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"astrobotic" Discussed on Kottke Ride Home

"Oldenburg, David novros, Robert rauschenberg and John Chamberlain, each of them did a very small illustration. Rauschenberg just drew a line while Warhol signed his initials, but in a way that makes them look like a very phallic rocket ship. Altogether, the ceramic tile is referred to as moon museum. And it's never been officially confirmed that the moon museum tile is indeed on the moon. After getting the run around several times when going through official channels, Myers managed to get an engineer to find a safe place for the tile on the lander module, and while it's been confirmed that Apollo 12 astronauts did leave some personal effects on the moon, it's unknown if they removed the tile from the lander and left it there. Nonetheless, Myers claimed they did after getting confirmation that it was on the lander from the engineer, and The New York Times ran the story before the Apollo 12 crew even got back home. Notably with a thumb obscuring Warhol's rude drawing on the photo of the tiny tile. But this time, we all know exactly what art will be installed on the moon, except coons sculptures might not be the first to get there. The verge notes that astrobotic plans to send artwork by Dubai based artist Sasha Jaffrey to the moon on their own lander later this year via United launch alliance's Vulcan rocket. So we'll see which comes first. But I guess in the kind of consolation prize Americans are used to with the space race, coons could at least be the first American to have his authorized artwork on the moon. And here's what Kuhn's himself had to say about his moon phases project, quote I wanted to create a historically meaningful NFT project rooted in humanistic and philosophical thoughts. Our achievements in space represent the limitless potential of humanity. Space explorations have given us a perspective of our ability to transcend worldly constraints. These ideas are central to my NFT project, which can be understood as a continuation and celebration of humanity's aspirational accomplishments within and beyond our own planet. Today's.

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