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"august wilson century cycle" Discussed on The Design of Business - The Business of Design

"Outlet celebrating other people. I'm sort of tying this back into ebony in a way because. Like I said I grew up on that magazine grew up on jet magazine I? Think a lot of black Americans grew up with that magazine in their orbit and while I remember reading it as a kid I certainly don't remember like synthesizing I think most of the information that was in it like it's a lot of stuff that I don't. Really get now until I'm an adult that I can look back on it and think, wow, ebony was was it like yes ebony was a magazine from Johnson Publishing Company, but Johnson Publishing Company also put out books that they sold in their magazine Johnson publishing also owns a beauty company that put out hair care for men hair care for women that. Advertise in the magazine. So like not only are they selling you this representation of blackness but now you can also go and buy it like you can be a part of it by you know buying a do care kit or or a relax from ravine or something like that, and there was so interesting how ebony just kind of had their hand in. Every pot about driving forward the sort of positive aspirational model of blackness. You know really during a time when I think of course, we're still fighting for civil rights and just fighting for equal representation. They really were at the forefront of that sometime in in high school I, remember doing a book report on John Johnson's biography succeeding against the odds. I think being able to see how much one person was able to really dry forward this conversation about representation and about even just like the stories of what other black people are doing out there in a way has found its into my work through the black weblog awards is certainly the revision path. So there ten years, ten year interval between those two things two, thousand and three. You start the black weblog awards, ten years. Later you start revision path, which is a story in itself. Important work he's done for I think four hundred episodes. Could you frame it for our listeners who don't know what revision path is? Sure. So revision path is a weekly showcase of the world's best. Black Graphic designers, web designers, and web developers. Really. It's really kind of say digital creatives in general because we certainly had more people that are kind of outside of those three particular roles. and. We just do end up conversations about the work that they're doing. We talk about their story how they got to where they are now. And depending on whom the guest is, there may be other things that we try to dive into. For example we had. An expert from expert that's living in Amsterdam. This was I don't know maybe around two, thousand sixteen or so right as trump got elected and we had like this great conversation around. What's it like being a black ex pats over there and do you. Have a feeling of wanting to come back to the states and like just how are you feeling in general? Even. During pandemic, we've been every person that I've interviewed I sort of touched on in some kind of way like. I just a gut check. Mike how are you feeling like where you at? So it's really more about putting forth these people's individual stories. I really try to take myself out of it as much as possible even though I'm the host i. kind of just feel like I'm more of the. Conduit for like uplift what other people are doing because I feel like you know in design media that's important. I think if you go into most bookstores and are probably looking for design books, design magazines, you just don't see a lot of people of color and you definitely don't see a lot of black people and granted. PODCAST is not a book podcast is not a magazine, but this is certainly where people's attention is that right now in terms of media and so revision path is able to be this kind of weekly. Digest of you kind of getting a sense of who this person is why are they important and how you can really follow them and learn more about them I think it can be very easy to kind of fall into the pattern of saying what you do for your job is just to work. which it is, but also based on what it is that you do where you are in your career who you are as a person and the the trials and tribulations that you've had to go through to get where you are like that's a story. That's a story that you know wants to hear that someone out there can empathize with now it sure is and I I was telling Jessica before. We got on with you that I had spent some time pouring over the archives and then I found myself drawn by memory to your work around black. Panther. And it was so much fun to be a and to listen to you be a fan behind the scenes and you teach us about these creative people who made this world for us and I was wondering if you could help put into perspective. Why Mc Bozeman, and his amazing colleagues in the entire ecosystem mattered so much and what they've done for representation in the creative and design fields. That's a heavy question. I really think you know with with Chadwick you know rest in peace to him and of course, condolences to his friends and family and people that he's worked with. His representation of Black Panther I think was just something bigger than a role in a movie if anyone can think back to that time. I say from twenty, seventeen, two, thousand, eighteen when the movie was announced and. The fervor around that movie and that role. I've never seen anything like that. It was so much more than just oh, he's just as actor in a marvel movie I mean he's playing this iconic superhero. The black. Panther of course has that association with the actual Black Panther Party, the political movement here in the United States and then for Chabba too I think come from an HVAC. You have also played all of these other real life black. Heroes Thurgood. Marshall, Jackie. Robinson. James Brown. It's something that I think in hindsight we're finally seeing just how much he was able to shoulder through representation and be able to kind of take on all those larger than life roles. It's I don't know. It's so hard to kind of wrap my head around just how. Huge that is he. He. Brought Marvel. I mean, well, one to the company he brought marvel just so much. Energy and diversity an interest from people but he really really really united people through that role and was still like moving forward to do more things. I know he has a project coming out soon I think it's Ma Rainey's black bottom, which is one of the players from August Wilson Century Cycle. At. That's that's a whole other kind of representation of blackness I granted. It's fictional, but it's still something that is steeped in this. American black ethos.

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