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"austin cadillac" Discussed on Talk Is Jericho

"Car will ever need. What kind of advice would sean give you. And we're kind of the teachings would he. Would he give you sean. Because sean was a small. It was considered a smaller guy. Hebron revolutionized the business you know like a lot of times and he used to tell me a lot of times people would say i'll he doesn't know how to russell he moves because he's an gli that's what comes back now. You know what he's saying. Exactly you know what i mean. And that's that's something that comes back. Nowadays eras of all these guys can't russell. But sean used sean get the same. Terry taylor used to tell me that. The guys in the locker room that he was with with guys. I know nothing about wrestling. You're all about your marks just moves and and and that was just funny to hear the guys like him and and michaels guys from two different eras would get the same criticism that a lot of us get now. Yes but you know. And he and he would. He was one of those guys for us to make it. Okay but find a way to do it. You find a way for it to make sense like you're never ever going to convince everyone and your goal is not to convince everyone. Your goal is to progress business in the way that the businesses installed in two thousand twenty one by also maintaining the old school and maintaining what is relevant and keeping a year the ground to look at pop culture. And what is what is current right. And then sean was great at that and funny enough. Terry was good at that at the time that i've seen it terry about plenty of conversation. Where are you felt that he was like there was also someone who does he's like. Hey don't do what i did right. You know what. I would fight the system every step of the way i wanted to be. I want you to be successful. I want you to be this. Should be that. So you know you're gonna very candid. Oh yeah terry's a wide open book jerry but like from an emotional point of view from a human humanitarian point of view. I loved her dan. I owe so much terry. I speak to him every week. you know. We'll brief little chat him. Amir got real real personal in my time. I love that man like it's my. He's my father i really do. And he was the one that guided guys like hunter and sean those areas too so all his teachings you know came through. Sean came to me and sometimes through terry and like terriers made me really aware of. What good solid work was you know. How ply holt and how to work holds and tears hold guy and hey guys it might be two thousand twenty one but hold still hurt and like the snuggle tightness in the aggression and the facials and and like basically implementation of violence. Because that's a very important thing. Like i feel a lot of times people now. They go through facings but they forget they forget all this man forget there for the violence and faces the money. It's yes every change exactly. And like i feel like a guy like tearing for me especially because of the installment in stable so stoic but then when i had to flip the switch it was there and i think terry for that the really bring out that violence in like we would spend hours after class was gone. He would just put me in a corner and he would beat me up. And i would get somebody. I would beat them up and it's like really getting out that you know getting aggression out like giving me all these little tips and tricks and it was nowadays. I'd say i blow up more than i do during any any type part. Because i'm so unlike trying to be so arrests hold down. That's that's a made up to rest hold. Did they do not arresting about no. No no no no. Not at all and again. But that's that's the fun part of the journey for me. The fun part is knowledge. And i will forever be a student of what we do and i will never shut myself off from listening to other people because i feel that everyone will have valid points and even if a person says something to me that i can't work with now. I know that it's not in my wheelhouse and that's also okay but being a student of the game is something that i'm very proud. Miss this when you got called up. W what was the gimmick of alastair black because they had a lot of different production things with the druids and that was the overall like were you told about so. I got signed for the tommy gimmick which was a version of the algebraic. Giving so the story ignace was there tommy and was as a little bit more sadistic hannah what you see with this malachi character. It just like. I would say that the mallika characters more minimalistic in terms of like presentation. I tried to a little amount of resources and trying to make it as big as i can. Which is something that funny enough like. We went over an entrance thing today. That i really think i nailed because i'm only using one thing and i think it really works the elsa black character austin cadillac jokes. I i i like because i find the idea of possession frightening again despite not having any real religious connections to melissa session demonic possession and i always i was I was find the the connections to like what are it's a mental health issue versus a religious issue. I find that the bait always very interesting i. I read a lot of material about that because for some reason fascinates me but i also find an equally frightening that the concept of another person living. Your head is a possibility. You know people that have multiple personality syndrome stuff. And i've always thought that was a very interesting all by very scary. Thought you know like like in the session in this modern era where mental health is much more to the foreground in some in some ways..

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