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"augie allier" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

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"augie allier" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"Was it jibber? It was brilliant that day. But still, I would have expected it to be closer. But I think I would have to put hap in the submix just because she's yes. She's won the thing. And that might not be that many other people in the drawer that have won the thing. A TBC. Okay, well, that's your, that's you. Women's French Open preview to the preview. We will be we're all going to go to the draw on Thursday. And we'll be recording the show after the draw when we find out who's got a chance of reaching the final, who is the lucky chosen few that aren't in the same half of the draw as eager schwinn tech. Let's talk about the men's tournament in Rome, which was won by Novak Djokovic in emphatic fashion. If there were any question marks about his form about whether there was time for him to play himself into form to find his physical fitness, ahead of Roland Garros, his first Grand Slam in the season, those questions are answered. He, for me, after beating Stefano sits a pass in the final yesterday, 6 love 7 6 PS well done sits a pass for recovering from the shock of that first set and making it a match, but nonetheless, Djokovic is there and by there I mean exactly where he wants to be ahead of the French Open. Yeah, absolutely perfect week for Novak Djokovic in Rome, didn't lose a set, beat, I would say some of the sort of sub contenders for Roland Garros, you know, he didn't just coin another term that I can't properly define. But subs getting in a lot of years today, isn't it? Basically, he beat augereau seem rude and I think sits passes in the mix, but players there who, you know, he could meet in the quarterfinals or something at Roland Garros, who are good players and he beat them all having to play really well. And I think the augie allier scene match in particular was the one I will remember as where Djokovic found his best tennis. You know, if we're talking about Novak Djokovic winning Roland Garros in a couple of weeks time, I will look back at that match as the one where everything suddenly clicked for him. In particular the forehand, it was an absolute revelation how well he was hitting that shot. And you think back to Monte Carlo just a month ago and how physically spent he was after two sets with davidovich for kina. He's come such a long way in those four weeks. He's just progressed, week on week, Belgrade was better than Monte Carlo, Madrid, was better than Belgrade, and now Rome was the best of the lot. I now make know about the my pick for Ellen Garros. I've always I've always said Nadal just because of his record there and the history he's got there. And I respect that history so much, but obviously we'll talk about his foot and I think with such big uncertainty over Nadal, I then have to go to know about Djokovic with him looking like this, the defending champion, 5 sets, timing this run of form, the experience he's got, how hungry he will be to get back level in the Grand Slam race. It's all come together for him. And I think Rome was the absolutely perfect week. Given that then Matt, was it a mistake for our cries not to play Rome? No, not necessarily. I mean, he's got an injury, hasn't he? I genuinely do think he probably needed to rest that foot. I'm not convinced he would have pulled out of Rome, had he not had the injury. I think that is significant there for him in that in terms of that decision. You don't think he was following David law's advice. I love to think that he was. Power play. Interesting, very interesting match your friendship and pick David. Is your alcaraz conviction shaken at all? Pierce just while we sort of bringing Carlos Ankara's into the chat. I think alcaraz played Djokovic into form in Madrid last week. And that's a good shot. I think in a way what's happened in terms of the overall landscape is that Djokovic has replaced Nadal as the biggest threat to alcaraz is how I would look at it because I mean, again, we'll talk about Nadal, but it's hard to imagine him being a contender for the actual title if he's in any anything like that physical state. Djokovic, I think is undergone the most fascinating mental transformation in the last few weeks really because I think and this is only the itis. I haven't spoken to him. I've heard things he said, and here in things he said in looking in his eyes when he's been playing these matches, I think he played in Monte Carlo and Belgrade, self consciously. I think he was, I think he's been embarrassed by what happened in Australia. I think he was shaken by it, or without necessarily realizing it, I think he kind of said as much that he didn't really realize how much it had got to him, that whole thing of him being an outcast and being kicked out of the country. I think it was embarrassing for him. And even though he felt that he was in the riot, I think that that whole thing was probably a bit more. Damaging to his sort of confidence than he realized. And I think he I think he was rattled and then he came out into Madrid and he found himself as he went along, and he wasn't far away, was he against our crest. Let's be honest, he played well in that match. And then he found another level in Rome. And I think what we saw on Rome is a player who'd shaken off those shackles of self doubt and self consciousness and was just playing with a chip on his shoulder, which is the best Novak Djokovic. He was playing like a man who was going to show us all. Who's the man? Who's the boss? Who's the best player? Without any self doubt whatsoever. That's what I saw in his eyes, is come on, bring it on. All of you. Sits a pass, rude, auger seam, I wish I'll cross was here because I want to beat him too is what I saw in his eyes. And I saw that when he played Nadal in that semifinal at Roland Garros last year. He lost the first set, what was his 6th love that day? Or 6 one, something like that. And yet he still didn't feel that far behind, because he believed in himself that day. He didn't believe in himself when they played each other in the Roland Garros a year before..

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