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"auto city hall" Discussed on Boston Herald Radio

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"auto city hall" Discussed on Boston Herald Radio

"Strengths of charlie baker and why he is so popular in white plugs into the hands on decision i believe if i develop patrick had been elected we would be sanctuary state we still might be we just we still might be but there would be more and i believe it's even possible that devolved patrick would have said you know marty walsh has a good idea let's take the old press room on the third floor let's make it into a fifth for the third thous i if ninth floor nights floor no in state house oh in the state house the auto city hall no and and will make a little sanctuary there for a for a people i'd rather than than living in city hall they can they can live in the state house and he would do demonstrations like that and massachusetts which is ideologically at war with donald trump we'd be more publicly at war and i stayed probably would and i think that this is why this is one of the reasons why charlie baker is attractive to democrats and moderate democrats and republicans and independents 'cause he's not looking to make everything political in fact it's less political to let 10 in fact it's less political to let 10 states make their pitch that it would be tend to towns you mean yes supporting media ten towns to make their pitch that it would be for him to say where supporting boston oh no i i totally disagree i think it's way more political for him back ten different you remember the olympics it started out as a walking olympics that was going to be one of the big selling points was the walking olympics until it turned out that uh what's brilliant someplace out in the west had invented a volleyball and they wanted to has already basketball hassnowi some other place icon boulia's a believes that an vintage volleyball then they said no no.

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