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"austin walter" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"What do they have him doing? So, from what? I saw the video I first posted. That was hand. Just kind of warming up, Eh? So now he's on the far into the field. Greg, you've been here at practice. You know how spread out the field is due to come over right now, looking as we speak just there. I'm looking at my legs just threw a pass to Josh Peters and the tight it Theon drafted Tiny Peterson, son. Yeah, Yeah, just just to a path to him. They're working on some offensive drug on the other side of the field, but so far it looks good. It looks move that looks clean. Um, you know, I think he's gonna probably obviously gonna have to work out some of that rust workout that rush from not playing for a while. But So far so good when you look at her working, considering everything that Give it Chiana. Obviously it's hard, Trey. Lance's easy You're looking at the quarterback, but Aaron Banks, a local kid out of Notre Dame, couple of running backs get taken. Trey sermon out of Ohio State being the biggest name guy. What other things are you looking at? Is as you're down there observing today. You know what I want? I'm gonna be quite candidates. It's learning a lot of these new guys because I feel like it's training camp all over again when there's so many new faces coming in, and you're trying to figure out who is who, but it's just also kind of looking at the skill of some of these guys think about some of these position battles that we could potentially have. Specifically at cornerback. You haven't you a couple of corners that air here on the day. I'm looking at this roster, and you haven't least three or four that were here today. But looking at every Thomas, How does he look? Geometry? Eleanor. That's another guy, but then also the running back. Now. I mean, the 40. Niners did release often, Walter, but that's a crowded group. So how did these guys look? Do they look like how college Shanahan kind of envisions his running back in the running back position to be so I'm just kind of looking at how these guys performing. How are they? It's only day one. So I'm not expecting upto look like they've been in his office for years. But just how are they? How are they becoming accustomed to what's going on the direction of given to them on the field and also kind of building that team camaraderie? I know they talked about that a lot on the press conference today. Yeah. You mentioned Austin Walter. Being released didn't take long for him to get a job. Robert. Solemn. Michael Floor picked him up immediately. Now he's a property of the New York Jets. So when you're looking at sermon and Mitchell Trey sermon, the third round pick Elijah Mitchell. The sixth round pick and you know sermons more of an upright runner doesn't have the breakaway speed. And Mitchell has lost a lot of weight since he played last does have breakaway speed gave you seen enough T gauge the way they run and how they look, Chiana. You know what? I'm glad you said that because that's what I want to look at next. I haven't really got to watch much of the running backs just as yet, but I want to see that seat. You know alive. He Mitchell that that guy that you know, kind of fits in with what supporting and it's running back for the all run out of four. Or I think you know one of the fascist groups in the league, but that's something that trade summit wasn't necessarily pray for that Breakaway, see There were other things that house Shanahan really admired about him as a running back that kind of Have a little bit of similarities to some of the weight that reading most of hair is a ball in the way that he could catch passes out of the backfield. He said that something that he prides himself on so I think that's one of the highlights that really caught Kyle Shanahan's attention that Wanna have the grab a running back. I think the earliest ever seen Kyle Shanahan draft a running back out to think about that one. Absolutely, Chiana. Great stuff. We always appreciate it. Thank you so much. We'll talk to you throughout the season. I'm sure you're right. It's started. Let's go outside your area. I love that. I love out. I want to hear that touchdown call. Okay, Going tray serving to the right and we got trade. Lance taking their shotgun snap. We got the tray off. It's going right and left gonna be fun. Let's run the trains you'll love it would be a way to get a big kick out of Thank you. He did a great job because there is music blaring. I'm looking at some of the video. It's all so she and there always is like a pro. What's funny? What's interesting about this? Somebody else tweeted a picture, I guess was the 40 Niners, and it was Trace sermon and Trey Lancer. They're walking out of the tunnel together to the practice field and trace sermon is on a small man. He's six ft. 2 15. And Trey. Lance is walking with him in there both in short, so you could just see the size of Trey lands. And I mean it not only from a height standpoint, but a thickness standpoint, his legs are big. He's a big dude. He's a thick dude, that's I just saw a picture of him in his shorts, and he was wearing the Black Jersey number five and just driving out from under center. And the first thing you see is the thickness in his legs. He almost has running backs. You know, kind of thighs. He does quads. He's 632 24. And that's why, when you look at that and play, you know, in that level of football, the FBS He would just run right through tackles..

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