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"Wait, 40 w A. J s. They're unafraid, but they're not shock jocks like me. I was labeled a shock jock in a legal proceeding. About a little bit later on the show Shock. Jock. Does that mean Worked on the electrical equipment. I'm not a shock jock. That's like Howard Stern telling people to get naked in his studio and do things to each other in front of him. That's what shocked DJs to. Are you going to have some kind of sidekick that likes to make bodily noises? Oh, that's right. When you have one of those guys, your sidekick pistols for food, Everybody goes. Oh, my God. So funny. Oh, he all will give Hayley that job. She She would like that. I think so. I think she would. She makes extraneous noises while she's in here, but they're usually Based in rage. Yeah, gutter all very angry noises. They don't know what that's all about. Mark Stoops speaking today at the U. K lunch in the football lunch and kick off lunch whenever they call that a lot of folks showing up Hey, coach Stoops. Yeah. Football, football. Football. What about those guys? What about those dudes? Well, yeah, We got troubles. We got trouble in the river city. Well, not really, Stoops says. We're gonna get through all this. I know there's a few things going on out there right now that we will get straight. I promise you. I love this team. I love these players. Um, you know, none of them are perfect. That's for sure. We don't ever pretend to be. But you're gonna love this team. It's a fantastic group. We'll get through a couple little hiccups that are in the road right now. But I anticipate we'll get through those just fine and get everybody back on the football field playing. I guess everybody's reading between the lines that the hiccups. He's referring to these legal issues involving six players, But it could be something else. I guess it could be. But I mean, that's the big story going on right now. So you would think it would be top of mind. We're we're going to have to see how it gets resolves. As to what his lineup is what his strength is Some of those guys on there pretty good. Yeah, because and they're all over the field to you had a few defensive backs the linebacker correct running back so It could really impact different position groups for the University of Kentucky. Oh, here in a couple of weeks when they get started, let's say so. So one week from tonight, will be the first of Mark Stoops, his radio shows throughout the course of the season. And that's Monday nights at six. Typically, Monday, night six here on news radio, a 40 W H A s And he may want to talk about Darien Kinard that is Kentucky's representative and ESPN College football 100. They ranked the top 100 college football players used all of their college football experts. No big surprise. Alabama leads the way with 10 of the top 100 players. I'm surprised that's all. Yeah, I mean, is it really only 10? Number one Spencer Spencer Rattler The QB at Oklahoma. He's going to be getting a lot of love for the Heisman Trophy number two Derek Stingley. L S U quarterback Avian Thibodeau from Oregon. Evan Neil, the first Alabama representative coming in at number four offensive linemen down there in Tuscaloosa, Number five Is Sam How the University of North Carolina quarterback Indiana actually had three guys on the list, the highest ranking. Their QB Michael Pinex junior at number five, both Louisville and Kentucky with a single representative Louisville's Malik Cunningham at 65, Kentucky as we mentioned dairy and canard at 67. On the pro side bad news for the Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Josephus I going to have surgery for a torn meniscus later on this week. Remember in the first preseason game, he got a sack on Tom Brady. People were very high about Joe aside. He left that game with a wrist injury, felt the meniscus injury the next day. Now he's going to have surgery. Probably be out the entire season. The Bengals have signed defensive end Noah Spence to try and take his place. We talked about it a few minutes ago, Carson wince Quentin Nelson and Ryan Kelly all back on the practice field for the cults. Of course, both wince and Nelson had that kind of freak foot injury surgery within a couple of days of each other. They both were 5 to 12 weeks to come back, but it looks like they should both be back in uniform. Four week one. Another guy who may not be in uniform for week one for the Packers. Former UK Wildcats A Darius Smith, he got an injury over the weekend could potentially missed the week one opener with that back. That's been bothering him for a while. Smith has not missed a game in nearly four years, so that would be really odd for Za'darius. Not to get to suit up there in the first week for the Packers. I did see Randall Carbon Street clothes on the side there. They're going to use him some because yeah. Aaron Rodgers wanted them back. Yes, Another guy. I don't We didn't mention it. Last week, Aaron Rodgers kind of flexed his muscles got Randall car back another guy that Aaron Rodgers kind of flexed his muscles but didn't get Clay Matthews, both Rogers Cobb. Bachtiar in a few other Packers were all tweeting. And I guess speaking with management about the possibility of bringing clay Matthews back to in his career in Green Bay, and, uh Matthews and Management, I guess thought better if that one so he is not going to be a packer this Yeah, and got many shout outs. Right. Let me give you the Northern Trust updates you on that That's this is the golf tournament that spilled into Monday because of all the rain over the weekend, John Ramos in the lead. This is around four. And this top 50 or so advanced in the FedEx Cup. Jon Rahm 17 under Tony Females two strokes behind, along with Cameron Smith. That's Ian's boys. The guy with a mullet mullet power and Justin Thomas is 1300. So it's just a few strokes off the lead, and that puts him tied for sixth and kept a and D shambo tied right now, at eight under, You know those two love each other, Please put them together in a pairing sometime soon. All right. We've got Andy coming up at the top of the hour. Andy, who you say he's our governor, Andy Beshear is going to do his weekly conferences back to doing those again and Andy's feeling a little sting. In the end the nd.

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