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"aval clark university" Discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast

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"aval clark university" Discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast

"That would have been the last piece from you played you played college has, and then you got undrafted with the Rams and you almost made it and the whole thing. What was your game? Like what running back remote I was trying to be, you know, I didn't. I couldn't break away, but I can. I can get three hours and clouded does. I could make a make a defendant amiss in the hole. So I was shifty. I kind of like the love, the love Bill used to love. Very Sanders. Growing up. Ricky Watters was was a loved him to his running style too. But also guys, like Bam Morris? Yeah. When they try means used to love guys catch the ball, and I was able to do that. I didn't do it a lot in college though, but I developed it like just practice every week, like being able to spread out there, go out there and and play a little slot as well. I wish how to develop those skills a little like a little sooner they'll before hit the NFL. I mean, I didn't even know how to really watch film yapper until I got to the league because Morehouse college and you gotta bring referees, you gotta bring you on tape glove, go post. So you had to like be resourceful. To me. But like NFL like our remember Steven Jackson was like, I wanted to get some more gloves. I was like, hey, but I got one. I got one glove all season in practice and games the same gloves. Like just get you knew paramount. Really. I can do that. You know, because I'm coming from two black college was that we don't have the resources. So you know that meaning that I just I came into a whole other world in and grew as a artists as an athlete, a little too late. I think I'm surprised bowel. Check that in. Bring you in. I wanna minute. He loves those smart, five, nine, nine back. Thank you. Kevin. Shame. To he was deep three, Danny Woodhead. Yeah, I was. I was big fan of his. He. He always has he tape all. Yes. We just took Sony Michelle from Georgia in the first round, like top of the second last year who's also that one is just can do it all? Yeah, he likes to you kept the gym for like four years. I did my best. I played in Germany, Germany, Duesseldorf, Ryan fire and play for delayed great. Dinnie green, you're, you're not a football league, which was amazing experience. He treated us like man. In fact, my first start in that league, I got player of the week was a buck twenty-five and a touchdown. My first start, so showed me and showed others that with the right opportunity. I, I was good enough and that that's all I need is like my Rudy moment if you will, because that was the only time I started, and and that was the most significant amount of planes. And we won the game two and I can just stand on that. I did that with Dennis Green has the coast. Yeah, forever had any trust me after that too. He talked to me more stuff like that. You know what was the blackout football scene like? So I never seen it's ever really been captured in like a documentary or that let me captured. I would love to. I would love to explore that documentary about the black college football experience, but the best way to describe it for the general mass population out there is everybody who witnessed the beyond say concert at Coachella. Yeah, that's the experience like exactly what is like the halftime show. People come for the halftime show. Not necessarily the game. So like coming for the ban which is fine. It's very live and interactive sort of environment. People are dancing and but the not really paying attention to the game the chain. If the other team scores, they chain of we score. But it's okay because we're all together. We didn't really win a lot of games either. So who's your aval Clark university? Right across the street? Yeah. Yeah. So we could beat them who is the best one who's the best at a they usually, they usually have pipeline of of NFL athletes, Albany state, whatever. They get all these d- transfers just go go for semester..

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