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"athlete dyke" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Pitches out the. Small would not much, Ruben he cuts back across. The midfield swiped close the forty five of them at the forty three at the eagles. Have another post down after stopping the Browns one. Two three yeah but they've got a problem in Jason Kelsey comes up really limping. On this play oh wow now? He. Needed. Help coming off the field and? It looked like a, serious injury. But, this morning. They're saying, they don't think it's anything crazy but to the, point of these guys playing in preseason games why they don't want to yeah I wonder what that's like coming back after a, Super Bowl in your team's never won a Super Bowl from a. Fan Perspective and then going into this year how you feel about the season you know I mean I always thought about the, Vikings ever? Won a Super Bowl how would I feel about that team. A pass and just enjoy the season or whatever have not, care at. All I'd be into like the that I think you're still into it but it's not as a loss she'd be like let me ask you, this what are the patriot fans expectations. Every year to win a. Super Bowl. Yes but when they. Won the first one but why. When they won the first one that next year, was kind of like hey we, gotta lash that, was awesome. Now it's just like they expect. To whatever year Philly fans are hoping that Carson Wentz can come back and be the guy that he was. Last year now it's gonna take a little bit. But, if, he, comes back then you know and he. Plays like he did last year obviously there. The, odds. On favourite but can he write for eight what he did last year coming off, of that knee injury I think Greg's point though is really, just a matter of how do you handle a loss you, like the fans like are. You, so I got to be. A little bit of the edge it's taken off of it after you want to Super Bowl I think so and your franchise who'd never one one then you want it like? That like you think you know all right you lose a game the weirdest feeling was as a football fan was in, ninety two? When the Cowboys won the first one that I saw I. Remember sitting there after the game was over I was like Now what I'm not getting Another one they got two more after that and. Then? Another one right but it just it's a weird feeling. Of just nothing I don't see I don't know what that feels. Like? At all with the teams that I have no idea Eric and Woodbury with it very probing question what's happening Eric Taking. My call what's happening I, director Athlete dyke followed your career both collegiately and professionally in the world of respect. For, you as doesn't athlete humid. Day unfortunately I. Can't say the same not your sidekick I'm speaking of behalf of, a number of listeners who feel very very put out by the fact that, your criticism of my trench his show and, we're not necessarily biggest. Fans of his but it's, it's failed it's transparent and it's very very petty on the part of GIO in to the extent that you, don't laugh. At his Contributes to your neighbor so I feel to you into your character Okay More forthright more, defensive. Mike Offense right but I think GM. Each. Put in this place. Okay All right thank. You Jealous I mean they always have been a. Daily walked. In here Yeah boomer Never mind. Their, minds What else here's David Bruce. Beck on NBC four he knows others. Have failed the predecessors it's.

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