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"avenue somers" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"What a what's driving me you're you're born with something the Max time you can give it is three minutes by the way this case I don't sit back when you were going to the bush family and the bush family in the family tree of the bush family I was like okay where we go yeah I know no I didn't know either I was hoping the end of the story would tell me the server but I didn't tell you that study and I'm like I do yeah no no I you want to yeah I know I that was a where we go with this conversation I think that some other would be appointed there was no point that's all right sometimes that's the way it is your right traffic is brought to you by the YMCA Twin Cities we're gonna start this afternoon near Oak Park heights at highway ninety five north bound and this might be it might have been resolved but if you are in that area watch out perhaps some animals on the roadway from Kingsland road to tenth Avenue north in Osseo highway six ten eastbound across from west Broadway to sing Avenue and near cover one sixty nine south bend a stalled vehicle blocking a lane from highway forty one to First Avenue in Richfield for ninety four eastbound across from Penn Avenue to desert sees overpass in in Philly to fifty to southbound across from sixty six Avenue to seventeenth Avenue Somers faraway rally days kicks off summer at the YMCA now through March tenth at save on every flavor of summer fun if it's an adventure is at the white collar stop in any of the Twin Cities YMCA to take advantage of singing on summer fun five Eyewitness News weather forecast forty percent chance of some showers late tonight thirty six cloudy windy forty tomorrow right now forty two and mostly cloudy.

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