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"audrey powers manasseh" Discussed on Geek News Central

"Efforts. So good on them. He is a reminder. If you wanna start a podcast all you have to do is go to my website. Getting central dot com. You're gonna find the link to blueberry podcasting in the sidebar. click on that. That takes you over to blueberry podcasting issue. Thirty days free podcasts housing onboard. You're right. They're very very quickly three minutes. You'll be in her system and ready to start publishing your own podcast so definitely consider that when you're getting ready. Start your podcast. We want you to host blueberry podcasting. That's where i want you to be definitely check. The link out central dot com as some of. You may have heard at the beginning of this show. We're starting something today or some previous episodes. Were you may have heard a pre roll at the beginning of the podcast forgot to mention this earlier. It's part of a new experiment. We're doing to monetize Testing a new monetization platform love. To hear your talked about on the last couple of episodes. Go money hear from you on how that's worked out. The ftc warns against scams or help with broadband subsidy program at spree apply for liberty broadband benefit program. Don't fall for online. Ads are ring. Sign up help for free. The ftc says the notice issue on friday warns ads our government personalities that look and sound like the legitimate government site complete with government seals designed to trick people in the handing over person frisch. You're paying a fee the e. e. b. is a pedantic really program set by congress at the end of two thousand twenty to help blowing people and others affected by code to afford broadband offers a fifty dollars a month subsidy for broadband. Seventy five dollars in tribal areas also provides a one time. Says he'd buy a laptop or desktop computer tablet the program which is administered by the fcc was has helped more than six million americans on the inter- accents may twelve only pry only apply through the fcc and it's listed providers so anyone can apply you'd have to provide some financial information. I get emergency broadband dot org. That's only placed. If another company says it can sign you up aram check versus if they're approved provider. Don't pay up front to get free connected devices. The abebe promised free. Free for those who qualify. Don't give financial other percents rations. Someone calls texts or emails. Says there with the fcc if you think you've been scam if deceased act quickly offers advice on his website and how to get your money back so these games have been circulating for. Wow you sign up through the ftc. Moving on french startup. swill has raised two hundred million series. Defining round led by softbank international group with this funding round. The startup has now reached unicorn status. Meaning this will has evaluation one billion or more for those of you that are in france or maybe in the premium may be familiar with this but swell is a basically a a card that has Credits on it for your health benefits. I've had this guy on my news ban for awhile largely because he blocked me on twitter. When i dare question something he had said and who i'm talking about is star. Trek's will shatner and his plans to boldly go into space her so and he's going to be part of the four portion crew above. I know some of you star trek bands. I know some of you love shattner sanders. Nine years old joined by vice president mission on flight operations. Audrey powers manasseh engineer. Chris bosio isn't and health care. Enterpreneur glen dee rees. Of course he is the actor who played captain james kirk original star trek tv series and of films so Anyway he looks pretty good for ninety years old to be honest with you still got all of his hair. That's more than i can say to be honest with you anyway. Good luck to the crew and have a good time astronaut. Sally ride will be on. Excuse me astronaut. Sally ride will be one of the women featured on twenty twenty two. Us quarter and Of course sally ride was the first american woman. Travel space will featured on the. I five coins of the us. Mints american women's quarters program beginning next year and continuing through twenty twenty-five the middle issue. Five quarters each year with tales sides designs featuring trail base job blazing american women right who died at the in two thousand twelve at the age of sixty one flew aboard the space shuttle challenger in nineteen eighty three and again in nineteen eighty-four she was slated third shuttle mission but after the challenger blip in nineteen eighty six nasa suspended the shuttle program and re and ride retired a year later so This will be awesome shobana on a quarter. You gaze collect these komo commemorative coins. The mid publishes. Here's the deal knows. The best way is to tell your bank that you want a role of these particular quarters now doesn't mean they're uncirculated but usually they're pretty fresh and Usually you can get them where their uncirculated. Don't open them. Leave him in their rapper. In a spent twenty bucks and get the roles and then stash away. In one hundred years your descendants will be able to cash in and make some money. Okay so Just tell your bank. And they're they're very good about it and you wanna list and You usually if you have a good bank to help you get them for. She can always run them. The always re kirk says i sorry. I didn't put it in rundown. I forgot about your ban. On william shatner. Wow hits okay. He's going blue origin. Kirk and kirk. I have a thanks to my mom. I've got all the us states. I have fifty. Thanks to my mom of all the all all the states. I've got all fifty states Whole role of each so anyway. Just ask your bank sirius. Xm's is partner with audio up develop original new original podcast well The companies have entered to a creative programming strategic agreement under which audio up is expected create new podcast sirius xm in platforms audio up which established twenty twenty s podcast content production studios greatest slate original scripted audience payment featuring marquee names across music hollywood in publishers including machine. Gun kelly geared. Huddling in stephen king chris agreement get sirius. Xm exclusive personal option for new audio up original podcast. So here's the thing about all these original audio ups only going to be available on those platforms. My advice to all of you is if a podcast is not available. The apple podcast. Google.

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