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"ataur zach" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"And sorry. Yeah, it would have been would've aimed NGO Robbie, but my preference Levin Benji Hayes would have wanted bit. Yeah, definitely one of the boys for sure. And you would imagine to the boys would vote for you what you get for? Nila and shawnee would have done because I really where the king Mike is in all this. Yeah, I definitely think shawnee and fair Lewis. Sided with Haith, and I think he can say by vanilla voiding to save may. That she wanted to work with our safe. She didn't. She would have sent me hiring and that's something that you know I'm going to ask the gills in when it's all done in dusted vet. Yeah. I mean, I really, I really believe that I was working with him. And yeah, I think that we would have gotten in one of the boys. Michelle, gold says that I'm watching from Canada. I'm so proud to see Teague in representing mums out there. So that's an awesome comment. You and pay by Pacific Games. Did you ever wish that you played the way that the other one did? So do you ever wish that you'd played more of a page game that was kind of more individual and not as seen as such a power? Couple with. Yeah. I mean, hope the power couple liable for made was very confusing just particularly on our season because schone and Fennell Benji Roby and in and I will always working in pairs and we all kind of lost people within out groups. Shawny availa. Listen, Ataur Zach was gone from the boys and weight loss Geno and so I may was probably working. I didn't really know where where she was working bid. Yeah, I guess. Yeah. I mean, I got to style longer than guy my fly. Yeah, it's tricky. It's a tricky one to answer because you always we should done things differently at haunt slot. Austin says, if Rabin Benji saved you, would you have been willing to work with them long term yet? Definitely li- tight what you can get if I don't, if I'd Saif me for sure that would show that I want to work Mason. That means that I would have a little bit more trust in them. Had it made him, I probably wouldn't have side them. So. Last question eve, Joe says, did you already know who you wanted to sit with at the end? And would you have taken hate to the final trouble? Yeah. I mean, obviously hates the very obvious option for may. I think I honestly think I could have beaten anyone in travel and on that sounds cocky as hell pot, I don't think if you can't sit next to someone that has plied, whatever sort of a guy and say that you could bake them, obviously, there's people you think you should pay more than another bit. Yeah, I would have been happy to sit next to hate that. I think Peyton him. Sorry, I would have been sitting next to. Almost. Here. It's just got to get it in the end, I guess. Yeah, I see getting in a perfect situation in what world, but I get to the end with Haight anyway. Sorry, I wasn't thinking that down down that far just at this point to you, that brings us to the end as a pretty epic d think, and I think we uncovered ever. I've definitely come away with a lot of interesting information..

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