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"australian social security senate" Discussed on Cyber Security Weekly Podcast

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"australian social security senate" Discussed on Cyber Security Weekly Podcast

"As you've said, , I hit the styling Sada security security center. . Now am missions <hes> pretty. . But it's also pretty simple. . It's to Mike Strategy of the safest place to connect. . Online and do business online and out at prime responsibilities really to protect <unk> old parts of the Australian economy from the beginning of business to government critical infrastructure provides small medium enterprise and individuals and. . Families get on with life online, , which as we know <unk> in Grad example is the way that wearing gauging today <hes> is an increasingly important very much. . In Lock wise I agree with we wouldn't normally have reached out to you. . So readily you've come from that mentioned a bit about your background you've been in the role to six months and you came from the National Bushfire. . Recovery Center of go committee ought not to show that the Prophets Dada was, , but you've come from a, , is it across? ? into. . What we <unk> obviously absurd at the same time <hes> as I saw across the. . Up Tyke in Saada crime and saw active duty during covid nineteen has the right thanks I fire. I'm . assuming you're Ri- You're enjoying it or you're funding it the challenge that was made to be it's <hes>. . I have to say the people that work here who <hes> mice distractions. . <unk> made to ever speak to <hes> some of the most incredible human beings having encountered by in terms of their incredible. . Personal drive towards that mission and really advancing Australia's interests but also the technical capability which is second to none. . You. . You mentioned I had come from the National Bushfire Recovery Agency, , actually not a dissimilar function in the sense that you're trying to engage h very different sectors of of the community who've been affected by <hes> <hes>. . That's materialized and assist them to get back up on their fate again, , actually to build resilience, , it's just the context he's. . Prior to that I was the head of the national. Security . Division Prime Minister and Cabinet had some timing critical infrastructure. . Yeah. . In High McVeigh's and. . Inaugural Chief Risk Officer for the Department of Homeland Phases Wales. . Postings looking after Europe and sub Saharan Africa region it sounds like a WIG background but look the headline is this a love a good crisis? ? Could us a find that the same skill set? ? Of Translating. . Deriving problems into their various segments <hes> responding to each one of ours always having a plan or campaign or or an operational approach assists in obviously having a a a defense background <hes> helps that way and and and of course, , the May you quite rightly point out. . I don't have a long technical history but. . I said twenty million constituents across the economy. . The vast majority of dying Ada <unk> semi bottom line is if I'd. . It how customers and I think that kind of balance swelled. .

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