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"avakov" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"They haven't been able to get it through the next either been blocked from deflected wide by their own players, But nonetheless, you know We've seen this team the past miss. They don't really get to frustrated when they're down a goal. They don't open it up. They stick together and and there as they call their structure, and it has worked out for Sexy. A wins the defensive zone face off. Nash is able to clear it back to the lightning in jackets get a change circuit kept cutting his way back up the middle into the Columbus end. We'll take it to the right corner. Look for help. Cologne Right Circle. Call Lauren. Dislodge it from foodie foodie. Get this out! Yes to center Ice Lightning. Retrieve it immediately. Circuit you have a quick up, Lorne. Thanks it in Like to get a gavel cop, little feed Nash. On the far side. Is it out? No Held in corn. Right? Point your feet. Johnson. I saw Ciarelli Cirelli, Lester to McDonogh shoots in her arms save mean Mer's Leekens Begun. It stepped up right there. Finally, it's nudged out by Nash to center. Quick reversal is Ryan McDonagh rolls it back in seven minutes left in the 1st 21 blue jackets. Avakov holding onto it, buying the Columbus net. For now, the lightning down on defense been with turn act going down awkwardly. Earlier in the game. You're not seen him. Since Kevin stand, Lin will make his way to the lightning and left circle. Stanley protects over the left point. Nice feed Gawronski Donald Left corner months ago, Grigorenko. Point, Stan Lynde. Holds and shoots that's blocked. The man is going to skip to maroon. Punch it out. This may be another icing, though. No, it came out of the goalie. So that will make gate the infraction. Jones will feel that give to Gawronski. Back for Jones to one Lightning trail in.

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