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"atlanta police nori local union" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

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"atlanta police nori local union" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

"Officer. Bresnan to surrender themselves by six PM on the motto we are because of officer Brosnan is now becoming a cooperating witness father state. We are asking the court to. Grant a bond of fifty thousand dollars, and to allow Mr, officer bras and then to sign that bond. As I indicated that he would become one of the first police officers to actually indicate that he is willing to testify against someone in his own department except officer, Brosnan's lawyer has now come out and said he is not going to be a state's witness, and he's not going to agree to plead guilty. This directly contradicts Paul Howard. The other thing you need to understand here is that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that is indicting poll Howard is also investigating this the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is required to investigate a police shootings, and they have not concluded their investigation in this is to my knowledge and I talked to several D., and they're not aware of any police involved shooting where the DA indicted before the B I see it includes investigation. It's highly unusual for this to happen. the mayor fired the officers, Howard is charging them with a murder, or at least the one with murder. And he's weighed if not even waiting for the GPS he never even also with the Georgia Bureau actually released a statement to that effect. They put it out on twitter even. they said that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was requested by the Atlanta. Police Department on Friday night, June, twelve to investigate an officer involved shooting at the Wendy's restaurant. We're in the process of conducting this investigation. Although we've made significant progress, we've not completed the work. Our goal is every officer involved shooting case we are requested to review is complete, thorough and impartial investigation. Now. I'm being told by multiple people that the conclusions within G. B. I or that it was a justified shooting given the circumstances within the video in the eye witnesses, but as that's probably why Howard rushed out ahead of them. Now we've got a bunch of contradictory information from Paul Howard. Two weeks ago as her was a deadly weapon yesterday. It's not a deadly weapon. Bras is going to be a state's witness. And now he's not. He's GonNa plead guilty, and now he's not overnight the Atlanta Police Department Oh walked off the job now. It wasn't official and it wasn't coordinated, but there were enough of them to do it. This is from the journal Constitution today a higher than usual number of Atlanta police officers failed to show up for work Wednesday night hours after the. The district attorney announced criminal charges for two accused police officers in the death of Ratio Brooks the department is experiencing a higher than usual number of call outs with the incoming shift The Atlanta police said we have enough resources to maintain operations and remain able to respond to incidents on Wednesday he. Paul Howard announced the charges. One of the two Garrett. Ralph was fired. The other Devon Brosnan was placed on administrative duty. Neither Atlanta Police Nori Local Union representative confirmed the number of officers involved. Vince champion Southeast Regional Director for the International Brotherhood of police officers told the AJC he could not confirm which police owns were impacted I was told it was east. east Atlanta in Buckhead. Were the ones most impacted? Atlanta's mayor said morale is is obviously down within the police department and no kidding. This is political grandstanding. Listen I have entertained people who have called this program and said you know. I saw the video, and if I were the offshore, I would have done something different, but you know what you weren't the officer. You didn't go through the training. You're not even a police officer. I'm not going to second. Guess Him. You know the difference between this and the George fluid situation. This all happened within a minute. With George. Floyd there were eight minutes and forty six seconds of a knee on his his neck where that officer could have thought Maybe I should do something different here. You've got less than a minute there. Forty minutes of calm and all hell breaks loose and less than a minute, Rashard brooks dead. Should, he be dead? No. Could they've done something different probably, but I wasn't there. I was the police officer I. Don't have the training I wasn't there I didn't experience it I'm not going to second guess them. It's very interesting to me that PEOPLE WANNA. Call out that officer Ross file though he he's had complaints against him. In the Bass what about Rashard, Brooks, criminal record. If, it's relevant on Roth is not relevant. Who did they do they pull up. Did they realize who they were dealing with? They looked at his criminal file. And? They thought this guy. He's got a history. We gotta be careful with him. And suddenly the guy explodes. Are They not allowed to have that information? This is. The mob. Through a desperate political, HUNGRY DA! Trying to ruin a man's life and sent him to prison. For being a police officer? There is plenty of police brutality in this country that we should be enraged about. We should be enraged about the arbor situation. We should be really enraged about George Floyd. Situation we should. To cares about their pasts. But in this situation. You've got a guy who explodes on the police knocked two of them down. Officer Brosnan, according to his lawyer has a concussion. The other officer gives Chase Rashard Brooks turns around and fires at the officer. Who pulls his gun and shoots him? The bottom line here is pretty straightforward if you or I. Had assaulted. Two police officers shoved them to the ground stolen. One of their tasers run, and then turned around to fire it. We to would have been shot. The color of our skin would have nothing to do with it. And that no one wants to distinguish that in everyone wants to give Paul Howard Pass when he is clearly doing this to try to win reelection and by the way put it. Oh, well, no, the grand juries, not even going to be able to get together until after the election is over in October. There's nothing nothing political about this. He actually said that although the election wait, this is a man who accused the Georgia Bureau investigation of investigating him to stir the election. WHO now says? Oh, no, I'm not doing this because of the election and by the way the grand jury can't even meet until October after the election. Wonderful dismiss the charges the day after the election. Just absurd, what is happening? Do you know it's? It's disturbing the amount of e so? I got this show and the other show and in the evening show. It's so Atlanta focused that. Don't really get a lot of PR for. Hey, let me be on your show, but my goodness gracious the amount of. Pr Emails I. Get to be on this program so let let me just say. Let's take AP Moeller. If you weren't here. The first hour molar, the president of.

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