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"austin cole" Discussed on KOMO

"Your money. Here's Jim chesko. Stocks ended the Monday session mixed the downed Oscars gained 90 points, and the S&P 500 edged up 5, but the NASDAQ composite slipped 51. After the closed Walmart cut its quarterly and full year profit, the discount retail giant saying inflation was changing how its customers shop. In response, Walmart shares are tumbling in after hours trading, and shares of other retailers, including Amazon and target are also losing ground. Stock of Boeing dipped 1% today in a statement Sunday, unionized machinists and others in the St. Louis area, nearly 2500 of them in total indicated they planned to go on strike next Monday after rejecting the latest contract offer from the aerospace giant. The union accuses Boeing of inadequately compensating workers retirement plans after taking away pensions. That's your money now. I'm Jim chesko, northwest news radio. The extreme football league is giving it another try, Bill Schwartz says Seattle will be part of the XFL reboot in 2023. February 2020 enter the dragon. Touchdown. Austin Cole. Touchdown. On this new XFL. Funded by a world wrestling entertainment Vince McMahon XFL TV broadcasts allowed us to hear head coaches like the Seattle dragon zone Jim zorn send in the plague. 21 ace dancer trips right 21

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