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Los Angeles - State Orders Cary Jay Smith To Register As Sex Offender, Again

Tim Conway Jr.

03:37 min | 2 years ago

Los Angeles - State Orders Cary Jay Smith To Register As Sex Offender, Again

"Been a change will change here coming out of Santa Ana. Convicted sex offender carry J. Smith. Will once again be required to register as such, according to the Orange County District attorney Todd Spitzer. At least somebody has their finger on what to do here. But Spitzer initially told eyewitness news the governor Newsome was expected issue an executive order requiring Smith to do so later retracted this statement. According Spitzer The state attorney general's office had taken Smith off the sex offender list back in 2005 when it was informed that no criminal records were found for Smith wonder why? I mean, there's a 1,000,000 guys with that same name, but authorities in Orange County on Ly learned Of his whereabouts and where the 59 year old Smith was and released from a mental hospital earliest months following than 20 years in confinement, so a letter sent Friday to Spitzer The state Attorney General Javier Ah, Sara, said that the department Had been trying to obtain documentation regarding the individual's criminal history and multiple criminal justice agencies. Right. Just make this guy register. What's wrong with everybody. I am and not only register, Let's pick him up for something before. Look if this guy goes out there and rapes a small boy and kills a small boy I think we all have blood on our hands right that we just let this happen that there wasn't a tremendous outrage, an outpouring of anger, so he Smith could be served with that order as early as tonight. So since his release He has moved several times across Southern California, setting off warnings to local communities and law enforcement. He's currently at a health care facility in Costa Mesa. So watch your kids in Costa Mesa because this guy said he's going to When he gets out he was going to sexually assault, rape and kill small boys. What more do we need? So while he was confined to a mental hospital, he testified, having fantasies about raping and killing young boys. He also said that he liked to go by Mr R. T K standing for Mr Rape, torture and kill. In 1985 he pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual offence involving a child and was compelled register as a sex offender. That requirement was removed by the state in 2005 and nobody knows why. But he was admitted to a psychiatric facility back in 1999 after his wife provided a letter in which Smith described sex acts and warned that a seven year old boy who lived in the neighborhood could be next. So. You're in the district Attorney's office in 5 4002 filed 20 felony counts against this guy. This guy's still out there, man. That was way out there and he doesn't even after register is a sex offenders. Tim, I do have some good news about that We are going. We spoke. We had Corbett on live a little bit ago and well, reiterate it in the in the news right now, But Governor Newsome is expected to issue an order that will require him to To register. All right. How about an issue? How about Ah, issue a requirement to put him in jail for the rest of his life on that front? Hopefully the Holy the next the next quarter hour tease. Yes, absolutely All right, But this is it's crazy. If we allow this in this country, and where does it happen? California right A

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