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Fresh update on "award " discussed on All Things Considered

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Fresh update on "award " discussed on All Things Considered

"Is not going to work. What? Do his friends call him will ya and I hear at the end of the week he's leaving just like a boutique they did, however, write some songs together like this one from the mad show in 1966. Rogers had a frustrating career as a theatrical songwriter. There were flops, there were shows that were never produced. There were constant rumors that her songs were ghost written by her father, which Greene says she found amusing. But at a certain point, she just decided I have a lot of things I can do. And I'll try something else. Perhaps, as compensation for her difficult childhood, she threw herself into parenting. She had three more children with her second husband, one of whom is Tony Award winning composer Adam gettle. Though she also had the heartbreak of losing one child to an acute case of asthma, and very Rogers had a second career writing children's books. One of which freaky Friday is among the most successful of children's books of that period and has itself been turned into a musical several times. One

Rogers Adam Gettle Greene Tony Award Asthma
Kenan Thompson of 'SNL' to host Sept. 12 Emmy Awards

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Kenan Thompson of 'SNL' to host Sept. 12 Emmy Awards

"Actor Kenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live will host the Emmy Awards A marches are a letter with the latest Keenan Thompson says being named the host for the Emmys is ridiculously exciting Thompson won an Emmy in 2018 for co writing the song come back Barack for Saturday Night Live The Emmys will air live from Los Angeles on September 12th on NBC and the streaming service peacock The top nominees are Succession Squid Game Ted Lasso hacks and only murders in the building

Kenan Thompson Emmy Awards Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live The Emmys Emmys Emmy Thompson Barack NBC Los Angeles Ted Lasso
Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $45.2M More Over Sandy Hook

The Officer Tatum Show

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Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $45.2M More Over Sandy Hook

"It appears that Alex Jones got to pay a butt ton of money. The article says Alex Jones has worked up to $270 million, says experts at the Texas trial determining damages to sandy hook families because the victims aren't going to get any money. And it says Texas jury awarded sandy hook parents, sandy hook parents, scarlet Lewis, and Neil hessling an additional $45 million in punitive damages and Alex Jones, it says Alice Jones, he wrote the wrong name. Alex Jones defamation trial, and it says that Alex Jones is probably worth more than a $135 million to 270 million and has been main company free speech systems for years. So he got a bunch of money. They're making him pay $45 million on top of the 4 million that they originally said. It says Jones withdrew $65 million in September of 2021 after judge, the judge gamble, our last name is gamble, ruled that he had lost the lawsuit to sandy hook families by default for not complying with court orders, so Alex Jones got a lot of money.

Alex Jones Scarlet Lewis Neil Hessling Alice Jones Texas Sandy Hook Jones Sandy
Alex Jones must pay $45.2 million in punitive damages, jury decides

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Alex Jones must pay $45.2 million in punitive damages, jury decides

"I'm Mike Gracia reporting Alex Jones has been ordered to pay $49.3 million for his lies about the sandy hook elementary massacre Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been ordered by Texas jury to pay $49.3 million in total damages to the parents of a first grader killed in the 2012 sandy hook elementary school massacre Jones falsely called the attack a hoax saying it was orchestrated by the government to tighten U.S. gun laws The jury award came in the final phase of a two week trial adding $45.2 million in punitive damages to the $4.1 million in compensatory damages Jones was ordered to pay Neil heslin and Scarlett Lewis The couple who 6 year old son Jesse Lewis was among 19 children and 6 educators killed in the classroom shooting had sought $150 million

Mike Gracia Alex Jones Jones Texas Neil Heslin Scarlett Lewis Jesse Lewis U.S.
Judge: Kevin Spacey must pay $30M to 'House of Cards' makers

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Judge: Kevin Spacey must pay $30M to 'House of Cards' makers

"A major ruling in connection with a major me too case involving Kevin Spacey A superior court judge in Los Angeles has ruled that Kevin Spacey and his production companies must cough up nearly $31 million this because of losses caused by his being fired from House of Cards in 2017 The judges ruling mean Spacey will have to pay a financial price to go along with a massive hit to his reputation for the alleged sexual harassment of crew members on the popular Netflix drama claims that caused the show to cut him loose a private arbitrator had set the financial award but space he appealed and the judge's decision seals the matter and attorney for the companies that produce House of Cards says they are pleased with the ruling A Moscow's Gabrielle

Kevin Spacey House Of Cards Spacey Los Angeles Netflix Moscow Gabrielle
Eric and James Howard Kunstler Reminisce About the Rabbit Ears Series

The Eric Metaxas Show

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Eric and James Howard Kunstler Reminisce About the Rabbit Ears Series

"To James Howard kunstler, also known as Jim, Jimmy Jimbo. Jimmy Jack. Jim reverend Jimmy. So we were just talking about rabbit ears. So yeah, so in the late 80s, early 90s, I got this job that I've started director of gravity, and I thought, who can I turn to who could write these stories? So you did just great work. And rabbit ears would, so we create this children's book, but then we get top Hollywood names to record them. I think the Davy Crockett was like Nicholas cage. And sacagawea, I don't remember who did that one. I'm pretty sure it was mom's maybelle. I'm almost, I'm almost certain that I don't. It was either mom's maybelle or Sinatra. Either one. One of those two. But then we would get amazing musicians. Garrison keeler. Yeah. Can you use his name now? Is it safe to say garrison? I think he wants his touched a woman's back. When they were taking a photo and he lost his career over that thing. Goodness. Marco Connor, the fabulous Marco Connor, did the music for that. It was quite a fantastic production of video. Well, that's the point is that the rabbit hair stuff was super accurate to one tons of awards. So I had the privilege of writing many of those. And my name is attached to these Grammy Awards for best children's recording 1989 or something like that. I think that one too. Yeah, I know. It's crazy. So but that's kind of like the last time I saw you in person. Was 1991.

Maybelle Jimmy Jimbo Jimmy Jack Jim Reverend Jimmy Marco Connor James Howard Kunstler Garrison Keeler Davy Crockett Nicholas Cage Sacagawea JIM Sinatra Hollywood Grammy Awards
Elaine Parker: Explaining the 'Rock the Woke' Campaign

Mike Gallagher Podcast

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Elaine Parker: Explaining the 'Rock the Woke' Campaign

"I saw the billboard. You keep putting these billboards up in Times Square. You talk about going right into the belly of the beast. I love, I love rock the woke dot com where you're standing up to the woke lunatics who are trying to infiltrate corporate America. Tell us about the billboard campaign and bring this up to date on this fabulous rock the woke campaign, the job creators network has embarked upon. Well, if you remember, rock the book kind of came out of our shareholder initiative called border re initiative. And that was rock the wook was kind of a parody of the old MTV rock the vote if you remember it. And it just is an opportunity for us to shame these corporations publicly. And give the public a platform to shame them as well. And it's just really kicking the crap out of these corporations that continue to step into the cultural wars. Instead of focusing on what their missions are, you know, whether it's to preserve shareholder value for their shareholders or to be profitable and create jobs for their employees so that they have stable employment. That's the mission of these companies. It's not to step into these cultural awards. And try to shift public opinion and to the liberal views in this country.

Times Square MTV America
Jack Harlow, Lil Nas X, Kendrick Lamar top MTV VMA nominees

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Jack Harlow, Lil Nas X, Kendrick Lamar top MTV VMA nominees

"Lil Nas X Jack Harlow and Kendrick Lamar lead the MTV Video Music Awards nominations with 7 each a marchesa a letter with the latest Collaboration industry baby earned 6 nominations including video of the year and each of them get one for artist of the year For the first time the video and artist of the year categories have been expanded to 7 Kendrick Lamar's N95 and family ties earned 7 nominations as well mostly in technical categories Madonna has become the only artist to be nominated in each of the VMAs 5 decades as she gets a nod for long form video for madam X the MTV VMAs will be August 28th in Newark New Jersey

Lil Nas Jack Harlow Kendrick Lamar Mtv Video Music Awards Madonna MTV Newark New Jersey
Jury selected for Alex Jones' Sandy Hook defamation trial

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Jury selected for Alex Jones' Sandy Hook defamation trial

"A jury is now in place to hear a case that will see InfoWars host Alex Jones put his money where his mouth has been For years Alex Jones has insisted that the shooting at sandy hook elementary school was a hoax and now that he's been found in default in the defamation lawsuit all that's left is for a jury to determine how much money he's going to have to shell out to pay the families who are suing him The panel has now been seated in Austin Texas opening arguments are set to begin at stake for Jones is another potentially major financial blow that could put his group of conspiracy peddling businesses into deeper jeopardy The lawsuits don't ask duras to award a specific dollar amount against Jones but attorneys for the family suggest they could be seeking up to a $100 million or more in compensatory and punitive damages A Moscow's Gabriel

Alex Jones Sandy Hook Elementary School Duras Jones Austin Texas Moscow
Mets ace deGrom to make at least 1 more rehab start

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Mets ace deGrom to make at least 1 more rehab start

"Mets ace Jacob de Grom will make at least one more minor league rehab start before rejoining the act of roster The two times say young award winner through 60 pitches over 5 innings in a simulated game on Thursday Manage your buck showalter said to Grom felt fine on Friday and will throw again on Sunday Barring a setback he'll pitch for a minor league affiliate a few days later The Grom has been out all season due to a stress reaction in his right scapula The new timetable means the earliest he'll be on a major league manned again is July 31st at Miami or the meds three game series at Washington August 1st through third I'm Dave

Jacob De Grom Mets Buck Showalter Grom Miami Washington Dave
Keuchel DFA'd by Diamondbacks after 4 ineffective outings

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Keuchel DFA'd by Diamondbacks after 4 ineffective outings

"Dallas keuchel is pitching careers in jeopardy The 2015 AL Cy Young award winner has been designated for assignment by the Diamondbacks The 34 year old Keiko pitched in four games for the D backs going zero and two with a 9.64 ERA in 18 and two thirds innings He was released by the White Sox in May after posting a two and 5 record and a 7.88 earned run average Keiko was 20 and 8 with a 2.43 ERA during his Cy Young winning season Keuchel is a two time all star and a four time gold glove winner I'm Dave

Dallas Keuchel Keiko Diamondbacks White Sox Keuchel Dave
Caller: Criminals Would Think Twice if Someone Was Armed

ToddCast Podcast with Todd Starnes

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Caller: Criminals Would Think Twice if Someone Was Armed

"Let me just make one comment about auburn university because I was born and raised in Alabama and what we call auburn is a very good school to go to if you can't afford to go to a very good school. Well, there you go. I'm not going to get into that bite. I'm a Tennessee fan, so I've already got a dog in the fight. We got our own problems. I understand. Let me just say that I'm a retired marine 24 expert marksmanship awards in the Marine Corps and I'm a Christian man. I'm an older white man considerably older than you and let me just say that in the county that I live in here in North Carolina, there are more concealed carry holders than you can shake a stick at and if somebody wants to pull out a gun and start shooting people, he's going to get weighed down by a crowd of armed people. As well it should be Philip and I think when the bad guys understand that, you know, when they, when they know that, hey, look, there's a pretty good chance people here are packing heat, or if a homeowner is packing heat and is well protected, you think you think the bad guys are going to think twice before they knock in that front door. That's exactly right. That's the entire point of the Second Amendment.

Auburn University Auburn Alabama Marine Corps Tennessee North Carolina Philip
What Is the Frank Newman Award?

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What Is the Frank Newman Award?

"What is the Frank Newman award? In recognition of coordinated approach to educating all students from preschool to post secondary with explicit attention toward whole child supports and services. As well as its historic financial investments. To ensure educational equity. I gave it away. Gave it away. That's right. Now, increasingly, virtually all California students will fail. That's equity everybody. I deserve the Frank Newman award. I gotta say.

Frank Newman Award California
What's Next for the Supreme Court?

The Hugh Hewitt Show: Highly Concentrated

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What's Next for the Supreme Court?

"The long way for ro continues in legacy media. I mean, we're going to have this for a year. They're going to have 6 Shiva for a year over roe V wade and Planned Parenthood to be Casey. Meanwhile, the states are moving back to what they ought to be doing. I want to look ahead. I've done what's code as did a lot. I've written three Washington Post columns on West Virginia university alone. I want to look ahead to the next term, because I think it's going to be as big at least on the ending of use of race to award benefits or inflict penalty. And many other, what's ahead, Ilya, for next year. It's going to be another big term the court's not taking a year off. There is affirmative action in Harvard and UNC. There's the case called three O three creative, which builds on masterpiece cake shop, the baker who didn't want to make a cake for a same sex wedding. This time it's a graphic designer and a website. So no question that this is First Amendment protected activity, big cultural case. You mentioned West Virginia university, PA, which I think is the longest lasting decision this term prudentially. Next term a case like that also involves the EPA, but the clean water act and regulating the so called waters of the United States. If they're navigable, navigable waters, even if it's puddles, the EPA comes in and you can't build on the land, the case called sackett, second time that litigation has gotten to the Supreme Court. And California has been regulating the rest of the country. You might have heard in lots of different ways. There's a pork producer's case. You're thinking, agricultural regulation, California. Why is that important? Well, when they set the standard, whether it's for emissions, for agriculture, it's not like manufacturers, agricultural companies do one thing for the California market and another thing for the rest. So that sets national standards. And so there's something that lawyers call the dormant commerce clause or a state regulating interstate commerce that comes up. That's just a few of the big cases. And there's more. Election regulation, of course. When a state court rewrites what the legislature has done, this came up a number of times in Pennsylvania in the last election, but this is a case out of North Carolina. So the court is going to decide that, hopefully, once and for all.

Roe V Wade West Virginia University Shiva Ilya Casey EPA Washington Post UNC Harvard California Sackett PA Supreme Court United States Legislature Pennsylvania North Carolina
Congress honors WWII hero of Iwo Jima with ultimate salute

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Congress honors WWII hero of Iwo Jima with ultimate salute

"World War twos last remaining Medal of Honor recipient has been given another rare honor in the capital Herschel woody Williams was just 5 6 135 pounds Not the biggest marine Yet he was a force of nature on the battlefield House speaker Nancy Pelosi among those paying tribute to Williams who died last month at 98 He is just the 7th private citizen to lie in honor in the capital rotunda 77 years after Harry Truman awarded him the Medal of Honor for his actions on Iwo Jima With the number of World War II veterans dwindling senator Joe Manchin from Williams home state of West Virginia says this tribute was fitting He was the greatest of the greatest generation Sagar Meghani Washington

Woody Williams Nancy Pelosi Williams Harry Truman Senator Joe Manchin House West Virginia Sagar Meghani Washington
Judge rejects Amber Heard's request to set aside Depp win

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Judge rejects Amber Heard's request to set aside Depp win

"A judge outside Washington has rejected a request from actor Amber Heard to set aside the judgment awarded in favor of her ex-husband actor Johnny Depp I'm Archie's are a letter with the latest Ember hurts legal team had filed a motion earlier this month to have the libel verdict against her set aside or a mistrial declared among the issues cited was a juror who has the same name and address as his father but it was the father who had been called for jury duty Judge penny S karate rejected all of herd's claims saying specifically the juror issue was irrelevant Depp had won a $10 million judgment against herd earlier this year over a 2018 op-ed piece she had written Heard had won a $2 million judgment on a counterclaim against Depp Heard can still take her case to the Virginia Court of Appeals

Amber Heard Johnny Depp Judge Penny S Karate Archie Washington Ed Piece Depp Depp Heard Virginia Court Of Appeals
'Succession' tops Emmy nominations, 'Squid Game' also scores

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'Succession' tops Emmy nominations, 'Squid Game' also scores

"Succession leads to the nominations for the Emmy Awards with 25 I'm Archie's are a letter with the latest Succession will make another run at the best drama Emmy It won in that category in 2020 its competition is Better Call Saul euphoria Ozark severance Stranger Things yellow jackets and Squid Game the first non English language series to be nominated in a top category Ted Lasso has 20 nominations It competes for best comedy against Abbott elementary Barry curb your enthusiasm hacks The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel only murders in the building and What We Do in the Shadows The Emmys will be shown live on NBC on September 12th

Better Call Saul Euphoria Ozar Emmy Awards Archie Ted Lasso Emmy Abbott Elementary Barry Mrs. Maisel Emmys NBC
Joe Sakic Wins the 2022 NHL 'GM of the Year' Award

Schlereth and Evans

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Joe Sakic Wins the 2022 NHL 'GM of the Year' Award

"Joe sakic Wednesday NHL GM executive of the year award and so deserving and again, it's a regular season award that was voted on, but boy, it would have looked kind of silly to have given it to somebody else after you saw the way the avalanche went out and won the cup. In large parts of the moves he made, man. He pushed every button and hey, we've been pretty lucky here in this town to watch. Guys that were great athletes championship athletes also kind of show their chops as an executive. First John Elway and now, Joe sack, yeah, and that's pretty rare. Isn't it? To have a guy who's awesome on the ice or on the field, be able to spot talent and have and have a knack for putting a team together and understanding the levers to pull in the buttons to push, 'cause a lot of guys man, a lot of guys are just instinctively so good and they can't explain why and they can't put it together and I know some will accuse John Elway of having a little bit of that later in his career, but he brought us another Super Bowl as an executive and Joe sacking, this award much deserved to me, you look at Jared bednar and that's Jared bednar is just a reflection of Joe sakic's approach and just trusting him to get his team on the right track. A guy who was not well known and gave him the reins and so much deserved a joke sacking and let's go get another

Joe Sakic Joe Sack John Elway NHL Avalanche Jared Bednar Joe Sacking Super Bowl
Biden awards Medal of Freedom to Biles, McCain, Giffords

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Biden awards Medal of Freedom to Biles, McCain, Giffords

"President Biden has awarded the nation's highest civilian honor to 17 people This is America The Medal of Freedom recipients range from athletes Megan Rapinoe and Simone Biles the nation's most decorated gymnast She has to her medal count of 32 I don't know if you're going to find room To civil rights lawyer Fred gray Fresh legal brilliance and strategy to segregated schools and secured the right to vote Former congresswoman and shooting survivor Gabby Giffords One of the most courageous people I have ever known X Biden said it colleague Alan Simpson This is the real deal Their late colleague John McCain received a metal posthumously as did labor leader Richard trumka and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs When Steve left us as something special Actor Denzel Washington was to get a medal but skipped the ceremony after getting COVID-19 Sagar Meghani Washington

President Biden Megan Rapinoe Simone Biles Fred Gray Gabby Giffords America Alan Simpson Biden Richard Trumka John Mccain Steve Jobs Denzel Washington Apple Steve Sagar Meghani Washington
"award  " Discussed on Longform Podcast

Longform Podcast

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"award " Discussed on Longform Podcast

"There, it's max. So you might remember around this time last year we did a 5 part series of interviews with winners of the prestigious George Polk journalism award, and I am very happy to say we're back. We're doing it again. Every day this week, Monday through Friday, we're going to air an interview with a different Polk award winner discussing the work that earned them the award. And I just want to say on a somewhat optimistic note, the competition this year was stiff. The Polk awards got a record number of submissions this year, and from a record number of outlets, which just feels to me like a real testament to the enduring value and power and importance of investigative journalism. So some of the people that you'll hear from this week are folks that you've heard on the show before. But some of them are brand new to the podcast, including this first guest, claris award. Clarissa is the chief foreign correspondent at CNN. And she won her Polk award for her real-time coverage last summer from Afghanistan as the Taliban came to power and U.S. forces withdrew. You might remember it was a deeply chaotic time, and we talked about how she makes sense of the chaos of a moment like that. We also talked about how she managed to interview Taliban leaders amidst all that chaos. And I also was just curious about how she balances doing this job, reporting from conflicts and war zones. She actually talked to me from Ukraine with her life at home with her family. So here's my conversation with clarissa ward and stay tuned for the rest of the week. We got more interviews with George Polk award winners coming your way. Clarissa,.

George Polk claris Taliban Clarissa CNN Afghanistan U.S. clarissa ward Ukraine
"award  " Discussed on Locked On Women’s Basketball

Locked On Women’s Basketball

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"award " Discussed on Locked On Women’s Basketball

"Year quickly And i wanna save. I'll save my. Mvp ballot for thursday. So something to look forward to coach of the year. I went back and forth on this because on the one hand you have. Kurt miller and connecticut was always in the mix for a top four. Finish but not the clear winner. Always and kurt miller had to coach the team a time when they were without their best player. Mvp candidate john quilt jones. On the other hand you have cheryl reeve. This team wasn't expected to finish very well. They did not start very well at all and yet they got a first round bye. And the third overall seat Cheryl rees had to really work through some wild injuries. The whole thing with leisure clarendon. It was wild and crazy so those are the top two candidates and not to mention that both of them are also. Gm's and i think that's what took the cake for me. I think that for coach. I would give it to kurt miller and i did but if i were voting on. Gm of the year. I would give it to cheryl miller. It's a distinction for sure. I think that gm cheryl worked overtime this season whereas gm. Kurt miller did not have to. But i felt that coach kurt miller was able to maintain a certain level of consistency which we did not see across the league and ultimately yes boring boring boring. Consistency boring boring. Consistency is how i made my choice. And i don't mean that as a negative i. I'm just saying that there were a lot of extenuating circumstances across the league. We also saw that. James wade had a really nice stretch there. A lot of people thought he would be considered coach of the year caliber and coach of the year material. But i don't know Excuse me Chicago kind of struggled at points and again connecticut. One the games that they were supposed to win. Minnesota did not win the games. There were supposed to win early on the did eventually do that but i gave it. Kurt i could just as easily have given it to cheryl but i i i sided with kurt miller for coach of the year. So let me know your thoughts on that but now we get to the goods and of course i'm talking about most improved player. I i will read to you once again. I know you like my dramatic readings and if you don't Just kind of keep utters off. Just kidding i mean someone dear media representative you have been selected to serve on. Okay got that okay to vote for the wnba. Most improved player of the twenty twenty one season and this is in red. Please note this award is designed to honor a player who has made a dramatic improvement from the previous season or seasons. This is not intended to be given to a player who has made a quote comeback and quote. Okay let me give you Sixth player of the year. Just so we have it Dear meteoroid okay. We got that good. Good good to vote for the wnba. Sixth woman of the year for the twenty twenty one season. Now this is in red ink and underlined. So it's really really important. This award is designed to honor a player for their contributions in a reserve role in order to be eligible for this award. A player must come off the bench for more games than they start. Oh kay that's what we have. I'm going to stick with six player of the year. A lot of people have kelsey plum in the six player of the year. Conversation and kelsey plum did come off the bench for the majority of the twenty twenty one season Show in all of her games played so i'm using wnba dot com again in. All of her games played which is twenty six for the twenty twenty one season. She started zero times and she averaged fourteen point. Eight points per game And a bunch of other stuff Okay but i. I did not vote. Kelsey pump six player of the year. I actually voted kelsey. Plum most improved player of the year. Now i know bree jones a lot of people consensus is that this should be briones award. I wish with my whole heart. That i could do that because breach old. Let me. just let me take you to breeze stat line. Should we can do this proba but if we go to briones such an impact such an impactful player if there was like an impactful player of the whatever then sure let's give it to breathe jones but This being her fifth season with connecticut. She was fourteen point. Seven points per game. Seven point three rebounds overall four point. Two of those are defensive rebounds critical she improved to seventy nine point six percent up from sixty nine point one percent from the free free throw line. Not many three point attempts show. That went down. Field goal percentage went down from last season Minutes per game went up from twenty six point one to thirty point. Six games played thirty. Two games started thirty. Two last season. games played twenty. One games started twenty-seven season before that games played twenty seven games started zero and the same in two thousand eighteen and started twenty three games in two thousand seventeen and started zero. So you see there's a progression most improved player Again if we go to what it says here It it does encapsulated. Not just this season. But the last few seasons comparative there is improvement here definite improvement for jones. But let me tell you about a player for most improved. That i'm gonna tell you the give me the stats of the player that i chose. And then i'll reveal their name but this player improved from the field goal for their field. Goal percentage. Thirty six point. Five percent for the season prior forty three point seven percent this season from three thirty five point seven percent thirty eight point six percent this season the season prior eighty seven point two percent.

kurt miller gm john quilt jones cheryl reeve Cheryl rees kelsey plum connecticut cheryl briones wnba cheryl miller James wade clarendon bree jones proba Kurt Minnesota Chicago
"award  " Discussed on Comic Dwarves

Comic Dwarves

05:53 min | 1 year ago

"award " Discussed on Comic Dwarves

"But yeah the whole. I was advising. Yes i'm gonna sway the whole like i was like ruins all the way like i'm gonna flip mark like fifteen fake accounts go like. I just never got around scheme. Give me never bold enough. Okay guys so tonight is as mentioned or inaugural jimmy awards. I've got a few questions on a see how accurate you guys are. How firmly you have a finger on the pulse of our audience and and how well you're able to predict the direction of their voting. Do we get a mulligan. I'm not gonna say what the answers are just yet. Allow us to determine these answers as we go along a rig determining straight off of like what we just think the general population is gonna say. Yeah you can. I mean you're you're welcome to do both you say. I think the voting was this way but it should be this way type thing so first question. Which book do you guys think one the most overall awards saga easily saga for sure. Saga anything nominated for saga comic. Book could be nominated for the academy award for best actress in a best leading actress and screenplay and it would still fucking win is an actress. A movie no but it's still going to win that award Feel the hell way might have went to just because hell boy is like an easy poll. People make gravitate towards it because of that but realistically saga for sure right. I felt like you're all wrong. Obviously but It's blackest night for just just by virtue of literally. Every dc person is in their selection by volume of characters like it has something for everyone so has so it's like all of our plastic man fans are like. I'm going to vote for everything that plastic man was in. And that's the only thing that he was in and just copying they set. Yes eagle hawk man. Just whenever wherever you need it exactly. I joked about that wackos night. Compendium like bookshelf leg volume. But i've completely forgotten was green lantern. As i go common totally into them. It's funny that that ridiculously priced series of hardback box. Set has popped up three times independently in our chat as joke every time did it. As soon as it was announced somebody else posted it at some point in the someone else posted a just recently. But every time i see it i'm like is it ridiculous. Yeah is it like ten hardbacks. That i just never wanna read again. Yeah is it like five hundred dollars. Yeah but i would still buy if it showed up at kamikaze. lucky indeed. if you're looking for an easy sale didi.

jimmy awards academy award didi
"award  " Discussed on Best of The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Best of The Steve Harvey Morning Show

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"award " Discussed on Best of The Steve Harvey Morning Show

"Laugh as of darrow curse falls but the dirty south boys go down south. Make the most of each moment with an exceptionally capable toyota. Suv like the wrath for trt offroad toyota. Let's go places. Nominations were announced yesterday for the seventy third emmy awards and here. We go. steve. Anthony anderson for blackish tracy ellis ross for blackish reggae gene. Page for richardson. We all learned him sterling k. Brown this is us. Billy porter pose journey small at for lovecraft county or lovecraft country Best drama jared. Ernie sister journey smallest sister very stern. Oh i thought you said just back to lovecraft country. I love that. Show all right best comedy. Blackish other show nominees. Include the flight attendant. Love that show to the crown and lovecraft country The seventy third. Emmy steve will be hosted by your boy. One of the kings of comedy. Entertainer that's major. That is going to be good. You know it all right. Well the seventy third emmys will be hosted by like a said cedric. The entertainer september nineteenth. On the as congratulations for me. You're going to be watching. Stephen new york only watch show he meant award. Show you watch award. Show watch one of the nominations one of watery can't win on. I say something about him being black in and he never mentioned like anybody daniell jones. Try to kill him. He came to the ball where all the single men came. All the white girl wounded. Mostly he walked through the party like he'll nobody. I was just clown running through how to gab. Black back over next to. I'll be next to every you because they didn't make a big deal out of everyone they never mentioned on the show. Yeah that's you could see it. You know i was mad at his dad. Oh my own black. i've out. i drew a black. I bought it up in bridget. Back the way dan treated treat newboy like that for joe. Ugly cute man. I'll i'll daddy he wouldn't. I'll tell you what if you look like your daddy. You wouldn't have been a hit at the ball. I can tell you that right now. Did you see their wego white. We look like y'all fit code on all right. Have smile more something. Don't you couldn't just be the ball. Leave white folks in here looking. You ain't even have to be got on off your horse. You should have bought the horsey on crazy coming to the party in your house. I looked better. You should wrote his in here in little detail on that whole true. K thank you. This is andrew with the news. Well on this the twenty first day after the collapse of that seaside condo building just north of miami beach now ninety five bodies have been from the rubble mayor. Danielle eleven cava said that it remains an intense immense arduous task. we've narrowed over eighteen million pounds of concrete and debris and eight hundred ninety. Two trucks have come through the site transporting the debris a lot. Authorities are now searching for some fourteen other missing people so far eighty. Five of the bodies have been positively identified a grand jury investigation also underway into the partial collapse of the champlain. Tower south building president biden and addressing an audience in philadelphia yesterday said voting rights for all americans is the fundamental test of our time. His quote and federal legislation is needed now to counter efforts by republican led states to restrict access to voting especially by minorities. Mr biden said it's a nationwide movement which he calls a twenty-first-century jim crow assault and although he didn't mention donald trump by name. He did suggest that. This whole movement was founded on the ex-president's big lie. Mercker if you lose except the results you follow the constitution. You try again. You don't call facts fake then. Try to bring down the american determine just because you're unhappy. Mr biden's comments came as democratic state. Lawmakers from texas left that state yesterday so the gop colleagues a couldn't have the number legislators needed to officially pass a bill that greatly restricts access to voting in the longhorn state. A lot of people felt this was coming The shakeup in haiti the top security officials at the presidential palace in the wake of that brutal assassination of the country's president one of the big questions was always how did how did colombian murderers enter his private residence so easily and why none of his security detail was killed or even injured more than two dozen assassin storm choices joe moist home killing him and wounding the first lady who still in the florida hospital right now eighteen colombians to haitian americans and a haitian doctor. Who's been living in. Florida are in custody. Some other suspects still at large finally a mural honoring the late rapper d. m. x. unveiled outside his childhood home in yonkers new york yesterday the mural features of course the likeness of the famous rapper. And after i from his song look through my eyes and a whole lot of people on on on on on the outside waiting and singing with his music. Amx earl simmons died last april of heart attack at age fifty. Now back to steve harvey morning show. You're listening to steve harvey morning. Show the been thinking about mcdonald's all day can't get it off my mind i can already toast it. Got my mind on my mouth and my mouth ready for some mickey days deal. There's a deal for every moment at mcdonald's right now get to of your favorites for just three fifty makes magic classic chicken a hot and spicy mcchicken or juicy mcdonnell price. Participation may vary cannot be combined with combo meal single item at regular price. I'm tampering bridget. And i'm adrienne. Hobart and with hosts of sweat the details a new podcast from under armour and iheart each week. We'll talk to top performing women and fitness or and science it's suppo- cast by women. Four women hit to shake up the conversation about women in sports. Listen to sweat the details on the iheartradio app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast..

blackish tracy ellis ross Billy porter lovecraft county Emmy steve Mr biden daniell jones toyota newboy Anthony anderson Danielle eleven cava emmy awards Tower south building cedric Ernie jared richardson Mercker bridget steve
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"In homecoming. Put it in. Put it in very very funny. Yeah so good. I mean obviously builds word the stinger about patients the joke on the audience. And then there's the longer quiet on the bonus features but just the part that we see throughout the movie. So funny and chris evans deliberate is perfect and this that and then i would also throw this out really everything between tony. Doctor strange all of their bickering and infinity. War is so amusing but specifically when tony says what is your job exactly besides making balloon animals and doctor strange says protecting your reality douchebag. Back your love that i love that. Also when he asked. If peter is tony's board gels your ward funny. I love this man. Long piecing out piecing out in infinity war. It wasn't funny in the theaters. But the thought of wong's being like now y'all got. This makes me laugh every time. It's time i watch them. They're really funny movies. There are a lot of candidates. I mean you know everything that tony does funny boy. What what to vote for here saturday. My pick already know. I don't mind to actually. I'm going with louise's truth serum speech which i think a incredible sequence that the the actual monologue is wonderful. The interplay between the characters is hysterical in the performance is amazing specifically. I think my favorite line has always been but there was this one rothko. That was sublime. Bro oh my god. That's my lewis. I gotta you know what. I'm changing the award. I'm giving tracks lifetime achievement award. That's the best comedic actor in mcu drag. Because they're amount of like lines. We came out with he just needs and this is a character like she should not be funny. He should not be as funny as he is like. David teesta kusei and to see where he goes. The little tiny glasses and all the movies come on. I gotta give a lifetime. Achievement award to jackson david species name so i agree with the life time achievement award but for this particular award. I'm giving it to the The truth serum ran. I came up with the category specifically to give that award to that. So that's that's i'm gonna tell you can newsflash. We came up with all the categories this amenable workshop. I know but what i'm saying. Is the only reason why i thought about that because i thought you know nobody talks about how good he is in that like us. He's really really kick ass raise. Man there was. They saved the day delightful he's great hugely consequential to given the role that the van that his his his ban ends up playing. You know traveling tunnel. Okay louise wins. Next time to hear from the blog father himself christopher ryan mallory ended midnight boys pew pew crying here to watch podcast the home of prestige. Tv and i'm excited to be a part of the versus fans of the wringer might know. I love a good bit part. I don't mean like that's what she said. I mean actually. Like a small part of the word that i'm going to present to kademi is the best. I completely forgot that person. Who's in the mcu or here are the nominees. Luwia mind as chess. Roberts in ironman to richard armitage. I forgot all about heinz kruger. In the first avenger. Robert redford obviously huge name. But you kinda forget the. He's a peers. Winter soldier mighty bark one of our great character actors as nicodemus west doctor. Strange due to kind of screws up benedikt hands and then somebody please remind me. Carry coons and infinity war proxima midnight. You get my vote. I'm curious to see you guys are gonna select. Thank you for having the versus. Okay i say this with just boundless love and affection and respect for chris ryan genuinely one of the most important people in my life. This has a real. I've only watch these movies once five to me. Robert redford the winter soldier. If you don't frequently returned to think about the winter soldier. But i wonder if chris would be okay with us on on the fly here slightly the way we're thinking about the character where it's less. I forgot this person was in this role and more like boy. Isn't that a surprise. Can't believe they got that person to play that role and then you can. You can throw out so many contenders like glenn close would be my pick in that sense for just forgetting are going to be real. I forgot the amount was artist hours like she was. This is not somebody. Actually forget was in the mcu but in the spirit of the exercise. What about adam. Pally gary in the tv truck in iron man. Three the tony stark superfan and aptx pick in this category. That's a great stuff man who you picking. It's tough for me robert redford. I don't really believe is Is like a a real answer here because he pops back up again like you said so robert. I'm not really into so legitimately one of the most famous people who ever lived. So you're having some issues with this. You're you're you're. You're not digging this when that much and i love. Chris and i support him. Richard armitage. i mean don't forget about it okay. Shield i'm gonna go with the livia mine because going with the. Your mind is because literally the only one that i went. Oh they were in. This was libya by was mine. Everybody else. I'm like yeah. Alexander pearce was the entire light. Use the protagonists for like the whole movie. Yeah he's kind of a big deal. And i love chris christie my guy so go live your month because i actually had forgotten that she was in the. Afc you for sure. That's a good one. I'll go with that as well can. Tough beat for chris. He just texted me. It's like you could sense that we were dunking on him in the moment nerds dunking on chris. I feel so bad. I didn't dunk on him as much. I feel like we laid it up and put a nasty schilder fake on them. No like a nasty shoulder fake but we laid it. We didn't don't okay charles. It's time for your second award of the day. Our guys is my second and final award of the night. It's called the what the casting award aka alternate world where this actor when their addition i we have chadwick. Boseman as drax daniel craig as store ryan. Gosling has doctor. Strange and john krasinski as captain america guys. I wanna know who which actor. What totally derailed. Mcu if they have played one of these characters.

Richard armitage Chris john krasinski Robert redford robert redford christopher ryan mallory chris Alexander pearce chris evans richard armitage store ryan Boseman saturday David teesta kusei second award robert Roberts Gosling tony Pally gary
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"Congratulations to all the windows. We should have a ryan awards night. And then we everything concubine awards away from the hands. But that's okay. We get alec baldwin's daughter to come out on stage in and a world war. Assist the fat little. Piggy one married to honor. That's bull case. So many baldwin's he's a bold lena and she's a bowlin as well. If we're on is. I don't remember what paul kosta is. Soda was but we didn't talk about alec baldwin calling his daughter pig and how in famer reference it wasn't the worst thing that a parent could do. Do you think would have taken a lot more than what we received as children pechanga. It's to learend tom. We enjoyed being on the. We are the watches podcast because stri in because of podcast audio quality But we had a really fun time. It was an interesting bull matt. Different from the review episodes that we do and i remember us talking a lot about the law. Stands and money highest angelo. Tom there yeah. So hopefully this is the one of many speaking of one of many. We have a lovely delightful message for a long time. Friend of the foia reference podcasts. Anime nerd was katie. Old guys another year down on the podcast lucia war. I still think personally this looser should be an actual award that you know you just hand out but isn't came one day you guys will take my advice for it anyway now for the. I just want to give you guys especially special shot out. Congratulations on the dial. It's always been a blast working with you guys. I swear it's like having a group of friends all the way across the you know in australia. So it's really cool. I can't wait to actually come out there and visit you guys. You guys are like at this guys like family like even though we haven't met bombing somewhere across the world sell keep up the good work. You guys content. I've always a blast working with you guys. Shoes always blanche's even talking to you guys. Even when we're not doing anything podcasts related. I can't link to keep fun hearing you guys work. And i'm looking forward to more great content in the future art. Congratulations on another year. Oh let's cheese on amina. I do say many times that if we went. A all-round podcast The collaboration that we had with anime nerd and savage talker may take want us to be an early podcast. Yup still holding out. Hope for all but thank you. So much automated. We really appreciate. Yeah message on the species. Awards was ego towboat. Rainy said i pray. I pray i pray. And he didn't make it sound religious and now he's calling us families. I've enjoying this maybe politics next year. Hopefully maybe pull up the offer show level. Oh absolutely absolutely so now that we you know diving into the end of the award. Scher don't worry valley friends and lovers. It can go listen to our other episodes but we all rounding out the species awards but now we are really getting into the highest sustain. The texan them. Beck's old good enough but of it all we are rounding out the twenty twenty one. Second newell splashes awards. We've daddy would an also splash mountain. Tae who very exciting as colby. We mentioned earlier the carpet as filthy as we. I never thought of that. So kudos to koby thumbs up wherever wherever orifice thumbs up or k. Let's get into daddy. Would this the creme de la creme if we were to nominate this everything else disappears. Dad is definitely your right hand. Man you definitely want him in your can't his loyal he loves he loves. Oh yes through. And through. Lucky year he seeks. All's volley validation as well. Oh yeah everyone does like a daddy complex. They should call it. Daddy would even pretend though by me. Still and i did say earlier. We should have gone. Daddy would offer. Even i have even have a lion. And i do you have a live. Do i have a liner not no not even panty line and the award for daddy would in two thousand and twenty one the nominees that we have pushed savell destroy. You insecure season full parasite it they oneplus. And the we're not. Daddy would in twenty twenty one for the second annual spiritual awards in the foyer reference. Podcast which cates here. Not we have fucking pussy valid and the winner for dottie would of twenty twenty one. We have katie. I live cucolo the crooked crooked her that i just handed myself the award motherfuckers because even if you are lead you can be flick your motherfucker himself. Go and check out p valley. We see the downloads. We nurture people are listening to the episode. God fucking worcestershire. Throw you watch american gods on stause going valley instead abell quiz abundance go either bill quiz my final form. Thank you so much. I will gladly accept this award in my pussy valley. Wow yeah. I think it's hard to put a case for pussy volley winning. I think it's one of the best things you've watched see. Oh absolutely absolutely the fact that it's already holly as a spark as well so you didn't win breath small margins fun anyway. Yeah we good us out early on. I think also the interesting thing is like you can talk about film and and watching you know specific sort of stories but i feel like the true sort of litmus test about how diversified you are in regards to a watching habits is your tv shirts. Because that's kind of what keeps you company On a week tweak sorta basis as opposed to the the.

australia alec baldwin paul kosta next year Tom Soda baldwin Beck lena lucia war Rainy two thousand tom katie worcestershire twenty one creme de la creme american gods on koby one
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"I think it takes something to be an awesome all fan and gene. And that's what we were so happy all the time. Oh my thank you so much Griff griff is you i. I enjoy every interaction. we have Umbrella academy it was interesting hearing his thoughts about it. Especially with uncut gems and quip lash as. Well it's always interesting to see what episodes people latch onto And it's nice to have that unbridled Boy fucking love you griff And we're glad that you enjoy Spiciest of episodes but it makes sense. Because you're an awesome fan so you know what it's like to be screamed at and have no completion. Oh what a lovely. Time rounding out the vip section of our red carpet. We have logo smith media which includes the smoke and mirrors podcasts as well as my sophomore and sisters at in defender. Let's see what they have to say. Hi this is jews from india. Faith podcast as we were introduced to for your reference part cost through Brother cosmic mirrors. I'll admit we are nowhere near as knowledgeable about movies in shows as katie and Ah giving things apple. I one of those that will watch a movie and then halfway. I've seen this movie before. Maybe adoree the facials. I get from rogue from chimeras died twenty times from the laser beams. He shoots out of his is But in saying that listening to for your reference pod it's just so -taining and so engaging you have this constant ping pong game you do what you bounce around from agreeing with katie's views and then you know like i agree with ot now even though. I haven't seen this show the movie that they're talking about after listening to some episodes man it actually makes me wanna great chocolate myth leagues or wherever to watch it I love the reviews. I love the different perspectives from katie and I love the chemistry and to top it off their amazing you're putting they release an awesome christmas episode and honesty. You feel like you're in the same room with them. It's so good. I've got to say. I think i agree a lot more with your views. Stor kabc's your feistiness girl. E show that island pride Molly asante we love you guys. Ooh wow all. I fucking lovey gills. But you'll very culprit like you know. Give a compliment. And then and then so then a compliment. I think it was all compliment. There's been a longstanding. Feud between someone's tokens and you about to open that portal jewels. Take some more reasonable. Yeah but also signing from book of license. She agrees with me. You know sanni mean to sort of hold its garage ball you know. There's a misunderstanding us to walk. I thought we shared a bond and it so happened that we did so from the perspective of the surprised that she said. Oh i resident. Katie nolan really. Does if come to think about it. I'll give you the truth in. Katie has just tease of the who takes otake that i just was spicy. Spice kellyanne day besmirch are sunny there. She agrees really then. That's something that there's something in that either besmirch sunny to spruce jewels. That's a katy testament that will never be taught in any theology curriculums but in the curriculum. It is most welcome. Let's get to the meaty part of the sandwiches we talking about. The actual splashy award categories for everyone is listening to the first splashy awards. We were like little babies coming into the podcast game. But al-bandar and our references were very clear from the first year poed costing so a lot of our award categories very acutely coincidentally out patron. Tease reflect references. That are very specific to our first year of podcast Being an bearing the responsibility of being an awards committee is not an easy thing. Although we do feel like oscarssowhite exists for a reason right. How about ot sir. Not right but again. We have covered fifty different tv shows and movies within our second year so it wasn't easy to get to Nominees everyone wants to get a peek behind the curtain. We nominate from five to one. Allocating points on who the nominees will be as our so our patrons who also had the opportunity to vote within their corresponding tease ambler and we are going from strength to strength and you know why why because to be able to have that insecure kelly growth. You need to have a foundation absolutely absolutely. Let's get into firm foundation award. Category language claimed the groundwork for the story. Easy in your mind. You could see where the story would possibly go. And in law give you the excitement of wanting to watch father to see how it develops but that's like saying you've laid the foundation for a house and the houses in dunya. You can't praise that met once you've laid on the half the foundation of the house. The house pretty much done. That's the hardest thing to do. Join me on oldies conjectural. One is missing you to build your house. Just just just block him. And this is why you're not allowed on the twitter. Did you say. I had to communicate in a bouma so i had to call it the twitter for those of you who built houses before no this again. I don't wanna be liable for the dodgy workmanship. May you had commitment to build your house. go all the way. I don't really established that you'll come. Melissa honor awhile. Yeah absolutely right. So let's get into the firm foundation award the first award of the species awards in twenty twenty one so this award encapsulates a tv show or movie that is popular but it is worth all of the praise and we all most welcome. Let's talk about the nominees for firm foundation in order of release date on the foyer. Reference podcasts profane foundation we have la casa the propel otherwise known as money highest pot. Full the godfather trilogy The shield I may destroy you and parasite oh that is a strong start to the splashes awards is it is and i think i'll go my on that. Yeah because this is how we devised it sir and the winner for firm foundation.

Katie nolan Katie india Melissa twitter katie twenty times five christmas Umbrella academy second year dunya fifty different tv shows first year first Griff griff oscarssowhite The shield I may destroy you griff first award
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"Words for ward's i love this game nba relaxed. It's basically best male lead. Best female lead Best movie works movie. Those are the four four left. These are big swing. These are big swinger. Swing is i. I think wingers less name for the hill. Let's really quickly before we dive into these big ones here and a brand new award claim ills. He said i don't know what. But i love it a brand new award. I'm bringing a table called the fan group and it's the greenies because they've been hanging out all day long to watch to watch paul green man. He's they're hanging out in the facebook group. Shout out to the greenie is win the fans of the year from these guys. They're big words double deckers and then everyone on the greenies. How dairy let's take them to the arl. Can you imagine like. I'm like frigging one side Musical with the the knives and stuff where they go to the yard the old school musical and the new york you. When you're a jet oh west side story. I story jake with the grease heidi's get out described westside story by saying they go out to the yard with the knives that is we got reena. Could not be more. Sorry has get imploded. Their new york skyline where you said. When you're a jet that would have been the yard. What is that a musical euro. Nine the musical nice. It's about four inches dugout my knife. It's about five inches. Best opening number and it eight just goes through their grief. What do we have next. Boys the smolder tomorrow. The smolder burn as you know when the the male leads are really getting it done. We say they have smolder. Burn so this award goes to the best male performance of twenty twenty nicely done here. We go number one ian bailey and deliver by christmas movie depressing. Smoldering sad smolder. That's right sometimes. You need those yup. Okay tyler hindes on the twelfth day of christmas high needs sorry about what your what i said about when you're hiding behind nope either we'll keep when you're behind your behind all the time it's been years last four awards a good. Put the clock on it next week. Will kim christmas waltz. Yeah people love them some. We'll camp next. Michael rady in the christmas bo. What's not to love about radio. And lastly winkle heads. Travis van winkle checked christmas wish sheesh project christmas wish those are the nominees all well deserving chris's mad. He didn't get nominated even though he wasn't in a christmas movie What does give him another hall stored. That's what we'll do that will make him. We'll double up. The winner of the smolder to burn award is tyler. Ha on the twelfth data dashing. Hymies won the beard. The key with hines is the beer. Yeah without the beard he looks a little matthew perish but with the beard. Goes a long way that tyler on. Yeah you know what he's got on drugs are off trucks. Matthew perry we're do we're making fun of matthew perry right now. No i'm asking dairy okay. I would never make national treasures. He's very good. He's in the ron clark. Luby's the second time. And i think as many weeks to bring a done and you don't know a lot about ron clock you can we go to tyler hynes. Let's see if we have triumvirate of attracted the triplets of brand panda daniel. Thank you for including me award. Show very much. Appreciate and to the fans for voting. Thank you really appreciate the fact that you guys watch the movies and enjoy them. Best male performance smolder burn. Sounds like a very strong category and very grateful to be included in that. And i hope you enjoy the next movie line and daniel. If you don't just give me a good solid roasting appreciate that just the same scene. The next movie and heidi's fully. Wow tyler is working on the honorees by colin. I'm gonna need you to take it down like three notches or like okay. Okay take turn. Your camera is getting weird. Real fast i mean. Is it after eleven. you know. it's still not coma dan. I forty five minutes. And all bets are off belt shots and elizabeth cohen actor. Hani my gosh. This is so excited. This is so exciting. The real hallmark queen. Now i i think. I think everyone knows how. I feel about this award. I've made my plea perfectly clear on the podcast but all five of these gals deserve this award. There tastic truly do clear. We say real homework queen. We are not crowning a new queen for life. This is the queen of twenty twenty twenty twenty. That is what this is. it's nothing else. Best performance twenty. Twenty the real hallmark queen. We are crying that tonight. For twenty twenty with a decky franquet. I'm very excited about this. First one rachel leak cook. I'm very happy. She's included her performance and cross country. Christmas was absolutely phenomenal. Movie blend Came out of nowhere so congratulate. She was great. She really naked loach. What what else. Come on. Christmas sweet autumn. The list goes on phenomenal year for nikki Bethany joy len and we love her. We love our five star. Christmas so good. Amanda shoal. Wow i love it. The pick project. Christmas wish prize of the year Surprised that year absolutely so good. Check out that interview with winkle from wednesday and last but not least kimberly suss stat. She has to be included on those two movies. Just quarter four both of them. Very good a weddings. Every weekend came out in august. I believe and. I don't know what timber september so. I don't know what quarters you're talking about. September october november december three months three months in quarter kober november twelve months. Twelve divided by four equals. Three buddy i want to stand by four four eagles. A quarter four four. He's right on that. Four hundred dollar never equals quarter. Just straight up. If or foreigners equals a all quarters do equal a dollar in this case. Each quarter is three months four. Each month is made up.

five star Michael rady august colin Twelve wednesday Travis van three months Each month two movies Christmas daniel next week forty five minutes tyler hindes Four hundred dollar Nine both tomorrow Each quarter
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"Did. It looks like no one's sharing for that that's interesting Well there i love it. I what did i say without. Should we get to. Should we get to our first. We need to and we're out of the gate hot. We understand brands. Actually right we are talking about the kissing. Big ones just seem big ones on. This is very exciting. This is very exciting. Kissing big ones is celebrating the best. Kiss of twenty twenty now you. There's not a ton to choose from. There wasn't a lot of kissing going on twenty twenty twenty win the kissing happens. It was magical. I nominated for kissing big wants to best kiss of twenty twenty. We have a christmas tree grows in colorado for shell. I definitely not. I mark taylor. That's the mid yes. Remember the mid movie angry kiss. Yeah they went out at hardly there. That often don't especially not for my eat. No east is very particular eight. it's not A christmas tree lane alicia. Witt andrew watt her. That was a good one on the twelfth. Date of christmas mallory. Jensen and tyler. Nellie johnson. i believe it's Project christmas wish with amanda schull and travis van winkle heads and last but not least sweets autumn nikki loach and andrew walk. What do you think man. I don't know. I don't know i don't know it's time to find out who failed by trace has been sealed their correct. We're gonna find out here. We go here. We go pull that thing out. Let's see what we got. You got boys. Gold wow the winner of the kissing. Big ones award is sweet. Autumn andrew walker. Let's give it. I mean really when you think about it.

Nellie johnson amanda schull Jensen tyler twelfth andrew walk first colorado travis van Witt andrew twenty twenty christmas twenty twenty twenty autumn nikki loach Autumn andrew walker taylor eight alicia
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"You've got no 11 Academy Award nominations. You've gotta grab Emmy Golden Globe. You got nine. Haven't won at it that after. Yep, I'm trying again. This nine number one hits, I guess. From what I'm told by other songwriters. Every song is like a child. You love them equally. Don't want a child It sells for a parent. The parent just explodes in great pride. My guess is it's the same way for you. You love them all. But hey, look at this one, right? Yeah. Course. You need her. You told her by sector five girls love. It's fine. So you're the person that wrote, blame it on the rain for two guys that couldn't sing. That's Yes, Somebody did. So somebody thing it. Did you ever think it really Well where you went on that ruse? Did you know that was going on? You didn't know I had no clothes. Did you feel like what the hell they done to my song? Leave my soul. I love it. I love that record. You kidding me? It's a great Then write whatever you do. Don't put nothing on you, baby. Oh, baby, but two guys running work singing it. Did you just say one? What did they do to my song work, Bring the real spring, bring.

Academy Award
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"Florence one that shut out to you shout you again enjoy that trophy and also it was almost david harbour who won for red guardian but the way he got killed dolls like i give it to seeing black widow. Yep you and. I both have for free. Yeah yup disney senate to us again. Yeah we're just friends with them and now unfortunately we come to the one that no one wants to stand for worst movie or you could call it. The best eyesore of twenty twenty Prestigious award winner for best is worst. V the worst movie of twenty twenty goes goes to black black widow. Let me tell you was was the worst movie of twenty twenty god. Damn oh boy okay. So nosy guys thinking q. Last year on the homeless award. You vocally said you thought that black widow would be the best movie of twenty twenty and you know what you could argue that. Maybe still believe that. But clearly i don't because we voted black widow as the worst superhero movie of two thousand twenty. Let me tell you. let me correct the out. There wondering does but wait. Did you guys just this supporting role in that movie. Well that was one good aspect. Yup every product is not purely shit or every bad products. Now cliche would. I meant everything else about the movie. Is is clearly awful. Yeah just bad. Bill material Scholarship hanson man for some reason Out of all her portrayals as as a black widow. She just doesn't do it too. She's awful dyed her hair blue. And let me tell you that the scenes in this movie when she kicks ass and then she takes names like this just isn't like the black widow. I know the black widow. I know isn't a complete bad ass. And the david harbour death as guardian. Yeah i mean dude what what can we say. It was just way too overwhelming to much too. Dramatic No room in this movie for that. Let me tell you no absolutely not wasn't in the you know with all that being said guys. I just hated hated till you asked me. A black widow whist the best eyesore best eyesore aka worst movie twenty twenty bad woman. It's the best. Tv show all right homeys. It's.

david harbour Prestigious award Florence senate hanson Bill
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"I'll give you a hint a you know the fucking answer. Don't sit there and play silly. B see google images. That's right ladies and gentlemen my favorite grandma moment of all time is j. Lo in that for sachi dress all do it coming out to support israel on these programs. Jennifer this is the first time in five or six years that. I'm sure that nobody is looking at me actually. Ever since i was a kid. I dreamed about meeting the six dollar woman so i'm not quite frankly. They're all week god. Damn that woman has aged like a fine. Do you hear me. And i'm gonna tell you exactly why you might say well. That's what happens when you have money. Well that's true but you know what the secret her sauces baby. She's puerto rican puerto rican to let that when we come back. We're going to conclude this episode with some winding down thoughts. You know i kind of wanted to talk to you guys about these repetitive. Dreams that i've been having so i'm going to kind of tie that in in my closing statements but i hope so far. You're still sticking it out with me here and enjoying the grammy episode and taking a trip down memory lane again. My favorite grammy award shows where the two thousand and five and certainly the.

sachi Jennifer google israel grammy episode grammy award
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"What's the matter with me what's the matter with me. I don't know exactly what what is the matter. A in person every person is a human. I don't know. I don't go anywhere from there. That's it that's all i had for you. Offer i in. That means damning human better with me. Thank you for tuning in alright. Let's go let's go into a cable car coming to this cable car with me. That's where we're gonna be this episode on the cable car. Okay bad news. I ray we did the last time bad. I my kids have rod. They're they're like other people's kids. I think they ran away yesterday. Were with my parents with grandma. Grandpa they ran away from mom they wouldn't he wouldn't leave my son with the the playground she had the call. My grandpa the ghetto and running away thinking big no-no a big thing in the family. Because i can't run the risk of waiver me like from the beginning. We're like no running away. That is like not acceptable. So it was a big deal. They ran away. I that's tough being a parent. Kids are gonna run away My dad would just grabbed me. You know i'm running away but it's hard. I haven't been able to grab the kids. They run away me but that gets kids. Just run away from you. That's like big deal. Just because they can't run after them. Does it mean if. I could run after them. They run off. They'd run away. Their kids are bad. It's tough last night. I have a dream. They cocoa with screaming at me. She was like screaming into my face and they hurt my ears in extra slapped her in the face like where can they dream is that i dreamt i thought my daughter in the face. Dreaming of having child child protective services should come when i wake up man. It was tough. It was tough. Dan dow breakfast then. The kids are being bad and it ended the dream all right bad news. Was it loving this cable. Car though. Love the cable car classic. Anyway hopping hot sauce won some awards that i feel hot on now. I'm gonna coming hot amid dude again. Hopping hot sauce won three awards in the skop's twenty twenty one the year you dig to twenty one. It's like the grammys. They got the ami's stick out the tonees for hot sauce. It's this go ville raiding hot. How much cap in his into pepper. Nerdy hot sauce idea but anyway translates this gopi. Twenty one hopping hot sauce original flavor. We got first place in the medium sauce and first place louisiana style and third third place. specialty chilly for the poor yet. Chilly and chipotle the beco- so basically that's very valid average doing ms for like four years. I maybe have baio have a mentor. I just was like. I like this hot sauce at this one place. I wanna make some like it. And i i kinda did of didn't and i've been like he's whether made legitimate and her real and so win. Some awards were was good. And we're gonna put like the award first place louisiana style first place miles of medium. No as you can put a third place banner. Br i would if i could. I remind anywhere so buying a house. It's still happening. I guess. I don't live there yet. My kids arrive. I i gotta get through these kids anyway. That's what's the matter with me. Thank you for tuning into the. What's about their with.

louisiana Dan dow
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"Thank you to these institutions and the many individuals who support this year round program of the arts. Since Nineteen ninety-seven, the Oregon Book Awards a celebrated, the work of our states, authors this year, two hundred and fifteen books from forty four towns across the state, were submitted out of state. Judges determined the finalists and winners. In this episode. You'll hear excerpts of the winning work by the authors themselves. Our guest host for the special episode are both previous book. Award Winners Elena Passarella and Omar Akhad. Here's Elena and Omar I Elena Passarella. I'm the author of Animal Strike Curious poses and let me clear. My throat and I teach at Oregon State University, corvallis where I live and I'm Omar Account. I'm the author of a book called American War I do not teach anywhere. No diversity will have me We are so excited to be hosting this special episode of the Archive Project. We have seven. Seven awards to announce for books by Oregon Authors and we invited all of the finalists stir court, assured reading of their nominated work. So after each award is presented will hear the winner read an excerpt of their winning book also thrilled to have Oregon's poet laureate, an East Modigliani present the award for poetry, and East will also present clip from Lawson Nada winner of the c e s Wood Award. There are thirty five finalists for the two thousand twenty. Oregon Book Awards. This is a great group of finalists. Several of them are first time authors. All of them were selected by out of state judges for their excellent excellent work, and each of these winning authors will receive one thousand dollars and the recognition from a book award can be a tremendous boost to a writer's career I. Know that was my experience Omar I. Don't know about you, but it really helped to have. Have the support of the Oregon Book Awards back in the day, when I was lucky to receive a nonfiction award. How about you got? It was such a great night? I remember for about a week of just not believing it had happened. There's something about winning at home. You know there's something about about being in that space around writers whose work and whose presence means something to you. Yeah, and it was just a fantastic I mean. Do you remember how you celebrate it? I think I started celebrating before the award ceremony began. AT SEVERAL DRINKING ESTABLISHMENTS AROUND PORTLAND So, I don't really remember how I celebrated when I actually wouldn't. But it was just a delight. You know the it's held at the armory when we're when it's held non virtually and. Broadway books had a big table. I remember full of titles and I. Think I ran out and bought all of the books of all the other book award winners and the It was all women from Broadway who are running the table of we just shouted, and like I five and then I ran around and I found all the other winners and had them sign their books I mean that's one of the things about this moment. Is that in addition to all of the nightmarish world that we? We live in his idea of the community of it right of just being around other writers and being close to people who are being rewarded for their work I mean again unless you are in that stratosphere, writing is not a particularly lucrative thing. It's not like being a rock star, and you get this one night where you're around. Other writers and everybody's happy and it's. It's a real shame that we can't do it right now, but that doesn't mean. We can't celebrate these tremendous tremendous writers. Really, excited to be able to do that. We have to imagine, or maybe we have to make it a rule for everyone who's listening to the book awards on OPB. Right now that when they hear the announced the nominees and the winners being announced, everybody has to do some kind of special dance in their car or in their living rooms or wherever they're listening to this. And if you're a winner, you have to pick up a hairbrush and give a speech into the closest mirror. So that, you know that we're all here for you and we're all. We're all as a state enjoying. This great award ceremony together. Let's get started with. The first award will begin with children's literature. The finalists for the Louise Jarvis McGraw Award for Children's Literature. Are Cathy Camper for low riders blast from the past. Roseanne Perry for a wolf called Wander. Jody J little for mostly the honest truth. Deborah Hopkinson for Carter reads the newspaper. And Rebecca Steph off for Charles Darwin's on the origin of species. And the winner is. Cathy Camper for low riders blast from the past published by chronicle books, Kathy is the author of several books and works as a librarian in Portland and here's Cathy Camper reading from her award-winning lower writers blast from the past. Everywhere I went. I listened for words for you to paint. Toboggan musk lunging Caribou from the north,.

Cathy Camper Elena Passarella c e s Wood Award Oregon Authors Oregon State University Portland Oregon Omar I Omar Account Omar I. Omar Akhad Deborah Hopkinson writer Lawson Nada Rebecca Steph corvallis Louise Jarvis Roseanne Perry Charles Darwin Jody J
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"Trying to do some research here. Oh I think I think found him. Not not the aints. He's got a pitcher to defy Stefan Digs Lord. I can't talk. What what he's got a pitcher of Stefan Digs I. It doesn't have anything in his biologist at Vikings at Minnesota wild at twins at timber wolves. So he doesn't even have the gophers in his bio as a team that he that he added so it doesn't seem like he's a big of a fan so interesting. Sepe. God bless him. I I'll show you a message. Shaima message little. No yeah next to Seti. Oh yeah we got over the Hunter Renfro Award. This one is a prestigious award Not many of our awards. In fact this is our first award That's named an honor of somebody so a very prestigious award college football. Just not the same about hunter. Renfro F- He's deceptive speed hall of Famer now with the Oakland raiders the. Nfl finished twenty nine hundred tied for Sixty Ninth. Nice in the NFL at forty nine receptions for six hundred five yards four touchdowns in your hunter. Renfro award winner of the deceptively is drum roll. Please Hunter Renfro again. A lot of these categories a lot of nominees. I won't have it. I know it took me with my vote. Johnny of voteless. I do you do okay. Well I don't know how long it was one took for you but this is probably hardest one of the tear bunch. I'm the opposite. Didn't take me very long. I thought Hunter Renfro really set himself apart from the rest of the pack and thought he was pretty a pretty clear winner and deserving of the hunter red froward not bad grassland deceptively the two thousand nine hundred twenty. This happened in two thousand. Twenty is the first of the prefers. What's kind This happened during the national championship game. In which a song was played which is typically not allowed this by this band because they have a quote in there That is unsuitable for for people that are at the game and not only that this this actually made it onto the national television broadcasts dad. Spn's gallic seventeen different channels. Have the game made it on. Every single one of them every single one and the quote that usually does not allowed to be said it is quote suck that Tiger Dick Bitch more of the is Lsu band playing neck while and we will actually had headed out to the band. Set it out zoom and see the words.

Hunter Renfro Hunter Renfro Award Renfro Nfl Stefan gophers Lsu Oakland raiders Spn Vikings Minnesota voteless football Johnny
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"Just yesterday I was in a situation where I could help somebody outside of our department and I honestly thought what would Francisco Do. Francisco would help them. So I did in this episode Chris. The dummy and Francisco Obata Talk About Service and recognition at Mayo Clinic. Kristen Francisco Celebrate Francisco's winning of an individual service award at Mayo Clinic and the surprise announcement of mayberry award winners in order to be considered for that award. You have to be at Mayo Clinic for three years. So we've been counting the years in looking at win. His anniversary was to see when we can do this because really from the moment he arrived. Here he really hit the ground running He has just continuously been of service to people. Whether or not there in our department you know in in other areas of the clinic. He doesn't think twice about assisting somebody if they need health. Winning the service award was an honor. The whole reason I wanted to work at Mayo Clinic was because of the values that mayoclinic supports promotes and all the people. I think that work here live every day. As well I was thinking they were discussing the Franciscan values and Francisco. I think your name is perfect for that. I think you were named perfectly. Because you do convey the Franciscan values every day in what you do you. You Inspire us in an influence us with that in it's such a good reminder even after my twenty two years of what we can do the small things helping an employee who's having an issue you know just even if they're not in our department helping someone the whole story of how. Mayo Clinic was founded. That really made an impact on me as well because it was founded in a time of crisis in a time of people helping other people and with all of that I just. I felt like it's companies. I really WANNA be when you walk around the clinic like when go to lunch and you see the patients here and you know. They're all here because they have to be here. Every reminds me of one of the The points that Dr Pool made when discussing the award that you were that you received was that we at one time had a major outage happen towards the end of the day I believe and all of our profiles for our transcriptionist were somehow deleted. Meaning they could not work. They weren't set up to work and overnight in the hospital. We are very busy. The eds of Izzy We have critical care patients. That need the dictation needs to be done immediately for hospital care and Francisco. Actually and some other staff members did as well they stayed late to work diligently to try to rebuild profiles. Come to find out that Francisco had worked about twenty eight hours straight building profiles and doing it in a systematic way. That would that would lessen the impact on patients so he would. He was making sure that the transcriptionist that you did surgery or did he notes or the different types of notes that they were first. They were built first so they could get to that work. I if we did not work overnight a patient care would have been impacted and because of the efforts of the staff that stayed Lay and Francisco staying all night. They came back the next he was still here in the ESP working all night building. These profiles so And that was in his first year. I believe the Nice that all the profiles were deleted. That was kind of that was a crazy night. I have to say I mean this was definitely a team effort and I worked with a lot of the people that were on my team at the time and and many other teams across the enterprise that night and it was I have to say also that the first couple of hours. I was kind of more concerned. That wasn't something that I did to mess it all up 'cause I was fairly new but But we work through and we got the people online and I mean a lot of credit to goes to the transcriptions that were coming on at night because we had transcriptionist across the country who were starting at one two in the morning and they were very flexible and very helpful. In as soon as we got them online they started pounding keyboard in getting things done and knocking him out and it was it was it was really. It was really a moving night for me as well too because you know we have a lot of a lot of moving pieces and and it was just it was a. It was a big effort on a lot of people across the country and it was. It made me feel like it was. That's the right place to be because it feels really wonderful. Be Part of that kind of team Working Organization. Say You were nominated for these service. Excellence award which automatically then puts you in the running for the May vary award two. There were two people chosen that day. Nobody none of us knew who would receive the award and a lot of us from our department. Were Francisco's family. Attended his beautiful wife and children and his wonderful parents. Where there as well and I got to have ringside seat to see all of it so Francisco. I know when they called your name that you were one of the winners of the Mayor Berry Award. You think kind of stunned and didn't move right away. And one of the directors of the event actually came up and kind of tap you on the shoulder and said Okay I. I'm wondering what was going through your mind at that moment. Very word was shock for sure. 'cause I hadn't I hadn't really expected that the winners will be announced there and even if if I did I wasn't really expecting that it would be it would be me but again it's it's a it's an honor and it's it's humbling because I know it's not it's not one person is not just me. It's it's all of us. I mean just everybody who I've had the pleasure of working with and working for a team effort and I'm honored and humbled to be representative for this award for the people that I've had the pleasure of working with believe it or not I'm really not You know a person that likes the spotlight but Yeah so it was. It was good and and actually having my kids there was was kind of a little for me comic relief afterwards because they were the things that they were impressed with. It was interesting because when they announced that Edwin the mayberry word. You know all my friends and coworkers at my table and at the people behind us were so nice to come when we got home. My son was like wow that whole table and they announced you won that award. They just they went crazy but and yelling excited. And that's the kind of thing too. I mean that's what I mean I. I'm only there because of all the people around me and you know if it wasn't if it wasn't for all of all of you guys who I work with now as well because you know it's it's a never changing thing and it's a keeps us going. Dr Jacker discussed on Friday where the May vary award originated from That we were Mayo. Clinic is very team oriented. We love our teams and we do great work as a team but he challenged us to recognize individuals on the individual accomplishments as well and I truly do think it is important to to recognize employees for their efforts collaboratively and individually. We come to work every day and sometimes the day goes by so fast. And we're so busy that it's easy to overlook the people working next to you with these kinds of awards. It's inspiring to try to promote the feeling that I have now of being recognized to do that for others. I would not be receiving these awards if it weren't for all of all of you guys all levels you inspire us and we're grateful for all that you've done to help us and and many of my employees have come to me almost every day to say how grateful they are for the help of Francisco Male clinic employees across the institution go above and beyond daily take some time to recognize your colleagues by nominating for above and beyond curious and service awards. Recognition can go a long way..

Kristen Francisco Mayo Clinic Francisco Francisco Male clinic Francisco Do Francisco Obata Mayor Berry Award Mayo Chris team Working Organization mayberry Dr Jacker Edwin representative
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"Ten picks for twenty nineteen got some NFL news ball reading. Oh. Are you opt-in fell picks for next year's draft who care? There's that Carr's us who cares. And he's really I'm really confused. What is happening right now ask as he's into the footy. That's right. I mean, look the people are here. People are here twenty nineteenth for one reason. And one reason only and that is to put those socks on those feet and see who wins the footy awards for twenty eighteen season. This this shows a big deal. Now, we do have one of the the handcrafted footy award here on the the table. Yes. And this was blacksmith yet. That was called something that's been made by a blacksmith. They blacksmith is just sm-. I believe works. Braford? I believe it's called. They have created a weapon. Yeah. We decided before the show that there's no way, and I'm gonna pick this. Oh, that's so heavy. This is this is impressive. We have a footy that was sent in by listener who is a blacksmith, and it is just could kill this killing me. It's also a wonderful award. Well to be fair. If you're a ward can't eliminate someone from the earth is an actually an award. No. It's the wait. Is it the I mean, the wait is really? Yeah. What tells you a good award from the battle, you know, that this award. It's not hollow. No, there's substance. It's it's filled with an Foote's. Are we have the official winters? Thank you to everybody out there that voted for the twenty nineteen arm. Sorry, the twenty eighteen footy awards all the biggest winners and fantasy football including some interesting and very close races, including the airy. The nickname of the year was cited by how many votes already votes. That's incredible considering how many millions vote on this thing. And then the moment of the year in many, other the the honest truth is that's with the amount of votes. It was about one percent black percent difference in the nickname. Don't forget follow us in the new year on Twitter at the F F ballers follow. Jason Jason f fell. Follow me an Andy Holloway follow Mike at f- f hitman..

Carr Jason Jason f NFL Twitter Andy Holloway Foote football official Mike one percent