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"Than sixty percent new housing within the Leander district is within the Leander city limits a two thousand thirty the school district population is projected to spike by thirty three percent surpassing fifty thousand students capital metro CEO Randy Clark says overall ridership climb by eight percent last month marking sixteen straight months of gains system wide Clark says nearly a hundred ninety five thousand more rise were given this January the last January but from December of last year to January of this year ridership increased on buses but dropped for capital metro's rail service president trump is still touting his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial as a victory Ryan Reynolds with the Travis county Republican Party says it energized everyone both the left and right but he sees Democrats very disheartened the average voter in the center of the spectrum really saw this from process for what it was a sham and by Democrats to promote a democratically elected president he says during the impeachment process the Travis county Republican Party sought to months of major donations and hope that put to good use for the Texas primary next month and Texas senator John Cornyn is splitting with president trump or the trillion dollar budget deficit on a conference call with reporters senator Cornyn called president trump's trillion dollar budget deficit a problem in one of his biggest frustrations it used to be the least there was a thing to be a bipartisan interest in deficits and debt and now Democrats don't seem to care at all and Republicans don't seem to care as much Corning doesn't agree with comments Washington post reported that president trump is said to have made it a fundraiser saying who the hell cares about the budget yes it's a problem I hope it doesn't take an emergency situation before Congress actually deals with capital Chris fox news radio okay LBJ and the skies are clear this morning forty degrees out Mahato right now on Patrick Osborne get Austin news on demand news radio kill the J. dot com Hey this is don prior he retired Jeffries you are listening to the very best of Todd and don and we're gonna be live at five thirty so you stay tuned you're listening to the best of Todd and don on newsradio kale BJ a new report out today talking about the most livable cities in the United States yeah Austin's up there on the top of the list New York areas yeah instead of moving to a a huge metropolitan area if you might consider an up on more livable city as they describe it to a yeah curb published the company's called curbed they published a report called where to live in twenty twenty which included neighborhood guides of eight major cities including San Francisco New York City Los Angeles Detroit Chicago Boston Boston and Atlanta hi yeah these are these are all Democrats strongholds by the way that and all have been incredible homeless problem going on but apparently they're very thriving livable cities the report also included a list of the ten intriguing alternatives to unaffordable coastal metros and that website can be found in the best places to live get the story of my linkedin page it tied Jeffries now in order to find which should be should make the list most livable curved they used a criteria including a walkability park access diversity housing cost and job opportunities okay Austin diverse I don't know never never quite see the examples of that but apparently we are considered diverse okay you don't think some did not not I don't see many examples of our diversity I I don't at all ever well I did it I I I challenge anybody for example to go to a restaurant and and see how many you know different it colors are represented in in the restaurant it's I don't I've never considered this city particular diverse I'm not sure if they're referring to race or color or whatever the world of diversity I think there we're going to diversity of opportunity I'm not quite sure yeah the guide includes upcoming developments like hot neighborhoods interesting sites for each city are to give a better you know better picture of you know what it is it's called curb to that's common spelling date of Twitter account the following their they say millennials are driving the housing market in twenty twenty according to the story also list the population the median house price the median rent two bedroom apartment and each one of the city's jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five ninety toll free eight seven seven five nine oh five five two five not for Austin Texas they they tell us our population is four hundred twenty two thousand median price of a home two hundred and eighty three thousand the median rent for a two bedroom apartments eleven hundred and fifty there you go yeah well we know our population that should I guess just Austin Austin proper with all outlying areas you you know that were well over million so used to be we make these lesson be are cool yeah yeah now at any time we make a list like that it was you kind of cringe as like oh god more the word getting out more which brings more people in and becomes less like what that list says we are in in the world of business home slice pizza very popular Austin pizza restaurant they plan to open up their first location outside of Austin they're gonna do in Houston yeah early next year yeah the restaurant will be in mid town there well the alley it's adjacent to the cotton club across from mid may loss interesting yeah there's their location here's also next to the continental club right right matter foundational details such as square footage of space that's undetermined but co founder Jan Strickland I'm NATO five from Houston as she grew up in that area she wants to bring home slice to her hometown and not on the scale of good pizza here in the city of Austin Texas or do you put a one a scale of one to ten I'm gonna give it an eight really all day I saw it at the time my water my my mouth is watering right now and my water is Mel thing I'm looking at a picture of of home slice pizza pepperoni right now in my mouth is a literally watering I love their pizza and they will do incredibly well there I've never had I never had well it's on south Congress now they might have another location here in Austin helm slice home slice that's not your favorite pizza you're still you're still a via three thirteen zero three thirteen is going to be my my all time favorite give that a ten but I do I give it I get that an eleven is the brick oven in there anywhere is Helen's great I am and I was the pizza hot any any of those in there in that category it's a difficult totally different deal now the mantra pizza modular they still Round Rock Glenn heights I've been to Brooklyn heights as pretty good is that in this year parking I got a problem up there in the park what do you do but man no home sites it's solid my only problem with home slice it's on south Congress so it's not the kind of thing where we can Hey let's just pop down the home slash real quick yeah it's like okay let's do that can't wait to eat it got to find a place to park got to get there yeah so it's it's a bit of it can be a bit of a chore to eat at home slice but dying as good I haven't had good for that I have in a pizza in a long time and it's not it's not kill sorry well unless I get a little friendly cauliflower cry I don't right now and it's pretty good I've had a few cauliflower crust pizza says it tastes like cauliflower no because I just don't look for cauliflower any hint of cauliflower one I'm having pizza we are not a healthy person what which you're.

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