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"azi ramsey" Discussed on The Killing of Marilyn Monroe

The Killing of Marilyn Monroe

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"azi ramsey" Discussed on The Killing of Marilyn Monroe

"She said the reason Jason that she exonerated the Ramseys after her second. DNA testing match. The first was because the case was on a road road to try to convict the Ramseys and involved the death penalty and she didn't think they were guilty and she felt someone. Commissioner with authority even knows very unusual and highly criticized move should exonerate them. So should give tragically. Patsy Ramsey never lived to receive that exoneration in two thousand and two the ovarian cancer she had. I been diagnosed with in nineteen ninety three returned and she died in two thousand six at age forty nine. She is now buried next to her daughter here. She is speaking into investigators in nineteen ninety eight after the job. A Lot. More pressure for shooting shooting. Investigation the media whether Avenue interview. What what it's going to be aware if there is this gotta wear into the soul search for cope with it? I kind of thought myself. Get too tired contend fall in craw online depressed so I try to manage my health risks. Well Joe we have taken out the under the paper. Not just can't care because recent times that I had inadvertently themes of they learn new thing Ed Collins. I can't that was just like me in John. Ci Out because it's harmful you're watching the former detectives John San Agustin and Robert Whitson also believe that progress can still be made despite the mistakes of the past as we look at this case again. We look at the two theories whether or not there was an intruder who did this. The family and I will tell you that there are a number of investigators who have well over a couple hundred years of experience in and investigations. Who all say that? The murder of Jon Benet Ramsey was not done by the family but by intruders or an engineer. The problem is the Boulder Police Department. Still to this day will not come out and give any information on spend twenty three years I think at this point we need to come out and let people know what have you done. Have you looked at other people. Have you not looked at that other people. What are you doing still today? There are still a number of leads that have never been followed up by law enforcement is my understanding that approximately three thousand leads came into the Boulder Police Department and the onset of this investigation of which still still a number of them have never been followed. My understanding is there were are both fibers. Animal hairs that were never sourced so I had a source of ad here from the suspect. was that ever tested. I don't know they're not seeing anything anything. I was told that one of the neighbors two of the RAMSEYS and reported about a month before John. Benes murder order that there was somebody leaving cigarette butts in their backyard and I was told. Supposedly an officer responded and collected one of those cigarette butts. Now keep in mind this is prior to DNA. So it may have come into propping opinion evidence and because there was no DNA available you know discarded up like it was cap for a while the question is was that DNA from a cigarette butt ever test because we know in the asked that has been one of the methods of operation of sexist suspects where they will be in the area washing doing kind of surveillance of place that they wanNA break into and be out there smoking while they're you're watching the subject song and former grand jury member. Jonathan Webb agrees that DNA will be the key to finally securing justice for Jon. Benet the advances of analytical technology spend Jordan Attic and if money's was educated and the evidence was preserved my belief is and local technology could solve this crime. You'd have to have a dog detective. WHO's dedicated and focused funded well and given the best analytical tools and allowed to do his or her or work and if that is the case I think it would be solved next time on the killing of Jon Benet the final suspects ax discrediting the case against the RAMSEYS? The few people who are left in the Boulder Police Department still believed that John and or patsy Ramsey murdered their daughter. All of the jurors believed that the truth theory didn't hold water. It was almost like tunnel vision Asian. They were focused on Azi Ramsey and long buried recordings of police interviews with John Patsy and Burke Ramsey Z.. Here you know when when can rush.

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