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"aubrey ben" Discussed on Ben Greenfield Fitness

"The show Welcome welcome welcome. what you are about to hear is actually podcast recorded with my buddy. Aubrey marcus when i was in austin texas. We sat down at his house and had a a great and meaningful chat. I think you're you're gonna dig. It offers a cool guy and always always interesting discussion. So the show notes everything. Aubrey knight. Talk about you can find at ben. Greenfield fitness dot com for slash. Ben and aubrey ben grievance dot com slash ben and aubrey so anyways before we dive in i think my guest on today's show. Aubrey also does this One tactic that fellas like to do is to pull down their pants in front of a red light panel and shine it on their gonads for an increase into stone. And that's really honestly. Like how. I i started to look into red light. What can i say that that was my. That was my entry but now i have discovered that this red light is good for sleep optimization for simulating sunrise or sunset for college in for a last for thyroid for for a host of physiological functions that are beneficial and that don't involve you either a having balls or be shining lights right on your balls. The company that i use for this is called jew. They make these huge panels that can do a full body treatment on. They have little ones that you can take with you on the go I just got their new unit which has pulsing technology which pulses the near infrared to enhance recovery. The this stuff is just a bee's knees when it comes to what i say when i.

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