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"astros center" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

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"astros center" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"Name even mentioned brain. Podcasts like that's part of the reason why we do the major leaguers second says. Yeah like they're guys who just don't get mentioned but those are often not prominent players. Who maybe even aren't having a good year and they're just very but like i don't know if you set a cutoff of like three war or two wars something like an average year. Maybe like four words. Maybe like a all-star type season like what percentage of players do we cover at some point and in the past that the end of the year. We've done an episode or two where we just kind of go team by team and talk about something that we missed with that season and readers will submit story lines or season's just weird wacky things that happened that we didn't touch on in the podcast and obviously a lot of our listeners. Don't listen to every single episode of effectively wild for shame but they may not know if we have mentioned a certain player at some point. But that was the idea. Basically 'cause you know just like as. I'm looking at leaderboards occasionally. I will see someone who i just did. Not know was having a good year or didn't know us have that good a year and i figured we could single some of those guys out see. I felt confident that i understood the exercise. And then one of the guys. I put on my list was literally salvador perez for like ten minutes. So we'll see if we hadn't really before that. So i can still pick 'em can't i can't tie sure that would be a good example because i mean he's probably come up at some point i talked about the homerun derby a little bit. But we hadn't dwelt on him downlink dwellers to up on all right. I don't know do you wanna go. I should i just take salvador. Yes i mean. I guess we don't have much more to say about. I don't wanna you go. I i i want to calibrate. 'cause there are two things that are going to happen here. One of two there. We have one of two pass ahead of us or at least ahead of me so i did a little prep for this. Obviously because you can't just sit there on the leaderboard melia that guy. Although i mean i might so i did some prep. I was like. I have my list. I have a list here. And we're gonna do one of two things. You're going to say your first pick and i'm gonna feel really good about my list or you're gonna say your first pick and i'm going to have to go off board and we'll see which we get say. I think probably the level of fame and name awareness of our players will vary from pick pick some of my picks like they're fairly prominent players but just had sort of escaped my notice or we haven't talked for whatever reason so some people will be like. Yeah of course that guy. Seven to good and others will be like. I've never heard of that guy. Hopefully we'll find the happy medium here. I don't think i picked any all-stars. I kind of forget who was an all star. Who wasn't worried. I don't. I'm not a reliable memory bank for that. Sorry okay well. My first pick is is kind of a cheat. Actually because it's more of a position than a single player. It's like a group of guys who have collectively played a position on a team and have done pretty well. Okay and most my picks here will probably be on not as great teams just because we tend to talk about the teams more so it's more likely to have overlooked players not so good teams but this actually is a very good team. Astros center fielders. Okay astros center. Fielders has been very productive this year and that came as a surprise to me because coming into this year i think that was seen as sort of their weak spot. Maybe even their colegio. Because george springer left and they didn't really replace him with anyone prominent they just kind of kept mile straw around and there was a lot of doubt about whether i'll straw could hit in the major leagues. And then they traded miles trot at midseason but both straw and the players through have replaced him or split time with him. They've all been good and astor center. Fielders as a unit have produced three point. Nine were this year which actually ranks fourth among all centerfield units in. Mlb this year. And you know you could look at the top of that list and cedric. Mullets is at the top. The orioles have had the most productive center fielders. The sheer didn't see that coming but we have talked about cedric. Marlins maybe not enough this year but he has come up but the astros center fielders mile straw. Chaz mccormick shake myers. They heard the three guys who have produced almost all of that playing time. And they've all been good and that surprises me. Mouse draw was expected to be good at defense and he was very good at defense and he's been like a three one player this year and he has hit even better since they traded him to cleveland at the deadline and i was sort of surprised that they traded him to cleveland. Because it's like who's going to replace him well. Apparently chaz mccormick and jake myers and they have both been really good this year. Chess mccormick has a wealth. Only a one zero seven. Opiates plus but you know with the said defense and and base running in all of that and so he has of like you know more than a a wins worth of value in two hundred fifty. Five plate appearances. And then jake myers. He has been good to. He has won twenty. Opiates plus about one hundred plate appearances and those guys combined have. I mean they've outperformed. George springer has not been. It's been ursus. yeah right. So it's weird how that works out. And they've also got four games from cal tucker in centerfield and i don't want to steal one of your picks of cal tucker was going to be one of your picks but i thought about making kyle tucker a pick of mine before i came up with this unit of center fielders. 'cause kentucky's been great and he has actually been the astros best hitter this year. It has not been bregman or Or even korea or your don alvarez or anyone it's been cal tucker and he has mostly played right field but he has been graydon. And i didn't really recognize how great he has been with. Like a one forty nine debussy. Plus that lineup is not a young lineup. But he's twenty. Four alvarez is twenty four like they're two of the younger members there and he has totally blossomed and he was obviously a top prospect but there was some doubt about him because his initial call up did not go well at all and then it seemed like maybe they weren't fully trusting him with the starting job a few years ago but he is turned around and turned into the type of player that they hoped he would be okay. I think that's a good pick on. Its own and it also makes me feel better about the i compiled so it's a really excellent. I'm going to take with my first. Pick omar narvaez. Yeah 'cause you know we've been having a good little year so you know he. He doesn't show up if you're looking at the graphs leaderboard spycatcher. He's not gonna show up on qualified. Lists only has three hundred ninety one plate appearances. So he's below the qualified threshold but he's he has also three and a half one season going for him he has a one thirteen. Wrc plus. but i think the most. I continue to be fascinated by guys like omar narvaez who granted like. I'm sure there's a little bit of noise in the data but who have like really wild swings between times in their careers were they have been just atrociously bad pitch framers and then times the in our crews were..

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