties eighteen fifties. The alcoholic rate in Scotland. was something like forty five percent. Send Crazy I was there briefly and I saw more public vomiting than eighteen. Yeah in Glasgow Idea I in. That was a few years ago. Yeah that's that's a tradition public vomiting big Scottish tradition which we keep up or may do it rather well. The northeastern people do because they bring Newcastle Brown. They laid to laptop. And you can't laugh really great. But but in Scotland we bend over. We have the decency to to bend over moving. Keep moving so anyway. But that was that was a history and so it was the thing. So when they brought them over and cattle loads and Irish and highland highland families as well predominantly Catholic and. They came over and It was the women the women had been. You know they'd been they'd weaved and they'd spend so from stuffed in. Are they done that right live. They know the tools another tool asya. They came into the big industry of the industry and it was eighty two percent of the working population in my home. Time will female. Wow so a strong women. Matriarchal men very matriarchal. Very very I mean they did the most amazing things like And this is your mother your grandmothers my grandma. My Grandmother's generation even my great grandmother's generation and they did extraordinary things genre. They re literally you know there were Catholics and they they they they've built. They gathered the money. I don't know how they did it but they built six the most incredible churches where the an Italian designer and handsome awesome. Who designed the handsome cab? Yeah he designed one of the churches. The church with my parents were man. This is in your hometown. Yeah Yeah I mean the Catholics have always been. I'm good at At building stunning churches to ensure that the rabble understands. WHO's in charge? That's right I kind of Yeah Oh inspiring sort of law of diminishing returns as well I can now and but it was very strong and there was a thing called the mothers' Union which was very powerful secret pretty Catholic. I was you know part of the old Tridentine you know. That's my theatrical sense. It's comes from from my Catholic ritual. You loved Catholic ritual. Don't believe in any of it now but I loved the ritual. I like to watch. Yeah I do I go swinging winging smell you can go to mid nightmare. Yeah and of course. The great thing about Catholicism is a confession yeah I just watched I started watching that Pope's thing the just I've always been sort of fascinated with confession. But I'm a Jew but I will you. That's why you have Freud he he. He picked up the Catholic confession. It was a good. Is he confused. Catholics keep it pretty simple. I that's bad. Say this again. But that's also Jewish thing confusion ongoing dialogue with our problems. Whoever will listen to that we have that kind of relationship with God? The WHO I yeah exactly but But so but you found in your in your life confession useful. When I was a kid? Ed Yeah I mean I did because it was the way of offloading any angst that you had and there's plenty plenty but and you didn't have any alcoholic Kahal Confession Alcoholic and that was that was close circle guy and that was that was the root of it and it was the women the women they kept it going. They were the ones who was not a good Catholic but my mother made him a good Catholic. Right you know and what. How did your father pass away so young? He was fifty one and he had the pancreatic cancer. Oh my God it was Worst it was a hell of a blow to the family. Because he was very he was a very loved. Mer you were eight. I was eight and he was kind of follow. It's it's it's the problem I've had with father who dies. I'm a terrible father thinks. Oh yeah really not good at all because my my father's mythic so comparing so how can you be. What have you got? I mean everybody bases their thing on the dad trying to do better trying to wearing terry different or having a not doing what exactly. Well I didn't have any of that. My father was like he was like a sane. I kind of thought there's no way I can live up to this. I just abandoned when my kids came on I just said listen. You know you know what you can your banking on their own person and I said you know it's not gonNa work. It's not going to happen. How are they turning out? Well but then turning Actually okay but my wife keeps saying because she had a similar background to me Shit. hippie parents led to do everything so she says boundaries boundaries. Oh yes and I go. I don't know anything about boundaries. I don't know how to say you cannot do this. You can't do that. I'm hopeless. Yeah no but yeah well. That's interesting because you usually I guess not knowing how to have boundaries is better than be shutdown exactly. Yeah I mean I just. It's it's hard when you go. It has to be like this and I go well. Who says that's what I can? We negotiate away that we just talked to my boys and I say horrible hormonal kids. Well I have have from a previous marriage. I have my eldest son. WHO's coming up to being fifty was? Wow I was a child bride at one point and my daughter my crazy wonderful daughter who's forty and then I've got two boys and the weirdest thing about my boys is You Know My. I'm not very tall but but I always wanted to be told when I was a kid and my wife is quite petite. Yeah but we have these six foot three sons how that happened. I have no idea but I. There was a paternity tonic to suit and we talked about at one point. Apparently they all my children. Are you still married to the woman. Oh Yeah I'm still here peninsula waiting for me so now the shop your father had what what was the shot. It was a little grocery shop and you remember the shop. Oh very well I remember it and my father. That was is a problem because he was in a ghetto community and he gave everybody what they call tech which credit sure. Yeah it'd be paid their bill right so he was left holding being the baby and he's got the food and and this is what happened. Yeah so when he died he's hit ten pounds in the bank. And all this stat five girls and one boy there was three girls and two boys me and my elder my mile. The brother Bug a doll from in mild at my only problem off. As soon as my father died he joined the army. He can call. I mean he was actually in in many ways. My brother was more traumatized traumatized by my. I thought I was the one who's suffered from my Brian. I see I think looking back. My brother was on brutalized by it. All joining the army and around. He just couldn't handle it. Yeah he couldn't and then you were with three women. I was at the three women and they kind of looked on your mom a mom and my mom I you know I oh you know. My mom was very troubled by it all and she was very she was a you know she was an interesting. She was so typical of of working class. Women in in that part of the country in my part of it oh. She went into service in Canada Ozzy. Young woman she came back to married my when she met my father and married him and she always regretted the fact that you know that you know women. They had a bad rap. He had a particularly bad rob so it was tough for her and my my father was very generous and my mother's great cry was charity begins at home I was a tension and also played on him and I think it contributed his demise because I think he just thought fuck it. I'm out of here. I do this anymore. Do do something to me okay. You Got Orillia you've screwed. The prime creates yet. Okay I'm Outta here that and that's a quick one. That's quickly three weeks three weeks three weeks after diagnosed. Yeah Wow and so you were brought brought in and your mother started to waffle mentally immediately. She she well she you know I mean I I I witnessed. I came home one day from school and She was cleaning the oven really. I thought it was going on. She said I'm just getting the oven the week clean. I acid. Oh I said well. What's that smell all got a bust of left the gas on? Wow you saved her. I saved them time while I didn't even know that's what I did but and I realized later on that I'd say Oh my God so how did so your brother goes into the army. So you're is this where you start wanting to act or no no. I started wanted to act because my dad used to make me do Jolson impersonations when I was to sing with black face. Nope not quite black. I did sit on a cold bunker but I didn't do black. I did all the actions I did. Sure in the mammy in you know when you're good at it yeah and I was. Yeah it was amazing and of course you know our great festival in Scotland Hogmanay. Ziv goes on for days. It's still going on now. Yeah it's still going on. He's still going. Oh people be dying from drinking. Yeah still vomiting in the streets Berko. Yeah so No no that was that was the that was the background. And when I got that sense of approval the L. I thought wow this is good and he made them laugh. Yeah Minimum Laugh. I enjoy a good and I thought wow this is something I held onto so I I always was the class clown I I you know this is. This is the way I could deal with the violence. Because there's a neatly violent there was I remember one time. There was a guy who is probably autistic. In We'd we'd know that now. Yeah he's called Harry Carey we call the right and He was a sweet kid but he was very you know quite clearly and these other a guys and ask school made me fight him and I had a fighter. I don't find it. Yeah so I ended up beating myself up in front of him. Yeah all all. The kids realized with crazy guy. 'cause I was hitting myself I how do I get out of this. I can't beat up the Harry Carey I go. Oh my cell phone freak them all out and then never bothered me again crazy because it could. What's it's it's sort of interesting? I mean th the psychological dynamics of like you know understanding how how powerful you know putting on a show or entertaining is because you know your father who kind of carried a heavy load and was not necessarily that happy. I mean he entertained him. He had the same my dad I can make them laugh and he was a depressive. Fuck my dad was. My Dad was rather shy. Quiet mind who was put into a position by sisters. I need sort of try to live up to two and he did he he he was. I mean I mean my dad when he died somebody like three hundred people. Kennedy's funeral while he was a member of the community and he was hasn't he was loved and and my mother was frustrated by him because he was just he was too generous in Grad fault. My mother you you know the drunken dad this drunken Irish father you know right so she ended up like kind of a control freak. She tried to keep control. He ask. Try to keep. But she wasn't really control-freak Rice. She snape Ya'll boozy. No no no no she. She drank at the end of her life. She would drink fortified wine his stuff. You get in the boxes and the pharmacy so you know that fortify. She became slightly addicted to the. Oh undefined this photo of their store. Yeah Yeah it's nice for them is the storefront are finestone their the building. The building got torn down. They destroyed my city which was horrible. The city we had a very corrupt city government here in in the ninety s sixty s and the the guy they wanted to jail eventually one of them was in the demolition business and they demolished the city really rebuilt a commercial development. Yeah you know and it was just beautiful little medieval town on. They told them buildings which had been editor. Nobody would have done it you know so. When did you start You know actively get involved with theater. I started getting involved with theater when I was okay I. My education was a total disaster. We run around beating yourself up. All all the other thing I was doing when I was at primaries have I would always I would go for what. What what we call in Scotland messages but what you would call Aaron? Yes so the the great time for me was when the marist brothers had Mara's brothers who taught us for us and emigrate and then they took them all away was when they they did a little bit of social engineering engineering when they broke up communities and put them in these horrible housing schemes outside the city light projects. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah horrible. Yeah so a we we didn't. We were not affected by that we managed to stay. We were we were. We eventually went to one but it wasn't. It wasn't a major one. What the four five year? Yeah I know that my sisters were all married. They were might me did strand. My sisters lived in these grotty old tenements we my eldest sister who's now eighty nine hundred. Here yeah no not the one here. The one The one back in Scotland and she lived in. She lived in two rooms with Sharing two bathrooms on the Stan. Yeah and that was five five people buy flats so I stayed there a lot with her and she because she kind of. She didn't look out she didn't look off to to me when I see what was more important. She looked out for me right after me which was back. Yeah exactly more valid were you did. You need I mean did you were you. Were the streets tough situation where no school was tough. There were a few murderers. There's a couple of you know there was those guys who used to go in eleven your boys used to terrorise. Oh people right You know I mean as you know it was a lot of thuggery. Mailing was just a miserable poverty. Ridden those there was an element of poverty. We went we got quite poor mom and I because she she was she had no money. My Dad died here. She had a job. She was a cleaner in school. And I mean she had a widow's pension. She wouldn't get that two fried right in Thursday night. We maybe have a tough time of it. Not every Thursday but I would occasionally have to go across to the local fish and chip shop and say you know we have some battle bits. Bits with things at the end of the Pan Shakeout to yes. That's right that would be You know his name for it. That's disturbing serve about a bit better but then that was a common thing it was more. I think more common people on that that that we did and they were very good. They used to give it to us and didn't happen all the time and I just remember a couple in an occasions when it was desperate so did you finish up school. Well what what happened was I went to say that. The headmaster payment after demise brothers used to make me go for Erin. Yeah so I missed a lot of school. Because how did you down shopping shopping for stylists for his gramophone and doing stuff like that no pay for that no pain no but but but no but I could wander off and spend the day doing that right in the school which is great which is Great. I'd come back and Or the other thing I'd do is I'd go to the cinema. Yeah I go to the cinema in the afternoon to noon right and I'd sleep right through till the following morning really yes. I used to break out the cinema. Four o'clock in the morning my sister my youngest sister the one who's here. She was my youngest sister. She was they eventually. My two older sisters eventually Created this situation where she could emigrate account was about the youngest is. Yeah when I was about eleven she was she was twenty one to ten. Yeah and she so. She emigrated US but she was looking after she was gone she was twenty and she was a kid. Yeah it was ridiculous this boy but she. She would panic because I was missing right so the police were out looking from and wearing pass. I remember four o'clock. I'd be running down the high street in my hometown. I'm from the cinema. The Greens playhouse. which is a huge huge cinema? And I break out. I find a way of breaking breakout. I think those two movies I slept through one was Helen. Frisco Bay and the other was giant in yeah yeah so I kind of yeah. It was very long. Put Me to sleep anyway. So I'm br I'm running down the street and suddenly this. You know the doctor Dr who you know the todd is well. Those are all police boxes. That's what they were originally unique. So I'm running. Sunday voice comes out. Where are you going young man? The funny thing. Speaking to be a policeman he wouldn't come out just stayed in his body. Yeah talking to be saying we've got to to get you home eventually will and your sister was released all my sister even somewhat annoyed as well so anyway. What happened was that I my school? You know I didn't. I failed my eleven plus I went to a very good school. It's a Catholic Secondary. Modern school wasn't very good school. It was okay. Yeah and I I was a couple of guys. There was a couple of teachers there who could see that I was officially a water. And they knew that this was this was tricky kid. Yeah but I had had you know had wet tonight humor and last clown and they really liked me and they. They looked after me. They looked out for me. It's being looked out for Ryan. Lewis is looped optimal yet up for so they encouraged me and I did little plays and stuff like that and then I got then by vice shit stroke of good luck My GYCO Bill Juror. Who was one of these guys who have to hear to student who had been working the local reputation at Dundee rat which was pre powerful rep throughout the country? It was people. Were a lot of actors blank. Glenda Jackson style. Yeah and people uh-huh Nicol Williamson And this kid co Frank McGrath. He was he was leaving. He was gonNA drama. Goes Job is available Ryan. His job was is basically Taking Assistant to the secretary take money to the bank every morning. which is another messenger? The message job or or Yeah which I did to do. The British Linen Bank used to take the takings were pitiful in front of the theater from the theater and mop you know cleaning the stage aged. You're in I was in. I used to mop the stage at the end of the day and then I graduated to doing seen shifting. You can watch all the show can watch him doing that. Yeah always great. I mean I've been my thing it'd be movies. I suspend. We had Double features features in my hometown we twenty one cinemas they they were trying to keep you off the street. Yeah great feature on it six Ugandan got here and it was three day program so I could see as many as eight movies in the week and that was the thing that was my thing. Yeah did you feel like you wanted to be in movie title. I acted movies. And who are you like your favorite was I veered from Jerry. Lewis to modern brand new. Yeah I had a range. I developed an early rate. Yeah so it was a great time. It was it was. It was blissful you move up from sweeping and India taking money in the bank to see setting up scenery and stage managing. I was always tastes manager ever and it was terrible and warning all this just by paying attention attention and the people were you know people people like me and you're under twenty. I was fifteen. Wow fifty so when do you get your big break. Well What happened was The there was you know and I I was I was sort of kept my eye open on stuff about act came out of the various institutions. As you know you're aware of it guys from here Rod a guy. He's a central school guy. The differences there was just a difference in with rata Arroyo's Well it was there was a bit of entitlement to win with what is at Stanford or were Royal Academy of Music. Royal Academy of Dramatic Okay and There was this other school called lambda. Yeah well the London Academy Museum and Dramatic Art and there was a Canadian guy who actually Became famous later on you as the smoking man and the x files. Okay Bill David and he was this young twenty four year old director who directed good company. And there's some very good in Dundee. Yeah and he was very you know he he. I mean he invited me to voice lesson and I I I felt what they said come. We're having a voice lesson. I didn't even know what I mean. I had no idea what house and this this woman who was there who came and She's this bill became quite famous voice teacher but she was this young twenty four year old woman and she's now going home she comes from Ahrq knee and Scotland and she's gone by her name was Kristin and link later and I thought I want to go where she is of course as soon as I got to school soon as I got into lambda seventeen she left. She buggered off to America. She came in a really weren't yet to work and lived here for forty years and doing voice for Teaching at Columbia pitching that she started a theater. Company chicks in company up in in the in the Berkshires You know all in Massachusetts so when you're watching all these people come in you can tell the difference in their styles from the institution. John I can tell you know. Under the lambda actors were always little. Little rural was a little more thorough as in terms of their the prep says. It's to the Royal Academy. They they're little entitled title and Gutten talented but there was no structure to them. Who is? It's unfair that probably was a structure to him but the lambda thing was because it was thorough thorough much more thorough and it was very influenced turned out that I realized related. who is very interested by influenced by a man called Sanford Meisner? Sure yeah the my own really. Yeah and that was that was what was employed. That was what I learned when I went school. So it's not a classical training when it is a classical training in one sense because you're doing classical stuff but you're using you're using subject verb and object. I mean the thing about it was lent read. Yeah at drama school. I learn how got to go subject verb and object in order the subject. What does the object what do you? What does the intentions right? And then you transferred that to niceness technique why am I doing what am I doing. They were my going. Yeah I kind of fit perfect. While he was a great teacher who's Pasta. Local Vivian Malone and Vian was there he was very lambda eh lived and a great influence so I very good time that you were there when you were seventeen seventeen so you would. Now I get the sense like whoever I talked to talk to Ian mckellen about about Shakespeare. I don't like Shakespeare Guy which makes me feel small Sulu and he and I I don't I I'm not I don't I'm not well versed at all. And he did it to my face. He did Shakespeare right eight to my face and I got it. You know but it wasn't to unfortunate to see shakespearian actor do it so you understand it. I think that's people like me. Who Grow up watching Sam Shepherd plays or whatever the hell American theater a little bit or or just it's the language is hard and it takes attack of vigilance? I don't have real now. I always assume that people from the UK or boo trained. There are immediately doing shakespeare. Well we do shakes because it's he's he's You know in. He's the master of the English language. And he's a great player. But what I was thinking though at before you came over here is that e even dealing with somebody like the new Carrick Lake Logan Roy right on succession which is great that that it struck me that as you go. Oh through the catalog or the or the whatever they call it the entire Shakespearean Canon that there's a lesson to be learned. Both emotionally theatrically proclaimed linguistically in almost every absolutely. Hey Dj yeah. I mean I I was. I was lucky. And I've been lucky in relationship to Logan. Oh God because thirty years ago my forties I did with mcallen funny enough. Yeah we did this tour of Richard the third which he played Richard The third and King Leo. which which I played King Lear? Yeah and he played. I played I played the Jacob Bucking with him and we did this tour and you know that was exhausting. Because it's it's such an exhausting partly and it's very interesting because you you and your young to do it at that point but I'd had success doing Little play which is not very often done in Shakespeare's it's a tough one. But I kind of made it my own and that was Titus Central Africa. That's like the big body play try. Yeah but it's it's Blackley funny. Oh yeah yeah and it's really not as the thing I went for because again my humorous thing. Yeah Yeah I went for this kind of Blah but I learned you know you learn on the job. Why why is it not done that much? Well because people get it wrong. They don't understand. Understand the the ludicrous nature of it but is the plot of it while the plot is this Roman general returns from the war to find that the state of Rome is in a bit of a state of flux. Yeah The guy who's now taken over. WHO's not very responsible and are these has gone abroad on? And he's GonNa marry one of the Goth Women. Yeah and he's and this soldier. He's an old soldier. He's lost cost. Most of these kids he added as the idea of Rome and the idea of Rome becomes suddenly wanting and he's left and a kind of state of of like Hamlet. And when you look at the plays you look at the later plays you see in Titus andronicus is all the tryout out stuff he He tried out a lot of the ideas Hamlet's madness fake madness. He tries out. And you know the the go figure he tries tries out. Oh the fellow figure. He tries all of. That's tried out and that plan it's wrong. Rough and ready emotionally mentally wrong. Yeah Right A and and it's it's hugely funny right if you allow it to be here now. A lot of times when Brooke didn't he he could tailed the huma because he felt the huma was Brooke. Yeah Peterberg okay. Yeah he felt the human detrimental But I see it's the opposite. The humor to me is what you know because yes I think. Life is ludicrous. I don't think life is an. I don't think it's tragic of funny. I just think it's ludicrous. And the older I personally. Oh yeah the older. Yeah I get the more I mean I think the the human experiment is extremely disappointing. And there's a problem with the ending. Yeah there's there's no there's no validity to it you know so I I I have a real problem with but a but of course it serves me as a as a creative well sure. I think that the void that Shakespeare sought to fill. That's right logo. Roy Fills brilliantly right because logan rise in. Everybody says he's right wing. Yeah he's right when he's here but he's a nihilist right succeed denials. He doesn't burn burn. Burn down because he didn't believe any particularly his own children. We it says fuck these children when you hello there and of course fucked. I've I'm responsible but fuck rewrite. What's interesting that you know when you really think about it that is it's not not even really about power? I guess that seems to be what it's about but but it is about was there's just this attornal in all sorts of You know I guess. Existential darkness and nihilism core of an absence of principle. Yeah just gets in the way well. What we're learning now is is that that that that that most structures that we thought were there to protect us are really just based on like you good? There's nothing holding go against morale is certainly say with the president. Were you know so. But when you're doing titus which I you you you were known for right. Yeah you're was a nineteen eighty seven. Yeah and you've been you've been working a lot. I'd done a lot. I I mean I I've had a you know I really really have a very fortunate career. Mind what with a lot of great people like Lindsey Anderson and wonderful director. Michael Elliott Elliott. Who died too far too young? Did you know when I was thirty. Six I took over from Pat. Mukundan played Captain Ahab in an extraordinary production moby. Dick so I'm my my practice was always for these kind of big scale things in theater in data and now we've from lambda. How long were you there? I was there only. I was only that because we're such a disastrous year. Then they didn't do the full three years. I only did two years so I was out working. I was out. I mean I got my first job. Afterwards I went to back up to Scotland and I went to I. I was a founder member of the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company in nineteen sixty eighty five where he grew up. Well it's it's southwards an Edinburgh and Dundee. So you're part of the beginning of that and it's still there now i. I did the fiftieth anniversary of it with My Great Powell have you. Have you seen fleabag. Yeah well you know the guy who plays the father yeah. He's one flatly. How Bill Paterson Bills Genius Genius? But he's very very west scoring. Yeah you've gotta own deals all kinds of. Oh I don't know any. He's so brilliant in that show so this is a very funny story so I I rank them up and I say bill. It's The fiftieth anniversary. Said Oh he said this. It's It's The fiftieth anniversary of the Roy. Seem that's good. I said yeah he said you know they WANNA do they wanna do something. And I. I've suggested so you and I do Gado together. You Play Gogo and I play Didi the sunny one and you play the poor me. 'cause so west of Scotland he saw. It'll be interesting. He said you know Brian. I'm worried about my legs. I said I'm sure we'll be able to in your legs. He's a little. Low is a year old elements. So when we did that he was in his late sixties so so now because of my newfound success people saying you know You want to do theater stuff and I said Yeah I turned on a few things and then somebody came up with the idea. What about reviving Gado? Yeah that sounds great at five years is we didn't were a bit older. Can I remember the lane so I build again. I say bill. Aw I said you know where you know I've got. Oh yeah they said well what thinking about you know maybe reviving all really. Oh well I'll look at the lanes but you know something. I'm worried about my legs. I they play already exactly exactly. He's fantastic. Are you going to do it. I hope so. It'd be great right because it was a very we also did it very Scottish. We did an and I'm from the East and East is all light and Sun and twenty eighty four hour sunlight. Yeah where everybody whacking right and the West is the rain. Very poor me you know near to do. I mean it really manifest fest itself in the culture or does it does so. It's so deep to the wild. So when you start doing film I started my first first film was in a way back nearly seventies when I film was Nicholson Alexander on my God. I saw that when I was too young to see where they like at the end they line them all up against the wall. I remembered that that part of it you know it was pretty horrific now and I I played Trotsky guy probably like. I wonder if you I can picture that I can see you play Trotsky and It was my first film judge. You get that well well some very funny again a very funny story. So Sam Spiegel the famous Sam Spiegel director directed produced preacher who produced the African Queen. Hunger I hadn't he was known as Sam. Eagle Eagle one point studio studio guy. He dances legs zone. Remember that yeah. Legs of a dancer Nifty. Yeah so so I was. I was doing a job and I was a country in those days forever to get to anywhere so I had go down to London on several occasions for this pot and I I was summoned. I was doing the plan I was summer. How the hell am I going to get there and get back at half past four in the morning? Get a train to get down and get my interview in them. Get back right with this show. So so I'm I'm done a whole series of meetings with them and So I go down and I was up for a Kerensky the part of Kerensky and and he said okay so I I came down and they were talking about. Trump's game I I came down and and I walked in the room in this. What are you doing here? And this is frank shaft. We don't want to see you again. I said Oh. I'm sorry I was just told had no no. No we've seen you we've seen you. It's fine and I said what do you mean. She just finance fine and then Sam Spiegel said yes. It's fine you'll in the picture I should all I said he said yes. You're in the Pixel I should so I ah my playing Kerensky or Trotsky as it came around Ski Trotsky you're in the pitcher. He didn't even know the characters. Did you have a good heart. You know he's a small pot. Gave me these pebble glasses which I couldn't see out of side one point when I had to find the handle of the door. Could you do then you did. But you only did a couple of films and and then there's a big chunk of time was a point was I you know I was. I mean to be honest with you. I was always motivated by the movies. That was my thing he hit. It was movies movies and also it's also to do with my coach. I'm working class. Kit from Scotland Scher. I'm not English and in those English movies. I mean I love them now but they meant nothing to me in writing all those English. I'll Guinness is You know the law Minella mob or Dr Films in the House on those terribly table. English films ain't nothing but what meant something to me. was you know the bowery boys sure Jerry Lewis Spencer Tracy because he was a Catholic so I was. My mother always may be going see Spencer tweets you know she loved Spencer Tale. Of course I love the cat as a result. And he's my very very favorite actor of all times and then Brando Brandon Dean on seeing them and and that was the fifties when it was a formenting time for. Yeah so that's what I I wanted to do. I wanted to do movies and the theatres like an alien place to me. And she's doing a lot of it when I was that. 'cause that's what we do and I worked at the Royal Court. And and what would people like Lindsey Anderson so that was a great influence for me. It was interesting because you are able to integrate some of this because I had no idea about the the kind of infusion of Meisner into you into any of the the schools is it was it was it was a What's the word it was subliminal? You know very much so but it was kind of it was it was it basically taught me how to read really. I liked so in in like do you find when you do you like having done much theater. And you've done a lot of Shakespeare and your approach is is what. What tools do you sort of rely on to build the character? Victor From the internal mechanism really hadn't it's it's who the guy is. I don't want I mean you know this you know what when I was a young guy. I'm in the alleviate was around and you know alleviate was just incredibly impressive. Yeah because if he's a DASS ity to see Livy play Othello fellow which is unheard of. Now he can do that and get away with it right but it was audacious on it was fantastic. And then seeing the Williamson for instance in who I'd who's it was the first actor I ever met because he was a punch as I walked in the stage door for my job and you got to see them all to see him. I saw him as a kid. We used to go from school. Go from drama school. We would go down there to address rehearsal and we would turn up. And we saw Maggie Smith Maggie Smith doing Hay Fever with the Great Dame Edith Evans just so that was a phenomenal period of my life. So I really began to love the theater but I'm still had the cinema and then when I did this when I did that cinema and I you know I I held out. I mean I I did a lot of theater I went off and I learned my job. I let the job by doing theater but I always had this thing about the cinema hanging over me and then I did two plays one was moby Dick date which was a big success for me person had early and then I did. I did too plays off to that which was identity played cold Strange strange include which is a huge in new plan. That's a long long play by Eugene O'Neill which is never done. I did it with Glenda Jackson. And we transferred that to Broadway now in the in the interim time between transferring to Broadway. I did another play in London. Keratin the skull which was about the Northern Ireland conflict. And I played this Protestant the guy who turns the take this Catholic Tara And it's a really really good play was very powerful. This was eighty four try ended up doing bose plays but I ended up both from going to America. Coming out here so I came to America. I was in my late thirties. and We did them into a big successes and ran. The skull was a huge shoot success in the casting. Director Iraq call. Bonnie Timmermann came to see me on it and she She invited me to meet her and I met her on and she said and she. I didn't did an audition and the Palamos Milo partner in the scene partner on the scene and it was found hunter we have so she Issue so eccentric Bonnie. She said she said do you mind. I don't WanNa see you. I'm sorry she said I don't WanNa see you. She's because when I got to the theater I can only hear your voice because I I didn't in my seat properly in of the prophecy. So could you turn away from the camera on uh not to turn away and fine so I did this and then of course eventually did turn into the camp so the job you know I I I collector I remember. Yeah and I got that job and that was my calling card so that what happened was I. WHO's the killer? Newnan was trying to new in Ja. Fantastic at a great. It's a great movie it has yeah Yulon Michael Madden very talented and anyway what happened. Was it I did that I I was in America and then my marriage. My first marriage fell apart. I was sort of uh the point of moving to the states but I realized I had these two kids. You know I had a teenage son. I had a very young daughter man very affected by uh-huh divorce so I couldn't move. I had to stay so I had to get a job. See a good father pun here. Good father but I I had I had to go to Joe So I got some. I got this job at Roy Shakespeare Company and I the last place in the world. I WanNa go I mean I ah what in the late seventies at the national theatre and I hadn't enjoyed it. I didn't like Peter Hall. He ran the place. Yeah Yeah I can get on with name is very good to me but I never clicked. Yeah so then I finally went to Stratford and I went to the London so I started off in London. I did know Shakespeare Shakespeare plays and then Terry hands who ran the company. Said I WANNA go when you come up to the strap it this isn't this was at the Barbican we had the and what was the london-based and I was working there. And he said well come up. He said we WANNA do Titus Andronicus how all these directors Who wouldn't touch it? They didn't WanNa know. And he kept saying Sutton directors ice and I. I'm I'm I'm nearly forty. I said I I know. I said I've got nothing I said I you know I don't WanNa play safe. I I WANNA pushing I wanNA push and push the envelope so what happened. Is We found this young director that young female director Deborah Warner who had been had success with their own company but the company had gone on the lost the grunt. Yeah so we got her in and she took over and right then and then the rest was that was so this interest so you so you have this break in movies but yeah the family thing you know you kind of lived the he manned up to your responsibility came back and then you get brought in in to this historical. Let's physician and do this. Amazing version of is illiterate. Turned it inside out incident and then I stayed on and I went to do the Lia Ah Stratford and I did. I did. A lot of touring we toured. We did a world tour of lear. We did a tour of of titus before now lear like a in terms of so. It's funny because I read somewhere that when you were doing lector at Hopkins was doing lear doing to help to Suzanne Leo. When he was doing when I was was doing lear he did? He did you. Are you guys friends. I Yeah Yeah we gon. We never talk about that though. That's the Tabou subject. We never talk about the leader's. Here's the Liz electrodes. All talk about the Leeann. I'll gladly Tugela Leah. Because he got here that he had a tough time on land in. What is it like is like you know being someone who doesn't know about the nuances of it there? There seems to be some analogy to be brought with With Logan Roy and lear but not really not really I mean there's an element of there's an element of I'm in Heart for. Logan has a heart. Yeah it's it's very deep body and but the thing about lear is that giving all away and blowing Mussa trying to take it all back right now. You know he's giving it away to anybody. It's such a like when you say that about About Nihilism in. I'm just this idea because we are living in this world where these these are. These older boomers are really the the the narcissism is is that you know if I'm GonNa end the world's going to end with well there's an element of not yeah. I think that's true. I'm not I'm not sure of I'm not sure if Logan is going to feel he's GonNa end I think he's he's also smarter he i. It's a great character. He he is so much smarter than present POTA- Some in Greis shirt dumb us now. He's one of the guys that runs this type and owner of politics. That's right yeah. Yeah Yeah and he does that and it's very interesting because you get less you get this kind of thing about some about the people in power and people of wealth you know people have wealthy and I look at these late comer to the democratic race like Tom Steiner now Bloomberg math breath and it was so funny Bloomberg came to see the show. I just oh I don't know you know. Well I've just been playing Lyndon Johnson. Oh okay was the smallest Lyndon Johnson of uh-huh. Yeah it was all done with the one that Cranston star opened. Yeah well I did the second play which I just brought called the great society or is is really the tragedy. It's a great story of Lyndon Falling. Apart Linden trying to keep the balance programs going and dealing with the Vietnam righteous turns into be the biggest shit show of all right. Yeah so that was fascinating to do that. And in the process boomer came Bloomberg came to see it and I it was very nice very sure allies and but he he was was a little bit of a giveaway which is just thinking about power and the thing about being entitled You know and it was a very subtle thing but he said we were talking about. He said Oh. Yeah Vietnam I was. I was very nearly involved in Vietnam nearly nearly happened. Man said I was really I said I was on I was on it was in. It was on point to become Of course I would never have become a private here. I was on point to become a left tenant lieutenant I said and I thought that's such an interesting idea the fact that you can't think of yourself as a private soldier for you can think of yourself as lieutenant so you're already thinking this this is your mindset he handled. This is where you're going and of course. Eventually he didn't go because what happens. Turn we wonder what that story I know but but I just but again. It's just think of entitlement. Yeah you go. Wow it's so naked and sew unconscious. Well well that's the amazing thing about the the way the Roy's are portrayed because when you when you get the hang of the show you realize. I'm not sure that this is how people really talk. But there's is a language here that that dances around the emotions type of people. There's poetry to the thefts right poetic and on his highly political. Yeah Yeah for sure. You know. Because that's Jesse James is a great great. You know modest but a real. He writes in satirical terms me thr great series called the thick of it which was done back. But it's really about power it is about palm. Yeah and and but it is interesting that the way you see. Logan is realistic. Stick vacuum who is playing a game. Right that's right and I kept. I said that we did in the first series. I said it's a game. Yeah and the kids. Don't get it. Yeah they think of the they don't get right back to the game creators. They're you know they take it too seriously and they don't get it and of course Logan the old game. He takes it really seriously but they don't they. Don't get the game so they can't get onto the game on of course at the end of the Generational Ashok that says this thing but at the end of the last series they youngest boy because he's well the my eldest my second family. In my era era pound Kendall he's pushed him and push them and push them and he's pushed him to such a point that he's actually going to have to make some great ending you know some and he's a proud father. That is the beat at the end. Yeah Oh look. The kid did drill. A He's GonNa he's GonNa Screw me. Yeah he's not gonNA doing. Let's go to him but he goes come on bringing great ending mainly because you it was made such a screw up previously the bear hug you know and all of that such great acting on everyone's part on fantastic. I mean Jeremy's amazing. Raising amazing as as Kendall and Hawkins Skid Calkins extraordinary. I mean they're all extra mathematic GIS Tom. Yeah you know I mean to my yeah. Yeah and then the lovely Sarah has. She's amazing as As as I think on what's also great great about the show is it's a real ensemble were much on social and it's so nice to see that because see that was. My question is with all this this this Dr early on in your career to do film. There's really nothing more boring than film-acting exactly I mean I mean that's why you know I have to get back in this show. Seems like at least you're there are scenes where it's like you're doing you know like with with doing films in my limited minute experience of it. It's all bits and pieces break. You can't really get going. You see dots. What they do wonderfully well the right is in the dress? They let a succession of six let scenes run so you can play them through so all the big scenes on playing one or two times but we play them through. Yeah so we play Klay Okay. Okay like theatrical pieces. That's great well. At least you get to stretch out a little job you know. Yeah it's it's it's it's very gratifying. And it seems like it's weird because when I saw you in succession like I I've I I've seen one. Maybe one of the born movies but you know you got a good Gig with that and but I remember you from like adaptation was the first time the sort of like who the fuck is ACA. How'd you like working with Kaufman often with that with his tacit right fantastic? I mean it was. I don't cite John's move and spike spike is just great I mean I. I did her as well. The the movie about the that you know the which her. Yeah Louis. Yeah that's great. That's great we. who were you in that? I played Alan Watts. Oh Yeah Great. A real guy and the the entertain guy was kind of a real guy he was rebuffed. McKee Bob McKee. I know it was bombed Makita. Got Me the job because it was suggesting. Oh yes what about Michael Kennedy went. I don't think so. I know who should play. Because he'd seen me do I did did skylight. The place skylight the mark taper. Yeah Yeah here hi. Yes a lovely theater. And he came. He doesn't like David Hammer but he he said well I liked you. So he he needs become a friend over the years and Yeah he suggested you know me for that part and I I knew because one of the great things when I decided it was a decision I made in the nineties. Yeah having had a you know pretty good create. I still. We wanted to do movies. You make your choices braveheart your great. The thing about it was that you know it. England or rare. I'm sure it's is an English thing. But there's this some strata you go. Oh I I'm doing an I went. I don't believe in any nonsense if the pot works pot wash I mean I have played one of the most successful roles ever which is manhunt on these only on the screen for ten minutes and it lasts you. Do the more you unwanted people go. Oh who's that guy coming back. Oh He's always always always and that's so exciting so when I decided I in in And it was Michael. Paul read Michael Powell. He's he wrote the WHO's a great filmmaker and he said in his biography. Said you know movies are no oh big pots and smallpox yeah. He said only long parts and sharp pots. You're on the movie for a long time or a short time but you get you know you get the focus focus for that day that the day play which is the hardest thing to be in movies near you get not focused. Yeah sometimes it's too much because because you have to deliver because you the day but I thought that was a very good angle to me to to re read. Start my career in the mid nineties here yet I moved moved here I just decided that's what I'm GonNa do. I'm going to be a character actor in movies. Yeah I remember having this discussion with the late Nigel Chris names go He was very famous actually South African but known as an English has. TV's was it's very successful. And he he was he just on a film with sly stallone. Yeah and I met him on a plane and he was going. I can't do that. They said I. I can't play those parts anymore. I'm I'm I'm leading act and I said I said you. Nigel is forgive me for saying this. But that's absolute bollocks. I said you know you've just what was last alone. I worked for Stephen with Steven Seagal. For Christ sake just imagine what that was like a it was fine right because you just learn to do the job right. I said you know it really. is you work with Seagal. Where were you in a thing called glimmer man i? We haven't gotten enough time to talk. He's he's very complex. Something very sweet about Stephen which but anyway so anyway so I said Nightwatch wash look. It doesn't really matter. You know you go in and and you know and I and I you know I I when I first came to Hollywood in the mid nineties I saw Korea's areas I- Andy Garcia and Michael Keaton magnificent actors. Yeah but I saw them all being judged by that opening weekend right near trying to get the film Paseo. They gotTA call the people and they'll go to people and I I did a film called desperate meshes which was well named especially and that was Michael and Andy was a big break. Yeah a big owners. And after that the Korea's went in a very odd way the big because of the onus that was on them to sell tickets you know and and it just I just thought I don't want to be in that position. Fuck that never want to be in. Hey I I just want to keep working on you actually televisions much kind of that way. Yeah because television you know television because you can stream it you can do it you know. And in a way. It's much more of a galaxy and process to well. Now there's also the outlets are there there's context and it really seems that if you're given the right ah environment now that you can make a great thanks right and people will come to it like I. You know. After the first season of succession I'd heard some about it. But you know it's one of those things where it's like you got to be a real like when you start when you get the hang of that show how you GonNa fuck and watch exactly and then you got a good Gig for at least four four five seasons health coverage hope for hopefully. Yeah Yeah I lived can kill me off any minute we I think you know. I don't think so. Ah but also doing the movies like The was the spike Lee film. Twenty twenty two twenty five twenty fifth on that. Yeah that was word fulfill right and you and you work with And he worked with these as the support. You get to really do great acting on your own but also work with these heavy hitters. I like the boxer. I mean that was not. Yeah Yeah No. I've been very lucky that way. And the parts of served me. Well you know I. There's not one single roll ally. That was heavy oil. I well I was a very amazing film. So you would look for these projects even if they're smaller movies when when you read description when you get offered them what what. How do you make the decision to play a guy who's this kind of complex you know pedophile well at a character right? Yeah and you know then and again. That's the sort of thing where people said you gotTa Watch it. Watch it with that role because you don't WanNa get a dentist actually densify with any road because I keep moving. Don't stop right. Don't stand still moving tug and also like as a character actor as somebody that has the chops it you do. It's not you know to not be a movie star. Yeah and and have everything be related back through who you really are. It's a gift just sort of transform. It's really not and it's also also what I call acting it's to me is essence of acting is the job. The job is to be different people. Yeah and I've been very lucky that way I i. I'm an ally was a great example of something which you know. Hit a nerve in people went. Wow that's an extraordinary thing to do. And I I've been very blessed you know it's it's it's been frustrated. My wife feels. Sometimes you don't get the credit you deserve. But she's changed her mind recently. No I it it is sort of an exciting thing so you have this amazing body of work in that people will. You're one of those people over. You know once you start telling them the movies right. Oh yeah exactly exactly exactly. That's the that's the plight of the character actor but that's but that's also the joy I'm sure the joy is they go. Oh you of course right. You'd there you go. Wow you're that good you're not associated with you know character that's not so that's the Blissett. Yeah so like with this. I don't find an interesting is that That this character of of Logan Roy sort of speaks to your roots somehow somehow by guiding. Why not talking to you? I realize when you're walking through Scotland going through all that was what hobbies. That was the other thing the happen which was so extraordinary ordinary so in the first season. Yeah you know right at the very beginning. What right to my first conversation with Adam McKay and who's directing eighteen the pilot and Jesse? Yeah I suggested at that point. I said you know I could play this character. Scott's I said you might be interested. Yeah Jesse said no I want to American. He's got to be an American I. It has to have an American Voice Adam. McKay was more a bit more inclined that way and I said okay apply American so I ended up initially plan none American but I play. Well I didn't know that but until I I I play the Canadian. He was Canadian eating and He was born Quebec so in the first episode. I episode with this big birthday party. And they celebrate my birthday and he says born in Quebec Canada while episode nine. Yeah I've done nine episodes and I'm I'm doing my stuff and doing much yet. And what have you and suddenly Peter Friedman. Who's playing the Frank I keep firing and rehiring? He comes incision. I've just done so many are on on the on on the show. He should have changed your birthplace. I shouldn't even have changed my birthplace. He said you will no longer born in Quebec. I said what do you mean. I'm no longer Gordon Kopech. He said he said No. He said you're bone is an icon a memorial bonuses little. Let me look it up and he goes. Oh you said Yeah. You're born in some Michael Dundee Scotland. I said that's what I'm born. That's where I come from. What completely Wyoming? Plus I told you I and I went up to him and I went up to Jesse Jesse. What what is this? Oh said we thought it'd be a little surprised. I said it's a hell of a surprise. You know I've just record recording nine episodes and of course in the second season we do an episode. Of course I'm now my favorite son not my home Tom. Because we did an epochal Dundee. Indeed the rich people had about the. Yeah Yeah and we filmed in the beautiful now. You're you're actually now. You're the favorite son and of course it was very odd to go back to Dundee. I mean I go back to Dundee done on a regular basis but not such a public way. Yeah so to go back to Dundee and play Rogan. Who has these does thing bad memories for him and of course I have mixed memories about Dundee on the hall my mhm memories are quite good? I mean I I'm apart from I mean I had a very blissful child didn't until the point my dad died I mean it was fine and then it was tough stuff but I still. I have such admiration for the people of my hometown. Because they're you know they've been they've been shot on light from Winston Churchill on wedge shot on but they find they've survived and they built this rather beautiful thing now here which is I mean. They're still have the biggest heroin addiction. Scotland author probably Fifth Generation. And it's only only bad off fair but but anyway the town is getting some focus. It's getting some you know attention. Yeah so and I am so I'm going by and I'm doing all this Logan Rostov on Danny Houston is lovely man. He come having interviewed him. He's a good guy he's a great greg tremendous guy and he said had well never mind all logan. Roy's he said what about you I said what do you mean what about you said well. Let's do you actually what i WanNa see where you your background and I wanna see where you went to school where you in so I got a boss and I it was about four or five of the cast game and I took them on your your member my memory memory lane. Yeah so it's so hard in a way that that has come to me in sense and it's kind of bizarre assuming really bizarre but let's but there is a sort of you know both closing the circle in a way which is kind of odd. Yeah and also I think the opportunity ready to to to sort of inform the character with that much of a of your real memory but with you now but having having the character of gone very different website. That's it's gotta be for an interesting. Yeah it is. It's interesting because you go. You know I'm in the Hole Logan thing in just his his his language has his his cursing him which is just. They're all doing i. It's people I get people coming up to. The people would come up. Come out with the state during these these kids teenage boyfriend and go from. Could you tell us off Gal and I'm going what could you can I film you're saying fuck off. Fuck off for the worst. The worst funniest was here. I did this movie with lovely. Resent our cat and she's you know she's quite political resigned asset. Would you come to a We're driving a me too. We're having we're doing a book laugh. Ronin fire on I so I'd love to come. I really admire what he's done and he particularly you helped a friend of mine ended up the thing with moonves. Yes Oh she was very very You know he's he's given our love stuff that she'd lost in terms of our own self respect and So I thanked him and at the end of it and then suddenly I was surrounded by all these women and they were coming up to me in coining and it's not all of them but a couple of quietly saying could you tell me to fuck. I'm going as wholly appropriate to me to event appropriate appropriate and then it just goes back to full circle to how disappointing human beings. You can't hold onto anything for five minutes Ludicrous Chris. Nature the ludicrous nature. So what does it mean to be a CB commando of there's another word for it a sea of the British Empire. It something that I did is it. Is it an honour to the queen. Do they recommend you get it and recommend you get it. Yeah Wayne does what is recommended to the Queen Night. No I'm no I'm not. I'm not so I'll never be served because I I mean I did it at a time when I it should have thought better but I accepted it because because I'm fickle. Well also like it's weird that you know that shit runs deep man. I mean you see actually you can do whatever you want about about. Politics takes but like when the Queen. Okay okay this is the thing It's like it's like this big big weekend coming up at the Golden Globes You know you're going come on you go. This is your caught on the horns of a horrible dilemma. Because you I really think it does your head and I'm sitting here thinking all the time thinking. This is uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable because I I'm having to deal with my own greed and my own share. You know my only wanted to be humble and they want to be humble at the same time. You're caught on the horns of horrible dilemma. Shakespeare occur line Shakespeare line. Yeah it's probably influenced by it's true you know it's very hard thing and that was when I became a CB my. I have a royalist system having a Republican sisters so I thought well my royal sister will be happy for that and what what is Michigan but that was my justification for you I would. I would see what you think about becoming a night. I wouldn't WanNa do that. Yeah what is it. What is it entitle you to know? I mean I get married somewhere like simple. But it's Ah get buried. I mean what does it recognize. I mean recognizes your service to the art a wreck and I'm recognized for my service to the arts listen at C B is usually a precursor to getting a knighthood. Okay I see a while ago and I because I've been so active in Scottish independence even although we are determined to well they are determined to keep the queen she still she goes with the whole nine yards. We don't get rid of her. Yeah and that's another question but So even if you do you know You take back Scotland. You keep the Queen. Yeah Oh yeah well she has a house inbound more orange and also she is partly Scott Shah she is hop Scottish mean. She comes from one of the oldest families those lines which is a mother the festival. It's complicated but but even so you know you you know it's not will never be a proper republic right uh yeah because it's it's mired well that's the thing is like so many things it seems even in this country about what is just become accepted that yeah I don't think think any any of these like Scotland prepared to go to war. We kinda go to beaten very badly so all right so the globe winner. They Knicks tomorrow. Tomorrow Oh wow so so you got a Tux and everything Reagan. Yeah I've got all the crap you have to put on what should be good night. You like ricky surveys. Yeah Yeah you know. I mean he's a bit is a bit. He's been home counties from me but you know what is happening. Well he's English look. I don't mind that a lot of English. Humor to deal with them sometimes. It seems like a gimmick yeah. He's a gimmick. Now it is. It's it's odd you know. He created this amazing thing called the office. Grain and nunes astonishing. Great astonishing was kind of hard to know where he went on. I I taught extras actually. It was even better. I loved extras. The Isis was a great you asking and I think he's a talented man but I think he has. I think he's got a few demons. Sure Yeah and it's interesting to me that somehow another. Did you manage to avoid the demons you didn't you don't see new. You're not yet no. I mean you know when you grow up the way I grew up so Sumani demons around you. You very happy to get rid. That's one. I guess that's one way to go. Yeah just not succumb to be a lesson learned the lesson I was I I'm I'm very blessed because I saw I saw you know I. I went to school with some of the guys who are really psychotic. You know from news or just in General General Fund from Booze these kids. Yeah all right I mean I'm talking about ten euros. There's nothing more psychotic than on a ten year old and that's and the scary. Yeah because they have no. There's no moral kind of No lessons no they just they do do and then they used to do some horrible things Kelly hats and whatnot. Oh yeah and terrorize old people. I was the other thing which was pretty horrible half well WHOA. I'm glad that you miss that. I'm glad I missed out. So that was that was I think my growing up and you know there's nothing there's nothing more cruel the school playground. There's nothing more cruel than that and it turns out like Judging by a president that it can last well into your legs. I'd never has to stop. I think he's classically. An abused child classic or an abandoned abandoned as well abandoned and abuse and on I and and that way I haven't I haven't sat empty only certain but I had an empathy for not I guess empathy is healthy and in all cases. I think so. I think we've got on the stand. You know we have this great expression in Scotland called role where all John Thomson's bins. That is John Thompson is like him. Yeah and an Ben's that we're all his kits. Yeah we're all we're all on right you know under the Sun we all the same on I kinda I believe that to some extent. Yeah it's what you make of an don't make ensure I think that that's you know everything's up for grabs after that but fundamentally mentally and that's a an ESA thing about I mean. Sometimes it goes too far in Scotland. You know my mother's greatest praise would be. That was quite nice. Yeah uh-huh go nothing but that was it you know but that keeps you level keeps keeps you humble. It's a bit puritanical Michael because it does work. Yeah also guarantees. You never feel quite great no always humbled. Yeah you're GONNA do it. You'll do it exactly exactly meaning because because it means the chip on your show just gets bigger because you deserve it. It's a healthy chip. Great Talkin Doc in the event as lovely token to you thanks for coming you welcome but a great guy. What what a great actor? What a great conversation remember Succession on HBO. It's been renewed. Go catch up. It's really satisfying. And he did. Just win the Golden Globe that first performance in that show and don't forget with simply safe. You get comprehensive enterprise level security for your own home if there's a break in simplisafe refuses real video evidence to give police an eyewitness account of the crime and it cost US fifty cents a day go to simplisafe dot com slash W. t.f today and get a free. We simply safe security camera. Normally one hundred dollars go today. It's free will help you. Capture crucial evidence and get police dispatched. Three hundred fifty percent faster that simplisafe dot com slash W. T.F. Watch me tomorrow night on. Finding your roots also go to WTN POD DOT com slash tour for the upcoming tour dates in the cities. I mentioned earlier. I could mention them again. Would you like me to Cleveland. GRAND RAPIDS MILWAUKEE ORLANDO ndo Tampa Portland Maine Providence. You Haven Huntington New York now. I will play Three chords for you and I'm making you a promise out loud so I have a witness in I I have. It's on the record. I'm going to learn some new chord progressions and I'm going to bring them here but not today while while and why. Why why and the what? How how how how how how in our Allah live?

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