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"at least two talented junior women" Discussed on The Indigo Podcast

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"at least two talented junior women" Discussed on The Indigo Podcast

"Now requiring especially men beyond a certain level. They have to sponsor at least two talented junior women. they're they're required to and then there are valuated far. She goes in how successful she is the company that that really begins to change. The you know my thinking. This is not zero sum. The not just one of us winning. If i'm promoting more women ernst and young is gonna do better and you know the pie gets bigger for all of us so there's more opportunity so crushing zero some kind of thinking that i think men fall prey to when it comes to this equity issue. I think there's a couple pieces Couple pieces to this. That are really important in creating this culture as senior leaders in particular Being able to talk about these topics and issues in a way that is meaningful to the frontline managers who are really where the rubber meets the road out there and way too. Many senior leaders are really uncomfortable. Talking about diversity inclusion. They're they're uncomfortable talking about gender talk uncomfortable talking about race and i think they need to learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable and many ways that you know this is really about. How do you create your personal narrative about why this is important to you and can you share that story with people that really connects it to them and then once they see that it's personally important to you. How do you connect it to the business. The main line part of what you do this is not some hr program. This is just deny thing. This is a part. This is functionally important to how we accomplish our our job and our mission out there and once you can do that people start to sit up and take notice and then the second part of this is really about transparency are you. how transparent are you about. These different programs initiatives goals targets. Whatever the case might be in your company. Are you showing how you're doing how you're progressing at this. Because this is what begins to build trust in the organization. People say i hear you saying this. Show me what we're doing. And how well are we doing at it. And that's just the internal parts of the organization. The extra apart is important too because investors are looking your diverse talent out there.

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