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"b. a.  b. e." Discussed on NewsRadio WIOD

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"b. a. b. e." Discussed on NewsRadio WIOD

"A. B A. B e l 2 64,000 They had snuck in and the night and committed these murders. Nobody had a clue about who or why I got eight people dead, and things like that don't usually happen in a small town. I mean, they don't usually happen anywhere. Somebody was trying to send a message. I don't think that could be any doubt about that, because I've written, more sinister story than what's playing out by county, Ohio right now. Find the Piketon massacre on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Hold on just for a few minutes, Geraldo and at the Leo Terrell weak to live free or die America and the world on the brink. By the way, 40% discount now on amazon dot com. If you go there today, first it was 30% than 33%. Now it's 40% so he couldn't be any happier. Thanks for making live free or die. The number one book in the country now, two weeks and running, and you made that happen, Not me, but it is. It's out there, and it has every bit of information that any informed voter will need to know what is at stake. To sum it all up. It's everything that anybody believes is the American. Dream Freedom, liberty risk reward capitalism versus the false promises of socialism, Radical redistribution, ism and, of course, radical environmentalism and Joe, of course, partnering with Bolshevik, Bernie Oh Seon bozo and the rest of them. Anyway. Hannity dot com amazon dot com I'll be on Martha's show tonight at seven and also 40% off today at amazon dot com. Quick break more with Leo and.

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